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Re: Dark Coward Prince by Evold: 11:29am On Oct 20, 2018
Go Prince. I like the way Logan fared though.
Re: Dark Coward Prince by Faboosuarez(m): 3:38am On Oct 25, 2018

“WHERE the hell is he?” asked umbee as he clenched his coat on his shoulders tighter as the cold hit him, gegee shrugged and dragged a chair for him to sit on, umbee clenched his teeth and spat again, “it's cold enough to freeze the balls off a brass monkey in here” and he took a seat too, they waited in silence and twenty minutes later gays made his way into the poor lit room, umbee didn't let him settle down before bumping hom with questions, “why have you called a meeting in this weather to be precise?” he asked, gays took a seat and looked at them as if he was just observing them for the first time and spoke, “I'm here because we need to talk about the future of our county and people”, they all looked confused, gegee wanted to ask for him to be specific but umbee jumped in again, “If all that means killing art, I'm so in”. gays smiled in support and umbee grinned at him too.

“now you speaking my language gays, how soon can we put all these in motion?” asked umbee again, gays wanted to speak but gegee jumped in, “aren't we forgetting something?” asked gegee as he regarded gays and umbee both, “talk of overthrowing the widow and killing his stupid dog is exciting, but what about this mad killer on the loose?”, umbee kept quiet and gays spoke, “been thinking about that, if it truly is rune, we have nothing to fear, we didn't betray him, the widow did”, umbee also agreed with gays, gegee nodded and bowed his head in embarrassment, “if you both truly think that, then we are dead already, you think he wouldn't have figured it out already that we all gave the widow some amount to invest in him, even though we said his dreams were stupid, you think he wouldn't have figured it out already that we all had a hand in his being successful and when we saw that he reached the peak, we took everything from underneath him, and why?” he said standing up and spreading his arms, “all because of some peice of land and title, and at the end the widow bleeped us all”. They both Kept quiet and watched in amazement as their friend was talking reasonably, even gays who called the meeting was impressed and he broke the silence, “I think it will be best to get advice and see things from your point of view friend”.

Gegee sighed, not with proudness that he was being heard but because everyone knew how gays was, he was hot tempered and a back stabber, he was the one who ratted out rune when he was laying out his plans in the first place to his brother Olaf who had him sent to the county jail, if he was to carve out a plan for them all, he would have to be extra careful and wise in dealing with gays, “your plans are good both of you but one foot after the other, we have to make everything accurate to get the best results, first we get rid of Art to render the widow defenseless then we strike when the coal is hot, take down the widow and we deal with this maniac killer afterwards”., gays sighed and gegee could see he was impressed, “we all in right?” asked gays and they all nodded, “I have some mercenaries already on my payroll that can take care of art, art is a master swordsman but these guys are better”, they nodded again, stood up and shook hands on it, “when I leave, wait five minutes and leave one after the other too, and take seperate ways to avoid suspicion”, they nodded and gays opened the door to get out making the cold rush in again and hit them.

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Re: Dark Coward Prince by skubido(m): 1:16pm On Oct 25, 2018
Tanks for the update
Re: Dark Coward Prince by Faboosuarez(m): 9:14pm On Oct 25, 2018
Abeg make una no vex l, I travelled and light no Dh here for the past two days and no sub too
Re: Dark Coward Prince by Faboosuarez(m): 9:15pm On Oct 25, 2018
Abeg make una no vex, I travelled and light no Dh here for the past two days and no sub too


Re: Dark Coward Prince by Faboosuarez(m): 7:14am On Oct 30, 2018

“THE nuenim is a spirit of vengeance sent from the pits of hell to torment man and steal children from their mother's bosoms, he comes with no other intention than to destroy and steal souls”, art raised up his hand and spoke, “is there no way to kill that thing in that big book of yours?”, the librarian nodded “yes my lord”, the other elite lords glared at the old man for calling art a lord, he owned no lands and was lord of nowhere, he was nothing but a faithful dog to the widow and should be treated as such, even having a seat at the round table was too much for them and they couldn't comprehend why the widow brings him in. “you are dismissed” said the widow, the old librarian bowed, closed and clasped his book back in place and made his way out of the room. “what now?” said gays, the widow was making a circular motion on the table and was staring at it, no-one could of course understand what she was going through, she had just lost her two sons in less than four days, with one death messier than the other.

“I think we made the prophecy come to pass by killing rune, I've always thought that I was smarter and a step ahead but I think this was how the islander gods wanted things to happen” said the widow, the other lords stared in disbelief as the widow admitted defeat and the other reason they stared at her was that she believed in the islanders superstitious prophecy which also means that she's getting weak, losing her two sons must have dented a good hole in her black heart, that's even if she had one, “and I know what y'all thinking” said the widow as she raised her head to look at them all, “y'all thinking he doesn't know you all have a hand in his downfall but believe me you, he does, we do not know how long his list is but I can assure you we all are on it”, they all sighed obviously shaken, ”what do we do?” asked gays, the widow leaned back into her seat and art spoke, “we all join our forces together to bring him down, he can't beat ten thousand men all at once”, they all nodded, agreed to the widow's plans, and the meeting was dismissed.

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Re: Dark Coward Prince by Evold: 8:03am On Oct 30, 2018
They are just making things easier for rune. Devouring a multitude of schemers at ago
Re: Dark Coward Prince by Faboosuarez(m): 11:20am On Nov 05, 2018

Umbee hissed as he got onto his ship to sail home, “join our forces together my ass” he hissed as he boarded his ship, “won't take long art, won't take long, just give it time” he said as the captain of the ship called for order and set everyone to their tasks. The ship sailed graciously across the sea and the ride was smooth, umbee got tired of staring into the sea water so he retired down below into his cabin, he grabbed a wine bottle and placed it in his mouth, smacked his lips and took a seat observing a large paper spread across his desk, now that he was seated, he took his time to think, if they succeeded in ending the widow and Art, that leaves him, gegee and gays to divide the lands and live happily ever after but he still couldn't picture that, gays would want to take the lion's share and cheat them because he called the meeting first and he was the one that assigned men to kill Art, gegee being a honorable man would bow and succumb but he knew himself that he never would, they needed to get gays out of the equation and maybe, maybe he might not also kill gegee, that's if he doesn't get too greedy but he knows that at the end of the day, he might also have to cut gegee out too.

He woke up realising he had been dozing, he looked out at the window and realised it was dark, “Bleep!” he yelled, lord knows how long he had been sleeping, he tried to stand up but the grounds shook and he almost lost his feet, he laughed at himself thinking he must really be drunk, but when the grounds shook again, he realised that there was a storm, he forced Gus way out of his cabin holding on to poles and the door for support, he was about to climb the ladder to get back to the upper deck when one of his guard pilled him back, “my lord, it's not safe up there” said the guard, umbee wanted to speak about being up there with his men to motivate then through the storm but something in the guard's eyes said it was something else, he looked at the guard's cloak and saw sad blood, lots and lots of soaked blood, he saw his other guard's trooping in with their weapons in hand, "what's happening?” asked umbee, the guard sighed and glanced over at his mates to see if they were plentiful enough to fend off their attacker, “he's here my lord, the golden prince is here” and another thunder rumbled in the sky heavily and loudly

THERE was a loud yelp and a body rolled from the upper cabin on to the lower one where umbee and the guards were, they all covered their mouths at the sight before them, their fellow comrade although unrecognisable was nothing but human bones, a foot landed on the ladder, then another, "do not let him get down here!" yelled umbee, three guards with spears ran towards the ladder and tried to kill the individual with their spears, before they got to the foot of the ladder, a bright light illuminated the spot and they were all burnt to ashes, they all gasped and took some steps backwards, “attack!” yelled their leader, and they all surged forward screaming with their weapons raised, rune grinned as he expelled fire from his hands and burned them all down, including umbee, too easy he thought, but what concern of his is that, he raised his hands again and set everything ablaze.
Re: Dark Coward Prince by Faboosuarez(m): 11:22am On Nov 05, 2018

Art hasn't been feeling himself lately, maybe it was because he had just failed the widow by letting her son die, and in this kind of situation the human mind is always filled with what ifs and he hated that, but couldn't help but think what if he had gone instead of entrusting the job to Logan, maybe he would have fought off the killer better or better still maybe he would be dead just like Logan, he sighed softly as he grabbed his sword, closed the door to his house, he was going to make sure the next couple of days, nobody dies on his watch, especially the widow, he approached his horse and placed a foot on its stirrup that was when his horse neighed nervously, “be calm pumpkin” he said as he caressed her body lightly, she neighed again with her eyes fixed on something, it was a second too late when he saw human shadow in her eyes and he heard something swish past him, he crouched down and saw the poisonous dart hit his horse in the neck, the poor animal spamsed and fell on its side loudly and it went still, it was then he glanced back and saw three men in black robes with their swords drawn, one had a scar across his face, one was a taddy bit shorter than the two, he looked like a kid but Art knew better, and the last one wore a smug look on his face, all in all, it was obvious they were one thing and one thing alone: assassins, mercenaries, whatever it is you call them and they were here to carry out a contract which was him.

Art was impressed for one reason and one reason alone, that it took the elite lords this long before they reacted and made a move, another lesson learned if he made it out alive: never be fooled by the euphoric feeling that everything and everyone is peaceful and okay, it was when you think nothing was happening that a lot was happening, there is problem, there will be problems and there will always be problems, always have a contingency plan. He also thanked his stars that he had his sword on him, What would he have fought these men with, his daggers? He was a great swordsman but these men would be greater, it was what they do for a living, enough thinking he said to himself as he unsheathed his sword and watched as the assassins fanned out around him still not taking their eyes off him. The shortest one breezed past him and he was lucky to parry his attack, that was too swift, before he could regain his balance, another swish was made above him, he bent over and rolled away from them, Bleep he thought and the fight ensued.

These assassins were madly good, they moved too swiftly that the cat would he ashamed and their attacks were calculated and precise, Their feet were silent and even as hard as they moved, their robes made no sound, it was evident and plain as day that thisa was gays handiwork, but killing him womt solve their problems, and it was then it dawned on him that while these assasins were here to keep him busy, the elite lords might be moving against the widow right now, Bleep he thought again and he sprang to his feet, face hard, sword gripped tightly and he attacked, scarface attacked him head on, their sword clashed, he raised his foot to kick scarfsace foot but he dodged art's kick effortlessly, something breezed behind him, he bent his head forward, swirled away from scarface and slashed his sword at the individual without looking back, the smug looking fellow spread his robe to blind art but art's blade cut theough it and the fabric tore away, the short one tossed more darts giving art no room to balance himself, he only saw six darts approaching, he cut them away with his sword, another came over his head, he sidestepped, two more came for him, he blocked one with his sword and the other hit the pommel of his sword grazing his finger a little, no time
to yelp, and the assasins were upon him again knowing fully well he had been grazed, he parried their attacks as they displayed their acrobatic skills, one jumped attacking from above art swirled away, dipped his hand into his robe, they came again, he fought with his right hand only as he tried to find his daggers and his antidote vial, he fought them off weakly as he was getting numb and sweaty, scarface kicked him in the chest and he toppled backwards and fell, they pounced on him again and art streched out his left hand with like six daggers spraying from it, the assasins dodged and took cover from the dagger, art found the vial and gulped it down his throat, this was the first time he would find the said potion sweet, the black liquid always coil up his cheeks and always made his mouth taste sour, he grinned at the assasins as they stared at him with no expression of surprise on their face, but he was sure as hell that they were highly surprised, as he grinned, his lips and his whole teeth were black, he took another stance and he didnt wait for them to attack, he attacked this time around.

HE attacked with murder on his face, they ran to meet him halfway but as soon as they were close, he sprayed dirt all over their face, within that small window, he hit scarface with the blunt side of his sword across his face, dodged the smug looking man's futile attack and stabbed the short one right in the crown of the head, he took out his bloodied sword as the short one fell to the ground and the two others regained themselves, scarface was mad and for the first time he showed it on his face, they stared at their comrade dead on the ground and attacked, this time relentlessly, he hardly could keep up with their attacks but he wouldn't be gutted down by a pair of cutthroats, he raised his sword above his head as he dodged their attack, scarface swept his sword low to cut across his belly but art saw that move coming and he kicked the sword out of his hands, dodged the smug one's attack as he slash at art's arm, it wasnt all a clean dodge as the blade cuta little past his shirt and he bled red, before scarface could bring out another weapon, there was a loud rumbling in the sky followed by thunder, a really uncomfortable loud one, they all stopped still to glance at the sky, but didnt want to take their eyes off each other too, the thunder rumbled quietly again and someone was like ten feets away from them, the individual made no move and art knew that was rune, he could tell by the prresence alone, the day and moment he had been waiting for, rune approached,
and the assasins attacked him first, he kicked the smug one making him fall into scarface as they both fell to the ground, they stood up to attack again and rune expelled fire from his hands burning them into crisps, art staggered backwards as he stared in awe, seeing it up close, the rumors were true, no wonder why no one could kill him.

Welcome back rune" said art as rune stood three steps away from him, his face hard and he could feel the pure hatred the golden prince had against him, "come to think of it, i did you a favour by not killing you, rune grunted as he drew his sword, "you should be fucking grateful" he yelled, rune grunted again and ran at his unnatural speed, slashed at art, art only saw the blade made an arc in the air, guessed and he parried successfully, rune slashed again, and he swirled away from his blade, he took his stance again and rune was in front of him, how the hell does he do that he thought as their blades clashed, another swing, he crouched and punched rune the stomach, there was no recoil or reaction, he stood still like a rock, he jerked himself to reality as he saw rune's foot almost making a home in his face, he flattened himself on the ground, used his sword as a crutch and stood on his feet again, what he realised today wwhen he was fighting off the assasins was that never let your enemies feel comfortable and never let them make the first move, he gripped his sword like his life depended on it which in real fact, it did, and he attacked rune, rune swinged at him, he dodged and cut at him, rune swinged again, he dodged again and cut at rune again, even though the golden prince wasn't affected by his blade, his ego seemed to be bruised and his anger multiplied, he swinged again, art took some steps backwards and jumped into the air with his sword raised above his head, rune disappeared from the spot and art was confused in the air, he tried to control his fall but only failed, he falled almost brreaking his arm, his sword fell some feets away from him, he grunted as he tried to stand again, he felt a presence and he rolled away to the right, away from his sword, he glanced to his left and it was all black, burnt black into ashes, "Bleep" he said, still rune was nowhere to be seen, he stood on his feet again and took out a dagger.

“What, you just gon disappear and kill me without me seeing you, that ain't a fair fight and you know it, shows you still a coward, you hear me, a fucking coward!” yelled art, the air swished and rune was a few feets in front of him, his face hard and art rook some steps backwards, rune slammed his sword down at him, art parried, he slashed at him again, he dodged, he swirled around and slash again and again making art steps falter, rune swinged again but art sidestepped and stabbed him in the wrist, rune slapped his dagger away from his hand and pushed him backwards, art staggered but found his foot again but rune was right in front of him, he kept slashing and slashing and slashing, he slashed at Art's head, at his chest, feet, arm, above his eye, on his shoulder blade, on his hip across his chest, zig zag-ly all over without making the pattern rhyme or meaningful, when he was satisfied he took some steps back and examined his work, art stood still for a moment staring at nothing but fell after a second later and dropped to the ground in peices, rune grinned as he sheathed back his sword, burnt everything to ashes and went back to whence he came from.

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Re: Dark Coward Prince by Ann2012(f): 11:34am On Nov 05, 2018
Well done OP
Re: Dark Coward Prince by Ibunkun1(m): 7:44pm On Nov 05, 2018
Geez rune dey vex oo.atlast art pays for his betrayal.but I have a sneaky feeling that maybe something will happen that will bring art back.i hope not.wrll done sir
Re: Dark Coward Prince by skubido(m): 8:38pm On Nov 05, 2018

OP tanks for the update
Re: Dark Coward Prince by Evold: 8:43pm On Nov 05, 2018
Rune should get a means of torturing these guys. I don't like the way they are dying so easily
Re: Dark Coward Prince by Faboosuarez(m): 5:46am On Nov 06, 2018
Y'all still have no clue where this story is heading do you, lol SMH, I think it's time for a interactive class, Lets see who can guess right
Re: Dark Coward Prince by Evold: 7:56am On Nov 06, 2018
Y'all still have no clue where this story is heading do you, lol SMH, I think it's time for a interactive class, Lets see who can guess right
So you plan to resurrect some of the characters just like you did to rune
Re: Dark Coward Prince by Faboosuarez(m): 9:15am On Nov 19, 2018


Marching against the widow right at this moment was the best call, even if the assassins succeeded or not it doesn't matter, before art could get here, the widow would be dead and there would still be enough men to deal with art and end his miserable life. gays and gegee both brought together resources and they were both smiling at the amount of men they could summon up at a short period of time, twenty thousand men, ten from each of them and the county and whole islands would be theirs, all they needed was patience, they were sure the widow wouldn't be able to sum up that amount anytime soon and they had that to their advantage.

THE widow could be seen standing on a ledge on the balcony of her palace looking at nothing in particular as she stared out into the world, a lot of thoughts were running through her mind, within a short period of time, she went from a cheated housewife to a widow to a respected and feared businesswoman to an investor to an usurper and finally to the most powerful woman all over the county and whole islands, why was she here today, standing on a ledge deep in thought, she was stil surprised the other lords havent tried to take what was hers, which was exactly what she was counting on but two years rolled by and there was uncomfortable peace which unsettled her, but maybe art was right afterall, maybe they all were all words no action, but her nose still caught whiff of something in the air which she couldn't place, but one thing was certain for her, if the elite lords don't come for her, rune would, and that was exactly what she was anticipating, at last she was being truthful with herself, standing on a ledge on her balcony staring at the world anticipating the return of the golden prince with ten thousand men at the ready, and art too by her side, she stared at the sky again to determine the time, odd she thought, he should be here by now, she shrugged it off and was about to retire back into her quarters when he heard his men blew their horns, and there was commotion down below, she went back to the ledge to examine what was going on and what greeted her eyes were horror, two of his men were being beheaded, someone down below shot an arrow upward at her, she yelped as she dodged it, she glanced into the distance and she saw gays and gegee on horseback geared for war, their eyes met and the widow grinned widely at them which confused them, "why the hell is she smiling?" asked gegee, gays shrugged it off, "she wants to die with a smile on her face obviously" replied gays, gegee glanced around but didn't notice anything out of place, their men were massacaring the widow's men in the distance and by the looks of it but he still couldnt shake the feeling that something was wrong, he looked at the widow again, she was still grinning, he followed her gaze, he saw the shadows beside her on the ledge first before catching the smell of oil, "fall back!" he yelled gays looked at him like he was mad, "you cant seriously be getting cold feet now friend" said gays, before gegee could scream for their men to fall back again there was a sky full of arrows on fire, "take cover!" he yelled again as he raised his sheild to protect himself.

"THE bitch was fucking waiting for us!" yelled gays as he fell off his horse, he grabbed his sheild as he tried to get behind his men for protection, “the fucking witch knew all along!” he yelled again as his men clumped together to protect him and gegee, arrows kept flying in the air and a lot of men were dying, dropping like flies, ten minutes rolled by and gays could see his army was dwindling, there was pain in his eyes as he saw his men falling, because he knew each man that falls symbolises his failure at usurping the widow and he was a gambling man, “we move towards the gate and knock it down even if its the last thing we do!” yelled gays and his men cheered as they raised their shields way above their heads and ran towards the gate with enough fire in their belly cutting down the widow's men as they passed them by, before getting to the gate, there was a loud rumbling in the sky and they all froze staying static, a man was standing in the distance, thinking it was the widow's right hand, Art, gays commanded some men to take him down, rune swirled, chopped someone's head off, stabbed another in the loins, grabbed another one's sword without getting hurt and plucking his heart out, the other men stared in horror as their mates all dropped withering into bones, “spears!” yelled gegee at his men, they all tossed their spears at rune and the weapons hit home, rune gasped and fell to the ground as the spears hit him, they all stared at each other in satisfaction and started cheering and screaming, rune stood back up looking unscathed and their joys became sour and stuck in their throats.

The spearmen thrust their spears frantically—less to try to kill, more to try to push away this madman. Their ranks collapsed as too many of them turned their attention toward him.
Rune laughed, slamming aside a pair of spears with his arm , then disemboweling one man with a blade deep in the gut. The man dropped his spear in agony and withered into bones, and his neighbors backed away at the horrific sight. “open the gates!” yelled gays at the widow, the widow stared at him and thought, what does she have to lose if she opens up, if she left them outside, rune would kill them all and that would be great but she still wanted to do all that by herself, “open the gates” said the widow and her men all looked at her like she was mad, “do I need to repeat myself?” she said as she glared at them, they all bowed and pulled back the locks and opened up, gegee and gays made a run for it and were safely in.

He pushed forward, keeping momentum, shearing through the ranks until he reached the back, then breathed deeply and wiped ashen sweat from his face. A young spearman wept on the ground nearby, screaming for his mother as he crawled across the stone, trailing blood.

The widow went down to meet her betrayers, they both had a guilty look on their faces as the widow started at them, they both knew it was over and the only punishment for treason was death, gays fell to his knees and laid his weapon at the widow's feet shedding crocodiles tears, the widow kicked away his sword and grabbed gays back to his feet, “you did nothing wrong my friend, it was only normal for you to try and overthrow me”, said the widow, gegee stared in disbelief at the words coming out of the widow's mouth, gays was awed, he didn't know that the widow truly was going this soft and mad at the same time, why would you forgive someone who tried to take your life and everything you have built, he was about to reply to the widow's words when the widow stabbed him deep in the guts, he had another look of surprise on his face, she stabbed him again and sliced him upward from his stomach up to his chest past his heart and ended up in his throat, she stabbed both his eyes simultaneously imitating Art, which she was sure in a section of her heart was dead already, and slit his throat from ear to ear.

Gegee yelped at the horrific sight in front of him as the widow dropped gays and he slumped to the ground soaking the grounds with blood, the widow's men held him down and brought him to his knees, “thought I'll forgive you ugh” said the widow as she brought out a kerchief and wiped the blood off her dagger and kept it back in its hidden position, "didn't want to do this before, wanted rune to have all the fun, but my hiding days are over, it's time you see how good I am with a blade” said the widow as she bent over to pick up gays sword, and she examined it, she unsheathed it and caressed the blade neatly, “what a wonderful weapon, fit for an elite lord like yourself” continued the widow, geggee wanted to speak but the widow was faster, she stabbed him right in the eye with the blade poking out at the back of his head, she took it out and beheaded him, she dropped the sword and commanded her men to follow her, they were a little bit scared of her, they have never seen her violent or using a sword and this made then see her in a brand new light.

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Re: Dark Coward Prince by Faboosuarez(m): 9:22am On Nov 19, 2018

Rune ran after the widow for a while until they were inside a large hall beneath her palace, spaces kings use as an escape route during an invading battle, three guards came at him, he dodged, gave one a backhand slap across the chest and stabbed the last one in the mouth, many more came running and he burned them all into ashes, he looked up and the widow was gone, he ran after her again, tok a right and came across another large space, "you look so angry rune" said the widow as her voice echoed across the room, "guess art did a number on our ragged friend", her voice echoed again and he couldn"t place her location, he turned around and she slashed at him, he dodged and stepped backwards to acess her weapon, A short, thick, curved blade made of mithril is held by a grip wrapped in rare, dark brown shark skin.
With just one razor-sharp edge this weapon is ideal for both cleaving enemies as well as blocking their attacks.

The blade has a small, curved cross-guard, just large enough to protect the owner's fingers. The cross-guard has an elaborate owl head on each side, a unique design for a unique weapon.
A large pommel is decorated with gilded linings, which is to be expected from such an elegant weapon.

The blade itself is fairly simple. No decorations or engraved patterns, the blade needs no decorations, it only needs to be strong and sharp

he stared at her and the widow shrugged "what? you thought i couldn't handle a sword?, let me guess i had you all fooled for two years? welcome to my world", she pranced at him again, rune blocked and blocked, sadly he was impressed, she was good, he swirled away to the left and made an overhead cut at her, she bent to the back away swiftly even in her big dress, she took some couple steps back smiling at him, "impressed?" she asked, rune gave no answer, "have i ever told you how my husband died? guess not" she said as she circled around rune and rune was circling around her, "he was a good and nice man, but like all men, he couldn't keep his rooster in check, kept on embarassing me all over the county with his mistress but i kept on being a good wife, the day he died, they were to go on a trip, i sipped some murgort root into his wine, do you know what a murgort root does rune? anyways, he died on top of her while humping and i have her imprisoned ever since, but she is now the shadow of what she was before, took out her clit and one of her breasts last year though" the widow could see the look of disgust on rune's face, she smiled and attacked,

Rune slammed at her and tried to kick her at the same time, her steps almost faltered in her big dress but she managed to take a few steps back, all of a sudden she ran towards rune with her sword held up high and rune was at the ready for her attack, she yelled fooling rune into thinking she was about to slash at his face but she tossed her sword upward, went on her knees, took out her daggers and skidded towards him, she stabbed him with one and slashed the other across his belly
RUNE gave a multi-voiced wail as the widow's blade slashed across his belly, this was different, he wasn't healing as fast as before, he fell to his knees clutching his belly as he bled, "you've always thought you were god's favorite with your dreams and your luck, the first man to conquer the whole islands in centuries, but what you got wrong was that you never found out the islanders ways of life, their gods, and their beliefs, that was where i conquered you, the first time they called you the nuenim, i went around to seek its meaning, and found out there was a prophecy and they believed you were the one, but i didn't believe until you suggested we fight them with fire which was also in the propechy but it could be a coincedence i thought, but i sat down and said to myself, if you really are who they thought you to be, you would realise i was about to betray you retaliate, i waited and waited but phew, you knew nothing and then i killed you", rune yelled in anger standing up even though he was still in pain, the color of his eyes weren't that bright but he could feel the birthmark on his chest glow and that gave him hope, he pranced at the widow,she dodged his futile attack in a swift step, that was another advantage she had on her side, rune had never seen her fight; the element of surprise. a quick thought came to him; if he could dis-arm her, it was obvious that blade of hers aint meant for humans, rune couldn't run at an unnatural speed to gain an advantage, he was completely powerless and that was due to his placing too much trust in his powers, rune stood up still clutching to his belly "you fucking talk too much" yelled rune, he took another stance with his sword held tightly as he stared daggers at the widow, the widow sighed softly nodding sideways.

RUNE pranced at her again swirling his blade in an overhead arc, the widow blocked his attack as soon as he made the attack, his steps faltered but he turned around, slashed and slashed, the widow dodged, and kicked him in the belly, he almost fell down as he staggered backwards but he found his foot again, before he could raise his sword for another attack, the widow stabbed him point blank in the chest, rune choked and heaved a surprised sigh, once more he fell to his knees with his shirt soaking wet and the sword buried in his chest dripping thick red blood too, "you still don't get it do you?" said the widow as she took a minute to examine the damage caused by her lovely extraordinary blade, she grinned as she circled around rune, "why do you think i invested in you since the beginning, you think i believed in you and your dreams?, hell no, your mother did her best you know to hide you, all witches over the county were looking and looking everywhere just to capture the cursed child, but failed and a lot of children died in your stead, ever since you were born, i've had this blade made specially for you", rune stared at her with his face crumpled in surprise, the widow met his gaze and let out an hideous laugh, "you didn't know, did you?" she said, rune ran everything over in his head again, ever since he was a kid, he had learned everything at a faster rate, you name it, sword fighting, history, languages, but what if his mother associated with a witch to hide him from the world and the aftermath of the witch's spell was what made him a coward growing up, and if what the widow was saying is true, this sheds another type of light on the matter, it meant he was born cursed but his mother has his dark powers hidden within him till whenever he needed it or another witch comes up to awaken the said powers, which also means the bargain he had with the sisters was all based on a lie, they had been using him all along, he had this powers naturally meaning they actually gave him nothing, although they claim to have resurectted inari but he wasn't allowed to see her, although he does disobeys and have seen her multiple times and she looked okay "you've always thought you were the hero nuenim, alas, you have always been the villain all along, born to doom everything you touch, i killed you once and am gonna do it again with no remorse" said the widow with her arms spread out and a smug smile on her face.

Rune was mad with anger, he was mad and blind, he was feeling a heat building up within him, all his life he had blamed himself for being a coward and not the kind of son his father wanted, he blamed himself for being an embarrassment to his father's name but in reality, his own mother was the cause of his whole dilemma, keeping the truth from him, he even doubted if anyone else knows, the heat within him was getting stronger ready to burst out, he had never felt like that before, he could feel his birthmark glowing bright, his eyes too, the widow got close to him and placed her blade on her shoulder, “sorry rune, no hard feelings, this has to be done” she said, rune groaned and busted into flames, the widow yelped as the force pushed her backwards, with her robes burnt and her sword a few feet away from her, she groaned as the burn was too much for her, she stood up, grabbed her sword again and took a defensive stance, but rune was no where to be found, “sorry, this needs to be done also” said rune as he raised her from her feet and opened his mouth to absorb her life essence, he watched as she choked, tried to get free from his grasp and watch in dire satisfaction as the life left her body and withered into bones. He dropped her bones, took her sword and was about to burn everything down when he heard something, he followed the raspy voice and ended up in a narrow room, like a prison, he opened the first door, and behold was Bumbu, he looked scared of rune and rune could understand, “go, leave this whole vicinity, do not let our paths cross again” said rune, bumbu cane out and placed his and on his shoulder, “the other person there, you will know what to do” said bumbu as he left, rune went too the second door and opened it, behold was a naked woman, she looked skinny, pale and had one breast, “fucking hell” whispered rune, the lady couldn't talk and rune guessed the widow cut out her tongue too,, all she had was a blank look on her face, rune unsheathed the widow's sword and stabbed her point blank in the chest, he peeked in the third door and saw one of the roscoff twins, so the widow didn't kill the second one, splendid, he thought and he went away, burning everything into crisp shambles.

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Re: Dark Coward Prince by Faboosuarez(m): 9:30am On Nov 19, 2018

AS always, inari was fetching firewood for the sisters and rune was well hidden in the forest staring at her, he couldn't hold it anymore, all he had been doing all these while after taking down his enemies was come back to the mountains to stare at inari, he was getting fed up with the whole arrangement and his mind felt like rebelling today, he wanted to approach her, talk to her, hold her and gently touch her skin, lay down in the grass and speak about the past, their triumphs and obstacles, the battles, the joy, anger, wins and losses but the sister told him she wouldn't remember who he was no more, now that he was thinking back, what was the point, they claimed to have resurrected her but she looked less than the shadow of herself, she looked herself okay and she looked fine but inari wasn't a lady who would be satisfied with fetching firewoods everyday of her life, she was a free spirit, someone who wanted to explore and that was what made them become friends at a tender age.

They both always wanted more and the county couldn't even hold them down, he remembered the first time they met, his father was the king then and he came back from the islands with slaves but this sadlooking girl dressed up in rags was the only one who wouldn't get in a cage with her buyer, she was exactly his age and he begged his father again and again until he agreed and bought her, it was not until they became a little close did he realise how smart she was, and since then they both always confided in each other, be was lost in thought and didn't see inari fall, it was until the firewood she had packed fell too till he glanced at her again and he ran towards her, “inari, inari, wake up” he said as he felt for a pulse and he could swear he heard her heart stop beating.

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Re: Dark Coward Prince by Ann2012(f): 9:37am On Nov 19, 2018
Thanks for the update
Re: Dark Coward Prince by Faboosuarez(m): 9:39am On Nov 19, 2018

YOU fucking peices of shit!” yelled rune as he carried inari's body in his arms, the sisters knew the day had come, they have been prepared for this for over two decades and nothing can shake their resolves, the coarse sister spoke first, “we instructed you not to see her, yet you did mortal and you come here to blame us?”, rune dropped on one knee as he placed inari's body on the floor, he wept as he caressed her face lightly, “she didn't see me, I made sure of that” said rune, the limping sister spoke next with no emotions in her, “she's dead, she's dead, you were destined to doom everything you touch nuenim, live and bear with it” rune clenched his fist as he glanced at her, his eyes were glowing green and the wind around was blowing strongly making funny sounds, “seems there's a lot you kept from me, like the fact that I was born with this curse and you sissies didn't actually give me anything!” yelled rune, Thunder boomed in the skies as he finished talking and the whole mountain shook, the sisters were scared but they kept their balance, they didn't know he could harness his powers and be that strong and powerful within a short period of time, they all brought their hands together in anticipation of rune initiating an attack.

Attacking as one was their only shot, they were unstoppable and powerful if they combined their powers, that would subdue the nuenim and they can bring an end to this stupid prophecy once and for all. Rune knew They would attack as one and he had seen what they can do if they combined their powers, if he expelled fire from his hands to scatter them, they could predict that and send the fire back to him, he didn't know if the fire from his hands could end his life and he wasn't waiting to find out, all he knew was that the fire burns brighter and must leave nasty burns, all he has to do was make a silly and unpredictable move, which will leave them awed for a moment and he could expel the fire from his hands to scatter them. Rune clenched his fist tighter as he looked back down at inari's body with love and pity, because he knew what he was about to do will be dishonorable to her body.

He clenched his fist tighter and busted into flames, the sisters raised a sheild wall with their spells as they stared through it in awe, no nuenim has ever done it, and it has never been seen nor recorded, it was at that moment the sisters realised being born with something and being gifted something were two different things, within the short window rune busted into flames and the time they got the sheild wall erected, their clothes were burnt a little and inari's body who was closest to the blast was burnt to crisps.

THE limpy sister got mad and she yelled back at rune, waves rippled from her mouth accompanied by massive fire like a dragon, he rolled away, the motherly one made some rocks break and they fell upon him, large boulders of rocks, he rtaised his hands above his head to dodge the rocks and he felt no pain as the rocks hit him, the coarse sister streched out her hand, a massive wind blew out towards rune followed by the limpy sister's massive fire, the wind helped spread the fire, rune unsheated his new blade, the one he got from thw widow, and placed it before him like a sheild, he didn't know why he did that but it felt right, the fire spread out and bounced back, the sisters yelped and all scattered through dodge it, “a mithril blade, where the hell did he get a mithril blade?” asked the limping sister, rune could feel the terror in their bones and in the mountains, “I'm putting an end to this" said the coarse sister as she got out with her hands spread and the limping sister behind her with her staff, rune knew it was time to put his A game on, he busted into flames glowing with the widow's sword in his hand, magic was useless to him in that mode and that angered the coarse one, she drew her staff too and they pranced at rune, rune slashed at the limping sister but all his blade caught was air, she was right behind him, she got him with her staff but he dodged, the coarse sister hit too and the staff hit his left leg, he slashed at then again and they were in the air above him, they rained blows on him with their staffs and that paralysed rune, he dropped to the ground with his blade falling off his hand, and his fire burning out.

“who do you think you are?” asked the coarse sister, “thinking you could take us on" continued the limping sister, rune groaned as he tried to move and grab his blade but the sisters kicked it far from his reach, he groaned feeling unimaginable pains all over his body, “end his miserable life” said the coarse sister to the motherly one, “let's see if a nuenim body can burn in the fire for a hundred years” joked the limping sister as she laughed, rune for a second saw inari smile at him and touch his face, “I'm fine, stand up and fight”, he groaned again as she disappeared from sight, he saw his mother too in the way he had always seen her, dressed up beautifully and vibrant and full of life, although that was the only picture be had of her and that picture was a portrait hung up in his father's palace, “it's all up to you now my son”, the birthmark on his chest was glowing but it was weak, his eyes glowed and that gave him hope, he was burning weakly as the sisters were talking and healing but they were too distracted to notice that, “I'm my mother's child, I'm the cursed child, the Ender of worlds, I'm ruin and doom itself, I'm the nuenim!” he yelled as he glowed brighter than before and the life was restored all over his body, he stood up and the sisters attacked, he vanished from sight, they did their spells but couldn't locate him, rune laughed and plucked the beating heart from the limping sister chest, she gave a little yell and fell to the ground, rune grabbed her staff and attacked the coarse sister, the other sister joined in too, rune streched the staff at them and fire beamed out of it, they both raised their sheild walls to protect themselves, the third sister ran at rune, as old and ancient as they looked, they ran faster than he could imagine, their staffs clashed in the air, and the downpart was that the sister underestimated rune's strength, her staff broke into pieces and rune hit her hardly in the face with the staff in his hand, her head rolled over and over to the coarse sister's feet and she slumped dead.

“you fucking abomination!” yelled the coarse sister, as she disappeared too, rune vanished from sight too and all the motherly one could see was their staffs knocking against each other in the air, she could also hear loud swish of air as the coarse sister sends tons and tons of bad wind against rune and rune returned the favor by sending waves of fire at her, she dodged one and stabbed rune in the gut with her staff, rune groaned as the staff made home and he slashed his sword at her beheading her, she became visible and fell down, rune became visible too bleeding, he walked towards the motherly one with his sword in hand, “you didn't fight why?“ he asked, she shrugged, he looked at her again, “it was you wasn't it?, you helped my mother“, she stood up to face him, “I knew you had it all in you and you didn't disappoint, now you have to end my misery” she said, rune nodded, she moved her lips whispering some words and rune couldn't control himself, he didn't know till he stabbed her, she gasped and spoke, “you are this world's only hope, do not believe what they all say that you are the villain, you have a lot of work to do and I believe you will always choose the right path” and she breathed her last falling to the ground, rune yelled in anger still clutching his stomach, he wouldn't survive this and he knows that, he went outside the mountain and towards the river trailing blood, he saw a small boat, he dropped both his swords inside, he climbed in too lying on his back, he smiled remembering how his mother's funeral went, she was placed in a long boat like this one, as the boat sailed away his brother and father shot it with flaming arrows and watched it burn as they all say their prayers, except in his own case, there was no flaming arrows, and no-one to pray for him, he closed his eyes and placed his fate in the hands of the sea.


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Re: Dark Coward Prince by Ann2012(f): 9:44am On Nov 19, 2018
Awwwnnn....just like that
Re: Dark Coward Prince by Faboosuarez(m): 3:35pm On Nov 19, 2018
Sadly that's the end of the story @ann, and if the writer's competition is on, kindly alert your boy and let's see if a nigga can win something, thank you all for viewing and reading, may the lord be with you all


Re: Dark Coward Prince by nastynic(m): 8:17pm On Nov 19, 2018
Sadly that's the end of the story @ann, and if the writer's competition is on, kindly alert your boy and let's see if a nigga can win something, thank you all for viewing and reading, may the lord be with you all

Thanks for the amazing Ride Boss

More cash
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God Speed and Inspiration

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Re: Dark Coward Prince by skubido(m): 9:08pm On Nov 19, 2018
Nice wan

Tanks a lot for the story
Re: Dark Coward Prince by Evold: 2:25pm On Nov 20, 2018
Surely it can't be the end. No happy ever after
Re: Dark Coward Prince by Faboosuarez(m): 6:50am On Nov 20
Re: Dark Coward Prince by winie(f): 7:28pm On Nov 21
Wow! Nice story. But it's or supposed to end that way. The last witch said he was the saviour of his people. Well done
Re: Dark Coward Prince by Faboosuarez(m): 8:04pm On Nov 21
Wow! Nice story. But it's or supposed to end that way. The last witch said he was the saviour of his people. Well done

lol, u think he died?? sorry to burst ur bubble

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