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Life Of A Naija Hustler ; Lemonade Or Agbalumo, Just Make Juice. / Musings Of A Heartbroken Girl Part 2 / The Tears Of An Hustler Based On True Life Story (my Experience In Lagos)by JAYB (2) (3) (4)

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Diary Of A Heartbroken Hustler by BiafraBushBoy(m): 2:40pm On Jan 03, 2017
Obinwanne Mike Bush Umunna. (c) 2016.

No part of this story should be written.. modified in any way without my permission.

I will be starting a new series. Every part of this story is real and I write for the fun of it. Thanks




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Re: Diary Of A Heartbroken Hustler by BiafraBushBoy(m): 2:48pm On Jan 03, 2017
I woke up that morning feeling like I was almost going to be sacked from work. I hurriedly ran to the bathroom and was about to bath with my undies on.

“Oh no” I exclaimed as I pulled it down before turning on the shower.

“Damn… jezz” I screamed as I ran out of the bathroom naked and shouting around. I totally forgot I had switched on the heater for a while and turned the shower to the hot side. The pains subsided and I went back this time around and carefully turned it to the right direction.

“Oh…” I moaned in pleasure as the cold water gradually turned to something warm. I took my time to bath places I have always neglected. I live in a 2-room self-contain and the house is well furnished. Not because I have all the money, but because I engaged in lots of things. I once acted as a house agent just because I wanted to buy a washer machine. “Do you know how much washing makes me fall sick” I replied mum who was complaining of me being lazy

“But there is nothing else in this house apart from the washer machine” She yelled back.

“I have a chair” I replied almost immediately.

"So where are you going to sleep" She asked me with a laugh. I know what the laughter means. That night, mum slept on the floor and I managed the ground. “I actually hate sleeping on bed, they make me wake up late” I continued saying to encourage myself that night.

“Sweety…This chair is too hard” Mummy kept repeating “If I don’t sleep this night, you won’t sleep” She finalized.

“Can you manage on top of the washer machine” I suggested to her

“Don’t let god to punish your mum…idiot” She said with her voice almost loud. It was that kinda curse that binds mum and child together.

“But you are my mum” I repeated severally “yea… I just remembered sweety” god won’t punish her again

“Amen” I shouted on top of my voice. Only God knew how we passed that night. So you could actually see I woke up late that morning. Mummy argued she must shower first so as to follow the first bus to the east.

“Oya na” I kept saying and murmuring all over the house

“This is my house, and whatever you have is mine” She kept shouting from inside the bathroom. I look at the time, it was almost after 4:am. Believe me; in Lagos by that time you are already late. I work at the island so I always leave by 4:30 to get to my place of work by 8:00am.

“I am bathing inside the sink in the kitchen” I shouted. That was when mum knew she would get out of the bathroom.

“You can now enter” she said with a commanding tone and went inside her room to dress up.

I kept moaning in pleasure and was almost forgetting the time.

“Sweety come and give me money to enter bus” Mummy shouted. That was when I remembered I was actually going to work. I quickly jumped out and wore my undies and ran out

“I love the design of the undies” mama said sarcastically “Thanks” I replied as I found a sharp corner to rearrange it.

“How much is the money?” I asked mummy to be sure of what I was giving out.

“10,000 naira” she replied with a motherly smile.

“The last time I went to the east, it was 5,000naira na” I said with a disappointing face

“Buhari increased it” She replied. I hurriedly counted 8,000 and gave to her before she now started pouring upon me spiritual blessings.

“Amen mum… but I am late for work” I reminded her in between the prayers.

“Are you a devil?” She cut the prayers immediately. I knew it was gonna be a long sermon for cutting short her prayer, and I started apologizing even before she started.

“I am a devil… please don’t be angry” I said “I am very sorry, we can now pray” I added

“”Don’t worry, God will see you through” She said before leaving the house. I couldn’t believe Mum’s prayer was as short as that. I quickly smiled, followed her gently behind and once she acted like she was going to turn around, I maintained a serious face.

“I love you” She said before going. I was about locking the gate and jumping into the house “One more thing” she said as I paused and hoped in my mind that it wasn’t going to be another prayer. The mummy I know can stand in the middle of the road and give you about 3hrs prayers.

“Make sure you buy a bed. I know you are still a small boy, but buy a bed” She repeated before she left. I quickly gave out a big smile before jumping back to the house and dressing up for work.

I didn’t bother putting on my tie well and my suit. I only wore my trouser and tucked in my shirt before packing my work bag and suit and tie hanging around my neck as I dashed out.

“Oshodi… Oshodi” The papa of the moule bus around my area kept shouting. I quickly ran like flash and hustled the remaining seat with a fat old woman that wanted to take the space. The bus started immediately and I remembered RESPECT!!

"Driver wait please" ...

To be continued...

Episode 2 @ http://topwritersden.com/diary-of-a-heartbroken-hustler-what-is-love-ongoing-story-episode-2/

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Re: Diary Of A Heartbroken Hustler by saxwizard(m): 3:19pm On Jan 03, 2017
continue na,
Re: Diary Of A Heartbroken Hustler by empress101(f): 3:44pm On Jan 03, 2017
Re: Diary Of A Heartbroken Hustler by BiafraBushBoy(m): 11:37pm On Jan 03, 2017
incase you missed Episode 0ne; catch it up here EPISODE 1

“Damn” I shouted “Driver please let me go down and leave my seat for that old woman” I pleaded inside my mind. Why should I say it out? This is Lagos and no respect inside a public transport vehicle.

The driver carried his car like someone who just bought a brand new molue.

“Driver please be fast” I kept complaining to the young girl beside me. “But I am not the driver” She said confused after I kept repeating the same line

“I was looking at you, but my mind was with the driver” I said with a smile. “Mtcchheeewww’ She actually hissed. A very long one, and I couldn’t believe it.

“That’s nice” I said. Well she didn’t reply again nor hissed again throughout our journey to Oshodi. I have passed the first stage and it was remaining the BRT buses that Gov Fashola introduce. The line of the bus going to CMS was actually longer than when Gov Fashola was doing his stomach infrastructure for his kinsmen during the 2014 governorship election.

I was the last person at the line and I devised every means to go forward a bit, but it was like everyone there was even in a hurry that I was.

“Standing anybody?” The conductor yelled. He didn’t finish the statement and I was already inside the bus, standing in front of a girl with big oranges.

“Can you shift your water melon small” I rehearsed in my heart what I wanted to say but I never got to say it. Believe me, that was one of the sweetest journey I ever undertook. I prayed fervently for the driver to enter potholes, but the road was smooth all through the journey. Since the milk factory don’t wana visit the dog, the dog will visit the milk factory.

“Have we reached Cms?” I asked as I stylishly arranged her water melon on her chest.

“Ha… Sorry for that” She apologized.

“You don’t mean this” I exclaimed inside my heart “I touched her and she apologized for my own fun. Then I have to keep doing it to gain more apology” I concluded within.

“Errmmm…. Sorry once again…” I was turning and was expecting to touch some water melon again, only to feel some masculine muscles on my hands.

“Sorry” I apologized while looking up and I saw a huge looking fellow. I quickly smiled and minded my business till we got to my junction at Cms.

“Last bus stop for here ooo” The driver shouted as I quickly found my way down and located my way to my office.

“Morning sir” I greeted our ever jovial gateman who was always smiling under the sun or in the rain. I am very sure he served as a corp member once in his life.

“My man” he exclaimed like I gave him some money. I was too broke to even dash myself money, talk more of someone else. “How you dey na” He asked in his clear Yoruba accent.

“Fine sir” I replied in queeen’s English to avoid him asking me for anything.

I immediately dashed into the office with full speed and looked at the clock at the front door and behold it was 7:34am. There was about 4 office staff in front of me, waiting to sign in. Next I quickly found my way to the book and it was already 7:36am when I was about signing.

“This is Nigeria” I said to myself as I quickly looked around and saw that no one was looking around and I did the normal thing. I was about running out before someone reminded me of an error.

“Sorry sir… you wrote 5:34am, but it is 5:37 already. What happened?” papa asked me. Well the front receptionist was known as papa and he was kept there to make sure that nobody lies while writing the time.

“Wow” I exclaimed “My watch deceived me” I apologized.

“No problems… you can go” He said as I quickly smiled and went to my desk inside my office

“Morning Bro” Mr Ruben shouted

“Who your morning help?” I replied sarcastically. I quickly went inside the lecture room to pray… sorry I actually went to sleep before the white men that own the company will come and be shouting anyhow.

“Oga wake up, someone is looking” Mr Ruben said. shocked embarassed

Episode 3 going on at http://topwritersden.com/diary-of-a-heartbroken-hustler-episode-3/

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Re: Diary Of A Heartbroken Hustler by Nobody: 9:24am On Jan 04, 2017
Nice One.... Following


Re: Diary Of A Heartbroken Hustler by BiafraBushBoy(m): 11:30pm On Jan 04, 2017
Episode 3

“Oga is here ooo” Mr Ruben said. I knew I heard something but I didn’t wana believe what I hear was true. I quickly stood up in slow motion and looked around while stretching. I saw someone fair and fat looking at me, but I assumed my eyes were still heavy from sleep.

When it finally became clear I heard the voice of someone that was my worst fear “Did we employ you here to sleep” The fat looking Americana said

“I don’t understand sir” I said politely while still stretching. It wasn’t my fault that I was stretching; the nap was a long one.

“Meet me in my office” He said with his American slang. I humbly followed him like a sheep to the slaughter and went to his office.

“Have a seat” He said politely. He quickly called his secretary to and whispered something to her ears.

“Wow… maybe he wants to give me some money to buy food” I consoled myself by saying. The secretary willingly came back and handed me a letter. “Read through it and obey all instructions there as fast as possible”

Few minutes later, I was on my way back home. Don’t ask me what happened because you won’t hear it from my mouth that I was given a two months suspension.

“Why today?” I kept saying inside my heart. That week was actually when we normally receive our salaries. So can you see why I felt so weak and dejected?

“You must pay ooo” The woman was shouting and holding my suit

“O Jesus!” I shouted. I just collided with a woman carrying egg on her head. I can’t remember the last time I ate eggs. It has become such a scarce commodity that I replaced egg with crayfish since they all give protein.

People gathered from everywhere and I was surrounded. From my look, they believed I could pay but within me, I was calculating the nearest exit to take off with high speed.

“How much?” I finally asked the woman like a boss.

“10,000” She replied while still holding on to my trouser

“10 What?” I shouted “Oh lawd!” I added.

“Can I wash plates in your house? I can’t pay” I added

“Ha… kolewerk” She added in Yoruba meaning “It won’t work”. “Kolewerk rara” She kept shouting meaning “It won’t work at all at all”.

“Fumi owo mi ooo” She kept repeating “Give me my money”. I quickly dipped my hands inside my pocket to find my ATM and I realized I forgot it at home. There was no money inside by the way. I dipped inside the other pocket and brought out 500naira. She immediately grabbed it and was waiting for the other 9,500naira.

“What is wrong?” A woman asked from behind. I quickly turned to start explaining but she was more interested on what happened that made me break someone’s egg. There was no time for swag. I explained exactly how I am doing now till she said “go straight to the point”. I landed straight to the point and before I could finish, she gave me the money straight up. One mind kept saying I should run with the money and the other said I should simply pay.

Few minutes later, I was with the woman inside her car. “Next time be careful” She said as she kick start her car.

“Where you are you headed?” She asked

“Oshodi Ma” I replied like a little child who lost the money that was given to him.

“Let’s go” She replied as ignited the car engine and we were on our way down.

“So why were you suspended?” she asked the question I couldn’t even ask myself.

“What if she was an employer of labor?” I thought to myself

“I was sick, so I bent my head to rest and they suspended me for sleeping” I explained slowly and quietly.

“Did you actually sleep?” She asked this time around with a smile. I was reasoning the motive behind the question. I guess she wanted to catch me red handed, but as a sharp Igbo boy I decided to play smart.

“I wasn’t sleeping but my eyes were closed” I responded with a smile. I quickly alighted from the car after we got to Oshodi. I collected her number and she gave me about a thousand naira for transportation. I quickly branched to the nearest eatery to help my belle before I faint.

“How much for rice and chicken” I asked the waiter due to the large amount of eyes on me inside the Mr biggs eatery.

“1,300 naira sir” She replied politely with a smile. I came closer to her and asked “Without the meat nko”

“400naira” she replied again. “What about half plate” I asked again

“We don’t sell such here” She replied with another cute smile.

“I wanted half plate without meat” I said to her as I quickly adjusted my tie and went for the door. Outside the eatery, I took my time to quickly remove my tie and dumped it inside my bag. I also flew out my shirt and folded it. I had other options and my clothing wouldn’t serve as a barrier.

“Sir please, where can I find good food here” I asked an elderly man I saw across the place.

“Enter Mr biggs na’ He replied

“They don’t have what I want” I answered with a low voice to make sure nobody else could hear what I was saying.

“Move up and bend to your left, you will see one Iya Fumi. She sells good food” He directed as I quickly thanked him and disappeared right into the woman’s canteen.

“Madam give me 3 fufu” I said as loud as my voice could go. She quickly ordered her sales girl to get it for me. I started washing my hands in preparation.

“How many meat” The little girl asked.

“What” I asked like I never heard what she said. Immediately everyone turned around and was staring at me like I actually stole their individual money.

“Oga talk na, make I sell for others” The girl yelled in a thick yoruba accent.

“Errrmmm…” I stammered while everyone was still staring at me..

To be continued.

Episode 4 going on @ http://topwritersden.com/diary-of-a-heartbroken-hustler/

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Re: Diary Of A Heartbroken Hustler by BiafraBushBoy(m): 8:13pm On Jan 05, 2017
Episode 4

I quickly paused and looked around, and went closer to the girl and said in a low voice “I don’t like meat, so just put ordinary fufu and plenty soup with crayfish if you have any.” She stared at me like someone with a terrible disease, but I don’t care. This money was given to me by a good Samaritan and nothing would take it away from me just like that. I quickly finished my food and thanked everyone including God and made my way to the park. I quietly entered the front seat of the rickety bus that always go our route and started playing a sweet music to keep body and soul together. I immediately brought my phone and decided to do what I love best “Nairaland”. As usual I entered romance section and saw a post that caught my attention.

“I love this” was the reply I wrote back to the owner of the post. I waited for a response like someone who went for a HIV test and was waiting for the result.

“Thanks a lot” her reply came few minutes later. We continued the quoting and made ourselves become friends before I popped out the question “Can I send you a private message?”

“Sure you can” Was her reply and I kept smiling like someone who just won a lottery of 2,000naira. I know 2,000naira is small but right then, it was like a million naira to me. I immediate took action and few minutes later we were discussing on phone…like voice to voice.

I was feeling heaven on earth; I was live on cloud 9. I have always heard about cloud9 and always dreamt to go there. With the way I was speaking and laughing with her, I knew I was already at cloud9. Nothing could stop this feeling anytime I spoke to her. We spent most nights talking about our previous lives and how it really affected us. Every minute I spoke with her proved that true love was still in existence and it was never killed in the Nigeria/Biafra war. Honest, beautiful, sincere and loving are some of the few adjectives I can remember to qualify her. I knew I felt something for her, but couldn’t find a name for it. “Could this be love?” I kept asking myself.

“I don’t know too, but I still feel the same way” She responded when I asked her if she feels what I feel.

“But we can just take things slowly from here” She replied in her typical way of saying “not yet time”. I didn’t argue because I knew that I have found something real.

“When can we get to see babe” I asked her. We were already discussing about getting to meet each other, I could no longer contain the excitement inside of me.

“What if you see me and don’t like me” She asked.

“Wow… I like you already and moreover you look great” I replied with a smile. I was done chatting with her for the day when I got a call from who I never expected to call.

“Goodevening Ma” I greeted with so much respect and fear.

“Where are you?” She asked without even replying the greeting. I was thinking if I had committed a crime and was about getting arrested.

“At home Ma” I responded

“Is your girlfriend with you?” She asked back. At this junction, I didn’t know if I should answer a yes or a no.

“I didn’t hear Ma” I replied with the intention of buying enough time to reason it out.

“But Jenny isn’t my girlfriend after all” I thought quickly in my mind.

“I said, is your girlfriend with you in the house?” She asked again. With a smile in my voice and a well relaxed voice “I don’t have a girlfriend Ma” I said.

“How do I believe that?” She asked almost immediately. From the sound of her voice, I could feel the excitement and joy in it but I wasn’t sure why it should be so.

“I wouldn’t lie to someone so caring like you Ma” I replied with a smile in my voice. We were still in the middle of a call, when another call came in and behold it was Jenny. Jenny was actually the girl I met from Nairaland.

“After the day I gave you a lift, I always felt like talking again. So I decided to call you.” She said. I couldn’t believe what I heard with my own ears. Probably I was dreaming and needed to wake up.

“I don’t understand Ma” I chipped in between her speech.

“I like you and would want us to maintain this friendship. Don’t let anyone come between us at all” She explained better. I was tempted to ask about her husband but I needed to calm down because I could see potential in her.

“Alright Ma. I promise not to allow anyone come between us” I replied in a typical Nigerian guy format. I saw potentials in her, and if there was someone to lead me out of recession, she would be the one.

“Alright love sleep tight and dream of me” She said as she gave me a phone kiss and terminated the call. I sat on my chair in the parlor and was staring at my phone wondering what just happened. I was still reminiscing about the current scenario when Jenny’s call came in.

“Hey dear” I shouted with excitement. Well not such a real excitement but the one that would make her believe that all is well.

“I tried calling but you were on a call” She said “Who were you calling for that long?” She asked.

“Errmmm… my mother called me and was asking me to help my younger sister make a choice about the kind of cloth to put on to a wedding” I said while muttering through the words.

“Are they there with you?” She asked

“No, they are over there at home” I responded. I knew I messed up with the stupid excuse I gave and it was just too whack for an experienced guy like me.

“So how can you make the choice over the phone?” Jenny asked with uncertainty in her voice. I coughed and requested I go drink water.

“I know the names of all the clothes, so it wouldn’t be hard making a choice” I replied after I came back from my short break.

“Hmmm… no problems dear” She said “I just wanted to tell you that I now know what I feel for you” She said. I was sincerely praying it wasn’t what I was thinking about. Things were about getting messy, and it shouldn’t be complicated by what she wanted to say now.

“So what is that dearie?” I asked in a very romantic format.

“I love you too she said and I wasn’t us to be together” She added with a mix of excitement and smile in her voice.

“What?” I asked. The phone went silent for a while before she finally broke the deadlock

“What for what?” She asked with a furious voice and I couldn’t just find what next to say…

*****Seriously?***** She shouted

****I don't mind to be the third... I can give you what they can't give you******

"Wow" I shouted.. catch up on episode 5 @ http://topwritersden.com/diary-of-a-heartbroken-hustlerepisode-5/

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Re: Diary Of A Heartbroken Hustler by harameede99(f): 9:36pm On Jan 05, 2017
Wow m on dis one walks into thread takes a seat grabs a popcorn nd a drink
Re: Diary Of A Heartbroken Hustler by BiafraBushBoy(m): 6:23pm On Jan 06, 2017
Wow m on dis one walks into thread takes a seat grabs a popcorn nd a drink

Welcome Ma... Update coming soon wink
Re: Diary Of A Heartbroken Hustler by Francischuxx(m): 6:52pm On Jan 06, 2017
I don arrive...
Make I chilax for front seat with my sandwich (akara and bread)
Waiting for the new update bro...
Am gallantly behind you.
Chop knuckles... wink

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Re: Diary Of A Heartbroken Hustler by harameede99(f): 6:53pm On Jan 06, 2017

Welcome Ma... Update coming soon wink
aiit m felling giddy cnt wait
Re: Diary Of A Heartbroken Hustler by BiafraBushBoy(m): 9:25pm On Jan 06, 2017
“No, I said wow… and you can believe how much I am smiling now” I replied with my face as hard as a horse balls.

“I am happy baby and I believe no one would come in between us again” She said

“No one will actually come in between us” I reaffirmed. We finally terminated the calls after lots of kisses on phone and lots of love talks.

“Should I quarantine her in the friend-zone?” I asked myself

“Are you stupid?” An inner voice queried “Why should you?” It added

“But I already said I love her” I replied myself.

“Oh Shit” I yelled.

“You can do this bro!” That little small voice that always encourages you to do those bad things was the one that said that to me. I always believed in the little voice and I decided to take the bull by the horn. I have cheated before and to inform you; I am a professional cheat. I once dated about five girls together and they all knew themselves without knowing I was dating them all. I love the psychology and manipulation that comes along with dating more than one girl, and I wanted to start all over again.

I turned on the washer machine as to wash some clothes since I wasn’t going to work again. I heard a knock on the door and rushed to open it immediately.

“Hey” I greeted excitedly “How are you?” I asked

“I am fine” she said with a smile. I was trying to recall what must have led to the visit and she interrupted the thinking

“Don’t you invite people inside your house?” She asked with a face mixed with anger and humor.

“Pardon me dear” I responded as I quickly opened the door and gave her entrance. She quickly walked up and sat on my chair and became relaxed with in the shortest possible time.

“Where were you going before you came around?” I asked while looking at the type of cloth she was putting on. I believed she noticed and had to readjust herself “Are you not comfortable seeing me here?” She asked while looking around, probably suspecting that there was someone around. It wasn’t long before she asked me “is there someone in your house? This one you are not comfortable with me here”. I smiled and closed the door and went to the fridge to get something for her.

“What would you love to take?” I asked

“Anything you are taking” She replied “Sorry I didn’t inform you before coming over” she added. Her name is actually Mary and she lives down my street. I met her one night and we had a little chat before I strolled along with her to show her where I stayed. I finally showed her my house that night and surprisingly we kissed each other good night. That was our first time of seeing each other and after the kiss, I knew something good was going to come out of our friendship.

“You mean you stay alone in this big house and you don’t have a girlfriend?” She asked surprised. I smiled and told her “I have a girlfriend, not just one but two”.

“They must be lucky to have you as a boyfriend” She said with a smile.

“Can you make them three?” I asked with a little humor. She laughed hard and even exposed her legs while laughing. I could see the pink pant she wore that was clearly revealing the lips of the hole between her legs.

“Yes and after I give you the way they can’t give you, I believe you will dump all of them for me” She said after being through with her laughter.

“Wow” I said lightly “Is there a special way you can give it to me?” I asked lustfully. I didn’t even finish with the question before she stood up from her seat and cat-walked her way to my laps.

“Ever since we spoke that night and kissed, I have always dreamed to taste your lips again” She whispered inside of my ears. I am human and very prone to stimulus. All the organs of senses in my body were responding to the tune she was playing. It was getting the mountain between my legs bigger and bigger. She knew it and continued, and not quite long we were all over ourselves right there on the chair. The vibrant nature of the exercise we were partaking in made us at one point land inside the bathroom. I had the shower warm and it was a battle of kings. The intensity that followed the exercise was getting harder and all I could see was a professional fighting another professional. The way she twisted, whined, rotated was enough to generate electricity with her waist.

“Don’t stop please” I kept shouting while following her head-on. It wasn’t long before we both reached our various destinations.

“Wow” She kept yelling while she was still handling with lots of organs she could lay her hands on. I carefully peeped through the bathroom and discovered that it was almost 7:00am

“Fvck” I repeated as I quickly told her that I needed to go somewhere

“Where?” She kept asking while I was helping her locate all her belongings in the house.

“Hey babe” I called “Yes” She responded

“I will tell you next time to come. Infact, you are now the best thing to happen to me this year” I reassured her. She smiled so hard after I mentioned that and I knew the line worked perfectly. I waited for her to put on her clothes fast

“But I don’t like the way you are sounding as if you didn’t enjoy what I gave to you” She said with a sad face.

“I love it and would even want you to keep giving me all the time” I said as I kept helping her arrange all things for her to leave the house. So as she made way for the door, it wasn’t long before my phone started ringing and I quickly dashed to pick it.

“Shit” I shouted…. To Be Continued.

Episode 6 @ http://topwritersden.com/diary-of-a-heartbroken-hustlerepisode-6/


Re: Diary Of A Heartbroken Hustler by BiafraBushBoy(m): 9:26pm On Jan 06, 2017
cc harameede99 francischuxx donpoker9 presh900

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Re: Diary Of A Heartbroken Hustler by BiafraBushBoy(m): 9:28pm On Jan 06, 2017
empress101 saxwizard

The story is now getting somewhere wink
Re: Diary Of A Heartbroken Hustler by saxwizard(m): 9:47pm On Jan 06, 2017
Thank God u call me back was not following bfr---Make i read am now
Re: Diary Of A Heartbroken Hustler by Nobody: 7:39am On Jan 07, 2017
Re: Diary Of A Heartbroken Hustler by Nobody: 8:29am On Jan 07, 2017
**Pitches tent**
Re: Diary Of A Heartbroken Hustler by saxwizard(m): 10:26am On Jan 07, 2017
comman update na
Re: Diary Of A Heartbroken Hustler by Francischuxx(m): 1:05pm On Jan 07, 2017
Present sir...
Permit me to talk....
"Now within two days my guy is dating three beautiful ladies...
Two known, one unknown...
Nawaa ooo...
Money u no get...
Bed u no get...
Job u no get...
Food self to chop na wahala...

All the same,Good luck bro...
Still following.

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Re: Diary Of A Heartbroken Hustler by harameede99(f): 1:53pm On Jan 07, 2017
cc harameede99 francischuxx donpoker9 presh900
present boss i dey kampe

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Re: Diary Of A Heartbroken Hustler by saxwizard(m): 4:43pm On Jan 07, 2017
smiley harameede99 come sit beside me
Re: Diary Of A Heartbroken Hustler by harameede99(f): 7:39pm On Jan 07, 2017
smiley harameede99 come sit beside me
oya i af cum shift for me is der popcorn nd drink?
Re: Diary Of A Heartbroken Hustler by saxwizard(m): 8:58am On Jan 08, 2017
oya i af cum shift for me is der popcorn nd drink?

e dey. ..oya take----origin go do u?

oga BiafraBushBoy no update. ...why u dey dull the party
Re: Diary Of A Heartbroken Hustler by harameede99(f): 12:08pm On Jan 08, 2017

e dey. ..oya take----origin go do u?

oga BiafraBushBoy no update. ...why u dey dull the party
tnx jere lets jejely sip nd wait ofr updates
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Episode 6.

“Hello” I shouted as I adjusted the camera of my phone

“Show me round the house” She requested through the phone. I quickly went with my camera showing round the parlor before I moved to the kitchen, bathroom and finally to the bedroom.

“Can you see it?” I kept shouting as I moved around the house.

“Wait…wait, go back to the cupboard and show me there again” She repeated. I quickly obeyed and showed her, opening all the cloths and everything there.

“Baby; your clothes are old ooo” She said. I smiled immediately “The conditions of things are getting harder baby” I said with a sorrowful voice

“After this call, send me your house address” She said “Before that, what is your shirt size and trouser size?” She asked. She wasn’t even through before I started vomiting everything relating to my size to her. I was almost tempted to tell her about my condom size, if it actually had.

“Make sure you stay at home, somebody will deliver something to you” She said before she started doing the things I loved most.

“Now go to the room and lie down on the floor” She ordered. I only obeyed the last command and made sure I never argued with her. A new set of clothes might arrive tomorrow and didn’t want to risk it.

“Remove everything you are wearing” She said as I quickly pulled down all of them and was standing the way I was when I was given birth to.

“Stroke it for me and make sure that those white things come out” She ordered again. I quickly sat down and positioned the camera to my side before I started stroking it. She already removed just her upper wear and the sizes of her melons were mind bugling. She kept twisting the tips of her melons and at some point she squeezed it hard. At every point, my heartbeat kept increasing faster than normal. She carried her own camera down towards her waist and all I saw were black shades of hair covering everything

“Open it up baby” I pleaded as I was already sweating form the excessive stroking going on

“You have to earn it” She said with a smile over the video call. I kept stroking hard and it wasn’t long before a call terminated the video calling. ‘Who the hell is this?” I shouted as I picked up the call and shouted “Hello!”

“Why shouting darling?” She asked with a low voice

“Who is this?” I asked angrily

“Jenny” She said and I quickly adjusted the tone of my voice.

“What were you doing?” She asked “I was…” I murmured without knowing what to say “I was doing… sleeping” I said.

“So why were you thinking about it?” She kept asking. I was thinking of a reply to give before a video call entered again.

“Can I call you back?” I asked

“What do you want to do?” She asked

“I want to pick my mother’s call” I said with a smile in my voice…

“By this time of the day?” She asked like she was already suspecting something. I didn’t talk much than to just terminate the call and answered the video call that was incoming into my phone.

“What happened?” She queried

“Sorry dear, I went to answer my dad’s call because it has been long we spoke” I pleaded with her.

“Are you sure it is your dad’s call?” She asked

“Yes love… that was my dad’s call I went to answer” I responded sharply. She quickly smiled over the whole thing and we went back to the fun we were catching just before.

Seating down on the sofa and watching a romantic movie that night, I remembered how much I had achieved just almost a week after I met the woman in the car. I wondered how it came to be and something struck me that I even don’t know the name of the woman I have been chatting with and enjoying from all these while. It wasn’t supposed to be a big deal; after all there is no big deal in getting to know her name. Early hours of the next day, I was busy indoors but doing absolutely nothing. I heard a knock on the door and ran to checkout who was that. It was a middle aged man holding some paper documents on his hand

“Is this flat 3?” He asked

“Yes” I replied almost cutting him short.

“Can you please sign here?” He requested. I quickly collected the paper from his hand and glanced through it and realized that he was from a manufacturing company.

“What is this for?” I asked while looking around the paper

“You requested delivery of a bed stand and foam, so we have brought it for you. Everything he said right there was like he was performing an illusion and I stood looking at him with my mouth agape.

“Did I?” I asked again before I took over someone’s property.

“Please call this number to verify” He said before handing out the invoice to me and I quickly gazed at the number and realized it was actually her that made the order. I almost shouted out of excitement but decided to hold my peace before it becomes obvious. While I directed them on how to put it inside my house, other neighbors stood outside and wondering what was happening. They hadn’t completed the bed stand before I saw a car packing in front of the compound.

“I am looking for no 18” He asked me politely. I pointed our compound to him and asked him for the flat he was looking for

“Flat 3” He responded.

“Today is gonna be a good day” I whispered right within me

“That is my house” I said with a faint smile on my face. While the furniture guys were almost rounding up and leaving the house, I was welcoming in a new set of orders again. This time around it was filled with clothes. I received and signed on the designated portion before packing it right into the house.

I immediately locked the door and headed straight to see the new look of my room. It wasn’t long before I received a call

“Hi love” I shouted out of excitement

“You like it” She asked

“I love it” I shouted before giving out those online kisses over the phone.

“If you continue being a good guy and faithful to me, I will do more for you.” She said “Maybe very soon I can get you a house on the Island” She added.

“What?” I asked confused “Get me a house?” I asked again. Okay; getting me a bed and some clothes is quite great, but a house? “I don’t believe that” I whispered inside of me.

“Alright baby, trust me and I will never disappoint you” I shouted. We then had some little chat and some romantic plays before I finally terminated the call. Power supply was restored and lying on that bed and feeling the coldness of the air-conditioner moving round the house reminded me of slang “Heaven on earth”. I was still feeling the royalty of my new house before another call disrupted the calm environment.

“Hello who is this?” I asked upon seeing an unknown number

“How are you?” The voice asked

“I am fine” I responded but what trying to figure out who owns the matured feminine voice that would be calling me at this point in time at night. “Who is this?” I asked carefully and waited patiently to hear the voice.

“It’s Ms. Juliet” She responded. I paused a little bit to actually remember the Juliet because the only one I could remember was my …

“Are You …?” I asked shocked

To Be Continued

Episode 7 ongoing at http://topwritersden.com/diary-of-a-heartbroken-hustler-episode-7/


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Nawaa ooo...
This story is getting morr and more interesting bro..
I Neva wan tok.
Re: Diary Of A Heartbroken Hustler by Francischuxx(m): 9:58am On Jan 09, 2017
By the way any future hope for mission sambisa?
Re: Diary Of A Heartbroken Hustler by BiafraBushBoy(m): 1:49am On Jan 10, 2017
It was actually Ms. Juliet form my work place. I was right about my guess!

“When did he ask you to resume work?” She asked

“I still have two weeks left Ma” I responded innocently. Come to Obalende tomorrow by 4pm. I just spoke to my boss at the office. Not the one that gave me the suspension, but my direct superior in our marketing department. A young woman probably in her early thirties, beautiful, tall and had this kind of charming look that could melt the heart of any man. I always wondered why she wasn’t married despite her possessions and her beauty. I always heard that men are scared of well-established ladies and that might be the reason she was still unmarried. The next day, I did some few house chores and waited patiently for 4:00pm to come around. I quickly had my bath and ran out of the house in full force. I was determined to get there before her, at least to show how good a subordinate I am.

I got to the venue she gave me and waited patiently before she arrived. I saw a red Toyota Camry arriving and I could easily predict that it was hers.

“Let’s move in” She said as I quickly opened the door for her as if we were on a date. She looked at me surprised and with my eyes wide open, I gave a little smile. I didn’t need to act up just to create a good impression; we already had good rapport back at work. Even when I did something bad, she was always watching my back. She was this kind of woman that got an elegant shape and moves with style. No wonder everyone turned around to have a good look at her especially the backside as we made way for a seat in the eatery.

“What can I get Ma” I asked like a good Subordinate once more.

“Will you pay?” She asked back jokingly. I giggled a bit and looked around without focusing on anywhere in particular.

“Come on…I was joking” She said slowly as I quickly brought back my gaze at her. I was staring at her and so she was at me too. Right there I was trying to figure out what exactly was trying to happen but I wouldn’t want to be the first to remove my gaze from her. I maintained with a smile till she was acting like she was coming for my lips, I had to snap out of my imagination.

“Are you okay?” She asked

“Yes I am” I replied with a smile.

“I would love just a cup of Ice-cream and some sausage” She said as she dropped some notes on the table and I picked it up and went straight for the eatery counter.

“Hello beautiful” I said to the cashier who turned around and greeted with a smile.

“How are you doing today sir?” She asked

“Fine fine” I responded. “I would love two cups of ice-cream and two sausages” I said before waiting for her to process my orders. Within few minutes, she was done and handed over me a tray filled with all I requested for. I quickly matched like a boss over to our table and kept everything down on the table. I hyperventilated and was ready for the next series of actions to follow.

“I have spoken to the boss and he has given me a go ahead to recall you back” She said with a smile. I stared at her looking like I was lost and like someone who had no pre-knowledge about what she was talking about.

“Recall back from where?” I asked putting on a confused face

“Are you not on suspension?” She asked surprised. That was when I got to realize what she was actually talking about.

“Oh yea” I exclaimed “I get it now” I added

“Thank you so much Ma” I said as I was forcing myself to put on a real smile. I was almost collecting money that was quite bigger than my salary in a month and the thought of waking up every day by 4:30 to go to work was something I was beginning to dread.

“Everyone especially I missed you so much” Madam Juliet said to me and she stretched forth her hand and held on to mine.

“What is trying to do?” I asked myself. I kept on smiling when she was holding my hand with practically nothing to say. I was looking at her like a little kid who was just handed a gun to handle for the first time. I knew she was expecting me to say something, but I had no idea of what to say. It wasn’t as if I don’t know how to speak with a woman but right now, I am seated face to face with my superior in the office.

“Thank you so much Ma, I appreciate” I said as I kept on smiling

“You have said that before, you should probably say something else” She reminded me.

“Like what?” I enquired

“Are you naïve?” She asked with a surprise tone “Say something” She added.

“Ma, seriously I don’t know what to say” I chipped in

“You have a girlfriend?” She asked subtly. Wow… I knew that was where she was heading too, but I was carefully waiting for it. I kept thinking that she wanted me to ask her out and my thoughts have been justified. I knew this game and I was prepared to also play along.

“Whatever will be should just be!” I echoed within myself.

“No Ma, I don’t have a girlfriend” I said while maintaining a clear face to avoid suspicion. I needed all the rich women I could see and I was prepared to manage all of them at once.

She smiled when I gave her the negative answer and I knew that I just said her mind.

“Why?” She asked “You are very handsome and I always felt you had something with some of the female staff back at the office

“No…not at all” I cut in “I am just being friendly with them all”

There was a certain kind of smile she expressed and I knew I was doing a good Job.

The ringtone of my phone came on and I knew someone was calling. I saved all suspicious contacts with weird names to avoid being exposed. “I need to take this call” I collected the permission before taking some steps outside the eatery.
“Where are you?” The caller asked “It is kind of noisy”

“I went to get something from a store and the music is very loud” I replied

“Nice. Missing you and decided to hear your voice. Please be safe for me.” Were all she said before I terminated the call and returned back to my table.

“Who called?” Was the first question I got as I was about to sit

“Ermm… a friend” I replied

“Can I see?”


To Be Continued… shocked

Episode 8 @ http://topwritersden.com/diary-of-a-heartbroken-hustler-episode-7/


Re: Diary Of A Heartbroken Hustler by BiafraBushBoy(m): 1:50am On Jan 10, 2017
By the way any future hope for mission sambisa?

Yes Bro.. I update both of them simultaneously wink
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cry chai, see suspense
Re: Diary Of A Heartbroken Hustler by saxwizard(m): 9:55am On Jan 10, 2017
guy U beta don't go and kill ursef away harameede99 food is ready

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