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ANIKE : A Story By Toyin Taiwo / WRONG NUMBER By Toyin Taiwo / I Fell In Love By Toyin Taiwo(ty Praise) (2) (3) (4)

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Re: BROKEN HEDGE By Toyin Taiwo by yetejid: 10:27pm On Jan 13
wow! it could only be God, congratulations and may your health be permanently good. happy birthday

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Re: BROKEN HEDGE By Toyin Taiwo by wonderfulchild: 11:24pm On Jan 13
Happy birthday, dear. Thank God for sustaining you.

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Re: BROKEN HEDGE By Toyin Taiwo by Nobody: 11:35pm On Jan 13
Happy birthday

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Re: BROKEN HEDGE By Toyin Taiwo by Eddyella(f): 11:50pm On Jan 13
He's an awesome God,He's d onise iyanu,He's d one who says yes nd nobody can say no,He's d great healer,He's a miracle worker,If I shuld cont. calling him I wont be able 2 call all his names.Its really a great testimony,only God knows d reason He kept u alive.All we need is d GRACE OF GOD nd dats wat we shuld pray always.Happy Birthday,I just started reading d book 2day nd 4rm wat av read so far,d book z really great just like d others nd its also filled with suspense,more grease 2 ur elbow.

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Re: BROKEN HEDGE By Toyin Taiwo by Pinkfeet: 1:37am On Jan 14
your story is so touch to the extend that tears want to be coming out . but i like ur courage and ur believe in God .



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Re: BROKEN HEDGE By Toyin Taiwo by Serafeal(f): 8:36am On Jan 14
M touched! M speechless! M inspired by ur story...May his healing b permanent in ur life...I celebrate with u...JESUS IS LORD

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Re: BROKEN HEDGE By Toyin Taiwo by Leesah(f): 10:49am On Jan 14
indeed God's grace is sufficient.. rachealfst it can only be God.. Happy belated birthday. I am sorry mine is coming late.. you shall live to fulfill the purpose God has for you on earth.

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Re: BROKEN HEDGE By Toyin Taiwo by kally90(f): 11:25am On Jan 14
Thank God for your life.Happy birthday dear.

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Re: BROKEN HEDGE By Toyin Taiwo by queenitee(f): 4:27pm On Jan 14
Happy belated birthday rachealfst, I pray your testimony would be permanent in Jesus name. Yes, he's truly a living God. He would never leave you

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Re: BROKEN HEDGE By Toyin Taiwo by whinnie(f): 5:07pm On Jan 14
Because Jesus is with you Everything is well,,,Happy birthday to the best writer ever,Of your increase in greatness,progress and prosperity there shall be no end...God bless and strengthen your parent also.....Happy belated birthday stay blessed...

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Re: BROKEN HEDGE By Toyin Taiwo by Sexyolori(f): 6:01pm On Jan 14
cc rachaelfst,my dear,u r a living testimony.i rejoice with u. God knows dt u r yet to make the impact he created u for that's why he kept u.your best days are here.

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Re: BROKEN HEDGE By Toyin Taiwo by ayotomiwa01(f): 6:50pm On Jan 14
happy birthday ma, I pray that songs of victory shall not cease from your mouth IJN


Re: BROKEN HEDGE By Toyin Taiwo by rachealfst(f): 7:09pm On Jan 14
Hi everyone,
I want to appreciate everyone for all the powerful prayers and birthday wishes. I really appreciate it. Seriously there are so many spirit filled people here I'm impressed. I can't help but to start saying Amen to all those prayers that came from sincere hearts.
I wish I could reply each messages, I really wish. Like I use to say nairalanders are like Families to me. God bless you, may the Lord's protection be with us all and we will live long to fulfill destiny in Jesus name.
Love you all.

BROKEN HEDGE continues tomorrow morning by God's grace.

Divepen1 thanks for the call. I really appreciate. God bless you for us on this platform.


Re: BROKEN HEDGE By Toyin Taiwo by lovefunke: 7:54pm On Jan 14
Thank God for your life sis, God will perfect everything. All Glory be unto the Lord.

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Re: BROKEN HEDGE By Toyin Taiwo by Ephhay(f): 8:02pm On Jan 14
Happy belated birthday ma'am.

I thank God for what he has done in your life and I pray your testimony shall be permanent in Jesus mighty name. Amen.

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Re: BROKEN HEDGE By Toyin Taiwo by mercyymai(f): 10:02pm On Jan 14
Thank God for your life my name sake. God is indeed worthy to be praise.

Ur testimony is permanent.

Greater u in Jesus and God will restore all those yrs u've spent on sick bed with greater achievement and speed to overtake and recover all.

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Re: BROKEN HEDGE By Toyin Taiwo by Dainty09(f): 10:12pm On Jan 14
Wow!!! amazing God ever Faithful, I thank God for your life, your testimony will be permanent. Happy birthday dear!

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Re: BROKEN HEDGE By Toyin Taiwo by Ebigbola: 10:56pm On Jan 14
when. I read ur testimony on Facebook I was speechless. and I asked myself so u wrote Anike why in the Hospital? even when I was calling to teach me how to buy on okada. T.T u re Blessed beyond measures. but sha give us.bday update biko lol

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Re: BROKEN HEDGE By Toyin Taiwo by toyhin123(f): 12:41am On Jan 15
Happy belated birthday dear,wishing u long life nd prosperity,age with abundant grace

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Re: BROKEN HEDGE By Toyin Taiwo by rachealfst(f): 4:23am On Jan 15
To Everyone.

I stepped out and stood before everyone.
Feso: Why did you break up with Soma?
I opened my mouth and tell my side of the story.

A month after the incident that happened in Somadina's house. I missed my period. I decided to take a pregnancy test to confirm my fears, I was pregnant. I cried, I wailed. It's just one night and I didn't even thought of taking any precautions what so ever, even after that night. I blamed myself for my stupidity. It was my first time, but still I should have known better. I thought of my mother, she's going to be disappointed. After every sound doctrine and good upbringing she gave me. I made up my mind to tell Soma that weekend.

I called Somadina and told him we need to talk but I told him I want to come over to his place. I preferred to meet him one on one rather than say it on phone. He said he's around that I should come.
I was about to leave but a friend came to pay me a visit. I had to wait till she leaves before I could go see Somadina.

My visitor left and I went to his hostel. I got there and I met all the guys in his room gisting. I hugged everyone of them one after the other but I was not happy with him because I expected him to tell me the guys are around so I could stay back. Since I told him I have something important to discuss.

"You didn't get my message?" Somadina asked
"No" I said and brought out my phone to check, then I saw his message, he had already told me to stay back that our friends were in his place.
I replied him back right there, I told him I just got the message. I sat with them as they continued gisting. I wasn't in the mood but I didn't want to leave just like that in order not to arouse any suspicion.

_____________Toyin Taiwo
Then Onochie said. “Guys you won't believe a girl once claimed she was pregnant for me"
“If any girl tell me she's pregnant for me now, she's on her own. If she knows what is good for her she should better go and abort it" That was Somadina talking. I couldn't believe my ears.
"Soma, You are mean” Jay said laughing.
"This is not a matter of been mean. My father just passed away, I have so many responsibilities now being the first child and the only son. I have to take care of my mother and siblings" He explained.
"Soma I really pitied you when your father died, it's not easy to be the first child o" Onochie added.
"Imagine a girl now want to add herself and the pregnancy to my responsibilities, no way" Soma concluded.
I was closed to tears but I fought it back, I came to tell him I was pregnant and he had indirectly answered. Maybe he already knew I was pregnant and seized that opportunity to give me the piece of his mind. I told them I was leaving. Some of the guys offered to see me off but I told them not to bother.
I held the tears till I got to my room that day. I locked my door, throw myself on my bed and wept uncontrollably. What will I do with my life, Somadina just loose his father and he's not ready to bear any other responsibilities aside that of his family.

I started thinking of how to get myself out of that mess. I couldn't tell my female friends, they would be surprised on how I got pregnant without a known boyfriend.
I made up my mind to keep everything to myself. I thought of my mother, she has invested so much in me and I paid her back with shame. People will blame her for my mistake, they will say if she had a husband she would have raised me properly. People believe a single parent can do it all alone. But my mother tried her best, it was me who failed her. I cried the more. I have only one choice if I don't want to fail my mother and that was abortion. Also people will say that we are under a curse because my grandmother gave birth to only my mother. My mum also gave birth to me. Now that I don't have anyone to claim the paternity of my child then that means I'll probably end up in their shoes, if I don't get rid of the baby.
That night I cried myself to sleep, I later woke up in the middle of the night. Then I thought about the disadvantages of abortion. What if I die, what will be my mother's gain after all this years of labour and sacrifices.
_____________Toyin Taiwo
Where do I want her to start from when she had already reached her menopause stage. That will be back to square one for her, she will die barren. I thought and fresh tears flows down my cheeks.

Even if I don't die and the abortion affected my womb and I couldn't have another child in this future. That means I used my hands to destroy my life. I will also dash my mum's hope. Imagine my mum who had already counted on me that I'll give her many children. What if my case turned out this way if I have the abortion. I did a rethink and changed my decision.

My grandmother once told me if I ever get pregnant, I should not abort it, she badly wanted to see my child before she died. She said that she will gladly carry all the responsibilities. She said she will make sure it doesn't affect my school. She said she will take care of the baby for me. I remembered I told her then that nothing like that will happen because I'm not even sexually active. Unfortunately one night changed everything for me.

I decided to keep the baby, I can't tell my mum about it, I'll just go to my grandma's house and inform her. She'll know how to break the news to my mum.
We have just one month to finish the semester. Instead of going home for the break, I planned on going to my grandma's instead.

The semester ended and I called my mum, I told her I won't come home straight. That I want to go visit my grandma in Enugu the next day to spend some days with her before coming home and she agreed. That night, I started parking my things. Then I felt a sharp pain in my abdomen. I sat down to relax a bit, then I later continued arranging my things. Then the pain came again very severe this time, I screamed in pain, holding my tummy with my hands. Then I felt something flowing down my laps. I pulled my skirt up and I saw blood flowing and already dripping on the floor. "What's happening to me?" I bursted into tears.

#You can be in the midst of friends and loved ones and still be lonely#
___________Toyin Taiwo

I can't call my friends, I was helpless. The only neutral person that came to my mind was my cab driver. I called him that that I needed him asap, it's an emergency. He promised to come. Some minutes later he entered my room and helped me into the car. He asked if I want to go to the school clinic, but I told him to take me to a hospital in town. I gave him the name and description and he took me there. I was rushed to the emergency. I asked the doctor to please save my baby but he said he's sorry that I already had miscarriage. I cried for my unborn baby. He said I'm going to be admitted for a week. I was wheeled to the ward. I can't call anyone, I was all alone, my cab man left because it was already getting late.

The next day I called my mum that I won't be going to my grandma's place again that, I had to attend a one week program. I also called my friends and told them the same thing I told my mum.
It was only the cab man who came to check on me twice through out my stay in the hospital. I was discharged a week later. I called my cab man who took me back to my hostel.

After everything that happened, I knew I can't continue my relationship with Somadina. I can't be dating him with all the secrets I was carrying. Reason why I broke up with him. I still loved him but after the incident the only thing I felt for him was resentment. I know if I don't cut myself from him, the feeling may spring up again and I don't want to have anything to do with him ever again.

Back to Present
Everyone sighed heavily, my females friends were already crying. Somadina sat with his head bowed in his hands. Hauwa, Enitan and Ezinne came forward to hug me. I was crying too. Even the guys were all getting mushy.
Hauwa: You shouldn't have done this alone, when you have people like us.
Enitan: You know we would never have judged you.
Ezinne: I'm so sorry for your loss, you really went through a lot.
They led me back to my seat.

___________Toyin Taiwo

I was shocked at Crystal's revelation. So I was about to be a father without my own knowledge. I felt pity for Crystal for the tough times she passed through all alone. I wished she told me about the pregnancy directly, I would have supported her all the way, I've always dreamt of having a child with her.
I walked up to her and squatted besides her. I placed my hand on her shoulder. "Crystal, I'm sorry for everything. I'm sorry I wasn't there for you when you needed me the most"
She didn't say a word, she just nodded. I went back to my seat.
Feso: What's your take on this matter house?
Dume: Crystal you shouldn't have kept him in the dark, he deserves to know you are carrying his baby.
Crystal: What else do you want me to do when I already heard him say indirectly that he’s not ready to be a father.
Feso: Crystal, you got it all wrong. Soma did not mean what he said that day.
Crystal: How? I was there remember!
Onochie: We were all joking that day. He didn't mean what he said
Feso: Guys you all remembered that day right?
Guys: Yes, we do.
Feso: That day when you left, we got serious. Soma said the exact opposite of what you heard.
"If I impregnate any girl, I will never tell her to abort it. If I'm foolish enough to get her pregnant then I should be wise enough to stand up to my responsibilities" I stated.
"What if you know you are not the only one she's sleeping with, will you still go ahead and claim the pregnancy as yours?" Onochie asked him.
"If you are not sure the child is yours, there's no need to argue about it, wait till the child is born, then take a DNA test. It's as simple as that" he replied Onochie.
Back to Present
Feso: That was he's final conclusion that day.
Crystal: It's a lie, did he really said that?
Jay: You should know Soma better, the three of us were course mates. We read together, study together, do almost everything together and you still don't know what he's capable of?
Dume: You know he's a man who always stand up to his responsibilities. He will never have told you to abort the baby.
Hauwa: It's sad you two ended up like this because you didn't open up to each other. A relationship can not survive without good communication.
Zite: Crystal, I can't believe you acted based on mere assumptions.
Enitan: We can't really blame her, Soma's joke is expensive too. Also you shouldn’t have slept with her that night. You made her do what she wasn’t willing to do.
Onochie: This can happen to anyone he was vulnerable that night. And from what both party said, it wasn't rape. Crystal did it out of love to comfort him.
Zite: Please no one is permitted to take sides on this issue, they are both at fault.
Feso: This is bigger than we thought and at this point we need everyone's opinion on this matter.
Jay: On behalf of the family, we are so sorry for your loss, Soma and Crystal. I think this is a matter of the heart. We can't interfere.
Zite: Jay is right. Thank God, they both realized the truth today. This is a personal issue, let them sort it out themselves.
Feso: Final Conclusion?
All: Final conclusion.

And we that we ended the picnic. We said a short prayer and the grace. We finished around 9:30pm, it was really a long day for everyone.

We helped the ladies pack the stuff they brought into Zite's car, he was to take Crystal and Ezinne home. Enitan went with Dume. Hauwa left in her own car. The guys too all left in their cars. I was about to leave when Zite told me to take Crystal home instead. She refused at first but Ezinne interfered and she relunctantly agreed. So Ezinne went with Zite.

She entered into my car and I hit the road. The ride was quiet, we didn't speak to each other. I pulled over in front of the house. Zite car was behind us. Crystal called the gate man to open the big gate so Zite can go in to off load the things in his car trunk. Some minutes later, he drove out without Ezinne. He stopped beside my car.

"Ezinne said she's sleeping at your place" Zite said to Crystal.
"Ok, good night"
"Good night" he said and at flash his headlight. I did the same. I understand he was saying his good bye.
I off the car engine and looked straight. "I'm sorry about the baby"
"I'm sorry too" she replied.
"Crystal, I’m I free to say my mind?”
"Go ahead"
"Sincerely, I wasn't happy with the way you handled the situation. I thought you knew me inside out, so you could think that I'll ask you to abort our baby after everything we've been through together. You should know how much I love you and can never do such a thing to you not to talk of hurting you. I knew your history. I knew where you were coming from, I couldn't have the effrontery to tell an only child to have an abortion. Your father denied your paternity, do I want history to repeat itself if I do the same to you?"
Silence....I continued.

"Do you know what I went through all this while, I blame myself every day for ruining our relationship, I never knew you are punishing me for what I knew nothing about"

"I've you even forgiven me?"
"Yes I have, a long time ago" she replied this time.
"That will never happen, just forget it. Thanks for the ride, good night" she said and unfastened the seat belt and stepped out of the car.
"Damn, she's still bent on afflicting me" I hit my hand on the steering. A stray tears left my eyes. I wiped it off, fired the engine and showed myself out the area.
____________Toyin Taiwo

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Re: BROKEN HEDGE By Toyin Taiwo by otewojnr: 6:05am On Jan 15
nice one.waiting patiently for the next update.

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Re: BROKEN HEDGE By Toyin Taiwo by kayceerilyn(f): 6:16am On Jan 15
Thanks for the update Toyin.

Your life is a testimony and a proof that Jesus is alive and still in control. I'm really sorry you had to go through all of that pain.... God will continue to infuse you with his strength and restore your health to perfection for His honour and glory. And please, don't take whatever people are saying about marriage to heart.. Remember that you're in your time zone.. God will actualize his purpose for you wherever he desires... Slowly, maybe but surely.

Your life is beautiful and perfect.
Cheers to your greatness.


Re: BROKEN HEDGE By Toyin Taiwo by kayceerilyn(f): 6:18am On Jan 15
I also noticed the story has very few errors here and there... Aside that, it's a masterpiece.

I love you sweetie..

God gat you

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Re: BROKEN HEDGE By Toyin Taiwo by rachealfst(f): 9:42am On Jan 15
Thanks for the update Toyin.

Your life is a testimony and a proof that Jesus is alive and still in control. I'm really sorry you had to go through all of that pain.... God will continue to infuse you with his strength and restore your health to perfection for His honour and glory. And please, don't take whatever people are saying about marriage to heart.. Remember that you're in your time zone.. God will actualize his purpose for you wherever he desires... Slowly, maybe but surely.

Your life is beautiful and perfect.
Cheers to your greatness.
Thanks so much for your advice, I appreciate. God bless you, love you too.

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Re: BROKEN HEDGE By Toyin Taiwo by mrsPT: 1:02pm On Jan 15
Happy belated birthday dear rachealfst. Affliction will not rise again in your life. Your face kinda looks familiar- did u attend Government college Agege?

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Re: BROKEN HEDGE By Toyin Taiwo by rachealfst(f): 1:40pm On Jan 15
Happy belated birthday dear rachealfst. Affliction will not rise again in your life. Your face kinda looks familiar- did u attend Government college Agege?
Yes I did. Amen to your prayers.
Re: BROKEN HEDGE By Toyin Taiwo by afolabiwunmi: 3:07pm On Jan 15
Interesting,kudos to rachealfst

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Re: BROKEN HEDGE By Toyin Taiwo by odumzy(f): 3:22pm On Jan 15
i just finish reading this story on okadabook I must say, it worth it more ink to your pen, more wisdom, knowledge and understanding fall on you IJN

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Re: BROKEN HEDGE By Toyin Taiwo by rachealfst(f): 5:23pm On Jan 15
i just finish reading this story on okadabook
I must say, it worth it
more ink to your pen,
more wisdom, knowledge and understanding fall on you IJN
Amen. Thanks so much sis. More of God's blessings in Jesus name.
Re: BROKEN HEDGE By Toyin Taiwo by teel123(f): 6:39pm On Jan 15
rachealfst our share of d cake shld be more update. lol. waiting patiently.

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Re: BROKEN HEDGE By Toyin Taiwo by rachealfst(f): 6:55pm On Jan 15
Xteljay, cathyperry45, olaolutreasure, dupsai, prestigiouslady, kingphilip, teel123, wizsolzy, Ayoomolabake, Chigold121, cyndy1000, kayceerilyn, Omaa01


I got back from my store and met my three sons wasted. They have become a liability, the three of them are all drop out. The eldest did not even finish secondary School. I just shaked my head, people say I was the one who spoiled them. Is there anything wrong in pampering your children. I know it’s my enemies that is using them against me. I went into the bedroom but my husband was not back which is unusual, it was past nine already.

I changed my clothes and noticed his wardrobe was slightly opened. I moved closer to close it but I met the wardrobe empty. I opened the second one too, it was empty. I couldn't believe my eyes.

I went back to the sitting room to wake my sons.
"Where is your father?"
"Father, is not back, let me sleep this woman" one of them answered me.

I called his number and it was switched off. I ran to the toilet to urinate, all system had turned upside down.

I have held him down for years, who loosed him, I should have done something this morning when he challenged me. I thought he would come back to his senses but it's clear now that he has regained is memory.

I called the company line. One of the employees picked the call and said he left in the morning and didn't come back. I called his friends, they said they don't know he's whereabouts.

I don't know where to run too, my mother who helped me to cast the spell on him is already late.

There must be another solution to all this, it' not to late for him to slip out of my hands. I must get him back.

I got home very late in the night, I horned and horned before my gateman could open the gate, I was sure he was fast asleep. I stepped out of the car and my cousin was at the front door waiting.

"Soma, did your picnic turned into an all night party. Look at the time" Silver tackled me.
"Sorry dear, I'm sorry for keeping you up till now"
I went into the house exhausted, I strolled into kitchen to get a drink while Silver followed after me.
"I made dinner, she announced, but it's sure cold by now. Let me microwave it"
"I'm not hungry Silver, all I need is a cold shower and a good night sleep. Thanks anyway"
"Ok, how was the picnic?”
"Huh! I don't know what to say, you can't understand"
"Are you okay?"
"Yes, I am, I just need to rest"
"I was bored all day, you should have taken me along with you but you said it's strictly for your clicks of friends"
"Yes, sorry about that"
"Did you guys snap? Let me have a look. I still remembered some faces that came for the house warming party"
I handed my phone over to her, I left the kitchen for my room. She followed me.
"Don't you have a room?" I said rudely.
"I was here all alone throughout the day, now that you are back you expect me to still stay on my one. Never. Oya give me gjst" She said and jumped on my bed.
"But I'm tired we can't gist this night"
"You will gist by force, tell me about the Picnic"
"Ok, I'll tell you, but I need to shower first"
She left the bed and sat on the sofa still checking my phone while I went into the bathroom to shower. Then she screamed.
"What?" I ran out of the bathroom only cladded in a towel.
"My boss! My boss!" She said pointing to the phone acting like a jelly fish.
"What's wrong with your boss?"
I took the phone from her and realized she was going through the pictures we took.
I hissed. "Young woman, don't come and give me hypertension. I'm still young"
"Soma...Miss Crystal has amnesia. Ehe! You are right all along....I really pity her"
“So you want to give me high blood pressure because of pictures?”
"I'm talking about my boss here, you are talking about hypertension. What did you find out from your friends, what was the reason for her memory loss?”
"Silver, your boss has no Amnesia"
"It's a lie, why then did she deny knowing you?"
"It's a long story?"
"Well we have all the night"
"I'm sorry but I can tell you anything, at least not now"
"What's going on cousin, what's there that you can't tell, why did she pretends not to know you?"
"Lawyer Silver, your time is up, pack yourself and leave my room"
I pushed are gently towards the door. "Good night" I said feigning a fake broad smile.
"I'm coming back tomorrow morning, I'll be the first person you'll see tomorrow, good night" she said feigning anger.
With that information she dropped, I locked my room with the key immediately. I went back into the bathroom replaying all that happened all over again.

How will I ask her to abort my child. Now I don't know if she still feels anything for me or not. I still love her, I love her with the whole of my heart. I have girls who throw themselves at me but my heart still beat for just one person, Crystal.

___________Toyin Taiwo

I entered into my room and sat on my bed quietly, it was late, my mum was not in the sitting room, Ezinne had already moved the things we brought into the kitchen. She came to my room to pick her things.
"I'll sleep in the guest room" she said and left. I really needed time to be alone, I'm grateful she gave me my privacy.
I guessed my mum must have waited for me. I checked my phone and so her missed calls. I thought as much. I showered and went to her room. She was still awake. I greeted her. Immediately she saw my face she knew something was wrong.
"What happened at the picnic?" She asked.
"Mummy please I don't want to talk about it, not tonight" I replied.
"I'm here, if you need someone to talk to my dear"
"Thanks Mummy, good night ma"
"Good night"

I went back to my room and lay on the bed. Tears started flowing again. “They made me remember my baby" I said to myself and wept the more.

The next morning, Ezinne came to my room and gave me some words of advice, she also apologized for spilling the beans.
She went back to her house that morning, though we later met in church for the service.

I just took lunch with my mom after we came back from church and went straight to my room. My phone rang continuously, it was calls from my friends, my own family. I'm very sure they've called Soma too. I put myself together and started returning the calls one after the other. After the calls my mood lightened a bit.

Monday came and I was happy because I really need to bury myself into work.

I went to the secondary where Amara works, I just remembered her name this morning.
I asked around for her, at last I met with the school Principal who directed me to the Vice Principal Admin. They helped checked the files. I gave them the year I last saw her which narrowed down the search. At the end of the day, her folder was found.
"She worked her transferred to Lagos 26years ago. She was posted to Government college Agege, LGA, Lagos State"
"Thank you very much, I really appreciate your help"
"You can take it from there because I'm very sure she would have been transferred from that school to another, 26years is a long time" The VP said.
"You are right. Thanks so much, at least I have a lead. God bless you"
"Amen, you are welcome"
"Have a good day madam" I said and shaked hands with her.
"You too"
I left the school straight to the airport, thank God I don't owe anyone any explanation for my movement.


Re: BROKEN HEDGE By Toyin Taiwo by Pricelessangel0(f): 7:12pm On Jan 15
Wao!!! thanks ma for the update.
"sleeping with someone to help ease pain away" the dumbest thing that some people engage in which I can never do. tnz for sharing this wonderful story full with our everyday lesson. God bless. #ghost mode deactivated #

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