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Re: Love In A Circle by PrudySara(f): 12:02pm On Nov 13, 2018














Re: Love In A Circle by Silver1996(m): 10:23am On Nov 14, 2018

EYES TWICHING,SLOWLY NOAH OPEN HIS EYES... he blink not sure where he was, he blink again wiping his eyes with his palm....

He rolled over.. Shock engulf him when he realise he was in a bed....

He quickly open his eyes widely, wipe his eyes with his palm again and scan his eyes around.....

He quickly jump off from the bed.., how did he get back to his room......

Just then he heard his mother's voice....

He peep outside from the window, it was daytime already......

He snort wondering what happened the previous day....
Just then his head brood over the previous day event....he had followed Leonard and Shayna to the birthday party....

He couldn't face Shayna, so he had stood up.....
He puff as he remenbered what happened next...
His mother voice came again disrupting his thoughts....
He step out of the room to the kitchen where his mother was......

"Sleeping head, you finally woke up..... "Mrs Marpheson blared out...

Noah gave a sluggish yawn........

"What were you thinking getting drunk at a birthday party.....?

Noah poke his eyes shocked.......

He couldn't believe it, he was drunk... Avoiding Shayna has got him drunk but how, he wasn't the type who drinks.....

He exhales when he reemnber he saw those bastards at the party, they must have drugged him.. He shouldn't have trusted them......

"Am going to the tea store now, it's late already, you can't go to school, so wash your face and join me in the tea store.......

Those were the last words from his mother before she walked away.....

Noah just keep gazing at her until she slammed the door..... Then he took a deep breathe and drag his feet back to his room..... What did he do?

Noah took a deep drag as he turn off the shower valve...... He quickly dry his body with the towel and tied it round his waist.....

Since there was no one in the house besides quietness he walk freely to his room without fear that the towel was going to fall off......

He open the wardrobe looking for something to wear before he goes to his mother's tea store.....
With a huff, he took out a pair of trouser and a T-shirt and shorts....

He quickly change into the shorts not even bothering to apply cream on his body....

Just then a knock came on the door.... He frown wondering who could be knocking.....

The knock came again this time more serious than the first.....

He quickly wore the T-shirt and tie the towel around the shorts then he drag his feet to the door....

He hesitated a bit when he got to the door wondering who could be knocking.... Who could possibly know someone was home....

The knock came again.. Irritated he opened it...
Shock swept through him when he saw the person standing there.....

"What are you doing here.....? He blared out.... Shock etched on his face.....

"You mean why i came to see my drunk friend....? "Leonard said abruptly....

He didn't wait for Noah to invite him in before he went in........he jut his chin and threw himself on the chair........

Noah grunts and close the door registering the fact that he was the second reason he got himself drunk.......... With knit brows he spun round to face him....... "School haven't closed.... "

"I've closed for today"

Noah nib his lip...... "So you left school to come here....?

"I was bored, you weren't there, Shayna wasn't in school either..... "

A raw feeling wrecked Noah at the mention of Shayna.......

"And besides i wanted to see how you were doing after what happened yesterday..... "Leonard added with clenched teeth...

Noah poke his eyes at him..... "You talk as if something else happened other than me getting drunk.... "

"You don't remenber.....?

"Remenber what?

Leonard reclined his back on the chair... His palm on the back of his head...... "You kissed a girl...... "

Noah's heart skipped...... Trepidation sinking deep into him...... "I kissed a girl....! He boom out with eyes slack-jawed......

"Actually you thought you were kissing Shayna..... "

Noah shudder, his heart raced at tremendous speed.... Just then he knew he made the biggest mistake going to that party.....

"Are you in love with my girlfriend......? Leonard ask crisply....

Noah swallowed hard, unable to form words... Couldn't move.. He just stood gazing at him gormlessly... His question echoing in his head... What have he done..........."Excuse me.....! He muttered when no words came....... "Why would i love your girlfriend..... "

"Because you've kissed her twice..... "

"Twice......! "Noah hollered shocked...

"One in the lab room and yesterday you thought you were kissing her.... "

"But that's once and the once was a mistake, it shouldn't even be counted as once... "

"Should it be counted as half....?

Noah nib his lips.. He could hear the pounding of his own heart... Beating rapidly like it was fighting hard to burst out of his chest....... "Look am sorry......"He said shabbily..... "I was drunk, i didn't know what i was doing....... "

"Don't hurt me again Noah......"

His words sent a thunderous blow to Noah ears.........

"Don't hurt me again if you are still my friend...... "Leonard added.....

Noah bit his lips...it was so hard that he felt the pains... He wince, maybe he deserves it...he deserves it for been stupid........

Noah kept thinking about what Leonard had said earlier'Dont hurt me again if you are still my friend '

He grind his teeth, who is hurting who, him or Leonard..... ?

The word kept repeating in his head, Leonard had gone home now, what a terrible day it had been for him...

He quickly brood over the girl Leonard had said he kissed... He wonder who she was....

He snort, he was so ashamed of himself.. How could he do that in public... How could he be so senseless... He shouldn't have trusted Fedrick and Spencer, he was so foolish.....

A knock came on the door.....,he frowned wondering who was knocking again.... Why does visitors always come when he's home...

Leonard couldn't have returned so soon or could him have changed his mind to come back and repeat that witty statement he had said earlier.... "Don't hurt me again... "......

He shudder when he thought it could be Shayna knocking...

The knock came again pursuring him from his thoughts....

With a puff, he drag his feet to the door, gently and slowly he opened it...

He bug out his eyes as he saw a girl, he wonder who the person was... Who was she looking for..... She was young, probably his age grade... Average in height, her long dark hair fell over her shoulders.... And she was beautiful......

Her beauty makes him wonder who she was.......

"Aren't you going to let me in.....? She ask with a smile.

Noah jut his chin wondering why she was smiling... Who is she... He knows for a fact he hasn't seen her before.....

He began to contemplate in his head if to let her in or just remain outside.....

She smile again and he was forced to smile back....

"Of course.... "He said after much silence....

He step out of the way letting her in.... His head bubbling up questions...he hopes he haven't made a mistake inviting her in........

She look round the house.. Then she shift her gaze to him with a smiling face....

She sat down,a bit shy, a bit nervous.......

Noah jut his chin then he fold his hands across his chest waiting impatiently for her to talk...... But she didnt say anything.....

Irritated.. He broke the silence.... "Who are you.....?

"You don't recognize me......?

"Should i....? Noah said abruptly

"My name is Tessy..... "

"Tessy.....!..,Noah knit his brows..... "I don't know anyone by that name"

"Your friend and i brought you home last night........ "

Noah raise his brows.... Leonard never mentioned that........ "Oh.....!

She giggled..... "Am the girl you kissed,the supposed Shayna..... "

Noah's heart sanked.... Mouth trembling he gaze at her.. He couldn't say a word.... He just stood motionless looking gormlessly at her... The girl he thought had no courage to face was here with him.. Sitting down opposite him.. Smiling...... And her damn smile was killing him.. Filling his head with thoughts of Shayna...... He was definitely in more trouble than he anticipate for....... Big trouble... "

Re: Love In A Circle by izaray(f): 10:35am On Nov 14, 2018














Aww..Thanks dearie, just seeing this now
Re: Love In A Circle by Ann2012(f): 11:10am On Nov 14, 2018
Noah, u better go for Tessy and free Shayna for Leonard.
Thanks for the update OP
Re: Love In A Circle by Afz9095(m): 11:42am On Nov 14, 2018
Noah, u better go for Tessy and free Shayna for Leonard.
Thanks for the update OP
he shouldn't leave shayna for Leonard ,abi you want them to commit incest .you no knw say shayna is Leonard lost twin sis
Re: Love In A Circle by Ann2012(f): 2:50pm On Nov 14, 2018
he shouldn't leave shayna for Leonard ,abi you want them to commit incest .you no knw say shayna is Leonard lost twin sis

Ehn ehn
Re: Love In A Circle by skubido(m): 4:05pm On Nov 14, 2018
Tanks for the update
Re: Love In A Circle by khaifa(f): 4:19pm On Nov 14, 2018
Tanks for the update

Guy, you are always on every interesting piece.. shocked
Please when next you read any interesting work, abeg mention me oooh!! wink
OP welldone welldone.
Very intriguing but I think you need to work on your tenses.
Thumbs up!! wink
Re: Love In A Circle by Mavikolo2020: 4:19pm On Nov 14, 2018
he shouldn't leave shayna for Leonard ,abi you want them to commit incest .you no knw say shayna is Leonard lost twin sis

I think so too, but you know silver, he might surprise you with something else, who knows maybe Tessy is the twin sister
Re: Love In A Circle by osax4pal: 8:53pm On Nov 14, 2018
Nice tori
Re: Love In A Circle by ShadowFighter: 9:35pm On Nov 14, 2018
Please update nau..
Re: Love In A Circle by izaray(f): 1:31pm On Nov 15, 2018
Wonderful story, finally caught up with you guys

Silver you're too much
Re: Love In A Circle by kaystar10(m): 4:04pm On Nov 15, 2018
finally i catch up, nyc one sylver
Re: Love In A Circle by Phoenix1949(m): 9:12pm On Nov 15, 2018
This piece is very educative, the use of word fabulous
Re: Love In A Circle by Silver1996(m): 9:38am On Nov 17, 2018


she wink and he knew it was stupid of him to be staring at her like that......

"Am sorry.... "He said crisply when no other words came out.... "I didn't mean to do that..., i mean the kiss, i was not myself lastnight...... "

"Of course you weren't... "She interjects.."You were dead drunk, i presume you are bibulous... "

"Am not bibulous... "Noah jump in with poked eyes... "I just had too much i guess"

"And you weren't thinking the outcome of it, i suppose.... "She interjects with a smiling face...

Noah exhales... Her cute smile was stirring up feelings in him, feelings he has tried so much to suppress.... Feelings for Shayna...... "No, i wasn't thinking.... "He said shabbily..

"Were you trying to forget someone....?

Noah puff, was this a question and answer session.. Her questions were beginning to irritate him..., he wonder if this is what she's here to do,ask him annoying questions....

"That is personal.... "He said with clenched teeth, not wanting to give her the dignity of the reply that she wants...

"Oh!, am sorry to delve into your personal issues.... "

Noah snort, eyes twitched.... "Apology accepted... "

She smile and Noah reciprocate with a grin...

"Thank you for helping my friend bring me home last night...., i must have caused you alot of trouble.... "

"You have no idea..... "she chulkled... "But i guess i was just carrying out my duty.... "

Noah chulkled.... "Your duty..!,Don't tell me you felt obliged to it"

"Well, maybe it's my duty to take drunk people home.... "She laugh as the words drip from her mouth...

Her laugh, her smile suit her curvy lips, reminds him so much of Shayna...... "Even at that,i still appreciate what you did, you are one of a kind you know..... "

"Thanks for the compliment..., even if a part of me tells me you're just bluffing.... "

"Bluffing.....! Noah laugh.... "Am not... "

"Yes you are... "

"You are funny..., am Noah by the way... "

"You know mine already, so i see no need for further introduction...... "

They both chulkled...

"So how are you now....? She ask

"Well, as you can see, am strong now.... "He said with shrugged shoulders

"Strong for another party....? She ask jokingly with pout lips...

Noah chulkled..... "Maybe..... "

"Still throwing up....? She said changing her sitting position.....

Noah nib his lips..... "Did i threw up last night.....?

She wink at him.... "You literally threw up more times than i can count.., in your friend's body..... "

Noah grunts...... "Leonard.... "

She giggled, just then, her Phone began to ring... She stare at the caller, her smiling face quickly changed into a frown...

"Aren't you going to pick up....?Noah ask with clenched teeth when he saw the change of expression on her face...

"I don't feel like... "She replied tossing a strap of her hair aside...

The call ended and started ringing again..., she look at the caller and drop the phone back on the chair.....

Noah purse his lips, wondering why she doesn't want to answer.... "Hey.., just pick it up, maybe the caller have something important to say...... "

She smile at him and he foolishly smile back....

She hesitated a bit, she just sat down staring at the phone as it rings... With a deep huffs, she press the answer button, she smile at Noah again before she said... "Hello"

"Why haven't you been answering my calls....? The caller's voice raved...

She exhales.... "I was busy.... "

"We need to talk... "The caller said

"About what....? She ask with knitted brows..

"Where are you so i can pick you up...."The caller said

She snort, frown lines encroaching on her forehead.... "A friend's place... "

"What friend, a male or female....? The caller ask..., vexation coated in his voice..

She huff, anger slowly making way into her... "It's non of your business.... "

"Tell me where you are, i will come there right now and pick you up... "

She gaze at Noah who shyly turn away his face.... "Tell me where you are, i will meet you there..... "

The caller told her and hung up..., she sigh, then she fixed her gaze on Noah....

Noah shift his gaze to her again, her once smiling face has been beat down to frown lines on her forehead... And that makes him want to know her conversation with whoever called her......

"Bad news...? He ask

"Actually, it's nothing to worry about.... "

The plates clatters on the floor as they fell from the ranger...

"These silly plates.... "The person muttered and picked them into the sink..

The person took out the tomatoes from the fridge, put them in a tray and began to slice them into round small shapes....

The person glance at the phone as it began to ring, the person stare at the caller, then quickly press the answer button.....

"What now....?The person ask in a low voice

"She has come back to town"The caller said


"The woman from the orphanage.... "The caller said

"Be sure to take care if her this time... "The person said

"I will make it swift.... "The caller said and ended the call..

"No one can take her away.... "The person said and continued slicing the tomatoes....

Mr Molly...!, Mrs Marpheson said as Mr Molly walk into the tea store....

"Mrs Marpheson, how are you? Mr Molly ask as he drag a chair from under the table to sit...

"Am doing great Mr Molly.... "

Mr Molly snort as he brought out the daily newspaper from his bag and drop it on the table....
He opened the first page of the newspaper and stare at the headline....

"This racist are not just going to stop"Mrs Marpheson said as she took a look at the newspaper... "How could they do this to someone just because he's black, it's bibaric... "

"The Government isn't doing anything about it.... "Mr Molly said crisply

"The people need to voice out their opinions, this discrimination needs to stop"

"You are right Mrs Marpheson, this hatred for the black race, it needs to stop.. "

Mr Molly opened the next page, with a huff, he read the lead of the headline....

The tea store door opened, Miss Jones drag her feet in, towards their direction...

Mrs Marpheson smile upon sighting her.... "Miss Jones, what a pleasant surprise, i thought i would never see you again after your visit the other day.... "

"You still remenber my name, that's so good of you...."Miss Jones as she pull out a chair..

Mrs Marpheson giggled at her comment... "I don't forget my customers... "

"How have you been? She added

Mr Molly fused his eyes on Miss Jones, he sigh and focus his attention back on the newspaper, then he shift his gaze to her again......

"I know you.... "He muttered after much silence...

Miss Jones poke her eyes at him...."Me...! ,she exclaimed in shock

" I don't think so.... "She added..

"Mr Molly, i don't think you know her, she's new in town"Mrs Marpheson interjects

Mr Molly was maze, he was very sure he has seen her before.... "No, i know you,i have seen you before... "

"Where....?, Miss Jones ask anxiously

Mr Molly try to remember but everything was blank..... "i can't seem to place where we've met but am certain, I've seen you before.... "

"Mr Molly, you could be mistaken her for someone else... "Said Mrs Marpheson

"SANTA MARIA ORPHANAGE... "Mr Molly blared out

"Santa what....?

"Santa maria, I've seen you there before, you were a worker there.... "Mr Molly said

"A worker... "Miss Jones exclaimed and giggled..... "I don't even know that place"

Mrs Marpheson sigh..... "Santa Maria was an orphanage home that was here, but it was shut down years ago.... "

"Why was it shut down...? Miss Jones ask

"The answer to that question still remain a mystery to us all.... "Mrs Marpheson said

Mr Molly puff, a sniff followed... "You look like her, i mean the woman that once worked in that orphanage.., she was so kind.... "

"What happened to her....?

Mr Molly sigh, he adjusted his glasses.... "We heard she died along with her coworkers in a drastic car accident.... "

"People assumed their dead led to the shut down of the orphanage..... "Mrs Marpheson added

"That is so sad.... "Miss Jones said crisply

MIKE glanced at his watch, he's been there for over an hour waiting for her, yet she isn't forth coming... He remenbered the previous day, after his birthday, he had called her and ask her to meet him at five star restaurant.....

He poured the bottle of the wine he had ordered earlier into the glass, he hasn't waited this long for any girl...she was different... She pushed all his buttons forcing him to do things he never thought he could do.. Now he knows he's really deeply in love with her and he's going to get her with anything he has got, he is not going to let the girl he loves this much slip away like that...

It's really amazing how someone can fall in love at first sight, at first he thought it was just a mere infatuation but he knew better now, it's no infatuation, he's really in love, he can't just get her off his mind,every moment of the day, his thoughts is all about her, in his dreams, he sees her, in his imagination, she's dorminant....

He's really in love with her and he's going to make her love him..

He remenbered the previous day, that idiot had actually introduced himself as the guy in her life.....he chulkled at the thought... Sooner or later, he will know who the guy in her life is... He's going to get her... By money, by force or by tricks....

He put on a smiling face as he saw her coming, he wanted to stand up and embrace her but he thought it will be childish......

"You are finally here.... "He said with a huge smile..

"Have you been waiting for me....? Shayna asked

"Come-on, have a seat, i can wait a thousand years for you.... "he said pulling out a chair for her

With a huff,Shayna sat down.... Her gaze met his.. His smiling face.. His expression made it obvious he wants something from her, something she will not be able to offer...

"Care for a drink....? He ask

"Just my favorite juice....., Lavander"

"Your favourite juice....!, he muttered with a smile..... "Am glad you are beginning to tell me more about yourself....."


sorry for the late update
Re: Love In A Circle by purity23(f): 10:12am On Nov 17, 2018
Mike please leave Shayna alone

i think Miss Jones is lying, she knows something about Mrs Lemuel daughter, Leonard twin sister
Re: Love In A Circle by Mavikolo2020: 11:10am On Nov 17, 2018
Na wa o, Mike is just wasting his time, because Shayna doesn't even love Leonard, she loves Noah..

Mike thinks Leonard is his competitor
Re: Love In A Circle by Ann2012(f): 11:11am On Nov 17, 2018
Thanks for the update
Re: Love In A Circle by LightQueen(f): 11:27am On Nov 17, 2018
Lol Thanks for the update
Re: Love In A Circle by Risingstar2020(f): 12:02pm On Nov 17, 2018
Tanks for d update
Re: Love In A Circle by shakibell(f): 11:01pm On Nov 17, 2018
Mike please leave Shayna alone

i think Miss Jones is lying, she knows something about Mrs Lemuel daughter, Leonard twin sister

I'm pretty sure that Leonard's twin sister is Shayna
Re: Love In A Circle by Gerardo88(m): 10:33pm On Nov 18, 2018
More updates, thumbs up
Re: Love In A Circle by Gerardo88(m): 10:34pm On Nov 18, 2018

I'm pretty sure that Leonard's twin sister is Shayna
Re: Love In A Circle by Remite011(m): 9:17am On Nov 19, 2018
I'm loving it as it's getting more twisted

thanks for the update.

anticipating for the other part of the story bro
Re: Love In A Circle by Gerardo88(m): 1:33pm On Nov 19, 2018
I think this story is talking about foreigners, thumbs up silver
Re: Love In A Circle by Silver1996(m): 1:53pm On Nov 19, 2018


"Why are you just coming?The person ask... Anger coated in his voice...

"I came as soon as i got your call... "Tessy replied frowning

"I called you an hour ago..... "

Tessy snort.... "There was traffic on the way.... "

"Where were you? He ask, exasperation licking through him

"I told you before, i was at a friend's place... "She snapped

"A male friend...?

"It's none of your beeswax"Tessy blared out

"It's my goddamn business... "He retorted with angry eyes..

Fear grip Tessy, she quivered but managed to stand firm.... "Am sick and tired of this jealous attitude of yours... "

"You think am jealous...., is that why you go around kissing boys publicly....?

Shock swept through her,the kiss, how the hell did he know about that...

"Are you going to deny it..?

"I didn't do anything... "She said in defence

The person brought out the pictures from beneath the chair and threw them at her face......

Tessy stood dumbfounded,her heart almost bursting out of her chest... Her mouth quivered as she look at the pictures of her kissing Noah at the party....

"You kissed a guy and you denied it to my face...? The person yelled

"You sent your spies to take us pictures....?

"Did you kiss him delibrately or he forced his stupid lips on you...? He queried

"Hey, the guy was drunk, he didn't know what he was doing... "she boom out irritated

"So is true he forced his lips on you....?

"It's not true........"She said crisply...... "He mistook me for someone else.... "

The person grunts and place his hand on her shoulder..... "Tessy, you know i love you very much and not ready to lose you yet"

"So that's the reason you sent your boys to take us pictures...?

He inhale.... "I didn't send anyone to take you pictures.., someone sent those pictures to me... "

"Why should i believe you...? She ask looking at the pictures again, her lips pressed against Noah's lip, she remembered that night, how they had met, he was damn cute and look gentle, even when he was intoxicated and looking hazard, there was still some vestige of handsomeness...

"You don't have any reason not to.... "

She sprang back to the present when his voice interrupted her thoughts...... "I have more than a thousand reasons not to believe you... "

"I will never lie to you"

"You've lied to me countless times.... "She snapped

He grunts and quickly collected the pictures from her.... Then he torn them, tearing them to pieces...... "Can't you see, whoever sent these pictures is trying to separate us.... "

"Seperate us...! She exclaimed

He drew closer to her and she shift aback, he drew nearer and touch her cheeks..... "There are many people who don't want us go be together,and these people will stop at nothing just to make sure we got seperated....... "

"What do you really want from me...? Shayna ask nervously

"We are friends, aren't we..? Mike ask back with a smile

"That doesn't answer the question... "she said shabbily

He pout his lip.... "I just want us to be close friends.. "

"Only that..? Shayna ask anxiously

"Yeah...., were you expecting something else?

"No, just............"She exhale....."Never mind"

Mike smile and she reciprocated the smile, she isn't sure if she wants anyone to sweep her off her feet again,everyone says first love is the best, in her case, it's the worst.... And the only person who can repair the damage caused to her by the so called first love is Leonard... She's going to stick to Leonard.. She will love him and no one else...

Max kept pacing about in the house, furiously, he punch the wall, he pick the pillows and threw them on the wall..

"What is wrong with you, you need to calm down.... "Aunt Rebecca said

"How can i calm down Aunt, what sort of a father will put his only child in such danger"

"You're making it sound like he deliberately did it... "

"Yes Aunt.., he did it delibrately...,because he's a wicked man, he never loved me.. "

"Max, don't say that about your father, your fathet is an honorable man...

"Who loves his job more than his own child..... "Max cut in

Aunt Rebecca sigh, she couldn't believe Max father could actually do a thing like that to his son... "Whatever this is about, you need to calm down so we can figure this out..... "

"Aunt how can i do that when am a target to whoever my father may have wronged...."He swallowed.... "The moment, i step outside this house, they will come after me"

"You are not even sure if the people you are thinking are actually the ones looking for you.. "

"They are aunt..., is the only explanation for the voicemail my father left me.... "

"If it's true, then whatever your father must have gotten into is really a big sh*t...."

"Whoever they are Aunt, am sure they won't stop till they find me.... "


"So she came again...? Leonard ask as they wall down the school premises...

"Yeah, her comings are becoming more suspicious...... "Noah replied as he change the position of his bag to his left shoulder........

His mind brood on why Tessy has been visiting often, for the past two weeks she's been visiting and he was beginning to suspect she's up to something.....

"Do you think she has any motives....? leonard ask


"I mean something something......."

"I can't tell"Noah replied with clenched teeth

"Whoooh......, she's having a crush on you"

Noah chulkled..... "Not after our ridiculous meeting... :

They both gigled....

Noah had thought about it before, maybe she's having a crush on him, he hasn't ask if she has a boyfriend yet, but the way she keeps coming to his place tells the opposite, even his mum thinks she is having a crush on him since she help her at the tea store......

He chulkled at the thought of it, he wasn't sure if he should give her a chance ... Perhaps he should start dating her to forget.......You know who....

"Does she have have a boyfriend.....? Leonard ask interrupting his thoughts

"I don't know...."

"You don't know or you don't want to tell me....?

"I don't know.... "

"You mean you haven't ask her..... ?

"I didn't think it was necessary"

"It's so obvious she likes you..., when a girl keeps coming to a guy's house..., it means she's searching for something something..... ,do you like her...?

Noah grin...... "Big No... "

"No....! Leonard exclaimed..... "NO you are not sure, or NO you don't know.... ?

"NO, none of the above... "Noah replied ...

"But you think about her, don't you....?

Noah nib his lip.... "Don't even try to cajole me into thinking i like her... "

"Come-on man, you have no girlfriend, here is a free one offering her beautiful self on a platter of gold, this is once in a lifetime opportunity, if i were you, i will grab it with both hands and legs....."

Noah knit his brows....."To God be the glory, you are not me... "

They chulkled as they trot their legs to Noah's locker....
Noah opened the locker and a folded paper fell out, he pick up the paper wondering who has kept it there.....

"She even wrote you a love letter...., am so jealous now... "Leonard said jokingly

"She doesn't have the key to my locker.... "

He unfold the paper, fear grip him as he read the words in the paper boldly written in capital letter..... 'STAY AWAY FROM HER, I WON'T WARN YOU AGAIN... '

leonard collected the paper from him, he look at the back to see if there was any information relating to the writer......

"Her.....!, who do you think is her.....? Leonard boom out

"I have no idea.... "


pls drop a comment for me after reading

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Re: Love In A Circle by izaray(f): 2:07pm On Nov 19, 2018
The story is making more sense

Thanks for the update
Re: Love In A Circle by osax4pal: 2:32pm On Nov 19, 2018
Re: Love In A Circle by Mavikolo2020: 2:32pm On Nov 19, 2018
The 'her'could be Tessy
Re: Love In A Circle by skubido(m): 9:20pm On Nov 19, 2018
The 'her'could be Tessy

It could be Leonard oooo,, cuz of shayna
Re: Love In A Circle by egwolopretty: 10:28pm On Nov 19, 2018
silver shebi u have started

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Wole Soyinka Shares Throwback Photo Of 1986 When He Won His Nobel Prize / Poetry Contest / "No Pleasure For Dead Girls" A Story By Mancrimes..

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