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Deadly Missions by SilverSpoonEnt: 12:40pm On Jun 11, 2018
I'm starting the story today as promised... I have a very tight schedule today, but I've already promised to start it today... I'll post the prologue now, and then more posts will come by night... Thanks, as you enjoy this as well...


Re: Deadly Missions by SilverSpoonEnt: 12:45pm On Jun 11, 2018
favyo masterakogun92 pweetygiftofgod fabfunki phoenixchap yungclex Born2breed hunts ....... please mention others that you think will also like the story... thanks


Re: Deadly Missions by SilverSpoonEnt: 3:39pm On Jun 11, 2018
(A 16 year old boy is being shown playing all around the house. His parents – Mr and Mrs Cole are watching a program on the television set in the living room).
Mrs Cole: Majh! (calling the boy) Come here, stop playing around.
Majh: I am still doing something here.
Mrs Cole: What is it you are doing?
Majh: (holding a remote, running around) I am still playing with the car.
Mr Cole: (annoyed) Playing with the toy car? When are you going to stop these your childish habits?
Majh: (stops immediately, looking frustrated) Until mum teaches me how to use a gun.
Mrs Cole: What sort of rubbish is that? Do you want to be a security agent like me?
Majh: I have told you many times without number that I don’t want to be a security agent.
Mrs Cole: Then, why do you want to be able to use a gun.
Majh: I want to be fearless like you, and I want to know if for self security purpose.
Mrs Cole: Hmmm, hmmm!! Why do you think I give you brain trainings every day?
Majh: You want me to be able to solve problems, to be wise in taking decisions and to be able to know and realize what others can’t realize easily.
Mrs Cole: You are partially right but the main reason I give you brain trainings is because I want you to be more fearless than me.
Majh: (smiles) With just brain, and no combat training?
Mrs Cole: Yeah! With just your brain, you can really do better than I do. The reason why people think I am good is not really because I am good in using gun, but because I use my brain perfectly. Being good in combat, ant not good in using brain, you will be defeated easily. Enemies out there that I defeat, there are so many of them that know how to use a gun more than I do but because I know how to use my brain better, I defeat them easily. All the opportunities that you have, when I was young, I didn’t have them. Then, there was nobody to teach me anything. I just… (she is being interrupted).
Majh: (interrupts her) Ish… (there is total silence).
Mrs Cole: (after some seconds) What’s the problem?
Majh: I felt a brief heat for just like two seconds.
Mrs Cole: What are you implying?
Majh: You taught me that presence of at least a person in a place, would bring at least, a little increase in the heat of that place.
Mrs Cole: (laughs) You this boy, I just taught you that area of training yesterday.
Majh: Yeah!
Mrs Cole: (still laughing) You are not yet that good in that area of sensitivity because you were just fumbling yesterday. So how come you are already applying it now?
Majh: (confused) I know I am not yet that good in that area, but just as you taught me, I know I felt a very brief heat.
Mr Cole: (interrupts) Mum and son, please you are disturbing me, I am not really enjoying the movie any longer.
Mrs Cole: Daddky, please give me some minutes, let me teach your son what he doesn’t know.
Mr Cole: (smiles) Okay, ma!
Mrs Cole: (to Majh) You know what? The security of this house is very tight. I built it myself. If any other person should enter this house, we would surely be alerted.
Mr Cole: Does he just know that today?
Majh: Of course, I already knew but I know I felt something. Well, maybe it’s just an illusion. It happens at times, am I not right?
Mrs Cole: Yeah, it happens.
Majh: Okay!
Mrs Cole: Don’t worry. I will finish that sensitivity test for you tomorrow. I will make sure you don’t make any mistake again.
Majh: Thanks!

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Re: Deadly Missions by Born2Breed(f): 4:42pm On Jun 11, 2018
Thanks for the mention.

Nice story.
Re: Deadly Missions by phoenixchap: 7:57pm On Jun 11, 2018
Born3breed abeg shift silently let me just book a seat beside you, I'm keenly following. Thumbs-up silverspoonent for the mention
Re: Deadly Missions by SilverSpoonEnt: 10:48pm On Jun 11, 2018
(Mrs Cole is being shown driving. Beside her is her son, nodding to the music playing inside the car. It seems Mrs Cole is going to her office).
Mrs Cole: (switches off the music) Did you read what I gave you yesterday? (to her son).
Majh: Sure now, you know I would.
Mrs Cole: So, have you thought about it?
Majh: Yes, yes, yes.
Mrs Cole: Okay, so who do you think killed the old man?
Majh: That should be his daughter.
Mrs Cole: Really? Why did you say so?
Majh: Though a rope is being wound on the old man’s neck, but I checked the images several times, the neck doesn’t seem strangled.
Mrs Cole: (excited) Hmmm, hmmm!! So what?
Majh: So someone must be thinking of framing the gate man of the murder because that specific rope is actually from his quarters.
Mrs Cole: Hmmm, hmmm!!
Majh: Though in the images, we are not provided with the back view of the old man, but there is a very tiny hole in his stomach.
Mrs Cole: What does that mean?
Majh: It seems as if he was stabbed from behind, with a knife, and the knife penetrates the man’s back making a hole to be shown on the front.
Mrs Cole: Really?
Majh: I checked the interview reports. The daughter went to market on nobody’s behalf some hours before the incidence. Though, they said the daughter’s going to market may not have anything to do with the incidence but I doubt that.
Mrs Cole: How?
Majh: The report didn’t find out what she actually went to do in the market. They just said she ended up not buying anything from the market but I think that’s not right.
Mrs Cole: How?
Majh: I don’t think she just went to the market for nothing. Well, to be sure, someone has to go that particular market.
Mrs Cole: But how will you know the right place she went if she decides not to tell?
Majh: (laughs out loud) What sort of question is that? All the markets in this country, Notis, have CCTV. I don’t think she is that perfect to wipe her doings in the market from the CCTV.
Mrs Cole: (claps) You know what? This particular incidence happened 5 years ago. That daughter was able to fool all my co-agents to believe that the gateman was responsible for the murder of her father, but I knew something was wrong just as you figured out too.
Majh: Really?
Mrs Cole: Yeah. And do you know the funniest part? I was able to figure everything out just as you just did. That was what led to my promotion back then. We checked the CCTV just as I said, and it showed that the daughter actually went to buy a very sharp knife from the market. That led to further investigations. Autopsy was carried out on the old man’s corpse and it was realized that he was actually stabbed. I made sure we collected all the daughter’s clothes, and with the help of UV light, we were able to find out the man’s blood on one of her clothes.
Majh: Hmmm! Mummy, you are very sharp and wonderful.
Mrs Cole: Yeah, but not as good and sensitive as you. Do you know that this particular test was given to final year security trainees as exam and they all resulted to that the gateman was responsible for the murder. Even some resulted to foolish conclusions. Despite the fact that they were given two weeks on the test, they were finally given another test because they all failed in this.
Majh: Hmmm! Even, if they had read past records of security agents, they would have met it in yours.
Mrs Cole: Thank you. If they had read those records, they would have been able to meet up with that investigation in mine, but they failed to do so, because they were lazy.
Majh: Okay, then.
Mrs Cole: And you, did you actually read that from my past works?
Majh: (smiles) You’ve already told me that you want your past works to be the last of works that I will read. So I still have several works of others to read, before getting to yours.
Mrs Cole: Are you sure you didn’t disobey my orders?
Majh: (smiles) You suppose to trust your son that I am so trustworthy.
Mrs Cole: Do you know why I don’t want you to read about me?
Majh: I’m dying to know that!
Mrs Cole: (looks sober) It’s because you are a good boy, you actually don’t deserve a mother like me.
Majh: (looking frustrated) Why are you talking like this? You are actually the best for me. So what do you mean by what you said?
Mrs Cole: Don’t worry, by the time you have to know, you will know.
Majh: Please tell me, I am… (he is being interrupted).
Mrs Cole: Please, Majh, please, don’t ask me. You will know when the time comes.
Majh: Okay ma! But can you just promise me that you are actually not a bad agent. And not a corrupt agent that does things, for her own satisfaction.
Mrs Cole: (wipes her face with a face towel) That’s the last thing I would do, my son.
Majh: (smiles) I trust you, mum. (gives her a little peck).
Mrs Cole: Thanks, my son.
Majh: You are welcome, ma.
Mrs Cole: (she is smiling, just a call enters her phone. She picks up the phone only to find out that she is being called by a private number). Haha, who dare use a private number to call me? Doesn’t the person know that I will be able to get the number easily? (She presses some things on the keypad and exclaims) Shit! How come the number is so secure? Well, no matter how secure it is, once I get to the office, I will be able to get the number with my system. Let me just answer the call first. (She answers the call) Hello, who is this?
Caller: (after some seconds) Is this Mrs Cole?
Mrs Cole: Yeah, that’s right!
Caller: Right in front of me is your husband, Mr Cole, with my gun on his head.
Mrs Cole: (shocked) What!
Caller: If you want to save his life, you should be on your way to Eloq street right away.
Mrs Cole: (still surprised) Put my husband on the line, let me speak with him.
Caller: You don’t believe me, right? Well, you have just ten minutes. Failure to make it within that time, I will waste my bullets on his head. (cuts the call).
Mrs Cole: Hello, hello!! (she realizes that the call has been cut).
Majh: (scared) Mum, what’s the problem?
Mrs Cole: I think your father is in trouble.
Majh: (shocked) How? What happened?
Mrs Cole: (quickly reverses her car and heads towards Eloq Street) The caller that just called me said he has a gun on your dad’s head. But I listened attentively to the surrounding, there was actually nobody shaking near him. Whereas, if a gun is being on someone’s head, he must be somehow nervous that he/she must be somehow shaking.
Majh: (scared) So, what are you implying?
Mrs Cole: It is either he doesn’t have your dad at all or…
Majh: Or what? (looking frustrated) Don’t tell me he might have already shot dad.
Mrs Cole: Well, let’s get there first. (She zooms off. After some minutes, they actually got to their destination. Some stones thrown away to where she stops, she and Majh are seeing the dead body of Mr Cole on the floor with blood gushing out of the body. Majh starts to cry heavily but Mrs Cole has not gotten out of the car and she is holding Majh not to go. Right beside Mr Cole is a gun. Mrs Cole quickly realizes that the gun is hers) How come my gun is there? My husband can never take my gun out, so what is it doing there? I actually put in my desk yesterday… (she suddenly thinks about something and she stops talking).
Majh: (still crying) Mum, what’s it?
Mrs Cole: (looks at Majh, straight in the eyes) Yesterday, when you said you felt someone’s presence in the room, were you really sure about it?
Majh: Yes, I know I felt something.
Mrs Cole: (looks sad) Can that be true? But there is only one person that can breach my security.
Majh: Who’s that?
Mrs Cole: (quickly fasten the seat belt on Majh’s body, while placing him on the driver’s side) I am going to check your father’s body. If you see anything unusual happening, promise me you will drive away.
Majh: With you?
Mrs Cole: (gets off the car) Majh, without me.
Majh: (sobbing and shaking head in disagreement) No, I can’t do that. I am not leaving here without you and dad.
Mrs Cole: Please, Majh, do your mum this favour! (turns her back on the car and starts sobbing. She quickly runs to her husband on the floor. She grabs her gun, touches her husband and realizes that he is really dead. She starts crying harder. Just like five seconds later, she is being surrounded by numerous police officers).
Police 1: (talking through comm.) I think the intel is right. A woman has actually murdered the ambassador. She seems to be a security agent, judging from her dressing.
Police 2: (also on comm., but he is at the station, operating the system) She actually obstructed the CCTV just like the intel said. She must be up to something.
Police 1: Well, I will arrest her and bring her to the station for questioning. She is a very bad murderer.
Mrs Cole: (still on the floor, crying. She then stands up, holding her gun) Let me leave.
Police 1: (switches off the comm.) What rubbish!
Mrs Cole: (she starts to move) Okay!
Police 1: (to the other police officers) Arrest her!
Police officers: Yes sir!!! (As one of them touches her, she grabs his hand and throws him on the floor. She gives another one a blow on the face. She kicks another two on the head with her leg. She continues to move towards her car, fighting off all the police officers coming her way with her left hand, while holding her gun on her right hand. As she gets near the car, one of the frustrated police officer shoots her on her leg).
Mrs Cole: Yeh!!! (she shouts out loud)
Majh: Mum!!! (he also shouts and cries louder as she sees her mum going down. He wants to come down but her mum has already locked the doors, and wined up the glasses, so he can’t come down).
Mrs Cole: (struggles to get near the car. She takes her phone and uses to dial Majh’s phone. Majh picks up from inside the car) Majh… Majh, please drive off! They will come after you.
Majh: (crying very loudly) Who are they? The police officers?
Mrs Cole: No, not the police officers, but the people responsible for all these. I know what they are after. They will surely kill me, and I am pretty sure you will be part of their plan. Please, I’ve already taught you how to drive a car. Just drive away before… (that same police officer that shot her earlier shoots her again, but this time, at her back) Yeh!!! (she shouts louder this time around as she goes down totally).
Majh: (also cries louder) Mum! Mum!! Mum!!! Please, stand up! (he notices that the same police officer is aiming his gun at him, so he quickly starts the car and zooms off. The police officer starts to shoot the car but none actually met Majh as he escapes).
Police 1: (to the police office office who is just a junior to him) But you are not supposed to shoot her!
Police officer: (surprised) Not supposed to shoot her? Not supposed to shoot her until she kills us all?
Police 1: (convinced) Okay, no problem! (gets back on comm.)
Police 2: (now talking to Police 1 on the comm. again) That woman is actually the ambassador’s wife.
Police 1: (shocked) Really?
Police 2: Yeah!
Police 1: (confused) But why did his wife kill him?
Police 1: I think it has something to do with their son.
Police 1: What are you talking about?
Police 2: I also don’t know yet. But in some hours time, it seems the President will be having a meeting the ministers about the ambassador being assassinated by his wife, and they will be involving their son in the matter.
Police 1: Really?
Police 2: Yeah! You just have to go and detain the boy immediately.
Police 1: No problem.
Police 2: Okay! (switches off the comm.)
Police 1: (to the police officers) We are going to Mr Cole’s house to detain his son. Pack both corpses into the ambulance and let’s leave.
Police officers: Yes, sir!!! (still groaning from the pain of the blows and kicks they got from Mrs Cole. The police officer that shot Mrs Cole then talk).
Police officer: Sir! The car that drove off, I am sure it that boy that’s inside.
Police 1: Really? Are you sure?
Police officer: Yes, sir!
Police 1: No problem! Then let’s just follow the trails of the particular car to get him.
Police officers: Yes, sir!!! (they all got into their respective cars).
Police 1: (gets back on comm. with Police 2) Please, help us to check the CCTV. A brownish car left this scene some minutes ago, and we suspect that the boy may be in that car.
Police 2: Okay! (presses some keys on the keyboard). Yeah, just head straight.
Police 1: Okay. (continues to drive).
Police 2: (after some minutes) Cut to your right at that junction you are seeing in front of you.
Police 1: Okay! (drives to the right direction, and the other police cars follow him. So, after some minutes of driving, they meet a brownish car in traffic. They get out of their cars, and order everybody to wait).
Police officer: (as they move closer to the brownish car) I don’t think this is the boy’s car.
Police 1: What do you mean?
Police officer: I actually shot the car, and this car doesn’t seem like one that has been shot.
Police 1: (notices this) Yeah! You are somehow right. (he runs quickly towards the car only to find a fat man inside the car. He then connects back on comm.) What’s the meaning of this? (no reply for some seconds).
Police 2: (now replies) Yeah! Yeah!! I think we’ve been fooled.
Police 1: What are you trying to say?
Police 2: I am not sure what the boy did, but he actually did something that made me to be tracking another car unknowingly.
Police 1: (surprised) Really?
Police 2: Yeah! But I have actually gotten where he is.
Police 1: (curious) Where is he?
Police 2: He is actually at home. You should know Mr Cole’s house now.
Police 1: Yeah, I do. But how did you get to know he is at home.
Police 2: I only opened their house’s CCTV because I know a small boy can’t think of elsewhere to go. Though the inside of the house can’t be viewed through CCTV because of the heavy security system there, but according to what I have her, a brownish car with shot bullets on it actually drove into the house some minutes ago.
Police 1: Hmmm! (delighted) Good job! (to his guys) Now let’s go to Mr Cole’s house, we must able to find that rascal there.

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Re: Deadly Missions by SilverSpoonEnt: 9:56am On Jun 12, 2018
(Majh is being shown in his mum’s room, searching for something. Outside the house, there are numerous police officers surrounding the house. But with the look of thins, it seems they can’t enter. Majh hasn’t known yet that the house has been surrounded).
Majh: (seems frustrated as he is combing out every corner of the room. One could still notice that he is still sobbing) Where did she put it? I need to take it and get out of this fucking place.
(outside the house).
Police 1: (to Police 2 on comm.) Do something now. We have to enter this house. It has been confirmed that he is inside the house by the neighbouring residents.
Police 2: (still operating the system) I told you it’s not easy to break that house’s security. One has to be great hacker before he can do that.
Police 1: I don’t want to know how you will do it, just open this goddamn door for me.
Police 2: I am still trying my best. Just give me few more minutes.
Police 1: (unsatisfied) That’s what you keep asking for since.
(inside the house)
(It seems Majh has seen what he was searching for. A book can be seen in his hands with title – Ms Cole N. Words beneath the title are not really visible).
Majh: (seems a little bit happy) Yeah! I got it! Now it’s time to leave for my uncle’s place. (As he raises up his head, he notices that the house has been surrounded by police officers through a system screen in the room) What sort of rubbish is this? Why are these people after me? What have I done wrong? Well, let me show you some things I am capable of. (he gets to the system and begins to operate it).
(outside the house)
(As Police 1 is still talking to Police 2 on comm., a shout of help can be heard from the back of the house. Police 1 and his men quickly runs to the place to find out what’s happening).
Police 1: (on getting there, he quickly asks one of the police officers that were stationed at the back before) What happened here? (he removes his comm. from his ear).
Police Officer: (confused) As in what, sir?
Police 1: Who shouted for help here?
Police Officer: (confused) Shouted for help here? There is nothing like that, sir.
Police 1: Do you want to be fooling me or what?
Police Officer: (frustrated) No sir, I dare not. You can ask others too. (to the other police officers there) Did anyone shout for help?
Police Officers: No, sir!
Police 1: (He and the police officers that ran over there are quite surprised to hear this, because they actually heard a shout for help) Okay!
Police Officers: Yes, sir!
Police 1: (gets back on comm. to Police 2) Are you now able to open the door? (moves slowly back to the front with his men).
Police 2: See you, the boy has already left. (angrily).
Police 1: (shocked) Left? How?
Police 2: He left when you left your post. Immediately he came outside, I tried to communicate with you but you were already off on comm..
Police 1: But you should be able to track him now.
Police 2: Track him? Can’t you see the CCTV camera?
Police 1: (looks at the camera at the top and then, is shocked) What! He destroyed the camera?
Police 2: (hisses) Immediately he came outside, as if he already knew somebody is watching him, he destroyed the camera with a stick. So I am unable to track him.
Police 1: (confused) But I think you can still use your system to check the CCTV around the area.
Police 2: Thank you. That’s actually where the problem lies. Immediately he destroyed the camera, I rushed to check the nearby area’s CCTVs without securing my system. I don’t know the type of application he used, or the virus he attached to the CCTV documentaries, all I know is that my system crashed. Before I could take up another system to check the area, and securing the system, he has actually gone.
Police 1: Wow! (angrily) Should I compliment the boy that he is quite better than you on the system, to be able to use these tricks for you?
Police 2: (angry) So you can talk? He used a mere application to create sound at the back of the house, and you gullibly fell for it.
Police 1: (angrier) Are you… (he is being interrupted by the police officer that shot Mrs Cole).
Police Officer: I think we can still get him, sir.
Police 1: (surprised to hear this) How?
Police Officer: When we got here, I attached oil to the tyre of all the cars in the garage. When I checked the garage now, I noticed that a blue car is missing. Probably, he took it and he wouldn’t have known about the oil. (he points to the oil traces made by car tyres on the floor). Those are the oil traces. If we can follow them, we should be able to get him.
Police 1: (surprised and excited) Wow! You are really good. Now, we don’t need to waste time. (To other police officers) Let’s follow these oil traces to get the boy.
Police Officer: Yes, sir! (They all get to their respective cars and start to follow the traces. After some minutes of driving, they eventually got to where the car is being packed, beside a very big river. They get down of their cars and surround the car, but there is nobody inside the car).
Police 1: Bullshit! He must have found out there.
Police Officer: (unhappy) Seems so, sir!
Police 1: Well, let’s check around, he couldn’t have gone far without a car (they start to check around, but to no success of finding the boy. They later get to their cars and go to possible lead-out streets but also to no success. Police 1 could have asked for Police 2’s help but because of what happened, he didn’t bother. Eventually, they failed to get the boy).
* * * * *
(Later that day)
(The police officer that shot Mrs Cole can be seen making a call).
Police Officer: (on call) I did the job perfectly, but the boy is still at large… No one suspects me… You just have to take care of the boy… I know, sir… I’m flying out of the country tomorrow… Yes, sir…

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Re: Deadly Missions by SilverSpoonEnt: 10:02pm On Jun 12, 2018
(The outside of a two storey building is first shown, and then the inside is shown. There sit a man on a cushion, reading a newspaper).
Uncle D: (closes the newspaper) Now through with this paper, I need to get a new paper. (stretches his back) Majh! Majh!!
Majh: Yes, uncle! (he enters) Thank God, so you are now ready to listen to me.
Uncle D: Hmmm! Well, not yet. You have to get a new paper for me from the vendor.
Majh: (frustrated) But what I have to tell you is important.
Uncle D: Don’t worry, I will have your time when I finish reading the new paper you will bring.
Majh: Okay, sir! (leaves immediately for the vendor’s place).
Uncle D: Ma… see this boy, he didn’t even bother to ask for money from me. He is going to buy it out of his own money. Well, my brother has spoilt him, always giving his son more than enough money because he is rich. (sighs) What a life!
* * * * *
(The Same Day, Somewhere else)
Man: He is definitely at that place, make sure you do a good job.
Assassin: You should trust me. I will make sure I confirm his death before I leave.
Man: I trust you. (excited)
Assassin: Thank you, just make sure you make the necessary transfers into my account.
Man: No problem about that.
Assassin: Okay (he leaves).
Man: (his phone rings, and he picks up the call) Hello, sir!
Caller: Have you gotten rid of him?
Man: Very soon, sir!
Caller: She might have told him about us, and we can’t let him tell anybody. So you have to be clinical in your job.
Man: (smiles) I know the gravity of what is at stake, so I sent an assassin that has never failed before.
Caller: Good. Make sure there is no problem, the boy has to…
Man: I understand, sir.
Caller: Okay….
* * * * *
(The same day, back at Uncle D’s residence. Majh is being shown peeping into the room where Uncle D was reading the newspaper. Uncle D is no more in the room, he is disappointed but still enters).
Majh: This uncle, why is he like this? (frowning his face) I haven’t seen him since the time he finished the paper I bought for him. He is so fast in reading papers that he finished this in less hours. (he begins to sob) My mum! It doesn’t take her up to an hour to finish a newspaper. She was a genius. How I wish I am like her! (he sits down on Uncle D’s cushion and takes the newspaper to have a glance. He reads out loud) Headlines:- (i) Minister of Internal Affairs, Mrs Neos S. accused of embezzling a billion dollars. Yeh! (he exclaims he continues ready). (ii) Clish Ambassador, Mr Cole assassinated yesterday by wife; son involved (he stops there and reads that particular headline again) Clish Ambassador, Mr Cole assassinated yesterday by wife; son involved (he is somehow surprised. He quickly goes to the page where the full story of that headline is and then he reads)
“The 21 year old relationship between Clish Republic and Notis Republic may suffer a damage as the Clish ambassador, Mr Notis was murderd by his wife who is a Notisian, Mrs Cole Nidda.
Mrs Cole Nidda is said to have shot Mr Cole at a street known as Eloq Street in Notis here. Autopsy shows that Mr Cole was actually shot with a bullet from Mrs Cole’s gun. The bullet in the gun matches the bullet used in shooting the ambassador. Finger print test was carried on the gun to know if another person actually shot him, but only Mrs Cole’s fingerprints were discovered.
Since Mrs Nidda is a national security agent working here in Notis, Clish republic has found this as a threat that she was being ordered by Notis government to assassinate their ambassador. So, hell may be let loose as war may begin anytime. Clish’s army has been seen regrouping and preparing for a war.
However, some reports are shown stating that the security agent assassinated his husband just to make their son the succeeding ambassador. Clish republic were please this but claims that the son must pay for the deeds of his mother; as Notis republic must detain him and send him over to them. Notis has signed the agreement form which also shows that the Notis boy may be tortured in Clish.
Now, the problem is that the boy, Majh by name is yet to be found. So the government is promising anybody that can provide the boy, dead or alive would be bestowed with 1 million dollars.
Everybody seems pleased with these steps taken by the government to strengthen the 21 year old relationship between the two countries” (the news ends here. Majh is surprised by what he read, and he is so scared) What sort of rubbish is this? I was there with my mum in the car looking at my dad’s corpse on the floor from afar. So what are they talking about? (so frustrated) They are also saying she assassinated him so that I will be the next ambassador! What rubbish! I don’t even know my dad was an ambassador. Who could have come up with these false stories? (realizes something) My uncle has read this, and he hasn’t returned since. Isn’t it suspicious? I have to leave this place.
Uncle D: (he enters) You can’t leave.
Majh: (surprised) What?
Uncle D: (notices the newspaper on his hand) Seems you’ve read the paper.
Majh: So what?
Uncle D: I just have to take you to a nearby police station, retrieve my money, and that’s all.
Majh: (shocked) So you are thinking of selling me out?
Uncle D: Selling? I never taught of giving the transaction that name, but Selling is actually a good one. Yeah, I wanna sell you out.
Majh: (picks up a stick on the floor) What if I hit you and run away?
Uncle D: (laughs out loud) Hit me and run away? That’s why I’ve got them here (five men suddenly enters the room).
Majh: (becomes very scared) Ha! Please, uncle, let me go. I will actually prove my innocence. But I can’t do that if I am arrested.
Uncle D: Prove your innocence? Your mum killed my brother and you wish to prove your innocence. Just because you want to be the next ambassador, do you have to do it by killing my brother? Can’t you wait till you get older?
Majh: (sober) No, I swear, mum didn’t assassinate dad. This is all a set up.
Uncle D: (laughs out loud again) Set-up? Set up my foot (angrily).
Majh: Uncle, if you want to sell me because of the money involved, I will give you more money. I know how to get my parent’s wealth out. I will give everything to you if you spare me.
Uncle D: (laughs again) Look at this small boy. Who’s the next of kin once you are gone? I am the only sibling of your dad, and I don’t think your mum has a sibling at all. So who will own the wealth when you are gone? I am asking you again. Moreover, the ambassador thing that you killed my brother for, do you know its worth at all? Ambassadors that are inter-related between Clish and Notis, their purpose is to strengthen the relationship between the two countries. If a Notis ambassador is being sent to Clish, the ambassador must be given the best hospitality. Same goes for a Clish ambassador if sent to Notis. Also, do you know the most interesting part? Inter-countries ambassadors between Clish and Notis are like Kings. The title can be passed down to their first son. That’s actually why your mum killed my brother.
Majh: (surprised) Mum didn’t kill dad. But that’s the excuse the people behind this are using against us.
Uncle D: Well, once you are gone, the title will be passed down to me. Can you now see why I am doing this?
Majh: (sad) Uncle, please, you can have the title or whatsoever, just let me go.
Uncle D: Do you take me for a fool? No, I am not. (To the men) Take him. (As they are about to take him, they are being shot one by one from the back. Majh is surprised to see this, that he can’t even move from where he stands. When those five men have been killed, Uncle D is also being shot dead. Majh is now somehow scared and moves back a little. As he looks at the direction the bullets are coming from, he seems a man walking majestically towards him).
Assassin: (moving towards the scene) Don’t touch my business. You can’t kill me, I have to. I won’t get paid if I don’t do it myself. (on hearing this, Majh quickly remembers something)
Mrs Cole: Why do you think I give you brain trainings everyday?... the main reason I give you brain trainings is because I want you to be more fearless than me.
(As Majh remembers this, his mind becomes strong as if he wants to fight the man. His total reaction firstly scared the assassin but Majh quickly runs away and locks himself up in a room. For about two minutes, the man couldn’t open the door. Soon enough, he is able to, only to discover that Majh is no longer inside the room. The only thing he finds is a system on the table. He looks at the system and sees the entire layout of the house there).
Assassin: You opened the layout of this house to be able to escape? You can’t escape, I promise you. (he presses some keys on the keyboard and a path is being shown on some areas of the layout) This is exactly the route you are passing. (he leaves the room and follows the path. After some seconds of running, he eventually gets to Majh is. He is looking at Majh from the top of a step, while Majh is somewhere that he can’t go further). There you are, you are now dead!
Majh: Are you scared? Come and get me. (looking determined).
Assassin: I should come and get you? Okay. (he brings out his gun and aims at Majh but the shooting range is too wide. Majh is looking as one that is determined to die. He decides to move closer to Majh to overcome the wide shooting range. As he is running closer to Majh, he finally falls into a very large and deep pit that had been covered with leaves. One can easily tell that he can’t survive that).
Majh: (asking questions rhetorically) Who killed my father? Who killed mum? Who brought up those false stories? Who paid you to kill me?

“The next day, newspaper headline”
A fat man was found dead inside a brown car. Majh, the ambassador’s son was said to have used the man and his car to fool the police officers once. So he killed the man to cover his evil deeds.

“Some days later, newspaper headline”
The ambassador’s son, Cole Majh, after causing the death of his parents, went on to assassinate his uncle and six men to avoid contest for the title of the ambassador.

“Two weeks later, newspaper headline”
Majh finally caught with nemesis. He was involved in a house inferno where he was hiding, and this claimed his life. Clish republic are pleased with the news and will send a new ambassador in one or two months time.
Re: Deadly Missions by SilverSpoonEnt: 8:13am On Jun 13, 2018
(A combat training school is being shown. Boys and girls can be seen training around the compound. Majh walks into the compound, and goes straight to the master’s office. When he reaches the door, he opens it angrily).
Masit: (being the master) Who are you? (looking at Majh).
Majh: Someone.
Masit: What do you want here?
Majh: I want to learn how to use a gun (looking very determined).
Masit: (stands up from his seat and moves towards Majh) There’s no problem with that, but you have to pay.
Majh: I will pay you in the future.
Masit: (impressed by the boldness) That’s not good for business. I can’t do take you base on that.
Majh: I promise with my life.
Masit: (smiles at him) I am even satisfied with the payment you made just now.
Majh: (confused) What are you talking about?
Masit: You don’t know? Determination is the best payment I like to receive from my students, and you have that.
Majh: Really?
Masit: Yeah.
Majh: Okay, then! Will you accept me as you student. I really need to be.
Masit: (smiles) Of course, yes.
Majh: (goes down on his knees) I am very grateful, sir!
Masit: You don’t have to be. But why do you want to learn how to use a gun so badly.
Majh: (reluctantly) Because…
Masit: (curious) Because what?
Majh: Hmmm! (looks straight into Masit’s eyes and starts to sob) Because I have to find only one person.
Masit: (feels pity for him) Heh! You don’t need to tell me more than that.
Majh: (wipes up his tears) Thanks, sir!
Masit: So, what’s your name?
Majh: (reluctantly) A…Ad…Addin.
Masit: Addin?
Majh: Yes, sir!
Masit: Okay, Addin, let me show you around.
Majh: Thanks, sir! (Masit holds his hand and takes him outside).

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(Noticing the surrounding well, one would see that there’s like a war going on. A team in gren is facing another in red. The teams seem to consist of ten fighters each.
The sounds of guns can be heard. A fighter from green team is being shot down. Others quickly go into hiding dodging from gunshots. Mistakenly, as a green fighter brings out his head, he is also being shot down. Now, two are down from green team, and nil from red. A girl can be seen holding two guns in both hands. She shoots two green fighters respectively with both guns. Even without checking her clothes, one would have known that she is a red fighter. She quickly goes back into hiding. One of three green comes out angrily, shooting at every direction of the red fighters. After some minutes, one of the red fighters sneaks to his back and shoots him.
Immediately that green fighter was shot, the camera goes straight to another green fighter that is just sitting down and listening to music through handsfree. As he notices that many of his teammates are down, he removes the handsfree and comes out of hiding. With a gun, he shoots two red fighters simultaneously. Immediately the two red fighters are down, others are already scared because they know the person that is capable of doing such. It seems he is the green team leader. One of the red fighters raises up his head to shoot a green fighter but actually got shot by the green team leader. He sneaks to two red fighters’ backs and smacks them down with his hands. Immediately he does that, he quickly shoots another red fighter coming towards him.
Eventually, one of the green fighters who was hiding is being shot down. It seems this gets the green leader angry and quickly shoots the shooter. He closes his eyes and just points his gun into a direction. He shoots the gun and a red fighter goes down. Without opening his eyes, he points his gun into another direction, and shoots his gun but the targeted red fighter dodges off the bullet. As he notices this, he quickly goes into hiding. He and the red fighter start to engage themselves in fire but they are both dodging the bullets. As he discovers that he is having difficulties in defeating this particular red fighter, he quickly picks up another gun from the floor. He uses the first gun to shoot the red at the leg, and shoots him with the second gun on the body. The fighter he shot was not able to dodge this time, because he is still groaning in pain from the shot on his leg. So eventually, he is also down. The green team leader closes his eyes to listen to footsteps and notices that there’s still remaining one red fighter. He smiles light which shows that he is happy with this. He goes back into hiding. After some seconds, he and the female red fighter point their guns to each other, but he is a second faster in pointing. Both failsto pull the trigger).
Addin: (surprised) Why didn’t you shoot?
Jetar: (smiles) But you were a second earlier, if I am not mistaken. Why didn’t you shoot instead?
Addin: I was faster in pointing, but I am somehow slow in pulling.
Jetar: Really? Then, it’s the same for me too.
Addin: (smiles) Do you realize what you are doing? Shoot me and … (as he is talking, one of the other green fighters shoots the girl and she goes down).
Jetar: Ah! (feels the pain as she goes down).
Addin: No! (shouts as he holds the girl. Tears can be noticed in his eyes) Go and bring the FBA. (to one of the green fighters).
John: (confused) Now?
Addin: No, later! Go and bring something for me now.
John: But master said that we should give it to them after 30 minutes.
Addin: (surprised) What rubbish! I asked you to go and bring something and you are going against my order (angrily)
John: (afraid) I am sorry, let me go and bring it then. (As he is about to leave, a man who is just entering the compound holds him back).
Enoph: (holding him back) Don’t bring it yet.
Addin: (looks at Enoph in the eyes) Please, Enoph, let me use it before the time just today. Please?
Enoph: I am going to set my stop watch to 30 minutes. After then, we can use the FBA on ALL of them (stressing the ALL). I am sorry, Addin.
Addin: (stands up angrily and leaves the place, to sit on a fence in the compound) This is absolute rubbish.
Enoph: (goes to meet him, sits by his side) Isn’t it funny?
Addin: What’s funny?
Enoph: Do you know why I didn’t allow you to use the FBA before the time?
Addin: I’m all ears!
Enoph: (smiles) I just punished you.
Addin: How?
Enoph: You treat her anyway you like. (smiles) And here you are, crying to save her.
Addin: (quickly wipes his tears off) Crying to save her? Who’s crying?
Enoph: (smiles) You know.
Addin: Okay, okay, I wept, but it’s not that heavy.
Enoph: (excited) Thank you. I know she will be so happy if I tell her that.
Addin: (smiles wickedly) You better don’t tell her rubbish. I wept because she supposed to have shot me, but she didn’t. And then, she got shot by my teammate. I didn’t weep because I fell for her or something, so get your facts right.
Enoph: Continue deceiving yourself.
Addin: (angrily) Well, I don’t have time to waste on rubbish. If you should tell her this, I promise to even hurt her more. (leaves angrily and goes to meet John. He then talks in a way that Enoph can also hear) Don’t use the FBA in 30 minutes again. I am ordering you to use it in the next one hour. (leaves the place).
Enoph: (smiles slightly after hearing this) This guy is so funny. (after an hour, John applies the FBA on every shot fighter. Immediately he does this, they begin to wake up one after the other. The red fighter that Addin shot last is actually Masit. He calls Addin aside to a free space).
Addin: What’s it, sir?
Masit: Do you know you are now so good?
Addin: So good? Me? How?
Masit: Yeah! You! You single-handedly won the round.
Addin: Won? I actually failed.
Masit: How?
Addin: What did I promise you before the training?
Masit: (tries to recollect) You said you are going to bring out five teammates alive?
Addin: Yeah, that’s it. I brought out just four teammates alive. That’s failure.
Masit: (smiles) I was told you didn’t start the training from the beginning.
Addin: (shocked) Who told you that? (afraid as he stands up and faces the ground) I deserve a punishment, sir!
Masit: (smiles, holding Addin back to sit down) I just told you. It doesn’t mean I want to punish you for it.
Addin: Thank you, sir. (as he sits down back).
Masit: Do you know you are now better than me?
Addin: Better than you?
Masit: Yeah!
Addin: That’s impossible! You just allowed me to defeat you.
Masit: (smiles) No, I didn’t. I chose the better team. I even put Jetar into my team. I actually fought to defeat you but you eventually won.
Addin: Then I was just lucky.
Masit: That’s you, you will never accept someone’s good remarks about you except the bad ones.
Addin: (looks sober) She taught me that.
Masit: (curiously) Who’s that she that you actually cry each time you think about?
Addin: I am lips sealed on that matter.
Masit: Okay, I won’t ask you more than that.
Addin: Thank you for understanding me.
Masit: But will you tell me about the only one person that you desperately need to find. The one that makes you very determined in learning how to use a gun.
Addin: (tears start to drop from his eyes) Do you know what? If I ever get tired, or not willing to work in training, immediately the only one person comes into my mind that I am actually doing all these to find him or her, I will have much more strength in me like that of a lion.
Masit: (sighs) Hmmm!
Addin: The only one person that made me to see my dad’s dead body on the floor. (crying) The only one person that made me to witness the death of my mum. (cries harder). The only one person that changed my mum’s dream for me to become a medical doctor. The only one person that framed my mum of false offences. The only one person that tried to kill me and actually framed me also of me of false offenses. The only one person that made to kill someone for the first time in my life. The only one person that made to do plastic surgery so that I won’t be recognized. The only one person that made me to change my name entirely.
Masit: (shedding little tears) The only one person?
Addin: Yeah! I remember my mum every time people call me by my name.
Masit: Addin?
Addin: Yeah! Addin is just the reverse form of my mum’s name.
Masit: Reverse of Addin, as in Nidda?
Addin: (stands up) I don’t know. (Enoph comes to the place)
Enoph: (to Addin) Will you have a look at the documents you asked me to bring?
Addin: Oh, yeah! (collects the documents and follows Enoph away).
Enoph: The CCTV file of that particular time is not there.
Addin: (looking at the documents) So the person must have blocked the CCTV before going on with the operation.
Enoph: Yeah.
Addin: Hmmm! (closing the documents)
Enoph: I don’t know what else to do.
Addin: Wait, let me think (closes his eyes).
Enoph: (smiles) I trust you.
Addin: (he doesn’t talk for like a minute and then exclaims) Yeah! Yeah!! Some minutes before the incidence, can we get the CCTV file of then? We need to know the people that were near the camera. From there, we may have a lead.
Enoph: (nodding in affirmation) Yeah, that’s right. But those documents won’t be easy to get.
Addin: Why?
Enoph: Those types of documents can’t be taken outside the organization. And you won’t want me to watch it at the organization premises for privacy purpose.
Addin: (seems frustrated) Then I have to come and take it myself.
Enoph: Don’t tell me you want to come and break the organization.
Addin: Don’t you know how desperate I am? I must surely get those documents.
Enoph: You want to break security agents’ organization. Do you think it will be easy?
Addin: (holding Enoph by the shoulder) With you as a mole in the inside of the organization for me, our brains, and my system, we are going to break that organization and take those documents out. Did I ever mention that it will be easy? Of course not. But we are experts, and we are going to do it. (with much determination).
Enoph: Well, it’s not that I am scared. I just have to warn you that we have to be careful. (Jetar suddenly comes to the place).
Jetar: (she had been listening to their discussion since) Addin, please can I join you in your quest?
Addin: (angrily) Join me in what?
Jetar: (somehow afraid) Enoph explained everything to me.
Addin: (curious) Explained what?
Jetar: About your mother, and how you desperately need to find her killer.
Addin: (looks at Enoph in the eyes and then faces Jetar) I don’t need someone like you.
Enoph: Addin, stop it.
Addin: (to Enoph) And you, I am highly disappointed in you. I trusted you with my dearest task, and you can’t keep it a secret. (wants to leave angrily).
Jetar: (quickly talks before he leaves) Why don’t you want me by your side? Why? (hurting).
Addin: (turns back as he hears this) Want to be by my side? (smiles as he shakes his head) Let me ask you something, why are you so wayward? Why must you be seducing a guy? Tell me. (Jetar looks sad as tears start to drop from her eyes) Don’t you have any self respect?
Enoph: (angry) Stop it!
Addin: (angrily) Shut up! Let me say these words to her. Let her think, so she would stop her shameless attitude.
Enoph: Addin! (Jetar runs away from the place, crying heavily).
Addin: Rubbish.
Enoph: Why must you treat her like this? Is it because of what I said?
Addin: (his eyes start to shake somehow like someone that’s about to cry) Can you now see? (shouts loudly) Can you now see that I don’t have any feelings for her?
Enoph: Even if you don’t have any feelings for her, you don’t have to talk to her like that. She is a woman and she deserves some respect.
Addin: Rubbish! (leaves angrily).
Enoph: I pray you don’t regret all these you are doing, because you are very wrong.
Re: Deadly Missions by SilverSpoonEnt: 3:08pm On Jun 13, 2018
(Addin can be seen surfing through the system, with handsfree in his ears. Something beeps near him, and he quickly checks the system pressing some keys. It was then he realizes that Enoph is coming inside. He just continues with what he was doing earlier. After some seconds, Enoph finally comes inside to meet him.
On getting inside, he goes straight to slap Addin off the chairs. Addin firstly falls down. Enoph goes to meet him, drags him up and gives him another slap. Addin falls down again. Addin then realizes that it seems Enoph is somehow angry. As Enoph wants to slap him again, he grabs his hands and twist them).
Addin: (curious) Why are you like this?
Enoph: (angrily frees himself from Addin) Do you know where Jetar is?
Addin: (curious) Where?
Enoph: Jetar is currently in the hospital, in a life or death situation.
Addin: (shocked) What! How come? What happened?
Enoph: I just went to her place to pay her a visit, but I found her on the floor groaning in pain.
Addin: (worried) What happened?
Enoph: She actually poisoned herself, and left a note behind on her table. (retrieves the paper from his pocket, and gives it to Addin).
Addin: (collects the note and reads it) Ah! Why could she have done this?
Enoph: (angrily) I swear, if anything should happen to that girl, I will surely disown you as a friend. I will blow my cover from the security agent’s organization and allow you to work on your own. (leaves angrily).
Addin: (sober) She’s not supposed to do this. (he quickly leaves for the hospital).
* * * * *
(at the hospital)
(Addin is talking to one of the ladies he meets at the front desk).
Nurse: (dropping the intercom) She said you can come in. She is in ward 409.
Addin: (so nervous) Thanks (he quickly leaves for the ward. As he gets to the ward, he firstly stays at the entrance looking at Jetar who is now somehow okay. Jetar seems to be a little delighted to see him. He finally enters the room, and sits by Jetar’s side on the bed).
Jetar: (smiles) Thanks for your concern.
Addin: (looking sober) Why do you have to do this?
Jetar: I don’t even know. All I know is that if I can’t have you, I don’t have anything.
Addin: (looks very sad) It’s not that I don’t want you by my side, if I should confess my true feelings. But my mission may take away my life because of my determination. I don’t mind if I loose my life if I can just be able to find the only one person. But I don’t want to take you along with me, knowing you may get hurt.
Jetar: Then you will have to protect me. Even if you are not able to, I won’t blame it on you. If I should die by your side, I will be very happy with my death. But if I should die without having you, I won’t forgive myself even after death. You can never know how much I love you.
Addin: (more sad) Nine years ago, I watched the death of the most important woman in my life. This makes me regret my life till now. She was so dear to me that her death led my life astray. I don’t want to experience that kind of thing again. I don’t want to loose someone so dear to me anymore. At the training that day, when you were shot, it felt like how I lost my mum nine years ago. She was also being shot right in my presence and I couldn’t save her. You too, you were being shot right in front of me, and I couldn’t save you. (crying).
Jetar: (holding Addin in the hands) Please, stop this. Stop hurting yourself.
Addin: (still crying) I am absolutely useless. Why was I not able to save her then, and you too? What if that wasn’t a training and you were really shot? What would have been my fate? I will be shattered to pieces. I am really scared that if you are by my side, I may loose you just as I nearly did.
Jetar: Please, stop! I will make sure I take good care of myself. You couldn’t protect her, and you couldn’t protect me. You may change that bad omen, by determining to protect me. Protect me for her. Use me to remember her.
Addin: (looks at Jetar in the eyes, and wipes off his tears) Do you promise me you will be fine by my side?
Jetar: (anxious but delighted) I promise you, that no matter what, you won’t loose me!
Addin: (tears are still on his face, but he smiles) Then, let’s do this together. Let’s find the only one person. You, Enoph and I, let’s find that idiot.
Jetar: (very delighted as she shouts) Oh, thank you very much! (shouting) Doctor, doctor, nurse, come and discharge me. I am now okay, I am ready to go home. (Addin smiles).
Re: Deadly Missions by SilverSpoonEnt: 6:31am On Jun 14, 2018
(Jetar and Addin can be seen flying from the top of a building to the top of another building. They probably couldn’t have done that all by themselves, they are using ropes. They are dressed in total black. Then, they cover their faces with masks. They are actually at the top of the security agent’s organization).
Addin: (through comm.) We are there, it’s time.
Enoph: (he is sitting on a chair in a room with other agents with systems in their fronts. He is also on comm.) Yeah, let’s get started (he says this silently, and then faces a co-agent) Please, I need to use the restroom.
Luke: Are you asking for my permission or what?
Enoph: (stands up) No, just asking you to keep a watch on my desk till I’m back.
Luke: (concentrating on his system) Okay, I will.
Enoph: Thanks! (he leaves the place and goes to another room. He stays at the entrance of the room without entering, so that he won’t be seen. He uses a face towel to cover his nose and throws something into the room. Immediately he does this, flame starts to fill the room making the people there not to see and also to cough. He enters the room and goes straight to the computer system. He presses some keys on the keyboard and finally talks again through comm. in his ears) You are clear. They can’t leave.
Addin: Good job. (to Jetar) Let’s begin. (he removes a handsfree from his ear, with comm. still in the other ear. He takes out his gun. Jetar, as usual, brings out two guns putting them in her respective hands) We are not killing anyone, they are not our enemies.
Jetar: Copy that! (they held to their respective ropes and swings until they are dropped into a room, breaking the glass of the room to enter. There are five security agents in the room. Jetar, with her guns, shoot them all. Addin does not even bother to stay behind to shoot at all, as he opens the door of the room to get to the passage of that particular floor. Jetar quickly follows him).
Enoph: (he is now back at his desk. Something suddenly beeps in the room) What’s happening?
Luke: (he and other agents are scared and quickly check the system, pressing some keys) I think we are under attack.
Enoph: How come? (to another agent) Negus, quickly alert the field agents to come and help.
Negus: Yeah. (he presses some keys on the keyboard anxiously and then starts to make video call with someone on the screen) Please, send field agents here now. We are under attack, and you know we only know how to use the system, we can’t defend ourselves.
Job: (on the other end of the video call) Why did you lock the exits of our floor? All the exits and entrances on this floor have been locked, probably from the operation room.
Enoph: Why will the operation agents lock you down? (to Luke) Go and check what’s happening in the operation room.
Luke: Okay! (he goes for some seconds and then returns) The operation room is a mess. Those agents are down and their system operations have been altered. The field agents’ floor had been locked and you know it can only be reset in the next 10 minutes. Now, it remains 8 minutes.
Taif: (curious) But how could the enemies know the organization’s password to be able to lock the floor?
Job: (from the video call) I wonder. It even seems they know every room’s password. All the rooms on this floor have been locked down.
Enoph: Does that mean that they hacked into our systems or what? Well, someone should lock this room, they probably can’t know this room’s password.
Luke: Good! (he quickly locks down the room).
Taif: Luke, you know what? Change this room’s password because it’s possible they know the password too.
Enoph: Change it? (a bit surprised) Well, that’s right.
Luke: Let me do that. (he moves to a system ad presses some keys. Enoph walks to his side and places his wrist-watch parallel to the keyboard. Luke types another password) Done!
Enoph: That’s good, we are now safe. (he stylishly folds his hands, and then secretly presses a key on his wristwatch)
(Back to Addin and Jetar)
Addin: (as he and Jetar are shooting the agents that are attacking them, his wristwatch beeps) Enoph has sent something. Let’s deal with these people here and quickly check it.
Jetar: Okay. (she anxiously shoots down two agents respectively with her two guns. Addin also closes his eyes, and starts shooting the agents one after the other. They do not even bother to dodge because they know that the skilled agents have been locked down to their floor. So they are probably fighting with unskilled ones. They go from room to room to shoot all the agents that may disturb them later).
Addin: We have just five minutes before the field agents’ floor will be unlocked (they are now finally through with the agents nearby. They quickly goes into a hiding to watch what Enoph sent).
Jetar: What’s this? (curious as she looks at the watch’s screen).
Addin: Why did he send this? Just a hand typing on the keyboard. Is he trying to tell us that they want to use another method to unlock the field agents’ floor? Well, let’s be quick with these people.
Jetar: Right! (they rapidly shoots the other agents in their way and rushes down to the room where Enoph and the other agents are. Addin presses the password but the door fails to open. He retypes it but still fails to open.
Addin: (frustrated) What’s the meaning of this?
Jetar: (confused) I also don’t understand this.
Addin: (realizes something) This is supposed to be the room where Enoph is, right?
Jetar: It is.
Addin: The hand typing some keys on the keyboard, maybe he is trying to tell us that they have changed the password.
Jetar: (realizing) Yeah! Yeah!! That must be it.
Addin: Let me check the hand again (he replays the video) Be typing as I call the keys.
Jetar: Okay, I’m all ears.
Addin: (concentrating on the watch’s screen) A, B, 9, 0, 2, 4, P, 5, 1 (as Jetar presses the last key, the door of the room suddenly opens. On entering, Addin shoots all the agents in the room except Enoph).
Enoph: Why are you so late? You have just three minutes left.
Addin: You should not waste any time. Just go and retrieve the disc.
Enoph: (nervous) Okay. (he goes to a system and presses some keys. After like a minute and a half, something shows on the screen displaying No 52. Immediately he sees this, he quickly goes to the side of the wall where catalogues are. He opens box no 52 and brings out a disc. He quickly inserts the disc into another system and copied the contents into the system. He removes the disc and inserts another disc. He copies the content into the new disc, and goes to return the original disc. He hands over the new disc to Addin. You can leave now. You have just like a minute left.
Addin: This disc should have a report document, can I have that document?
Enoph: (surprised) The document you are asking for is just a report of the disc. Why do you need it again?
Addin: Just get it for me.
Enoph: There’s no more time, you have less than 40 seconds. (checks his watch).
Addin: (to Jetar) Change this room’s password.
Jetar: Okay! (goes to a system)
Addin: (to Enoph) Now, get me that document.
Enoph: What are you up to? Don’t tell me you want to fight with the field agents.
Addin: (cocking his pistol) When you read our plan’s script, did I mention there that I am scared of those agents? Just get me that document
Enoph: (scared) Okay, then. (he goes to one particular agent’s table, and takes a key out of the drawer. He uses the key to open another inside that room. He enters the room, and returns after some minutes. He brings along the document) This is it. (gives it to Addin).
Addin: Thanks (he collects the document and puts it in his bag. He snatches the key from Enoph and throws it far away from Enoph’s table. He then shoots Enoph). Now, let’s leave. (to Jetar).
Jetar: Yeah! (they open the door of the room. They already know that the field agents will be waiting for them. Jetar shoots two ops from the right and so does Addin from the left. Addin clears the left side shooting all the agents there, while Jetar covers him, and also shooting the agents by the right side. With the cleared way, they holds their ropes and fly away. Since all the Computer agents are down, the field agents are not able to track and follow them. So, they both escape)

“The next day, newspaper’s headline”
SSU, State Security Unit was attached yesterday by unknown men. The agents were shot by fiction guns and the attackers left behind the fiction bullet antidotes (FBA) to cure them. Investigation is being carried out to know what the men actually came to do at the unit. Read full story on Page 27.
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(In the morning. Jetar and Addin are sitting on a three-sitter chair watching a movie on the television set. Some minutes later, Enoph walks in angrily).
Enoph: What sort of rubbish did you perform yesterday?
Addin: (concentrating more on the movie and ignoring Enoph) Ehya! This boy could have won if he had chosen the red bottle. Well, he really tried.
Jetar: (smiling at what Addin is doing, and then replies Enoph) Please, don’t mind him. You know he is like that some times.
Enoph: Okay! Now tell me why you did what you did yesterday.
Jetar: We are sorry, please don’t be upset. Addin just wanted us to face a little challenge.
Enoph: (calms down) What if you get injured? Or something else happens, do you think you won’t get caught?
Jetar: We are sorry, please. And thank you for your concern.
Enoph: Well, have you watched the disc?
Jetar: No, I don’t know why Addin said we must wait for you.
Enoph: (to Addin) Why were you waiting for you?
Addin: (now replies him) Where were you since yesterday?
Enoph: I don’t want them to be suspicious of anything, so I had to follow them to the hospital for check up on all agents. You know SSU now, they will make sure all the agents are okay.
Addin: That’s alright.
Enoph: So, why haven’t you watched the disc?
Addin: You were off on comm., and there was no way to communicate with you. Do you think my mind would be at rest? Moreover, we accomplished this mission together. I can’t access it without you being there.
Enoph: (smiles lightly) Well, here I am. Let’s watch it now.
Addin: Yeah!
Enoph: (to Jetar) Where’s the disc?
Jetar: Inside the bag. (she goes in and comes back with a bag. She opens the bag, brings out a document and a disc. She hands them over to Enoph. Enoph puts aside the document and inserts the disc into the CD-ROM of a laptop. As he inserts the disc into the system, the screen shows “files need SSU verification password to be viewed”. Enoph types in the password and clicks on “play”. But the display is just blank).
Addin: (surprised) What’s happening here?
Enoph: (surprised too) The CCTV file was copied into the disc, and now it’s just blank.
Addin: Or maybe you didn’t copy it very well.
Enoph: (surprised) How would I have made that kind of mistake? I surely copied it well. You were there too now.
Addin: (drags Enoph away from the system, and sits beside it. He then starts to press some keys and then exclaims) Ah!
Enoph: (looking at the screen) Ah! But I used an empty disc. I even made sure the disc is alright before I used it.
Jetar: You guys should sort this out.
Addin: If truly you used a good disc, then the original disc must have been altered.
Enoph: Oh! I get it now. So the original disc is even the one that’s faulty.
Addin: Someone just copied a blank file into the disc and deleted the original file.
Enoph: But SSU’s files are not easily altered, implying the person must really be an expert.
Addin: We still have a solution (taking up the document on the table) We still have the report of the document.
Enoph: (anxious) Let’s check it. (Addin opens and read the document. Jetar and Enoph join him to read the document, but they are all surprised at what they are reading).
Addin: (sober) How would they say Mrs Cole was the one around that time?
Enoph: (reading it out aloud) “The file shows Mrs Cole passing around Eloq street five minutes before the incidence. The street is not normally used by pedestrians, and even motorists. So nobody else was at the place…”
Addin: The event of that day is still green in my memory. Dad left home before mum and i. And I, as usual, left home with my mum, going to her office. Five minutes before she was called to come to the street, she was educating me on a particular test. So how could they have made this kind of report? (weeping)
Enoph: (pitifully) We can still investigate this at SSU. A CCTV file was altered, and the reporter reported something on it. How was he able to do that? That means the reporter knows something about the issue. If I tell other agents this, they will surely want to re-investigate the case.
Addin: (sober) I know that the reporter must know something about it and it can be re-investigated. But firstly, don’t you know that the other agents will realize that you know about yesterday’s incidence? You helped us to infiltrate the organization. Don’t you know the kind of offence you committed? Secondly, even if the case should be reopened for investigation, the original CCTV file has been deleted. The doers of this will be able to cover their deeds giving excuses, and we will end up loosing the case.
Enoph: (convinced. He sits down) Oh! You are right.
Addin: I actually fail this mission.
Jetar: (consoles him) Don’t worry, we will be able to accomplish our mission. We are just getting started.
Addin: But this, I failed….
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(The three can be seen in a restaurant ordering for pizza. It seems they are just there to catch fun.)
Jetar: (smiles as she talks) Why do you like food so much?
Addin: (still enjoying the pizza) What’s your own concern if I like food so much? I am eating it into my stomach, not yours.
Enoph: (interfering) Are you asking her the reason why she’s concerned? Don’t you know that by the time you two get married, you will be disturbing her with cooking?
Jetar: Exactly, my point. Thank you, Enoph.
Addin: (ignoring them as he leaves to take another seat in the restaurant) I don’t think I have your time.
Jetar: (follows him to have another seat beside him, Enoph doing the same) Glutton!
Addin: (jokingly) You dare call me a glutton? Don’t worry, I already have eyes on another girl that’s ready to cook well for me.
Jetar: (laughs) Stupid boy! It’s better like that. I will even get a girl for you myself.
Addin: Really? Thanks dear. Hope the girl is so beautiful like you.
Jetar: Oh, she’s too pretty. Just that you will have to manage her with one eye, the second is blind.
Addin: Heh, one eye girl?
Jetar: (shakes head) Yes. It’s love that matters. There is no problem in dating her with just an eye and irritating hands.
Addin: (surprised) Irritating hands too?
Jetar: Yeah. She got involved in a fire accident that burnt her hands. I know you, it’s a minor thing you can easily ignore.
Addin: Ignore indeed! Thank you, I don’t want again. It’s you that I want back.
Enoph: (laughing) It’s somehow interesting to watch couples… (a loud noise from a man behind gets their attention).
Mr Coly: (a man in his 50s shouting at a man of a close range of age) Shut up! Go and find my money for me!
Mr Dart: (on his knees begging, while Mr Coly is sitting down with bodyguards around him) Please, I beg you. Have mercy on me. As I collected the money from you, I was robbed on my way before getting to the hospital. All the money was collected from me. Even, my daughter is still sick in the hospital needing the money.
Mr Coly: (smiles) So, you could bring up such a stupid lie so that you won’t pay me my money. Mr man, you might have been doing it before, but sincerely you’ve got the wrong man this time around. I am going to deal with you to the end (he angrily leaves with his bodyguards).
Mr Dart: (crying heavily) What am I to do in this type of situation? Oh my God! (Addin looks very well into his eyes, but he is not noticing anyone looking at him. He then leaves soberly)
(back to the three)
Addin: (closes his eyes and immediately exclaims to the other two) Follow me. (he stands up walking hurriedly).
Enoph: What rubbish! (irritated but he and Jetar quickly follows him).
Addin: (getting to the entrance of the restaurant, he asks the security man a question) Where did that man in blue pass?
Security: He passed right!
Addin: Thanks (leaving immediately).
Enoph: (runs up to Addin) What’s the matter?
Addin: (still walking fast) Judging from the reaction of that man, he’s about to do something funny.
Jetar: (curious) Like what?
Addin: Let’s just make sure we meet him. (still walking, they get to one side of the road and looking deep down, they see the man tying a rope to a tree. The three quickly runs up to him).
Mr Dart: What do you want? (already at the top, holding the rope to put on his neck).
Addin: (in a low voice) You don’t have to do this. Please kindly get down. We overheard everything at the restaurant.
Mr Dart: (sobbing) Asking me to come down? With all the tribulations on me? my daughter is seriously sick in the hospital. She is to be operated on. And before the doctors can start operating on her, I have to pay a sum of $1.5million. With much stress, I borrowed the money from that man. Even before I could get to the hospital, I was robbed and the money was collected. I am supposed to pay the money back in three months. But within a week, the man is already asking for his money. You see? My daughter is dying in the hospital, and I also have a large debt on me with no one to help.
Addin: (the three feel pity for him) I understand everything but that doesn’t mean you should commit suicide.
Mr Dart: (getting ready to put on the rope) You aren’t the one in the situation, so you wouldn’t know how unbearable it is (sobs).
Addin: Please sir, don’t do this! If you truly love your daughter, then you should stop this. Killing yourself is killing your daughter too. You are the only one she is depending on. If you fail her, do you think she will forgive you? (Mr Dart looks very sober as tears start to drop from his eyes) Even if she possibly survives the sickness in a miraculous way, don’t you think you’ve left a problem for her? When you are dead, your creditor will certainly threaten her to pay your debt. Don’t you think you are the cause? Please, sir, come down. I promise you, with my life, that I am going to do something about it, please.
Mr Dart: (crying heavily) Why are you so concerned about me?
Addin: Because I have experience on what tribulation cause on a generation. If you can’t face the tribulation yourself, why are you so sure that those you are leaving it for will be to face it? If they can’t face it, they will also leave it for some people who might not also be able to overcome it. Please, when do you think the trend will end? Please come down. I promise you again with my life, that I will do something about it, that both you and your daughter will live, even comfortably.
Mr Dart: (surprised) Do you think it is still possible for my lovely daughter and I to live comfortably again?
Addin: Yes, with faith, I promise you. (Mr Dart is now willing to come down, though still sobbing. Jetar and Enoph rush to his side, and help him to come down. Addin falls down on his knees as he gives a relief sigh).
Mr Dart: (they are still holding him) With the way you talked and encouraged me, I believe in you. (to Addin).
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(Jetar and Addin can be seen doing some things on the system)
Addin: (correcting Jetar) It should be RS-9903, not RS-9902, let me place it well. (he presses some keys) Yeah, I got it.
Jetar: (delighted) You did it. Please continue, you know we still have much to do.
Addin: Yeah! (He presses some keys again) Why were you having difficulties in doing these things? They are so easy.
Jetar: (pushes Addin off the seat and starts to operate the system herself. It seems she is now doing it perfectly) VV-902B! (shows it to Addin).
Addin: (surprised) Why were you fumbling before?
Jetar: You were sleeping, and Enoph had gone to the office. Don’t you think it would be so boring for me?
Addin: (smiles) Lazy girl, so you can’t work alone… (Enoph barges in).
Enoph: Why did you call me in such a hurry? As if I am not coming home. (frustrated)
Addin: You know we are operating tonight.
Enoph: As a security agent, do you think I can accompany you in the initials of TG operation?
Addin: Of course not. But we will need someone on the system, don’t you think?
Enoph: Hmmm! You should have told me before I went to the office. I would have checked the security details, passage details, escaping methods etc. Do you think I can do everything now?
Addin: (smiles and points to the system) You don’t need to check, you just need to use.
Enoph: (looks at the system screen) Main entrance – EC 415, second entrance AD 502 (he views the pictures of the entrances) This is excellent. So you have done everything, I just have to…
Addin: (interrupts) Use them to guide us. But mind you, (he drags Jetar away from the seat) finish the little that remains and make sure to check other things.
Jetar: (retrieves herself from him) Leave me (she goes inside).
Enoph: Though I don’t like you operating a TG operation, I just have to help anyway.
Addin: I already promised the man, and I have to fulfil it.
* * * * *
(The same day, but late in the night)
(Addin and Jetar can be seen in their blacks, kitted up, and standing on the roof of Mr Coly’s building. As usual, Addin firstly switches off the music he was listening to, keeps the handsfree, and turns on his comm. in his ears. Jetar does the same, and grabs a rope. Addin also grabs his rope)
Enoph: (at home, on the system, talks through comm.) Way 1 and 2 are filled. Use way 3 instead.
Addin: Okay! (both of them turns to like 90 degrees and flies down. On getting down, they smack two respective guards and begin to move).
Enoph: (immediately shouts) Stop and hide. (both of them quickly hide themselves. Less than 3 seconds later, two guards pass that route. They leave their hiding, and continue with their movement. Their footsteps can’t even be heard. As they get to a particular place, they stop immediately).
Jetar: (on comm.) We are there.
Enoph: Okay! (he presses some keys and then replies back) Done! I have rewound the CCTV to twenty minutes ago, so you are good to go.
Addin: Yeah! (they begin to move silently again).
Enoph: Way 7 (as they get to a point).
Jetar: Right! (after some minutes, they finally get to a room).
Addin: (excited) We are there!
Enoph: Okay.
Addin: Go to my personal data on the desktop, you will see Explictor Application.
Enoph: (does that) Yeah! What am I to do with it?
Addin: I have hacked all the doors into that application. Open it and activate. Then we can open these doors without security codes.
Enoph: Good, but why didn’t you tell me before?
Addin: I am sorry, it skipped my mind.
Enoph: Well. (he does what Addin told him to) Done!
Addin: Okay! (the green light on the security lock goes off and Addin opens the door easily. As he enters the room, he goes straight to a safe) TS SAFE master code.
Enoph: It’s TS SAFE? (surprised) How come he used TS safe to keep his money? Doesn’t he know that it has an easy-to-get master code?
Jetar: Shut up and get us the code.
Enoph: No problem. (he opens a file on the system and then calls out the code) 3, 5, 1, 8, 9, 2, 0, 2, 7, 4.
Addin: … 4 (repeating and pressing the codes as Enoph is calling them. The safe suddenly opens. Addin and Jetar completely becomes silent)
Enoph: (laughs happily) You guys have seen money, and it makes you so silent! Is the money that much?
Jetar: (breaks the silence) Enoph, this safe is empty.
Enoph: (shocked) Empty? But that’s not possible.
Jetar: (crosses he left hand into the safe. There is a bug on her hand, so Enoph is able to see the inside of the safe on his screen). You see?
Enoph: (surprised) How come? But he took money home and dropped it in that room.
Addin: (angrily) But the CCTV alerter was on now.
Enoph: (still surprised) Yes now. So, if anybody had entered or left this room, it would have alerted us immediately.
Addin: (closes his eyes) Go and check in the morning when I was still sleeping, before around 08:45am
Enoph: Okay! (he operates the system and then exclaims) Ah! Who was on the system around 07:05am?
Jetar: That should be me. You had left for office then, and Addin was still sleeping. (nervous).
Enoph: Jetar, how could you make this type of mistake? The alerter alerted you at 07:05am and you switched it off.
Jetar: (shocked) Ah! I thought it was just a waking-alarm, I didn’t even bother to read the message. I wasn’t even myself, because I was so bored. I didn’t know, I swear.
Addin: (angrily) You, Jetar. (to Enoph) Can you check where they took the money?
Enoph: Addin, I’m sorry. They’ve taken it out of the building and we were just tracking the building.
Addin: (angrier) Ah! I fail again. Why am I becoming so unlucky? And you, Jetar. (angrily) You are out of the game. (he leaves angrily).
Jetar: (with a begging and unhappy face) Please, I am sorry.
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Good job man lemme take front sit with my ace root
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(The camera is showing the shadow of men in a room from the window. Like four men are standing, while one seems to be kneeling down. Slowly, the camera moves to the inside of the room)
Mr Dart: Please have mercy on me. I will pay your money very soon.
Mr Coly: Very soon indeed! You think you are wise. You don’t pay my money. I have been lending people money for like ten years, I don’t think I have ever met someone like you before. I don’t want to know how you will do it, just get me my money before I ask my men to deal with you. (Addin and Enoph enters. They had been hiding by the entrance before).
Addin: (to Mr Coly) Why are you so wicked? What do you want him to get the money from?
Mr Coly: (surprised) And who are you?
Addin: I? I am Addin by name, but people call me Adds. (extends his hand for handshake with Mr Coly)
Mr Coly: Add or Subtract, what’s your own in this matter? Or how are you related to him?
Enoph: (replies him) We are his younger brothers.
Addin: (interrupts him) No, we are his sons.
Mr Dart: Sons? Why can’t you pay your father’s debt for him?
Addin: Hmmmm, Actually… (stammering).
Enoph: Actually we are going to do something about it.
Addin: (whispering into Enoph’s ear) What are we going to do about it?
Enoph: (whispering back into Addin’s ear) We just have to sit and think. I know you, if you can close your eyes and think like you use to, something good will surely come out.
Addin: Really? Should I try it?
Enoph: (nodding in affirmation) Yeah now!
Addin: (closes his eyes. As he does this, Jetar walks majestically into the room and goes straight to have a seat. Surprised, Enoph quickly taps Addin) Leave me, I am still thinking.
Enoph: Open your eyes, and look at your girl. (Addin opens his eyes to see Jetar sitting on a cushion majestically like a Princess).
Mr Coly: (to Mr Dart) Is this your daughter too? How come you have so many children? (to Addin, Enoph and Jetar) If you can’t pay your father’s debt, why can’t you find dirty jobs to do. And in a while, the money would be complete.
Addin: (surprised) Who are you talking to like that?
Mr Coly: All of you, irrespective of your personality…
Jetar: (interrupts him) Mr Coly or what do you call yourself?
Mr Coly: Are you referring to me? (his bodyguards want to attack Jetar but he asks them to stop).
Jetar: (continues to talk) What a question! Well, I am just here to tell you some things that you are to do.
Mr Coly: (curious) What are those things, my sister?
Jetar: (looks at him) Who is your sister? Anyway, first and foremost, I want you to stop threatening Mr Dart and also, you must not ask him about any debt again (all the listeners are surprised)
Addin, Enoph, and Mr Dart: (simultaneously) Ah!
Mr Coly: Why? Because you are the president’s daughter or what?
Jetar: Please, I am not through. Secondly, you will have to give Mr Dart another $1.5 million to pay for his daughter’s surgery. Mind you, I said give, not lend.
Enoph: Ah! (whispers to Addin) It seems your girlfriend is high on something.
Addin: (whispers back to Enoph) It seems so, and I have warned her not to drink again.
Mr Coly: Are you using magic or what? (to his bodyguards, angrily) Take this girl.
Jetar: (as the bodyguards get near her) Stop! (they stop. She puts her hand into her left pocket to bring out her phone. She now plays an audio recording from the phone. Mr Coly’s voice can be heard, talking to another man in the recording. The conversation goes thus:-)
Mr Coly: Before you can make it in this country, my man, you need to be wise.
Mr Jack: So this is how you do your businesses. Please teach me another strategy before I leave.
Mr Coly: (racks his brain) Apart from that, which one should I teach you again? Okay, let me give you this. I am on particular one lately. There is this foolish man, Mr Dart or what does he call himself. He borrowed a large amount of money from me. And you should know, before he could get home, I sent my men to him to rob him of the money.
Mr Jack: Wow! You are so wonderful. You are so wise.
Mr Coly: And do you know the funniest part? I am still asking him to pay me my money. It’s just a way of doubling wealth.
Mr Jack: (shakes his head) It seems I need to be coming here every day to be receiving these kinds of lectures from you…
(the recording stops here. Everyone in the room shouts out in amazement)
Mr Coly: (shocked) How did you get this?
Jetar: (smiles) Don’t tell me you recognize your voice.
Mr Coly: (to his bodyguards, five in number) Collect that phone from her. (the bodyguards move to retrieve the phone from her, but Enoph and Addin attack them. With one hand, Addin beats three of them down, while Enoph deals with the remaining two).
Addin: (the bodyguards are down on the floor groaning in pain) I think you need better bodyguards. (shakes his head).
Jetar: (to Mr Coly) Attempting to attack me makes your offence wealthier.
Mr Coly: (sober) Please, my daughter, help me. I won’t ask him anything again, please don’t implicate me.
Jetar: Who’s your daughter? Even, I am not implicating you, he will. (he points to Enoph).
Enoph: (looks daring, as he brings out his id card) I am a security agent from State Security Unit, a senior agent at that.
Jetar: By the look of things, like how many years do you think he will be sentenced to?
Enoph: For that type of offence, sincerely, he can’t spend less than fifteen years in prison.
Mr Coly: (scared) Ah, please don’t do this.
Jetar: (to Enoph) But fifteen years is too much now, can’t he be sentenced less?
Enoph: You know, the enforcement of law in this country recently is somehow strict. So I don’t think he can be sentenced less.
Jetar: Ehya! What if it is included that he also tried to attack me in order to conceal the evidence?
Enoph: Ah! That’s two more offences; attacking a lady, and also trying to conceal an evidence. For those, at least, let me estimate, ten more years will be added if not more.
Jetar: (exclaims) Making 25 good years in prison. That’s somehow much, to be frank. What if it is included that he might have been doing this kind of thing before, and that he should be investigated for me. And during investigation, if more of those dirty works are caught with him?
Enoph: Ah! More, more years. You just have to multiply the number of dirty works that will be caught with him by 15 years, that’s all.
Jetar: (exclaims again) Yeh! So if the dirty works are like five, that will be 75 years. (Enoph nods in affirmation) That’s bad.
Mr Coly: (already trembling) Please, what do you want me to do?
Jetar: (smiles) I think I have mentioned them before.
Mr Coly: Not to ask the money from him again, and to give him another $1.5 million?
Jetar: Yeah! Not borrowing, but giving totally.
Mr Coly: No problem! (brings out his cheque book, writes the cheque, and gives it to Jetar) This is it ma. I will call my bank manager that he should cooperate with you, when you want to retrieve the money.
Jetar: (looks at the cheque-leaf) Hmmm! No problem, you can leave now.
Mr Coly: Please, what of the evidence?
Jetar: Evidence? (smiles and sighs) I can’t destroy it yet. But believe me, once the money has been retrieved without problem, I will destroy it immediately.
Mr Coly: Thanks (walks out hurriedly with his bodyguards).
Mr Dart: (happy and delighted) Oh! This man is wicked, Ah! But thanks to you people, I am very grateful.
Jetar: (quickly replies) You should thank him. (pointing to Addin) He made all these up. He said he would help you, and he did. He made sure he fulfilled his promise that he would do something about your problem. I and Enoph are just his subordinates. You should thank him better.
Mr Dart: (to Addin) My son. (wants to prostrate but Addin holds him back) I am very grateful. On behalf of my family and whole generation, I say thanks to you. With what you just did, you made me realize that there is no problem without solution, if one can have the courage to face it. I am very happy that you solved my problem for me (shedding tears).
Addin: (wipes off his tears for him) Actually, it’s not really me that… (he is being interrupted).
Jetar: (interrupts him) We are leaving now. (hands the cheque over to Mr Dart) Withdraw the money and save your daughter in the hospital (she leaves without waiting to get a reply. Addin and Enoph quickly follows her. On the way, Addin stops her).
Addin: How did you get that evidence? (curious)
Jetar: You want to know?
Addin: (more angry) Ah! I fail again, why am I so unlucky? And you, Jetar (angrily) You are out of the game (he leaves angrily).
Jetar: (with a begging and unhappy face) Please, I am sorry. (she tried to get Addin to wait for her but he didn’t. She stayed behind a pillar, frustrated and so tired. After some seconds, she began to hear someone’s voice talking to another person from afar. She moved near to the place. It’s actually Mr Coly talking to Mr Jack).
Mr Coly: He didn’t want to give me my share out of the profit. I assassinated him and took all the money.
Mr Jack: Hmmm! That serves him right. (on hearing this, Jetar quickly brings out his phone and begins to record).
Mr Coly: Before you can make it in this country, my man, you have to be wise…
Addin: (shocked) So you got it when I left you behind.
Enoph: (shakes his head) If you had waited for her, you could have done this together. Jetar, kudos to you only.
Jetar: (twists her mouth) I don’t need any kudos. And also, I don’t think I need any order again for me to know that I’m back in the game (smiles and walk away).
Enoph: (still staying behind Addin) Is she really back in the game?
Addin: (clears throat) Seems so, or what do you think?
Enoph: Fool! (they both laugh and follow Jetar).
Re: Deadly Missions by SilverSpoonEnt: 8:50pm On Jun 16, 2018
(Mr Dart, Addin, Enoph and Jetar can be seen at Mr Dart’s house. Also with them is Mr Dart’s daughter, Mary)
Mr Dart: (to Mary) These are the three God used in solving our problem.
Mary: (smiles) I understand. (to the three) I am very grateful for what you’ve done for us. Thanks.
Addin: There’s no need thanking us, we just did what we are expected to do. And even, we still have other things that we want to do for you.
Mr Dart: (somehow curious) What’s that?
Addin: We want to make you rich. I don’t want you to ever borrow money again.
Mr Dart: (surprised) How’s that possible? Do you want to give me money or what?
Addin: (nods his head in disagreement) No! I want you to be richer than us. You have things you need to do with money than us.
Mr Dart: But, how’s that possible?
Addin: (smiles) You know what? Getting rich is the easiest thing in the world. There are many ways I can get you rich. But anyway, don’t worry. I know what to do.
* * * * *
(Later that day. Addin, Jetar and Enoph, in their hide-out house).
Enoph: (actually on the system) When are you going to see the right person?
Addin: Don’t worry, just continue with what you are doing.
Enoph: Okay, then. This is Mr Madot Y. F, minister of financial affairs. He is very rich, a corrupt man by nature. His worth is somehow up to a billion dollars, $977 million.
Addin: (listening attentively) His flaws.
Enoph: His flaws are that he is very arrogant, and he does not like being defeated. He likes spending his time at one of the most expensive clubs in the country, Club 306…
Addin: He doesn’t like being defeated, right? (smiles) That’s the right person.
Enoph: How?
Addin: Don’t worry. Tonight or early in the morning tomorrow, I will have printed our respective scripts on what we are to do. I will print Mr Dart’s own too. We are operating at Club 306 tomorrow nigt.
Jetar: Really? (sighs).
Addin: Yeah, and moreover, we won’t need to be armed at all. We are not fighting there.
Enoph: No problem! What about tonight’s operation on Mr Coly?
Jetar: (to Addin) Yeah! That’s true, hope you haven’t forgotten.
Addin: How can I forget something like that? Hope you’ve revised your scripts well.
Jetar: Yeah, dear! That’s what I have been reading since.
Enoph: I am also through with mine.
Addin: Good! I don’t want any mistake, please.
* * * * *
(Mr Coly’s house)
Mr Coly: (on intercom) Let her enter. (drops the phone) Oh, this is becoming interesting. Once she destroys the evidence, I am going to keep her hostage to get her friends, and then eliminate them all. I pity this beautiful girl. (Jetar enters).
Jetar: (having a seat) I am here on our previous promise.
Mr Coly: (anxious) To destroy the recording, right? I am very grateful.
Jetar: Yeah! (she brings out her phone and hands it over to Mr Coly).
Mr Coly: (plays the recording again to be sure it is the actual one) Oh, yeah! This is it. I am very grateful once again. (through intercom) You can enter.
Jetar: Who is that? (about ten men enters. Mr Coly gives the phone to one of them, who inserts a chip into the phone) What’s that?
Mr Coly: Just a wiping chip. The chip will wipe everything away from the phone. Every single thing on the phone will be gone.
Jetar: Well, that’s your own problem. I am now ready to leave (stands up).
Mr Coly: (laughs) You are funny, where do you think you are going? Since you are her, I guess you can’t leave again. I am going to hold you hostage to get your other friends.
Jetar: (smiles) Just as Addin predicted (soliloquizes and then sits back) I have another interesting thing to show you. (she brings out an ipad. She presses some things on it and hands it over to Mr Coly).
Mr Coly: What’s this? (collecting it, and exclaims immediately he sees what’s inside) How come this place is being viewed? Have you planted a camera or what?
Jetar: Yeah, I have planted a bug here and you can never know where I planted it. On the device, scroll to the next page.
Mr Coly: (scrolls to the next page. He sees Addin sitting beside a system) This man again.
Addin: (from the screen) At least, five bugs have been planted in places you can never know. So you can’t do anything t her.
Mr Coly: (afraid) What do you want again?
Addin: Also, I still have other copies of the recording you just destroyed. You are a fool not have known that we would have more copies. (Jetar laughs to make jest of him).
Mr Coly: (shocked and scared) Please, what else do you want from me? Why are you doing all these?
Jetar: Scroll to the next page of that device.
Mr Coly: Ah! (afraid) What am I going to see there again? (he scrolls again, and this time, exclaims louder) What? How do you know?
Addin: That’s Mr Jack’s car in the front, and that’s your men’s car following him from behind. Probably, you send your men to execute Mr Jack because you think he is the one that made the recording to betray you.
Mr Coly: (surprised) How do you know all of these?
Addin: (smiles) Because if I were you, that’s what I would also think. But I can’t let you harm an innocent person.
Mr Coly: Whose car is this, following my men’s car?
Addin: That’s the security agent from last time.
Mr Coly: (scared) Judging from how he fought my men that day, he would be able to defeat them easily! Ah!
Addin: Your men will be too easy for him to take down if you don’t stop them.
Jetar: One, you have to stop the execution on Mr Jack or we will stop it ourselves. And I think you know what that means. Two, we want to put the safety of Mr Jack, Mr Dart and his daughter in your hands. If anything should happen to any of them, then you are going to answer for it.
Mr Coly: (confused) What if someone else harms them, and I don’t know about it?
Addin: That’s why we are putting their safety into your hands. Seems like you have so many men at your disposal, distribute them to protect the three of them.
Mr Coly: But… (he is being interrupted by Addin).
Addin: No buts, all I want is that nothing should happen to the three of them. You should protect them more than you could protect yourself.
Jetar: Make the call now, I want to leave. (she stands up).
Mr Coly: (picks up his phone) Mawn, stop that operation… Don’t worry, just stop it… Okay…
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the real action is about to begin... action starts from here till the end...

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(At Club 306. Addin can be seen dressed as a responsible rich man. He puts on a very costly suit. Jetar and Enoph are standing beside him like his bodyguards. They are also on black suits, with dark glasses, on their faces. Mr Madot can also be seen having fun with beautiful girls surrounding him.)
Mr Madot: (having fun) Tonight, I am having more than enough cash with me. I am paying for everyone here tonight.
Everybody: (shouts happily) Wow, Mr Madot, yeah! (murmurs).
Mr Madot: Yeah! (Mr Dart enters with a pen in his hand. The pen will cost at most a dollar).
Mr Dart: (very loud) I want to sell this pen for a million dollars. Who would like to buy it?
Everybody: Fool! (everyone is surprised and starts to insult him).
Mr Madot: You are a fool! A pen for a million dollars? You better go and borrow gun to rob a bank. Thief, do you think we are…
Addin: (interrupts from his seat) I am ready to buy it. (everybody is shocked and concentrates on him. He adjusts his tie) I am ready to buy the pen for a million dollars. I am rich and I want to prove it.
Mr Madot: (feeling embarrassed) Then I am going to buy it for five million dollars? (smiles).
Addin: (surprised) What? Are you competing with me or what? Okay, I will buy it for ten million dollars.
Mr Madot: (more surprised) A pen for ten million dollars? Are you crazy?
Addin: I already told you that I am rich, and I really want to prove it.
Mr Madot: Okay, what if I am paying twenty million dollars for the pen? (smiles) You probably don’t have that much.
Addin: Thirty million dollars! I can’t let you defeat me.
Mr Madot: I have never lost on monetary matter in my life. Lastly, fifty million dollars for the pen.
Addin: You? Fifty? Okay, I am paying sixty million dollars.
Mr Madot: Where will you see that kind of money? Are you a thief or what?
Addin: Sixty million dollars is a chicken change to me.
Mr Madot: Okay (getting interested in the bid) What if I am to pay seventy million dollars?
Addin: Eighty! (on hearing this, Mr Madot is about to loose interest on the bid. Noticing this, Enoph quickly plays up).
Enoph: (whispers to Addin in such a way that Mr Madot can hear) But sir, we don’t have more than eighty million dollars here.
Addin: (whispers back, in a way Mr Madot can hear) Really? No problem. I know he can’t have up to 80 million dollars.
Mr Madot: (laughs) I finally got you! I am paying Eighty one million dollars for the pen.
Addin: (shocked) What the Bleep! Where will you see that much?
Mr Madot: (laughs again) You don’t have up to that, am I right?
Addin: I am sure you don’t have that much with you. Pay and let me see.
Mr Madot: (really happy) Yeah, I will show you. (he brings out his cheque book and writes the cheque. To Mr Dart) What’s your name?
Mr Dart: (happily) Mr Dart Tosil.
Mr Madot: (writing the cheque) Mr Dart Tosil. (after writing the cheque, he shows it to Addin and then hands it over to Mr Dart) Have it.
Mr Dart: Thanks, sir. (he hands over the pen to him).
Mr Madot: (plays with the pen) I finally won. This pen is so beautiful. (shows it to the girls with her) Can’t you see that this pen is so attractive? I really love it.
Addin: (looking sad) Noone has ever defeated me before.
Mr Madot: (feeling so happy) Good, I am the first person to defeat you. You should know I am richer than you.
Addin: (still sad) I still don’t believe you. I will only believe until he withdraws the money with ease, and safely.
Mr Madot: (laughs. To one of his men) Veepee, you and your men, arrange yourself and escort this man to the bank. Make sure he withdraws the money safely. (to Addin) What else?
Addin: Shit. (he angrily leaves the club with Jetar and Enoph).
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(Shadow of two can be seen, discussing)
Mr Dart: With all your thinking sense, it is a surprise that you are having problem with your own personal matter.
Addin: (as if he wants to cry) I just don’t understand the reason why. I can use my brain very well but when it gets to my own personal problem, I always face difficulties.
Mr Dart: (bravely) You helped me once, I have to help you now.
Addin: But how?
Mr Dart: Don’t worry. But Addin, please, if you see anything strange, don’t come to my place until 12:00pm tomorrow. Just trust me.
Addin: Okay, sir!
Mr Dart: You can leave now, let me get to work.
* * * * *
(Same day. The three can be seen chatting in a room)
Addin: There are three entrances, with numerous guards at each.
Enoph: We are three, we can attack the entrances each.
Addin: No, that won’t be our strategy. We will all attack just an entrance, and pass through there. I will then enter alone, and you two will be there to replace the guards.
Jetar: As in SO Operation?
Addin: Yeah! I will attack alone and you two will just be like guards there. He will be at room 309. I will just go there without disturbing anyone at all. I will have the underneath coat on so that the CCTV won’t be able to see me and … (he is being interrupted).
Jetar: (increases the volume of the tv set) Check this out.
Addin: Haha! Mr Dart? (Mr Dart can be seen on the tv program talking).
Mr Dart: …as I am saying, (clears throat) There were many strange things that happened nine years ago, that are going to be revealed tomorrow. Nine years ago, Mr Cole and his wife, Mrs Cole were murdered, and their son, was falsely accused. I know the real truth about the situation and I am going to reveal everything tomorrow. How the ambassador, his wife, and son were all murdered, I know everything behind the case. I am willing to uncover the truth behind this mystery. I want people to know some things going underground in this country. Tomorrow, I want every reporter that wants to know the truth to come to my house exactly 12:00pm. Thanks…
Addin: (surprised) What’s the meaning of all these?
Enoph: Let’s go to him, maybe he can tell us. That’s exactly what we need to know, right? (nervous).
Jetar: (curious) But how is he able to know what he said he knows?
Enoph: I wonder!
Addin: Today, he told me that if I should see anything strange, I shouldn’t come to his place until noon tomorrow.
Enoph: (shocked) Ah!
Addin: I think he is just trying to work some things out. So we have to leave him for now.
Enoph: Hmmm!
Jetar: Till tomorrow then.
* * * * *
Mr Luto: If he was just a junior office then, how could he have known what he claims to know?
Mr Cylin: (curious) That’s what I also don’t know. The secret was just among us, how could he have known?
Mr Luto: I think he just wants to play some tricks on us.
Mr Cylin: Exactly my thought.
Mr Luto: But anyway, we can’t risk it. I already called Mr Nonk and he was also surprised with what he heard in the news. He said we should take care of it.
Mr Cylin: That means we should eliminate him.
Mr Luto: (rests his back on the seat well) Seems so!
Mr Cylin: (to his bodyguard) You heard that, right?
Reas: (being the bodyguard) Yes, sir!
Mr Luto: He said 12:00pm? Do it before then.
Reas: I understand sir.
Re: Deadly Missions by SilverSpoonEnt: 8:49am On Jun 17, 2018
(11.52AM. A street to Mr Dart’s house. People can be seen running helter and skelter. They are actually running away from Mr Dart’s house. Initially, there were numerous people at the entrance of his house, mostly journalists, wanting to hear what he has to say. Noticing this, Addin stops the car and called one of those running).
Addin: Hello, sir! (politely)
Man: What’s the matter? (breathing heavily).
Addin: Why are you people running like that? Did something happened?
Man: Oh! It seems your car is going to the street where Mr Dart’s house is. I urge to turn back and leave.
Enoph: (shocked. from the other seat inside the car) What’s the matter, sir?
Man: We were at the entrance of his house. Suddenly we heard a very loud gunshot. We don’t know where the gunshot came from, but we could hear Mr Dart groaning from the inside of his house. Isn’t that absurd? You can see people running away. I urge you too, to run away. Okay? (he flees).
Addin: I am in trouble. (he is shocked, as he zooms off to Mr Dart’s house. There are even more people here running helter and skelter. Addin picks up his gun and enters the building. Jetar and Enoph come out of the car but do not enter the building with him. Addin meets Mary crying heavily, and the dead body of Mr Dart on the floor. Immediately he enters, Mary angrily drags him by his cloth)
Mary: (crying) See what you caused! When he said he wants to reveal those things he said he would on the news, I asked him what he meant. He said he is just helping you. He said he doesn’t know anything but he wants to lure those behind your issue out. He was advising me on so many things. He was telling me to make sure I take care of myself. Little did I know what he meant. I didn’t know he wants to sacrifice himself just to help. Just because of you, I am now fatherless. I am now an orphan.
Addin: (on hearing these, tears start to drop out of his eyes) I am sorry, Mary. I have no idea of what he was doing. (Jetar suddenly enters).
Jetar: (to Addin) All clear. AB9047 wasn’t able to detect.
Addin: Which means the execution was done by an expert.
Jetar: Yeah. But 269 degree is dust clear. Probably, at the top of a three storey building.
Addin: (removes Mary’s hands and gets out with Jetar following him) He would have come down by now.
Jetar: He will have a sniper-like bag.
Addin: No, he won’t. He is an expert, and he will know that he would be discovered easily if he has a sniper-like bag. He would have disassembled it and put in a normal bag.
Jetar: You are right. (they begin to look for people with bags on their back. But they are clueless, since there are many people with bags. Suddenly, a man with bag on his back, enters a car and wants to drive away).
Addin: (shouts) That’s him. Probably, the disassembling kept him so long. (He and Jetar run to their car. Addin enters the car but Jetar retrieves her laptop from the car, and presses some things)
Jetar: You are clear. (Addin zooms off to follow the man’s car. After some minutes, Tume, the assassin, realizes he is being followed. He also starts to zoom off. He is also an experienced driver, so Addin has not been able to reach him yet. But Addin is better at driving, so he has hope of catching up with him).
Tume: (through comm.) I am being followed.
Reas: How come? (shocked).
Tume: I also don’t know. I did everything perfectly, but I don’t know I was figured out.
Reas: Okay, can you get a snapshot?
Tume: Yeah! (he picks up a device from his bag, and operates it. Then, it seems the car has a camera for snapping, as he is able to snap Addin’s car and he sends it to Reas)
Reas: (to someone beside him, on the system) Analyze that.
Seman: Okay! (he zooms the received snapshot, presses some keys on the keyboard and some information is being shown on the monitor screen).
Reas: (through comm.) His name is Addin. It seems he is an expert too. Grade A from a reputable combat training school.
Tume: What should I do?
Reas: Take him out.
Tume: (smiles) Okay. (using the device, he presses some keys. It seems there is a hidden gun by the side of the car. Gba…ah, the gun is being shot. Oh, Addin wanted to pick up something on the floor, so he bends down. That’s what saved him, or else, the bullet would have met him. The bullet pierces through the front glass of his car and meets his seat. He is shocked as he sits back. Noticing this, he starts to dive, dodging the bullets, so that they won’t meet him).
Addin: (through comm.) What happened? How come his car releases bullets?
Jetar: It is a specialized type of car, installed with ammunitions and other things. It is very dangerous, so you have to be careful.
Addin: (sighs) Yeah, I will! Is Enoph there?
Jetar: He was, but he went with the ambulance.
Addin: Okay!
Tume: (through comm.) He is dodging the bullets, what should I do now? (afraid).
Reas: When there is no more alternative, I think you know what to do.
Tume: (his eyes blink, which shows he is somehow afraid) Yeah, I do!
Reas: Yeah! Make sure you make no mistake. He must die this time around.
Tume: Absolutely! (he continues to drive with great speed, as Addin follows him without relenting. After some minutes of driving, Tume drives into a building. It is more like a big car park, but there is no car packed inside. He enters, but Addin is still some metres away from him. Addin is close to enter the building when Jetar shouts with a very loud voice)
Jetar: Stop! (Addin pressed the brake immediately, and his car stops).
Addin: (shocked) What’s the matter?
Jetar: (scared but happy that he is able to stop) Reverse away from that building. The building is armed with a bomb.
Addin: (shocked) Really? (he quickly reverses).
Reas: (surprised as he notices that Addin is reversing) How can you let him suspect you?
Tume: (so afraid) I made no mistake, I don’t know how he knows. Please, I have already activated the bomb. It remains just ten seconds before it detonates, can you defuse it?
Reas: No, just get out of that fucking building.
Tume: (scared) Okay! (as he wants to get out, the door suddenly locks).
Jetar: (through comm.) That’s me.
Addin: (angrily) No. You should have let him come out so that we can question him.
Reas: (to Seman) Open the goddamn door!
Seman: I am trying to… (the bomb detonates).
Addin: (sad) Oh my God!
Jetar: (scared) Addin, please, I am sorry. The fact that he wanted to kill you puts too much anger in me. I am sorry. I will make sure to find a clue.
Addin: (calms down) It’s alright.
Jetar: (a little bit happy) Thanks.
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(The three in their room).
Enoph: We call these places dead buildings. Whenever terrorists realize they are being chased, they just direct their chases to the already armed buildings, to detonate the bomb. Just like a suicide bombing, they die together with their chasers.
Addin: That’s ridiculous.
Enoph: Somehow (scrolling on the system). These are other dead buildings that have been used before. One is at Alda Avd, another at Requal Street, there is another at Lowp Street… (he is being interrupted).
Addin: (interrupts him) Since it is not exactly the same organization that used all, just check anyone that has any connection with one used yesterday.
Enoph: Okay. (he operates the system, and after some seconds) This is at Lux street, it has exactly the same architectural structure as the one used yesterday. What do you think?
Addin: Are their owners the same? I mean the owners of those buildings.
Enoph: The one at Lux street belonged to one Mr Murphy while the one at Moor belonged to Mr Sath.
Addin: Check the relationship between both of them.
Enoph: (operating the system) There is not much relationship between them except that Mr Sath and Mr Murphy both received their funds for constructing the dead buildings they falsely call car packs from the same company; Safeguard Sponsorship Company; an investment company.
Addin: That’s interesting (to Jetar) Be ready. You and I are going to that company. We are not attacking yet, just to get necessary attacking clues. Okay?
Jetar: Yeah dear.
* * * * *
(Both can be seen in complete suits. They are sitting alongside other people that come for tutorial at Safeguard Security Company).
Mrs Koni: (the tutor) Safeguard doesn’t just invest in any person or people. We have specific requirements that we actually look at before we can invest.
Addin: (from the crowd, stands up to ask a question) Please ma, how do we apply for the sponsorship?
Mrs Koni: I am about to get to that. You can login to www.safeguardscnotic.com to fill out the forms there. And if you are qualified for the sponsorship, you will be contacted.
Addin: Can you tell us some of the requirements or qualifications that someone must have before he or she can be sponsored?
Mrs Koni: I really can’t say. But I know that we prefer male to female. And also, we prefer brave men that are capable of challenges.
Addin: Since this is just about sponsorship, why do you prefer brave men? What for, ma? (asking politely).
Mrs Koni: Actually, I am not from that aspect. As you can see, my job here is tutorial. So I don’t think I am the right person to be asked that question.
Addin: (sighs) Okay, ma!
Jetar: (stands up) Please ma, where is your restroom?
Mrs Koni: (points to a corner) Pass that corner over there. The second room to your left, you will see the ladies’ restroom, you can use that.
Jetar: Okay! (gets out, and after like fifteen seconds, she is back).
Addin: Can I ask another question, ma?
Mrs Koni: Yeah, go on!
Addin: According to the statistics I have over here, 71% of the sponsorships made by Safeguard are usually invested on buildings of car packs. Is it that the company prefers car pack or what?
Mrs Koni: (surprised) I don’t know. Your questions are somehow beyond my knowledge.
Addin: (sighs) No problem. (after the tutorial ends, the two can be seen in their car driving away).
Jetar: The manager’s office is at the second floor, the second room by the right there. The securities’ office is at the ground floor with many security men there.
Addin: Many security men at a sponsorship company?
Jetar: Yeah. Just like security organizations, the security men are fully armed with correct guns.
Addin: Okay, then. Let’s get home and make plans. We must avenge Mr Dart’s murder.
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(Mr Luto, Mr Cylin and Reas can be seen in a well furnished room).
Mr Luto: (surprised) He even came to the company?
Reas: Yeah! He is an expert from a reputable training school. He is somehow dangerous. We can’t let him live.
Mr Cylin: (ignoring them) People are curious about Mr Dart’s death. If we don’t do something now, the case may be investigated..
Mr Luto: (not worried) Who will investigate? Isn’t it us? We are the boss to the people that will investigate. Even, I have told Reas to take care of that.
Reas: Yeah! We will get rid of that Addin tomorrow. Also, we have fabricated proofs that even he, can’t deny, that we can use to frame him of Mr Dart’s murder.
Mr Cylin: Really? (a little bit relieved).
Mr Luto: Can you see now? People that are curious, it’s not really that they want to hear or believe the truth. They just want to hear something they can talk about.
Reas: We already know that he is an expert, so we are going to assassinate him in such a way that even he won’t be able to save himself. We already know where he lives. There are three of them; he, another man and a lady bearing Jetar. We don’t know the other man’s name yet. But anyway, the three of them will be ridded off tomorrow.
Mr Luto: (claps faintly) I am quite impressed.
Mr Cylin: (happily) So, I have nothing to worry about if you are truly going to kill him and then frame him of Mr Dart’s murder.
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(Addin and Jetar inside the room).
Jetar: (serving tea) Have it, Mr tea!
Addin: (sipping in a bit) Why is your so dilute? If it’s water you want to give me, why not just give me? Rather than giving me a watery tea.
Jetar: Can’t you make tea yourself? Or why are you bothering me?
Addin: (jokingly puts the tea on the table) I don’t want the tea anymore, have it back.
Jetar: Okay! (she wants to take the tea, but Addin quickly takes the cup back)
Addin: So, you really want to take it back?
Jetar: Yes now! (the land phone beeps)
Addin: (he presses a key from the comm. in his ear) What’s the matter?
Enoph: (in a very low voice) There are assassins in the house.
Addin: (stands up immediately and looks at the monitor screens) But no assassins were spotted by the CCTV.
Jetar: (surprised) Assassin.
Enoph: That’s why I am also surprised. I think they are much dangerous. I will lure them away but I can’t guarantee that all of them will follow me, so you have to be careful. (he picks his gun and run towards the assassins. Before he could get to them, he was crossed by another set of assassins that were hiding. They begin to chase him. He quickly talks through comm.) They are dangerous, you have to be careful.
Addin: (through comm.) You, take care of yourself. (to Jetar) Take care of the compound, while I take care of the inside.
Jetar: (brings out her two guns) Okay. (she runs out. As she gets out, she sees nobody there. She is now more worried and surprised as to what could be happening. She moves a little bit towards the gate, and sees some assassins running out of the building. She quickly follows them. They are very fast, but she is also fast. She follows them far away from the house.
Enoph also can be seen in a car with two assassins’ cars trailing his. They are following him relentlessly. He is somehow scared. They begin to shoot at his car but he is dodging the bullets from meeting him. At last one of them aims at his car tyres and bursts the two rear tyres. Noticing this, before his car tumbles, he gets out of the car and flies to a bush. The assassins know that he is not dead yet, even though his car is burning already. So they still continue to search for him in the bush. Enoph, being a silent killer himself throttles two assassins by the neck and drags them down silently. He takes another, gives him some punches on the face, and drags him down silently. He throttles another one coming his way. Since he is not actually sure of their number, he just keeps running away, as they also keep searching for him. He notices that they are so determined to kill him. He sees another, and engages in combat with him. It seems this one is also good in combat, as he is having difficulty in taking down him quickly. But his combat couldn’t match Enoph’s as he later takes him down. He sees another two and takes them down with them noticing him. He later sees another three in front of him. Before they are able to shoot him, he shoots all of them. He is now so tired and he falls down. He forces himself to stand up, waiting to see another enemy. But none comes, even after some minutes. He is relieved and wants to go back to the main road. Unknowingly to him, three are three more enemies. As if they are already waiting for him to come out, they shoot him immediately he comes out. Being a strong man himself, he also shoots them and the three goes down immediately.
Jetar can be seen still chasing the assassins. When they got very far away from their apartment, the assassins stop immediately and face her. She also stops immediately, and is a little bit scared with their reaction. She starts to shoot them two by two, with her two guns. They too, start to engage in fire combat with her. They are not as good as she is, so she is able to kill them easily. But they are just too much for her, as she is somehow getting tired. It is now getting tougher for her as better assassins are showing up. She has to dodge because they are shooting at her side without stopping. They want to destroy the blocks she is using to cover, so she won’t have anything to dodge her from the bullets again. She brings out an apple from her pocket, and throws it in the direction of the enemies. The enemies think it is a grenade, so they stop shooting and dodge. She quickly comes out, shoots the ones that are disturbing her most, and then shoots others too. She is now killing them easily, as she has caused confusion among them. After some minutes, there are two assassins left. She shoots them too. But there is another assassin behind her who shoots at her. The bullet meets her at one of her hands. As she goes down, the assassin quickly recognizes her).
Roche: (shocked) Jetar, is it you?
Jetar: (down, in pain) Roche, why you?
Roche: (still shocked) So, it really is you.
Jetar: (still in pain) Is it because I refused to date you that you want to assassinate me?
Roche: No! (holding and supporting Jetar) No, I didn’t know it’s you. We are being sent to assassinate Addin and his two accomplices. I didn’t know you are one of them.
Jetar: (surprised) Who wants Addin dead?
Roche: (reluctantly) Jetar, you can’t know. Moreover, is Addin your fiancée that you refused me for?
Jetar: Yeah! (still in pain) Addin is my fiancée.
Roche: Oh, I am sorry, Jetar. He is going to be dead soon.
Jetar: (laughs) Addin is not someone assassins can kill easily. You people are just like insects to him, that he can just step over.
Roche: No! No matter what, they will still kill him.
Jetar: (confused) But how?
Roche: They know how dangerous you three are, when you are together. So, the plan is to separate the three of you and then assassinate you separately.
Jetar: (surprised and shocked) Ah!
Roche: Moreover, they are not going to fight with him at all. They will spray hardom acid in form of gas into the house, and he won’t be able to survive.
Jetar: (very much afraid, wants to stand up) I must save him (she checks his comm.) Why is my disconnected?
Roche: (frowns bitterly) All the devices in that house have been blocked for the main time. He can’t be saved. Just forget about him.
Jetar: (wants to cry) But Addin can’t die! Addin must not die.
Roche: (he picks up his gun and points it to his head) I have to do this.
Jetar: (curious, still crying) But why?
Roche: (hurting) I can’t bring myself to kill you. And if I can’t, they must not see me alive. Please, Addin will soon die, he can’t be saved. I just want to urge you to run away. If possible, run out of the country. The people you are against are very much dangerous than you can imagine. If you don’t leave now without traces, you will be easily hunted down and assassinated.
Jetar: (crying heavily) No, Addin must not die.
Roche: I told you to forget about Addin and start thinking about yourself. (he fires the gun, and he dies immediately).
Jetar: Roche, Roche (she cries heavily, holding Roche’s corpse. She quickly stands up and begins to run towards their house)
(Back at their house)
(Addin can be seen cocking his gun looking everywhere for possible enemies)
Addin: (notices that the doors are locking) Why are they locking the doors? This means that the doors can now only be opened from the outside. Are they locking themselves inside the apartment with me? (laughs) Come and let me show you what I am made of.
(outside the building)
Uply: (through comm.) We have lured them away, and we have locked the doors too.
Reas: (replies through comm.) Have you people planted those things?
Uply: Yes, sir!
Reas: Good job! All teams should leave the area right away.
Uply: Yes, sir! (to his teams) Team 1, 2 and 3, we are leaving now. (they enter their cars and leave)
Reas: (to Seman) Activate it now.
Seman: Okay, sir. (he presses some keys) Done!
Addin: (still in the room) Why are these people not coming? (he notices fumes, gases inside the house. He goes to another room and notices the same thing. He quickly perceives the odour) Curly leaves smelling. It can be used in the production of Darb water. Darb water, if mixed with hydrogen monoxide can be used in the making of acid. (screams out) Oh! Acid is being sprayed (before he is able to cover his mouth and nose, the gases get to him, and start to affect him. The gases start to affect all his body, and he goes down. He begins to choke, cough and scream in agony. He already smells his death. He smiles, knowing that he is finally going to meet his parents. After some seconds, he is already on the floor, not able to move, and just lying down somehow lifeless).

Re: Deadly Missions by phoenixchap: 2:37pm On Jun 17, 2018
Interesting..... I'm here
Re: Deadly Missions by SilverSpoonEnt: 3:08pm On Jun 17, 2018
part two continues tomorrow
Re: Deadly Missions by SilverSpoonEnt: 6:05pm On Jun 17, 2018
I'll drop part of part two tonight...
Re: Deadly Missions by SilverSpoonEnt: 8:14pm On Jun 17, 2018
* * * * *
(35 years ago)
(Mr Sameh can be seen driving at a very high speed on a path full of sand. With the look of the surroundings, it seems he is in the underground, because only sand and roots of trees can be seen. The time around 3:15 in the morning. The country is actually Clish. After some minutes of driving, he finally stops at the front of a place. The place has an entrance made of steel. One could not know how that place, underground, has such a place in it. He is dressed in cooperate suit as he comes out of his car and enters the place. Opening the entrance, he sees nobody inside, he just goes deep inside and takes a seat, as if that place is his office. After some minutes of sitting, a man that’s in complete black uniform comes from a corner)
Chan: (sighs) Are you sure you aren’t followed, boss?
Mr Sameh: This is my second time of coming here. I know how to pass or come here without being followed. Let’s leave that aside, where are they?
Chan: The five are inside, they are fully ready for your mission.
Mr Sameh: Today is the exact tenth year that they had been here. Are you sure you trained them well?
Chan: Don’t you trust my ability?
Mr Sameh: (rest assured) I trust you.
Chan: But let me tell you this. The only female among the five, make sure you don’t loose her. If you do, then your mission is gone. She is the only one that picks things best among them, and understands things better. So I trained her more with the basics of the mission than the others.
Mr Sameh: I understand. Thanks for your cooperation.
Chan: (happily) You are welcome, sir. So, where is the package?
Mr Sameh: (not having anything with him) Yeah! Your package! I am surely with it. (immediately he finishes his words, blood starts to gush out from Mr Chan’s sweat pores, and he is in great agony).
Chan: (surprised while still in pain) Tallillin acid? (as he mentioned this, four men and a lady come out from a place, looking very dangerous) Why? Why? Why did you poison me? (stammering due to the pain).
Mr Sameh: (smiles) They poisoned you because they still remember what I told them ten years ago.
(ten years ago)
Mr Sameh: (standing while the five are sitting down) You will have to assassinate him the next time I come to visit you.
Stunt: You mean in the next ten years, that we will be finishing the training?
Mr Sameh: (smiles) Accurately.
Nidda; (curious) But why?
Mr Sameh: Because the root of the mission must only be known by the six of us…
Chan: (still in pain) But I can never betray you.
Mr Sameh: I also guessed that, but I can’t allow any possibilities to fail us in this mission.
Chan: (in pain, going down, talks to the five) I urge to kill this man. He will betray you, when you finish the mission. (he said and died instantly).
Cylin: (looking very dangerous) We are the five peagries.
Re: Deadly Missions by SilverSpoonEnt: 9:12pm On Jun 17, 2018
(Totally bandaged and fixed to the bed, he can hardly stands up. His eyes begin to open little y little as his senses start to function also at the same rate. It is then, he realizes that he still feels much pain all over his body. he can hear two voices talking to each other somewhere near to his side. He can’t talk, nor stand. He can’t even open his eyes clearly).
Jetar: (scared) Do you think he can make it?
Dr Proxy: I know he will. Since you have done the initial part by bathing him with abundant kerosene which can fight the acid for some hours, then we still have hope.
Jetar: What about the phynocinyl?
Dr Proxy: Another doctor is already preparing it and that’s the only antidote than can fight the hardom acid totally. But before we can apply the antidote on his body, he must first wake up. This one that is not opening his eyes, I am somehow scared for him.
Jetar: Like hoe many does he has left to live?
Dr Proxy: (looks at his wristwatch) He has about 109 minutes to live. Dr Noce will finish preparing the antidote in the next 79 minutes. So let’s just hope he opens his eyes before then.
* * * * *
(somewhere else)
Mr Luto: (on phone) What did you just day?
Reas: They are preparing the antidote in a particular hospital.
Mr Luto: So that implies he may be in that hospital.
Reas: Yes sir! I think they may be preparing the antidote purposely for him.
Mr Luto: (frustrated) I think you already know what to do.
Reas: Yes, sir! I am on it.
* * * * *
(Somewhere in the hospital)
(He is covering his nose, wearing his lab coat and mixing chemicals with nurses surrounding him inside the lab)
Dr Noce: One of you should get me laroxynl reagent.
(a nurse quickly goes out to the place where chemicals are kept. She takes the laroxynl reagent, pours all the content in a washing hand basin and flushes it away. She brings out another bottle that she kept inside her brassiere and pours the content into the bottle of laroxynl reagent. She covers the bottle and goes back to the lab handling over the reagent to Dr Noce.) Thank you. (he mixes the reagent with the already mixed chemical in the test tube. The nurse goes out to make a call).
Nurse: (on phone) Done!
(Some minutes later, Mr Proxy can be seen bringing in the antidote).
Dr Proxy: (moves closer to Addin, Jetar is already beside him) This is the phynocinyl. He has just 25 minutes more to live.
Jetar: (anxious) He has opened his eyes but dimly. Come and apply it on him, please.
Dr Proxy: Yeah! (he removes all the clothes on Addin, and wants to spray the antidote on his body but Addin himself stops him)
Addin: (shouts faintly) Stop!
Dr Proxy: (surprised, but stops) Is the acid already affecting your brain?
Addin: Just stop!
Jetar: (anxious) Please, don’t mind him. I think the acid is already affecting him more than we could imagine. If not, he won’t tell us to stop using the antidote on him. Just ignore him, and apply it, doctor.
Addin: (he is in pain, but talks weakly) No, phynocinyl is deep blue in colour, this is faint blue.
Dr Proxy: (wants to laugh) You are funny! I am now sure the acid is affecting your brain!
Jetar: Addin, please, it doesn’t mean. So far it is still blue.
Addin: No, you don’t get me. I… think that (coughs)… antidote has been… poisoned.
Jetar: (shocked) What?
Dr Proxy: Impossible! (but he is still surprised) He may be right. (he goes to one corner of the room, pours the a little of the antidote in a test tube, and performs some test on it. Then he exclaims) There is no cause for alarm, it hasn’t been poisoned. I just tested it, and it is poison-negative.
Jetar: (sighs happily) Yeah, you can now apply it on him.
Dr Proxy: Yeah! (he moves closer to Addin, wanting to spray the antidote on his body, but Jetar stops him)
Jetar: Stop!
Dr Proxy: What again?
Jetar: There are numerous poisons, that when tested give negative results. Let’s try this. Do you have hardom acid in this hospital?
(Dr Proxy receives a little of hardom acid and sprays it on an organism that’s also allergic to the acid. Before, the organism dies, they quickly spray the antidote on its body. The organism’s body starts to decay until it paralyzes. Dr Proxy, Dr Noce, Jetar, and some nurses there are all surprised that the antidote really contains poison).
Jetar: (still surprised and scared) What? What are we going to do now? (looks at the wall clock) He has just 17 minutes left to live.
Dr Proxy: (confused) I am not sure, but I don’t think we have any other choice than to quickly prepare the antidote again.
Jetar: (surprised) In 17 minutes?
Dr Proxy: There’s no choice.
Jetar: Ah!
Dr Noce: (brings out a book from his bag, and hands it over to Dr Proxy) I think this will help you, just open to Page 57 of this book. I know you can’t trust me again, so I am giving you the chance to prepare it yourself.
Dr Proxy: (feels somehow pity but not left with any other choice) Thank you, sir. Let the nurses follow me to the lab. (the nurses want to follow him but Jetar interrupts them).
Jetar: No! I think there’s a betrayer in this hospital, whether among the doctors, or the nurses. But we don’t have the time to investigate now. All I am trying to say is that I am going to be your nurse.
Dr Proxy: But… (Jetar interrupts him).
Jetar: We don’t have time. (as if she already knows the nurses wardrobe, she brings out a nurse uniform and puts it on. She then drags Dr Proxy to the lab room. They open to the page from the book, and starts to rush the preparation).
(somewhere else inside the hospital)
Nurse: (on phone) I think I failed, they discovered the poisoned.
Reas: (surprised) How?
Nurse: No time to explain now. I think you will have to use Dr Proxy himself.
Reas: Yeah, I understand.
(back in the lab)
(After some minutes, they are to use the laroxynl reagent, they discover from the book that it is deep blue in colour which gives the antidote its real pigment, but the bottle contains liquid that’s light blue in colour. Then, they realize where the poison comes in. They keep the reagent and quickly prepare another laroxynl reagent that is somehow easy to prepare, and then goes on with the antidote without wasting time. Then Dr Proxy’s phone rings)
Dr Proxy: (answers the call) What!... Yeah!... Page 57?... How can I forget that?... Thanks! (he drops the phone but he is a bit frustrated. He then said to Jetar) That’s Dr Noce reminding me of the page of antidote preparation.
Jetar: Okay.
(They continue with the preparation of the antidote. They are so fast, because they are in a hurry. In 18 minutes, they are through with the preparation. They run quickly to the ward where Addin is, because they are alredy a minut late. As Dr Proxy wants to spray the new antidote on Addin, Jetar drags him by his neck and throws him on the floor).
Dr Proxy: (on the floor, in little pain) What’s wrong? Do you want him to die?
Jetar: No! (she quickly brings a portion from her pocket and sprays it on Addin. Addin starts to groan in pain, and shouts loudly. The noise attracts Dr Noce. He is outside, but he quickly comes in).
Dr Noce: What’s the problem? (he moves closer to Addin) Oh! What happened? His blood pressure is rising. (Addin suddenly stops shouting).
Dr Proxy: (still on the floor) Please, this is the real antidote, use it on him (stretching his hand with the antidote, for Dr Noce to take).
Jetar: (interrupts him) I said no!
Dr Noce: (after some minutes of testing Addin, he covers his body with white cloth, and faces Jetar) There is no need to use the antidote aagain, he is dead.
Jetar: What! (shocked).
Dr Proxy: (gives a relief sigh and then shouts) You, Jetar, you killed him. You didn’t allow me to use this antidote on him. Why? Jetar? So you are his real enemy.
Jetar: Ah! (tears start to roll down from her eyes) No! Addin! Addin!! You can’t die. (she cries heavily. She suddenly removes a rope from her pocket and ties Dr Proxy in a way that he will be feeling much pain). Who called you to kill him? (angrily).
Dr Proxy: (in pain) What are you talking about? Are you crazy?
Dr Noce: Jetar, don’t try to pretend. I know you are the one that caused his. Let Dr Proxy go, the police will be here for you very soon.
Jetar: (still crying, she slaps Dr Proxy angrily) Won’t you start talking? Who called you? (a cough can be heard from behind).
Joly: Daddy, please, don’t let them kill me. (crying).
Dr Proxy: What!
Reas: (snatches the phone from her) Don’t let people around you understand what you are hearing.
Dr Proxy: Yeah!
Reas: Good of you! We are at your house, and we have your daughter. Find a way to kill Addin, or your daughter will be dead. You have just 57 minutes.
Dr Proxy: Page 57?
Reas: (smiles) You are good, you have to be quick and clinical.
Dr Proxy: How can I forget that?
Reas: Bye! (cuts the call).
Dr Proxy: Thanks!
(Addin starts to cough from behind)
Dr Noce: (surprised) What? (he quickly goes back to Addin and begins to test him again) Oh my! This is marvelous. His temperature is back to normal. His blood pressure is also back to normal. Everything is just back to normal. He is back to life. (so surprised)
Jetar: (happily) Really? (She rushes to meet Addin and hugs him on bed, before she realizes that Addin is still naked. But that doesn’t make her to quit hugging him). Addin! Addin!! (she removes her body and touches him on the face) You are really back to life.
Dr Noce: Yeah, he is. (smiles)
Jetar: I can’t believe this. I just know you can’t give up so easily. (Addin wants to talk, but she blocks his mouth) No, don’t, you are still weak.
Dr Proxy: (somehow scared) He has not fully recovered, he still needs to use this antidote.
Jetar: (angrily) Shut up! (she brings out the preparation book and opens to page 58. She then touches a particular part for Dr Noce to read) Read this, please!
Dr Noce: (reads the part out) Two drops of haronide solution is required. NB; more than two drops can cause seizing of breath, thereby leading to death.
Jetar: (to Dr Proxy) So, why did you exhaust the whole bottle of the solution in the antidote?
Dr Proxy: (stammering) What? I …don’t…know…what…
Jetar: I began to suspect you when you received the call. Do you know the kind of person I am? I can understand all codes and styles under duress. Why will someone that was shocked with what he heard, then comes back to talk softly? (smiles) That’s where I got you.
Dr Proxy: But how did you get the antidote?
Jetar: As soon as I noticed this, I started to watch you closely. When I noticed the incidence with the haronide solution, that’s when I knew you aren’t on our side anymore. I quickly began to prepare another antidote without you knowing.
Dr Proxy: (begins to cry) They have Joly. They told me to kill him or they will kill my daughter.
Addin: (he quickly stands up, grabs the clothes beside him, and wears them) Everybody, get down, they are here. (as he mentioned this, Dr Proxy is being shot on the head. The power supply goes off as the whole hospital becomes dark. Everybody in the room, quickly hides in one place or the other).
Jetar: (she puts on a pair of glasses and he is able to see with the aid of the glasses) Addin, take these. (she throws two things to Addin’s direction; a pair of glasses and a gun)
Addin: I got it! (he grabs them. He puts on the pair of glasses and holds on to his gun).
Jetar: Good!
Addin: (closes his eyes, and listens very attentively to the surrounding) There are two different groups. Dr Noce, did you say the police were on their way here?
Dr Noce: (he is trembling heavily where he hides, but manages to reply) Yeah, I called them some couple of minutes ago when I thought Jetar is a betrayer.
Addin: Yeah! (still closing his eyes) One group is making soundless steps, while the other group is just neutral.
Jetar: Then, the soundless steps are from the enemies, and the neutral from the police.
Addin: Yeah! They are 18 in number, while the foolish police are just 10.
Jetar: What do we do?
Addin: These people are dangerous. I am not fit yet, so we can’t fight. We just have to escape for now. We just take one, do you understand?
Jetar: Yeah!
Addin: Other people in the room, be at alert. I am locking this room down. Okay? Jetar, 1, 2, 3, go. (he and Jetar quickly leave the room, and lock down the room. The police and enemies start to engage in fire. In less than a minute, the police are all wiped off. Since Addin is still weak, and can’t fight, it is dangerous for the both to fight off the enemies. But it seems they have other plans.
Some minutes later)
Reas: (in the hospital, talking to one of his co-enemies) Haven’t you seen them yet?
Lontor: No, sir! They just disappeared.
Reas: (disappointed) But how did they manage to escape?
Lontor: I also don’t know. Even the worse news here is that they took one of us with them.
Reas: (shocked) What? How on earth did that happen?
Lontor: I am even confused. We were 18, but we are now 17. I don’t think the police are capable of taking any of us.
Reas: (now really confused) But we can still get them. There are bugs on our men.
Lontor: Yeah! It’s true. But you mentioned it yourself that they are quite good. Yeah, they truly are good. They took our man naked. (hands over a polythene bag to him).
Reas: What? (he checks the bag only to find the uniform and accessories in it)
Lontor: We failed but this is just a small assassination attempt just to know how competent they are. So we haven’t failed totally.
Reas: (sighs heavily) They have one of ours, but they can’t get anything from them. I am pretty sure of that. We just have to go back now and prepare to finish them off totally. We also have to tell Mr Cylin about Enoph, since he also escaped. But with what we have on him, I think we can finish them off easily now.
Lontor: (smiles) Yes, sir! They are good as dead.
Re: Deadly Missions by Nikejah(m): 9:16pm On Jun 17, 2018
More grease to your elbows

Please keep addin safe
Re: Deadly Missions by SilverSpoonEnt: 9:42pm On Jun 17, 2018
(Mr Luto’s residence).
Mr Cylin: (shocked) So, Enoph is the mole.
Reas: Yes, sir!
Mr Cylin: Is he dead already?
Reas: No, sir! The agent that sent his pictures to me is dead, and all of our men that were on him are also dead. We don’t know where he is but I am sure he is alive.
Mr Luto: But how did you let Addin and that girl escape?
Reas: I am sorry, sir! I underestimated them.
Mr Luto: You have never failed any mission before. Are you starting to fail already?
Reas: No, sir! I will make sure I get them next time.
Mr Cylin: I think we can use Enoph to eliminate them.
Reas: That’s what I am also thinking about! I will handle the job well.
Mr Cylin: No! Leave it to me. Enoph is in my hands.
Reas: Okay, sir!
* * * * *
(The one enemy that Addin and Jetar took died on the way.
Enoph truly survives. He goes to meet the two. They plan to act quickly and wisely. They meet with Mary who lends them a huge amount of money. They decide to be switching hideouts from time to time so that the enemies won’t know where they are ever again).


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