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Re: Dark Coward Prince by BrainArk(m): 2:53pm On May 14, 2018
This is awesome.
Re: Dark Coward Prince by zeko172(m): 5:53pm On May 14, 2018
When are we getting the full story
Re: Dark Coward Prince by Moshmustapha(m): 6:48pm On May 14, 2018
this is awesome. keep it up
Re: Dark Coward Prince by kindheart1234: 12:18pm On May 15, 2018
i love ur storyline. its quite onpoint. keep it up bro.
Re: Dark Coward Prince by Faboosuarez(m): 3:40pm On May 15, 2018

“they don't learn do they?” asked kunne, his dwarf right hand spat out thick saliva from his mouth, “none of our concern, means more food for em beasties and more sacrifice to our gods” replied the dwarf. Kunne scratched again at his beard and nodded, “unleash them”. The dwarf bowed and whistled, the wildbeasts came forward snarling and gnashing their teeth, the dwarf whistled again and they ran for the foreigners, “hold, hold, hold!” yelled rune, the beasts came running blinded by hunger, they were almost fifteen feets close, “shoot!” yelled rune again, they all scattered left and right, those in the middle loaded the catapults engine containing black oil, they shot it into the air on the beasts as they came closer, out of anger, with the thick liquid making contact with their furs the beasts went berserk, rune and his men who scattered around brought out their crossbows and lighted them up, they all needed no order before they started shooting, 'pff, pff' went the arrows, immediately they came in contact with the beasts, they all went ablaze, the wildbeasts howled in agony as their furs caught fire, some started rolling over the ground to put it out but couldn't, “attack!” bellowed rune.

Rune laughed hysterically into battle, an islander came, he dodged his blow, cut at his coat, the enemy came again, he dodged again and slashed at his arm, he wailed, rune stabbed him point blank in the chest, he heard a woosh behind him, without looking back, he crouched and stabbed his enemy in the loins, he saw a wildbeast howling in pain, and put it out of its misery, rune laughed at the skies and ran again, he came head on to an islander, sidestepped and slashed at his neck, thick red blurted out with a bone popping out, the ragged lady shot at an islander chest,, she slashed at his knees and kicked him towards rune, rune grabbed him by his collar and stuck his sword into his neck, an amazed look popped on the enemy face, with his mouth soaking wet with blood. “that must be him” said kunne as he stared at rune in the distance whilst scratching his beard, his dwarf right hand spat again, “time to put his shine to an end” said the dwarf and he went for rune.

Art and the other troops didn't shy away when they saw the wildbeasts weakened almost half dead on fire, the battleground became a playground, art approached the beasts and poked them with his long spear, everyone else did laughing at their handiwork. Art took out his crossbow and started shooting at the islanders, shot after shot he took them all down, those who didn't die from Art's crossbow wound were taken care of by the troops. Kunne came in contact with the ragged lady, the scoff on his face almost turned into a grimace, “a lady in battle” said kunne, “let's get this over....” he continued but the ragged lady cut him short by attacking, their weapons clashed, the ragged lady whirled around him and slashed at his neck, kunne without turning around placed his sword at the back of his neck to block the attack, he distanced himself from her and looked at her one last time, the hatred on her face was endless, and the anger was evident in the way she held her sword tightly, “so much anger, you look familiar” he said but the ragged lady sprang at him again, he raised his sword above his head to block another attack, making them come in close contact and he noticed the flower on her robe. She slashed at him again but dodged and hit her with the hilt of his sword in her belly, she tried to raise her sword again but was slow, kunne scratched again at his beard and kicked her in the chest, she staggered backwards and fell to the ground.

The dwarf went for rune with his long spear, he poked it at him, the swoosh sound rune heard made him roll on the ground, he stood up immediately and stood his ground, he almost laughed at what he saw, a dwarf, a fucking dwarf would have ended his life, never underestimate your enemies, he looked the dwarf from head to toe and could see he was geared up for war, with various daggers around his armor and a long spear in his hand, now this was a challenge, fighting a dwarf would be tiring, his blows wouldn't reach their destination but the dwarf was prepared with his own long spear, getting the spear off the dwarf was Rune's main concern. The dwarf poked again, rune dodged, he tried to get closer but a dagger swished past rune so fast, he was lucky to be unscathed, before he could stand, the dwarf kept attacking and rune knew he had no chance, he saw a shield five feets away, and he kept rolling on the ground towards it, he came in contact with the shield and raised it above his head, immediately the dwarf's spear hit the shield he buckled it sideways, the dwarf almost lost his balance, rune sprang up to his feet, unsheathed his sword and stabbed the dwarf do deep only the hilt was visible in Rune's hands. He took his time till the blade did it's damage, he took out his sword and chopped his head off.

“such a shame really, you are Elall's daughter, the freasies exposed you” said kunne as he walked up to the ragged lady on the ground, she tried to get hold of her sword but kunne was faster, he stepped on her hand so hard she yelled out in pain, “sorry but I have to do this” he said rasing his sword, he Was about to stab her right in the chest when he felt a sharp pain in his arm, he looked up and saw two arrows pierced his arm, he turned around and saw art, “foreigner we meet again” he said, the ragged lady grabbed her sword quick and tried to stab kunne in the thigh, but he was observant, he kicked the sword out of her hand, art came closer trying to save her life but kunne kicked the ragged lady again in the chest which made her sprawl out helplessly in pain on the ground, art swinged his sword, kunne dodged, another swing came, he dodged again and he punched art right in the face, before he could swing again, kunne headbutted him onto the ground, Art's sword fell from his hand, kunne punched and punched his face, rasing his hand for another punch, rune kicked him right in the face, he fell backwards with blood spraying from his mouth with full force, rune went up to him, stood him up and punched him endlessly without letting him go, rune was about to punch him again when the ragged lady screamed “no!”, rune glanced sideways at her and released kunne, weak, injured and out of options, kunne fell to his knees. Rune could see how distraught his ragged friend was and he understood immediately, “come end his life” he said as he streched out his sword at her, she took it and couldn't bring herself to do it, kunne tried to scratch his beard but the pain in his arm had increased, he raised his other hand and scratched at it, he stared at rune one last time and spoke, “it was nice meeting you nuenim” and those were his last words when the ragged lady took down his head with a single neat swing.

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Re: Dark Coward Prince by Bensoate1(m): 7:08pm On May 15, 2018
Hot, nice work keep it coming
Re: Dark Coward Prince by BrainArk(m): 7:24pm On May 15, 2018
Faboosuarez, you are just simply good .... I so much love this, just hope you won't left is hanging like CalciumB3.
Re: Dark Coward Prince by Faboosuarez(m): 10:17am On May 16, 2018

The Whole room was as silent as a graveyard when Gu'laru made his entrance, they had made a mockery of him the last time he called a meeting but after news of the death of kunne spread they were the ones who seeked Gu'laru out to ask for help and hear what he has to say. Everyone and everywhere was organised, no-one was drinking or making dirty jokes, they all knew the threat was real, the chiefs of the other tribes also sat with serious looks on their faces. “a good evening to you all” said Gu'laru in his booming voice, they mummered back appropriate reply quick waiting in anticipation for Gu'laru to speak his words of wisdom. Gu'laru continued, “I can see everyone is here, the Egux, Grulust, Sybyhn, and Nierf tribes and their leaders”. He pointed out at them all bowing down to show his respect, they all waved and nodded in appreciation

He stepped into the middle of the room and continued “we've all heard about what happened to kunne and how fire was used in defeating his wildbeasts, the prophesy said like a thief in the night he shall come and with hailfire and brimstone he shall put an end to our world”, Gu'laru stopped talking and looked at everyone's faces, there was fear in their eyes and that was what he wanted, if they had taken his words seriously in the first place this wouldn't have happened but they preferred to crack jokes and mock him rather than face reality. “what do you suggest we do then, cos I don't think we can outsmart the gods” said someone from the crowd, everyone murmured in agreement, “and if he's really the one from the prophesies, he would know we joining arms already to take him down” yelled someone else from the crowd, the murmuring increased as they all agreed with the new point suggested. Gu'laru raised his hands for silence and the whole room went mute.

“I appreciate your concerns, his next tribe of attack would be here, the Grulust tribe we can leave this place less guarded and ripe for attack”. The Grulust tribe leader sprang up angrily, “not possible!” he yelled, and his tribe members agreed banging their hands on their tables loudly, Gu'laru smiled to himself, the other tribe leaders saw him smiling and they knew he had ulterior motives. “silence!” barked the Nierf leader, “Gu'laru please speak your mind” he continued. Silence reigned again and Gu'laru continued, “attacking the Grulust tribe is the only logical thing to do, he can't cross another sea yet to attack the Nierf tribe when the Grulust tribe is nearer”. The Nierf leader was getting irritated with Gu'laru's long talk, “we've heard all that, what plan do you have to defeat him?” asked the Nierf leader. Gu'laru took three careful steps forward and spoke. “he has my land and kunne's land in his possession, we let him come for this land, we put up a fight but not an intense one, whilst he's fighting and believes everything is going his way, the Egux and Nierf tribes will go round back and sack my land and that of kunne from under him”. They all didn't know when they left their mouths open wide, that plan was risky, good but depends on time and luck, what if the dark one saw through all their charade and still defeated them. They all stared at Gu'laru in admiration and respect.

The Nierf leader spat out and spoke, “who will guard my land when we are out there fighting for yours?”, Gu'laru nodded and smiled to calm them all down, “you all can take some men back with you to defend your homes”. The Grulust tribe leader didn't let anyone else speak before he chipped in, “and what happens to my land when he has it cos am sure y'all already agreed without consulting me to use my land as bait”. Gu'laru was out of ideas and he knew how bad that would look, he had finally got everyone together and they all agreed to join arms but the downpart was that he must provide an answer for everything, running out of ideas right here and now would be a curse instead of a blessing, “letting him have half of the island would be bad, tell me why not sacrifice one to get two back and safeguard the others, then when we wear him out, we come back for your land” said Gu'laru, the Grulust leader gave Gu'laru a bad eye, he knew what he did there, every other tribe leader had accepted the terms and we're ready to carry out his plans, if he disagreed with them, they would all look at him like a selfish man and who knows he might even end up like kunne, who was stubborn and his stubborness led him to an early grave. He stared again and again at Gu'laru and Gu'laru stared back without breaking eye contact, he sat back down defeated, he had no choice than to fall in line and see where all these would lead to, but something struck him: if the prophesy was sent by the gods and the gods wanted them to survive the dark one, shouldn't they have sent a solution alongside the prophesy, why create a problem and leave the solution to mere mortal men to figure out, but who was he to voice out his thoughts, he sat back down and chewed on the meat before him.

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Re: Dark Coward Prince by abovenani(m): 11:02am On May 16, 2018
loving this please keep updating i dey ur back following
Re: Dark Coward Prince by BrainArk(m): 5:14pm On May 16, 2018
Thank you very much for update, really enjoyed it. But it seems you want to make the coward prince the antagonist, well let me just enjoy the story.
Re: Dark Coward Prince by abovenani(m): 6:44pm On May 16, 2018
please try do some editing that will make a great writter
Re: Dark Coward Prince by Faboosuarez(m): 7:38am On May 17, 2018

“brother, heard what happened” said rune as he embraced Olaf tightly, Olaf scoffed “I can see you conquered yet another tribe” replied Olaf, they disengaged and started walking away from prying ears and eyes. “I see the Roscoff twins aint letting their guard down” said rune as they distance themselves from everyone else, Olaf sighed, “or we have a mole”. Rune stared at him wondering what was on his mind, “the widow of course” said Olaf, rune's anger rised, he thought his brother would have stopped cooking up conspiracy theories, “I can see you haven't asked her yet”. Rune ignored his brother, “I want you here to stay and fight beside me, when I'm done we'll go back and reclaim our home” said rune, Olaf nodded, “that's the only rational thought right now”. Rune's happiness knew no bounds, he hugged his brother and they walked back to the crowd.

Rune made his way into the ragged lady room, she laid on the bed with bandages on her hand and feet, he poured some water into a cup and sat beside her, “hey” he said. She opened her eyes and smiled at rune, “you fucking idiot, you have two lands to rule” rune nodded and smiled also at her, he offered her some water but she declined, rune kept silent and there was a little tension in the air, “what is it?” she asked, rune sighed, “before he died, he called me a name, memin?”. The ragged lady laughed at him, “Nuenim” she replied still smiling, “what does it mean?” he asked with s shrug of his shoulder, the ragged lady sighed softly, “it means dark One”. Rune was confused and lost for words, but she continued anyways, “there's a prophesy that talks about someone who will conquer the whole islands and bring about the end of the world”. rune didn't know when he bursted out laughing, he calmed himself and spoke, “and he thinks that's me?”, the ragged lady shrugged her shoulder in reply, “do I look dark to you?” asked rune, the ragged lady stood up and sat at the edge of the bed, “no, but this was prophesied a long time ago rune, and we islanders fear it, look at yourself, you've conquered two out of six tribes” rune interrupted her before she continued, “well if conquering the whole islands and bringing an end to your people makes me the dark one, I'll be glad, I've sacrificed a lot and my brother too”. The ragged lady laid back down on the bed and rune made his way out.

Olaf signalled at his guard and he came running, “my prince” he aid and bowed down to him, Olaf waved him off and spoke, “I want you to watch the widow, wherever she goes, whoever she speaks to” his guard stared at him knowing what was on his mind, he nodded, “and that guard who recognised us, find out what you can about him” he nodded again and walked away. Olaf looked around and saw how happy everybody was, he couldn't blame them, they all followed his brother and they haven't had any cause to regret their actions, they have all doubled their earnings but the fairh and determination they found in rune was enough for them, but humans will always be humans, their needs and desires have no end, it is always someone unexpected who stabs you in the back, and what if their mole was his guard, he tried to wash that thought off but the jeda made sense, he was always there with him at every turn and he was always the first person to know his plans and strategies even though they are never valid, maybe that's why he kept rejecting his ideas but Olaf knew better, he trusted him guard too much so the idea to him was nonesense. The mole would be no other person than the widow, he sighed and walked away too.
Re: Dark Coward Prince by BrainArk(m): 10:20am On May 17, 2018
Nice update. Please try and mention me and some of your fans when you update next.
Re: Dark Coward Prince by kindheart1234: 4:58pm On May 17, 2018
i love this storyline of urs. i'm soo much enjoying every bit of it. pls we are expecting ur update verysoon. much love bro @ Faboosuarez
Re: Dark Coward Prince by OkekeChristian(m): 5:56am On May 18, 2018
I always read this story with baited breath. smiley
Re: Dark Coward Prince by Faboosuarez(m): 7:11am On May 18, 2018

“YOU called for me” said Art as he entered the widow's room, the widow signalled for him to sit but he remained standing, “thank you but I'll stay as I am”. He replied. The widow poured herself some tea, “guess you don't want tea also?” asked the widow, Art nodded and the widow smiled. She sipped slowly savouring the taste and also to make Art feel uneasy, he must be wondering why he was here, but Art face portrayed no emotions, and the widow knew better than that, People who hides their emotions tend to be the ones who suffer alone. “you must be wondering why you are here” said the widow as she looked up from her teacup, Art shrugged, she dropped Her teacup gently on the table and looked him dead straight in the eye.

“I want you to start working for me” said the widow, Art sighed softly knowing what his reply would be, “I'm sorry ma'am”, said Art, the widow smiled, “I understand, working for the Roscoff twins can be very stressful” said the widow, Art was shocked but he didn't let his face or body portray any emotions, the widow must be highly conversant with the going ons all around the county and the whole islands for her to know she works for the Roscoff twins because no-one had figured it out yet, or better yet she was in league with the Roscoff twins from the start and this was their plan to get rid of Rune and Olaf once and for all. Art only arched his brows with his arms around his back as always.

The widow was impressed with Art, he didn't deny or accept her statement, she smiled once again, “whatever they are giving you, I'll pay you ten times better and you will be my right hand if I take the throne”. She said, she knew money didn't mean anything to him but the position would and she was right, his face brightened up, “what do you mean by taking the throne?” Art asked, the widow stood up, walked towards him slowly, “you keep working for the Roscoff twins and our golden prince Rune and pay no attention to me, i intend to become the first woman to be crowned queen of the whole county and islands”. Art stared at her, no-one had ever seen or achieved that before, “that's impossible ma'am, you are rich and all but you can't defeat the Roscoff twins, they have legions at their beck and call”. The widow smiled again, Art continued “and what about Prince rune, he's so great a warrior, I don't think I have seen anyone who can defeat him in combat”

The widow bursted into laughter, her body shuddered as she laughed, she controlled herself and apologized, “you really don't know do you?, you are the only one who can match him, that's why he keeps you close to him and also you have the people's ears”. She could see him digesting what she just told him, she continued, “that's why I need you Art, you are all that I need to achieve my dreams”. Art frowned, “you still haven't told me how we will achieve this and how did you know who I work for?”. The widow sighed softly, “very well, have been with the Roscoff twins since the beginning which am sure you figured out already, and am also sure you can fill in the rest”. Art smiled, unbelievably his smile was beautiful, the widow ignored it but also was proud she had won him to her side, another obstacle down In her relentless venture.

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Re: Dark Coward Prince by Faboosuarez(m): 7:12am On May 18, 2018
Brainark kindheart1234 okekechristain, bensoate1 abovenaani..... Update out
Re: Dark Coward Prince by BrainArk(m): 9:46am On May 18, 2018
Wow.. This widow is a witch, and I forsee art making a fool of himself.
Re: Dark Coward Prince by Ibunkun1(m): 11:13pm On May 18, 2018
Re: Dark Coward Prince by Faboosuarez(m): 7:35am On May 19, 2018

“I think we should give em a surprise attack” said art, everyone nodded, “a surprise attack would be good but don't you think the remaining tribes might have joined arms against us?” said Olaf, everyone kept quiet, he continued, “everything just can't be this easy”. Rune nodded, his brother was making sense, he remembered not killing the shrika tribe leader and remembers his face vividly, “Them joining arms aint possible, these tribes fight amongst each other, bringing them to sit at the same table would be foolish” the ragged lady replied back, rune knew this was his cue, he must decide and his decision must be thorough, “ we must keep in mind, this is the third largest land on this side of the island, things might not be easy like the others, before daybreaks, we'll attack, and a surprise attack it will be, brother you will be by my side, your guard will stay behind and assume control here till we come back”. Olaf's guard frowned at the idea of him not being in battle but Olaf gave him the eye and he calmed down, They all cheered and started dispersing from the room to get some rest before the big day arrives.

“we will be here at the crossroads waiting for the dark one to cross” said Gu'laru, the Grulust leader spoke, “how will my men signal you when they are under attack?”, Gu'laru caressed his bald head thinking for a moment, “let em blow the horn”. The grulust leader smiled at Gu'laru, “so that the dark one would think they are just sounding thr war horn, brilliant”. Gu'laru smiled back at the grulust leader, he couldn't believe he could agree with him, “we will leave tonight, we all pray the gods be with you” said the nierf leader. They all nodded and handshaked one another not knowing if they all would live to see each other again, but if Gu'laru's plan goes well they would be the generation that outsmarted the gods and defeated the dark one.


IT WAS almost dawn, rune and his warriors crept into the forest in stealth mode not making any sound, they even succeeded in rustling no leaves. Olaf signalled for some men to disperse and for some to stay with him, the ragged lady stayed at rune's side as always, he looked at her straight in the eye and could see she was still in pain, although her wounds had healed up but the emotional wreck of taking the life of someone who murdered her parents. Rune would never understand that, what he always thought was that since you doing the right thing by ending the life of a bastard, there should be peace of mind, he pulled such thoughts off his mind, whenever he and Olaf gets back to the county and have the Roscoff twins at their mercy, then maybe he might understand.

“I see few men guarding the font” said Olaf, rune tried to look but his vision was blurry, he had never been the type to see from a long distance, “we could get a little bit closer so we can take them down with crossbows” continued Olaf, they all looked at rune for approval, he nodded and they all moved forward carefully. An arrow travelled far and sunk in an islander's neck, two more dropped more of them, “we are under attack, sound the horn!” yelled someone, since they were made they came out of the forest and charged at the islanders. A loud horn boomed into the air, “someone kill that man with the horn!” yelled Olaf, art crouched down and set his crossbow in position, he released it and the quarrel hit the horn blower in the throat. Rune and his troops broke the gate to the font easily and attacked, rune only charged into war with his ax, he chopped continuously at an islander, swayed sideways and buried his ax behind the soldier's neck, he wanted to slash at another soldier but the soldier retreated, this gave rune the chance to look around clearly, everywhere was dispersed, some put up a fight while others ran for their dear lives, when Olaf and his other troops came in, the rest of the islanders ran out, Then it hit rune, this was a ruse, but if this was a ruse where were the Grulust people, he could see his troops already having the same thoughts and the same look on their faces, his ragged looking friend faced him with blood all over her face with a dejected face, “we were tricked, we were fucking tricked”, rune almost dropped his ax on his foot, tears almost dropped from his eyes as realisation dawned on him, “the horn, it wasn't a call to arms, it was a fucking signal” said rune, Olaf wasn't all that surprised, he sighed softly dropping his sword, “going back ain't an option, we cross the sea and lay waste to the rest of the tribes” replied Olaf, rune wasn't the type that believes in things until he sees with his eyes, he never thought the islanders were that smart, he ignored everyone, mounted his horse, “rune, rune!” yelled the ragged lady trying to stop him, she mounted her horse too and followed rune as he rode back to kunne's land.

“unleash them!” yelled Gu'laru as he ordered his troops to release the wildbeasts upon kunne's land, some of the soldier's left behind rushed out to defend the font but didn't make it that far, they were all ripped apart , Olaf's guard peeped from inside, seeing they were outnumbered, he rushed to rowella's room and got her out, “what about the others?” she asked, Olaf's guard looked past her and pulled her hand to rush her out of there, she pulled her hand back, “you are my only concern m'lady” replied Olaf's guard, she ran to the widow's room and got her out too, Olaf's guard stared hard at the widow with hatred, “let's go” he said without looking back at them, a wildbeast came running gnashing it's teeth, Olaf's guard slashed at it right in the forehead, the ladies screamed, Olaf's guard turned around quickly swinging his sword, he was lucky, the wildbeast sprang at the ladies and landed right into Olaf's guard sword, “we have to be fast before more of those gets in” and they ran out through the back.

“shouldn't we get closer?” a soldier beside Gu'laru asked, he smiled mischievously and replied, “no need, retreat is their only option, just keep unleashing them”. Fifteen minutes in, and the whole place was empty, bodies swarmed up the font, some hanging out from windowtops while others still crawl helplessly. Gu'laru nudged his horse forward to the font, and his troops followed, they opened the gate and made their way in, Gu'laru heard a horse neighing in the distance so he turned around knowing fully well who it was, he turned around in time making eye contact with rune for the second time, he could see the rage and anger in Rune's eyes, If looks could kill, Rune's Stare right there would have poked enough holes in Gu'laru's body till he was drained of blood, the ragged lady also was beside him, but there was nothing rune could do but get angry attack again with a stupid strategy and lose, who knows, they might get the oppurtunity to capture, kill and be rid of the dark one.

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Re: Dark Coward Prince by abovenani(m): 4:01pm On May 19, 2018
Faboosuarez God bless you.....you good man at what you do. thumps up���������������������������������������������������������������
Re: Dark Coward Prince by Faboosuarez(m): 7:55am On May 20, 2018

THREE DAYS after the deceptive battle everyone was camped inside the grulust tribe meeting room, Olaf suggested that they all stay in the same room for their own safety. Olaf's guard arrived hours the day before bloodied from head to toe with rowella and the widow behind him, no-one had seen rune since he came back the day before, he locked himself in a room, the ragged lady went from time to time to check up on him but Rune never opens the door, she could hear him talking to himself and could hear him roaming around the room, Mr. Bumbu and everyone else prayed for his safety, anger and desperation tends to make people take drastic decisions, and the type of decision The human mind can phantom at this junction was sucide, they all believed rune had no sucidal tendencies but you can never be sure, never defeated in battle now defeated, this changes everything, his troops would look at him different, they would realize he ain't a god but a mere mortal who pain could be inflicted upon. The widow brought foods and drinks to the doorstep of the room incase he opens the door but never does, the food only gets cold and she comes back in the evening to take the plates back even trying to talk to rune through the door, words of encouragement which she knows might not even work.

The afternoon of the third day rune opened the door, the ragged lady sprang up from whence she sat surprised, he looked lean, he stank, but he had a jar of wine with him and a wineskin, he ignored her and walked away into the meeting room, as soon as everyone saw him, they all kept quiet, it was like seeing a two-headed man for the first time. He walked past everyone, grabbed a stool, dropped his wineskin and winejar and faced his people. “like my brother said the day before, going back aint an option” said rune, everyone stared at him, was he going mad, three days had rolled by and he thinks it was only a matter of hours, “we sail for the other tribes on the morrow” continued rune, art couldn't stomach this any longer, he sprang up and spoke, “they took the Wunka and shrika tribe from right under us, that's for starters, what about the sea creatures, how do we tackle em, even if we land how do we attack, if locking yourself up in a room for three days made you forget that they all have joined arms against us, well we haven't”. The ragged lady tried to unsheath Her sword and attack art but Olaf stopped her, rune stared at art for a while and turned around.

Rune grabbed his wineskin from the stool and emptied the contents down his throat, he tossed the wineskin on the floor he grabbed the jar of wine and unsheathed his sword, everyone was looking at him like a mad man, he poured the contents on his sword's blade, the black oil poured on his sword and onto the ground, he started spreading the oil all over his sword, when it wasn't enough he bent down and packed some from the floor and spread it evenly over his sword, he looked around the room for a fireplace and saw one, everyone kept staring, he dipped his sword into it and it caught fire, he turned around facing his people again, “that's how we deal with the sea creatures” he said, he dropped the flaming sword and walked back to his stool and sat. “am sick and tired of almost everything so what I'm about to say now depends highly on those who still believe in me, if you know you believe no more, you are free to go”. There was an impregnable silence, everyone kept looking at each other waiting for who would make the first decision.

No-one moved, they all stayed put, “we all still believe in you” replied art, rune clicked his tongue and spoke, “good, tomorrow, we leave for the other tribes, some of you will follow me while some will go with my brother, these people are getting smarter, they won't want us to choose the battlefield, so we make them believe we ain't choosing the battlefield”. The widow smiled, “the act of giving someone something by not actually giving them, smart my prince, smart”. They all didn't understand what rune and the widow were raving about, “what's the plan?” asked art, rune continued, “they will be focused on me coming through the front door that they will leave their asses bare, I'll play their game, but be warned a lot of men will die”. Rune stopped talking to make his last sentence sink in, he could see the fear in their eyes and could bet it that some of them even shivered, he continued, “I'll walk the rest of the plan with my brother, the main aspect of all this is that, immediately we defeat them cos am sure they are all gonna fight as one, we sail back immediately and seize these stolen lands back from that grumpy old man”. Everyone weighed the pros and cons of the plan, it was stupid yet brilliant, but the major issue was the sailing back part, they would all be tired and worn-out from the tiresome battle, that is if they survive Rune's mad plan: cross a set, fight a battle, sail right back and engage in another battle. They all sighed softly placing their lives in the Lord's hands and hoping they live to to breathe their county air again soon.
Re: Dark Coward Prince by BrainArk(m): 12:40pm On May 20, 2018
Another epic one, this is getting interesting.
Re: Dark Coward Prince by Faboosuarez(m): 4:25pm On May 20, 2018


“LET'S say your plan works Gu'laru, you are staying behind, how will we defend ourselves?” asked the nierf leader, Gu'laru took a seat, he was expecting this moment, he already had an idea which would be brutal, “we have the sea to our advantage, and the sea creatures, we battle em first on sea, and we make sure they do not land, but if they do succeed in reaching your shores, we make sure they do not have the privilege of choosing the battlefield, make sure you have them where you want them”. Everyone nodded seeing the brilliance of the plan, they all didn't know where they would be without the help of Gu'laru, regretfully if they had taken heed of his advice from the onset, they might have ended the dark one's life and lived happily ever after.

“Gu'laru we apologize for being stubborn in the first place” said the Egux leader, Gu'laru waved it off and spoke, “it was just a test of faith from the gods, what I need from you all in return is simple, if you capture him, do not kill him till I get to you, I want us to sacrifice him to the gods, imagine how the gods would reward us”. They all nodded seeing how wise that was, “our dead would be proud and we would be the chosen generation” said the grulust leader. They all poured themselves some wine and cheered up grace from the gods, long life and an end to the oppression of the dark one.
Re: Dark Coward Prince by Faboosuarez(m): 5:38pm On May 21, 2018

THREE hours on sea, ten ships and rune kept to himself, he sat away from everyone else on his ship, he had a wooden torch in his left hand,some matches in his pocket, and his sword unsheathed on his laps. His ragged friend kept looking at him from time to time but couldn't get close to avoid his fury, “we are getting close” said art from his ship with a smile on his face. There was ripples on the sea accompanied by a screech, rune sprang up from where he seated, spread some black oil on his sword, and lighted his sword and the torch altogether, the screech kept getting louder but they all saw nothing, rune frowned and went to the edge of the ship, something jumped out of the water, over Rune's head and landed on the ship, it charged at rune without hesitation and jumped at his face with its mouth widely opened, everyone on Rune's ship scared and waiting for what rune would do because he stood in the same position like a fixed statue, rune dipped the torch into the creature's mouth and stabbed it in the belly, the creature went still and rune dropped it, rune reignited the fire to his sword and looked around, his men could see the coldness in his eyes, they didn't know whether to be glad or sad.

Spilling the blood of one seems to be like a signal to the others, they rushed out in massive hordes screeching deafeningly, rune rushed at them with all his fury and might slashing and burning, all his men followed in his tracks, those that couldn't face the creatures in close proximity attacked with a spear or crossbows, rune killed them all with no remorse leaving behind carcasses burnt beyond recognition, green mouldy liquids spilled from the creatures instead of blood. The last ship which contain the troop's War gears like the ramming device and the big catapulting device. The islander soldiers stared at rune from the distance, they needed no soothsayer to tell them who he was: like it was said, with fire and brimstone he shall end them all. They didn't know whether to be proud or angry they were alive to witness his presence and actions, the nierf leader barked at them, “sink that ship, the one with the war gears!”, they all came back to their senses, someone whistled twice and the sea creatures changed direction and went for the ship with the war gears.

row, harder!" yelled rune at his sailors, they kept rowing but it was a lost cause, the ship with the war gears was a little far, and the sea creatures were getting closer, they kept rowing and rowing, rune sheathed his sword and tossed the torch into the sea, he took off his armor, sword belt and daggers, he grabbed his sword, took a couple steps back, ran and jumped into the sea. They all gasped at the same time, everyone on the sea: Rune's troops and the islanders. They weren't expecting him to be that stupid and jump into a set filled with wild creatures, the nierf leader pushed his men out of the way for better visibility: if he makes it out alive, surely he's the dark one, and if he dies well their prayers have been answered.

Rune opened his eyes and unsheathed his sword, the blade itself felt heavy but he was determined, the islanders mustn't sink the ship which was their only hope to battle on the other side. Two creatures came at him, he knew he had to be careful and vigilant, he was only in his silk shirt, no armour. He dived deeper into the water and the creatures came for him at full speed, he raised his hand fastly with his sword pointing out, one of the creatures got stabbed, the other came at him, he whirled around and slashed at it, it's belly got slashed open pouring out its insides. Rune dived back up as fast as he could, something kept pulling him down, he looked down and saw a creature tugging at his boots, he pointed his sword down and dived back down, as soon as the creature felt him coming down, it opened up it's mouth and charged up at him, there was no way in hell he was going to kill that creature like that, he swam sideways but the creature predicted that and gnashed it's teeth at rune, the teeth grazed Rune's arm, he yelped and buried his sword in the creature's neck and it came out in one of its eyes. The started bleeding, he underestimated the creatures teeth, he tore at his shirt and wrapped it around his arm.

It was Rune's blood they all saw that dimmed their hopes, they all knew the creatures had no blood but greenish slimes in them. The neirf leader laughed out loud as he saw blood, he was right after all, they all could match the dark one if they all joined arms, an end to the prophesy on his sea and close to his land, he spat into the sea and went back to his seat at the back. “what do we do now?” asked art as he also saw blood, the ragged lady slapped him hard, “he ain't dead, I know he ain't” she said and she kept staring right at the sea murmuring to herself. Rune's sword blade came out first, then the hilt, then his injured arm and his head altogether, “there he is!” yelled the ragged lady with a smile on her face. They all stared as he started swimming towards the ship with the war gears, they all started singing and clapping words of encouragement loud enough for the islanders to hear, “row harder, he can't handle all those creatures alone!” yelled The ragged lady.

Chief” said one of the islanders pointing out at rune, the nierf leader sprang up and made his way to the front, he stared in disbelief at rune being alive, “Nuenim” he muttered, the soldier beside him shivered. Rune climbed up on to the ship and drew his blade, he sprang at two creatures, they leapt at him, he rolled away from them, grunting in pain, one came, he tossed his sword at it, the blade made a home in its skull, he stood up immediately, swayed sideways and kicked the other, it sprawled out across from him, it came again, rune helpless with no weapon lost his foot and fell down, the creature moved closer to him, smacked it's lips and opened its mouth wide, two arrows pierced it's skin and it fell on its side loudly. Rune glanced sideways and saw his ragged friend, she jumped from her ship and landed on the ship rune was, “yes I know am a fucking idiot” said rune as the ragged lady helped him to his feet, she smiled, “Why go to all these trouble if these war gears ain't useful to us?” she asked, rune smiled back, “the art of giving them something by not actually giving them, that's the first rule of diversion”. The ragged lady frowned upon him because she couldn't understand what he was talking about. They could hear another whistling and they knew what that meant, the ship started shaking and they could hear gnashing and ripping of wood from beneath, rune dropped his sword and they both jumped out of the ship into theirs. What are we giving them, a sinking ship?” asked the ragged lady in a whisper as soon as they landed, rune smiled and said, “you will soon find out, but now I need this arm tended to” he sat down and streched his arm out to the ragged lady to inspect. Before she could completely unroll the rag on Rune's wound, there was a loud explosion from the ship thry jumped out from, the effect shook their ship, the ragged lady stared from the ship to rune he smiled at her and rested his back on the hull of the ship.


Re: Dark Coward Prince by Bobosneh: 7:06pm On May 21, 2018
abeg make somebody help with word better than awesome for this story. op you better start updating o,because if you don't me i no go comot for this thread o
Re: Dark Coward Prince by OkekeChristian(m): 10:51pm On May 21, 2018
Have I said that I always read this story with baited breath? As in, I am conscious of my breathing after reading.

You're good man, keep it up.
By the way, the mention didn't work. Add cc in front like cc okekechristian bensoate1 abovenaani
Re: Dark Coward Prince by Faboosuarez(m): 12:46pm On May 22, 2018

THE islanders retreated back ashore as fast they could, they all got down from their ships with their leaders walking past them angry, and to put everything in progress, the dark one mustn't be allowed to chose the land for battle, he had just won a little victory on sea, the battle on land would be their Trojan horse, Gu'laru had everything well planned: they mustn't let him land and even if he lands, he would fall right into their hands and thry would have him in chains. Even though he had won a little victory on the sea, they also had him cornered, the dark one now has no war gears in his possession, they also had a small win there by sinking the ship with the war gear. The nierf leader glanced over and could see the dark one and his troops getting closer, “get the wildbeasts ready, put some men here while we choose the battlefield” he said, they bowed and went about their tasks.

“where the hell are they going?” asked art as he saw the leaders and a lot of islanders getting away from the sea and it's shores, realization hit the ragged lady, “they retreated back in to choose the grounds for battle” she said looking at rune wjere he sat still resting, he stood up dusted his ass and replied, “this is the part where a lot of men dies”. Art barked some orders and they all got their crossbows out, before they got close to the shores they started shooting hails and hails of arrows on them, the islanders shot back but their shots were blocked with sheilds, as soon as they landed ashore, rune and his troops attacked, killing anyone in their way, within five minutes, they were done, “how do we know where they are?” asked someone, rune sheathed back his sword and walked away.

Rune and his warriors got to the ground of battle, they saw the islanders in position, armed up ready for war, rune unsheathed his sword and without giving orders charged into battle, his men followed him, he had already explained to them this was the part where a lot of men would die, why not just get on with it anyways. The tribe leaders didn't know what to make of that, it was obvious that they outnumbered the dark one ten to one and they had the advantage of choosing a ground of their choosing, then why risk your men into a battle that's lost anyways, Gu'laru must have really messed him up for him not to be able to think straight. They orders their men to attack too, rune hit an islander right in the face with his shield, he raised and dodged a blow on his shield, turned around and slash at the islander, two more came for him, he headbutted them with his shield, before they could regain their balance, the ragged lady stabbed and chopped their heads off.

Art threw daggers at them, when lucky, he shot with his crossbow, one got too close, he slammed the crossbow on the islander face, draw his sword and attacked, if he was going to die, he would do that honourably to the death, he swinged his sword and slashed at an islander's neck, whilrled around and stabbed one in the guts, took out his sword and punched an incoming islander in the face with the hilt of his sword, and stabbed him in the middle of the head.
“archers, shoot!” yelled the nierf leader, rune was so deep in the battle and he knew he would be the first casualty of the archers opened fire, he stabbed the attacker in front of him and crouched behind his shield, tonnes and tonnes of arrows rained down on rune and his troops, some yelped and fell while some raised their sheilds up and the impact of steel against wood could be heard which was what every soldier hates, bringing bows and arrows into a sword battle should be considered cheating.

“attack!” yelled thr Nerf leader again, rune and his troops sprang up, this was a fine chance to retreat, only the tribe leaders had horses with some few high-ranking soldiers, rune faced his people, “get em off their horses and retreat eastwards”, the ragged lady passed the order with no questions, rune took out his ax and tossed it at an incoming rider, he fell off his horse, the horse ran past rune, rune grabbed it by it's harness and mounted it quickly, he led by example and rode eastwards, “retreat!” he bellowed. The ragged lady got herself an horse too and followed the prince, the tribe leader smiled to themselves, handshaking each other, they nudged their horses and spoke, “we go after them and finish em once and for all!”. The islanders yelled back in reply and ran after the foreigner's. “rune they are almost catching up” said the ragged lady as she turned her neck to look back, rune and his men kept riding hard, “it's alright, we are almost there” he replied, he looked around and saw their county's flag: a blue flag with an engraving of a stag's head with a spear in it, buried in the centre of the grounds in front of them he smiled to himself, this was the handiwork of his brother, “scatter around!” yelled rune.

The islanders after them couldn't stop in time, they rushed at the flagged grounds and fell into bobby traps, some fell into a dug pit filled with spear heads and thorns, some were lucky to have their eyes gouged out. “halt!” yelled out nierf leader as he saw some of his warriors dying in traps set by the dark one, he got down from his horse, looked in front of him but couldn't determine how far the Traps went, he slapped his horse on the back and the poor creature ran into the flagged ground, it went father than his troops went but fell into a pit, they could hear bones crunching, the horse neighing in agony followed by total silence. The neirf leader noticed that the foreginers had stopped running, he got mad: they were so focused on the dark one that they didn't protect their other shores. He had used their other shores to his advantage by dividing his troops into two, but that was mad, he had lost a great number of men and might lose more if they get past this bobby traps. The idea was genius but he was made, his ideas and stragedies were now futile, although some of his men had fallen into the traps but they all now knew by riding sideways like the foreigner's did, they all would avoid the booby traps.

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Re: Dark Coward Prince by abovenani(m): 1:29pm On May 22, 2018
great man loving with your storyline
Re: Dark Coward Prince by Faboosuarez(m): 7:08pm On May 22, 2018

“I'M HERE, what's the plan?” asked Olaf as he and rune exited the meeting room of the grulust tribe, rune grabbed another wineskin, he drank form the wineskin and sat on the bed, the room stank but Olaf didn't cover his nose, he knows how depressed his brother was, conquering two tribes and having them taken right under your nose undermines your authority and your men tend to lose hope. “hand pick men you trust and sail tonight”said rune, Olaf was confused, his brother had said they were all sailing on the morrow but now in confidence was saying the direct opposite. “what in God's name do you have in mind?” Olaf asked. Rune drank more wine and tossed the wineskin across the room, he stood up and walked to the end of the room, he gestured for his brother to come over, Olaf came over and there was a map of the islands on the wall. Olaf stared, he didn't know the islands was that big, no wonder his brother was after it, six tribes and the three other lands on the other side of the sea were the largest tribes.

“where is that?” asked Olaf as he pointed out at a large chunk of land on the other side of the island. “that is the Nierf tribe, that land though is what the widow wants in return for investing in me” replied rune, Olaf frowned, rune had no strength to argue with his brother, he knew his brother never approved of the widow and he didn't have the strength right now to defend anyone, “If you sail west, you will land on the shores of the Egux tribe, they are the smallest on that side just like the Wunka tribe on this side of the sea, all three tribes would join arms and focus on me crossing, while you would cross with no troubles around back” said rune, Olaf chuckled and folded his arms around his chest, “let me guess, I attack, they all see their towns on fire, they retreat and we win?” said Olaf, rune clicked his tongue and nodded, “no brother, there would only be women and children left in the towns” rune sighed and placed his hands on his brother shoulders, “all you have to do is get on that large chunk of land, lace it with bobby traps, get behind those grounds and stay hidden with various war gears readied for use”. Olaf was confused but didn't want to question his brother, “how will you know where the traps are?” he asked, rune replied, “I guess you mark the grounds with something”. Olaf smiled to himself as an idea struck him, “how will you make the grounds?” asked rune, Olaf patted his brother's shoulder and spoke, “you will know when you see it”. They both hugged each other tightly knowing this might be the last time they might see, “I love you brother” said rune, Olaf patted his brother's back and replied “love you too coward”, and they both laughed at each other.


“SURRENDER nuenim, it's all over!” yelled the nierf leader, rune smiled which was not the reaction they all were expecting, “I'll say this one last time, lay down your arms and we might spare you” he yelled again, rune raised his hand and said, “you might wanna look back!”. Like that, rune and his troops rode away, before the islanders turned back, there was a loud crash, men were burning, everyone kept their wits around them, they tried to see where the balls of fire were coming from, and they could see the second group of the foreigner's who had invaded their shores around back with multiple war gears pouring black oil on Big balls, placing them on the war lever and firing at them, there was no doding this, no protection against this, it is funny how danger tends to open aspects of your mind and brain that wouldn't open on a normal day, it was at this moment realization dawned on the nierf leader, the ship with the war gears they sank two hours ago was just a ruse, but that hand was well played, the dark one even sacrificed his life to save that ship which solidified their belief that the ship was Fundermental to their plans which in truth wasn't, all that was to buy time for this second groups of invaders to put in place the booby trap ruse and stay hidden with everything in place. And it was at this moment he knew they were no match for the dark one, Gu'laru was wrong and he won't be alive to tell him so.

“where are we going rune?” asked the ragged lady as she rode faster catching up with rune, “we are heading back to the sea, my brother can take care of this, we sailing back to the other side and we are getting our lands back” replied rune as he looked back and saw nothing but smoke in the distance and screams of agony. He felt proud of himself, with a good strategy he had taken down three tribes in a matter of hours, now all that remains is to get on his brother's ships, sail back and seize back his lands from Gu'laru before news of his conquest starts spreading, he already had another cruel plan in mind for the other tribes, for seizing his lands, he wouldn't show any ounce of mercy.
Re: Dark Coward Prince by BrainArk(m): 12:17am On May 23, 2018
You are good man.
Re: Dark Coward Prince by Faboosuarez(m): 9:58am On May 23, 2018


Gu'laru roamed around the chamber with a big frown on his face, the other tribe's troops who helped in conquering the lands from under the dark one's nose also sat with heavy minds, “just can't wait for word of the dark one being incarcerated” said Gu'laru, he tried to sit but couldn't, they all heard a crow cawing right at the window, the crow shed some feathers and kept crowing, Gu'laru saw a note attached to it's feet, he walked to the window and took off the note, the crow flew off into the skies, Gu'laru opened the note which read:

“we have the nuenim,
look out your window"

Gu'laru looked out the window and saw the direct opposite of what was in the letter, he looked back at the letter and saw the dark one signed with the nuenim name, the gods were right and he was wrong. Rune waved at Gu'laru smiling, “fire!” yelled out rune, the ball was already filled with black oil, it was already mounted on the lever, they lighted it up and pulled the lever, rune kept smiling like a crazed man, “burn em all to the ground, and from the ashes of their bones and buildings, we shall rise like a fucking Phoenix!” he yelled at he kept smiling as the islanders screamed in pain and those who tried to run out through the front were shot down by crossbows and arrows.

The entire village burned in a sea of red, yellow and orange and the cries of the people echoed into the night. Rune and his troops watched as the flames ripped their way through the buildings in front of them, tendrils of smoke reaching desperately into the sky, as if trying to escape the blazing inferno below.

The flame has no culture, no pity, no mind, yet it consumes whatever it pleases. Its only criteria is if it can take it and reduce it to ash or something molten and foul, then it will. The flames burn hot, short and violent, with no care what will be left behind. At this particular time also at the shrika tribe, his ragged friend led another troop and rune was highly certain she would obey his orders and lay waste to everyone and anyone present, at last after six months he has achieved his dreams, he has the whole islands to himself but there was one more thing he hadn't done yet, and that was seizing his father's land from the wicked hands of the Roscoff twins, he had been thinking about it, maybe he will leave Mr. Bumbu behund to take over and the widow and her two sons, that sounded like a bright idea, he turned his horse around and rode away to the grulust tribe to rest his aching body and in three days time, he would breathe in the county's air again.

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