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Wilting Matrimony #2/matrimonyseries/ / Lethal Matrimony / House Of Secrets : A Story By Angelsss (2) (3) (4)

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Re: Matrimony Of Secrets by germaphobe(m): 6:35pm On Nov 27, 2018
i love guessing well well, so i dey guess say evelyn husbamd still dey with her cus of money and money related stuff.
Re: Matrimony Of Secrets by Pinkberry5(f): 7:41pm On Nov 27, 2018
# Following!
Re: Matrimony Of Secrets by dadalicious: 8:55pm On Nov 27, 2018
May we never experience the pain of miscarriage
God will deliver you Evelyn
Take heart, God never sleeps
Re: Matrimony Of Secrets by skubido(m): 9:45am On Nov 28, 2018
Nawa ooooo,

but tink she only took the brakefast her husband prepared, so how come she lost the pregnancy,,

OP tanks for the update
Re: Matrimony Of Secrets by damselposh(f): 12:26pm On Nov 28, 2018
Chapter 4

"It's okay Eve, stop crying, you will have a headache if you continue crying" Georgia consoled her.

"Tell me G, what is headache compared to loosing a baby? Let me have headache but let my baby stay with me" she said as she wiped her tears off.

"I know Eve, but the baby is already gone, don't dwell too much on it, pick up the pieces of your life and move on" Georgia said letting out a sigh.

"It is not easy G, why can't I have children like other women? Did I offend God in any way? I know I have not been to church since my first miscarriage, oh no G, do you think it's the reason For this punishment?" she asked sniffing.

"Evelyn, if God wants to give you children, he will give it to you even without you going to church, stop thinking sideways" Georgia eyed her.

"You know what G?, am done getting pregnant, I will tell Ken, we will be using protection from now henceforth or I will get contraceptives from the hospital, it is better I don't get pregnant at all than loosing it after raising my hopes high" she said nodding her head as if figuring something out.

"You are crazy Eve, you will do no such thing, I trust Ken though, he won't let you do something like that, now speaking of Ken, is he not back yet from his trip? You mean he never came to visit you at the hospital? What kind of business trip is that?" She asked angrily.

"We have been talking on phone G, that's the reason I want my father to give me the Alimony payment, it would be enough to open up a huge company for Ken, but Dad is wasting time" She said as she relaxed fully on the sofa.

"And Ken doesn't know about the money?" Georgia asked unpacking the bag they came back with from the hospital.

"No, he doesn't know that Dad promised to give me money after my three years anniversary just to make sure that I and my husband doesn't get divorced, you know the circumstances surrounding my marriage to Ken?" she said as she shook her head , she didn't want to remember how it all started with Ken.

"Hello doctor, has Evelyn been discharged?" he asked as soon as the doctor picked the call.

"Yes, she was discharged just few hours ago" the doctor replied removing his lab coat, he just came out from the theatre.

"Did you get the operation done on her?" He asked again.

"Yes, I carried out the operation on her, I sedated her and did it without she knowing" he replied again.

"Who brought her to the hospital"

"Her friend Georgia brought her, she said her husband travelled to bayelsa state on an errand for her father" he replied yawning.

"Very good, you have done well doctor" he commended him.

"What of the money you promised to send to me? " doctor Micheal asked.

"Calm down Michael, I will transfer the money to you right away, just keep following my orders and keep Evelyn from giving birth to a baby, you will be getting money from me often" He replied as he smiled, he was making a huge progress.


Re: Matrimony Of Secrets by Icebreeze(m): 12:28pm On Nov 28, 2018
Hit it baby.
Re: Matrimony Of Secrets by Abdulrasaq1995(m): 1:19pm On Nov 28, 2018
Hmm...irony of life...interesting...tnx ma'am expecting more updates
Re: Matrimony Of Secrets by skubido(m): 1:27pm On Nov 28, 2018


OP tanks for the update
Re: Matrimony Of Secrets by LightQueen(f): 2:08pm On Nov 28, 2018
thanks for the update
Re: Matrimony Of Secrets by toyhin123(f): 6:10pm On Nov 28, 2018
Who could be behind dis?
Thanks for the update OP
Re: Matrimony Of Secrets by germaphobe(m): 6:50pm On Nov 28, 2018
another set of wicked people
Re: Matrimony Of Secrets by Fazemood(m): 10:19am On Nov 29, 2018
Although romantic stories aren't my favourites, but I think following this one won't be a bad idea.

So far, it is okay! smiley
Re: Matrimony Of Secrets by aprilwise(m): 11:26am On Nov 29, 2018
I knew someone had hand in Eve pregnancy wahala. Wickedness of the world.
Re: Matrimony Of Secrets by Ann2012(f): 11:57am On Nov 29, 2018
Who could be the heartless man?

Well done ma'am
Re: Matrimony Of Secrets by damselposh(f): 1:54pm On Nov 30, 2018

Evelyn hissed again at her husband, what is so interesting in watching a football match when she was dying badly to switch over to Zeeworld, she needed to watch Twist of fate because she was lagging behind.

"If you like hiss from now till next year, I won't give you this remote neither will I change the channel to that foolish Indian childish movie" Ken sneered at his wife, what is so important in that channel, he hissed loudly.

"Come on Ken, you can always go to a game house to watch whatever match you want to watch, can't you just leave the television for me today?" she pleaded.

"No Eve, am not going to any game house, I want to watch it in my house, go ahead and take a nap or you join me and watch the football match" Ken snapped at her.

"I knew it Ken, I knew you were going to change once I loose the pregnancy, you were head over heels in love with me when the baby was still growing inside of me, you bring me breakfast in bed, you help me out in the kitchen, now that the pregnancy is gone, you are snapping at me" She sobbed as tears poured down her face.

"Oh no Evelyn, I will never treat you bad because of children, they are God's gift which come anytime God wants them to, please stop crying, alright you can have the remote all to yourself, am going to the video house to watch my match in peace" Ken said standing up while shaking his head, women can be so frustrating sometimes.

"This is what you should have done since but you wanted me to cry first, you are not a good husband at all Ken" She eyed him while still crying.

"What is it now Evelyn? haven't I left the remote in your hands, am going out, take care of yourself" he said as he left the house.

Evelyn smiled and wiped her tears immediately Ken left, her plan really worked, it just cost her a few fake tears to get the remote, why would he deprive her the opportunity to watch her favourite movie series, she relaxed fully on the sofa as she changed the channel.

"Good evening Dad" He greeted his dad as soon as he entered the house.

"How are you son?"

"Am fine Dad, what of mom?" He asked looking around.

"She is inside the kitchen" he replied.

"It has been a long time Dad, how has it been?"

"we have been managing son, what of your wife?" The man asked again.

"She is fine Dad, just that she is complaining of my travelling too much for business, you know women and their problem" He let out a sigh.

"She should know that you are travelling for her own good, you are travelling for the money, she shouldn't complain at all, but that is by the way, what is the update on Evelyn? has the operation been carried out on her?" He asked all of a sudden.

"Yes Dad, I spoke with Michael, he replied in affirmative that he has done it" he replied.

"Good one son, it is better that way than the spilling of blood we have been doing" the old man said.

"I know, Dad, I will be on my way now, my regards to mom, I don't think I will stay to see her" He said as he stood up. he couldn't wait for all the Evelyn's saga to end so that he could get back his life.


Re: Matrimony Of Secrets by aprilwise(m): 4:40pm On Nov 30, 2018
That means ken had hands in his wife miscarriages . Lemme hold my breath and wait for the secrets to be unravel. Thanks for the update.
Re: Matrimony Of Secrets by Pinkberry5(f): 4:41pm On Nov 30, 2018
Geez... What kind of husband is that nauuu?

Damselposh, you're really talented oh. I'm starting to like you ;-)

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Re: Matrimony Of Secrets by Ann2012(f): 5:56pm On Nov 30, 2018
Hope this operation ain't removal of her womb?.... Thinking out loud
Re: Matrimony Of Secrets by skubido(m): 6:15pm On Nov 30, 2018
Haaaa, nawa oo

OP tanks for the update
Re: Matrimony Of Secrets by damselposh(f): 12:37pm On Dec 01, 2018

Angela eyed her phone for the umpteenth time since it started ringing, why else was her father in_law calling her if not to support his son for been always on the road, if not for their wedding pictures that hung all over the sitting room, their children wouldn't even know who their father was, on a second thought, she decided to take the call and hear what the old man wanted to say.

"Hello sir" She rolled her eyes immediately.

"Angela, I have been calling you for over 30 minutes, what happened? where did you keep your phone?" he thundered.

"Dad nothing happened, am fine, what of mom" she asked not trying to start up an argument with him.

"She is fine, what of my grand children? I hope you are feeding them well? most especially Mimi, she was looking malnourished the last time I saw her" He completed.

"Dad, that is her stature, she is not malnourished, they are all fine apart from the fact that they need father's love, they are good" she sneered.

"That is actually the reason I called you, just bear with Maxwell, there is this project he is working on, once it works in his favour, I have told him, he will move you and the kids permanently to Port_harcourt" He explained.

"It's okay Dad, my regards to mom" She scoffed, that was exactly what the man had been telling her for years, it wasn't new to her.

"So Eve, what is your father saying about the Alimony payment?" Georgia asked as she was setting the dinning table, Eve had visited her house.

"The same thing G, that I should wait, you know how my dad is, it is always hard for him to bring out money, judging from the fact that we were very poor before until he invested in a business that fetched him money, am not really angry at him because I know what we passed through before making money" She answered as she walked towards the dinning area.

"I know your family history more than any person, you don't need to remind me at all" Georgia replied.

"You know what G? I want to adopt a baby, since I can't give birth to one, let me adopt one," Eve blurted out.

"It is a nice idea, have you discussed it with Ken?" she asked switching gazes from Evelyn to the food she was dishing out.

"I have not discussed it with him, I will do that this evening when he comes back from work" She concluded.

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Re: Matrimony Of Secrets by Preshbeauty: 12:43pm On Dec 01, 2018
Finally here,

Well done OP

Ken, am suspecting you oooo
Re: Matrimony Of Secrets by marychommy(f): 1:00pm On Dec 01, 2018
how can Maxwell kill innocent children while his wife r with his own children? what sin has Eve committed against Maxwell an his fada. thanks for d update
Re: Matrimony Of Secrets by Ann2012(f): 1:29pm On Dec 01, 2018
how can Maxwell kill innocent children while his wife r with his own children? what sin has Eve committed against Maxwell an his fada. thanks for d update

We'll definitely know as the story goes on but it's still heartless
Re: Matrimony Of Secrets by LightQueen(f): 2:01pm On Dec 01, 2018
Nawa oh, I feel for her
Re: Matrimony Of Secrets by iloezumanulika: 5:42pm On Dec 01, 2018
Interesting story ,more update pls
Re: Matrimony Of Secrets by Xeynab(f): 6:17pm On Dec 01, 2018
Nice story
Re: Matrimony Of Secrets by skubido(m): 7:47pm On Dec 01, 2018


Wahala wa oooo

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Re: Matrimony Of Secrets by veenessha: 8:13pm On Dec 01, 2018
War is about to start, lemme adjust my seat cool
Re: Matrimony Of Secrets by damselposh(f): 12:52pm On Dec 02, 2018

Evelyn fondled her fingers in fear as Ken dressed up for work, she didn't know how best to present the issue of adopting another woman's child, she didn't get the chance to tell him about it the previous night because he came back very late from work, what if Ken refuses to go along with her, would she ever have any baby? all these questions ran through in her mind until she noticed Ken mutter something about leaving for work.

"Sweety, am leaving for work now, take care of yourself for me" He said as he picked up his briefcase.

"Ken, there is something i would like to talk to you about, it is something that will make me happy, something that will make us happy, please don't say no to it" She said removing the duvet she covered herself with.

"What is it Evelyn? can't it wait till I come back from work, am running late" He sighed.

"Come on Ken, my father is the owner of that company and you can choose not to go to work for a week and nobody will question you" She hissed at him, what was even up with him and work.

"Yea, I know that your father is the owner of the company but that shouldn't make me lazy, the way I handle the company even as am under your father shows how I will also run my own company if I eventually get it" He replied her sitting down.

"Alright then, you are free to leave" she eyed him getting up from the bed.

"Aaaaah, Evelyn, what kind of a wife did I get married to? alright, am sorry for not trying to listen to you, can you now tell me what is bothering you?" he hit his head with his palm.

"I want us to adopt a baby, ken" she finally blurted out.

"What? are you crazy? you want us to adopt another person's child? what if the baby has a trace of madness or even a thief? are you even hearing yourself?" Ken yelled.

"Stop yelling at me Ken, I long to carry a baby in my hand and feed it with milk and cereal, I long to see a baby running around this huge house, I long to hear a baby's voice, I long to hear it call me mommy, if you don't want all these things Ken, I want them" She sobbed.

"All these are not enough to bring in another person's child into our home, if you are feeling lonely then report back to work, after all you are perfectly fine, you didn't have a miscarriage yesterday, I don't want to ever hear you talk about any nonsense adoption again, you should be looking for a solution to your incessant miscarriages and not talking poo about adopting a baby, am out of here" he yelled again dashing out of the house.

"Ken, you are hurting me the more, my heart is burning" She sobbed as she watched the retreating figure of her beloved husband.

"Why is your face like this my Apple? did you have a fight with Ken?" Mr Thompson asked.

"Yes Dad, just because I told him that I would like to adopt a baby since I can't have one, but he refused, he said all manner of things to me" She sniffed.

"What was the reason he gave you?" he asked further.

"Genetic traits" she hissed.

"He is right my daughter, adopting another person's child is risky, what if the baby was given birth to by a mad woman or by an armed robber? come on Evelyn think about it, your husband is right this time" He concluded.

Happy Sunday to you all, remain blessed.


Re: Matrimony Of Secrets by dadalicious: 1:12pm On Dec 02, 2018
Happy Sunday star
Re: Matrimony Of Secrets by Ann2012(f): 2:07pm On Dec 02, 2018
Thanks for the update ma'am
Re: Matrimony Of Secrets by LightQueen(f): 2:43pm On Dec 02, 2018
Thanks for the update

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