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Re: Deadly Missions by SilverSpoonEnt: 5:22pm On Jun 22, 2018
for you guys...
Re: Deadly Missions by SilverSpoonEnt: 5:22pm On Jun 22, 2018
Jeon: (pointing to the room) He is in there.
Mr Cummings: Okay. (he enters the room and sees the President) Your man said you need to talk to me secretly. What’s that about, sir?
Mr Sameh: Have your seat.
Mr Cummings: Yes, sir! (he sits down)
Mr Sameh: I have to discuss something very important with you.
Mr Cummings: (curious) What’s that, sir?
Mr Sameh: Based on the nuclear device crisis, what do you think we should do?
Mr Cummings: (confused) I really don’t know, sir.
Mr Sameh: (takes a sip of his drink) I think we should introduce the cold black war.
Mr Cummings: (shocked, as he coughs out) Cold black war?
Mr Sameh: Yes, that’s the only thing we can do for now.
Mr Cummings: (confused) But why don’t you just bring up the idea yourself at the conference meeting tomorrow?
Mr Sameh: (smiles) Before you became the Vice director of SSU, I promised you that you will always have my support. This is one of my promises to you. If you introduce the cold black war idea, and succeeded in carrying out, don’t you know that you will be highly respected? You may even be voted as the new Luckfort’s governor.
Mr Cummings: (convinced, nodding his head affirmatively) Maybe you are right. Maybe the cold black war is the necessary call to our crisis.
Mr Sameh: (happily) But there’s one more thing. You must not tell anybody about know that I gave you the idea.
Mr Cummings: Why?
Mr Sameh: They will believe I am giving you preferential treatment by giving you such an idea.
- - - - -
(still in flashback)
(The conference meeting. All the important figures are inside the room. The meeting has already started, and it is Mr Cummings’ turn to bring up an idea).
Dunlop: Mr Cummings, sir, do you have any idea?
Mr Cummings: (sighs heavily) I think the cold black war is what we have to implement. (all the people in the room are shocked to hear this, as they look at him with amazement).
Mr Bile: (surprised) Which cold black war are you talking about?
Mr Cummings: The cold black war as jokingly written by Author Mr Green in his book, “New Universe Revolution”.
Mr Rock: (still surprised) In the book, Mr Green joked that cold black war means selling a state or country, in time of crisis, to purchase a better state or country.
Mr Cummings: Exactly. This Peagries just claimed that they will detonate the nuclear device in few months. I think the cold black war is what we have to implement. If the nuclear device should be detonated in Luckfort, the state will just be gone. Since it is not the middle of the country, but just the biggest in the country, the nuclear device will take out only the state and some small nearby states like Fimey, Shelley and Mondalon. We have to sell these states, so if the bomb should be detonated, we won’t loose anything. Once the bomb is used once, it is gone. With the large amount of money we would realize from selling the states, we can create or buy another greater state.
Mr Weel: (sighs) But how do we sell a state?
Mr Cummings: (smiles) What are you talking about again? Luckfort has numerous source of income. Many refineries, big and expensive machines, best and most expensive arms and ammunitions, most revised technologies and so on. If everything sellable in Luckfort and those small states are sold, we will be making upto $600 billion by calculations. We will also request another large amount of money from the federal government. With this amount of money, we can renovate the bombed Luckfort to make a better state. What do you people think?
Mr Lever: (stands up angrily) This has never been done anywhere before. Why do we have to do something that’s never been done before, and moreover, very dangerous. We have to overrule this idea.
Mr Cummings: And do you have any other idea?
Mr Lever: We have to think of a better idea, and dump this meaningless one.
Mr Cummings: (teases him) Are you scared that I will be above you, if this plan succeeds?
Mr Lever: (sits down angrily) What? Of course, I am scared. But not because of you getting above me, but because of the fate of the state if your idea should fail.
Mr Dimen: (interrupts) I am also in support of Mr Lever. Cold black war is not something that should be implemented. It was even just joked by Mr Green. I don’t think the idea makes any sense.
Mr Cade: I think I am going to support Mr Cummings. If what he said is true, we can sell Luckfort secretly without the Peagries knowing about it. If they blow the state as they promised, we can create a new and better state.
Mr Bile: I also accept the idea. I think Mr Lever opposes the idea because he envies Mr Cummings. But truly, I think we should be the first country to start the cold black war. It just has to start from somewhere, and it won’t be bad thing if we are a model.
Mr Weel: I am also in support of the idea. It may be risky, so we have to carry it out with all our might.
Mr Sameh: (looks at Mr Cummings) This idea, did you just think of it yourself, or did someone told you about it?
Mr Cummings: (shocked as he looks at him) I thought about it myself, sir.
Mr Sameh: Okay. This is my order. We will go with your idea. But you are going to be the one to head the mission – the cold black war. And you, Mr Lever, you have to be the one to help all Luckfortians evacuate the state safely. Other should help Mr Cummings in this mission.
Everybody: Yes, Mr President.
Tunis: Later, the President secretly found a buyer of arms and ammunitions for my father. He told him the buyer is a private buyer from Clish.
(Mr Cummings is sitting, while Nidda is just sitting opposite him, with a table behind them. They are in suits, so also are the two bodyguards standing behind each).
Nidda: How much are you putting up the commodities for sale?
Mr Cummings: (after some seconds) We have the best arms and ammunitions, both in term of quantities and qualities. $250 billion will be okay for that. And for the technologies that you just need to develop, we will be talking about $150 billion here.
Nidda: (smiles at him) I will be paying you $200 billion for all plus a benefit.
Mr Cummings: (surprised) That’s too small for both, and moreover what’s the benefit you are talking about?
Nidda: I heard that you are selling these things on a cold black war (Mr Cummings is a little bit surprised) The benefit is that once you are ready to acquire another sets of these things, you will pay a little more amount of money, and I will return them to you.
Mr Cummings: (shocked) Are you being sincere?
Nidda: Yeah! You will pay $250 billion, and you will have them back. I am doing this on business.
Mr Cummings: (smiles happily) This is really wonderful. (frowns a little bit) But I heard you are from Clish. Is it that Clish wants to use these to instigate a war on us?
Nidda: (smiles) Your men have checked my business licenses. I am just a private buyer. That will never happen.
Mr Cummings: (smiles) That’s good (he brings out a document) This is the deal document. Signature is what…
Tunis: But in my investigations, I realized that this woman was even a member of The Peagries. And the money used in paying for the deal was stolen from the government’s account secretly. Later, everything was set. $949.11 billion was made from the selling of Luckfort. Actually $549.11 billion was made, but the government also added $400 billion from its account. Everybody was waiting for The Peagries to detonate the bomb. But something unexpected happened. The Peagries attacked our house instead.
Re: Deadly Missions by JULI3BAE: 5:52pm On Jun 22, 2018
tnks for the updates,waiting for more more wisdom to u wink
Re: Deadly Missions by Favyo(f): 6:46pm On Jun 22, 2018
Hands on my waist angry
Silver, mbok, warizdis?
Re: Deadly Missions by SilverSpoonEnt: 6:53pm On Jun 22, 2018
Hands on my waist angry Silver, mbok, warizdis?
lol... kilo sele na?
Re: Deadly Missions by SilverSpoonEnt: 7:23pm On Jun 22, 2018
Hands on my waist angry Silver, mbok, warizdis?
I've mentioned you right from the start now, but you no turn up till now...
abi wetin i do...
Re: Deadly Missions by SilverSpoonEnt: 9:17pm On Jun 22, 2018
(From the rears, The five peagries enter Mr Cummings apartment silently. They are in total black covering their faces, using headbands with their logo on it. Their logo is a skeleton with Letter ‘P’ beneath it. Nidda uses her hand to make some signals to others without talking. Understanding the order, they all split into different directions. Using silencer on a pistol, Nidda is able to take out three securities simultaneously. She begins to shoot all the securities coming her way).
Head of Security: (in a very loud voice) W are under attack. Be at… (he is being shot down by Nonk. Nonk continues to shoot at all the securities beside them.
Stunt and Cylin are on the same side. They aren’t even wasting time in taking out the securities at all. They know they must not waste any time.
Luto sits down somewhere putting laptop on his lap and talking through comm.)
Luto: P2 on east, west is covered. P3 on north, and P5 should be in south. P1, clear the way, three enemies and continue with operation.
The Peagries: Copied! (all the other three split into their respective points. Nidda shoots down the three enemies on her way, to a staircase. She throws away her gun, and continues to move up. A security comes to her. She gives him a blow on his nose, and he dies instantly. She continues to move up, as two enemies come to her. With her respective hands, she gives them a blow each, in their stomach and throws them down the staircase. A security is coming to her with great force. As he gets to her, she slightly steps away from where she is, and uses her leg to kick the security’s leg. He falls down the step immediately. She gives another security and elbow attack and he dies instantly).
Nonk: Done!
Stunt: Done!
Cylin: Done!
Nidda: Cleared. First floor (almost all the securities have been cleared. All other Peagries meet Nidda at the first floor. They continue to move inside, beating off all the remaining securities, coming their way. They all get into a flat in the building. In the sitting room, there are Mr Cummings’ wife and children hiding behind chairs. Nonk shoots down the wife, while Cylin shoots a child down. Nidda enters a room and comes out seconds later with a parcel in her hand. She wants to take the parcel outside when Cylin asks her to stop).
Cylin: (to Nidda) Stop!
Nidda: (stops immediately) What’s the problem?
Cylin: What’s in there?
Nidda: C4.
Cylin: Okay! (he continues to look for the remaining children while Nidda quickly leaves the room. They are able to kill two more children, and are looking for the fourth, but not able to find him. Later, Nidda joins them).
Nidda: Let’s go to the room, we have things to do. (Stunt quickly walks to where Nidda is).
Stunt: I think one of the children is not in there.
Nidda: (chuckles) So, why are you telling me?
Stunt: I just think you may have something to do with it. (Cylin walks up to the place).
Cylin: (to Nidda) What were you taking away the other time?
Nidda: (blinks eyes) It’s nothing.
Cylin: Are you sure?
Nidda: Yes!
Cylin: Oh! But you said it was C4.
Nidda: Aarrghh! Yeah, it’s C4. I used it in breaking a door where some securities were hiding.
Stunt: (not convinced) I don’t think I believe you.
Nidda: (chuckles) Let’s continue with the mission. That’s an order. (they continue to walk, until they reach a room).
Lawn: (to Mr Cummings) Sir, what do we do?
Mr Cummings: Go and find a … (he stops talking when Nidda grabs Lawn on his neck, and throws him on the floor. He is still alive though. Nidda points her gun to Mr Cummings).
Nidda: Cooperate with us, and there won’t be any problem.
Mr Cummings: (he is not even trembling. He sums up his courage to talk with them) What do you people want?
Nidda: (smiles) I like people like you. (she shoots Lawn and he dies instantly. This makes Mr Cummings a little bit scared. She brings out a laptop and presses some keys on it. A dialogue box is being shown, asking for accessing thumbprint. The laptop is a screen-touch device) Just your thumbprint.
Mr Cummings: (reads the content of the file inwardly, and becomes extremely scared) You want me to wire all the money from the cold black war to another account, please tell me you are joking.
Nidda: (cocks her gun and points it to his head) Maybe I am not joking.
Mr Cummings: (smiles bitterly with no fear in his voice) You will have to cut off my thumb before you can do the thumbprint.
Nidda: (smiles) Oh! What an advice! (she brings out a very sharp knife from her pocket. Once, she cuts out Mr Cummings thumb down. Mr Cummings groan in much pain).
Mr Cummings: (in great pain) What… have you done?
Nidda: I cut off your thumb just as you advised me. (she takes the thumb and uses it to do the thumbprint. The access is granted. She smiles) Mission complete and successful.
Peagries: Good job. (they all smile happily. They tie Mr Cummings to his chair tightly and leave).
Tunis: A lady out of those people kept me in a box and put me in a safe place. But my mother and siblings were all killed.
Addin: But you and your father were not killed. Why?
Tunis: I don’t know why I wasn’t. Maybe it’s because I was the youngest, I was just 6 then. But for my father, they wanted to frame him of the crimes, so that the case wouldn’t be investigated further. The Peagries released the recording of them stealing the nuclear device just after the attack on us.
(Lawyer Nair and another person go to visit Mr Cummings at the hospital).
Mr Cummings: (shocked) They are accusing me? Of what?
Nair: Following the President’s order, some computer experts have been able to retrieve the CCTV data of how Eldion house was infiltrated. The culprits mentioned your name as being their leader.
Re: Deadly Missions by Favyo(f): 9:48pm On Jun 22, 2018
U invoked me and I didn't feel it keh, why ni?
Kwontinue the good work ejoor! U are just too good. More grace! grin cheesy tongue
Re: Deadly Missions by SilverSpoonEnt: 10:30pm On Jun 22, 2018
Mr Cummings: (surprised) Me? Their leader? I can’t ever be involved in something of such.
Nair: I know. But they are even saying you were the one that asked assassins to attack you and your family, in order to cover up your deeds.
Mr Cummings: (shocked) How will I ask assassins to kill my family?
Nair: They think you can do such, considering the amount of money involved. They think you know the whereabout of the money, and will want you to find it for them. There’s no other clue about the money, except your involvement.
Mr Cummings: (scared) But what do we do?
Nair: (points to Mr Bile) He is ready to stand for you in court.
Mr Bile: I have perfect records about you. You’ve never embezzled nor laundered money before. You were always content with your salary. You always refuse bonuses to avoid corruption. There are also numerous good deeds of yours in documents. How can someone like that do such a thing? I will make sure I let them investigate the matter further.
Nair: And also the doctor. (he presses a button beside him, and the medical doctor, Mr Driven enters after some seconds).
Mr Driven: You had a typical kind of shock during the period of the execution of your family. With my knowledge, this shock only occurs if something unexpected happens to the victim. If you actually sent the assassin, you wouldn’t be so surprised, and you shouldn’t have had such a shock. (holding some medical documents of his claims) Also, I have some other proofs that will help you in court.
- - - - -
(still in flashback)
(somewhere else)
Judge: (on call) I won’t be able to make those judgments without necessary proofs.
Caller: (face not shown) Don’t worry, there will be.
- - - - -
(In court. The judge in front, the lawyers and bailiff are in their normal position. Mr Cummings who hasn’t fully recovered, in the four-corner, half-human size box and people are sitting at the usual position. They have already started the case).
Lawyer Nair: I will like to call out my first witness in person of Mr Bile.
Bailiff: Mr Bile should please, step up. (Mr Bile moves the second box beside the one Mr Cummings is).
Lawyer Nair: Mr Bile, what do you have to say about the case at hand?
Mr Bile: For me, Mr Cummings is not a kind of person that can do such a thing… (he is being interrupted).
Lawyer Rime: (the opposing lawyer, interrupts him) Objection, My Lord.
Judge: Objection overruled. (Lawyer Rime sits down).
Mr Bile: As I was saying, Mr Cummings is not a kind of person that can do such a thing, but it seems he is responsible for this.
Mr Cummings: (shocked) What? (looks at Mr Bile surprisingly).
Mr Bile: I and Mr Cummings are best of friends. We were at a club having that day when he told me that something big is going to happen. He told me he may loose his family but the sacrifice will be worth it. I thought he was joking, but I decided to wiretap his phone because I begin to suspect him for what he said. I later discovered that he calls an untappable unknown number at nights only. Their conversations are always frustrating and I don’t usually understand them as they talk in code languages. What he said last in the conversation was “Attack from arrears, S3514773331, C4, W1”. But I don’t understand the code. This is the file of all their conversations. (brings out a file).
Lawyer Rime: (he collects the file) The code may hold an important message. The first of all the three may mean something, and the figures may mean the numbers of the thing. S, S, S, may mean security and the sum of the numbers here on S is 37. C may mean, maybe children which is 4 here. W may mean wife, which is 1 here. (to Mr Cummings) Do you have 37 security men, 4 children, and 1 wife?
Mr Cummings: (confused) I don’t even know about the conversation. I don’t know about everything he’s saying. They are all lies.
Lawyer Rime: Just answer the question. Do you have 37 security men, 4 children, and a wife?
Mr Cummings: Yes! (all the people in the court are surprised and they begin to murmur).
Lawyer Rime: (smiles. Mr Bile) You can go and have your seat. (to Lawyer Nair) Do you have any other witness?
Lawyer Nair: (so confused) Yes! Doctor Driven. (to the already seated Mr Bile) But this wasn’t what you told me earlier.
Mr Bile: I am just saying the truth.
Bailiff: Doctor Driven, should please, step up. (Doctor Driven enters the box).
Lawyer Nair: (to Doctor Driven) What do you have to say on this case?
Doctor Driven: I don’t think I have much to day. Firstly, the strangest thing there is just that an entirely different bullet was used in shooting Mr Cummings’ personal assistant, Lawn. The bullet matches those from Mr Cummings’ personal gun. Fingerprints test made on the gun, but only Mr Cumming’s fingerprints were found on it (all the people in the court raises the loudness of the murmurs) Also, the knife that was used in cutting off Mr Cummings’ thumb was discovered at the scene. The knife only has Mr Cummings’ fingerprints. I am not sure, but I think Mr Cummings cut off his own thumb, maybe to cover his deeds.(all the people are even more surprised).
Lawyer Nair: (shocked) What of the shock you mentioned before?
Doctor Driven: (acting surprised) Shock? I have mentioned about any shock to you.
Lawyer Nair: (shocked) But this wasn’t what you told me earlier.
Doctor Driven: I don’t know what you are talking about, I am only saying what I confirmed.
(after some minutes)
Judge: This is my judgment. Mr Cummings should be tortured until he confesses about The Peagries, the nuclear device, and the huge amount of money in sum of $949 billion. Since it is glaring that he knows about all these things but he is trying to cover them up, the tortures should be so hard that will make him confess forcefully.
Tunis: That was how my father died from the torturing. I think the judgment was even decided on purpose to get my father eliminated.
Re: Deadly Missions by SilverSpoonEnt: 6:51am On Jun 23, 2018
Addin: (chuckles sadly) But how did you get into prison, since that time?
Tunis: (smiles) Because of this drawing (as he brings out a drawing. In the drawing is The Peagries’ logo).
Addin: (surprised) The Peagries’ logo?
Tunis: Yes. I was able to see this logo on the head-band of the woman that saved me. I was so young but I was good at drawing. My mother used to supply me with drawing and painting materials then as toys to play with. I took drawing as play, and it becomes a part of me. With my knowledge in drawing, I was able to draw this logo. I gave the logo drawing to Lawyer Nair, telling him that the bearer saved me, when he asked me how I was saved. But some things led to others, and I found myself in prison since then.
Addin: (sad) But what about the Peagries’ organization?
Tunis: In my investigations, I discovered that Mr Sameh, the president then, appointed about 50-60 individuals to some high positions in Notis. The five peagries were secretly among these people. He secretly appointed the very much people, to hide these five, and so that people won’t suspect him. His main aim is to put the Peagries in control of Notis, so that there won’t be any further investigation on the case. If the case wants to be investigated further, these unidentified people will just obstruct it. The arms and ammunitions that were gotten from Luckfort then, are now being used by the organization. After the mission, the five peagries created a top assassination organization and named it after them. The Peagries’ Organization is the best assassination organization in Notis. Their operations are always done secretly and perfectly. They have never failed before. Outsiders that know about the Peagries in this world are not up to five. Once you know anything about The Peagries, you will immediately be on their death list.
Addin: (sighs) Hmmm!
Tunis: But I was surprised when Mary told me that you are always able to escape The Peagries’ attacks. It mustn’t have been easy, so you must really be an expert. Not even just an expert, an intelligent expert at that.
Addin: (surprised) How do you know about Mary?
Tunis: (smiles) Don’t you know? We were three investigating the Peagries, - I, Mr Lever and Mr Dart.
Addin: But both Mr Dart and Mary have never mentioned anything about you.
Tunis: (smiles) Yeah! They can’t. As for Mr Dart, he claimed on TV back then, that he knew about all the mysteries behind your parents’ death.
Addin: He used that as bait for the Peagries to attack him, so that I will be able to investigate it.
Tunis: (smiles again) It seems you don’t know much. Let me open up some more secrets to you. Even before he sacrificed his life, he had already known about The Peagries. (Addin is surprised). Then, we three didn’t have much clues about the Peagries. Just as he claimed, Mr Dart really knows about your parent’s death.
Addin: (surprised) Isn’t it by the Peagries?
Tunis: It was by the Peagries. But even more than the Peagries, there are still some unknown mysteries in your parent’s death.
Addin: (confused) What’s that?
Tunis: (nods head in disagreement) That, I don’t know. Mr Dart took what he knew into his grave. He just told me that there are still mysteries behind your parent’s death, but he didn’t tell me the mysteries. He told me that by his death, he will be able to atone for not telling you the mysteries because he couldn’t. He wanted us to use his death to reveal The Peagries’ identity and bring them down.
Addin: (confused) I am really confused right now.
Tunis: Don’t be. And as for Mary, before Mr Dart’s death, he told me his work in the investigation will be continued by Mary.
Addin: (still confused) But why didn’t Mary tell me about these?
Tunis: Mary said she is in another deep investigation apart from The Peagries’ investigation. She doesn’t want to investigate about the Peagries with you people, but I don’t know the reason. Also, take note of this. Don’t ever talk about The Peagries to Mary at all.
Addin: Why?
Tunis: That’s what she requested of me. She said I should tell you not to talk about The Peagries with her, because it may obstruct her secret organization.
* * * * *
(somewhere else)
(Enoph barges in angrily)
Enoph: What did you say? (angrily)
Seman: The cameras in the cell have been destroyed beforehand. The close circuits were hacked and blocked. A repetition video was just played since morning, that I thought there had been no activity inside the jail, and no action from Addin. But I am now able to hack the circuits back just now. A policeman entered the cell some minutes ago.
Enoph: (surprised) Oh! That’s Addin. (to Reas) Call Mr Verre immediately.
Reas: Okay. (he makes a call through his phone) Start immediately!
* * * * *
(back in the cell)
Tunis: And lastly, take this (he hands over a picture to Addin. In the picture, there are five children holding one another. There is a girl of about 10years old in the middle. Their mean age is around 12years old) That’s the only lead I have on the Peagries. This picture was taken 46 years ago. Those are the five peagries, when they were still young.
Addin: (shocked, as he stares at the picture) My mother has exactly this picture in the record of her past works.
Tunis: (surprised) Maybe you are mistaken.
Addin: (confused) No, I am not.
Addin: …maybe my mother didn’t leave the original book. (as he wants to close the book, he sees the exact picture in a glance. He then closes the book and puts it in a bag).
Tunis: (confused) Are you sure?
Addin: Yeah! And also, names were written at the bottom of each of those in the picture.
Tunis: (shocked) What are the names?
Addin: (confused) It was just a glance, so I wasn’t able to read the names. But once I get home, I will look for it, and check the names.
Tunis: (confused) I am surprised at what you are saying as I still can’t believe it. But if you check the picture, and you confirm that it’s the same, kindly get back to me and tell me those names.
Addin: Yeah, I will.
Tunis: Read out what was written at the back of the picture.
Addin: (turns the picture around) Off to Clise, Clish? Off to Clish.
Tunis: Yeah! Off to Clish! It seems these five were selected by Mr Sameh to go to Clish then, and then come back later.
Addin: So, they must had gone to Clish for some special training or sort.
Tunis: Exactly.
Addin: Yeah! (he keeps the picture in his pocket).
Tunis: I lied to you earlier. The mysteries that I said Mr Dart didn’t tell me, he actually told me but he said I shouldn’t tell anyone.
Addin: (curious) Please, tell me.
Tunis: I shouldn’t tell you but I will, so it will ease your own investigations. Mr Dart was the one that… (a gas is being sprayed into the cell. The gas gets to Addin and Tunis. Since Addin has a handkerchief covering his nose and mouth, the gas doesn’t enter his nose. He quickly covers Tunis’s nose, but he is too late. Tunis has already inhaled the gas. Addin realizes this when Tunis starts to foam out from his mouth. Addin is somehow shocked, sad and confused).
Addin: (shocked) You can’t die, you can’t. (he knows that he is supposed to remove his handkerchief, to know the particular gas being sprayed, and how to treat it. But there are still remnants of the gas everywhere. With Tunis foaming immediately, the poisonous gas must be highly concentrated. He quickly runs out of the cell to alert other policemen about the gas in the cell but it is too late. Before he is discovered, he quickly leaves the prison during the pandemonium. A car is already waiting for him outside the gate. He takes it and leaves the national prison).
Re: Deadly Missions by Favyo(f): 8:06am On Jun 23, 2018
Awwwnn... Lord not now Tunis, pls, just come back!
Re: Deadly Missions by SilverSpoonEnt: 8:11am On Jun 23, 2018
Awwwnn... Lord not now Tunis, pls, just come back!

lol... everyone is expendable in this mission... the story is complete here with me... and i can tell you that I'm not so sure even Addin survived till the end... his survival:death is at 50:50... there are still so many things involved in the story that are beyond Addin himself... read on and enjoy...
Re: Deadly Missions by SilverSpoonEnt: 8:26am On Jun 23, 2018
(Addin and Mary can be seen in bed, romancing each other sexily. They are having so much of their fun for almost about half an hour. Suddenly, Jetar opens the door with force and is shocked with what she sees).
Jetar: (shocked) What the Bleep! (she angrily brings out her gun and shoots Addin. Addin dies immediately. She shoots Mary too, and then herself. She also dies immediately. Mary is also about to die as she shouts out of her bad nightmare).
Mary: (shouts out of her nightmare) Yeh! (her assistant, Fisher runs in).
Fisher: (to Mary) You had that nightmare again, right?
Mary: (sighs) Yeah, tonight’s is even worse.
Fisher: Do you still want to keep this secret?
Mary: I may be on the loosing side if I should reveal the secret to Addin now. Just let me wait for the right time.
Fisher: Okay, then!
Mary: Make sure you continue the investigation tomorrow.
Fisher: Yes, ma!

“The next day, newspaper headline”
The prime suspect of Mr Dart’s murder, killed a policeman and a prisoner yesterday, before escaping the prison during the ruckus. The Policeman has been recognized as Mr Verre, while the prisoner is in the person of Mr Cummings Tunis. Policemen are on the lookout for this bloody murderer.
Re: Deadly Missions by Favyo(f): 12:07pm On Jun 23, 2018
More grease to ur elbow, silver! Right behind u, plus other invisible ghosts... grin kiss
Re: Deadly Missions by SilverSpoonEnt: 12:29pm On Jun 23, 2018
will continue when my comments are complete jawe... till then
Re: Deadly Missions by oseriki9: 12:56pm On Jun 23, 2018
Nice story but there are room for improvements.
Re: Deadly Missions by Samrat01(m): 1:02pm On Jun 23, 2018
chai This mission is deadly indeed
Re: Deadly Missions by SilverSpoonEnt: 1:16pm On Jun 23, 2018
Nice story but there are room for improvements.

please note them... if it's typo and grammatical errors, then don't worry... i know myself... i just type without checking properly... i just want people to enjoy the storyline... when I'm done typing, that's when I'm gonna sit down and make necessary corrections in all my stories...

but if it's other areas, kindly note them...
Re: Deadly Missions by SilverSpoonEnt: 1:55pm On Jun 23, 2018
hand iz itching me to update, but i don't want to until i get my comments complete... 5 to go...
Re: Deadly Missions by oseriki9: 2:59pm On Jun 23, 2018

please note them... if it's typo and grammatical errors, then don't worry... i know myself... i just type without checking properly... i just want people to enjoy the storyline... when I'm done typing, that's when I'm gonna sit down and make necessary corrections in all my stories...

but if it's other areas, kindly note them...
Its mostly typos. The Nigerian english is showing small small grin
Re: Deadly Missions by oseriki9: 2:59pm On Jun 23, 2018
3 to go
Re: Deadly Missions by oseriki9: 2:59pm On Jun 23, 2018
2 to go
Re: Deadly Missions by SilverSpoonEnt: 3:10pm On Jun 23, 2018

Its mostly typos. The Nigerian english is showing small small grin

lol... i understand... don't worry about that as long as you enjoy the story... I'll make necessary corrections on the soft copy with me when i have the time... I'm very busy now, and just squeezing my time to type and upload... thanks anyway...

lol, it's still 5 to go oooo... and I'm sorry i won't update before getting them... if the story is truly interesting, i know I'll get even more than that... if not, gbam...
Re: Deadly Missions by dejiolaniyan(m): 3:19pm On Jun 23, 2018
Fantastic story,i got blown by the unending suspense....just have to come out from being a ghost reader to a commenter since i really nned to finish with this thriller.
Re: Deadly Missions by SilverSpoonEnt: 3:47pm On Jun 23, 2018
Fantastic story,i got blown by the unending suspense....just have to come out from being a ghost reader to a commenter since i really nned to finish with this thriller.

thanks for that... one update just for that...
Re: Deadly Missions by SilverSpoonEnt: 3:47pm On Jun 23, 2018
(Addin and Jetar are on the system, just as the video chat request comes on).
Addin: (accepts the request) Mary.
Mary: (angrily) What did you do? Why did you have to run away from the prison? Don’t you know you will be on the wanted list?
Addin: (smiles) Even The Peagries can’t track me, how will mere policemen be able to track me?
Mary: Nonetheless, you shouldn’t have run away. Just as you planned earlier, the autopsy on my dad, the direction of the bullet, the bullet not matching those from your gun etc, these are the things that will make them realize you didn’t shoot my father. And you will be released peacefully.
Addin: That was our plan initially but The Peagries assassinated Tunis. I luckily escaped the assassination attempt.
Mary: (shocked) Tunis is dead?
Addin: Yeah! If I should stay, I may be framed of his murder, so I have to leave that very night.
Mary: (sad) Oh! I understand.
Addin: Tunis, before he died, told me that there are more mysteries about… (he is being interrupted).
Mary: (interrupts him) Please, Addin. To be truthful, my father didn’t tell me about the mysteries. But I think Tunis should have told you what I told him.
Addin: (sighs) Yeah.
Mary: Thanks (she cuts the video chat).
Jetar: (hands over a book to Addin) This is the book.
Addin: Yeah! (he collects the book, his mother’s past works, and begins to open through it. After some minutes of searching, he sees the exact picture just as he had said earlier. Happily, he brings out the picture) Oh, this it.
Jetar: (happy and anxious) Oh, that’s good.
Addin: (reads out the names beneath each individual in the picture) Nonk, Stunt, Nidda, Luto, Cylin.
Jetar: (surprised) Nidda?
Addin: (confused) Nidda, that’s my mother.
Jetar: (confused) But how come?
Addin: Was my mother a part of the Five Peagries? The deadly Peagries, was my mother one of them?
Jetar: It’s not possible, Addin.
Addin: (tears start to roll out of his eyes) With this, she must had been really one of them.
Mrs Cole: (struggles to get near the car. She takes her phone and uses to dial Majh’s phone. Majh picks up from inside the car) Majh… Majh, please drive off! They will come after you.
Majh: (crying very loudly) Who are they? The police officers?
Mrs Cole: No, not the police officers, but the people responsible for all these. I know what they are after. They will surely kill me, and I am pretty sure you will be part of their plan. Please, I’ve already taught you how to drive a car. Just drive away before… (that same police officer that shot her earlier shoots her again, but this time, at her back) Yeh!!! (she shouts louder this time around as she goes down totally).
Majh: (also cries louder) Mum! Mum!! Mum!!!
Addin: (tears already flowing out of his eyes) She knew them. She knew what they were after! She really was one of them.
Jetar: (sad) Addin, please stop this. We still don’t know why they killed her.
Addin: (clears his tears) It’s high time we found the other four. (desperately).
Jetar: But how?
Addin: The Peagries is a top assassination organization. Use the best search engine to search for top assassination cases.
Jetar: (nods her head affirmatively) Yeah! (she gets to the system, and opens the best search engine that’s on their system) Top assassination cases. (she types as she pronounces. She now clicks on “Search” link. The screen brings a list and she clicks on a particular link. She then presses some keys) This list has 3 assassination ways that had ever happened in history. (reads out the content out loud) First, is the assassination of Carrero Blanco. Two commandos were assigned to take him out. They had to pose as students of Sculpture in order to rent a basement apartment on a street Carrero Blanco regularly travelled on his way to Mass. Within a week or two to the assassination, they started digging a tunnel under the road. They started to use props which helped them t stop the roof falls of the tunnel, but did little about the smelly sewage and noxious gas of the tunnel which really disturbed their health pretty big time. Yet the men persevered, and one day the tunnel was finally complete; filled with explosives. The job was done on the day the target’s car drove over the tunnel they had filled to the brim with explosives. Their giant tunnel-bomb was a success beyond belief when detonated immediately his car stepped on it. It hurled Carrero Blanco’s car five storeys into the air. It just flat out flew over a church and to the other side, where it landed on a second storey terrace.
Addin: Next?
Jetar: Second, is the assassination of Tallah Fam. He was assassinated by a fuel station worker. Through the fuel dispenser, he dispensed both fuel and astrolite explosives in form of liquid into his fuel tank. Astrolite was invented by Chemist Gerald Hurst in 1960s during his employment with Atlas Powder Company. The astrolite family consists of two compounds, Astolite G and Astrolite A. Both are two-part liquid-state high explosives mixtures, composed of ammonium nitrate oxidizer and hydroizine rocket fuel. The astrolite got detonated few hours after it has been planted in the fuel tank. The car got blasted and the target is assassinated.
Addin: Hmmm, the last?
Jetar: The third is the assassination of Don Chick. He was assassinated by a letter bomb. On the day of his misery, the mail was delivered to his house by an up-till-date unidentified mail-man. His security who got the mail gave it to him, at his compound, and left the scene. On opening, the letter bomb got detonated, killed him and seriously injured his driver that was supposed to take him on an outing, within the radius.
Addin: (surprised) Take him on which outing?
Jetar: (presses some keys) That day was his party’s primary election, and he was one of the contestants.
Addin: (racks his brain) Who were his contestants?
Jetar: Port Rent, Takitaki, and Ledge Vest. Why are you interested in this very assassination?
Addin: The first involved digging up of a tunnel. During the digging or planting, they might have been discovered and their cover would be blown. This is not perfect enough for an organization like The Peagries. The second, it is easy to trace the petrol station, and uncover the assassin. Top organization like The Peagries won’t involve themselves in such an operation. But the third, it’s impossible to get the sender of the mail, if the mail-man is still up-till-date not identified. This assassination was really done by The Peagries.
Jetar: (realizing this) Yeah, you’re right. And with the fact that it was sent to him on his party’s primary election day, one of the other contestants must had been responsible for the deed.
Addin: (closes his eyes) Don’t you think that if any of the other contestants was responsible, the person wouldn’t have chosen the election day as the d-day to avoid suspicion? I think someone wanted to direct the case in a wrong way. So the person chose the election day, so that people would think it was the other contestants that were responsible for the assassination.
Majh: Though a rope is being wound on the old man’s neck, but I checked the images several times, the neck doesn’t seem strangled.
Mrs Cole: (excited) Hmmm, hmmm!! So what?
Majh: So someone must be thinking of framing the gate man of the murder because that specific rope is actually from his quarters.
Addin: I miss my mum. She really taught me a lot, so this kind of case can’t fool me again.
Jetar: (looks somehow convinced) You may really be right (nodding her head affirmatively). But who could have done it?
Addin: (opens his eyes) The person responsible is the person that would benefit most from his death. Check how his properties were distributed.
Jetar: (presses some keys) At the time, he was just 40. He had never thought he would die so soon, he didn’t create a will. All his properties and belongings are now being owned by his legal wife, Tara Chic.
Addin: (he smiles) Wait! Open the full story on how he was assassinated.
Jetar: I think I have summarized that before. What do you need the full story for?
Addin: Just do it.
Jetar: (opens it, and reads it to a part) …On getting out, he and his wife were still holding hands, walking together to the car. Before getting to the car, his wife’s phone rang which she had to pick. She stayed behind answering the phone, while her husband went ahead to the car. Before Don enters the car, a security gave him the letter… (she is being interrupted).
Addin: (interrupts her) His wife was responsible.
Jetar: (a little bit confused) Do you think that with these mere facts, we can conclude she was responsible?
Addin: I am not so sure, but we have to hope she was.
Jetar: So, what’s our next step?
Addin: We have to visit her. Find out everything we will need about her. We are going to her place today.
Jetar: (surprised) Today?
* * * * *
(Tara’s house. Both Addin and Jetar are with her).
Tara: (shocked) Do you know whom Don Chic was? Do you know what he was to me? I was his legal wife.
Addin: (standing while Jetar is sitting opposite Tara) We know.
Tara: And you are saying I was responsible for his assassination.
Addin: We are very sure of it.
Tara: (shocked) I think I need to call the police. (she picks her phone and dials a number).
Jetar: We know you used The Peagries service to execute him.
Tara: (shocked as she drops her phone) The Peagries?
Addin: Yes, The Peagries.
Tara: (surprised) But… but (she stammers).
Addin: (realizes they’ve got her, so he quickly plays up) We have secret evidence, which shows that you hired The Peagries to assassinate your husband.
Tara: (scared) Please, we can easily resolve this among ourselves. We don’t need to involve the policemen.
Addin: If we want to get you arrested, you won’t see us two here. This place would have already been full of policemen. We just ne a little help from you.
Tara: (scared, as she trembles) As long as you don’t reveal my secret, I am fully ready to help you.
Addin: We just need you to tell us how to contact The Peagries, and we won’t expose you.
Tara: (shocked) Ha! You are CIDs. You want to use me to arrest The Peagries, and then come back for me (becomes more scared).
Jetar: (smiles) Do you watch news?
Tara: (still trembling) Yes, very well.
Jetar: Don’t you recognize him? The prime suspect behind Mr Dart’s death, who escaped prison while assassinating a policeman and a prisoner.
Addin: (faces her very well) Yes, that’s me.
Tara: (shocked) The murderer that was broadcasted on news even just this morning?
Addin: Yes, that’s me (smiles).
Tara: (still surprised) Addin, the bloody murderer? In my house? Please, what do you really want?
Addin: You should know now that I am not a policeman. And also, (talking with loud voice to scare Tara) You should know that it’s just too easy for me to kill anybody.
Tara: (scared, trembling) Oh, how to contact… to contact… contact… The Peagries? (she quickly brings out a small paper from a drawer) You just have to send a message to the email in this paper. Who you are, the target, the payment method, etc, are what are supposed to be in the message. They will reply you back on how to meet, where to meet, etc.
Addin: (glad) Are you sure? (still shouting fiercely).
Tara: (scared and trembling) Yes, very sure. Please, don’t kill me.
Addin: (to Jetar) Put yourself in this woman’s shoes, what would you do once I leave?
Jetar: I? So simple. I will just alert The Peagries that the famous murderer, Addin came to me and asked me how to contact them, which I told him in order to keep my life safe.
Tara: (shocked and very scared) Please, I will not do such a thing. Please, I beg you, don’t kill me.
Addin: (fiercely) I won’t kill you. But take this ring (he brings out a ring from his pocket). Put it on your finger, any. It has a tracking device. With it, I will be able to see you, and hear everything you say anywhere. So I will be sure, that you won’t contact the Peagries.
Tara: (collects it anxiously, and puts it on a particular finger on her right hand, still trembling) Oh, I will keep it just like my wedding ring.
Addin: Once you remove the ring, oh my God, you should know you are dead.
Re: Deadly Missions by SilverSpoonEnt: 3:48pm On Jun 23, 2018
4 to go
Re: Deadly Missions by Favyo(f): 4:31pm On Jun 23, 2018
Awwnn... Blessed Mary full of grace, the Lord is with Addin!
Re: Deadly Missions by Favyo(f): 4:33pm On Jun 23, 2018
Addin should just know that this lady isn't to be trusted, why oh lord?!
Re: Deadly Missions by Favyo(f): 4:36pm On Jun 23, 2018
Imagine someone that killed her husband, u expect loyalty from her?
Re: Deadly Missions by Favyo(f): 4:38pm On Jun 23, 2018
Anyway, lemme just be looking... :oSilver...? kiss
Re: Deadly Missions by SilverSpoonEnt: 8:16pm On Jun 23, 2018
(Enoph, Reas, and Mr Cylin in a room).
Enoph: (to Mr Cylin) But I think you said The Peagries have suspended missions till later.
Mr Cylin: Yeah, we have suspended carrying out of mission. But we still receive missions, and we will operate them once Nidda’s son is out.
Enoph: (to Reas) Okay. Who is he?
Reas: Mr Abrah.
Enoph: (to Mr Cylin) Why do you want us to secure your meeting with him?
Mr Cylin: (chuckles) He is a new customer. And I don’t see any reason why someone like Mr Muser would be targeted.
Enoph: (curious) So that Mr Abrah, wants Mr Muser dead. Mr Muser, I think that’s the Commissioner of Education.
Mr Cylin: Yes, he is. Also, the amount Mr Abrah is paying for Mr Muser’s life is just too high for one man.
Enoph: And today is your meeting day. Why did you choose today? It’s too soon.
Mr Cylin: I have chosen today, you just have to secure the meeting, that’s all.
Enoph: (anxious) I am suspecting that it may be Addin, trying to disguise himself. (both Mr Cylin and Reas are shocked).
Mr Cylin: You have a point. (surprised).
Reas: (shocked) That’s truly possible. (he picks up the intercom) Come in, with a system (after some seconds, Seman enters the room).
Seman: Here I am, sir!
Reas: Find out about Mr Abrah we are meeting today.
Seman: Okay, a minute please (he presses some keys) He is a notorious drug dealer. He deals drugs with numerous foreign countries. He is… (he is being interrupted).
Enoph: (interrupts him) Addin can easily make up those information. He would know we would search about Mr Abrah.
Mr Cylin: (curious) So, what do we do?
Enoph: We will have to meet him, as planned.
Mr Cylin: (scared) Me? I can’t meet with him.
Enoph: Addin is not someone that kills like that. But since you will be the only one in the meeting room, you will be putting on a body hub, in case he shoots you.
Mr Cylin: (a little bit relieved) Good. But what if he doesn’t use gun? And uses other weapons?
Enoph: That’s the trap. Immediately you notice any suspicious thing, you just have to press the red button. Do you understand?
Cylin: Yeah, I do.
Enoph: To Reas. If it is truly Addin, we will barge in immediately we hear the alert of the red key. And also, in such a mission, I know one more thing, that would help us take Addin.
Reas: (curious) What’s that?
Enoph: If Addin wants to embark on such a mission, his escape plan will be through a rope. He knows how to fly with a rope perfectly. That will surely be his plan to escape.
Reas: (realizing this) Hmmm.
Enoph: There will be two teams. First team will barge in, and the other will be waiting for him even if he has to use rope.
* * * * *
(The same day)
(Addin disguises himself like a serious businessman. He puts foams on his body to make him look fat. He puts a wax on his face that makes him to look like an entirely different person. He looks just like the person in the picture on The Peagries’ system. He is putting on a wig, and fake mustache on his cheek. He is holding a briefcase.
Reas searches his body for weapons, but he has none. Enoph is just beside Reas, looking at Addin suspiciously, as if he is suspecting something).
Enoph: Check his briefcase.
Addin: (using a different, computer-induced voice) There’s nothing spectacular there.
Enoph: (to Reas) Check it.
Reas: Yes, sir! (he collects the briefcase, but he is not able to open it, as it is asking for code) What’s the code?
Addin: (sighs, and clears throat) 44787.
Reas: 44787 (pronounces out as he sets it. The briefcase opens immediately. There are dollars neatly packed in the briefcase. They are well preserved that one couldn’t easily tell that they are fake) It is money, sir! (to Enoph).
Enoph: (sighs) Check the beneath, weapons may have been kept underneath the dollars.
Reas: Okay, sir. (he begins to check under the dollars. Suddenly, he sees a nylon that has been sealed. He brings it out, surprised) What’s this?
Enoph: (surprised) What’s this? Tear the nylon.
Reas: Yes sir! (he uses a knife to tear the nylon, but only some papers are inside).
Addin: (smiles) Those are the operation documents.
Reas: (checking the papers) It’s true, sir. They are operation documents. (to Enoph).
Enoph: (disappointed) We are sorry, sir.
Addin: (still smiling) No problem.
Enoph: (to Reas) Pack them back into the briefcase, and pass him.
Reas: Yes, sir! (he packs the money and documents back into the briefcase, closes the briefcase, and gives it back to Addin) Let’s go, sir.
Addin: (collects his briefcase) Yeah. (he follows Reas to the door of a room).
Reas: You can enter, he is in there.
Addin: Thanks (he enters the room, and locks the door from inside. Mr Cylin is sitting on a chair, also in complete suit).
Jetar: (somewhere else, through comm.) Done. All their electronic devices in the room won’t be able to work, except ours. Also, the soundproof is on. And you, have you locked the door with the device?
Addin: (through comm.) Yeah, just complete the lockdown. They have just one entrance to her, so they can’t enter through another place. Just make sure you lock that completely, so they aren’t able to open it from outside.
Mr Cylin: (surprised) Who are you talking to? (he secretly uses his leg step on the red key).
Addin: (to Mr Cylin) I am not yet ready for you. (he puts his briefcase on the table. Instead of the password he gave to Reas, he uses another password to open the briefcase. The briefcase has different segments. Different passwords open different segments. The segment he just opens consists of weapons. He brings out a rope from the segment, and uses it to tie Mr Cylin tightly to his chair)
Mr Cylin: (shocked) What’s the meaning of this?
Addin: (through comm.) Aren’t you through?
Jetar: (after some seconds) Done! They won’t be able to open the door from outside.
Addin: (through comm.) You shouldn’t come into the building. It’s as if they were waiting for me, there are just more than enough men. You should wait for me outside.
Jetar: Copy that.
Mr Cylin: (shocked) So, you are Addin.
Addin: (he removes the wig, moustache and the wax that now reveals that he is Addin. Mr Cylins is surprised and scared. He also removes all the foams on his body) These were making me uncomfortable.
Mr Cylin: It is better you don’t do anything stupid. This is The Peagries. They will come in anytime from now, you should know that.
Addin: (smiles) Do you think I don’t know what I’m doing when I said there must be no camera in the room?
Mr Cylin: (surprised) Even if there is no camera in the room, they will know something is not right, and come in.
Addin: (moves closer to him, bends down, and holds his right leg up which shows the red key. Mr Cylin is surprised) Is it because of this? None of your electronic device in this room is working. The door has been locked, and it can’t be opened from outside. Also, I have made this room soundproof. So if you should cry out like a new born baby, your voice won’t be heard outside.
Mr Cylin: (shocked) You, are really a true son of your mother.
Addin: (shocked, as he hears this) Anyway, let’s get to business.
Mr Cylin: (smiles) I don’t think you know who I am (he twists his hands in a particular way, that tear the rope immediately. He stands up and skillfully gives Addin a strong blow on his face. Addin goes down, and his face already turned red. Before he could get up, he has been given some more heavy kicks in his stomach. Mr Cylin brings out a gun, and points it at him. Just as he is about to shoot, Addin uses his leg to kick him on his legs. He also falls down and his gun falls from his hand. He and Addin get up and face each other, both ready for hand-to-hand combat. It wasn’t as Addin as thought, as Mr Cylin is really a skillful fighter.
He rushes several blows to Addin’s direction, but Addin is able to dodge them. It was just the last that meets him on his arm. Taking this advantage, Mr Cylin gives him a heavier blow on the other arm. Wanting to finish the duel quickly, he gives Addin tonnes of blows on his face. In less than a minute, Addin is already bleeding from his nose and mouth, and also his face is now totally red. He is now in much pain, as he can’t see very well again).
Masit: But will you tell me about the only one person that you desperately need to find. The one that makes you very determined in learning how to use a gun.
Addin: (tears start to drop from his eyes) Do you know what? If I ever get tired, or not willing to work in training, immediately the only one person comes into my mind that I am actually doing all these to find him or her, I will have much more strength in me like that of a lion.
Mr Cylin: (smiles) With the way you give us problems, I didn’t know you are so weak like this.
Addin: (looks at him daring) Have you ever seen a lion fight?

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