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Love In A Circle by Silver1996(m): 12:09am On Apr 08, 2018
NOTE-Non of the events and names in the story are real... Read and enjoy.. Drop your comments


Noah exclaimed as he rose up from his bed,he couldnt sleep a wink last night ,his joy knew no bound, he was so happy he was going to a new school, he remembered when he wrote the scholarship exam he never imagined he will be giving a scholarship to further his high school education in the envious and prestigious Crayon high school of art and science.
"Noah are you still in bed".his mothers voice sounded,he looked at the mirror and smiles.He was damn happy he was finally transferred to the school of his dreams as a scholarship student.
He stretched his body and let out low moan, he preened himself at the mirror again and imagined what the school uniform will look like in his body.
"will it suits me" he asked himself moving his attention from the mirror and looking at the well ironed uniform in front of him.
He took the uniform up, since it wasn't bought by his father's money ,he imagined how much the school uniform will be worth.
"it seems expensive, he Thought to himself, money is really good. He added as he dropped it back on the wardrobe.
His mothers voice sounded again, this time very loud.
Noah realised he had stayed too long in the room, he needs to get ready for the first day in his new school.
"CPAYON HIGH" .Here i come, he muttered.

"Noah ".you are going to be late, his mother hollered.
Noah staggered out of the bedroom aproariously holding his towel that was tied round his waist.
" You are going to be late at your first day in school, his mother muttered.
"Hurry up and get ready i made some pancakes for breakfast.
" It seems my little boy took a lot of hours taking his bath today" his Father voice Sounded,his father walk towards them, he covered his moustache with a shaving cream.
"Why, is it because you are been transferred to a rich school" his father added.
Noah felt abashed ,did he really spend much time in the bathroom, he wasn't even sure how many minutes he spent in the bathroom he didn't had a proper bath, he kept fantasizing on how crayon high school will look like, he had only be there once. That was when he was delivering dry cleaning cloth to one of the teachers.
"Dad,i didint waste much time there. Noah said in defence of the statement his father made.
"You've applied this smelling shaving cream again "his mother hollered at his father.
Mr Marpheson, Noah's father snort. "you make it sound as if it is very stinking.
It does, it stinks alot Mrs Marpheson said back.
Noah watched as his father giggled ,he remembered his younger sister who is staying with his aunt he wished she was here to see his new expensive school uniform, his mother have sent her to her Sister when she requested she should come and stay with her since she was a divorcee and had no child. Many times she's been advised by his mother for her to remarry but she keeps saying she doesn't need a husband anymore since she was comfortable and can take care of herself and his sister with what she earned everymonth.
Noah knew his Parents couldn't cater for her needs and his together since they have no real job, his mother manage a small tea canteen while his father was a dry Cleaner.he knew very well that was the major reason his younger sister Adia was sent to stay with her aunt.
He waves the thought away and left his father and mother to their argument.
****** *******
An hour later Noah was dropped by the taxi driver in front of the rich and prestigious Crayon high school gate.
He alighted from the taxi and gave him his money. He kept gazing in amazement at the beauty of the school from the gate that he didn't notice when the taxi man sped away.
"Noah are you really here "he muttered to himself, slowly and steady he walk pass the gate and into the school promises. His former school was no way near compared to the beauty of this school he kept walking admiring the beauty of the school it was like a heaven on earth, he has never see anything as beautiful as crayon high school.
Was he dreaming or he is really here, non of it matters now if it was a dream or reality, the basic point is he is here standing in his two feet in Crayon high school.
He marvelled as bunch of students began to zoom into the school. He was inclined to say hello to one of them but he didn't want to be seen as a novice.
With no idea of the location of where he is going to he joined in the mass movement.
************ *******
As he walked, he wondered where the principals office might be since that was where he was heading to,he looked as everyone walked pass him, no one even bothered to say hello to him, he wanted to ask where the principals office was but he didn't want to look stupid in front of anyone.....
"Rich people can be so annoying.... "he muttered to himself. He stood since he didn't know where he was heading to,he stand in a corner, he decided to wait and see if any reasonable person can ask so he could ask him the location to the principals office....
A number of students walked pass him, some in group and some single,he couldn't call anyone, he just stood gazing at them, he wondered how he was going to retaliate if he should ask and been embarrassed..
'HELLO', A feminine voice sounded from behind him...
Noah's heart melt, he wondered who had such a tender and sweet voice, he turned to face the person, his heart raced to a stop, his body muscles began to retaliate, he couldn't utter a word, he just stood gazing stupidly at the empitone of beauty before him.....
'Are you waiting for someone?,she asked
Noah realised he has been standing there gazing at her stupidly... He wonder how long he has been looking at her, how foolish he was......
'Actually......, he stammered, he didn't know if he should ask her, what if she laughs at his question....
'You are free to ask me anything 'she said
Noah's body melt at the movement of her lips, he wondered what was wrong with him, it doesn't look like this was his first time seeing or talking to a beautiful girl.... Nop not as beautiful as her though.....
'Actually......., i was looking for the principals office... 'Noah managed to let it out waiting anxiously for her reaction ..

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Re: Love In A Circle by lonesome501(m): 8:53am On Apr 08, 2018
nice start 4 a high school romance book,,but u should'nt av cr8 anoda page 4 dz episode,,u can jst continue along wit ur synopsis.

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Re: Love In A Circle by Silver1996(m): 9:18am On Apr 08, 2018


THEN she smiles, her smile suits her curvy cheeks.
Noah's body shook, he couldn't take his eyes off her pretty pink lips and her smooth beautiful face,he realised she has just smiled, he wonder what the smile meant, was she laughing at him for asking such a ridiculous question or...........
Damn he needed to stay focused, he needed to kill this chemistry that is lingering inside of him...
'Are you a new student? She asked..
Noah felt abashed for a second then he realise her question is one that is inevitable .
'Yes, am a scholarship student and today is my first day here, that is why am looking for the principals office '. As the last words dripped from his mouth, he realise he had just told her something she shouldn't know, he wonder why he was completely honest with her...
"i will take you to the principals office " she said..
Noah just steer at her, she was damn beautiful, he wondered if he was going to see more of her type...

'thank you'he said
"Just follow me",she said as she led the way.
Without hesitation, Noah follow sluggishly imagining the worst thoughts ever...
"Dude what are you doing,you just met this girl"....his inner keep ringing those words to him..

Noah felt nervous as he was been led by the principals secretary to his new class, the thought of how the classroom will be like filled his mind, he imagined how the reaction of the students will be when he is been introduced as the new student in the class... "All eyes will be on me"..he muttered softly to himself...
He began to shake a bit as they approached the classrooms, they walked pass the first classroom, it was damn beautiful, his former schools was no where compared to these classrooms...
His heart raced to a stop when they stopped in front of a classroom which he suspects is his, he steadily followed the principals secretary into the classroom, just as he thought all eyes fused on him, some started whispering things to others ears,he wondered what they were talking about, is he a topic for gossip already..?
He watched as the secretary introduce him as the new student, he was showed his desk,slowly and steady he walked to his desk not meeting the eyes of those steering persistently at him...
The principals secretary walked out, then a person he believe to be a teacher walked in...
"Bonjour e'tudiants'.the teacher said in French..
"bonjour proffesuer" some of the students replied..
The teacher pull off his suit jacket and hung it on the chair meant for him to sit, he dragged his long sleeve to a middle length then he took out a marker and face the board....
Boldly he wrote biochemistry on the white board, he explained what it meant,he face the board again and wrote other things alongside it.
Noah jot down every bit of word that proceeds from the teachers mouth, he remembered what his father has told him the previous day, although they have no money, he should know why he is in school, Noah knew the beauty and pleasantries of the school shouldn't be a diversion to the reason he is in the school, he is here to study, to study hard and elevate his family from their present financial status..
The teacher sneeze unexpectedly, some of the students burst into laughter .
Noah wondered why the teacher didn't do anything, if it was his former school, those students involve in laughing would have been punished, he wondered if there was any discipline in the school.
"Its a rich man's school, nothing less is expected".he muttered to himself.
"What is planarian? The teacher asked
Noah waited for someone to answer the question, they just steer at the teacher who repeated the question again.
Noah couldn't believe it, such a simple question, he wondered if they are dull brains or they are just pretending not to know the answer, he looked around to see if anyone was making attempt to anwser the question, then he saw her, the beauty who has shown him the way to the principals office, their eyes met, she look dazzling in her desk, Noah hadn't noticed she was in the same class as him,why havent him seen her since, then those silly thoughts of holding her, dragging her to his body, smelling her body colon.... Kissing those pretty pink lips that eluded him came running back to his head....
Then the teacher question sounded again, this time more serious in his tune...
Noah realise he has been looking lustfully at her like a fool, he focus his attention on the teacher,he was inclined to answer the question since it was a walkover for him..
In the middle of his thoughts a student stood up...
"Sir",he began"A planarian is a formation of a flat surface by erosion and decomposition..
"Master Kite",the teacher said, he sigh and continue, "This is biology not Geology..
Nataniel Kite felt embarrassed, he sat down looking around to see if anyone was laughing....
Noah chulkled at the comment of the teacher...
Noah heart sanked as he heard the voice, the same voice that melted his heart when he heard it, he looked back and saw her standing.....
With a soft voice she began" A planarian is a morphological transformation of a three dimensional structure into a two dimensional one through development or evolution... "
"Wrong answer",the teacher said..
Noah watched her as she sat back in her chair, he decided to answer the question for her...
'FOR HER', the word echoed in his head,"what a ballock talk"..he muttered to himself...
"Sir"..,Noah stood up boldly, he bit his down lip and then began... "Planarians are freshwater flatworms, they are of the family of planaridae"...
The teacher put a smile on his cheek.. "Correct ",he said...
Some of the students applause him, for the first time since he arrived, he felt a bit confident and a feeling of belonging.......



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Re: Love In A Circle by Silver1996(m): 12:46pm On Apr 08, 2018
nice start 4 a high school romance book,,but u should'nt av cr8 anoda page 4 dz episode,,u can jst continue along wit ur synopsis.

Dont worry.. I will upload all the episodes here... Thanks for the correction....
Re: Love In A Circle by lonesome501(m): 1:47pm On Apr 08, 2018
and lastly sir,, u should'nt determine ur progress by d numba of likes,,views,,or even comments u get here..and make sure to upload regularly..den u ar sure to go a long way
Re: Love In A Circle by Silver1996(m): 7:42pm On Apr 08, 2018
and lastly sir,, u should'nt determine ur progress by d numba of likes,,views,,or even comments u get here..and make sure to upload regularly..den u ar sure to go a long way
Thanks... U can also follow my story titled kings
Re: Love In A Circle by Silver1996(m): 6:10pm On Apr 09, 2018

Noah moan in disbelief as he walk around the premises of the school he couldn't believe the school was this beautiful, he wished his friend Fred from his former school was here to see this beauty, he knew for a fact that the school is worth millions of dollars.
He just stood admiring the beauty of the school.
"Hey smart ass" a voice sounded from behind him.
He turned around to see if it was him they were referring to as smart ass.
Shock swept through him as he saw the guy from the class, the guy that answered the question wrongly......... The kITE as the teacher had called him earlier.
"Are you talking to me"Noah asked curiously he was eager to know if he was actually the one nicknamed smart ass.
Nataniel kite giggled and then the laughter disappeared within a second.
Hey new student do you know who he is? Spencer. One of nataniel's friend said.
Noah immediately knew what ever this is, it was certainly trouble and he did not want to be involved. "Excuse me". Noah said and turned to walk out on them but then he was block by one of Nathaniel's followers.
Noah turned red he wondered what they wanted from him, he turned around and decided to find out. " What is these about?
"What was all that about? Nathaniel asked back.
"All what?
Nathaniel force a smile on his face "where you trying to act smart?
Noah went ballistic whatever this guy is trying to drive out is making him more angry and impatient. It seems you have a habit of answering questions with questions, stop babbling and go straight to the point.
"I don't like repeating myself ". Nathaniel said.
If you don't have anything important to say I will take the first leave, I will rather spend my time on my books than babbling words with you.
He turned to walk away but was blocked again.
"Can you please tell your body guard to get out of my way". Noah hollered.
Nataniel made a sign and Noah was immediately grabbed by his two hands, Noah struggled with them to free his hands but they seem to over power him.
"Are you always this stupid or you are trying to make a special effort today ". Noah blared out as he watched nataniel loosened his belt. "What do you think you are trying to do". He hollered.
Nataniel gave him a brief smile, he smashed the belt in his face. "What can I say this is just a welcome party to teach you manners.
Noah felt abashed as student began to gather around and watched them. So this is how the rich peoples school look like, then he steer at him eye ball to eye ball, he wasn't going to allow this inconsiderate bastard embarrass him by whiping him with that belt.
"I don't know what makes you so stupid but it really works, careful now, don't let your brains get to your head you dick headed bastard."Noah yelled at him.
"Did you just talked to me like that? Nataniel asked angrily.
"Was I too gentle, perhaps I should add more since you have no brains, I wondered where you will store them"
"You are going to pay for this ". Nataniel said as he drew the belt closer to him.
Noah struggle with the two guys to free his hands from them, if he was going to be whip by this bastard, at least he should be able to defend himself to fight back.
"After this little show today you will realise am not to be challenge in the class, if my answer is not right no one else's should be right"
"So that is what this is all about ". Noah said. He kept wondering why no one knew that simple question, so they were all afraid of this fat headed bastard.,"what do you think of achieving if you were only recognise to be the smart one in the class ".
"You are in no position to ask me questions, you are under punishment.
Noah laugh hysterically, "punishment! He exclaimed" by who? He added.
"A low life like you can never punish me" Noah said angrily as a slap slammed on his face.
"Say it again to my face".
"You are a lowlife bastard".
Nataniel raised his hand to slap him the second time but his hand was hold, he looked at the person who dared to hold his hand.
"That is enough ". The person said.
"This is so interesting". It seems you are very inclined to join him, how dare you interrupt me, nataniel yelled out.
"This is a school nataniel not a wrestling field, go out there and bully someone else he is a new student for cry out loud must you make everyone your enemy?
"Release him from your grip" the person ordered. Nataniels boys looked at him to give them a sign for his release which he did.
"This is a warning new student"he said as he walked away with his boys followed by other stidents who walked away to their various locations leaving Noah and his life saver there....
Noah felt very embarrassed, he still couldn't believe that prat had slapped him, as much as he didnt want to get into trouble, he just couldn't let this go, though he is a bit scared, he wonder why no student bothered to report to the teachers, it seems they were enjoying the show themselves and they didnt want any teacher to ridicule it...
"Arent you going to say thank you"
As the words dripped from the person's mouth, Noah realise someone had actually saved him from that idiot, he was so deep in his thoughts that he didnt even realise the person was standing there with him...
"I just saved your life, at least i deserves some thank you sir.. "
After a long silence, Noah finally said"You shouldn't have gotten involved, i was handling it myself... "
"Yes you were"The person said as he gigled and then he continued"you were handling it when you were been hold and slapped.. "
"Do you actually think i would have allowed him to slap me a second time"Noah said boastfully,he didnt want to appear weak in front of him, he needed to assure him he wasnt a coward..
"Are you some kind of superhero, what would you have done if i hadn't showed up?
"I would have fought him"..Noah interjects
The person laughs hysterically... "Fought him with what, this tiny body of yours, that guy would have beaten you blue-black, you are very lucky i saved you from that embarrassment... "
Noah felt abashed, what is this guy trying to drive out, is he insinuating he is lazy, rich people, they always look down on people like him.. "Am not lazy ok.. "Noah said after much silence
"Nataniel is crazy, there is no way you would have won over him"
"Am crazier"...Noah interjects
"You dont admit to yours easily, do you?, i mean today is your first day here and you are already causing trouble... "
Noah wink"Are you for real..., what trouble are you talking about, that idiot started this... "
"You should have walked away but instead you said let me show him my big musles.."the person said demonstrating with his hands
Noah chagrined, this guy is even more annoying than Nataniel, he wondered if the reason this guy had saved him was to insult him, he turned to walk away..
"Hey, are you just going to leave without saying thank you... "
"Alright thank you"Noah said callously..
"Your pride is going to get you in more trouble in this school"
"So he has pride now.. "Noah muttered to himself
"Am not proud"he said back
"Yes you are, you dont apologize easily, you always want to fight back whenever one tries to bully you.. "
"Always! Noah exclaimed
"you talks as if you know me very well, and fighting back to defend oneself isnt pride... "
"Then what is it called? The person asked curiously
"It is self defense "Noah blared out
"It doesn't sound like that to me"
Noah frowned, this chit chat conversation was beginning to irritate him..
"I do know you, you know? The person said
Shock raced through Noah's heart, he knows him, how, where...
"How did you know me,"Noah asked anxiously, he didn't want anyone to know his identity at least not so soon, if they discover he was poor, they might step on him even worst, but now someone claims to know him..
"You look so surprise "..the person said
"Just tell me how you knew me.. "
"Ya.... I will some other day... "as the words drip from the person's mouth, the bell rang for the next class...
"See you soon"the person said and left him to his thoughts...
"How did he know me? The question kept ringing in his head...

MRS LEMUEL drop the spoon approariously after she dished the meal into a flat plate, she opened the fridge and took out a plastic can of water, she opened the microwave and took out the hot chicken in the already served meal,then she carried the plate and walked out of the kitchen into the dinning room...
Mr Lemuel smiled as he saw her coming, he adjusted himself, he pulled off his suit and hung it on the dinning chair..
"You should stop coming home for lunch"Mrs Lemuel said as she drop the food in front of him, she poured the cold water on a glass...
"You know i can never miss your food for anything "Mr lemuel said smiling "your food is the best"he added
"Darling it is a long drive from your office to this place.. "
"I will drive a thousand miles just to eat your food and be with you"Mr Lemuel interjects.. He force a smile on his face as his wife blush,but he was serious, he could go into hell for her..whatever they are today, his wife has always stood by him through thin and dark, he remembered when they were poor, his wife had sold many of her things just for them to make a living, he remembered how his wife parents were solely against the idea of their daughter getting married to him,they didnt even attend their wedding, they said it was a bad omen
"Will we ever find her? Mts lemuel asked
Mr lemuel gulp down a glass of water,Mr Lemuel knew it will be very difficult for them ti find their missing daughter,they had taken to the orphanage home when she was little because they couldn't cater for twin, they didnt want them to suffer, they gave her away and kept her twin brother with the aim of adopting back when things are a bit better for them..
"We just have to be patience dear,i solely believe that we will find her someday"Mr Lemuel consoled
"When is that going to be? Mrs lemuel asked as tears began to drip from her eyes... "We shouldn't have given her away... "She added
"Things were very rough for us then, how could we have cater for twin babies, given her away was the best option we had then.... "
"I will never find my daughter again"Mrs lemuel sob
Mr Lemuel stood up and consoled her, all their efforts to find her for the past few years all end fruitless... They had gone to the orphanage they had given her to, there they knew the orphanage have been shut down a long time ago and all the children were been transferred to another orphanage, they had traced tje orphanage,there they were told the person who was in charge then was dead and most of the children then were adopted including their daughter....
Till now they had no idea who adopted their daughter and were she was...

Noah fell and clatters on his bed, his first day at school has not been what he expected,he wanted to make it memorable ...
"It sure was memorable "He muttered to himself, that stupid jerk had ruined the day for him, he thought about the girl he saw,she was damn beautiful, he hit his head"Noah you are so stupid,you didn't even asked her name...
She was an empitone of belle,a goddess on earth, Noah couldn't believe he was thinking about her this much,what was wrong with him,was he already falling for her, he quickly stood up from the bed and head to the bathroom to take a shower before he goes to help his mum at the tea canteen...
Few minutes later, he came out from inside the bathroom,changed into a pair of jeans and a T-shirt ,he moved to the kitchen to see if his mum had prepared anything..
"This pancakes again.. "he muttered to himself as he took one piece and ate,his father doesn't come back to the house until late,though sometimes he help his father in the laundry business but he prefers helping his mum more....
He walk out from the kitchen when he heard a knock on the door,he wonder who was knocking, visitors dont often come to their house at this time of the day, with a curious mind, he went to the door, slowly and steady he opened the door...
Shock swept through him as he saw the person knocking ....
The person smiled... "Hi"the person muttered
"Did you follow me here? Noah blared out......



Re: Love In A Circle by Silver1996(m): 11:11pm On Apr 10, 2018


"How the hell did you find me here,were you following me all the way from school?
" Aren't you going to let me come inside?,the person said..
Noah felt reluctant to let him come in,how he got to know his house still seems like a shock to him "come in".. he said after much silence. The person strolled in,he looked around the house " Your house is good"..
"GOOD"!, good in what aspect, was this guy here to laugh at him.Noah thought..
"What are you doing here,are you going to look around my house and tell the rest of your type at school that we are not rich enough to attend such a school" Noah blared out.
"How can you say that easily, I don't have such intentions.
"You told me earlier you knew me,I guess this is what you were talking about".
"My name is Leonard, Leonard Lemuel, I didn't have the chance to tell you that in our conversation earlier today.
" what else do u know about me?Noah asked anxiously.If this guy know where he stay, he must certainly know everything about him.
"Nothing; Leonard said as he ease himself to a chair
"How did u know this place?
" You ask too many questions, can't we just have a normal chat without this question and answer game?
" First you saved me in school, few hours later am seeing you in front of my house,I should be damn curious ".Noah blared out.
" So you are admitting I saved your ass at school today?
Noah didn't answer him ,he wasn't sure if he had time for this chit-chat conversation.
" Since you are so desperate to know how I knew you, I will tell you,I've seen you once or twice in D'mac's pizza and Teashop,you serve me pizza,I presume you worked there"
Noah felt abashed,D'mac's pizza and Teashop was his mother's canteen, he doesn't remember serving this face, maybe because the patronizers were probably much that day so he hadn't taken notice of his face.
"I went there today and I told the owner of the place I was looking for you,I told her I was your new friend and we promise to meet this evening to study together, she seem happy when I told her we were going to study together so she showed me this place".
" who is she to you, because from her reaction, you both must be pretty close".
"She is my mother,Noah interjects.
" Guess I was right from the start,I knew she was your mother,resemblance never lie"
Noah wonder what this guy wanted from him,was he a spy to find out things about him and stab him hard in the back.
"Can we just be friends? Leonard asked.

* * * * * *
The next day after class,Noah wandered around in the school premises, he pray he didn't get in touch with that mad man Nathaniel again.He hadn't tell his parent about the little show that welcomed him in school yesterday, he didn't want them to worry,His thought shift to the girl,he had summon up courage to ask her her name earlier but he couldn't ask her after the class ,he wonder where she might have ran out to all of a sudden.
Leonard his new found friend,he chuckled at the thought, Leonard was an Art class student,he only comes to his class when they have same subject together. He remembered the previous day,Leonard had actually ask for his friendship, nobody had done that before,let alone a rich kid asking for his friendship. He had even followed him to his mother's canteen and had help him served the customers, His mum seem to like him,he wonder if all the rich kids does that."No they don't" he muttered to himself. He decided to find the abandoned laboratory room,Leonard had promised to meet him there after classes.
On getting to the threshold of the lab room, he noticed the place was actually quiet,he wondered if anyone ever comes there,Leonard had told him earlier this morning it was a very comfortable place to read,since only few people go there.
Slowly and steady,he pushed the door open,his breathe seize to a stop,he Just stood gazing at the figure in front of him.
"Hi"..she said.
Noah couldn't believe the girl he has being fantasizing about is actually here in front of him. " Hello,what are u doing here?Noah asked with shaking mouth.
She smiled exposing her open teeth,she wave her pen in front of him." Am studying".
"Ya,I see that".
" This is the only quiet place in this school one can study,even the library is noisy"she added. Noah just stood there admiring her beauty. "Aren't you going to sit?she asked.
Noah realised he had been standing there foolishly looking at her,steadily, he dragged his feet and sat opposite her,he couldn't believe he was this damn close to her.
" My name is Shayna"she said.
"Am Noah".
Noah couldn't believe he was having this conversation with her,she was cheerful, her voice was soft-out-spoken,her face was.... " Damn,Noah you need to concentrate,he muttered to himself.
"Ya,actually am waiting for my friend, he promised to meet me here after classes.
"You already have a friend" she said with a smiling face.
"That is actually a long story.
"I heard what happened with you and Nat".
So she heard too,Noah muttered, he wonder what she heard,that he was been slapped almost twice then suddenly Mr hero appeared from nowhere to save him. " Ya"that,I have put all that behind me"Noah said and force a smile on his face.
"That guy is an asshole".
" Ya", they both giggled.
"What are you reading" Noah asked.
"It's geometry" she replied showing him the textbook. Noah just steer at her beautiful face,he wondered if he was ever going to forget her,he should stop thinking about her,she is a rich man's daughter and him, he is nobody.
": "I didn't know you will be here so early" Leonard hollered from the door.
He moved towards them and sat beside Noah. "You even got yourself a female friend, am very jealous now,Leonard said jokingly.
Leonard looked at her,she was a beauty, he Wonder why he haven't seen her,maybe he haven't notice,her beauty can take any man's breathe away.
"Hey pretty,am Leonard," he said as he stretched his hand for a handshake.
"Shayna".she shook his hands.
Her hands were so soft and tender,a strange desire burnt in Leonard body,he Quickly released her from his grasp,his body burnt with this desire to hold her more.she was damn pretty, starting from her well relaxed hair that claps in her neck,her soft moist face and pretty pink lips.
" Hey guys,I should be leaving. "Shayna said as she started to pack her books back to her bag.
" Am fanished,I need to get something to eat at the school canteen. She said and gave them a brief smile and then left them.
Both boys looked at her lustfully until she disappear out of sight.
"Is she your girlfriend?Leonard asked immediately she was out of sight.
Noah was shock by the question, was she his girlfriend, will she ever be his girlfriend, he doesn't really want to tantalized about such issues. "Nop,she's not" he said after much silence. "Do u like her?.Leonard asked again.
Noah got fascinated at his question, why was Leonard interested in knowing if he like her,has Leonard already started having feelings for her,does he like her?
" Nop"he said callously, then he realised he had just given a stupid answer.
"I mean yes but as a friend" he said.
"Are you sure?Leonard asked again. Noah force a smile on his face even though the question is beginning to irritate him.
" Yes am sure,we just met,this is our first time we have had any real conversation. I just like her as a friend, no feelings attached.
Leonard heart gladden by his reply"alright then let's go to the canteen.
"To do what?Noah asked curiously.
" I think I like her'.
There and then,Noah heart sank."that can't be true".he muttered to himself.

Shayna paid the lady as her well packaged cooked indomie and ravandar juice was given to her, she looked around to see if there was an empty table, she found one and walk towards it she dropped her bag and the package indomie and juice on the table. She open the package, brought out the spoon and began to eat.
"Hello pretty one ". Leonard said as he sat opposite her. She smiled on seeing him.
"I didn't know you were coming here". She said. "I guess after seeing a beautiful angel, I changed my mind.
Shayna blushed, please don't call me that"she said as she chulkled.
'Your friend didn't come with you. She asked and then saw him approaching them with two soda ice cream in his hand.
Noah sat beside Leonard their eye met again and and those silly thoughts came into his mind,he wave the the thought away as he intend to concentrate. Shayna couldn't tell what was wrong with her,since she saw him, she's been thinking about him,he was damn cute,she is been having this burning desire to hold him tight to herself, she has never felt like this for any guy,but she is not one to throw herself at any guy,she wonder if he thinks about her the way she does.
" Hey new student ".
Fear overwhelmed Noah as he saw who was addressing him as the new student. It was one of the bastard boys.
" just wanted to say hello" fedrick said and Left them. "You just arrived not quite long ago into this school and you are already popular, Leonard said"jokingly. Leonard was right ,it hasn't been long he arrived and he is already popular, popular in a stupid way.


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Re: Love In A Circle by Silver1996(m): 9:55pm On Apr 12, 2018

Leonard couldn't sleep,he kept thinking about Shayna,he took his phone and wanted to call her,but it was late, though he had called her earlier before he went to bed,but he was dying to hear her voice again, every part of his body was itching for her, he needed her,now he realized he was madly in love with her,he wonder if she has the same feeling for him since he haven't told her how he felt about her,he remember her pretty smile,her pretty face,her pretty lips,he wished she was there with him,he wished he could hold her tightly to himself to quench this burning desire inside him that seem to consume him.

Noah just reclined on his pillow gazing at the ceilings, the thought of Shayna invade his mind day and night,he couldn't count how many times he have had sleepless nights because of her,at first he thought it was a mere infatuation but now he knows better, he was madly in love with her but he will never have her,they are of different world,the rich and the poor don't collide,he will just have to stick to his feelings without letting them out,moreover Leonard had confessed to him he was madly in love with her,he wouldn't want to get in the way.
He turned around and rest his rips on the bed when the phone rang,he wondered who was calling at this late hour,he took up the phone, he hissed as he saw the caller."Leonard ",he muttered to himself.
'Hello' he said as he press the answer button. " Are you still awake?,Leonard voice sounded.
"You just woke me".he lied,what's going on? " I can't sleep ",Leonard voice sounded.
" Why"Noah asked.
"I kept thinking about her,I think am madly in love with her.
Noah heart sank,the more he kept hearing Leonard confessed his love for her,the more he keeps getting hurt.
" just try and get some sleep OK".Noah said after a long pause of silence. He wasn't ready to discuss Shayna right now,the thought of loving her and not be able to make her his torments him day and night.
"Do you think she feels the same way,do you think she loves me too". Leonard voice sounded. How would he know that,Noah muttered to himself." I don't"he said.he couldn't bring himself to tell him shayna loves him,that will hurt him even more. "Get some sleep OK", Noah added.
" Alright am hanging up,good night.
Noah sigh as the call ended,what will he do now,his best friend and him were in love with the same girl.

Shayna switched on the light on her room,she couldn't sleep, she kept thinking about him,she even sees him in her dream now,she was now convinced she has feelings for him.
What if he doesn't love me,she asked herself, she preened herself in the mirror and then sigh.She lie back on the bed and use her teddy bear to wrap herself. She looked at the ceiling wondering what it will feel like to hold him tightly to herself to touch him and feel every parts of his body.

The next day at school after classes,Noah went to the lab-room with the hopes of seeing her there,but he could not
find her,he went in and sat in one of the lab chairs,he wanted to see her,to touch her,that is why he has ran here immediately after the class,he brought out his textbooks opened to a certain page.He couldn't concentrate,he thoughts of her sitting next to him invaded his mind.He dropped the pen on the table.Why was he like this.
Suddenly the door opens and she entered,she was damn hot in her games wear....
"You came early today she said as she walks towards him,she sat beside him.
" I was having difficulties understanding this topic, she brought out her textbook and opened to the page. "Oh,that it's simple.
Noah explained it to her, Shayna watch the rhythm of the movement of his lips as he explained she was inclined to grap him and kiss him. Noah stopped and looked at her, then he realised she has been looking at him,their eyes met,their faces and lips facing each other.
A feeling of sensation shook Noah's body as she kissed him and then quickly removed her mouth "Am sorry, she said shabbily.
Noah couldn't believe it,was he dreaming, then that burning desire to hold her and kiss her more creep into his body,he quickly grab her and kiss deeply and passionately, their tongues roving in each other mouth. Noah couldn't stop,couldn't breathe, all he wants was her,he wanted to quench that desire, this was all he has ever wanted,he removed his mouth and kiss her neck,then her collar bone.
Shayna burn with desire,her body react with sensation at every kiss he gave her,she let out a soft moan as he kissed her neck passionately, he move his lip to her mouth again and kiss her better than he has done before, he touch her lips with his hands while his mouth was still on hers,he wanted to exploit every part of her body,he caressed her hips gently. She reciprocated by moaning at the movement of his hand then the door opened.
They quickly separated, shock sweapt through them as they saw who was at the door. Leonard heart sank as he saw them quickly separating from the kiss,he couldn't take it,he blast the door at their faces and left angrily.

Leonard wait up",Noah said running after him,when he catch up with him he grabbed his hands to face him. Leonard punched him on the face, Noah staggered as he almost fell to the ground, he knew very well he had made a big mistake kissing Shayna.
"Am sorry", he managed to utter a word,he steer at Leonard's face whose tears were already dripping from his eyes.
" You are sorry ",Leonard exclaimed as students began to gather around." I told you everything, yet you stab me in my back.
Noah knew he just jeopartize their friendship, for the past few weeks,Leonard has been a very big help to him,he even bought him some of the textbooks and he has been a very good friend he just ruin their loving friendship.
Noah felt a bit abashed as people began to gather around and murmur words within themselves but he knew his friendship was more important than any school gossip, with no idea of what to do,he knelt down in front of him."Am sorry Leonard, I didn't mean to do that.
Leonard looked at him with furious eyes,he couldn't believe his best friend will actually do such a thing to him,with hurt in his heart,he left him on his kness.


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Re: Love In A Circle by sammyendowed(m): 11:05am On Apr 17, 2018
nice write up bro, when is the next episode coming
Re: Love In A Circle by Silver1996(m): 11:22am On Apr 17, 2018
nice write up bro, when is the next episode coming
You can also read kings and hardcore killer
Those are the links
Re: Love In A Circle by sammyendowed(m): 6:47pm On Apr 19, 2018
bros how far now, you invited us to come read your story but now you are not updating,haba why now
Re: Love In A Circle by Silver1996(m): 7:14am On Apr 23, 2018
So sorry guys.. I have been busy lately.... Uploading today
Re: Love In A Circle by Silver1996(m): 7:15am On Apr 23, 2018
bros how far now, you invited us to come read your story but now you are not updating,haba why now
Am uploading today... So sorry for the delay
Re: Love In A Circle by Silver1996(m): 8:10pm On Apr 23, 2018

Noah staggered as he walked back to the lab room, he couldn't believe what he has done, how could he,how could he ruin his friendship like that, he sat down and lean his head on the desk, he was so stupid, he would have stopped, he wouldn't have kissed her back, he would have controlled himself instead of letting his desires take over him...
"Oh Noah what have you done? He muttered to himself..
He raised his head up and then saw her standing at the door post, she shouldn't be here, he told himself..
She walked up to him and stood beside him..
Noah saw the tears in her eyes, he wondered why she was crying ..
"Noah"She utter faintly
"I love you"she muttered
Noah's heart sanked, he couldn't believe what he was hearing,Shayna loves him, was he dreaming or what, then he remembered she kissed him first, he wondered how long she has loved him to plant the first kiss.. The first move..
No way, She cant be, she cant love him, they are of different world, she is rich and he is poor, he wasnt going to tantalize the issue
"You cant be, you cant love me"Noah said sarcastically
More tears drip from her eyes, with no idea of what she was doing, she pressed forward and hug him tightly..
Strong sensation burn in Noah's body, he could feel the strap of her bra on his face and her flat tummy pressing against his, he couldn't move, couldn't breathe, he was left speechless as his body ache for more of her, he had the burning desire to hold her grab her lips and kiss her again but he couldn't, it was too much for one day, he needed to control himself, to find an excuse to escape this strange desire that lurks to consume him soon, he open his mouth but no words seems to come out, he tried to push her away but she hugged him tightly.. With shaking mouth he said"Leonard loves you"he sigh as the words slip out from his mouth
She release him from her grip"You are the one i love"She said steering at his face..
Noah knew Leonard was hurting so much now and he was too, he doesn't want to hurt him more ny telling her he loves her back, he had told Leonard he doesn't have any feelings for her and he wanted it to be so
"I know you love me too"Shayna said
How had she noticed that, Noah thought to himself, he needed go stop these before it gets too far"I dont love you, the one who loves you is Leonard "
"You kissed me back, why?
What was he going to tell her, he was foolish enough to make such a drastic mistake by kissing her back"I thought you would like it"he chagrined as he said the words, that was the only thing he could think of.....
Shayna felt abashed, she felt ashamed for kissing him, she wipe away the tears in her eyes and walk out of the lab room without saying any further words to him..
Noah just gaze at her until she disappeared out of sight, je couldn't stop her couldn't do anything, he just sat and watched her leave like the coward that he is, he couldn't admit his feelings for her, he couldn't tell her she was the best thing that have ever happened to him.,he knows she is going to hate him now, she may never talk to him again, he wonder how he is going to handle that, not to talk to her, not seeing a smile on her beautiful face, not able to hold her again
"Damn Noah, you are screwed "he muttered to himself...

Furiously Leonard close the door behind him... He couldn't handle the pain, he kick everything from his way as he walked to his room, he threw his bag down and sat on the floor, he groans as the memory of His so called bestfriend kissing a girl he loves began to creep into his head...
"Damn you Noah, damn you"He yelled out as he gave way to tears...

D MAC's pizza and tea shop, how may we be of service to you"Mrs Marpheson said as she took up the telephone
After some seconds the callers voice came up"Hey i just move into town and i was looking for a comfortable place to get pizza, someone hooked me up with your canteen number "
"Madame, you will be very comfortable with us"Mrs Marpheson said
"Can i get the address "the caller said
"Ya sure"Mrs Marpheson said and called out the address to her
"Thank you"The caller said
"Am looking forward to seeing you soon"Mrs Marpheson said and the call ended
She wondered who the caller was, she move to the chair of one of her customers "Mr Molly"She said smiling "Where have you been?
Mr Molly made a faint smile"How are you Mrs Marpheson
"Am fine, you just left with no trace, where did you disappeared to"
Mr Molly laugh hysterically "I was away on my vacation, i thought you knew miss Gladys knew about it"
"I havent seem miss Gladys, she left after the day you left, she was saying she was going to her mother's place in texas, since then i haven't heard from her"
"Her mother must be having those seizures again"Mr Molly said
"Seizures! Mrs Marpheson exclaimed
"What seizures?she asked
Mr Molly was surprised by her reaction, he didnt know Gladys didnt tell her about her mother's seizures
"Didn't she tell you that? Mr Molly asked
"If she had, i wouldn't be surprised"She couldn't believe Gladys will hid such a thing from her, they were close, though she wasnt sure if they that close, Gladys do come to the canteen regularly and sometimes even help with the shop work, why didn't she tell her about her mothers seizures, maybe it wasn't important, just maybe he didn't want her to know...
She must have had her reasons for not telling her, she didn't want to delve into the issue anymore "So how was the vacation?

That night, Leonard couldn't sleep, he kept thinking of Noah's betrayal
"Noah, you bastard, he muttered angrily and threw his pillow from the bed to the floor, the thought of Noah kissing her angers him more and more
He wipe away the tears that were about to drip from his eyes as his cell phone rings, he didn't want to answer any call, he wasnt in the mood, the call ended and came again, he decided to look at the caller, with furious eyes, he took the phone and scan at the caller..
Bestfriend calling boldly showing on the screen, without a second glance he ended the call, he stroll through his contact and deleted the number, he is not worthy to be anyone's bestfriend, he is a betrayer and a liar
The call came again showing the number on the screen, he thought what he has done was stupid since he knows the number off heart..
He ended the call again and remove the battery of the phone..
"You are not my friend "He muttered to himself as he gave way to tears

Noah was inclined to dial the number again but he thought it will be a waste of time, he wouldn't answer, he was angry with him because of the foolish things he did, he wondered if Leonard will ever forgive him, he wasnt sure of what to do anymore,everything was his fault he would have told him he loves her from the start..

The next day at school, Noah couldnt see Leonard anywere, he wonder if he was ok, he wasnt in school..
He look around to see if Shayna was there, he saw her sitting on her seat, she was very focus on the teacher's teaching, he wondered if she was going to talk to him, he knew what he did to her was bad but it was the best idea he could come up with,for the both of them, for the good of Leonard.

After the class, Noah decided to go to the lab room, to see if he could find her there, if not for anything, to her tell tell her he was sorry if he hurt her feelings, he knew it wasn't easy for her to confess her love for him as worst as it sounds he doesn't think they were compatible together
He went inside and took a seat, he wanted to wait for her, he wanted to see if she will show up,he lean his head on the desk..
He kept thinking that he didn't even realise when he dosed off....

His eye sight was waving, Noah clear his eyes to see the figure sitting in front if him, steering hard at his face
He realise he has slept for quite a long time, he looked at the person in front of him again,
"Hi"the person said
"How long have you been sitting here? Noah ask anxiously
The person gave him a brief smile"Not quite long..
Noah sigh
"But long enough to hear you mentioning a girl's name in your sleep"
Shock swept through Noah, a girl's name,what girl's name, he didn't have to be told he knew quite well who it was
"Were you dreaming about her?the person ask
Noah felt abashed,he didn't know he loved her to the extent of seeing her in his dreams, the vision of the dream hit his head like a tornado he couldn't believe they were actually making love in his dream..
"I understand that feeling, when you love someone but they dont love you back"the person said
"I dont love her"Noah blared out impetuously, he wasnt sure how long he will lying to himself, he wished the lie was the truth
The person chulkled "Shayna,that is her name right?
Noah snob the question he didn't want to discuss about her, or think of her...
"I understand if you dont want to talk about it, it must be painful having those feelings, i once had those kind of feelings too"
Noah cleared his eyebrows with his hands, as much as he wasn't interested in talking about Shayna, he was inclined to hear his story"What happened? He asked
"The usual "he replied
Noah winked, he doesn't understand by what he meant by the 'the usual '
The person exhales and then continued "You love the girl, the girl starts liking you, then her boyfriend intrudes"
"What did her boyfriend do? Noah ask curiously
"What boyfriends does"the person said and crossed his legs
"Did he harm you?
The person sigh"Loving her was the first mistake i made since i arrived here and they will punish me forever for that mistake "
Noah seem a bit confused by his reply"They!,who are they? He ask anxiously
"Some people you shouldn't get involved with"
Noah couldn't read meaning to what he was talking about, he gat no idea
"What happened to her? Noah ask as that was the only relevant question that could come to his mind..
"She left"the person replied with a trembling mouth
"She left you? Noah said curiously
"Nope, she left the school, she didn't want any trouble so she left
"It must have been so hard for you"
The person placed his hands on Noahs shoulder"You should be careful Noah
shock swept through Noah, how did he knew his name, was he that popular already
"How did you know my name"He asked anxiously
The person smiled and remove his hands from his shoulder"I saw it on your textbook..
Noah didn't realize he actually opened his textbooks when he slept off..
"My name is Luke"He said stretching his hand for a handshake
Noah shook his hand, he wondered who the they he was speaking about were, whoever they are they are definitely badluck..
"This school is a jungle, you should be careful who you roll with"Luke said standing up
Noah wasnt sure by what he said about the school been a jungle"What do you mean? Noah asked curiously
"It was nice meeting you Noah"Luke said,he gave him a faint smile and left him, he feared for Noah's safety if he messed up with the club.... THE BLOOD CLUB


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Re: Love In A Circle by Silver1996(m): 6:41pm On Apr 29, 2018

NOAH got home from school tired and exhausted, he threw his bag on the bed and UnCloth himself, he preened himself at the mirror, he wave his hair with his hand as he remembered what Luke had told him earlier "This school is a jungle, you should be careful who you roll with"the words keep ringing in his head like a sound wave, what he meant by that still remains a mystery to him, he decided to head to the bathroom to take a shower...
The house was awfully quiet, his parents were always at work, he wished his sister was here, he wouldn't be lonely anymore, he grab his towel and off his boxers, he walked niked with the towel around his neck and headed to the bathroom, there was no one around so there was need to be ashamed of anything he ,he remembers the ridiculous incident that happened a year ago, his mother has worked up on him, he was Unclad in his room when his mother bounce in without knocking, he remembered how he quickly wrapped the hotel around his lean waist, he felt embarrassed that day,his mother insisted it wasnt much of a big deal since she's been seeing what he have ever since he was a toddler..
"Mum, it grew bigger",he chuckled as he remembered the silly word he said that day, it kept ringing in his head as if it was yesterday ...
He opened the shower as water began to drop from the tiny holes of the shower stand,he wash his hair thoroughly with a shampoo oil then the worst imagination came into his mind..
He tried to stop it but the imagination keep persisting,he imagined been there with Shayna cudding and handling each other...
"Noah,you gat to be damn straight, you dont love her, you told her that, so stop thinking about her like this"he muttered to himself as he stop the water from running ...
He dried his wet body with the towel and step out from the bathroom, he heard noises outside, he decided to peep through the window, he went towards the window, he carefully adjusted the curtains to one side so he could see clearly..
"This silly children "he hissed as he saw bunch of children playing football outside, he moved out from the window and went to his room, he pick up his boxer,he realised there was dirt on it, he opened his wardrobe and brought out a clean boxer, he wore it and realise the towel was still in his neck..
"Not again"He muttered as he always forgets to dry the towel in the sun, he dropped it on the bed and search for something to wear as his phone started ringing..
"Mum is calling already "He muttered as he rushed to see the caller, it was a pay phone number, he wondered who was calling with a payphone, with a curious mind, he press the answer button..
"Hello"He said softly
"Are you Leonard's friend? The caller's voice sounded.
It was a ferminine voice,Noah wondered who the person was, how did she know he was Leonard's friend ..
"Yes ma, I am... "
"I took your number from his diary, he wrote many things about you, he also specified on it that you are his bestfriend, so i decided to call you, maybe you can tell me what the problem is... "
"Please who are you ma? Noah ask curiously
"Am his mother"The caller's voice sounded
"Is leonard ok ma?
"He is not eating anything, he isnt talking to anyone, he didn't even go to school, that is so unlike him.. "
Noah's heart sanked, he didn't know it has gotten to that extent ,he just couldn't believe it...
"Do you know anything that might be going on with him? She ask
"Dont you worry Ma, am coming over to talk to him, there is no problem ma"Those were the only words that could slip frol his mouth,how could Leonard do that..
"Thank you"Mrs Lemuel said, then the call ended
Noah quickly grab a top and a pair of jean with some cash and dashed out of the house...

Thirty minutes later, Noah was at Leonard's front door, this was the first time he was coming here, not the first time actually but it was the first time he was going to enter the house, he rang the doorbell waiting patiently for someone to open the door..
He waited but no one came, he rang the bell again, then the door opens, a slegy and tall woman, not too tall actually appeared in front of the door,she was pretty, her eye mascara swinging down, she had a pointed nose, Noah imagined she could be in her early forty's but she doesn't seen, she was young and had an awesome face and figure....
"Hi Ma",Noah said since he thought she could be Leonard's mother
"My name is Noah, Leonard's bestfriend "He added
Did he just say bestfriend, he wanted to chulkled at the sound of it, he wasn't worthy to be anyone's bestfriend
"Come in"Mrs lemuel said
Noah walk into the house, the house was damn pretty, it was nothing compare to theirs, theirs is just a small bungalow, Leonard's house was a mansion, it was way big and spacious
"His room is this way"Mrs Lemuel said as she led the way...
Noah followed wondering what he was going to tell him, wondering what his reaction will be at the sight of him..
Mrs Lemuel knock on Leonard's door as they got there but no answer came..
"Honey open the door"Mrs Lemuel said
"Am fine mum"Leonard's trembling voice sounded
"Just open the door for a second, i promise i wont take much of your time, just want to see you baby"Mrs Lemuel said
Noah's heart starts beating fast as he heard footsteps approaching, gently and slowly the door slides open..
"Am ok mum",Leonard muttered as he open the door wide.
His eyeballs widen as their eyes met, he didn't move, didn't talk, he just stood staring at him with furious eyes
"Your friend is here"Mrs Lemuel said and left them
Words escape Noah, he couldn't find anything to say, he just stood motionless gazing at him, he imagined what he must be passing through, it was his fault, it was entirely his fault..
"Come in"Leonard said faintly
Noah was surprise,he wasn't expecting this grand welcome from him, steadily he walk into his room, the room was unkept, there were clothes litters everywhere and the bed was scattered, he wondered what he must have been doing.
Leonard close the door and locked it with the key, he stare at him furiously..
Noah couldn't figure out why he was staring at him so closely like that, he stare at him, he wad folding his fist, getting ready to blow him, wanting to enact his anger on him, Noah couldn't talk, couldn't move, he just stood waiting for his blow.....



Re: Love In A Circle by Silver1996(m): 4:59pm On May 06, 2018

What are you doing here? Leonard ask as he turn to the wall not wanting to look at his face...
"Am sorry"Noah said pathetically
"Is that all you came to say?
Noah didn't know what to say, he didn't know what to do to console him"I didn't mean to do it, it wasn't my intention to kiss her"Noah said faintly
"You did it anyway "Leonard said turning around to face him
"Am sorry"
"Did she kiss you first? Leonard ask with a trembling voice
Noah wasn't sure what to say, if he admits she kissed him first, would that hurt him more....
"Answer me"he blared out
"No, i kissed her first... "
"Why, do you love her?
"No,i dont"
"Then why did you do it, why did you kiss her"
Noah sigh, he has no idea how he was going to answer this..
"I dont know"He said
"Did she kissed you back?
Noah remenbered the kiss, her lips were soft, her kiss was gentle, he still couldn't believe she loves him..
"No,i force my lips on her, i wanted to know what her lips felt like.... Am sorry..
"Get out"..Leonard interjects
Noah's heart sanked, was he serious, he just lied, he knew fully well the lies were hurting him but yet he did to see if he will get himself back, even if he doesn't forgives him, it was ok with him but he shouldn't suffer for his faults..
"Am sorry"Noah muttered
"Get out"Leonard yelled at him
Noah turned to leave"I just wanted to let you know it was my mistake, and am very sorry for that, you shouldn't be suffering for it..
Leonard realise what he just did, he wouldn't have yelled at him like that"Am sorry i yelled at you like that"He said sitting on the bed
"I understand, if i were in your choose, i would have probably done the same"
Leonard grunts, he look at him then turned his face away from him....
"I should probably leave"Noah said when he got no reply from him
He looked at him one last time, then he left the room all the way thinking what he has done....

The next day at school was more like a waste of time day to him.. He wasnt concentrating, he kept thinking of what was happening to Leonard...Leonard wasnt in school... He hasnt been in school for days... After the class, he immediately ran outside in pursuit of Shayna who was walking so fast.... He knew for a fact Shayna wasn't interested in talking to him, he hurt their feelings and hurt his as well...
"Shayna please wait up"He shouted from behind her...
Shayna began to walk faster... She doesn't want to talk to him, seeing him everyday in the class is enough hurt to her already..
Noah caught up with her, he stood in front of her and breath heavily "shayna please I need to talk to you " he said breathing heavily.
Shayna eyed him "I don't want to talk to you "she blarred out.
I know you are mad at me but just listen to me for a second.
I don't want to" she said and tries to walk away but Noah blocked her.
This isn't about me, its about Leonard"
"I don't care".
"Please you have to go to him, he needs you now more than ever."
"Are you really saying this to me"shayna blarred out.
"He is hurting too shayna"
"Am hurting too", she said
"Shayna please you are only one who can help him, do me this favour just this once"
"Why would I want to do anything for you?
Because I know you have a good heart and I know you care about Leonard, please go and see him am begging you.
Shayna couldn't believe this. The one she loves is referring her to someone else, she wasn't sure if she should go but she knew he was hurting just like her.

That evening Leonard staggered as he enter the kitchen, he sat on the floor the thought of shayna filled his head he wasn't sure If he was ever going to forget her, he tries to stand up to pick up the the rice cake his mother had made before she went out, his mother have threatened to tell his father he wasn't going to school if he did not eat anything, his father was on a business trip he won't be back until next week.
He thought about Noah, he regretted his action's when Noah came to see him the previous day, he wouldn't have yelled at him like that, Noah must think he was a monster he needed to apologize to him, tell him he did not mean to talk to him like that, ask him those silly question's, he didn't blame Noah, he blamed himself for not telling her how much he loves her, how much he cared for her, he wasn't able to expressed his feelings, he was a coward he deserves every tears he have shed.
He hears the doorbell ring, his mother wouldn't be back so soon, he quickly stood up and took up the food, he doesn't want his father to know of his situation, he will only make things worse for him, he took the food and walk up to the living room.
The doorbell rang again, with the food in his hands he went to open the door, steady and slowly he wined down the door handle then he saw her, the most beautiful angel he had seen in his life, the food slips from his hands and fell and clatters on the ground, the rice cake scattered on the ground, some pieces jumping to her leg.
Leonard couldn't move, couldn't say anything, he just stood motionless looking at her.
"Are you ok". Shayna asked as she quickly bow to gather the pieces of rice cake, she gather the broken pieces of the plate and kept them in a corner, then she stood up.
"Are you ok? She asked again ,
Leonard quickly hugged her holding her firmly to his chest " I love you ". He quickly said not knowing when the word's slip out of his mouth.
He hug her tightly as drop of tear began to roll down his cheek..
Shayna could hear his heartbeat as her ears were lean to his chest ,it was pounding fast, she tried to pull away but he didn't allow it, she gave up the fight and slowly wrap her hands around his lean waist,she wasn't sure if she was doing the right thing but it felt good,she relaxed her head on his chest and then slowly ask..
"How are you feeling?
"Dont say anything.... "Leonard said still hugging her tightly
"I was a coward, i couldn't tell you how much i love you,i love you Shayna, i love you very much"...
Shayna didn't say a word, she didn't know he loved her this much, how can she be with him when she loves someone else.........


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Re: Love In A Circle by Silver1996(m): 10:45pm On May 06, 2018
Nice 1
Re: Love In A Circle by Silver1996(m): 10:47pm On May 06, 2018

So jejely I’m just sitting at Iya Bode’s bar sipping my beer. I kuku don’t have any runs for this weekend. Bimpe had told me earlier today that her dog was not feeling fine and she would be taking her to the vet this weekend. But that Bimpe girl sha! With her sexy figure 8! After all these years of secret office dating with nothing to show for it (No kissing, No Hugging), I finally managed to convince her to spend the weekend at my place this weekend but that’s when her yeye dog knows she is going to be sick (that's her excuse). Kunle my roommate thinks she is playing me but i disagree, that girl loves me too much and i don't want anything bad to happen to her dog because of me. The yeye Kunle must be feeling like one winner now that he has the main room to himself after we had argued for almost like forever about whose turn it is to use the main room this weekend. The thought of going to Lucky our usual ashawo joint crossed my mind but the way I was beginning to have feelings for that Belinda girl is getting me scared. I mean how can a whole me Taofik shakitibobo himself be having feelings for a call girl? L’aye! Kole wek! So that brings me to why I settled for Iya Bode’s place. At least after my regular 2 bottles of beer and maybe one or two plates of pepper soup (depending on how the night goes) I will go and sleep in peace on the couch in the other room.

I was thinking of how boring this weekend is going to be and how to face Kunle when I get home, I’m sure he will definitely want to rob it in (I too make mouth about my Bimpe runs). I was so caught up in my thought I didn’t notice a lady collapsing into the chair beside me. ‘What are you drinking?’ her voice brought me out of my thought. ‘Sorry, you said’ I replied. She then looked at me more closely the way a medical doctor would his patient ‘good evening, is everything ok? You don’t seem to be here at all’ she quizzed, I’m like ‘I’m ok jare, just a little tired after the day’s work, at least thank God today is Friday, I’ll have enough time to rest’, she smiled and said ‘eeya sorry, so what’s the name of your drink, your bottle has no label’. That’s true my bottles usually has no label, I peel them off almost immediately after opening the crown rooster on it, meanwhile in my mind I’m like who is this JJC girl at a bar all by herself asking me for the name of my drink, she wan pay for me? ‘Eagle….that’s the name of my drink’ I tried to pay more attention to her face, I mean, if I’m going to be chatting with a stranger- a girl for that matter- I should at least know what she looks like. She looks like an omo butter kind of girl but damn, this babe fine sha! Dark skinned, plumb body, not plumb like fat oo, like Omotola Jolade kind of plumb, big Ghana weaving hair style, her age should be between 23 and 25 and to make matter worse she even has a dimple to match her flawless dentition, omo-boy gass try his luck on this one.

READ THE FULL STORY HERE https://www.nairaland.com/4490126/chronicles-taofik-shakitibobo

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Re: Love In A Circle by Silver1996(m): 8:28am On May 14, 2018

It was 10.pm when Noah off the TV and headed to his room, he reclined his back on the bed, he wasn't sure if shayna went to see Leonard, if she didn't go, he wondered what will become of Leonard, he guess he will detest him for the rest of his life, Telling shayna to visit Leonard really hurts him, he keep hurting his feelings to make him happy, he feels he was responsible for everything that happened, he quickly rise up from the bed as his phone rang, he was surprise when he saw the caller "Leonard ". He muttered to himself, he wondered what was wrong now, why was he calling, he pressed the answer button.
"Am sorry for everything ". Leonard voice sounded.
You don't need to be sorry, am the one at fault.
" No, it wasn't any of us fault, I was wrong, I was selfish, I didn't want to hear you out I almost ruin our friendship and am sorry for that"
Noah wandered if shayna had gone to him, he was incline to ask but didn't want to, he didn't want to mention her name to him., "so how are you now". He said wanting to change the topic.
"I took your advice, I ate, I actually ate a lot, both the ones I have been skipping.
Noah giggled " you needed to be healthy.
Leonard laugh "Even if I get very slim I can still beat you "Leonard said jokily.
"I bet you wouldn't ". Noah replied.
"Shayna came ". Leonard said
Noah's heart snaked, so she went, he wondered what they discuss, what they did, did they kiss. "That is great news Noah blarred out.
" I was wondering if you are the one who told her to come"
Noah wondered what shayna must have told him, did she tell him, he was actually the one who had asked her to go "No I wasn't the one " Noah said.
"I wanted to say thank you if you were the one.
" so how is mum". Noah diverted the topic he didn't want to discuss about shayna, his body burnt for her anytime he hears her name he wonder if he will be able to live without her in his life.

********** **********
GOOD night princess, Mr luthur said as he off his daughters room light.
Good night dad, shayna muttered.
Mr luthur closed the door and headed to his room, he opened his room door.
"Wooh he exclaimed as he saw his wife in her hot night gown.
Mrs luthur gave him a seductive smile as she off the night gown leaving her bra and her panties.
Mr luthur quickly jumb into the bed and grab her.

******** **********
Shayna in her bed couldnt sleep she wasn't sure if she should give Leonard a chance maybe she might end up falling for him, maybe she will be able to forget this painful path she took, allowing herself fall in love with Noah was the worst mistake she has ever made, maybe she may be able to be happy with Leonard and forget about Noah once and for all.

*********** ************
The next day sun was blazing high in the sky, Noah walked down the school corridor he kept thinking about her, he needed to forget about her and focus, focus on his studies he kept thinking hard that he didn't even know he hit a guy with his shoulder.
'Are you crazy '. The guy he mistakenly hit blarred at him.
Am sorry, Noah said I didn't mean to do that.
Without a second glance the guy rushed out.
Noah looked at him as he rushed out in a haste, Noah wondered what was pursuing him.
He knock off the thought and continue walking when he heard his name.
He stopped when he saw Leonard running towards him
"You walk fast nowadays Leonard said jokinly as he catch up with him.
You are slow, am not a slow walker like you.
"Am not slow ".
"Yes you are". They both giggled as they continue walking, they took a turn to the location of the lab-room.
Noah wondered why nobody ever comes to that lab-room, it was much better they don't go he said to himself as they arrived there.
Am beginning to detest this lab room, it's too awfully quiet, dangerous things could be done here without anyone knowing". Leonard said.
"The more quiet it is, the better". Noah replied as he slowly opened the lab room door.
Shock sweapt through them as they saw a body on the floor.
Oh Jesus! Leonard exclaimed
Heart pounding, legs trembling Noah went closer to the body he couldn't believe it, blood filled the body's head, the ground was filled with blood.
"Do you know him". Leonard asked with trembling voice.
"Yes, his name is Luke " They stood motionless looking at the body with blood oozing profusely from its head.
They didn't know what to do until it occur to them to scream for help.
Oh! Luke, who could have done this to you ". Noah muttered.

************ *************
Miss Jones sigh as she arrived at where used to be an orphanage home,the place was now a foam store, the place had changed so much since she left.
"That bastard, she tried to kill me". She muttered to herself. She is back now, back to reveal the truth about what happened about the little baby girl that was adopted sixteen years ago, she will go to any length to see that the girl is reunited with her real parents, her twin brother, and she will make sure that bitch pays for what she did to her and her dead friend.

Re: Love In A Circle by Silver1996(m): 9:50pm On May 30, 2018

The students watched as luke's body was rushed to the emergency room. The Ambulance sped away In a full speed.
"Are you sure he is gonna make it? Noah asked Leonard.
" I doubt it". Leonard said.
"But what could have happened to him? Noah asked curiously.
"He must have hit his head hard on the wall". Leonard said.
Or someone most have done it". Noah interjects.
"What do you mean by that? Leonard asked curiously.
"I don't know, I just had this feeling someone must have his head against that wall.
Why do you think so? Leonard asked.
The day we met he told me something about some people, he said they were going to punish him for his mistakes for the end of his school lives.
"That doesn't make any sense what people was he talking about?
"I don't know, it didn't make any sense to me either, he even said something about the school been a jungle.
"Jungle! Leonard exclaimed. The school doesn't seem like a jungle ". He added.
"He must have gotten into a fight with some people, some really bad people ". Noah muttered.

*********** ***********
" WHAT do you mean by you thought he was dead". Nataniel yelled out.
"I thought he was dead, I was scared that is why I ran off. Riddick replied with a trembling voice.
"Why did you hit his head against that wall anyway ". Frederick asked as he adjusted himself in the seat.
"You know what he did to me, my girlfriend left because of him, I hate him ". Riddick said furiously.
"Nat", we need to tell the club, the club needs to help me, if that boy wakes up and tell the truth my school days are over.
We are not involving the club in these, we will handle it ourselves. Nataniel blarred out.
"So what are we going to do without the club? Spencer said.
"He is dead" Nataniel said furiously.
A threat to one is a threat to all" he added.

************* ***********
NOAH watched as the lab room was locked by the school security.
"Noah, it seems there will be no quiet place to study ". Leonard blarred out.
"This isn't fair". Noah said in a low tone.
"What isn't fair, locking the lab forever?
"What happened to luke wasn't fair, he was gentle, the way I saw him that day he didn't like one that could hurt a fly to make someone put a big hole in his head like that.
You speak as if you know him very well.
I may not know him too well but I know he wouldn't harm anyone, I pray he lives so he could say who had tried to kill him.

*********** **********
Mrs Lemuel took up the TV remote from the table and changed the TV channel, she watched the screen as she saw a mother holding her twin babies.
She gave way to tears immediately, she wondered where her daughter was, it's been sixteen years since they gave her away, she wanted to find her daughter alive or dead, she needed to see her, see how she has grown, how she has been all these years. All their effort to find her all end up fruitless, she was inclined to find the woman in charge of the orphanage that handle her baby, but all effort to find her lead them no where, she wasn't ready to give up, she will find her and she will in turn tell her where her daughter is, who might have adopted her daughter.
Leonard doesn't know he had a twin sister, they weren't sure how to tell him that he had a twin sister but she was taken to the orphanage because they couldn't cater for her.
More uncontrollable tears dripped from her eyes she wanted to see her daughter even if it's the last thing she does.

********** **********
What is his situation? The school principal, Mrs Catherine asked as the school doctor enter her office.
His situation is critica, i doubt if he will survives if he stays here, we need to transfer him to a proper hospital.
How could this have happened". Mrs Catherine sobered. Is there any idea to what happened? She asked.
It doesn't seems like he did it himself, someone must have pushed him hard against the wall, I fear he may have a concussion that will lead to excessive brain damage.
Alright call the Ambulance, move him to proper hospital, I will inform his parents. "Mrs Catherine said.
This issue should be investigated thoroughly, whoever that crazy student is, he should be caught for carrying out such an inhuman act.
That is the more reason we need that boy to survive to tell us who did it..... He must survive for our sake and the school.

************ **********
Wherever Noah goes, the talk about luke was there, the talk was everywhere.
He sigh as he collected two cream soda from the canteen woman, he move to where Leonard is and offered him one.
"Thank you". Leonard said as he collected it.
Noah sat in a chair opposite him.
"Who are you suspecting? Leonard asked.
'No-one' Noah replied.
"I know you are, you've been acting weird and you only does that when something is moving in that big head of yours "Leonard said jokingly.
"So tell me, who is it". He added.
Noah looked around, everyone was busy saying their own opinion about the issue.
"i think is nataniel". Noah said in a low tone.
Leonard giggled "stop, Nat might be a bully he is not capable of doing such a hideous thing.
"what if it is him ".
It can't be him, he has never done anything like that since I arrived in this school.
Noah whisper at Leonard as he saw Nathaniel and his friends passing, then he saw him the guy that he had hit mistakenly, the guy was in a haste, he is walking with him.
"I know that guy". Noah muttered.
"What guy? Leonard asked looking back.
"The one at the back with blue canvas ". Noah describe.
Oh! That is Riddick, Leonard said.
"Is he your suspect too". Leonard added.
Noah chuckled at his comment "Nop, he is not ". Just that I met him earlier today, we mistakenly hit, he was really in a haste.
"You've met so many people lately, tell me, who else have you met.
They frown as they heard Nathaniel's voice, he was pursuring some group of guys from their seats, the guys stood up and left. Nathaniel and his friends laugh hysterically as they sat on the chair.
"I detest him". Noah blarred out.
"Everyone does ".Leonard said as he sip his cream soda.
"I wonder why they fear him so much ". Noah said curious to know the reason people were afraid of him.
"He is said to belong to this alleged club called blood club, they said he holds a position in the club, but it's just nonsense, such club doesn't exist anywhere it's just a belief people wanted to be true, it's just a story to scare people off him.
"What if the club does exist? Noah asked curiously.
Leonard chuckled, he sipped his cream soda again, if such club exist the school would have found out and eradicate it.

**************** ************
That's sunny Saturday, shayna decided to take a stroll to her favorite shoprite, she boarded a taxi there.
what welcome her were the bold word written on the screen outside, WELCOME TO BISMA SHOPRITE.
She went in without a second glance and took a turn to their eatery, she helped herself to a table as the waitress approached her, she demanded for her favorite juice, ranvandar juice.
Few minutes later the juice was served to her, she thank her and began to sip it. She thought about Leonard she wasn't sure if she was ready to date him but it will be worth a try, she needed to mend the broken pieces of her heart.
"Hello pretty one".
She raised her face up, she didn't realise when this guy walked up to her, she must be deep in her thoughts.
"Hello ". She said in a soft tone.
Can I sit close to you? The guy asked smiling.
The guy was damn cute but she wasn't ready to admire anyone, her first love taught her that,. She indicated for him to sit.
I wonder what a dazzling angel is doing here all by herself, he asked as he sat close to her.
"Forgive my manners, my name is mike.
"Shayna"shayna said, she wasn't ready for this conversation, she wonder what he wanted from her.
Shayna! What a beautiful name, your name is as beautiful as you.
Shayna blushed and then sip her juice, she knew when a guy want to flirt with a girl and flirting is what this guy is definitely doing.
You look sad, is everything ok with you.
Shayna wandered how he knew about that, was it written all over her face.
'Am not' she said forcing a smile on her face.
Alright keep smiling like that a damsel like you shouldn't even frown for a second.
Shayna chulked.
"I don't know if you will accept me, but I really want to befriend you, can I get your contact?
shayna wasn't sure if she should give him her contact, whatever the case maybe, she wasn't interested if he was just going to talk about a relationship. She sigh and then gave him the contact hoping she did the right thing.

************** ************
At Davin's hospital the nurse shook her head as she look at luke unconscious body lying on the bed she wonder's what might have happened to him, she check his pulse, there was no sign of any recovering the doctor had said he may have a brain damage even if he manages to wake up, the nurse looked around to see if everything was properly ok, she left the room immediately.
Slowly and steady, the room door opens again, then Nathaniel appereard, he quickly closed the door as he move towards luke body.
Idiot, he muttered, then he hold his hands griply he smiled at his unconscious body. "Am going to make your dead very quick, I promise you won't feel any pain, then he brought out injection from his pocket.
With furious eyes, he holds his hands ready to inject a dose of poison in him.
"Goodbye luke". He muttered. Tell your ancestors I said hello, he added.

Re: Love In A Circle by purity23(f): 8:32pm On Oct 04, 2018
Silver come and continue this one o
Re: Love In A Circle by anneboy02(m): 3:30am On Oct 09, 2018
Wat an intriguing Story
Re: Love In A Circle by Mavikolo2020: 7:45am On Oct 09, 2018
Ahh. Silver come and complete this one, just seeing this one now
Re: Love In A Circle by Ann2012(f): 4:53pm On Oct 09, 2018
Pls Luke must survive oooo

Well done OP
Re: Love In A Circle by sly12345: 7:43pm On Oct 09, 2018
Noah and Shayna
Re: Love In A Circle by Risingstar2020(f): 7:23am On Oct 10, 2018
Hope Luke will not die o

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Re: Love In A Circle by egwolopretty: 7:37am On Oct 10, 2018
wow.. i love this story
Re: Love In A Circle by petersononome: 9:20am On Oct 10, 2018
i guess Nataniel is the villain in this story

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