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HERO (A Violence, Mind Control And Sex Story) a story by Queenliz by SmartestPopQUEEN(f): 12:41pm On May 04, 2016
All rights reserved. No part of this work may be reproduced, stored, in any retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means, without prior permission from Me the Author.

This work of fiction contains, some adult xx scenes, massage, science fiction, Mind control, violence, sci-fi voyeurism and alien.
All characters are portrayed in this work of the Dark_BROTHERs are 18+ as i cant abide kiddy porn. If all this is suitable to your taste, please Proceed and enjoy our first creative work. We are the Dark_BROTHERS.

This work is Dedicated to my late Brother, for his unmeasurable contribution towards the success of this and other series. Bro King! R.I.P.

All names used in this work are just from the core aspect of my imagination and few were listed by a wonderful reader.

I hereby call on all masters of critism to pls come and use their harsh words to pummel me on this work. Thanks.

QUEENLIZ, co_athoring with Lt Bro King


Re: HERO (A Violence, Mind Control And Sex Story) a story by Queenliz by SmartestPopQUEEN(f): 1:15pm On May 04, 2016
*REMOVED* not part of the story.... To avoid Paigarism...
Re: HERO (A Violence, Mind Control And Sex Story) a story by Queenliz by llaykorn: 1:19pm On May 04, 2016
Re: HERO (A Violence, Mind Control And Sex Story) a story by Queenliz by Shoelace1(f): 1:33pm On May 04, 2016
Re: HERO (A Violence, Mind Control And Sex Story) a story by Queenliz by SmartestPopQUEEN(f): 2:59pm On May 04, 2016

[b]Queenliz's HERO... Thanks to the mod that took this story to the Front Page... cheesy cheesy cheesy cheesy cheesy


It was a tingling sound, coupled with a Blue light...
Something pokes my arm... And my Head is throbbing... I can't feel my arm... Oh no, no!, what have they done with my arm?
A pink like shadow bends over me.

Sweat soaked me fully, and i sit up in bed, terror filling my mind and thoughts. I quickly look at my right arm, and breathe a sigh of
relief. It's still there (thank God), though numb from having slept on it wrongly with my whole weight on it.
I fall back onto my pillow, shocked at how cold the sweat on the pillow feels as my head hits it. Flipping it over to the dry side, I notice the
time. I have only an hour till my alarm goes off. Groaning, I roll over, hoping to get a little more sleep, before I have to get up, and get ready for school.

I doubt I will though, as my head is pounding, and my arm is stiff and tingling.

* * *

Buzzing fills my room, followed
right after by robotic voices screaming, "Exterminate!
Exterminate!" Moaning like the dead, I reach for my alarm clock to switch it off, only to find the
switch is already in the off spot, the noise ending just before I
reach it.

Sitting up, rubbing my eyes, I reach for the glass of water I left on my nightstand before going to bed last night, and try to wake my sleeping mind. For some
reason I feel like I have just run a
marathon, rather than had a long night's sleep. I'm just glad the headache is gone, though my arm still seems a little stiff.

My door flies open, and I look up to see my roommate, Dennis,
looking at me.
"Rise and shine, dork!" he calls,
turning on my light.

"I thought I
told you to change that alarm sound. Your Doctor WHAT is
annoying in the morning."

"I'm a geek!"( you will understand that word later) I told him for what felt like the hundredth time. "And
it's Doctor Who, not What."

"More like Doctor Whatever. Or Doctor What do i care"

Shaking my head at my roommate's ignorance, I quickly get dressed, and head from my room. Reaching for the light, it flips off a moment before I hit the switch. Looking at it in confusion, my stomach rumbles,
recalling me to breakfast.

"Have you been watching the news lately?" Dennis asks me as I pour my cereal into a bowl. I just give him a look, in response. He
knows I can't abide watching the news.
"I just thought you might be interested in what's been happening, you being such a dork and all." Deciding it's best to
keep my mouth shut, I just pour my milk.

"Seems there was some girl in India that started flying around town, like some sort of Superman, and a guy in Japan
suddenly started on fire, but didn't get burned."

"Parlor tricks, thats older than the rate of corruption in Nigeria" I mumble around
a mouthful. For a moment I consider mentioning that there
are plenty of female comic book characters that can also fly, but then remembering his level of ignorance, I just continue chewing.

"I dunno... The news seemed pretty interested in it. There are videos of the flying girl on
Youtube and Nairaland." He continues to ramble on, but somehow I ignore him, until I leave for class.

To be continue. [/b]

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Re: HERO (A Violence, Mind Control And Sex Story) a story by Queenliz by SmartestPopQUEEN(f): 10:44pm On May 04, 2016

[b]Cold air buffets me as I trekked through the rain to my first college course today.

Something hits me in the back, but I ignore it, figuring it is just a

"What a nerd!" I hear Richard Dice voice that out a second later. I had hoped to get away from him after secondary school, but his father had somehow gotten him into the same expensive University I'd received a scholarship at, and so I was still being bullied by him.

"Leave him alone, Rich," Tina says right afterwards. She's
Richard's girlfriend, and one of the hottest girls on campus, and when I say hottest... Damn it, she's really hot... Truth be told.

"Okay, I'll weave the wittle ol' nerd awone for you," Richard
replied in baby talk.

Why does Tina put up with such an idiot, I
wonder, not for the first time.

Classes seem to drag on, and my mind seems to keep going fuzzy from lack of sleep. Finally, in my
last class, I can't seem to keep my eyes open, which is slightly odd,
as Prof.JANE class is usually one of my favorites. Not because
of the subject matter, math has always been an easy subject for
me, but because of her.

She stands just a little shorter than me, has beautiful big brown eyes that seem magnified by her large glasses. Her long dark brown hair is usually pulled back, and softly reflects the fluorescent lighting in the room. She has a
small waist that usually gets overlooked because of her ample br**st.

I am usually quite attentive in her class, but today, I struggle just to keep my eyes
open, and on her, as she lectures us on a formula I'd mastered last night before going to bed.

If only the lights were off, so I could put my head down, and rest. For a moment, I imagine standing up and switching off
the lights right by me, but they require a special key to switch them on or off.

I open my eyes as someone gasps, and notice that the room
is dark, except where Prof. Jane's computer screen is on, and a couple other students
have their cell phones out, playing instead of paying attention.

"Who turned out the lights?" the professor demanded, walking to
her desk, and shuffling through a
drawer. She must have found what she was looking for, as she marches down the aisle till she
stands right next to me, slips the key into a notch, and lifts it,
restoring the lights.

Prof Jane glares down at me, as if I had been the one to turn off the
lights. "Mr. Smith, did you happen to see who turned off the lights?" I just shook my head, not having seen anyone do it, my
own eyes having been closed at the time. She looks at me
suspiciously for a moment, and then walks back down to her desk, dropping her key back in the drawer

My mind is racing now. HAD I somehow turned off the lights? I
couldn't see how. But then I remembered this morning with the alarm clock, and my bedroom light. Both had been off before I
hit them. And the light in class had gone off when I had
thought about it. It was all likely a coincidence, but I had to try.

I pictured the key moving in the switch, turning the light off... And froze, a grin splitting my face.

Prof. Jane mutters to herself as she climbs the aisle, key in hand again, to turn the light back on. The class is loudly murmuring, but I ignore them as I consider what this means. Do I have super powers? Am I some kind of mutant? More importantly, what exactly is it
that I can do? It has to be more than just turning off lights,
because I'd done it to my alarm clock.

The lights came back on, startling me, and I remove the smile from my face a moment too late.

"Since you think this is so funny, Mr. Smith, I want to see you in
my office after class." My fellow students "ooh" like this was
secondary school, but I ignore them.

Part of me is elated at my new discovery, but another is
horrified that I am in trouble now. Looking around class, I see
a number of students glancing at me furtively, unsure themselves if I had really done the deed. None of the stares really bothers me, till
I see Tina giving me a
disappointed look.

The professor gets back in front of the class, and continues her lecture, watching me like a hawk.

I want to experiment, but know better than to mess with the
lights again. Maybe it is telekinesis, I wonder, and start
trying to lift my pencil off my desk with only my mind.
Nothing happens.
I try moving it side to side, but again, it sits motionless. Maybe it
only works on electronics, I wonder next. Looking around for someone with their cell phone
out, I'm disappointed to see
none. I don't dare pull my own out, with Prof Jane watching me so keenly.

[/b] To be continued.

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Re: HERO (A Violence, Mind Control And Sex Story) a story by Queenliz by Rex1(m): 9:48pm On May 05, 2016
Nice! Cos nw u got my attention n plsss, if u look out ur window 2 c me standing there, pls do remember that my name is "All of them", n since all of them r right here expecting ur next update, plsss! Do not disappoint.
Re: HERO (A Violence, Mind Control And Sex Story) a story by Queenliz by joanee20(f): 11:07pm On May 05, 2016
cool story..am following
Re: HERO (A Violence, Mind Control And Sex Story) a story by Queenliz by SmartestPopQUEEN(f): 4:08am On May 07, 2016
Sorry for the late update. I had a very hectic schedule. But dont worry. I will compensate with two updates.

Professor Jane's
computer screen is faced away
from me, so I can't really judge
with it.
The bell rings, and I stand up to
go, forgetting about Prof.
Jane's office, till she calls me
back to it.
Her office is small, but neatly
organized, and I sit in a
comfortable chair, facing her
desk. She goes to one of her
filing cabinets, and starts rifling
through it, till she finds what she
is after, and pulls out a manila
"Nicholas Smith," she intones,
and I can tell from her voice that
she's not very happy with me,
"4.0 average student, going to
this university on a scholarship."
Her eyes lift from the folder, and
seem to strike me to my core. "I
have to confess, if you didn't do
so well in my class, I likely
wouldn't even know who you
were. You don't seem the type to
cause problems, so do you want
to tell me what that was about
out there?"
"Professor , I know I
was smiling, but I thought it was
kind of funny, just like the rest of
the class. I don't have a key to
the switch, so I don't know how
it got turned off." But I did know,
because I had done it. Done it
somehow with my mind.
She started talking again, but my
mind is absorbed on what I
might be able to do. I can see her
laptop screen in here, and
imagine it turning off. Again,
nothing happens. Thinking hard,
I try to figure out what is
different. Every time it has
worked, I was thinking about
switching something off, not just
it being off suddenly. Looking to
the laptop again, I imagine
moving a switch to turn it off,
and have to stop myself from
whooping as it suddenly powers
Wondering if I can only turn
things off, I think about
switching it back on, and I can
almost feel the switch move in
my mind, as it starts to power
back up.
"Are you listening to me?" My
professor's voice cuts through
my thoughts, and I look up to
meet her large brown eyes,
unable to think of what she'd
just said. I can see anger in her
eyes, as I hesitate to speak, but a
sudden thought crosses my
mind. What if I could switch off
her anger?
I quickly imagine her anger as a
switch, with happiness on one
end, anger the other, and try to
move the switch. I feel the switch
with my mind, as I push against
it, but it refuses to budge. I press
harder, but still no movement. I
almost give up, when her laptop
finally boots up, and its startup
sounds distract her, and the
switch moves a little bit. Not
enough to get rid of her anger, I
suspect, but enough to blunt it.
Wondering if I had actually
moved the emotional switch, or
was simply able to sense it, I
decide to try something else.
Perhaps it's too much to hope to
be able to change a mood so
much, so quickly. While she is
distracted with her laptop, I re-
imagine the switch, but this time,
instead of happiness, I think of
no feeling, and try to move the
switch. It budges slightly more,
but still not enough.
I look at my professor, at the way
her suit hugs her nice curves,
and another thought strikes me.
Maybe I can't change an emotion
quickly, but can I affect her
physically? I decide to throw
caution to the wind as she turns
back to me, her anger only
slightly blunted, due to my
efforts, and flip another switch in
her, almost sighing when I feel it
move easily.
Prof. Jane's eyes seem to
grow larger, as what I had done
seems to register to her, but
otherwise she shows no
reaction. She just continues to
stare at me, and I know her
crotch is getting wetter, or at
least I hope it is, because I felt
the switch move. I realize she is
still waiting for my answer.
"I promise you, I didn't see
anybody turn off the lights, and I
am not certain how they turned
off." I said, trying to think. It
wasn't completely a lie, as I still
didn't understand how this new
power of mine worked.
She continues to stare at me, but
I can still feel the anger switch
slowly moving. I decide that
emotionless is a poor place to
move the switch to, and instead
create a switch to Hot,
wondering just what I might be
capable of doing to this mature
and beautiful woman. I can
immediately feel that the switch
in her mind is easier to move, but
still not moving fast.
Suddenly I realize that the switch
making her p*ssy wet has
turned back off on its own. Can I
only use one switch at a time? I
wonder, as I turn that one back
on, and sense the 'Hot' switch
start moving again. No, I must be
able to do more than one at a
time, I figure, but how many?
I easily flip another switch in her,
making her ni┬Ąpples hard, and
hold back my grin as she starts
talking again. "You're a bright
student, and I don't want to see
you get into any trouble.
Another update coming shortly guys.

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Re: HERO (A Violence, Mind Control And Sex Story) a story by Queenliz by SmartestPopQUEEN(f): 4:25am On May 07, 2016

[b]I started to feel Professor Jane's hor*ny switch moving
faster now, but I have to keep constant attention on the other
two, or they turn themselves back off.

"I will ignore what
happened today, but I don't want it to happen again." She is
fidgeting where she is standing.

"Do you have a girlfriend?"
The sudden question distracts me, and I lose my concentration,
letting all three switches go. "Me?

"Never mind, I shouldn't have asked" she says to me, giving
herself a small shake, and sitting on the edge of her desk.
I immediately recreate all three
switches, but the moment is gone.

"You may leave now, Mr. Smith. Have a good night."
Cursing inwardly, I walk out of
her office. I had almost had her, I
think to myself.
Outside the classroom, I see Tina
and Richard talking across the
hallway. Deciding to have my
revenge on Richards for all those
years of bullying, I start to switch
Tina's anger on, throwing all my
frustration behind the effort, and
feel it moving slowly as they talk.
Pretty soon I see Richard start to
get defensive, as Tina's anger
rises. After only a couple minutes,
Tina starts yelling,

"I'm so sick of
the way you act like you're some
big tough guy around your
friends, but then act all sweet
and nice when we're alone!"

Richard looks around, and sees
me watching them. Apparently
he decides to take his
frustrations out on me, as he
stomps over to where I stand.

"You got a problem, nerd?" He
demands, and this time I let my
smile split my face as I flip a
switch in him, and feel it move
with ease.

"No, but by your smell," I look
down at his crotch, and see a
satisfying wet spot growing, "it
looks like you really needed to go
to the bathroom."

"I--What the!" Turning bleet red,
Richard turns away from me,
trying to cover the evidence of
his loose bladder, and sees Tina
staring at him in wonder. "I'll get
you for this, nerd!" He screams as
he starts running down the
hallway, leaving a small puddle

"I'm a geek, dammit!" I yell after
him, laughing.

"I can't believe that just
happened," A voice says right
behind me, and I turn to see
Tina's hazel eyes looking into
mine. "I've heard you say that
before, that you're a geek," she
said, and I could feel my mouth
go dry. Even a few feet away, her
proximity to me is having quite
the effect. "What is the difference
between a nerd and a geek?"
It takes me a couple of tries to
get moisture back into my mouth
before I can answer her.

and nerds are both
knowledgeable and fanatical
about their interests, but geeks
have social skills that nerds and
dorks don't."
Tina laughed, and it sounded like
music to me. "So what is the
difference between dorks and

"Dorks aren't as smart as geeks
or nerds," I say, a little easier this
Tina places her hand on my
shoulder, and it feels like
lightning erupts from her touch.

"Look, I'm sorry about the way
he always treats you, he really
isn't that bad of a guy, once you
get to know him."

I can't help but think of all the
years he has bullied me, and just
can't see things from her point
of view.

"I don't think I will need
to worry about him much
longer," I say, instead of what I
am thinking.

"So, if geeks are so smart, I'll bet
you can help me out with Prof.
Jane's math class, right?"
Tina smiles at me, but I feel a
knot forming in the pit of my
stomach. I had hoped that she
was better than this, but it is the
same old game: an attractive
woman, appealing to my
insecurities, to get me to do their
work, promising closeness, but
never delivering. It was a game
I'd fallen for many times in the
The only difference was that in
the past, I didn't have my
newfound abilities. This time, the
game would be different, I

"Sure," I said, trying to put on a
gullible looking smile.

"Why don't
you come to my apartment
tonight, and we can go over it?"

"Tonight?" Tina says hesitantly. "I
have to work tonight, but if you
want to come to my place
around eight, I should be home."
Disappointed that I won't have
her in my own domain, I reason
that my abilities should work just
as well at her place, plus it will
give me more time to experiment
with my abilities before I go over.
She gives me her address, and
we part ways.
The walk back to my apartment
seems to go by in a blur. Along
the way I turn on and off any
lights, and even start a car as I
walked by it. By the time I arrive
home, I know that I can affect
anything I can conceive of as a
switch, but only within
approximately fifty feet of me.
Also, if I create a switch, it
remains, so that I don't have to
recreate it again later.
I continue experimenting, as I
plan for this evening.

T.b.c. [/b]

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Re: HERO (A Violence, Mind Control And Sex Story) a story by Queenliz by SmartestPopQUEEN(f): 5:17am On May 07, 2016
Pls peeps! I need a perfect name for two of my upcomming characters. They are a the photocopied type of Twins. Pls, give me a Twins female names. D names should b more of a foreigner. Thankz.
One love.
Re: HERO (A Violence, Mind Control And Sex Story) a story by Queenliz by SmartestPopQUEEN(f): 5:34am On May 07, 2016

I see my door opens, and my roomate walks
through uninvited.

"Hey dorky boy, I
have a girl coming over tonight,
so I need you to make yourself
Frustration fills me instantly, at the way he
constantly calls me dork and my
inability to affect myself, and I act
before thinking. I switch on his
intimidation, noting that it
requires some effort to do so,
and raise my voice as I talk to

"I've told you, I'm a geek,
not a dork. Get it right for once!"
"O-Okay. Sorry," Dennis says, his
voice slightly quavering, and I
feel guilty for manipulating him
like this, but if he would only
listen... "You're a geek, I-I get it."
He looks at me a little queerly,
and then seems to get his
confidence back, as I feel the
switch I created move back.
"Anyway, think you can do
something else tonight?"
For a moment I am tempted to
stay and screw things up for him,
but the thought of Tina recalls
me to my other plans. "Yeah, I've
got plans with Tina tonight
anyway." I try to reply off-
"Wait, Tina? Richard's
Tina? So the rumor about you
making him wet himself is true?"
Dennis's intimidation switch
moves a little on its own, and I
can't help but smile. Despite that,
I try to act innocent.
"I dunno about that," I hedge.
"Tina said she needed help with
Prof. Jane's class, and I said I
"Does Richard know?"
"Do I care?" I retort, surprised by
my own confidence.
Dennis lets out a loud guffaw,
before slapping me on the back.
"You really are a geek, and not a
dork," he says as he leaves my
The drive to Tina's house is a
short one, and I note that I am
still a couple minutes early. Doubt
about whether she is really
playing on my insecurities or not
start to assail me, and I wonder if
I am doing the right thing. I
resolve to not use my ability,
unless I find out otherwise.
Walking up to her door, I go
ahead and knock.
An older woman, probably in her
early forties answers the door,
and I immediately think I have
the wrong place.
"Yes?" She asks, and the voice
sounds slightly familiar.
"Um," I say uncertainly, "I'm here
to see Tina?"
"Oh, you must be the tutor Tina
told me about. Come in." I am
able to see the similarities in this
older woman and Tina, now that
I look at her. They both have
the same hair colour(though dont know maybe to call it brunette), and slim waists, as
well as a few similar facial
features. "I'm Tina's mom, Nancy.
She just got back from work, and
is changing. Why don't you wait
in here, and I'll let her know
you're here."
Despite myself, I can't help but
admire Nancy's small rear as she
ascends the stairs. For a moment
I consider using my abilities on
her, but decide I can always do
that later. Tonight I am focused
on Tina.
"She'll be ready in a few more
minutes; can I get you anything
to drink?" Suddenly it dawns on
me that if Nancy is home, it will
make it difficult to do what I
want with Tina. I create a few
switches in her mind, and hope
she doesn't travel outside of fifty
feet from me. I'm not sure if the
switch has to be within eyesight
or not, but I guess I'll find out. I
hadn't planned on Tina still living
at home. This only confirms that
Tina is only using me. Why else
make sure to have this tutoring
session where her mother is
I realize that Nancy is still waiting
for me to answer. "Whatever you
have will be fine," I stated, moving
a switch in her that makes her
accept me. It is only a small
switch, and barely moves, as it is
already mostly flipped on its own.
She returns a moment later with
some Sprite and a smile. I notice
she has the same Hazel eyes as
Tina. She really is attractive for
her age, I decide.
"Sorry to make you wait," I hear
Tina's soft voice at the stairs, and
turn to look at her. Her hair is still
wet from getting out of the
shower, but she seems to have
redone her makeup, and her
clothes are tight fitting, without
being too revealing. She has a
sweet innocent looking smile
that I have seen many times
before. My doubts about her
intentions lessen even more, and
I start making switches in her
***to be cont***

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Re: HERO (A Violence, Mind Control And Sex Story) a story by Queenliz by SmartestPopQUEEN(f): 6:15am On May 07, 2016

" Make sure you behave yourselves,
now," Tina's mom sings as I walk up
the stairs, and can feel my face
turn red.
"Mom!" Tina protests, before
turning to me and whispering,
"Sorry about that. She thinks I
invited you over for more than
just tutoring."
"It's okay," I tell her, flipping a
switch as I speak, and turning it
back off when I stop. "I know
how parents can be." Inwardly I
smile, knowing that her crotch
gets wetter every time I speak.
"She's been kinda funny since
dad left," Tina tells me as she
opens her bedroom door, and
waves me in. "But you don't
want to hear about that."
Oh, but I do, I think. If Nancy is
single, I could possibly have
some fun with her, but I shake
the thought off. Tonight is about
working with Tina. I notice that
she leaves her door open, before
she sits at her desk, and brings
up her computer screen.
"So what did you want to go
over tonight?" I ask, flipping, and
un-flipping the switch as I speak.
I notice that physical reactions to
my switches are a lot easier than
emotional ones.
"The chapter we went over last
week still has me confused, and I
still haven't turned in our
assignment from then either."
She pauses to look at me for a
moment before continuing, "I
have a favor to ask."
Here it comes, I think. She's
going to ask me to do the work
for her. I'm actually a little
surprised. Usually they take a
little longer before asking,
preferring to flirt a little more
first. I just nod, expecting the
"Do you mind not telling Richard
about this? He tends to get a little
jealous, and I'd rather he not
know you were over here."
For a second I am stunned, but I
recover quickly. That wasn't what
I'd expected her to ask. "Sure.
Odd about what happened to
him today," I say, wanting to
speak as much as possible. I
notice her cheeks flush slightly
every time I talk, and checking
her 'Hot' switch, I notice that it
has moved a little on its own.
"Yeah, I wonder if he is feeling
alright." Her 'Hot' switch drops
a little, and I kick myself mentally
for bringing him up. "I tried
calling him, but he won't return
my calls."
"I'm sure a big guy like Richard
can take care of himself," I
reassure her, and then
immediately go into the lesson,
wanting to change the subject.
The more I talk, the wetter I
know she is getting, and
eventually I notice that her 'hard
nipple' switch is stuck to on, and
her 'Hot' switch steadily moves
as well. I lean over her shoulder,
as I point out a small correction
to her work, and notice her
fidgeting in her seat.
"Oh, I'll never get this!" She
moans in frustration after about
twenty minutes. "It's just too
hard." She looks at me for a
second, and I don't have to read
her mind to know what is
coming next. "I just can't seem to
concentrate tonight, and this
was due last week." She acts like
she is hesitating, and then
continues, "I hate to ask this, but
do you think you could do it for
me? I promise to make it up to
you..." She trails off as she gives
me a shy smile.
She is good! For a moment I had
almost forgotten, but her words
bring it all back to me. I decide to
play along though, just to see
how far she is willing to go.
"Make it up to me?" I press hard
on her 'Hot' switch, feeling it
move gradually under my
pressure. "How?"
Sitting in her chair, she puts her
hands on her knees, arms stiff,
and somehow manages to shrug
and squeeze her ample bosom
together at the same time, giving
me a great shot of her cleavage.
Despite myself, I feel my dicck
harden even more than it already
was from all my previous
thoughts about tonight. "I
dunno... Did you know my mom
actually said you were cute?"
Did she now...? I wonder.
Appealing to my ego, and
flaunting her body; Tina really
was good at this game. "If I do
your work for you, how will you
learn?" I ask, trying to act
innocent, but glancing at her
cleavage at the same time. I
know it is expected of me.
Tina brings her right hand up to
her chest, and lightly runs her
fingers across her own cleavage
as she speaks. I can easily make
out her hardened nipples though
her shirt and bra. "You'll continue
to tutor me, of course." And you'll
continue to want me to do the
work for you, of course, I think
but don't say. I notice her left
hand is now lightly rubbing her
thighs. "I wouldn't ask, but with
work, and everything else, I just
don't think I will be able to get it
done, and it is already late. I can't
afford to fail any classes, and
you're so smart..." I'm still leaning
over her, and our faces are pretty
close. I lick my lips, and mash
hard on her 'Hot' switch. The
switch violently moves, and for a
moment I think I broke the

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Re: HERO (A Violence, Mind Control And Sex Story) a story by Queenliz by OlufemiWhit(m): 6:39am On May 07, 2016
Re: HERO (A Violence, Mind Control And Sex Story) a story by Queenliz by OlufemiWhit(m): 6:40am On May 07, 2016
Cool Story....... About the names ' Stephanie and Stacy....


Re: HERO (A Violence, Mind Control And Sex Story) a story by Queenliz by SmartestPopQUEEN(f): 7:49am On May 07, 2016
Cool Story....... About the names ' Stephanie and Stacy....
nice sugg and duly noted. Thankz. Lets see what otherz have.
Re: HERO (A Violence, Mind Control And Sex Story) a story by Queenliz by SmartestPopQUEEN(f): 9:42am On May 07, 2016

For a almost a second, I am caught
off guard, as Tina's tongue frantically
starts beating against my lips, and in a
daze I open up to it. Our tongues
swirl around each other, and I
realize she is shaking. I must
have made her orgasm! The
comprehension strikes me, and
now I am very hard in my own
under wears: pants that I feel hands at,
fumbling with my belt. I help her,
undoing my zipper without
breaking the kiss.
Her slender fingers reach in, and
draw out my stiff member, and
suddenly her face pulls away,
leaving my lips feeling barren
and nakked.
"What the..." Tina gasps, as she
looks at me. Her eyes dart from
my penis, up to my face and back
again. "I'm so sorry. I didn't
mean to--" I quickly find her
'guilt' switch, and start to fight it
back to the off position. "I have a
boyfriend... I shouldn't..." I
continue to manipulate her
switches, holding her 'Hot'
switch on, working 'guilt' down,
and pretty soon her eyes are
locked solely on my crotch. "I've
never seen one so big," she
murmurs, licking her lips. I feel
her 'guilt' switch try to move, but
I hold it firm. "Richard's is so
much smaller, I... I... It's wrong,
but oh so big..." 'Guilt' is nearly
completely off, and I watch as
her hands start to rise to my
crotch again. "So big..." she
repeats, as her fingers grip my
manhood. Her hands aren't able
to make it all the way around the
base, and I moan as her fingers
grip me tighter.
Her eyes dart up to mine for only
a moment, before she leans
forward, and barely stretches her
lips around the bulbous head.
Using her grasp on me, she pulls
me to her, and I am more than
willing to do so, taking a couple
of half steps, till I am standing
between her legs as she sits in
her chair. She starts to make
sucking noises, as she tries to
get more and more of me into
her warm wet mouth. She looks
so cute, with her eyes closed, and
her lips locked around me, I
moan earnestly. I can already feel
myself getting close.
"Tina? Is everything okay up
there? I thought I heard a noise."
Nancy's voice comes calling
through the open doorway, and
for a second I panic, as my hands
grip the back of Tina's head,
holding her still. I'm not sure if
she heard though, lost in her
own lusts as she is and she only
continues to suck and slurp on
my diccck.
I immediately start flipping some
of the switches I created in
Nancy earlier, noting that her
'concern' switch takes a little
effort, but grudgingly moves
nonetheless. I also make a quick
'concern' switch for Tina, and
make sure it is set to off.
"Everything is fine, Nancy," I call
out the door, thankful that I
don't have to see the switch, to
move it, and tweaking her
'acceptance' switch at the same
time. Imagining the door as a
sideways switch, I gently move it
"Okay. Just lemme know if you
kids need anything." I sense
Nancy's switches moving away,
and sigh in relief.
The panic seems to have reset
me, and I look back down at
Tina, hungrily gobbling my
long diccck. I can make out her
cleavage, and gently slip my right
hand from the back of her head,
down her neck, to her chest,
between her firm brea*sts, and
then around to her left nip*ple,
under her bra. Tina moans as I
start to play with the hard nub,
making her blow*job that much
greater. She is only able to get a
couple inches between her lips,
but the way she moves her
tongue, around the rim of the
head feels fantastic.
I pull my hand out from her shirt,
and bend over, grabbing the
sides of the garment, and start to
tug it up. The sexy girl pulls
off me long enough to pull her
shirt off, and then lunges back to
my cocck. Her lust and hunger
drive me wild with my own, and I
can't stop the impending
"I'm getting close," I whisper,
and she only nods, before going
wild. Sucking harder, slurping
noises rebound around the
room, as my climax strikes me. I
have to lock my knees, as string
after string of jism shoots into
Tina's mouth. She suddenly stops
sucking, but her moans increase,
and it occurs to me that she is
having another orgasm. I realize
I am mentally mashing down
hard on her Hot switch, and let
up, noting that she starts to
recover from her climax as I do
She pulls her head away from my
crotch, sucking every last drop
out of me as she does so, and my
slightly shrinking head makes a
'popping' noise as it exits her



Re: HERO (A Violence, Mind Control And Sex Story) a story by Queenliz by llaykorn: 10:05am On May 07, 2016
nice sugg and duly noted. Thankz. Lets see what otherz have.
Abeni and Abefe. smiley


Re: HERO (A Violence, Mind Control And Sex Story) a story by Queenliz by llaykorn: 10:09am On May 07, 2016
And, SmartestPopQUEEN, I've read your work up to this point and it's stunningly beautiful, but I'd like to point out some things I've noticed you might have to like modified if they come to your notice. Should I?
Re: HERO (A Violence, Mind Control And Sex Story) a story by Queenliz by SmartestPopQUEEN(f): 10:12am On May 07, 2016

Tina grins up at me, while
her hands glide up and down my
soaked diick, and I see her
suck up a bit of my cum that
somehow escaped her soft lips.
"I have never cum from giving
head before," she says in awe.
"Imagine what else this thing can
do..." she tenderly squeezes my
cocckk, and winks at me.
I'm not sure if it is my lessened
libido after having just blown
one helluva load down her throat
or what, but somehow the
words were out of my mouth
before I could think better of
them. "What about Richard?"
Without missing a beat, or a
stroke, she answers me with that
beautiful smile still on her face.
"Who cares? I'll deal with him
later, but right now, I have
something better than his tiny
pricckk to deal with."
Before I know it, Tina stands up,
and shoves me back to the bed.
She then undoes her pants,
dropping them to the floor, and I
quickly do the same, feeling my
own libido start to rise again, as I
spy the heart-shaped fuzz that
tops her V HOLE. Reaching behind
her back, she unsnaps her bra,
finally freeing her two large
mons to my hungry gaze. I have
to admit that bre*asts are my
biggest fetish; big, small, firm, or
flabby, I love them all. Tina's are
anything but flabby, and I already
know just how firm they are.
They stand out proudly from her
chest as she walks over to me,
crawling on the bed, and slipping
my re-hardening pennnis back into
her mouth.
Tina starts to move her body
around, till she straddles my face.
Her pus*sy is nearly dripping as I
lightly bring the tip of my tongue
to it, tasting her for the first time.
As my tongue comes into contact
with her crotch, she grunts,
slamming her wet slit down
against my mouth, and I feel her
own mouth go down further on
my rock hard rod. Shoving my
tongue in as far as it can go, I am
nearly drinking the juices that
are flowing from her.
"My Gawd, I have never been this
Hot before in my life!" Tina
exclaims, and it sounds like she is
trying to catch her breath. "I
can't wait to get this beast in
me." Catching me unawares with
her speed, Tina spins around,
and soon has my cocckkk at the
entrance to her slippery hole.
"Take it slow," she tells me, then
ignores her own advice as she
starts pressing back with her
pelvis. After a couple seconds, I
feel my head pop past her inner
lips, and we both sigh with the
connection. She is tight, and I
doubt if she is going to be able
to take my whole length into her.
I continue to hold still, while Tina
firmly grinds her Arrow down the
length of my pole. Every little
centimeter seems like a small
triumph, as her massaging
muscles take me in deeper and
deeper. Her delightful bre*asts are
dangling above me, and I lift my
head to taste them for the first
time. Her right nip*ple is already
hard, as I suck it between my
lips, and nibble lightly on it. I
must have surprised her with
this action, as she suddenly
gasps, and I feel myself slide into
her a little further. She freezes on
top of me, and I can feel her
pus*sy gripping my cocckk,
lubricating it in even more of her
juices as she has another small
When she finally stops
shuddering, she looks between
us, and gasps. "Holy shit! How
big are you? I've never had one
this deep before and there is still
half of you out of me! I almost
feel like you are splitting me in
In answer, I grip an ass cheek in
each hand, suck hard on her
nip*ple, and lift my hips slightly,
going a bit deeper. Tina grunts
with my motion, gripping the
back of my head, and pulling me
tighter to her bre*ast. She pulls up
a little bit, and then slams back
down, barely taking any more of
me inside her.
I hear the door open, and check
to see that I can feel Nancy's
switches just outside it. I throw
all my weight against Nancy's
and Tina's 'concern' switch,
making sure they are both fully
set to off, and Nancy's
'acceptance' switch is fully on, as
she enters the room.
"I thought I would make you two
some snacks, while you were up
here," the older woman says,
standing next to us. Her voice
almost seems flat, as she talks.
"Ung," Tina grunts, as she tries
and fails again to take more of
me into her grasping vag*ina,
"Okay, thanks mom. We'll eat
them in a minute."
"You two enjoy, now, and I'll
leave you alone." I sense Nancy
moving to the door.
"Oh, I am enjoying!" Tina nearly
screams, slamming down hard.
Her pus*sy is so tight, it feels like it
is trying to strangle my cocckkk, but
no matter how hard she tries,
she can't seem to get the last few
inches inside her. "Damnit! What
does it take to get all of you
inside me?" She demands.
"Practice," I tell her simply,
though the truth is, none of my
few girlfriends have ever been
able to take my full length.

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Re: HERO (A Violence, Mind Control And Sex Story) a story by Queenliz by SmartestPopQUEEN(f): 10:14am On May 07, 2016
And, SmartestPopQUEEN, I've read your work up to this point and it's stunningly beautiful, but I'd like to point out some things I've noticed you might have to like modified if they come to your notice. Should I?
pls do. And kindly be my guest
Re: HERO (A Violence, Mind Control And Sex Story) a story by Queenliz by SmartestPopQUEEN(f): 10:24am On May 07, 2016

[b]Hungrily, I reattach my mouth to
her nip*ple.
Taking a tighter grip on her ass, I
start to move under her with my
own rhythm. Pulling out till only
my tip is still within her, I dive
back in, till my head hits her
Tina's fingers dig into the back
of my scalp, as she starts yelling
in the throes of her passion. "Oh,
fuucckk me, you're HUGE! Harder,
fuucckk me harder with that massive
coccckk of yours! Oh, damn, I'm
gonna cum aga--" Her hand pulls
me away from her tit, as she
presses her mouth to mine. The
passion and fury of the kiss are
enough to set me off again, and I
barely pull her off me in time to
shoot my second load between
our bodies.
We continue to kiss for a few
moments, wrapped up in the
pleasure of our shared bliss, until
Tina pulls away, breathing
"I've never cum that hard,
before!" she exclaims, her cheeks
flushed, and her chest still
heaving. "But next time, cum
inside me; I'm on the pill." She
shakes her head, looking at me.
"I can't believe a geek could DO
that to me."
I can only nod my head and
smile, exhaustion nearly
overwhelming me.
Tina is the first to get up, and we
start to clean up our mutual
mess, thankful for the small
snacks Nancy made, and left
for us on Tina's desk.
Tina's mom greets me with a
warm smile, but a slightly puzzled
look on her face as I leave. I
wonder what she is thinking
after walking in on her daughter
and me screwing?
It isn't until I am driving back to
my apartment that I start to
wonder what Tina is going to tell
Richard. A small part of me feels
bad for taking the jock's
girlfriend, but the memories of all
the times he has bullied me
washes any lingering feelings of
guilt away. I'm not worried
about retribution from him
either. Not any more, at least.
There is no sock on the door as I
get to my apartment, and I sigh
in relief. I'm completely worn out
after today, and am looking
forward to getting some sleep.
Ten minutes later, I am crawling
into bed, the light off, and my
alarm set to 'exterminate' my
sleep in the morning.
A bright blue light causes me to
sit up in bed in alarm. My heart is
pounding as I look around my
room, and I can feel the
beginnings of terror take hold of
me as I see a figure standing by
my window. It isn't human, I
know. Not with its too long arms,
willowy frame, over-large eyes
set in a delicate seeming pink
"Are you the one?" The simple
question from this creature fills
me with more dread, than
anything else in my life.
Am puzzled.

***UR COMMENTS AND PM's are highly appreciated.


Re: HERO (A Violence, Mind Control And Sex Story) a story by Queenliz by SmartestPopQUEEN(f): 5:34pm On May 07, 2016

I woke up with a start, my heart beat
thumping in my chest as if its trying to get out, and heavy sweat
dripping from my brow, and i
looked around my room. Just a
dream. It was just another stupid, scary nightmare, I kept telling myself.
Images of strange pink creatures
burning, dying, and the sounds
of screams still echoed in my
throbbing head.
Looking to the clock, I groaned.
There was still a half-hour till my
alarm was set to go off. The
thought of trying to get more
sleep and possibly continuing
that dream were enough to get
me out of bed.
I reached for the light switch
with my mind, and as soon as I
felt it, tried to flip it. Sharp,
lancing pain drove into my mind.
It felt like a spike was slowly
being pounded between my
eyes, and I stopped trying to
move the switch. The pain
lessened markedly, but the echo
of it could still be felt, as I realized
that I'd fallen to the floor.
"Are you alright in there, man?"
Dennis said a few moments later,
knocking on my door. "I heard
you yell."
I got up on my knees, and held
my head in my hands as I
answered back, "Yeah, just a bad
dream. Sorry I woke you."
As Dennis walked away, I
wondered what had happened?
I could still feel the switch with
my mind, but I didn't dare try
and flip it again. I could still feel
the pain between my eyes,
though it was only a pale
shadow of what it had been. Had
I overused my new ability
yesterday, or did I somehow
break it?
Deciding that I needed to rest my
mind for a bit, I brought up my
laptop. The latest episode of Big
Bang Theory had downloaded
last night, and it usually put me in
a much better mood.
"Exterminate! Exterminate!" The
sound of my alarm going off
scared me all over again, which
ruined the final scene of the
episode I'd been watching, and
turned my mood sour all over
again. I quickly grabbed my
Android phone, and turned it off.
Considering the dreams I'd had
last night, I decided that I really
should follow Dennis's advice
and change the alarm sound. I
choose Jackson's HEAL THE WORLD Theme , as that was a
soothing song, and hoped that it
would be better to wake up to.
I changed out of my Batman
pajamas, rubbing my eyes, and
wishing I had slept better.
"Hey," Dennis said around a
mouthful of cereal as I walked
out of my room, "I've done some
more checking online, and found
even more people who claim to
have gotten special abilities."
I froze as I heard him say that,
trying to recall if I had told him
what I could do now. Or rather,
what I had been able to do
yesterday. Then I remembered
the conversation he'd had with
me yesterday morning about the
news reports he'd seen on T.V.
"Don't give me that look. I
thought you were into this kind
of weird stuff."
"What did you find now?" I
asked, trying to act uninterested,
but after the events of yesterday,
he had my full attention.
"Some guy down in Brazil can
make himself change colors like a
chameleon. It almost makes him
invisible." As he talked, bits of
cereal spewed from his mouth,
but he just kept talking excitedly.
"Man, if I could do that, I'd hide
out in the cheerleader's locker
room. Can you imagine what
goes on in there?"
I could only shake my head at his
behavior, but wondered if what
he was telling me was real. If I
had received new abilities, it was
completely likely that others
might have too. The only thing I
couldn't figure out was: what
had the catalyst been?
"I forgot to ask you," my
roommate said, finally
swallowing his mouthful, "How
did your date go with Tina?"
"It wasn't a date," I answered
immediately. "It was a tutoring
session." I couldn't hide my smile
though, and knew I'd been
somewhat busted.
"Tutoring... Right... Somehow I
think she did more teaching than
you did, from that smile of
He said.


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Re: HERO (A Violence, Mind Control And Sex Story) a story by Queenliz by SmartestPopQUEEN(f): 7:21pm On May 07, 2016

I feel the blood rushing to
my face.

"Let's just say, she may
no longer be interested in
Richard" I remembered that he'd
had a date last night too, and I
wanted to change the subject.
"What about your date? How'd it
"Did you see a sock on the door?
No? Then you know how it
went." Dennis suddenly turned
sullen, and I wondered what had
happened. Being a Jock, he
normally had his pick of women.
From the noises that had
emanated from his room on past
occasions, I knew he got plenty
of action. That was part of the
reason we had instituted the
'sock on the doorknob': I had
walked in on him on more than
one occasion.
Knowing that I wasn't going to
get any details, I ate my own
cereal,, showered, brushed my
teeth, and got out the door.
Wind and Rain pelted me in the
face as soon as I stepped
outside, and I rushed to my car.
Normally I prefer to walk to the
campus, but in bad weather like
this, I was glad I had my car. It
took me a few minutes to get it
warmed up, and I had to keep
my wipers going and defrost
running just to see the mushy
road. The rain was coming
down hard, and I envied the guy
from Japan that could start
himself on fire. That was a feat
that would come in handy at the
Wet as the roads were, I arrived
on campus at the same time I
usually did when I walked. By the
time I made it to class, I was
wet, and slightly out
of breath from running. On the
plus side, no one threw any
balls at me, or called me any
derogatory names. Everyone was
too busy trying to get out of this
On the bad side, despite running
and the cold, I fell asleep halfway
through my science class, and
couldn't get my programs to
compile in my programming
class; all the switches I wrote
into my code kept failing. The
Irony of that didn't escape me.
Lunch was a welcome break, but
I couldn't get my mind off my
failure with the switches. I was
lost in thought, when something
struck the back of my head. My
headache had completely
dissipated, thankfully.
"Look what we have here,"
Richard's voice boomed above
me, and I cringed, "a geek who
thinks too highly of himself."
"Leave me alone, Richard" I
murmured, cradling my head in
my hands. With my new ability
out of commission, I knew I was
no match for the bigger man.
"Weave me awone, Wichard," he
repeated in baby talk, laughing.
"Tina told me you tried to come
on to her, and she had to kick
you out. She's mine, understand?
Leave her alone, or you will have
to deal with me." Richard's tone
made my head throb, but his
words made my blood boil. Tina
claimed I had come onto HER?
Sure, I had flipped some of her
switches, but in the end, she had
been the one to kiss me.
I stood up from my chair, turning
to face the bigger man, and
spoke before I could think better
of it. "Really, Richard? I have a
question for you: how bow-
legged was she walking this
I could see that I struck home by
the flash of red that blossomed
across his cheeks. Quicker than I
could think, he shoved me back,
and I fell hard back into my chair.
I knew I didn't stand a chance
against him in a fight, and with
my anger rising, I started to act
before I could think. I made a
switch in him to make him
weaker, and firmly started
moving it.
Standing back on my feet, I
looked up to him, wishing I were
the taller one. My fists were
clenched at my side, as I glared at
the bigger man.
"Look at the dweeb," someone
said behind Richard, and I
realized he'd brought one of his
cronies, "looks like he wants to
fight you, Richard. You'd better be
careful, he looks angry." The
mocking tone just added fuel to
my fire, and I pushed more on
Richard's 'weak' switch, and
remembered that I had created
another switch yesterday.
"Maybe if you were a big enough
man to satisfy your girlfriend, she
wouldn't have come to me." The
words were out of my mouth
before I could think better of
Again Richard's hands pushed
against me, but in his weakened
state, he fell back and almost
tripped over Dan Peters.
Dan caught his leader,
however, and helped him back to
his feet. Richard tried to shove me
again, bracing himself this time,
but he barely had any strength
left in his arms.
"Leave me alone, Richard, and
never bother me again," I told
the bully, menace dripping from
my voice. "I'd hate for you to
have any more accidents."
Richard's arm cocked back, ready
to strike me, but his eyes grew
large as I flipped his other
switch. In horror he looked
down, to see the puddle forming
at his feet.
"Come on, Richard!" Dan
cheered him on, not noticing
what had happened. "Show this
dweeb where he stands...
Richard?" It was too late. Richard
had turned and fled, an
unmistakable dark stain still
growing as he

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Re: HERO (A Violence, Mind Control And Sex Story) a story by Queenliz by Rex1(m): 10:25pm On May 07, 2016
Pls peeps! I need a perfect name for two of my upcomming characters. They are a the photocopied type of Twins. Pls, give me a Twins female names. D names should b more of a foreigner. Thankz.
One love.
Well i came up with a few names of my own, e.g Mary n Marble, Priscilia n Stephanie, Rose n Joy, Ruth n Martha, Kristina n Loveth, Gift n Sarah etc etc etc..........
Re: HERO (A Violence, Mind Control And Sex Story) a story by Queenliz by Rex1(m): 11:18pm On May 07, 2016
Wow what epic adventure u got here, pls do carry on cos am truly enjoying myself here
Re: HERO (A Violence, Mind Control And Sex Story) a story by Queenliz by marcusagrippa(m): 6:18am On May 08, 2016
Pls peeps! I need a perfect name for two of my upcomming characters. They are a the photocopied type of Twins. Pls, give me a Twins female names. D names should b more of a foreigner. Thankz.
One love.
Mary Jane & Mary Ann
Re: HERO (A Violence, Mind Control And Sex Story) a story by Queenliz by SmartestPopQUEEN(f): 6:32am On May 08, 2016

Well i came up with a few names of my own, e.g Mary n Marble, Priscilia n Stephanie, Rose n Joy, Ruth n Martha, Kristina n Loveth, Gift n Sarah etc etc etc..........
Thanks dude. I wil make sure i include one or two of this names as the story goes on. Thankz
Re: HERO (A Violence, Mind Control And Sex Story) a story by Queenliz by SmartestPopQUEEN(f): 6:33am On May 08, 2016
Mary Jane & Mary Ann
tanx. Its noted
Re: HERO (A Violence, Mind Control And Sex Story) a story by Queenliz by SmartestPopQUEEN(f): 11:16am On May 08, 2016
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Re: HERO (A Violence, Mind Control And Sex Story) a story by Queenliz by SmartestPopQUEEN(f): 11:36am On May 08, 2016
"Freaky idiot," Dan yelled, but turned
tail, and followed the yellowish
trail out of the cafeteria.
It wasn't until I sat down, that I
realized my switches were
working again, and my anger
fled. A second later, the pain
struck and everything went
* * *
Soft talking brought me out of a
dreamless sleep, and I looked
around. Under me was a stiff
mattress, with white sheets. A
white curtain hung from the
ceiling, and everything seemed to
be white around me. I've died, I
figured, and let my head drop
back to the pillow. I overused my
ability, and it killed me.
"I see you finally woke up," a soft
feminine voice sounded, and I
looked up to see old Mrs. Stilinski( i got that name from the seasonal film TEENWOLF. Asin stiles stilinski),
her grey hair tucked neatly into a
bun on the back of her head, and
her large smock hugging tightly
to her massive frame.
"Wh-What happaened?" I asked,
finding my throat dry. Not dead
then, I realized. Mrs. Stilinski
looked nothing like an angel.
"I was hoping you could tell me."
Mrs. Stilinski, the campus nurse,
was a nice enough woman, I had
heard, but this was the first time
I'd had to come here. The lights
flickered as she spoke, and I
wondered if the storm was still
going strong outside.
I just shook my head and lay
back down. She kept an eye on
me for another hour, before
releasing me, telling me I should
see a doctor when I got the
Leaving her office, I noted that
my head no longer hurt, and
remembering the look on
Richard's face as he ran away
brought a smile to my face.
Hopefully I wouldn't have to deal
with him again.
Checking my watch, I saw that I
had already missed half my last
class of the day, and just decided
to go home, and get ready for
work tonight.
The drive home took nearly as
long as the drive to school this
morning, the storm had gotten
worse, and I noticed more than a
couple cars had slid off the slick
road. I took my sweet time, and
made it back to my apartment
Walking into my room, I plopped
myself down on my bed, and
braced myself, before trying to
mentally turn off the light. The
pain hit me almost immediately,
but it was duller than it had been
this morning. Either I was getting
used to it, or it wasn't as bad.
Better yet, the light had turned
off, and I was still conscious.
The power flickered a few more
times as I dressed for work, and
I wondered if the restaurant
would still be open in this storm.
Deciding that I was better safe
than sorry, I called my boss. He
informed me in no uncertain
terms that I was either to show
up for work, or I could find a
new job. I cursed him soundly, as
I trudged through the now forming snow to
my car, and even louder as my
car slid more than drove down
the slippery roads.
I was ten minutes late, when I
walked through the door.
"Where the hell have you been?"
Thundered Mikel (Don't call
him John Obi ) Scott my boss. He
was a big bull of a man, and ran
this restaurant with an iron fist.
He was also the owner's son. The
lights in the restaurant shone of
his shaved head, and I could see
he was already in a foul mood.
Looking around, I couldn't
understand what his rush was,
with the storm blowing outside,
the restaurant was mostly empty,
but I wasn't about to point that
out to him.
Turning to point outside, I
opened my mouth to explain, but
he cut me off.
"Don't blame the storm. You
knew what it was like when you
called, and should have left
earlier to make up for it. Now get
back to the kitchens, and get to
All I could do was nod my head,
and nearly run back to the
kitchens. For a moment I was
tempted to use my ability on him,
but decided he wasn't worth the
For the next hour, I cooked what
few orders came my way, and
otherwise kept to myself.
"We're out of juice up front,"
Stephanie, a new waitress, called
"It's in the fridge, but make sure
you get one out of the freezer to
thaw out," I told her. I saw the
brunette take one of the
concentrated juice jugs out of
the fridge, and take it up front. A
few minutes later, she returned
and walked into the freezer, only
to come out a second later,
shivering and empty handed.
"I can't find it in there, and it's
freezing!" She walked up to me,
rubbing her arms, and asking,
"Can you help me find it, Nick?"
Stephanie was a new waitress, so it
was understandable that she
wanted help. I followed her back
to the freezer, and noticed that
she had a pretty nice frame. Her
hips were a little wide, but her
waist was small, and she had a
rather nice walk. Normally, all the
cooks see of the waitresses were
their faces, and while she was
cute enough, she was no Tina.

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Re: HERO (A Violence, Mind Control And Sex Story) a story by Queenliz by SmartestPopQUEEN(f): 11:50am On May 08, 2016
*******CONT******* "It's fucckking freezing in here," Stephanie repeated herself, and I couldn't stop my retort. "That's why they call it a freezer." She gave me a look, like I was the idiot, but I just brushed it off. I noticed her eyes were a light blue, and she had really long lashes. I heard the door close behind us, electronically latching, and decided to quickly look for the juice before we both froze. "It's right here, next to the--" I cut off as the lights went off, and Stephanie gave a small scream. Before I could act or think I felt her grab a hold of me, pinning my arm to my side and shivering from cold and fear. "Don't worry; the lights will come back on shortly. The power shouldn't stay off long. Let's see if we can find the door." It was a little hard groping for the door one handed, with her holding on tight to me, and somehow I'd become turned around, in the meantime. "I hate the dark," she confided in me. I patted her back in an effort to calm her, and she pulled me tighter to her body. I couldn't help but feel her bre*asts pressed against my arm, and after a moment I realized her crotch was pressed to the back of my hand. All of a sudden, I felt myself growing hard, and a plan hatched in my mind, as I finally found the door. "It's locked," I lied. "With the power out, we're locked in here till it comes back on." I could feel her shaking against my body, whether from fear or the cold I wasn't sure. "The good news is that with the power out, it won't get any colder in here." "At home, when the power goes out, my sister Stacy and I comfort each other till it comes back on." I placed my free arm around her waist, pulling her tighter to me as I listen to her talk. "Sometimes we'll just hold each other, and talk about whatever comes to mind. My parents say we're two peas in a pod, but that's just silly. What else would twins be?" Stephanie has a twin? For a moment I was tempted to start using my ability on her, but then thought better of it. I didn't want to get caught in here doing something I shouldn't be, and have Mikel fire me, and the last thing I needed was a bigger headache. Besides, how much sweeter it would be if I won her over without making switches? I let her continue talking, only saying a little here and there, letting our shared body warmth fight off the chill room. I knew it was helping to keep her calm. "You don't remember me, do you?" Steph( i will like to start abbreviating her name.) asked unexpectedly, and I wracked my mind trying to figure out who she was. She laughed, after I remained silent for a few seconds. "It's okay. I wouldn't expect you to remember me with the likes of Tina in the same class, or even Prof. Jane." She must have felt me tense up then. "Ha, I know all the men look at the professor, and Tina is one of the hottest girls in school." She laughed again, and I sensed more than saw her look up at me. "Do you know why I got a job here?" I shook my head before I realized she couldn't see me, and then said, "Because the tips are really good?" "No," she suddenly grew quiet for a few seconds. "I probably shouldn't tell you this, but I've had a crush on you for the longest time." "Me?" I blurted out. No woman has ever had a crush on me that I'd ever heard of. "Why me?" "Why not?" She replied, matter- of-factly. "I don't go for the jocks; most of them are assholes anyway. I prefer a man that is smart, and for some reason I like pale skin, versus tanned. I dunno," she hesitated, growing shy again, "I guess I also think you're rather cute." My heart was thumping in my chest as she spoke. To say I was shocked would be an understatement. I was aware of every inch of her body pressed to mine, her legs around my left leg, my left hand trapped between my jeans and her soft khaki- covered crotch, her bre*asts heaving against my arm, and it occurred to me that she was just as nervous as I was. Despite what she had just revealed, I thought I was being bold as I leaned my head down to where I thought her lips might be, and ended up kissing her nose. She giggled, and I thought it was rather cute to listen to. I felt her hands travel up my body to the back of my head, turning it, and then felt her lips touch mine. Despite the frigid temperature in here, I felt a delicious warmth spread from where our lips made contact, then travel through my head, down into my body, and ignite in my loins. I had already been a bit hard, but now it was throbbing in my pants. With the arm still around Stephanie, I pulled her tighter to me, deepening the kiss, when she pulled away from me. "I can't-- I mean, we shouldn't," her voice was breathy, and suddenly I became self conscious. Was I a bad kisser? Did my breath stink? These are the questions that kept popping into my agitated mind.

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