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Re: Funny Or Not? by PrinceAbinibi: 10:36am On Nov 11, 2016
193) I want to buy some bitcoin, does anyone have E-money's number?
194) I need a Part-time Other Room Attendant, that is fine like garri ijebu.
195) give a man a fish and you feed him for an hour, teach him how to fish, he will teach others and be forming chairman.
Re: Funny Or Not? by PrinceAbinibi: 6:26am On Nov 12, 2016
194) How come when you want your food to remain hot, you use a cooler?
195) How come people who say you know what I mean are the hardest to know what they actually mean.
196) So Aunty Chi Chi said guys have power because they can propose to a woman whereas the woman has to wait, she mentioned one of her friends who has waited for 5 years to be proposed to. Unless a woman is a mute, in 2016 we live in, you can ask your boyfriend anytime if he is ready to marry you and if he is not, you move. You think men really have power, spend at least 3 months of their hard earned cash and come up with this creative way to make you say yes and the woman can still go-No, I didn't like the colour of the shirt he was wearing when he proposed.
Re: Funny Or Not? by PrinceAbinibi: 6:49am On Nov 12, 2016

Re: Funny Or Not? by PrinceAbinibi: 5:05am On Nov 13, 2016
197) Agbo to tadi meyin, sebi redbull lo lo mu wa
198) I travelled so much they thought I was a gypsy.
199) Thank God for my life, I remember when I used to beat Junior like sey e repeat primary 2.
Re: Funny Or Not? by PrinceAbinibi: 12:03pm On Nov 14, 2016
200) Do you think in Brazil the black girls just walkup to the white girls, touch their hair and go- how mush?
201) People were surprised that Americans voted for Trump, the same people who call trousers pant, who call petrol gas.
202) Anybody who has read the art of a deal will know that Trump does not forgive, when Trump is done with all the people he has beef with, everyone will be saying- so Buhari is a learner.

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Re: Funny Or Not? by PrinceAbinibi: 2:31pm On Nov 15, 2016
203) In every family there is a mumu person in it, if you don't know who it is in your family, you are probably the mumu.
204) There is someone on your phone that you are ignoring their call and there is someone on your phone ignoring your call. such is life.
205) Lord give me patience and give it to me now.


Re: Funny Or Not? by JohnEazy(m): 11:09am On Nov 16, 2016
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Re: Funny Or Not? by PrinceAbinibi: 11:45am On Nov 16, 2016
206) A lot of people are threatening to leave America for Canada because Trump won, I swear if Buhari wins in 2019, I am moving to America ooo and please don't try and stop me.
207) Prince Harry has a new girlfriend mixed race, I know this for a fact Prince Harry will marry this girl or another black chick cos once you go black you can never...
208) If you can't do the time, don't come to my church.
Re: Funny Or Not? by PrinceAbinibi: 11:59am On Nov 17, 2016
209) So I went for another interview yesterday and the interviewer asked me another stupid question- where do you see yourself in 10 years, I said excuse me sir I did not come with my opele, he said how do you mean? I told him If I had my opele, we would have asked Orunmila himself.
210) There are differences between ugliness and wowoness, ugliness is permanent while wowoness is temporary, ugliness is inbuilt while wowoness is condition. Obj is ugly, Basketmouth used to be wowo. With small money you can rid yourself of wowoness but if you like go to Mary Kay headquater if you are ugly, my brother there is nothing they can do for you.
211) I rap in Ibile, I have got yorubars.


Re: Funny Or Not? by PrinceAbinibi: 11:35am On Nov 18, 2016
212) Muscles always appear bigger than they are.
213) Na Tom Ford design my CV, it is tailor made.
214) You are a square you won't fit in my circle.
Re: Funny Or Not? by PrinceAbinibi: 5:14am On Nov 19, 2016
215) It is always cheaper to pay for something than to get it for free.
216) Americans voted for Obama in 2008 and in 2016 voted for Trump, I guess it is one step forward and ten step steps backward.
217) Money and time are the same, there is no time or money that is enough and there is no time or money that is not enough.
Re: Funny Or Not? by PrinceAbinibi: 5:14am On Nov 19, 2016
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Thanks John Eazy
Re: Funny Or Not? by PrinceAbinibi: 9:14am On Nov 20, 2016
218) Can someone tell Conte to stop acting c*ntish towards Mikel?
219) yahoo yahoo boys go format people sey make them drop for love, sickness, land for cheap price, pastor go format congregation sey make dem drop to avert something happening, child go format e parent sey e need textbook, school fees, course fees for dem to drop, even Apple go format people sey dis is the latest ochara. Everybody get their own format, just pray make God show you your own format, you go dey chop steady.
220) Is there anything like White Priviledge, I will let you answer that, a black man gets accused of sexual assault, they rewrote the rules on statute of limitation, a white man get accused of sexual assault, he is made the president.
Re: Funny Or Not? by PrinceAbinibi: 11:56am On Nov 21, 2016
221) Abroad you buy flowers to make a girl fall for you, here it is recharge card, it's a lie so you mean your boyfriend buys you recharge card every week, this your love na one tin tin.
222) I wish we used recharge cards like flowers like if someone dies, you send them a condolence message with recharge card.
223) So I don't get this election in America, people were mad that the billionaires were controlling everything and they elected a billionaire. I see smart move.
Re: Funny Or Not? by PrinceAbinibi: 12:26pm On Nov 22, 2016
224) Amaka let me pass you through your enchanted forest, you go no sey body no be wood
225) Was watching Professor Johnbull yesterday and I heard them calling House girl...domestic assistant, kwantinue soon Omo onile will become Housing Surchages Warden.
226) I need a small Tina.
Re: Funny Or Not? by PrinceAbinibi: 2:40pm On Nov 23, 2016
227) Is Articulate not whenever Atiku is late?
228) I would like to be an ambassador, you get paid by your country to holiday abroad.
229) Why do people keep lying to themselves saying see how this politicians are spending tax payers money, in Naija which tax we dey pay, lets just be honest and call it what it is- it is Niger Delta's money.
Re: Funny Or Not? by PrinceAbinibi: 7:55am On Nov 25, 2016
230) When I no be monkey, why I go wan live for Banana Island.
231) It was love at first sight, I was a pretentious pxxxck and she was a first class c**t
232) Come 2019, the number one question people are going to ask my flying president is- sir you have now ruled for 4 years, sir can you tell us- who you epp?
Re: Funny Or Not? by PrinceAbinibi: 9:32pm On Nov 25, 2016
233) No rest for the wicked and Buhari's supporter.
234) Guys don't forget Tomorrow is Don't Blame Buhari for Your Problem day.
235) Never judge a book by its cover- it is the work of the graphic artist.
Re: Funny Or Not? by PrinceAbinibi: 8:37am On Nov 26, 2016
236) I don't need a godfather cos I have God the Father.
237) I remember when I used to wear my heart on my sleeve, now I rock diamond cuff links.
238) Make me chief Awodi, I swear I go bring you Turkey and Switzerland.
Re: Funny Or Not? by PrinceAbinibi: 2:22pm On Nov 27, 2016
239) I saw a calabash of sacrifice beside my house, there were M&Ms, a burrito and a bottle of Ciroc, please this is for my future great grandchildren, this is kind of sacrifice I want you to provide for me if you want your prayers answered sharply .
240) Women always say that they want a man that makes her laugh but I never knew 1 million naira was that funny.
241) How can we be in the same class when you don drop out.
Re: Funny Or Not? by PrinceAbinibi: 10:54am On Nov 28, 2016
242) I am not one of those kids that grew up with a trust fund because my daddy had trust issues.
243) Whenever I see a hot black chick with either an ugly white guy, I think white privilege.
244) You know you are fat when you enter a shop and the first thing they say is madam we don't have your size and you go I am looking for bed sheet, they still go we dont have your size.
Re: Funny Or Not? by PrinceAbinibi: 2:23pm On Nov 29, 2016
245) When Ghanians send their people, they don't send their best, some of them are actors, some are musicians and I guess some are good people.
246) Everyone has a story but nobody cares.
247) Who are these people who love to wear their work id outside work? until I start working for LV or Gucci, Id is only for the workplace.
Re: Funny Or Not? by PrinceAbinibi: 5:11pm On Nov 30, 2016
248) The first beef in this world was between Kane and Abel and the crazy thing actually is that Kane was a vegetarian.
249) Someone's neurotic is someone else's great thinker.
250) The child wey no fine will die of natural causes and the one wey fine na instagram go kill am.
Re: Funny Or Not? by PrinceAbinibi: 1:46pm On Dec 01, 2016
251) Wetin my eye don see my mouth no fit talk, I don see oyinbo with tribal marks, I don see chinko with dreadlocks, I don see thieves dey pray before operation, God protect us, don't let this be our last operation. Amen.
252) I think the problem with non-payment of tax could be solved by calling tax- smart tax, my people will love to pay smart tax.
253) So I asked this girl what she does, she is a lawyer but she told me she is a professional, really, no be everybody be professional, whether na thief you be as long as you put food for your family from your job, you be professional.
Re: Funny Or Not? by PrinceAbinibi: 3:23pm On Dec 02, 2016
254) So Dj Khaled just want sell key, he no gree show us wetin e dey sell key for, na key for house ni or key for car, common vespa e no show, by the way who key epp? Ask Alicia padlock.
255) Which is more predictable the next song by Yemi Alade, plot in nollywood movie or when next Bubu will fly out?
256) When the Kardashians finished with Bruce Jenner they took off his knob, now they are dealing with Kanye, they added Kraziness. When KK deal with you they either add a K or take a K away from your life.
Re: Funny Or Not? by PrinceAbinibi: 1:46pm On Dec 03, 2016
257) With every advert just being a complete lie, why don't they say this before an advert, here is another lie about Nike.
258) If Islam is not bad, how come there is a muslim city that says otherwise.
259) I heard it is so cold in Russia, people are smoking three cigarettes at the same time.
Re: Funny Or Not? by PrinceAbinibi: 8:40am On Dec 04, 2016
260) The truth is the most uncomfortable material on the body.
261) You know I am wearing my contact so I can see your BS.
262) My best friend is studying photography in University, imagine spending 4 million naira just to learn how to press click.
Re: Funny Or Not? by PrinceAbinibi: 6:22am On Dec 05, 2016
263) To those who are for gay rights, answer this question, 1 in 8 gays in London have HIV (BBC), 1 in 26 in UK (BBC). Imagine a country with world class medical facilities and high proportion of hiv among gays, what do you think will happen if legalise gay rights with our useless medical facilities and secondly, if there was an African culture where 1 in 8 has HIV, do you think the western countries would support it?
264) I am trying to find a book on subtlety but it is hard.
265) This will be a sign that Nigeria has become a developed country when people's leave their house with no intention of going anywhere but to find a traffic jam to read or just chill out.
Re: Funny Or Not? by PrinceAbinibi: 9:51am On Dec 06, 2016
266) The worth of a man is not defined by the opulence of his apparels but by the succour he renders to strangers and sojourners.
B. Olamide, 'Who you epp?' YBNL (Lagos 2016)
267) If the gods are not to be blamed, then who should we blame? sha no blame me.
268) As clueless as Buhari. As useless as a winter jacket in Lagos. As juiceless as Seyi Shay's ass.
Re: Funny Or Not? by PrinceAbinibi: 9:01am On Dec 07, 2016
269) All this unserious girls, all they want to do is twerk and play.
270) If your life is bland, may be you need some flavour.
271) Can someone ask Olamide since he sang the Song "who you epp", who has he actually epped?
Re: Funny Or Not? by PrinceAbinibi: 11:01am On Dec 08, 2016
272) I gat you covered like a cover letter.
273) I am not into tall women, I don't like begging for kisses.
274) I can never marry a virgin, I like to Try before I buy

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