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Re: Love In A Circle by izaray(f): 12:45pm On Nov 29, 2018
suspense overload
As in eh, suspense everywhere like Mtn wink
Re: Love In A Circle by LightQueen(f): 5:13pm On Nov 29, 2018

If silver never kill for im story, ni b say the story neva start
Re: Love In A Circle by Slimynonny: 10:17am On Nov 30, 2018
My guess is Shayna is Leonard's twin sister.
Re: Love In A Circle by shakibell(f): 1:40pm On Nov 30, 2018
silver update dis tin nha

I don dey vex ooooo
Re: Love In A Circle by Silver1996(m): 3:39pm On Nov 30, 2018
silver update dis tin nha

I don dey vex ooooo

I will update dear
Re: Love In A Circle by Blackween(f): 11:01am On Dec 02, 2018
My guess is Shayna is Leonard's twin sister.
I'm with you on that

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Re: Love In A Circle by Silver1996(m): 11:52am On Dec 03, 2018

Mr Lemuel snort as he surfaces from the thin darkness that covers the trees....
"I couldn't find anyone..... "He said with clenched teeth, fear slowly crawling it's way into him....

With tears sheening down from her eyes, Mrs Lemuel fused her gaze on Miss Jones lifeless body, letting uncontrollable tears wrecked down her cheek.... "The shooter must still be around, he should be somewhere..... "

"I serached everywhere, whoever he is, he's gone.... "

"We should call the cops... "Mrs Lemuel said impetuously

"Police...!, What are we going to tell them...?,he puff and continue.. "Calling the police will put us in a very bad situation... "

"If you don't call them, i will.... "Mrs Lemuel said, she took up her phone and dialed the police emergency number...

They picked after the second ring

Mrs Lemuel snort..., tears sheening down her cheek, she said... "There is a dead body at the cementary, you need to come now.... "

Grunting she ended the call...

"Are you crazy...? Mr Lemuel raved

"We can't leave her body here, we're the reason she's lying cold.... "

Mr Lemuel jut his chin,then he close the distance between them and wrapped his hand around her letting her tears flowed and fall on his shoulder...

"We were this close to knowing where our daughter is..... "She said and more tears ran down..

"I know... "Mr Lemuel said crisply... "We'll find her.. "

Mrs Lemuel hold on to him tightly,just then her phone began to ring..
She freed herself from the embrace as she look at the caller.... "It's Leonard... "

"He must be worried... "Mr Lemuel said

Without hesitation, she sniff and pressed the answer button......

"Mum where are you...?Leonard trembling voice came up..

Shock tinge with a pillar of fear engulfed her... "What's going on... ?

"Someone broke the window, i think he's trying to kill me.... "

As if he had a bad dream, Noah quickly woke up from his sleep...

"Damn.. "He muttered as he look at the time, it was 9:20pm, he totally forgot he was supposed to go to the tea shop and help his mother, his mother will be so mad at him...

He wipe his eyes with his palm, he stood up from the bed...
He was about to walk to the bathroom when his phone vibrated...
He pick the phone up,he hissed as he saw one new message displaying on the screen of the phone, he quickly click the message open....

His eyes widened in amazement as he read the content of the message from Tessy..

He sigh and dropped the phone back pn the bed, he wonder why Tessy will want to see him at Mr Butlers ice-cream shop at that hour of the night...

"I have a surprise for you. "He chulkled as he said aloud the last part of the message....

"What surprise...? He ask himself...

He quickly change into a pair of black jean and a red T-shirt, he decided to go to Tessy first before he goes to the tea store...

He's been thinking of a way to ask her if she had a boyfriend, a jealous boyfriend perhaps...., he guess tonight was the perfect night to do that....

With fear in his heart, Leonard fuse his gaze on the window, he hasn't diverted his focus from the window ever since the person left, he wonder who he was and what he meant by.... YOU ARE NEXT...

He move closer to the window and peep outside, he wonder why everyone has gone to bed so early....
He shift back.,look round the house.... A jarring feeling of awe engulfed him but he shoved it off.....

"When that guy comes back, i will be ready... "He muttered to himself with a feeling of confidence, slowly wrapping his fingers into a fist...

Careful not to climb his foot on any broken peices,he gather the broken pieces of the window, he wonder where his parents had gone to,they were not the type that goes out at that hour of the day, whatever it is he assumed it must be important...

He tried to picture the person's face in his mind but no image seems to creep into his head except his dark eyes that were staring furiously at him..

His heart gladened as he saw his parents through the window..

"Leonard, are you alright...? Mr Lemuel quickly ask as he opened the door

"What happened, who had tried to kill you...? Mrs Lemuel ask anxiously..

Not waiting to hear an answer, she hugged him, her mind brooding back to what happened at the cementary, it chased tears back into her eyes, she sniff as a layer of tear drop down..... "Are you okay...?

"Mum, am fine... "Leonard said freeing himself from her grip..

Mr Lemuel walked towards the broken window, he wondered if it was the same person that had murdered the woman at the cementary that came to his house.....
"Did you took a glance at his face...? He ask anxiously....

"It was dark,i couldn't see his face clearly but he said something.......

"What did he say... "Mrs Lemuel ask with clenched teeth

Leonard sigh, he looked at the window wondering if the person was actually still around...., he quivered when he recall the words... "He said am next....."

"Next.... "Mrs Lemuel's lips quivered

"What does that even mean...? Leonard ask curiously

It was 10:05 pm when Noah arrived at the Mr Butler's ice-cream shop, he look around but there was no sign of Tessy..

He thought maybe she hasn't arrived yet, he wanted to go inside the shop but no,he decided to take a stroll around until she shows up..

He wonder what the surprise was, he moved a few paces away from the shop, he was inclined to call her, ask her why she was delaying....
He exhales, then he brought out his phone and dial her number.....

"Sh*t...!he muttered when the number was unavailable

He decided to go back to the ice-cream shop when he felt someone finger on his shoulder...

Fear gripped his spines as he spun round to see a masked face standing in front of him...

Without hesitation, he turn round to run away but the person grabbed him by his shirt and quickly pushed him on the floor.....

Noah landed hard on the floor..., with anger sparkling through his eyes, he stood up and turn to face him..... "Who the hell are you....? He ask with fierce energy..

He shivered as he saw three more masked men coming from different directions, they were all wearing blacks...
He stood motionless, fear sinking deep into him....

"Look i don't know who you are, i only came here to see a friend, just let me go....."

"She's not coming.... "One of them said

Shock swept through Noah, they knew he was coming to see Tessy, they've been waiting for him, it was a trap.....

With shaking mouth he ask... "What do you want from me....?

He weigh the pros and cons of how he was going to escape.... But before he could devise any plan, one of them threw a punch at his right cheek sending him off balance.....

Noah wince at the pain, his tooth, his chin, his face feeling the wrath of the blow..., he spat out, great anger overwhelmed him pushing him to punch him back..

"Look whatever this is about, we can solve it amicably.... "He said,exasperation in his voice...

The person punch him again and Noah went off balance, blood gushing out from his mouth, his nose...

Noah touch his bleeding nose, he spat out more blood, his tooth was hurting, he couldn't take it anymore, he realise trying to resolve issues with this guys was probably a waste of time, in situations like this, violence was always the answer...

He regained his balance, and stare at the one who punched him with furious eyes.... "You want to fight, let's fight then... "
With those words, he punched him back without hesitation ...

The person wince as Noah's fist landed in his face....

"How does that feel like.....? Noah ask angrily

The four of them quickly pounce on him, Noah try to fight back but he seem powerless against the four of them..

They kicked and punched him until he fell to the floor...

One of them went ballistic and hit him hard with a wood.......

Noah groan in pain as the wood landed in his rips....., another fatal blow landed on his face, his face bloodied, he couldn't breathe as they took turns kicking and punching him....

"F*ck you..... "One of thel yelled and spat on Naoh's face...

Another one kicked him hard on his face...

They stopped as they heard police sirens...

"Let's go guys... "One of them said, he gave Noah one last kick and they quickly took off....

Slowly, everything began to turn black..., disappearing slowly..., Noah eyes began to shut down, just then he drowned into an oblivon of unconsciousness.....


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Re: Love In A Circle by Mavikolo2020: 12:42pm On Dec 03, 2018
Na wa oo

Who com beat Noah like this na
Re: Love In A Circle by shakibell(f): 3:13pm On Dec 03, 2018
Mumu Noah aw u fink say u go fit fyt 4 people at once
Re: Love In A Circle by Risingstar2020(f): 4:34pm On Dec 03, 2018
Noah is always proving he's strong

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Re: Love In A Circle by skubido(m): 4:51pm On Dec 03, 2018
Noah wan go form super man with four persin.

Am suspecting mike

OP tanks for the update
Re: Love In A Circle by Ann2012(f): 4:57pm On Dec 03, 2018
Noah don suffer
Re: Love In A Circle by decent101(m): 5:55pm On Dec 03, 2018
Re: Love In A Circle by purity23(f): 6:43pm On Dec 03, 2018
who could have done this to my Noah
Re: Love In A Circle by egwolopretty: 8:07pm On Dec 03, 2018
Am suspecting Tessy boyfriend
Re: Love In A Circle by shakibell(f): 3:20pm On Dec 05, 2018
No b small suffer oooo
Re: Love In A Circle by Silver1996(m): 10:11pm On Dec 05, 2018


She snort when she thought it must be the same people stopping her from seeing her daughter, the same people who had killed the only link she had to find her daughter, now they were after her son.....she was inclined to tell Leonard he have a twin sister but she was scared of what his reaction will be...

Mr Lemuel crocked his throat and broke the silence that clouds them.... "Why don't you go to your room Leonard, your mother and i have something to discuss... "

"Aren't we going to call the police...? Leonard ask

Mr Lemuel huffs, glancing at the window.... "We will, but not now... "

Leonard nodded, he stare at the broken window wondering why his father was hesitating to call the police..., he was at the verge of walking to his room when a knock came on the door...

Curious at who might be knocking, he retrace his steps and move towards the door..

"Leonard don't... "Mrs Lemuel said crisply, fear overwhelmed her..

"Is anyone in.... "A voice sounded from outside... "This is the police department...."

Shock swept through them wondering what the police was doing in their house...

Mr Lemuel quickly trot towards the door, he glance at his wife who nodded..., with a snort, he opened the door....... "How may we help you officers.... "He ask, fingers propelling against each other

"Deputy Sheriff, Donald Douglas.... "He said showing his badge....... "And these are my men... "

Mr Lemuel urshered them in wondering the actual reason they were here.... Are they suspects...?

The Deputy Sheriff scanned his eyes round the house...... "What happened here...? He ask when he saw the broken window

"Nothing... "Mr Lemuel replied with clenched teeth.... "Just some kids throwing stones around.... "

"Dad.... "Leonard muttered wondering why his father lied...

The Deputy sheriff sigh and fuse his attention on the three of them.... "I was told you found a dead body in the cementary today... "

"Who told you that...? Mr Lemuel boom out immediately

"Dead body... "Leonard said crisply, shocked etched on his face..

"Well we ran a discreet location on the nimber and caller identity, it turned out to be your wife.... "

"We didn't....

"It's true.... "Mrs Lemuel cut in

Mr Lemuel grunts in dismain...

"Do you mind telling me what you were doing in the cementary at that awful hour of the day? The Deputy sheriff ask taking a glance at Mr Lemuel

Mrs Lemuel swallowed,she wasn't sure what to say..... "I... I... "She stammered

"Is she a suspect....? Mr Lemuel cut in

"Someone was shot today and your wife seem to be the only one who saw her, maybe she can tell us something about what happened.... "

"I went there to see a friend's grave... "Mrs Lemuel interjects

"Your friend was buried there...? The Deputy Sheriff ask

"Is a cementary, people were buried there... "Mr Lemuel cut in

The Deputy Sheriff snort.... "The deaseased, was she there with you when she was shot....?

"Yes.., she was... ,we were discussing then suddenly.... She pause, sniff, the tears gathering in her eyes tripped down...

"Suddenly what?

She took a deep drag, wiping the tears off her face.. "The gunshot came, before i realized what was happening, she was on the floor fighting for her life..."

"Was she also there to visit a loved one?

"No..., i mean yes... "She said with deep grunts..., her mouth quivered as every flashed back on her head....."I don't know... "She added

The Deputy sheriff, Donald puff.... "Are you saying you just saw her there and you had a brief discussion with her and then a gunshot came from nowhere....?

"Stop..... "Mr Lemuel cut in.... "What is this,an interrogation..., can't you see she's at the verge of deraging... "

One of the officers whispered something on Donald's ears..

"Thank you for your help Mrs Lemuel..."Donald said... "You have a good night rest, i will be back some other time, sorry for invading your privacy at this late hour...."

"Please catch the bastard that killed her and bring him to justice.... "Mrs Lemuel said

Donald nodded, without hesitation, he left the house with his crew

Leonard look from his father to his mother.... "What's going on here, why did you go to the cementary and who is dead....?

MR MARPHESON heart beats rapidly as he ran into the hospital reception, he quickly saw his wife sitting in one of the reception chairs.....

"Honey... "He said and trot towards her with throbbing heart...

Mrs Marpheson quickly stood up with tears rolling down her cheek and hug him griply

"What happened...? He ask anxiously

When he got no reply,he pulled away from her grasp and held her hand.... "What happened to our son..?

She sniff anf more tears drip down... "I don't know, i was at the tea store when someone called me and said my son was at the hospital and in critical condition.......

"Who...!, who called you?

"The nurses said it was the person that brought him in.., he must have probably gotten my number from Noah's phone... Our son is in bad shape..... "She said quickly resting her head on his chest, letting more tears flow out of her eyes...

Mr Marpheson wrapped his hands around her... "Noah will be fine..... "

Donald Douglas The deputy sheriff gritted as he enters his office..., he picked one of his files that was on the table, he opened it, glance through it and close it back adding it to the pile of books and files on the table...

He quickly pulled off his jacket and hung it on the bars of the window, he wonder why all his night shifts have to be so terrible, it was from one murder case to the other..

He took a piece of paper from the tabke, he gaae at it, then he hissed on threw it on the waste bin.....
He remenbered a case he handled a year ago, the person who had actually called the police informing them of a dead body turned out to be the murderer...., he wonder if the two cases were similar....

He sigh and reclined his body to the chair when the door opens,Pete,one of the police officers and also his friend came in......

Pete had been his best buddy since their college school days, they signed up for the police work together, luckily for them they were both taken for the training and schooling, he worked hard to becoming the deputy sheriff, but he never cast Pete aside even if he was higher than him in rank....

"Did you believe her story.....?Pete ask sitting opposite him..

Donald wink at him... "No.. "

"Same case as last year huh... "Pete said

Donald scoffs... "We are not sure yet if she's the killer.. or they... "

"Didn't you see the husband's reaction, they look guilty... "

"Mr Park looked guilty last year, we almost thought he was the killer, that made us almsot lost the real culprit.....

"That was a real sh*t last year.... "

"Which is why, we wouldn't be making the same mistake this year... "

Tears dripping down, Mrs Lemuel wrapped her hands around the pillow on the bed.....

Mr Lemuel quickly slammed the door close with furrowed brows....., then he spun round to face his wife...... "You're the reason for all this, i warned you we shouldn't go there, if you had listened to me, non of this would have happened, that woman would have still be alive.... "

"We should have told the police the truth... "She countered

"Are you out of your mind...? He retorted.... "What truth are you implying we'd told them, that a strange woman called you with information of the whereabouts of our lost daughter and we foolishly went there or are we going to tell them we gave our daughter away because we didn't have the money to cater for her and we went back to search for after so many years....., none of these will make any sense to the police.... "

"So what are you saying, that we should stop searching for her even after learning the truth that she's in danger... "

He grunts.. "Let's give this a rest... Till..

"If you're not interested in finding our daughter, i am... "She cut in... "And i will do anything it takes to find her..., Even if it's the last thing i do.... "

Re: Love In A Circle by aprilwise(m): 5:26am On Dec 06, 2018
Hidden the truth from the police makes the matter more complicated. Thanks
Re: Love In A Circle by LightQueen(f): 5:41am On Dec 06, 2018
Mrs Lemuel abi na Lemon sef grin pls take things easy o before Silver1996 kill all your family members
Re: Love In A Circle by Mavikolo2020: 7:03am On Dec 06, 2018
This case don dey serious o
Re: Love In A Circle by Risingstar2020(f): 7:11am On Dec 06, 2018
Why are they hiding the truth from Leonard
Re: Love In A Circle by Risingstar2020(f): 7:11am On Dec 06, 2018
Hidden the truth from the police makes the matter more complicated. Thanks

That's correct
Re: Love In A Circle by egwolopretty: 7:45am On Dec 06, 2018
They shouldn't have lied to the police
Re: Love In A Circle by skubido(m): 8:44am On Dec 06, 2018
Mrs lemuel self,

OP tanks for the update
Re: Love In A Circle by Ann2012(f): 8:48am On Dec 06, 2018

Thanks for d update OP
Re: Love In A Circle by izaray(f): 10:29am On Dec 06, 2018
They should tell the police men the truth na
Re: Love In A Circle by shakibell(f): 6:31pm On Dec 09, 2018
Woman e over reaction. She just dey shake
Re: Love In A Circle by petersononome: 8:53pm On Dec 09, 2018
Nice one
Re: Love In A Circle by Remite011(m): 1:52am On Dec 10, 2018
it's getting twisted but now dangerous for the Lemuel family, hope they find comfort soon
Re: Love In A Circle by Silver1996(m): 2:36pm On Dec 10, 2018

LEONARD RECLINED HIS BACK ON THE PILLOW, HIS MIND BROODING OVER WHAT HAS HAPPENED EARLIER... someone has given him a warning, his parent had found a dead body in the cementary,he wondered if the two scenario were related...., are his parents hiding something from him....?

He wave the thought away and decided to call Noah.., he pick up his phone and dial Noah's number, he was inclined to ask if he has gotten any clue on who sent them the letters and tell him what happened in his home..

He wonder if it was the same person that had broken the window that had sent him the letter...

"No.., it was Mike.."He muttered crisply... "That bastard... "

The phone rang but no one answered, he wonder if Noah was asleep already, he glance at the time, it was 11:33pm..

He called the number again.., he sigh when the call connected after the third ring...

"Noah.., you sleep too early... "Leonard said jokingly
He waited for his reply but non came..

"Noah, are you you there....?

"Is this Leonard...? A trembling voice from the other end ask

"Mrs Marpheson.... "Leonard said with moistened lips
He waited again for a reply but nothing came....

"Mrs Marpheson, is everything ok... ?he ask worried

"Leonard, Noah is at the hospital... "

Leonard heart skipped.. "what happened... ?

"Someone found him on the road.., he was badly injured, i think he engaged in a fight with some people... "

"What hospital is he....? Leonard ask shapily

"St Joseph's.... "

"Alright, am coming over..... "He said not bothering to wait for a reply,he ended the call..

He quickly changed from his nightwear into a pair of jean and V-neck shirt, he took some money from the drawer and move out from his room...

He stare at the broken window, fear engulfed him, he thought of the possibility that whoever broke the window might be waiting for him to grab him the moment he step outside the house..

His thoughts sent quivers all over him...
He swallowed..., he was inclined to tell his parents he was going out but then he thought of how their reaction will be.. They won't allow him after everything that had happened

Without hesitation, he quickly trot towards the house.. He muttered a silent prayer, then he opened the door and took off....

Go go go go go go go go go...
They all echoed as Nataniel gulp down a hot gin....swallowing everything and emptying the bottle within minutes...

Nataniel grimace his face at the hot alcoholic taste of it...
"More... "He ordered

Federick took another bottle and gave it to him...

"Nat Nat Nat Nat Nat... "They shouted again as he took the bottle to his mouth..

He dropped the bottle when everything was down and he gave a big throaty snort....... "Who wants to challenge me....? He ask beating his chest..

"No one.... "Federick replied

Nataniel stood up and staggered to the bed..

"Nat.., do you think Luke really lost his memory....? Riddick ask anxiously

"He didn't recognize me... "Nataniel replied and took a deep drag

"I think he's putting up an act to fool us... "Spencer added

"We need to find out if it's really true he lost his memory... "Riddick said

"You can do that yourself...."Nataniel snapped... "I have more important things to take care of..."

"C'Mon man, you're his mother's friend, it won't be difficult for you to get to thier house.... "

Nataniel gave him a stony look... "Is your problem.., solve it... "

It was 12:06AM when Leonard arrived at the hospital, he caught sight of Mrs Marpheson...

"Leonard.., you came.... "Mrs Marpheson said when she saw him approaching

"Do you know if Noah was in any kind of trouble with anyone at school? Mr Marpheson asked as Leonard sat beside them..

Leonard was sure Noah didn't tell his mother about the letter.... "No sir.. "

"Who could have done this to my son... ?

Leonard puff as he thought it could be the same person who had sent those letters that could be responsible for whatever has happened to Noah

A nurse walked up to them... Looking elegantly in her dress..

"Can i see my son now...? Mrs Marpheson said shapily

"Am sorry, but your son is in a really bad state, he's still very unconscious.."

"Can we see him...?Mrs Marpheson ask again..

The nurse nodded and led them in..

Mrs Marpheson gave way to tears as she Saw Noah's unconscious body lying on the bed...
"My son.. "She sobbed and held his hand...

Mrs Lemuel reclined her back on the pillow, she couldn't sleep a wink last night, she kept thinking about what the woman at the cementary had said, who was the she that doesn't want her husband to know about the child...

That witch is gonna rip your daughter apart

She quivered as the word rang in her head, she wonder if she will ever find her but she knew very well she's not going to give up on her daughter...

Mr Lemuel bump into the room.... "Leonard is not in the house.. "

Shock ripped through her heart, she jump up from the bed, took a glance at the time, it was 7:35Am......,she quivered at her thoughts... And quickly rushed to Leonard's room...

"No no no.. They've taken him... "She said, fear stroked when she didn't find him in the room.

"Where could he have gone to so early.... ?Mr Lemuel ask

"We need to call the police.., if Leonard had been taken we need to involve the police"

Just then the door opened and Leonard walked in

Mrs Lemuel heart gladened, she quickly wrapped her hands around him... "I thought they've taken you... "

"Who...?, Leonard ask anxiously

Mrs Lemuel freed herself from the embrace

"Are you hiding something from me..? He ask

"Where have you been..? Mr Lemuel cut in....."We've been searching for you.. "

Leonard jaw dropped... "Noah is in the hospital... "

"Oh my God.., what happened....? Mrs Lemuel ask

"Some guys beat him up.. "

"Who is Noah..? Mr Lemuel ask

"He's my bestfriend and i need to get back to the hospital.... "He said walking pass them

"Aren't you going to school... ?

Mrs Lemuel sigh, a sigh of relief... "Thank God he's okay"

Aunt Rebecca stopped the taxi as she look at the address on the piece of paper in her hand, she came down and paid the taxi man...

SHAY'S ENTERPRISE was the first word she saw in the ten storey building, it was boldly showing in a screen....
She took a deep drag and assured herself she can do this..

Without ado, she went inside the first floor of the ludicrous company.., everybody was neatly and enormously dressed, she scanned her eyes around, her eyes roaming on the passerbys and workers..

She quickly trot towards the reception when she saw a girl.....

"Hi... "She said when she got there

"Hi.. "The girl replied

"Am here to see the director.... "

"Fifth floor... "The girl said and focus her gaze back on the computer

"Thank you.. "Aunt Rebecca said and headed for the elevator..

She step out of the elevator when she reached the fifth floor, she was confused of what way to take..,she huffs and took her right and headed to the office closeby
She went in,a lady in her late twenties approached her..

"Good morning... "The lady said

"Is this the director's office...?

"Yes.., am his secretary... "

Relief chased down her throat..

"Do you have an appointment....? The lady ask

"No, not really, but my issue is rather urgent, it's best i see him.. "

"Does he know you...?

Aunt Rebecca suck her teeth.... "Yes he knows me... "She lied..

"What's your name...?

"Tara.., tell him am Dr. Morrison sister.. "

"Oh...,am sorry but he hasn't come to work yet... "

Aunt Rebecca quickly frown.... "Can i wait for him... "

"Of course you can wait for him in the lobby.... "

Max kept pacing in the room, he hoped his father's plan works out, he wasn't sure if he'll forgive his father if anything happens to Aunt Rebecca..

He went aghast as he heard a knock on the door, he wonder if Aunt Rebecca was back...., he quickly rushed to the sitting room, he wanteef to look at the person through the window...

The knock came again, this time hard...

He peep.., a cold fear ripped his heart when he saw a man standing at the door...

Without hesitation he ran to the backdoor when the man kicked the door open, with shaking hands, he try to jerk the backdoor open...

Just then the man injected him with a sleepy syringe ..

Max body reacted to it and he quickly collasped...

The man grabbed him and carried him on his shoulder, carried him into the car and drove off....

"The director is here...."The secretary said to Aunt Rebecca at the lobby..

Aunt Rebecca quickly followed her to the director's office....

Aunt Rebecca look at the man that was facing the window, she wonder if that was the director

"Sir, she's the one... "The secretary said and went outside

she quickly pickup her phone and look at the picture of the director that was sent to her...... "Let me see your face.... "She ask with fear

slowly the man spun round to face her.., he smile at her when he met her gaze..

"You're not the director.."Aunt Rebecca said with trembling mouth.., just then she realise what was going on, Dr Morrison had warned her this mighey happen...., she quickly ran towards the door but it was locked outside..., the secretary must have locked it....

"Open the door.. "She shouted banging the door

The man quickly grabbed from behind and covered her mouth with his strong broad hand..

Aunt Rebecca struggled to break free from his grip,fighting for air but all her efforts were thwart... Slowly, her sight began to drown in total darkness pushing her into a state of unconsciousness .....


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Re: Love In A Circle by aprilwise(m): 4:09pm On Dec 10, 2018
This story get many hidden points wey I no understand. Thank you for update.
Re: Love In A Circle by Mavikolo2020: 4:30pm On Dec 10, 2018
I think what Dr Morrison knows is connected to Mrs Lemuel missing daughter

Just guessing though

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