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Re: Marvel Chronicles 2 :executive Sanction by Dave98(m): 12:41pm On Sep 16, 2017
Aplloux U Make Me Open Nairaland Account Because Of Ur Stories Am In Love Wit It Xo Are U Continue Marvel 2 And Pls Post On Memoir Of Blood And Sword Tanks Bro
Re: Marvel Chronicles 2 :executive Sanction by Dare2Try(m): 4:34pm On Sep 16, 2017
Appolux I dey vex for u, so u no care to invite me to this block burster tread there is God o, anyway I love all ur stories keep the good work going
Re: Marvel Chronicles 2 :executive Sanction by bigbauer(m): 8:38am On Nov 17, 2017
Apollux When will you continue this story? I was expecting an update after you concluded memoirs of blood and steel.
Re: Marvel Chronicles 2 :executive Sanction by Ultimategeneral: 11:38am On Nov 17, 2017
me self don tire already. but anyways Apollux take ur time
Re: Marvel Chronicles 2 :executive Sanction by Apollux(m): 2:45pm On Nov 23, 2017
Hi guys, sorry for the long break, MEMOIRS OF BLOOD AND STEEL caused that. If you are reading this and haven't seen that story, I'd really suggest you do.
Well for others who just stumbled on this story please I will advice you read the part one of it, so you will be able to comprehend most of what you will be reading here, because lots of references will be made to the previous story.
So updates will continue, hope you will enjoy this story too.
Re: Marvel Chronicles 2 :executive Sanction by Apollux(m): 2:55pm On Nov 23, 2017
That’s a relief because that means the way forward should be clear. Something struck him then. The Gecko bros didn’t fall when his shots hit them. If they hadn’t jerked he would have believed he missed. But the motions they made showed they were hit and didn’t die, they must be wearing high impact body armor.
Well time to go ahead, he moved forward and saw where the grenade had exploded and two bodies were on the ground. Two bodies? Where are th- the question he was about ask was answered as several bolts of lazer fire struck him on his chest. The heat from the fire was intense and the kinetic force behind the hits knocked Marvel back. He landed on his back. The heat sink of his body armor sucked in the heat from the lazer bolts and dissipate them. The suit he was putting on became tethers. The wire mesh under his body armor protected his body from being badly bruised. He felt all his joints aches as he tried to get up. Luckily the MAC150 was still clenched to his fist.
He pulled the trigger as he heard hurried footsteps coming at him from the front. It should be those people who shot him coming to check if he was dead. Two of the runner dropped dead as the bullets perforate their bodies. He rolled quickly to his stomach still firing. Another one of the coming guards took three high impact bullets on the chest creating tiny spurts of red liquid. The body dropped suddenly on the floor. The shots others directed at him only passed over his head as he remained lying prone on the floor. Another short chatter from his rifle took out another one.
Re: Marvel Chronicles 2 :executive Sanction by Apollux(m): 2:59pm On Nov 23, 2017
“St’p shuttn’ y’u ma’gots, I have the sol’tion to tha’ bastard right ‘ere. “ Khano voice sounded harshly from behind Marvel. Oh no that doesn’t sound good, he thought weakly.
He turned facing the back as he noticed those attacking him running back to take cover. What he saw was Khano with a triumphant smile on his lips pointing the barrel of the TEC1 rocket launcher at him. Marvel quickly fired at the Gecko bros spokesman to try at least derail him from an accurate shot. Khano refuse to budge as he pulled the trigger of the rocket launcher. Marvel was on his feet, two steps running when the rocket slammed the floor behind him. The explosion hit him like the fiery fist of an angry god. He felt himself lifted about eight feet into the air. He crashed painfully to the floor. His clothes char to ashes leaving only the black combat armored undergarments he was putting on. Little pieces of fire where scattered round him. The parts of his body not covered by the body armor received serious burns. Damn he was fortunate that the rocket that was shot was just an ordinary High Explosive round. If it had been the ones with shrapnel, his face and arms would have been severely lacerated. Still he felt as if his bones have grinded to ash, his joints aches as if mini volcanoes were erupting within them.
The smoke from the explosion was slowly clearing, the ringing in his ears began to subside when he heard slow but loud steps coming towards him.
“Seems you got him bro. “ another of the Gecko bros said.
“Sure, but tha’ bloomin’ b’stard ‘e ain’t dead yet. “ As he moved closer to Marvel, he pulled out another grenade round and fed it to the empty chamber of the TEC1. “Now I’d jus’ mak’ sur’ I kill y’u sl’w n’ enjoy evr’y m’ment o’ it. “

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Re: Marvel Chronicles 2 :executive Sanction by itsandi(m): 3:47pm On Nov 23, 2017
nice story smiley Enjoy other cool stories on Tushstories via


Re: Marvel Chronicles 2 :executive Sanction by tunjilomo(m): 8:40pm On Nov 23, 2017
The much awaited update is finally here. grin grin grin
Re: Marvel Chronicles 2 :executive Sanction by Apollux(m): 12:03pm On Nov 24, 2017
Marvel tried bringing the rifle up but discovered he must hast dropped it after the rocket struck. He reached for the NAX gauge 4, but knew he maybe too late to pull the gun out of its holster before Khano fires another rocket. The Gecko bros spokesman took his time to slowly align the muzzle of the rocket launcher when a massive explosion rocked the building. Debris of duracrete and body parts rained down on them. Marvel took the distraction to rolled out of the part of the heavier debris as the NAX gauge 4 exited the holster. He sighted on Khano, he is the greatest threat been the one with the TEC1. Marvel angle the shot for his head. Khano is wearing body armor, so the head is the only option. He pulled the trigger and saw the bright amber light of the lazer bolt leave the muzzle of the hand gun and drill a hole through Khano’s head. The hole immediately blackened as the high concentrated heat of the lazer cauterize the wound. Instead of the gray matter of the brains been spew out as it would have been if it was a bullet shot, they got roasted and turned to ash in his skull. Khano’s lifeless body dropped straight down.
He quickly changed the settings on the NAX gauge from kill to stun recalling that they need at least one of the Gecko bros alive. He shot Lucas on the head too. This time the color of the shot out of the gun was green. It hit the target and a kind of greenish electric spark sprayed round his body as he twirl and dropped down unconscious. Madrid tried running when he saw both of his brother down but too late. Two green bolts from the NAX gauge gun knocked him off his feet.
Re: Marvel Chronicles 2 :executive Sanction by Apollux(m): 12:08pm On Nov 24, 2017
“Now that’s how you complete a bounty job. “ Marvel said loudly. He turned as he heard the high whined of a unique back pack and a heavy thud sound behind him. Before turning he knew what it was. Standing behind him was a man who seems to be almost entirely made of black dull gleaming metal. The only parts that still have human flesh is parts of the head. The skull and one part of the eye was covered in the same black metal. Just one eye, nose and the mouth are the only part not covered in metal.
The man made of metal spoke and his words sounded like the ringing of bells with dense iron with an electronic whining under it. “Hi Marvel hope am not too late? “
“You are, Cyborg. What kept you so long? I pushed the panic button some minutes ago. “ Marvel replied angrily.
“No, that was actually just eighty seven seconds ago. “ The Cyborg corrected.
“Really? “ Just eighty seven seconds and yet it felt like he has been fighting for hours. Well that figures. “Still you were late. I was almost killed because of your late arrival. Any way you missed most of the action. You can still carry the two Gecko brothers still alive, they have a long sleep ahead of them. “


“… ongoing investigations into the case of complaisance against two mega corporations, Iris System Securities and SynTech Industries, in a case against Trans Terra International and its late owner Lamont Ludwig Nicolas, of terrorism, illegal possession of military grade weapons and conspiracy to commit treason, has been put on an indefinite hold due to an injunction filed at the Global Civil Court on Geneva, Earth. The injunction was to stop the Colonial Security and Control, the prosecutor, from further investigating of the two corporations. Filing the suit, Mr. Patah Andrew, the defense attorney for Mr. Dalmar Reinhart, president of the Iris System Securities, said this act became necessary when agents of the CSC continued to harass and intimidate his client and threatening to detain him in the absence of evidence directly or indirectly tying him to the activities of late Mr. Lamont Ludwig Nicolas. Since no direct evidence has been found against his client, he had filed that the investigation against him be stopped. The presiding judge at the case hearing had granted the attorney’s request and ordered that all investigations into the two corporations be dropped until the CSC can come up with very convincing evidence to restart their trials. “
Re: Marvel Chronicles 2 :executive Sanction by Apollux(m): 12:16pm On Nov 24, 2017
The electronic voice of the news broadcaster sounded from her 3D image on the holo screen. Her face appears very slimly oval with the cheeks and lower jaw forming almost a sharp point. Her hair was colored green made in the shape of concentric circles that continued till at a point in the middle where the tip is made to splash and display several colors that change every minutes. The hair style is a recent rave among celebrities and popular entertainment figures. Her dress is elegantly crafted to fit tightly with her skin. Also green to match the color of her hair, lips, eye lashes and finger nails. The dress is made from a glittering plyo-lene material which runs down to just one third of the length of her laps then a long shinny black neo-leather boot on her feet meet the hem of her dress at the point on her thighs.
“Furthermore, Senator Nathan Goodwill, a member of the legislative arm of the Federated States of Earth had this to say about the court’s action. “
The image of the news broadcaster was replaced by that of a man that appeared to be in his mid fifties. With silver colored hair putting on a gray colored corporate suit.
“I think the decision of the Global Civil Court is the best thing to do at the moment in order to reduce the tensions that had been mounting between the people of the colonies and the earth government. Several riots and protests have broken out in some parts of the colonies and here on earth too. So the court’s action will help douse the tensions and let the people of the colonies know that the earth government is working for their benefits. The Federated States of Earth will defend their rights to freedom, autonomy and self determination. “
“In a related development, one of our correspondent, at the Nuterra Global Network, caught up with the president of Iris System Securities coming out of the court two days ago. “ The broadcaster’s image came back on the holo display. “And this is what we have to say. “
“This is the systematic oppression we the corporations on the colonies fight against. We being subjected to undue harassment just because we do business in the colonies. “ the image of Dalmar walking down the steps of a huge white domed building with several colonnades all of polished marble was speaking. “We the mega corporations will resist this arbitrary action. We will sue the Colonial Security and Control for illegal detention, harassment and blackmail. They will pay for… “
Re: Marvel Chronicles 2 :executive Sanction by Apollux(m): 12:20pm On Nov 24, 2017
“Stop. “ A voice said quietly and the holo display screen went off. Dalmar said that when he realized that the air within his office has changed due to the opening and closing of the door behind him, though no single noise was made. He smiled with real amusement when he saw the way his face was displayed on the holo screen. His expression was very convincing to proof to most people, who are gullible anyway and can believe anything they see on holo vid, that he is innocent of the charges the CSC are trying to lay against him. Well the judge and other members of the judicial panel believed him. And it doesn’t hurt either that several bribes have been paid by him to some of them, also some senators too had their accounts fattened by him, discreetly of course. So with the nosy members of the CSC and their intelligence agents of the Earthwatch Intelligence Agency kept away from him officially, he can go back to finishing what he started that got rudely interrupted by all these.
Turning the plush hover chair he was sitting on, he moved it to face the door behind him that opened silently and Cedric was standing rigidly putting on his all black suit. Dalmar smiled again broadly, though they have had a few set backs in their plans, lately things are beginning to work at an accelerated pace that the minor set backs are becoming inconsequential.
Re: Marvel Chronicles 2 :executive Sanction by Apollux(m): 12:25pm On Nov 24, 2017
“Once again Cedric I most congratulate you. You have proven your resourcefulness and that I made the right choice in selecting you as my right hand man. “
“Thank you sir. “ Cedric replied gently with a slight bow of his head.
“So where are our recently acquired assets at the moment? “
“They are being kept at a safe house, away from Nuttera for now. “ Cedric said. “Took them to the abandoned part of the mining facility on the asteroid B565 like you instructed. The place is fully automated now, we have less than twenty human staff running the whole place, all trust worthy and dispensable when the time comes. The assets have lots of space to rest and hide away for the moment.”
“Good. “ Turning the hover chair, he took a while to stare through the ferroglass replacement for the windows of his office. After the successful attack on the Trans Terra tower by his enemies, he had changed the windows around the Ivory Citadel to the more armored, heavily dense and triple reinforced ferroglass guaranteed to stop even high oscillation frequency sonar blast, point blank explosion from armored HE rocket and missiles. Dalmar took a while to look through the transparent floor to ceiling window at the spires of tall buildings in the city of New Haven, occasional air cars, sky taxis and flyers gliding among the buildings of duracrete, steel and gleaming glasses.
“Sir, I feel it may be best to use them as soon as possible for what you have in mind for . “ Cedric’s voice was low and cold but with a lot of deference. “The earth government would be aware of the prison breakout at the Afterlife by now. Investigations will be on going and with all that had happened, too much attention will be drawn to you and Iris System Securities. “
“I know that Cedric and plans are already in place to handle that. “ Turning back to face his underling, gently resting his hands on his laps, Dalmar continued. “I’m already getting the supplies coming at the moment, they should be arriving at the asteroid soon.”
Re: Marvel Chronicles 2 :executive Sanction by Apollux(m): 12:30pm On Nov 24, 2017
After a questioning gaze from Cedric, the head of Iris System Securities confirmed. “Well no heavy ordinances yet, that will be coming later. And for our advanced prototype, Mr. Jeffrey Wildwinter is still working on it. And it will depend greatly on a specific resources that is expected to come to us earth side. For now our latest assets will make do with low level civil pacification weapons. They won’t be engaging in anything more serious than that for now.
“Cedric please remember to select genetically appropriate test subjects from among the ex convicts for the BioMatrix experiment Jeffrey is conducting. “
“Yes sir. “
“Hold on a minute. “ Dalmar said as he looked towards the paused holo screen. “I want you to watch this, the outcome is going to influence the direction of our next action. “
“… bill for the granting of more autonomy to the colonies and removing the restrictions on building an army and possessing military grade weapons above that of policing and civil control, was unanimously discarded by the Sol System Assembly after its second hearing. “ the news broadcaster said, as the holo screen continued with the news feed. This was a real time news broadcast by Earth Global network, beaming the signal through several satellites in the solar system and allowing the colonies with their own local networks to hook up and air it in their respective systems. “The Earth Global Senate, which are the majority in the Sol System Assembly, led the rejection of the bill submitted to the Sol senate by the Colonial Confederation Parliament, maintaining that the present constitution still holds that no colony state most raise an army or bare arms above the police level. And until an amendment to the Constitution is made, the status quo must be maintained by the colonies and their administrators. One of our correspondent met with Senator Mattrow Beldwin, the one who spearheaded the bill’s rejection, and here is what he has to say. “
Re: Marvel Chronicles 2 :executive Sanction by Apollux(m): 12:41pm On Nov 24, 2017
The head and shoulders of an almost sixty years old man replaced that of the broadcaster. “See I know that the representatives of the various colony states may not be happy with the adjudication of the senate, but honestly it is still the best decision. “ The face of the man was like that of a government clerk, with dark brown hair, gold colored eyes, clean cut mustache and beard. And shiny gold colored plyo-silk executive suit. “When the Constitution was drafted in the early days of building the colonies, our leaders then knew that the best way to prevent interstellar wars between Colonial planets was to restrict the possession of military grade weapons. And so far they have been proven right. There have not been direct wars in the colonies. So the Colonial Confederation should know that the continual rejection of their bill is for the benefit of all colony worlds. “
“What will you say about the colonies’ argument about their ability to protect themselves been very limited? “ asked the reporter who was a young man in his late twenties, having red and yellow spike hairs and a silver colored glittering jumpsuit.
“That is what the Sol System Marines and Navy are for. See the truth is that the only protection they need, is a protection from themselves. As far as external aggression against a colony state or planet is concerned, as long as no colony world possess military weapons, that cannot happen. And the Sol Marines are ever ready to defend the territorial integrity of any colony world that’s threatened. That is why every inhabited colony planet, moons or asteroids must have representatives of the CSC agents in them to monitor situations and report perceived threat to the earth government. Or will the colonies preferred to tell us they are afraid of extraterrestrial aliens? They don’t exist. In all our voyages into deep space, we have met no other intelligent life forms. So the colonies have nothing to far. “
“Stop. “ Dalmar said again and the holo image froze. Well no harm in trying that way. “ He turned back to watch Cedric silently who had watched the broadcast with him. “It has ever been obvious that earth and the solar system will never allow the colonies to have their own army and enjoy true autonomy. Well I will fight to have my own freedom, I will fight through legal means and extra legal means.. “
With fluid toggle by Dalmar on the controls of the hover chair, it glided gently over the smooth floor to his office desk. “Prepared my super cruiser, I have to go meet Jeffrey for his latest updates. “
“Yes sir. “ Cedric said simply.

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Re: Marvel Chronicles 2 :executive Sanction by HORLADSTAR(m): 2:40pm On Nov 25, 2017
Waw,i love dis.kwantinu bro
Re: Marvel Chronicles 2 :executive Sanction by tunjilomo(m): 12:17am On Nov 26, 2017
Re: Marvel Chronicles 2 :executive Sanction by Apollux(m): 4:18pm On Nov 30, 2017

“Your breakfast is ready sir. “ the impersonal voice of ADA woke Marvel up from his drowsiness. ADA was appearing on her usual holographic image of a young female in corporate suit, covered in blue colored light glow.
“Thanks ADA. “ Marvel replied with a lazy smile as he pulled his body up from the plush sofa. ADA, Marvel knows, hate being assigned to domestic duties. Well since the destruction of his former residence, he hasn’t been able to get another auto-chef to handle his kitchen. For now ADA will have to handle that aspect until he gets a proper house he can set up fully. The Artificial Defense Assistant feels she should serve a better purpose then domestic duties, having much higher programing than the average Artificial Virtual Assistant. Damn, his mind must be going way South. See him thinking of ADA as having feelings. Well he is not that wrong because the processors of ADA is made of high programming algorithms that can simulate certain emotional response to better enhance her human interaction.
Taking his time, he walked slowly into the bathing cubicle allowing the sonic shower buffet him and cleaning his flesh of all dirt and filth . When he got to the dining,, the smell of the food almost made him gag and his stomach did a flip-flop.
“ADA what kind of breakfast is this? “
“That is a syntea, protein wafer, vitamin gruel then modified vegetables and fruits with fresh sim tuber. “
“They smell horrible ADA. “
“You never made any specific order for breakfast. “ ADA’s voice droned on. “I took the liberty of running a diagnostic on your whole body, taking note of essential nutrients that are lacking in you. I source for the food which are rich in those nutrients and prepared them as your breakfast. “
Re: Marvel Chronicles 2 :executive Sanction by Apollux(m): 4:26pm On Nov 30, 2017
Drinking from the tea cup brought grimace on Marvel’s face, this taste worse than the worst sim coffee, he thought sadly but ate the food without further hesitation. He had acquired this new house still around the small town of Imra, unfortunately he couldn’t get a house with a view of the tranquil Imra lake. The dining table was over looking a wide sitting room with neo-leather chairs circling a low real glass table. One part of the wall was completely covered by a 3D holo screen. The floor is of milky white color of gleaming polished duramarble. The full see through window showed part of the street of the town. Houses with lots of wide open spaces, trees, flowers and gardens around each one. That is why Marvel will never want to live in a city, the peaceful and serene surroundings is always what he needs after the huddle of work.
“You have a horrible sense of taste ADA” Marvel intoned as he made a sore face chewing on the hard protein wafer. “If you had been the one cooking for me all these years, I’d have died long ago from bad taste. “
“Negative sir. It is impossible for a human to die from the bitter taste of food. “ The electronic voice countered as her holographic image vanished.
If Marvel didn’t know better he would have thought ADA was being sarcastic. Suddenly his face and the back of his hands started to itch terribly in like a million pinpricks of piercing pains. His attempt to get the Gecko brothers had left his face and back of his hands horribly burnt. The micro surgery therapy had restored the skin on his hand and face perfectly, but the internal tissue damages are healing slowly. He got out and popped two foul smelling pills into his mouth, that will take care of the internal healing and itching.
“Sir you have a priority alpha level security call. “ ADA’s voice came on as her hologram appeared suddenly.
“Is it from earth? “ Marvel asked excitedly.
“No, it’s much closer. It’s from within Nuterra. “
Marvel hissed bitterly already knowing who the call is from. This is a very bad way to start a morning. He felt like ignoring the call, but he knows that is just prolonging the inevitable and the caller will just go behind him and get the only person alive Marvel still cares to listen. Might as well get it over with quickly.
Re: Marvel Chronicles 2 :executive Sanction by Apollux(m): 4:31pm On Nov 30, 2017
I’ll take it. Send it to the holo screen. “
The annoying familiar face of Colonel Willey James appeared on the holo screen. Just his head and shoulders were displayed and the part of the uniform showed is the customary ash and white camo of the Earth Watch Intelligence Agency. The prominent forehead, bushy brow and hard edged jaw were all in the right place.
“Marvel Alistar. “ the colonel’s face on the screen called out. His livid face showing the considerable effort he is putting on just to keep his fury under check. Marvel couldn’t care less anyway. James can explode with all the anger in the galaxy and Marvel wouldn’t budge.
“Anything in particular I can help you with colonel shit.face? “ Marvel yawned, stretched his arms, got to a combination settee and sofa, with comfortable plyofoam under it. He stretched on it in a relaxed manner not bothering to face the caller on the holo screen.
“You were supposed to report to me after you completed your mission for a full debriefing. “ Colonel James spoke with clenched teeth. “Yet two days after, you never bothered to show up. “
“I feel that due to a mental deficiency and memory relapse, I just have to continually remind you that I’m no longer a marine. “ Still acting bored, Marvel added. “I did the job I was given to get at least one of the Gecko brothers alive for interrogation. I not only brought one back alive but two of them despite you people failed to send back up to me on time. Only for the back up to be the cyborg that is not under your employ. Despite that I finished the job, dropped the bounties at the designated pick up point and got paid. No hard feelings, it’s business as usual. So I have nothing more to offer you. “
Re: Marvel Chronicles 2 :executive Sanction by Apollux(m): 4:36pm On Nov 30, 2017
“Except a debrief. Look Marvel, you know this is not just a single case. We need evidence to nail the other corporations in court to curtail their excesses. “ The colonel said slowly, his face now devoid of anger was almost pleading. “Besides that, we need to sniff out the trail of the stolen weapons, on which was the reason we sent you after the Gecko brothers in the first place. “
“I am a bounty hunter not an investigator, non of what you just said is of any importance to me. “ Now he faced the large holo screen. “You have you investigating intelligence field agents, go get them. “
“We needed your debriefing to help us better in interrogating the Gecko brothers. What they might have been able to tell you before you apprehended them would be helpful. “
“Sorry colonel, working with you is dangerous to my health. Let me give you this, you have a security breach right up your top operatives. Someone called Khano while my negotiations with the Gecko brothers was almost wrapping up and blew up my cover. The person told him over a vidphone call that I am a spy. I can’t tell you who that person is, that is left for you to find out. Fortunately I completed the job with my life and limbs intact. What ever problems you have among your Earthwatch group is left for you to take care of. “
“C’mon Alistar, it’s not far from where you are now to New Haven, it’s not a huge effort for you to come. “ James pleaded. The colonel was right. After the death of Nicolas, the head of Trans Terra International, his company had been taken over by the CSC and most of the company’s assets had been confiscated and put under the control of Earthwatch Intelligence Agency. So colonel James, as the head of Earthwatch field teams had come to Nuterra with some of Earthwatch agents and CSC personnel to take over the Trans Terra tower, going over all the company’s records to help them in their investigations in gathering evidence to nail both Iris System Securities and SynTech that were indicted in the case against TTI. “You should have guessed that I am forced to call on you because we have hit a brick wall as it were. This is me swallowing my pride and asking for your help. “
Chuckling, Marvel replied. “A humble and repentant Colonel Willey James, definitely, I haven’t seen all the surprises this sad universe still have to offer. “ He added after a minute. “No, James I am not available. I have done what I was paid for, so will offer you nothing more.”
“General Leyland Steadman will be so disappointed to hear you say that, Marvel. “
“Well the general is trustworthy, you on the other hand are not. “ Marvel waved his hand dismissively. “Like my friend the Mole will say ‘Adios’, “
Re: Marvel Chronicles 2 :executive Sanction by Apollux(m): 9:57am On Dec 04, 2017
✳ ✳ ✳ ✳ ✳

Asteroid B565 is one of the floating rocks among the several asteroid belts surrounding the star system of Proxima Centauri. It is several hundred of miles in diameter and had some facilities built on the airless surface because as a C type asteroid, B565 was rich in silicon. The facilities on it are own by Iris System Securities through a subsidiary which is directly involved in the silicon mining and processing on the asteroid. But the work going on there is mostly automated, so very few human staff are needed at anytime to monitor the activities. But unknown to most of the human workers in that asteroid, it serves other purpose than the mining of silicon. There are other buildings on the asteroid that the human workers there don’t even know existed. One of such places is housing over a hundred ex-convicts of the Afterlife prison.
This area of the asteroid is several miles away from the mining and processing plants. It contains lots of domed duracrete buildings all under an airtight bubble made of multi-inch thick layered transparisteel. The buildings have large storage areas, recreational centers and multiple housing units, made livable and as comfortable as can be under an airless space rock. The place is powered by both solar and fusion drive which generate electricity, artifical gravity and heat for all the accommodation. A huge hydroponic farm is built in the facility to help supplement the food brought in by the regularly scheduled supply ships that drop by. The water for the place is gotten by melting huge floating chunks of space ice, which is then purified of its harmful substances before being used.
Re: Marvel Chronicles 2 :executive Sanction by Apollux(m): 10:02am On Dec 04, 2017
The Iris System Securities super cruiser, Achilles, got within orbital distance of B565, but did not come for a landing due to its mass and size. Only a small shuttle, flew from it heading towards the other area on the asteroid carrying Cedric aboard. Ships of the super cruiser’s class are not normally allowed to be owned by a civilian or single individual, because they are close to the Navy regular class attack space ships. But Dalmar’s position as the head of Iris System Securities, an outfit taxed with providing securities and police force, the Mantis, for most colony worlds on the Proxima Centauri star system was allowed to own one also because of his vast political connections in the earth government. . Achilles, as a super cruiser posses top grade fusion FTL propulsion thrusters for fast interstellar hyperspace travel and gravity drive engines used to produce artificial gravity and energy shield. Dalmar didn’t disembark from the super cruiser with Cedric, he had other purpose to fulfill this day.
Simon Omega was sitting in one of the single room apartment alone. He did this for a single purpose, to stay away from the noise of the gathering of the excons and to be able to think. Since he had arrived in this place, him and his fellow former prisoners have been given accommodation enough to harbor all of them. Cedric had instructed him that he and his followers should lie low for now till the heat from their escape blows over. Everything they needed will be provided for them in the mean time. They have access to individual rooms, a general recreational center and a mess hall. A weapon testing site with full 3D holographic projection to practice with. This will keep them slightly busy and their fighting skill kept keen for the jobs they had to do when it’s time.
Re: Marvel Chronicles 2 :executive Sanction by Apollux(m): 10:05am On Dec 04, 2017
The room he is in was wide enough to accommodate a single chair, a table with a disconnected vidphone. One bed with comfortable mattress. A small door leads to a smaller room which is a combination of a bathroom and lavatory.
His mind was working overtime. How long does their benefactor plan to keep them here? Waiting is a very difficult thing to do. He can see it on the faces of others that the inactivity is getting to them. Though a combat program had been uploaded to the training arena which they all had been involved in but it’s not the same as an actual action. He is beginning to feel that the others might soon get tired of the isolation and boredom then move to do something stupid. There was no way to contact Cedric who appeared as the middle man between him and the benefactor. The communication equipment here are all offline. There is no means to contact anyone outside of this their accommodation. It made most of them feel like they were in another prison. He just wished something will happen. Just then the room’s door chimed that someone is standing there. He had given specific instructions to his lieutenants he was not to be disturbed. The rec room is now like a damn night club, with loud electrorock and minifusion bass sounds blasting the ear drums and causing the exconvicts to dance senselessly. He had needed to get out to remain sane and think. The door chimed again reminding him that someone was still standing at the door.
He stood and walked angrily to the door. “I thought I told you dumb apes I need to be left alone. “ The rest of the sentence got stuck in his throat as the door opened and he saw Cedric standing there.
“It’s time. “ Cedric said as his face was a frozen expressionless image. “Hope you are ready to get to work? “
Re: Marvel Chronicles 2 :executive Sanction by Apollux(m): 10:10am On Dec 04, 2017
✳ ✳ ✳ ✳ ✳
It wasn’t difficult for Simon Omega to pull out the four of his lieutenants from the riotous partying in the rec room and back into the single room where he was before. The five of them crowded into the room which now appeared like a tight fix, the massive bodies of Red Mane and Uthega dwarfing the other three.
“I think our benefactor is now ready to put us to work. “ Simon Omega looked at the faces of all in the room to watch their reactions to this news. Icicle’s face was as frozen and impassive as ever. While the other two showed some level of excitement. “But before we go into the main thing, there is a little side job I have to handle personally first. “
When Icicle looked at him steadily, he nodded as if a silent communication had passed between them. “Yes, I won’t be going with all of you on this one. Icicle and Red Mane will be joining me, while you, Jummila and Uthega will stay back to take care of things while I am gone. “ Simon handed a data cube to the dark skinned woman. “Here, go through every information on this cube, it contains everything about what we are going to do. The set up,missions and places to target. I charge you to comeup with several workable plans and methods to accomplish all. “
“Alright S.O, I will get it all done. “ Jummila collected the data cube. “Finally we are getting over this boredom. “
“So what’s this side job we have to do? “ Red Mane’s voice rumble as he crossed his massive hands on his chest.
“Oh nothing much, “ Simon Omega said dismissively. “We get to visit a senator and show him the errors of his ways. And you get to hand pick the five people that will go with us on this assignment. “
“A senator? That is way too boring. “ Red Mane’s bushy face twisted into an ominous parody of disappointment.
“Well let me sweeten the deal for you. “ Simon came to stand before the massive red haired giant extending both of his hands fully to rest on his shoulders as he gently pulled the giant’s face closer to his. “I forgot to mention that the unfortunate senator has two grown up teenage daughters. “
Red Mane’s low laugh was like a crashed hover bike engine. “Well that’s good. Is it Christmas yet and no one bothered to tell me? “
“Yes and you get to be Santa Claus. “ Simon Omega spoke to the smiling face.

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Re: Marvel Chronicles 2 :executive Sanction by Mutaino7(m): 10:32am On Dec 04, 2017
Don't stop cheesy cheesy grin
Re: Marvel Chronicles 2 :executive Sanction by tunjilomo(m): 12:37pm On Dec 04, 2017
I see d action coming up.
Re: Marvel Chronicles 2 :executive Sanction by Apollux(m): 3:14pm On Dec 05, 2017
✳ ✳ ✳ ✳ ✳
“We will be getting out of hyperspace in five minutes sir, “ one the flight attendant who was on a crisp flight uniform said as he walked out of the flight cockpit of the private yacht of senator Mattrow Beldwin. He was addressing the senator who was seated in a relaxed manner on one of the seat with his wife lying down on two other seats adjusted to comfortably carry her reclining body. His two teenage daughters had their eyes glued on the holo 3D display from their expensive wrist comm unit, they were watching the latest episode of a romance sitcom, uploaded to their devices before they left earth.
“Thanks Daw, “ Mattrow said to the flight attendant who turned quickly and head back to the cockpit. “Honey I think you should get up and sit, then fastened your flight belt, we will be arriving at our destination soon. “
“Ohhhhh such a boring trip. “ Mrs Sharon Beldwin purred as she got up,trying to adjust her seat. But another flight attendant quickly came in, this one a female, helped her adjusted the sit and connecting the buckle correctly to the flight belt holding the senator’s wife.
“Please help me attend to the girls. “ Senator Mattrow said with his raise thumb pointing over his shoulders at his two daughters. “I don’t think they heard me when I spoke to them. “
Re: Marvel Chronicles 2 :executive Sanction by itsandi(m): 3:22pm On Dec 05, 2017
Nice update! smiley Enjoy other cool stories on Tushstories via


Re: Marvel Chronicles 2 :executive Sanction by Apollux(m): 3:40pm On Dec 05, 2017
The female flight attendant smiled, with her perfectly formed face from the result of well done micro surgery, gave almost no wrinkle and her gold colored long hair gleamed with the full lightning. The private space yacht of the senator is a small sized private type of the class DC II with a bit more space in the cabin for at least twenty passengers, a sleeping cabin, kitchen, bathroom and restroom. A small bar and board room. It is more of a business craft than a pleasure one. One third of its 102meter length is taken up by the fast FTL engine. It is a vehicle built for speedy interstellar travel.
Three rows of seats behind the senator, the female flight attendant touched the eldest of the two girls, who had their ears covered by micro ear buds linked to the holo movies they were watching. Cathlyn looked up reluctantly with irritation on her face as she felt the insistent poking of the flight attendant on her shoulder.
“Yes what’s it? “ she asked with her pink colored lips forming a pout her hair was shaped in a conical rings moving towards a tapered top, colored pink and gold. Her body was covered with a gold colored tight fitting short gown mead from neolene material giving off millions of glinting lights like stars .
“Please sit well and put on your flight belt, we will be landing soon. “ the flight attendant said politely and she pointed at the sister behind Cathlyn on the second sit. “Please pass the information to your sister. “
Cathlyn lifted her self, peered over the top of the head rest of the chair she was sitting on, thrust out her hand and pulled off one of the micro ear bud covering her sister’s ears. “Hey Daisy, this stupid flight is about over, buckle up before you are thrown all over the floor. “
“Buzz off Cath, you are sounding as bad as dad and mom. “ Daisy said as she pushed back her sister’s hand fixing back the ear bud. But she sat well and buckled her flight belt.

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