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The contract by marvel15(m): 8:09pm On Jul 19, 2018
good evening guyz am a new person here and i have always been looking for a platform to share my writings..please dont judge me too much as this will be my first time of sharing my writing on any platforms...this story is a new story and i hope you enjoy it

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Re: The contract by Nobody: 8:14pm On Jul 19, 2018
Yay!!! waiting oo
and you are welcome


Re: The contract by marvel15(m): 5:56pm On Jul 20, 2018
i want to edit that title it was mistake please how can i do that @lightqueen please help me out
Re: The contract by Nobody: 10:03pm On Jul 20, 2018
i want to edit that title it was mistake please how can i do that @lightqueen please help me out
You can go to the exact place where you type down the title (topic, subject) click on it and edit, then submit.

Good evening.
Re: The contract by marvel15(m): 11:39am On Jul 21, 2018
richards williams is a graduate of the university of ibadan,he came out with one of the best result in his dapartment,his dream has always been to become a renowed writer all over the globe.he was vibrant,a fun and loving person whom anybody would like to associate with.fortunately for him two years after leaving the university he got a job in a manucfacturing company even though that was not his field,but he still had to make do with was on ground till a better offer comes in,the pay was quite okay,enough to meet his basic needs.
That monday morning was the begining of another week which no one knows what lays ahead of them...it was the day they would meet their new m.d the daughter of the founder of the company, she just finished from the university of lagos with a first class degree in business administration.he was driving at a very fast so as not to get to work late,because that would leave a bad impression on the new mysterious lady,as he was about to take another route.by the roadside he saw a man whom he assumed must have got hitten by a car,he was gasping for breath,with no one willing to help him.he felt pity for him.by the time he turned back to the road he hit a toyota camry(mussle).it would have been more than that if he hadnt stepped on the breaks.he hoped the damage wasnt much,he unfastened his seat belt and came down.

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Re: The contract by marvel15(m): 12:00pm On Jul 21, 2018
what do you think about this new piece..there is more to come

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Re: The contract by marvel15(m): 5:20pm On Jul 21, 2018
catherine was her name the daughter of mr anthony a renowed business mongul known everywhere.she was imagining how it would look like been in the position of CEO of his fathers company..she couldnt wait to get started.though it as a big responsibility she was ready to take it and gain more experience in management duties.even though she woke early that morning she still got held in the traffic,which was common in the city.she was getting impatient as the traffic looked like it wasnt going to clear anytime soon.suddenly she heard a loud bang someone had just hit her car,this was the last thing she wanted early in the morning as she almost late already,she removed her glasses and saw a young man standing at back of her car inspecting the damages done,she could see that it was the break lights that was broken..she was very furious..
"hey young man,she began.are you blind?cant you be a little careful when driving.if you know you are not experienced enough dont drive.just find somewhere and park your car"
"am sorry maam.i was distracted and wasnt focus please i will repir your car for you,just tell me the cost and i will gladly pay.it was my fault no doubt about that."
" shut the Bleep up.do you think this car is just any car,its rare and expensive.and am sure ten years of your salary cant repair the damage.thats even if you are even working at all."what she said made him angry,that was an insult and he was not going to take it lightly.
with all due respect maam,you are beautiful but brainless,i apologized and said sorry and i accept to repair the damages.when i saw you saw dressing smart and beautiful i thought you are from a good home little did i know that.....before he could finish his words her hands was across his face unleashing a dirty slap...he couldnt believe his eyes..she actaully slaped him...
"how dare you talk to me like that?who the hell do you think you are?,am going to sue you for this.i will make sure you rot in hell!...he didnt expect the slap he was very surprised that such a brainless person could exist on this planet earth.he was very furious but he was not someone who would beat a woman because he always believed that woman her important in anymans life.he turned to go back into his car but she came and blocked her way..
"are you deaf?wont you pay for the damages you caused.he said nothiing,he just entered his car and drove off.to say he was angry was an understatement.he was mad.how could someone has mannerless as her could still exist.he looked at the mirror and say marks on his face.because of the drama that just happened he was already late he only hoped the new CEO had not arrived because that would be bad...he parked his car in the parking lot,alighted after switching off the ignition,carried his briefcase and came down.fortunately for him the meeting had started but the new CEO had not arrived.he was sitted by his trust friend emeka..
"nigga! what happened,why did you come late?.upon asking him he remembered everything that transpired between him and the mysterious girl..
"dont worry i will give you the full gist later"
"no problem"their director came in to adress them.he was a tall man in his mid thirties,he was a little bit handsome and had pot belly.he was dressing very well,he always had his shirt stached and ironed.he cleared his throat before begining.
"due to some unforeseen circumstances the new CEO whom the founder of this company has already announced to us in the last meeting will arrive a little late.she tenders her sincere apology to us and promised that she would be here with us as soon as possible.in the meantime we should continue with the meetingand our topic of discussion as you all have been informed earlier is how we can further promote our image internationally,we are only known in this country,but the founder has tasked us with coming up with a streategy of enhancing our image globally.this may look like an herculean task to some of us here,but nothing is impossible with hardwork, if we pull our resources together.at this point i would like mr richard williams to step out and lets have his view on that..his was given a round of applause and step out to make his contributions.he had been working on it for the past one month.just as he was about to start a young lady came in,he couldnt believe his eyes.he must be dreaming.

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Re: The contract by Nobody: 8:29pm On Jul 21, 2018
Following to the end.
Re: The contract by Nobody: 8:35pm On Jul 21, 2018
Moreeeee pleeaasee
Re: The contract by marvel15(m): 1:08pm On Jul 22, 2018
happy sunday pals...new chapter on its way
Re: The contract by marvel15(m): 1:41pm On Jul 22, 2018
he sat in his office ruminating on what happened earlier,he couldnt believe what just happened the lady that he met on the way was actually his boss.it was unimaginable,he was sure that she was going to get back at him,but he was not sure the gravity and force she was coming with.but no matter what he was ready.still deep in thoughts he heard a knock.he wasnt sure who was at the door..
"please come in?..his friend emeka came in.he was putting on a smiling face which was unusuall,he only does that when there was good news..
"whats up my guy."he offered his hand for an handshake which he took.
"so whats the latest news.what do you have for me?am sure you came to tell me something"he sat down in front of him and made himself comfortable..
the new M.D has requested to see you..he wasnt surprised at all because he knew she called because of the incident that happened earlier.he heaved a sigh of relief,his friend could see that he was surprised
"richard there is something you are not telling me..i think i have missed something?"
"what makes you think so?"
"your expression says it all..he paused expecting him to say sumtin but he said nothing..what is the problem exactly?.he asked again.
emeka when i get back.we will talk about it.am sure you dont want me to get fired so let me answer the boss call.dont worry we will have plenty of time to gist later.
alright..he stood up and went outside,he immediately followed behind.he locked the door to his office and headed to the M.Ds office.....TBC

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Re: The contract by holufunmie(f): 1:57pm On Jul 22, 2018
ride on bro...
Re: The contract by marvel15(m): 2:07pm On Jul 22, 2018
she sat on very comfortable chair,one could hear the loud punching of the keyboard.she was almost done with the work her boss gave her.she was working as a secretary to the minister of current affairs.she knew her boss is a nice person,she was very lucky to have a boss as nice as her.she graduated from university of nigeria(nsukka)with second class upper in accountancy.she was in charge of the accounts.it was hectic working as the secretary and also as an accountant.it was surely not an easy job but she had no choice since the previous accountant was sacked due to irresponsibilty in his work,so the company asked her to take on the job in the meantime and she was given an increase in salary which was very fortunate for her...
she met an handsome man named richard williams in one of her visits to the museum.whenver she remembers him she always smiled he was handsome there was no doubt about that and he was of average height.she had liked him at first glance.their chemistry had matched and they spoke comfortably like they had know each other for a long time.they hd exchanged numbers and went their ways.it was on a fateful day while she was less busy that he called and asked her out on a date which she accepted.he later made his intentions known to her in such a romantic way.she didnt give him a reply instantly,she deliberately was playing hard to get.but today was the day she promied to give him an answer and she already knew what her answer would be..she smiled at the thought and continued her work..

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Re: The contract by marvel15(m): 2:36pm On Jul 22, 2018
he was tensed there was no doubt about that.he didnt know what lies ahead of him.he had saw glimpses of her behaviour and he was sure she was going to make her gor through hell.he knocked on the door to her office twice before he heard her voice asking him to come in.he came and tried to be as calm as possible.
"good morning maam..i was told you asked for me.."
"yeah.thats right.please have your seat".he sat down on the chair provided in front of her.he was looking at somewhere else and couldnt bear to look her straight in the eyes.he was expecting her to say something but no word came and it was akwardly quiet which he wasnt comfortable with.he adjusted in his seat..
"please maam..i came here because you called for me.please i would appreciate it if you could be snappy because i have a lot of work on my table.am sure you wouldnt want to get in the way"..
"pardon me..i called you here because there is something important i must tell you.from now on you will be my personal assistant.we will find someone to replace you".what she said took him by surprise.immediately his expression changed into anger,he wanted so badly to get closer to her and strangle her but that was not an option..
"but maam.i would suggest you apply for a personal assistant because my qualification is not to be an assistant.am very bad at that work.please find another person"
i heard you are a very hardworking person.thats why i picked you.and moreso the order came from my father who is the owner of this company..or else you could disobey him and risk losing your job its your choice and dont worry you salary will remain the same and maybe some bonuses..that was an insult,a fatal blow to his ego,who does she think she is.he was sure she was trying to get back at him for what happened earlier.he stood up when he couldnt take the insult anymore.
please maam i would like to take my leave,if there is nothing else you want to dicuss.he turned to go
of course.you are to start tomorrow and i have already arranged for your desk outside my office..he turned back and she could see how furious she was and that made him happy,shwe was going to make him go throught hell for what he did.he turned and went out furiously.he closed the door behind and he could hear her laughing sarcastically.what a bitch!.he loosend his tie a bit and went back to his office..TBC..

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Re: The contract by purity247(m): 6:27pm On Jul 22, 2018
keep it up next pls
Re: The contract by marvel15(m): 8:32pm On Jul 22, 2018
he was very pissed,what kind of a human is she,he was pacing to and fro in his office though it was small but it was okay.in that office he felt like a boss,now she was trying to make her feel like a slave.but there was nothing she could do one mistake and he would be fired and that would mean he going back to job hunting which was a terrible experience no one would pray to go back to such life.his only option was to endure whatever it is was coming and search silently for a new job with a good pay.having made his decision he took his phone and scrolled to look for sandras number to see whether she was free in the evening.after a few rings she picked up.her voice was as cool as ever.he tried to sound cool.
"hey sandra.how are you doing?"
"am fine richard.what about you?"
"am okay..there was a short pause before he continued.i was hoping i could take you out for dinner".she knew the reason he was saying that but she wanted to act coy. She just needs a little convincing
"am kind of busy in the evening.i have a lot of work to do."he also wasnt going to give up he was getting tired of her attitude and needed to know her view on it
come on sandra,all work and no play makes sandra a dull girl.its just to relax and get the stress of work off our mind,i promise you i will make it worth it".she said nothing."come on sandra"
"alright.i will come.where should we meet"
"why dont you let me pick you up at the front of your house that will make it much easier for you."
8pm.make sure you are done before then.
"alright.later i need to finish what am doing and we will meet later"
okay.he hanged up and heaved a sigh of relief calling her really helped.he was now ready to finish the remaining work on the table..TBC

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Re: The contract by marvel15(m): 9:59pm On Jul 22, 2018
He stood at the front of her wearing dark grey pants with a v shaped t-shirt and completing it with a black sniker he had used body spray earlier,he was waiting anxiously for her.ladies with their make up issue.he had called earlier informing her that he was on his way and that she should hurry up.he was pressed the doorbell when he couldnt take it anymore.as he was about to knock for the second time the door opened.he was taken about by what he saw in front of him was a goddess,he was lost and almost forgot that someone was standing in front of him.her eyes where shining like the stars she wore a beautiful flower gown which fitted her body perfectly,he was almost drooling.she tapped her repeatedly and shaked him out of his reverie.
waoh..you look stunning.am short of words.you re a goddess.am sure you are not from this planet.you must be an angel.she knew it was a flatter but she giggled and it melted him.he couldnt help but wonder that even her giggling was heavenly.he ushered her to the and opened the door of the passengers sit for her to enter,while he quickly ran to the drivers seat and entered he turned the ignition and drove off....
he had made a reservation in a nice restaurant few kilometres from her house.he was greeted warmly by the attendants while they entered,he took a table while a waiter came to attend to them.she was very beautiful and a smile was on her face
"please sir are you ready to order?"she gave them the menu and he scanned through it.he settled for rice and chicken with soft drink.preferably coke
" what about you maam?"
"give me what he ordered"
"alright maam i will be back in a short while".it was not less than five minutes the woman came with their order and served them
".bon appetite"she bowed and went away.richard replied with a thank you.he took his cutleries and started eating he as very hungry that he almost forgot someone was in front of him.sandra could see how he was rushing the food she just smiled and continue eating.he stopped for a while and took the soft drink.he looked at her she was obviously enjoying the food.
"so how was work today?she answered not looking up.
"great and its not beyond enduring.what about you?..
"it was something else.my boss is a total asshole.she just resumed instead of her father and she is already making life difficlut for me.i cant beleive people as saucy and as brainless as her could still exist on this earth"
"she must have made life really difficult for you"
"trust me sandra you have no idea how much i want to strangle her and praying she dissappears soon"
"she might not be as bad as you have painted her to be."
"whatever,thats by the way.we didnt come here to talk about someone else we are here to catch fun".she finished her food and took some soft drinks,just then he brought his chair closer to her.she was surprised.he now became serious she knew he wanted to day.he began
"i always think about the first day i met you.up till now it always feels like it was destiny that brought us together,when we connceted very well that day i knew you were the right one for me.what i dont understand is why you keep playing hard to get.which is common with you ladies how long do you think i can wait?give me a chance to make you my queen.he paused waiting for an answer but none came.he turned away and she noticed he was pissed.
"am sorry richard but am scared?"
"scared about what exactly?.he looked into her eyes.but she looked away.
"am scared of you guyz.thats how you start saying sweet words with your sugar coathed mouth.and at the end of the day you dump us."
"thats something i can never do to you.my feelings for you is real and its getting deeper.giive me a chance to prove it.she paused and said nothing.he was tensed waiting for her reply she smiled and nodded her head
"is that a yes?she nodded again and it made him leap for joy.she bursted into laughter.
"keep your voice low a lot of people are watching"
"am sorry i just couldnt contain my excitement.he sat down.she stood up
"i think i should be on my way its 10pm already.i have a lot of work.so i need to go.i wish i could stay alittle longer"
i understand.he took his car keys and phone which he earlier placed on the table,after settling the bills they both went out of the restaurant.he turned on the ignition and drove off.he droped her off in the front of her house after they spent minutes chatting and gisting,he released her after giving her a good night peck.when he got home he sent her a good nite text and this marked a perfect end for the day.... TBC

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Re: The contract by horwa140: 11:05pm On Jul 22, 2018
Permission to Read
Re: The contract by marvel15(m): 5:15am On Jul 23, 2018
lolzzz.permision granted
Re: The contract by marvel15(m): 5:18am On Jul 23, 2018
please guyz if there is a mistake please let me know. any observation will be welcomed but please dont be too harsh.
Re: The contract by marvel15(m): 5:31am On Jul 23, 2018
and adorable queen thank you so much for always cheering me on you gave me the inspiration to start and continue..kisses
Re: The contract by Ann2012(f): 5:42am On Jul 23, 2018
Re: The contract by purity247(m): 6:47am On Jul 23, 2018
wonderful toasting line i will use it
Re: The contract by Nobody: 7:35am On Jul 23, 2018
Thanks for the interesting update
Re: The contract by Nobody: 7:37am On Jul 23, 2018
and adorable queen thank you so much for always cheering me on you gave me the inspiration to start and continue..kisses
Smiles... Don't mention wink

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Re: The contract by marvel15(m): 7:57am On Jul 24, 2018
good morning @lightqueen i saw ur mail so i have replied it..and everyone updates will be coming soon.please bear with me there has been a little delay
Re: The contract by Nobody: 8:45am On Jul 24, 2018
good morning @lightqueen i saw ur mail so i have replied it..and everyone updates will be coming soon.please bear with me there has been a little delay
Yeah, I couldn't access my mail to reply yours initially, reason why I tried to send one from my end here just in case it works out fine.. but you can drop your mail here so I can send a direct message from another if you so wish. The choice is yours.

Morning to you too
Re: The contract by Nobody: 8:46am On Jul 24, 2018
And pls do quick give us food grin
Re: The contract by marvel15(m): 1:14pm On Jul 24, 2018
my gmail dasaolu5000@gmail.com
Re: The contract by marvel15(m): 1:15pm On Jul 24, 2018
dont worry food is almost done it remains putting maggi and oda stuffs inside..lolzzz ;Ddont worry food is almost done it remains putting maggi and oda stuffs inside..lolzzz
Re: The contract by marvel15(m): 2:10pm On Jul 24, 2018
lightqueen i cant acess the mail you sent to me which gmail did u send it to is it dasaolu5000@gmail.com and dasaolu1995@gmail.com
Re: The contract by Nobody: 3:07pm On Jul 24, 2018
lightqueen i cant acess the mail you sent to me which gmail did u send it to is it dasaolu5000@gmail.com and dasaolu1995@gmail.com
The first one


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