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Third Side Of A Coin By Ozii Baba Anieto Episode 3 / Third Side Of A Coin By Ozii Baba Anieto Episode 2 / Third Side Of A Coin By Ozii Baba Anieto (2) (3) (4)

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Re: Three Sides Of A Coin by empress101(f): 10:35pm On Sep 02, 2017
I love dis... nice story.

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Re: Three Sides Of A Coin by azeezat22(f): 11:03pm On Sep 02, 2017
next plsss very interesting kudos to u

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Re: Three Sides Of A Coin by Nobody: 11:21pm On Sep 02, 2017
This story is coming thick and fast. Fiyah really serving us as e dey hot. I hope you won't starve us later sha.

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Re: Three Sides Of A Coin by fiyah(f): 10:10am On Sep 03, 2017

I couldn't find a day I didn't feel alone
I never meant to cry, started losing hope
But somehow baby
You broke through and saved me

- Florida Georgia Line


Everything seemed crazy.

Right from my brother -I mean step-brother, to the company, to David; who have chosen not to speak to me since he learnt I hid stuffs about my brother and the company.

I was simply hoping that would change soon. I can't stand it when David wouldn't say a word to me.

But it so happens, that whenever I think deeply about how everything actually went down, it all summed up to one thing. Which is, I got replaced by some dude who appeared out of nowhere to disrupt everything that had been working fine for not just me but everyone as well.

I have been working hard towards not thinking about it all. I am focused on maintaining an inner peace with myself because I know everything would be fine in a matter of time.

I was sitting on David's king sized bed, simply swaddled in his brown turtlenecked woolen sweater which looked a lot oversized on me, with the braids on my head roughly rolled into a boll as I entertained myself with a novel carefully opened before me.

My stomach rumbled loudly just when I was about to decide on whether jumping off the bed or not.

The thing is, I had been starving all day but I couldn't stand up to get myself something to eat. The fear of running into David's mum or his sister totally kept me in bed silently praying for David to get back home as quickly as possibly while shunning the fact that he would be late knowing he actually would be because, apart from his daily schedule, he has a meeting.

I conjured the boldness in me and made for the door hoping I would be as lucky as I was yesterday. That is, not running into Rachael or her Mum.

'Hey…' I let the 'Hey' linger in the air as I searched for a not so stupid thing to say.

Who could have thought Rachel would be in the living room, fully stretched while lying on her stomach on one of the sofas? With an earpiece plucked in one of her ears, she hummed a popular song.

She looked up at me when I said 'Hey' then diverted her gaze back to her phone almost immediately which got me guessing she probably didn't know I was the one. My guess was confirmed when she raised her brows as she looked up at me once again.

'Oh… it is you again.' She said spiritless and bored. Like something a ten year old would say to the Network News at nine.

That is like the most callous comparison anyone could make of a human. A unique creation!

Why do I have great expectations anyway? She undoubtedly hates me and I don't see that changing now. Maybe never. If and only if she would just tell me why.

But I am guessing it's the fear of sharing her only sibling's attention and love and presence and care and…

Well, I have been there too. I understand what it is like to share something dear to you. But, her brother is a guy! He was meant to wed someday! It's nothing like what I am battling with. My dad has a choice! To have a son or not to. I lived all my life believing I was the only child only for that to get squashed just when I thought everything was perfect. So that is betrayal! And it is nothing like what she is selfishly holding onto.

'Are you going to stand there all day? Of all places, you had to choose the place just right behind me where I could easily breathe your existence? You are getting in my head! Sit down or do whatever it is you want to do but don't stand behind me okay?…' Rachel just had to unleash the beast just when I was thinking she had probably learnt some common courtesy. She said it calmly without looking at me. She talked to me like I wasn't meant to be looked at in the face.

This girl is just nineteen!

How could a teenager be without this much manners?

'Why are you bitter towards me?' I knew this was a bad idea when I said it. Or, what could possibly be worse than confronting the agent of lousiness knowing so well you are no match for her? But to hell with that. This girl could be my younger sister if I had one and we could just start with straightening stuffs out.

'Because you seem not to get it!' Sitting upright like she was finally trying to say something sensible, Rachel turned to look at me in the face. 'I don't like you. My mom doesn't either. Isn't that enough reason for you to… you know, bail?'

Why would someone say something of that magnitude, calmly?

I squeezed my face in disgust.

Like, Eewk! How can somebody be so heartless? What specie of animal is this girl?

'Your dad does and that matters to me. I don't care what you think or what your proposition is. I like your brother. You will have to learn to live with us together because that is how we will eventually end up. TO-GE-THER!' That sounds so immature and possessive but there was no better way to deal with this girl.

'Lord of mercy!' She said rolling her eyes dramatically. 'Are you blind or something? My mum doesn't like you. And I specifically hate you but the best thing you could come up with in your defence is, my dad likes you? Just how dumb can you get…'

'What's going on here?' David said as he stepped into the centre of the room looking a bit confused.

Just the person I was expecting.

My saving grace.

Sadly, he wasn't speaking to me.

'Hey sweetheart,' he walked towards me then planted a kiss on my cheek leaving me a bit stunned. 'Let's go inside.' He said leading me inside. I knew it was a gimmick to keep me away from his sister, the terminal tornado but why would I even protest?

'How was work today?' I asked immediately we were in our safe haven and I was sitting on the bed. Even though I was just eager to hear him talk about the outcome of the board meeting.

'It was…' David said then paused as he tried to remove his shoe while sitting.

'Look,' he started again as he climbed on the bed to hold my hands. 'You know you can confide in me right? I have got your back. Whatever you think you can't share with anyone else, you can with me. I promise you I will always have your back. I didn't know just what you were up against. I know things must have been pretty hard on you and I am sorry I was mad at you despite you going through this much. But you are not alone in all this. Everything would be fine okay?' He said drawing me close and holding me tight to his chest as his beards brushed across my forehead.

I don't need anyone to tell me what the outcome of the meeting was. Or how it went down. I could imagine what it was like and I know it should be something close to what I have pictured if not exactly the same thing.

My dad is powerful in these kinds of things and he has got allies. A lot of them.

I don't want this to become a war but it seems to be at the peak of becoming one.

'Rhoda,' He called gently and softly, his husky voice weirdly turning me on while my head still laid on his chest. 'We might have to postpone the wedding. It seems like a very bad idea right now. Not when you are up against your dad and I may also have shaded your pops a little.'

'You don't mean it!' I said releasing myself from his grip a little excited. David stood up against my dad because of me? 'You have to tell me the details of this meeting. The whole details.'


Maybe there isn't anything like perfect.
Maybe perfect is just a fancy word for flawed.
Flaws sheathed in pretence.



'Huh… are you going somewhere?' I asked stopping in my tracks when I entered Peter's office and the sight that befell me was him hurriedly arranging some files inside his briefcase like he was about to go somewhere.

'I have to get somewhere real quick.' He answered not looking up at me or anything.

'It's almost 6 and you still have to meet up with the Head of the Production department. You said it yourself that it is very important. Mr Festus is on his way down here already.' I stopped hoping I would get a word from him but he still wasn't looking at me. He was done packing the stuffs and the next thing he did was lift the briefcase off his desk and brushed past me as he walked out of his office.

'Wherever it is that you are so in a hurry to get to, can't it wait?' I said as I rushed after him, my heels clicking on the floor as we shuffled through a crowd of people trying to file out of the exit.

'You will have to reschedule with Mr Festus. I would attend to him first thing tomorrow morning' he still wasn't looking at me in the face so I couldn't tell what expression he had on his face. We were almost where his car was parked and I was surprised when there was no driver around the car.

'This is the fourth time in a row that you already rescheduled this very meeting! Is this company some joke to you?' I spat out, stopping in my tracks before realizing I was actually berating my boss.

He has to understand that he can't let Chief down. The old man deserves way more than that after standing up for him like that at the board meeting.

If this is probably some joke to him, Peter needs someone to make him understand it isn't that to some people.

I guess my outburst got to him because he stopped then turn to look at me.

'See, this is very important too. My Dad just called me and he never said what it was. So, reschedule okay?' He said hurriedly then walked towards his car while I stood at the same spot.

My phone began vibrating in my palms as I watched him go with a shoulder slumped in surrender.

It was Chief.

'Hello Sir' I said into the mouthpiece as I walked towards the door.

'Can you give the phone to Peter? I've been trying to reach him all day but he had been on another call. It's urgent.' Chief said from the other end hastily.

'Uhmm… He is on his way down
Or didn't you just call him now?' I asked getting a bit confused then turning to look at Peter's car which was already heading for the gate and shockingly, he was driving himself.

'I haven't spoken to Peter today.' He replied.

'Ooh.' I said flatly as I watched peter drive himself into the open street. 'He just left the premises right now.'

'Oh okay. Never mind then. I would try giving him a call again' Chief said and hung up.'

Why has this guy been acting like some weirdo these days?

He seemed to be up to something.

He had always find excuses for leaving work early and heading out all by himself while making sure his chauffeur got dismissed early.

Something was fishy.

And this just seems like the perfect time to find out what.

I walked hurriedly out of the premises and flagged down a cab.

'Follow that car. I would pay you 10k' I said as I entered shutting the door after me

'Make it 15.' The driver said smirking mischievously. He looked like someone in his late 20's but his looks was everything but comforting. He had his hair dyed purple.

Like who dyes their hair purple?

Like that wasn't enough, the black stud stuck in his ear and the nosering hanging tenaciously from his nose made him look like a character out of a Rockster game.

'I can't offer you anything more than 12. Do we have a deal or not?' I almost yelled, getting impatient as my eyes remained fixed on Peter's car which just turned through a corner.

Before I could even complete my statement, he turned on the ignition and the next thing I knew was we were four, five cars behind Peter and I could feel my head in the wind.

What sorcery is this!

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Re: Three Sides Of A Coin by matrixA(m): 10:56am On Sep 03, 2017
wow! Adrenaline pumping hard,bp rising,what next? We await please.

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Re: Three Sides Of A Coin by DiegoNakel(m): 11:04am On Sep 03, 2017
Fiyah and Suspense are like A new born baby and breast milk....

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Re: Three Sides Of A Coin by pweetymhi(f): 11:14am On Sep 03, 2017
Dz suspense is 3 much Ma'am fiyah we need more

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Re: Three Sides Of A Coin by fiyah(f): 11:51am On Sep 03, 2017

Well, you almost had me fooled
Told me that I was nothing without you
Oh, but after everything you've done
I can thank you for how strong I have become


I slammed on the breaks and my car screeched to a stop, narrowly escaping ramming my car into the legs of a teenage fruit seller who continued hawking her wares like she didn't just bump into the street

I continued driving when it seemed like the danger was over.

I felt someone was following me. I knew someone was following me.

I don't know who or why.

Why would anyone even follow me?

I wanted to shrug off the idea and act like i was merely being hypersensitive and it was all just a figment of my imagination but i knew better than doubt my instinct. I looked through the rear mirror and saw nothing to ascertain my suspicion. everyone seemed to be on their business and no one seemed to care what was wrong with the other.

Even though, that was meant to convince me that i wasn't being followed, I ignored it and just made up my mind to trust my instinct instead.

Increasing the speed at which I was initially moving, I headed towards a T junction, after which I took a sharp turning to the left. Certain I left quite a distance between me and the guy tracking me down (whoever he is,)as there was no car right behind me, I proceeded into the market just at the end of the street.

As expected, the street was busy. Street hawkers, roadside merchants and commercial vehicle drivers going about their activities on what was supposed to be a parallel market seperated by a road extended these activities right onto the road. This made it difficult to keep a constant speed as i rapidly slowed down while maneuvering my way around vehicles parked haphazardly on the sides of the road. I eventually found a perfect spot to park my car. It was a lone spot in the middle of close to fifty cars. I hurriedly hopped down the car, securely locked it, then walk the rest of the street down to a less busy end.

I glanced at my wristwatch and what it read made me mutter a teeth clenching 'poo'with a frown creeping up my face

I waited on the roadside for a few minutes before flagging down the first cab that showed up.

I know it would just be a matter of time before finding out who it was that was following me.

I kind of knew this would happen someday. And it happened.

The summary of it all is I need to be more careful.


'Hey, Rhoda. Call me when you see this. I have something very important to tell you.'

I looked up into the sky for something to add but I knew there was more than a thing to add. There was a lot to add. It would be better if she calls me and we discuss it.

So, I simply ended the call with a sigh instead.

I had been trying all day to call Rhoda who for whatever reasons refused to pick up my call while I kept getting redirected to her voicemail. I had no choice but to eventually leave a message for her while I dealt with the realisation gnawing at my heart all by myself.

I shut my car door, and from where I stood in the parking lot, my eyes fell on Chief, who was standing by the entrance of the company. Shaking hands and exchanging pleasantries with an employee while his aide stood solidly behind him.

What is he doing here anyway?

But who cares?

I need to talk to him.

I hurriedly walked towards him at a pace twice the normal with my speech clearly mapped out only for me for to end up before him as a mute mule.

'Good morning, Ehi.' He said immediately the said employee left and I found myself trying so hard to summon my voice.

Who the hell am I?

Staying fixed to a spot like the statue of liberty only without a torch, i had a one minute battle with my mind on whether or not to tell him about my findings.

I don't even have enough evidence.

But someone needs to warn him about the evil he called a son.

There is no denying Peter is up to something. And no one needs evidences to know it is nothing good.

'I need to talk to you. And it is very important.' I quickly said.

'I would love to have a chitchat with you Ehi but there is a reason why I'm here this morning and I think whatever you have to say can wait...' He said walking into the reception while I hurried behind him.

'I could remember mentioning what I have to say is important as well. Very important to be precise, Sir. It is about Peter.' At the mention of his son's name, he stopped to look at me.

'What about Peter?' He asked, raising his eyebrow curiously.

'You might want to discuss this with me alone.' I said, glancing at his P.A, hoping he would get the message but his blank, expressionless face made it seem as though he didn't. Or maybe he did and he just decided to keep it blank. 'I mean privately.' I added looking directly at him. In the face.

'If you want Private. You will have to wait till I'm done...' He said walking towards the stairs again while I tagged along. Again.

'Peter is up to something. By something, I mean, no good.'

'Really? I understand your support and love for Rhoda. But you, making baseless accusations against her brother will make nothing better. In fact, it is called going overboard. He is your boss, remember?' He said as he ascended the stairs while I paused.

'Have you ever considered the possibility... I mean, maybe, just maybe it is not you and your son against the world? Has it ever occured to you that some people don't just make rational jugdements based on their hatred or likes? It is true, I have a best friend in Rhoda but Have you ever thought some of us don't care who rules or who drives this company as long as it is towards greatness? If you would just be sincere with yourself and try not to cloud your judgment, you will listen to me because what I'm about to say is all in the best interest of the company.' I could feel my chest rising and dropping with rage until common sense set in and it dawned on me I was talking to my boss and my best friend's dad.

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Re: Three Sides Of A Coin by matrixA(m): 12:09pm On Sep 03, 2017
more please. Can't wait o. Abi u need typist?

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Re: Three Sides Of A Coin by azeezat22(f): 3:29pm On Sep 03, 2017
DAT peter is up to something but any way let wait and see .fiyah u are doing a job great kudos to u

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Re: Three Sides Of A Coin by Jasmine4(f): 4:27pm On Sep 03, 2017
Miss Fiyah please update oooo!

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Re: Three Sides Of A Coin by fiyah(f): 5:59pm On Sep 03, 2017
'Is that what you wanted to tell me about Peter? That he went somewhere and lied about it? This is your idea of a private conversation?' I could tell Chief was mentally rolling his eyes after I was done with my little story.

He led me into the boardroom after my little outburst finally conceeding to my demand for some privacy. We were in the soundproof haven all by ourself.

'That is worth something you know. He told me you called him as an excuse to leave work early as opposed to what you told me. You told me you haven't talked to him that day. It means he has something to hide from me, from you, and from everybody.' My argument was weak and I suddenly regretted talking to Chief about this.

Way to go Ehi.

You just portrayed yourself as some desperate being and also on the plus side, you made yourself a public fool.

'Have you considered the fact that he might be seeing someone. A girl possibly and he wants to keep it secret? You are all up in his business and when he sensed someone following him, he made a run for it. Disappearing before you could make something out it. You see, Ehi, I know you have less love for him so you probably didn't consider all these.' Chief argued and the reasons he gave made sense only I know he wasn't seeing a girl.

'But he keeps postponing his meeting with the head of production department! He is neglecting his duties! He hasn't dealt with the law suit from Kobi community, the major battle of the company. He is obsessed with something! He keeps receiving calls and he leaves work early! He is getting distracted! Even if he is in a relationship, I think he is old enough to keep is personal life from colliding with his professional life. It would be pathetic if the CEO you were routing badly for at the board meeting ended up not being the iconic piece that was painted on everyone's mind but instead a piece of work who couldn't handle his career and his personal life without mixing them all up. It is your duty as a father and as the founder of this company to see to that. So, yes, it is my business. I was merely looking out for you and of course Rhoda. She didn't just work herself up to be the Queen the of ruins.' I argued and it sounded as though I was desperate for a comeback.

'This conversation is over.' He said and made for the door but I stopped him.

'You haven't called Rhoda since she left home. Have you?' I didn't even know where that came from but I asked anyways. He had been so obsessed with Peter lately that I couldn't help thinking he probably forgot he had a daughter.

His reply was silence. Exactly what I was expecting.

'Rhoda can't always get what she wants. She clearly needs some break. And if running away from me,from her brother, from the family is the best way she thinks she can handle this phase, who am I to stop her?.' He said in a fallen tone suggesting something I couldn't clearly decipher. Was that guilt? Regret? Or just a sudden surge of negative emotion? I couldn't tell.

'But you can't be so sure unless you have a real conversation with her. You guys can't keep going on like this. And you can't always be about Peter. It seems as though you are abandoning her because of peter. It isn't fair.' I tried to take advantage of what the low tone suggests to sow a seed of guilt in his mind.

'Ehi,'He called out of the blues, looking at me in the face. 'There is something on your cheeks.'

'There is?'I said momentarily moving my hands to my cheek.

'It is called desperation. He added and that made me feel somewhat stupid.
'Fix it. Don't make things up. Come to me when you have evidences he isn't seeing someone.' He said and opened the door and I could see him head down the hallway, leaving me in the boardroom.

Chief is just in denial. He didn't see the bigger picture.

But I did.

And I just have to prove it to him.


'I received your voicemail. I left my phone behind, had to go to the mall. What is the important stuff?' I said into the phone while I walked the length of David's bedroom with one hand supporting my phone placed on my ear and the other carefully wrapped around my armpit. What I got from Ehi's end of the line was a long pause. I had to pull my phone off my ear to ensure she was still on the line.

'Yeah. There is nothing exactly important. I was just checking up on you... yeah... just checking...'She lied. It was so obvious she was lying. How could someone be this obvious while lying?

'Choose a number between 1 and 2...' I said.

'What has that got to do with anything...' She tried to protest but I cut her short

'Just choose.' I rolled my eyes impatiently.

'1.5?' She said and it was more like a question.

'That's your IQ.'

'What was that for?' She said evidently heartbroken.

'Ehi. It is obvious you are pathetically trying to hold whatever it is you want to tell me back. You lied about checking up on me. When was the last time you checked up on me? You always have a reason. Even if it is just to insult me. Besides, you used 'very important'. You rarely use 'very'.' I paused then continued. 'If it is something that would break my heart, trust me. I can handle it.'

'Hmmm... I am still trying to get my facts ready. I will tell you. I just want to have my facts right.' She finally answered and it was at this moment David came inside the room. The upper part of his body Unclad and wet.

'Okay then. Let me know, when you have your 'facts right'. Bye now.' I said then hung up while my eyes feasted on David's body as he walked towards me.

'Ehi?' David said lifting me off the floor without hunching his back or groaning.

I nodded my reply and planted a kiss on his lips. We stayed like that for a few minutes, gazing at each other while our foreheads touched. He laid me carefully on his king sized bed. He nibbled at my ear while caressing my hair making me slightly oblivious of my environment.

'You should be at work you know.' I managed to mutter through clenched teeth as he found his way to my neck while his index finger traced the outline of my left arm.

'Yeah, but I've got some unfinished business with you first.' He said, his head still buried under my chin as he bit the skin over my clavicle.

'Oh my God!'I groaned partly because my hormones were actually doing the talking and also because David had to stand up and answer his ringing phone which happened to interupt our pleasure session.

'Do you really have to answer that now? You have unfinished business with me remember?' I coaxed and purred, propping myself into a sitting position. I watched David stare at his cellphone from where it laid on the dressing table. I could see a frown creep up his reflection through the mirror as he has his back turned to me.

'What is wrong?'I asked as the silence from him did nothing to calm my nerves. 'Is everything Okay?' I asked again when I was greeted with silence once again.

'I guess our unfinished business can wait. It is a call from the office.' He said as he tore himself away from the mirror and walked to the closet to get himself dressed.

'You can be a few minutes late. Nobody will question you if you are just a few minutes behind time today...'

'Trust me honey, it isn't all that easy. Anymore.' He said as he slipped on a white shirt over the black trouser he already wore while maintaining eye contact with me. He didn't know it but what he said kind of got to me a little. It just reminded me of where I left off and where I am now.

'Your brother is more like a tyrant. I think he has a specially designed hatred for me.'David said and he giggled making it seem funny and I had to realize that was weirdly that that was his own idea of humour.

'He is not my brother.' I objected to his statement.

'Yeah, I know.'He said as he sat beside me on the bed. He was fully dressed now and he was looking at me lovingly. 'He is your stepbrother. But, that doesn't matter. What matters is, you'd be back on the throne he stole from you in no time.'He said and planted a kiss on my lips while I sat there, my hands turked inside the sleeve of the grey sweatshirt I wore while they rested on my laps.

I watched him head to the door, his hand on the handle before abruptly turning to flash me a heartwarming smile.

'I can't wait to have you back. At work, of couse. I'd do anything to get you back the company.' He said, the reassuring smile still on his lips. I couldn't help smiling back. It was the least I could do to assure him everything was fine even though I was hurting inside. I trust him.

'See you in the evening.' He added before leaving the room.

I fell back on the bed, my head resting on my hands, sighing.

I stayed like that for some minutes contemplating on whether to give my dad a call or not.

Wouldn't it seem desperate? Well, he is my father but I could as well use the remaining dignity left in me judiciously. I've got to have some self respect. I am already being weaned into insanity by David's mum and his sister. I can endure that but I can't fall short of pride when it comes to my own father.

What would I even say to him?

This is just a bad idea.

I certainly won't beg him. Nor would I use Ehi's lame tactic of 'I was just checking up on you'. That would be hilariously pathetic especially since I haben't called or received calls from him for close to two... I mean THREE weeks now.

Either I wasn't listening to the the voices in my head or I was just as desperate as it seems, I stretched my hand to pick up the phone that laid just right side me. I picked it up and swiped through the phone searching for my dad's contact. When I eventually did found it, it took me a while to boldly swallow my pride and dailed his number.

And I ended the call before it could ring.

This is too much.

I can't do this.

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Re: Three Sides Of A Coin by Nobody: 6:45pm On Sep 03, 2017
Nice update.

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Re: Three Sides Of A Coin by jupitre(m): 9:50pm On Sep 03, 2017
Hope i'm not late...Nice piece fiyah..where the bartender dey? I need ice cold....

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Re: Three Sides Of A Coin by Countrygirl(f): 7:09am On Sep 04, 2017
Still following, can't say anything about Peter and David's intentions at the moment.

Holla at me when you update

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Re: Three Sides Of A Coin by greatface(m): 1:45pm On Sep 04, 2017
Good work fiyah. I hope this gets as interesting as silent seduction but don't end up same way.

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Re: Three Sides Of A Coin by fiyah(f): 4:20pm On Sep 04, 2017


'Have you been going somewhere secretly?' My Dad's voice boomed from the extreme end of the left side of the large and colossus living room. I could see him in his white kaftan, holding a newspaper a little bit close to his eyes making me to start doubting the efficacy of the pair of glasses hanging loosely on his nose which I've always assumed were medically recommended while he sat on a green, three-seater sofa. His eyes were still on the newspaper when he threw the question at me.

I was just stepping inside the living room after a hectic day at work and although the scene that welcomed me was the least I was expecting, I wasnt exactly surprised. I knew it was about time whoever was spying on me got to my Dad.

'Good evening Dad.'I started with that and also with a heavy dose of calmness. Showing the least tenseness or nervousness, I stayed at the spot I was while I maintained a straight gaze with him, my hands tucked inside my trousers pocket.

'Good evening.' He said and folded the paper then dropped it beside him. 'I heard from different sources that you had been going somewhere...'

'You don't need to stress yourself. I heard the question the first time and the answer is Yes. But, would it matter if I tell you where or why? Would my answer change anything?' I asked freeing one of my hands from my pocket and holding it in the air to compliment my rhetoric question with a slightly raised eyebrow.

'You don't have to answer.' He said.

Not that I would ever tell him anyway.

'You didn't evade the question.' He started once again. 'Nor did you stammer or act surprised. That's a positive attitude towards the question showing you have nothing to hide. I mean, you do have something to hide but It isn't something that would harm anyone or anything. ' He said pouring himself a wine from a bottle I just noticed was on the stool before him into a glass cup also on the stool. 'And by anything, I mean the company.'He added as he lifted the glass cup to his lips.

'Why would you think that? That I am some wreck that would just harm anybody or destroy the company?' That was the only point I could derive from all he said.

'I didn't say that but it won't be wrong to say it if whatever you are doing or whoever you are seeing in secret starts affecting your performance at work.' He said dropping the cup after taking a sip.

'You don't even know what it is and you are already assuming it is affecting my performance?'I asked a bit surprised.

'Would you tell me what it is?' He asked.

'No.'I answered that as fast as the question came with no second thought whatsoever.

'I know that would be your answer. See why I assumed the worst?' He said leaning back on the sofa. 'Besides, I've got evidences that you are neglecting your duties. You were supposed to meet up with Mr Festus last week but you haven't. What about coming up with an idea about how to deal with the law suit filed against us? I am certain you haven't even brainstormed talk more of coming up with a plan.'He said that and everything he sai has more than an iota of truth dripping from it. He was right.

I have been getting distracted lately but I can't help it.

'I respect your decision. You are an adult and you have needs but being an adult doesn't have to be about the needs alone. It is how we jumble the needs and our responsibilities without one affecting the other. Relationships and career are two different things...'

'Are you suddenly switching from me trying to wreck and ruin the company to
I am seeing a girl?'I asked, an unconscious, amused smile forming on my lips.

'The symptoms say you are. You receive calls, you leave work, you forfeit whatever you are doing at the moment to drive yourself to wherever it is you want to be. You are suffering from chronic cupid syndrome. I hear it affects the heart. What I don't understand is why you are hiding this from me. I still respect your decisions anyway. I know you have your reasons.' I couldn't help doublechecking if this was really my dad.

Is this his idea of a father-son conversation?

'On a more serious note.' He started after pausing for a while. 'What I am trying to say is I need your 100%. I trust you, that's why I'm putting my company on the line despite us just starting our father-son relationship a couple of weeks ago. It is a risk I am willing to take. I don't need you to trust me in return or anything. All I want is for you not to screw this up for me.' He said this not breaking eye contact with me.

I could see the seriousness on his face and the trust in his eyes was undoubtedly obvious.

Although, his blank face was supposed to cover his real emotion, I know he was scared.

The fear of the consequences of trusting me was evident.

And I know better than for him not to be scared. I felt deeply guilty and also sorry for him.

'I would be going to my room now.' I don't even know why that had to be a declaration but I guess the awkwardness in the room warrants I just say something while I walked towards the bedrooms.

'Is it really a girl?'My dad called out.

'I am not telling you.'I said a smirk forming on my lips as I walked in front of him to the bedroom.

'You can come join me for a drink when you are done freshening up.' He called out once I was out of his sight, about to ascend the stairs.

'Is that a plan to get me drunk to tell you what it is?'I shouted at the top of my voice as I climbed up the stairs to my room whilst narrowly hear him yell his 'Yes'.


Re: Three Sides Of A Coin by babeflenz(f): 4:35pm On Sep 04, 2017
The very first time I read a story on this forum, I got disappointed as the writer never finished the story till date.
Hope I won't regret this as well cos it's getting really interesting.

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Re: Three Sides Of A Coin by Nobody: 5:01pm On Sep 04, 2017
The very first time I read a story on this forum, I got disappointed as the writer never finished the story till date.
Hope I won't regret this as well cos it's getting really interesting.
she do finish her story. She is tested and trusted.

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Re: Three Sides Of A Coin by Honeydawealth(f): 7:36pm On Sep 04, 2017
Yaay!!! Fiyah is back again!
Dis is getting interesting as usual... Weldone! I've been following since d time of 'silent seduction' and I'm so proud to say u're a terrific writer!
And I'm one of ur loyal fans... Weldone!!

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Re: Three Sides Of A Coin by fiyah(f): 8:02pm On Sep 04, 2017
The very first time I read a story on this forum, I got disappointed as the writer never finished the story till date.
Hope I won't regret this as well cos it's getting really interesting.

You are welcome on board and I'd try my best not to dissapoint you
Re: Three Sides Of A Coin by fiyah(f): 8:03pm On Sep 04, 2017
Yaay!!! Fiyah is back again!
Dis is getting interesting as usual... Weldone! I've been following since d time of 'silent seduction' and I'm so proud to say u're a terrific writer!
And I'm one of ur loyal fans... Weldone!!

Ma'am, I really appreciate this and it is actually all thanks to you for reading
Re: Three Sides Of A Coin by fiyah(f): 8:05pm On Sep 04, 2017
Still following, can't say anything about Peter and David's intentions at the moment.

Holla at me when you update

It's sooooo nice to have you back Ma'am. Being elated would be an understatement
Re: Three Sides Of A Coin by fiyah(f): 8:06pm On Sep 04, 2017
Hope i'm not late...Nice piece fiyah..where the bartender dey? I need ice cold....

Nah... we just starting and you are so much welcome.

Hope the bartender attended to you sha?
Re: Three Sides Of A Coin by fiyah(f): 8:07pm On Sep 04, 2017
Still following, can't say anything about Peter and David's intentions at the moment.

Holla at me when you update

You still got it Ma'am... I like it
Re: Three Sides Of A Coin by fiyah(f): 8:08pm On Sep 04, 2017
more please. Can't wait o. Abi u need typist?

Lol... nah. I'm good.

Welcome on board
Re: Three Sides Of A Coin by fiyah(f): 8:10pm On Sep 04, 2017


'Where are you?'I asked, my phone tightly pressed against my right ear. I was wearing a turquoise blue jacket, over a matching skirt and underneath the jacket was a white shirt which I intentionally left the first three buttons unbuttoned.
I was standing on the front step leading to the exit or entrance of the company. My eyes roving from the parking lot on the left to the gate on the extreme right, I searched for Rhoda. Looking intently at the faces and the backs of those entering and leaving the company for a resemblance. My eyes eventually fell on someone standing on her toe, waving, apparently at me with a cellphone stuck to her ear and also standing beside my car. She was wearing a black, silky, short gown over which she draped a nude kimono jacket and also gracing her legs were a pair of black stiletto shoes. The pair of sunglasses and the church hat she had on made it quite hard to identify her. That must have been the reason I missed her the first time I glanced at the parking lot.

Hanging up, I walked to go meet her.

'What the hell are you wearing? I could hardly recognize you you know.' I exclaimed when I found myself standing before her.

'That was the whole point. I didn't want anyone to recognize me. I didn't even come in my car.' She said, tearing off the sunglasses from her face and swiping her sweaty face with a white handkerchief.

'I never thought i'd be asking you this but what are you doing here? It doesn't seem like you have called off your solo strike have you?' I asked when neither of us would say a word and staring at each other had resulted into an awkward staring competition which I admittedly am not very good at.

'I think it is pretty obvious I am not here for work. The thing is, I don't even know why I am here. I am just so tired of staying back at home reading novels after David goes to work... I just thought I should take a break from all that especially since it's getting pretty boring. I thought I needed a chat with you.' She said gesturing hurriedly with her hands while avoiding looking directly at me in the face and when she eventually did, I guess the 'I-don't-buy-that' expression on my face eventually got to her.

'You don't buy that do you?'She asked rhetorically and I could sense surrender in her voice.

'Of course I don't buy it. Now tell me the real reason behind you just showing up here an hour or so before closing?'I asked.

'Okay, fine! The major reason I'm here is to take a sneak peak at my supposed step brother. I just thought I need to put a face on my nemesis.'She said with a somewhat anger-seriousness laden voice. The not so helpful expression on my face which was literally asking if she was kidding or not made her continue. 'Before you judge me by saying it is stupid and childish and I need help, I want you to know it isn't the only reason why I am here. Another reason is to talk to someone aside David.'

'It is stupid and childish and you seriously need help. If you need someone to talk to, then talk to your dad and your brother.'I was slightly raising my voice now and I just couldn't help it.

'You know I won't do that so I suggest you just drop that issue already.'She said with so much seriousness that I was certain nothing could change her mind.

'Yeah, right, you won't change your mind. And probably, your dad won't too. If this continues, how do you expect it all to end?' I tried my luck at trying to convince her.

'Wait a minute, whose side are you on now? Are you going to support my dad when it is quite conspicuous who the victim of his favoritism is?' I watched my best friend play the guilty card seeming offended and I know it wouldn't help trying to explain to her that I was merely trying to view the whole situation from an holistic perspective.

'Rhoda, you know what you need?' I started calmly now, evading her somewhat declamatory statement. 'You need some time to clear your head and ruminate about it all. Then maybe when the right time comes, you'd realise you might just want to talk to your dad about this. The summary of which is, there is no point peeking at your brother.' I lectured and when it appeared my words miraculously got to her, I added, 'Just go home.'

'By home, you mean David's house? See, that is where another problem lies. David's home becomes hell whenever he leaves for work. I stay in his room all day thinking that way, I wouldn't run into his mum or his sis. But that doesn't help because my effort trying not to run into them eventually ends up with them running into me multiple times. It is so hard living under the same roof with a family where you are partly liked and partly hated. David's mom and his sis are just, you know... I can't find the right adjective... they are just...'I watched her stammer her way around each words with difficultly and intense concentration before deciding to help.

'Pure evil?'I interjected hoping that would suffice.

'Oddly good as that makes me feel, I can't help thinking they are still my in-laws you know.' She said, a doubtful smile on her lips.

'Of course they are your in-laws, yet they treat you like crap. I don't know why you have to make a decision as irrational as moving in with David knowing fully well that his mum and his sister don't like you. You still have the key to my place so you can move back in just when you think you have had enough insult from his lousy-mouthed sister and his evil mom.' It was crystal clear I was angry and also disappointed.

'Wow! You are so mad at me.'

'Of course, I am. Sometimes, the speed at which you make decisons amaze me.' I quickly said.

'Seriously, you can't blame me. David was gone for more than a month. It is just right I spend as much time as I can with him when he got back.' She argued.

'Yeah. And three weeks ain't just enough.' I asked. Watching her open her mouth to answer my rhetorical question, I stopped her by placing my index finger on her lips and simultaneously shushed her to quietness.

'There are some situations when argument isn't the saving grace but you don't give up easy, do you?' I said, mentally rolling my eyes.

'I wasn't going to argue.' She said, slapping my finger off her lips. 'I was going to say you are right. There is no point peeking. Besides, I am not so sure I want to see or know him just yet.' Rhoda said and I was thankful she actually listened to me. 'I guess I will just head home while I leave you to do your thing.' She said putting her sunglasses back on even though the sun was just about setting.

I watched her head towards the gate and out of the premises.

Turning to walk back into the company, I found peter standing just in front of me, startling me a bit.

'Where have you been?' He asked

'I... have... err..' I watched myself pathetically as words fail me.

'It doesn't matter. I am heading home.' He said and headed towards his car.

I didn't need to look at my wristwatch to know he wasn't supposed to leave work just yet.

I didn't argue with him knowing fully well he wasn't going home.

I watched him head out of the company in his car. Giving him enough headstart to head into the street, I jumped inside my car and followed him.

It's about time someone found out what he is hiding.


It is either this is some horrible nightmare or I actually just got denied entrance into David's compound by the gatekeeper. As unbelievable as this may sound, I remained outside the gate, in the rain, drenched to my toes with no shade in sight to run to for shelter.

'This is ridiculous.' I muttered as I tried my luck again, banging on the gate continuously with both hands hoping that would capture the gatekeeper's attention to come repeat what he said earlier. I stopped when my palms began to hurt, biting my lips furiously.

I paused for a while, shivering in the cold before resuming again. Luckily for me this time, I heard someone pull at the locks from the other end of the gate. I paused and waited, ready to lash out the rage that has succeeded building up in me while drops of rain cascaded from my head down to my chin.

The sight of the gate sliding open got me rupturing like I've waited my whole life for this.

'What the hell do you mean by you can't let me in?' I yelled spreading my arms in fury only for me to realise I was actually yelling at David's mom.

She held an umbrella close to her head while she partially hid behind the slightly opened gate.

'Which part of you can't be let in don't you understand? I am quite sure Uche delivered my message quite alright.' She said giving me an hateful look.

So this was all her doing and the gatekeeper was merely acting on her orders while I got beaten mercilessly by the rain?

I couldn't be anymore furious but keeping my rage in check, I tried to sound as polite as possible.

'I fail to understand why you would do that, Ma. This may be your house but it is your son's house. By son, I mean David who is clearly my fiancé. So, I fail to understand why you would deny your son's fiancée entrance especially when it is dark and RAINING!' I laid emphasis on the last word as I managed to utter between clenched teeth. The clenched teeth was partly due to the anger and partly due to the cold.

'You can't understand because you already failed to understand what is meant by one's father's house and one's fiancé's house. You of all people should know you have no right whatsoever to claim any form of belonging in this house.' I didn't let her finish her statement before cutting in.

'I am not claiming any right and you know it and you don't have to throw words in my mouth. All I'm asking is for me to be let in, if not for anything, consider the rain and the darkness outside! Courtesy demands one to do this for a stranger talk more of someone planning to join your family as your son's wife!' I was becoming enraged and I couldn't keep my anger in check anymore.

'Courtesy and tradition demands you also stay at your father's house until you are legally married irrespective of whatever little fight or issue you have with your family. And, stop whinnying already, it isn't that dark. You can still find your way home before eight.' And that was it. That was the last straw that broke my back and I came erupting like a volcano.

'Why don't you just come clean. Be straightforward and tell me all these are just baseless excuses to kick me out of your house and it isn't like you care about modesty or me setting things right with my family. Just tell me you are doing all these because you clearcut hate me.'

'If trying to drill some senses into your thick, hard scull is what you call hatred. Then, I hate you.' With that, I watched her slam the gate in my face and replace the lock from the other end.

I have never had a direct confrontation with David's mum in the past before. This first time certainly proves why evil is just the perfect adjective to describe her.

'This is ridiculous.' I mumbled as I tried to fathom what just happened.

I was still at the gate shivering just in time for David's car to pull up behind me.

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Re: Three Sides Of A Coin by iiru: 8:10pm On Sep 04, 2017
well done fiyah

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Re: Three Sides Of A Coin by Countrygirl(f): 8:27pm On Sep 04, 2017

It's sooooo nice to have you back Ma'am. Being elated would be an understatement
Thanks, It's a pleasure.

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Re: Three Sides Of A Coin by vivienD: 8:29pm On Sep 04, 2017
Why do i feel David is after Rhoda's money,that is why he wants to do anything to get bk her position.. And i think peter is always going to see his mum.. Nice one madam fiyah

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Re: Three Sides Of A Coin by Nmaglit: 8:42pm On Sep 04, 2017
Why do i feel David is after Rhoda's money,that is why he wants to do anything to get bk her position.. And i think peter is always going to see his mum.. Nice one madam fiyah

i concur with u


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