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Re: The New Girl by kosasly(m): 10:55am On May 19, 2018
please keep me updated for more episodes
Re: The New Girl by balorx(m): 12:54pm On May 19, 2018
wow.... nice story pls make sure to update it daily
Re: The New Girl by linobrown9(m): 2:06pm On May 19, 2018
Wow... interesting
Re: The New Girl by ruboy(m): 4:50pm On May 19, 2018
Nice write up...
Re: The New Girl by Mukhtar20(m): 5:31pm On May 19, 2018
nice work
Re: The New Girl by kreamy28(f): 6:06pm On May 19, 2018
Re: The New Girl by cleph: 12:31am On May 20, 2018
Nice one...really enjoying the story....more update please
Re: The New Girl by Asemark: 10:00am On May 20, 2018
Episode 9
Hannah: So Daniel, i guess it’s just you and me now (smirking).
Daniel: (smiling sheepishly).
Hannah: So, How have you been doing?
Daniel: Good, been good. Erm am sorry but I’ve to go now.
Hannah: Huh! But Why?
Daniel: I just remembered i haven’t done my project and it must be submitted tomorrow, so i really have to go now (getting up).
Hannah: Oh okay, can i accompany you to your hostel?
Daniel: (eyes widens) No! No!! Don’t worry about it. I don’t want to be a bother to you.
Hannah: No! No!! It’s no problem at all.
Daniel: No really. I really wanna get home on time so that i can finish it before nightfall (leaving) Goodbye!!
Hannah: Okay, Bye (talking to herself) Daniel, i can see you’re now slowly expressing your love for me and I’ll do anything possible to make sure you are mine even if it’s the last thing i do on earth (smirking) Let’s go girls.
Back in Daniel’s room
Daniel: (talking to himself) I can’t believe these guys stood me up like that, living me alone with that girl? Urgh, so annoying.
Entering his room, he met the guys there playing his video game.
Edwin: Goal!!!!! Woo hoo, Rooney my man, now that’s how you score a Goal.
Clement: Oh shut up, it’s just your first goal in 3 matches both of us have played and you’re celebrating?.
Edwin: Those other matches were all mistakes because Felix was distracting me (glaring at Felix).
Felix: Huh!! What did i do?
Edwin: You were eating the chips like a pig.
Felix: I so do not eat like a pig, take that back (glaring daggers at Edwin).
Daniel: What the Hell is going on here?
Clement, Edwin & Felix: Ahhhhhhhhhh (screaming).
Felix: What the Hell Daniel? You wanna scare the Hell out of us?
Daniel: What’re you guys doing in my room?
Clement: Hey!! Calm down bro, we did you huge favour out there and we deserved a reward for it, so we’re taking it (smiling).
Daniel: You mean leaving me alone with Hannah was a huge favour?
Edwin: Of course it was, so how did it go lover boy (raising both eyebrows repeatedly).
Daniel: What makes you guys think i like Hannah?
Clement, Edwin & Clement: You don’t (they chorused).
Daniel: Hell No I don’t.
Felix: But, you both are the most popular students in school and everyone knows for a certain that Hannah likes you, so, we thought you also liked her as well that’s why we left the cafeteria to give you both some space to talk.
Daniel: Well, you guys thought wrong i mean how can i fall in love with someone like Hannah? She’s arrogant, bossy, proud…….
Edwin: …. And not forgetting beautiful.
Felix: Very!!! beautiful.
Daniel: And so what? Do you guys see the way she carries herself? As if she owns the world.
Clement: Well, i guess we misjudged the situation, sorry about that Danny boy.
Edwin & Felix: Yeah sorry about that.
Daniel: Hmm No problem guys. And you Eddy, if you like Hannah’s beauty so much, why don’t you go after her?
Edwin: Hey!! No way José, she might be beautiful and all but she ain’t my type.
Felix: Yeah right. Aha Danny, what were you and Susan talking about earlier today when you ran off to meet her?
Clement: Yeah!! What were you two actually talking about?
Edwin: Am also curious.
Daniel: Well, since I’ve already forgiven you guys, i might as well tell you.
After telling them
Clement: Why on earth did you say you wanna be her slave?
Daniel: Believe me Clem, I really don’t know why i said that. It just came out of my mouth
Edwin: And did she accept?
Daniel: Well, i don’t really know if she accepted, she just told me she will keep in touch.
Edwin: Duh (shrugging)…. That means she accepted.
Felix: Don’t worry Daniel, we will handle this for you.
Daniel: What!! No! No!! No!!! No!!! Nobody is handling anything for me, i will take care of it ON MY OWN!!! (stressing the words).
Edwin: But c’mon Daniel, do you really want to be bended by a girl? Let’s just take care of this Daniel?


Re: The New Girl by Asemark: 10:03am On May 20, 2018

Daniel: What!! No! No!! No!!! No!!! Nobody is handling anything for me, i will take care of it ON MY OWN!!! (stressing the words).
Edwin: But c’mon Daniel, do you really want to be bended by a girl? Let’s just take care of this Daniel?
Daniel: No, No way, I’ll handle it on my own and i swear to God if you guys do again to her again, then trust me this will be the last time you guys will see and play this video game in my room.
Felix: (chuckling) Haha, your bluffing right? He’s bluffing right? (Looking at Edwin and Clement).
Daniel: You guys know perfectly well that i don’t bluff (smirking).
Clement: Well, he does have a point there.
Felix: No!! Daniel please (kneeling in front of Daniel and tugging his shirt), you can’t take Vicky away from me. I’ll do anything for her to stay, please!! Anything!!!!
Edwin: Erm Felix, who’s Vicky?
Clement: Don’t tell me you gave the video game a name? A girl’s name?
Felix: Erm Haha, did i say that out loud?
Daniel, Clement & Edwin: Hahahahaha (laughing) What a weirdo.
Felix: Hey!! C’mon You guys, it’s not funny.
Edwin: Haha Weirdo alert (laughing).
Daniel: Oh my God, i think my eyes are gonna pop out (laughing).
Clement: Oh Felix, you just killed me right now (laughing).
Felix: You guys are mean….. STOP LAUGHING!!! (yelling).
Daniel: Okay, okay (gasping for breath).
Edwin: Woo, thanks for that Felix, i really needed it.
Felix: Glad i could be of help *note the sarcasm*
Clement: Alright Daniel, we won’t do anything to her but if you later need our help, you know where to find us (smirking).
Daniel: Trust me, that won’t happen.


Re: The New Girl by Asemark: 10:11am On May 20, 2018
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Re: The New Girl by stevodot22(m): 10:30am On May 20, 2018
Nice one, keep it flowing![left][/left][color=#006600][/color]
Re: The New Girl by tunjilomo(m): 1:08pm On May 20, 2018
Nice story
Re: The New Girl by YoungBruzzy(m): 8:47pm On May 20, 2018
Nice and intriguing story... please UPDATE oooo
Re: The New Girl by oloyedprince1(m): 9:17pm On May 20, 2018
d storey z cool, update
Re: The New Girl by Godwindanielboy(m): 10:03pm On May 20, 2018
Wondeful!!! Thanks for the updates
Re: The New Girl by u3man(m): 10:44pm On May 20, 2018
Keep it � guy
Re: The New Girl by izaray(f): 12:05pm On May 21, 2018
Nice story
Re: The New Girl by Asemark: 1:39pm On May 21, 2018
Episode 10

Clement: Okay, but don’t say i didn’t warn you.
Edwin: Enough chit chat alright, Clement, let’s get back to me thrashing you (smirking).
Daniel: Aha, when i was coming in, i heard Eddy yell Goal, who’s whooping who?
Clement: Danny, can you believe this lunatic here (pointing to Edwin), he just scored me once, just once (raising his index finger to indicate the one) and he was screaming the roof off like a girl
Edwin: Hey! Who do you think your calling a lunatic? Well i don’t blame you, that’s how amateurs talk when they are being beaten (smirking).
Clement: Can you believe this guy? The other two matches we played that I BEAT YOU!! Was i an amateur then?
Edwin: Hey!! I already told you, it was Felix who distracted me when he was eating the chips like a pig.
Felix: I think we have heard enough of that Eddy.
Daniel: Well Eddy, you might be able to defeat Clem but you guys still know who your daddy is (smirking).
Edwin: Haha i think you mean who our daddy was because right now, I’m better than (moving his index finger round) all of you including you DANIEL!!
Daniel: Wow!!, such confidence and i like it, you really wanna do this Eddy?
Edwin: Am ready to dethrone the king and ascend the throne.
Daniel: Hmm Eddy, i must commend your bravery and courage. Clem, hand me the controller.
Edwin: Alright bring it on.
Felix: N500 (Five hundred Naira) on Edwin to win.
Clement: N500 on Daniel to win.
Edwin: Felix, it’s today i know you’re very wise just get ready to win double and as for you Clement, I’ve nothing to say to you.
Clement: Yeah right.
Edwin: Oh mama mia, somebody’s gonna get a whooping!!!!
Daniel: Let’s just get this over with.
80mins into the match and Daniel is leading 4 – 0
Felix: Hey!! Edwin, what’s all this?
Edwin: Shut up and let me concentrate.
Felix: Concentrate on what!!? You are losing badly and my money is at stake.
Edwin: Shut….. Up……. And….. Let….. Me…… Concentrate. What part of the sentence don’t you understand (not taking his eyes off the television screen).
Felix: Ah man, why on earth did i bet on Eddy to win? He is still a sore loser and now my money is gone…. Or……. Hey Clement, can you……
Clement: Not another word, the money is mine.
Felix: Aish!!!
Just then, Daniel scored the 5th goal making it 5 – 0.
Clement: Oh my God, this is a complete white wash.
Felix: Haha you said it bro, complete annihilation.
Daniel: Eddy, why aren’t you saying anything (smirking)?
Edwin: Don’t ask me questions and just focus on the match, okay?
Felix: Someone seems upset, too bad I’m on that person’s side.
Edwin: Well poor you.
Then the match ended.
Clement: (clenching his hand to a fist and putting it beside his mouth inform of a microphone) The winner and still Edwin’s Daddy!!!!!! I give you Daniel!!! (Clapping).
Felix: (Clapping) Woo!!!
Daniel: (taking a bow) Thank you! Thank you!! You’re far too kind.
Edwin: You guys are behaving like girls (sounding disgusted).
Felix: Yeah!! Says the guy that just got annihilated (laughing).
Clement: And come to think of it, Daniel just spelt Eddy’s name with the goals he scored. He scored 5 goals that is right,
E. D. W. I. N = 5 goals.
Daniel: Yeah you’re right Clem, great thinking. I just spelt your Eddy (sticking his tongue and laughing).
Felix: (rolling on the floor laughing).
Edwin: (agitated) Felix it’s all your fault.
Felix: (regaining his composure) My fault again? How is it my fault this time?
Edwin: You were just nagging, talking and complaining throughout the match and that didn’t allow me concentrate well.
Daniel: (sighing) Ah typical Eddy, never gives up.
Edwin: Daniel, even you have to agree with me on this one, aren’t i right?
Clement: Eddy you’re just unbelievable.
Edwin: Better believe it brother.
Daniel: Alright here’s what we’re gonna do. Eddy and I will play 3 more times, the one who wins two of the three is the winner, okay with you Eddy?
Edwin: Fantastic (giving Daniel a thumbs up).
Daniel: Alright then, let’s begin.
After the 3 matches, Daniel won all three with Edwin still furious but unfortunately couldn’t come up with any excuse this time so he finally accepted defeat. They are took turns playing each other before they retired for the night.


Re: The New Girl by Godwindanielboy(m): 1:57pm On May 21, 2018
Enjoying the story. Asemark keep it up. More grease to your elbow. Thanks for the update.

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Re: The New Girl by stevodot22(m): 2:28pm On May 21, 2018
Nice but short update. Anyway, thumbs up.
Re: The New Girl by queenitee(f): 4:29pm On May 21, 2018
I love this kinda friendship
Re: The New Girl by HarmonyJael(f): 4:38pm On May 21, 2018
Thumbs up 2 u. More updates plsssss
Re: The New Girl by HarmonyJael(f): 4:38pm On May 21, 2018
Thumbs up 2 u. More updates plsssss
Re: The New Girl by kayusdguy(m): 9:50pm On May 21, 2018
Cool story you've got here. Ride on, but please make the updates faster
Re: The New Girl by zeko172(m): 3:25pm On May 22, 2018
Nice piece bro

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Re: The New Girl by Whyke141: 3:30pm On May 22, 2018

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Re: The New Girl by itsandi(m): 3:41pm On May 22, 2018
Interesting smiley Enjoy other interesting stories on Tushstories via


Re: The New Girl by Asemark: 6:52pm On May 23, 2018
Episode 11

Phone Ringing*
“Hello?” Daniel asked in a sleepy tone.
“Meet me in the school library in 30mins” A female voice sounded from the other line.
“Please, who is this?” Daniel asked a bit surprised.
“Who else slaveboy? Make sure you meet me in the library in 30mins” the female voice sounded again before the line went dead.
“Wait, Slaveboy!? Slaveboy!!?”
“(sighing) It must be the new girl”
“I guess my slavery work starts today (sighing).
Daniel then quickly did his morning rituals and got ready before 30mins. Stepping out of his room, he met Clement in the veranda looking gloomy like someone who just woke up from sleep.
“Don’t tell me you’re going to class this early?” Clement asked.
“No, I’m not going to class” Daniel answered.
“Then where are you going this early?”
“Susan called me not long ago and told me to meet her in the library, so that’s were I’m going to now”
“Hm, that girl better not try anything funny or else…”
“Or else nothing alright?. I have already told you guys not to butt in, I’ll handle this on my own, okay?”
“Yeah whatever”
“Good, I’m off”
In the library
When Daniel got to the library there were not much students there so finding Susan wasn’t hard as he spotted her in a corner with a pile of books. He could feel his heartbeat increase when she waved at him and ushered him to join her.
“Hm, You’re early” Susan said as Daniel got seated.
“Well let’s just say i keep to my time. So why did you call me here so early?” Daniel asked.
“Well, since you said you want to be my slave, I’ve accepted your proposal and decided you will start today” Susan said with a smirk on her face.
“Starting with what?”Daniel asked.
“With these books”
“And what am I suppose to do with them?”
“You’re to copy down all the notes from this books to this once”
“What!!! But they are so many of them, I can’t possibly finish them before lectures start today”
“Well then I guess you have to start now because you must finish it before the end of today”
“What!!!! But….”
“No but slaveboy, you must get it done before the end of today period” Susan said as she left
“What kind of mess have I put myself into?” Daniel asked himself as Susan left
“It’s not even hers” Daniel said as he saw Tania boldly written on the book.
“Oh well, since I was the one who put myself into this mess, I might as well carry the burden myself”
Daniel then set off writing down page by page all the notes of the books given to him. If there is something Daniel loves, it’s writing. It always strangely made him feel at peace with everything, thus, he didn’t bother checking the time nor even bother about how long he had spent writing.
“Oh, that’s the last one, this wasn’t so bad afterall” Daniel said as he finished writing the last one.
Taking a look at the time, he saw it was almost 12noon.
“What!!! 11:43pm? How long have I been here? Oh my God I’m so late for lecture”
He hurriedly packed all the books and stormed outside the library running as if he was being chased by someone. For some students, it was quite strange seeing Daniel running. As Daniel inched closer to his class, beads of sweat had already drenched his body as he could feel his heartbeat increasing and also hear his stomach rumble which made him remember he hadn’t eaten anything that day. Arriving at the class, he was greeted with different gazes from the students and also from the lecturer.
“Good… Good morning sir” Daniel stammered trying to catch his breath.
“Mr. Daniel, what happened to you and why are you just arriving?” The lecturer asked looking at Daniel from head till toe.
“Well… Sir… I …was…. Erm… I…. Was….” Daniel stammered once more not knowing what to say.
“You what?” The lecturer asked.
“I was…” He suddenly noticed his friends were already in the class.
“I woke up late because….. Erm… I didn’t eat last night” Daniel managed to say quite disappointed that he couldn’t make up a better lie. Just then, his stomach rumbled loudly making the lecturer raise an eyebrow.
“So you didn’t eat anything last night and you still didn’t eat anything today also? Do you want to kill yourself? Or are you now fasting?” The lecturer asked a bit concerned and confused.
“No! No!! It was actually my friends who finished all my food when i wasn’t around” Daniel said stylishly smirking at the guys.
“What!!! Blasphemy!! Edwin suddenly yelled.
“Who said that?” The lecturer asked the students to which they all turned a deaf ear.
“Sir, don’t worry about it, I’ll get food when your lecture is over” Daniel said.
“Mr Daniel, you know very well that I don’t allow anyone into the class when lecture has started but I will just make an exception for you because I know you to be a very serious and hardworking student and I hope this wouldn’t repeat itself again?” The lecturer asked with a serious look on his face.
“Yes sir, I promise it won’t”
Just then again, his stomach rumbled louder which made everyone in the class bust into laughter


Re: The New Girl by linobrown9(m): 7:33pm On May 23, 2018
Re: The New Girl by kayusdguy(m): 1:21am On May 24, 2018
Okay, this is cool. Nice story you've got here
Re: The New Girl by izaray(f): 10:22am On May 24, 2018
Re: The New Girl by queenitee(f): 10:37am On May 24, 2018

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