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Re: Three Paths by Essyprity(f): 5:57pm On Feb 28, 2016
Lets see.......Ebube tries to break a relationship but is unsuccessful as a result of d party involved(wole) Belinda fails to break Blossoms. Fejiro breaks Nat's halfway as they are together again. Nat breaks Ebube's own but we do not know how successful that one is. Hmmmmmmm! A bunch of home wreckers! Let me keep watching. I love d twists.
Re: Three Paths by fretfingers: 8:02pm On Feb 28, 2016

Okiemute not Fejiro ma'am.
Re: Three Paths by Fantasyisland(f): 9:26pm On Feb 28, 2016
Happy Sunday oh. Now let me say this, contrary to what some folks may think, I don't have a favorite character in this story. I may emphatise with a particular character at some point, but that does not make them my favorite.

I don't have any, I'm not as emotionally worked up as an average reader maybe cos I know how this work will turn out. I determine the plot, twists and turns and that is the prerogative of any writer unless they decide otherwise.

Perhaps because I write a bit after an update that's why it may appear like I'm being prejudiced against a certain character. I only do that to stir up the conversation and get folks talking.


Re: Three Paths by Fantasyisland(f): 9:47pm On Feb 28, 2016

How does she get them into trouble. It's understandable she had a thing for Blossom, in this case, Ebube brought herself to it.

Fantasy, you need to paint the picture in a good light here, else it kills moral reasoning especially for women suffering in silence due to husband's i'll treatment and not fulfilling his "manly" roles.

You shouldn't totally portray Ebube as a complete coward in this case, even as a Lawyer. The man failed in his duties over the years, and after effect is putting his home in ruins.
Ebube needs to fight back, for peace in her home or full custody of the Kids. As well as denying fully, ever indulging in such acts, if push gets to shove. Afterall, na mere say from Nat, which she (Nat) could turn around to be a same old good sister and stand by her friend.

I totally understand where you're coming from but you must understand everyone has an opinion on certain characters and what they'll like to happen. A storyteller can't please everyone. So while I understand and appreciate your view, I think you need to trust a writer's instinct a little more. With the above quote, I kinda get the feeling you'd expect me to proceed in a certain light...lol...I'm sorry I can't.

You may not like how I'm addressing an issue or how I'll eventually deal with it but that's okay. I don't like every book I read. Let's agree to disagree on this one.


Re: Three Paths by chii8(f): 12:50am On Feb 29, 2016
Carry go joor op,in real life,a lawyer who is truly in love can act de Ebube charater nt mindn her profession,she just want custody of children n husband.
Re: Three Paths by Fantasyisland(f): 6:25am On Feb 29, 2016

The following evening, Ebube's phone beeped. She
read the message and sniggered quietly. She had a thousand things to say but she decided on a small but powerful response: if you are truly sorry
then give me a call.

Almost immediately, her phone began to ring and
she quickly picked the call before Nat had a change of heart ''hello it's me'' Nat whispered.

''Of course I know it's you; I still have your number''

''I'm so sorry''

''You are a chicken! Fancy sending me a text and
apologising. Why don’t you call me so you can feel my wrath?''

''I would be mad if I were you too but…''

''How could you? It was shocking I agree but it was
not the worst thing in the world Nat''

''I'm sorry, I wasn't thinking. I was in shock and I just… I just…''

''You just had to call Charles, didn’t you? Nat, I know
things about you. I know stuff that I've never told a soul. If you told me certain things and begged me not to tell Belinda, I would do it. I would protect you like that. I would shield you with my last drop of blood but the only time I needed you... God dey sha''

''I'm sorry''

''Nat, in case you've forgotten, I and Belinda saw you do things but no one ever sang out to Ken''


Re: Three Paths by Essyprity(f): 6:30am On Feb 29, 2016

Okiemute not Fejiro ma'am.
Tnx hon.

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Re: Three Paths by Fantasyisland(f): 6:37am On Feb 29, 2016
''Ebube, I didn’t do it on purpose. I've been feeling
bad ever since. I can't tell you how sorry I am. I've spoken to Charles and I intend to speak to him again on this issue. As a matter of fact, I call him everyday. I told him I probably didn't get the right picture. I told him...''

''Oh you better dear. You better tell him it was a lie or better downplay it as much as you can. You better undo what you'd done because I would never forgive you if my marriage crashes''

''I'm sorry, I didn’t know it would come to this''

''Really? How did you think it was going to end? Admit it, admit you want everyone to have a broken home like yours. Just admit it!''

''I'm sorry''

''Your sorry is coming too late. You should have been in control of your emotions. Perhaps you should have covered for me the way I always covered for you. Besides what did you think was going on there on that night?"

"I dunno..."

"Yes, you don't know cos it was nothing! Besides, all
those times you did runs and Ken called, I had your back. All those times you said church and you were with Chief, I had your back. But what did you do to me? The only time I slipped up, you pushed my face in the mud!''

''You know that’s not completely true Ebube. When
you were double dating, I covered for you too. I've always had your back but the circumstance on that
night was totally different. You guys were supposed
to be my best friends and I walked in on that. Put yourself in my shoes for once''

''I've put myself into your dirty shoes a thousand times and each time I would have walked out without ratting on you. You didn't even wait to
hear either of us out for pete's sake! Who does that? Only a child trowing a tantrum"


Re: Three Paths by Fantasyisland(f): 6:45am On Feb 29, 2016
"I'm truly sorry"

"No matter how broken I was, I would never push you before an incoming train. I wouldn't do it to you or to Belinda - go chew on that''

''What more can I say but sorry''

''Nat, every marriage is not perfect and you of all
people should know that. Not every man will act like Blossom's husband and continue with marriage like nothing happened. Charles is one of such men''

''I had no idea''

''Same way you had no idea we have been living like
flatmates for a little over a year. Oh but I'm pretty sure I mentioned it to you on that day. Perhaps you
didn’t listen because you were absolved with your
own marital woes! How would you have known my marriage was practically hanging off a tree? It's
been hanging precariously and you just had to push
it didn’t you?''

''It was not done on purpose''

''I'll tell you what you did and it's another law lesson
for you. Do you know what your conduct reminds me of?''


''It reminds me of the egg shell rule, meaning you
take your victim as you see him. You don’t know what is wrong with that man so if you playfully shove him aside and he hits his head on the
pavement and dies, that’s on your head! So you see, if my marriage packs up because of you, it's on your
head. My marital problem will forever rest on your fu**cking head! Ignorance is not an excuse''

''Are you done?''

''No, go f*uck yourself!''

''Okay but why don’t I just f*uck Ken instead?''

''Are you still on the phone, get lost bi*tch!'' then
Ebube cut the call and flung her phone aside.

''Ouch! That didn’t go too well'' Belinda replied.

Ebube turned around in shock and saw her smiling. She had no idea Belinda had walked in quietly while she was on the call.

''I'm sorry I didn’t mean to eavesdrop" Belinda
replied, " but even if I stayed in the living room, I could still hear you loud and clear. You were practically raising the roof with the sound of your voice''

Ebube hissed in anger and greeted lightly ''sup chic? When did you come?''

''I entered not too long ago''

''Welcome, how was work today?''

Belinda ignored her question and continued ''I didn’t know you had all that fire in you. I've never heard you curse like that''


Re: Three Paths by Fantasyisland(f): 6:53am On Feb 29, 2016
''Mehn, I'm so mad at Nat. I'm so pissed I can rip her head in half!''

''I beg oh; it's not that serious''

''It is very serious when your husband kicks you out
and you've got no job plus you've not seen your kids in nearly a week!''

''I'm sorry. I feel so bad about this thing. I feel responsible for what has happened to you''

''Just forget it''

''I guess Nat is trying to right her wrong. She called
me much earlier in the day. She sounded really apologetic for her role in the fracas. I just
sha free the chic; no need carrying baggage around - I've got enough already''

''You can forgive her if you like, you have nothing to
lose anyway''

''And that’s where you are making a huge mistake.
I've lost my friends and that fills me with sadness. I dunno but I can just feel it in my heart. I don’t know if we can ever have what we once shared. I mean the three of us''


''There has been so much drama, secrets and revelation. I don’t know if we can all look at ourselves again and move on like it's alright''

''I'm not even thinking about that for now. I just want to repay Nat in her own coin''


''Like give Ken a call too and…''

''To what end? Is that your immediate problem? How is that going to help repair your family situation? Think about it for a minute and you'll
realize how low that sounded''

''I know but I just feel so angry and sad at the same

''If I were you, I'll curry favour with Nat and get her to call Charles and downplay the whole thing or better still say its a lie".

"I can't do the its a lie thing. Charles believes it already and perhaps I implicated myself just a little bit"

"Fu*ck sake Ebube! What did you really tell him? Everything?"


Re: Three Paths by Fantasyisland(f): 7:00am On Feb 29, 2016
"That you are indeed a lesbian but you were just
showing me stuff - finish. I told him Nat got the wrong idea"

"Oh Ebube, you've always been a bad liar. You should have denied it point blank sef. You told me you did"

"I lied a bit. You don't want to know the state of my mind on that day"

Belinda stared into the distance and shook her head
in pity then she continued "its okay, it'll be alright though. I know, I have a good feeling this one would pass. It may take a while but the sun will shine again. Just try not to lose your head until that

Then Ebube smiled but almost immediately the smile was overtaken by worry ''thanks Bel'' she whispered. ''All you've ever done was try to help in
your own weird way and I was dumb to allow you''


''You weren’t right all the time but at least you tried
and you never wrote me off. You are right about the future of our friendship. I can't tell how it will affect Nat but you understand if I were to make peace with my husband, I may not see you again''

''It's understandable chic; it’s the price we will pay for our stupidity and that’s the part I’ve got to live with''

''I mean I'm not quite sure in what direction things
would go with the three of us but however it ends, I'll always respect you''

''Aww, now she's gonna to make me cry''

''I'm serious Belinda - quit joking. I may not call and
we'll probably not chat as before but I'll always wish you well. When you think of me, think of the good
times. Think of life as we knew it in secondary school. How we ran into the bush to avoid those wicked seniors and punishment. How we used to form sickness on labour day or sanitation day. How we cooked concoction rice and made garri cake. How we chased Mrs Madueke's fowl and killed it''

''May God forgive us and she was my guardian oh!
We've always been naughty''

''All of us''

''I did my penance though concerning Mrs Madueke's fowl. During graduation, my parents asked what I thought would be a good present for her and I said a chicken. Not any chicken but a broiler so you see, I'm not so bad''

''I agree. I of all people know that''

Belinda laughed but she sobered up real fast and
continued ''I agree, you are a good person on the inside too and I hope Charles finds it in his
heart to forgive. He's got to admit he's not been fair
to you too. He's just as guilty if not worse so don't be too hard on yourself. Most of us will act crazy if pushed to the wall like that''


Re: Three Paths by Fantasyisland(f): 7:10am On Feb 29, 2016
''I know but I'm without an excuse…''

''Listen Ebube, man up a bit! Don't forget you are a
flipping lawyer! Chop some liver nah and trust it will work out fine. Let me also add that even if the friendship thing doesn't work with me, make peace
with Nat''

''I don’t know about that. Nat has cut me so deep and it would take the world to forgive her. Time would literally stand still for me to be able to forgive her''

''I know but try''

''I can't promise anything but I'll always cherish the
memories we had as friends. I'll think about our time at the university but I wouldn’t bother with life after we graduated. We became too serious afterwards; looking for jobs, birthing our kids and trying to keep those men happy. Marriage kind
of fu**cked things up you know''

''Well all my married friends say that but they'll give
anything to remain married to the same man. Isn't it ironic?''

''No answer Bel. I guess it's something we'll never
fully understand. I don’t quite get it myself but I'll pick Charles again and again till eternity. Other than this sex ish, he's been a good man''

''Good for you; this is goodbye then''

''Yeah, I leave for Isioma's first thing tomorrow''

‘’i want to hug you but I don't know what's appropriate anymore"

"Oh for Pete's sake, don't be silly!" Then Ebube
walked in her direction and they hugged like they had always done. However Ebube could feel the slight stiffness in her shoulders "its okay" she
whispered into her ear then she slapped her back
and smiled at her.

"Adios chic’’ Belinda whispered then she nodded at
her and walked out of the room.

Immediately, Ebube began to pack and as she did tears ran down her eyes. She was weeping for so many things but one of them was the demise of her friendship with Belinda. She just knew it; something told her she wouldn't be seeing the friend she called Bel for a long long time to come.



Re: Three Paths by kinah(f): 7:44am On Feb 29, 2016
It is all out
the three paths
Nat Bel and Ebu going their seperate ways.
Re: Three Paths by olashas(f): 8:58am On Feb 29, 2016
Re: Three Paths by base83: 9:46am On Feb 29, 2016
cry sad embarassed I imagine parting ways with friends you have had it thick n thin with.... so sad, pray nvr to go through this kind of parting, I prefer the slow drifting apart process not this... sad sad sad
Re: Three Paths by eagleeye2: 12:32pm On Feb 29, 2016
Am really pissed off at Nat. Like someone already said, why couldn't they just drift away slowly. Even Nat's apology was just a sham. Like an afterthought.
Belinda really doesn't have much to lose.
Re: Three Paths by Nobody: 5:14pm On Feb 29, 2016
this story should end na
Re: Three Paths by Essyprity(f): 7:20pm On Feb 29, 2016
this story should end na
Yea. Why don't u write the concluding parts?


Re: Three Paths by milanseedorf(m): 9:48pm On Feb 29, 2016
ride on babe. more ink to ur pen

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Re: Three Paths by chii8(f): 10:05pm On Feb 29, 2016
Hmmm...touchy touchy
Re: Three Paths by jxdee: 10:48pm On Feb 29, 2016
She just knew it; something told her she wouldn't be seeing the friend she called Bel for a long long time to come.
This part looks to me as if Belinda is going to commit suicide in the next update. Please, na beg I dey beg. Let her not die, Fantasyisland. Just let her relocate to wherever. Thank you.
I may be wrong but that's how it seems to me.
Re: Three Paths by virtuedagirl(f): 2:50am On Mar 01, 2016
The three paths are begining to walk everyone on her own path.D end is in sight,fantasy welldone ma u are truly doing a great work here.

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Re: Three Paths by ncChigo(m): 4:39am On Mar 01, 2016
Kudos Fantasyisland
Re: Three Paths by Fantasyisland(f): 7:40am On Mar 01, 2016

Ebube was in a house she had not been to in a long
time. Isioma was sitting on her couch while your son was doing his home work on the dining table.
Isioma lived in a 2 bedroom flat at Maryland. The
years had gone by but nothing had changed with her. She was still as annoying as ever with a son
to show for her effort. She was also successful at her business venture.

She ran her crèche/nursery school and she had only just expanded into primary section as well.
Her personal life was not as rich though. She was a
single mother who had refused to forge another meaningful relationship after the breakdown of her
relationship with her baby daddy. No one was quite sure how it happened but one minute, she was talking marriage then it slowed down once she
announced she was pregnant.

Unfortunately the marriage plans never picked up again due to accusation and counter accusation
from both parties. The last Ebube heard, the man had gone to Singapore (or was it Malaysia) on business and he refused to come back.

And so Isioma became a single mother but Ebube always felt it may have ended that way anyway. It was her belief that Isioma could not remain humble enough under a man’s house. She was too impatient, rash and generally incapable of being loved. Suddenly Isioma clapped her hands together and hissed ''is that why he asked you to leave?'' she
repeated. ''For only that small thing? But you sef why did you say that?''

"Why won't I be angry? A sexless marrage for how
long? Am I not a human being?"

"I get your point but I feel there is more to this than
meets the eye. His reaction is too rash. Are you sure this is all?"

"I beg leave matter for Mattias" Ebube replied. They were speaking in their local dialect because of her young son ''is there another woman?'' Isioma continued.

''I don’t know oh!''

''Are you sure there is nothing more to this like say a mistress?''

''I'm just tired oh!''

''It is usually strange women that cause men to act
this way but I never quite saw your husband as such
a man"


Re: Three Paths by Fantasyisland(f): 7:42am On Mar 01, 2016
Kudos Fantasyisland
I appreciate bros...
Re: Three Paths by Fantasyisland(f): 7:56am On Mar 01, 2016
"Who knows the heart of man? They are all the same. All lizards lie on their stomach so how can you tell the one with a belly ache?"

"True that. I of all people should know that especially with Mr Singapore. It appears Charles is under a strange influence. I was telling him, shebi you're treating my sister like this cos she is out of a job and he told me in a calm voice, let her come and take whatever she feels I owe her plus we are going for joint custody of the kids. I must confess, I weak that yesterday"

"Isi, it is that sad. He is not himself again"

"I have not spoken to him again but we will visit him this weekend. It is well. I believe this will blow over soon. In the meantime, please feel free to
call here your home. I'm hardly at home anyway and Dozie is a big boy now. He won't disturb you like before. By the way how are my children?''

Then Ebube began to cry afresh ''I've not seen them
in like a week now'' she managed to splutter.

''It's okay stop crying'' Isioma replied in an impatient voice, ''you will frighten Dozie now'' She looked around the living room and cleared her
throat ''Dozie, are you not through with that assignment?''

''Nearly there mum''

''Hurry up now and go inside. I don’t want to have to
use cold water to wake you up tomorrow'' Almost immediately, Dozie got up with his big books.
He bade them farewell and smiled at his aunty. Ebube smiled back and him and burst into full blown tears once he'd gone inside ''crying would not help you now'' Isioma snapped.

''I can't help it''

''The one thing paining me is the fact you quit that your job, that's part of why you are so helpless. You didn't seek my advice if not I would have told you to manage it until you find another one. Look at the mess now, at least if you were not so dependent on Charles, you won't be this uncertain. That's why I always advice women not to fold hand and be looking at husband - have a backup plan. See nah, anyway you should intensify your prayers instead, the devil is trying to fool himself again but he has failed''

''Amen'' Ebube replied then she smiled at Isioma


Re: Three Paths by Fantasyisland(f): 8:05am On Mar 01, 2016
Later that weekend, Isioma visited Charles as she had intended. For reasons best known to Ebube, she decided not to go but Isioma insisted. The sisters argued about it all morning, but finally Isioma won the battle. She felt it would be best if Ebube tagged along ''you'll probably end up hugging him sef'' she said. ''Go and wear dress so we can go.
We must put the devil to shame in this matter. The
earlier we wrap this thing up the better for everyone. The more you stay outside your home, the more dangerous it becomes''

Of course Isioma had no idea of what had truly happened in her sister's home. She had been made to believe Charles was suffering from mid-life crises
coupled with an offensive statement Ebube made concerning his stance on no sex.

And so the pair went off. As they came down from
the car, Ebube began to fret but Isioma ignored her. They made their way to the house and sat down. Charles sat at the farthest end of the living room and then the talk began. Thankfully the children and
maid were away. Initially Charles didn’t want to say a word, but when Isioma began to speak, he laughed and opened up to her. Then Isioma's face
dropped, her well rehearsed lines flew out of her head but she continued to nod her head. She had never felt so fo*olish in her entire life but she took it on the chin.


Re: Three Paths by Fantasyisland(f): 8:12am On Mar 01, 2016
About an hour later, the pair slowly made their way
out of the house. Nothing had changed and Charles continued to insist the marriage was over.
He said he didn’t want Ebube anywhere around him.
He advised her to commence divorce proceedings because he was already seeking advise from a lawyer. He also said he was willing to share custody of their children as soon as Ebube found a place of her own. He kept asking her to pack whatever
she felt was hers and Ebube threw her face away as he said that. She wanted reconcilation but somehow, it was slipping out of her grasp.

It was a fruitless visit but for Isioma, something else was bothering her. As she walked towards Ebube's car, she began to hum a tune. They drove home
in complete silence and every attempt by Ebube to
say something ended in a one liner from Isioma. Once they got to her house, Ebube hurried out of the car but Isioma called her back and finally spoke
''what was all that about?''

''It’s a mess I know''

''I didn’t ask if it was a mess or not. Did you really do that?''

''Do what?''

''What is wrong with you? Didn't we both hear your
husband speak? Like did you shag Belinda?''

''No! For God sake no! I'm not quite sure what Natasha saw but…''

''You are lying to me dear sister'' then Isioma began
to laugh in a strange way. This kind of laughter spoke volumes, it was more like a you’ve got to
be kidding me kind of laughter.


Re: Three Paths by Fantasyisland(f): 8:23am On Mar 01, 2016
Once she was done she announced in a firm voice ''you are lying to me and I can't believe you would continue to do that. You took me all the way to Omole to beg on your behalf and you didn’t have the decency to tell me the truth? You failed to tell me what I was truly pleading for. Then we leave there and you still have the nerve to lie
like I'm silly? You are asking me *do what* like you
don’t know what this is about. You've got to be kidding me Ebube. You better start talking this

''Okay something happened but the truth is we were
kind of hugging and stuff. I'll admit we were not praying but Natasha blew it out of proportion
and Charles is running with that story''



''I'm the last person you should be lying to Ebube.
Look around you and tell me who you see''

Ebube looked around and faced her sister again ''I
don’t understand you'' she replied in a calm voice.

''Where are your best friends? Where is your sister
Uche dearest whom you would pick before me? Where are the people who have your back? I'm the only one in your camp at the moment. If you expect me to rack my brain with possible reasons why you could have done that then you've got to tell me
the truth. If you expect me to keep inter ceding on
your behalf, the least you can do is be honest with me''

''Please call Nat and ask her what she saw that night. Where is my phone? Please call her''

''Why should I call Nat when your husband told me
you admitted to the act and all the while you were looking at your laps? You couldn’t look him in
the face the entire time we were there. Why should I
call Nat when I can tell you are lying? When you lie, your eyes dart around and it's been happening ever since I started talking. You've always been a bad liar and you should know better than do that with me. Are you kidding me? Do I look like someone who would be blown away by your holier-than-thou attitude? I know you reach house so quit the presence kid sis''


''Are you a lesbian?''

''No!'' Ebube cried in a hurt tone.

"Are you like bi or something?"

"No! It was just curiosity and because of the no sex thing. I don't have a single gay bone in my body"


Re: Three Paths by Fantasyisland(f): 8:30am On Mar 01, 2016
''Okay but you've been involved in the act with Belinda because Nat saw you guys at it that night and you admitted same to your husband''


''How long has this been going on? Boarding house?

''No, no, no just once''

''Really? The first and only time it happened and Nat just happened to walk in on you guys?''

''Okay twice or maybe thrice of which the first time it was not sex like sex if you know what I mean''


''Certainly not more than 3 or 4 times I swear to God my creator of which one was not technically sex so...''

Then Isioma nodded her head before giving her a
sound slap. Immediately Ebube staggered backwards then she held her cheek and yelled out in pain ''Jesus Christ! What was that for?''

''That was for lying to me just now. That was for lying to me about the true reason Charles sent you out. That was for lying to me these past few days while you sat pretty in my house. And finally that's for lying to Charles in the few last hours that it happened only once! What is wrong with you this woman? Ebube, what is the matter with you?''

''I'm sorry but he pushed me to it!'' Ebube cried out. It wasn’t clear if she was weeping because she was sorry or because Isioma had found out about her lies or because the slap was still stinging!

''I want you to pack your things and get out of my
house'' Isioma yelled.

''But I've nowhere else to go!'' Ebube cried. ''No one
will help me and I've got nowhere else to go''

''Then you better start speaking the truth. One more yeye lie from you and that’s me done with your matter. If you need my help you’ve got to drop the
fake attitude''

''I'm sorry''

''Argh! I've got a splitting headache over this issue
and it just got started. I've got to lie down before I faint'' then Isioma slammed the car door shut and walked away.


Re: Three Paths by Fantasyisland(f): 8:57am On Mar 01, 2016

Ken came into the meeting place in a hurry. His
strides were long and he looked like a hot mess ''I'm so sorry my sister'' he began. ''I came as soon as I could. I hope you have not waited for long''

''Not so long'' Ebube replied. "Let's say 30minutes tops"

''You would expect the traffic to have eased up a bit but it was not so. I had to drop a family member off at the park before making my way down''

''You're here, that’s the most import thing. Have a seat and relax''

''Let me just say right off that I'm sorry about what is going on. I even wanted to call you but… anyway Nat is truly sorry and I pray … as a matter of fact, we both pray that this situation gets resolved pretty soon. If there is anything you think I can personally do...''

''Thank you''

The pair had planned to meet at Ebube's invitation and she had been waiting in the last 35 minutes. They were at a popular fast food chain and Ebube was sipping on a can of coke ''would you like something to drink?'' Ebube asked.

''I'm afraid but I'm allergic to these their food. I'm sort of in a rush so what is this about?''

Then Ebube began to talk and Ken kept staring at her like she was an idol. It went on and on and he kept nodding like she was dishing out precious stuff. After she finished, he shook his head and smiled ''is that all?'' he asked.

''Unfortunately I know it's not what you expected to hear but…'' Ken nodded some more and looked into the distance with sad eyes. Ebube continued to watch him but she remained quiet for some seconds – nearly a minute.

Finally Ken cleared his throat and spoke in a small
voice ''why are you doing this today? I mean why now? All these things you claim happened long ago and you've known me since forever so why now?''

''I'm just trying to say Nat is not as innocent as she seems''

''That was not the question I asked Ebube. I mean
what is wrong with you? What is your motivation for
this meeting today?"



Re: Three Paths by write2obi(m): 9:40am On Mar 01, 2016
Ebube has finally lost it cry . I pity her, I really do.
Some people are not just good at getting away with doing something bad, guess Ebube falls under that category.
grin grin reminds me of my growing up days, i always get caught each time i try to do something bad. The first time i tried to carry bullet into the exam hall, i was caught even before i could use it grin grin grin

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