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Re: Love In A Circle by Ann2012(f): 10:37pm On Nov 19, 2018
Who is this invisible person now
Re: Love In A Circle by Risingstar2020(f): 10:45pm On Nov 19, 2018
Silver don start with im suspense
Re: Love In A Circle by sly12345: 9:29am On Nov 20, 2018
am suspecting that Tessy boyfriend
Re: Love In A Circle by Mavikolo2020: 10:23am On Nov 20, 2018

It could be Leonard oooo,, cuz of shayna

Leonard couldn't have done that
Re: Love In A Circle by petersononome: 8:13am On Nov 21, 2018
nice 1
Re: Love In A Circle by izaray(f): 10:09am On Nov 21, 2018
am suspecting that Tessy boyfriend
Re: Love In A Circle by Dmajor100(m): 9:37pm On Nov 21, 2018
Bia nwokem come and update ya story na
Re: Love In A Circle by Silver1996(m): 11:20am On Nov 22, 2018

MR LEMUEL TOOK A SWIG OF HIS GLASS OF WATER, HE DROP THE GLASS ON THE TABLE, CROCK HIS THROAT AND FACE HIS WIFE... "I don't understand you, what do you mean sole people don't want us to find our daughter...?

"Our daughter is in real danger wherever she is, we need to find her.... "Mrs Lemuel said

Mr Lemuel sigh... "Wherever our daughter is, i believe she's in safe hands, you need to stop worrying about her... "

"Why does it seem like you don't want her to be found.. ?

"Sweetheart....! He motioned softly.... "Don't get me wrong, i want to see her as much as you do, but we need to let it rest, even if we find her, we can't just walk into her life after so many years... "

"Didn't what i said mean anything to you? Mrs Lemuel boom out abruptly.... "Someone went to the extent of showing me a grave with the gravestone of our daughter's name just to convince me she's dead.... "

"That's the more reason you should let it go... "

Mrs Lemuel knit her brows at her husband's words..... "Am disappointed in you, i thought your arrival will make finding her easy....

"Am doing everything in my power to find her, but not the way you are going about it..... "

"The way am going about it....! She moistened her lip, her heart cracked with the disappointing words of her husband...."You didn't believe me when i said someone sent me a note and a dead mouse just to warn me to stop finding her... You...

"I believe you... "He interjects ..

"It's quite clear you don't... "

Mr Lemuel took a deep drag, then he continued eating his meal..

"Doesn't it bother you who our daughter is, how she is, if she's doing fine or not?

"It does, i think about it day and night and i regret giving her out.... "He retorted..

"Then let's find her together, i have this feeling she's not okay.... "

"How could you do that....? Philip, Mike's friend ask as he pace back and forth in the room...

"Will you stop pacing around....."Mike said as he climbed into the bed...

Philip jut his chin... "You are not thinking, are you?

"Dude, come-on, stop weening like a baby, is just a threat, i won't carry it out.. "

"What you did was very imprudent.... "

"It was the only thing i could think of to get him out of her life for good"

Philip scoffs.... "You're so unbelievable, you think a mere threat written in form of a letter will make him leave her..... "

"Maybe...!, Mike replied with clenched teeth.... "If it doesn't work, i will try something else... "

"And to what end...?

"Till he realise he's just wasting his time with her.. Till he leaves her alone,till she becomes mine.... "

Philip squeaked...."Sorry to burst your bubble friend..,what you did will give him a reason to hold on to her...... "

Mike chuckled.... "Don't just delve into conclusions,let see what he will do"

"You are so mean, how could you want to seperate two lovers just because you like the girl... "

Mike guffaw at his words....

"Why are you laughing.., what's funny....? Philip ask

"You're speaking of separation like you aren't an expert at that.... "

"What are you even trying to insinuate....?

"Just the truth..... "Mike said with shrugged shoulders...... "Every moment of your life, all you've ever wanted was for me and Violet to get seperated so you could have her... "

Philip grunts... "Are you insinuating i like your girlfriend....?

"Cmon man, you don't have to deny it, you and i know you love Violet"

"I don't know what gave you the idea that i like your girlfriend, but i don't... "

"Dude, you're my best buddy, Violet and i are done, you can have her"

"Your stupid infatuation towards this girl must be making you say........

The room door flung open, both boys shift their attention to the door as Violet walks in.....

"Have you lost your manners?Mike snarled

"Why haven't you be answering my calls? She queried and threw her bag on the bed

Not choosing to answer, Mike look away..

"Am asking you a question.... "She yelled

"Look, i don't owe you any explanation.... "Mike replied abruptly

"Is there something you are not telling me........?

She grind her teeth when no reply came..... "Are you seeing someone else...?

Mike stood up from the bed and walk to the door...

"Is there someone else? She ask again

He quickly spun round to face her...... "You want to know the truth"

"I deserve to..... "she said crisply

"Mike what are you doing...? Philip interjects

Mike gave her a wry smile.... "Yes,there is.... "

Violet heart sanked but she hold herself........
"Who is she...? She ask

Mike giggled... "She's someone more descent and human than you'll ever be, she's the one i love, you and i are done, so leave me the hell alone and get the hell outta my life for good...

"Mike you don't have to take that tune with her..... "Philip interjects

"Says the guy who loves her..... "Mike said impetuously, then he took one last glance at her and left them...

Slowly tears began to flow from Violet eyes

Phillip trot towards her in order to console her....... "Am sorry, he made you feel this way, I've been trying to talk sense into him but he wouldn't listen......

Infuriated, Violet shut him up with a slap...... "You rotten piece of sh*t....."She retorted, pick up her bag and left him there....

That evening, Leonard clatter as he pushed the door open...

"Son, is that you? Mrs Lemuel voice sounded from the kitchen...

"Yes mum.... "He replied and move towards the kitchen...., he took some pancakes his mother had prepared into his mouth....

"How was school...? Mrs Lemuel ask as she arranged the dishes in the storage...

"School was okay.... "

Was it really okay, the thought of who could have sent Noah that threatening note still runs in his head...

"Someone sent you a letter.... "Mrs Lemuel said

Shock engulf him, a letter was sent to him too......
"Where is it....?he ask anxiously

"Is on your bed... "

"Did you read it?

"I wanted to.. But no"

Leonard sigh, a sigh of relief, he took off from the kitchen immediately to his room, he wondered who might have sent him a letter, could it be the same person who had sent That threat to Noah..

He hurriedly opened his room door, he saw the envelope placed on top of his well dressed mattress..

Breathing heavily, he pick up the envelope and brought the folded letter sheet, with a curious mind of what the letter entails, he opened it....

Fear gripped him as he read the words in the letter sheet, written with red ink....

"You fool, stay away from Shayna or you will regret it, this is not a threat, i won't warn you again, am the worst person you ever want to compete with.. "

He's after me too.... "Leonard motioned to himself
He immediately pick up his phone and dial Noah's number..

Noah pick up after the second ring

"Noah, i was sent a letter too... "He said with shaking mouth

"Threatening....? Noah ask

"Yes, i think it came from the same person as you"

"Alright, am coming over... "Noah said and the call ended

Still wallowing in fear, he dropped the letter back into the envelope, he wanted to tell his mum but he didn't want her getting involve, whoever is issuing the threats knows them to the core.....


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Re: Love In A Circle by Mavikolo2020: 11:54am On Nov 22, 2018
Tnks for the update
Re: Love In A Circle by skubido(m): 12:04pm On Nov 22, 2018
Tanks for the update
Re: Love In A Circle by VincenzoZhuxu(m): 12:19pm On Nov 22, 2018
bro i don arrive with my popcorn and adi gin am i welcome
Re: Love In A Circle by purity23(f): 1:07pm On Nov 22, 2018
Re: Love In A Circle by Ann2012(f): 2:39pm On Nov 22, 2018
Thanks for the update OP
Re: Love In A Circle by Silver1996(m): 6:29pm On Nov 26, 2018

He wonder who his father could have wronged... His father is nowhere to be found and he's the next available target....

He squeaked as Aunt Rebecca's phone began to ring, slowly he peep at the caller..
Unknown number...! He muttered

He jut his chin and ignore the call since Aunt Rebecca was in the bathroom...

The call came again, this time he was more inclined to answer the call, he pick up the phone, the caller was disrupting his thoughts, he has the intention of telling whoever the person is that the owner of the phone is busy...

Without hesitation, he pressed the answer button....

"Rebecca...... "The callers muffled hoarse voice sounded

Shock swept through Max as he quickly recognized the voice....
"Dad"He muttered faintly, shocked etched on his face

"Oh my boy, are you there with your Aunt....?

Anger flushed through Max.... "How could you do this to me father, how could you put me in such death roll....?

"Max am really sorry i have to put you in my mess, i had no choice, you were already involved before i could do anything about it, they want me dead... "

"They....! Max exclaimed, a jarring feeling of awe overwhelmed him.... "Who are they?

Aunt Rebecca hurriedly came out from the bathroom with a towel tied round her body...
"Is that your father...? She ask curiously

"I can't explain on the phone, you need to stay in hiding son, they think they can use you to get to me.... "His father said

"What did you do Father...? Max ask anxiously

Aunt Rebecca quickly collection the phone from him.. "Dr Morrison, where are you?

"Rebecca..., thank God...."Dr Morrison said with pants breathe....

"Do you know how much trouble you've caused me and Max... "She queried

"You need to help me Rebecca... "

Aunt Rebecca knit her brows... "So now you need my help after you abandoned your son to die...?

"Please Rebecca we'll discuss that when this is all over, you need to help me unfold the truth"

"Truth...!, What truth?

"I discovered something,i need to tell him......"Dr Morrison said with pant breathe

"Him..... "She snort... "Dr Morrison you're confusing me, who is him and what did you discover?

"I can't tell you over the phone, she wants me dead because she doesn't want him to know the truth...... "

"Now am totally confused Dr Morrison, who's the she, who's the him and what's the truth?

"You need to help me go to him, i shall text you the address, tell him to meet me where am going to tell you.... "

"Am doing no damn thing until you tell me what's going on.... "She snapped

"This is for the safety of us all, you need to do this for the three of us.... "

"The three of us.... "She boom out, just then the call ended......
"Damn... "She muttered

"They weren't trying to kill me, they just needed me to fish him out of hiding.... "Max said

"Don't be so sure of that Max, whatever your father had going on..., it's bad, very bad... "

Mrs Lemuel pick the TV remote and turn on the TV, she shook her head as the first channel appear on the big screen, without a second thought, she changed the channel...

She quickly stood up frim the chair as the outside bell rang
"Noah... "She said with a smile the moment she opened the door.....

"Hi..... "Noah muttered with a grim face... Breathing heavily he ran in as Mrs Lemuel stepped out of the way...

Luckily he saw Leonard coming out from his room.... He quickly followed him in..

With a huff, Mrs Lemuel went back to where she was sitting and focus her gaze on the TV...
She shift her gaze to her phone as it began to ring....

"Unknown number... "She muttered

With curiosity of who it might be she answered the call..... "Hello... "

There was silence on the other end...

"Hello... "She said again..

"Mrs Lemuel... "A hoarse trembling voice came up...

"Who is this....? Mrs Lemuel ask anxiously
.she stood up from the chair when no reply came..
"Hello..."She muttered again

"There is no time, if you want to know where your daughter is, meet me at the cementary 8pm today... "The caller said

Shock engulf Mrs Lemuel at the mention of her daughter.... "You know where my daughter is...?she ask with unstable mouth

"Just do as i say if you want to see her... "The caller said and the call ended

Mrs Lemuel stood dumbfounded....."Is this real....?

"Are you sure they came from the same person....? Noah ask as he compared both letters...

"It was sent same time as yours... "Leonard said

"Shayna's name was specified in yours, mine there was no clue.... "

"Maybe whoever it is thought we are both dating her....."Leonard said impetuously... "Or maybe he doesn't even know who is dating her.... "

"That's ridiculous.... "Noah interjects

"This whole bullshit is complicated, who could be sending us threats....? Leonard ask as he began to pace around

"Do you have anyone in mind..? Noah ask

Leonard stood, then he sigh... "I have no idea"

Noah swallowed, not sure if the possibility of what he was thinking is true.... "Okay, let's start from who might be having a crush on Shayna that could be capable of doing this..... "

Leonard purse his lips as he wreck his head but nothing suffice, Shayna has never mentioned anything to him like that..... "I don't know, do you have anyone in mind.. "

"Yeah, but am not sure if he's the one... "


"Mike... "

"Mike...!, Leonard boom out

"Yeah, remenber at his birthday party, the way he was staring at Shayna, the reason he invited Shayna to that party.....

"That idiot....."Leonard interjects brusquely.... "I knew from the start he has bad intentions"

"Hey we're not sure yet if he's the one....."

"Am going to confront him... "Leonard snapped

"That isn't necessary, besides if he's really the one, he isn't going to admit it...... "

Leonard grunts, anger slowly making way into him.... "Did you ask Tessy if she has a boyfriend.., a jealous boyfriend"

"Come-on we've discussed this, i haven't asked her,You think she has... ?

"Just my instincts"

"If she has, that should be my problem, the person shouldn't be dragging you in besides you have specific.... SHAYNA.. "

"That's the big question here,who else wants Shayna other than that big fool, Mike?

"We don't know for sure if he's behind this"

"Noah, there is every possibility it's him, that is why he's threatening the two of us because we both accompany Shayna to that party.... "

"Shayna introduced you as her boyfriend, his problem should be only you, why me too?

"Are you insinuating the letters came from different people.....?

"I can't tell precisely, maybe it does, all these might just be a coincidence"

"I don't think so... "Leonard said....as he began to pace around again..., he stopped, snorted and spun round to face Noah..... "You are right, Mike sent this pictures and i will certainly confront him.... "

"You're letting your hatred for Mike cloud your sense of reasoning, you can't just go off accusing someone...... "He puff then continue.... "When you confront him, what will you say to him, will you tell him he was so stupid to send you threatening letters, come-on dude, before we confront anyone, we need to be sure of what we're doing, since we don't have any clues on who sent these letters, let just leave things the way they are now... "

Noah took a deep breathe as he finished talking.. ,he was beginning to fear for Shayna's safety, his instincts tells him whoever is insuring this threats ought to be ruthless and he is determined to protect Shayna even if it means stepping out of his boundaries.....



Re: Love In A Circle by izaray(f): 7:46pm On Nov 26, 2018
Everywhere Silver1996

Everywhere stew smiley

Tnks for the update dear
Re: Love In A Circle by skubido(m): 7:50pm On Nov 26, 2018

OP tanks for the update
Re: Love In A Circle by LightQueen(f): 7:53pm On Nov 26, 2018
Thanks for the update
Re: Love In A Circle by Ann2012(f): 9:18pm On Nov 26, 2018
Thanks Bossman cool
Re: Love In A Circle by shakibell(f): 9:40pm On Nov 26, 2018
@ silver1996 no 4get us pain of heartbreak book 2 oo
Re: Love In A Circle by pacifust058(m): 10:36pm On Nov 26, 2018
Thanks for the update
Re: Love In A Circle by Risingstar2020(f): 4:22pm On Nov 27, 2018
Tnks for d update
Re: Love In A Circle by Silver1996(m): 4:59pm On Nov 28, 2018

IT WAS 7:35pm when Mrs Lemuel changed into a pair of black trousers and a button down long-sleeved.. She tossed her her and flap it down on her left shoulder..

"You are not going there, are you...? Mr Lemuel ask anxiously

She didn't reply, she just focused on what she was doing...

Mr Lemuel snort... "Look honey, i know how determined you are to find our daughter, i know very well how important it is, but putting your life at risk is totally out of the question....

"Am going no matter what you say... "Mrs Lemuel snapped

"We don't even know the man that called you... "

"It wasn't a man, it was a woman's voice.... "

"You told me yourself, some people don't want us to find our daughter..."

"You didn't believe me...

Mr Lemuel sigh... "I believed you, but what you are doing now is a risk, it might be a trap... "

"This might be the only link in finding my daughter, don't even try talking me out of it.....

Mr Lemuel snort, he didn't know why his wife was this adamant.....,he scrubbed his bear with his finger tip...."Alright, i will go with you... "

Noah kept reading the words on the piece of paper.... 'STAY AWAY FROM HER, I WON'T WARN YOU AGAIN.. '
The thought of Shayna been the her in the words was what troubled...

"Who could it be..? He muttered to himself

He wasn't the kind of guy who hangs out with girls alot, he thought of Tessy of been the her but he wasn't interested in her, why won't someone sent him a warning because of her

He remenbered what Leonard had said earlier, Tessy could have a Jealous boyfriend who was capable of killing for her but there was also a possibility the threatening letters were from Mike, but why would Mike warned him to leave Shayna alone...?

"Oh my God...! He muttered....

Shayna must have told him about them, Mike must have suspected he had something going on with Shayna, that was the only explanation for the threat, if Mike is responsible, Shayna deserve to know the truth, she must avoid that monster by all means........

Tessy sat on the edge of her bed, she kept smiling, thinking about Noah, now she has found love, she hasn't been able to sleep a wink, she kept thinking about him...

She raised her head to the door when her sister came in and sat beside her....

"What is happening to you....? Her sister ask

"It's nothing... "She said smiling

"I know that smile, who's the reason for it?

Tessy chulkled.... "I think am in love"

"With your boyfriend...?

Tessy frown... "No, with someone else, My boyfriend and i are over.. "

"Tessy, what happened..?

She swallowed..., Frustration spiked her heart.... "i don't want to talk about it..."

Her sister grin... "This new guy you talk about, do you really love him... "

A wry smile made it's way to her lips.... The thought of him pricked a joy she can't explain into her... "I keep thinking about him, i have never thought about any guy like that... "

"Be careful okay, it might just be an infatuation.., so don't be over excited....., does the guy know...?

She knit her brows and bit her lower lip... "No, he doesn't know yet, but i intend on telling him.. "

"Hey, no, that will be cheap of you, you wait a little longer..... "

She nodded..

Her sister stood up from the bed and left her...

It was 7:55pm when Mr and Mrs Lemuel got to the cementary...
Mrs Lemuel shivered as strange sounds started whispering in the air.....

"Of all places, why would she choose a cementary for a rendezvous.... "Mr Lemuel said abruptly

"I have no idea, maybe it was the best suitable place to tell us about our daughter..."

Mr Lemuel grunts... "Whatever it is that she wants to tell is, it can always be discussed in other places other than a queue of graveyards... "

Mrs Lemuel look around to see if anyone was in sight, but she saw no-one...

Mr Lemuel glance at his watch, it was 8:03......"For the love of God, where the hell is she...?

"You need to calm down... "Mrs Lemuel said..

"I just hope we did the right thing by coming here.... "
"I have this feeling she'll be here soon, lets just wait a little longer... "

Mr Lemuel squeaked.... "When i get tired of waiting, we're going home... "

Mrs Lemuel shook with fear as she felt someone finger on her left shoulder..

Heart pounding, she quickly spun round...

"Hello Mrs Lemuel... "Miss Jones said

Mrs Lemuel stood doubfounded as she stare at her, with shaking mouth, she said... "You are that woman....

Mr Lemuel cut in.. "You are the one we gave our daughter to...... "

"You died... "Mrs Lemuel muttered, shocked

"No, i didn't die in that car accident, they tried to kill me but i survived..... "

"Who has my daughter... "Mrs Lemuel ask curiously

"Your daughter was the reason they tried to kill me... "

"What are you talking about, who tried to kill you...? Mr Lemuel ask anxiously

"That witch who adopted her, she tried to kill me yesterday too..... "

"Why would she want to kill you....? Mrs Lemuel ask

"Because her husband thought she gave birth to her, to keep it a secret,she eliminated everything that will serve as evidence that she was adopted ...."

"Where is she now, who are the couple who adopted her...?

Just then, a gunshot sounded and they fell to the ground.....

Miss Jones fell to the floor as the bullet hit her stomach... She grimace and wince in the pains, blood gushing out...

Mrs Lemuel quickly stood up and rushed to her side..... "Oh my God, we need to take her to the hospital.... "

Miss Jones gasp for breathe.. "Look, there is no time... "She said as she cought out blood

"Tell us where she is....? Mr Lemuel said shapily

Miss Jones gasped... "You must get Leticia o.. u... t..."She swallowed, slowly fading away... "Out of that house, that witch will rip her apart... "

"Where is she...? Mrs Lemuel blared out

Miss Jones breathe heavily,slowly,her breathe began to become faint...."Sheee.. shee is in.... "She cough again, the bullet took control, her body couldn't take it anymore ,her breathe stopped...., she wanted to talk, tell them but it was too late..... Just then she gave up the ghost....

"No, don't die, where is my daughter.... "Mrs Lemuel screamed.....

Leonard hurriedly stood up from the bed as he heard the persistent banging on the door, he quickly ran out of his room to the parlour...

"Dad, is that you on the door...? He ask crisply but no reply came...

Slowly, he drew closer to the door.... "Dad.., Mum.. "

Fear grip him,his heart racing at tremendous speed as the glass window broke and and it's pieces fell on the floor.....

He looked out from the window, he shudder when he saw someone standing by the window...

The man by the window points his right hand at him, with a baritone voice, he countered.... "YOU ARE NEXT... "

Leonard stood motionless, with great fear in his heart, he screamed loudly...

Re: Love In A Circle by Mavikolo2020: 5:29pm On Nov 28, 2018
Re: Love In A Circle by shakibell(f): 5:58pm On Nov 28, 2018
no be small wahala

I'm thinking maybe Leticia is Shayna ooo Silver
Re: Love In A Circle by skubido(m): 5:59pm On Nov 28, 2018
Nawa oooo,

OP tanks for the update
Re: Love In A Circle by LightQueen(f): 7:04pm On Nov 28, 2018
But Silver1996 you sabi kill and torture well well grin
Re: Love In A Circle by Risingstar2020(f): 9:21pm On Nov 28, 2018
Suspense oo
Re: Love In A Circle by Mavikolo2020: 10:14pm On Nov 28, 2018

But Silver1996 you sabi kill and torture well well grin

If silver never kill for im story, ni b say the story neva start
Re: Love In A Circle by kelvyncruz: 10:28pm On Nov 28, 2018
It's okay.. let me just sit and wait for when they will see thier daughter
Re: Love In A Circle by Slimynonny: 10:30pm On Nov 28, 2018
Interesting..... Waiting for more pls
Re: Love In A Circle by Ann2012(f): 9:36am On Nov 29, 2018
Wahala dey

Thanks for the update
Re: Love In A Circle by purity23(f): 10:32am On Nov 29, 2018
suspense overload

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