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THE JAILBIRD - A Romance/ Crime Thriller / The Adventure Of Idris [AN ACTION THRILLER] By Musty / "The Sinister Defence" A Thriller Story. (2) (3) (4)

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THE AGENTS (action Thriller) by CalciumB3: 12:16pm On Apr 12
❝ A sniper doesn't need a partner, they just need someone to give the signal. ❞ Going solo gave you a lot to ponder on, especially given a mission that isolated you from your daily life of sniping up dozens of armed agents per hour. A change to braids and glasses wouldn't be too bad for one mission. Just follow the girl, keep an eye on the girl, and continue for two years. Simple. Throw in assassins? Simple. Throw in traitors? Simple. Throw in a baby? Simple. Throw in poison? Simple. Throw in intruders? Simple. Throw in love? E R R O R . Check twice before messing with the quiet and the nerds. Because the nerds will become future hackers, and the quiet will become undercover agents.


Re: THE AGENTS (action Thriller) by CalciumB3: 12:26pm On Apr 12

We were all told our assignment the second we entered through that wooden framed door. If you didn't see it, it was magnified 100x on the white board in front of you. I played with my pencil for a bit before picking up my head and surveying the other students in the classroom with me. They were all like a batch of puppets; reading, writing, sneezing, coughing at measured intervals in time. I stalked everyone from my favorite seat in the whole world, the front seat. No, that's a lie. Everyone who knows anything knows it's the back seat. You may think that the back has its downsides as well; the troublemaking teens, the loud noises, the likely place any experience teacher would call on. But at least the distance and the dark makes up for it. There's a relatively higher chance you could get away with stuff when hidden by the forty-some other beings in front of you. "You, pstt." I blinked out of my thoughts before gradually turning around to face the boy sitting behind me. My eyes resisted glaring daggers into his sockets and cursing his entire soul- being, as a feeling of breaking bones and snapping necks briefly, just briefly, crossed my mind when he assumed it was a wise idea to poke my shoulder with his pencil. Like I didn't just turn my entire body and give him my attention. Like, can I poke your eyes with my pencil. Slightly amused, slightly disappointed, I found myself giving in to the faint voices in my head telling me that while I aced in acting, my own stubbornness fought diligently to break free and inflict damage. Nonetheless, patience. "So, what's the answer to #28, huh?" the boy chirped, side- glancing his friends with a — well what he thought was an uncaught smirk — before rolling his head back to parallel mine. "... A-aren't we supposed to do the problems... by our selves?" Good. Stuttering. The usual. Poke."Seriously?" he mocked, leaning forward into his desk as his head tilted threateningly at me. All I paid attention to was how his pencil was still in contact with my hoodie since his second poke. "You're smart. Just do the damn problem for me." And after several nudges from his comrades, he didn't hesitate to add, "And maybe #29-45 as well." If I could, my eyeballs would be rolling to the back of my head. When his parents pooped him out it was hard enough, why couldn't he be a grateful offspring and just learn some manners while he was at it? I'll even volunteer to teach him some sense. Because you do not look down on, what? Nerds. The Quiet. I could give him at least that much advice. They — correction, we —didn't pop into the world just yesterday at 5 am sharp, so sit your behind down and wipe off that naive look of triumph because you do not know what anyone is capable of, dumb child. Because one, the nerds will become future hackers, and two, the quiet will become undercover agents. You never know. But hey. He wanted to go down this route, come at me. "O- okay, I don't know if this is right [don't they all say this]... but I got A... B. C. D. E. F. G. H. I. J. K. L. M. N. O. P. Q. R. S. T. U. V. W. X. Y, and Z." Lesson number one in our volunteered lessons: the alphabet. Dumb snickers filled the back of the room and I felt a like I just physically punched the air out of the boy scrutinizing me with a scowl. "Don't play me," he growled in my face, pointing his pencil at my direction while his friends watched on with amused stares. Wouldn't dream of it, sweetheart. I've seen better.
Re: THE AGENTS (action Thriller) by CalciumB3: 12:27pm On Apr 12
I rather drink bleach than torture myself with this
then I'll advice you to add some H2SO4 to the bleach
Re: THE AGENTS (action Thriller) by forreelinc(m): 12:29pm On Apr 12
then I'll advice you to add some H2SO4 to the bleach
Way ahead of you buddie which do you suggest?
Jik? Or hipo?

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Re: THE AGENTS (action Thriller) by CalciumB3: 12:35pm On Apr 12
[I]"Just k-kidding, here," my hand whipped to my desk and grabbed a fake list of answers that I had scribbled down while playing a small game earlier to myself of... people I knew, and so far had only been rewriting the same people over and over. I flashed my back at the crowd and kept it that way as I look back to the front and scoffed silently to myself, an emerging sigh hidden with the side bangs and purposely braided tails of my hair becoming apparent. Lesson number two in our volunteered lessons: When in doubt, C it out. I gazed back down at my finished paper and attempted doodles, then found another thought popping into my head. I glanced to my right at the girl with golden locks cascading down her lower back and perfectly ironed curls displayed elegantly on either sides of her proud chest. Allison Frances. 17 years old. Half French, Half Korean. Blood type A. A total chic and playgirl. Currently in a relationship with football team's captain Daniel Ordeon. My eyes narrowed a bit behind my glasses as I let my mind run through the small list of information I had on the girl. She wasn't exactly the type of student I enjoyed associating with. I had nothing against popular people. Maybe a little bit. I became amused and irritated simultaneously though when the school's pets run around the place thinking it's their right to stain and crowd the environment. And they don't just stop at their level, oh no, they stoop lower. The ones that can't defend themselves, the ones that don't care for a glow-up as much as their success in the future, those are the ones that these school pets prey after. Or at least the preys seemed defenseless and weak, and ugly and quiet. "I need everyone's eyes up, right now," my teacher's voice broke through the silence that had been forced upon us minutes earlier. The puppets all immediately looked up at our teacher, Mrs. Reeling. Not because they cared what came out of her mouth, but because they cared for their break. I ignored. My eyes didn't stray to the front like the rest of the population and instead kept their attention on the doodles in front of me. I was determined to finish my masterpiece. "We have a transfer student," Mrs. Reeling announced, opening the classroom door, "Let's all meet our new addition." I hummed to myself as I sketched some lines. One moment. I'm drawing the eyes. It's a difficult task if I want to make them both identical. "Hey," a new voice filled the classroom. Chatter picked up in a matter of seconds and it didn't require listening or eavesdropping on my end to understand that the conversations were all about the boy's looks. "My name's Liam Carter. I'm 18 and grateful to meet all of you." I blew a single baby strand of hair out of my face. Hi. Hello. My name is Jamie Lennon. I'm 17 and currently on a mission to draw an eye on my paper. Welcome to our class, enjoy, pass, get a job, and don't talk to me. Was what I would say, but I'll stop at 'I'm 17.' "I see the class has already accepted you," Mrs. Reeling commented, nodding at the new student with an amused acknowledgement.[/i]

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Re: THE AGENTS (action Thriller) by CalciumB3: 12:38pm On Apr 12
Way ahead of you buddie which do you suggest? Jik? Or hipo?
Go for hypo because of the instant effective on blue shirts
Re: THE AGENTS (action Thriller) by CalciumB3: 12:40pm On Apr 12
He grinned at her and responded, "Wonderful." "There's an empty seat next to Jamie," she proceeded the routine, "Jamie, can you raise your hand?" I halted my pencil and looked up, raising my hand with the pencil in the air. As my eyes scanned the front of the room, I finally saw what the boy looked like. Jet black hair contrasted the oddly bright blue eyes, and a tall and well- built figure popped out at you as you continued down. He must be smart too, considering he got into the school at this time of the year. I.O. Academy was a private school for the well-educated students who could afford to attend here. The cost was ridiculously high and nearly impossible to be accepted in unless the parents were influential people in the competitive business world. Apparently, good looks were a guaranteed bonus. Our Liam walked to the back of the class and say to my right as instructed by the teacher, gaining loyal fans as he passed girls with heart bubbles jumping out their eyes and boys that eyed him in envy. Soon the class picked back up to how it started. Their writing utensils began marking their papers once again, but this time there was a lighter atmosphere as you could hear small conversations being carried out throughout the classroom. "'Jamie,' right?" I heard the new student announce to someone. A long moment passed before it hit me that I was that someone. I held back a frown as I stopped my pencil again. He was talking to... me? Specifically, me? I turned to look at him and abandoned my worksheet from earlier, about to put my name on the thing and turn it in, but that had to wait now. "Yeah," I hesitated, answering with the lost, small voice of mine, "I-I'm Jamie," I smiled. Stuttering. Good job. You always tended to forget that. Today you're doing good. And what did I mean by that? Well, what if I told you, these braids, these glasses, this act, this me, was all just a large pile of lies and lies and more lies? Enter in my personal life. I'm here specifically because I was told to be here, because I was assigned a command to be here. And I never disobeyed an order. An order from who you might ask. Well, let's call them the R.eally U.gly people for now. For them, I walk the way I'm instructed to. I dress the way they suggest me to. And if they want me to act like a meek geek, then I act like a meek geek. I'm still waiting for that signal when I could leave this school. Leave this unamusing and time-consuming hell of a place. School wasn't meant for me, and I wasn't meant for school. "That's a cool looking fish," the new student piped, grinning widely at me as he finished placing his backpack on the ground and had peered over into my territory. Instantly, my past crumpled away and I was brought back to reality. And I was offended. Looking down, I tilted my paper a few degrees around to see what he was referring to. If my eyes could droop, it would've been a good time right now. Strike one. "It's a lion," I replied dully back, dropping the weak girl act just this once. Right, so my art skills weren't the best in the land. If you asked the magic mirror who the most artistic person was in this world, it wouldn't even have Jamie Lennon registered into its system.

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Re: THE AGENTS (action Thriller) by forreelinc(m): 12:49pm On Apr 12
Shei make I put sugar?
Re: THE AGENTS (action Thriller) by Ayoshewa12(f): 2:05pm On Apr 12
I like the character Jamie [color=][/color] grin reminds me of someone.
. [font=Lucida Sans Unicode][/font] Following.
Re: THE AGENTS (action Thriller) by GooseBump: 2:06pm On Apr 12
Re: THE AGENTS (action Thriller) by CalciumB3: 2:11pm On Apr 12
Shei make I put sugar?
little sprinkle of salt will do
Re: THE AGENTS (action Thriller) by CalciumB3: 2:13pm On Apr 12
"Oh, my bad," the boy corrected himself, a nervous grin
replacing his earlier confident one. He patted my back a
few times as a man's way to apologize.
Strike two.
Um, excuse you? Get your big dirty germ-attracting sweaty
skin-shedding five-fingered hands off of me.
Was what I would say, but I'll stop at 'Um.'
I forced a smile on my face to indicate that I had forgiven
and forgotten our first rocky encounter before turning away
from the boy and going back to looking at my artwork. I lost
my motivation to art for today. Thanks to a certain
someone who couldn't appreciate a masterpiece.
It was obviously a lion.
To my surprise, he continued stirring up a conversation
with me. "Hey, want to introduce me to everyone?" he
nudged my shoulder with one arm, head leaning against
his other upright arm on the desk.
What I didn't understand... was why he was still talking to
me. Did I look like someone you'd want to converse with?
Was there a flaw in my disguise?
"I'm not really close with anyone," I answered in a gentle,
soft tone, not looking at the boy, "you could kind of tell."
"You know anyone that could introduce me to our
classmates, then," he pressed, eyeing the side of my face
like he was planning to drill a hole through my cheek.
Like I didn't just say I wasn't close with anyone.
I shut my thoughts off for a moment as I sighed at my inner
me. Old habits die hard.
Though, this kid was indeed getting on my nerves. Stated
bluntly, I wasn't in a very good mood after he confused an
edible sea creature with my king of the jungle.
He was also attracting attention. The whole class was aware
that he was talking to someone right now. And that
someone was the one and only lowlife me. And I didn't
need that. I've been working hard to stay low these past
two years and I'm not about to give it all up for some boy
that just arrived here 10 minutes ago.
"I wouldn't know, maybe the others could help," I stated
back with wide, friendly eyes. I also add, "Everyone seemed
to welcome you with open arms, anyway."
"Hmm, okay," he popped back with a casual smile, spinning
around to face the front as he looked down at the paper he
had grabbed from the front desk earlier.
A good 15-20 minutes passed before I was fated with being
poked by a pencil on the shoulder, again. My eyebrows
twitched as I peeked up at the ceiling for help.
"Hey, I finished, want to check answers," Liam asked
cheekily, showing me his completed worksheet.
I arched my brows at him as I peered over his sheet. I was
impressed. The boy was dedicated to his work.
"... S-Sure." I quirked as I resisted letting my inner thoughts
reflect off my face. This one head, two arms, two legs, two
feet, ten-fingered being had been glued to me ever since he
existed in this rectangular area we called a classroom. I
wanted to smash my head down on the desk and pass out
of irritation.
I waited patiently for the boy to finish checking answers
and avoided any new stares that was cast my way. I spun
my pencil around multiple times in a circle on my desk as I
had nothing else to do.
My paper was soon returned to me as I heard Liam say,
"Wow, we have all of the same answers. Genius buddies!"
.... I opened my mouth, only to close it again as I was lost in
my confused thoughts, although I managed my signature
smile for him to see. He creeped me out. His good looks —
and apparently smart brain, I concluded as I looked down
at my paper — were wasted. His personality was too
bubbly for my taste.
Something caught my eye as I glanced down at my paper.
There was a scribbled note at the bottom of my worksheet
that I was positively betting my head on wasn't there
It was nice meeting you, Jamie Lennon.
A dark expression fell across my face before I became
cautious and hid it from everyone, carefully tilting my head
away from the stares. And especially from the boy sitting to
my right.
... Since when did I mention my full name.
Since when did he start becoming creepy all of a sudden.

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Re: THE AGENTS (action Thriller) by forreelinc(m): 2:22pm On Apr 12
little sprinkle of salt will do

Can u put ice cubes in it? I love my drinks cold
Re: THE AGENTS (action Thriller) by CalciumB3: 2:28pm On Apr 12
Am not that generous
Re: THE AGENTS (action Thriller) by CalciumB3: 2:40pm On Apr 12
2 | It's Been Two Years

The bell interrupted my train of thoughts as everyone around me began shuffling out of the classroom. It was loud, crowded, messy, and complete chaos in the room as I tried to pack up as well.

The boy I needed to talk to was gone. He had left before I could even zip my backpack up. As for the worksheet from earlier, I had to erase that note, yet the words still lingered in my mind since I had spent the rest of my time in this classroom mulling over what it could mean.

I glanced at Allison Frances to see that she finished conversing with her friends before walking out of the class. I, slinging the backpack over my shoulders, walked out after her into the busy hallway.

Bad idea.

Her group of friends stampeded over my form as they rushed to her side, their mouths opening and closing like wrung puppets.

One girl knocked hard into me and I let myself stumble a bit before acting the dramatic fall.
My fake glasses slid off my face as two of my braids whipped to the front.

Reaching for my backpack, I saw a shadow loom over me from the corner of my eyes while they were fixed to the floor.

"Watch where you're going, lowlife," a high-pitched voice rained down upon me. I looked up to meet eyes with one of Allison's followers.

"S-sorry," I let out, my voice trembling in act. My hands clenched tightly into fists at my side before I internally sighed at the attitude I just observed.

Remember your mission, Jamie. Don't crack.

Allison eyed me with a strange stare from where she was standing before I soon interpreted it to a detest expression written as clear as day on her glossy face.

I hurriedly gathered my things and stood up, acting low towards the groups of friends she had before turning my back to them and heading down the long flight of stairs to my next class.

As I left, I heard Allison's friends chirping not-necessarily-pleasant commentaries behind my back.

"She is such a nerd."

"Does she know she's unattractive?"

"I'm gonna puke if I ever see her hair again."

"Don't even get me started on her glasses."

Hopping the rest of the way down the stairway, I speed-walked to math class.

Then again math was my least favorite subject, no matter how good I was at it, so being tardy wasn't a big deal. I really... really, hated math.

I was perfectly fine with it until the alphabet became so involved everyday.

The late bell was about to ring, announcing that the doors were to be shut after it was heard, but I made it in the nick of time. Allison was in my math class as well, but she came late for unknown reasons and had to go to the front office to get a tardy pass.

I sighed as I glanced at her empty seat. This girl couldn't even get from one class to another by just walking. I didn't understand what was so important about her.

So important, in fact, that I had to be imprisoned in this school for two years just to protect her from 'harm.'

What would anyone want to do with her, though? It's been two years. Honestly, if she did have someone after her, I'd positively say that they either died or gave up a long time ago after seeing how useless and ordinary she was.

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Re: THE AGENTS (action Thriller) by SamuelTurner(m): 2:57pm On Apr 12
I like the character Jamie [color=][/color] grin reminds me of someone.
. [font=Lucida Sans Unicode][/font] Following.
I'll also go for james

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Re: THE AGENTS (action Thriller) by Ayoshewa12(f): 5:36pm On Apr 12
grin grin grin grin, don't forget vanilla flavour to quench the hypo smell. U r funny �.

Can u put ice cubes in it? I love my drinks cold
Re: THE AGENTS (action Thriller) by Nobody: 8:10pm On Apr 12
I rather drink bleach than torture myself with this
Please lets appreciate every writer no matter what he/she writes.A writing job is not easy,it depends on everybody's thinking capacity and thinking capacities have obvious differences,i changeth not.Always fireforGod
Re: THE AGENTS (action Thriller) by CalciumB3: 8:16pm On Apr 12

Please lets appreciate every writer no matter what he/she writes.A writing job is not easy,it depends on everybody's thinking capacity and thinking capacities have obvious differences,i changeth not.Always fireforGod
I duff cap for you bro
Re: THE AGENTS (action Thriller) by CalciumB3: 8:19pm On Apr 12
grin for me, writing is as easy as opening an account inside power bank cheesy
Re: THE AGENTS (action Thriller) by CalciumB3: 8:24pm On Apr 12
And hopefully I didn't just jinx myself. Fingers crossed.
Prayers said.
I quietly head to the exit of the cafeteria and made my
escape. My favorite place to be at the academy was not in
it, but on it.
To be specific, the roof.
A sniper loved high, dangerous, and off-limit areas. Again,
the school's roof.
As soon as I was out and no eyes could possibly sight me, I
started climbing the small ladder indented into the brick
wall of the building made for the custodians and mechanics
to reach the very top.
My glasses kept slipping off while climbing so when I got to
the top and placed my backpack down, I threw the thing
into my bag.
No need for it. My eyesight was perfect. You can't be a good
sniper if you don't have perfect vision.
I leaned on the protective wall that served to prevent me
from falling off. The cars honked and drove by in a
rhythmic beat. I wished I could jump and ride one back to
my corporation. Then confront the man in charge and point
a gun at him.
But hey, just a wish.
Usually, I would've walked around the whole area up here
to get the breeze running through me. But today, I just felt
like staying in one little spot.
I wanted something to happen. I needed something to
I had knowledge and profiles of everyone in this academy.
No one got away from me once I do my research. And I had
concluded countless times that this school had no threat to
it. Correction, no threat in it.
At least not yet. If an assassin was scheduled to come here
before I die, I would openly welcome him with apple pies
and strawberry tarts.
I looked down at my bag and glanced at my phone. I could
call someone right now if I wanted to, maybe my own
people. I haven't contacted a human being in a while.
Dialing a number I haven't called in two years, I hesitated a
bit before putting the phone up against my ear.
The device rang and rang a few times.
Sighing, my hand dropped down before a crackling sound
was heard and then a voice spoke out.
"Hello? Who is this."
A smile made its way to my face as I remembered the
familiarity of his voice.
"Hey," I answered back softly.
"Hey..." came his reply, "Um, who..."
"Don't tell me you forgot my voice already, Axel."
It felt nice to say his name again. Two years. It was a long
There was silence on the other end before the boy replied,
"Of course I know who you are. I could never forget,
My eyes softened at his words. Shifting a bit in my place, I
gazed out at the cars below.
"It's been a while," I said, letting out a light sigh as I let
myself revisit the past.

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Re: THE AGENTS (action Thriller) by Nobody: 8:29pm On Apr 12
I duff cap for you bro
Nothing much,just that it pains me to see people assault writers verbally,I am a writer myself so i understand the pain of people rubbishing your work.Thanks for the respect,your story is good though,just try to create an imaginary picture of the characters and their actions,thats all.
Re: THE AGENTS (action Thriller) by CalciumB3: 8:40pm On Apr 12

Nothing much,just that it pains me to see people assault writers verbally,I am a writer myself so i understand the pain of people rubbishing your work.Thanks for the respect,your story is good though,just try to create an imaginary picture of the characters and their actions,thats all.
thanks bro

Am just trying to paint a picture of who the characters are before swaving into action....
Re: THE AGENTS (action Thriller) by Nobody: 8:57pm On Apr 12
thanks bro

Am just trying to paint a picture of who the characters are before swaving into action....
Wish you the best,enjoying the story,please update regularly
Re: THE AGENTS (action Thriller) by CalciumB3: 9:02pm On Apr 12
"Sure has." "... Are you still... mad?" I waited for his reply while silently holding my breath. I've been dying to ask the boy that question ever since this mission started. However, I was told to limit my phone calls during my mission and it resulted in me not contacting anyone. My phone was turned off most of the time too so if anyone did call, I wouldn't notice. I made a mental note to change that habit of mine. "It's been two years, it's really hard to keep holding a grudge against someone like you." My eyes lit up as I snapped my attention to my phone. "Are you serious," I asked, staring at my small device like it was him, "You don't hate me?" "No, Jamie. I don't hate you at all," Axel answered back in his somewhat low tone. Immediately, it felt like a weight was lifted off of my shoulders. The relief and happiness I wanted for a while now replaced that tiredness for a short while. "I'm so sorry. I never want to hurt you," I said. "Past's in the past," Axel answered back in a lighter tone, "So why the sudden call, Jamie? It's nice hearing your voice again. I'm sure no one has heard it in a while over here." And by 'over here,' he meant back at the R.U. I missed the corporation. I just wanted to jump on a car and ride it back there. Then face the man in charge and give him a big, teddy bear hug. Death squeeeeeeze. "Well you see, I need documents on the new kid that transferred here today. He's been annoying me the whole day and I just wanted to finish reading his report as soon as possible." "Hmm," Axel began, "At this time during school? He must be smart." "Don't forget good looking and rich," I added. "What's his name," he asked. "Liam Carter." Axel's voice had a slight irritation in it as he commented, "There's a thousand Liam Carter's in this world." "Thanks," I piped, grinning, "I'll text you his school info as soon as I get back to my dorm." "You can count on this hacker." "I know I can," I responded, a side smile emerging. "How's your solo mission going," he asked, changing the topic. My smile wiped away in an instant. "Wonderful," I responded sarcastically, "I'm having a blast. Lots of things happened in two years, you wouldn't even believe me if I told you. Aliens came to invade the school but I fought them off with Poseidon's trident and earned a sunshine award." "Mhmm," Axel chuckled amused, "Make sure to include that in your report for the R.U. when you come back." "Oh I will," I firmly stated, "They have to know what's going on — everything's that's going on in my head. I'm going to write my heart out when I get back, don't you worry." "That's the Jamie Lennon I know," Axel chuckled proudly, "You go girl." I laughed a bit at his enthusiastic response. Glancing at the sky, I saw that it had changed so that the color had transitioned into a soft, purple-blue. "I have to go," I chimed grimly, switching the device to my other ear since it was getting warm in that area. "Bye, Jamie." I smiled, "Bye." I hung up and turned off my phone before remembering that I wanted to fix my habit and turned the ringer back on. Placing it back into my bag, my fingers brushed across my glasses and I took them out. Spectacles: check. Braids: check. Weak self: on. I slung my backpack over my shoulders and began heading back to the inside of the academy through the same way that I had exited. Back to being weak girl Jamie Lennon. Whoop.

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Re: THE AGENTS (action Thriller) by CalciumB3: 9:05pm On Apr 12
3 |It smelled like metal

Lunch was almost over when I got back.
And Allison was gone.
My heart skipped a beat as a frown carefully made its way
on my face. My eyes searched her group of friends and her
boyfriend, but I found that they were all talking to each
other normally without her.
Where did she go, I thought to myself, picking up my pace.
The bell rang and made me jump a little as the students
noisily got up and went for the exit. I rushed out of the
cafeteria and stayed near a wall until everyone left. A bit of
time passed before the cafeteria was emptied and I pushed
off the wall, charging for the exit as well.
The hallways were emptying fast once I got around the
corner. There was barely any students present. I walked
with a pace to my next class, hoping Allison would be there,
until something from the corner of my eyes stopped me.
Near the girl's bathroom, around the wall and corner,
Allison stood there with her back faced to me.
She was talking to someone. Or... was someone talking to
I peered over with my good eyesight and saw a dark
hooded figure standing in front of her. My heart hammered
in my chest as my mind analyzed the situation.
Why was she talking to whoever was standing there? Why
wasn't she with her group of friends? Who was the dark,
hooded figure?
Or... did my wish come true?
I kept my eyes on the two as they seemed to be exchanging
something. Allison's back shifted to the left and completely
blocked off any view I had of the scene.
I mentally groaned and stepped a few feet to my left. I
stopped hard when my eyes met with that of the hooded
Cold, icy blue eyes caught my silvery, purple ones and sent
shivers down my spine.
I suddenly had the impression it was glaring at me. Maybe
it was a little surprised.
Because as soon as the eye contact was cut off, Allison
began moving. She turned around and her long golden
locks whipped around with her.
When she walked out of the corner and down the opposite
hallway, I realized the hooded figure was gone.
Cursing under my breath, I waited for Allison to disappear
around a different corner before I ran to the place where
there had just been someone else standing there.
There were no signs of any intruder, but next to the wall, a
tiny black ribbon had fallen to the ground.
Frowning, I bent down and picked the soft fabric up.
"What is this doing here," I mumbled quietly so that only I
could hear.
As much as I didn't want to sacrifice one of my five senses, I
placed the ribbon up next to my nose and gave it a sniff.
It smelled like metal.
If this came from Allison's hair accessories, it would've
smelled like shampoo. But it didn't, so this was a new
evidence I was given.
Closing my hand around the ribbon before opening it again
and looking at it, I quickly placed it securely in my hoodie's
pocket and rushed back to math class.
I couldn't say anything to the girl while we were in class.
There were too many people around her.
Gritting my teeth together, I tried to focus back on my
science project. I was in class anyway.
I'd have to wait after class when we have sports. I have to
pull her aside.

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Re: THE AGENTS (action Thriller) by CalciumB3: 9:13pm On Apr 12
My moment came soon as science class flew by quickly. The work was easy enough today, maybe because I actually have a reason to finish it up quickly. The bell I had been waiting for finally rang and I heard the usual shuffling around. Students grabbed their backpacks and wanted to head out to the one fun class of the day - P.E. At least there you didn't have to push your brain, but instead your body. And I don't mean to brag, but I'm pretty well fit due to my training back at the cooperation. Okay, I bragged. I'm sorry. But I've had nothing to brag about these past two years and I'm itching to get some compliments, even if it means I have to resort to self- praise. I saw Allison walking out and I rushed over to her in the hallway, grabbing her arm. She turned around and when she saw my face, her own face scrunched up in confusion. "Um, hello?" she snapped at me, who instantly let go of her sleeve and cleverly coward back. "S-sorry, Allison," I said, averting my eyes down and back, "Did you happen to receive something earlier f-from someone?" Her eyes frowned immediately as she eyed me with a taunting look, "What the hell are you talking about, nerd?" "Actually, it was me who asked the janitor to dress up like that and give it to y-you," I lied. I don't even have the slightest idea what 'it' was, but I'm going to pretend I do. "Huh?" she exclaimed, a deep frown etched on her face as her hands positioned themselves on either side of her hip. "Whatever he gave you," I continued, "I wouldn't want you to o-open it. It's kind of a prank that's going around with me and my friends...um, he must've mistaken you." "Since when did you have friends," she spat back in my face. I flinched for dramatic effect. "T-there's dog poo and a rotten apple in there that has this juice in it. Once someone opens it, I made it so that it would explode in their face. The smell's supposed to last a good three days before the scent d-dies down a little. It was part of an experiment I did myself." That did the trick. Allison grimaced at the thought of the image I conjured up in her mind and she reached into her backpack and threw a small box at my face. "You bitch, leave me alone! God you're annoyingly as hell!" I felt blood trickle down the side of my cheek a few moments later as there was a cut halfway from my right eyes and my nose due to the box's sharp corner that slashed cleanly through my skin. Allison's heels clicked loudly down the hallway and I forced myself to turn my attention to her and make sure she was headed to her next class. Picking up the box, I saw it was black and wondered if the black ribbon had been what tied it together. Allison must've not cared about a tiny piece of fabric and threw it to the ground next to the wall. It was not the time to examine its contents and I shoved the thing into my backpack before heading to P.E., where it was basically a free class because the exercises they do there were lame. Because they were, I did everything in my willpower to suck at P.E., like the weak character I put up in front of everyone. I wiped the blood off my face with the sleeve of my gray hoodie and walked down the hall. _ I was back in my dorm room later that night, and although there was a curfew to be in bed at the moment, I finished my text to Axel. Name: Liam Carter Gender: Male Age: 18 Attends: I.O. Academy Info: new transfer student today Classes together: social studies Description: blue eyes, black hair, well-built, nice face Extended Description: bubbly personality that annoys the freak out of me and keeps trying to talk to me throughout the whole day New Info on a Separate Matter: Hey, do you know anything about a red ring? Find that out for me? I'll attach a pic. I placed my phone to the side as the text was finally sent to him. Looking up at the mirror, I stared at my now long, slightly wavy brunette hair that was all let down. My fake glasses were set to the side of the sink as I gently pushed my bangs and strands of hair neatly behind my left ear. The disguise was off when I was alone. I left the bathroom and went towards my work desk. Put to the side of my homework was the small, black box that Allison had thrown at my face earlier that day. The cut had stopped bleeding already and I unknowingly lifted my hand and traced over the area gently. Inside the black box was a red ring. I was surprised when I saw such a thing inside there. It was totally different from my description earlier to Allison. It was heavy and surprisingly dark and fat. The ring also smelled like metal. I had set it to the side and decided to let Axel do the work for me. I picked up the black ribbon that went with the box and tied my hair up with it before diving back into my homework. Tomorrow, I would go look for answers.

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Re: THE AGENTS (action Thriller) by Ayoshewa12(f): 8:17am On Apr 13
Thanks for the update.
Re: THE AGENTS (action Thriller) by CalciumB3: 6:07pm On Apr 13
Thanks ma

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Re: THE AGENTS (action Thriller) by holarbolu(m): 9:46pm On Apr 13
Wowzers! This is a masterpiece op. Fire on!
Re: THE AGENTS (action Thriller) by CalciumB3: 10:26pm On Apr 13
Still comteplating to read or not

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