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Re: The New Girl by linobrown9(m): 1:47pm On May 30, 2018
� �
Re: The New Girl by Samuelsmart22(m): 2:41pm On May 30, 2018
Nice one Op, more please....... cool
Re: The New Girl by zeko172(m): 2:01pm On Jun 01, 2018
This is gonna be so interesting, nice work.
Re: The New Girl by zeko172(m): 2:02pm On Jun 01, 2018
This is gonna be so interesting, nice work.
Re: The New Girl by Asemark: 4:11pm On Jun 01, 2018
Episode 17
Josephine and Elizabeth watched astonished as Hannah walked into their well furnished room crying her eyes out.
Josephine: Hannah, what’s wrong?
Hannah: (crying).
Elizabeth: Awwn, C’mon Hannah what happened? Why are you crying like this?
Hannah: (crying).
Elizabeth: C’mon Hannah, you can’t keep on crying like this all day. What’s wrong? What happened? Talk to us. You know we’re always there for you.
Hannah: Some…… Some…… Someone beat up Daniel and told him me to stay away from him (crying louder).
Josephine: Oh my God (startled) Really? Someone would do that? Awwn, It’s okay Hannah (hugging her) stop crying.
Elizabeth: Yeah, It’s okay Hannah (hugging her).
Hannah: Don’t tell me it’s okay because it’s not. I don’t know what to do. I’m so confused. I can’t believe someone is capable of doing that to Daniel because of me (crying).
Elizabeth: But Hannah, who do you think is capable of doing this?
Hannah: I don’t know, I really don’t know (sobbing).
Josephine: It might probably be one of Hannah’s admirers or don’t you girls think so?
Elizabeth: Well, I really don’t know that for a fact or Hannah, do you know anyone that is jealous of your fondness to Daniel?
Hannah: I don’t know…. I don’t know (sobbing).
Josephine: Of course she won’t. They are a lot of guys in this school that don’t like the fact that Hannah is so close to Daniel and would want to use this opportunity to make sure Hannah stays away from Daniel for good.
Hannah: So what do you girls think I should do now?
Elizabeth: Well, for now I think you should stay away from Daniel. Atleast for now tho.
Hannah: What!!! No I can’t away from him. I love him (crying).
Elizabeth: No! No!! No!!! I don’t mean you should stay away from him forever. I mean just for the main time.
Josephine: Until what happens?
Elizabeth: We need to know who is behind this and make them pay.
Hannah: But how do you intend on doing that?
Elizabeth: Just leave that to me girls, I’ve got that covered. I will find out who did it and make the person or people pay for it.
Hannah: Thank you Lizzy. You just made me feel a little bit better (smiles lightly).
Elizabeth: No problem sweetheart but do you have any other details apart from the one you told us earlier?
Hannah: Yeah, someone in a Clown’s mask like the one The Joker in Batman usually had on, took my bag and ran into the Hall that is under renovation and Daniel chased after him but when he came out, he was looking tattered like someone that had been beaten up. When I asked him what happened to him, he told me that he was ambushed by 2 other guys wearing the same mask, they beat him up and told him stay away from me unless he wanted to get beat up everytime he does.
Elizabeth: Alright, that’s good enough. I’ll take it from here.


Re: The New Girl by Asemark: 4:15pm On Jun 01, 2018
*Back in Daniel’s room*
Daniel: Look Eddy, I just have to hand it to you, that plan of yours was so on point. I can’t believe Hannah fell for it.
Felix: Yeah, I’m also shocked myself. Great thinking Eddy.
Edwin: I told you guys never to underestimate me and my brainpower. I’m the king of pranks (smirking).
Clement: Well, I’ll have to agree with you on this one. Let’s all bow to King Eddy.
Clement, Daniel & Felix: Hail King Eddy. Hail! Hail!! Hail!!!
Edwin: It’s okay my loyal subject. You can get up and pack your scrappy buttocks with it (smirking).
Daniel: Well, I must thank you Eddy, No Infact, I should thank you guys for always coming to my rescue even when I don’t ask for it. You guys are always there for me and always there to help me out of any situation so I really thank you guys for everything. You guys are really the best friends anyone could ask for. I love you guys so much.
Edwin: Eeew Daniel stop it, don’t say that love part. It sounds so……girlish (looking disgusted).
Clement: Shut up Eddy, can’t you see Daniel was going emotional on us.
Felix: And it was so touching (faking a tear).
Daniel: (laughs) You guys are really something but really, thank you guys for always being there for me.
Clement: No problem Danny boy, we always gat ya back.
Edwin: That’s why we’re brothers from another mother.
Felix: This is getting too emotional. Group Hug!!!!!!!
Edwin: No! No!! No group hugging Felix.
Felix: Hun!! You’re no fun.
Edwin: Men! I’m hungry.
Clement: Me too.
Felix: Me three.
Edwin, Clement & Felix: (looking at Daniel).
Daniel: Why are guys looking at me like that?
Edwin, Clement & Felix: (still looking at Daniel).
Daniel: Why are you guys looking at me?
Edwin, Clement & Felix: (still looking at Daniel).
Daniel: You guys should stop looking at me like that, it’s creepy.
Edwin, Clement & Felix: (still looking at Daniel and forming puppy eyes).
Daniel: C’mon, you guys know I don’t know how to cook.
Edwin: Then order (puppy eyes).
Daniel: Order what?
Edwin, Clement & Felix: Pizza!!!!!! (Grinning)
Daniel: Why did I even ask? Okay, I will order for a box.
Felix: What, a box? No way.
Daniel: So how many boxes?
Edwin, Clement & Felix: 10 boxes!!!! (Grinning).
Daniel: What!!!! 10 boxes? And who’s gonna eat it all?
Edwin: Erm, I think that’s where we come into play (Grinning).
Daniel: Ah jeez! Alright, 10 boxes it is (making a call).
Felix: Yeepi.
Clement: Now Eddy, why don’t we go back to me thrashing you in the video game huh? (Smirking).
Edwin: Ha! In your dreams Sunny boy (rushing to the video game).
Felix: This I must see.
Daniel: Hey!! Did I give you guys permission to play my video game.
Edwin: Oh sorry. Hey!! Daniel, can we play your video game?
Daniel: Absolutely n…………..
Edwin: Oh Thank you Danny boy. You’re far too kind (smiling).
Daniel: Oh geez who am i kidding? Oh well, it can’t be helped (shrugging). N1000 on Eddy to lose.


Re: The New Girl by kayusdguy(m): 5:58pm On Jun 01, 2018
Cool update but these your updates are kind of parabulating around a point, it's not going anywhere. Try to make the updates faster and make them have good contents so we will be looking forward to your updates
Re: The New Girl by Godwindanielboy(m): 11:33am On Jun 02, 2018
Thanks for the update. God bless. Elizabeth vs Edwin. Looking forward to it.
Re: The New Girl by Ann2012(f): 4:28pm On Jun 02, 2018
Thanks for the mention.
Interesting piece here, keep the updates coming pls
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Re: The New Girl by queenitee(f): 7:05pm On Jun 02, 2018
I so like their friendship
Re: The New Girl by BilliBaron: 11:59am On Jun 03, 2018
Guy don't keep me waiting. I so much love this
Re: The New Girl by sirkingz455(m): 3:41pm On Jun 03, 2018
angry[color=][/color] update please am waiting
Re: The New Girl by Asemark: 9:26pm On Jun 03, 2018
Episode 19
*Taking a walk*
Cleo: So Susan, will you be spending the Christmas holiday with your family.
Susan: Yeah, I’m sure my mum must be dying to see me again.
Cleo: Sounds like you both are really close.
Susan: Of course we are. My mum is my backbone. She taught me almost everything I know. She taught me how to cook, oh my mum makes the best Ofe Oha (Oha Soup) no one can compete with her in that (chuckles). She taught me good manners, I mean you name it. That’s why I love her so much.
Cleo: Awwn so sweet. Well my mum is late though. She died when me and Nicole was just 3.
Susan: Oh my God! I’m so sorry to hear that.
Cleo: It’s okay. I don’t really miss her since I hardly knew her.
Susan: Awwn.
Cleo: Well, the good thing is that my Dad is really trying for us. He’s always been there for us and he’s always been very supportive. He’s just like a mother to us but he still does his fatherly duties. He’s a Superdad.
Susan: Wow!! Go Dad Go (chuckles).
Cleo: (laughs) Yeah, speaking of which, how is your boyfriend? (Smirking).
Susan: Which boyfriend? Did I tell you I have a boyfriend? (Looking confused).
Cleo: (laughs) I mean Kelvin silly or isn’t he you boyfriend?
Susan: Oh, he’s not my boyfriend (blushes) he’s just a………friend.
Cleo: Yeah right, he’s just a friend. After stalking you for 2 months plus, you guys are still on the friendship level?
Susan: No, he wasn’t stalking me and yes we’re still on the friendship level.
Cleo: So when are you guys planning on taking it to the next level?
Susan: C’mon Cleo, Isn’t it too early to start thinking about that?
Cleo: Oh, so 2 months plus isn’t enough to think about it? (Shrugging).
Susan: Erm…… Well……… It’s just………
Kelvin: Hey!!!! Susan (waving at her while walking towards her).
Cleo: Speaking of the boyfriend.
Susan: (In hush tones) Cleo, please don’t leave me alone with him.
Cleo: Alright (smiling).
Kelvin: Hi Susan, Hi Cleo.
Susan: Hey Kelvin.
Cleo: Bye Kelvin (leaving)
Susan: (In hush tones) Cleo! Cleo!! Where are you going?
Kelvin: What’s up with her?
Susan: Erm.. She’s just really busy packing. She’s spending the Holiday with her family.
Kelvin: Oh, What about you? Are you also spending the Holiday with your family?
Susan: Yes I will. I’m already missing them.
Kelvin: Oh I see. So I’ll be all alone here.
Susan: Awwn, aren’t you going to spend the Holiday with your family?
Kelvin: Well, there isn’t much to spend with them?
Susan: Oh, what do you mean?
Kelvin: Don’t worry about it, it’s really nothing. I actually have something important I wanna tell you.
Susan: Okay, what’s that?
Kelvin: First, let’s go find some shade, this sun is killing.
Susan: (smiles) Alright. (They both go under a tree).
Kelvin: Susan, Ever since I met you, my life has never been the same. I treasure every minute I spend with you and when I’m not with you, I think about you every second. Susan, what I’m trying to say is that I love you. I love you so much. I can’t imagine my life without you by my side. Please, give me a chance to make you happy all the days of your life.
Susan: Oh….. Erm……I don’t know what to say.
Kelvin: Just say anything.
Susan: I……….I…………I

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Re: The New Girl by Asemark: 9:27pm On Jun 03, 2018
Episode 20
*Daniel’s home*
Daniel: I’m home!!!! (Screaming).
Jenny & Jessy: Daniel!!!!! (Running towards him for a hug).
Daniel: Hey sis (Hugs them).
Mrs Rose: Hello Daniel (smiling and going for a hug).
Daniel: Hi Mum (smiling and hugging her).
Mrs Rose: Welcome my son. Look at you, you’re so big now. My baby boy is all grown up (rubbing his cheeks).
Daniel: Argh!! Mum, I ain’t a baby anymore.
Mrs Rose: Well, As long as you are my son, you will always be my baby boy and I will always be your mother.
Jenny: That’s right baby boy (tongue out).
Daniel: (tongue out).
Mrs Rose: (smiles) You two are at it again. Why don’t you go freshen up Daniel? I’ve already cooked your favourite (smiling).
Daniel: Jollof Rice?
Mrs Rose: (laughs) Yes, I knew you would love that. So, go freshen up while I dish out your food, Okay?
Daniel: Okay Mum. Thanks mum, you’re the best (pecking her).
Mrs Rose: Alright my son.
Daniel: How about Dad?
Mrs Rose: He’s fine. He’s still in the office but he’ll be back soon.
Daniel: Okay, can’t wait to see him again.
Jenny: Why don’t we help you carry your bag to your room? (Smiling sheepishly).
Daniel: Thanks but no thanks. I can carry it myself.
Mrs Rose: Daniel, can’t you see your sisters are very happy to see you again? C’mon let them help you with your bag (smiles).
Daniel: Alright, just don’t break anything.
Jenny: Okay (Taking Daniel’s bag).
Jessy: No, I’ll hold Daniel’s bag.
Jenny: No, I’ll hold Daniel’s bag.
Jessy: Me
Jenny: Me
Jessy: Me
Jenny: Me
Daniel: Hey!! You can both hold my bag.
Jenny: (Tongue out to Jessy)
Jessy: (Tongue out to Jenny)
*Daniel’s room*
Daniel: You girls should drop the bag on the bed.
Jessy: Thank God because this bag is really heavy.
Jenny: Yeah, did you put the whole universe in your bag?
Daniel: Weren’t you girls the ones who were literally killing each other just to carry my bag? Why are you now complaining?
Jenny: Well, you didn’t have to rub it in (shrugging).
Daniel: Well, Sorry for rubbing it in (shrugging).
Jessy: So, how is life in college? Is it hard?
Jessy: Is it exciting?
Jenny: Is it tough?
Jessy: Is it……..

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Re: The New Girl by Asemark: 9:29pm On Jun 03, 2018
Episode 21
Daniel: Hey! Hey!! Hey!!! One at a time please. Don’t cloud my head with questions. I don’t wanna have a headache.
Jessy: Okay, but answer the question.
Daniel: Well, it’s stressful just stressful and you would have to study more.
Jenny: Ah Men!! Study more? Just what I needed (rolling eyes).
Daniel: Better get serious young lady, remember you will soon be in college.
Jenny: Whatever, you don’t have to remind me.
Jessy: Hey Daniel, guess what?
Daniel: What?
Jessy: Jenny now has a boyfriend (smirking at Jenny).
Daniel: What!! A boyfriend!!?
Jenny: Jessy!!?
Jessy: What? He would still found out sooner or later.
Jenny: Argh! You are just unbelievable.
Daniel: So It’s true?
Jenny: Well, Yeah it is. I mean C’mon Daniel, I’m no longer a kid. I’m sixteen (16).
Daniel: And that’s the more reason why you shouldn’t have one. It’s too early for you to have one and you can’t trust these guys, all they want is to have fun and leave.
Jessy: That’s exactly what I told her.
Jenny: So, what you are trying to say is that I shouldn’t trust you? (Smirking).
Daniel: I’m……..your……..brother, that’s completely different.
Jenny: I know you’re looking out for me but this guy is different. I’m sure of that.
Daniel: Okay! Okay!! But what’s his name?
Jenny: He’s name is Kelvin (smiling).
Daniel: Oh….. Okay. Just be careful Jenny.
Jenny: I will and don’t go telling Mum and Dad Daniel and you too Jessy.
Jessy: C’mon, why would I wanna do that.
Jenny: Because you’re such a blabber mouth.
Jessy: Oh yeah? Well you’re……..Erm………you’re an idiot, yeah that’s what you are.
Jenny: Oh brother (rolling eyes).
Daniel: Alright you two, time to leave my room. C’mon chop-chop on your feet.
Jenny: Alright! Alright!! We’re leaving.
Daniel: And make sure my food is on the Dinning table before I get there.
Jenny: You talking to me?
Daniel: No, I was talking to your head. Of course I was talking to………
Jenny: Good because my head is leaving (quickly rushes out).
Daniel: Wait!! I was…… Argh!! Jessy, just help me……..
Jessy: I’m out (quickly rushes out).
Daniel: Why do I have such lazy sisters? But why do I have this feeling that I’ve heard that name “Kelvin” somewhere?
Edwin: (sings) The fun has arrived!! Thank you very much.
Aunt Mary: Oh, my boy is back.
Edwin: Aunt Mary!! (Hugs her) How are you?
Aunt Mary: I’m fine. I would have asked you the same question but there is no need for that because I can see you also fine. Look at you, you have grown so tall and look at these chubby cheeks of yours (rubbing his cheeks).
Edwin: Argh!! Aunt Mary, leave the cheeks alone. I use them to look pretty (smiling).
Aunt Mary: (laughs) I can see you haven’t changed at all.
Edwin: Of course not. Just like you always say “A leopard never changes it’s spot” (smirking).
Aunt Mary: (laughs) You’re right my boy.
Edwin: God!! Aunt Mary, I’m starving. Hope you prepared something delicious for me to eat and my stomach to enjoy?
Aunt Mary: Of course I have. I prepared something special for you.
Edwin: Mr Stomach did you hear that? Something special for us is in the cooking pot.
Aunt Mary: But before that Edwin, there is someone I would like you to meet. The person has been waiting for you for a while now.
Edwin: Oh and who is that?
Aunt Mary: You will just have to find out.
Edwin: Okay, where is the person?
Aunt Mary: In the Living room
Edwin: Alright (walks to the Living room)
Voice: Hello Edwin
Edwin: (looking shocked) What are you doing here?

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Re: The New Girl by Asemark: 9:31pm On Jun 03, 2018
Episode 22
Growing up for Edwin wasn’t as rosy as it was meant to be. Born into a family where both parents were too busy to take care or give him the attention he needed because they were too busy with their work.
Mr. Samuel; Edwin’s father, is a politician. He is currently the Senate President of Nigeria which usually comes with a lot of responsibilities on his part. He travelled a lot on business or national trips to different countries and when he wasn’t on a business trip, he was busy working on one contract or the other. Anytime he was opportune to take a break from work he never spends time with young Edwin, instead, he would send him to his Nanny or his friend’s children to play.
Mrs. Sandra; Edwin’s mother on the other hand is a world renowned fashion designer. Her fashion label “Elegance” is one of the biggest fashion labels in Africa. Being the sole owner of the company, she usually travel a lot to other countries to promote and sell her wears.
Although, young Edwin never lacked any material possession while growing up as his parents always provided all the material things he needed. He went to the best school, had an endless stack of clothes, had different brands of shoes and every material possession you could ever think of. But with all of that, young Edwin was singlehandedly taken care of by his nanny ‘Aunt Mary’. His parents were around and he barely knew them. He grew up to hate and despise his parents as they both neglected him when he was a child and he now took Aunt Mary as both his father and mother as she was the only one that showed him love when he was young. So he seeing his mother standing in front of him for the first time in a very long time, brought back the bad memories he had of her.
Edwin: I said what are you doing here? (Shouting angrily).
Mrs. Sandra: Calm down Edwin. I’m here to see you and also for us to talk.
Edwin: We have nothing to talk about so just leave me alone.
Mrs. Sandra: Listen my son, I know………..
Edwin: Don’t ever call me your son (Shouting angrily).
Mrs. Sandra: I know you must be hurting, I know you must be angry to see me here but I’m here to make things right. I’m here so that……….
Edwin: (laughs sarcastically) Make things right? Really? After all these years? You think now is the right time to make things right?
Mrs. Sandra: Please Edwin, Just give me a chance to mend things with you. Give me a chance to mend our relationship, PLEASE!!!
Edwin: Sorry Mrs. Sandra, there is absolutely nothing to mend over here.
Aunt Mary: Edwin!? No!! You can’t address her in that manner, she’s still your mother.
Edwin: Oh really? My mother? My mother? Sorry Aunt Mary but this woman isn’t my mother. For all I know, I don’t have a father or mother.
Mrs. Sandra: (crying) No! My son you do. I’m sorry for all I’ve made you pass through………..
Edwin: No!! You have no idea what I’ve gone through all these years. You have no idea how much I longed for you and Dad’s attention. You have no idea all the sleepless nights I had just because I was waiting for either you or Dad to return. (Crying) You have no idea how many times I felt sad whenever I saw my friends with their parents. You have no idea how many times I have had to wait for you and Dad in any school event. So don’t appear out of the blue after so many years as if nothing had happened.
Mrs. Sandra: (Crying) I’m so sorry my son for all……….
Edwin: (Screaming) Stop calling me your son! Stop calling me your son!! I’m not your son, you’re not my mother. I hate you so much. Just leave me alone!! LEAVE ME ALONE!!! (Walking out).
Mrs. Sandra: Edwin! Edwin!! Please wait, Please!! (Crying).
Aunt Mary: Oh Sandra, I’m so sorry (hugging her).
Mrs. Sandra: I’ve lost my son forever, I’ve lost my only child forever (Crying).
Aunt Mary: No Sandra you haven’t. Edwin is just emotionally down right now. Just give him time, I’m sure he will eventually calm down and listen to you. You are still his mother, no matter what YOU ARE STILL HIS MOTHER! So just calm Sandra, it will be fine.
Mr. Sandra: Thank you Aunt Mary. You have been a blessing to us all since your arrival to this family. Thank you so much.
Aunt Mary: No problem my dear. Now calm down, stop crying and go rest.
* Edwin’s room *
As Edwin laid on his bed, he reflected on his sudden appearance of his mother. He still couldn’t understand why the sudden change of heart by his mother.
‘Why is she back begging me to forgive her?”
“After all these years of neglect from both her and my father?”
“I’m sure she has motive for her to be doing this”
“I’m sure she does, after all the times she and Dad neglected me when I needed them” Edwin thought as images of his earlier life began flooding his head.


Re: The New Girl by Godwindanielboy(m): 10:13pm On Jun 03, 2018
Pitiful Edwin, kelvin Thanks for the update. God bless.
Re: The New Girl by devilmaycry1(m): 11:13pm On Jun 03, 2018
Wow iiice
Re: The New Girl by zeko172(m): 7:28am On Jun 04, 2018
Great work, am so following this to the end
Re: The New Girl by Ann2012(f): 8:45am On Jun 04, 2018
Well done Asemark
Re: The New Girl by queenitee(f): 1:41pm On Jun 04, 2018
Poor Edwin
Re: The New Girl by Asemark: 4:11pm On Jun 04, 2018
Una just de read my story yet una no even think to follow me


Re: The New Girl by tunjilomo(m): 5:35pm On Jun 04, 2018
Una just de read my story yet una no even think to follow me

Everything at the right time,bro.
Re: The New Girl by oloyedprince1(m): 11:26pm On Jun 04, 2018
bro verything as it own time
Re: The New Girl by zeko172(m): 2:26pm On Jun 05, 2018
you are doing a great job, some of us are already following soon more people will.
Re: The New Girl by wharlay23(m): 12:12pm On Jun 06, 2018
really enjoying this story
Re: The New Girl by zeko172(m): 10:12am On Jun 07, 2018
Where's Asemark, come and continue what u started oo
Re: The New Girl by Asemark: 10:15am On Jun 07, 2018
Where's Asemark, come and continue what u started oo
no issue bro... Go soon upload

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Re: The New Girl by Asemark: 10:50am On Jun 07, 2018
Episode 23
* Flashback *
Edwin at age 6
“Dad, Take a look at what I drew” Edwin said showing his Father the Dinosaur he drew.
“Edwin, can’t you see I’m busy? Go show your mother and don’t bother me again” Mr. Samuel said as he went back to the files he was checking on his laptop.
“Okay” Edwin responded disappointed that his father had turned him away.
“Mum, take a look at what I drew” Edwin said as he walked into his mother’s room.
“Not now baby, mummy is busy” Mrs. Rose said fully engrossed with the paperwork in front of her.
“Okay” Edwin said as he walked dejectedly to the living room.
“What’s wrong Edwin? You don’t look happy” Aunt Mary asked as she walked into the living room.
“Mummy and Daddy are too busy to see my drawing” Edwin said looking gloomy.
“Oh poor baby, don’t worry I’m sure they will look at it later” Aunt Mary said with a smile on her face.
“Okay” Edwin stated still looking gloomy.
“Why don’t I take a look at what you drew?” Aunt Mary asked as she sat down beside him.
“Sure” Edwin replied wholeheartedly.
“Hmm Nice drawing, I really like it” Aunt Mary said as she looked at Edwin’s drawing.
“Really?” Edwin asked.
“Yeah, sure. It’s a really nice drawing” Aunt Mary replied with a smile.
“Thanks Aunt Mary” Edwin said smiling for the first time since the whole incident.
* Edwin during his graduation from High school *
“Yeah I know, my parents just arrived” Daniel said.
“Cool, that means we can all have a group photo with our parents” Clement said.
“But Edwin, have your parents showed up yet?” Felix asked.
“Well, they haven’t arrived yet but I’m sure they will eventually come. They promised they would” Edwin said trying not to sound nervous.
“Alright, let’s go in now, it’s about to start” Clement as they all rushed in.
* 2 hours in *
“Aunt Mary, have my parents arrived?” Edwin asked as he walked up to where she sat.
“Well, they haven’t. But don’t worry, I’m sure they will. They are probably stuck in traffic” Aunt Mary said trying to light up the situation.
“Alright, but when they do get here, please let me know” Edwin said.
“Sure….. Sure, I will definitely do that” Aunt Mary replied nervously.
* At the end of the graduation ceremony *
“Hey guys, C’mon let’s go have the group right now” Clement suggested.
“Sure why not, let’s all go get our parents” Daniel added.
“Yeah” they all chorused.
“Aunt Mary, did my parents come?” Edwin asked as he spotted her amongst the crowd.
“Well…… I’m sorry to say this but they couldn’t make it” Aunt Mary said looking downcast.
“Ooh………they…­…..didn’t………­come?” Edwin asked shocked over what he just heard.
“Hey!! Eddy, get over here, it’s time” Felix screamed.
“Okay…….I’m coming” Edwin said as he slowly walked over to where they all stood.
“What happened Eddy? Where are your parents?” Daniel asked a bit confused.
“Well, they didn’t come” Edwin replied looking downcast.
“What! You mean your parents didn’t come to their son’s graduation ceremony?” Clement asked surprised over what he just heard.
“Oh yeah, I think your father told me he and your mother were going to attend a programme today” Mr. Richard; Daniel’s father said.
“Oh really? And they told me they were coming today? Anyway no problem, who needs them” Edwin said.
“Okay folks, let’s get in position for the photoshoot” the photographer said as he got to where they stood.
“Aunt Mary, do you mind taking the photoshoot with us” Edwin asked.
“Sure why not” Aunt Mary replied.
“Alright everyone, say Cheese!!!” The photograph asked.
“CHEESE!!!” They chorused.
* Flashback ends *
“God, I can’t think clearly while I’m in this house. I need some fresh air” Edwin said as he walked out of his room towards the front door.
“Edwin!! Wait!! Please listen to me. Don’t leave!!” Mrs. Rose called out as she saw him leaving the house.
“Leave me alone! Leave me alone!!” Edwin roared as he banged the door shut after him.


Re: The New Girl by Asemark: 10:55am On Jun 07, 2018
Episode 24
I’ve decided to give to give my main characters surnames. So from now on, they will known as…
Daniel – Daniel Macaulay
Susan – Susan Williams
Edwin – Edwin James
Clement – Clement Johnson
Felix – Felix Benjamin
Hannah – Hannah Smith
All changes have been made and No, it will not affect the storyline or any of the sort.
The journey back home for Susan was clouded with thoughts on what transpired between her and Kelvin.
* Flashback *
Susan: I don’t know what to say.
Kelvin: Just say anything.
Susan: I… I… I
Kelvin: Just say whatever your heart tells you (rubbing his palm against hers)
Susan: I… I will think about it.
Kelvin: You will think about it?
Susan: Yeah. I mean, this is too sudden for me. I need to be sure before I make any decisions.
Kelvin: Alright, no problem. I will give you time and space to think about it well but I want you to know one thing.
Susan: What is it?
Kelvin: That whatever decision you make, I will always be there for you and stand by you no matter what.
Susan: Aww, that’s so sweet of you, thanks.
Kelvin: No problem sweetheart. Can I walk you to your hostel?
Susan: Sure why not? I could really use some company now that Cleo left (smiles).
* Flashback end *
She was a bit of a dilemma as she knew she liked him but wasn’t sure she was ready for a relationship yet. She hadn’t settled down fully into her new school environment. But on the other hand, it would be nice if she got into a relationship as she had never been in one before and which other person to be in a relationship with than Kelvin as he possessed all the qualities a good guy would have. He was handsome, nice, funny amongst a few. These two different thoughts bugged Susan’s mind as she wasn’t sure which she should choose.
As the bus got closely to her house, she quickly packed her luggage together and waited till it came to a full halt in front of her house where her mother and younger sister, Theresa, were eagerly waiting for her arrival. As she got down from the bus with her luggage, Mrs. Williams and Theresa ran excitedly to where she stood.
Theresa: Hey! Sis. Welcome back home (grabbing Susan’s luggage).
Susan: Thanks sis. Good afternoon Mum (kneeling before her mother).
Mrs. Williams: Welcome my daughter. How was your trip?
Susan: It was fine. What about Dad?
Mrs. Williams: He’s fine. He went to Mr. Stanley’s house to borrow some money.
Susan: Borrow money? But why?
Mrs. Williams: Don’t worry about that, I will explain everything for you later but now, let’s go into the house. I know you must be tired from your journey.
Susan: Okay Mum.
* In the living room *
Mrs. Williams: Sit down.
Susan: Thanks mum. Hmm this place hasn’t changed a bit since I left.
Mrs. Williams: Well, there isn’t any reason to do so and even though there is, there’s no money.
Susan: Oh yeah right (smiling sheepishly).
Theresa: (Coming out of Susan’s room) I have taken your bag to your room Suzy and I have already cleaned up your room; It’s now sparkling clean (grinning).
Susan: Aww, thanks Tessa. You are such a darling (smiling).
Theresa: You’re welcome (smiling).
Susan: So Mum, is there any food in the kitchen? I’m starving.
Mrs. Williams: Unfortunately there isn’t. That was why your father went to borrow money. So that we can buy garri and use it to make eba (a Nigerian food) for supper.
Susan: Oh, if that’s the case, I have…
* Mr. Williams walks in *
Mrs. Williams: Welcome back honey.
Susan & Theresa: Welcome Dad.
Mr. Williams: Oh my daughter is here. How are you my and how’s school?
Susan: I’m fine Dad and school is fine also (smiling).
Mr. Williams: I hope you are concentrating on your studies?
Susan: Yes I am.
Mr. Williams: Good, that’s my girl (smiling).
Mrs. Williams: So honey, what did Mr. Stanley say? Did he lend you the money?
Mr. Williams: Well, after much pleading, he agreed to give me N5000 (five thousand Naira) with a promise to pay him back with an interest of N8000 (eight thousand Naira) before the end of the month.
Mrs. Williams: What!? N8000?
Susan: But Dad, where are you gonna get N8000 to pay him back?
Mr. Williams: That’s the least of my problem now. All I want now is for us to have food to eat and this money is enough to feed us for two weeks.
Susan: Okay. Dad, the money you gave me when I was going to college is still intact. Well, not all of it but a huge chunk of it is. I’ve been saving it for a rainy day but I can see we need it more than I do. So, why don’t you return the money and let’s use mine instead?


Re: The New Girl by Asemark: 10:57am On Jun 07, 2018
Episode 25
Mrs. Williams: Unfortunately there isn’t. That was why your father went to borrow money. So that we can buy garri and use it to make eba (a Nigerian food) for supper.
Susan: Oh, if that’s the case, I have…
* Mr. Williams walks in *
Mrs. Williams: Welcome back honey.
Susan & Theresa: Welcome Dad.
Mr. Williams: Oh my daughter is here. How are you my and how’s school?
Susan: I’m fine Dad and school is fine also (smiling).
Mr. Williams: I hope you are concentrating on your studies?
Susan: Yes I am.
Mr. Williams: Good, that’s my girl (smiling).
Mrs. Williams: So honey, what did Mr. Stanley say? Did he lend you the money?
Mr. Williams: Well, after much pleading, he agreed to give me N5000 (five thousand Naira) with a promise to pay him back with an interest of N8000 (eight thousand Naira) before the end of the month.
Mrs. Williams: What!? N8000?
Susan: But Dad, where are you gonna get N8000 to pay him back?
Mr. Williams: That’s the least of my problem now. All I want now is for us to have food to eat and this money is enough to feed us for two weeks.
Susan: Okay. Dad, the money you gave me when I was going to college is still intact. Well, not all of it but a huge chunk of it is. I’ve been saving it for a rainy day but I can see we need it more than I do. So, why don’t you return the money and let’s use mine instead?
Mr. Williams: I appreciate your effort, Susan, but I think you should keep the money and save it well for that rainy day. Believe me, that rainy day will eventually come and you will need that money then.
Theresa: But Dad, Susan is right. I can’t stand seeing you in dept coupled with the fact that you have to pay back in interest.
Mrs. Williams: Honey, please listen to your daughters. You can’t be a debtor while there is money in our hands. Please return the money and let’s use Susan’s savings. I can’t begin to imagine what will happen if you are not able to refund the money with interest.
Mr. Williams: I have heard all what y’all have said and I appreciate y’all for your concern but I’m not touching Susan’s savings and I’m not returning this money. Susan needs that money more than we do now that she is in a high class school. You all shouldn’t worry, before the month’s end, I will refund the money.
Susan: Okay Dad, why don’t I go find a job? Atleast I know I’m capable of one.
Mr. Williams: No, that’s out of the question. I sent you to school to learn and become a great person in future not to be working.
Susan: But Dad, I can get a job and use the money I earn to foot the bills and also buy foodstuffs.
Mr. Williams: (Angry) Listen to me Susan, you are not going to work and leave your education just because of our financial status and that’s FINAL! When you guys are ready, go and buy the garri (drops some money on the table and walks out).
Theresa: Gosh, Dad is so stubborn.
Mrs. Williams: Don’t worry Susan, I’ll talk to him. You know how stubborn your father can be but in the mean time, why don’t you go rest, alright? (Walks out).
Susan: Alright Mum.
Theresa: So sis, what are we gonna do? We can’t just sit down and let Dad handle all the financial burdens of our family alone.
Susan: I know, that’s why I’m gonna look for a job right now. Tell Mom and Dad that I went for a walk (leaving the house).
Theresa: Alright I will. Goodluck!
* Susan walking down the street *
“Gosh, where am I gonna start searching for a job?”
“But I just have to do something instead of sitting at home, watching how things might unfold, probably for the worst.”
“Right now, I think I can be able to do any kind of legal job as long as it will…” Susan thought out loud but was cut short when someone bumped into her making both of them fall to the ground.
“Hey! Can’t you watch where you are going?” The masculine voice barked at Susan.
“Sorry, I didn’t see you co…”
“YOU!?” They both chorused as they recognized each other.

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