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A Client From Hell by MrsExplorer(f): 6:02pm On Aug 11, 2016
A call girl travells to Abuja for a really exciting job. She's paid well, treated well but everything is about to go haywire, the client she thinks she knows is not who she claims to be, her life is in danger, how long before she dies?

I am one of the regular big girls you see driving on the streets of Lagos and my name is Sandra. I am a social worker, the kind of people everyone call runs girl. But i am not just a regular social worker. I have over 10 000 instagram and twitter followers, that's where i get most of my clients, many of them are male but sometimes i get female clients too.

My repertoire is not just sex. I do anything my client wants as long as it does not involve me dieing or vomiting as i have come to learn that in this line of business some clients can be really disgusting. My blow jobs are great, i do erotic asphyxiation, choking, bondage, threesomes, dress-up, self pleasure, etc. Like i said i can do anything, just name your fetish and i'm game.

This is one of the reason why i am so expensive and only get calls from high class men in the society, men that would lose their jobs and drive the whole country crazy if i start mentioning names. I would not pretend to use my money to take care of any family member, i do not have a sick mum or a sibling that needs to go to school. Every money i get from this job is used in taking good care of myself, paying for regular clinical check ups and buying highly expensive things.

The reason i got into this line of work is a story for another day. However this is why i am planing to stop.

On the 4th of April, i got a call from a woman, she said her name was Linda, she called saying she's heard of how good i am and can be and that she would like us to meet. Hanging out with women is not new to me and while sleeping with them is not really something i look forward to, i still do it for the money.

Usually before i meet a client i chat up with them to know what they really like and want, but most importantly to see if there is any turn off, something that would show if the client is a potential danger and if i can be safe. Call girls have so many rules like, don't ask me of my personal details, no video recording, no weapons allowed(i'm okay with whips), we meet only in a hotel of my choice(i only do 5 star hotels), don't open/touch our drinks, this is so because believe it or not, this line of work is far from safe.

After discussing with the client over the phone, i jot down his/her number, the hotel address we are to meet, the name of the client, the time for the date, how many days i am to spend and send them over to Lucy. Lucy is a social worker too and doubles as my manager, her job is to call me every 3 hours after i leave to ensure i am safe. If she does not hear from me after 3 hours, she is to call the police.(we have policemen we walk with and pay)

When Linda called me there was nothing off about her. She sounded sweet though a little nervous which is understandable. We talked for a while and i discovered she has a high sense of humor. I asked her what she liked and wanted and what her fetish is,

'i'm not the one who needs it, its for my husband" she replied

I mumbled on my words as i tried desperately to get over my momentary shock.

'Oh Dear, there is nothing to worry about, he is perfectly okay with it and i want it for him'

I still coudn't find my voice. I have heard of women getting call gals for their husbands but not in this part of the world. This would definetly be my first. My anticipation began to rise and my heartbeat started racing fast. This would be great i thought to myself. I can finally have something to brag about with my fellow call girls.

So many questions began to race through my mind, is the woman suffering from a kind of disease? Is she scared of her husband going outside and felt he should only do it with someone she endorsed. I knew i was going to get crazy with excitment if i kept asking these questions.

Anyway we agreed on my terms and fixed a date. This job required that i fly to Abuja since that is where they reside. I packed all the things i would need, my toys including my dildos, whips, plugs, etc. I was super excited. I called Lucy, gave her all the necessary information and when the time came i said my goodbyes.

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Re: A Client From Hell by aprilwise(m): 11:02am On Aug 12, 2016
third story on the line.anticipating for more.


Re: A Client From Hell by MrsExplorer(f): 12:13pm On Aug 12, 2016
third story on the line.anticipating for more.

Thank you

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Re: A Client From Hell by MrsExplorer(f): 4:43pm On Aug 13, 2016

My flight was great. When i got to Abuja a Car was already wating for me. Two men dressed in Black suits introduced themselves as my escort and were sent by Linda. This is actually looking far beautiful than expected, I thought. I sat in the car like the queen i am and opened the bottle of red wine beside me. I must have been really tired as i soon dozed off.

When i woke up i found myself in a room completely naked. The last thing i remember was dozing off at the back of a nice car with a man smiling at me. I was disoriented, weak and i felt very hungry. The room was completely dirty and smelled of shit. There was no window, the air felt stuffy and they were tiny pools of dirty water. I stood up from the bed and walked towards the door, turned the knob but it was locked.

My heart began to race, my knees felt week, and i started to panic. In fear i reached for my belongings and searched for my phone. I quickly dialled Lucy's number, NOTHING, i dialled again, NOTHING! It was then i noticed the network bar was empty. I looked at the date, 18th of April, i couldn't believe my eyes. Does that mean i've been sleeping and out for 48hrs, this explains why i was hungry. I started to scream for help.

Suddenly the door opened, a woman in a red flowing gown walked towards me. Her hair was perfectly plaited and on her neck was a diamond laced pendant with the words 'Love' She spoke;

''I am not sure there is anyone here to help you''

Despite the chillness in her voice and the fear that was currently gathering like acid in my mouth, i felt grateful i could finally speak to someone. I quickly grabbed a blanket and covered my naked body and silently promised myself not to cry or show any sign of fear.

''Where am i?'' I demanded'

''Well for one, you are far from home and secondly you are here to do the job i paid you for''

''Are you Linda?''
''I am no longer interested in doing any job, i want to go back home'' I said, trying desperately to sound like i have everything under control.

She acted like she was shocked. Walking the remaining distance between us until we stood toe to toe, then she started to laugh. The laugh sent chills down my spin, by this time i was sure i was doomed.

''Yes, i am Linda and going home depends on how well you do your job'' She said, her face toally blank and her smile gone. ''Now dress up and one of the gaurds would lead you upstairs'' She spun around and started to leave.

I quickly grabbed one of her wrist and tried to turn her round. She gave me a resounding slap that sent me straight to the floor. Her hand felt too thick for a woman and i couldn't help but notice how strong she was.

''Don't you ever touch me'' she screamed and spat on me. Then she started to laugh again, the initial anger and frown instantly disappearing.
''Shamson! Shamson!, Get her to dress up, if she refuses, you know what to do.''

A man built like a modern day goliath ran in ''Yes ma'' He said.

I felt my throat tighten and my tongue dry, i started to cry. She walked towards me and patted my back

''Don't cry dear, just do what you are told and everything would be fine,dress up and don't forget to come with your toys''

I opened my mouth as if to speak but nothing came out.

When she left and i saw the look on the guard's face, i did not need to be told twice before i started dressing. I rummaged through my belongings looking for a cloth that would cover the intimates part of my body, unfortunately i only came along with revealing outfits thinking that this would be a normal job as usuall. Finally, i settled for a red spaghetti top,a very short mini skirt, and a white pop-socks. I looked at myself and for the first time since i started this job, i felt like trash.

Once i was done, i was blindfolded with a piece of black clothing by the goliath looking guard and led through what must have been a staircase.

''If you know what is good for you, you'll do whatever she asks you to do'' He warned.

I couldn't help but feel like a lamb to the slaughter. The picture of beheaded ISIS captives started to play in my mind like a strange horror movie. I thought of my friends. not like i have many. I thought of my mum and tried to remember the last time i spoke with her. I couldn't. My head banged like a million PDP supporters and i couldn't help but wonder if i would be missed. Definitely not!

The guard pushed me forward, momentarily waking me from my thoughts and back to reality. A reality that now seem worse than my nightmares. Would i be able to survive this? I thought to myself amidst tears

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Re: A Client From Hell by aprilwise(m): 6:46pm On Aug 13, 2016
fill with a lot of suspense. though nice one ride on.

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Re: A Client From Hell by Nobody: 7:26pm On Aug 13, 2016
i've read your stories and you doing great. i love that diary of a condom, we were colonized again etc.
more ink to your pen.
waiting for more updates dear


Re: A Client From Hell by MrsExplorer(f): 10:03pm On Aug 13, 2016
i've read your stories and you doing great. i love that diary of a condom, we were colonized again etc.
more ink to your pen.
waiting for more updates dear

So you are one of those that reads and don't comment abi? Ride on
Thanks for the comment, much appreciated.
Re: A Client From Hell by Nobody: 7:54am On Aug 14, 2016

So you are one of those that reads and don't comment abi? Ride on
Thanks for the comment, much appreciated.

i've not logged in since my phone has been stolen. i prefer to read as guest from my small phone. but because of you i logged in. i'm eager to read the concluding parts....

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Re: A Client From Hell by Nobody: 4:02pm On Aug 14, 2016
already feelin pity for this call gurl....
Wonder what Linda is?


Re: A Client From Hell by MrsExplorer(f): 4:05pm On Aug 17, 2016

As i walked through the staircase i felt the stinking smell of piss hit me like a drunk driver on a friday night. Even though i couldn't see where i was because of the blindfold, i knew for sure this place was hell. When we got to the room, the guard pulled off the blind fold and just like the room i just left, this room was also without windows and stinked just as much. The curtains were horrifying to look at and it was totally dark. One couldn't tell if it was day or night.

I saw Linda sitting at a far end of the room, she looked like she just ate a demon, her eyes were bloodshot red, her face had no emotions and she was sweating profusely, her flowing hair was now tied in a tight knot, she held what looked like a small machete and not to forget she was completely naked.

She beckoned for me to come closer and as i did, i saw a young man sitting beside Linda. He looked very weak and there was blood on his cheek and forehead. His eyes were closed and i guessed he couldn't be more than 25 years old. His hands were tied behing his back and a kind of thick cord tied his legs to the chair he was sitting on. He must have been tortured because i noticed all over his skin were whip marks.

''You look extremely cute'' Linda blorted out, taking my attention away from the young man. ''I love the way your skirt clings to you thighs'' Her face still emotionless
''I'm sure my husband would like you''

''where is your husband'' i asked, still totally confused.

''Oh, sorry for my manners. meet Caleb, my husband'' As she spoke, she slapped the young man accross the face and screamed his name. He winced in pain, tears flowing down freely and i'm sure he would have screamed if he could. His mouth was gagged.

I couldn't believe Caleb was her husband, he looked so young and i'm sure Linda is way past 45. Linda was now stroking him, ''Its time for you to start'' she said to me.

I panicked. ''What am i to start?''

Linda walked towards me and pulling my hair down so hard she brought my ears straight to her mouth, ''What i paid you for, you bitch!''

''I am not going to do anything'' I screamed, the irony of her insult totally rubbing off on me. She looked at me like someone who recieved an olympic size, 23 seconds knock out punch, she was totally dazed and shocked. But that was just for a moment, in an instant flash and with a speed out of this world she lifted her hands and let the side of the matchete she held hit my cheeks with a brutal force that sent me sprawling to the ground.

I felt my cheek burn and i might have broken a tooth. It was a miracle i didn't faint. I lied on the floor not wanting to standing up and desperately wishing this would be a really bad nightmare and i would wake up to reality any moment now. But i didn't, the sound of Linda's angry voice jolted me back to reality,

''You'll do whatever i tell you to without any question. Do you understand me?'' She raised the machete over her head, i quickly shook my head in affirmation and moved away from the reach of the machete.

''I'll do whatever you want, please just don't hit me with that'' I said as i broke into sobs. I stood up and walked towards Caleb. His eyes were closed again. I reached for his hands as gently as i could cos he was in so much pain. He opened his eyes slightly and shook his head in a way people do when they have regrets. I avoided looking into his eyes as i knelt down and cupped his hand round my right breast.

As expected, this seem to just give him more pain. I paused.

''Continue'' I heard Linda's voice from behind. ''Pull of your dress, i'm sure Caleb would love to see that space inbetween your thighs, or Caleb, won't you?''

Caleb shook his head as if to say no but that doesnt matter. Linda is the boss here and we can only do her bidding. I was not ready to get naked so i stalled. I pulled of the top two botton of the shirt i wore so that my breasts were slightly visible. I was wearing a white bra and then i placed Caleb's hand inside my shirt, his hand roughly touching my breasts, my nipples stood on edge, not from pleasure but from disgust.

Linda seem to like this as i heard nothing from her so i continued. I used his hands to drag my bra down and pressed his hands on my right nipple, while at the same time pulling of the hook from my bra. A large portion of my breasts were now bare. I grabbed his second hand, placing it on my other breast. I was using his hands to rub my breasts and even though he seem to be in pain, i didn't care. i was determined to stall.

Just when i thought i was having my way, i recieved a thunderous slap from Linda, followed by a kick in the head.

''I said you should get naked'' she screamed.

I felt my head get really heavy, my hands wouldn't move, my heartbeat started to slow down, my eyes began to close. I blacked out.

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Re: A Client From Hell by MrsExplorer(f): 4:11pm On Aug 17, 2016
if you are reading this, kindly drop a comment

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Re: A Client From Hell by johnmanuel1743(m): 4:50pm On Aug 17, 2016
I'm behind you ma....not behind you in the way most nairalanders think..i mean the normal one..lol[color=][/color] grin[color=#990000][/color] grin

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Re: A Client From Hell by bibijay123(f): 6:38pm On Aug 17, 2016
Mrs explorer am hooked and a little spooked but please go on!


Re: A Client From Hell by SweetieConstie(f): 7:18pm On Aug 17, 2016
Following... Nice piece, Mrsexplorer...

Please, continue... cheesy

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Re: A Client From Hell by CivilzedTyger(m): 8:32pm On Aug 17, 2016
I'm behind you like gay s*x

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Re: A Client From Hell by Nobody: 8:32pm On Aug 17, 2016
i've been waiting for this update like forever.... interesting piece... waiting for more updates dear...


Re: A Client From Hell by MrsExplorer(f): 3:46pm On Aug 18, 2016
i've been waiting for this update like forever.... interesting piece... waiting for more updates dear...
I'm behind you ma....not behind you in the way most nairalanders think..i mean the normal one..lol[color=][/color] grin[color=#990000][/color] grin

lol i understand. Thank you

i've been waiting for this update like forever.... interesting piece... waiting for more updates dear...

i really appreciate that and hope you doing good

I'm behind you like gay s*x

huhuhuhuhuhu, lol, thanks

Following... Nice piece, Mrsexplorer...
Please, continue... cheesy

thank you and keep reading...,

Mrs explorer am hooked and a little spooked but please go on!

hmmm, wow. I'm honoured. Thanks

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Re: A Client From Hell by MrsExplorer(f): 6:39pm On Aug 18, 2016

I was floating in the sky, around me were tiny angels, two of them held my hands and were lifting me round. It was beautiful, i looked behind me and realized i had wings too. I flew downwards with speed, breaking free from the angels holding me, the wind gently caressing my face. It felt beautiful to fly. I started to sing, the angels joined me, we all held hands, flying and singing. I landed beside a pool of water, the angels hovering round me, some few meters above my head. I looked into the pool and when i saw my reflection my countenance changed, there was blood all over my face and there was nothing where my eyes were supposed to be, it was totally hollow. I looked straight into the hollow darkess and began to panic. I knelt beside the pool and started to splash water on my face franctically, the water becoming a pool of crimson blood, the angels began to laugh and were now transforming into tiny demons slowly flying towards me, my panic increased tripple fold and i started to scream. The demons were now on me, scratching, biting. I screamed.

I woke up with a scream, totally disoriented but when i saw Linda staring directly into my eyes brandishing a machete, i knew i had woken up from a nightmare and into another one. She laughed in a way only monsters do and dragged me by my hair, pulling me roughly accross the floor towards where Caleb was sitting. I wished i could black out again.

''Stand up and continue your job, b.itch, or i'll cut off your hands, one finger at a time'' As she spoke, i slowly got up directly standing in front of Caleb. It would be stupid to outrightly disobey her and even though i was scared and wounded i still believed i would be able to survive this. Blood tickled from my head, i wiped it off with the back of my palm and rubbed it on my short skirt.

I slowly moved towards Caleb, pulling off my skirt as i did. I tore off my top and let my breats fall bare. I took a side glance at Linda and saw that she was smiling, the machete hanging loosely by her right hand side. I eyed the machete and continued towards Caleb. I pulled off my white pants and began to slowly rub my thighs with my hands and did a kind of stripper dance.

I traced my fingers from my lips slowly to my breasts, squeezing and gently pinching my nipples, bending my legs in the process and rocking back and forth, i continued dancing. With one of my hands still on my nipples, i moved the other hand to my thighs, making a circular motion inbetween my legs i started to rub the areas around my pussy.

My plan was simple, i'll do whatever she wants until she lets her guard down, then i'll launch myself at her with a fight to the death, if i could get the machete to fall of her hand we might have an even match and even though i knew she was stronger and would easily defeat me, i decided i would try still. It was either a fight at a chance for survival or just death by machete.

I heard someone moan. Definitely not mine. I looked behind me and saw Linda was doing exactly what i was doing and moaning. What kind of fvcked up person is this, i thought to myself. As i watched her reaction, i continued with more intensity, rubbing and squeezing and moaning, our moaning reaching a melody only demons can dance to. It was a madhouse, a slaughterhouse and if Linda was crazy, i guess its time i up my game and be crazy too.

I danced towards her,still rubbing and squeezing, my adrenaline rising to an unimaginable degree, my pulse increased, my heart started to beat fast pounding like steam engines from china and for the first time since this ordeal started, i had a clear head. Linda was rubbing her pussy too and moaning really loudly, she was definitely enjoying this, even from this distance i could tell she was dripping wet.

I was a few meter away, one more step and i'll be a diving distance from her. I calculated, the force from my dive should be able to send the machete flying from her grip and once i flung myself at her, i would aim for her neck and squeeze, cutting off her supply of oxygen, not letting go. I danced. Just one more step. I took the step and just as i was about to take that dive, that dive that would end everything, she raised the machete towards me, stopping me dead in my tracks, i took a step back, the tears falling uncontrollably.

''what do you think you are doing? If you take one more step towards me i'll cut you in two'' Linda blurted out,totally out of breath.

''Go back and continue'' she screamed.

I moved back towards Caleb, kneeling down in front of him, i planted my face and breasts on his lap and started crying uncontrollably.

for a smooth flowing read just follow the links below

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Re: A Client From Hell by CivilzedTyger(m): 6:58pm On Aug 18, 2016
See bege

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Re: A Client From Hell by Nobody: 7:20pm On Aug 18, 2016
Comman continue oooooo


Re: A Client From Hell by Tatafooo: 3:06pm On Aug 19, 2016
Re: A Client From Hell by herzern(m): 3:07pm On Aug 19, 2016
See all what I have been missing...... grin...

I Will start visiting this section....


Re: A Client From Hell by Spells(m): 3:07pm On Aug 19, 2016
Re: A Client From Hell by tdemo(m): 3:08pm On Aug 19, 2016
oya let's go
Re: A Client From Hell by BF69BF: 3:09pm On Aug 19, 2016
You mean the same Linda with a smelly ppuzzy?

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Re: A Client From Hell by IffaCatchYouEhn(m): 3:09pm On Aug 19, 2016
[size=14pt]Grabs a Popcorn grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin

POPCORN FROM HELL grin grin grin grin grin grin[/size]

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Re: A Client From Hell by BlindAngel: 3:09pm On Aug 19, 2016
Hmmm intresting

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Re: A Client From Hell by Topam: 3:10pm On Aug 19, 2016

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Re: A Client From Hell by Lawcurrent(m): 3:11pm On Aug 19, 2016
the title alone is making me to be scared, make I grab mind and come sitdown for front sit


Re: A Client From Hell by doctokwus: 3:12pm On Aug 19, 2016
Though fiction,u can make it more real by paying attention to some details.For eg,there is no way your phone cud have been left with u to use whenever u wake up.
That part turned me a bit off,otherwise good storyline.

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Re: A Client From Hell by Princejebs(m): 3:13pm On Aug 19, 2016
ma sit for front abeg,reading your story with roasted corn here

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Re: A Client From Hell by maryjan8(f): 3:14pm On Aug 19, 2016
Hmmmmm! A woman getting a call girl for her husband!

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