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Shadows Of Death (the Girl-god) / Shadows Of The Green Part Two / Chasing Shadows. (2) (3) (4)

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Re: Shadows....... by Nobody: 11:48am On Aug 14, 2016
This story is the Nigerian version of (Dead of summer+Final Destination)


Re: Shadows....... by obiebanks(m): 1:39pm On Aug 14, 2016
grin winkNa wah oh...buhari govt don change many tins....men talent no they hide again:-D;-) ;DNa wah oh...buhari govt don change many tins....men talent no they hide again:-D;-)
Re: Shadows....... by Frozeen(m): 2:07pm On Aug 14, 2016
Now following cheesy
Re: Shadows....... by phronesischris: 5:14pm On Aug 14, 2016
you gonna tell about the dark world.. let's see what he's brewing
Re: Shadows....... by SFTW: 8:24pm On Aug 14, 2016
I want an update

Come and take an update...
Re: Shadows....... by Dfrenzy(m): 3:04am On Aug 15, 2016
Nice story Austinblinks.
Re: Shadows....... by FlordFlorez(m): 9:46pm On Aug 15, 2016
Very much interesting.
Re: Shadows....... by frankdaholy: 7:36pm On Aug 16, 2016
Keep it up more grease to ur pen.......following
Re: Shadows....... by AustinBlinks(m): 11:59am On Aug 18, 2016
Next update....... loading......92%....

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Re: Shadows....... by veekid(m): 12:22pm On Aug 18, 2016
Next update....... loading......92%....
Bros e b like sayna Nokia 3310 you take dey type this update. Abi wetin dey happen now?
Re: Shadows....... by FlordFlorez(m): 12:36pm On Aug 18, 2016
I don wait-starved. Abeg try update quickly.
Re: Shadows....... by Slimberry123(f): 2:09pm On Aug 18, 2016
Hmmm... I have to comment.. guy, ure d bomb.. ure too gud.. bt bianu, come and update ehn.. we re hungry for more.. winks

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Re: Shadows....... by Countrygirl(f): 7:20pm On Aug 18, 2016
Jarizod another story.....i just came across this but am scared can't read it this night am the only one in the house.

Austinblinks weldone ooo
Re: Shadows....... by Countrygirl(f): 7:24pm On Aug 18, 2016
Now following cheesy
You read stories too,
Re: Shadows....... by Nobody: 9:22pm On Aug 18, 2016
Jarizod another story.....i just came across this but am scared can't read it this night am the only one in the house.

Austinblinks weldone ooo
can't read this one today..will check it out tomorrow smiley

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Re: Shadows....... by Frozeen(m): 9:40pm On Aug 18, 2016
You read stories too,
Am i not a human
Re: Shadows....... by Twaci(f): 1:57pm On Aug 19, 2016
Nice read.

Good job austinblinks!

Patiently waiting for an update.
Re: Shadows....... by AustinBlinks(m): 9:10pm On Aug 19, 2016
Shadows (episode Fifteen)
They all ran towards Uche and were surprised to see him hanging from a tree branch with his legs dangling above the ground.
Lanre: Uche…. Are you alright?
Uche: emmm… Yea I’m good…uhhh
Lanre: So… What are you doing hanging from a tree?
Uche: where is it? Is it gone?
Lanre: where is what?
Uche: The snake! The big snake!
Emma: Damn… You claimed to know all different types of fighting skills and you’re scared of common snakes? Something you can easily trample under your feet.
Uche: Shut up. It was a big snake.
Emma: hahaha… I wish everyone saw this. Our macho man, the guy who claimed he can beat the whole class, is hanging from a tree after screaming like a girl all because of a snake.
Temmy: even I that I’m a girl cannot scream like that
Emma: hahaha… You hear that Uche? Temmy can kill a snake…. You freaking baby girl.
Mary: common Emma, it’s high time you stopped patronizing everybody.
Emma: I hear you…. But Uche… Are you going to come down from there now or should we wait until 2030?
Uche: Shut up! I’m coming down.
Uche began climbing his way down from the tree. He had no idea he had gone that far up. The snake was big and greenish in color so the moment he saw it , he jumped on the tree, screaming his way up.
Emma: Yeey… Uche…Uche…. The snake is close to your head….ahh
Uche shrieks, screamed again and let go of the branch he was holding . He came down with a thud, landing on the ground feet first, then his buttocks. All he heard was.Emma laughing hysterically at him, almost rolling on the floor.
Some of the others had to conceal their laughter , seeing the class macho man falling from a tree in fear is not a view they had imagined seeing and it indeed, was funny as hell.
Emma: Hehehe…. That was funny man… It’s like seeing Incredible Hulk fall from a tree… I will tell my kids this event one day.
Uche: (wincing in pain) O God! Emma I will deal with you… I swear
Emma: You are still talking there… I will ask the snake to come back now o.
Lanre: C’mon guys! Let’s move it’s few hours to daybreak .
Moji: Wait… Haven’t you guys noticed anything about the sky yet?
Daniel: What is it?
Moji: I mean… By this time, the sky is supposed to look brighter at this moment but somehow it still looks like it’s 12am in the night. .
In agreement they all began to look around, making a sense of what Moji just said.
Mary: But wait…don’t make a fuss out of this yet. I mean it’s just 4:15am ok, we can’t conclude on it yet.
Lanre: She’s right. By the way, maybe it’s just that time of the year when we experience longer nights and shorter days .
Emma: Once again… Our Romeo and Juliet calms us down.
Moji: kai Emma. Must you talk ni
Emma: Yess now. At least we have another couple here who are as useless as Nigerian state deputy governors.
Moji: Hahaha…. Jeeez Emma!
Emma: Yes… Name 5 state deputy governors here in Nigeria… just 5!
Daniel: compare us with everything but please don’t compare me with those stupid politicians in our country.
Temmy: hello.. watch your Mouth! My dad is a politician
Emma: Ha! Now we know why you are in this forsaking forest
Temmy: What’s that supposed to mean? My father is a good, honest and trustworthy politician.
Uche: You have just named the 3 major things all politicians lack; Good, Honest and Trustworthy.
Emma: You see that Temmy.. even Uche knows what politicians are…. and we all know Uche ‘s a stupid dummy.
Uche: Emma….
Emma: (shuts him up) hey….. snakes… remember…. snakes…. don’t let me call them out for you again o…..
Daniel: Anyways… are we just going to sit here and talk or we keep moving?
Uche: Moving to where?
Daniel:: Look I’m hungry. I saw a Mango tree back there the other time, let’s go back and get some, they are very ripe.
Moji: So you want us to go back?
Daniel: Yes! What have we gained moving forward ehn? We have no idea where we are going. We should just stay in one spot and wait till the sun come up.
Temmy: By the way,we have to allow Lanre to think. He’s being sitting there, trying to figure something out.
Emma: Figure what out? He’s sitting under a tree with Mary sitting close to him, her big breasts right there in his face… The only thing my guy is figuring out is how long it will take him before he grabs those two planets on his girlfriend’s chest.
Lanre: Shut your mouth there Emma! Daniel is right, we need to take something for strengths, we’ve been running around all night. However, we cannot all just turn back and go get those mangoes.
Daniel: That’s true
Mary: Isn’t it a bad idea that we split up?
Moji: I think we should all go.
Lanre: Look at Uche guys…. he has been limping since he feel from the tree. He can barely work.
Emma: Except anyone of you would love to back him but remember he has metal for skeleton. But me I’ll be glad to drag him on the ground.
Lanre: So some stay here and some wil get the mangoes
Daniel: I’ll go!
Lanre: Okay. Who else? What about you Emma?
Emma: Go back in the direction the shadow chased us from? I’ll pass, let me starve to death, the mangoes better eat themselves.
Lanre: All you do is talk…
Moji: I’ll go too.
Lanre: Okay so Uche, Mary, Temmy, Emma and I stay here while Moji and Daniel go and get the Mangoes.
Emma: Okay…. wait..wait… I’ll go with them.
Lanre: Alright then. 4 stay behind, 3 gets the Mangoes. And guys….please be careful out there
Moji: Okay… you guys be safe too. We’ll be back very soon.
The three of them turned around back to the direction they had earlier ran from. Emma had to go with them only because of Moji. Even in the midst of chaos and deaths, his feeling hasn’t changed a bit.
He stood close to Moji and kept looking around The whole time the shadows had attacked them he had always felt a strange feeling before something bad happens. Somehow and in an unexplained way, he’s having that strange feeling now. Maybe it was a very bad idea going back, it’s a big forest, there has to be another mango tree ahead, why did they need to go back in the direction they had been running from…it. was Really a bad idea.
Daniel: There you go again, hiding behind Moji.
Emma: Someone needs to stay back and watch things from the rear.
Daniel: You just want to stare at her ass. We all know you like her.
Moji: Really? You do?
Daniel: He’s been scared to say something.
Emma: Shut it up there. But he’s right Moji. I have always liked you from the moment i saw.
Moji: Really….uhm… how come you never said anything?
Emma: you had a boyfriend babe… that guy in 400 level and i believed you like him too.
Moji: He was my toaster alright but we weren’t dating.
Emma: So tell me….if i had said something to you….what would your answer be?
Moji: Maybe you should ask first, then we’ll find out.
Daniel: Here we are. Start plucking away…
They filled the sack they had brought full of mangoes, 3 for everyone of them. .
Moji: Do you guys hear that??
It sounded like a herd running towards them…and there were lots of them.
Daniel climbed a rock close to them. What he saw was something that looked like a thousand herd of cattle running towards them with a speed.
Daniel: Oh my God! Run…..run right now…run.
They all leaped up, running. The sack of mangoes Moji was holding was pulling her back, slowing her pace.
Emma: Moji. . DROP THE SACK…
Moji: But….
Emma: Moji….drop the F@#king sack.
She dropped it while Emma held her by the arm and they ran together. The herd was getting closer by the seconds.
Daniel: That’s a tree…. let’s climb it quick.
Daniel was quick to climb the tree. Moji was short, she wasn’t tall enough to grab a branch So Emma had give her a leap, raising her up to hold a branch.
Daniel: Hey guys be quick they are getting closer.
Moji finally held the branch and Emma pushed her up further. Emma looked back and saw the herd running towards him.
Moji: Emma be quick.
Emma grabbed a branch but his hands were sweaty so he slipped and fell back down.
Moji: Jesus… please…
He could feel the ground vibrating under his feet. The herd was closer now. In a flinch Emma jumped up again and was able to grab a branch to the relief of them all. He pulled himself up with all his strenght. He was now farther away from Moji who was on the other side of the tree. Daniel was high above. They all looked down and saw the herd.
CRACK… CRACK…. Was the sound they heard all at once, it sounded like a branch breaking…
Emma raised his head, noticed it wasn’t his branch that was breaking…
Moji: Emma……..
It was the branch Moji sat on…. CRACK….
Emma began crawling towards her. She tried holding the branch on top but she couldn’t reach it…. CRACK…. Daniel was going down too. But the more movements they made, the quicker her branch was breaking.
The branch was almost completely broken now… it pulled Moji down the more so Emma’s outstretched hand couldn’t reach her. She looked up at him, looking straight into his eyes…
Emma: ….Oh God….No…please….!
The branch broke finally, sending Moji down right into the middle of the running herd.
Emma: Nooooo… Moji…moj….
He almost jumped after her but Daniel grabbed him by the collar, pinning him down. They didn’t get a glimpse of what was happening down, everywhere was covered in dust.
By the time everything got silent and the herd was Gone. Emma raced down to where Moji was lying, her face swollen. The hooves of the cattle had ran over her, crushing her chest and giving her compressive asphyxiation. She was hardly breathing when he got to her.
Tears in his eyes as he saw her gasping for breath, even at that moment, she still had a smile on her face.
Emma knelt down beside her crying..
Emma.: Please babe…. Don’t you dare die on me! Please Moji.
Moji: (slowly breathing, gasping) Emma…uhh..if.. if you had asked…..(smiling ) I would have…would have said Y..Yes to to you…. I like you too.
Emma: (Crying) …. I guess I’m the dummy then .
She gave a weak laughter. Holding his palms tighter in hers. She still had a smile on her face by the time she gave her last breath.
Emma: No…no…no…..Wake up! Moji wake up!
Daniel bent down beside him, felt her pulse…
Daniel: I’m sorry Emma… Moji is gone.
Emma: (Crying out loud, places his head on hers) No don’t die….don’t you die Moji! Pleaseeeeee…. I love you Moji..please..
Daniel: Let’s get out of here man
Emma: No…No… I can’t.
Daniel: There’s nothing left to do Emma.
Daniel pulled him up and virtually dragged him along.
The Moment they saw them coming, they all stood up. They looked at Both Emma and Daniel. Emma was numb with a straight face, tears in his eyes, Daniel kept is head down.
Lanre: Guys…. where’s Moji? Where is she??
Daniel: (sigh) There was a stampede….some cattle ran towards us .. we tried running … climbed a tree. .. the branch she was sitting on got broken and she fell…
Temmy: Okay….okay… So?
Emma: (crying ) She’s dead guys…. Moji is f@#king dead.
Temmy gave out a cry and sat down on the ground. Mary cried too. Lanre held his head and bent down on his knees. None of them could console another. Temmy and Emma wouldn’t stop crying.
~To Be Continued~
~ AustinBlinks

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Re: Shadows....... by andreawills96(f): 9:52pm On Aug 19, 2016
Heart breaking(crying)

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Re: Shadows....... by segzy17(m): 9:53pm On Aug 19, 2016
More ink to ur pen

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Re: Shadows....... by tizblink(m): 11:39pm On Aug 19, 2016
Eh! cry

That was some scene. sad


Re: Shadows....... by AustinBlinks(m): 1:54am On Aug 20, 2016
More ink to ur pen
Thanks bruh
Re: Shadows....... by AustinBlinks(m): 1:55am On Aug 20, 2016
Eh! cry
That was some scene. sad
Hmmm... Yes it was . Oga... lolZ
Re: Shadows....... by AustinBlinks(m): 1:57am On Aug 20, 2016
Heart breaking(crying)
Eeya...Sorry miss. pls dnt cry na.

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Re: Shadows....... by ewawumi(f): 7:27am On Aug 20, 2016
wen u r finally ready to make me sleep on d balcony, u updatted by 1.15am turning my room to d shadow's abode.
Good work bro!

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Re: Shadows....... by veekid(m): 9:57am On Aug 20, 2016
Nice work bro
Re: Shadows....... by katchycouture(f): 10:39am On Aug 20, 2016
the beginning was too too scary..I cldnt sleep for many nites but it keeps getting better... thumbs up
but please try and update regularly

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Re: Shadows....... by Cykik(f): 10:57am On Aug 20, 2016
Keep it up
Re: Shadows....... by Opeoluwa99(f): 3:59pm On Aug 20, 2016
Nooo not Moji cry

I need updates pls cry
No more deaths pls

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Re: Shadows....... by donaldphilipizu(m): 9:39pm On Aug 20, 2016
cheiya... weeping dearly
Re: Shadows....... by RoastedCorn(m): 10:56pm On Aug 20, 2016
cheiya... weeping dearly
peeshure of you weeping or?

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Re: Shadows....... by Hawlahscho(m): 2:54pm On Aug 21, 2016
the beginning was too too scary..I cldnt sleep for many nites but it keeps getting better... thumbs up
but please try and update regularly

Really, you could not sleep for nights

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