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Forever Mine by roniex2(f): 10:01pm On Aug 01, 2018
Dedicated to Alyssa Urbano
Forever Mine

Chapter One.
Olympus, 1565.
The underworld.

Princess Ariadne

Twenty was the year all females in the underworld found their mates and leave with them to start another life. Some choose to continue living in the underworld while some go to the mortal world to live with humans. I couldn’t wait to find him, hold him, brush my fingers on his cheeks and hold his jaw in my hands. Someone to cuddle, walk on the beach with and call my mate for the rest of my life.

I watched my reflection in the vanity mirror placed in front of me as maids applied lavender and different ointments to my hair. I eyed the bolts of fabric strewn across the room. Ribbons of every colour, pearls, the finest silks, buttons, ruffles and other precious gems occupied most of my bed.

My father, Hades, god of the underworld and hidden riches provided enough gemstones and pearls for me to be decorated with. It was my birthday after all and the day I would be mated. I rose up and smiled as I stepped into a purple knee length gown with bell sleeves and low square neckline. It had a slit that exposed my long legs. It also gave a tantalizing view of my cleavage but not too much that it seemed improper. The cuffs were adorned with lace and so was the hem. On the neckline was embroidered some pearls and an intricate design was placed there using silver thread.

“Do you think the Fates destined me with a king? Or a noble man? Or a prince?” I asked Fiorella, my favorite maid as she carefully placed a red coloured lingerie on my bed. She rolled her eyes and pouted her lips. I nudged her playfully. She was the only one I kind of allowed to be free with me among the maids, because she was my age mate and we kind of discussed sensitive topics together.

“Ariadne. Yes your mate will definitely be handsome” she replied.
I felt some blood rush to my cheeks at the thought of me laying with my mate tonight. The other maids place my corset in place and tied up my hair in an elegant bun. The left a few tendrils to curl around my face, defining my face shape.

Powder was caked on my face and my eyes lined with kohl which made them look bigger. The maids crushed some red rose petals and placed the tint on my lips then took a step back and sighed, like they rehearsed it. “You look beautiful princess!” they gasped.

I blushed some deep shade of pink and twirled around. There was a knock on the door and my heart skipped a beat. Was it time already? Fiorella answered it. She came back bearing a big jewelry box

“The queen sent these for you to wear. She said she would be glad to see you in these jewels” she said and then opened the box. Nestled inside the velvet was a diamond emerald necklace.

The stones were so big and beautiful. Two drop earrings also filled with diamonds and emeralds accompanied the necklace and so did a pearl and diamond headpiece. Underneath the box was a small note. I picked up the note and read with a smile etched at the corner of my lips.

“These jewelries were given to me by my mother the night I was to be mated with your father. Now I am passing them unto you. Keep them”

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Re: Forever Mine by roniex2(f): 10:04pm On Aug 01, 2018
Chapter Two.

I stepped out of my room with my chin up and head high as I walked down the corridors to the hall. I sighted my father, Hades at a corner in the hall chattering away with the god of the sea, Poseidon. The hall went silent as I took some steps further into it and smiled loud cheers and applause echoed around the hall.

Half the hall was decorated in indigo while the other half was black, depicting the colour of the underworld. The beautiful gods and goddesses of Greece were all gathered in the hall to celebrate my birthday and also witness the bond ceremony.

“Happy birthday!” they chorused. I smiled gracefully and walked to hug parents who each gave me their blessings. I grabbed a glass of wine from the tray one of the nymphs were carrying around and quickly downed it. I strolled across the hall to specially greet the eight judges of cosmos. They presented me with gifts and blessed me.

I winked at Aphrodite, the goddess of love as she entered the hall hand in hand with Eros, the god of love. I went to meet Fiorella and we found an empty spot at the rarest end of the hall, away from the loud music and cheers in the hall.

“So…? You feeling anything yet?” Fio asked.

“Not exactly. I don’t know what I am feeling” I said with a sigh, taking a sip of the red liquid in my glass.

“Its okay. He might not be here yet. When I first felt Aidon, it was like a tingling in the air and…”

“Fio what if he doesn’t come?”I asked, cutting her off before she started a story I have heard for over fifty times. Yes, Fiorella got mated two months ago when she clocked twenty with Aidon, one of the soldiers of the underworld.

“Stop bothering your little head. It’s been destined already by the fates. He is going to come here, well if he isn’t here already. Just open your heart so you would feel him when he is here”

“Hello gorgeous” a deep male voice said from behind me. Both Fiorella and I jumped around.

“Excuse me” I said and walked away from him. I found another spot to stand and held my forehead with my palm as my head throbbed.

“Hey girl! You’ve been the one dreaming of this since kindergar…”

“Happy birthday Princess” Aidon came and gave me a light hug. Fio’s cheeks instantly went into red flames as she blushed just because of her mate’s presence.

gods! when am I going to have this feeling?’ I hissed silently under my breath.

“Thank you Aidon” I said and turned my head away, not wanting to see the way Fio was gushing all over him.

“Enjoy yourselves” I said, raising my brows up a bit. I slipped out of the hall with the glass of drink still in my hand. the night was still and silent, only the sound of the music playing inside the hall combined with the soothing sound of waves disturbed the serenity. I wasn’t at all feeling like going back to the party.

I headed for the water. I left my shoes on the sand and placed the wine glass just beside it. I stepped into the water and sighed blissfully. The ocean was like a security blanket to me. It would always calm my nerves and sooth my spirit anytime my mind was in disarray or I was upset. It was my comfort zone. What if I am not fated to be with someone? What if I am meant to be alone for the rest of my life? What if I won’t ever have the kind of romance that exist between my parents or between Aidon and Fio?


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Re: Forever Mine by roniex2(f): 7:23pm On Aug 02, 2018
Chapter Three


“Its been nearly ten years since a son or a daughter of a god got mated another god”
Hades declared as he grabbed my arm and his daughter’s arm and began to pull us with
him towards the center of the hall. When Ariadne insisted, he glowered at her and
whispered “You must be presented! Its tradition”

I turned to face Ariadne, my mate who never for once since we got into the hall cast a
glance at me.

She was angry, sad and upset. Her father on the other hand was in the
eerily calm mask he wore when his emotions were churning. The kind of face he wore
when his older daughter, Adrienne ran away with her mortal boyfriend when she was
Once we got to the center of the hall, Hades stopped and beckoned on Persephone, his
queen to move closer to him. I forced a smile, feeling strangely cold inside.
Hades held up my arm and moved slightly forward.

“I present to you, Thanatos, the god of death and now mate to my daughter” Hades said

The hall went into cheers, murmurs and giggles.
“Silence!” Hades commanded and the whole hall went silent.

“I present to you Ariane, daughter of my beloved mate, Persephone, daughter of my own flesh, princess of the underworld and now mate to Thanatos, the god of death” he said and tugged her forward, holding her hand up close to mine.
Hades retrieved a blood red satin ribbon from a stool beside his throne and looped it
around Ariadne’s wrist before tying it around mine.

He muttered some words in our
native language and tightened the bond. I heard Ariadne’s soft whimper and my loins
tightened. My manhood sprang to life with desire for her as an image of us making love
and her whimpering softly flashed through my mind. Hades raised his hands up as he
stepped forward.

“Great spirits of cosmos. Great fates, by the blood of alpha….” He said and I watched
him remove a knife from his scabbard. He cut his wrist and let blood drip to the floor. He
did the same to me and Ariadne, making sure the blood mixed together. It was a
covenant. A solid one. He whispered some words in the gods tongue and sealed the
covenant with me licking Ariadne’s blood and she doing the same to me.

“It is done” he concluded and I felt something tighten in my stomach. It spread to my
chest and spine and then came a sharp pain.


“Why must you veil your beautiful eyes?” came Thanatos’ husky voice. I cringed and
shut my eyes, not wanting to see his face. The face of an evil god whose existence was
for taking lives and condemning them to an horrible afterlife in Tartarus.

I sensed him moving closer to the bed. I was clad in a knee length undergarment. I had
dreamt of wearing the red lingerie Fio had laid on the bed because I thought I would be
mated with someone worth it, with a king or a prince or one of the generals of my father.
Certainly not a god as cruel as Thanatos.

“Are you afraid Ariadne?” My name rolled off his tongue like a silky caress and I grimaced. He climbed the bed and I felt his hands on my breast as he pulled off my
undergarment, revealing my unclothedness.
It was time for him to take my innocence and finally seal our bond. I opened my eyes
when I didn’t feel his touch for a while. I found him gazing at me with passion, lust and

“Beautiful” He whispered.

I felt his hands on my waist, drawing me closer to him. He began to trail kisses down my neck which sent my nerve-endings ablaze. I shot him a
deadly look but he seemed not to care. I was so irritated.

His head moved from my neck down to my breasts. I felt his hot breath on my nipples
and they tightened in response. I gasped as his mouth opened and enveloped mine.
Warm rough hands travelled over the skin of my back before cupping my breasts.

I bit my lip to stop myself from moaning. My skin was on fire and he was the fuel that kept on adding to the fire until it blazed into a raging inferno. His fingers came on my lips as they
traced its plump contours. He pulled down my lower lip and it parted.

His head descended and his lips captured mine in a tender kiss. He used one hand to drift apart
the curtains and golden moonlight rays streamed into the room, falling on him. I gasped as I took in his naked view. His face, chest, abs, waist and gods! his hugeness. He looked
every inch of a god. He slammed his tongue into mine and whirled.

Damn! He tasted like sin.

He used his hand to part my thighs and I shut my eyes for I knew what was to come. Fio
already gave me more than enough details.
I shut my eyes tightly and prepared myself for the sharp pain.

“Open your eyes for me Ariadne” he commanded.

He nipped my lower lip with more force and I forced my eyes open, wincing in sweet pain.
Heat looked in between my legs and before I knew it, he dipped his hand inside and
found me hot and moist. He bit his lip as he sucked on my neck, giving me a Hickey.

I didn't know what he was doing or how he was doing it but it gave me pleasure. I wanted
to hate the feeling because I hated the man doing it to me but I couldn't, I just found my
self loving it and melting everywhere he touched and placed luscious kisses at, sending my senses into overdrive.

He covered my body with his as he settled himself in between my thighs. His face held an expression of control as he firmly held my waist and with one deep thrust, sealed the bond.

Re: Forever Mine by roniex2(f): 7:46am On Aug 03, 2018
Chapter Four

“My love, I want to ask your father for your hand in marriage” Aiken whispered to Luna,
the daughter of the sun god as he playfully rubbed his hand on her hair. Luna jolted and
turned to look at him, her eyebrows bunched together.

“You know Helius would never agree to that. He doesn’t believe in love” She replied,
holding his cheeks in her palm. A huge bile rose Aiken’s throat at that statement but he
gulped it down and continued playing with her hair, tracing what he didn’t even know in it.

“I know Luna but there is no harm in trying right? He doesn’t believe in love because he
never found love. He didn’t exactly give birth to you. He made you from the rays of …”

“The moon. Yes I know that and I have heard it a thousand times already”

“I am sorry I had to say that love but I think we should give it a trial, our love for eachother
is definitely worth it. And that is why I have worked so hard to this position I presently
hold. The army leader and I am Helius' most trusted servant.” Aiken blurted out, adjusting his jet-black hair and securing his sword safely in place. He looked deeply into
her eyes but there was doubt and sadness in them.

“Aiken. I love you but I am scared. Scared for you. For me. For our love. You know if he
ever knows we are in love, he might banish you from the land of the gods to the mortal world. And you know no immortal has ever survived there. He can even make you fade
away instantly. I don’t think we have to be married to be together. We can be secretly
meeting here in our secret garden and stay together for a long time”

“Luna you very much know this secret can’t be kept forever. I am afraid one day our
secret will be revealed and he will separate me from you till eternity. He might not believe in love but we can make him believe. Our love is that strong to convince him” he
stared at her lips, red as rose petals and had the sudden urge to pin her to the dark stone
walls and kiss her till she screamed his name and it echoed in her father’s ears.

Luna shifted uneasily, an expressionless look masked on her face as she ducked her
head low.

“I have to go now Aiken. It’s getting late. See you here at dusk tomorrow.” She said

Luna shifted uneasily, an expressionless look masked on her face as she ducked her
head low.

“I have to go now Aiken. It’s getting late. See you here at dusk tomorrow " She said.

Luna placed a soft kiss on his lips and folded her left four fingers inside her thumb, then
rubbed it slightly on her chest, a signal of love and affection.

Aiken sighed and did the same before gathering his armour and sword.
He rose up and pulled her close. Since he was taller than her, it was easy for her to listen
to his heartbeat, which only beat for her.
With Aiken placing one last kiss on her olive-toned skin, Luna disappeared into the night.


I trailed my fingers on the sheet as I woke up from sleep, letting out a quiet squeal. No it wasn’t just sleep.

I had a dream. A weird dream of two lovers. Whatever the dream meant I didn’t know but it was strange as it was a dream I had never had before and I didn’t even know the lovers. I tried to sit up but I winced when pain surged through my
body. I widened my eyes as I looked below and saw dried blood patches on the bed and
in between my legs. Indeed, I was sore. Memories of the night before flashed through my mind. I hated myself for enjoying it. I hated myself for the satisfaction it gave me. I was meant to be angry a man like Thanatos claimed me.

I had hoped for a king or a prince all my life and oh! Thanatos just wasn’t a man, he was a
death deity. An evil god. I hissed as I wrapped the bed sheet round my body, happy he
wasn’t anywhere in the room.

What kind of man takes away his mate’s innocence only to disappear very early in the morning without some sweet morning kisses or words. I winced in pain at the soreness I felt in between my legs.

I was surprised to see that there was a warm water bath already prepared for me in the
bathroom. I hung the bed spread somewhere on the basin and stepped into the bath tub.
I sighed blissfully as the warm water took away my pains and soothed my flesh.

I felt beautiful.

I reached for my favorite bath gel and applied it on my body. When I was done washing away the blood at the side of my thighs, I washed my hair and slowly raised my
leg out of the water, watching droplets travel down my calves. I wiggled my red painted
toe nails in the air and sighed in sheer delight.
In no time I wore a simple red coloured floral gown and did a simple make up. Since I
was mated and that meant I was fully a woman of myself and my mate, I would have to do my things myself and not wait for the maids. I now had responsibilities and I had to
carter for my needs as well as my mate’s. when I was done dressing up, I laid a new
clean bed spread. I sat down in front of my dressing table and started unwrapping my
gifts one after the other. I received gifts from almost all the gods and goddesses in Olympus.
As I was about unwrapping the gifts from the nymphs and maidens, a knock fell on the
“Come in” I muttered.

The knob turned and Fiorella walked in gracefully, beaming up at me. She dragged out a
stool from the dressing mirror and plopped into it, still grinning.
“Will you stop!?” I chided.

“Common, start spilling” she squealed with glee, grinning from ear to ear.

“And what exactly am I expected to spill?”

“Last night” she replied, almost in a whisper.

“Oh,you want me to spill the fact that I am not in any way happy I got mated to Thanatos”

“Ariadne. You just have to accept it. The fates intertwined his thread with yours and there
is nothing anybody can do about it. He is not that bad after all. Just that he rarely smiles
and hardly socializes with the rest of the gods”

I huffed and stared out of the window.

“And being a death deity isn’t his fault you know. That’s his commission and he is just
obeying cosmos and doing his job. He is doing what he is meant to do”

“Yeah right? Taking lives of innocent mortals with just a snap of his finger”

“That is what your father, Lord Hades does too. These things are just necessities. To
make sure the system is balanced. If he isn’t responsible to what happen to humans
after death. Would you be happy if mortal souls roamed about after death, causing more deaths in the human world?” She asked while I just sighed.

“Who are you even convincing Fio?” I snapped at her, having enough of her talk which
wasn’t looking like it would come to an end soon.

“You just have to accept him and his duties. Besides you are his mate now and you are
expected to run the duties together” she added, hoping I would say something but I kept silent.

“Now tell me about last night”

“Oh please!” I said, waving off my hand to dismiss her.

“Don’t tell me you didn’t enjoy it. I am quite sure you guys sealed the bond. I am also
quite sure you know what the fates would do to you if the bond wasn’t completely sealed”

“Okay fine, We did it and it is nothing I would like to talk about” I said and blushed a little
as I remembered every detail of what happened. It wasn’t good and it wasn’t bad. Yeah it was just somewhere in between."

“Now let’s have a long walk round the castle” I said as I rose up and pushed the gifts aside. I spanked a giggling Fio lightly and walked out of the room while she tugged behind me, beaming widely.

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Re: Forever Mine by excelmerry: 9:44am On Aug 03, 2018
Wow..amazing. Pls don't take too long to update. Following..
Re: Forever Mine by roniex2(f): 10:26am On Aug 03, 2018
Chapter Five


I woke up quite very early in the morning and placed a soft kiss on Ariadne’s fore head. I
smiled at her beautiful figure on the bed. Her lips were slightly parted while she snored

For a moment if felt like we had had made love before. Like we had known
eachother for a longer time. I blinked away and quickly had a quick shower before
preparing a warm water bath for her. I wore my robe and scurried off to resume my

As a god, we weren’t allowed to have honeymoon periods or what was that thing
mortals refer to a short break off work after a wedding though? I walked to the throne
room to check if Hades was awake and I was glad he was already seated checking some
scribes and scrolls that contained requests of shades. He had a roughly old crusty face
with grey beards.

Light facial whiskers embellished his face, making him look rugged and completely dangerous. He was dressed in dark silk robes and he had on his heard a
crown made with black sapphires and pearls.
Immediately I stepped into the room, Hades lifted his eyes and gazed at me. I wasn’t
certain he liked the idea of me and his daughter together. I knew he expected the fates
to intertwine her life thread with a king’s or a prince’s.
He cleared his throat and beckoned on me to come forward. “Hades..” I called out,
bowing a little in front of him.

“What report do you have for me?”

“Well.. Apart from the shades begging for another life and some pleading for grace over
the families they left behind, Cerberus has been making sure to see to the shades
escaping in the tunnel. Every other thing is being handled by me”

He nodded and rose up.

“We are heading to the hall of judgment today. The judges need my intervention for some
special cases”

I nodded and watched as he closed his eyes and turned into a black mist then disappeared. I did the same, kind of happy he didn’t choose to go there through a longer
journey, most times we went there sailing along the river of stayx, ferried by Charon.

We got to the hall of judgment, all heads bowed well except the three judges who were
equivalent to Hades in rank. We walked to where they were seated and had our seat
while shades trouped in and stood in line.
“I am here now. Proceed with the special cases” Hades declared.

Clotho, the only female judge rose up and fetched three shades from an inner room. she
muttered some words in our native tongues and the shades returned to exactly how they
were before they died.

“Patrick Anderson, a 52 year old man who hailed from Poland in the mortal world wasn’t meant to die. His name was not on the list but surprisingly he was involved in an accident and he lost his life. Thanatos couldn’t give a reasonable explanation as to why this happened.” Clotho said, turning to face Hades. “What was his life in the mortal world like?” Hades asked, heaving a deep sigh.

“He was a kind man and he lived a good life. He deserves Elysium but that would be
unjust since he isn’t meant to die now until 14th January 1982”

Hades heaved a sigh and stretched his hand, transferring the man’s essence back into
him. He wiped off his memory of the underworld and sent him back to the mortal world, precisely the hospital he died at. I smiled, wishing him well.

“Why did this happen? This has never happened in a long time” I said to Hades.
Hades shrugged and asked Clotho to continue.

She continued and the special cases were resolved. The rest of the shades were sent to
Tartarus. They tried escaping into some dead bodies and that was a punishable offense.
Hades dismissed me and I used the opportunity to visit Eros.

He was a very good friend of mine. I turned into a ball of black mist and blended into the darkness of the tunnel that leads outside the hall of judgment. In no time I appeared inside Eros’ apartment and was surprised to see Eros and Aphrodite making out like their lives depended on it. Aphrodite was almost naked, on her knees sucking Eros up while Eros held her long hair in place, moaning as loud as he could.

What a hot afternoon sex.

I quickly teleported to Hade’s castle. Since they were too busy to figure my aura, I would
just have to come back after all. I wanted them to give me the best tips on how to gain
Ariadne’s love and trust. I thought of what to start with and decided to give her a black
rose. I closed my eyes and willed for a black rose in my hand and Ariadne’s beautiful

With my mind, I reached out to know exactly where she was. Since we were mated and
the bond had been completed, I alone had the privilege of reaching or calling out to her. I
could know where she was and the mood she was in. I could even communicate with her
with my mind but since she wasn't a goddess yet and her powers haven't been given to
her, I wouldn't been able to do that.

I grasped the flower in my hand, careful not to make it wither. As the god of death, the
aura of death in me could kill anything easily. People, animals, flowers, name it. Well that
was the reason I didn't like socializing with the other gods in the mortal world. If my
emotions were heightened or I got furious, the aura of death in me would emanate and
all the mortals around would die.

I was happy when the petals of the black rose didn't shrink. I held it more carefully and
went to the meadow, where she was with her favourite maid, Fio.

Opening the double grand obsidian doors, I smiled as the cool wind of the meadow
brushed past my cheeks, giving me a gift of its sweetened freshness.

I looked around the field but Ariadne seemed not to be present. I reached out to her presence with my mind and felt her at the eastern side of the field. I walked past the beautifully groomed flowers and lawn towards the East of the field. I smiled when I saw her sitting on a mat
and munching on a slice of cake.

"Little one" I muttered, flashing one of my brightest smiles. I just hope it wasn't looking
forced or fake since I rarely smiled. Fio cooed softly as she gathered her skirt and rose
up. She bowed before me before winking at Ariadne who suddenly went into a foul mood
on seeing me. It would apparently be difficult gaining her love but it was definitely worth

"What do you want?" She asked in an irritated tone, pouting her lips to show disinterest.

"Err. I brought you something nice" I said, trying to sound romantic.

She wrinkled her face in distaste, looking up at me expectantly. I got the drift and
unfolded my palm, revealing a dried up withered plant.

'gods!' I cursed within.

She scoffed and looked away. "Well I thought of giving this to you but I..."
Re: Forever Mine by excelmerry: 6:45pm On Aug 03, 2018
Awww, how ironic.. bringer of death in luv. Go Thanatos, win that heart over. #deathinluv.
Re: Forever Mine by roniex2(f): 9:31pm On Aug 03, 2018
Awww, how ironic.. bringer of death in luv. Go Thanatos, win that heart over. #deathinluv.

Thanks for commenting dear. Will dedicate the next update to you
Re: Forever Mine by excelmerry: 2:06pm On Aug 04, 2018

Thanks for commenting dear. Will dedicate the next update to you
Thanks in advance... do not worry abt the scant comments.. they'll all trickle in with time. Just do ur thing.

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Re: Forever Mine by roniex2(f): 4:48am On Aug 05, 2018
Chapter Six
(Dedicated to dear excelmerry)

I waved off my hand and he went silent, feeling greatly embarrassed at his failed attempt
to intrigue me. I folded my hands over my chest and sighed.

“So what now?” A deep frown masked his face as he stared deep into my eyes.
“You have to join me to do my duties as my mate”

I shrugged and moved closer to him.

“I am only doing this with you because it is what is meant to be, don’t ever for a second
think I love the idea of being your mate Thanatos” I pointed out.

It was as if his life thread was cut off as his eyes darkened. It was like I plunged a dagger
into his heart with my statement.
I heard a thousand voices wailing and crying at once.

I blocked my ears and screamed.
The wailing cries increased and it seemed as though they were coming for me, like they
were somewhere close. A sad expression crossed his mouth watering handsome face
as he clenched his fist and breathed heavily, and then the voices faded away with the

“What the hell was that?” I asked, looking like blood was just drained from my body.
He sighed and muttered some words underneath his breath.

“We have to be on our way now”

“Where are we going?” I asked, scared to say anything that would make the owners of
those voices get annoyed and come back for me.

“Come with me” he said in a bored tone but with sadness still laced in his voice.

“How do we go?”

“Since you don’t know where we are going to exactly, you can’t gather the images in your
mind and teleport. You have to err.. Hold my hand so we can go there together” he
declared and I raised my eyebrows at him.
I moved closer to him cautiously and held his hand.

“Now close your eyes” he authoritatively said.
I shut my eyes and opened out my heart to welcome the darkness that enveloped and
then I felt weightlessness and then I felt nothing.


I rolled the mist off and landed on the solid rock, I summoned Ariadne’s spirit, concentrating on her flawless face and lovely hair and in no time she was in front of me.
“That was scary! I thought I faded away” she screeched.

“We are in new York. The house over there is where we are going” I informed as I
started walking towards the house.
I extended my hand to her to hold so she wouldn’t fall of the rock we were walking on but she declined. Again my heart constricted in my chest and for a second I thought it was
going to burst out due to the pains she had been giving me. Am I that difficult to love?
I sighed and kept walking, glancing sideways to check for her safety.

“So, tell me when you wish to have your powers and become a goddess” I asked, trying
to strike a conversation.

“When I am ready” she snapped.

I heaved a sigh and just shoved it off. Maybe I should visit Eros again today so as to
know how to handle a tough mate like Ariane. We arrived in front of the house and I held her hand, she jerked off but I spoke to her with
my mind.

“It’s important we enter without knocking”

“Won’t you be invading their privacy?” she spoke back to me with her mind but I just held
her hand and closed my eyes.


Why on earth would he think of entering a stranger’s apartment without knocking? So
ungentlemanly! Just because he was a god didn’t mean he should lack courtesy. He
stared at me deeply and I knew I just had to obey. I thrust my palm into his and I watched
him close his eyes, summoning his powers. I felt a large wave of magic in the air and
before I knew, we were inside the four walls of a tastefully furnished living room.

Thanatos released my palm and moved closer to an old dying man lying on a couch. He looked so worn out and thin, more like he was going to die any time soon.

The frail old man coughed and held his chest. I wasn’t sure if he was aware of our
presence because I couldn’t even tell if his eyes were opened or closed.

Thanatos looked outside the window to make sure no mortal was anywhere close to the
house. He unleashed his powers and damn! It was deathly.

He stretched forth his hand and an undulating wave of death extended from the end of
his fingers to the man’s chest. The old man didn’t fight it or struggle; he didn’t even show
any signs of pains. It was as if he had been waiting for it for a long time. He breathed his
last but not without muttering some incoherent words. After a while, his soul came out of the body and stood before Thanatos.
After a while, his soul came out of the body and stood before Thanatos. I looked from the
soul to the dead body and back to the soul, surprise flustered all over my face.

I had only heard of a person’s soul coming out of its body after death one of those days Adrienne
and I listened to my father’s folktales before Adrienne ran away from the underworld
because of her human boyfriend. It had pained my father so much that he stopped telling tales before bedtime. He also stopped teaching archery. He became a shadow of
“It’s me, death” Thanatos spoke, jolting me back from my reverie.

“You.. You.. I have seen you before!” the man squealed like a child who had just been
given some bars of chocolate.
I wasn’t getting something, wasn’t he meant to be filled with terror when Thanatos
revealed he was death? Who in the name of the gods would hear that and still hold a lot
of glints in his eyes?

Thanatos smiled breathily and gosh! I felt like peeing in my pants as I drooled. I realized
he had beautiful dimples and immaculate dentition. He looked mouth watering and
edible. I pinched myself sharply out of wherever my mind flew to and focused on what
was happening.

“You came to me some days ago in my dream and promised me you would take me to
Sara soon!”

Thanatos beamed and nodded his head.
“Yes I did and now is the time. You will be spending your afterlife with the love of your
life in Elysium” he declared proudly.

“Elysium? Where is that?” the man asked, looking astonished at the same time excited.
“That is where Sara is and she is waiting for you as we speak” Thanatos replied,
showing off his dimples. The man sighed blissfully as he moved to hug Thanatos but he
hugged the air instead. I giggled.

“Sara was his wife. She died of cancer twenty years ago and ever since then, he never remarried. But he prayed everyday for his wife to be brought back to him or for him to be
with her in death. Their love was perfect. Even Eros acknowledges what they feel for
eachother. They were soul mates and there was no one else for him. When you meet the
half of your soul and experience that bond, no one else would do.

When you meet the half of your soul and experience that bond, no one else would do.
Everything else, other relationships would simply pale in comparison” Thanatos
explained and gazed at me to check if what he explained sunk in.

“Oh!” I cooed.

Wasn’t that sweet?

“We will be flying to the underworld” Thanatos said, walking to the exit.

“flying? How is that possible. Its not like you have a visa the mortals use and where
would you even say you are flying to? The underworld?” I asked sarcastically, whizzing
out a short laugh.

“You just watch me” he said as he opened the door and walked out.

He started unbuttoning his black shirt.
One button. Another one. And another one.
Soon his broad, tanned chest was revealed. The moment he parted his shirt and
shrugged it off, I clenched my jaw tightly so that it would not hit the floor.
gods! What a sight.

He was heavily muscled as if he spent so many hours in the gym lifting those heavy
things! But why did I not notice this drop dead gorgeous steroid-huge muscles the night
we made love?

He stretched and I almost fainted right then and there. The action caused his muscles to bunch and every damned hot inch of him was outlined. His six packs,
washboard abs also grabbed my attention and I resisted the impulse to step closer and
run my fingers all over those packs of steel.
I mentally pinched myself so I wouldn’t start drooling.

‘Get a hold of yourself Ariadne! He is a Greek god after all!’ I chastised.

Truth be told, every inch of him was sheer perfection, he was freaking handsome and
even the slanted scar on his forehead which I heard from one of Fio and I’s gossips he
got during the war the gods fought against the titans two thousand years ago didn’t
make him less attractive.

I sighed as he arched his back and I caught a flash of matte black. When my eyes
focused once more, his wings were fully stretched out behind him. He flexed and curled his wings and then flapped them once again.
The man and I gasped in surprised as we looked with awe at the wings.

“Where were they?” I asked bewilderedly.

“They were hidden. Bound by magic” he replied and I still had that look of shock all over my face.

Thanatos laughed and smoothened his hair locks. Before I could think clearly and stop
myself, my hand was extended and my fingers were running through those soft, black

I pulled my hand back, shocked at my audacity. I opened my lips to apologize but when I looked at him, his eyes were closed as if savouring the moment, for a second I thought I saw Aiken! The strange man I saw in my dream some days back. When Thanatos opened his eyes, he looked at me with an intense expression, it seemed like all the hurt and
pains I had caused him flew out of the vessel he bottled them in and what he felt for me
was pure love. It was as if the man faded away and it was just me and him there, gazing
intently at each other.

“We have to go” he said and the man and I nodded. He stepped closer and his clean
masculine scent wafted towards me and I gasped, remembering the last time I took in
his scent deeply like this.

That was the night he sealed our bond and memories of that
night came flashing back. I looked at him lustfully while he returned the gaze with
passion and lust evident in his eyes. I swallowed the lump in my throat and cleared it noisily, feeling embarrassed.

“You both should wrap your hands around me” he ordered and we obeyed.

In a swift moment, he jumped and at the same time, flapped his wings. We were now a
few feet away from the ground.
Fear grew in my eyes while the man held nothing but amusement in his.

Is he serious here? What if we fall or the mortals see us?

“Hey!” I shrieked as my stomach plummeted when he flew higher.

“Be calm” Thanatos said and chuckled.

Okay he would think this is a joke till I fall off and he has to explain to Hades.


“Are you alright?” I asked with apparent concern. The soul seemed to be having fun
while Ariadne looked like she would chop my head off once we have a safe landing. She
wrapped her arms securely around me as she fanned my ear and cheek with my warm

“Please don’t let me fall” she said breathlessly when I soared higher.

“Never” I vowed.
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Wow.. just wow. This post really got me. I'm beginning to think Thanatos and Ariadne are the same persons she saw in her dreams the other night, possibly the lives they lived before? I don't know.. keeping my fingers crossed. Imagine Ariadne married to a God still they form shakara... mcheww.. u never see anything u dey swallow spit grin.

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Chapter Seven


I stilled for a moment in the air and gathered enough momentum for descended. Like a
rocket propelled downwards, I descended straight into the wide tunnel that leads to the
underworld. I smiled when the soul looked terrified. Ariadne shut her eyes as she
released her grip on my arm once her feet touched the ground.

I unleashed my powers once more as I stepped closer to the shade. There was a burst of white light when my hand touched him. The light continued to glow and it got so bright
that they both had to close their eyes. When the power in the air diminished, they opened

I had transformed the shade to a young looking handsome man in his early thirties.

His white hair was gone and it was replaced with jet black hair. He had bright blue eyes and he shone brightly.

He looked at himself in awe, he turned to his right and shouted when he saw his love,
Sara smiling sweetly at him. She was looking younger too and more beautiful.

“Sara!” he screamed and launched himself towards her. They hugged fiercely. Sara
wrapped her hands tightly around him, never wanting to let go.

“I have waited too long for you, my beloved” she told her husband.

“And I have dreamt of this moment for a long, long time” He responded and took her
hand to kiss it.

I looked at Ariadne and she almost had tears pooling down her eyes. It was love at its
finest and even I, was moved. I had brought a lot of couples to spend their eternity together but these ones were different, what they felt for each other was something I had
never seen. Something close to what I feel for Ariadne. Something pure and perfect.

“You are going to love the afterlife at Elysium! It’s really beautiful and we can be together”
Sara exclaimed.

“I’m okay with anywhere as long as I am with you” he replied and then looked at me with
appreciation in his eyes. I smiled tenderly at him.

“Ready to go?” I asked them and they both nodded excitedly.

I summoned a red mist and it enveloped them. They disappeared to Elysium and Ariadne and I were left in the dimly lit corridor with a bright light at the end.

I watched as shades came in and walked past us, looking gloomy and lonely. I shifted my
gaze to Ariadne and she had tears in her eyes.

“You do this too?” she asked, wiping away the fat tears that streamed down her cheeks.
I nodded and smiled.

“I just don’t take lives, I make happy endings for shades that deserve it. Their happiness
was wrenched away from them in the mortal world and their love may not have
flourished due to Sara’s sickness but it certainly will here in the underworld. They were given a limited amount of time when they were alive but now, in death, they are given
forever… eternity” I said and smiled when a smile formed on Ariadne’s lips.

“Don’t worry, you will see more of this soon. You are now my work mate anyway” I said
proudly with my chin up while she smirked at me.

“Don’t worry, you will see more of this soon. You are now my work mate anyway” he said
with a mischievous grin on his face while I smirked. “Err.. Thanatos?”I called out.

“Can I visit Elysium today?” I asked.

He gaped his mouth open and looked at me like I was out of my mind.

“Why?” he questioned.

I stood akimbo and glowered at him.

“Young man, it’s not as if I asked to visit Tartarus” I shot and he threw his head back and smiled, revealing his lovely dimples that threatened to bring me down to my knees.
He moved closer to me and held my hand; I prepared my body to experience the darkness and the weightlessness that would follow. I felt his magic in the air and then I
felt nothing more.

“gods!” I breathed in awe as I stared at the wonder before me.
Green long fields of grass and tall trees adorned the outside with beautiful roses of every kind adding to the finishing touches. The location of the sunlight was impossible to
make out but it was there, shining brightly on the field.

It felt warm and good against my
skin for I hadn’t been there in a long while. It looked more beautiful and greeny than how
it was when I visited it some years back.
I breathed slowly as the sweet aromas caressed my senses. I took a slow step forward and eyed Thanatos, who was looking at me like I had gone crazy.

The roses were colourful and in different shades. Red, pink, yellow, purple and many
more. They shone brightly and displayed the beauty of the gemstones they were made of.

I saw some gods and goddesses playing around the field. Thanatos smiled as he
greeted Nyx (god of night).

The goddess of the earth, Gaia waved at us and I waved back
too. I was certain they were surprised I was at Elysium but when they saw Thanatos
beside me, it kind of made sense to them. Hypnos(the god of sleep) was chilling with his
wife Antheia(goddess of garden and flowers). Thanatos greeted them in our native language as we walked past them. I giggled as I took some roses in my hands. They
were delicate and thick.

“It smells” I cooed in an awed tone of voice. Thanatos chuckled as tugged closely behind me, watching me perform craziness. I walked further into the field and smiled as I
saw children who death snatched away from their parents at an early age chattering and

Couples walked hand-in-hand down the hills and others danced with the soft
breeze that enveloped them. It all looked like it belonged in a picturesque photograph.

“People are so afraid of death but it is beautiful here” I said softly with glee.

When I was done savoring the beauty of Elysium, we crossed the Acheron river to
asphodel fields and then travelled by the Styx river back to the underworld. Charon didn’t
say anything to us, he simply held out a black bag for us to pay for the trip and nodded in
respect to us when we got off the ferry.
When black tall obsidian doors came into view, I sighed with relief.

It had been an eventful day and I was glad we were now back to the castle. I walked in and went
straight to my mother’s room but I was told she went to Olympic fields with my father for
an important court meeting.

I went inside my room, grateful Thanatos wasn’t in it. Somehow I enjoyed his company
today. I mean, everything we did and everyplace we went was fun but I still didn’t like him
and never will.

I took a warm shower and donned a simple blue gown. I went to the dinning room but
what I saw wasn’t anything I expected. My eyes widened as I ran to Thanatos.
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Chapter Eight.

He was coughing and holding his throat as his fingernails dug unto the floor.

“What’s wrong!?”

He looked up at me, his eyes flashing different shades of black and grey. “Get away!” he snarled.

I frowned and repeated, “What’s happening?”
He growled, the sound coming deep from within his chest and sounding feral.

“Get.. Get away now Ariadne”

“Thanatos..” I called out, kneeling beside him.
“What happened? Who did this to you?”

“Aphrodite” he coughed out, deepening his voice to sound so husky that shivers began
to run down my back.

“She poisoned me” he breathed.

“What?” I shrieked.

I looked around for the goddess of love but she was nowhere in the room.

“Where is she? What can I do?”

He shook his head, staring up at me with hungry eyes and growled, “She left, you need to leave now. Tell the rest of the women in the castle to leave” his voice thundered.

Okay this is getting scary! “You can’t die right? You are immortal, you are a god”

“No” he said, narrowing his eyes, his voice sounded sweet like honey and I suddenly felt
more aroused than ever before.

“It’ll go away eventually but every woman near me will become desirable”

“What?” Thanatos sighed, sliding his hand down his face and whispered.

“Aphrodite is the goddess of love right? She’s also the goddess of sex and seduction.

Whenever she has a certain emotion, those around her can feel it as well. If she wants
you to feel sexually frustrated, you will and that is what she’s doing to me.”

“So, You are Hot?” I asked, giggling inside me.

He cursed as he held unto the table, holding himself from jumping at me. He stared at
me with dark predatory eyes. His voice was so alluring and I found him irresistible. I
wanted to stop the feeling but it was as if I had no power over it.
“Right now you are like an aphrodisiac. Your smell is a thousand times more enhanced
than it usually is and it is driving me insane. You need to get away before I do something
you would not like”
I sat on the floor and didn’t move.

“Unless you’re willing to be pinned down to the bed and used as my sexual release, then I
suggest you leave now, mate. I can’t hold myself back much longer and I don’t want to
hurt you by using you to satisfy this urge without you actually wanting it!” he snarled,
igniting something passionate inside me.

I gulped, my heart beating about a thousand times per minute as I crawled closer to him.

“Take me now” my voice was soft, barely a whisper as I placed his shaking hands to my lush full boobs.

Thanatos closed his eyes, the feel of my breasts probably causing an excruciating sexual adrenaline rush through his veins. He breathed in sharply, his eyes opening and glowing a darker colour than they already were.
“Please leave” he said, his voice laced with lust.

“No. Take me now” I said, breathing slowly.
He nodded and closed his eyes as his mouth pressed against mine. The kiss began slow,
gentle and teasing. Our mouths moulded together perfectly as his tongue hesitantly
swiped my bottom lip when I opened my mouth.

A gasp left my lips as he pressed his entire body against mine.

A gasp left my lips as he pressed his entire body against mine. Every curvature and firm
line was pressed against my body and I could also feel all of his strong muscles underneath his clothes. Sparks of undying lust lingered in his eyes as he continued to
passionately speak in a way that words could not.

He grunted as he hoisted me up in his arms, helping me to wrap my legs around his
waist as he pressed me against the wall. I wrapped my arms around his neck, holding
him tightly as we continued kissing.

I heard some whoops and gasps across the dining room and with the corner of my eyes,
I caught the sight of the maids nudging eachother as they hastened their steps out,
leaving us to sate our passion.

Thanatos trailed a sensual line of kisses along my jaw. He reached my neck and began
to suckle on my skin hungrily. I wrapped my hand around his hair, loving the soft feel of
his mane.

“Thanatos..” I trembled in his arms with pleasure as he continued to kiss my soft spot,
eliciting moans from me. It felt strange for us to be doing this especially because I had
not been giving him the nicest of treatments but it felt right, whether Aphrodite was
behind this or not.

I gave short gasps as he tugged at all the right places, leaving fire everywhere he left to
another spot.

He brought down his mouth and kissed the slender column of my throat, his hair tickling
my jaw in the process. A passionate growl escaped his lips, vibrating against my skin as
he kissed me hard enough to leave love bites. The sound of his name leaving my lips
was sinfully delicious.

His strong hands caressed my thighs, teasing and igniting a passion so erroneously
deep within me that I thought I would shatter in his arms and fade away to Cosmos. He brought his mouth back up to mine, pressing a long, liquid kiss that rushed lust
through me and melted in my already dripping wet core, unable to do anything but want

My hands caressed the strong muscle of his jaw, trying to mesmerize every line of his
face with my fingers. Thanatos sighed and continued kissing me fiercely. The taste of
his mouth was sweet and addicting, he wanted to continue the assault on my mouth until he couldn’t breathe.

Every inch of my skin screamed and burned with desire for him. It was so grandiose that it was engulfing my mind, preventing me from doing any other thing but moan. At that
moment I was at his sole mercy, almost melting in his arms.

Slowly, he laid me on the floor and parted my thighs, he looked at me like I was some
sort of beef that was to be devoured as he pulled down my under garment and raised my
gown up. He ducked his head lower and licked my clit.

“gods!” I moaned in a choked voice, unable to take it any longer.


“gods!” she moaned, her eyes going glassy with lust. She regarded me with eyes that
brimmed with passion and desire and if not because of my self control, I would have
shot out the load in my groin already.
I went further down and met the moist curls at the apex of her thighs. I inhaled her
feminine scent and bit my lower lip slowly.
I held her hips down on the bed and licked her clits again.

Another lick… and another..

Soon enough she was trashing and her fingers gripped one of the dinning table chairs

I plunged my tongue inside her wet sheath and a keening cry was torn from her. I
did it over and over again, torturing her with the sweetness. I dived my tongue in again
and her honeyed wetness flooded my tongue and I savoured every drop.
She came rather too soon.

I had wanted it to be lasting.

I looked at her and her eyes were closed, rapture evident on her face.

“And what is happening here?” A voice thundered, shooting us up at once.
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Chapter Nine.

Looking down, a plain white dress clung on my body and I was bare foot. The grass
tickled my feet as I walked across the meadow filled with so much flowers. I got a
glimpse of a grey speck in the distance. The speck stood out among the various colours
of the meadow and I walked towards it. As I drew nearer, I realized that the black speck
was actually clothes and that these clothes were worn by a very tall and muscled man.
I approached him cautiously and hid behind a tree so that I could look at him more
closely. His head was thrown back and his face was tilted up towards the sun. his eyes
were also closed and his posture was very much of a king.
His eyes snapped open and green eyes flecked with grey gazed into me. No, these are
definitely not Thanatos’ eyes and neither are they the eyes of Hades. His face split into a
grin and he held out his hand towards me.
“Luna…” he whispered.
I felt an irresistible pull towards him and without even thinking, my feet were taking
steps towards him. I placed my hand on his and he drew me to his side in a firm grip. He
was so tall that I had to look up at him and found myself gaping at the face that looked like the god of death.
No… Where am I? what's this I’m seeing? I looked confused at the man who had a big
round scar at the side of his right eye and left arm. That definitely wasn’t my husband.
He smiled down at me and I felt my lips curve into a smile.
“Aiken…” I whispered breathlessly and then the man’s head swooped down and he
claimed my lips in a kiss. I closed my eyes and gave in to the sensations that he was
evoking with his lips.
He leaned in and kissed me very slowly. He coaxed my lips to open and like petals
blooming, they parted and his tongue delved in to taste me. Then there was a sound
from afar and his entire body stilled.
“Until next time Luna” he whispered and then stood on the tips of his toes and pressed a
kiss to my cheek.


My head reeled and I felt blissful. When I opened my eyes, it was dark and I was back on my bed. I rubbed my eyes and blinked.
Why had I slept anyway?

oh… after my dad had openly reprimanded Thanatos and I in front my mom and Zeus, I
definitely would sleep for a long time.
it had to be one of the most embarrassing day of my life.

What do you do when your dad catches you going all the way down with a man in his
dining room?

Well I guessed Thanatos and I had to move out of that house to have some privacy but
would that help our marriage?

I sighed.

I hadn’t really settled into being with Thanatos and staying away from the people I was
used to wouldn’t help.
I rolled on my bed to the other edge.

It wasn’t my bed!

I screeched as I rolled off the sheets, jerking away the bed side lamp from its base. It fell
and gave a loud flump.

Where the heck was i?

The door creaked open and Aiken.. no, thanatos walked in.

And yeah, I even had the dream to think about. But why was I having dreams about two
freaking strange lovers?

“Ariadne…” Thanatos called out, looking from the mess to the confused me.

“Where am i?” I asked, widening my eyes to give him a cue I wanted a straight answer.
“My room.”

“What?” I squeaked. The thought of Thanatos and I living in the same room was crazy.

We were like oil and water that would never mix.

“Hey. Calm down. We are bonded now okay? I had the servants move your stuffs out of
your room to mine while you slept. And I teleported you here” he explained, a grin lighting up his face.

I heaved a sigh and stared at the mess I made on the floor. I gritted my teeth and
Thanatos wheezed out a laugh that was immediately stopped when I gave him a deathly glare.

“Yeah and that reminds me. Why have you been appearing in my dreams lately? Sincerely if you think appearing like a more handsome man in my dreams would make me fall for
you easier then sorry to say this mate but you are dumb” I said, rolling my eyes.

Thanatos looked like he wanted to puke but quickly got a hold of himself. He looked like
me like I was completely insane and I shoved him off with my hand.

“I have not been appearing in your dreams” he stressed.

“Yes you are”

“I said.. I have not been appearing in your dreams woman!” he stressed again, this time
in a louder tone. I opened my eyes to say something but closed it back when nothing
came out.

“You should just have said you dreamt of me because of the hot session we had this
afternoon” he smirked and walked out of the room like he hadn’t just dropped a bomb.

gods! if there was the littlest hole drilled in the ground then I guessed I would have
squeezed and crept into it out of embarrassment.


I had a brief court meeting with Hades and his queen. He kept giving me odd and
awkward stares probably because he caught his daughter and I doing the nasty. I had a
quick shower and decided to do something fun again with Ariadne. So I spoke to her
mind telephatically.

“Wifey” I said and waited for her response.
“Ariadne!” I called again.

“What is it?” she snapped and I stifled a giggle.

“Easy there. I was just thinking we…”

“keep your thoughts to yourself young man. If you would excuse me, I have to go. I am
busy with my mother”

“Ariadne you would come and meet me in our room now” I compelled her with my power.
I didn’t know if it would work but I guessed it should. She wasn’t a goddess yet and
compulsion worked on mortals, nymphs and sometimes immortals.

I sat up and started pacing the room, wishing in my mind it would work. It wasn’t fair
though but I wanted to spend time with her.
The door’s knob turned and it opened to reveal Ariadne!

“What is it Thanatos?” she asked pointedly.

“Well I wanted us to visit Mount Olympus. Is anything wrong with that?”
She scoffed and crossed her arms on her chest.

“Last time I checked we weren’t on honeymoon. Go do your thing and leave me the heck alone” she said and turned to leave. I scurried to her and held her hand, then looked into
her eyes deeply.

“Ariadne. You would follow me to Mount Olympous now” i said, one word after the other.

I felt the compulsion settle in and her eyes softened.

“Ok” she replied and smiled.

I returned her smile and sighed. I just hope she wouldn’t kill me if she snapped out of it
soon. For mortals, compulsion worked on them for a very long time. As long as you want it to but for an immortal, it works for just a short time before their system shakes it off
and they snap out of it.

I closed my eyes and teleported us to Olympus.

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Chapter Ten

I sighed blissfully when I felt the familiar sensation of landing.
I opened my eyes and took in the beautiful view of Olympus once again. I was so used to the colors black and gold
which were the color of the underworld palace. Mount Olympus was a beautiful place
that even when you go there every passing day, you would never get enough of its beauty
and atmosphere.

Suddenly, a palm hit my head from the rear.
“Ouch” I shrilled.

I turned around to see Ariadne standing hands akimbo and I flashed a Mr. cool smile. I
was very sure I looked like a fool.

“Don’t ever use compulsion on me again?” she warned sternly and I could feel her angry
waves everywhere.

Oh wow!

I kissed her forehead and a red tint appeared on her cheeks, making her look more

I locked her arm in mine in an old chivalry style and she looked taken aback before she
rolled her eyes.

You wouldn’t blame me, would you?
I was more than two thousand years old.

The sheer majestic beauty of Olympus was too much for me that my hands itched to
touch the sparkling white walls again. It had been a long time since I visited Olympus.
Ever since Apollo married a nymph and the wedding was held in Olympus, I had not
come visiting again.

Thanatos and I entered the circular grand throne room. there were twelve thrones
placed around the room and all of them were facing a golden brazier which spouted blue
flames. I inspected the twelve thrones again and admired the new designs. And then
again were the white pillars and marble statues. The golden gates, fountains and jewels that glittered in the sunlight. The torches and braziers that always burned with greek fire.

I saw Thanatos walking to the fountain with a bowl in his hand. he stopped half way and
went back to where small bowls were arranged. He picked another bowl and handed it over to me.

“What am I to do with this?” I asked.

“Let's drink Ambrosia together” he said with glee.

We drank the wine of the gods and I must confess, it was bliss. I had another bowl of it
and yet another bowl. When Thanatos saw that I was going to get drunk, he scooped the
bowl away from me and glared.

“What?” I snorted as I glared back at him with sleepy eyes.

“Ariadne!” he shook me and dizziness seemed to have flown out of my system.

“You know what? How about I take you on a tour of the underworld”

“You know there is nowhere in the underworld I haven’t been to.” I stuck my tongue at
him and he laughed heartily.

“Brother!” A voice called out and I turned to see Aphrodite beaming as she walked up to

“Hello Ariadne. What brings you here?” She smiled and tickled my jaw playfully. I
returned her smile and curtsied.

“Aphrodite!” Thanatos screeched.

“Oh. I hope you enjoyed what happened between you and your husband” she winked at me and Thanatos and I rolled my eyes for the umpteenth time.

“Why did you do that?” Thanatos shot at her irritatedly.

“Oh please! Not like you didn’t enjoy it.
Anyways it was Eros’ idea. He said he felt the
chemistry between you too and we had to do something to bring you two closer. Just
that, we didn’t know you too could be nasty doing it in the open. Gods!”

“And Ariadne, you nearly screamed down the underworld” she laughed boisterously. She
patted Thanatos on his back and walked away, still laughing like a witch that had just
accomplished what she had been conceiving in mind.

Thanatos bit his lower lip and sighed. I felt him summon his power and when I looked
down, shadows cloaked my entire body. The darkness dissipated and I saw that I was
wearing a beautiful black tube dress. It was sleeveless and tight at the waist and then
flared out into a lovely skirt which reached my knees. It had some nice embroidery work
on it and it was heavily beaded. When I moved and the dress caught the light, the stones glittered and gave the illusion of dazzling luminescene. I couldn’t help the smile that
formed on my lips.

He moved his hand and then appeared a lovely belt which was studded with amethysts
and diamonds. I checked my hands and I found out that I also wore elbow length gloves.

“Thanatos!” I squealed with glee. I loved the dress!

He then draped a beautiful velvet cloak over my shoulders. It was so soft and warm that I
wanted to snuggle into it. A moment later and I felt a weight settle on my head. It was a

I reached for it and brought it down so I could see. It was nestled with gold velvet. It was
made from archite. Rarest black diamonds adorned the spikes. The biggest one was in
the center and the surrounded by smaller stones.

“Oh gods!” I thrilled.

I touched Thanatos’ jaw and looked at him dreamily.

He smiled and held my hand, he brought it to his lips and kissed it and I felt like melting “I haven’t given to you a ring” he muttered.

“Oh. Tha.. that?” I drawled like an idiot.
He nodded his hand, sort like making a mental note to get me a ring. He summoned his powers and his chariot appeared before us. He helped me up and then jumped in beside me. The moment he touched the reins, his clothing changed to his full, gleaming black armor. My lips went dry at the sight of him in all his godly glory.

Just seeing him in his armor could make anyone cower in fear of him. he emanated an
aura of power and he looked every inch of a warrior king. I blushed and looked away
when he turned his face and caught me looking at him. he flicked the reins and we were off with a great burst of speed.
Re: Forever Mine by roniex2(f): 8:28pm On Aug 08, 2018
Chapter Eleven


Ariadne was so beautifully dressed that I couldn’t take my eyes off her. Something
swelled inside me when I caught her drooling over me. She probably loved my new
appearance. The look in her eyes was that of admiration.

Truth be told, I wanted to stop the chariot and then find a secluded spot and just kiss her
until she was moaning my name.

The wind fanned out her hair as we rode and I could smell her scent everywhere. It was
nearly driving me crazy that I just tightened my hand on the reins of the chariot so that I
woudnt grab her and act out all my fantasies.
We reached the hall of judgement and we walked regally to the hall. It was as if the room stood still l and was suddenly filled with awe.
The noise stopped and silence reigned all
around as the shades beheld their god and his queen. Seeing us, the shades all bent
their knees and bowed. Their heads were bent yet I saw a couple of them sneak a peek
at their queen as we passed. I saw Ariadne flinching and cringing. I smiled and held her

“Don’t be scared. Walk like a queen, be confident” I whispered to her.

Despite that, she was still nervous. I made a mental note to inform her mother to start
teaching her how to act like a queen.
She chinned up and walked gracefully. I gave her a supportive look and said, “Its alright.
You’re doing great”

She smiled at me as I patted her hand and we walked towards the thrones in front of the

We sat at the same time and then turned to face our subjects.

“You’ve already been here before so I trust that you know the process already?” I asked

“Yes.” She answered, watching intently at the way the shades were judged.

“You know the ferryman that brings the shades here right? In ancient Greek tradition,
they placed golden coins on the eyes of their dead. Those coins serve as payment for the
ferryman. Without these coins, one cannot enter the underworld and they are stuck
outside forever. Over the years, as different religions were founded also came a different
set of beliefs. Payment for the ferryman became prayers, remembrances, candles and
many other things” I explained and she nodded.

“Thanatos. Is it because of you people die?” she asked, looking at me to watch my
expression. Of course I was surprised.

“No… it is not because of me. It is because of the Fates’ design that someone dies.
They might weave a short pattern of life for that person or they might decide to cut the
strings of his life. and when that time comes, I am there and I separate the soul from the

“Oh” she said and looked down, playing with her fingers.

“What? Wait. So you thought I just kill for my satisfaction? That was why you were giving
me those attitudes and the likes?” I asked and watched her open and close her mouth.
My face fell and I looked away from her to the other side of the hall.

“I am sorry Thanatos. I am sorry I misjudged you.” She said in a shaky voice and it
looked like she was going to cry. I couldn’t bear seeing a tear fall from those pretty eyes
so I wrapped my arms around her shoulder and pulled her into my chest.

“Its okay Ariadne, a lot of people misjudge me because of my job and what I represent. I
just never thought you would do that to.”
She sighed.

“Are you willing to give our mar.. relationship another chance?” I asked and looked down
at her.

“Yes. Thanatos, I am”

With that, I kissed her and she kissed me back with fervor.
“How do you know when its time for someone to die?” she asked.

“That is because of the system your father, Hades created. Together with the Fates. He
created this list. It is a list of people who the Fates deemed are next to die and how they
should die. Then he gave it to me and I do my job”

“There must be thousands of people who die every day. How do you keep up with all of
them. I mean, right now, someone out there in the mortal world may be dying and yet you’
re here with me. Whats going to happen to them” she asked curiously.

“Okay Ariadne, I am a deity, a god… I can choose to be in many places at once. I can
expand my power that way. I may be here with you but parts of me are also scattered
around the world”

I said and she nodded.

“How is this judgement business fair? I know right from time, all the shades go to where
they deserve. I just wonder how everything is doing fairly”

“After the shade is brought here to the hall of judgement, he waits until he is called to
stand in front of the judges. He stands before the scale of good and evil. Then the
weights see which weighed more: the good or the bad he did while he was alive. Then he
is brought before the judges and they are the ones who will decide where he should
spend his afterlife and what kind of afterlife would be given to him” I explained. She
looked at me with rapt attention as she took in everything I said.

She watched the proceedings and I leaned towards her and whispered. “Sometimes,
there are… special caes. That’s where we come in. if the judges have difficulty then
Hades and I will be the ones who must use wisdom and deicde. Like when the good hedid is equal to the bad he committed. It gets difficult or when a shade that isn’t meant to die yet dies”
“How then do you decide?” she asked.

“We ask the judges for the best and the worse thing he did. Then we ask him for the
motives behind it and we decide from there”

“And for the case of when a shade that isn’t meant to die dies, we look into the kind of
life he lived and then decide if he should be sent back to continue with his good doings
or be judged”

“Nice” she said and grinned at me.

After a few more moments, we stood up and the shades fell to their knees once more. I
took Ariadne’s hand again as We went out of the hall.

“Thanatos, what kind of power do I have?” she asked.

“Well I don’t know your main one till the Fates decide to give you your powers and make
you a goddess. But for now, you can teleport, create something out of nothing, move
things at command and communicate telepathically. Like we did the other time”
“So where do we go next?” she asked as I helped her up into the chariot.

“We shall go to Tartarus” I replied.

“What?” her eyes grew weary and fear crossed her lovely features.

“Calm down. I am with you” I said determinedly and then she smiled.

When she did, I felt as if I was the strongest, most powerful god and that I could
accomplish anything.

“But before anything, there is something I want to do”

Her eyebrows shot up and she gave me a questioning look.

“Which is?”

“This” I said as I placed my fingers under her chin and tilted it upwards. Then I bent
down and my lips captured hers in a hungry, searing kiss. A kiss that branded her soul as
mine. A kind of kiss that called out to the new Ariadne. The one ready to give our
relationship a chance.

Then afterwards, when she was already breathless and clinging to me, I flicked the reins on the chariot and we sped off towards Tartarus.
Re: Forever Mine by excelmerry: 7:03pm On Aug 09, 2018
Caught in the act by Hades and Zeus..wow, that's embarrassing. More power to ur thumbs roniex2.
Still trying to fathom the link btw Ariadne's dreams and their reality. Your story is amazing.
Re: Forever Mine by excelmerry: 9:28am On Aug 11, 2018
Appreciate and motivate the writer by dropping a comment, haba.. it costs u nothing...this is an amazing story let's appreciate roniex2 to keep the story going.. awon chop and clean mouth, God is watching u oo..
Re: Forever Mine by marychommy(f): 6:20am On Aug 12, 2018
love d way u write, pls more update
Re: Forever Mine by OLAFIMIX(f): 7:15am On Aug 12, 2018
You are a good writer
Re: Forever Mine by roniex2(f): 7:31am On Aug 12, 2018
Thank you.
Excelmerry they later came out o
Lol, thanks guys.
Update coming soon
Re: Forever Mine by excelmerry: 8:48am On Aug 12, 2018
Yes ooo. Special blessing from God jam everyone that comments.. both story and comments keeps a thread alive and lively.. one luv my people..peace.
Re: Forever Mine by excelmerry: 8:49am On Aug 12, 2018
roniex2 over to u oo. Food never done?
Re: Forever Mine by roniex2(f): 9:18am On Aug 12, 2018
Chapter Twelve.

When we were little, we would visit Elysium and the meadow outside the castle but never had Hades taken us to Tartarus. We arrived in front of what looked to be a large mountain. Upon closer look, it wasn’t a mountain but a really large rock.

Thanatos jumped down from the chariot and he raised his arms to help me down. He placed his hands on my waist and slowly lowered me to the ground but not before sliding every inch of my body on his. And yes, my skin tingled from head to toe. I looked at the gigantic rock and then at Thanatos.

“This is the entrance to Tartarus” He whispered in my ear. His breath warm on my cheek. And I just couldn’t stop my reaction this time: I shivered with desire.

He must really stop this or maybe I’d combust from too much desire shooting up and down my body. Then with much dramatic effect, he flipped his cloak behind him and outstretched his hands. He braced himself and then rotated his hands.

A loud rumble shook the mountain and then the ground trembled. Thanatos straightened himself and then held on to my waist as the ground before us shifted. It felt as if there was earthquake but he placed a shield around us and we remained steadfast on the ground. He moved his hand in a slicing motion and the large mountain divided into two and then began to separate.

The two halves moved into opposite sides and after a few minutes, when the dust fell, I saw a huge chasm on the ground before us. It looked like an endless pit and I heard loud wails. I saw some fires burning somewhere on the pit and I shrieked.

“Do not be afraid” he whispered and the his hands tightened on my waist and he jumped into the pit. I screamed as loud as I could as we fell. I felt as if my stomach would jump out as we plummeted continuously. Then we hit solid ground and everything around me spun. I almost threw up but I took huge breaths to get my nausea under control.

“Are you alright? Sorry about that.” Thanatos said.

“Warn me next time please” I croaked.
Thanatos raised his hand and glowing orbs of light scattered themselves everywhere. I looked around me and saw that we were in some kind of dome with many levels. “This is the level for thieves.

The next is for the liars after that, there is the one for murderers and so many other levels for sinners. These sinners are continuously burnt with fire and they are bitten by reptiles and molds enter and leave the holes in their bodies, causing them pain and torture with every bite.” he explained as we walked further. I saw dark stone walls and glowing orbs of light once more.

We walked further down until we reached a cliff.

“This is the heart of Tartarus. That is where the titans, the hecatoncheires, hundred handed giants, minotaurs and all other foul creatures are imprisoned. They are cursed into a deep slumber and also wrapped in thousands of chains and that is where they shall stay for the rest of eternity. They are never to be woken up from their eternal sleep.” Thanatos said.

“Why are they imprisoned?” I asked. “They are immortals and they could live forever without food or anything. They should not be released for they will bring about doom to mankind.” He replied and I nodded.

“You, Me, Hades and Persephone only hold the key to Tartarus. The titans may use their powers to command you to free them but you must resist everything. No one in here leaves; that is the only rule”

“I understand” I replied. We left Tartarus after Thanatos took my lips for a long searing kiss. We visited the fields of asphodel; a place where people who have done equal good and bad in their lives go to. It stretched on for miles and miles and it was only a dry, brown field with fig trees.

Shades here didn’t have glazed look in their eyes like happy shades of Elysium. Here, their eyes held no spark. They just continued to walk and walk around aimlessly. Next we flew over the fields of the Isles of Blest.

Thanatos pointed different landmarks to me. The river styx, where most solemn oaths are sworn, the river of woe, where cheron travels on with the shades. The phlegethon river also called river of fire, cocytus the river of lament. One would hear the cries of both the dead and the living there and then lethe, river near asphodel. Isles of blest had lush green islands with mountains and rivers. We flew downwards and I saw houses and shads moving about. They looked like a community! They were doing their everyday work happily. I leaned into Thanatos and asked him, “What kind of afterlife do they have here?”

“The main gift here is something close to immortality. They live their lives in the islands just like a mortal would. They could even take a wife and live the rest of eternity together.

There are houses and jobs people do. Its just like leaving in the mortal world, only in a much peaceful community. This is the closest to immortality a mortal could ever aspire for.”

“Wow…” words couldn’t do justice on how beautiful the Isles of Blest is. We passed some corn fields and the shades working looked up and waved at us. I waved back and smiled at them. The aura was so peaceful. Thanatos told me only those that were reincarnated about two to three times and still lived a good life came here. They deserved more than Elysium if in the multiple lives they lived, they did well.

I admired the system with which shades were placed on. Everyone got what they deserved. I looked at the man beside me and now I saw him in a different kind of light. He is a great god. A fine and just god. Patient enough to have won me over and understanding.

“Lets go home, he said and I nodded”


“Dion?” I called out to my most loyal servant telepathically as we were flying over the underworld to return to the palace.

“Yes, my lord?” hr answered immediately.

“Prepare dinner at the balcony of my bedroom tonight. I want everything to be perfect. Get the maids to prepare Ariadne’s favourite food. Also get Hephaestus to sculpt a beautiful ring for Ariadne. Get her finger size from Fio.”

“Certainly my lord”

“ Be swift” I said and cut the link. I wanted everything to be perfect for tonight. Instead of taking the direct route towards the palace, I led my chariot towards the farther route so that I could give Dion and the servants more time to prepare for the dinner. After half an hour, we arrived in the courtyard and I helped Ariadne down. I took her hand and led her to the bedroom.

“Everything’s ready, my lord” Dion spoke in my mind. “Thank you” I replied.


“I have a surprise for you” I was snapped out of my thoughts when Thanatos whispered in my ear. Surprise? He led me to his room and I scanned the room but I saw nothing.

“Where is it?” I asked and I chuckled at how impatient my voice sounded.

He laughed and said “Patience mate, here it is” He opened the door that led to the balcony. What I saw next made me stop in my tracks and my heart skipped a beat.

Its been doing that most of this day and it did again now. I saw small candles floating in the air which cast a lovely glow all over the balcony. A table for two covered with a black silk sheet stood in the middle of the balcony which was laden with silverware.

A golden candle holder stood in the middle of the table atop some elaborate flower arrangement. Upon closer inspection, I realized that the flower arrangement wasn’t made of real organic flowers but jewels. The glow of the candlelight hit the various crystals and scattered their colours creating a very romantic atmosphere. What added more to the cozy atmosphere was the moon being full and high in the sky.

Two golden chairs with warm red cushions stood next to the table and a bouquet of roses sat atop one of them. This time it was real red roses and it looked like there was about two dozen of them in the bouquet. My breath caught in my throat and there was this warm feeling that started to spread inside my chest.

“Oh gods! this is… I.. this is beautiful” He took my hand in his and together we walked towards the table.

He picked up the bouquet of roses and ran a hand through his hair as he shifted his feet. I saw him remove a box from the bouquet . he retrieved a ring and knelt down.

“Erm.. I know we didn’t start well Ariadne. But I am giving this ring to symbolize my love for you and my commitment to you. I want it to be a mark for the beginning of our courtship. I love you Ariadne” he managed to say out of his nervous body.

Tears slid down my cheeks at his words. There was a huge lump in my throat and I wanted to cry and hug him close, and apologize for how badly I treated him.

I looked at the ring, it was shaped like a crown and had a large sapphire on it surrounded by small pink diamonds. It was just so beautiful.

“Thank you Thanatos”

“You’re welcome. I didn’t want the day to end so simply” he said.

Fio came forth and poured us wine mixed with ambrosia. Before she left, she winked at me and smiled. I knew that kind of smile. It meant I would explain in details how everything came to this. When she left, Thanatos raised his glass.

“To a wonderful courtship” I clinked my glass with his.

“ To a wonderful courtship” I said and drank my wine.

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Re: Forever Mine by roniex2(f): 9:23am On Aug 12, 2018
Chapter thirteen.


He started unbuttoning his vest and then leaned towards me and kissed me on the lips. Heat washed over me and I wanted to clutch him to me but he pulled away from me and came behind me. He pulled on the laces that held the back of my gown together. The black thing slipped off and exposed my tan shoulders.

He placed his hand on my arms and then dropped feather-light kisses from my neck down to my exposed shoulder. I shivered from his touch and closed my eyes to savor the sensation. He stopped and I opened my eyes to see him looking at me with passion in his eyes.

He captured my eye in his lips and licked it. It felt so damn good! He lowered my dress, making me gasp in surprise as cold air blew on my heated skin, evaporating away the sweats of desire. I tugged the dress down until it fell on the floor. Thanatos’ head whipped towards me and he stared at me in my underwear in open-mouthed shock mixed with desire.

“So… beautiful” he whispered and trailed kisses down my neck to my cleavage. His hands were on my waist and now went up my back and with a single tug, my bra was off and it was tossed somewhere across the room. Thanatos crushed his lips to mine again. I responded with equal fervor and our tongues danced together.

With a swift movement, he turned us around and I ended down on the bed with him on top of me. He raised both of my wrists above the bed and held them down with one hand. his head lowered and then he was kissing me there. Downtown. I gasped at the pleasure that coursed through my entire body. He cupped one breast with his hand and I arched into his touch, craving more. I ran my hands down his body and tugged on the hem of his shirt. He lifted himself off me for a second and then removed his shirt and tossed it over the room.

I looked at his toned, muscled body and my throat became drier. I tried to swallow but I couldn’t. he was gorgeous. Every inch of him was all greek god. He also looked at me with blazing intensity and his grey eyes turned black with passion. He moved over me once more and kissed me until I saw stars. I ran my hands down his back and then up again, feeling the muscles tense beneath my fingers.

“I want you, mate” I said breathlessly as I twined my fingers through his soft, jet-black hair and tugged him down towards me. This time I was the one who kissed him. I was the one who coaxed his lips to part so that I could taste him.

Gods! he tasted better than the dinner we had a while ago. I wrapped my legs around his waist and moaned at the delicious contact with his hardness. Thanatos gritted his teeth and fought for control once more but I wriggled my hips, creating delicious friction and I think he lost it. His sanity.

He bent down swiftly and captured my already swollen lips in another heated kiss as his hands cupped and explored my breasts. I nipped his lip playfully and was rewarded when I heard him moan. I felt a tug and my pant was off. I then placed my hands on the waistband of his pant and tugged them down. He shrugged it off him and then placed his body over mine again.

He rubbed his hard-on on my entrance and I tilted my hips up, so consumed with desire and need for him. He captured my lips again and I moaned as I felt him enter me. He was where I wanted him and again, this felt so damned right. Thanatos shuddered and I wrapped my arms around him and held him close. He raised his head and looked at me.

“You’re the only one for me. No one else. You’re mine in every way.”

“Yes Thanatos. And I am so sorry for treating you badly” He smiled and thrusted deeper inside me. Jolts of pleasure travelled down my spine and I felt I was going to combust any second now.

He held me tight and never stopped looking at me as his body moved and claimed me. Soon enough, I felt as if I was climbing, spiraling, soaring upwards. Everything inside me tightened like a spring about to be released. The pleasure became so intense, like what I felt when we made love at the dinning.

My body arched off the bed and I shattered into a million pieces shouting Thanatos’ name. He moved harder and faster and I felt him still above me as he too reached his climax mere seconds after mine. His body collapsed over mine as we both breathed heavily.

He held on to me and gently pried away the hair that clung to his forehead. He gave me another kiss on the lips and I almost melted at the tenderness. He rolled off me and then tugged me close and we lay side-by-side. I heard him sigh as he wrapped his hands around my body. I snuggled comfortably closer to him as he wrapped a blanket over us.

Then he bestowed one last kiss on my hair. Yes this was what I wanted; what I had always dreamt of having with my mate. All this is all I could ever ask for.

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Re: Forever Mine by roniex2(f): 9:24am On Aug 12, 2018
Sorry if the last chapter made you a bit uncomfortable grin
I know it's Sunday but then, I am a naughty writer. Lool

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Re: Forever Mine by roniex2(f): 9:26am On Aug 12, 2018
roniex2 over to u oo. Food never done?

Food Don done o. Bring your plate now before it gets cold oo
Re: Forever Mine by Ann2012(f): 11:19am On Aug 12, 2018
Dis is soooo interesting

Well done @Roniex2
More updates pls

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