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Don't Know How To Leave/forget This Girl / Port Harcourt Girl Shares After Sex Photo With Boyfriend On Facebook / Man Shares After Sex Photo With Girlfriend On Facebook.see Reactions(pics (2) (3) (4)

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Don't Forget This Practice After Sex! by bunbit23: 6:44pm On Aug 30, 2017
[09:26, 22/06/2017] Odogwuakataaka: I like questions because it improves knowledge. From questions I came to realize that he who ask much knows much. Ask me questions to grow more in the spirit. It's all about spiritual knowledge. Ask anything in regards to spiritualism.
[09:28, 22/06/2017] Alphonse Romania: GM ,u know your stuff
[09:30, 22/06/2017] Solomon Cherubim Pastor: All said here are self explanatory to me most especially the aspect of purifying one's body after sex with alligator pepper. Thank u GM all these spiritual information.
[09:30, 22/06/2017] Joy Lagos: Good morning my Gm
[09:30, 22/06/2017] JP PH: GM, does having sex all the time set one back in life in any way? I mean for those who are single
[09:31, 22/06/2017] Alphonse Romania: Otu onye tuo izu, o gbue ochu
[09:33, 22/06/2017] Kwarteng Ghana: How to used ose oji to clean your body
[09:35, 22/06/2017] Prosper Nkpor: Can I use the used ose oji the one I had open already or is it must to use new bunch
[09:30, 22/06/2017] JP PH: GM, does having sex all the time set one back in life in any way? I mean for those who are single
[09:37, 22/06/2017] Odogwuakataaka: It's very bad for a youth to engage on frequent sex as a habbit. Sex as a matter of fact is for fun. Do not make any fun a habit. Too much of everthing is good for nothing. Here, if you are having frequent sex definitely with different women, hmmmmmmm am sorry for you. Unless you are doing it for a reason.
Spiritual purpose.
If not, you are doomed.
Watch the ignorant young man or lady with habitual sex. Watch his life. Spiritually he has gone, physically he is a nonentity. Anyday you run to a demonic lady. That day your path will come to the end. Finally, take sex for fun not habit
[09:39, 22/06/2017] Odogwuakataaka: And if you must know sex as fun, then engage on it rarely. Unless its a promotion to your profession. Because some juju would required sex for activation

Re: Don't Forget This Practice After Sex! by bunbit23: 6:47pm On Aug 30, 2017
are )
[09:39, 22/06/2017] Odogwuakataaka: Unless its a promotion to your profession. Because some juju would required sex for activation
[09:41, 22/06/2017] JP PH: So, will cleansing oneself with ose oji be enouh for someone that has had sex with different women? Or much more is required?
[09:41, 22/06/2017] Solomon Cherubim Pastor: Leviticus 17:11" the life of the flesh is in the blood" uncontrollable sexual habits endangers one's destiny.
[09:42, 22/06/2017] Henry Rivers: So if one has sex with different gals,one has endangered his destiny?
[09:43, 22/06/2017] Alphonse Romania: wow
[09:43, 22/06/2017] Alphonse Romania: wahala dey oooo
[09:43, 22/06/2017] Alphonse Romania: I guilty of this
[09:43, 22/06/2017] Alphonse Romania: but how can I stop?
[09:44, 22/06/2017] Alphonse Romania: the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak
[09:44, 22/06/2017] JP PH: GM please, I want to stop this frequent sex with multiple women and want to cleanse myself too..help me!
[09:44, 22/06/2017] JP PH: Is the ose oji cleansing enough for it?
[09:44, 22/06/2017] Alphonse Romania: GM,HELP ME TOO
[09:45, 22/06/2017] Alphonse Romania: hey ya
[09:46, 22/06/2017] Alphonse Romania: biko nyere m aka oooo
[09:41, 22/06/2017] JP PH: So, will cleansing oneself with ose oji be enouh for someone that has had sex with different women? Or much more is required?
[09:48, 22/06/2017] Odogwuakataaka: You are adviced to use ose oji for body ritual cleansing immediately after sex. This does not deliver you from any contact during the sex such like STD and others. Same as any spiritual attachment involved. What ose oji does is to help maintain the and retain the you in you in spiritualism. Should there be a case whereby your enemy has to judge you to take away your blessings as a result of your sexual commitment. Ose oji will help speak for you to say, he didn't do it.
Do u get that?
This is different from when you had sex with a demonic agent in woman form. Perhaps her assignment is using young blood. And the only way to perfect this assignment is through sex. Ose oji can't help such deliverance if your archangel can't help disconnect u from such meeting. If you had come accros such element of people, only deliverance can serve as a remedy. You must go for deliverance.
[09:55, 22/06/2017] JP PH: I understand my GM
[09:56, 22/06/2017] JP PH: All these na wetin night life dey cause...every time for club na so so girls everywhere..chai!
Re: Don't Forget This Practice After Sex! by bunbit23: 6:48pm On Aug 30, 2017
09:42, 22/06/2017] Henry Rivers: So if one has sex with different gals,one has endangered his destiny?
[09:56, 22/06/2017] Odogwuakataaka: Not at all until you come across demonic gals. Do remember we are not here for judgement and condemnations.
But here with spiritual information to help balances.
[09:58, 22/06/2017] Saheed Lagos: Sir GM
If someone have sex in the dream can he clean in self with ose oji ?
[09:58, 22/06/2017] JP PH: And what can one do in this situation sir? Asumming you're not aware yet that any of the girls in the past is a demonic agent.
[09:44, 22/06/2017] JP PH: GM please, I want to stop this frequent sex with multiple women and want to cleanse myself too..help me!
[09:44, 22/06/2017] JP PH: Is the ose oji cleansing enough for it?
[09:59, 22/06/2017] Odogwuakataaka: To stop sexual habit, first u need determination.
Secondly, you need to engage yourself with busy schedules.
Look for some activities to keep yourself busy. By so doing, you are sure to forget about sex.
Thirdly, because this is something we have tested and approved. It will not easily go out of memory therefore stick with a lady or two.
Promise yourself that without this gal or this one, no more sex. This steps will help you overcome
[10:00, 22/06/2017] Charles Nwosu Abia : Pls Gm help us on this matter. Oooo
[10:01, 22/06/2017] Charles Nwosu Abia : This calls for urgent from our Gm
[10:05, 22/06/2017] Charles Nwosu Abia : What do we do in the past events to salvage the situation
[10:05, 22/06/2017] JP PH: I don't even know if have come across such people..
[10:05, 22/06/2017] Charles Nwosu Abia : Hw do we perform the deliverance
[10:06, 22/06/2017] Charles Nwosu Abia : No one knows if he had come across such girls
Re: Don't Forget This Practice After Sex! by bunbit23: 6:49pm On Aug 30, 2017
Where you learn and acquire all necessary information to keep your physical and spiritual balance.

We are happy to inform you that we are not a religious group rather knowledge and wisdom disciples. Wisdom is our keypoint and the ability to reach out infinite possibilities to become the best among our orientals is why we are here.

Our spiritual engagement is not a call for you to disassociate from any group, organization, religion, you found yourself presently. As time goes on, when you must have come to the point of wisdom, you will have sound judgement over your activities to know which and which is best for you ( as life is for a reason).

We don't have an enemy if not ignorant. Human being is not our enemy unless he/she proves to be so. Nevertheless, we cease to accept that human being is an enemy but ignorance.

Satan and demons:

Are they our enemies?

No! They are not our enemies rather enemy of the Most High.
Wisdom give us room for sound judgement. Through wisdom we come to realize that Satan declared himself enemy to the Most High ( the creator) right from the day he made the first visit to the garden where the man took abode. Afterwards, he sought to bring mankind to his kingdom to rule over them which The Heavenly Kingdom intercepted thereby war broke out in the realm. Satan and his demons are not our enemies but devise means to lure human to their authority. It's only left for you to say no to him and yes to the Most High hence this is the only two supreme authority in search of human attention. What wisdom teaches you!

Our basic of worship:

Our reverence for roots, herbs, plants, fruits and other nature given resources:

Wisdom tells you that the Most High is the grand creator. Everything you see, touch and feel today as a human being was by his divine providence except water. His purpose of creation was of two reasons: physical and spiritual purposes. Remember he is a spirit likewise the host of other celestial beings. With wisdom, he carefully put in place things that will help provide existing balance to both beings.
He created everything as earlier said and empowered them for various activities. Wisdom tells you that it is false belief for a man to present mango fruit to an oracle, deity, god or human before consumption believing by so doing, the fruit will offer all required minerals for health.

It's falsehood to teach a doctrine which speaks against the usage of nature giving resources as seen in our religious sectors today leaving us with poverty, premature death, attack, sorrow and unfulfilled destiny. Our ability to use herbs, roots, plants and fruits for health and financial purposes is not evil. It's quite unfortunate that many people belief through false doctrine, the application of herbs, plant and roots for positive reasons is witchcraft. Do you forget that all these you see were made by God for the purpose of health, wealth and longevity?

If you do, why do you have to see someone who practice his knowledge as a witchcraft simply because you lack the knowledge? You are an enemy of God to believe without presenting herbs and roots to deities, makes it ineffective.
Do you realize your stand as a devil? An enemy of God.
Undoubtedly, when you give glory that belongs to God to any other being, definitely you are making yourself an enemy of God.
How much do you know this truth?

Why not say no to ignorant and yes to knowledge? Look at how your idea and belief look like:

When you present an illiterate and literate with this arithmetic puzzles. You found out differences and the differences is like what we have between an ignorant and knowledge. One plus one is equals to two (1+1=2). To knowledge, its the correct answer wherever and whenever: to an illiterate, it could be 1+1=11 or 1. This is just a pure example of our view point over creation as a result of ignorant and wisdom.

He has created and offered man undeserved privilege to take charge and control. Your ability to know this is wisdom while your inability to know that is ignorant. No More No Less!!

An ignorant refused to use nature given resource to promote life, health and wealth assuming its evil applications.

Who made all these?

Questions which answer offers knowledge. If God is the maker, to whom does he made it for?

Animal, human, spirit or vanity? Answer to these is a promotion to knowledge. Knowing that God purpose for creation is for physical and spiritual beings would help us sought the knowledge to help benefit. This search for knowledge is road to wisdom. This is why we call you to come and learn, practice, and have knowledge. Help yourself out of poverty level. Help deliver yourself from bondage. Stop visiting prayer houses where negative energy make a dwelling place thus the spirit of the Most High has left the churches as a result of cheating, liars, hatred, false doctrine, selfishness which all these are not the fruit of holy spirit. It's heart breaking that our religious leaders has so far made a mandate to promote their selfish interest instead of promoting truth and knowledge of God to mankind, they resort otherwise.

How much do you pay to join us?

Absolutely nothing!
We charge you nothing and you have to pay no amount to become a member. Join and experience divine breeze of infinite possibilities. Spirit of God dwells where there's truth, justice, purity, fairness, upright, this is the reason we have angels that presides with us on daily basis for the success of this mission.

It's a forum where truth about nature, creation, celestial beings were brought to members to keep them with spiritual update.
We required nothing from you to become a member.
Just join to learn more and more until you become wise.
Wisdom is our ultimate goal!

( copy and share with your contacts on whatsaap, Twitter and facebook to help save life's today. Remember this information is not complete when you have it but most complete when everyone knows it. Wisdom is when you help your neighbor, friends, relatives, etc with needful information regardless who cares to know. If God had hidden from us wisdom, we won't have been wise today. Therefore, let your contacts share this information with you today. It's a call for wisdom, freedom, success, progress, prosperity, deliverance and longevity. May your desire meet a definite end as you join us today)

Click to get our Whatsaap contact:
Re: Don't Forget This Practice After Sex! by AstuteJay: 8:48pm On Aug 30, 2017
It is a forum where people are being defrauded.

Guys beware!!!!
Re: Don't Forget This Practice After Sex! by bunbit23: 9:19am On Aug 31, 2017
We call you to join this great spiritual forum for more spiritual knowledge. Our purpose of been here is for spiritual enlightenment.
One could ask, what am I to gain from the group if I should become a member?
If I should answer this I have to let you know many reasons why you should be here and path of this movement:

1: as a human, you are a spirit. Having believe or understand your spiritual being is a call for spiritual knowledge to help connection.

2: 100% of earthly or physical activities are been controlled physically by the spirit and from the spiritual world. Knowing this helps us to seek for spiritual knowledge.

3: Success. For we to be successful in all endeavor, we need spiritual knowledge. Undoubtedly, without spiritual knowledge, our success is not possible.

4: Longevity: In as much as no one wish to die premature. The possibilities lied on the amount of our spiritual knowledge. Since spiritual knowledge brings about wisdom, wisdom in reverse helps to prolong and protect the life of the owner. We need spiritual knowledge for long life.

5: After life: Do you know there's life after death? With spiritual knowledge, we come to this possibilities. Ignorant deny us access to existence after life.
These and lots more are the reason we need spiritual knowledge.

Having read all these one after another, you could see and have reason of been here. Your been here is by predestination not by chance. We say angels guide!

Still on the light house of wisdom where knowledge rules.
We have a lot to offer as times goes on. We are not only telling you what you need to know but will also guide you on how to gain deliverance from your presence state of poverty, want, sickness, unemployment through ritual exercises.
Keep update with us!
Re: Don't Forget This Practice After Sex! by bunbit23: 9:37am On Aug 31, 2017
[8/29, 07:58] Odogwuakataaka: I welcome you all this day Tuesday the day of our great archangel Raphael. I ask the Great archangel Raphael to heal us all from the wound of enemies and lead us to divine connection. So I mote it be!

This morning, we are going to discuss on ritual positions.
There are things we need to know and must know. One of the things are ritual positions during ritual presentations.
Many things contributes to prayer unanswered. These we terms as ignorant.
This is why we are called to join this spiritual union. Here we teach you all spiritual rules and guide to help ritual prayers.

[8/29, 08:10] Odogwuakataaka: As a physical world that is been controlled by divine entities, we must have spiritual knowledge to become a success and leave life of dream. Its knowledge not magic!
Only spiritual knowledge!
With the help of civilization, 45% of earthly inhabitants has come to lost spiritual connections unconsciously.
Re: Don't Forget This Practice After Sex! by bunbit23: 11:38am On Aug 31, 2017
Stations during ritual performance:

We present every ritual on a barefoot. Meaning "No foot ware" during ritual performances.

There is this natural transmit/energy that exist between earth and man. Remember, man was made from earth/dust/sand. Therefore, we help connection/communication through bare foot.
This is a hidden secret that almost disaffect light workers during ritual performance leaving their works to null and void.

furthermore, It's a sign of loyalty.
Its same as kneeling during prayer. Showing your humility to the gods and goddess of earth.
We don't perform rituals upon foot ware rather on bare foot.
Whenever you set to pray, always pray on a bare foot. Be mindful, we are not talking about custom and their tradition of people here. This is a spiritual knowledge. A teaching which guide you on how to attain spiritual level with common practices.
Its wrong to engage on a communication with the gods and goddess putting on sandals, shoes or slippers. These are common mistake which we engage ourselves on daily basis making it looks as if the gods are no longer with us.

No matter who you are and where you are, you must follow rightful path when it comes to spiritual matters. These are one of the reasons and secret which make a difference.
We all are spiritual being. Every human is a spirit. Do you know that?
You have a spirit.
I have a spirit.
He has a spirit.
She has a spirit.
We all have spirit.
Making us a spirit being with flesh and without flesh.
Re: Don't Forget This Practice After Sex! by AstuteJay: 11:48am On Aug 31, 2017
Guys find below the activities in the so called forum. This is the fraudster's modus operandi.

7/29, 18:44] Odogwuakataaka: As I offer lecture on giving law of success last night which giving was the first law. I had this passion to help the house with money which I had thought which way possible. Just like our people would say, you don't dash an elder money. But I still belief we need financial encouragement if not assistance.
[7/29, 18:47] Odogwuakataaka: On that note may I have your individual opinion on the best formula to go about this. I have the financial ability to assist anyone here who needs financial growth but not on loan. That's to say am not offering loans to anyone
[7/29, 18:48] Odogwuakataaka: Am not giving you money to invest on your business so that it looks as if you are owing GM. No!
[7/29, 18:50] Odogwuakataaka: This is how I planned it. Though I have not drawed a conclusion which is why I want us to contribute.
[7/29, 18:52] Odogwuakataaka: Am giving the Light House Of Wisdom a sum of #2.000.000 but this money is not coming out on cash and and is not available yet until we make conclusion
[7/29, 18:53] Odogwuakataaka: This sum was what my spirit asked me to contribute last night to help the young stars.
[7/29, 18:54] Odogwuakataaka: Remember I said this money is not coming out cash for you to share because it's not going to reach you for anything therefore I am looking forward for a better plan to make this perfect and fit
[7/29, 18:56] Odogwuakataaka: This is what I thought though I have not concluded which is why I would like us to make contributions on which way possible
[7/29, 18:56] Odogwuakataaka: I am a leader who lead by example
[7/29, 18:56] Odogwuakataaka: So when I say give, I think I have to give first to help you understand how to give
[7/29, 19:15] Odogwuakataaka: This is what I have in mind. Since this money is meant for the sole purpose of our financial encouragement. We all know not all like giving but everybody like to receive therefore to encourage giving and see how it helps. I want this money to go this way. If you make a deposit of #10.000 for example, every Sunday we credit you #2.500. #20.000 for #5.000. #50.000 for #20.000 until the #2.000 get exhausted. When the #2.000.000 finish you receive your initial deposit. We are not receiving more than #50.000 per head. This money can go along way to help you with little housing kios. Let me have your opinion on this basic
Re: Don't Forget This Practice After Sex! by elderhimself(m): 1:02pm On Sep 04, 2017
Wakeeeeeeeeeeee uuuuuuuuuppppppppppppp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Re: Don't Forget This Practice After Sex! by bunbit23: 10:11pm On Sep 15, 2018
Re: Don't Forget This Practice After Sex! by bunbit23: 1:18pm On Dec 09, 2018

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