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Re: Deadly Missions by SilverSpoonEnt: 4:07pm On Jun 21, 2018
chai... this is so discouraging... unable to get the 20 comments despite all my efforts, not even up to 5 comments till now... it's so disheartening... I'm sorry to disappoint the few that commented, but i won't drop the part three o... I've started typing already, but I won't drop until i get the 20 comments... an an
Re: Deadly Missions by Born2Breed(f): 4:24pm On Jun 21, 2018
chai... this is so discouraging... unable to get the 20 comments despite all my efforts, not even up to 5 comments till now... it's so disheartening... I'm sorry to disappoint the few that commented, but i won't drop the part three o... I've started typing already, but I won't drop until i get the 20 comments... an an

Re: Deadly Missions by SilverSpoonEnt: 4:26pm On Jun 21, 2018
16 to go ni...
Re: Deadly Missions by cyndy1000(f): 5:19pm On Jun 21, 2018
please don't be discouraged am following up. more data to your phone. Why not mention some readers they will surely follow up.
Re: Deadly Missions by SilverSpoonEnt: 5:39pm On Jun 21, 2018
i no know who to mention jawe... if anyone can do that for me... 15 to go...
Re: Deadly Missions by cyndy1000(f): 6:23pm On Jun 21, 2018
Skubido Please help invite over here
Re: Deadly Missions by Phyllis195: 6:25pm On Jun 21, 2018
pls don't be discouraged... am following tnx
Re: Deadly Missions by SilverSpoonEnt: 8:21pm On Jun 21, 2018
14 to go...
Re: Deadly Missions by Born2Breed(f): 8:59pm On Jun 21, 2018
14 to go...

Re: Deadly Missions by Born2Breed(f): 8:59pm On Jun 21, 2018
I have rigged the comment.

12 to go grin
Re: Deadly Missions by SilverSpoonEnt: 9:18pm On Jun 21, 2018
ok then... 12 to go...
Re: Deadly Missions by cyndy1000(f): 9:54pm On Jun 21, 2018
please just update
Re: Deadly Missions by Hunts(m): 10:03pm On Jun 21, 2018
Microfels , Milkymike1( m), whiteagbada ( m ), bisghearl05
another story don land
Re: Deadly Missions by Jesse1991: 10:07pm On Jun 21, 2018
It is a great story, please continue
Re: Deadly Missions by SilverSpoonEnt: 10:07pm On Jun 21, 2018
okay, I'll make one update because of you guys... it'll continue when the comments are complete...
Re: Deadly Missions by SilverSpoonEnt: 10:27pm On Jun 21, 2018
(Addin can be seen sitting down on the floor, in a particular jail. It’s in the middle of the night. There are also other prisoners in the room. He stands up, and checks to make sure all other prisoners are fast asleep. He then opens his mouth, and brings out a small comm. he kept there. Tied properly with the comm., is a key. He switches on the comm. and places it on his ear. He has already removed the key).
Addin: Are you there? (no response) Are you there?
Jetar: (yawning) I have almost slept. Why did you keep waiting for so long? (on comm.)
Addin: I am sorry. These people didn’t want to sleep on time.
Jetar: Okay! Are you ready now?
Addin: Yeah! Mission starts.
Jetar: Copy that! (she begins to press some keys on the system). Start.
Addin: Okay. (he moves gently towards the door. He uses the key he holds to unlock the door, and then goes outside. He moves gently making sure his footsteps are soundless).
Jetar: Your left, two. Your right, one.
Addin: Copied! (he moves towards his right position. He quickly gives a policeman that’s there wandering around a faint blow on his neck. Before he could shout in pain, Addin quickly grabs him ad covers his mouth with his hand. The policeman faints instantly. Addin drags him to a particular side. He removes his uniform and quickly puts it on. He removes an handkerchief from the pocket and uses it to cover his nose, face and mouth, and only his eyes aren’t covered. He did this so he won’t be recognized. He keeps the fainted policeman in such a way that he won’t be noticed easily) Done!
Jetar: Yeah, you are good to go.
Addin: Yeah! (he walks majestically through all the policemen he meets on the way, since he is having the same uniform with theirs. He walks straight to Jail no 107 where Tunis is. He uses one of the bunch of keys he met in the policeman’s pocket to open the door. He moves into the cell, and just in front of him is a man sitting down) I’m in. Where? (on comm.)
Jetar: On your 9 o’clock (on comm.)
Addin: Copied! (he sees a bench, and picks it up. He puts it to a particular point inside the jail, climbs it, and removes a minicamera that is kept on the roof. He then destroys it)
Jetar: 1200.
Addin: Copied (he gets down, takes the bench and put it to another particular point. He climbs it and removes another mini-camera that’s there. He destroys that too) Anymore?
Jetar: No!
* * * * *
(somewhere else)
(Enoph enters the room)
Enoph: (to Seman) Is everything alright in the jail?
Seman: Yes, sir! There has been no action from Addin. Tunis is still the only one in the cell.
Enoph: Good. (to Reas) I am sure Addin will go there this midnight. He may disguise himself as a policeman or as a warder, or even as chief warder. But I am sure he will go there. So immediately anybody, I said anybody enters that jail, tell Mr Verre to proceed.
Reas: (sighs) I understand, sir!
Enoph: Okay! (he leaves the room)
* * * * *
(Back inside the cell)
Tunis: (looks at Addin terribly) Who are you?
Addin: (kneels down beside him) I am Addin. I am here for… (he is being interrupted).
Tunis: (interrupts him) I know what you are here for. Follow me (he takes Addin to a corner where they can’t be seen from outside) Has he explained anything to you before or not?
Addin: You mean, Mr Lever? A little, but I will want you to start right from the beginning, because it was confusing.
Tunis: Okay. Listen attentively. In 1993, Notis reached a notable point in the development of their nuclear device. In that same year, the country did their nuclear testing.
(Mr Sameh, Mr Lever, Mr Cummings and other notable figures that are related to security affairs of the country are all present in the same room for a conference meeting. The nuclear device has just been tested in an area somewhere. A screen-touch wall screen is in the room with a moderator at its side. He is making the review of the nuclear testing).
Dunlop: (being the moderator, continues speaking) The just-tested nuclear device has about 15 kilotons of TNT. While few chemicals find use as military explosives, this was combined with plasticizers and other materials to create a plethora of formulations. The devastating shock wave that accompanies the detonation of this high explosive (HE), results in widespread damage and loss of lives. This HE consists of an intimate mixture of oxidant and reductant, which is within a single molecule, of nitroglycerin, pentaerythritol tetranitrate (PETN), trionotrotoline (TNT) and triacetone triperoxide (TATP). It was being tested with an F-15E Strike Eagle, which release 15,000lb (2,300ka) GBU-28 “Bunker Buster” explosive (he strolls to the next page which shows a chart) This is the breakdown of the A-bomb Energy in percentage. If this bomb is to be detonated, then we have 35% ray, 5% initial radiation, 10% residual radiation, and 50% blast.
Mr Sameh: What’s the number of casualties this can cause?
Dunlop: (sighs heavily) If this should be detonated in the middle of a country, about 10-13 million lives will be gone just from the blast. From the heat ray, we will be having about 7 – 7.5 million lives. You can continue the calculations.
Tunis: A month later, the then president created the safest place where nobody can infiltrate. The place has numerous deadly security systems which made the place not vulnerable to anybody, even experts. This place was the place that the nuclear device was kept. Later the same year, all the scientists and technologists that were involved in the development of the nuclear device and the security systems were assassinated secretly. My investigation later, revealed that the order was given by the former president.
Addin: You investigated the former president too. What made you suspect him?
Tunis: (smiles) I said the scientists and technologists were all assassinated, yeah. Can you believe that the Eldion house that I said was the safest was infiltrated?
(Nidda on an impossible mission. She flies to the front of the Eldion house. She is in total black, and also having a black bag on her back. She puts on the comm., in her ear)
Nidda: (through comm.) P1 in location. Permission to proceed?
Stunt: (on the system. The other four are inside the helicopter from where Nidda flied down. They are still in their air) Cameras off. Permission granted.
Nidda: Copied. Iron gate EX5097.
Stunt: (pressing some keys) Electric iron gate; Remove ring, while using gloves. Keycode EX-SFB-YLLUKOK.
Nidda: Copied (she quickly removes the ring in her hands, and puts the gloves on. She walks gently to the door. She brings out a keycard and inserts it in a slot in front of the gate. Just beside the slot, is a device with keys and a screen. She begins to press the keycode) EX-SFB-YLLUKOK (she now presses the Enter key. The gate opens immediately) Done. Ground, SH allowed?
Stunt: (others are also looking at her on the system) Acidic floor, but SH allowed. Acid can easily penetrate the shoe, since it is highly concentrated. Apply alkaline.
Nidda: Copied. (she removes the bag from her back, opens it and brings out a bottle. She pours little of the content of the bottle on the floor, and uses her shoes to step on them. She returns the bottle, and puts the bag back on her back). Done (she walks safely on the floor in a limited time till she reaches the main entrance of the house) Main entrance EX2112.
Stunt: The entrance is made in such a way that it can detect gloves. Anybody that passes through the gate must have used the gloves, so they made the entrance to be able to detect gloves. Also, avoid contact of the cloth with the door because both cloth and gloves are of the same material. Keycode EX-102-411097.
Nidda: Copied (she quickly removes her gloves, inserts the keycard, and enters the keycode. The screen brings a message ‘Level restricted’ and the door doesn’t open) Level restricted.
Stunt: (presses some keys) That’s level 4, and the level there is level. Wait a minute (he quickly upgrades the keycard to level 5) Now, retry.
Nidda: Copied. (she quickly inserts the keycard again, and enters the keycode. The screen brings a message “Access granted”, and the door opens. She enters immediately, and the door closes back. The whole place is just dark, that she can’t see anything) Surface dark, unable to see through.
Stunt: You know what to do.
Nidda: Yeah. (she removes her bag, opens it, and dips her hand inside. She counts 1, 2 and 3 to the right and brings the item that she touches there. It is a pair of glasses that she puts on her face. She is now able to see around through the glasses. She returns the bag to her back. She walks to another door that she sees at the front) No locking system.
Stunt: Use X-ray glasses.
Nidda: Copied. (she brings out another pair of glasses while still holding the previous one. With the X-ray glasses, she is now able to see the invincible locking system) Another software, it is a SP system.
Stunt: (presses some keys) Okay, call the serial number.
Nidda: SP5407.
Stunt: Keycode SP-598-65448. But don’t press Enter. The “Enter” key is a small explosive detonator. Use “#” key.
Nidda: # key? Okay (she presses the keycode and presses the # key last. Immediately the door opens, she keeps the x-ray glasses and puts the former glasses back on her face. Looking at the floor to the next room, she walks in easily. Immediately she gets in, she becomes blind. She can’t see anything. She changes her glasses to the x-ray glasses, but still can’t see. She changes the glasses again but still can’t see) Unable to see.
Stunt: Yeah, Iris detector. Just follow my orders.
Nidda: I should just go straight.
Stunt: (smiles) That’s the trick. Going straight, there is an explosive planted on the wall. It will detonate when anything touches the front wall. Whereas, the next door is at the right position. Follow my orders, three steps to your east.
Nidda: Copied. (she closes her eyes since she can’t see, she takes three steps to east) Done!
Stunt: One more.
Nidda: Copied (she takes one more step) Done!
Stunt: To west, four accurate steps.
Nidda: Copied (she takes four steps accurately to the west position) Done.
Stunt: System, sternum region.
Nidda: Copied (she takes her hand to her sternum region, and then stretches it forward. Now her hand is touching the locking system). Done.
Stunt: Snaps.
Nidda: Okay (she stretches her second hand, making it parallel to the first hand touching the system. There is a watch on her wrist which has a camera. Through the camera, Stunt is able to see the picture of the locking system. He uses some applications to brighten the surface and is able to see the serial number).
Stunt: Good! (typing while reading out) SP3102. Now index finger.
Nidda: Copied. (she presses the key at her index finger.
Stunt: Thumb, three times.
Nidda: Copied. (she pressed the key three times).
Stunt: Middle finger, double.
Nidda: Copied (she presses the key twice).
Stunt: Lastly, index finger, once. Access to enter to be requested.
Nidda: Copied. (she presses the key. The door opens immediately but she doesn’t enter. There are mines on the floor of the room. She is now able to see) Mines on floor.
Stunt: The space between the mine is just an inch. How can you pass?
Nidda: (looks at her hand) Two fingers, from each hand.
Stunt: Will you be able to do this? It is too risky.
Nidda: I was trained specially for this. (she sighs heavily, one could notice that she is really scared) Can you deactivate the mines instead?
Stunt: It can only be deactivated at the other end.
Nidda: Then I have to do this.
Stunt: Be careful.
Nidda: Yeah (she uses a rope to tie her bag to her body firmly. She now stands with two fingers from each hand. She begins to move, placing her fingers in between the mines in the same rows. One, two, three,… ten, she is still going gently to avoid the mines. She is now somehow tired, while she still has about 20 more mines to avoid before she can reach the other end. She becomes more determined and stops panting which she was already doing. With great strength and determination, she finally reaches the other end. With her leg still in the air, she uses it to press the “Deactivate” key on a device beside the locking system and the mines go off immediately. She is more than happy and relieved, as she gets back to normal posture. She firstly falls down on the floor, as she is tired, and also sweating profusely. She gathers her strength and stands up) Done.
Stunt: Good job.
Nidda: (panting) Thanks (she inserts the keycard into the slot) SP 1027.
Stunt: (presses some keys) Keycode SP-102-10798. PtE to be requested.
Nidda: Copied. (she enters the keycode and the door opens. But she doesn’t enter) Done!
Stunt: Floor sensible to touch. Mini sky-diver to be used.

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Re: Deadly Missions by SilverSpoonEnt: 10:28pm On Jun 21, 2018
to be continued when i have my comments complete... 11 to go...
Re: Deadly Missions by Nobody: 11:24pm On Jun 21, 2018
Microfels , Milkymike1( m), whiteagbada ( m ),

another story don land

Thanks for the mention

I’m loving it already

Nice story
Re: Deadly Missions by SilverSpoonEnt: 5:16am On Jun 22, 2018
please, someone should mention more readers... thanks... 10 to go
Re: Deadly Missions by oladitihammed18(m): 6:51am On Jun 22, 2018
bro nice work have been a ghost reader here on nairaland but when I saw ur story I was amaze but what trigger me register is that u said u are not going to post without receiving 20 comment abeg make I comment 20times carry on with the story. nice work you got here
Re: Deadly Missions by Hunts(m): 7:43am On Jun 22, 2018
Vulcanheph ( m ), stevodot22 ( m), disguyz ( m), eitsei ( m), Mhizdebs( f), mendel04 ( m), Olaitan3784 ( f)

another story don land
Re: Deadly Missions by chidozeze(m): 8:28am On Jun 22, 2018
Continue the good work OP, may God gives you the wisdom and strength to con
Re: Deadly Missions by SilverSpoonEnt: 9:18am On Jun 22, 2018
8 to go...
Re: Deadly Missions by Born2Breed(f): 11:10am On Jun 22, 2018
Re: Deadly Missions by Born2Breed(f): 11:10am On Jun 22, 2018
Re: Deadly Missions by Born2Breed(f): 11:10am On Jun 22, 2018
Re: Deadly Missions by SilverSpoonEnt: 12:08pm On Jun 22, 2018
Stunt: Floor sensible to touch. Mini sky-diver to be used.
Nidda: Copied (she bends down, while opening her bag. She begins to couple together some things. She makes the two of the material. She inserts one to the heel of her shoe, and the other one to the hell of the second shoe. She puts her bag to her back) Coupled and Inserted. Activate.
Stunt: Stand firmly.
Nidda: Yeah! (she stands firmly as she is ready to fly).
Stunt: 1, 2, 3, go (he activates the devices. The devices begin to make Nidda flies, towards the other end. While flying, a gun falls down from Nidda’s pocket. On getting to the floor, the gun gets burnt immediately with flames still emanating from the residue. Nidda gets somehow scared, while flying gently as that will be her fate if she mistakenly falls down).
Nidda: Oh my God! (she sighs heavily. She later gets to the other end but she is still in the air. Still in the air, she inserts the keycard into the slot) SP-10CE.
Stunt: Good! (presses some keys) SP-ORWK-50497. PtE TBR.
Nidda: Okay! (she quickly enters the keycode. The door opens but she doesn’t enter, so she is still in the air. The mini sky divers can only be used once. It is a specialized dive used only for important missions. So once they are used, they can’t be reused) Be quick, I have less than 30 seconds for the divers to be deactivated automatically.
Stunt: Room installed with weight detector. Licate nylon to be used.
Nidda: Copied (still in the air, she gently brings out a nylon neatly packed from her bag. She puts her bag on her back, and then uses the nylon to cover all of her body including the bag. The function of the Licate nylon is to make anything it is covering to be weightless. One could imagine that what of the weight of the nylon itself. Anyway, the nylon is made in such a way that its weight is apparently negligible, so the detector won’t be able to detect it. With the Licate nylon, Nidda is able to get to the other end. It wasn’t easy for her as she knows that the nylon is not 100% efficient. Should it fail, then that’s her end). Done (sighs heavily).
Stunt: (smiles) Good job. (pressing some keys) This is the last room before you get to the room where the nuclear device is. Serial number.
Nidda: (sighs again) SP-5136.
Stunt: (presses some keys) SP-641-33274, PtE to be requested.
Nidda: (she inserts her keycard, and enters the keycode. The door opens, while she is still staying outside) Done.
Stunt: To be frank, I don’t know how you will be able to pass through this room. It has a motion detector which I am not able to hack down. Also the locking system is difficult, it is a CE software.
Nidda: (racks her brain) But we can’t back down now, we must find a way.
Stunt: You are the only one that can do this, that’s why you are the only one in this mission.
Nidda: (still racking her brain) Tell me the components of the motion detector.
Stunt: Okay (presses some keys) They are Cable locker, cable disorder, wave detector, IIM system, engine former, sound intersect, etc.
Nidda: The wave detector, we should be able to disarm it.
Stunt: (confused) But how?
Nidda: You have to stop it from working.
Stunt: (smiles) How? Wave detector can’t be disarmed while working.
Nidda: A wave detector can only be working when there is air. You have to get rid of the air in the room (she brings out an oxygen cylinder and puts it on her nose).
Stunt: Well! (he presses some keys) Done, so what else?
Nidda: Destroy the Energy valve of the wave detector.
Stunt: What? (surprised) Energy valve? That’s the device used in supporting the Momentum Ticker. It doesn’t have any other meaningful function apart from supporting the Ticker. So what’s the significance if I destroy it?
Nidda: As small as the Energy valve is, the Momentum Ticker can’t work without its support. If the momentum ticker doesn’t work, the wave detector will never function. And the wave detector is the main part of the Motion detector. If it doesn’t function, the motion detector will also not function.
Stunt: Are you so sure of all these?
Nidda: (sighs) Yeah. Just do it.
Stunt: Okay! (he presses some keys. All the air in the room are gotten rid of. Nidda, anyway is able to breath with the help of the oxygen she is using. Stunt destroys the Energy Valve of the Wave detector) Done.
Nidda: Are you really sure this is going to work, before you go in? If not, your life is on the line, hope you know.
Nidda: (scared) I am not really sure, but I just hope.
Stunt: Will you terminate?
Nidda: No. Moving in already (she sighs for the last time, and enters the room. Immediately she enters, the door closes immediately and Alas! A time bomb begins to count down from 5 seconds. She can’t leave the room again) Oh! It doesn’t work. Find a way to get me out (shouting and scared).
Stunt: (very scared) Ah! There’s no way I can get you out.
Nidda: Oh! (really scared) Please, do something. (shouting. 04, 03, the time is counting down, 02, still counting down, 01, oh, and the bomb stops there. Nidda is already sweating profusely, as she sees the bomb stops counting. The explosion is off. The closes her eyes happily as she is able to escape death).
Stunt: Are… are you okay? (curious).
Nidda: (after some seconds) Yeah! (panting) What happened?
Stunt: I am sorry. I forgot to press “Enter” key to finish destroying the Energy Valve. It was when I remembered to press it, that the bomb stopped.
Nidda: It’s okay. (she moves gently towards the locking system) CE3369.
Stunt: It can’t be hacked that way. I don’t even think ORF will be able to destroy the lock, but try it.
Nidda: Okay. (she brings out a device that resembles the locking system, that’s the ORF device. She breaks the original locking system, to reveal some cables. She joins some particular cables of the locking system to like-cables on the ORF device) They are in binary forms. The row is 101, and column is 111.
Stunt: Okay (he presses some keys) The three possible keycodes are 111100, 100011, and 101010. Only one of them is the actual keycode. If any of the wrong two should be entered, the whole place will be on fire. You know what that means.
Nidda: But how do we know the right keycode?
Stunt: (confused) I also don’t know.
Nidda: (racks her brain) Find the dot of the two binary number and tell me.
Stunt: Okay. (he presses some keys) It’s 100011. That’s one of the three possible keycodes, are you really going to use that?
Nidda: We have to hope it’s the right one.
Stunt: (scared) Just be careful, please.
Nidda: Yeah. (she makes up her mind and enters the keycode -100011. The door opens instantly. Right in front of her is the nuclear device) Nuclear device in sight.
Stunt: (all of them in the helicopter are happy) Go and meet her. (to the three, now to Nidda) You have just completed the most deadly mission of all time. To enter is the problem, but to get out is easy. C4 can be used from inside but can’t be used from outside. Make sure you don’t touch the device, other P’s are coming in.
Nidda: (sighs heavily) Yeah. (without contacting with the nuclear device, she moves to the other end. She brings out C4, plants it, and uses it to break the wall. Immediately the wall is broken, Nonk, Luto and Cylin rushes in. Nonk and Luto are in explosive-experts’ uniforms while Cylin is in normal uniform. Cylin helps Nidda to move to where the helicopter’s step is. He helps her climb the steps easily. She enters the copter, and relaxes. Nonk and Luto disarm the electric features of the nuclear device and carry it to where the step-to-copter is. A net is being thrown down. Nonk and Luto puts the heavy nuclear device in the net, which carries it into the copter.
Nonk: (through comm.) We have to let Mr Cummings know that we’ve succeeded in the operation.
Others: Yeah!
Tunis: It was later during my secret investigations, that I discovered that it was the former president, Mr Sameh that gave The Peagries a helping hand in finding the nuclear device, and infiltrating the Eldion house.
Addin: But it seems it was your father that helped them. You said they said that they had to let Mr Cummings, your father, know that they had succeeded.
Tunis: You know what? What I just told you was from an audio-visual camera used in recording their acts. When the nuclear device was reported to have been stolen, all the cameras of the place were checked to know the culprits but to no avail. The culprits had switched off the cameras, even destroyed them before they started their operation. Just after the cold black war, the president started to take the investigations further. It was then that this recording was gotten. But during my secret investigations, I discovered that it was the president himself that ordered The Peagries to release the recording, to frame my father.
Addin: (confused) I am getting so confused.
Tunis: Okay, let me continue step by step. After the nuclear device was stolen by the Peagries, something bigger happened. The Peagries threatened to detonate the bomb in Luckfort. Luckfort was a state in Notis. It was the biggest state, the most developed in the Notis then. It was the dream state of all, then. If Luckfort should be blown, it would really be a blow to the Notis. All the important figures of Notis decided to hold a conference meeting, to know what step they have to take. Just a day before the meeting, the President secretly talked to my father.
Re: Deadly Missions by SilverSpoonEnt: 12:09pm On Jun 22, 2018
lol... still 8 to go to continue...
Re: Deadly Missions by Mhizdebs(f): 12:48pm On Jun 22, 2018
Vulcanheph ( m ), stevodot22 ( m), disguyz ( m),
eitsei ( m), Mhizdebs( f), mendel04 ( m), Olaitan3784 ( f)

another story don land
The story make sense.thanks for the mention.
Re: Deadly Missions by Youngchizar(m): 1:03pm On Jun 22, 2018
RED ALERT! I REPEAT; RED ALERT!! Ghost reader has arrived safely.... Boss u too gud, I hav been following ryt frm d 1st story
Re: Deadly Missions by SilverSpoonEnt: 1:39pm On Jun 22, 2018
lol... thanks... I'll start woes of the dark night season two immediately i finish this... 6 to go...

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