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The Work Of The Devil? A Short Story By Avatarmode / The Devil In The Suit / The Handsome Devil I Know (2) (3) (4)

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Re: The Devil Wears Okrika by Hawlahscho(m): 10:54am On Jan 07, 2018
Others have actually done Justice to the story.
Nothing much left to say.

I just have a question. How is it possible for a man to hide the identity of his children from a full village and yet attain such respectable position? Does it mean that even his aged friend is unaware of his relationship with mama Ezinne? Ok, they ( the children) did not grow up in Amaife, yet, they were easily integrated into the community. One is even married and the wife does not know her parents in law or her father in law for that matter? Bathelomew, I understand, may have come in into the community as a missionary or a traveling pastor. Sofiri, I doubt can do such especially as the writer already painted him as being semi saint and already known as Bathelomew's brother.

Souloho19, pls explain better on this.

A long complicated story like this will always be questionable in d end, since it's just a fiction.

If you ask d writer, he can ALWAYS fix the holes as he wants, but it is not necessary I suppose.

It's not easy to merge pieces of cloths together to make clothes.

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Re: The Devil Wears Okrika by Hawlahscho(m): 10:55am On Jan 07, 2018
I suspect stevson or Paul

Eeya.... grin
Re: The Devil Wears Okrika by light4life(f): 11:41am On Jan 07, 2018
OmG!!!!!!! Soul! I just kept dying and resurrecting while reading this end!

But its not fair naw, I begged you to add a little 'liplocking' for the lovers but you no gree!
Souloho19 why are you anti-romance na?...haba!

Reading the story was an amazing experience tho, thank you for the ride Mr Souloho19.

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Re: The Devil Wears Okrika by Hawlahscho(m): 12:08pm On Jan 07, 2018
Finally I'm done.

To be simple, you've done a nice job. Keep it up.

Link to the Delayed Diagnosis pls

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Re: The Devil Wears Okrika by kingphilip(m): 2:45pm On Jan 07, 2018
Finally I'm done.

To be simple, you've done a nice job. Keep it up.

Link to the Delayed Diagnosis pls

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Re: The Devil Wears Okrika by kunmisola(f): 6:16pm On Jan 07, 2018
Wow, this is actually a job well done. A big thumb up to you @ soulhoho.

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Re: The Devil Wears Okrika by majoie: 2:37am On Jan 08, 2018
thank you for this story.someone should please suggest other stories.

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Re: The Devil Wears Okrika by Ebydarling: 10:57am On Jan 08, 2018
Weldone souloho19

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Re: The Devil Wears Okrika by Austinsamekpo(m): 1:30pm On Jan 08, 2018
cheesy.. Great story..nice.. So when is ya next story coming up?? souloho19

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Re: The Devil Wears Okrika by Oluwakemi65(f): 4:11pm On Jan 08, 2018
Hei! just when we tot d story has ended. Souloho19 Weldone. U deserve a hug.

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Re: The Devil Wears Okrika by Pratiba(f): 9:41pm On Jan 08, 2018
Wow! Really interesting and suspence filled story. I enjoyed every bit of it. More grease to your elbow SOULOHO, motivation and abundant inspirations. Kudos!!!

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Re: The Devil Wears Okrika by WHOcarex: 10:50pm On Jan 08, 2018
You are the best souloho19 and I mean that. Pls, let me know when the devil starts wearing Prada grin

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Re: The Devil Wears Okrika by phemocheee(m): 10:51pm On Jan 08, 2018
God bless you souloho19. I thought Paul would confess to Police and offer himself up for trial, it never crossed my mind we would later grow to build on his Father's legacy.

This story is the bomb, you delivered well bro


Re: The Devil Wears Okrika by marvin902(m): 12:20pm On Jan 09, 2018
nice story.. smiley smiley
is there a sequel

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Re: The Devil Wears Okrika by Oroolorun(m): 10:45pm On Jan 09, 2018
Good job Mr Soul, but it's very glaring that you alter the original ending for reason best know to you. Well done, at least you give it a suspense lace ending.
My observation:
you should have say a word or two about the white guy.
Well done!

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Re: The Devil Wears Okrika by emmyN(m): 3:43pm On Jan 10, 2018
Doff my hat souloho19. Mention me in your next story

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Re: The Devil Wears Okrika by Biggysmolz: 6:32pm On Jan 10, 2018
Great piece bro....duff my hat for u......awesome read

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Re: The Devil Wears Okrika by Magicmeemee(f): 9:14am On Jan 11, 2018
wow! wow!! wow!!! this is just awesome,I enjoyed every bit of this story, thank you so much for this wonderful piece.

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Re: The Devil Wears Okrika by rachealfst(f): 5:00pm On Jan 11, 2018
God bless you for this wonderful, great, mind blowing, suspense filled story. This was one of my best 2017 stories on NL.
Souloho19, I only pray one prayer for you, that this gift of yours will open great doors of opportunities to you. The Lord will connect you to destiny helpers. You shall sit among Kings and not mean men in Jesus name.


Re: The Devil Wears Okrika by jacoik(m): 1:08pm On Jan 12, 2018
Am begining to suspect that butcher at the market square..whats his name again?..Benedict...........mehn i can so feel it am using "gods eyes" (literally)...

Souloho19 Why am i the only one suspecting the butcher?


"Benedict was seen as the youth leader, an
unofficial title he carried because he had
that leadership quality:in this case:
strength, popularity and a penchant for
He owned an abattoir in the market where
he slaughtered and sold beef."

"He had always liked Chinaza and even
though she had turned down his
advances, he had always given her extra
chunks of beef whenever she passed by
the slaughterhouse."

"Osi hurried out. He ran through the path,
ran past the market square and didn't stop
until he got to the house."
i think thats where OSI lost the letter

MEHN ... Just thinking outa the box
(1) Benedict had a thing for Chinaza(other girls as well),he might have been an illitrate,and might have ask the EUropean to help him write the Letters(not more than one) thus the resemblance in the writting,
(2) i saw a post stating that one of the 'De' is behind the attack. Am not sure any of them have the agility to run( thats when Osi was chasing him)
(3) am not sure its Paul "The devil walked round the market square,
enjoying the clear sky and the cool breeze.
His appetite had been satisfied
this extract was before Amara and Oluchi went to fetch Paul.... Can he be at the park and still in the market? That i doubt
(4)"Ezinne...its me, I left your mother a little bit at the market and she said I should deliver something" She recognized the voice immediately. Everybody knew that voice, or almost everybody at least. " Ezinne's mum went to the market,Ezinne opens the door because a messages came from her mum which is in the market the messenger by the door is Popular,Benedict comes to mind;NOT that he is the only popular person...but the writer made me believe his the popular in the market,of which i believe he is the only Butcher(since none other is stated),if there is another butcher,when the prime suspect(Okudili) was seen by the stream the youth went for his head,"None of them had any weapon apart from Benedict who had been on butchering duty and thus held a dangerous machete. It didn't matter though.......... Only Benedict was carrying a weapon that wont be possible if there were other butcher in the market square
(5) Benedict went there in search of the letter because if the letter was found and linked to who "wrote" (Steve) ,he(Steve) would point out to who he wrote it for (Benedict)
(6) when Steve held Osi,i believe he let him go because Osi might pin it(devil) on him
(7) there is no scene Okudili acted as the Devil,other than him running rather than defending himself
(cool when Osi was telling the crowd (rather MOB) about the holy communiun to be held at Night,when Steve was about to be mobbed.......i was made to believe Benedict was there also,since he was leading the mob

(9) Steve might just be writng down the victims name for his book...
Somebody please tell me am wrong,those theory dosnt even make sense to me......

And again,where does pastor Bethelomeow sleeps? :::that might put him on my black list(suspect list)
I swear, with all your theories I enjoy you the more. Love you bro lolllll

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Re: The Devil Wears Okrika by stephmiracle: 9:23am On Jan 13, 2018
Wowwwww. So I finally finished this story. You are too much and you are such a good writer @souloho19 but are you trying to say that Paul is the son of Pa Kenneth and will be a revised version of his father?. Hmmmmmm . Odikwa very risky

@FloraEC, thanks for the referral sis. You won't believe I've not had time to even visit our thread since I commenced reading this story


Re: The Devil Wears Okrika by jacoik(m): 10:55am On Jan 13, 2018
wow i never saw this coming.

I'd like to use this medium to apologise to BENEDICT (the butcher) for acusing him of the murder of the victims.if i had been a judge,people(like Benedict) would be in prison,for the crime they didnt comit just because some quack lawyers(which i may belong to) who would give quack proofs (although,my proofs aint quack),

Some persons pointed out pastor Bathelomeow being the Devil,but since they have no proof,people (like myself) would never believe.

I remember someone stating that "the writer can pin the crime on more than one character" ,but pastor Bethelomeow? (sighs)...
That was shocking

Souloho19 well done....
honestly, after soul you d next person I enjoyed more on this story because your analysis is sooooo sweet as well


Re: The Devil Wears Okrika by odyx: 10:54pm On Jan 15, 2018
Let me be the last to say Weldon for creative writing. I encourage you to write movie this year

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Re: The Devil Wears Okrika by dview001(m): 1:38pm On Jan 18, 2018
brilliant piece as always ...tho I got frustrated in between and almost abandoned d story due to delayed updates but I got over it ..thank *GOD*
Re: The Devil Wears Okrika by Lorlahlizzy(f): 8:12pm On Jan 19, 2018
thanks for this master piece soul.pls mention me in your next story.
Re: The Devil Wears Okrika by BlackEl(m): 10:19pm On Jan 19, 2018
I literally had to join nairaland so I can comment on this amazing work of art..

although some points in the story seemed abstract,
like the fact that Pa Kenneth's Family was hidden from the villagers under their noses...

in all, the twists made it an amazing ride...
I've been reading on nairaland since 2015 . this one made me comment .

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Re: The Devil Wears Okrika by vickyluvspices(f): 11:26pm On Jan 20, 2018
this piece got me glued to my phone for the past 3days and i wasnt disappionted...i so much respect this writer...u deserve a standing ovaition and i can envision u going 2 higher places and i pray u get there...more ideas @soluho19

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Re: The Devil Wears Okrika by trendymiss(f): 6:07pm On Jan 22, 2018
Big ups to you...
Had a really nice time reading this..more grease to you.
Kindly mention me when the sequel starts..

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Re: The Devil Wears Okrika by Johnsown1(m): 4:46pm On Jan 23, 2018
That's a very good story though but I doubt the people drinking palm wine in the market. That part didn't connect at all. I know my tribe A MAN THAT HIS HOUSE IS ON FIRE; DOSE NOT CHASE RAT

Kudos to u bro. More ink to ur paper


Re: The Devil Wears Okrika by Queensiju: 9:18pm On Jan 24, 2018
Nice work bro, this is what I call THRILLER! Looking forward to your next story.

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Re: The Devil Wears Okrika by nuelzy: 7:45am On Jan 25, 2018
Soul.. Am in on the next one..

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Re: The Devil Wears Okrika by souloho19(m): 1:29pm On Jan 27, 2018
Thank y'all for your comments and criticism. Its been a cool experience so far, but take a second to reflect on the just concluded story.
The devil wears okrika. The devil was a wolf, a wolf in sheep clothing. If we take it literally from the title alone, the devil was able to mix with the masses and successfully gain their trust because he was one of them. He was in a respectable position, he was a man of high moral standard and dignity. But it was all a disguise.
Look at our society, we have so many devils(wolf) in our midst putting on okrika (sheep clothing) but most times we are unaware just like the people of Amaife. We don't pay much attention and let our guard down that's why you hear painful stories of child abuse, murder, ritual killings, kidnapping etc.
The root problem or should I say one of the root problems is the mistake of 'assumption'. You assume okay, he/she is my sibling they can't abuse my child, he/she is my best friend they can't hurt me, he/she is my pastor they can't do this......
Bartholomew was a pastor. His father was 'the' elder, the father of the village and ironically he was 'the father of the village'
What is the takeaway from all these big grammar and the 70+ pages so far?
Trust no man, Follow no man but Trust in the Lord your God and follow Christ.
Being a Christian means what it means. Christ like, not your pastor like, not your celebrity like, not like anybody. Its a daily journey and with time you'd be able to discern the devils in our midst. Don't assume someone is as pure hearted as you and don't trust blindly.
Stay blessed FAM.

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