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Three Sides Of A Coin by fiyah(f): 2:40pm On Aug 31, 2017
There are three sides of a coin.

The head,

The tail,

And the side.

There are three parts to a story.

My side,

Your side,

And the truth.

My point is, there is always everyone's point of view.


Re: Three Sides Of A Coin by fiyah(f): 2:43pm On Aug 31, 2017
This is purely a work of fiction and any similarity to a person whether living or dead is simply an amazing miracle.

© Fiyah2017


Re: Three Sides Of A Coin by fiyah(f): 2:46pm On Aug 31, 2017

'He is gone.' Rhoda announced to the shock of everyone in the room.

Maybe Ehi wasn't that shocked.

She had this feeling it wasn't possibly going to work out anyway. This whole wedding thing was her idea in the first place and it was more like she forced him to give in to her plans.

Besides, telling Francis her big secret a few days to the supposed wedding wasn't such a good idea after all. Now that she thought of it, she realised how he must have felt. He must have felt she used the wedding to cuff him in a 'no-backing-out' kind of way by telling him something that big... Something that could make or mar, a week to their wedding.

It was all understandable and she was kind of grateful to him for backing out early. It was better he didn't venture into a lifelong partnership with doubts in his mind.

Only she wasn't expecting being dumped on this day....her big day.

Who could have imagined being told her groom....

Scratch that,..ex- fiance would flee on his wedding day in his wedding suit leaving his supposedly 'wife-to-be' in her sparkling white dress, with that enthusiastic smile on her bright face to grovel with the broken pieces he leaves behind?

Sounds more like all those tragedic telenovela right?

This isn't the first worst case wedding scenario she had been in.

Being dumped after a wedding date had been fixed has become more like a signature thing for her.

This particular one seems better.

Atleast, he made it to the altar.

Ehi was completely oblivious of her environment as she was deep in thought. To people around her, the reason for her sudden tied tongue was easy to deduce and that would be she wasn't expecting this.

No one is saying the assumption is wrong, but they don't realise it was simply way bigger than that. Her bridal train, her maid of honour, Rhoda and her colleagues who were all in the dressing room, initially waiting for her to step out of the room and live up her big day now have their eyes on her.

Some of their eyes spelt pity.

Others simply spelt 'what is she going to do now?'

And others she couldn't tell what it was in their eyes.

Mockery, Excitement, Or shock, she couldn't tell.

It isn't everyday someone gets dumped on their wedding day you know.

'Ehi,' Rhoda started again, in a somewhat comforting tone as she knelt before her.

'I'm fine.' Ehi replied, giving her best friend a wide bright smile with no hidden sadness whatsoever to the amazement of everybody

'I need to tell everyone it is over.' She added, standing up from the chair she was sitting on and turning deaf ears to Rhoda' protest.

She dropped the bouquet on the floor then straightened her gown with her palm while staring at her reflection in the mirror. Crushing the bouquet with the pointed heel of her silver shoe, she stepped out of the room.

Ehi could sense different pairs of eye follow her every step to the podium. The room was rowdy and there had been murmurs from different parts of the room. The murmurs soon graduated into a big noise and it doesn't take a millisecond to put two and two together and eventually come to a conclusion that everyone was aware.

Everyone knew her fiance called the wedding off.

How fast news travel!

'There isn't going to be any wedding or wedding party or whatever today' She started. Stopping to ascertain that she caught the crowd's attention and also making sure they all digested her words.

Her statement, capturing the crowd's attention was confirmed with an initial silence from the crowd which was immediately followed by indistinct murmurs from different parts of the room.

'Just because there won't be any wedding Today doesn't mean there won't be a party. There would be food and drinks for everyone and I would be here all the time. Or what is a party without the host? So, Enjoy!' She announced with glee.

Everyone stopped talking as her sight suddenly attracted their gaze. She wasn't surprised they all were stunned and it was expected.

Her eyes caught Rhoda's on the other end of the room.

There was no opening their mouths. They let their eyes do the talking.

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Re: Three Sides Of A Coin by fiyah(f): 2:53pm On Aug 31, 2017
I'm not looking for somebody
with some superhuman gift,
some superhero,
some fairy tale bliss
Just something I can talk to,
Somebody I can kiss



'Tada!' I spread my arms as Rhoda stepped in the kitchen. 'Good morning and food is ready.' I announced as I shuffled through the plate rack and eventually fished out three dish bowls.

'Oh Thank God!' I watched as Rhoda placed her palm on her chest in relief. 'Mum! She is still alive!' She screamed at the top of her voice getting me a bit confused as to what she meant by her statement.

'And why won't I be...' I was going to ask Rhoda before Mum rushed into the kitchen resting her arms on her knee immediately she set her eyes on me while panting rapidly.

'Oh My God! I was so scared.' She said rushing towards me and assessing me all over

'Hey. What's wrong with you guys?' I asked pulling away from mum, a curious smile playing on my lips.

'Seriously, Mum, I'm perfectly fine.' I said knowing they were both still freaking over the wedding thingy.

When exactly is all this going to end?

It's been two days already since that awful wedding party but my mum and Rhoda seem not to be over it yet.

I have been placed under room arrest ever since, both of them not leaving my side once.

We practically sleep together, I always end up being in the middle while they watch me sleep first, of course.

And the only time one of them leaves my side is when one of us is starving, thirsty...

Did I mention, they follow me to the bathroom and literally bathe me, watch me pee and poop these days?

Yeah, that is how bad it is.

'Okay you guys need to stop.' I voiced out, striking a serious pose while folding my hands across my chest as I stopped dishing the jollof rice into the plates and turning to both Mum and Rhoda.

'Yeah we would when you at least cry, scream or do random things a normal human dumped on her wedding day would' Rhoda replied as she walked past me to the fridge, poured herself a drink, totally acting like I wasn't there striking a serious pose and demanding to be taken seriously.

'Seriously?'I couldn't believe my ears. I wasn't getting anywhere in my solo battle with these two.

'Seriously.' They both replied in unison.

'You guys are making this a big deal. You weren't like this when it was Henry.' I argued. ' I was also dumped by him remember?' I tried to make then see reasons with me while they still can.

'Yeah, that was because he never made it to your wedding day. He ended it weeks before your wedding and besides, you cried, then...' Rhoda answered dropping the glass cup on the kitchen cabinet while giving me 'who-the-hell-are-you-look'

'There's really no big difference. The fact remains I have the shortest wedding in history.' I said smiling up at both of them while they stared at me worriedly. ' I mean weddings... Plural. That is an achievement if you'd ask me' I added, emphasising the 's' in weddings while placing some deliciously looking steamy chicken on each plate.

'Okay. Listen Ehi, you don't have the shortest wedding in history. You have logically and legally not wedded once. None of them said the vows with you. So you don't have to worry about this.' I know this was meant to actually be a motivational speech by no other than my mum of course but it actually isn't working cos it isn't even like I need motivational speeches anyway.

'I'm not worried. I'm just saying!' I argued with a full mouth as I stuffed my mouth with an apple from the fruit basket which kept me from gritting my teeth.
It was getting more awful by the minute as both of them are proving too difficult.

'I am not pitiful nor pathetic nor am I some lost soul that deserves consoling. You guys make it seem as if I am some widow that needs urgent help. Trust me when I say I'm fine! In fact, I have never been better.'

There was silence for a while.

I was grateful for the silence.

Those two talk too much and it has been forever since there had been silence.

Maybe when we're sleeping though. But while sleeping, I am not awake to appreciate undisturbed silence.

We were all silent until it started getting awkward so I had to break that sweet silence.

'Who wants breakfast?' I asked raising one of the tree plates for the two to see, hoping that would relieve the tension in the atmosphere.

'No one asked you to cook...'My mum said and Rhoda had to complete it for her by saying;

'How could we be so sure that you haven't had the meal poisoned with the aim of taking us along with you. Cos the last time I checked, people don't make new friends in heaven

'You know what? I'll leave you too here while I go see a movie in the sitting room. Plus I'm starving and I'm not so sure if I won't eventually lose my appetite if I stay another second with you guys.' I said as I picked up a plate of rice with one hand and fished out a bottle of soft drink from the fridge with another hand then shutting the fridge with my foot.

I could feel their eyes on me with every movement I made.

'We'd be watching you.' Rhoda said making a 'i-have-my-eyes-on-you' sign.

I rolled my eyes at her.

I was walking out of the kitchen when I decided to pull a prank on both of them.

'I had been thinking about this lately.' I said, pausing a bit and I could tell I have their undivided attention just at the tip of my palm and it kind of cracked me up a little seeing how serious they were and being so unaware of what is coming next.

'Do one need to get some form to be a nun? Or do either of you know the criteria for being a nun? I know it has something to do with not getting married forever and swearing an oath of celibacy which is certainly not a problem on my part since it doesn't mean I have to stop eating. With that settled, do you guys agree I should go for it?' I stopped as I tried extremely hard to stop my lips from curving up obviously into a smile which will eventually end up in a rumbling laughter.

The aim was to scare my mum and Rhoda and it worked.

It more than worked as both of them refuse to tear their gazes away from me and it seemed like their eyelids would forever remain dilated.

This is the scary part of pranks.

'I'm just kidding. Okay?' I quickly said hoping to change the topic when they wouldn't take their eyes off me.

'Okay, Mum you are still going to leave tomorrow right? That can't change and also Rhoda, you need to be with your family. I'll be fine all by myself'

With that, I exited the kitchen with a deep sigh.

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Re: Three Sides Of A Coin by Nobody: 2:58pm On Aug 31, 2017
Come and continue what you start oooo. Our one and only aunty fiyah with suspense.

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Re: Three Sides Of A Coin by fiyah(f): 2:59pm On Aug 31, 2017
I'm more than just a title
Or a comment going viral
There's more to me than people know

-Maggie Lindemann


'Guess who is popular now? Me!' I couldn't help giggling at what I saw online as I surfed the internet. Rhoda just stepped inside the room and I just had to announce my fame to her.

'I made frontpage on one of those internet news forum. Let me read it out loud to you.' I cleared my throat while I turned my face to Rhoda who was standing by the door frame, arms akinbo, still in her striped pajamas.

'Lady gets abandoned at the altar, third time in a row! And it was written by pweedyprincess301.' I read out loud pronouncing the writer's name as it was written. 'I can't wait to read the details.' I smiled at Rhoda who looked blankly at me.

'Ehi, the sooner you realize you weren't dumped at the altar, not even twice or thrice as the news exaggerated, the better it is for everybody cos I'm so tired of having to deal with you mocking yourself.' She said, throwing her hands in the air as she spoke walking towards me and eventually snatching the phone from my hands while she stood behind me. I could see her tired look from the reflection in the mirror.

'But, it is just so hilarious. You may to try to convince me but I doubt it if you would be able to convince pweedyprincess301 and the thousand eyes that are going to read this or have read this already. I don't know why you are being such a bore. Just join in already. It is actually fun. You are the best friend of that lady that made front-page on a popular news forum. You are a star. Appreciate it.' I said, almost whispering and I could swear I sounded more like a motivational speaker.

'We both know all the stuff this pretty princess…' Rhoda tried to say but I cut her short.

'Nah. It is pweedyprincess301' I corrected.

'See!' Rhoda half screamed. ' if you would just open your eyes and try to be reasonable for once, you would see that the false story is just as whack as the writer's name. She is a wannabe blogger who is hungry for news and she would definitely settle for anything.' Rhoda tried to convince me but I was already lost in thought.

I was bonding with the blogger who made me popular in my imagination.

'I see you are all dressed up, where are you going?'
She asked when she realised I wasn't listening to her. I kept shut and I know it won't take her long to figure out where I was headed.

'This is crazy.' Rhoda mumbled as she carefully tiptoed around 'my wedding gifts' and their wraps scattered on the floor of my room on her way towards the other end of the room.

She appeared to have figured it out.

'You are not going to work today Ehi, and that's just final.' Rhoda announced pointing a threatening finger in my face.

'It's crazy right. Tara gave me a box of chocolate as a wedding gift. Was she hoping I would get fat or something.' I said, hoping that would distract Rhoda from the issue at hand- work.

'Ehi, You don't have to go to work today, you know right?' She said and I could see her worry laden face from the reflection in the mirror.

'Well I actually do. Today is Monday and I'm the company's financial secretary. Besides, the honeymoon which would have been my excuse to stay back is over before it even started. So?' I spread my arm in completion.

'So, you stay home and hang out with me.' She answered even though the 'So?' was meant to be rhetorical. 'Ehi,' she continued. 'you can't go to work. We all know you are not over your wedding..'

'I am but you aren't... You aren't over my wedding. How weird does that sound?' I stood up and quickly grabbed my bag from the bed.

'You know what? Let's save this conversation for another time and I guess I would see you at work then. I'm running late and you know it.' I hurriedly said and made for the door.

'I am not going to work.' Rhoda announced 'We can both stay back and enjoy the day you know?' Rhoda urged as she sat on my bed and made urging eye contact which I wasn't falling for.

'Rhoda, is there any problem at work? I know your dad owned the company and you are literarily the owner yourself but I just can't help thinking there is something about the company that you aren't telling me.' I stood up looking straight at my best friend in the eye.

'Everything about work is fine… totally.' I knew she was lying before she even answered. 'What made you think so? She inquired, more seriously.

'It's just that you are never in the mood to go to work, you recently moved to my place and I can deduce from my calculation that the last time you stepped in your house was weeks before my wedding. Besides, you stopped talking about work lately and we all know your whole life is about the company. You are always talking about it when you aren't talking about David. Everyone knows you are the only heir to the company, and it's okay if you get all worked up about it. So I am worried you aren't acting like the Rhoda I used to know.' I voiced out my thoughts.

'It's obvious you have been thinking too much. This is the more reason why you shouldn't be going to work any time soon. I just want to spend some time with you. Okay. So, if you don't want my effort to be wasted, you can decide to stay home. Maybe just for today?' Ehi pleaded but I wasn't waiting for her to give me the evil doe eye.

I am not giving in.

'Bye!' I hurriedly tore my eyes off her as I slid on my flat shoe and made for the door.

'Rhoda,' I stopped at the door to look back at her and then paused for a minute making sure my words were all well organised and making sure I won't get all emotional in the end.

'I guess I should have been more like you. You know, you and David... Slow and steady... He had been pestering you to wed and you still, like...take your time. I am just happy I still have you in the singles club with me. You know.... ' I smiled up at her and if i weren't African, I bet my face would be tomato red right now. I could feel the heat in my cheeks. My speech was becoming overwhelming for me so I stopped and smiled up at her

'Wow. Good to see this side of you. The side that admits' She grinned first then smiled back at me.

'That wasn't me. Bye' I exited and closed the door behind me smiling as I climbed down the stairs.



As Ehi left the room, the smile plastered on my face slowly disappeared and it got replaced with something I could hardly define.




Or it could be a mixture of all.

The thing is, Ehi thinks she knows a lot about me. Everything about me actually. But lately, I had been keeping a lot from her. Work, family and relationship related.

Mostly relationship relatedhoursd she has no idea what I had been doing behind her back and her wedding ending the way it did made everything a lot worse than I anticipated.

David had been my boyfriend for so long I could hardly remember. We didn't bother counting the number of years we've dated because it was pretty obvious we were going to end up married. He wasn't my first but he was my second and had stayed that way ever since. At first, I felt the whole relationship thing seemed arranged by our parents.

Like, who wouldn't feel that way?

David's Dad and mine are business partners and the families had been family friends for a while now. So, when David's solo visit to the house increased incessantly with the sole aim of seeing me with flowers and gifts and all, I smelled something fishy and I didn't feel too polite to pull up my 'I-don't-want-anything-to-do-with-you' face when necessary.

Then, I was still pretty hooked to Ken. Yeah, Ken was first boyfriend in college. He was my Vietnamese-Nigerian college sweetheart. Ken who for reasons best known to him, disappeared after college without leaving a forward address or any note or text for his supposed college girlfriend.

But I was hopeful. I had great hopes even though there was little or no assurance he would be back. I didn't even know what kept me believing he would be back. I just knew I had this feeling he would.

But, my hopefulness for Ken's return waned when Dave surfaced. I felt choked at first when he would come visiting with expensive gifts specially for me. I was suspicious of his motives because his father and mine had only been business partners for barely a year.

I confronted him one day when the gift wouldn't cease. I needed confirmation because he was starting to get to me. I was scared Ken's fire in me would die and I may never be able to rekindle it if Dave continued infiltrating the relationship barrier I was trying to build around me and guys generally.

'Lets get this straight and done with once and for all. Why do you keep buying gifts for me? If the whole aim is to get me hooked to you or something, it isn't working. I don't know who is feeding you with these outrageous ideas but I have a feeling it could be my dad or yours. And it may be my mum or yours. It could be anybody from our families. Actually, that is one of the reasons why your effort is pathetic cos I'm not an 18th century lady! I am not a trophy wife. So, get your head right and bail.'


Those were my exact words. I could remember I sat for hours and planned them. I selected the perfect words that I was sure would pierce through his being and he might just let me be.

But his reply, calmly as it came, struck one of the walls I built around me down.

'Hey! Don't get yourself worked up over all that. You are some lady with wild thoughts. But yeah you were right. Your dad and mine knew about my intentions and they are both fine with it. But what you missed is the fact that nobody gave me those ideas. I won't deny the fact that I liked you. I just thought it right to appreciate you and maybe ask you out when the time is right. But it seems you aren't ready yet and I am also not ready to give up on you. Not yet. Maybe never. I'll give you the space you need but I'd still be here.'

And that did it.

Gradually, from then onwards, we had both proceeded cautiously.

There was never any pressure.

He knows just the right way to keep it cool.

We seem like the perfect couple.

Only we weren't so perfect.

We've had our own shortcomings. Our own ups and downs and we've fought.

Numerous times.

But the major problem we especially have to deal with is the constant reminder by his family that I am not wanted as a daughters in-law or a sisters in-law.

The family I am talking about doesn't include David's dad….

Oh, the old man was one of the sweetest things that happened in our relationship. The man didn't treat me like an outcast. He treated me like his own and made me feel like I was part of his family.

But David's mum and his only sister made it quite obvious I wasn't wanted as part of their family. This was actually surprising because those two were not like that before we announced to our families that David and I were a couple.

Their attitude towards me kind off impeded my decision on fixing a wedding date despite David's persuasion and severe complaints. We've fought numerous times because I couldn't just make a choice. Dave doesn't know it but the main reason i find it so hard to make a decision is his mum and his sister. I am this person… yeah call me a freak, that have always imagined myself being a friend and a daughter to my husband's mother and not whatever this is that I am going to be with his mum...

So, I managed to convince Dave that we would have our wedding immediately after Ehi's…

That was of course, Ehi's first wedding which didn't… well, even start.

Then I said, her second and that was also, you know….

And I said her third. Which brings us back to where I am right now.

There was no way I would be able to convince Dave to give me more time. Again.

He was tired of me making my decision based on my friend's wedding and we can all agree that he had been really patient with me. Nor would I be able to convince both families plus the extended to give me more time as they were technically making plans already. So here comes my confession, EHI has no idea I have wedding plans and I intend to keep it that way until after the traditional wedding of course.

I was just being cautious.

She might not take it so well that I am making wedding plans amidst the rubbles and pieces of hers. She may not show it but I know she would be hurt.

But it was beyond my power and the only thing I could do is just keep it a secret from her.

So I guess that explains why I freaked out when she said she was glad I was still in the singles club with her.


Re: Three Sides Of A Coin by MrKIDO(m): 3:19pm On Aug 31, 2017
Getting Lit...

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Re: Three Sides Of A Coin by fiyah(f): 3:32pm On Aug 31, 2017
Getting Lit...
Welcome on board��

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Re: Three Sides Of A Coin by fiyah(f): 3:35pm On Aug 31, 2017
Come and continue what you start oooo. Our one and only aunty fiyah with suspense.

Thanks so much dear. It took a lot of courage to come back cos I was scared you guys would simply roast me.... So, here I am now, trying to act like I've not been away for almost a decade.
Re: Three Sides Of A Coin by HelenBee(f): 3:56pm On Aug 31, 2017
Thank God I'm here.

The future is promising.
Re: Three Sides Of A Coin by fiyah(f): 4:01pm On Aug 31, 2017
Thank God I'm here.

The future is promising.
You welcome Ma'am
Re: Three Sides Of A Coin by fiyah(f): 5:03pm On Aug 31, 2017

I was calling out for help but heard no noise.
No noise.
Only the sound of my voice, breaking.

-Jon Bellion


'Hey, Ehi!' I saw Tara, all cladded in black. A black tight fitting short dress hugged her body like a second skin.

Tara is a colleague at Silva and Gold Bev. A company headed by Rhoda's dad in which Rhoda, my bestie is automatically the heir being the one and only child of Chief Silva, the CEO and the person with the largest share when it comes to talking about the company.

If you don't have your bestie being the only daughter of the CEO of one of the top five Food & Bev companies in Nigeria, then you may not understand why I emphasized and dwelled on the bestie part in gold and diamond prints.

Rhoda and I had been college buddies. I actually got to know her when I got a scholarship to study in Greenwich International High in Abuja. There was simply no way I could get admitted into such school if it weren't by scholarship as the fee was thrice or quadruple my parent's income put together, five or six folds.

Yeah, the school was that expensive.

Our bond grew despite our social class differences because of our social class differences.

Ironic right?


Rhoda got beefed by some of the high class girls and she practically was always by herself. No friends.

And I also was somehow ignored.

Like who wants anything to do with a pauper's daughter who just got lucky to be admitted into Greenwich? Nobody… except maybe, Rhoda.

Ever since, we had been inseparable. Our families became close too and her parents treated me like their own.

Oh I was talking about Tara.

Don't mind me.

I digress a lot.

Tara was a colleague actually. She is like that one colleague with the right assets in the right places and who doesn't hesitate to wear stuffs that accentuate her curves.

I was heading down the stairs from my office which was obviously occupied by someone else when I ran into her.

It happens no one was expecting my wedding break to end this soon. So, I got temporarily replaced.

'Hi Tara' I replied flashing a bright smile at her. I guess that kind of threw her off the edge.

'I heard about your wedding ending up a disaster and horribly like the previous ones. I am truly sorry about this one too.' She said, her face creasing up genuinely.

Well, that is Tara for you. Plump in stature and plump in truth. Not to hurt anyone but just because she say her thoughts the way it comes.

She isn't like anyone else who wraps the obvious in lies just to make others feel good.

Even though she meant no offence.

Even though everyone thinks she is being intentionally rude. Rhoda included.

I know she isn't.

It's just her nature.

'Thanks Tara. You don't have to be sorry. I am perfectly fine.' I replied

'Are you sure?' She asked, her brow creasing a bit.

'A 100%' I smiled, drawing an imaginary cross on my chest and Tara walked off.

I sighed and descended the entire stairs.

'Okay. I would see you around.' She replied heading up the stairs, obviously to her office.

'Ehi?' I heard a familiar voice called a few distance from behind me and it doesn't take a few seconds putting two and two together to figure it was my boss.

Rhoda's dad.

Here we go.

I slowly breathed in and turned to meet my boss' gaze. He was just inches close to me and our body were barely touching.

His P.A was standing a few distance away from him and so was his chauffeur.

I flashed him the prettiest smile I could muster as he stared down at me with a frown.

'Good morning sir. I hoped you had a great night.' I greeted and adjusted my glasses while looking at him straight in the face , the smile still plastered on my lips.

'What are you doing here, Ehi?' He asked touching the tip of his massive grey beard.

'Huh. That question is weird... This is a company and since I've not ceased being a staff here, I think work resumes on a Monday morning after a long weekend.

'I know you know that isn't the answer I was expecting.' He said giving me an inquisitive look.

'With all due respect Sir, I think you are just assuming, Sir.' I teased further.

'Ehi, I'm deeply sorry about your wedding. I witnessed it and I don't need anyone to tell me you are in no shape to be here. So, go home! I don't want to see you here until after a month or so. Take all the break you need' He said and walked off. I rushed right in front of him stopping him in his tracks.

'I am perfectly fine, Sir. I am agile and I don't need any break. Please, just please let me stay.' I pleaded desperately.

'But Ehi,...' He made to protest but I stopped him.

'Just don't tell me to go home. I had been all depressed at home. I think working would take my mind off it.' I quickly lied hoping that would save my ass as I quickly faked a disturbed expression.

I need as much distance as possible from my mum.

'That is not how these things work Ehi....'

'If I stay one day at home. I am not so sure about my safety in my own hands.' I pulled that one on him knowing it will surely work.

'I know you are pulling a fast one on me but I have no choice but to fall for it. Okay you get to stay but you are not going to do anything.'

I thought I heard wrong. So..

'What?' I blurted out before realising I was talking to my boss.

But he is actually more like a dad more than he is a boss.

A million times more than my dead dad would be.

Many people would prefer using 'late' for their dead dad but my dad is just dead. He had been dead even while he was alive.

I shrugged off the thought of my dad as it gave me the creeps.

'We already got a temporary replacement for you and we can't just dismiss him.' He replied answering my almost rhetorical question.

'Oh, that. I heard. But Kike got some time off to visit her mum. I can temporarily be your personal secretary until she gets back.'

'Oh, Fine!' He reluctantly shrugged 'But you have to know two things. I am temporarily taking some time off, starting today. In fact, I'm on my way home right now...'

'Are you indirectly saying I am not going to be doing anything?'

'No... Not at all. My son would be stepping in temporarily as CEO while I take a break. So, luckily for him, you would be his personal secretary.'

I listened hard to what he said and I couldn't comprehend.

'Hold on. Did I just hear you say 'my son?' You have another child aside Rhoda?' I just don't understand.

'Ehi. It is complicated. A lot more complicated than that. Rhoda should have told you everything already.' His bro creased in confusion

'She didn't.' I quickly answered hoping he would explain the statement he made earlier.

'Well, it is just complicated.' He said again.

'Well, uncomplicate it for me.' I said almost raising my voice.

'He is Rhoda's step brother. Her big brother either ways. But Rhoda is still in denial. So is her mum.' He quickly said. 'Let's save the conversation for another day... Peter is in my office right now... I mean, that is his name. His mother named him that by the way.. I'm just...' He blabbed. But I knew he didn't he was blabbing.

I think the 'I'm so lost, find me' look on my face completely got to him after a few seconds of staring blankly at him.

'Huh, I guess I should be on my way right now while you try to be as warm as possible to him. I urge you. Try to treat him as a brother. I am counting on you right now. Be his sibling until Rhoda could get over her denial. He practically pleaded and I watched him leave the premises with his entourage. His P.A dropped a a white iPad with me before exiting.

He left me stunned on the spot but later, I could move and I found myself on the elevator. On my way to the top floor.

'It is all complicated.'

I remembered Chief Silva's words as it continued dawning on me I wasn't hallucinating.

Of course it has to be complicated.

Or why else would my best friend from so long I couldn't remember when we started our friendship have a brother whose existence I was completely unaware of but who appears to be standing right in front of me, out of nowhere about to take his position as the acting CEO.

A position I was rather too sure was my bestfriend's birthright until now.

Rhoda better have a good reason for keeping this 'new big bro' thingy away from me.

Oh… that is why she suddenly doesn't feel like going to work nor talk about work anymore. I am very sure this breaks her heart.

I was heading into the Chief's office when I heard the door close as someone exited

Apparently the person was clad in a white shirt and a pair of black trousers and I don't need to guess, because of his looks that looked so much like the chief's to conclude he was Peter.

Rhoda's brother.

Step brother to be precise.

I couldn't help assessing him and all I could see was a masculine version of Rhoda.

I proceeded up the stairs...

'Good morning.' He greeted strolling towards me.

'Hi, you must be the acting CEO, Mr. Peter...' I tried to be professional, ready to read from my notepads until he interrupted, cutting my oncoming statement short.

'Can we save each other some time and skip the introductory part? You are late already and we can just get on and do the important part first.' He said, walking past me, leaving me stunned for a while before going after him.

'Excuse me?' I uttered out loudly and also, unconsciously probably because I was caught off guard by his attitude.

He gave me a demeaning, head-turning stare.

A stare that suggested I was nothing and which he didn't try to hide and although he looked scary, I wasn't the least moved.


The heat and tension building between us two could bake bread, roast maize and barbecue.

'I don't know if you weren't well oriented when you took this job but fact remains that courtesy demands you don't stare at your superiors nor ask them stupid and rhetorical questions. And you don't need orientation to know that.' He said still staring down at me.

Hold on, did he just call me stupid?


Okay that was crap.

Coming from the crappy, out of nowhere, fake big bro.

I don't know if it was the urge to hate him that suddenly made me irritable or the pride I sensed in the tone of his voice.

He of all people should know better. He should know he doesn't deserve to be authoritative considering the fact that the false power that he appears to be adorned with wasn't even his to start with. It was Rhoda's and would always be Rhoda's and he is just some out-of-nowhere somebody trying to steal that from her.

He just made it so much easier to hate him.

I bit my lower lip until it hurts and I felt I would bleed any minute as I muster all the tiny pieces of sanity still left in me to tear my gaze off his face.

'With that understood, I think we can proceed.' He said moving away from me and down the stairs.

I stayed at the same spot for a few seconds and breathed in and out with my eyes closed. A mechanism I've learnt helps keep me in check in these kind of situations.

I slowly followed him, watching his every step as he led the way.

'By now, I think you should be doing your job.' He said not looking at me but taking a glance at his wristwatch which I guess was a way of avoiding the peering eyes of each staff we walked past.

It's okay if we both attract attention.

We were meant to attract attention.

One of us got dumped on her wedding day and is magically back at work before her wedding even ended and the other is well, an overnight heir.

'My job is to show you around every unit in the company after which I give you some basic info about Silva and Gold Beverages, then make sure you get home as early as possible for the family dinner at 7pm.' I read from the large ipad in my hands then raised my eyes to look if he got everything I said while I bit my lip to suppress the urge of saying the wrong words.

'That family dinner is out of it. Rhoda nor her mum will be there.' He mumbled under his voice but I still heard him anyway. He stopped abruptly as though he remembered something.

'I need to see one Ehi-whatsoever the rest of her name is. I want her in my office by eleven.' He said raising his wrist to gaze at his watch then put it back at his side.

I looked blankly at him.

Why the hell would he want to see me?

'Did you understand a word I said.' He asked, a frown forming on his plastic, emotionless face.

I paused for a while and wondered why he would be looking for me again.

' I am afraid I didn't.' I answered.

Maybe a little repetition on his part would confirm it.

' I want to see a staff that works here. I can't exactly remember the name. It's a bit weird and unpronounceable and the lady in question is meant to be my supposed stepsister's best friend.'

Did he just say my name is weird and unpronounceable?

I would have lost my guard and bring down the wall I was building with my own two hands but I maintained my calm

Well, if he hadn't been such a jerk and haven't initially skipped the introductory part, he would have known my name to be Ehiwochoiko which is a very pronounceable name by the way.

'I need to see her. Schedule an appointment with her for me just right after we are done with the unit.' He commanded and started walking again while I kept mute and typed in 'an appointment with Rhoda's friend' on the iPad as I slowly walked with him knowing deep down, we'd both spend the rest of the day looking for Rhoda's bestie apparently.

'So I was expecting you at work today but you refused to show up. I was thinking you would at least change your mind.' I said immediately I stepped inside my room after the long day with Peter.

It was a bit tiring as I made too much effort looking around the company for 'Rhoda's bestie'.

I still can't get over the idea that he said my name is weird.

Is he the human version of stupid or something?

Rhoda was lying on her back on my bed as she read an erotic novel.

I could tell it was erotic from its cover. The whole cover screamed 'Harlequin'.

'Yeah. I forgot to tell you. I wouldn't be going to work for a while... It may be a long or short while.. I don't know.' She replied. 'So does that mean nothing happened at work today? Nothing new at work? Everything was normal right? No new face?' She asked curiously.

'Nothing new aside the fact that I had to work as your big bro's secretary and I amazingly spent the greater part of today looking for ME.' I uttered as I unbuttoned my shirt starting from the inferior most.

Rhoda gave me the 'Are you okay?' Kinda stare before uttering;

'Before you explain what you mean by your statement which isn't exactly meaningful, I would like you to know that we need to see a Shrink or something. Trust me when I say you need help.' She finally said when she was done looking at me like I was crazy.

'I am fine. It's high time you stop acting like I'm suicidal. What I'm not fine with is the part where i mentioned your brother and you had to pretend like you never heard me.' I said as I waited for her reply with my shirt fully unbuttoned revealing my black bra.

'He is not my brother.' Ehi replied avoiding eye contact with me as she directed her gaze back to her book.

'Whatever. Why didn't you tell me? That's my concern.' I inquired removing my shoe as I climbed on bed beside her while simultaneously taaaking a handful of popcorn from the bowl beside her.

'You had so many things to deal with. I was told a few days to your wedding about him. I bad to know a few days to your wedding that my dad was previously married to his mum. And like that wasnt enough blow to deal with, there came the announcement about him moving in with us. It happened so fast and so unexpectedly and the last thing I wanted was to ruin your big day with my personal issue so I let it slide.' Her fall in tone and mood was quite obvious.

'Well, you should have told me.' I consoled. 'Was that why you moved in with me five days to my wedding?' I asked, correlating every pieces together.

'I couldn't stand the idea of living with a complete stranger in the same house. I don't even want to know him. Besides, dad was enthusiastic about the whole 'him becoming the CEO' thing, he completely forgot I existed.'

We were both silent as I slowly patted Rhoda on the back.

'I was his secretary.' I announced hoping giving Rhoda gists about him will cheer her up.

'I mean, I was Peter's Secretary... Peter is his name, that is, if you don't know that already. Someone else got assigned to my post so I am temporarily working as his secretary.' I said and I could see as Rhoda's eyes widened in utmost curiosity.

'Tell me about him.' She sat upright, abandoning her novel to her side. ' I know this is so petty but I just can't deal with the fact that he is better than me. You can spare the good part about him. I am not interested.'

'Well, I would be sparing you the good part if there's a good part at all. He is a fat arrogant jerk.'I started, blurting out the gossip as though I had waited all my life to pour it out.

'So, he is fat?' Rhoda's eyes looked closely at me.

'He isn't… fat… he is tall and all muscular and you know, has this athletic body… but that is not the case here. The 'fat' I mentioned earlier was for the arrogant part. Like, he was robustly arrogant. It was as though he had made up his mind to hate everyone at work. He dished out orders and sent people off as though he was some god. It wasn't so hard hating him. Nobody likes him. Majority were busy comparing him to you.' I paused for breath, then continued. 'The interesting part of the day was when he wants to meet Rhoda's best friend and he said it to my face that he doesn't remember the friend's name as it was weird and unpronounceable with no clue whatsoever that I was the person he was looking for. So, we literally spent the rest of the day looking for me.'

Rhoda gave a throaty laugh and it kind of made me smile.

'You know, this is like the best thing I've heard in weeks.' Rhoda tried to suppress her laughter.

'It wasn't actually funny to me until now. How could somebody be that way?' I also laughed along with her. 'Only God knows what he wants with me.'

'He probably wants to show you what's it like to be a big brother or probably cajole you to be on his team.' Rhoda joked.

'Right. But how will he even do that when he doesn't know I'm me? I intend to keep my personality secret.'

'He doesn't have to know. Let's see how long it would take him to figure it out.' Rhoda whispered and laughed again

'I bet it may eventually take a year…'

'Or two…'

'Or forever.'

I knew what I told Rhoda about her big brother certainly made her day and I felt a feeling of fulfilment sweep over me as we both jumped from one gossip to another.

It was petty but I didn't care.


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Thanks so much dear. It took a lot of courage to come back cos I was scared you guys would simply roast me.... So, here I am now, trying to act like I've not been away for almost a decade.
Actually it may take you some courage. I understand the pressure like how ll there take it, won't They criticise it and many more but remember some of us still belief in you cos u gat d potential and we can't even see you as failure even if this current story didn't meet expectation cos is not easy. So bring it on

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I'm only human, I make mistakes
I'm only human that's all it takes
To put the blame on me
Don't put the blame on me
'Cause I'm no prophet or messiah
You should go looking somewhere higher

- Rag'n'bone man


'Good morning.' I yawned my greeting to my new boss. 'I am sorry… I…' I wanted to apologize but my apology got caught up in a yawn

I knew I must have looked terrible. I spent the whole night chatting with Rhoda and I eventually ended up waking up late.

Wait for the impending doom called words from your boss' mouth Ehi.

I steadied myself ready to take his insults with levity.

'Please sit down Miss Ehiwo… We need to talk.' He sounded a lot remorseful and… and nice..

But I knew he stopped midway around my name cos, according to him, it is still unpronounceable.

So he found out.


But I was hoping it would take a year or forever.

I sat down on the chair which he pointed to. It was just right before him and was only seperated from him by his desk. A cup of coffee was lying on my own end of the table.

'You should take it. I think you need it.' He urged when he saw me staring at the coffee.


Not falling for the trap.

It may had been dosed or poisoned or something and that could be punishment for playing around with him.

How the hell did he even figure out?

He rose from his chair and walked to me.

' I didn't exactly act friendly towards you yesterday. Let's start from there.

He probably thinks the line he dropped would make me start talking, well he is so wrong if he thinks things work that way.

'I am so sorry. I don't understand what you mean by that and I would just go ahead and do my job which is to prepare your for a meeting with the staffs and…' It took me all the courage I could muster to pretend like that.

'I know this is all about how I acted yesterday.' He started, stopping me from reciting his appointments to him. I want you to understand that everything was just a big misunderstanding…'

'A big misunderstanding that you were rude and arrogant or what?' I blurted out, not quite sure what I was doing and for a moment, nothing felt wrong.'

'My sister has got some sort of army here or what? I bet you guys draw out your plans on how to hate me and make my life miserable during my stay here.' He said and he managed to give an half smile.

Well, if he says it like that, it wouldn't be untrue.

That was what I spent the whole night doing anyway.

'Can I recite your appointment to you now?' I asked, drawing up the professional cloak once again.

'Yeah. But you can do me a favour of adding 'drink with Ehiwo… Drink with you after work today.' He said as he returned to his seat while I scribbled his words down as he said it then paused midway.

'I am not drinking with you.' I said looking at him in the face, the first time today. 'Sir' I also added. 'And you can simply call me Ehi if you can't pronounce the full name.' I said then remembered I never added 'Sir' which I eventually did.

'The way you say the 'Sir', nobody needs a sage to tell him it all smelled of spite. You can just drop the title.'

Wow, Einstein? Does it take that long to figure out?

'Okay. But you are still going to drink with me.' He said it like it was meant to be.

'I am not, Sir. You want me to drink with you after work today, and my service to you ends 6:30pm. You can't force me to do anything for you after 6:30 pm, Sir.' I made him realise he doesn't own me.

'I can finish my schedule before 6:30 and the rest of the time left, you belong to me right?' He leaned forward and gave me an inquiring stare and it was creepy.

What came over him?

I prefer the evil him. He was easier to hate that way.

'You can't possibly finish your schedule before 6:30pm. Besides, even if you manage to, which you won't, by the way, you can't force me to drink with you. I may still be stuck with you here but I don't get to do everything you say that doesn't have to do with professionalism e.g talking about my best friend.'

'It doesn't matter, I can do the talking while you do the listening. So, let's start working' He stood upu abruptly and exited his office leaving me to think for a while before joining him.

'Which part of it isn't possible to finish everything before 6:30 were you talking about again?' Peter leaned towards me and his face spelt mockery.

Okay he won this time.

And I'm so mad.

I picked up the half empty drink before me and sipped through the straw with a frown.

How did he even finish everything an hour before 6:30 despite the fact that I stalked him?

Was he that desperate? What does he want from me?

We were both alone in the company's cafeteria as virtually everybody already left.

He was sitting across the table just two feets away from from me.

'I know you are mad but I won and you have no choice but to listen to me.' He said and also sipped his drink.

'Okay. About yesterday, I was in an aggression transferring mode and I totally lost it.' He said.

If that was meant to be an apology then he sure as hell needs help.

I don't even know if that was an apology or we were both here to state obvious facts like I am a female and he is a male.

I yawned to show him I was bored.

'See, I am not exactly good with apologies and emotions but I am trying. So you can yawn all you may, I still have you for the next fifty minutes or so.'

I rolled my eyes at him.

'The big thing is, my sister doesn't want to see me. She doesn't want to know me and she obviously doesn't want me to exist. Something I'm sure even you can attest to if you really are her best friend.'

Well, I wouldn't want to know you if I were your sister too.

'I want us to bury the hatchet and just let the baseless hatred slide. If you and I start on that foot, I might eventually get my sister to talk to me.' He said looking straight at me for some sort of approval.

'Permission to be unprofessional?' I asked him when it appeared he was done talking.


'That's so not going to happen.' I answered with a fallen tone but making sure I was audible enough. ' I am not bonding with you. I don't like you and I don't want to.' I uttered a lot more audible 'We'd both keep our relationship as professional as possible. So, that's just the deal. And if that would be all, I would like to know if I am free to go home


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The pain was controlling me
Untamed the beast in me.

- Anonymous


'Don't leave me Kate! Please…' I was on my knees as I held Kate's slippery hands with both my hands but my grip weren't tight enough. It just wasn't.

Even though I mustered all the strength I could to hold onto her slippery hands, it just slips off so easy like I wasn't there holding onto it like my whole life depended on it. Slowly, I could feel her palm slid off mine and slowly, I couldn't feel her hand anymore.

I could barely see her!

She was fading right before my eyes.

And like a puzzle, tiny pieces of hers dispersed and flew off in different directions, leaving me holding onto the darkness. In my stunned and shattered state, I felt a cold breeze sweep across me, whispering into my ears as it does…

'I am sorry' Was the faint whisper that came from the breeze…

'Grinnnnnnngrinnnnnnnnn' came the deafening sound from my phone stirring me up from the nightmare I just had.


Anything that involves Kate just has to be a nightmare.

I stretched my arm to pick up my phone from the other side of the bed and stopped the alarm with a tap at the screen without even looking at it.

I was still in the cloth I wore to work and it was quite dark outside and that was a bit odd as it was just a few minutes past seven in the evening. I rolled on the bed until I was lying on my back while staring up at the ceiling.

Why would I even dream about Kate?

I knew there were times when I couldn't go a day without thinking about her but gone are those days! Weeks have passed without me even accidentally thinking about her. So, why would someone I consciously don't remember appear in my subconscious? I raised my eyebrow questioningly at the ceiling.

The ceiling stared back at me blankly, probably confused as I was.

'Knock Knock. Can I come in?' The voice, coming out of the blues and being a voice I kind of dreaded, startled me and before I knew it, I was already in a sitting position staring in the direction the voice came from. The door.

I was even more shocked when my assumption was confirmed as my step mom stood in the door way, arms carefully wrapped around her bosom.

'Can I come in? She asked again. But I couldn't figure out why she kept asking because she was already in my room! Just right before the door!

What does she want from me? What is she doing in my room? How long has she been standing there? And most importantly, how did she even get in!

'Your door was left wide open.' She answered providing an answer to my question just as quickly as the question popped up in my head. 'So I guess your silence to my request means yes. I can't stand in the doorway forever.' She said as she walked inside the room towards me. She sat on the bed a few distances away from me.

The atmosphere in the room became awkward.

Here I was sitting beside my step mum. In my room. On my bed. A woman, who just like her daughter, couldn't deal with my sudden inclusion as a part of the family.

A woman who had never uttered a word to me ever since I stepped in this house.

A woman who we had both lived under the same roof literally as strangers for the past few days.

So, yeah. The atmosphere has to be awkward with all the aforementioned reasons.

'Edward told me he was once married. He told me he had a son.' She started, knowing clearly I was attentive. 'That was of course, when I met him. He told me about how he was separated from his son early because he could hardly fend for himself. He told me everything. Then, he was still searching for you and your mother. He wanted you in his custody. He was ready to give it whatever it takes just to have his son with him. But, as fate would have it, he couldn't find you or your mother despite all his efforts. Not until now when you had to walk in with your own legs in search of your father which was so unexpected. It was as unexpected as finding a feather on a bull. Because, all my life, I have always thought you were not going to come back. I've always thought maybe you and your father aren't destined to meet which was the reason why I never mentioned to Rhoda that she has a brother out there somewhere. I guess that explains her shock. The shock that she has to start competing for things she never competed for in the past.' She paused for a while then continued.

'When you appeared, out of the blues. I was quite surprised as you were the last person I was expecting to show up at our doors. But you did show up and there was nothing I could do about it. You have no one but your father now. I couldn't find the right word to say to you when you did. I can't even explain what I felt towards you but if I have to be honest with you, it was anything but love. I can't just warm up to you. I can't just accept you that quick and easy. I am human. And I swear, I would have accepted you and cared for you like my own then when your father was hell bent on finding you. I was ready then. I was so ready and I waited. I waited along with your father. But now, I am not so ready. I have long forgotten about you and you showed up just unexpectedly. You might keep wondering why I am saying all these all of a sudden. The reason isn't for you to pardon me or feel sorry for me or just to share my own side of the story with you. I am saying this because I want you to realise that I don't want to hate you. You are my husband's son and I am willing to work towards loving you as a part of this family.' She completed her speech and I couldn't help but believe her. There was too much sincerity in all she said

'You don't have to say anything. I believe I have said all that has to be said.' She said then patted me on the shoulder while a half smile hung on her lips before exiting.

I sighed. Deeply. And then it dawned on me that I was late.

I glanced at my wristwatch to see how far behind time I was and I discovered I was twenty-five minutes late. I slipped on a pair of sandals and literally jogged down the stairs.

'Why are you following me?' I stopped to ask Karim, my driver when I discovered he was actually walking behind me towards the garage. I was so in a hurry that I started walking again, terribly pissed by the delay.

'I believe you are going out sir.'

'Yes I am but I don't need you to chauffer me down to where I am going.'

'But sir. I was instructed to always…' he tried to protest.

'I said I don't need your help!!' I yelled and I could see him tremble and backed off.

I may have been a little harsh on him but I was past caring.

Why do everybody in this house have this syndrome of sticking their heads into other people's business?

I jumped inside the Hummer parked in the garage and sped out of the compound before anybody could say 'Pete'.


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fiyah, fiyah is back!


It's so nice to have you back again sis.
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Leaves fall. Rain dries
Snow melts. Fame dies
Four words, simply
Grow old, with me.
- Jon Bellion


'Are you sure you want to stay the night? It's totally no problem if you want to but… you know, I just want us to be clear you really want to stay.' David asked stealing a glance at me before directing his gaze almost immediately back to the road. I couldn't tell what was in his eyes. It looked like annoyances but I actually think he is just tired.

David is an overwhelming and cool lover but a careful and good driver too.

He just got back from a business trip in Abuja and I was the first person he came to see. Yeah! That explains why I could barely take my eyes off him as he drove, with me sitting on the passenger's seat just beside him to his house.

Like, how can someone be so loving, caring and heavenly handsome at the same time?

Like what's so exceptional about me that David had to settle for me?

I am not saying I am some ugly spot. The truth is I have been called pretty by strangers and families alike.
Like I have lost count of who, when and where I had been called pretty.

I won Miss GIC... My college's beauty pageant and I have the trophy hanging in my room as proof. So I know, I am pretty. Very pretty to be precise.

But the point I'm trying to make is, I am not the only pretty girl in the world whose father is rich. I mean, David could get prettier girls with a snap of his fingers.

His Dad is one of the top 3 shareholders of S&G Beverages and David works as the Head of the Marketing department. So what I think is, I am just so lucky to have him as mine.

'Yeah. Sure' I answered quickly. I don't need to guess why he was skeptical about me staying the night. I know it has something to do with his sister and his mum. David is that kind of boyfriend who would never admit his mum and sister hate me even though he knows it. But, today isn't about his mum and sis.

I want to be with David. That's all that matters.

It's been two weeks since he left for Abuja and I missed him so much.

Especially since all these things have been happening.

All these things that starts and ends with my sudden stepbrother who I am not so sure David have heard about and who I plan on letting him know today.

And I also the need and want to escape the guilt gnawing at my heart whenever Ehi is around. I couldn't help feeling guilty that my best friend is unaware of me planning to dish out my wedding invitation card.

'Why did you move to Ehi's place?' He threw the question at me out of the blues. 'I went to your place and I talked to your dad. He told me you moved.'

Oh oh! I hope Dad didn't tell him about…

'Your stepbrother. When were you planning to tell me about him?' David said it and I could sight a tone of annoyance in his voice.

The annoyance was quite evident and I could tell it wasn't exhaustion I saw on his face earlier on.

'I was going to tell you. I was planning to tell you…'

'Why are you just going to tell me now!?' I don't know if I was the one with hearing disabilities or David actually just yelled at me. It wasn't until he complimented his statement by slamming on the brakes that it dawned on me he was actually mad at me.

'I heard in Abuja!' He said again looking at me right in the face but I couldn't help kowtowing under the fury in his eyes . 'When people asked me if it was true I told them it wasn't because I thought if it were, my girlfriend would have told me. But I was wrong. You kept it to yourself. There are times when I wonder if I even know you. You keep a lot of things to yourself! But this is just too big a thing and I wasn't expecting you to keep it away from me but you still did. I don't know what to say to you right now. I have nothing to say to you.' He said shaking his head in disappointment then turned back to driving.

You know there are times when someone would be mad at you and all you have to do is just sit back in silence while you wait for the anger to subside as any effort in trying to redeem yourself will only aggravate the situation?


This is one of such moments.

And sitting back in silence was exactly what I did.



'Are you still mad at me?' I turned back to the sight of my Dad who was standing just behind me. His almost grey brows creasing dolefully.

I was standing in front of the huge mirror in my bedroom, staring at my reflection as I tried on the black tuxedo I was planning to wear to work.

Okay, firstly, I need to start closing my door.

'No, Dad.' I answered and I managed to part my mouth into a soft smile. I couldn't help noticing it still felt awkward calling him Dad.

It has always been odd calling him that for the past few days.

I was thinking I would get used to it but I see no improvement.

All my life, I have never remembered calling anyone 'dad'

Not the bag of chaos my mum's family set her up with. The one man I finally had the courage of engaging in physical combat with after watching him batter my mum any slight chance he gets for years while I cried.

Yeah. I beat him to a pulp and he had us packing.

That was after I spent days in the cell.

'We have never really had the chance to talk. Father to son, son to father. I want us to do that right now.' My dad said as he propped himself into a sitting position on my bed while he patted the space beside him for me to sit down.

'I have a meeting with all the shareholders this morning. They all wanted…' I tried to protest, still standing.

'I know. I am supposed to be there with you rmember? You still have an hour or so… I won't take your time… it would just be a few minutes.' He urged.

I hesitated for a while then sat beside him after giving it a thought.

'I never meant to leave you, Peter. I have always wanted my son to be with me. To live and grow with me. But your mother got tired of struggling with me. Her family made sure of that. They never made it easy for either of us from the start. I guess, they thought they were just looking out for their youngest sibling… When your mother decided…'

'...decided to leave you, you wanted me in your custody but her family were stronger and you weren't. So she left the city with me to somewhere you had no idea to marry another man… I know that story.' I have heard it a thousand times. Mostly from my mum and yesterday, I heard another version from my stepmom and one thing was certain, my mum was the one who left my dad. So I don't need to be reminded my mum was in the wrong. Yeah, I get it.
My mom, unlike any other person, admitted she was wrong. She told me everything even though every single line in her story pointed my dad innocent.

'Maybe I have another version.' He tried to persuade me but I cut him short.

.Maybe we shouldn't talk about my mum.' We've both managed not to dwell on her and I don't want us to start. The last time I did, was when I told him she was dead.

'Okay then. I won't talk about your mother.' He said then paused for a while. 'Do you have any idea why I made you the CEO?' He asked looking at me with utmost curiosity and with inquiry strewed across his face.

'Because I came to you as your son and I told you I needed a job?' I answered clueless about the sudden show of abysmal seriousness.

'If that was the reason, I could have given you any other job aside the CEO. But I made you the CEO despite having to battle the shareholders and my family. Aren't you curious…'

I wasn't because I wasn't here for the CEO thingy. I know why I am here and I know it is all just temporary.

'Because I have a good qualification in Business Administration and my resume…'

I got interrupted by the sound coming from my cellphone in my breast pocket. I picked the call.

'Oh… I would be right there.' I ended my call with that and my dad doesn't need me to tell him it was about the meeting before he knows it.

'I guess we'd postpone our discussion till another time. I would come and join you people at the meeting.' He said, the reluctance in ending the conversation clearcut in his voice and also on his face.

"Okay." I said as I wore my shoes and made for the door.

'Peter' My dad stopped me and I didn't have to look back at him. 'How did Wura die?' He asked and I could sense gloom in his voice. He seemed saddened.

He doesn't have to fake it.

I learnt he hated my mum after what she did. So, I wasn't sure whether or not to trust his calignosity.

I don't know what I felt when he said that but I know it wasn't joy.

'She died of natural causes.' I said and exited the room before he could ask another question about my mum


Re: Three Sides Of A Coin by azeezat22(f): 2:47pm On Sep 02, 2017
loving it

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Re: Three Sides Of A Coin by pweetymhi(f): 9:25pm On Sep 02, 2017
Gbam dz z so relishing, i am so much loving dz, weldone ma

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Re: Three Sides Of A Coin by fiyah(f): 10:18pm On Sep 02, 2017


If I could just get a big bowl of popcorn plus a large bottle of soft drink or wine, this would be the greatest show of all time.

And it isn't supposed to be so because this is a meeting.

But I have this feeling it would be an interesting meeting.

Yeah. It has to be.

David was standing and he just threw a question at Chief Silva which left the board room a little too rowdy for a board meeting condition.

It was like a free comedy show. Although the real show hasn't started, I could bet my last cash on this meeting eventually ending up being one.

Peter was under attack. It was like a staring contest down here. Different pairs of eyes stared him down from south, east and west of the board room and I was there, sitting right beside him, my chin on my open palm, preying and waiting for the drama to unfold.

What actually surprised me was the grace at which he carefully hid any duress he was under. He acted as though how the board looked at him and the mummurs emanating from different parts of the room doesnt phase him.

Just beside Peter was Chief Silva and next to chief Silva was an empty seat which I don't need anyone telling me belonged to Rhoda.

Rhoda told me she wouldn't come.

She was still at David's even though David was present at the meeting.

'Mr Owolabi' Chief Silva started, calmly from where he sat as he made to answer David's question. His speech, drawing a cloak of silence on the room once again. 'I don't think I need to personally inform you that I don't feel too well to handle my company for a few days and me, choosing my son to help me with that doesn't require you to be the judge of anything..'

David attacked once again before Chief Silva could complete his statement.

'I have to apologize in advance for what I'm about to say but this son you are talking about, Sir, is someone who nobody knew existed until a few days ago. This son is someone who doesn't even know how this company is being run or had been headed over the past few decades. What I am saying in essence is, you can't solely decide on a huge matter as who heads this company just like that. I am just a bit concerned if you aren't being too blind that you would rather choose the love for your son over what and who is best for this company which is rather, the major goal of everyone else.'

The rage.

The tension.

The heat.

The sudden silence as everyone dwelled on what David just said overwhelm the board room in a matter of seconds.

Chief's lip parted into a smile while maintaining eye contact with David. The smile seemed creepy to me because it doesn't seem like a smile coming from the heart.

'So, who do you suggest I choose? Who do you think is best for the company?..' Chief Silva said and David quickly cut in.

'I am not suggesting anything….'

'Are you suggesting YOU?' That coming from chief got my jaw dropping and I found myself trying to sit upright.

David was also stunned by that but he was quick to blink out the surprise as he made to talk again.

'Sir, you can't...'

'I am the founder and CEO of this company! I built this company from the scratch and I don't need anyone, definitely not you, to tell me how I run my company!' Chief Silva said again but David was quick to interrupt his statement again.

'With all due respect Sir, nobody is doubting the fact that you owned this company so we aren't here to polish your ego while you assure yourself this company is still yours.'


That was a low ball.

A straight kick in the groin.

I am so lost on whose side I am on.

My best friend's dad.

Or her fiancé.

Does David realise he is talking to his father-in-law?

On normal days, I would have had Chief's back but even I couldn't help thinking he is the one with the bad decision here.

'and I am sure and I believe when I speak, I speak for everyone in this room except maybe you and your son when I say, we are all just scared you are making a grave mistake by neglecting the board of directors when you made a decision as huge as this.' David got the chance of completing his sentence but was interrupted by the clearing of throat from the left side of the room.

Everyone averted their gaze to Dr. Anya, the president, who rose to address the room. His completely bald hair was the first thing that got my attention when I looked at him.

He has an amazingly bald hair.

'I wouldn't agree with you, Mr Owolabi on the part where you said you speak for everyone. I wouldn't say you speak for me, nor my vice or other executive members of this great organization.' He said gesticulating towards the group of people on his own side of the room as they all nodded to compliment his statement.

'The appointment of Mr Peter Silva as the acting CEO of Silva and Gold Beverages wasn't a sole decision on Chief Edward Silva's part even though he could decide to do it solely. Some of us were aware. And we've all agreed that we are going to give Mr Peter a chance, specifically a period of two months to prove himself. Especially during this period when the company is experiencing some sort of downturn…'

'I think the point Mr Owolabi was trying to make before you interrupted him was, is appointing a new CEO the best decision to make right now? According to the facts I have on ground which even you confirmed just now, the company is deteriorating and it has been facing a major problem especially the law suit filed against us by Kobi community concerning the pollution of their environment by the S $ G factory located there. So the big question is, is this right time to appoint a new CEO? A new CEO who I am afraid, doesn't know the demon we've been silently battling? I need to make it clear that we face the possibility of being shut down.' Mrs Okorie, who was sitting just right beside David rose to say before finally sitting down.

'I understand your concern, Mrs Okorie. But I need us to draw our minds back to some three years ago. We all remembered that time, our major competitor, Prince Oil and Canned food was facing some downturn. Everyone was so sure they were at the peak of breaking and packing up until they bounced back like nothing happened. In an interview with Business Daily, the CEO of Prince revealed that the secret to that was because he sourced for solution to the problems they were faced with then in some form of contest to graduates of Business Administration of which Mr Peter Silva emerged the winner. Prince Oil recommended Mr Peter as a useful and wonderful tool of progress in the resume he submitted. ' Dr Anya paused to continue. 'The bottomline of this epistle is, maybe we need a change. And I believe Mr Peter has something good to offer us. Let's give him a chance. Two months at most, just to prove himself.'

Dr Anya is a respected personality and I knew already that half the board was cerebrally routing for Peter.

Yeah, the meeting ended and Peter got majority of the board's approval.

'I am sorry about how my son acted during the meeting…' That was David's dad with Chief Silva. Both were conversing at one side of the board room. I was somehow sure as hell he wasn't actually sorry. It amazes me, he was silent throughout the meeting anyway.

His eyes were on his son throughout the meeting.

I was standing beside Peter who was busy saying something to Mrs Okorie. Something I was not interested in.

'I understand. I know it has something to do with my daughter. David was just looking out for her.' Chief Silva smiled genuinely showing the drama in the board room doesn't exactly bother him. Both men soon lapsed into trivia conversation as they walked outside the board room.

Mrs Okorie also left. And I was left with Peter… and of course, David.

David was standing before Peter right now and I could see Peter's vein reddened in his skull.

'Congratulations, Mr CEO, I hope we'd both set aside our differences and work towards bringing this company into greatness.' David said as he thrusted his hand out of his trouser's pocket for an handshake.

'Of course.' Peter replied, a stiff, teeth gritting, lifeless smile forming on his lips as he made to give David an arm ripping handshake.

Trust me when I say the handshake seem nothing like the 'oh it is the beginning of our friendship' handshake to me. It was more like a 'You-just-made-yourself-an-enemy, The-battleline-has-just-been-drawn!' Kind of handshake

That's just the perfect picture and I think you get the message now.

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Re: Three Sides Of A Coin by fiyah(f): 10:22pm On Sep 02, 2017

I couldn't find a day I didn't feel alone
I never meant to cry, started losing hope
But somehow baby
You broke through and saved me

- Florida Georgia Line


Everything seemed crazy.

Right from my brother -I mean step-brother, to the company, to David; who have chosen not to speak to me since he learnt I hid stuffs about my brother and the company.

I was simply hoping that would change soon. I can't stand it when David wouldn't say a word to me.

But it so happens, that whenever I think deeply about how everything actually went down, it all summed up to one thing. Which is, I got replaced by some dude who appeared out of nowhere to disrupt everything that had been working fine for not just me but everyone as well.

I have been working hard towards not thinking about it all. I am focused on maintaining an inner peace with myself because I know everything would be fine in a matter of time.

I was sitting on David's king sized bed, simply swaddled in his brown turtlenecked woolen sweater which looked a lot oversized on me, with the braids on my head roughly rolled into a boll as I entertained myself with a novel carefully opened before me.

My stomach rumbled loudly just when I was about to decide on whether jumping off the bed or not.

The thing is, I had been starving all day but I couldn't stand up to get myself something to eat. The fear of running into David's mum or his sister totally kept me in bed silently praying for David to get back home as quickly as possibly while shunning the fact that he would be late knowing he actually would be because, apart from his daily schedule, he has a meeting.

I conjured the boldness in me and made for the door hoping I would be as lucky as I was yesterday. That is, not running into Rachael or her Mum.

'Hey…' I let the 'Hey' linger in the air as I searched for a not so stupid thing to say.

Who could have thought Rachel would be in the living room, fully stretched while lying on her stomach on one of the sofas? With an earpiece plucked in one of her ears, she hummed a popular song.

She looked up at me when I said 'Hey' then diverted her gaze back to her phone almost immediately which got me guessing she probably didn't know I was the one. My guess was confirmed when she raised her brows as she looked up at me once again.

'Oh… it is you again.' She said spiritless and bored. Like something a ten year old would say to the Network News at nine.

That is like the most callous comparison anyone could make of a human. A unique creation!

Why do I have great expectations anyway? She undoubtedly hates me and I don't see that changing now. Maybe never. If and only if she would just tell me why.

But I am guessing it's the fear of sharing her only sibling's attention and love and presence and care and…

Well, I have been there too. I understand what it is like to share something dear to you. But, her brother is a guy! He was meant to wed someday! It's nothing like what I am battling with. My dad has a choice! To have a son or not to. I lived all my life believing I was the only child only for that to get squashed just when I thought everything was perfect. So that is betrayal! And it is nothing like what she is selfishly holding onto.

'Are you going to stand there all day? Of all places, you had to choose the place just right behind me where I could easily breathe your existence? You are getting in my head! Sit down or do whatever it is you want to do but don't stand behind me okay?…' Rachel just had to unleash the beast just when I was thinking she had probably learnt some common courtesy. She said it calmly without looking at me. She talked to me like I wasn't meant to be looked at in the face.

This girl is just nineteen!

How could a teenager be without this much manners?

'Why are you bitter towards me?' I knew this was a bad idea when I said it. Or, what could possibly be worse than confronting the agent of lousiness knowing so well you are no match for her? But to hell with that. This girl could be my younger sister if I had one and we could just start with straightening stuffs out.

'Because you seem not to get it!' Sitting upright like she was finally trying to say something sensible, Rachel turned to look at me in the face. 'I don't like you. My mom doesn't either. Isn't that enough reason for you to… you know, bail?'

Why would someone say something of that magnitude, calmly?

I squeezed my face in disgust.

Like, Eewk! How can somebody be so heartless? What specie of animal is this girl?

'Your dad does and that matters to me. I don't care what you think or what your proposition is. I like your brother. You will have to learn to live with us together because that is how we will eventually end up. TO-GE-THER!' That sounds so immature and possessive but there was no better way to deal with this girl.

'Lord of mercy!' She said rolling her eyes dramatically. 'Are you blind or something? My mum doesn't like you. And I specifically hate you but the best thing you could come up with in your defence is, my dad likes you? Just how dumb can you get…'

'What's going on here?' David said as he stepped into the centre of the room looking a bit confused.

Just the person I was expecting.

My saving grace.

Sadly, he wasn't speaking to me.

'Hey sweetheart,' he walked towards me then planted a kiss on my cheek leaving me a bit stunned. 'Let's go inside.' He said leading me inside. I knew it was a gimmick to keep me away from his sister, the terminal tornado but why would I even protest?

'How was work today?' I asked immediately we were in our safe haven and I was sitting on the bed. Even though I was just eager to hear him talk about the outcome of the board meeting.

'It was…' David said then paused as he tried to remove his shoe while sitting.

'Look,' he started again as he climbed on the bed to hold my hands. 'You know you can confide in me right? I have got your back. Whatever you think you can't share with anyone else, you can with me. I promise you I will always have your back. I didn't know just what you were up against. I know things must have been pretty hard on you and I am sorry I was mad at you despite you going through this much. But you are not alone in all this. Everything would be fine okay?' He said drawing me close and holding me tight to his chest as his beards brushed across my forehead.

I don't need anyone to tell me what the outcome of the meeting was. Or how it went down. I could imagine what it was like and I know it should be something close to what I have pictured if not exactly the same thing.

My dad is powerful in these kinds of things and he has got allies. A lot of them.

I don't want this to become a war but it seems to be at the peak of becoming one.

'Rhoda,' He called gently and softly, his husky voice weirdly turning me on while my head still laid on his chest. 'We might have to postpone the wedding. It seems like a very bad idea right now. Not when you are up against your dad and I may also have shaded your pops a little.'

'You don't mean it!' I said releasing myself from his grip a little excited. David stood up against my dad because of me? 'You have to tell me the details of this meeting. The whole details.'


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