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Re: Deadly Missions by SilverSpoonEnt: 10:45pm On Jun 17, 2018
(Enoph, Addin and Jetar are fully back in good conditions. Jetar was shot in her hand, Enoph was also shot, and Addin was still feeling weak due to the acid after-reaction. But now, the three are okay
After several days, Enoph walks into his office only to meet Reas walking suspiciously).
Enoph: (surprised) Aren’t you Mr Luto’s personal assistant come came here with him the other day?
Reas: Yeah! I am Agent Reas. (extends his hand for handshake but Enoph refuses it).
Enoph: I locked my door well, how the hell were you able to get in?
Reas: Let’s leave that. Let’s talk real business. I have been posted here, SSU, on a temporary basis. As you know, I will be your superior as I will be just behind Mr Cylin.
Enoph: (frustrated) I said how the hell did you manage to enter my office?
Reas: Where have you been for the past five days?
Enoph: (scared and blinks eyes) I was on leave.
Reas: Leave? Are you telling me you were officially on leave?
Enoph: It was unexpected, so it wasn’t official.
Reas: And you couldn’t give a call.
Enoph: Yeah, because it was personal.
Reas: Are you ready to answer to query?
Enoph: Why? (shocked).
Reas: Five days unofficial leave! In your query, you are to write about the things that happened, proofs, and witnesses.
Enoph: What else? I am ready.
Reas: Really?
Enoph: Yeah! (he sits down. Reas starts to walk towards the exit, but stops and holds Enoph by the shoulder)
Reas: Enoph, be careful.
Enoph: (the warning gets him somehow scared and frustrated) I will, thanks. (when Reas gets out, he begins to soliloquize) Why is he warning me? Why is he on me like this? We only get to see each other when Mr Luto comes to visit Mr Cylin, so what’s the relationship between us?
(some hours later)
(Luke barges in to Enoph’s office breathing heavily).
Enoph: What’s the matter?
Luke: Have you heard?
Enoph: (curious) That what?
Luke: Agent Long was found dead. The report said he died yesterday, but we are getting to know about it today. He was said to be murdered in this building.
Enoph: (surprised) Who killed him?
Luke: What a foolish question! There is an intel that his murderer is from this organization. So they are searching everyone’s desk and office for investigations (Reas barges in).
Reas: (to Luke) What are you doing here?
Luke: (stands upright, somehow afraid) Nothing, sir. My desk is being searched, and I decided to leave and allow them to check it.
Reas: (angrily) Get out!
Luke: Yes, sir! (he immediately leaves the office. Not without falling down before he eventually leaves the office).
Reas: I believe you know that we are searching every office.
Enoph: I know.
Reas: Enoph, you know what? We are actually framing of Agent Long’s murder.
Enoph: What? (shocked).
Reas: (he opens a drawer from the table, and brings out a wrinkled paper) What’s this?
Enoph: (confused) What’s it?
Reas: (smiles) You don’t even know! This will facilitate your arrest. It clearly shows that you know something about his death.
Enoph: You planted this! I met you here this morning.
Reas: You met me here but the cameras don’t. The cameras didn’t see me.
Enoph: You are framing me, and you still have the guts to be telling me (angrily).
Reas: The cameras were off, this place is bugs’ free, so you don’t have any proof to show that I am framing you. (he has gloves in his hands. He opens another drawer and brings out a phone).
Enoph: Whose phone is that? (curious)
Reas: Yours, of course.
Enoph: (surprised) Mine? That’s not my phone.
Reas: (laughs bitterly) It has your fingerprints. Your pictures are stored on it. Your contacts, etc are all on it.
Enoph: (somehow scared) You really are an expert. You are really good in framing.
Reas: (smiles, and he proudly brushes his hair) Thanks for the compliments (he moves closer to Enoph. He collects his wrist-watch, his real phone, his ipad, and other things on him) I have to remove all these, so that you won’t be able to get through to your friends. (looks daring).
Enoph: (curious) My friends?
Reas: Meet me in Mr Cylin’s office (he leaves the office).
Enoph: My friends? Why are they framing me? (soliloquizes as he walks to Mr Cylin’s office).
Mr Cylin: (sighting Enoph) Have your seat! (He is busy reading some things on his system, while Reas is standing beside him).
Enoph: (angrily sits down) Is it just Agent Reas, or you both know about it?
Mr Cylin: About framing you? (not looking at his side) Seriously, I don’t really know. Read this. (hands over the wrinkled paper Reas took from Enoph’s office to him)
Enoph: (reads it out) For the payment of Agent Long’s assassination. Wired 02:45pm, 04-06. Sum of $2.5 million (he laughs out loud).
Mr Cylin: What’s funny?
Enoph: I didn’t receive any alert, and I have never seen this before.
Reas: Are you still saying you didn’t receive alert? But there’s an alert on this phone of yours. (pointing to the false phone) You even confirmed it. (switches to the sent message section on the phone) Read this!
Enoph: (reading it out loud) Wiring seen and confirmed. Assassination to be carried out with immediate effect. (he laughs again, but one could sense fear in his laughter).
Reas: Anything to bail yourself out.
Enoph: The number that sent the message to the phone you called mine, we should track it down.
Mr Cylin: You are pretty right. We tried tracking it, but to no positive avail. So, we are now waiting for you to help us with the senders since you are the recipient.
Enoph: (frustrated and scared) You got me right in a corner. You framed me in order to get something from me, right? So what’s it?
Mr Cylin: You are now talking. Firstly, why is it that you didn’t inform us that you are good on field? You always stay on the computer.
Enoph: Good on field? (surprised)
Mr Cylin: You don’t need to pretend anymore. You even made us vulnerable for your friends to attack us here in SSU.
Enoph: (realizing that he might have been caught) I still don’t know what you are talking about.
Mr Cylin: (smiles) We’ve not let anyone know that you are responsible for Agent Long’s murder. We can make the case die down without further investigation. But that’s if you are ready to help us get Addin.
Enoph: (shocked) Ad… (interrupted).
Reas: Don’t worry. Meet us here. (he gives him a paper).
Enoph: (reads the contents and then puts it in his pocket) Tomorrow. (leaves the office).
Reas: (smiles, to Mr Cylin) Great job, sir!
Mr Cylin: Kudos, boy.
* * * * *
(Enoph can be seen entering a hotel room. Addin and Jetar are inside doing some things on the system).
Addin: Why are you just coming now?
Jetar: So what? Who are you to question him about his whereabouts? (jokingly)
Enoph: The stress today is not easy at all. Since they had not seen me for the past few days, I was made to make a lot of reports on my whereabouts.
Addin: (smiles) Hope you are able to feed them with accurate lies?
Enoph: (winks) Don’t you trust me? They believed all my lies.
Jetar: (playfully bangs her hand with his) I trust you, dear.
Enoph: Yes now. (Jetar lightly hugs him, and then sees a white paper almost falling out of his pocket. She takes it, and glances through it in a second).
Jetar: (still looking at it) Which address is this?
Enoph: (snatches the paper away from her) None of your concern (he moves to the restroom, squeezing the paper back into his pocket).
Addin: (shouts) Be quick. We have to prepare for the operation we have in three days time.
Enoph: (inside the restroom, he is thinking out loud, but not talking) Should I tell Addin about this? No! There’s nothing Addin can do to save me from these numerous crimes they framed me for. Telling Addin about this will just make it more complicated. Or should I tell him? (he is so confused) How do they get to know about Addin and I? (shakes his head) I am totally confused. Let me leave Addin out of this to avoid complications. (after using the restroom, he moves outside. Addin and Jetar are still busy on the system).
Enoph: So, how are you progressing?
Addin: (to Enoph) Will you follow us on the operation, or will you be on the system?
Enoph: I think I am getting used to the system.
Addin: I see!
Jetar: Lazy bone.
Addin: So, we are going to operate like this…
Re: Deadly Missions by SilverSpoonEnt: 6:30am On Jun 18, 2018
(Mr Luto, Mr Cylin, Reas and Enoph can be seen in a room).
Mr Luto: (shocked) Oh, really! So, Addin is Majh!
Mr Cylin: (also shocked) So he framed his own death only to come back and investigate his parents’ death.
Enoph: (feeling disappointed in himself) Since I have now told you what you want to know, will you now drop those false charges against me?
Reas: (to Mr Luto) But sir, can you tell us the story behind his parents’ death?
Mr Luto; (still shocked, sighs) Yeah, you ought to know. 35 years ago… (he begins to narrate the long story for like an hour until he finishes it)… So we were left with no choice than to eliminate her.
Enoph: (surprised) So, this was how the story goes. Truly if I should be sincere, Ms Nidda was supposed to be killed. What she did, was a total betrayal.
Mr Cylin: Can you now see that we weren’t at fault to execute her?
Reas: (enjoyed the story) Yeah, you are right, sir. She surely deserved it.
Enoph: What do you now want me to do?
Mr Cylin: We can’t let Majh or whatsoever he calls himself now live. We need you to execute him for us.
Enoph: (surprised) But you said the reason why you want him dead is because you thought his mother might have told him about you people. Now, that you are sure that he doesn’t know anything, can’t you let him be?
Mr Cylin: He doesn’t know, but he wants to know. If we let him live, he may later knows.
Enoph: But, but… (confused)
Mr Luto: But what if we are to give you $10 billion?
Enoph: (the mention of the money surprises him) 10 what?
Mr Luto: $10 billion!
Enoph: (so surprised) $10 billion, just to help you in the execution of Addin?
Mr Luto: Yeah!
Enoph: Wow! (nervous) Consider it done! Addin is dead already.
Mr Cylin: (smiles) Are you assuring us that you are going to help us?
Enoph: Why won’t I?
Reas: (shakes Enoph) You will now be my boss until this Addin of a thing is out.
Enoph: (happily) The pleasure is mine.
Reas: We have to go to our base now.
* * * * *
(Reas and Enoph can be seen entering a very large building. The building consists of different offices and sections. There are also training sections there. Enoph is being led into an office).
Reas: (having a seat) This is going to your office until we are able to comb out Addin.
Enoph: This is cool. (he looks around)
Reas: There are 5 different tactical levels in this organization – levels A, B, C, D, and E. the level of their competence is in descending order. Each level consists of at least fifty men who are at alert at any point in time. There is always replacement for every casualty. The name of this organization is The Peagries.
Enoph: Named after the five?
Reas: Yeah, you get it.
Enoph: Let’s start business. In two days time, Addin and Jetar, his girlfriend will attack Safeguard.
Reas: (shocked) Really?
Enoph: Yeah!
Reas: So, we have to be ready for him and attack him before he embarks on the operation.
Enoph: No! That’s not it. We will let him finish the mission, and then we will show him some magic. There will be three groups. Group A will dress like enemies, Group B like police, and the Group C like…
Re: Deadly Missions by SilverSpoonEnt: 9:19am On Jun 18, 2018
(Enoph can be seen entering the hotel room. But Addin and Jetar are already waiting for him at the entrance).
Addin: (immediately Enoph enters, he talks angrily) How dare you betray me?
Enoph: Betrayed you? (shocked)
Addin: I have never thought you could betray me. But you actually did, why? Why? Enoph, why?
Enoph: Addin, sincerely, it’s not what you think.
Jetar: Go inside, and check the table. The proof that you betrayed us is there.
Enoph: (scared, as he move in to check the table. His is very much more surprised with what he sees) Addin, what’s this? (a cake can be seen on the table).
Addin: (he and Jetar burst into laughter) Idiot, coward, see how he was shaking.
Jetar: Enoph! (still laughing) You are truly a coward. Do you know how you were looking? You were so scared.
Enoph: (still confused) What’s the meaning of this?
Jetar: Today used to be Addin’s mum birthday. So he is organizing a remembrance party for her.
Addin: (with smiling face) I did these to surprise you two.
Jetar: (dropping a glass cup in her hand) You can’t imagine what Addin did to me. He was like, ‘Jetar, why did you betray me?’, and I was like, ‘What is he talking about?’ Then he replied ‘Who was that guy you were talking with, that was caressing your body, while kissing you in the process?’ I was scared to death that maybe I had been impersonated or something. I was so happy when I learnt it was just a joke.
Enoph: (somehow relieved) So, you were just joking with me?
Addin: (laughs again) Yes now, or did you betray me?
Enoph: (scared) How and why would I?
Addin: Let’s celebrate my mum, let the party begins.
(They start the party. Enoph is still not yet out of the earlier shock he received, but he does well to parry it away. They wine, dine and crack a lot of jokes. The party is really fun. Everybody enjoys to his/her fullest. When, they are finally through with the party, they begin to talk).
Jetar: (still holding a piece of chicken) Oh, I am full!
Addin: (tired) I want to go and sleep, please. We are changing base tomorrow immediately after the operation. When I am awake, I will type and print out you people’s scripts, and drop them on the table. Okay?
Enoph: Yeah! (Addin moves into his own personal room).
Jetar: This guy is not serious. Must he mention anything about any operation when we are still catching fun. Oh, scumbag!
Enoph: Indeed! (he moves closer to Jetar, holds her lightly by the waist, and begins to kiss her. As if she is enjoying it, she does not order him to stop. They continue with this act until around five minutes, when Enoph finally leaves her and goes to his own personal room as well).
Jetar: (it seems she is drunk, she is just controlling herself so that she won’t be discovered) What the Bleep!
Enoph: (in his room, begins to think out loud) This shows this girl really loves me. It’s just that Addin wooed her first. I actually left her, because of my friendship with Addin. But now, I have to claim her immediately Addin is dead. If she had ordered me stop kissing her, I would have stopped the assassination of Addin. But she allowed me. Jetar always cover Addin’s mess for him. So she is the one protecting Addin, not the other way round. I am the only one that can protect her. First thing tomorrow morning, I have to drug Addin so that he will be too weak to fight. If I should use direct poison, it will be too obvious, and I may be figured out. So ordinary drug is okay, since we are going to eliminate him ourselves tomorrow. Good. (sighs) I am going to become the owner of $10 billion. What a fortune!
Re: Deadly Missions by SilverSpoonEnt: 10:03am On Jun 18, 2018
(The two flies to the top of the building in their total black, with their faces covered. It seems they are with real ammunitions this time around. From the top of the building, Addin begins to talk through comm.).
Addin: We are there!
Enoph: (on comm.. He is on the computer but not in the hotel. He is in a van with the Peagries Team C. Reas is also with him in the van) Immediate you are in, the alarm will be on. You have to be quick and clinical in this operation.
Jetar: (on comm.) Copy that.
Enoph: Now, move in. Two enemies.
Jetar: Copied (they move in and Jetar shoots two enemies with her two guns. Immediately, the company alarms start to give loud sound).
Mr Abro: (making a call to Reas) Sir! We are under attack.
Reas: Don’t worry, we know about it. Mr Manager, crash everything about us on your system. Also remove every file about use. They are coming to your office.
Mr Abro: (surprised) What? I will do that and quickly leave this place.
Reas: No! Let them meet you there. Don’t worry, we are on their trail.
Mr Abro: (scared) Ok, sir! (he cuts the call and begins to format his system. He retrieves all files pertaining to The Peagries and starts to set them on fire).
Reas: (makes a call) You are under attack, release all your men.
Noin: (he is the head of the Safeguard Securities) Okay, sir! (he drops the phone) Full squad, out. We are really under attack. Spread to all floors.
Securities: Yes, sir! (pick up their ammunitions and spread to each floor)
Enoph: (on comm.) Separate. Addin, three on your left.
Addin: Copy that. (they separate to left and right. Addin, without wasting time, shoots to his left. But he is surprised that there are actually more than three enemies there, they are up to like ten. Since that is not what he expected, he struggles in firing them all. But nonetheless, he manages to finish them off. He then talks) But you said three enemies.
Enoph: I am sorry, others were hiding.
Addin: Okay.
Enoph: Addin, clear. Jetar, five running towards you.
Jetar: Copied (she comes out and shoots all the enemies towards her but she is also surprised that they are more than that. She also struggles to finish them off with her two guns) Enoph, are you out of your right sense? The enemies were more than five.
Addin: (since the comms. are interconnected, he can hear what the two are saying) Jetar, this Enoph is a flop. Have you taken your food? (he continues to shoot the enemies coming from different directions) You said that I am clear. But there are many enemies here. Just switch off the comm., and take something in, maybe snacks.
Enoph: Maybe I will come and join you there.
Addin: Yeah, that will be better.
Enoph: (switches off the comm. and turns to Reas) Done!
Reas: Good! (on comm.) Team A, move in.
Team A Leader: Copy that! (to his men) Let’s strike.
(Team A members move in and join the Safeguard Securities. They begin to search for the enemies. They group themselves in order to make the sear easier).
Addin: (through comm.) Be careful. Their backups here already here.
Jetar: Copied.
(Addin starts to shoot the enemies. Without dodging, he just continues shooting them easily. He walks quickly in the process of doing this. Suddenly, he wants to shoot some enemies, but they are able to dodge his bullets. ‘This ones have experiences’, he thought. He then removes one shoe from one of the dead enemies, and throws it to one direction. The enemies think he is the moving to the direction, so they start to shoot into that direction. He quickly gets up and shoots the enemies off-guard. He gets a particular door, and opens it. Enemies are already waiting for him there. Immediately he opens the door, the enemies start to shoot into his direction. Being an expert, he is able to dodge their bullets, and quickly takes cover. The enemies do not seize to shoot into his direction. Realizing that the enemies are just shooting and targeting his body or head, he lies down. Through the side of the cover, he begins to shoot the enemies on their legs. In less than a minute, he is able to shoot all of them on the legs. He comes out, and finally shoots the already-in-pain enemies on the head and body. He sees another door, opens and sees staircases – one going upstairs, and the other downstairs.
Jetar is also dealing with the enemies at hand. It seems the new enemies know that she is having problem with her left hand, as they start to aim at the hand. Realizing this, she starts to use her left hand to make bait for them. She will put the hand in a position that it can be shot easily. Once the enemies see this, they will rush out to shoot the hand but she will quickly remove the hand and shoot them. She continues to use the strategy, but she opts out to use it when she realizes situations that it will be dangerous. She shoots the enemies two-two without any problem.
After some minutes, Reas orders Team B to move in. They are dressed in police uniforms, disguised as if they want to arrest the rioters. Sighting the police, Addin quickly communicates with Jetar through comm.)
Addin: The police are in but I think they are enemies too. They are disguised in police uniforms, but their foot wears match with that of the enemies.
Jetar: No! Their shoes aren’t the same.
Addin: Yeah! But I am talking about their socks. The enemies socks have a design of skeleton with Letter P beneath it. The polices’ socks have the same design.
Jetar: (looking at the socks’ similarity from the place she is hiding) Oh, yeah! You are right.
Addin: Yeah! We must make sure not to fall into their cheap traps.
Jetar: Yeah.
Addin: Okay.
Team B leader: (he is somewhere near Addin hides, but can’t see Addin because Addin is hiding perfectly. He has a megaphone in his hand raising it to his mouth level) Police have surrounded the building, rioters should strictly give in to…
(Addin does not let him finish his speech before he shoots him. He also quickly shoots the members that are beside him. He proceeds through the staircase going downstairs. Enemies are trooping to shoot him but he is just able to deal with them in time. He finally reaches a door, and he opens it.
Reas and Enoph are still in the van operating on the systems with comms. in their ears)
Enoph: (to Reas) It’s time! Jetar is working out to clear the exit for both of them. So you’ve got to clear her up.
Reas: Yeah! (drops the laptop and stands up).
Enoph: I will know how to deal with Addin. He has already been drugged, he can’t last long. (holds Reas’ hand) Don’t forget what I told you about Jetar, please.
Reas: (sighs) It’s okay, I won’t!
Enoph: Thanks.
(Jetar continues to fight off the enemies coming her way. Suddenly, one of her guns runs out of bullet. She does not know what to do, as she can’t fight with just a gun. She quickly hides somewhere, panting heavily. She is even somehow tired, but there are troops of enemies running helter and skelter looking for her. Luckily for her, she sees a dead enemy beside her. She quickly takes his gun and continues with her fight. She makes up her mind not to feel tired as tiredness may lead to her death, and that of Addin. She begins to kill the enemies without relenting. “How could a company has such a large number of securities if they are not doing anything really bad?”, she thought.
Opening the door, he sees the bank manager sitting on his office chair. He is sweating as if he is just back from the sun, whereas the air-condition system is working perfectly. He is also panting like a tired dog. Addin looks at the table and realizes that there is no file there. There is also no file on the shelf. “He couldn’t have disposed all in such a small time, there is something fish”, he thought. He quickly closes his eyes, and listens to sounds attentively. He begins to hear low sounds of fire burning, and also starts to perceive the odour of flame. He brings out a rope and ties Mr Abro down to his chair. He quickly starts to search for where the odour is coming from. Opening all wardrobes, drawers, etc, he is finally able to see the fire. Alas! He is somehow too late as almost all the files are burnt. He dips his hand, covered with gloves, into the fire and retrieves a sheet of paper that’s almost burnt but the heading is still there. It reads “The Peagries Visiting Sch…” as the remaining of the “Sch” has been burnt. “It could be School or Scheme”, he thought. Just as he faces back, he sees the manager fuming on the floor, in pin. He quickly moves close to him, and then notices white-like foams coming out of his mouth. He later died while still tied to the chair. “Oh God, I bleeped up. I should have first checked his mouth for possible poison pill or sort”, he said, feeling guilty. He raises up his head, only to see the computer on. Some things are being formatted at a very fast rate. He quickly moves closer to the system and starts to press some keys on the keyboard. After some seconds of typing, the monitor brings out a dialog box, which says “Formatting can’t be stopped”. He quickly presses another keys, and the monitor brings another dialog box reading “Files can’t be recovered”. Frustrated, he presses some keys again, and the names of the files are shown, but are still being formatted. The file names include “The Peagries AFP, The Peagries TVS, The Peagries HiD, The Peagries JAO, etc, all starting with the Peagries and ending with abbreviations that are not understandable. “It doesn’t make any sense, what is the Peagries?”, he said out of frustration.
Jetar still continues to deal with the enemies. Suddenly someone starts to shoot at her with a great shooting speed and accuracy. She is scared, but she does well to escape the bullets and hides in a place. The enemy, Reas, starts to change direction, and moves closer to her secretly. Being an expert, he is able to walk without his footsteps making any sounds. In less than a minute, he gets to where Jetar. But surprisingly a gun is pointed at his head. Jetar comes out and points her guns to his head. He is caught off guard, so he raises up his hands. Jetar uses her leg to parry his gun away from his hand. Not wanting to waste time, Jetar clicks her gun to shoot him. Reas quickly bends down, uses his leg to kick the guns away from her hands, and uses the other leg to kick her in the stomach. She falls down and starts to groan in much pain. She stands up and now ready for hand combat. Reas wants to kick her again, but she quickly grabs his leg, gives him two punches on the face, and throws him away. He stands up to rush Jetar, but she is able to get all is moves as all are just futile. She gives him another punch on his face, and another in his stomach, and he is being force to move back by the punches. He is already bleeding from his nose. Jetar realizes that it is time to finish him off finally, so she moves to give him a heavy combo attack. As if he is already waiting for her, he moves a little bit away from where he stood, and he is able to escape the deadly attack. Without wasting time, he quickly punches her on her left hand heavily. This gives her a huge pain, as she is just recovering from the gunshot she received there the other day. She starts to groan in much pain. Reas quickly rushes her and starts to kick and punch her hand on only that hand. She couldn’t resist the pain she feels, as she eventually faints with blood all over her body. Reas carries her outside, and drops her inside a particular car. There are other men in the car. They drive her away).
Enoph: (at the entrance of the manager’s office, he talks through comm.) Team C, it’s time. (he throws away the comm. and then barges in. Addin is still inside).
Addin: Enoph, you are here!
Enoph: Yeah! The fight here is more complicated than what we expected. I have helped Jetar escape. Hope you are through as well, so I can facilitate your escape too.
Addin: (frustrated) I think I am. I couldn’t get any information. But I am feeling somehow tired and dizzy. So, let’s go.
Enoph: (feels glad inwardly) Okay! (he opens the bag and brings out a cloth) Wear this.
Addin: This is the enemies’ uniform. (surprised).
Enoph: Yeah! This will help you escape since they won’t be able to recognize you.
Addin: (feels relieved) What of you?
Enoph: (brings out another pair of the uniform) This is mine. (they quickly change their respective uniforms and then move outside. The enemies are not able to recognize them. Later, Addin starts to feel so tired, that he has to lean on Enoph, who is able to help him walk towards the exit. As they reach the exit, Reas comes out from the opposite direction and faces them. Addin could no longer see clearly, as everything is dim to him. He is also very weak. He doesn’t know why he is like that. But dimly, he is still able to see Reas but not clearly. Enoph drops him, as Reas wants to punch him. But still yet, he is able to dodge Reas, before dealing with him a huge amount of blows. Enoph is surprised at Addin’s fighting spirit. Addin then throws Reas away, and holds Enoph, and wants to drag him away in order to escape. But surprisingly and unknowingly to Addin, Enoph gives him a very heavy punch in his stomach, that he is not able to dodge, as he wasn’t expecting it. He falls down in great pain).
Addin: (in much pain, and really surprised) Enoph, what’s wrong with you? (he can’t even see him clearly, the drug is really working).
Enoph: Rubbish! (he wants to kick him but Addin is able to grab his leg and throws him on the floor. He is very surprised to be betrayed by Enoph. He wants to quickly leave the scene, but then, The Peagries’ Team C surrounds him with ammunitions in their respective hands. The enemies are almost numbering to a hundred aiming at him from all directions. He is very disappointed as he kneels on the floor helplessly. Enoph stands up and gives him a heavy slap. He goes down and faints immediately).
Re: Deadly Missions by SilverSpoonEnt: 6:07pm On Jun 18, 2018
(Little, little, little, his eyes start to open clearly. He is in a dark room, but a dim light is on. Two armed men are walking to and fro around the room. He wants to go and deal with them. Then he realizes he has been tied. He is left standing, with his two hands raised up and tied with very strong chains, to the ceiling. “These people are foolish, how could they leave me with just two men”, he thought).
Addin: (to one of the enemies) Can I have something to eat?
1st man: (laughs bitterly) You were beaten to coma, and here you are, awake, asking for food.
Addin: So what? Won’t I eat? Idiot!
1st man: (angry) You dare call me an idiot? (he wants to go near him but the 2nd man holds him).
2nd man: Leave him! Don’t kill him, we still have business with him.
1st man: (trying to free himself) Let me just give home lesson-teaching punches.
Addin: (smiles) What if you punch me and feel the pain instead?
1st man: (surprised) Are you hulk? Let me show that I am hulk’s coach. (he falls to the trap and moves closer to Addin to punch him. As he gets within range, Addin uses his legs to give him just two kicks that kill him instantly. The 2nd man wants to protect his friend, but Addin uses his legs to drag him by the neck, and throttles him with both legs. This eventually kills him too. Both enemies are now dead on the floor. Addin uses his legs to search the corpses’ bodies until he feels the key. He uses his leg to remove the key from the enemy’s pocket. Being a flexible person, he uses his right leg to open the lock on his left hand, raising the leg up and doing his thing. After opening the left hand, he used the hand to open the second lock on the right hand. He is now free from the locks. He searches the enemies’ bodies until he sees a phone. He then dial Jetar’s number. Grin, grin, grin, Jetar picks up)
Jetar: (moving up and down in a room) Who’s this?
Addin: (with a very low voice) It’s Addin! Ish! Don’t scream! I will leave this call open. Track it, I mean for the location, and come and save me.
Jetar: Okay! (she gets to the system) Thank God!
Addin: Yeah! How many minutes will it take you?
Jetar: (typing) I will get the location’s address in the next 7 minutes. But I don’t know when I will get to you yet until I know the place.
Addin: Okay! (he begins to hear footsteps heading towards the room. The corpses are still on the floor, and phone is still on his hand. Seconds later, Enoph enters).
Enoph: (to Addin, who has already packed away the corpses to one corner, kept the phone and disguises himself with the chains, hands up as if he is still being chained). So, there is nobody here monitoring you. Oh my! Reas said there are two men here with you. Is he fooling me or what? He is just a daft. Well, let’s get to business. Addin, do you know why I haven’t killed you.
Addin: (angrily) What I want to know is why you betrayed me, despite all the trust I have for you.
Enoph: (smiles) You want to know? It’s just because your mother is not worth somebody being avenged. She is even the wrongdoer. Yes! She is.
Addin: (shocked) What? (he wants to cry after hearing this).
Majh: Okay ma! But can you just promise me that you are actually not a bad agent. And not a corrupt agent that does things, for her own satisfaction.
Mrs Cole: (wipes her face with a face towel) That’s the last thing I would do, my son.
Majh: (smiles) I trust you, mum. (gives her a little peck).
Mrs Cole: Thanks, my son.
Enoph: Your father! He married someone he is not supposed to even make friends with. Now, are you ready to know why I haven’t killed you? (Addin does not respond) Well, I will take that as a yes. If I should kill you now, I am saving you from future blushes. If you and Jetar should get married, what happened to you parent may happen to you too. Your parents died because of the mistake they did in marrying each other. If both of you should marry each other as well, you may eventually find yourself dead. Your son or daughter will also come out to take revenge. (smiles) When do you think the trend will end? (tears start to roll down from Addin’s cheek). But I solved the problem, by what I did. If I kill you now, the bad tribulation will just end here. Now, do you know what? If I should kill you now, Jetar will want to take revenge which may results in her death as well. See you, Addin! You don’t deserve someone like Jetar. You can’t protect her, no you can’t. If not for me, Jetar would have been dead by now. I pleaded with these people that I will work something out which will make Jetar be with us. Now, you are the only person that can save Jetar’s life. How? How? How? (he is wandering around the room) I just need to say that we should kill Jetar. (Addin is somehow surprised as he raises his eyes on Enoph, as if he wants to pounce on him) Don’t be surprised, Addin. I just need you to say that, I will record it, and play it to her, that’s all. Once she hears the recording of you asking some people to kill her, she will know you hate her and she will also wants you dead. (still wandering around). I saved her life, and I want to do it again. We dropped her at the hotel where we lodged, so that she will be safe. Addin, please, just do this for her. I thought of faking your voice, and do this, but… (smiles) you trained us well on how to use systems. Jetar will do thorough scanning on the recording, and will realize it’s just a set-up. So, I need the original… (he stops as he sees something. Just in front of him, is a phone, making some sounds as if someone is talking. He picks up the phone and puts it on his ear. Jetar is talking from the other end).
Jetar: …gotten the address. I am already in a car, coming for you. (Enoph is shocked. he looks back only to receive a punch on the face from Addin. Blood starts to gush out from his nose. As he goes down, Addin quickly rushes to the door and begins to run to the exit. Enoph manages to stand up, puts on his comm. and begins to talk, as he is chasing Addin).
Enoph: (through comm.) Reas, Addin has escaped. I don’t know how, but he really has. Block all exits, now.
Reas: (surprised) What? How come?
Enoph: Leave that! Just block all the exits.
Reas: (still surprised) Nobody is at the exits. (not through comm.) Go and block all the exits now. (back on comm.) We were having fun her, so nobody was at the entrances and exits.
Enoph: What? Just chase him, he is in the south region. (still chasing him).
Reas: Okay! (he also starts to run, wanting to double-cross him. After seconds of running, Addin sees Reas in the front running towards him, and Enoph at the back also running towards him. They both bring out their guns, to shoot him. As they want to shot him, Addin just turns to a very tight corner on his right. Both of them are surprised to see this. Reas talks through comm.) Any of you that’s at the east should be at alert, the target is coming towards there. (after some seconds) Yeah, wait for him. You shouldn’t miss him.
(After some seconds of running, the enemies more than ten in number sees Addin running towards them. They point their guns to shoot him, but as they are about to shoot, Addin simply turns to his left. They eventually shoot, but none meets him as he is gone)
Enemy: (through comm.) He is heading towards north, let’s chase him.
Reas: (surprised) Towards north? That’s where we parked our cars. He wants to escape.
Enoph: (also listening through comm., still running) If he wants to escape with car, then let him. There are explosives in all the cars, and the detonators are still in the building.
Reas: (realizing this) Oh! You are right! All teams should come back and let him leave.
Everybody: Yes, sir!
Enoph: (frustrated) No! I know Addin. If we should stop chasing him, he will suspect foul play. You should not stop chasing him, but let him leave with the car. Okay?
Everybody: Yes, sir! (they continue to chase him towards the north region. As Addin gets to where the cars are, he breaks the glass of one, opens the door from the inside, and enters. He spoils the ignition part, joins two wires there together until it starts. He starts to drive away with great speed. As Addin drives away, Reas comes out from his hiding. Enoph also comes out, holding the detonator. After some seconds, he presses a key on the device. Immediately he does this, bombing sound can be heard from a place that’s not too far, nor too near. Enoph looks daring while Reas sighs. Both are happy that they have accomplished their mission.
Slowly, the camera starts to show another car being driven at a slow speed. The camera now shows Jetar driving the car and Addin right beside her. Jetar stops driving, as they both look back at the burning car behind them. Addin picks up three things; a pair of glasses as he puts it on his eyes, a device which he holds in his hand, and a phone on his right hand to make a call.
Grin! Grin!! Grin!!! Enoph looks back to see the phone Addin used in communicating with Jetar earlier ringing. He picks it up, thinking it is Jetar but Alas! It is Addin).
Addin: Leave that building. (talking with great seriousness).
Enoph: (shocked) What? Addin? You are alive? (shocked)
(immediately, the place is being blasted with bombs. The bombs are coming from all the cars in the building. In less than a minute, the whole building has turned to ashes. The cars have been burnt, the building is down, and almost all the enemies are dead. Enoph is on the floor, as he coughs out. He is badly wounded. Some of the enemies are also alive being injured. But most are dead. Reas is also lucky to be alive) Hmmm! He told me to leave the building. I want him dead but he still wants me alive. (confused).
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Re: Deadly Missions by SilverSpoonEnt: 9:54pm On Jun 18, 2018
(Reas and Enoph are going to exactly a different place, in a car. As they reach the building, Reas stops the car. They get down and move inside. The place seems familiar to Reas, but it seems Enoph is finding the place unfamiliar. They eventually get inside, and meet two men sitting on two different seats facing each other, a man standing by the side of the window. He is facing outside the window. They are all in deep thoughts).
Mr Cylin: (angrily) Enoph, what sort of rubbish was that?
Mr Luto: (he is sitting) Is this what you are capable of doing? With all the promises you made. All you can do is have him, and then let him escape.
Mr Stunt: (near the window, facing it) You people are getting Mr Nonk frustrated. He is planning to come back to the country and get this done himself.
Mr Luto: (surprised) That will be a shame on us, if he should come himself. We, the peagries, can’t get a man eliminated.
Mr Cylin: (angrily) If not because we the four peagries have stopped field operations.
Mr Luto: Hmmm! (sighs)
Enoph: (feeling disappointed) I am very sorry but I did it knowingly (all the people in the room look at him surprisingly).
Mr Cylin: What?
Mr Luto: (simultaneously) What?
Reas: (also surprised) What do you mean?
Enoph: I willingly let Addin escape. (bravely).
Mr Stunt: (quits facing the window, and faces Enoph) You mean you let that Nidda’s son escape willingly?
Enoph: (faces down) Yes, sir!
Mr Stunt: But why?
Enoph: Because I am having the feelings that immediately I help you kill Addin, you will assassinate me too.
Mr Luto: (surprised) That’s a lie. We can’t do that. Immediately I heard you’ve got Addin, I was already planning on making you the overall head of The Peagries Organization.
Mr Cylin: This won’t even affect your $10 billion, and your salary weekly will be huge.
Mr Stunt: Do you even know the amount of money are loosing because of this brat? We are afraid to sign any operation because we know the boy can use that to easily track us down.
Mr Luto: The money we are loosing is not even the matter here. We have the money that can last all our generations till eternity. But if this boy lives, and continues tracking us, it is dangerous for us.
Mr Stunt: Enoph, don’t you know that if this boy has his mother’s traits, and he still lives, then we are nothing but dead? Don’t you know?
Mr Cylin: If this boy should reveal our secrets, we will just be laughing stocks in the country.
Mr Stunt: Enoph, you know all these and you still let him escape. (unhappily sits down on a special seat for him).
Enoph: I am very sorry.
Mr Stunt: I know what to do. (he takes a bag from his table, and retrieves his laptop from it. He switches it on, enters his password, and starts to operate it. After some minutes, he then turns to Enoph) Come and type in your account number.
Enoph: (surprised) What?
Mr Stunt: I said you should come and enter your account number here.
Enoph: (he anxiously runs to the laptop and types in his account number in a dialogue box). That’s it, sir!
Mr Stunt: Yeah! (he continues pressing the system and within a minute, an alert enters Enoph’s phone which he reads out loud).
Enoph: (anxiously) $5.0 billion debited. Sender: Safeguard Sponsorship Company. Wow! (happily).
Mr Luto: That’s it.
Enoph: (so happy) Oh my! I can’t believe this! Addin, Addin, Addin, and even Jetar are already dead. I will make sure I see their last breath, and even bury them myself.
Mr Stunt: When the job is done, the balance will be transferred to your account.
Enoph: Even if I have to die with him, I will make sure he dies.
Mr Stunt: If you are promising that, then I should finalize this. (he brings out a file from the bag. From the file, he brings out some papers. He begins to fill them. After some minutes, he faces Enoph) Come and sign this.
Enoph: Yes, sir! (he moves closer to him and he soliloquizes in a low voice) But I am curious, what’s this? (he signs) That’s it, sir.
Mr Stunt: Okay. (he continues to fill the remaining parts. When he is through, he faces Reas) Take this duplicate, fill it on the system and authenticate it. (hands over the duplicate to Reas).
Reas: (he collects the paper) Yes, sir!
Mr Stunt: (holding the original paper) I am sending this overseas to Mr Nonk for final authentication.
Enoph: (curious) But what’s that, sir?
Mr Luto: (chuckles) He has already made you The Peagries’ leader.
Reas: Yeah! (looking at Enoph).
Enoph: What? (he is shocked).
Mr Stunt: I hope you will now be rest assured that we won’t betray you.
Enoph: Oh! (happily) I apologize for even thinking you could betray me. I am very grateful for this opportunity.
Mr Cylin: You now have the best opportunity of your lifetime. You are in billions, in trillions. You now have enough money, enough men, ammunitions at your disposal, and everything you could need to assassinate one man. Execute him, take him out of the picture, and then concentrates on the organization. We have so many works to do, we are pending till the boy is dead.
Enoph: Forget about Addin, he is already dead. I think we have to leave now. We have to start the plans with immediate effect.
Mr Stunt: Yeah! (Enoph and Reas leave the building).
Mr Luto: (after they have left) Don’t you think what you did is wrong?
Mr Cylin: (confused) I am also thinking that. What if we just fell into their traps? What if Enoph is helping Addin. Since the whole organization is now in Enoph’s hand, they can easily bring us down.
Mr Stunt: (smiles) Do you think I am that stupid? After that incidence, do you think Enoph can go to Addin freely again? So if he is betraying us, he will be contacting him on systems, phones, or any other communicative devices. He can also be meeting him secretly. Now, with what I did, if he is betraying us, he will think he already has us, and will want to bring us down immediately. All we have to do is to track him seriously. If he is not for us, then we can use him to track Nidda’s son down, and execute him. And if he is for us, he will make sure he executes Addin for us.
Mr Luto: (convinced) Oh, you are right, sir!
Mr Cylin: (also convinced) Good plan!
Mr Stunt: Yeah!
* * * * *
(on their way, inside the car)
Reas: Are you being truthful when you said you let Addin escaped willingly?
Enoph: (this gets him shocked) Actually, no.
Reas: (sighs) I guessed as much.
Enoph: Yeah, but now, Reas, we really need to execute Addin.
Reas: The reason we failed in executing him is because of your feelings for that girl.
Enoph: (sighs) If she gets in the way again, I will have to kill her myself (his face shows he is being sincere but not happy about it).
Reas: Are you really going to kill her?
Enoph: Yeah! I was planning to frame Addin so that he would think Addin wants to kill her. But now, she already knows who the enemy is.
Reas: (sighs) I know this is hard for you.
Enoph: I will try and convince her to be by my side, on a safer side. But if she insists, I will her instantly.
Reas: Hmmm!
Enoph: We captured Addin without stress, do you know why?
Reas: Because you betrayed him, and he wasn’t expecting it.
Enoph: Yeah. But now, we have to use the best of our brains in order to capture him. I have been with Addin for years. Addin is someone that uses his brain perfectly. But I have an advantage, which is, I know how he thinks.
Reas: Hmmm, that should help us eliminate him easily.
Enoph: (chuckles) Not so easily, even if I know how he thinks, his plans are not so easy to come by. Addin is someone that likes finishing something at hand before moving to another thing.
Enoph: (sighs) We have to create problems for him, even before he is able to think. We have to keep attacking him, so that he won’t have the time to think at all. Because if he does, he will crush us.
Reas: Hmmm.
Enoph: Enough talking. There is something you have to do for me.
Reas: A mission?
Enoph: Yeah! An Un-EX EK mission.
Reas: Okay.
Re: Deadly Missions by SilverSpoonEnt: 8:33am On Jun 19, 2018
(Two young girls are walking on a street. The street is so empty, as no one is moving around).
Mordy: (angrily removes her headtie and faces the other girl) We have walked past areas where there are many people. Where are we even going?
Scent: Those people we saw aren’t my party guests. We’ve not yet reached the venue. Just a little more walk.
Mordy: What? You mean those people you were greeting, flicking your hands at, etc aren’t your guests?
Scent: Yeah!
Mordy: But why did you let me have the feelings that they are?
Scent: I didn’t tell you they. I was just greeting them, you thought about that yourself, thinking the restaurant is my party’s venue.
Mordy: Oh! Okay, if the restaurant isn’t your party’s venue, and the people there aren’t your guests, then where are your guests and where is the venue? This area is just silent, and I am scared.
Scent: We will be there in a short while. Let’s just go.
Mordy: I even wanted to ask. Why is it that you are inviting just me? I said I wanted to invite our other friends, you said no. I wanted to invite my boyfriend, you said no. You said I shouldn’t even tell them about the party at all, because you don’t like them. Even if I am your best friend, you inviting only me to your party is something that requires much more explanation.
Scent: (raises his eyes to one side of Mordy who is facing her oppositely. She sees something and smiles a little) Mordy, it seems you really need an explanation. You see, yesterday, some men came to me. They said they need me to help them kidnap you.
Mordy: (shocked) What?
Scent: I was also shocked and I said no. But when they told me that they are going to pay me $200,000, I agreed.
Mordy: (shocked) Are you joking?
Scent: Mordy, I had to do it. You, of all people, should know I need that kind of money badly. Tald left me for another girl because the girl is rich. I have to collect the money, and give it to Tald so that he will come back to me. Mordy, I can’t loose him, I can’t.
Mordy: (surprised) What’s all these you are saying? You, to kidnap me? For money? That you want to give to Tald? (smiles) Please Scent, tell me you are joking.
Scent: I was told to bring you somewhere up there.
Mordy: (getting scared) I think I will have to leave this place now.
Scent: (smiles) No, I am sorry. They are already here. (Reas and two other men, all in black suits, come to meet the girls there).
Reas: (to Mordy) Gentle girl, please, let’s go.
Mordy: (scared) What? To where?
Scent: Hey, hey!! Before you take her away, where is my money?
Reas: Yeah! (faces her) Your money! We told you to keep this a secret, but you went to tell a girl in the morning that you are expecting a large amount of money that will help you claim your boyfriend back from her.
Scent: (surprised) How did you know that? But I went to her house, and met only her. Just she and I were there, when I was saying this. So, how do you know?
Reas: (he smiles) Hmmm.
Scent: Were you watching us? (confused) Uhm uhm, no way? Did she tell you? No, there’s no way she can know you people. But how did you really know? Anyway, if you aren’t ready to tell me, then just give me my mo… (Reas moves closer to her and stabs her with a very sharp object. She dies immediately).
Mordy: (shocked) What? (she quickly moves to her, kneeling to hold her) Why did you kill her? (she is already crying heavily).
Reas: (using a handkerchief to clean the blood stain) If you don’t want the same thing to happen to you too, follow us now.
Mordy: (trembling) Yes… sir. (stammers, as she follows them. They tell her to calm down, as they lead her to a car. They enter and drive away).
Reas: (inside the car, the girl is beside her. He is receiving a call) Yes, sir!... we have her… alive… yes, sir!... oh, I forgot, I will do that right now… we will start the second mission immediately… yes sir, bye. (he cuts the call. He opens a bag on the side of the seat, and brings out a black handkerchief. He uses it to cover the girl’s face).
Re: Deadly Missions by yhungbrowhne(m): 9:00am On Jun 19, 2018
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Re: Deadly Missions by SilverSpoonEnt: 6:10pm On Jun 19, 2018
(Addin and Jetar in a room, walking to and from, they are really confused).
Jetar: (confused) But why will Enoph do such a thing?
Addin: Why are you asking me? Enoph is someone I trusted even with my life. I have never thought of Enoph betraying me ever in my life. This is the reason why I don’t have much friends.
Jetar: Enoph, Enoph, what is this? Is it a kind of magic or what? Did they bewitch him?
Addin: I am really confused. When he had me in the cage, he was talking about you. As if he has feelings for you or sort. I didn’t even believe my ears. Was there anything between the two of you?
Jetar: (somehow scared) Not really. Do you remember the day we were having your mum’s remembrance party? That day, I was so drunk and went to sleep. Then, I dreamt that Enoph came to me, and started to kiss me passionately. In the dream, I actually didn’t refuse him (talking confusingly)
Addin: (smiles) But that was just a dream.
Jetar: (still confused) The truth is, I am not really sure whether it was just a dream or it was real. What I am sure of, is that I was drunk?
Addin: (frowns his face as he bangs his bottom on a chair, he is very disappointed) You, Jetar? You kissed Enoph.
Jetar: (scared) Addin, please, I am not sure, I was drunk…
Addin: (angrily) Shut up! You just don’t want to admit that you kissed him. (his face is already turning red). I knew it! I knew you are a pretending prostitute.
Jetar: (goes down on her knees) Please, Addin, I was drunk, it was a mistake.
Addin: Please, Jetar, just let me be. Both Enoph and even you, betrayed me. Just let me leave this place to relieve my head (wants to cry).
Jetar: (tears already rolling out of her eyes) Please, Addin, I didn’t betray you. You should know I can’t.
Addin: (angrily pushes her away and wants to leave the room) Stop pretending, you prostitute.
* * * * *
(somewhere else)
Enoph: All snipers, report (together with him are Reas and Seman, sitting in front of numerous systems. Seman is operating them. He is actually talking through comm.)
Sniper: In position, A, target in range.
Backup 1: In position, B1.
Backup 2: In position, B2.
Enoph: Good, all agents, report.
Agent 1: (holding two plates with food inside both) Moving in on target.
Agent 2: In position C1.
Agent 3: In position C2.
Agent 4: In position C3.
Agent 5: In position C4.
Agent 6: In position C5.
Enoph: Good. Let’s commence. Agent 1, go to the target.
Agent 1: Copied.
Enoph: Other snipermen, and agents should be at alert.
Everybody: Yes, sir!
Enoph: (picks up his phone and dials a number) Mission starts.
(Back at Addin and Jetar).
Jetar: No, Addin, please, I was… (her phone ring. She reluctantly checks the screen to see who the caller is, but is surprised at what she sees) Oh! It’s Enoph.
Addin: (shocked) Enoph? (Jetar shakes her head affirmatively. Addin quickly picks up his system and does some things on the system) Oh! It’s WPGA secured. We can’t be tracked with it, and it can’t be used to track us. Just, pick it up.
Jetar: (anxiously stands up from her knees, and presses the green key) Yeah! (she puts it on loudspeaker).
Enoph: (sighs) Is Addin there?
Addin: (before Jetar can reply for her) Yeah, I am here, betrayer.
Enoph: (smiles) How are you?
Addin: (hisses) Are you trying to track us with the call?
Enoph: (laughs bitterly) How will I do such a foolish thing? I know you won’t pick it if it is not secured.
Addin: (sighs) So, what do you want?
Enoph: Open this CCTV file. Code is LOX-914-TB.
Addin: (also laughs bitterly) You want to hack our systems? That’s funny of you.
Enoph: (smiles) The securing code is K-R-A-L-O-X.
Addin: Really? (he goes to his system and does some things. He now enters the securing code and confirms that it is really secured) Hmmm! Okay! Call the CCTV code again.
Enoph: Jetar, why aren’t you even talking?
Jetar: (she and Addin glance at each other) Just call the CCTV code again, you idiot.
Enoph: (smiles) Okay! It is LOX-914-TB.
Addin: …TB, Yeah! (he presses Enter Key and a restaurant is being shown on the screen) What’s this?
Enoph: Can you see a man and a lady sitting next to each other? The girl is putting on purple gown, and the boy in yellow.
Addin: (he and Jetar sight the part) Yeah!
Enoph: Zoom that part!
Addin: Hmmm! (he zooms the part, and then Jetar exclaims).
Jetar: Oh, Crane! (surprisingly) That’s Crane, what the Bleep!
Addin: (confused) Who is Crane?
Jetar: (still shocked) That boy, that’s my brother. My blood younger brother.
Addin: (shocked) What! Enoph, why are you doing this?
Enoph: (laughs) There is a sniper on him already, and the girl in front of him is an agent whose mission is not to let him leave the position, the shooting range.
Addin: (really scared) Enoph, why? Please, stop this. I am your target. Let this boy out of this.
Jetar: (already sweating profusely) If anything should happen to my brother, Enoph, I am going to you myself.
Enoph: (this gets him annoyed) Kill me?
Jetar: (angrily) Yeah! With my bare hands.
Enoph: (trying to calm his anger with a bitter laughter) Do you know what I want?
Addin: (curious) What’s it?
Enoph: Yeah! If you, Addin, can kill yourself, I will tell my men to shoot her brother just on his arm. He won’t die. But if Jetar, can pick up her guns, and kill you, Addin, I will terminate Crane’s assassination immediately.
Jetar: (shocked) What?
Enoph: Don’t tell me you are going to choose your lover over your own blood brother.
Addin: You are a fool.
Enoph: And you, don’t tell me you will risk the boy’s life just because of yours.
Addin: You are really a fool. You want to hear the sound of gunshot, or even the low sound of blood splash, and believe I am dead. Wake up man, you aren’t even seeing us.
Enoph: (laughs again) Do you think I am that stupid? Addin, why are you putting on a cloth I ironed for you?
Addin: (shocked) How do you know that? (glances at his cloth).
Enoph: Oh! My Jetar, your face looks a little bit sad and sober. Were you crying?
Jetar: (also shocked) Are you seeing us?
Enoph: (smiles) Think about that yourself. Just go on with what I said.
Addin: (checking around to see if there’s any bug) But how are you able to see us?
Enoph: You are wasting my time.
Addin: (slightly closes his eyes and opens it) Oh! (he picks up his gun and shoots the system).
Jetar: (surprised) But why?
Addin: The CCTV file he sent was installed with the tracking coordinator.
Jetar: (still surprised) No way! The system would have figured that out.
Addin: We are talking about Enoph here, he was one of us before. He knows the type of programs on our systems. He just sent the file with a tracking coordinator that has a file type that’s strange to our system programs. So our system isn’t able to detect it. We really need latest and new programs. Just call your brother now.
Jetar: Oh! This Enoph. (she picks up her phone and quickly calls her brother).
(Enoph, Reas and Seman. They lost the signal from the tracking device, so they aren’t able to see Addin and Jetar again.)
Enoph: He blew off the system (laughs bitterly).
Reas: (smiles) The mission is going as planned.
Enoph: (still laughing) I told you I know how Addin thinks. He is already falling into the trap.
Reas: Yes, sir!
* * * * *
Crane: (picks up his call) Hello, sweet sister. Don’t tell me you are already at home.
Jetar: Leave the position you are, now!
Crane: (surprised) What? I am not coming yet, sis. I am with a chick, sister. She is even hotter than you. I need to… (being interrupted)
Jetar: (interrupts him) Shut up! I know you are at a restaurant. Listen to me very carefully. There is a sniper on you, and the girl you with is being sent just to delay you. Carefully run away from that place, and tell me the name of the restaurant.
Crane: (he looks at the girl in front of him suspiciously) Cream Restau… (the girl kicks the phone away from his hand, and it goes dead immediately as the battery removes from it on falling down. He quickly leaves the position to avoid the sniper shooting range. The girl runs up to him).
Jetar: Oh! The line is dead, what should we do? (really scared).
Addin: (confused) Be calm (he picks up another system, quickly downloads an application, and installs it) LOX-914-TB (types as he mentions. Then the CCTV of the restaurant is being shown again. The girl in pink is already dead. Crane is fighting against five men. Both Addin and Jetar are surprised to see this. Crane is fighting professionally. At least, they are relieved.
Crane gives an enemy two blows on his face, and he dies immediately. Professionally moving, he gives another enemy two kicks on his chest and the enemy goes down. He picks up a knife from the dead enemy’s pocket, and uses it to stab two enemies simultaneously. The last enemy runs up to him, but he easily grabs the enemy, twists his neck and throws him on the floor. The restaurant is almost empty, as the customers have run away immediately the fight began).
(somewhere else)
Reas: (to Enoph) All the six agents are down.
Enoph: Yeah, I know. Snipers, do you have him in range?
Sniper: Negative, he is not staying in one position.
Backup 1: I will be waiting for him outside.
Enoph: (some seconds later) Back up 2, are you there? (No response) Backup 2, respond (still no response).
Reas: He is down.
Enoph: Sniper A, has Crane left the building?
Sniper: No, sir. He is just running helter and skelter, so I am unable to lock him in range.
Reas: (surprised) Then who killed Backup 2?
Enoph: (smiles) It’s Addin. (through comm.) Snipers, be at alert. Addin may come to you. (no response) Snipers (he is shocked, as he shouts out loud, still no response) Snipers, respond. (no response).
Reas: (surprised) They are down.
Enoph: (a little bit sad) It’s not as we planned, but the mission is still on.
Reas: Yes, sir.
Enoph: Send Gunn in immediately.
Reas: Yes, sir! (picks up his phone and makes a call) Initiate now.
* * * * *
Addin: (through comm.) Done!
Jetar: (through comm.) Also done, I am through here.
Addin: Leave the man, but carry the sniper.
Jetar: Yeah! But how do we now get Crane’s location. He has already left the restaurant and his phone is off.
Addin: It’s alright since we know he is safe. He will contact us later. Meet me inside the car, we are leaving now.
Re: Deadly Missions by SilverSpoonEnt: 11:30pm On Jun 19, 2018
(The two, at a new hideout room).
Addin: (surprised) But how come he is that good in combat?
Jetar: (confused) That’s what I don’t know as well. I have not seen or heard that he went to any training before.
Addin: Hmmm!
Jetar: But maybe while I was away. You know when I was training at our school, I don’t know if he had also gone for training then.
Addin: With the way he fought, he really is an expert.
Jetar: Don’t you think that whenever we are able to get in contact with him, we should make him join us? (anxious)
Addin: (smiles) You are funny. He should join us in this deadly mission we are in? You want him to risk his life?
Jetar: For someone with that kind of fighting skill, do you think it will be so easy to kill him?
Addin: Whatever! Immediately we are able to contact him, we should plan on how he will flee the country so that he won’t be disturbed again.
Jetar: Or do you think he is going to betray us, just like Enoph did?
Addin: Whatever!
Jetar: Oh my! Enoph betrayed us because he loves me. But this is my blood brother, it is impossible for him to love me in that kind of way.
Addin: (not convinced) All I know is that I can’t risk the boy’s … (Jetar’s phone rings).
Jetar: (picks it up) It’s Crane. (answers the call) Crane, where are you?
Crane: (his tone shows he is scared) Jetar, you have to come and save me.
Jetar: But why? (curious).
Crane: They are always able to track me wherever I go. They want to kill me.
Jetar: What happened to your phone earlier?
Crane: It was kicked, and the battery got off. I picked it after the fight, and I am just having the chance to put it on.
Jetar: You mean they are always able to tracking, and coming to… (she is being interrupted by Addin).
Addin: (surprised) They are able to track him? (closes his eyes).
Jetar: (slightly removes the phone from her mouth) Yeah! (puts the phone back) So, where are you?
Crane: I am at Olin Hotel, Room 603.
Jetar: Room 603! Good, wait for me, I will be there to pick you up shortly.
Crane: Thanks, sister. I will be waiting for you. (hangs up).
Jetar: (drops the phone) Olin hotel, room 603, let’s go.
Addin: Yeah! (the pick up their weapons, get to their car and leave immediately for the hotel)
* * * * *
(35 minutes later)
(They get to the hotel. Addin looks at the surrounding very well. One could notice that he is trying to study some things. They get to the reception, and tell the receptionist what they want. The receptionist makes the call to Crane’s room)
Receptionist: (drops the intercom) He said you can come up. The room is on the last floor.
Addin: Thanks. (they get on the lift which takes them to the floor. They are able to locate the room, and Addin knocks the door. Crane opens it for them. They enter, and Crane closes the door back).
Crane: (also having his seat) I am scared that they may be here anytime.
Addin: (smiles) Really?
Jetar: Let’s leave (there is a knock on the door. This gets the three scared and curious. Jetar and Crane quickly pick up their guns and move close to the door, while Addin is just sitting down as if he is not scared. Crane hides behind the door, facing his gun in the direction of the door. Jetar is staying oppositely to the door, putting her gun beneath a cloth so that the person knocking won’t see it. She now opens the door, but to her greatest amazement, there standing is a waiter with three glass cup in a tray. The cups contain drinks. Jetar quickly keeps her gun).
Gunn: (being the waiter, smiles) These are the drinks you asked for (hearing this, Crane quickly keeps his gun).
Jetar: Oh! (to Crane) Did you order for drinks?
Crane: (relieved) Yeah, I did.
Jetar: Okay! (to Gunn) You can enter.
Gunn: (still smiling) Yes, ma. (he enters).
Jetar: So frustrating. (bangs the door close, and goes to have a seat. Crane also gets back to his seat).
Gunn: (standing) I have to take the cups away, so you have to drink now.
Jetar: Okay! Let’s drink. (she wants to pick up a cup but Addin stops her).
Addin: (jokingly) Oh my God! Do you want to drink before I do?
Jetar: (smiles) So what?
Addin: You have started again. I will show you hell today. (faces Gunn) You, leave. We will take the drinks and leave soon. You can come back then and pick the cups.
Gunn: (smiles) No, sir! I have to take the cups away with me.
Addin: (smiles) I guessed as much. (he gives Jetar some eyes’ signals. She understands the signals but doesn’t know why she has to do what the signals mean. Both she and Addin gets up at the same time. She quickly gives Gunn some kicks, while Addin bangs Crane in the chest two times, which makes Crane to fall down immediately. Gunn tries to fight back but Jetar is better than him. She gives another kick on his face and then another on his stomach. She then ties him to a chair, with a rope. She looks up only to find Addin and Crane fighting. Crane gets up and gives Addin some kicks. He moves back, but does not fall down. He then looks at Crane angrily. Crane rushes to him to give him another kicks, but he dodges them. He then grabs Crane’s leg, twists it, and gives him a strong kick which makes Crane falls down heavily. Addin does not leave his position. Crane gets up again, wanting to blow Addin, but Addin quickly grabs his neck, and throws him on the floor).
* * * * *
(Enoph, Reas and Seman are shown. They are looking at the scene from the hotel room where Addin, Jetar, Crane, and Gunn are, on the system. They are quite surprised at what they are seeing).
Enoph: (so surprised) What? What happened?
Reas: (also surprised) I think he got our plan.
Enoph: (shouting) Send in men now.
Reas: (confused) We weren’t expecting the operation to fail, so we don’t have any team in the hotel.
Enoph: Oh! Even if I didn’t tell you, you should at least have a team at the hotel.
Reas: We didn’t expect this! If there should be a team there, I was scared that he may sees them, and get suspicious. I was trying to be careful. Anyway, one of the receptionists is our man. Also, the gate keeper there is our man.
Enoph: Call them! (they both pick up the phone and make calls simultaneously).
Reas: (on the phone) Don’t pass them. Operation failed, our men are on their way.
Enoph: (on the phone) Get the tactical teams ready for dispatch. Reas and I are coming to lead you now.
Reas: (making another call) Operation failed, don’t let them leave. (he drops the phone. The two runs out of the room, and goes to the tactical teams. They now leave for the hotel).
* * * * *
Addin: (to Jetar) Remove the communicator in his ear.
Jetar: (confused) But why are we doing these? (she removes the communicator).
Addin: You will know very soon! (he gives Crane a light blow on his neck, which makes him to faint immediately. He goes to Gunn, does the same thing to him, and he also faints. He put the two in two separate body bags) Switch off the communicator, it has GPS tracking device.
Jetar: (surprised) How are you so sure? (she switches off the comm.)
Addin: We are leaving. (he picks up a bag, and Jetar picks the other bag.
Jetar: But do you think it will be easy to leave with these two body bags?
Addin: Let’s just go.
* * * * *
Seman: (through comm.) The comm. is off, so also is the tracking device.
Enoph: (inside the car) We will be there in few minutes. Track them through all the hotel cameras.
Seman: Okay, sir! (he begins to press some keys on the system. After some seconds, he responds) The cameras are disabled, sir.
Enoph: (surprised) What? All of them?
Seman: Yes, sir. The original cameras have been disabled. Just the old trick of capture repetition is there showing actions of about 15 minutes ago. But the cameras are actually disabled.
Enoph: (somehow frustrated) Addin is dangerous! I never imagined that this operation could fail. (to the driver) Increase the speed, we have to hurry.
Driver: Yes, sir! (he increases the driving speed).
Enoph: Hmmm! (he sighs heavily. After some minutes, they finally reach the hotel. They are in their uniforms, as they move into the hotel. Enoph carefully moves in to the gate house. But he is surprised that the gate keeper is already dead. He moves with a team. Reas leads another team to surround the building. The hotel is already in chaos, even before they came. But nobody is allowed to move out, as The Peagries has already locked the entrances and exits down with their system. Getting to the reception, Enoph meets the corpse of their man who is a receptionist on the floor. He is surprised again. He moves upstairs with his men, to the last floor. They bang in room 603’s door but the room is empty. He then shouts through comm.) Targets are not in the room. Spread all the men to every nooks and cranies of this hotel. We must find them.
Reas: Yes, sir! (he orders the men to do just as he was told. They did, but couldn’t find them).
Enoph: (sweating, moving from one room to another) What do you have? (through comm.)
Reas: We can’t find them. They may have already left the building.
Enoph: (angrily throws his gun on the floor) Bleep up! (through comm.) Seman, what do you have?
* * * * *
(at a secret place)
Addin: (he is holding the exhibit comm.) How would a room service man have this type of comm.?
Jetar: (confused) But it is okay for hotel staff to have comm. now.
Addin: This is a special type of comm.. It is only being used by terrorists or high profile securities. It is worth millions of dollars.
Crane: (he is being tied up) Why are you tying me then? If he is an enemy, then what’s my own concern?
Addin: (moves closer to him) How much did they pay you?
Crane: (surprisingly) What?
Jetar: My brother can’t do such a thing. (confused).
Addin: (looks daring) I was stunned earlier, when he called you stating that he is being tracked down always. (smiles) I used standard applications to track him, but I wasn’t able to. I hacked everything hackable but I couldn’t locate him. Jetar, you should know me. If I can’t locate someone, if I can’t track someone down, then nobody, I said nobody, can track the person. But when he told you that he is being tracked, I know there is a foul play somehow. It was then I checked and realized that the type of security program that made it impossible for me to track Enoph, is the same type of program securing your brother.
Jetar: Oh! (shocked).
Addin: I know they can’t send only him to us, so I wanted to know his accomplices. This type of comm. was in the ear of the gate keeper that I shot, and the receptionist I asked you to kill. I also suspected a foul play when the waiter brought the drinks, with the comm. in his ear. I know the drink must have been poisoned… (before he finishes talking, Gunn is already producing white fumes in his mouth. Addin and Jetar quickly runs to him).
Jetar: Oh! There was a drug in his mouth.
Addin: (shocked) We need him alive, he must not die. (Gunn finally dies).
Crane: (he starts to cry) Ah! Wake him! Wake him!! Wake him!!! (crying heavily) He must not die! He has my girlfriend! He kidnapped Mordy! (still crying).
Jetar: (disappointed) So you wanted to kill me and him, just because of a girl.
Crane: (still crying) It was only the drink that was facing his direction that was poisoned. Others weren’t poisoned. I was told to help kill just him, and my girlfriend will be released. Help me to wake him, he is my only hope.
Addin: (reasoning) He doesn’t have any fault. I may do the same if I am in his shoes. Let’s just help him get his girlfriend.
Crane: (surprised to hear this) You want to do what?
Jetar: (also surprised) But how do we?
Addin: (picks up a phone and dials a line) We call SSU for help. (SSU agent picks up).
Agent: Hello! How may I help you?
Addin: (clears throat) I have a disconnected communicator with me. I want to know where it is being controlled.
Agent Okay! What’s its IDTF number? (pressing some keys on the system).
Addin: (picks up the comm., and checks for the number) 9123 – SN – Alpha – 4984, that’s it.
Agent: …74. (she now presses enter. After some seconds) The place is highly secured, our systems can’t find it.
Addin: (not surprised) Okay! But what do we do?
Agent: I don’t know. Maybe we can’t be of help to you.
Addin: Okay! Help me to check where it was initiated.
Agent: Do you mean where it was switched on?
Addin: Yes.
Agent: Okay! Okay!! (she does some things on the system and then replies) Number 34, Weryland Street, near a filling station. Will that be of help?
Addin: (glad) Thanks.
Agent: Do you need any security? I mean, is it emergency?
Addin: No, I don’t need it. Thanks (he hangs up the call) Number 34, Weryland Street. Let’s go.
Jetar: Yeah! (she unties Crane) Lover boy, I think you need to help us find your girlfriend. (they leave immediately).
* * * * *
Enoph: (his phone rings and he answers it) Hello, sir! (still in the hotel).
Mr Cylin: A Call was made to the unit just now. The caller asked to know where a communicator was being initiated.
Enoph: Hmmm. (curious)
Mr Cylin: The address is Number 34, Weryland Street. The bungalow is near a filling station. Does it have to do with us?
Enoph: (shocked) Yes, sir! Thanks for the information. (he hangs up, and then talks through comm.) All team, dispatch. We are going to where we kept the girl. The target is also going there.
All teams: Copied! (they quickly rush down to their respective cars, and begins to go to the area).
Reas: (on phone) Keep the girl, and be at alert of any attack. The target and his accomplice are on their way there.
Bush: (shocked) Copy that!
* * * * *
(Addin, Jetar and Crane are at the back of the bungalow taking cover so that they won’t be seen).
Addin: I will go to the front and attack from there. You should take them from the back.
Jetar: (brings out her two guns) No problem.
Addin: Crane, join Jetar.
Crane: (he already has a gun) Yeah!
Addin: Start immediately I give you the order. We have to attack them unknowingly, because they may have the girl. If we should attack them anyhow, then her life will be in danger.
Jetar: Copied.
Crane: Understood.
Addin: Okay! (he moves gently, gently and gently to the front. He brings out his gun and switches on his comm.) Start now!
Jetar and Crane: Copied! (The enemies are expecting the attack to come from the front, but Jetar and Crane climb in through the fencing wall, and attack from the back. Their guns are having silencers so that the gunshots won’t make loud sound. There are three guards at the back, not as much as at the front. Jetar shoots two with her respective guns, and Crane clears the third. They gently move in. On moving in, they see two enemies facing and targeting the opposite direction. Jetar shoots one, and Crane shoots the other).
Bush: (he discovers they are under attack. He talks through comm. to all the co-enemies in the building) It’s black alert, we are already under attack. (the enemies start to troop to the back, after realizing that the attack is coming from there. Addin sees this and quickly rushes in. He stars to attack the confused enemies now from the front. He sees a grenade on the table. He is glad knowing that, it will help him get rid of the enemies easily.
He is about to throw the grenade to the enemies, when he hears the sound of cars entering the building. He rushes to the front, avoiding being seen. He is scared when he sees about five vans, with Enoph in front of one).
Addin: (through comm.) Enoph and other enemies’ teams are entering from the front. There are five vans, and each van can contain ten enemies. Continue attacking the inside enemies, I will face Enoph and the new enemies.
Jetar: Will you be alright? (curious and scared).
Addin: (sighs) I will be fine.
Crane: Okay! (he and Jetar continue attacking the enemies).
Addin: Yeah! (he targets an angle at which he can throw the grenade that all the five vans will be affected. After getting the angle, he then throws the grenade. Enoph, in the car, sees the grenade coming towards them).
Enoph: (shouts through comm.) All vans should change direction now! Now! (the grenade finally reaches the vans. But Enoph’s van, Reas’ van, and another van escape the blast. The two remaining vans are affected with no one surviving the blast. Enoph, Reas, and the other team members come down from the car and troop into the building, covering one another. Addin sees this, and quickly takes cover. He knows the enemies are opening a type of formation in which they can easily bring him down. So he quickly thinks of a way to destroy the formation. He brings to shoot the enemies that are covering the other enemies. In less than a minute, five enemies are down. This helps the enemies to know his exact direction and they begin to shoot at his direction. Enoph already knows what Addin is trying to do. So he, Reas, and three other enemies begin to make cover for the other enemies, shooting at Addin’s direction without relenting. Addin realizes that the enemies are closing in on him. He quickly changes his cover, avoiding being shot. On getting to the new cover, he shoots the three enemies that are making cover, but finds it difficult to shoot Enoph and Reas. But nonetheless, he carefully shoots all the other enemies that are closing in on him through the three enemies he just shot. By now thirteen enemies are down.
The force on Jetar and Crane is now much as all the old enemies are on them. However Crane takes a position while Jetar takes another position. They begin to shoot the enemies both from the left and right position. The confused enemies don’t even know where to shoot between the two positions. In less time, Crane and Jetar are able to wipe the enemies).
Jetar: (through comm.) We are through with these ones, heading towards you.
Addin: (takes cover, and replies through comm.) No, leave.
Jetar: (surprised) That’s suicide for you.
Addin: (bullets are being shot to his direction) Don’t worry about me, I will be fine. Find the girl and leave together to the new hideout. Don’t go back to the old one.
Jetar: (scared) Okay! (she and Crane begin to search every room, but they are not able to see the girl. They are about to loose hope, but as they open the very last door of a room, they see the girl being tied, down on the floor. Her mouth is also being plastered, so that she won’t be able to talk. Crane rushes to her, and hugs her).
Crane: (tears roll down from his cheek) Oh, my Mordy! (tears roll down from her eyes too. He quickly removes the plaster from her mouth, and the rope from her body. They are both crying heavily as they hug each other, and then kiss passionately. Jetar loos at them, pitifully. She can’t help as she also sheds little tears. She quickly cleans the tears with her hands).
Mordy: (still crying) I know you will save me, I know.
Crane: (also crying) I am sorry for being so late. Hope they didn’t torture you.
Mordy: No!
Re: Deadly Missions by SilverSpoonEnt: 11:32pm On Jun 19, 2018
Jetar: (clears throat) Let’s leave. We don’t have time.
Crane: Yeah! (they get up. He carries Mordy, as she can’t walk properly. They all leave the room. They go to the back, and climb out. They brought two cars to the place when they arrived. Crane and Mordy enter a car, while Jetar enters the other. They drive the cars to the front. Jetar quickly gets out of her car and goes to the car where Crane and Mordy are. They now drive away.
The enemies are now shooting at Addin’s direction heavily. He can not come out of his cover. Realizing this, he brings out a knife and throws it to an enemy, avoiding the gun shots. Going with much force, and thrown at a very accurate and desperate angle, the knife meets and kills an enemy instantly. This dismantles the shooting strategy of the enemies, as they all begin to shoot in wrong directions. Addin quickly uses the chance to change his cover, to another where can easily shoot the enemies. Within the twinkle of an eye, another four enemies are down. The others quickly change cover to avoid the bullets. Enoph angrily begins to shoot at Addin’s direction, but Addin does well to cover himself. With the professional shooting, Addin knows that it must be Enoph, that’s shooting at him. He now closes his eyes, and shoots at Enoph’s direction. Narrowly, Enoph escapes the bullet. Without opening his eyes, he shoots at Reas’s direction but he is also able to dodge the bullet. Still without opening his eyes, he shoots at another direction. The bullet meets the enemy there. He then shoots two enemies from different directions.
Suddenly, Addin just disappears. Enoph, Reas, and the remaining enemies can’t find him. They begin to move inside, carefully, to find him. Suddenly, Seman shouts through comm.)
Seman: (on the system, at the headquarter. He shouts) He is at your back… (before the enemies could face back, Addin begins to shoot them unaware. He shoots them easily, as they were facing front, not back. He is able to shoot down the remaining seven enemies, but not Enoph and Reas that are able to dodge and take cover quickly even though they were also not aware. Addin now beings to run out of the building, knowing fully well that it will be difficult to kill the two. He should have stayed to fight them, but he is tired and with his tiredness, his knows he will be easily defeated. Enoph and Reas begin to chase him. They chase him as if their lives depend on it. As they are chasing, they are also shooting at him. But he is able to dodge their bullets, as he is diving).
Jetar: (already at the new hideout, on system, she talks through comm.) The car at your 11 o’clock.
Addin: (through comm.) Copied. (he looks at the direction and sees the car. He is about to get to the car, as a bullet shot by Enoph meets him at his back. He falls down, groaning in heavy pain. He is not dead yet. He looks back and sees that Enoph and Reas are closing in on him. In pain, he manages to get up and opens the car’s door. He enters the car and wants to start it, but the car fails to start. He is frustrated but continues to try starting it. Finally the car starts. He quickly puts the car at a very high speed and drives off. Enoph is just like a stone thrown away from, but he is able to escape him. Enoph and Reas begin to shoot at the car targeting the car tyres. Addin already knows that they will be targeting the tyres, so he dives while driving and fortunately escapes the bullets. He finally escapes them. Enoph and Reas are really disappointed. They quickly run to their cars in order to chase him, but meet all the tyres bursted. Jetar had already shot all the enemies vans’ tyres. Addin escapes them successfully).
Reas: (through comm., to Seman) Target was shot, open all the hospital’s CCTV.
Enoph: (really disappointed) Addin will never go to a hospital. Bleep up, Bleep me.
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same issue again... few comments like less than five people are enjoying the story... the story will continue when there are enough comments... thanks in advance
Re: Deadly Missions by bfawzie(m): 8:55am On Jun 20, 2018
boss u more ink to ur pen. keep up the good work
Re: Deadly Missions by Hunts(m): 8:56am On Jun 20, 2018
following . . .was out of data
Re: Deadly Missions by SilverSpoonEnt: 10:08am On Jun 20, 2018
(Mordy and Crane have already left Notis. Addin and Jetar are shown in a room. Addin is opening the final page of a particular book).
Addin: …all the sixteen men single-handedly (reads out the last sentence, and closes the book) Today marks the day I finish reading all outstanding agents’ past works (to Jetar).
Jetar: (making tea at the dining) So, what?
Addin: (brings out another book) It’s high time I started reading my mother’s.
Jetar: Really?
Addin: (has already started reading the book) Yeah!
Jetar: Good luck!
Addin: (after some minutes) So, my mother has a brother! (he is surprised).
Jetar: (shocked) Are you sure?
Addin: I don’t know. She has never introduced me to any brother before.
Jetar: What do you think?
Addin: I don’t think this book is real. Some of the things I am reading her are things I should have known before, if they are really true.
Jetar: What other things? (curious)
Addin: Her father, who is my maternal grandfather was a farmer (smiles). This book is false. I don’t think this is my mother’s book. Maybe my mother didn’t leave the original book. (he closes the book and puts it back into a bag).
Jetar: (brings a cup of tea) Take something in.
Addin: (collects the cup, and moves closer to a laptop) The only clue about our mission is “The Peagries”. We have to find out what it is. (he drops the cup on the table after having a sip of the tea, and starts to operate the system) I have to look for its meaning.
Jetar: Yeah!
Addin: (reads out what he is seeing) There is only one result for “The Peagries”.
Jetar: (faces the system) Open it, and let’s see.
Addin: (reads out loud) June 1993. There was a group that stole a nuclear weapon being developed by Notis. The group was headed by Mr Cummings Alan… Continue Reading (Addin clicks on the Continue Reading but the file fails to open claiming that access is being restricted) What’s this? (frustrated as he angrily stands up).
Jetar: (sits by the system and starts to operate it) See this. (she now begins to read it out) Investigation on the case was being carried out by Mr Lever M.
Addin: So, only this Mr Lever will be able to access the file.
Jetar: Seems so.
Addin: Okay! Check about that Mr Lever and Mr Cummings.
Jetar: Okay! (she begins to search about Mr Cummings Alan but to no avail) It’s as if he doesn’t exist as everything about him has being wiped out.
Addin: What of Mr Lever?
Jetar: Okay! (starts to operate the system again) Mr Lever! (a list of numerous “Mr Lever” is being shown with their works at the front).
Addin: (looks at the list) This should be the Mr Lever we are looking for.
Jetar: Yeah! I also guess, he is the Vice Director of SSU (opening his file).
Addin: (looking carefully and reading it out) Age 73, formerly the Director of SSU beore he stepped down for Mr Cylin.
Jetar: Isn’t it suspicious? Mr Cylin wasn’t appointed nor voted for, but being stepped down for.
Addin: (confused) When he was the director, he should have a Vice. Check for the person.
Jetar: Yeah! (she opens the website of SSU and check the lists of past directors and their vices) Mr Lever was the director of SSU for twelve years, but all the information about his vice has been wiped out, as his name has been blacklisted. His name is not even here.
Addin: (really confused) Mr Cummings’ profile was wiped out. The profile of the former Vice Director of SSU was also wiped out. Shouldn’t we presume that Mr Cummings Alan was the Vice Director of SSU that led the group?
Jetar: (realizing this) I think it is possible.
Addin: Anyway, we can’t assume based on these facts. We have to be sure. We also have to know how they are related to “The Peagries”.
Jetar: But how do we?
Addin: Gather all information about Mr Lever. Residence, office, etc, just everything, we have to meet him.
Jetar: Okay!
Re: Deadly Missions by SilverSpoonEnt: 10:47am On Jun 20, 2018
(Addin at SSu. There are numerous security men at the entrance guarding the place. Addin has still not gotten access to enter the building. He is dressed in cooperate suit, just like a business-man, as he alights from his car).
Addin: (through comm.) Have you placed it in his schedule?
Jetar: (at the hideout, through comm.) Yeah!
Addin: Copied. (two security men with guns in their hands come to meet him by his car).
SM 1: Who are you looking for?
Addin: I am here to see Mr Lever, The Vice Director.
SM 2: Do you have appointment with him before?
Addin: Sure.
SM 2: So, what’s your name?
Addin: (clears throat) Mr Distin.
SM 1: Mr Distin?
Addin: Yeah!
SM 1: Okay! (through comm.) Patch me to Mr Lever’s line, he has a visitor.
Agent: (through comm.) Your ID number?
SM 1: CD-0X0097.
Agent: (presses the number and bangs in “Enter” key) Yeah! You are now on the line with him.
Agent 2: (picks up the intercom) Sir, you have a call.
Mr Lever: Really?
Agent 2: Yes, sir! It is on line 2.
Mr Lever: Line 2? (picks up line 2 intercom) Who is this?
SM 1: Yes, sir! You have a visitor here. He said his name is Mr Distin.
Mr Lever: Mr Distin? (confused)
SM 1: Yes, sir!
Mr Lever: Does he have an appointment with me?
SM 1: He said he has.
Mr Lever: (blocks the mouthpiece of the phone) Help me to check my schedule, do I have any meeting with any Mr Distin?
Agent 2: (checks the system) Yes, sir! Period of just 10 minutes between 14:20 and 14:30.
Mr Lever: 14:20 and 14:30? I thought I have a break then (confused).
Agent 2: No, sir!
Mr Lever: (puts the mouthpiece back in place) Let him in.
SM 1: Yes, sir! (to Addin) Mr man, let’s go. (he leads Addin into the building. They finally reach Agent 2’s desk)
Agent 2: (looks at Addin) Is this the man? (talking to SM 1)
SM 1: Yes, ma!
Agent 2: (to Addin) Your face looks familiar, what do you say your name is?
Addin: Mr Distin.
Agent 2: (to SM 1) You can leave.
SM 1: Yes, ma! (he leaves).
Agent 2: (to Addin) Where is your appointment letter?
Addin: Oh! (he brings out a file from a bag he is holding) This is it. (hands over a paper to her).
Agent 2: (she collects the paper and read through) Okay! Follow me. (she leads Addin to an office, Mr Lever’s office) This is him, sir! (to Mr Lever).
Mr Lever: (looks at Addin) Have your seat!
Addin: (sits down) Yes, sir!
Agent 2: I will take my leave (she leaves).
Mr Lever: It’s alright. (to Addin) So, what’s the appointment about?
Addin: I want to ask you something that’s very important.
Mr Lever: (curious) And what’s that?
Addin: (looks at him in the eyes) What is “The Peagries”?
Mr Lever: (he is shocked as he heard this) Shut up! I know nothing about what you are asking me. Do you have any other thing to talk about? (Addin becomes silent and frustrated. Mr Lever secretly brings out a paper and gives it to Addin).
Addin: (he read the paper and quickly changes the topic) I need about a hundred security men for a party.
Mr Lever: We can’t supply such number of men for just a party.
Addin: (understands what he means) Maybe I will have to ask the police. It is a street party and I just don’t want my guests to be harassed.
Mr Lever: I am sorry, but SSu can’t help you. You can go and meet the police. (he looks at Addin angrily) Stand up from my plastic chair, do you know how much I got it?
Addin: (frustrated as he is sitting on an iron chair, and not plastic but doesn’t argue) I am sorry, sir! (he stands up).
Mr Lever: You can leave!
Addin: Yes, sir! (he leaves).
* * * * *
(somewhere else)
SM 2: (he opens Addin’s picture he captured, when Addin was the gate of SSU) This is the picture, sir!
Mr Cylin: Good job. (he picks up his phone and makes a call). Addin has contacted Mr Lever… Yeah! I think he really is trying to make progress on us… Yes, sir! We really have to stop him… I will send the information to Enoph right away… Yes, sir! (he drops the phone).
* * * * *
(Addin is already with Jetar)
Addin: In the paper, he wrote that it is not secure to talk about the Peagries in his office and I should change the topic. He also wrote his house’s address that I should meet him there.
Jetar: (sighs) When?
Addin: Noon, tomorrow.
Jetar: No problem! But we are going together.
Addin: It’s okay. (rests his back on the cushion).
* * * * *
(somewhere else)
Reas: What’s in the information Mr Cylin sent?
Enoph: (moving helter and skelter slowly) Addin has contacted Mr Lever.
Reas: (surprised) SSU Vice-Director?
Enoph: Yeah! There was no visual bug in the room, but the audio bug confirmed that Addin mentioned the organization’s name!
Reas: (surprised again) What else?
Enoph: (still wandering about) It seems Mr Lever doesn’t want to help him, as he quickly changed the topic to another.
Reas: So, what’s the order we are given?
Enoph: We can’t risk the possibility that Mr Lever may later help Addin. So we are told to eliminate him before Addin contacts him again.
Enoph: Inform the team about the operation. Mr Lever has a day-off-work tomorrow, so he will be at home. We have to do the job very early tomorrow morning.
Reas: Yes, sir!
Enoph: You can leave. Tell one of the men to make coffee for me.
Reas: Okay, sir! (he leaves).
Enoph: Addin! (sighs) Do you really want to go this far? I will make sure I destroy all your hopes.

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Re: Deadly Missions by SilverSpoonEnt: 10:49am On Jun 20, 2018
much more comments to continue... thanks
Re: Deadly Missions by Hunts(m): 11:22am On Jun 20, 2018
Re: Deadly Missions by Samrat01(m): 3:14pm On Jun 20, 2018
This story gat me glued to my phone, checking for updates I'm even scared of this story, but sincerely it's very interesting God bless the writer. More ink to ur pen
Re: Deadly Missions by SilverSpoonEnt: 4:33pm On Jun 20, 2018
This story gat me glued to my phone, checking for updates
I'm even scared of this story, but sincerely it's very interesting
God bless the writer. More ink to ur pen

thanks so much... update coming in the evening
Re: Deadly Missions by SilverSpoonEnt: 8:08pm On Jun 20, 2018
(A car enters Mr Lever’s building with full force. Two of the security men run towards the car to see what the people inside the car want. But before getting near the car, they are being shot dead. This alerts other security men as they run towards the car where the bullet came from. Enoph and Reas come out with their face covered. They are just shooting the securities down easily. Other enemies also come out and join the two in the shooting. They are professional shooter against not-well-trained security men, so they find the job so easy. Even before any of security cocks his gun to shoot, he would have already been shot. Enoph, Reas and other enemies walks majestically towards the main entrance, shooting down all the securities coming their way. As they get to the entrance, they stop).
Enoph: It’s time. (all the enemies cover their eyes, noses, and mouths with a transparent object, filled with oxygen. Enoph brings out tear gas and spill its content inside the house. Gas starts to fill the place making it impossible to see through. But with the help of specific pairs of glasses that the enemies are using, they are able to see the securities, and everyone in the house. They begin to shoot down their securities again, easily. They proceed as they are gunning down the enemies. A man, one of the security men runs in to a room).
A man: (shouting, and breathing heavily) We are under attack, sir! I have to get you out of here. (as he finishes saying this, he is being shot down. Enoph enters the room).
Enoph: (removes the object on his face) It’s been a long time sir. (Mr Lever is facing the opposite side, turning his back on him. He is facing the transparent window as if he is expecting someone to come).
Mr Lever: (turns his back to face Enoph. He is not much surprised as he just smiles) Enoph, so you are already one of them.
Enoph: Do you have any information that I may want to know?
Mr Lever: I should have suspected you too since you have not been coming to work, and My Cylin keeps covering up for you.
Enoph: (smiles) You should be telling me anything you know about the group.
Mr Lever: I am not surprised that you are one of them, because I know their influence is great. What I don’t know is why they chose you.
Enoph: You have been warned to drop the investigation since, many years back, but you still kept on investigating secretly. This is the reward for not obeying the order given to you. (cocks his gun and places it on Mr Lever’s head).
Mr Lever: I have never imagined that the organization will fall while I am alive but I have the strong dream that it will eventually fall.
Enoph: We shall see. As long as I am the head of The Peagries, it will never fall. I will make sure I shatter even all the pieces of your dream. (he shoots him, wasting almost seven bullets on him. He picks up Mr Lever’s phone and begins to check some things there. After some seconds, he keeps the phone in his pocket and moves out).
Reas: Is he dead?
Enoph: Yeah, he is no longer a threat. The new threat is a warder that he has being contacting.
Reas: (confused) Which warder?
Enoph: Mr Verre, a junior warder at the national prison. It’s been a long time he contacted him last, but he contacted him today.
Reas: There must be a reason he contacted him today. We have to find out.
Enoph: Yes! (Enoph orders his men to search the whole house to find anything that pertains to the organization. After long hours of searching, they see nothing of importance to them. They all later move to where they parked their car, and leave the building).
* * * * *
(It’s already noon. A car enters Mr Lever’s building, and alight are Addin and Jetar. They are surprised as the whole place is in total silence. Addin walks in feeling the surrounding for any possible attack, and Jetar follows him. They begin to see the dead securities on the floor. They are shocked by this. Addin quickly rushes in to check if Mr Lever is still alive, but meets him dead on the floor. He is very disappointed).
Addin: (he bangs his head on the wall, so confused) Oh! Shit! I should have been here earlier. (Jetar rushes in and sees the man dead on the floor. She is also disappointed).
Jetar: Oh my God. (she sits on a chair).
Addin: It was just I and he that were in his office when we were talking. I have never shown the paper to anyone else. How come they already know that I met him, or I am going to?
Jetar: I am also so confused.
Addin: I am having the feeling that SSU is already corrupt. Enoph was working with SSU when he betrayed us. All what we’ve found so far are related to SSU.
Jetar: What should we do now? (confused).
Addin: What should we do? (he closes his eyes and remembers one of his mum’s teachings) My mum used to tell me that I should be putting in more wisdom to all matters. (he starts to rack his brain. After some minutes, he remembers something).
Mr Lever: (looks at Addin angrily) Stand up from my plastic chair, do you know how much I got it?
Addin: (frustrated as he is sitting on an iron chair, and not plastic but doesn’t argue) I am sorry, sir! (he stands up).
Addin: (opens his eyes) Plastic chair! Plastic chair!! (he begins to run around the room searching for plastic chairs, but doesn’t see any. Jetar is confused as she doesn’t know why he is looking for plastic chairs, but still joins him in finding).
Jetar: Why are you looking for plastic chair?
Addin: (he does not concentrate on what Jetar is saying, as he continues to look for the chair) Plastic chair! Plastic chair!! (after a long and thorough search, he sees a small plastic chair. It must have been gotten for a small child. That is the only plastic chair in the whole house. He raises the chair up and realizes that one of the stands of the chair is hiding a very small envelope. He picks up the envelope, and brings out its content. A memory card is in the envelope. Both he and Jetar are shocked to see the memory card. But Addin is, at least, happy that he is able to decode the man’s words).
Jetar: Let’s leave.
Addin: Yeah! (keeps the memory card in a pocket and they leave).
Re: Deadly Missions by SilverSpoonEnt: 9:14pm On Jun 20, 2018
(Mr Cylin, Mr Luto, Mr Stunt, Enoph and Reas are at Mr Stunt’s residence).
Mr Stunt: Mr Nonk has sent his representative from the headquarters.
Mr Luto: (surprised) Why?
Enoph: (shocked) Which headquarters?
Mr Cylin: (to Enoph) There is an headquarter somewhere only known by Mr Nonk. Orders come from there. Their men are better trained than ours here.
Mr Stunt: He is sending the leader of the headquarters. He is someone trained by Mr Nonk himself, and has never failed a mission. He is sending him to come and finish Addin once and for all.
Enoph: (surprised) I can finish Addin myself.
Mr Stunt: Mr Nonk doesn’t want to waste more time (to Enoph) Don’t worry, we know how great and tactical you are too. Once Addin’s matter has been cleared, you will go back to your position, being the leader of the Peagries here. And Posh will leave for the main headquarters.
Enoph: (he shakes his head) You are taking Addin’s matter with levity hand. If you don’t know how Addin thinks, there’s no way you can defeat him. The man won’t be able to help in Addin’s matter at all, he will only bring more danger to the organization.
Mr Stunt: (ignores him) Case close. You and Reas should help him with anything he needs, and I hope he is able to finish Addin in time.
* * * * *
(The Peagries’ headquarter base. A meeting is being held at a small hall).
Posh: (sitting at the centre of the Letter U-formation seats. He introduces himself). I am Posh, leader of the main headquarters. I am sent down here to come and help you in finishing Addin. I am surprised that with such numerous teams, a man is still giving you problem. Anyway, can I know the head here?
Enoph: (stands up) I am Enoph! (sits down) The director of the base.
Posh: (smiles) Incompetent being.
Enoph: (angrily) What did you just say?
Posh: I said you are incompetent.
Enoph: (angrily stands up) Don’t dare repeat such thing.
Posh: (stands up, brings out his guns, cocks it and points it towards Enoph) I can kill you here, and nothing will be asked from me. You, incompetent being. (Enoph wants to bring out his gun angrily but Reas looks at him with a pleading face and urges him to sit down which he does. Posh also sits down, but with pride). Who is the Vice?
Reas: (stands up) Reas, by name, sir! (sits down).
Posh: Who is the head of the agency team?
Seman: (stands up) I am, sir! My name is Seman.
Reas: We have numerous men in the team, but Seman is the best, sir!
Posh: (smiles) The best indeed. (he points to a man beside him) For now, he will be heading the agency team.
Beon: (stands up) I will be heading the team, I am Beon.
Enoph: (angrily stands up) Seman is an experienced computer agent and analyst, with almost 12 years of training.
Posh: Do you know how many years Beon spent in training? Huh? He is from the team that works for Mr Nonk. Sit down, if you don’t have any better thing to say. (Enoph sits down).
Beon: (smiles) Within 24 hours, I will be able to get Addin’s exact location. (Enoph and Reas look at him in amazement).
Reas: (surprised) Really?
Posh: I told you, we have better men at the headquarters.
Re: Deadly Missions by SilverSpoonEnt: 11:40pm On Jun 20, 2018
(Addin and Jetar in a room. Addin is just recovering from the gunshot he had, so it’s Jetar that’s on the system. Jetar inserts the memory card, inside a device; memory card reader, and inserts it into the system. She now begins to operate the system).
Jetar: There is a file in the memory card.
Addin: Open it.
Jetar: Yeah! (as she wants to open the file, a dialogue box comes up, heading with “warning”. Jetar reads out the content). CC-OX-9DTCC is being tampered with. (to Addin) What’s that?
Addin: (shocked) How come? They are already hacking into our security circuits.
Jetar: (surprised) What? You mean the circuits securing our location?
Addin: Exactly!
Jetar: But how could they?
Addin: (confused) I also don’t know. They must have gotten a new, and better hacker. Anyway, open Mylone Explorer to find out the application they are using.
Jetar: Okay! (she opens the explorer) But I don’t know how to operate it.
Addin: I know, just follow my orders.
Jetar: Yeah!
Addin: (pointing to the screen) Open this! (Jetar opens it) Open this. (Jetar opens it) Put it S-A-A-J-F-T-T-P-0052! (Jetar enters them and a dialogue box opens) Click on this! (Jetar clicks on it) And then this! (Jetar opens it and a text is being shown reading: “com.saajfttp0052 is insecure, tonforloneycom708).
Jetar: (confused) What’s all these?
Addin: (also confused) Tonfor Explorer? Verson 7.08? Where on earth did they get that?
Jetar: (still confused) Explain all these to me, please.
Addin: They are using an explorer to hack through our security circuits. The explorer is the best ever, but the latest that’s out is 7.00. But they are using 7.08, which means they must have gotten the version from the programmers themselves.
Jetar: But how is that possible?
Addin: I also don’t know. Let’s just continue. Put a stroke between the tonforloney708 and com.saajfttp0052 and copy it to our own explorer.
Jetar: You mean, tonforloneycom708/com.saajfttp0052 and copy it to the explorer, right? (as she does this).
Addin: Yeah! You should be able to understand how to use our explorer. That’s just a way to convert the format to .ecc format that our explorer is capable of reading.
Jetar: (understands) Oh! Yeah, right!
Addin: Check the estimated amount of time that the circuits will be hacked down.
Jetar: Okay! (she presses some keys, and exclaims) Oh! We have less than 16 hours.
Addin: (confused) Oh! The new version has XP-02 decoder, so it is tracking the individuals, not the location. So even, if we change base, they will still get us in that estimated time.
Jetar: (surprised) Oh, what should we do?
Addin: (also confused, and he closes his eyes) With LaYcAP, do you know how to use it?
Jetar: Oh, yeah! You taught me a while ago. You said it can be used to generate virus to a program and destroy the program totally.
Addin: Yes! We now know we can destroy the program. (opens his eyes) The problem is that LaYcAP consumes much time. Check the time it will take to destroy the Tonfor XP.
Jetar: (initiates the application, and starts to use it to generate virus into the explorer) I don’t think we can make it, it will take at least 48 hours.
Addin: (unhappy) 48 hours when we have less than 16 hours left?
Jetar: (confused) What should we do now? We are in trouble.
Addin: (figures out something and smiles) Send them our location with a .ton file, so that they will think the location was gotten by their Tonfor Explorer.
Jetar: (surprised) You are telling me to tell them to come and execute us. Don’t you know they will be here immediately they have the location?
Addin: (smiles) Yeah! We have to buy time.
Jetar: How?
Addin: Immediately we send our location, they will think they have found us, and stop the search and hacking. We will then use that to buy more time, until LaYcAP is able to destroy their program.
Jetar: (stands up happily and applauds him) Oh, you are too good.
Addin: Sit down back. Use Seedroot to secure the LaYcAP, so that the programmers can’t figure out that we are tampering with their program.
Jetar: Yeah! I will do just that. (sits down and starts to operate the system).
Re: Deadly Missions by SilverSpoonEnt: 6:25am On Jun 21, 2018
(Enoph, Reas, Posh, and some important figures at The Peagries’ base are in the conference room for a meeting when Beon barges in).
Beon: (barges the door of the glass-made room in) I have gotten their location. (all the people in the room surprisingly looks at him).
Posh: (surprised) Are you sure?
Beon: Very sure, sir! They are at Kiko Hotel, Rooom 301.
Posh: (through comm.) Get ready to dispatch. Kiko hotel, room 301 is the room where the enemies are (stands up) Let’s go.
Enoph: (he interrupts) I think this is a trap. Addin can’t be gotten so easily.
Posh: (angrily looks at him) Are you doubting the ability of such an agent?
Enoph: I just think that we need to…
Posh: (angrily interrupts) Shut up! (silent, and then continues) We are dropping you on this operation. You aren’t following us.
Enoph: What? (shocked).
Reas: (surprised) But he is someone that knows how Addin operates best.
Posh: (angrily faces him) You are on his side, right? You are also not following us.
Reas: (surprised) Ha!
Enoph: (smiles and stands up) You will surely regret this.
Posh: (anger comes into him, as he hurriedly brings out his gun) You! (he shoots Enoph on his arm, and Enoph goes down) I am your leader, you have to give me my due respect.
Enoph: (groans from the pain) Ouch! Ah! You… you shot… me!
Posh: (cocks his gun again to shoot him) If you say anything stupid again, I am going to aim right into your chest.
Enoph: (still in pain, on the floor) You are… are a.. bastard!
Posh: (angrily) Me? (he wants to shoot the gun but Reas kicks it away from him, and quickly kneels down).
Reas: (on his knees) Please, pardon me.
Posh: (angrily, to all other members) Let’s go (he and other members leave the room. Reas quickly runs to Enoph on the floor)
Reas: (holds Enoph) Sorry, sir! You need medical attention.
Enoph: No! I am fine (wants to stand up) I think they are going to Addin’s trap. We have to do something.
Reas: (confused) Are you sure?
Enoph: (now on his feet) Well, not really. But even if this is a trap, we have to use it to set another trap for Addin. This is the best opportunity to get rid of Addin.
Reas: But our teams are still going there, if they truly fall in the trap, then we’ve really lost. Should we try and persuade them not to go?
Enoph: No, let them go. If Addin is setting a trap, once he has wiped them off, he will relax and will think his trap works. That’s when we will strike. This is the best opportunity to execute him.
Reas: Should I get a new team ready?
Enoph: No, I don’t want Addin to suspect us. If this is truly a trap, then I have to be careful, so that Addin won’t discover me.
Reas: Just you and I?
Enoph: No, just I. You will have to get information from Beon secretly, so that we will know how to proceed. You will be here, supplying information on the system for me. You have to work secretly with Seman.
Reas: Okay, sir!
* * * * *
Posh: (in the tactical room, to Beon) Since you’ve gotten him, stop the search and stat to help us on the system.
Beon: Yes, sir! (Posh and other members leave the room, go to the cars waiting for them, and drive away straight to the hotel).
Seman: (he comes to the side of Beon) How’s work?
Beon: (suspecting something fish, he presses a key on his comm.) The comm. is off. If I should switch it on, I will be talking to the leader. You know you are not supposed to be here. Kindly leave, before I turn on the comm..
Haron: (also a member of the tactical team, he is sitting down oppositely with a system in his front) They will be there in ten minutes, sir. (to Beon).
Beon: (replies) Good. Now open the CCTV file of the hotel to check if by any means, the target has left the hotel.
Haron: Okay, sir.
Beon: (to another member) Lish, check the possible CCTV of all the areas around the hotel.
Lish: Yes, sir! (while Beon is busy talking to the members, Seman quickly inserts a device to the USB port of the system that Beon is using. A dim red light is being shown o the device, so Seman uses his body to block the light from Beon, so that he won’t discover).
Beon: Pleil, what do you have?
Pleil: (pressing some keys on the system) Yeah! They checked in into the hotel with fake ids but their pictures confirm that they are the one. They haven’t checked out, yet.
Beon: Since when have they checked in?
Pleil: 3 days ago.
Beon: Okay, continue with your work. (to another member) Quad, are you… (he sees that Seman is still there) But I think I told you to leave.
Seman: Oh! Beon, do you think it’s right to leave me out of the loop?
Beon: I am just following orders, please leave.
Seman: Even if… (he is being interrupted).
Beon: (interrupts him) I am putting the comm. on (as he puts the comm. on, Seman realizes that the colour of the device he inserted into the system has changed to green. He quickly removes the device without being seen).
Seman: Okay! I am leaving.
Beon: (sighs) Better. (Seman leaves and goes to a secret room, where Reas is).
Seman: I have copied everything. We will now be able to access every information they get.
Reas: Good job! (through comm.) You can start now.
* * * * *
(A van carrying numerous agents drives into the parking lot of the Kiko hotel. Posh and upto like fifty agents come down and surrounds the whole hotel. They firstly eliminate all the security men at the hotel, so that they won’t disturb them. And then they lock the hotel, so that nobody will be able to get in or out of the building. Posh and few members rush into the reception, where about five receptionists are. All the receptionists are already trembling at the sighting of suspicious men in total black, holding dangerous guns)
Posh: (to one of the receptionists) Reply me without stammering, and there won’t be any problem.
KR 1: (trembling) Yes…s, si…r! (stammering. Posh shoots him immediately and faces another receptionist).
KR 2: (also trembling) Yes, sir! (talks sharply, as she realizes what just happened to her mate).
Posh: Hope you won’t stammer. Check your list, I want to know if Master and Miss Danacs are still in the hotel.
KR 2: (still trembling but manages to talk sharply after she checks the list) Yes, sir! They are still in the hotel.
Posh: Good! Read out their profile.
KR 2: Yes, sir! (he begins to read out loud) They are siblings, works at Maria Supermarkets…
Posh: (interrupts her) Don’t worry. Room 301 is where they are staying, right?
KR 2: (surprised) But how do you know?
Posh: (smiles, and shoots her. He now faces another receptionist) Is it?
KR 3: Yes, sir! Room 301. (brings a bunch of keys out of a drawer) They have the main key to the room, but these are the spare keys.
Posh: (collects the keys) Good! (to other Peagries’ members) Divide yourselves and cover every units, offices and all places in this hotel. Ten men should follow me.
The Peagries’ members: Yes, sir! (they begin to run helter and skelter, carrying out the order given to them. Posh and a ten-men team begin to head into the aforementioned room. Instead of using the keys, they just break the door. Two men stay at the right hand side and left hand side of the entrance, while the rest including Posh runs it. But alas! The room is empty. They check the toilet and other possible lead-outs but to no avail).
Posh: (confused, through comm.) They aren’t here.
Beon: (also confused) But how come? For safety purposes, there aren’t cameras in the hotel rooms. But the entrance to the room, I have confirmed through the cameras there that they haven’t come out.
Posh: (looks at the window) What of through the windows?
Beon: Same, there is just one camera covering the back of the room, so the windows are inclusive.
Posh: (moves closer to the window, looks at the camera, and exclaims) Even a novice will know how to avoid this type of camera. They left through the window, try and get any lead-outs they may… (he sees a paper on the floor. The paper has a list of hotels and hideouts, with dates and times at the front of each, boldly typed on it. He picks it up).
Beon: Are you there, sir?
Posh: Yeah! I just see a possible exhibit. I will transmit the image to you now. Try and find out what it means.
Beon: Okay, sir! (Posh brings out his phone, uses it to snap the paper, and sends it to Beon).
Posh: Have you gotten it?
Beon: Yes, sir! A minute, sir.
Posh: I will be waiting (before 60 seconds lapse, Beon replies)
Beon: Sir, the first five hotels on that list are the hotels where Addin and Jetar had been in correct orders. The sixth, as you can see, is Kiko hotel. The date and time at the front of Kiko hotel matches with exact date and time they reach the hotel.
Posh: Are you trying to say that the seventh may be the place they are heading next?
Beon: It has today’s date and time there is in the next five minutes.
Posh: Good work! They must have mistakenly dropped this paper when they were rushing to leave here. (to all other members, through comm.) An uncompleted building, at Nuhol Street, let’s move. (all the teams run from where they are to the van and then they drive away).
* * * * *
Seman: (through comm.) I am sending it to your PDA now.
Enoph: (in a car heading towards Kiko hotel, through comm.) Okay! (the file enters his device) I have received it.
Reas: (through comm.) Good!
Enoph: (turns back his car) An uncompleted building at Nuhol street?
Reas: Yeah!
Enoph: This is a glaring trap.
Reas: How? (surprised).
Enoph: Can’t you see? All the first six hide-outs are hotels, but the seventh is not.
Reas: (realizing this) Oh, you are right.
Enoph: Addin is just luring them to a place where he will easily bring them down.
Reas: But if he wants to fight us, he can also do that at the hotel.
Enoph: (sighs) I believe he wants to use explosives. Addin wouldn’t want to hurt guests at the hotel with the explosives, so he is luring us to a place where he can easily use explosives.
Reas: (shocked) Should we alert Posh?
Enoph: (smiles) Do you think Posh will believe us? Moreover, if we want to execute Addin, we must make sure he believes he has succeeded in his plan. Then, I will strike him afterwards.
Reas: (surprised and sad) So we will have to sacrifice all those men.
Enoph: Yes, if we want to get rid of Addin (to Seman) Can you open the CCTV of the building?
Seman: No, sir! It’s an uncompleted building with nothing yet installed in it. So it’s impossible to have cameras in the building. Also all the cameras around the area has been tampered with, surely it’s Addin’s doing.
Enoph: Does Beon know about the CCTV?
Seman: All the information is from his system.
Enoph: Okay.
* * * * *
(The Peagries arrive at the building. They get out of the van. Since the building is still under construction, there is sand all over the floors. There are footsteps made by two people, that is four footsteps on the floor. Covering for one another, with Posh leading the group, they begin to follow the footsteps).
Jetar: (she is somewhere else in the building, watching the enemies from a portable device with screen in her hand. She begins to talk through comm.) They are falling into the trap, they will be in the range soon.
Addin: (also somewhere in the building, he is holding a detonator, through comm.) Okay!
Jetar: Yeah! (the enemies continue to follow the trails, they reach a staircase and the trails are there. They climb up to the staircase and begin to follow the trails again. The building is a 3 storey building so they are still on the first floor. Finally, they reach where the trails end. They look around but see nothing. It was then that Posh now sees a bomb planted in a hole at the side of the place).
Posh: (shocked) Retreat! (shouts loudly).
Jetar: Now! (Addin clicks the detonator and bomb explodes. More than half of the enemies are dead, and most of the remaining ones are seriously injured. Posh is able to fly away from the blast. Addin comes out from the back of the enemies, while Jetar comes out from the front, and they begin to shoot the confused enemies. Since they are facing already injured and confused enemies, they are able to kill them easily. Addin shoots an enemy that wants to run away, and quickly shoots another. He sees an enemy on the floor wanting to stand up, he quickly shoots him down. Jetar, with her two guns, begins to shoot down the enemies too two by two).
Posh: (confused) Retreat! Retreat!! (some of the enemies that could talk shouts).
Enemies: To which direction, sir?
Posh: To the front! (the enemies begin to run to the front, but Jetar shoots them with great speed and accuracy). No, to the back! (they quickly turn to retreat to the back, but the attack is even much from there. Without stopping, Addin shoots thm with great anger. They are not even attacking Addin nor Jetar at all, as many of them don’t even know where their guns fall to during the explosion. And due to the much confusion, those that even have their guns with them, don’t know where to shoot.
Jetar notices that Posh is hiding somewhere, aiming straight at Addin, and Addin doesn’t know. She does some summersault flying to where Posh is, and kicks his gun away. It was then Addin realizes that something falls down from Jetar’s back pocket, when she summersaults. Jetar and Posh begin to engage in a combat fight, as Posh was also able to kick away Jetar’s guns. Addin clears his way, shooting down all the enemies on the way, and goes to where the thing is. It is a memory card. ‘The memory card we got from Mr Leve’, he thought. He quickly picks up the memory card and puts it in the pocket of the pull-over jacket he is wearing.
Posh is able to beat Jetar down to the floor. He picks up his gun and wants to shoot Jetar, but he is being shot from behind. Addin shoots him.
Some of the enemies want to run away, and are already heading down, through the stair-case. But Jetar quickly run towards them. Addin stays behind and begins to shoot the enemies that are still there. Within the minute, all the enemies with him have been wiped out. He goes down on his knees, as he is so tired. He is very much tired, but a little bit relaxed. As he is still on his knees, Enoph comes from behind, and points his gun at him).
Enoph: (from behind) Drop your gun.
Addin: (shocked, as he recognizes Enoph’s voice) Enoph? (he drops his gun and faces Enoph).
Enoph: (laughs bitterly) Addin, this is your end.
Addin: (smiles) Jetar will be here in any minute.
Enoph: No! I have placed missiles on the staircases, both from the front and back. If she comes, she will die. She won’t know they are on the floor. (laughs bitter again) Addin, this is truly your end.
Addin: (stands up) Okay, shoot.
Enoph: (smiles) Do you think I won’t? Okay! (he wants to click the gun but his hand begins to shake. He now remembers that he got shot by Posh on that arm. Before he could change the gun to his other hand, as if there is an earthquake, the floor where Addin is standing suddenly breaks, making Addin to fall down. He falls down, but before he could fall down completely, Enoph holds him by his pull-over jacket. Addin realizes this, and he quickly put off the jacket and he falls down completely. Noph is very much disappointed in himself as he shouts loudly) Noooooo!
(It was Jetar that broke the floor, so that Addin could fall. As Addin falls down on the floor, he injures himself. He manages to stand up. He and Jetar quickly run towards a car that they packed somewhere earlier. Enoph wants to run downstairs, through the staircase, as he knows that if he decides to jump down through the broken space that Addin fell through, there may be traps there set for him. He has to avoid the missiles he placed on the staircase, so he gets down late. Addin and Jetar are already gone. He still has Addin’s jacket in his hand. He is very much disappointed. If he hadn’t been shot in his arm, he would have shot Addin. He blames everything on the foolish Posh that got easily tricked by Addin, and for shooting him on his arm.
Addin and Jetar are gone. They are inside the car, with Jetar driving. Addin now realizes that he put a memory card in the pocket of his jacket that’s with Enoph).
Addin: (shocked) Stop the car! Stop it!
Jetar: (shocked, as she quickly stops the car) What’s it? (parks).
Addin: The memory card we got from Mr Lever, it fell from your back pocket, and I took it. I kept it in the jacket that’s with Enoph. We have to go back.
Jetar: From my back pocket? (she checks her back-pocket and realizes that a memory card truly is missing from there) No, that’s not the memory card we got from Mr Lever. It’s another one.
Addin: (confused) What are you talking about?
Jetar: (brings out a memory card from her front pocket) This is the memory card we got from Mr Lever. That memory cared is my own personal card. It contains relevant information that Enoph must not see. We have to go back. (she wants to turn back the car).
Addin: No! Let’s leave.
Jetar: (shocked) But I have to collect the card back.
Addin: I said no. (looks at her angrily).
Jetar: (sighs) Hmmmm! Okay! (she drives away).
Re: Deadly Missions by SilverSpoonEnt: 8:52am On Jun 21, 2018
(Addin and Jetar are on the system at a new location).
Addin: Now, open the file.
Jetar: Yeah! (she opens the file and an information comes up. From her pocket, her phone begins to vibrate that Addin doesn’t know. The phone is in silent mode but the vibration mode is on) I have to quickly use the rest room please.
Addin: No problem, dear.
Jetar: Thanks. (she quickly runs into the toilet. She now picks up the call) Hello, sir!
Enoph: It’s me (laughs bitterly).
Jetar: (realizing it’s Enoph) As you are able to contact me through this medium, it means you must have accessed the memory card.
Enoph: (smiles) I like you. You are very sharp and straightforward.
Jetar: If you have already accessed the file on it, then the memory card would have spoilt.
Enoph: (smiles again) Immediately I finished listening to the conversation, the memory card exploded. So, the memory card had a time-limit exploder, right?
Jetar: Maybe, so what do you want?
Enoph: I am just curious. By any means, is the person that the man you were talking with in the conversation referring to is, possibly Addin?
Jetar: (sighs heavily) The evidence is gone. Addin will never believe you, without evidence, you should know that.
Enoph: (laughs bitterly) I know, but I just can’t believe what I heard.
Jetar: Rubbish! (she cuts the call, and quickly calls another number) It’s me, sir!... No!... I am sorry, sir!... This medium has been discovered… No, not him, it’s Enoph… He won’t, he has no evidence… But, you will still have to take care of him… Yes, sir!... I will send another medium soon, sir… Yes, sir!... Okay, sir! (she sighs heavily and drops the call. She keeps the phone in her pocket and then heads back to the room).
Addin: (stands up from the system) Come and continue, you know I don’t feel like operating the system. I have been waiting for you.
Jetar: Okay. (she sits).
Addin: Let’s get started. (sighs).
Jetar: Okay. (she begins to operate the system, opening the files and reading the contents out loud). The Peagries is a terrorist organization formed by about four or five deadly figures. They stole a nuclear weapon being developed by Notis in 1993, and were the key cause of the 1994 cold black war. The cold black war was advised by Mr Cummings who was later realized to be the leader of the group. In case I am not alive to explain these in details, meet with Tunis, a reported son of Mr Cummings. He survived a supposed assassination on Mr Cumming’s family but was imprisoned since age of 6, till date. I am carrying out the investigation secretly with him in the prison, because he claimed his father was framed of all the allegations. National prison, Rhimpson, Jail no 107. (the content stops there).
Addin: (frustrated) I don’t think I understand all these.
Jetar: (also confused) Me too.
Addin: But how do we meet with that Tunis?
Jetar: I am also really confused. I don’t know how we can meet with him.
Addin: (sighs heavily, and bangs his buttocks on a chair) I am totally confused. He should have written how he contacts him. He should have told us, so we won’t be having any difficulties.
* * * * *
(somewhere else)
Enoph: (to Reas) Have you planned it?
Reas: Yes, sir! Just as you requested. (Lontor enters).
Lontor: (to Enoph) This is the photo, sir! (hands over a photo to Enoph).
Enoph: Good! (collects the photo) You are good, you did an accurate job.
Reas: We can easily use the photo to stop people from asking about Mr Dart’s death, and to get Addin into the police’s or SSU’s hands.
Enoph: Yeah! We can easily get rid of Addin once he is in the prison.
Reas: Yeah.
Enoph: (hands over the photo to Seman) Take this. Send it, and make sure it is broadcasted tomorrow morning.
Seman: (collects the photo) Yes, sir.
Re: Deadly Missions by SilverSpoonEnt: 8:54am On Jun 21, 2018
(Addin is lying down on a chair, somehow tired. While Jetar is busy drinking wine, and sitting down on another chair. Addin is about to sleep when the newscaster begins to cast news, right from the wall plasma tv-set in the room).
Newcaster: (continues) … I will like to read out the headlines. One, the government are set to inject innovative measures on the wasteful use of petroleum in the country. Two, foreign investors plan to create about 10 million job opportunities in Notis. Three, just as many have wanted, the assassin behind Mr Dart’s death may have been identified. (Jetar looks up amazingly, while Addin gets up surprisingly looking at the tv screen). Four, the unending competition between the Droid gang and Purow gang may continue soon. Five, investigation still continues on the assassination of Mr Lever.
Addin: Identify Mr Dart’s assassin? (smiles) What is happening? The assassin died in the explosion he was trying to lure me into.
Jetar: Let’s hear what they have.
Newcaster: (after several minutes of casting news) Just as many have wanted, the assassin behind Mr Dart’s death may have been identified (a photo is being shown on the screen. In the photo, Addin is seen at the entrance of Mr Dart’s house holding a gun, about to enter) The photo was sent to State Security Unit from an unknown source. The photo was taken five minutes before Mr Dart’s assassination. Came with the photo is the name of the assassin, which is reportedly Addin. Where he resides is still unknown to the unit but investigation still continues on him. Arrest warrant has been issued on the assassin, and he is to be brought in for investigation after arrest. We are hereby urging the public, that if the suspect is being seen, he should be reported immediately to any nearby police station.
Also the unending… (Jetar switches off the tv set).
Man: We were at the entrance of his house. Suddenly we heard a very loud gunshot. We don’t know where the gunshot came from, but we could hear Mr Dart groaning from the inside of his house. Isn’t that absurd? You can see people running away. I urge you too, to run away. Okay? (he flees).
Addin: I am in trouble. (he is shocked, as he zooms off to Mr Dart’s house. There are even more people here running helter and skelter. ADDIN PICKS UP HIS GUN AND ENTERS THE BUILDING. Jetar and Enoph come out of the car but do not enter the building with him. Addin meets Mary crying heavily, and the dead body of Mr Dart on the floor. Immediately he enters, Mary angrily drags him by his cloth)
Jetar: The photograph was taken when we got to Mr Dart’s house that day.
Addin: I know. This is an opportunity for me to meet with that Tunis. (a video chat alert comes up from one of the system in the screen).
Jetar: (accepts the video chat request) It’s Mary.
Mary: (on the screen) Did you watch the news?
Addin: Yeah, we did.
Mary: So, what should I do?
Addin: Nothing. I need to go to prison to meet with someone. They just gave me an opportunity.
Mary: Are you saying I should do nothing?
Addin: Of course, there is something you have to do. I will send all what you are supposed to do to you. Also, where and when you should, will be there.
Mary: Okay! I will be waiting.
Addin: Thanks.
Jetar: Yeah! (the video chat is being quitted).
Addin: We have to start the operation today.
Jetar: (surprised) Today?
Addin: Yeah! Right away. I will put your script on the table in the next, (looks at his watch) ten minutes.
Jetar: Okay! (Addin opens a door to another room, and enters).
* * * * *
(Addin is already at Rhimpson. He heads straight to the National Prison. He drives in through the gate, and then comes out of the car).
Addin: I will like to see the chief warder. (to one of the warders. All the warders burst into laughter, as they find what he said funny).
Warder 1: (still laughing) Do you think it’s that easy to see him?
Warder 2: (also laughing) Maybe he has some magic on him.
Addin: (chuckles and brings out a gun. He shoots the gun into the air, and then shouts) Let me see your boss. (all the warders get scared. In less than a minute, policemen begin to come from different directions aiming their guns at him. He drops his gun on the floor. Some of the policemen rush to his side. Some are checking his body for possible ammunitions, while one of them cuffs his hands. ‘Stupid policemen, they are cuffing my hands as if shooting to the air is a great offence’, he thought. They drag him to a man who is a superior to them, but not the chief warder).
Mr Spread: (looking at Addin, while talking to the policemen) What is happening?
Warder 2: Sir, this man shoots a gun into the air claiming he wants to see Mr Geageh.
Mr Spread: (to Addin) Why do you want to see him?
Addin: It seems you are a superior here, so I can say this to you. I want you to arrest the prime suspect in Mr Dart’s death.
Mr Spread: And where is he?
Addin: I am, Addin. (all the people there are surprised and scared).
Mr Spread: (shocked) Are you really saying the truth?
Addin: Maybe.
Mr Spread: (he quickly opens his drawer, and brings out a photo. He looks at the picture carefully, and also looks at Addin) Oh my God! He is really the one. He is even wearing the cloth he wore in this photo.
Warder 1: (shocked) This is funny.
Mr Spread: So, why are you getting yourself arrested willingly?
Addin: Because I want to prove my innocence.
Mr Spread: (smiles) You are quite funny. Prove your innocence? I doubt if that is possible. Anyway, why did you come here, not a police station? Do you possibly have other motives?
Addin: (surprised) It’s because this place is near to where I stay.
Mr Spread: I see. (to the policemen) Take him away.
Police men: Yes, sir! (they take him away).
Mr Spread: Inform all the security units searching for him, that we’ve gotten him. (to Warder 1).
Warder 1: Yes, sir! (he leaves).
Mr Spread: (to Warder 2) Prepare all his documents and get him ready for transfer. We are transferring him from here to any nearby police station.
Warder 2: Yes, sir!
* * * * *
(The same day. Jetar can be seen in a restaurant, drinking wine in a glass cup. She wears an open cloth that barely covers her breasts. The cloth is very transparent that it reveals her brassiere. That also barely covers her breasts. Her micro-skirt ends just in the middle of her waist and her knees. She is sitting, crossing her legs and sipping in the drink she is talking. She is glancing at a particular man seductively. One could easily notice that she is totally on the man. After much glancing, the man realizes that she is actually seducing him).
Mr Geageh: (to one of his guards) Tell that girl over there, to come here. (pointing to Jetar).
Guard: Yes, sir! (he goes to meet Jetar and whispers something into her ears).
Jetar: (after hearing what she was told) Okay! (she looks at the man, and their eyes collide seductively. She sexily stands up, and walks to where the man is sitting).
Mr Geageh: Hey, beauty, have your seat.
Jetar: (sexily speaking) Can I sit on your laps?
Mr Geageh: (smiles happily) On my laps? (Jetar nods affirmatively) Yeah, go on!
Jetar: Thanks. (she gently sits on his laps).
Mr Geageh: (smiling) You are welcome. What would you like to drink?
Jetar: Any drink.
Mr Geageh: Any drink? (signals to the barman to come, when he comes) Please, serve this beauty any expensive drink.
Barman: Okay! (he leaves and comes back with a bottle of wine. He pours little of the content in a new glass cup and leaves it on the table. He then leaves).
Jetar: Thank you. (as she takes the cup, and takes a sip of the drink).
Mr Geageh: You are welcome.
Jetar: (holds him by his tie) You are cute.
Mr Geageh: Really?
Jetar: Yeah!
Mr Geageh: Can I take you home tonight, for fun? (winks).
Jetar: (holds her head as if she is having headache) Sure, but that will be later. The thought of my younger brother is still bothering me.
Mr Geageh: (curious) What’s with your younger brother?
Jetar: He is being falsely charged with murder, and there are people out there targeting his life.
Mr Geageh: That’s easy. Do you need men to protect him?
Jetar: Not that. He is already at the national prison. He surrendered himself today.
Mr Geageh: (racks his brain) Are you talking about that Mr Dart’s murder prime suspect?
Jetar: (looks sad) Yeah! Addin.
Mr Geageh: (looks at her dangerously) He is not falsely charged, he actually murdered Mr Dart.
Jetar: (still sober) He will really prove his innocence. I just need you to do something for me.
Mr Geageh: What’s that?
Jetar: He is likely to be transferred to a police station. Can you please, make him stay at the national prison for security purpose?
Mr Geageh: I don’t think that’s possible.
Jetar: (rubs his cheeks sexily) Please, now.
Mr Geageh: (enjoying this as he begins to smile) Heh! Just for him to stay at the national prison?
Jetar: Yes, now.
Mr Geageh: No problem! (he picks up his phone, dials a number and puts it on his ear) It’s me… That boy, Mr Dart’s murder prime suspect, is he still in the prison?... It’s me… That boy, Mr Dart’s murder prime suspect, is he still in the prison?... You are already taking him to SSU?... Okay, just stop and take him back… (shouts) I said you should stop, and take him back… So what? Let him call me… It’s okay. (he drops his phone and then faces Jetar) That’s all, it’s done.
Jetar: (smiles happily) Thank you. (Mr Geageh’s phone rings)
Mr Geageh: (picks it up) Hello, who is this?
Mr Cylin: It’s the director of SSU. Is it true that you just halted the transfer of the murder suspect?
Mr Geageh: Yes, I did.
Mr Cylin: What sort of rubbish is that? You know that he should be interrogated at SSU.
Mr Geageh: Will you shut up? A national suspect should be at national prison. If you want to interrogate him, you should come to us.
Mr Cylin: But you have to… (the call is being cut).
Mr Geageh: (drops the phone on the table) Rubbish. Do they want to be controlling me or what? (his phone rings again, and he picks it up) Who is this? (angrily).
Mr Luto: It’s the director of CIS. If you don’t want trouble, kindly transfer the suspect to either CIS or SSU.
Mr Geageh: Why?
Mr Luto: Because the national prison is not where a suspect that hasn’t been sentenced should be.
Mr Geageh: (smiles) Oh, I get you. You want to take credit of arresting him, right? My men arrested him, he is going to stay at the prison, and I am surely going to take the credit.
Mr Luto: This may lead to bloodshed if you insist. I really can’t guarantee your life, I am not kidding.
Mr Geageh: (angrily) Me? Are you bringing up a duel or what? (nods his head) We shall see! (he cuts the call).
Jetar: (happily) Oh, thanks, baby.
Mr Geageh: (still somehow angry) Even if you didn’t persuade me, with the way they are bringing up the matter, I will surely not release the boy for them.
Jetar: I am very grateful. (pecks him).
Mr Geageh: (smiles) Oh! So now, can I take you home?
Jetar: (turns her face sober) The thought of him has really made me sick. I just want to rest tonight. (she brings out a paper, with numbers on it) This is my number, call me tomorrow night.
Mr Geageh: (somehow sad) But…
Jetar: (holds his lips) Tomorrow night, baby. (she pecks him, stands up and leaves).
Mr Geageh: (smiling happily) Oh my God! Sexy girl! Anyway, it’s tomorrow night. (smiling).
* * * * *
(somewhere else)
(Mr Luto, Mr Cylin, Enoph and Reas are inside a room, sitting down. There’s another man in the room, kneeling down helplessly. One could notice he is bleeding).
Mr Cylin: (frustrated) He said he won’t change his decision.
Enoph: But we can get Mr Stunt to order him to.
Mr Luto: (also frustrated) I have been trying to get through to him, but his line is off.
Enoph: This is really frustrating. (to the man kneeling down) Are you really ready to talk?
Mr Verre: (kneeling) Yes.
Enoph: So, why does he call you?
Mr Verre: He is just using my phone to communicate with a particular prisoner.
Enoph: (surprised) Communicate with a prisoner? Which prisoner is that?
Mr Verre: (stammers) Tu..nis… Tunis!
Mr Cylin: (shocked) Tunis?
(Stunt quickly walks to where Nidda is).
Stunt: I think one of the children is not in there.
Nidda: (chuckles) So, why are you telling me?
Stunt: I just think you may have something to do with it (Cylin walks up to the place).
Cylin: (to Nidda) What were you taking away the other time?
Nidda: (blinks eyes) It’s nothing.
Cylin: Are you sure?
Nidda: Yes!
- - - - - - -
(still in flashback)
(five of them in a room)
Cylin: Nidda, I am sure this is your doing. You caused it.
Nidda: You can think whatever you feel like.
Nonk: (confused) That’s not the problem now. If that drawing should be investigated, then we will really in trouble.
Stunt: We can easily simply accuse the boy, also of treason, and send him to jail. If we should kill him, they would have known that some people are trying to cover their deeds. It may cause them to investigate the drawing.
Nonk: Yeah! Make the call now.
- - - - - - -
(still in flashback)
Judge: He is a son of a terrorist. He may be too young but that doesn’t leave out the fact of whom he is. There will be no further investigation on the drawing. We will take it as an exhibit made by a young boy, who was under shock of loosing his family. This is my judgment. In contrary to having the boy executed, I am sentencing him to life imprisonment.
Mr Cylin: Isn’t that the boy Nidda saved?
Mr Luto: (confused) Which boy?
Mr Cylin: Mr Cummings’ son that Nidda saved. Tunis, the boy that we sent to life imprisonment.
Mr Luto: (realizing this) Oh! That boy with the drawing? How come Mr Lever is contacting him?
Mr Cylin: He must have been investigating the matter with the boy secretly. If the boy can still re-draw what he drew back then, then they may really have clues about us.
Mr Luto: (confused) This is really frustrating. The fact that Addin went straight to the national prison, makes it clear that he went there to meet with the boy. Planned by Mr Lever.
Enoph: What should we do?
Mr Cylin: It seems the boy has really spent a lot on this earth. You have to execute him before he leaks any information to Addin.
Mr Luto: The national prison is not somewhere we can easily infiltrate.
Enoph: (to Mr Verre) Kill Tunis and Addin.
Mr Verre: Do you promise not to kill them if I help you kill the two?
Enoph: I will release them immediately the two are dead. But if you fail, I will kill the girl first.
Mr Verre: (shocked) Please, don’t, I will surely kill them both.


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Re: Deadly Missions by SilverSpoonEnt: 8:58am On Jun 21, 2018
at least, 20 comments to continue part 3 in the evening... thanks in advance
Re: Deadly Missions by francis6611(m): 9:30am On Jun 21, 2018
fantastic and tantalizing deadly mission
Re: Deadly Missions by Samrat01(m): 9:57am On Jun 21, 2018
@silverspoonent what kind of deadly mission is this oooo, cos I'm nervous as if I'm addin
Anyways good job
Re: Deadly Missions by Hunts(m): 11:37am On Jun 21, 2018
Re: Deadly Missions by SilverSpoonEnt: 11:51am On Jun 21, 2018
3...17 to go...

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