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Third Side Of A Coin By Ozii Baba Anieto Episode 3 / Third Side Of A Coin By Ozii Baba Anieto Episode 2 / Third Side Of A Coin By Ozii Baba Anieto (2) (3) (4)

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Re: Three Sides Of A Coin by wizard007(m): 7:50pm On Sep 09, 2017
How do you feel having all these stories in your head and playing with our mind with suspense? Sadist much!

You're great fiyah

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Re: Three Sides Of A Coin by AryEmber(f): 8:31pm On Sep 09, 2017
Shouldn't Peter Be Referred To As "Half" And Not "Step" Brother?

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Re: Three Sides Of A Coin by Mobecs(f): 8:39pm On Sep 09, 2017
Shouldn't Peter Be Referred To As "Half" And Not "Step" Brother?
STEP is right, HALF means same mother but different dad.

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Re: Three Sides Of A Coin by Countrygirl(f): 9:19pm On Sep 09, 2017
Fiyah where art thou, hope you are okay o

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Re: Three Sides Of A Coin by AryEmber(f): 9:44pm On Sep 09, 2017

STEP is right, HALF means same mother but different dad.
Half could also means same father different mother,step siblings are not related by blood at all except through marriage.Haven't you watch Cinderella?
Re: Three Sides Of A Coin by Honeydawealth(f): 9:56pm On Sep 09, 2017
Fiyah! U're doin wonderfully well....still following...

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Re: Three Sides Of A Coin by fiyah(f): 12:13am On Sep 10, 2017
Half could also means same father different mother,step siblings are not related by blood at all except through marriage.Haven't you watch Cinderella?

Thanks for drawing my attention to that. I just got lectured and I agree with you. It should be half brother but being the lazy little thing that I am, I may not be able to correct that in my previous posts but I assure you, it would amended in the subsequent updates.

Thanks AryEmber
Re: Three Sides Of A Coin by fiyah(f): 12:15am On Sep 10, 2017

For a moment, It was like the earth stopped revolving, like all clocks stopped ticking and it was just the two of them in the whole world.

I could see it in Ehi's eyes. She saw no one but him.

Two pairs of eyes stared each other down and it was evident that the stares spoke volume.

Actually, it was three pairs of eyes.

Only the third was clueless, not involved in the telekinetic conversation those two were having, was solely staring at the guy and holding on to the lady.

I watched Ehi jerked off my grip. She tore herself away from me. Forgetting she couldn't really walk, she limped a few distances away from me towards the guy before her legs gave up on her body and she fell on her knees, her palms on the coarse, sandy floor.

'What are you doing here!? What do you want from me, you bastard!?'She yelled in a shaky voice that I couldn't tell if she was crying or not. Her back was turned to me and I didn't know the expression on her face. Ehi has yelled at me a few times before but never has she yelled at me this loud.

Never have I seen her so full of rage.

Never have I seen anybody so angry and so sad at the same time.

I watched her grab a fistful of sand as she maintained her grip on the solid ground.

The dude made to help her up as I was too stunned to even comprehend what was happening but...

'Don't come near me! Stay away from me! Peter, tell him to go away....'

'Please Ehi. I just want to talk. The last thing I want is to end everything on a day that was supposed to be your day. Your wedding day. But trust me, I had no choice...'The guy was keen on making his point but Ehi wasn't having any of that.

Not today.

'I don't want to hear it. Just leave this place. Go away. Peter, please tell him to leave. Peter...' The last time she called my name, with a crackled voice like she was about to break down threw me out of my trance. The reverie of realising the rumour that was making rounds... the lady that was left hanging on the latter was no other than my secretary... my sister's best friend.

How could I not have known?

I brushed aside the thought to face the issue at hand.

Mr. Oval face with brush bristle goatee has overstayed his welcome.

I just had to interfere.

'Bro, you heard the lady.' I said stepping between the two of them with a stance that whispered 'back off'

The dude raised his hand in surrender, tipped his head back, glanced at Ehi who wasn't even looking at him, then walked to his car, entered and drove off.

'Are you okay.' I crouched near the lady in distress who was still in the same position, her knees and palms still on the floor. Her afro locks made it hard to see her face so I raised her chin up to look at it. She was crying. Her smooth, oval face was wet and her face was still scrunched up as she cried. Hard.

'My leg. It hurts so bad. It really hurts. The pain is too much. I can't hold it in... I can't...' The tears were falling freely and her words were barely audible as she cried. Hard.

I know no adult would cry that hard because of a twisted ankle.

It wasn't her ankle.

It was her heart.

'There.' I patted her shoulder with one palm while I cleaned her face with another. 'Now, let's go in and fix that ankle.' I said lifting her off the ground and carrying her, bridal style towards her door.


Re: Three Sides Of A Coin by fiyah(f): 12:17am On Sep 10, 2017
I wanted to play though
Thought I could do all these on my own
But even Superwoman sometimes needs a Superman soul


I was in my bed, the blanket rolled up to my waist. I had changed my cloth into a grey hooded sweatshirt under which I wore a woolen black trouser with the help of Peter who got me the cloths from the closet then excused himself from room while I dressed.

I had stopped crying now but the atmosphere in the room had become rather too klutzy.

'Now, let's work on your ankle. Do you have a balm, an ointment or menthol?' He asked, rubbing his palms together nervously as he walked back into the room when I was done dressing.

I guess he hasn't been in this kind of situation before.

Neither have I.

I pointed to the drawer on the other side of the bed.

'So, I guess that means it's inside the drawer and you are not talking to me. Yet.' He said looking at me like that would make me say something. 'Now nod if your cotton wool, pain meds and the bandage are also inside the drawer.' He said then waited for me to nod. Which I did.

'Okay. Thanks and Good job. You are doing just fine.' He said and ran to the drawer.

I bit my lower lips ashamedly.

Why did my own body have to betray me?

I wasn't supposed to cry.

I never thought I would cry. It had been a month and I didn't care. I was so sure I didn't care about all these things.

I didn't even think about it all. The marriage, Francis, my relationships, I didn't think about them all.

I had it all bottled.

My feelings, my memories. They were all perfectly bottled.

But all it took was just a reminder. A piece of my memories and my feelings. Francis just had to show up and everything had to come crashing. The bottle cracked, broke, shattered to the tiniest pieces and my feelings escaped. My memories, my relationships. Everything I had hidden in my subconscious all came back to me in form of hot, real tears.

Now I can't stop.

I want to talk to someone about it all.

I really want to.

I badly want to

'I got it.' Peter announced and sat on the bed beside my outstretched leg, holding all the materials he needed in his cupped, joined palms. He removed the affected leg from under the blanket and placed it on his lap. Rolling the trouser up to my knee, he gently massaged the leg.

'See, I'm not very good at these kinds of things but...' He started but I cut him short.

'What kinds of things? Fixing a broken joint or talking about what you just witnessed outside my place?'I talked for the first time in the room.

He was surprised I talked but he quickly shrugged it off.

'Both.' He said then continued. 'I am not good at many things. But I would try to fix your ankle.' He said, massaging my ankle gently with the ointment. 'Now, the other stuff that happened right before your door...er...I am not a smooth talker nor a psychologist and I also know you don't trust me. You may also think you can't confide in me but you have to trust me when I say I'm a good listener. You may even decide to close your eyes like I was never...' He was starting to sweat in the cold.

'That was Francis. The man I was supposed to be married to a month ago.' I started cutting his epistle short and getting him shocked yet again.

'Wow, that was easy. And I was working my self up here.' He said with the relief apparent on his face.

'I was meant to be Mrs Ifechuckwu a month ago but he called the wedding off on the D day leaving only a note saying he was sorry.' I sighed for no good reason at all.

I can't believe I'm talking to someone about this.

And it's not even anybody. It is Peter Silva to be exact. My best friend's brother who I barely know.

Whom we've both decided to hate.

But I couldn't stop talking

I needed someone to talk to.

'Surprisingly to even me,...' I continued, 'I wasn't bothered. I never thought about it. Never cried and everybody thought I was crazy. My mum, Rhoda, my colleague, everybody was worried except me. It was like the wedding never happened to me. Until Today of course when he showed up and I cried. I shed out the tears that were approximately a month old. Why I wasn't really bothered the whole time was because I thought I knew why he called the wedding off. It was a reason staring at me in the face. A reason that had been haunting me. For years, it had haunted me. And I knew, I knew if anything was going to go wrong with the relationship, I knew it would be for that reason.' I paused and I watched him listen with rapt attention.

It felt so good talking to someone about this.

Someone I wasn't emotionally tangled with.

'I dated him for just two months before we started making wedding preparations. He wasn't prepared. I wanted to be married to him as quickly as possible. I didn't want what happened in my previous relationship to repeat itself. Before I met Francis, my ex, Henry called it off with me too. For the same reason I think Francis did.'I was going to continue but Peter stopped me

'Can you tell me the reason? That reason you keep talking about? The ones who you think was your Fiancées excuse?... It is fine of you don't want to... ' He was curious but he didn't want to seem pressuring.

'I was...' I was going to tell him point blank but the words got caught up in my throat.

It's too early to start talking about these things with him!

What's wrong with me?

Why can't I stop myself?

'I shouldn't be telling you this but I don't know, I can't help it. There is this air around you that keeps suggesting I can trust you on this.' I said that aloud swiping my palm across my face nervously.

'I have never told anyone aside those two. I mean Henry and Francis. Neither Rhoda nor my mum knows about this' She paused to take a deep breath with closed eyes. 'My Dad. He raped me. Once.' I bravely opened my eyes to see the expression on his face

He was shocked.

Very shocked and he couldn't hide it this time. His mouth was hanging open. Widely agape.


Re: Three Sides Of A Coin by greatface(m): 12:46am On Sep 10, 2017
I Am Damn sure Peter And Ehi or whatever are going to end up together. From the emergence of Peter I had known but the author still can prove me wrong.

Another thing am sure of is that Dave and Rhoda is going to end up the way of Francis And Ehi. Dave is only overwhelmed about what he stands to gain if Rhoda's former position is restored. Again, it's only Fiyah that can prove me wrong.

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Re: Three Sides Of A Coin by abubakarbabang7(m): 9:40am On Sep 10, 2017
fiyah come back sharp sharp nd continue this amazing story
Re: Three Sides Of A Coin by gr8skillz(m): 9:48am On Sep 10, 2017
Get fiyah to rewrite a crappy story written by a certified fool I hated(word to word) & I'll end up liking same story.

I'm pretty sure there are three sides to this:

...I like fiyah's stories (to the letters)
...I like her choice of words (even when borrowed)
...I like fiyah (in person)

Candidly, you're awesome

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Re: Three Sides Of A Coin by AryEmber(f): 10:50am On Sep 10, 2017

Thanks for drawing my attention to that. I just got lectured and I agree with you. It should be half brother but being the lazy little thing that I am, I may not be able to correct that in my previous posts but I assure you, it would amended in the subsequent updates.

Thanks AryEmber
You're welcome! I'm glad Ehi finally cried, you just made her a normal being and especially female.You must be a music freak like me,makes me like you even more.

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Re: Three Sides Of A Coin by azeezat22(f): 12:41pm On Sep 10, 2017
nice one fiyah pls don't keep us waiting

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Re: Three Sides Of A Coin by aprilwise(m): 2:24pm On Sep 10, 2017
I was kinda bored with the story I just continues reading until I got the vibe of the story. nice one.

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Re: Three Sides Of A Coin by Nobody: 7:02pm On Sep 10, 2017
Nice update. This story Hmmmmm. Lemme keep Shut

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Re: Three Sides Of A Coin by fiyah(f): 8:00pm On Sep 10, 2017
I was haunted by the distant past.
called to the sky but she was overcast...


Now, that was surprising and highly unexpected. I guessed she realized I needed to be put out of my daze, so she continued.

'He was drunk. He was always drunk and when he is, nobody comes in his way. Not my mum, nor me, nor my elder sister Chi before she died when I was twelve. It was one of those nights when he comes back from his outing when everyone was already asleep, drunk. My door creaked open in the middle of the night and my dad came in heavily drunk. I was frightened because I thought it was time for the whip like it was his tradition some times. I sat up , cuddling my own knees, waiting for the lashes to start coming but instead it was him.... He had his way with me while muttering our married neigbour's name. I cried the whole night as he laid on me throughout the night and slept that way. I couldn't push him off. He was too big and I was just a fragile, tiny malnourished girl then. I couldn't call out to my mum. Don't know why but I couldn't let her find out what has happened.
The next morning, I couldn't find him on the bed anymore. My dad was nowhere in sight. He was gone and I was woken up by wailings and crying. My father had hung himself and only I knew why.'

'But I never told anyone except my Fiancés who broke up with me based on that reason. Henry ended it with me because he told me it's either I tell my mum about it or he calls the wedding off.'

'His arguement was, stuffs like that, truths that hurt, should not be kept from the affected for too long. He said if I can't tell my mum, that means I can hide worse from him when we get married but what he didn't know was I was never going to tell my mum. What good will it do to her after almost 2 decades? That her husband whose lifetime memories bore nothing but pain raped her only surviving daughter. His own daughter! No, I wasn't going to tell my mum and not even Henry could change that. I planned to carry it to my grave. But Henry, he wasn't ready to listen to me. He gave me a deal, which I shunned. Then he told me it was over. He told me what we had was over. There wasn't going to be any wedding.' She paused, and heaved a sigh...

relief, anxiety, I couldn't tell which one it was.

'And, although Francis hasn't told me why he left me on my big day without a single warning yet, I think it has something to do with the incest episode which I have learnt to carry gracefully for years...' She stopped talking then heaved a sigh of relief and I could tell it felt so good.

It felt like she just unloaded a truckload full of sins.

'I'm so sorry, Ehi.'I managed to say when she was done with her narration

'No, you don't have to be sorry. I am perfectly fine. Trust me.' She said giving me a reassuring smile, sniffing while a tear, which she hirriedly wiped off as soon it came, fell on her cheeks.

There was silence and it was then I realised her leg was still on my laps.

I bandaged the previously abadoned ankle.

'But, You really shouldn't just assume for that dude... The Francis guy. He has his reasons for coming here and i'm guessing it's a good reason or he wouldn't have showed up at all. You shouldn't make up an assumption that you know what his reason is. You should schedule a meeting and hear him out.' I tried to say but she cut me short.

'But I don't want to hear him out!' I watched her yell that, startling me.

'I don't want to see him.' She added

' I'm scared... I... I don't want him to tell it to my face that it was the same reason I've always dreaded. No! I don't want that....' She was yelling.

And crying and holding her head in her palms.

I hurriedly sat beside her, holding her to my chest while I shushed her.

After minutes of petting her, she eventually calmed down and the only sound she made were those from sniffing and breathing heavily.

She wasn't okay. She was heating up.

'If it will make you feel better,' I made to break the silence.

Hard as it was, I felt the need to share.

This felt like the moment of truth. She trusted me enough to share her deepest secret with me. She barely knew me yet she did and the least I felt I could do is share a bit, if not all of mine as well.

'if it makes you feel better to realize you are not the only one with an history of child abuse, I'll like to share my story with you.'

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Re: Three Sides Of A Coin by aprilwise(m): 8:32pm On Sep 10, 2017
am loving this story in every bit, good work

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Re: Three Sides Of A Coin by Nmaglit: 9:06pm On Sep 10, 2017
[quote author=aprilwise post=60327816]am loving this story in every bit, good work [/quote

me too the story is superb

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Re: Three Sides Of A Coin by iiru: 9:28pm On Sep 10, 2017
lovely story. enjoying it

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Re: Three Sides Of A Coin by Honeydawealth(f): 9:56pm On Sep 10, 2017
Fiyah!! U are just sooooooo gooooooooooood!! Weldone!! Come and continue oooo.....

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Re: Three Sides Of A Coin by Honeydawealth(f): 9:56pm On Sep 10, 2017
Fiyah!! U are just sooooooo gooooooooooood!! Weldone!! Come and continue oooo.....

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Re: Three Sides Of A Coin by BlizzydoDo(f): 11:51pm On Sep 10, 2017
God bless you plenty 4 sharing this interesting piece.
Re: Three Sides Of A Coin by jupitre(m): 12:00am On Sep 11, 2017
Fiyah..Fiyahhhhhhhhhhhh...Superb work...More Grace..

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Re: Three Sides Of A Coin by Nobody: 12:01pm On Sep 11, 2017
Everybody have a story to tell (bro peter) we want to hear yours also ooooo

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Re: Three Sides Of A Coin by fiyah(f): 1:04pm On Sep 12, 2017

'Don't tell me you are leaving already' David's Dad said when he saw David drag my luggage to my car while I stopped to say my goodbyes to him. He was sitting on a rocking chair just outside the house while he read the morning papers.

It was some minutes past six in the morning and it was still pretty dark outside but I wanted to leave early. The last person I wanted to see this morning is David's mum.

'I am sorry sir but I think I have to. I'll still come visiting some times.' I said smiling at him.

'That's okay.' He smiled back at me. I bowed slightly then made to leave.

'Rhoda,'He called so I stopped.

'I hate to get in the middle of your family... er... er... issues but, if you'd ask me, I personally think what your father did is unfair. I made it clear I wasn't in support of that because we were all routing for you. But your father chose what he wants and knowing the kind of father you have, it's hard for anybody to change his mind. I don't know what it's going to be, whether your brother is just going to lead for a while, or is going to be a permanent replacement of your father since his retirement rumors had been making rounds...' At this point, I didn't hear anything he said.

I totally blanked out. I was too preoccupied with the various thoughts going through my mind to even comprehend what he was saying even though I could see his mouth move.

Could Dad be really planning to make him his successor?

Do I really need to start thinking about a Plan B?

Why would dad do that to me?

'...if you need any help. Whether in the company or any sort of help whatsoever, you can contact me any time. I would be at your service, okay?'He assured.

I nodded, smiled and bade him goodbye.

'So, this is see you again right?' David said, placing his arms on my shoulder while I nodded. He had dropped the luggage in the trunk and he was standing close to the driver's side of the car.

'I'll come see you after work today.'He added then gave me a kiss on the cheeks.

I moved closer to him, held his face in my palms, then softly said.

'Don't forget to apologise to your mum.' after which I returned his kiss then climb into my car.

So hurt with me
I'd hurt with you
And maybe you and me can hurt together...'


I was awoken by what seemed like someone banging at my door. Slightly opening my eyes one after the other as they adjusted to the light rays, I heard two successive knocks land on my door again.

Right before I opened my mouth to ask who was at door, Common sense took over and I kept shut a that point.

What if it's a burglar?

I couldn't remember locking the door to the appartment yesterday...

Oh! It's all coming back to me. I couldn't remember because I wasn't the one who locked it. Peter did.

Speaking of Peter, why is my head on his chest, his arms around me while he is sprawled out on my bed, his shirt completely unbuttoned to reveal his mahogany hard chest with the lower part of his body completely hidden by the blanket?

I bolted off the bed in a second almost tripping as I could barely stand on my legs when I realised how implicating the position we were in was.

It is implicating enough that he knows my place, talk more of him entering, talk more of him staying the night and like that wasn't enough, we had to sleep like we were a couple!

What the hell even happened last night?

'Gosh, this is bad...this is really bad... Oh God, this is just terrible...' I mumbled as I paced the lenght of the bed while I tried to coordinate the memories of last night which were all jumbled up in my head.

'Hey Ehi, it's me.' I heard Rhoda's voice said from the other side of the door as she completed her statement with two consecutive knocks on the door.

I totally forgot someone was at the door and this got me glancing at the figure completely knocked off on my bed.

Now, this is terribly bad!

Rhoda and Peter?

Fire and Water?

Raining season and dry season?

Now i'm out of opposing words.

'I can hear footsteps. C'mon, open the door.' Rhoda said again.

My cover is blown. I just have to keep her out for as long as possible before I figure out what to do with her brother who amazingly, hasn't flinched despite the fact that his sister was technically loud!

Who sleeps like that?

I hurried to Peter's side of the bed, patted him on the shoulder hard enough to make him open his eyes but not hard enough for Rhoda to hear. Once his eyes were opened, I simultaneously shushed him in whispers, gesticulated to him not to make any sound then explained the situation to him in whispers while my hands and face also helped.

'Hold on a second, what are you doing in there? What's taking you so long to open a stupid door?'Rhoda remarked and the suspicion in her voice was considerably obvious.

'I'm Unclad...' I said then added surprisingly to me as well...' I'm trying to put some clothes on.' as I literally pushed Peter, who really isn't getting the situation judging by how slow he was to the bathroom in tiptoe.

'And when has you being Unclad been a restrictive criteria for me entering your room? Never mind, the door isn't even locked.' She confirmed that by pulling the handle. 'i'm coming in.' She announced and opened the door to find me trying to hide her brother.



Re: Three Sides Of A Coin by jupitre(m): 2:23pm On Sep 12, 2017
Real awkward...Now i know David and his dad's intentions.They are after rhoda's position....Sometimes when i'm trying to understand a person's motives,i play a little game.....I assume the worst...

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Re: Three Sides Of A Coin by bilirayz(f): 4:42pm On Sep 12, 2017
Please, am dying for more, really awkward lwkmd

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Re: Three Sides Of A Coin by Gloria007(f): 6:26pm On Sep 12, 2017
I'm enjoying this Fiyah...nice story.

I think Rhoda does not recognize Peter yet,Ehi should just pretend it's some other guy.

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Re: Three Sides Of A Coin by YINKS89(m): 10:07pm On Sep 12, 2017
Juz like fiyah said they re three side to the coin, your side my side and the truth... ND frm ma observation I fink we nid to look at it frm diff angle it's either Davids father sent him to take ova or probably David is foin it with good intention or probably he is juz naive... That's d three side for David. For peter it also has three side either to make the company or he was sent from the person that recommended him or he has his own motive but wah I know is either peter is wrong or David is wrong or both... T always end up in three side...... Lemme sit back nd obesrve the story might change thou.
Re: Three Sides Of A Coin by Slimeesha(f): 10:52pm On Sep 12, 2017
Ghenghenghen...... wehdone ma'am
Re: Three Sides Of A Coin by fiyah(f): 12:07pm On Sep 13, 2017


I was reaching out for an handshake with the handsome stranger I was starting to get to know in Ehi's room before she practically dragged me out of the room into the living room for reasons I am guessing she dragged me out to let me know.

'What are you doing here?' She asked still holding to my hands when we were in the living room. She seemed scared. Drug deprived addict kind of scared.

'Are you on drugs?' I asked, my face scrunched up in a rather annoying surprise.

'Since when do you start asking me these kinds of questions? This is your house and I have a key.' I emphasized on the last statement trying to help the strange amnesiac patient before me with her memory loss.

'But I thought you are still at David's! Since when have you been here? Was it in the night? Don't you know it is dangerous to drive at night?' She rambled on while flipping a strand of hair from her face from time to time. Her rambling was begining to get on my nerves so I stopped her.

'Now, before you start acting like my second and weirdly single parent in order to divert the conversation from the god of hotness in your room, I got here this morning around seven. I mean, I have been in this house for two hours without you knowing! I fixed breakfast and you didn't know because you were busy with whoever that is in your room and It's pretty obvious you are trying everything possible to avoid talking about him. But, you will talk about him because I'm so going to make you.' I said slapping her disturbingly warm arm away from mine.

Is she sick or something?

She is heating up.

'Trust me Rhoda, it is nothing like what you are thinking.' She weakly argued. She seemed tired and the huge bags under her eyes made her look somehow sick.

'If by what I'm thinking, you mean the part where you have a hot guy sleepover at your place. A guy I'm completely unaware of but who seemed to have known for quite a while now and who you did quite some wild and nasty things with in the night then wake up to hide him from me, Yeah. That's what i'm thinking. And it is everything like what I'm thinking.' I said while I watched her rolled her eyes in surrender.

I don't get it. What's up with her attitude. She is mature enough for all these kind of things and she knows I was and has never been the type that judges. So, why is she so disturbed and worried then?

'If I don't know you so well, I would have thought the reason why you are being secretive, nervous and worried is because he is a one night stand.'I threw that at her.

'Of course not. What you don't understand is, he is not even any stand! Look, nothing happened last night. I cross my heart...'

'And you hope to die.' I completed that for her. 'I still don't believe you.' With my statement, I watched her groan frustratingly.

'Why are you being like this? This dude is freaking cuuuuteee and you know it.' I made her see reasons why I can't fall for her pretence.

The attention seeking cough from the left side of the room got Ehi and I directing our gaze to the hotness in human skin that made the sound.

He was fully dressed now and he looked as cute as ever.

'I'd be leaving now.' He said confidently but to no one in particular. 'I guess we'd see some other time, Rhoda.'He added then beamed a soft smile at me. I could tell Ehi was mentally rolling her eyes with the menacing stare she gave him.

'Rhoda? I can't remember telling you my name.'I walked toward him, an impressed smile on my lips.

'Yeah, you didn't. But someone wouldn't stop talking about you.' He said shooting Ehi, who has her palm on her face while remaining on the same spot a glance.

'Wow! How long have you two known each other? Weirdly enough, she kept your existence a secret from me.' I uttered while glaring at Ehi who still had a disturbed look on her face 'But luckily for both of us...' I continued. ignoring her. '..and unluckily for her, we had to meet in person. What's your name?'I asked raising my eyebrow curiously, while I folded my arms accross my chest.

'A boy has no name' Ehi appeared out of nowhere to cover his mouth before he could respond. '...and enough with the chitchat. He already overstayed his welcome. ' Ehi said glaring threateningly at him while saying each word forcefully, in between gritted teeth.

'He was just leaving.' She added,wrapping her arms around his while leading him to the door

'Will you just let him say his name?'I gave Ehi a 'this-isn't-how-you-act-before-a-cute-guy' stare.

'The name is P....'He was going to say but Ehi was quick to clasp her palm around his mouth.

'His name is..Pi...' She lingered on the 'P' thoughtfully, while I raised my eyebrow, to tell her to get on with it.

'Pi...or... His name is Frederick. Fred for short and he already said his goodbyes.' Ehi answered for him again as they were now close to the door.

Every ounce of me knew she was lying.

'His name is Pior Frederick?' I was astonished. 'Your name is Pior Frederick?' I tried to confirm from the horse's mouth but Ehi was all over him. There was no way he could do what he wills with her palm on his mouth, while she tried to pathetically obstruct him from me. It ended up being a feeble and poignant attempt on her part because he was taller and bigger than she was. It was like hiding a huge iroko tree behind a thin pole.

I watched her ignore me and also prevented him from answering as she literally heaved him out of the front door.

'Bye Fred.' I called out.

If that's even his name.

And just before they exited, I heard him reply;

'See you again.' Before Ehi succeeded in slamming the door in his face while mumbling a 'No, you won't' after him.


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