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REVENGE (an Action Thriller) by C8t8(m): 11:03pm On Jul 19, 2020
And after an awfully long break, I'm back to resume the story formerly titled "THE REVENGE OF AN ASSASSIN"
But after much edition and criticism, the title was shortened to "REVENGE". the story is now really complete and fully edited, and very spiced up. Your runaway author is back.

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Re: REVENGE (an Action Thriller) by C8t8(m): 11:16pm On Jul 19, 2020
©Ojedokun Ibrahim Olamilekan- C8t8
All rights reserved.
No part of this work should be reproduced or copied without prior permission from the author.

Re: REVENGE (an Action Thriller) by C8t8(m): 11:30pm On Jul 19, 2020

Little Ann aged six watched her parents being murdered brutally. She was also abducted and sold to the MoonsClan that specialises in the training of Assassins in Europe. Ann grew in rank and proved to be the best assassin in the clan and was feared greatly.
She comes to Aceland on a quest to revenge her parent's death.
How sure was she that she would meet the killers of her parents? And even if she did, could she satisfy the burning vengeance in her heart with equally fierce assassins standing in the way? And another distraction came, she was to forget about her revenge misson and start working for a man. And another one thing threatened to blow her off, about to yank her into an abyss already yawning wide, LOVE and FEELINGS which she wasn't expected to have or show as an assassin. Isn't Ann doomed already?

Let's unravel the mystery...

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Re: REVENGE (an Action Thriller) by C8t8(m): 12:02am On Jul 20, 2020

Location: Erwin, Nyar

The loud knocks continued, momentarily distracting Rose as she served her family plates of steaming hot jollof rice and moi moi. She took a glance at Ann and Mary, her twin daughters who were sitting in the living room, their plates delicately balanced on their lap, chewing non stop.

“Mary!” she called.

“Ma!” Mary, the eldest of the twins shouted angrily, because she was about to be distracted from the delicious food.

“Go and open the door, you heard the knocks, didn't you?”

Mary stood up, licking her lips and sauntared towards the door, grunting inwardly. She peeped through the keyhole and saw four men outside, armed to the teeth.

She rushed to her parents, her eyes lit up in alarm.

“Mum..... Dad...guns,” she mumbled in hysteria, eyes bulging with trepidation.

“What's wrong, Mary?” Paul demanded.

Paul had hardly completed his question when shots began penetrating the wooden door. Ann who was still in the living room flung her food away, stood up and fled to the dining area.

“Jeez! All of you should just go inside now,” Paul, the father screamed and Rose, Mary and Ann rushed inside in fear.

Paul, greatly frightened placed a huge desk near the door and started locking the windows.
He was about to rush inside when the wooden door opened with a loud bang and a broken piece of wood sailed through the air hitting Paul on the head and he fell with force.
The armed men marched in, looking mean and ready to kill. Their leader, Hakim , a short thickset man with owl-like eyes walked to Paul. He grinned sardonically and hit him on his groin.

“You bastard!” Paul cursed, remembering him.

“You remember me, don't you?” Hakim chirped.

He turned to his men:
“Go inside and search for his wife and six years old twins, they must be somewhere in the house, cowards,” he barked and gave a dry laugh.

The three men rushed in. Hakim turned to Paul, bent and slapped him. Paul groaned in pain.

“We were sent by Chief Williams to eliminate you, since you think you're stubborn.”

Location: THE POLICE STATION, Dyree, Nyar.

Paul closely observed the file brought by the forensic team on observations and results of tests conducted on fingerprints found on a pistol near a crime scene.
Chief Onuoha was gruesomely murdered in cold blood in his car at Independence Street, McKinnon some days before for reasons known to the Almighty.

Closely observing the reports, he found that the fingerprints was a whorl. He suspected Chief Williams and his thugs. The infamous thugs could have murdered the man.
He reached for the landline and speed-dialled Mr Okeke, the head of forensic department.

“Hello, Mr Okeke on the line please,” came a low voice.

“Inspector Paul. Please in the next 10 minutes, come over to the police station with fingerprinting ink and files. We need to go and make some clarifications somewhere.”

“Alright Sir,” the low voice replied.

The line dropped. Paul sighed and replaced the landline. What he was doing was wrong, he knew. He was going to a wealthy and famous Chief's house to carry out what seemed like harassment without even a little evidence to show that his thugs murdered the late Chief or even a warrant from his seniors. And if he was proved wrong and found out by his seniors, he could be demoted from the post of an Inspector, or suspended or worse still, detained.

Even if he was right and got the killer, he would still be lambasted by the senior officials for forging ahead to do it without any instructions from his seniors. But his natural instincts told him that it was Chief William's thugs that killed the man.

Anyway, he was going to find out now, not later.

His phone beeped, Mr Okeke was calling. He hung it and walked out of his office with the fingerprints results.

Flashback continues...
Location: Nyar

Chief Williams laughed heartily with Hakim, rejoicing over the death of Chief Onuoha, his long time enemy.
Suddenly one of the thugs barged in.

“Some men are here requesting to see you, one said he is Paul.”

Chief Williams gasped, trying to figure out why the police was at his house. Paul, the young Inspector was a diligent and brilliant man who leaves no stone unturned when he was in charge of a crime case.

“Let them in, don't shoot or attack please,” he stammered.

The door opened and Paul entered with Mr Okeke and two heavily armed policemen in mufti.

“Paul, what can I do for you?” Chief Williams tried to hide his fear.

“Good day sir, we need you and your men's fingerprints,” Paul said.

The cover had been blown, Hakim knew. He remembered forgetting the pistol at the crime scene, but he thought the police wouldn't find out. That explains why he didn't went back to retrieve it. The game was up, he knew, but still, he wouldn't accept defeat so easily. He tried to bring out a pistol but stopped when Chief Williams sent him a hard and warning stare.

“We're waiting sir,” came Paul's voice which roused the Chief from his thoughts.

“Alright,” he stood up and walked towards Mr Okeke who had already opened the fingerprinting file.

“Hakim, go and bring the others in,” the Chief said lifelessly as he finished fingerprinting and walked back to the red couch he was previously sitting on.

Hakim came in with about six men who all made some fingerprints and walked out. Chief Williams called Paul to a corner.

“Inspector, I'm not sure but if Hakim is the one behind the murder, please drop the case.”

Paul chuckled and glanced at Mr Okeke comparing the fingerprints.
“There is nothing I can do if he turns out to be the killer, this is a high profile case.”

“I will pay you any amount,” the desperate Chief pleaded.

“Chief, you are hereby arrested for trying to offer me bribe. Cuff him,” he said to one of the policemen who immediately handcuffed him and turned to Mr Okeke who had gone through and compared the fingerprints.

“Here, this man(Hakim)'s fingerprints is the same with the one found at the crime scene. It is not possible for two individuals to have exactly the same contour of fingerprints. So, he is the one.”

“It is better you respect yourselves and move,” the hefty officers fired at Chief Williams and Hakim.

A happy Paul led the men into a black maria, ignoring threats from the duo. The van zoomed off, leaving the other thugs perplexed and confused.

Till date, no one knew how they escaped from prison and other top cops couldn't do anything about it, they had been bribed.


The men dragged Rose, Mary and Ann out. Hakim licked his lips at Rose' exposed thighs. He left Paul and moved towards Rose. Rose tried to resist but Hakim was more stronger. He undressed her and pinned down her arms and legs.
Paul tried to prevent his wife from being raped but got shot by Hakim. Mary screamed and rushed to Hakim and dealt him some slaps. The men grabbed her and stabbed her on the belly furiously.

Ann wept harder at Hakim raping her mum. Hakim got up from Rose and sliced off her right leg with a savage matchete. Ignoring her screams of pain and terror, he then started to butcher her until Rose was not more than huge chunks of bloody human flesh.

Ann puked and caught her father looking at her with hope. She swore to avenge their deaths if her life was spared. Her prayers seemed to have been answered as the men tied her into a sack and stamped out with the sack.

Ann was sold to the MoonsClan in a remote place at Dulwich, England. She was trained to become a fiery assassin. She became one of the best assassins and then she came back to Nyar to revenge her parents' death.

To be continued.

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Re: REVENGE (an Action Thriller) by C8t8(m): 12:51am On Jul 20, 2020

I'm back

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Re: REVENGE (an Action Thriller) by C8t8(m): 1:08am On Jul 20, 2020
Chapter 1

Location: Brently, Nyar, Aceland

The cab pulled to a stop infront of a small bungalow. Ann stepped out with a backpack and a suitcase. She paid the driver and proceeded on. The cab did not move, so she briefly turned her head and saw him trying to make a call. She chuckled, he must have seen her brandishing a 9mm Glock 19 pistol and wanted to contact the police. She removed a pistol from her kneepockets and quickly turned, and fired two quick shots at the man.

She rummaged through her backpack and found a huge bottle with a pale substance. Hydrofluoric acid, it could destroy a body completely leaving no traces.
She turned back and opened the car door, she opened the bottle, and tipped it over the man.The liquid begun its work immediately.
No need to worry about the car, it would rust there. Ann smiled, retrieved her load and got to the house and opened the door.

She walked in and surveyed the whole place. This place had been arranged before she left Dulwich in the United Kingdom. The location was chosen due to its unique detachment from the main community and due to the fact that it had an underground building too. Every accessories that she might need such as computer sets, weapons, bugs, trackers and grenades were already in the underground part of the house. So usual of the Clan. They had their finger in every pie in the world and could do anything they want, unless it involves another Clan. She would live and carry out her duties there until the need arises to change that.

She would also need some helping hands, she thought, but that could wait. She already knew where the opening to the underground was and how she could enter. She sighed and sat on one of the four sofas in the living room.

Her mind played back to the past 16 years, how her parents were killed and the glitter of hope in her father's eyes looking at her as he gave up the ghost. Her heart lurched painfully within her and she got emotional.

'I must revenge!' she screamed.

She would take down just about anyone who was involved in the murder of her parents and other bad eggs in contact with the killers.

'Action starts now, not later. Delay is dangerous,' she mumbled and walked in to the inner rooms with her backpack and suitcase.


Location: CHIEF'S NEW HOUSE, Nyar.

Chief Williams gazed at the hardfaced but beautiful lady operating an android device seated on a couch infront of him. He recognised her as one of the children of people his thugs assassinated and he sold to assassins clan overseas years ago. But he couldn't remember whose daughter she was. He smiled, he didn't knew that the children he trafficked would later be of help to him.

In his recent bid as a governorship candidate of Nyar state, Aceland, Miri, the assassin had proved her intelligence in assassination as she had helped him to destroy some obstacles that will prevent him from winning the governorship election in 2021. The next target was Chief Martins, a long time friend of Paul - a man he killed years ago - who was also prying for the post. He was giving Miri the details.

She stood up and moved towards the window. She didn't passed through the doors because the man doesn't want his newly requited thugs to know about her as this could cause envy.

'Forward me the other details in the next 24 hours,' she said grimly.

She opened the glass window, shifted the netting, grabbed an already suspended rope and jumped out.


Ann, dressed in a white designer top and black fitted jean trouser with white sneakers surveyed the dilapitated house, her parents' house. She had racked her brain for so many days, trying to remember her parents' house and after so much smacking and research, she was finally there.

She wanted to search the house for any diary, files or documents that could give her a clue to her parents' friends and enemies.
She pushed the termite ridden door, it squeaked and gave way. Thick cobwebs welcomed her, but she brushed them away. She brought down her backpack and removed a LED flashlight. She switched it on and flashed it round, everywhere was empty, dirty and musty. The valuables must have been carted away by robbers or held in possession by the police.
Rats, mice, lizards, cockroaches and termites paraded the dusty floor and rushed away at the sight of the intruder disturbing their peace.
Ann was about to move to the inner rooms, when her eyes caught sight of an old and torn, rat-eaten book lying at a corner. Ann walked over, picked the book and opened it. It was a private logbook, although made like a diary.
It contained phone numbers, addresses and brief details about each individual.

Exactly what she needed, she thought as she put the book in her backpack, zipped it and strapped it to her back. She gave a final look round the house and walked out, closing the door behind her. A little girl stared at her and ran past, laughing. Ann knew why the girl was laughing at her, she was so dirty, covered with dust and cobwebs. Her top and sneakers were already dirty. She would need a shower, when she got back to her base.

She walked to her newly bought Toyota Venza 2018 model, got in and zoomed off.


Miri walked into the computer room. Her helping hands, Alex and Joe were already at the computer, getting information about their new target, Chief Martins, a governorship candidate.

'I think we've got enough details, we're attacking the man at his house tomorrow,' she looked round for a moment, then walked away.


Ann flopped down on the bed and lied on her belly, then opened the logbook, no time to waste. The book was rough, rat-ridden and torn. The ink was already faded but Ann's eyes could still pick some words.

She opened page after page, until she saw a name in bold letters.

She needed to see the man soon maybe he knew something, so she got up and rushed to the computer room. She booted one of the systems, and after booting, she went to Google and typed in the name and clicked on search. If she couldn't see it there, she would have to hack into the country's database to search for him there. She gazed at the logbook and her eyes caught a faint picture of the man attached to the book. She got more careful and studied the picture and glanced at the computer screen. The results were ready and she scrolled through the results displayed until she saw one with the same picture as the one in the logbook, he was the man. She noticed he was a Chief, she studied his location, she would go there the next morning.

To be continued

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Re: REVENGE (an Action Thriller) by C8t8(m): 1:32am On Jul 20, 2020

Come back o


Re: REVENGE (an Action Thriller) by Ann2012(f): 5:28am On Jul 20, 2020

I'm back

Welcome back smiley
Re: REVENGE (an Action Thriller) by Devilpen(m): 7:09am On Jul 20, 2020
You're doing a great job.. Hope the story line doesn't flop o
Re: REVENGE (an Action Thriller) by Ayemileto(m): 3:16pm On Jul 20, 2020
I have read this story on Nairaland before.

But the OP didn't complete it then.

Let's hope he does now.
Re: REVENGE (an Action Thriller) by C8t8(m): 4:03pm On Jul 20, 2020

Welcome back smiley
thanks for being there

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Re: REVENGE (an Action Thriller) by C8t8(m): 4:04pm On Jul 20, 2020
You're doing a great job.. Hope the story line doesn't flop o
I hope so sir cheesy
Re: REVENGE (an Action Thriller) by C8t8(m): 4:06pm On Jul 20, 2020
I have read this story on Nairaland before.

But the OP didn't complete it then.

Let's hope he does now.
I will, so help me God grin
Re: REVENGE (an Action Thriller) by C8t8(m): 4:29pm On Jul 20, 2020
Chapter 2

Ann got out from the bathroom and got herself ready to meet the man, Chief Martins Adebayo. She loaded pistols and bullets into her backpack, in case of any trouble. Dressed in a milky white decent gown, she put on her specs and walked out.


'Remember we're going to pretend to be electricians, so as to allow easy entrance. I know what to do to prevent any shootouts with his guards, let's go in and attack,' Miri remembered the men in the car as they almost got to Chief Martins Adebayo's house.

She was dressed in an electrician's jacket, so was Joe and Alex.

'Ok boss,' they mumbled.

Alex stopped the car in front of the targeted house, and they alighted, each with his toolbox containing weapons.


Ann watched from afar as the three electricians entered the compound. Two were men and one was a lady, all in electricians jacket.
Judging from their eye signals and movements, she knew they were up to no good. She removed two loaded pistols from her backpack and hid it under her gown. She strapped her backpack to her back and she got down from the car and moved towards the house.


Miri, Joe and Alex entered the compound. Being a Chief, a famous one at that, his house was guarded by so many men that you would think he is a governor, although he was bidding for the post.

A guard came closer, a grim and no-nonsense look on his face.

'Who are you?' he questioned.

'We're electricians...' Joe replied.

'And who told you we need you? And besides, you guys don't look familiar. Oya, out!' the guard cocked his gun, and other guards did the same.

Alex glanced at Miri, she was looking calm. How could she be when the man was chasing them out?

'I said...,' the guard couldn't complete his statement as Miri gave him a blow on the belly, he tried to kick her but she backlifted, slid behind him as he came near and kicked him with her legs. Other guards were shooting but she dodged the bullets, she brought out a bottle and sprayed the contents after she and her men had covered their noses with a handkerchief.

The guards inhaled the mist and fell down.


Ann could hear the gunshots, her heart jolted. She brought out the pistols and walked fast but carefully to the house. She opened the gate.


Seconds earlier...

After seeing that the guards were down, Miri started giving instructions.

'You, go there,' she pointed at Joe and gestured to a corner of the compound.

She then faced Alex, 'Let's go in.'

Miri carefully walked in, she didn't knew if there were other guards inside, so she needed to be at alert. She saw a shadow behind her, she thought it was Alex, only to look back and saw a lady. She grinned, thinking Ann was a call girl there to service the chief. Quickly, she launched three shots in her direction.


Chief Martins heard the gunshots and was greatly scared. He took his phone and was about to call the police when the door opened. He froze and then turned, he heard the gun been corked and then tried to move away.

It was too late, his brains splattered on the floor. He was dead even before his body touched the floor.


Ann knew Miri would shoot, so she bent down and the bullets whizzed over her head. She swerved acrobatically and spun round, kicking the pistol out of a stunned Miri's hands.

Miri was shocked, she had underestimated her thinking she was just a lady but she just proved she was another trained assassin.

To be continued


Re: REVENGE (an Action Thriller) by C8t8(m): 4:53pm On Jul 20, 2020
Chapter 3

Alex sighed happily and pocketed the gun. He had succeeded in killing the target. He tapped the device in his ear which connected him to the boss.

'Boss, mission acomplished. Where are you now?' Silence.

He could hear swishs, pants and kicks, signifying the boss was in a tough kind of fight. Quickly, he connected with Joe who was monitoring the compound.

'Joe, we've got to help the boss, she's in a fight somewhere. I'm coming to meet you outside now, we would search for her together and help her.'


Miri was quick to recover, she jumped up, and circling her legs, kicked Ann with her feet. Ann didn't saw the kick coming on time, she tried to dodge it but it was too late. She fell hard, the pistol flying away far from her reach. A nagging pain shot through her back but she tried to get up.

Miri walked gingerly to her, she roughly grabbed her hair and pulled her up. Ann winced as Miri aimed her a punch on the nose. Ann raised her hand, stopping the fist. She was getting weak, she knew, but she must escape, she thought.

Ann suddenly remembered Chief Martins and the reason why she was here. Fear gripped her at the thought of him being dead and her revenge mission made complicated.

This fear seemed to renew her strength as she studied Miri's movements carefully. With a well calculated aim, she directed a heavy punch at Miri's chest. She had been taught that when facing a female assassin, the best thing to do is to hit her between her breasts.

This worked as Miri skidded backwards, trying to balance herself. Ann knocked her down and she fell on the ground. Without warning, Ann rushed to her carefully. She tried to stamp a foot on her chest but Miri rolled away. Removing a pistol from under her gown, she shot at Miri twice before walking away.


'Ok,' Joe replied and became more vigilant. He slowly walked on like a zombie, looking for sign or shouts of fighting. He saw Alex coming and was going to meet him when Ann suddenly appeared behind Alex.

'Alex!' he cried but it was too late. Ann had already dished Alex a blow, she looked for the artery behind his neck and squeezed it. Alex became unconscious. Thinking Alex was dead, Joe began firing hard at Ann. She dodged one of the bullets and pulled Alex's unconscious body up, using it as a shield for her own body but Joe stopped shooting immediately. She brought out a grenade, pulled the pin and in a flash, threw it at Joe. His body was blown and torn apart along with some of the paralyzed guards' bodies.

Dropping Alex, she rushed into the house, bouncing up the stairs. Seeing dead guards on the floor, her head flew off. She peered carefully in each rooms until she saw the Chief in one of the rooms lying dead on the tiled floor, his head covered with and oozing blood.

'Nooooooo!' she screamed.


Miri dragged herself up weakly, her left thigh oozing blood. One of Ann's shots had caught her on the thigh while she had dodged the second one.

Trained by the EagleClan also in Dulwich, a top rival of the MoonsClan where Ann was trained -unknown to both of them- , she had been trained what to do so as not to feel much pain when injured. She made sure she didn't focus on the wound as this could cause the brain to register the pain. She was losing much blood and getting weak. But being a strong assassin, she managed to get out of the house, limping over paralyzed bodies when she saw Joe torn to shreds. She gasped audibly.

As Miri gazed at Joe's body and Alex, she suddenly became angry, angry that she had failed herself and her clan.

She had been careless, she knew. She ought not to have under-rated Ann or anyone, it weakens an assassin's instincts and distracts him/her.

Hearing the sound of police sirens, she knew she must leave, so she limped out of the compound. With the corner of her eyes, she saw the police cars coming near. She quickly limped to the car and hopped in, then she drove away furiously.


Agent Ray in one of the police cars looked up as they neared Chief Martins' house. His eyes caught the view of a lady who limped out of the compound like she was injured and entered into a car, then drove away.

'Follow that lady, she is a suspect,' he told the driver.

He quickly connected with Agent Desmond in the other police car behind.

'Agent Desmond, we're following a suspect now, you'll go into the compound and search round for any clues or suspects. Do you copy?'

'Yes sir,' came the voice.

'Faster!' he screamed at the driver who sped faster.


Ann was weeping hard over the corpse, angry and frustrated when she suddenly regained herself. It was wrong for an assassin to show emotions, she knew but her revenge mission would be made complicated by the man's death. She felt sure the assassin she fought with was sent to kill the man but she had no idea of who sent her. But she would soon know. Police sirens outside the compound jolted her from her thoughts and she was taken aback.


Agent Desmond rushed out of the car, cocking his gun. His heart made a funny leap at the sight of dead and paralyzed bodies on the ground. His detective instincts told him someone was lurking around in the building, but where the person was, he had no idea of.

'You must be on the alert,' he warned the eight cops infront of him-six men and two ladies.

Two men would stand outside and keep guard while others go inside. Agent Desmond walked steathily inside, pointing his guns in the rooms carefully. Then he saw Ann walking towards him.

'Hands up!' he shouted and pointed his gun at her. Ann quickly obeyed.

To be continued


Re: REVENGE (an Action Thriller) by C8t8(m): 5:06pm On Jul 20, 2020
Chapter 4

Miri gazed back as she sped away furiously on the highway, cars, pedestrians and bike riders quickly alighting and jumping away for dear life. She knew the police was chasing her.

Forgetting about her wound, she laughed hysterically.

'This is gonna be a hell of a ride,' she mouthed.


Ann obeyed, raising her hands up like a criminal. She moved closer to him. Agent Desmond knew she was trying to distract him, so he cocked the gun and fired two quick shots in her direction.

Ann made best use of the opportunity, she dodged the bullets and jumped at him, knocking the gun out of his hands. Agent Desmond tried to move away but it was a little bit too late.
She took him out with the butt of the gun and he fell down, unconscious. She spotted a police officer trying to shoot at her but she was faster in sending a bullet into his chest. She felt a presence at her back, and was about to turn when she heard the gun been roostered, she quickly bent and sent two bullets to the lady's head, the lady staggered and fell. Seeing the police woman's wear, a thought popped into her head.

She walked slowly towards the woman and was about to get there when bullets whistled past her ears. She quickly hid behind a wall and carefully peeped to see who the attacker was.

It was another policewoman, obviously skilled in the use of guns, but not more than she was. The lady walked carefully towards the corpse, looking around. Her last mistake was that she ventured near where Ann was hiding. Ann didn't waste time at all as she pulled the woman's hair, pushed her to the nearest wall and bashed her head hard against the wall. The lady whimpered in great pain and fear but she launched a weak blow at Ann's eyes. Ann stopped the hand in midair and wrung it hard like a cloth.

The lady closed her eyes as the pain was excruciating, only to open it to see a policeman at Ann's back, she silently prayed the man would be able to shoot at Ann.

Her prayer was not answered as Ann turned very fast at that moment, she dodged the bullets and then pulled her up, using her body as shield. Seeing the lady in front of Ann, he reduced the shots, but that turned out to be his lone mistake as Ann fired at him.

To be continued


Re: REVENGE (an Action Thriller) by C8t8(m): 5:08pm On Jul 20, 2020
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come and read guys

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Re: REVENGE (an Action Thriller) by C8t8(m): 5:16pm On Jul 20, 2020
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Re: REVENGE (an Action Thriller) by C8t8(m): 5:19pm On Jul 20, 2020
Don't just read and go, drop your views on the story please
Re: REVENGE (an Action Thriller) by Devilpen(m): 5:40pm On Jul 20, 2020
OP from the way you portrayed our Main Character from the beginning.. She seemed to be an assassin with good heart..

Is it necessary to kill innocent police officers especially ladies like her...

O wrong nau wink
Re: REVENGE (an Action Thriller) by C8t8(m): 6:02pm On Jul 20, 2020

Regardless of having a good heart or not, the first prospect that comes to your mind when in danger is to defend yourself and escape and Ann did exactly that.
Re: REVENGE (an Action Thriller) by Devilpen(m): 6:33pm On Jul 20, 2020

Regardless of having a good heart or not, the first prospect that comes to your mind when in danger is to defend yourself and escape and Ann did exactly that.
she had lots of options ranging from making them unconscious, or given injuries on vital areas that won't kill them, she had enough evidence, or find her way out if taken into custody in the police vehicle....

No vex say my own dey too much o
Re: REVENGE (an Action Thriller) by skubido(m): 9:20pm On Jul 20, 2020

I'm back

Behind you

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Re: REVENGE (an Action Thriller) by Khriztarl(f): 10:06pm On Jul 20, 2020
she had lots of options ranging from making them unconscious, or given injuries on vital areas that won't kill them, she had enough evidence, or find her way out if taken into custody in the police vehicle....

No vex say my own dey too much o
making them unconscious. Yes, idea supported with 10 bags of popcorn.
Re: REVENGE (an Action Thriller) by Adeola25(f): 11:40am On Jul 21, 2020
Re: REVENGE (an Action Thriller) by C8t8(m): 6:04pm On Jul 21, 2020
she had lots of options ranging from making them unconscious, or given injuries on vital areas that won't kill them, she had enough evidence, or find her way out if taken into custody in the police vehicle....

No vex say my own dey too much o
No, it isn't

Sir, apart from having a good heart, an assassin was or is trained to show no mercy. They were trained with the idea of them being killing machines. Having a good heart or not, an assassin is to kill especially when in a tight situation.

But, you guys are already protesting at the elementary stages of d novel, what if we now get to the middle with deeper action? grin
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Behind you
Thanks for being there
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making them unconscious. Yes, idea supported with 10 bags of popcorn.
Hmmm... grin
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Thanks ma
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Chapter 5

Location: On The Highway

Miri peered at the mirror and gasped when she saw guns being pointed at her car. She hit the 220km/h and the car sped on.
The police car did the same, and then bullets began hitting Miri's car. The bullets pierced everywhere, drilling holes on the car. Hawkers, passersby and other cars scampered away in fear, afraid of being caught in the mayhem. Mothers screamed and clutched their dear babies, running away for dear life. Screams filled everywhere, some people were not that lucky as they were shot dead by stray bullets.

Miri was perplexed, she knew if she didn't do something quick to stop the shots , the car would soon burst into flames. And it was something Miri never wished for, infact, she dreaded it, being roasted alive in a terrible inferno. Catching sight of a small car, she swerved and bashed her car hard against the car, sending it skidding backwards towards the police car, the impact of her car hitting the small car nearly making her crash but she was saved by a hair's breadth.

The driver of the police car tried to swerve away, but it was too late.
The small car collided hard with the police car, the impact making both vehices to somersault twice on the now empty road except for dead bodies, the two crashing cars, and Miri.

Lying upside down near each other, the cars burst into flames, burning the occupants beyond recognition.

Miri got down from the bullet-ridden car and gazed for a while at the burning cars.

'What a nice way to die, babies,' Miri laughed hard and then spotted a car parked six metres away, the door left ajar. It seems the owner had ran away for safety.

'Frightened rats,' she said sardonically and limped over to the car, now feeling the pain of the bullet lodged in her thigh.

'Smart, but not more than me,' Miri said to herself, remembering Ann and got in the car, ignited the car and zoomed away with terrific speed.


Location: Back at Chief Martins' house

Ann fired at the man, until he fell down, dead. Dropping the policewoman, she slapped her hard on the face. The Lady groaned and dug her teeth into her lower lip, blood trickling down from her nostrils. The lady tried to wriggle free from Ann's grip but Ann quickly snapped the lady's neck, and the lady breathed her last, lying crumpled on the cold tiled floor, like a ragged doll.

Ann reached over and took the lady's pistol. She slowly walked away, on the alert . Suddenly, a man grabbed at her back, Ann turned and gifted the man two sharp uppercuts on the jaw.

The policeman gave a low yelp and swayed, trying to maintain his balance. Ann stretched out her right leg and dug her high heels in the man's lower belly. Then, she shot him on the chest and turned away and quickly ran down the stairs.

She saw a cop pointing a gun at her, and she quickly shot twice at him. She got out of the house and saw two confused men standing outside at a loss at what to do, she shot at them, one fell on the floor, while the other one dodged and quickly fired a shot at her. Ann jumped sideways and aimed a precise shot at his head.

His head split into two and he fell down, dead. She turned to see if there were more cops and strained her ears for any sound but her eyes and ears picked nothing, except for Alex lying on the floor. She remembered that she only made him unconscious and he was not dead. She got hold of his limp hands and dragged him over dead and paralyzed bodies to the gate.
He could be of help in knowing more about Miri, she thought and dragged him out.

To be continued.


Re: REVENGE (an Action Thriller) by C8t8(m): 10:58pm On Jul 21, 2020
Chapter 6

Location: ANN'S BASE

Ann opened the back cover of Alex's android device and dropped it on a table. She brought out the sim card and broke it into several pieces. Discarding the broken sim in a waste basket, she turned and moved towards a door.

She entered the dark room and then breathed loud. A computerized voice rang out,
'Human presence detected. Say the pass code, repeated, the pass code in 10 seconds. 10...9...'

Ann smiled. If the person was an intruder and didn't know the passcode, the security laser in the room would be automatically turned on and the intruder would be smoked.

She said, 'Alpha.. code.. over.. zero..over..shift..point..two..iris.'

'Welcome Miss Ann,' the voice came again, then brilliant lights came on, a blue spark came from the floor and a panel appeared on the floor in the middle of the lighted room.

'Your palmprints please,' came the voice again. Ann walked over and placed her palm on the blue lighted panel. The panel scanned her palm and then the voice said ,'access allowed.' Suddenly, the light in the room was automatically put off, the blue light coming from the panel illuminating the room. The panel slid away, revealing some stairs. Ann crawled in and straightened up as soon as she felt she could now stand up, then she started descending down the stairs going to the secret underground part of the house.

Ann raced down the long stairs, jumping over three steps at a time. She entered into the underground living room with bright lights from bulbs showering everywhere, Ann walked over to a room immediately after the living room and opened the door. She peeped in and saw that Alex, who was lying on the bed in the empty room was still unconscious. She was about to walk in, when she remembered something.

'F**k! D**n it,' she swore hotly and briskly walked out of the room, past the living room, past the hallway with rooms on both sides until she got to a room at the extreme end of the hallway. She flung the door open and entered into the extremely dark room. Her eyes darted around the room, and when her eyes got accustomed to the darkness, she saw the electric switch on the wall. She flipped on the switch and reduced the brightness of the light.

With the light now dim, Ann walked over to where the six computers in the control room were, each desktop on separate desks and covered with protective covers. She walked over to the nearest one and removed the cover covering it. She switched on the computer and waited for it to boot.
Her mind wandered back to the past few hours, how the man she thought would give her clues to her parent's killers got killed, the fellow lady assassin, the fight, her encounters with the police, all within a range of five to four hours. She suddenly remembered that the assassin she fought with and gave two shots was not where she shot her again and the car they brought was nowhere to be seen, signalling the lady had escaped. Even with the two close shots she gave her, she must be a tough assassin, Ann thought. But who might she be?

Ann sighed sadly and quickly picked the mouse when she saw that the computer was now ready. She navigated through the softwares until she saw the CCTV software which was meant for the NASCAO (National Agency for Surveillance Cameras Administration and Operation) and clicked on it. She typed some codes feverishly into a pop-up box and she got access and full control of the surveillance cameras. She quickly typed the address of Chief Martins' house after it loaded and searched for the footages around the area. She saw several footages where she was captured and deleted it. She remembered that on her way back to her base, the cameras on the way should have caught her car as it sped past but she had no problems about that because she had deactivated all the cameras there.

Smiling, she minimized the software, shut down the desktop and walked out.


Location: Miri's Base

The green dot moved forward slowly until it reached 98%, the colour of the dot changed to red and it stopped moving.

TRACKING FAILED, popped out the screen of Miri's android device.

Miri rested her bandaged thigh on the chair and smiled. She knew Ann had taken Alex through the footages she saw on the CCTV app. But their car were no more seen after turning into a road, Miri knew Ann had deactivated the cameras along that area and she knew it was because Ann lived in or near that area.

She had tried to track Alex's sim card but it seemed that the lady had removed his simcard or maybe had even broken it.

'Smart girl,' she muttered. She also hacked into the NASCAO system and deleted the footages capturing her. She turned back to her phone.

She had bugged Alex's phone and a tracker was fixed on his trouser. She must focus on this distracting assassin and get rid of her, she thought.

To be continued.

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