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Re: Behind Her Veil by Nobody: 3:52pm On Sep 03, 2015
hmmm m here.

I see you sis cool
Re: Behind Her Veil by Sageez(m): 4:04pm On Sep 03, 2015

Its well. Hope u thru ?
have returned home boss, the attendent there told us to go home and return the next day that they are having issues with their systen
Re: Behind Her Veil by Maggielovely(f): 6:57pm On Sep 03, 2015
Waiting 4 d nxt update

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Re: Behind Her Veil by Nobody: 8:00pm On Sep 03, 2015
have returned home boss, the attendent there told us to go home and return the next day that they are having issues with their systen

Alright. let me update now.
Re: Behind Her Veil by Nobody: 8:01pm On Sep 03, 2015
Waiting 4 d nxt update

here it comes...
Re: Behind Her Veil by Nobody: 8:01pm On Sep 03, 2015
Vanessa was in her room scrolling down her phone. She was obviously reading something, probably Sadiq's story.

"What a sad ending!" Muttered Vanessa wiping her eyes. "How can he keep concealing this!?' She pondered.

After much contemplation she made up her mind and dialed a number.

"Hello" she spoke into the phone. She was calling her agent.

"Hey Vanessa. How are you doing? Remember you have an event to attend next tomorrow. Hope you are watching your diet........." she blabbed on.

"Yes! Please listen!.....I have something to discuss with you" interrupted Vanessa.

"Okay tell me. You know I'm all for you" she said like all other agents will do.

"You know my friend, i mean my boy friend? He wrote this story and i want it published. But he doesn't know that i have it" she explained.

"Okay send it to me. I'll have a look." said the agent.

"Thanks thanks. I'll send it now, you'll love it!" call ends.

The following day Vanessa dressed up and made for the airport. She was expecting Sarah today.

"Hey Sarah!" Screamed Vanessa running to hug her. They did their usual girl greetings and were totally unmindful of the crowd of people staring.

Apart for coming for the event, Sarah was set to appear on her first Nollywood movie if things work out.

Vanessa hosted her at the Walter's and her grandpa was more than happy to let her stay.

Eze had arrived same day and contacted Vanessa and they had prior arrangement to meet. All Eze could think of was seeing Sarah!

Just because of her he had been buying some magazines that featured Models in the hope of seeing Sarah in it.

I think that's called stalking!

Eze dropped at the front gate of the mansion the next day. He cleaned up well and hoped to impress Sarah.

"Hi Eze" Vanessa looking stunning in a black gown. She was with Sarah and Jennifer who were as well with their escorts.

"Sorry I'm a bit late. The taxi man had trouble locating this place" explained Eze.

"It's fine." Said Vanessa. "I'm sure you remember Sarah and this here is Jennifer?" she introduced, pleasantries were exchanged before they got into the jeep and departed for the event.

At the end of the day, Eze offered to show Sarah around which she gladly accepted.

Through out the week there were endless outings. He took her to places he knew would delight her. They went karting at lekki.......... As always the journalist were having a fun filled week, taking pictures of them both. At a point one blogger suggested that they were dating.

"I'm happy to have found a friend like you" Sarah had said to him. Eze's lips twitched while he made a face, he didn't want to be friend zoned!

"Why can't it be more than that?" he asked her.

These past weeks with her exposed how wonderful she was and though at first he had fallen for her beauty, but this time it was her character that he had fallen inlove with.

To me there is nothing greater than a beautiful lady with a beautiful character and nothing worst than an ugly lady with an ugly character and something special about an ugly lady with a beautiful character.

"I told you I'm seeing someone else. I can't cheat on him" she explained. Somehow in between talks and laughs and outings she had fallen for him too, but she hid it so well that he didn't even know.

What I don't get personally is how you can fall for two people at the same time, somehow it makes me think love doesn't exist.

One thing she most loved about him was the attention he gave her as a friend. She cherished his endless calls and chats and was always anticipating them.

But even if she was not single, she doubted if she could have a relationship with him because they were so close as friends and moving to the other kind of 'ship' might destroy their friendship. She cherished that ship and didn't want it wrecked.

Eze moved closer "But i love...."

"Please don't finish that statement .......please" she begged with eyes that revealed that she can easily fall for those words if completely uttered. We both know the disaster those words can cause!

E.g Sadiq spilling the words and Vanessa not giving a reply. We don't want that happening here.

"How was your day?" Vanessa to Sarah that night.

"It was so great. We went places and really it was like the best time I've ever had" she blurted.

"Well thank God at least one of us is having fun" she said then answered her ringing phone. "Hello".

"Vanessa i loved it!" her agent.

"You did! I told you you will" Vanessa happily.

"It's great. You know the best part of it all....?"

"No. What!?" Vanessa excitedly.

"This will also boost your career. Just imagine the book published and the public especially your fans gets to know that its your boyfriend who wrote it and even better that the story is about you" she blabbed on.

"It's about me?!" asked the surprised Vanessa.

"Yes it is darling. It is. I thought you knew, try reading between the lines. It took me a while to figure that out too. Anyway the book will be out five months from now. Just consider this as a double fame for both of you. Okay bye now sweet heart" and she ended the call.

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Re: Behind Her Veil by Nobody: 8:02pm On Sep 03, 2015
Sadiq it just about time till you forget vanessa, but wait o is it possible for him to go for humaira. Let me sit back and continue reading as the going gets tough and the tougher get going. Welldone MATTKENT waiting for more update.
i have a strong feeling its going to be zeenat

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Re: Behind Her Veil by Nobody: 8:08pm On Sep 03, 2015
Mtsw this venessa go just spoil show


Re: Behind Her Veil by Nobody: 8:32pm On Sep 03, 2015
Mtsw this venessa go just spoil show

No mind the girl jare grin

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Re: Behind Her Veil by heemah(f): 9:19pm On Sep 03, 2015
Can we just skip the part of Vanessa and move onto Zeenat and Humaira? Lolzz. Make she no spoil show jaweee

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Re: Behind Her Veil by ysadiq(m): 10:00pm On Sep 03, 2015
Hmmmm. Vanessa is just a chapter in sadiq's story that wil get to its end very soon. Hope i guessed right @ MATTKENT carryon sirrrrrr

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Re: Behind Her Veil by ysadiq(m): 10:03pm On Sep 03, 2015
Hmmmm. Vanessa is just a chapter in sadiq's story that wil get to its end very soon. Hope i guessed right @ MATTKENT carryon sirrrrrr
Can we just skip the part of Vanessa and move onto Zeenat and Humaira? Lolzz. Make she no spoil show jaweee
Hmmmm. Vanessa is just a chapter in sadiq's story that wil get to its end very soon. Hope i guessed right @ MATTKENT carryon sirrrrrr


Re: Behind Her Veil by Nobody: 10:58am On Sep 04, 2015
Hmmmm. Vanessa is just a chapter in sadiq's story that wil get to its end very soon. Hope i guessed right @ MATTKENT carryon sirrrrrr
Hmmmm. Vanessa is just a chapter in sadiq's story that wil get to its end very soon. Hope i guessed right @ MATTKENT carryon sirrrrrr

She is 'all the chapters'...... from first to last chapter.
Re: Behind Her Veil by Nobody: 10:59am On Sep 04, 2015
Can we just skip the part of Vanessa and move onto Zeenat and Humaira? Lolzz. Make she no spoil show jaweee

You will have to get use to Vanessa. Cos she is not going anywhere soon.
Re: Behind Her Veil by Nobody: 11:00am On Sep 04, 2015
Vanessa grabbed her tablet hungrily and opened her Microsoft word.

"What's wrong?" Sarah watching Vanessa.

"I didn't know the story Sadiq wrote was about me, and I'm getting it published for him" she narrated to her as she tried rereading the story and possibly read between the lines.

If the story is about Vanessa then who's the non-human?!

"Isn't that a good thing?" Sarah not sure if it was a good thing or not.

"I'm not sure yet." She said scrolling further down.

"Remember you told me you've both known yourselves all your life, I'm sure he'll sugar-coat everything about you." Said Sarah.

"Well since my agent loves it then I'm sure it's all good. She'll never let anything that's bad for my image go public" she said dropping her gadget reluctantly.

That same week Sarah finally got a script for her first movie ever. It was going to be shot in Nigeria, Ghana and Dubai. She couldn't contain the good news, Eze was one of the first she informed and to celebrate it he took her out.

They were both at the galleria later that evening.

"You never fail to give me a good day" Sarah confessed.

"I'll take that as a compliment" Eze feeling elated.

"I guess you're like this with every girl" she said.

"No. Only with girls called Sarah" he joked.

"Sarah!" a male voice called from behind them then held her by her arm.

He looked like someone who works out a lot.

"Jojo!" exclaimed Sarah.

Eze looked with angry eyes. Just when things were going smoothly this guy appears. Who on earth was he!?

"Sarah who's this?" asked Eze.

"I should be asking her that question. I'm her boyfriend, and who are you?" Replied Jojo. He was looking as angry as Eze was.

Eze remained silent.

"When did you arrive from South Africa" asked the surprised Sarah.

Eze was speechless as he gazed at both of them.

"Today! What's wrong with you, now you're seeing other guys right? You're cheating on me?" accused Jojo, pulling Sarah by her arm while giving Eze a stern look.

"What are you talking about" Sarah.

"Even if you lie to me, the media won't. Pictures and gossips of you both have been surfacing the internet! Haven't you got shame!?" continued Jojo pulling her with him forcefully.

We both know she didn't cheat, even though the feelings were there.

"You're hurting me!" exclaimed Sarah trying to free herself from his grip.

They were almost exiting when Eze came from behind.

"Hey you!" he called, Jojo looked back at him and before he could dodge the incoming fist, he got a shocking sucker punch that staggered him backward.

He crashed into some people and landed on the floor.

"Come on lets get away. Come on!" Hurried Eze, holding Sarah by her arm and fleeing away with her.

Jojo stood up, ran after them but they were already off in a taxi.

"You're dead! Dead!" he shouted at them as the taxi sped off. "What are you staring at?" he raged at the passerby's.

"I believe that punch will get me a ticket out of the friend zone" Eze said when they were far off.

Sarah smiled "It was a pretty nice punch, no one have ever stood up for me like that. We'll see what it gets you eventually" she managed to say.

The experience left her excited. Although she was sad that Jojo didn't trust her but it was kind of fun having someone fight for her.

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Re: Behind Her Veil by Nobody: 11:03am On Sep 04, 2015
The rest of the family had arrived from Abuja days ago. Kazim and Sadiq picked them from the park that afternoon.

Meanwhile lectures had started fully. There is something about universities, a lot of characters.

There are those noisy guys always trying to grab the attention of everyone while they make a fool of themselves. There is always a lady walking up and down aimlessly as if seeking attention.

Some girls form their clique, some based on their wealth. Some pretty ones surround themselves with less pretty and low esteem girls and try to make them their minions. The thing about these cliques of wealthy and pretty ones that surround themselves with minions is that they'll build their wall so high no one would want to talk to them.

The guys usually don't form their clique, they just happen to find themselves in that company of friends. If at all there is a criteria it was usually based on love for gadgets, cars, football, tribe or like i said, just happen to find themselves there.

Sadiq happen to find himself in a company of three guys. Two of whom were brothers. There are some people you get stuck with from day one. From the very day you asked,

"Please do you know where the lecture is holding?" After then, like destiny, you'll always be keeping sits for each other. Good thing about his clique was that they were a serious bunch.

Yes, a bunch of serious but unpopular clique.

There was this clique that caught Sadiq's attention. It wasn't just because it was a all white clique but because his neighbor Janelle was in that clique, they were course mates. He wasn't so sure until he saw her after lectures in the Chrysler car he had seen her in before.

It was definitely her!

The semester rolled away eventfully. For Sadiq he had accepted Zeenat. Kazim still felt the reason he accepted her was because he felt pity for her as a result of her parents demise.

Love out of pity never ends well, does it? It is somehow a brave thing to do but probably not the right thing. But in their case it was different. It was magical. Imagine going through a great ordeal and just the sight of one person calms you and make you for get your trouble...that is how magical it was.

There is this way she dresses... Like this Muslim fashionista; Teslimat Yusuf. The colorful shawl tied on her head and wrapped round her neck. The dark eye liner, the shy face and heart warming smile. She covered so much yet looked like an angel.

While some open so much, attract so much yet get little!

Sarah gave a yes to Eze finally. She had observed him and well, she felt that he was 'The One'!

Thanks to the sucker punch!

Jojo was pissed but couldn't do a thing and left for his country.

"You'll still come back to me" he had said to her on phone after she informed him that it was over.

Miss attention seeker Vanessa had resumed school. She soon found out that there in unilag there were a lot of attention seekers like her and they flocked after her for popularity. This only increased her hunger for more attention and like a hungry politician
she soon was meddling into school politics.

It's good though. It might make her relevant to the media without her indulging in publicity stunts that kills her image. Now she's thinking straight! I wonder who is responsible!

As always, guess who is also a fresher in unilag....Jennifer!

Months later exams were concluded. But every student always have a 'regret' immediately they exit the exam hall.

"Oh my God! I don't think i answered question two correctly!" Sadiq with a hand on his head, looking funny.

"What's number two question again?" his friend Chris asked.

"I don't even recall!" Sadiq. The two brothers exited from the hall simultaneously.

"How was it" one of them asked.

"Not bad. What we read came out" Chris feeling contented.

"Sadiq, no smile?" Isa, one of the brothers asked noticing Sadiq's worried face.

"Don't mind him. He's greedy. He isn't content with what he wrote" Chris jumped in.

It was their last paper. Sadiq packed his bags and went back to Alhaji Najib's house. Truth is, in the middle of the exam all he was thinking about was seeing Zeenat again! He hadn't visited since he moved into campus and seeing her missed call and sms that morning he couldn't get her out of his head.

That was probably why he missed question two!

"Sorry i couldn't call you back. I had to concentrate on my last paper" he said to her after his heart had been melted by her presence.

"I miss my parents!" she sobbed. "I miss them..and i needed to see you for closure" she used her multiple coloured shawl to wipe her eyes while her sobbing intensified.

It was heart breaking, wrecking and moving.

This was the first time he had ever seen her cry. It was also the first time he was faced with the challenge of consoling a girl who was missing her parents!

He had consoled Vanessa once or twice but she wasn't really crying. Sadiq's guess was that Vanessa always try to look strong from the outside but she wasn't. She definitely cries her eyes out on her pillow, when no one is present.

Zeenat pulled the shawl forward and her face was completely hidden by it. Her eyes were soiled while the drops of tears were like molten lead piercing into Sadiq's heart.

They say a lady's tear is a powerful tool. There is something so moving in the very image of a weeping beauty. The type of move that makes you want to go extra miles so as to find an antidote for her pain.

As they sat there, his thoughts went places, trying to figure out what best to say.

"Hey! Raise your head up." he insisted and she obeyed, revealing a tearful face. "What would your mum have said if she sees you crying over a movie, like one of those india movies you drain your tears for"

"Huh.what ?" her face wet with tears.

"What would she say?" he insisted, hoping the question would yield a result.

Dabbing her face with her shawl she said "She would exclaim;

'Zeenat! Look at you...you are crying while they are making their money. Go and do the dishes before i make you cry the real tears" she demonstrated, chuckled as she said it, a smile remained on her face. "I'm sure she misses me and my trouble" she smiled once more and sighed heavily.

Sadiq could judge that she was somehow relieved. The smile had not disappeared from her face and she was somewhat lost in her thought.

"Hello are you there?" he pushed her lightly.

"Oh I'm sorry. I was just relishing some...."

"Its okay i understand" he smiled.

"What would i have done without you?!" she asked rhetorically.

"A lot"

"No..don't be in denial. You are the best thing that have ever happened to me!"

Those words didn't leave his head even as he step foot in Lagos three days later. In fact it seemed like the words had been carved into his heart so he'll never ever forget her!


Re: Behind Her Veil by Sveen: 1:34pm On Sep 04, 2015
Nice one Kent... How I wished you've concluded this story before I stumbled upon it, I hate reading and stopping, especially a story as interesting as this.

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Re: Behind Her Veil by youngseraph(m): 2:29pm On Sep 04, 2015
its been nice so far. a quicker updating would be appreciated

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Re: Behind Her Veil by ysadiq(m): 3:41pm On Sep 04, 2015
When in kano its zeenat and when in lagos its vanessa. Sadiq you are in soup what will be zeenat fate when she come to know about vanessa. Kept the updates coming plsssss

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Re: Behind Her Veil by Nobody: 4:24pm On Sep 04, 2015
When in kano its zeenat and when in lagos its vanessa. Sadiq you are in soup what will be zeenat fate when she come to know about vanessa. Kept the updates coming plsssss
Lol, abi oo. Sadiq na professional player

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Re: Behind Her Veil by heemah(f): 5:55pm On Sep 04, 2015

You will have to get use to Vanessa. Cos she is not going anywhere soon.
I'll try....

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Re: Behind Her Veil by Sveen: 6:06pm On Sep 04, 2015

Lol, abi oo. Sadiq na professional player
Vanessa turned him down, they aren't dating.

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Re: Behind Her Veil by demmy66: 7:51pm On Sep 04, 2015
i envy this sadiq o..... only you for two beautiful girls.... carry on.....

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Re: Behind Her Veil by Nobody: 8:13pm On Sep 04, 2015
"Surprise!" Vanessa displaying a parcel at his face.

"What's this?" He asked

"A welcome gift. Open it" she insisted staring with anticipation.

He tore off the wrap and unveiled a book.

"A book! Thanks" he said without paying attention to the title of the book.

"Its not just a book. Its your book!" she replied.

One look at the book cover revealed the title " Who is she". He looked below and there was his name; Animashaun Sadiq.

He gave a puzzled look at Vanessa, stammered the words; 'what, how and what is this? ' before he finally made a complete sentence.

"Who did this?" he asked shocked rather than excited.

"I did" she replied

"But why? Did you read it? Are you okay with its content?"

"Yes i read it. Why won't i be okay with it? I know i inspired part of your characters, its okay" she assured.

"Well....well okay i guess." he struggled to say, not even sure how she got the soft copy of the novel.

"Just okay? Aren't you going to thank me?" she fumed.

"I'm sorry.. Thanks" he said.

The release of the book caught a lot of attention, thanks to Vanessa's agent.

Vanessa's fans were already rushing to get a copy after being informed that Vanessa was a character in the book.

Demand went up and soon the writer was invited to a t.v show.

The host asked about his status with Vanessa and whether the book was truly about her.

Vanessa was present along with her friends. For some seconds Sadiq was lost for words. Now that he is with Zeenat, how is he going to claim that he is in a relationship with Vanessa.

Yes it is just a charade to get the bloggers off her back but how will Zeenat feel if she was watching!?

"Vanessa and i are a couple" he replied finally.

"That should satisfy her fans question. They've been dying to know that. Now that you've affirmed to it we can move on" the host said.

"And about the book being about her, what do you have to say?"

"She inspired the book." he was still shaky from announcing on t.v that he was with Vanessa.

"Everyone knows her. She's an open book and now she's also in a book. We want to hear from you, what is the real Vanessa like?" the host fired on.

"When i was done working on this story, i needed her to read it but i knew i couldn't get her to" he began and shot a glance at Vanessa.

"Fortunately she stumbled on it, i prevented her from reading it so as to increase her curiosity. I knew she would come back to read it, but what i didn't know was that she took it upon herself to bring it to life. That's a sign of a good friend, that's what she's like. Everyone need a Vanessa in their life"

When he was done, he hoped he hadn't made the audience fall asleep.

Vanessa clung to him as they departed for the book signing. She was overwhelmed. The crowd actually bought the charade!

Jennifer stood by Vanessa while Sadiq was signing on the books.

"I really commend you. The way you are handling this" Jennifer said to Vanessa.

"Handling what?" she asked.

"You know, your character, the way he depicted you in the book" she informed.

"You mean by making us a couple in the book?" she asked innocently.

"Oh! I thought you knew!" Jennifer pretending to be shocked.

"What are you talking about. What am i missing here?" Vanessa.

"I think you should hear it from him" Jennifer.

"If you're truly my friend you'll tell me" Vanessa feeling lost.

"Your character is a spoilt rich girl chasing fame and manipulating even her friends to get what she wants" narrated Jennifer with a look that tried to say 'I'm sorry he wrote this about you', but she wasn't sorry...she was glad..

"I don't believe that. That's a different character" she argued, consoling herself.

"I hate to say this but it's true. Even in the story she manipulated her friend, telling him to pretend to be her boyfriend. Isn't that a good enough proof?"

"Show me" her voice raging.

Jennifer gladly pulled out the book from her bag. She skipped several pages. "Here it is"

Vanessa grabbed it, glanced at it, turned several more pages, raised her head and gave Sadiq a look...he smiled back but she drowned her head in the book once more.

"How did i miss this!?" raged Vanessa. She paused a minute and remembered Sadiq's reply to her when she first showed him the book. She remembered he had asked; "are you okay with its content?"

Her anger increased. She wanted to approach him and yell but all the secrets would be heard and the bloggers would feed on her.

She waited patiently while Jennifer excused herself. Walking away she had a big smile on her face.

"She thinks she can have it all!" sniggered Jennifer.

As the crowd dispersed, she was forced to give an occasional smile at them as they left till the room was finally empty.

"I didn't think it would be this exhausting" he wiped his face as he approached her.

"Really?!" she asked shaking the book at him.

"Why are you moody?" he asked trying to read her.

"She is a selfish girl who manipulate everyone and even her close friends without considering their feelings?!" she read a page to him.

"Is this really how you see me? After all these years, after all I've told you!" she ranted.

"But i thought you knew the content. I asked you" he has never seen her this angry, ever!

"Sadiq you betrayed me and deceived me! You manipulated me just to create a story and get attention. And here i was thinking I'm the villain" she refuted and didn't give him time to explain.

"But i never knew you were going to publish it. All i wanted was for you to read it and figure out how you've changed. I told you it was personal" he walked hurriedly behind her.

"You've lost my trust and friendship! You've lost it all" her voice revealing her sadness and Sadiq caught a tear hanging from her eyes, she immediately put on her eye shade to conceal it.

She was crying! Now this is real big!

"I'm sorry Vanessa" his voice rang.

"No, I'm sorry Sadiq. I'm sorry for telling you all my secrets!" she flagged down a taxi, hopped in and joined the other numerous cars on the road.

Confused he went back into the hall to have a sit.

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Re: Behind Her Veil by Nobody: 8:17pm On Sep 04, 2015
"Hello" Vanessa spoke on the phone.

"Hey V" her agent.

"How could you? How could you publish that book." She ranted.

"What do you mean!"

"My character is the villain!"

"No. Your character is the angel"

"Dont be fooled. It's not! Please we have to kill the story before it gets out of hand"

"I'm sorry V, it's already out of hand. We've had about a thousand sales just from Amazon alone. I'm afraid there is nothing we can do now"

"For your sake lets just hope they don't figure out my character!" and she dropped the call.

Sadiq paced round the hall with the book on his hand. He never meant for this to happen. All he wanted was for her to read it and see how she has lost her self while in pursuit for fame.

All he wanted was for her to read it, see her faults and make amends. He didn't want the story to go public.

Why was she blaming him. She is the one that let it out but then she'll never accept that. She was more hurt by the truth he revealed. If only she had calmed down while reading she would have seen her true character.

"Sadiq why are you here alone. You should be celebrating! Where is Vanessa?" Jennifer as she approached.

Only if he knew that she was behind it all.

"Celebrate! What's there to celebrate?" he asked.

She already knew what had conspired between him and Vanessa. Playing innocence she asked what was wrong and he divulged every single detail to

More weapons were entering her hands!

"She doesn't trust me even after helping her convince the media that she was my girlfriend at the expense of losing Zeenat" he narrated.

"Who is Zeenat?" she asked

"The one in my life. I have to call her now to make sure she didn't see the show" sliding his hand into his pocket.

She answered the call at the first ring. Judging from her voice she didn't see the show.

"She didn't see the show?" Jennifer asked after he hung up.

"Thankfully yes. At least that is safe. I don't know what i would have done if she got mad at me"


Re: Behind Her Veil by Idrhas(m): 8:53pm On Sep 04, 2015
I just want more!!!

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Re: Behind Her Veil by ysadiq(m): 9:08pm On Sep 04, 2015
This is getting more and more interesting, that evil jennifer will bring enmity between sadiq and vanessa. Its a pity for vanessa though, jennifer revealing sadiq secret to her then she will realize how much she love me @ sadiq. embarassed

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Re: Behind Her Veil by Nobody: 9:14pm On Sep 04, 2015
This is getting more and more interesting, that evil jennifer will bring enmity between sadiq and vanessa. Its a pity for vanessa though, jennifer reveals sadiq secret to her only then will she realize hom much she love me @ sadiq.

So ur real name is Sadiq cool
Re: Behind Her Veil by ysadiq(m): 9:17pm On Sep 04, 2015
I just want more!!!
mattkent you just too gud more ink to your pen, more data to your phone. I cant even guess what the next scene will be lyk. Keep the update coming.

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Re: Behind Her Veil by ysadiq(m): 9:19pm On Sep 04, 2015

So ur real name is Sadiq cool

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Re: Behind Her Veil by Maggielovely(f): 10:33pm On Sep 04, 2015
Dis z really grt, ama kip ma fingers,arms,toes, nd legs crossd wink

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Re: Behind Her Veil by Abuklaw(m): 11:05pm On Sep 04, 2015
This is getting more and more interesting, that evil jennifer will bring enmity between sadiq and vanessa. Its a pity for vanessa though, jennifer revealing sadiq secret to her then she will realize how much she love me @ sadiq. embarassed
You must indeed be a dreamer,as your name portrays. so this is what you've been doing online right? Lateefah must here this. Lil

Swerve and leave zeenat for me (single)

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