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Re: Dark Coward Prince by Faboosuarez(m): 11:01am On May 23, 2018

THEY all landed ashore fully geared for war, everyone kept wondering what the widow was doing at the battlefield and why she left her sons behind it assume control of the islands, they all went with it because rune ordered it, she ignored them and walked past them, some of the men started making tents for rune and his brother to plan out a strategy. Before they could take any more steps, they could hear multiple footsteps and the Roscoff twins troops became visible in the distance, the Roscoff twins even lead them this time around, “just when I was about to start believing in luck” said Olaf's guard with a sneer. “attack!” yelled one of the Roscoff twins, his troops in their hundreds ran down the hill to attack, “archers fire!” yelled Olaf, they started firing, hundreds of arrows flew into the August sky and rained down on the incoming soldiers, whelps and yells could be heard as they started falling, another set of arrows flew into the skies, some were lucky to get their sheilds up while others were unfortunate and died. “forward!” yelled rune, and his troops ran forward plucking them like ripe fruits.

Olaf lashed his whip at a solider, he yelped, and he stabbed him in the eye, he swayed sideways lashed his whip again to bring another enemy to closer range and he slit his throat, someone swinged at his head, he bent over on one knee, made a dive for it and stabbed the soldier in the guts, he laughed, he hadn't enjoyed war like this before maybe it's because he knows that after this tiring exercise, he will get to sit on his father's throne again, he stood up yelled and went for another one. Olaf's guard whirled around and chopped someone's head off, someone swinged at him, he rolled on the ground, anither soldier tried to kick him, he rolled again, stopped and stabbed one in the boots, stood up, dodged a swing and slash at the other's guts, he tossed his sword at an incoming soldier, he smiled, they were dwindling in number. The ragged lady shot a quarrel at a soldier, she shot again, she threw the crossbow away and unsheathed her sword smiling, the Roscoff twins troops were decreasing, so much for having legions at your command, she was about to attack when the unexpected happened, all of their troops changed sides and went to the Roscoff twins side.

She was so confused she didn't know what to do next, she looked around and saw rune fighting someone, she saw Olaf chopped someone's head off and woke to the reality of their position, there was pure anger in his eyes, “fucking traitors!”he yelled and raised his whip to lash at someone, three was a whoosh sound and a spear landed on his chest, he fell on his knees with his mouth soaking blood, “NO!” yelled his guard, as he rushed at the attacker, a spear landed on his shoulder too, art walked from beside the ragged lady up to where Olaf knelt, he stood in front of him, drew his sword and sliced his head off, tears fell down the ragged lady eyes as she saw Olaf's head rolled up in the air and drop back down, she gasped for breath, rune couldn't believe his eyes, he was stuck in his position as he saw art cut off the head of his brother, so art had been a traitor all this while, the man he trusted most after the ragged lady and his brother. The widow walked up to the battlefield majestically, she walked past art, and up to the Roscoff twins, art walked up to them as well.

Rune was dumbfounded, the widow had been working together with art and the Roscoff twins since the beginning, rune almost cried, everything made sense now, the widow must be the most brilliant strategist all over the islands and county right now: she used him, he as a fool thought she was investing in him, he fought all her battles for her and without exposing her hand, she was so perfect rune almost admired her. “well, well well, look at him so discombobulated” said roscoff as he saw rune from the distance, the widow smiled without looking at rune, “let's talk which land is yours in the islands widow” continued roscoff, art gnashed his teeth and stabbed roscoff deeply in the chest, he gulped and puked out blood, “NO!!” yelled Reuben, Art's men held him down, “anyone else has a problem!” yelled the widow, everyone all bent down on their knees and bowed to her, she nodded with a big grin on her face, “bring rune and the ragged lady to me alive” said the widow, art bowed, he hand picked five good men and went back for the golden prince.

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Re: Dark Coward Prince by BrainArk(m): 11:44am On May 23, 2018
This is good, please rune must not die abeg.
Re: Dark Coward Prince by abovenani(m): 4:13pm On May 24, 2018
thanks for the update� but dont allow the ragged lady and rune to die oo
Re: Dark Coward Prince by skubido(m): 11:39am On May 25, 2018
Ayele ooooo.. Watch who u trust.

Op nice work. God bless your hand work
Re: Dark Coward Prince by Faboosuarez(m): 12:40pm On May 25, 2018
At this point rune gave up, stepped back… twice... then drew his blade with a third step away. “Well, weasel, you're on.”

Reflex kicked in and art ducked back, picking up a spear as he did. If rune hadn't taken those steps away he could have rushed in and grabbed him before the blade was clear of the ground . Instead, he held the spear out with both hands, blunt end against his chest and pointed end pointing towards rune and threw it with a shoving motion. he dashed forward with both hands reaching towards him. Those hands grabbed the silk shirt to haul rune bodily forwards, almost stumbling

A knee slammed towards rune's groin and struck him in the hip instead, art not willing to compromise the two-handed grip to punch him directly right away. Art adjusted his grip to get a handful of the back of rune's shirt with his left hand, reached to his chin with his right… rune flailed with an arm to dislodge art's hand. Instead art slammed the palm of his hand right into rune's ear, then used the palm again in an uppercut under the chin, grabbed his chin and forced his head back, intending to sweep his legs out from beneath him while forcing his head back to bounce his skull off the ground

-Something crashed against his shoulder with force before he could do it, numbing the arm for a moment and giving rune the chance to dislodge the hand from under his chin (again). A quick glance back revealed a burly figure holding a wooden club in his hands, raising it again to strike.

Art stepped behind rune, between his legs from behind to trip him while shoving him directly at the clubman to put the body in the way. Rune fell into his backup, crashing against him in an awkward mess with the soldier stopping him from falling flat on his face, and art immediately followed up delivering a hard kick aiming for the centre of rune. The foot connected, causing a strained groan and propelling art further into his backup, staggering the other man to stumble awkwardly.

Now taking the brief window of opportunity to begin drawing his sword, looking around for other enemies. Such a long blade was not fast to draw, although rune had not yet regained his feet, being barely even on his knees by the time the blade was clear.

Four new people in total had joined the fight, armed with clubs and knives.

Now it became obvious art and the widow wanted him alive, for reasons known to them if not for mercy, but wasn't willing to risk a skilled opponent getting back in the fight when outnumbered five-to-one. Art slashed with his war-sword in a powerful overhead blow. Rune's blade barely got up to parry it, but his parry collapsed under force of the strike and art pushed through to slash the edge of his blade against rune’s shoulder.

And slid off mail worn beneath the silk.

“Motherfucker” grunted rune.

In that case art used his strength and size and position advantage to step more towards the back of rune and slam the crossguard of his sword into rune’s shoulder. Rune yelped as the blow struck hard,

No time to get him out of the fight. Another club-wielding solider had circled his way around the other side, having managed his way around him closing off that side. Rune saw him, and half-sworded, holding the sword with one hand on the blade like it was a shortened spear. Point-levelled, he charged.

The soldier rose his club, intending to strike rune on his way in. At this, rune released his hand from the blade and thrust out with the sword suddenly at full extension while raising an arm to cover his head from the club. The club struck down at the forearm. The clubman failed to land a decent strike, but rune failed to block the swing at the arm, meaning the base of the club struck against the forearm. It still hurt, rune flinched and grunted at the impact, continuing to rush his way past, turning the skewered soldier and using him as cover against the rest of the group until he could shove the man off the blade.
Re: Dark Coward Prince by Faboosuarez(m): 12:42pm On May 25, 2018
Impaling the soldier didn't stop him from continuing to fight, but planting a hand on his side and shoving kept him off-balance to stop him using the club, crowding his arm to prevent a good swing. Ineffectual blows caught him on the back until the soldier gave up and dropped the club, grabbed onto his attacker, pulling him in while reaching for a knife. Rune levered his sword up while shoving the man back, then grabbed the sword with both hands from arm's length and yanked hard. The blade came out with more blood as two other soldiers had reached him and were swinging blows of their own. Rune swayed to avoid being hit in the arms or head, his sword in no position to defend, but a hard blow caught him right in the ribs.

Another blow hit him in the back. A small flinch, but neither blow really slowed him down. A metallic clatter sounding from where the club struck. Instead, the club hitting his back meant rune was now between the soldier and his means of defence against Art's sword. A lunge forward pressed the edge of the blade against the man's face and dragged it across in a spray of blood. The second of the four bruisers lurched back, quite a reasonable thing to do after having his face cut open.

Meanwhile the fellow sporting a major stab wound was still fighting and tried stabbing at rune's belly with his dagger while reaching out with the other hand to grab him. Rune stepped back out of range from the grab and swept his blade across chest-height, cutting into his foe's side and quickly sliding off so he could raise the blade to intercept a downwards blow from the third of the soldiers.

The soldier saw that the large sword was not free enough to cover against a blow from the other side and leaned in to slam the club into rune's hip. It struck hard, causing the leg beneath to buckle and rune to sink to one knee, just as the fourth member of the muscle brought along came in hammering his club down at rune's head. Rune covered high, holding the blade across and above his head, supporting the blade with one hand. His blade caught the blow, and rune lurched forward to slam his crossguard into the bruiser's leg, then launched a backhand slash into his thigh while lurching away from the remaining club-wielder.

Rune was outnumbered and had lost his footing, but there were various bodies in the way between him and his attackers. The nearby bruiser swung a club down towards rune's head on his left, and rune covered that quarter of his body with his sword one-handed, using the other hand for balance as he regained his feet.

Rune had no idea if he could take art in a fair fight, art was good and he had seen him in battle and single combat before, art was more than good, that was why the widow employed him in her schemes.

Another club blow rained down on the sword, but then the bruiser grabbed rune's wrist with his left hand to stop him from moving it for the next blow. Stuck in a grapple, rune rolled his hand to hook his sword-hilt behind the foe's wrist, gripped the end of his sword hilt with the other hand to make it into a bar trapping his foe's wrist in place, then thrust the hilt up sharply while straightening to his full height.


The force wrenched the grasping hand of his attacker back further than the wrist would allow, popping something within out of place. Before rune could follow up with a cut, art was on him, stabbing first high for his face and when rune lurched away art followed, stabbing low towards his guts. The blade struck, pushed in the cloth, and stopped with a metallic thunk as it hit the jack of plates beneath. Rune slashed wildly for art's arm hoping to wound him before he could adjust his attack to the newly discovered armour, but art shifted his guard so the blade caught only the basket hilt protecting the hand.

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Re: Dark Coward Prince by Faboosuarez(m): 12:45pm On May 25, 2018
Another thrust from art followed, this time for the neck. Rune pushed against the crossed swords, forcing the intended stab aside, but was in no position to counter with his own. A bad parry, as he remembered his fencing tutors describe it. Scrambling clear took priority.

Rune's free hand pushed on the ground for support as art did not let up, again stabbing high and when the war sword was brought up to deflect it pulling back and stabbing under, again striking the plated jack beneath the robes. Next stab aimed for the legs, trying to seek any unarmoured location. Rune stepped back from that, the reduced reach of the poor striking angle giving him chance to get free and grab a nearby sheild, with a sweep like a pendulum that threw it at art.

This time art stepped back and blocked it with his free hand rather than risk tangling his sword, but it bought a moment of not being pursued. Two of art's back-up muscle were still down, one holding in his guts and the other not able to stand on that slashed leg of his. Two muscle remaining, one clutching his slashed face and clearly not sure about rejoining the fight, one with a broken wrist but for the wrong hand.

Mr. Broken Wrist darted around to attack from the other side. Such determination, such a waste. Again, rune took the opportunity and charged the one who was away from the others. Both men swung their weapons at each other, their paths intersecting but the war sword caught the club and the club slid down the blade towards the cross-guard of the sword. The crossguard stopped the path of the club, while the war sword continued its arc into the man's skull, cleaving into the side of his head.

Broken Wrist went limp before he even hit the ground.

Art reached long, , the point of his rapier aiming for rune’s shoulders, looking for anywhere that might be unarmoured while rune's blade was occupied. He would have aimed lower, but the bodies in the way was obstructing his thrust. Rune swayed away from the point, not avoiding it completely but twisting to take it on his armoured side.

As art rounded the bodies, he thrust again, this time for the legs. To this rune turned as he stepped away, releasing the sword with one hand to use the maximum reach possible for a cut aimed at whatever was in reach. Head, body, arm. The shoulder was the general area to allow the most margin for error.

By misfortune, it hit the shoulder directly, bouncing again off the mail but bruising art beneath. Art thrust again for the head, causing rune to jerk back awkwardly and beat the point aside. Both men faced each other, now in the one-against-one fight that was supposed to be the case initially . but their morale was broken after taking so many wounds. Five against one was not supposed to result in four of the five being heavily injured.

Clearly rune looked ragged and tired from the earlier battering he had received. Art had to look one more time to see and understand that this moment really pained rune: the lies, betrayal and the lives lost.

In the lull of the fighting art drew a long dagger with his left hand, having not had the chance to get a second weapon out in the unbroken stream of attacks and rushes. As soon as art's attention was diverted, rune attacked, launching a fast cut with a punching motion from the hip that cut towards the chest. Again the rapier caught the blade, again not perfectly, and again rune stepped behind the sword to shove the rapier aside. This time art stepped forward with his left and twisted to bring the dagger to bear for a stab aimed at the side of rune’s neck, forcing him to jerk aside to avoid that fatal stab.

Now they were close enough for grappling, not always the best approach against a man with a dagger drawn, but it was the option available right now. Rune grabbed art's sword-arm, using his size and strength advantage to shove art to the side while holding on. The left-hand dagger was out of reach, while the right-hand rapier was too close to bring the point to bear.

Meanwhile rune's sword jabbed and sliced weakly towards art's legs. Art fended it off easily, the war sword one-handed being fairly sluggish and unable to build momentum for serious blows.
Re: Dark Coward Prince by Faboosuarez(m): 12:47pm On May 25, 2018
but it kept his dagger occupied. It bought rune a step around art’s right side, and the hand gripping art’s sword-arm yanked down hard, dropping all of rune’s weight towards the ground. The sudden force pulling down on art’s shoulder forced him face-down on the ground with rune kneeling on his shoulder and bending his arm up his back. The fight was lost, art raised his dagger to stab rune but the ragged lady kicked him in the back, he staggered forward with his weapons off his hands, he regained his stance almost immediately and dodged the ragged lady swing in time, she came again but he was prepared, he took out another dagger, swayed to the left and stabbed her in the ribs, she yelped and he kicked her off his blade, “no!” bellowed rune, he stood up angrily with his sword still tight in his hand, he ignored his wounds and the pains that accompanied it, he knew getting close to art was sucide, he was weak, injured and might also bleed to death any second, he raised his sword, and tossed it at art, he grabbed a spear and tossed that too, while art was busy dodging, he carried his ragged friend and ran towards the edge of the cliff, art went for him, he could have caught up with him but what was the use, it was obvious the golden prince didn't want to be caught and be taken prisoner, he halted in his steps and thought things through, he felt a ping of guilt as the thought of his betrayal kicked in, to put the prince out of his misery, he grabbed a spear, targeted him as he ran, positioned himself and threw it, the spear made a woosh sound and made a home in Rune's shoulder as rune jumped into the sea with the ragged lady in his arms without looking back.


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Re: Dark Coward Prince by Faboosuarez(m): 12:47pm On May 25, 2018
The third and final book is still a work in progress, my memory card crashed recently,that's y d updates started coming late @a point, I'm really sorry guys, I'ma have to go on an undefined hiatus
Re: Dark Coward Prince by Ibunkun1(m): 9:14pm On May 25, 2018
Kai Olaf's Death So Painful.Boss You're The Best.Wow,so Captivating
Re: Dark Coward Prince by ashatoda: 9:55pm On May 25, 2018
this is captivating please don't let the ragged lady die. I have started falling for her
Re: Dark Coward Prince by OkekeChristian(m): 10:53pm On May 27, 2018
The third and final book is still a work in progress, my memory card crashed recently,that's y d updates started coming late @a point, I'm really sorry guys, I'ma have to go on an undefined hiatus

Wait oh! Finished?
Third book, of this story, or third book being another story?
Re: Dark Coward Prince by Faboosuarez(m): 6:46am On May 28, 2018

Wait oh! Finished?
Third book, of this story, or third book being another story?

Sadly third book of this story
Re: Dark Coward Prince by Faboosuarez(m): 7:56am On May 28, 2018
Make una all no vex, use this music whirl away time

Re: Dark Coward Prince by OkekeChristian(m): 5:35pm On May 28, 2018

Sadly third book of this story

No na, dah wan is not sadly.
As far as the story still continues. I dey your back, reading as you drop 'em
Re: Dark Coward Prince by moseph(f): 1:03am On May 31, 2018
wonderful story. thumbs up@ faboosuarez.
Re: Dark Coward Prince by Faboosuarez(m): 3:27pm On Aug 31, 2018
Am really sorry for not posting anything yet, I type with my phone and it keeps crashing, making me lose everything on it, on a norms, I go off for four months before pasting my last book and i wanna keep to that, even though exams dh, so September 25 should be my four months but i'ma shift it to September 30, and I'll say this again, I'm really sorry for leaving y'all hanging

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Re: Dark Coward Prince by skubido(m): 5:20pm On Aug 31, 2018
grab, success in ya exam

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Re: Dark Coward Prince by Ibunkun1(m): 8:43pm On Aug 31, 2018
Am really sorry for not posting anything yet, I type with my phone and it keeps crashing, making me lose everything on it, on a norms, I go off for four months before pasting my last book and i wanna keep to that, even though exams dh, so September 25 should be my four months but i'ma shift it to September 30, and I'll say this again, I'm really sorry for leaving y'all hanging
No probs Bro,success
Re: Dark Coward Prince by Evold: 4:50pm On Sep 02, 2018
Success boss. We shall be here waiting for you
Re: Dark Coward Prince by Faboosuarez(m): 6:32pm On Sep 26, 2018
Four more days to go

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Re: Dark Coward Prince by skubido(m): 7:31pm On Sep 26, 2018
Re: Dark Coward Prince by pacifust058(m): 11:32pm On Sep 26, 2018
Re: Dark Coward Prince by Ibunkun1(m): 12:32am On Sep 27, 2018
Re: Dark Coward Prince by Faboosuarez(m): 12:45am On Sep 30, 2018

Copyright@ProtellerJames 2018

This book is entirely a work of fiction. The names, characters and incidents portrayed in it are the workof the author's imagination. Any resemblance to actual person, living or dead, events or localities is entirelycoincidental.
All rights reserved. No part of this publication maybe reproduced , stored in a retrieval system or transmittedin any form or by any means,electronic, mechanical ,photocopying, recording or otherwise, without the prior permission of PROTELLER JAMES


THE taste of victory is only an euphoric feeling in which the owner of the feeling sits high on his or her achievements, looks around at how far he or she had gone to achieve the said goals and feels glad for a moment but there is always a comma in everything, nothing is perfect, there is always an iota of failure in every success and the widow's iota of failure was not finding rune's body, two weeks after the final battle on the county's shores, a lot had happened and that shifted the position of power, for the first time in centuries a woman was on the throne and not only on the county's throne, she ruled over the whole islands too, on the battlefield which ensured the death of Olaf, rune, his ragged friend and a whole lot of uncooperative allies.

The widow took Olaf's guard captive and men who were loyal to him, she kept the other roscoff twin alive for reasons known only to her, she had them beheaded immediately she was chanced, a lot of other elites were bowing to her trying to get into her good graces, she gave those who were loyal to her lands and titles though, gays was given the wunka tribe, Umbee was given the shrika tribe, the widow's first son Elmer was given the Grulust tribe, on the other side of the island, Gegee was given the Nierf tribe while the widow's second son Glenn was given the egux tribe, the last tribe land,sybyhn was left alone with the widow hatching a plan of her own, although she left it in the care of her sons, no-one knew exactly what she was building, she only gave her sons strict instructions to monitor the engineers and builders in that land and they were really doing a great job.

Mr bumbu gave the widow a disdainful look, what kind of person would you call someone who stayed with you and your friends through the hard times and went behind your back and stabbed you, he almost cried when he heard the outcome of the war, it wasn't what he had expected, nothing no-one had, rune, Olaf and even the ragged lady which he never got to know her name was even dead, he looked at her again and their eyes met, he averted his gaze but still kept looking from the corner of his eyes, when her attention was shifted, bumbu strode out of the room with his men following suit.

“sir, sir, where are we going?” asked one of his men, he ignored him, “sir, sir” he called out again, bumbu angrily snapped back, “I don't fucking know, out west maybe, last I checked she owns the whole county and fucking islands”, they all looked at each other and the man that angered bumbu spoke again, “but there is nothing out west sir”, bumbu sighed and kept walking towards their ships, “and where do y'all think you going?” asked art as he stood behind them with his arms crossed around his chest, they all looked back, obviously shaken, the man who angered bumbu drew his weapon and gave a defiant yell as he went for art, “no!” yelled bumbu but it was too late, art kept his composure as he dodged the man's fruitless attacks, he swayed sideways as the man attacked again, he took out a dagger dodged and kicked the sword out of the man's hands, he grabbed the man by the neck, got behind him, raised his eyes towards the sky and stabbed him in both eyes, he yelled in pain and fluttered effortlessly to be free of art's grip but art tightened his grip and slit his throat from ear to ear, he cleaned his dagger with the man's fabric and dropped his body on the ground, “anyone else?” he asked as he sheathed back his dagger, “you will fucking pay for this” said bumbu, art grinned widely, “lucky me, I'm rich now” he said and he bound bumbu arms and legs in chains dragging him towards the palace.

BUMBU and his men were taken to the palace to face the widow, "bow" said art, bumbu kept standing and staring right into the widow's eyes, art was about to use force when the widow spoke "its okay, let them stay as they are", he bowed and took some steps backwards, the widow stepped down from the comfort of her throne and faced bumbu, "bow to me friend and i'll see to it nothing bad happens to you and your men, you shall be given a land in the islands and all these ugliness will come to an end", bumbu felt his men stares at his back, they were waiting for him to decide, obviously they didn't approve of the widow's takeover and reign but another
solid fact was that no-one wanted to die yet, any decision made by him would either save or doom his men, then he decided, he spat on the widow's face and spoke, "y'all can bow to save your lives but as for me, i'll never bow to this back stabber who calls herself a friend", the widow nodded in pity as she cleaned her face,
"Art, imprison bumbu here and kill his men", bumbu was surprised, "no!" he yelled and the kings guard dragged him away to the county prison, as soon as they were out, art approached the widow and spoke, "you knew he wouldn't bulge, then why bother?", the widow sighed and said "bumbu is an honourable man, a trait rare amongst men these days, if he summons up an army men would follow him, but like all honourable men, he's stupid", art nodded seeing the wisdom in her words, she placed a hand on art's shoulder amd whispered "thank you for all you have done for me" art nodded and she walked out of the palace.

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Re: Dark Coward Prince by Ibunkun1(m): 2:15am On Sep 30, 2018
Yeeee,whoaa Welcome Back.True loyalty Is Really Hard To Earn
Re: Dark Coward Prince by pacifust058(m): 8:41am On Sep 30, 2018
Thanks for the update
Re: Dark Coward Prince by Evold: 10:25am On Sep 30, 2018
Welcome back boss. I don't think we have seen bumbu before
Re: Dark Coward Prince by Faboosuarez(m): 12:49pm On Sep 30, 2018
Welcome back boss. I don't think we have seen bumbu before

He's been in the book since book means he's one of the elite lords

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Re: Dark Coward Prince by Faboosuarez(m): 12:56am On Oct 01, 2018

THE funny aspect about life is that nobody knows when, where or how he or she is going to die we just wake up like every other day and step out into life like every other day going about our daily activities, some are unlucky they die early and an unreasonable death, for others it's an irony what they fear most is what kills them, while others just possess shitty luck, they never see it coming. As tired as he was, he still pulled the ragged lady out of the sea, dragging her towards dry land, pain shot through his shoulder as he pulled her out with force, with everything that happened rune never had the chance to sit and think about how bleeped he was, he never had the chance to cry for his fallen brother and all of his friends. “please don't leave me too” he said as he touched her face, and for the first time in many years he mentioned her name, “I need you Inari, please don't leave me”.

He compressed her chest and gave her mouth to mouth but nothing happened, he beat her chest and tried again, yet nothing, he looked at her wound and saw it was healing, the salt water sea had tried it's best but little amount of pus was coming out, he raised his hand again and his pain multipled, the events of the recent battle came flooding back to him and for the first time he got angry at art and the widow's betrayal, he tried to help inari again but heard a low growl, he glanced up and saw a massive wolf he Couldn't tell if it was white or brown, it's fur was ragged and it was obvious it was no young wolf, it bared it's teeth at rune with drool coming out its mouth. Rune patted his body but realised that he was unarmed, his sword and dagger belts were empty, he panicked and beads of sweat formed on his forehead, before he could think of anything the wolf pounced.

Rune leapt out sideways from the wolf sight but the wolf was smarter, the jumping sideways was a human's first instinct and it wasn't going to be fooled this time, it buried it's massive teeths into rune's shoulder, rune yelped, the wolf dug further, rune tried to wriggle free but the wolf had him pinned and his attempt worsen his situation, the next thing he heard was a huge wind tossing the wolf sideways like a ragged doll, the wolf yelped stood up and went for rune again to finish the job, four ladies dressed up in black had their hands stretched out mumbling the same words at the same time, as soon as the wolf cane near rune again it caught fire, the poor animal shrieked in agony and slumped over the ground burning into a crisp.
the Sisters have decided that humans are no good for anything but firewood. Few trees can grow on mountaintops, so firewood that generously hauls itself up the mountain and walks through your front door is terrifically useful, they started mumbling something else, rune tried to make out their faces but couldn't, the new spell made rune and his ragged friend's body levitate in the air, the ladies turned their backs on then and made their way back to where they came from, rune and his ragged friend body followed suit too floating in the air behind them.


Re: Dark Coward Prince by Ibunkun1(m): 8:24pm On Oct 01, 2018
Wow,thank God Rune Didnt Die.Hmmmmm The Supernatural Aspect Is Shaping Up.Loving It

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