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The New Girl by Asemark: 11:45am On May 15, 2018
I will be posting a new story soon titled the NEW GIRL BY CASPER JNR. Your comment is highly needed...


Re: The New Girl by Godwindanielboy(m): 12:29pm On May 15, 2018
Re: The New Girl by Godwindanielboy(m): 12:30pm On May 15, 2018
Re: The New Girl by Asemark: 4:24pm On May 15, 2018
Episode 1
Grinn!!!!!!!!!!The alarm clock sounded.
“Ah its morning already” Daniel said as he sluggishly got out of bed.
It was the first week of resumption and as usual, lectures would start
in earnest. Daniel sluggishly went into bathroom to take a leak and
brush his teeth. Taking a hard look at his reflection on the mirror,
Daniel began to imagine how life in the university would be.
“Will i be able to blend into the university environment?”
“Will i be able to understand the courses i will be taught?”
“Will i be able to get good grades throughout my years here?”
“Well, only time will tell. Let’s just see how things turn out” Daniel
said as he rinsed his face.
With that, he hurriedly brushed his teeth, took his bath and dressed
up. Putting the necessary books into his bag, he headed to the next
room where his friends stayed but was surprised to find them still
Clement, Edwin and Felix are Daniel’s best friends or you can pretty
much say his only friends. Daniel, Clement and Edwin’s fathers were
also best friends so it was just natural that they bounded while Felix
joined the pack during there days in high school.
Daniel: What!!! You guys are still asleep by this time of the day?
Don’t you know lectures starts today?
Edwin: Hey!! Relax Danny boy, we know alright.
Daniel: Then why are you guys still asleep? Don’t tell me you guys
went to another party last night?
Felix: And what if we told so (raised eyebrow).
Daniel: C’mon guys, two parties in one day? Can’t you guys just get
serious with your life and with your studies?
Clement: Hey!! Take a chill pill bro, we just taking life easy, you
only live once you know?
Daniel: And this room reeks of alcohol. You guys go take a bath, brush
your teeth and go……
Clement: Ah Danny, you’re beginning to sound like my mom (looking disgusted).
Daniel: You know what, am no longer having this conversation, you guys
can wallow in here for all i care.
With that, he left the room and headed to class. He had barely reached
his class when he suddenly heard,
“Oh my God!! Its Daniel” a girl out of nowhere screamed.
Gradually, girls in their numbers gathered around themselves trying to
get a glimpse of Daniel. As usual, Daniel wasn’t surprised by all that
was happening as he had numerous scenarios back in high school. Being
the most handsome and brilliant student in school and also winning
different awards for both the school and himself, such scenarios where
inevitable and he sometimes, he wondered why they just wouldn’t let
him alone as he didn’t like all the attention.
As he approach his class, he could hear noises indicating that the
lecturer wasn’t in the class yet but as he got into his class, he saw
something that left him quite confused.

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Re: The New Girl by Asemark: 12:30am On May 17, 2018
Episode 2
“Susan! Susan!! Susan!!! Wake up, aren’t you having lectures today?
Susan’s roommate Cleo asked.
“Uh, What’s the time?” Susan asked in a sleepy tone.
“Its 7:37am” Cleo said.
“What!!! 7:37am? Oh my God am gonna be late to my first lecture” Susan
said hurriedly getting out of bed into the bathroom.
Susan hurriedly brushed her teeth, took her bath and was getting
dressed when the door suddenly flung open and Tania came in.
Tania: Hey!!! Girls (smiling).
Cleo: Hurray!! The night crawler is back.
Susan: (laughing) Cleo, that wasn’t nice. Anyways, welcome Tania.
Tania: Thanks Suzy. Don’t mind Cleo, she is just jealous of me and for
that, she isn’t having any of the pizza i bought (smirking at Jane).
Cleo: Huh!! Did you just say pizza? (Smiling) Oh Tania baby, i was
just joking when i called you a night crawler, am sorry Okay.
Tania: (laughing) You really do anything just to have food, anyways,
here it is (opening the pizza). Hey!! Sus, you want some?
Susan: Would love to but am gonna be late for class so maybe next time.
Tania: Yeah!! I get it, Don’t wanna be late on your first day, by the
way, where is Nicole?(Cleo’s twin sister) i haven’t seen her since i
came in.
Cleo: (with food in her mouth) Ouh she went to get something ouh, she
will soon be ouh back but i doubt if she will be back before this ouh
pizza finishes.
Susan: Ah Cleo, don’t talk with food in your mouth.
Cleo: (tongue out).
Susan: Anyway, am off to class, see you guys later, BYE!!
Tania & Cleo: Bye Girl!!!
Walking down the road, Susan thought about her past, how she is from a
poor background, how she managed to get into the school on a
scholarship held by the school and how it was gonna be like going to a
high standard university. Susan knew she had to be focused in her
studies so as to get good grades, find a job and lift her family away
from poverty.
She soon got to class and found a sit right beside the window and
settled down there admiring the architectural design of the class when
she felt the presence of someone beside her. She then slowly turned to
find a pair of eyes staring down at her.

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Re: The New Girl by Asemark: 12:31am On May 17, 2018
Episode 3
Daniel saw someone sitting on his favorite spot and everyone who knows him, knows that he loves sitting right beside a window right from the days of high school so whoever was sitting on the chair, “must either be a new student or someone looking for his attention” Daniel thought. He then walked up to the strange person who turned out to be a female with her gaze already on him and the following conversation ensued.
Daniel: Hello?
Susan: Hey!!!
Daniel: Erm Sorry if what am gonna say will sound quite absurd but you are kinda sitting on my favourite sit
Susan: (looking surprised) Really?
Daniel: Yeah
Susan: So what do you want me to do then? (sounding sarcastic)
Daniel: Well i would love it if you would find another place to sit
Susan: Well Mister, as you can see i sat down here long before you came and when i came here, i didn’t see your name on the chair so i would love you to find another place to sit (smiling)
Daniel: But…….

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Re: The New Girl by marychommy(f): 6:00am On May 17, 2018
nice story more updates
Re: The New Girl by Asemark: 9:57am On May 17, 2018
Episode 4

Daniel did not finish his statement before the lecturer entered the class.
Lecturer: Settle down everyone
Susan: You heard him, go get a sit (Smirking).
Daniel quietly walked away and went to the chair at the back of Susan’s which was already occupied by a girl.
“Hi, Erm please can i have…….”
“Don’t worry you can have the sit” the girl interjected and quickly stood up for him to sit.
Throughout the lecture, Daniel’s mind was not at rest as he was thinking about the new girl and who she might be. Daniel, still in deep thought didn’t know that the lecturer had be calling his name until a student tapped his shoulder.
“Hey Daniel, the lecturer is talking to you” a student tap Daniel shoulder as he came back from his thoughts to meet pairs of eyes staring at him.
“Mr. Daniel, will you be so kind enough to answer the question written on the board?” the lecturer said.
“Erm Sorry sir i haven’t been listening to your explanations” Daniel said quite disappointed with himself.
“Ooh is that so? Well why don’t you tell the class what you were hallucinating about?” the lecturer asked.
“It’s really nothing serious sir” Daniel said.
“Mr. Daniel, i know you as a very serious minded person who always pays attention in class so i hope this will be the last time you will be absent minded during lectures, am i clear Mr. Daniel?” the lecturer said with a serious tone in his voice.
“Yes sir”
“Good, you can have your sit”
Daniel sat down quite embarrassed and ashamed of himself. He didn’t even know when he drifted away from the class and now, he just embarrassed himself in front of the everyone in the class.
“Today is really turning to a bad day” Daniel thought
“So, can anyone give me the answer to the question written on the board” the lecturer asked.
A hand was raised and the lecturer then called out the person. Daniel looked up to find out it was the new girl who was called out. The new girl then gave Daniel a mocking gaze before standing up to answer the question and was giving accurate explanations of the question to the lecturer as the students in the class were now marvelled by this new girl’s brilliance and intelligence which pissed Daniel who was beginning to get agitated at her. Daniel wasn’t someone that brags or shows off himself, but he doesn’t like embarrassing situations like this one happening right in front of him.
“Who does she think she is?”
“Why did she stare at me like that?”
“So she wanna show off right?”
“Am gonna teach her a lesson she will never forget” Daniel said with a smirk on his lips as he slowly moved his leg beneath the new girl’s chair.
“Very good, a round of applause for her” the lecturer said.
The class began clapping for her as she smiled and was about to sit down befor Daniel quickly and slowly moved the chair backwards making her land on the floor with a huge thud which made the whole class erupt into laughter.
“Young lady, are you alright?” the lecturer asked a bit concerned.
“Yes i am sir” She said dusting herself as she got up. She couldn’t help but to look at Daniel who couldn’t help but to giggle and move both hands side ways indicating that he didn’t do anything but She could clearly see the lie boldly written on his face.
“Will you all keep quiet” the lecturer roared to the laughing students as everywhere suddenly went grave silent.
Just then Daniel’s friends came into the class.
Lecturer: And where are you three coming from?
Clement: Erm sir, we went on a delivery.
Felix: Yes sir, we went to deliver a package to Edwin’s dad.
Edwin: Yes sir, the package requires three men because its heavy.
Lecturer: Is that so?
Edwin, Felix & Clement: Yes sir (grinning)
Lecturer: So why do you three reek of alcohol?
Clement: (looking dumbstruck) Erm sir……. Its like…… We did……. Not..
Lecturer: Don’t bother explaining. Now here is what we’re gonna do, you see that field out there (pointing outside) i want you three to leap frog 10x before i will let you three into my class.
Edwin, Felix & Clement: But sir…..
Lecturer: No but. Go do it or you three should never enter my class again.
Edwin, Felix & Clement: Yes sir (moving towards the field)
Clement: Felix, You see what you caused.
Felix: What did i do?
Clement: Your breathe reeks of alcohol. Why didn’t brush your teeth?
Felix: Hey!! I didn’t know my breathe stinks Okay.
Clement: What fool doesn’t brush his teeth in the morning after getting drunk the previous night? Because of you, my face is gonna be all over the school’s blog and newspaper. (Sounding angry).
Felix: Hey!! I said am sorry. And its not only your face that gonna be all over papers. (Getting angry)
Clement: Who did you just call a fool? (Charging at Felix)
Edwin: Hey!! That’s enough guys (holding Clement) c’mon guys, we are not going to let this stupid punishment pull us apart Okay.
Clement: (now relaxed) Yea your right. Sorry Felix for getting angry at you

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Re: The New Girl by Asemark: 9:59am On May 17, 2018

Felix: Its alright. Sorry for calling you a fool (moving his hand for a handshake).
Clement: (receiving his hand) All is forgiven bro.
Edwin: You see, that’s more like it. Now let’s get over this crazy punishment and head back to class.
With that, they rounded up and went back to the class just as lecture finished much to their disappointment but not without them hearing what transpired between Daniel and the new girl.
Clement: Yo Danny boy wait up (as he saw Daniel)
Daniel: Hahahahaha, you guy’s are back? How was the leap frog?
Felix: Hey!! Daniel leave that aside. We heard what happen to you and the new girl in class.
Edwin: Yeah, give us all the gist danny boy.
Daniel: Nothing much just some random girl looking for unnecessary attention.
Felix: Really? Cause i heard that she schooled you in class.
Daniel: Hey!! I wasn’t schooled alright. It was just…….
Suddenly, a white liquid substance splashed all over Daniel’s face right in the presence of other students. Shocked, Daniel and his friends slowly tilted their heads towards the direction of where the white liquid came from, only to find someone looking straight at them and also holding a cup of yoghurt at hand

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Re: The New Girl by Asemark: 10:03am On May 17, 2018
Episode 5

“Oh sorry, didn’t see you there” Susan said with a mocking tone before walking away.
“OKAY, What just happened and who the hell was that?” Edwin asked looking at Daniel.
“Who does she think she is?” Felix asked.
“Hey!! Daniel, isn’t that the new girl we were just talking about?” Clement asked.
“Yeah, she is the one” Daniel said still shocked over what just happened.
“Who does she think she is huh, just going around pouring yoghurt on people’s faces, does she know who we are?” Felix asked to no one in particular.
“That girl just bite off more than she can chew, no one messes with us and gets away with it” Edwin said clutching his fist.
“Don’t worry Daniel, just leave this to us, we’ll handle it for you, right guys?” Clement asked both Edwin and Felix.
“Yeah bro, we got this” Edwin and Felix said.
Daniel just nodded as they walked to their apartment.
Susan walked into her room to find it empty.
“They’re probably not done with lectures for today” She thought as she went into the bathroom to have a shower.
Not long after she had her showered, Nicole walked into the room.
Nicole: Hello Suzy?
Susan: Hi Nicole. How was class?
Nicole: Great but am so hungry, i haven’t eaten anything all day.
Susan: Yeah i was about to go prepare something but didn’t Tania give you a slice of the pizza she bought?
Nicole: What!!! Tania bought pizza this morning?
Susan: Yeah!! Didn’t you know?
Nicole: No, they didn’t tell me when i came back. So, that means they ate all the pizza without giving me a slice (sobbing).
Susan: (laughing) Sorry Nikki. Well, I was about to cook so maybe i can just……..
Nicole: (excited) Oh Thank you! Thank you!! Thank you!!! You are the best.
Susan: (smiling) Your welcome.
Nicole: So, how was your first day in class?
Susan: Well……. It….was fine just some….
Cleo walks in…
Cleo: Hey!!! Roomies
Nicole: Hi sis
Susan: Hey Cleo
Cleo: (slumping to the bed) Men!! Am so hungry.
Nicole: What!! You’re hungry? After eating up a whole pizza and not even keeping some for me (folding her arms).
Cleo: (scratching her hair) Oh right!!! Sorry about that.
Nicole: Whatever (rolling eyes), So Susan, what were you saying?
Susan: Well, it was just this guy in class that pulled back my chair when i was about to sit which made me fall down to the ground so hard.
Nicole: Oh my God, that guy must be crazy to have done that (shouting).
Cleo: I hope you got some pay back?
Susan: Of course i did, i poured cold yogurt on his face in the presence of his friends and some other students (feeling proud of herself).
Cleo: That’s the spirit girl (shaking Susan’s hand), that guy got exactly what he deserved.
Nicole: Yeah girl great job. Guys can be so unbelievable.
Cleo: Tell me about it. There was this one time a guy wanted to……
Nicole: No! No!! No!!! No stories now, Susan wants to cook lunch for us (winking at Susan)
Susan: (smiling).
Nicole: So Susan, how about that food huh? (raising both eyebrows repeatedly).
Susan: Alright, Alright, i will start right now (moving towards the kitchen).
Nicole & Cleo: Yeeepi.
Daniel’s mind wasn’t as rest all thorough the time the incident had happened. He still couldn’t believe a girl he didn’t know from anywhere could do something like that to him.
“But who’s this girl really?”
“Isn’t she new in this school?”
“Why did she do that to me?”
“How i wish i could get some payback for myself but what if i do that and she decided to pour something apart from yogurt on me?”
“But wait, the guys said they will help me get some payback?”
“What if they do that and she comes after me for revenge?”
“Oh no, I’ve got to talk to them before they do something that might ruin my peace of mind”
Daniel then went to the guys room where he met them playing cards and drinking beer.
Clement: Hey! Hey!! Hey!!! Eddy, remove that card, it’s my turn.
Edwin: No, after Felix, it’s my turn.
Clement: Say what!! After Felix, it’s my turn or isn’t it so Felix?
Felix: Hey, don’t look at me i don’t know.
Daniel: Do you guys argue like this Every time?
Clement, Felix & Edwin: Ahhhhhhhhhhhh (screaming).
Edwin: (holding his chest) Jesus, Daniel you scared us.
Daniel: (laughing) You guys are just cry babies.
Clement: So Danny boy, what brings you to our humble abode (smiling)?
Daniel: Well (pulling out a chair), i wanna talk to you guys about what happened earlier today.
Clement: Don’t worry Danny boy, we told we’ll handle it for you, so, don’t worry your little mind.
Daniel: Yeah that’s the thing, i don’t want you guys doing anything to her.
Clement, Edwin & Felix: Huh!! Why?
Daniel: I don’t want any trouble, you guys saw what she did earlier and am pretty sure she can do worse if we do anything to her again.
Felix: (laughing) I never knew Daniel was such a scaredy cat.
Daniel: I’m not a….. (Sighing) You guys should just understand me when i say i don’t want any trouble, so, can i count on you guys to do this for me?

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Re: The New Girl by Asemark: 10:07am On May 17, 2018

Clement: (clearing his throat) Well Daniel, you should know that in order for us to comply, there will be a clause.
Daniel: And what’s the clause?
Edwin: (looking at Clement & Felix) We will have unlimited access to your video game (grinning).
Daniel: What!!! Hell No!! So that you guys can mess up my room? I mean look at this place (pointing at the floor) it’s such a mess, do you guys ever clean up?
Clement: Well, technically we do clean up but its Felix’s turn to clean up this week but he hasn’t (glaring at Felix).
Felix: Say What? My Turn? I thought it’s Eddy’s turn this week?
Edwin: Woah! Woah!! Woah!!! It was my turn last week Felix, it’s definitely Clement’s turn since i haven’t seen him clean for a very long time.
Clement: Hey!! You guys shouldn’t drag me into this alright? You both know it’s supp….
Daniel: …. I don’t really care whose turn it is alright can you guys just stay away from the new girl?
Clement: You heard the clause bro, that or no deal (smiling).
Daniel: (sighing) Alright fine, but, its only until…..
Felix: …. Last person to get into Daniel’s room, gets to make breakfast (running off).
Clement & Edwin: Oh no you don’t (running off).
Daniel: Oh God, this guys are gonna mess up my room, if i had known i would have…… Wait a minute (suddenly remembering what Felix said) am so not making breakfast tomorrow!!!


Re: The New Girl by Godwindanielboy(m): 11:22pm On May 17, 2018
Nice write - up. Thanks for the update. keep it up.

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Re: The New Girl by Asemark: 4:36am On May 18, 2018
Plz invite more followers...(those who can comment ooo) I always feel discouraged when ever i opened my thread which i updated in not less than 24hrs... Buh will only meet my post as the last reply...
Honestly it makes me have the feeling that peoples are not enjoying the story.
If i see minimum of five comments every update... I will try more to be posting more update

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Re: The New Girl by Godwindanielboy(m): 6:06am On May 18, 2018
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Re: The New Girl by Asemark: 10:35am On May 18, 2018
Episode 6
The next day in class
“Alright everyone, that will be all for today” the lecturer said before exiting the class.
Daniel began packing his books into his bag when Susan walked past him also about existing the class.
“Hey! Susan wait” Daniel heard Felix call out. Daniel watched as Felix walked towards the new girl and started talking to her.
“Why is Felix talking to her?”
“How did he know her name?”
“Why hasn’t anyone left the class?”
“Where is Edwin and Clement?”
“What’s going on here?”
Daniel continued asking himself all this questions and decided to walk up to Felix and the new girl. Walking towards them, he saw both Clement and Edwin at the class entrance talking to a guy and wondered what they were talking about. As he was about getting to where Felix and the new girl stood, she left and headed towards the exit door.
“Hey!! Felix, what’s going…..” Daniel couldn’t finish his statement because he heard a loud cry and a heavy thud which was followed up by loud roars of laughter from the students. Looking at the direction of which the thud came from, Daniel was shocked to find the Susan on the floor with a little bruise on her knee. Giving Daniel a spiteful and vengeful gaze, she stood up, dusted herself and left.
Shocked by what he just witnessed, Daniel walked up to Clement with anger written all over his face.
“And what was that you guys just pulled up huh? Didn’t we agree yesterday that we would stay away from her?” Daniel yelled.
“Yeah we did but, we weren’t gonna let what happened just slide like that” Clement responded.
“Yeah Danny, we just couldn’t” Edwin said.
“Ah God, you guys are just……… Ah God” Daniel uttered before running after Susan.
“Hey!!! Wait, new girl, wait” Daniel yelled when he sighted Susan but she neither looked back nor stopped.
“Maybe she can’t hear me”
“What was that her name again?……. Oh yeah”
“Hey Susan, please wait up”
This time, Susan did stop to check who was yelling her name but upon realising it was Daniel, she merely hissed and continued walking. Daniel then increased his pace upon seeing her reaction until he was standing right beside her.
“Hey!! Calm down, i was calli…….” Daniel said holding her arm but she quickly removed his hands from hers.
“Will you take your filthy hands away from me? And why are following me? Or do you want to prank me again?” Susan asked with a furious tone.
“No! No!! No!!! I wasn’t the one who pranked you, i had no hand in it”
“Oh yeah right, just like you didn’t have a hand in what happened to me yesterday in class”
“Okay I’ll admit, that was totally on me but believe me i had no hand in this”
By now, they were now the centre of attraction to everyone there as they tried to listen into their conversation.
“Look, you can rant all you want but i can boldly see it in your eyes that you were the mastermind of it and believe me, you’ll leave to regret it. Good day”
She turned to take her leave but Daniel quickly held her hand.
“No, please, believe me i had no hand in it. Okay, i’m willing to do anything you say i should do for 1week, you just say it and I’ll do it” Daniel said
“Oh my God, Do i look like someone who is in…….”
“I’M WILLING TO BE YOUR SLAVE” Daniel heard himself say


Re: The New Girl by Asemark: 10:37am On May 18, 2018
Episode 7
I’M WILLING TO BE YOUR SLAVE” Daniel heard himself say.
“And what makes you think that I’ll…………… Wait, do you mean what you just said now?” Susan asked.
“Ye…Ye….Yes i do” Daniel replied nervously.
“Okay, give me your number” Susan said with authority in her voice.
“My room number?” Daniel asked quite confused.
“No idiot, i mean your phone number” Susan replied.
“Oh sorry, here it is” Daniel said typing down his number on her phone
“Good, I’ll keep in touch” Susan said before walking away
“Does that mean you have forgiven me?” Daniel asked
“I said I’ll keep in touch” Susan said without glancing back at Daniel.
Daniel just stood rooted at the spot, gazing at Susan as she walked off and as some student left the scene murmuring to themselves.
Edwin: Hey! Daniel, what’s up with you ?
Daniel: (Startled) Nothing, absolutely nothing (leaving angrily).
Felix: Woah guys, i think Daniel is really mad at us.
Edwin: Yeah thanks for the info Captain Obvious.
Clement: C’mon guys, let’s go after him.
By now, the news had spread all around campus that Daniel was seen talking to an unknown girl which would explain why Susan had been receiving awkward glances from female students. Getting to her room, she met all her roommates eagerly waiting for her arrival.
Susan: Hey!! Girls, what’s up? (As she got in)
Cleo: (with a stern face) Is it true that you were talking to Daniel today?
Susan: (in her thoughts) *who is Daniel? Oh it’s probably that guy* (reality) Yeah i was and so?
Nicole, Cleo & Tania: Oh My God!!!!
Nicole: Ooh those dreamy eyes of his (Fantasizing).
Cleo: Isn’t his smile just dreamy? (Fantasizing).
Tania: Doesn’t he smell so nice? (Fantasizing).
Nicole: Is he……… Wait a minute (looking at both Cleo and Tania).
Cleo, Nicole & Tania: Are you two dating?
Susan: Wait!! What!!? No! No!! No!!! No!!! No!!! We are so not dating alright, we were just having a random conversation, that’s all.
Cleo: (touching her chest) Phew, what a relief.
Susan: But why are you girls drooling about this guy?
Cleo: (gasping) Don’t ever say that about my man, you hear me?
Tania: Hey!! Cut her some slack Cleo, she is new here remember? Well Susan, (Looking at Susan) why don’t i enlighten you a bit. Daniel is the most……
Cleo: …..handsome, beautiful, charming, awesome……..
Nicole: ……..macho, intelligent, smart, fantastic…….
Tania: Hey! Hey!! Hey!!! Hey!!! Hey!!! You girls, is that how you describe someone? Jesus, you girls are nuts. Well, As i was saying Susan, Daniel is the most popular and smartest guy in this school.
Nicole: Not forgetting that he’s also the most handsome.
Tania: (giggling) Yeah and also that.
Susan: Hmm i see
Tania: Yeah and for you to be talking to him in just your 3rd day here, is quite an achievement. I must admit, am a bit jealous. (Smirking)
Cleo: Yeah so am i. (Sighing) What i wouldn’t give to go on a date with Daniel, I can even trade Nicole just to go out with him.
Nicole: Huh!! You will trade me, Your own sister, Your own TWIN sister, Your flesh and blood? Just to go out with a guy? (Sounding angry).
Cleo: Not just any guy, it’s Daniel and hell yeah am gonna do it (smirking).
Nicole: Oh i see, I’ve now seen the evil and wicked side of you so before you trade me out, kindly give me back my cologne you borrowed last week.
Cleo: Here it is, now give me back the shoe you took from my wardrobe.

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Re: The New Girl by Godwindanielboy(m): 12:39pm On May 18, 2018
I love this boy - Daniel(my namesake), such an humble boy. I pray his friends will not influence him negatively. Thanks for the update. Expecting more

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Re: The New Girl by Asemark: 1:16pm On May 18, 2018
Thanks for the encouragement Godwindanielboy
Re: The New Girl by Godwindanielboy(m): 2:29pm On May 18, 2018
Thanks for the encouragement Godwindanielboy
You are welcome.
Re: The New Girl by izaray(f): 3:06pm On May 18, 2018
Let me spread my mat here.
Re: The New Girl by cyndy1000(f): 9:19pm On May 18, 2018
Thanks for the mention. Am Present already I don't need to be told.
Re: The New Girl by iyerenath(m): 9:48pm On May 18, 2018
Hmmm... this looks interesting... lemme pitch my tent here.
Re: The New Girl by Ibunkun1(m): 10:07pm On May 18, 2018
Ibunkun1 Copy and Pasted Read and Comment pls. God bless you. Thanks For The Mention
Re: The New Girl by Alejoc(m): 7:50am On May 19, 2018
Oya make we read na!
Re: The New Girl by sunnywhyt007: 7:54am On May 19, 2018
Ok oo
Re: The New Girl by Freebiez: 8:09am On May 19, 2018
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Re: The New Girl by CodeGenius40490: 8:43am On May 19, 2018

Re: The New Girl by oloyedprince1(m): 9:46am On May 19, 2018
bro u got a nice story, buh u need to post sharp sharp
Re: The New Girl by queenitee(f): 9:52am On May 19, 2018
I'm here, thanks. I think I like Daniel
Re: The New Girl by Godwindanielboy(m): 10:15am On May 19, 2018
Congratulations. Your write up have made front page. Cheers!!!!

Re: The New Girl by Missmossy(f): 10:37am On May 19, 2018
More please, enthralling piece! Thumbs up .
Re: The New Girl by Asemark: 10:44am On May 19, 2018
Episode 8
In Daniel’s room
Clement: Hey!! Calm down Daniel, you know that we just couldn’t let that girl humiliate you in front of everyone and get away it.
Felix: Yeah Danny boy we just couldn’t.
Edwin: And moreover, we thought you weren’t serious (smiling sheepishly).
Daniel: But i thought we had a deal? I thought we had an agreement and i even for sake my room to you guys, so now tell me, how on earth was i not serious?
Clement: Well we didn’t know and we are very very sorry, or aren’t we guys? (glaring at Edwin and Felix).
Edwin: Yes we are truly very sorry.
Felix: Please forgive us (forming puppy eyes).
Daniel: How can i do that when i……..
Clement, Edwin & Felix: (on their knees tugging Daniel’s shirt) Forgive us! Forgive us!! Forgive us!!! Forg…….
Daniel: Oh alright, alright (sighing) i forgive you guys. I don’t know why i can’t stay mad at you guys (smiling).
Clement, Edwin & Felix: Oh!! Thank you! Thank you!! (Going for a group hug).
Daniel: Woah! Woah!! Woah!!! No hugging alright, NONE. After all, i know it’s because of that game (pointing at his game console) that you guys are begging me like this (smirking).
Clement & Edwin: (smirking).
Felix: (gasping) Woah!! How did you know?
Daniel: Ha!! C’mon, I’ve known you guys almost all my life, i know when you guys are plotting evil (smirking).
Clement: Ha! Ha!! Daniel seems to have figured us out (laughing).
Edwin: Am hungry, who’s up for lunch? Clement’s paying.
Daniel: Am up.
Felix: Me too.
Clement: Why am i the one who gets to pay?
Edwin: Cause you are like our Dad and you know you have to look after your children (moving both arms sideways).
Felix: C’mon guys, let’s go (Leaving with Daniel and Edwin).
Clement: (all alone looking confused) Me!!? Like a Dad to this idiots? Never!!!
In the Cafeteria
Edwin: So what are we ordering?
Daniel: I’ll just have a plate of Jollof rice (a popular meal in Nigeria) and a bottle of water. You guys can order whatever you want as long as am not paying.
Felix: Hey!! Guys look, it’s Hannah…….
Edwin: …..And her two minions.
Felix: Let’s invite her over.
Daniel: Oh No, don’t invite……..
Felix: Hey!! Hannah (Waving his arms) over here.
Hannah sees them and begins walking towards them with her…….minions trailing closely behind.
Daniel: Oh boy!!!
Hannah is the most popular and beautiful girl in the school or you can pretty much say she is the school’s beauty and it’s a known fact among all the students in the school that Hannah has a huge crush on Daniel.
Josephine and Elizabeth are Hannah’s closest friends and follow her everywhere she goes because of her popularity in school that’s why Edwin usually calls them minions which everyone else now calls them
Hannah: Hey guys, Hi Daniel?
Edwin, Clement & Felix: Hi Hannah.
Daniel: (forcing a smile) Hey!!! Hannah. I can see you are still looking as beautiful as ever *note the sarcasm*.
Hannah: (blushing) Oh…thanks Daniel (in her thoughts) *i have always knew that Daniel liked me, i guess he feels it’s the right time to express it*
Josephine & Elizabeth: Hello guys?
Edwin: Hey minions, i can see you guys are still in business of minionizing around (smirking).
Felix: Hahaha Minionizing, good one Eddy.
Edwin: Thank you very much.
Elizabeth: Oh please give me a break, that wasn’t even funny.
Edwin: Why should it be when minions don’t know how to laugh (smirking)
Josephine: Stop calling us that you idiot (looking angry).
Edwin: Uuh someone is getting feisty, let me guess you…..
Clement: (clearing his throat) Erm Eddy, i think that will do for now, okay?
Edwin: Hum whatever you say boss. So Hannah, since Daniel is treating us to lunch, what do you care for?
Hannah: Erm actually, i would….
Daniel: What!!!? Treating who…..
Edwin: (interrupting Daniel) Eeh Daniel, i thought you said you were treating us to lunch today (stylishly raising both eyebrows repeatedly).
Daniel: Hell No!! Am……
Edwin: (forcing a laugh) Ha Ha Ha, Daniel can be so funny and so cute when he’s being so generous.
Hannah: Erm guys, i actually don’t want anything, thank you (smiling).
Clement: Wow would you look at the time, we are almost late for our appointment (stylishly winking at both Edwin & Felix).
Felix: Yeah, Oh my God look at the time, i guess we have to excuse ourselves.
Daniel: Wait!! What appointment do you guys have?
Edwin: Don’t be silly Daniel, have you forgotten where we told you we were going to.
Daniel: I don’t recall.
Clement: Well that’s your business Danny boy, we have to go now, you don’t wanna leave a client waiting (leaving).
Daniel: Hey!! You guys can’t just le….
Felix: Bye Hannah (leaving).
Edwin: Bye minions (leaving).
Hannah: Bye guys.
Josephine & Elizabeth: Oh brother (rolling eyes).
Daniel: Oh great, just great.
Hannah: So Daniel, i guess it’s just you and me now (smirking)


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