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Wilting Matrimony #2/matrimonyseries/ by Giannaaaaaa: 12:33pm On Jun 01, 2018
Lethal Matrimony 2

By Gianna Jordan

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Re: Wilting Matrimony #2/matrimonyseries/ by Giannaaaaaa: 12:42pm On Jun 01, 2018
Contents of this book belongs to none other than
Gianna Jordan

Self publishing , all right reserved.

Please ignore my mistakes and typos.

Comments are welcomed.

Share too in your spare time.

Don't steal my book, God is watching.......don't even think about it. I will find you......!!!!

I love you all and thanks for reading lethal matrimony.

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Re: Wilting Matrimony #2/matrimonyseries/ by Giannaaaaaa: 12:43pm On Jun 01, 2018
Wilting Matrimony

Lethal Matrimony 2

#Matrimony series

All rights reserved

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Re: Wilting Matrimony #2/matrimonyseries/ by Giannaaaaaa: 12:53pm On Jun 01, 2018

......"Your husband can't give you what I can give you Nene. You know that don't you, be with me. Let me make you my queen, give you the life that you're used to" His voice caressed her ears.

"I..." Richard barged into the room and looked at the both of them. His competition had a triumphant look on his face and his wife looked guilty.

"I think it's time you leave" Richard said. Nene walked back to her husband.

"I'll be back"..... And Nene knew he would, he wasn't the type to give up easily.

He got whatever he wanted and this time, he wanted her.

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Re: Wilting Matrimony #2/matrimonyseries/ by chivera018(f): 1:38pm On Jun 01, 2018
Well done Giannaaaaaa
Re: Wilting Matrimony #2/matrimonyseries/ by Giannaaaaaa: 1:43pm On Jun 01, 2018

"I'm just sick and almost out of my mind. Seriously, do you know how many fights I've separated these few days? I'm glad they are going home tomorrow" Cassie said wiping down the bowl with a napkin.

"The boys adore their sister, and Tiwa likes company" Cassie sighed. Tobi's boys had come back from boarding school just last week and they had insisted on spending their mid terms in their father's house.

Nene chuckled and placed the tray on the rack "You wait till you have your own boy" She said.

Cassie stiffened, she certainly wouldn't want a boy. Not when he'd just get signed into the family cult, she didn't want her son involved in that.

"Alexis isn't a handful but Nick keeps Richard and I on our toes all the time. He's at Grandma's place for the weekend, lex on the other hand likes the peace and quietness of the house now that Nick is gone" Nene said thinking about her boys.

"I want to ask, are you and Richard planning to have another child?" Cassie asked.

"I don't want to, I don't know about Richard. We've not talked about it" Nene responded. Truth was they had, it hadn't ended well.

"Why don't you want one?" Cassie asked.

"You know my condition" Nene walked away.

Weeks after Richard and Nene had remarried, Idara had gone into rage. Every dark and dirty secret about the Nwankwos went into every paper in the country.

The EFCC were still in search of her parents, and they weren't coming back to Nigeria ever. Every of their properties has been seized by the government, all accounts frozen.

Nene and Richard had thrived on Richard's earnings till after she nursed Alexis and got a job to support him. Things weren't bad, she's learnt to cut down on her spending. Not buying everything she needed in a snap had been hard for her, she wasn't exactly very rich anymore.

Just as comfortable as any middle classed family. Having a baby wasn't part of her agenda, as far as she was concerned their income was only enough for a family of four

"What about the fifteen million? that account wasn't frozen because it was opened in Richard's name" Cassie asked.

" The money belongs to Alexis, he can't access it till he turns twenty one. The money will be split between Nick and Lex, we can't afford another child" Nene maintained.

Richard didn't share her concept "We're not poor Nene, we can take care of three or four kids" he'd said.

"We aren't rich either, you weren't born into wealth. You don't know what's its like not to have everything you've always wanted" Nene had replied.

"Money is not everything" Richard shook his head.

"Isn't it, will love feed a fifth mouth,? Money is everything, I don't want another baby. Not till we can afford one" Nene said.

"A baby is a blessing Nene, not something you go to the market to buy. When the baby comes, we'll be ready" Richard insisted.

She didn't bother to tell him, she was already taking precautionary measures to prevent that from happening.

"Nene..." Richard had pulled her closer. "I'm working on getting promoted, nothing will please me more than having another baby with you. I know this is nothing compared to the life you were born into but I promise you.. Soon you won't have to work for anything" he'd said.

Till then Richard, she refrained from saying that.

"Cassie I should go home now, I have work to do at home. See you in church yeah?" Nene kissed Cassie's cheeks before picking up her bag.

"Nene, you would tell me if you need help right?" Cassie asked.

"Of course" Nene said. Cassie smiled even though she knew Nene better.

Her friend Nene would rather die of thirst in a desert than ask for water. She might be different now but her pride hadn't lessened.


Re: Wilting Matrimony #2/matrimonyseries/ by Uniquechild(f): 1:50pm On Jun 01, 2018
Kudos to the writer. Nene taking precautionary measures to prevent another pregnancy got me laughing
Re: Wilting Matrimony #2/matrimonyseries/ by chivera018(f): 1:50pm On Jun 01, 2018
Nice beginning.
Re: Wilting Matrimony #2/matrimonyseries/ by kennybelle: 2:10pm On Jun 01, 2018
Following back to back, nice update. thanks
Re: Wilting Matrimony #2/matrimonyseries/ by Giannaaaaaa: 2:13pm On Jun 01, 2018

"You said you were going to cut your hair, I was going to ask you to go along with Lota. Before I got out of the room you were gone" Dara placed her hand on her husband's shoulder.

"Are you okay?" she asked concerned.

"yeah, I didn't know Lota needed a hair cut. I'd have taken him, where is he?" Jidenna asked.

"He's asleep, he's been throwing his usual tantrum since you left" Dara said and looked closely at her husband again.

He looked worried, she suspected something was up. "Is mama OK?" Dara asked.

"Why?" Jidenna looked tensed. "Jidenna you're tensed, I'm sure something is wrong. Tell me, no more secrets. You promised" Dara said.

"You worry two much, I'm fine. Where's the other one?" Jidenna asked after his daughter.

They had twins Lotanna and Lotachukwu, their daughter was always dressed by her Yoruba name though.

"She's waiting for you, you know she won't sleep without her daddy. J, you will tell me if anything is wrong right?" Dara asked him.

"Nothing is wrong, come on let's go upstairs" Jidenna pulled her to his side.

The next morning however he was gone before Dara woke up. Strange, after the birth of the twins Jidenna always left for work by twelve.

It was Iremide who had gotten her out of bed with her screams. Dara rushed out to see what was going on between both kids.

"Would you stop screaming Ire! What's the matter with two of you?" Dara asked using her most stern voice.

"Ire won't leave my sweater" Lota pulled the sweater but Ire wouldn't release it.

"Ire please leave your brother's sweater alone. It's too early for this" Dara said.

"If I can't wear my own then he can't wear his" Iremide hissed.

"And where's yours madam?" Dara got to the duo and pulled the sweater from her hand.

"I don't know!" Ire shouted and glared her mother.

"You two better go and have your bath. You will not give me headache this morning" Dara hissed and left the room with the sweater.

She went down into the kitchen to make breakfast for the two of them when she heard the door bell. Dropping the sweater on the kitchen counter, she went to the door.

A light skinned beautiful woman was at the other end of the door. A woman, Dara had never seen before.

"Good morning, how may I help you? " Dara asked.

"I'm Chizaram, you can call me Zara for short. I'm here to see the man of the house" she smirked.

"He's not around, I'm his wife. I'll take a message" Dara said crossing her arms against her chest.

This woman, Zara chuckled and cocked her head. "Yes, please do. Tell Jidenna that Chizaram came looking for him, he should contact me. Or I'll be back" The woman said smiled, turned away and left.

Dara stared after the woman, different thoughts racing through her mind. She quickly went in and closed the door.

Who was that woman anyway? Dara wondered. She went back to her bedroom and picked up her phone.

She dialed Jidenna six times but he didn't answer. Dara shook her head before texting him.
'Chizaram came over'

Two minutes later, his call entered. Dara was convinced something was going on, something she wouldn't like.

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Re: Wilting Matrimony #2/matrimonyseries/ by chivera018(f): 2:23pm On Jun 01, 2018
Isn't cassie supposed to have given birth by now ? Am confused.
Re: Wilting Matrimony #2/matrimonyseries/ by Giannaaaaaa: 2:43pm On Jun 01, 2018
smiley She has already, Tiwa.
Isn't cassie supposed to have given birth by now ?
Am confused.
Re: Wilting Matrimony #2/matrimonyseries/ by Giannaaaaaa: 2:43pm On Jun 01, 2018

"Tobi, remember when we talked about the family cult?" Cassie looked to her husband lying beside her.

"What about it?" Tobi asked his back still turned to her.

"Will you at least look at me, when I'm trying to have a conversation?" Cassie snapped.

Tobi turned angrily "I'm freaking tired Cassie, why are you suddenly interested in the family's cult again after six years?" Tobi looked upset not tired.

"You said you were talking to your mother about abolishing some things. Like bringing all the sons to the cult" Cassie said.

"Yes, but it's a long standing tradition. I tried Cassie, I was denied. The cult is harmless, for God sake we don't spill blood. It's just something that has been in our family for years" Tobi said.

"It's still a cult" Cassie insisted.

"I'm in the cult, do you feel in danger around me? Do you see me doing demonic things?" Tobi asked.

"No... but I don't want any of that for our son" Cassie said.

"The cult is a way of welcoming the boys to the family, if he's not in the cult. He won't be recognized as family, do you want that for our son. Amongst his cousin he'll be the outcast?" Tobi asked.

Cassie was silent "If we have a girl, like Tiwa. We won't have to worry about Cults" Cassie said.

"If we have a boy, the tradition continues. Forget it Cassandra, we'll get to that bridge later" Tobi looked stressed.

"Tobi I'm pregnant" Cassie spilled.

"You are?!" Tobi switched on the brighter light, she nodded.

"I went to the doctor today, I'm already seven weeks. We need to talk about this, if we have a son. I won't want him in the cult" Cassie maintained.

Tobi sighed "Cassie right now, I just wanted to revel in the fact that you're pregnant with my baby again. No talks about Cults for now" Tobi pulled his wife into his arms.

"Tobi... " she protested. Better now than later

"Sssh, no more talks for now. Please, we've wanted this baby for so long. Now you're pregnant, don't you understand my joy?" Tobi asked.

"Fine, no more talks for now" she snuggled closer.

"Tiwa will have another sibling to play with when the big boys are away in boarding school. I love you Cassie" Tobi kissed his wife.

"I love you too Tobi" Cassie decided to forget about her problems tonight, tomorrow is another day.

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Re: Wilting Matrimony #2/matrimonyseries/ by chrysan(f): 2:47pm On Jun 01, 2018
i have landed finally, Nice update

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Re: Wilting Matrimony #2/matrimonyseries/ by bimberry1307(f): 2:51pm On Jun 01, 2018
hmmmm, served hot! ride on, baby.

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Re: Wilting Matrimony #2/matrimonyseries/ by kennybelle: 3:31pm On Jun 01, 2018
today's update is so overwhelming and satisfying. Thanks ma'am


Re: Wilting Matrimony #2/matrimonyseries/ by Ann2012(f): 8:19pm On Jun 01, 2018
Thanks ma'am
Keep d updates coming

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Re: Wilting Matrimony #2/matrimonyseries/ by Godwindanielboy(m): 11:05am On Jun 02, 2018
Thanks for the update. Keep it up. God bless.

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Re: Wilting Matrimony #2/matrimonyseries/ by Giannaaaaaa: 4:47pm On Jun 02, 2018

"Are you going home already?" Moses walked quickly to Nene. Nene rolled her eyes but tried not to show her irritation at his stalking tendencies. If he wasn't a senior staff, she'd have told him off long ago.

"Yes" Nene threw a fake smile his way. "You stay at Sango-tedo don't you?" Moses asked. "Yes, I do" Nene replied. "Good, I'm going to Epe tonight. Let me drop you off at home" Moses said. "Thank you sir but I'll be fine on my own" Nene said. "I insist Kainene" Moses said grinning.

Nene accepted reluctantly and got into his car. "Your husband should get you a car, public transport doesn't suit you" Moses said as he started the ignition. Nene glared at him "That's not a problem for me" She said in sugar tones.

"If he can't afford it Nene then you should get someone who can" Moses said leering openly at her chest. "Excuse me?" Nene narrowed her eyes.
"You heard me, women like you need to be pampered. If you treat me well, I'll make life easier for you" Moses said.
"You! Have you looked in the mirror lately?" Nene gave him a disgusted look.

"Excuse me" He had the damnable guts to look offended.
"You look like a bloated pig ready to be slaughtered, and your untamed hair disgusted. I'd slit my throat before I go to bed with you" Nene spat.
"Excuse me, do you know who I am? One word from me and you will lose your job. Stupid bïtch" Moses glared at her.
"You're nothing but a pig, your threat doesn't scare me" Nene hissed. "You're just as useless as your fraudulent parents. Get out of my car!" Moses said. Nene glared at him before getting out of the car.

She was boiling with rage when she got home. Richard was helping the boys with home work from school when she walked into the living room looking like she could kill. "Mummy welcome" Nick rushed to her. "Go finish your homework" she snapped going into the other room.

Richard sighed and dropped the note book. "Lex, help your brother with his homework. I'll be right back" he said. "Why should I help him?" Alexis asked coldly. "Because he's your brother" Richard gave him the hard stare before he finally gave him and beckoned to his brother.

"Why did you snap at Nick?" Richard asked the minute he entered his bedroom. "Don't start, I don't want to hear anything" Nene warned, her anger was building within her.
"Nene, what's the matter? You're so angry" Richard observed. "I'm just wondering, of all the lawyers in the country...you just had to go for that bloody Idara" Nene hissed.

So that's what this was about, Richard came up behind his wife. "Nene, not again. It's been years, we're happy" Richard's hand circled her waist. She pulled away

"Are we? I have to work with assholes all day. Most of the times I can't even get what I want for myself because I have to consider the family's budget. It sickens me, if you hadn't brought Idara to the equation we wouldn't be poor now" She shouted.

"This is not poverty, we're not poor. Rome wasn't a built in day, I won't give you back the wealth you were born into but I..." she cut him off with a scream.

"When, when I'm sixty! When I'm greying and using stick? When will you give me rome?" she asked him.

"Nene...please understand that I'm trying for us. Guess what I even got selected for the promotion today...if that works out we'll" Richard was saying.

Nene cut him off again coldly "I don't care about your promotion" she said. "I'm sorry this was not what you wanted, if I could change time. I wouldn't file for that divorce, your parents dirty secrets would have been safe. We would be rich of course, and unhappy" Richard sat on the bed.

Nene cleared her throat "I think I might have lost my job" she announced. "That's OK, you'll get another. Tobi mentioned something about needing a... " Nene glared at him. "Have you been telling Cassie about our problems? unbelievable Richard! I swear you make me sick" Nene hissed and walked away.

Richard took in air, what would make Nene happy? He got up from the bed and went back to the living room.


Re: Wilting Matrimony #2/matrimonyseries/ by Saintmary(f): 5:20pm On Jun 02, 2018
Awesome story, cheers


Re: Wilting Matrimony #2/matrimonyseries/ by Olawale118(m): 5:20pm On Jun 02, 2018
I'll love to have an idea what the dirty secrets are...good job Gianaaaaa

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Re: Wilting Matrimony #2/matrimonyseries/ by skubido(m): 5:44pm On Jun 02, 2018
Wow, nice wan, Ride on.

Tanks a lot for the update. God bless

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Re: Wilting Matrimony #2/matrimonyseries/ by Nobody: 9:32pm On Jun 02, 2018
I love the way you write Giannaaaaaa.

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Re: Wilting Matrimony #2/matrimonyseries/ by Godwindanielboy(m): 9:49pm On Jun 02, 2018
Thanks for the update. Keep it rolling.....
Re: Wilting Matrimony #2/matrimonyseries/ by Giannaaaaaa: 9:51pm On Jun 02, 2018
wink thank you
I love the way you write Giannaaaaaa.
Re: Wilting Matrimony #2/matrimonyseries/ by Giannaaaaaa: 9:52pm On Jun 02, 2018

"Who the heck was that woman who showed up here today? Don't even think about lying to me, the way she talked. You two must be close" Dara glared at her husband who had been trying to avoid her questions since she got back.

"I don't understand D, what are you trying to say?" Jidenna glared back.

"I'm just trying to say you haven't been yourself lately. If there's Is something you'd like to tell me then say it" Dara said.

"Olanna called, she's dropping by tomorrow" Jidenna said and turned away from her.

"Why aren't you answering me Jay?!" Dara sparked.

"I don't want to hear your silly accusations Dara, just stop. I just got back from work, give me peace" Jidenna growled.

"Accusations, Have I accused you of anything yet?" Dara asked in a high pitched voice that irritated his ears.

"You're how many seconds from accusing me, I'm not cheating on you. Go to bed" Jidenna said.

"Oh I see...i will let it rest today but I swear if she shows up at my door again you will answer every goddamned question I have to ask" Dara hissed and walked away.

Jidenna sighed, what the hell had Chizaram been thinking? Coming to the house like that, now she's succeeded in making Dara suspicious.

Jidenna knew his wife didn't give up something so easily, soon she'll start searching for answers else where and she might not like the answers she would get.

"I don't think your husband is cheating on you Dara, he's messed up once and he wouldn't try it again" Cassie said.

"He's hiding something and my guts tell me I won't like what he's hiding. Cassie you didn't see this woman, the way she acted. They have something, and his mood lately" Dara played with her wedding band.

"Jidenna is not cheating on you, whatever it is you will find out soon" Cassie touched her friend's arm.

"I'm having a hard time trusting him Cassie, you have to understand that he hurt me before. I have forgiven him but I can't forget, and I don't want to be a fool and say all is well. It isn't, late nights, strange woman visiting, what next?" Dara asked her friend.

"Well... What do you want to do?" Cassie shrugged.

Dara shook her head "I don't know yet, but if that woman shows up again. I'll be forced to take action" Dara said.

"I support you dear, I'm solidly behind you. However that's not why I'm here" Cassie grinned.

"Yeah, well why?" Dara asked.

"I'm pregnant...again" Cassie gushed. "Oh my God, I'm so happy for you. Wow, I'm so glad that you're having another baby. I know it's been hard on you, trying all these years and getting no results" Dara smiled.

"Yeah it has been, you have no idea. I was beginning to have some doubts, but I'm glad this baby is here now. I hope I have another girl" Cassie grinned.

"Well I hope you don't have twins, seriously you don't know what I go through in this house. Just two and it feels like twelve" Dara sighed.

Cassie giggled "No, definitely not twins" she agreed.

Dara briefly wondered about chizaram, she would find that woman herself and get her answers herself.

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Re: Wilting Matrimony #2/matrimonyseries/ by Godwindanielboy(m): 10:17pm On Jun 02, 2018
What has come over Jidenna for God's sake? Thanks for the update. God bless.

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Re: Wilting Matrimony #2/matrimonyseries/ by Ann2012(f): 10:12am On Jun 03, 2018
Thanks for the update ma'am, all of them seems to be having issues in their homes. I just hope Jidenna doesn't have kid's with Chizaram already

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Re: Wilting Matrimony #2/matrimonyseries/ by skubido(m): 1:30pm On Jun 03, 2018
Tanks a lot for the update. God bless

Happy Sunday to you all

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Re: Wilting Matrimony #2/matrimonyseries/ by Giannaaaaaa: 6:12pm On Jun 03, 2018

Cassie brought out a tray of drinks and placed on the foot stool beside her mother in law. "Thanks dear" Mrs Ademola smiled appreciatively. "It's nothing, thank you for coming over on such short notice" Cassie said. "It's nothing I wouldn't do for family, anyway what's the matter? Is Tobi taking other women again?" Mrs Ademola asked picking up her glass of soda.

"No"Cassie frowned. "This is actually about the family in general" Cassie said. "What's that?" Mrs Ademola frowned. "The issue of the family cult. I'm aware Tobi has brought the matter to your notice perhaps in the past?" Cassie asked cautiously.

"Cassandra the family cult has been in the family for generations, it would be a big taboo for Tobi's son not to be a part of it. See this started years ago when Ajani, Tobi's great grand uncle found a box of gold belonging to a foreigner. In a drunken state he revealed his findings to his friends, who plotted with a greedy chief to take away the box of gold. They poisoned Ajani, that was when the men in the family stood up and came together as a force against outsiders. And it's been that way ever since, my grand son will be part of it when he arrives" Mrs Ademola said.

"What's the worst that could happen if I refuse?" Cassie asked. "Haven't you noticed how prosperous the family is? Family stick together, the men come together and protect the rest of us" Mrs Ademola eyed her daughter in law.

"God protects, not man. Nothing else, yes family sticks together. There's no point of this, I don't want my child to be a part of it" Cassie stood up.

"You want Tobi's son to be an outcast, he won't have a share in this family's possessions. Be reasonable" Mrs Ademola stood up also.

"If the family won't love him, won't accept him that's fine. Tobi and I will, and he doesn't need the family's possessions. With or without them he will succeed. Tobi was miserable before I came into his family, did you know that? He went after different women, alcohol was his dearest friend, what did the cult do about that? They encouraged it, told him it was a spiritual problem that could not be helped. That was a lie" Cassie said.

"Ignorant woman, what do you know? It's only natural for Ademola men to have wives and children, concubines and bastards. My husband, his father took other women. Your husband did too" Mrs Ademola said.

"That was before he became my husband, Tobi would never cheat on me now" Cassie countered.

"Cassandra you're still young, perhaps when you're older you will understand the essence of tradition. Till then we'll talk no more about this, tell my grand daughter I visited" Mrs Ademola said before picking up her purse.

She eyed her daughter in law and scoffed before leaving.

Cassie sighed before sitting down "I'm not going to bring a son into this world and have him partake in this" she decided and nothing would change her mind.

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Re: Wilting Matrimony #2/matrimonyseries/ by marychommy(f): 6:19pm On Jun 03, 2018
thanks for dis. pls what is wrong with men? why can't Dey appreciate what God gave dem
Re: Wilting Matrimony #2/matrimonyseries/ by Godwindanielboy(m): 6:25pm On Jun 03, 2018
Na by force to join family cult? Thanks for the update. God bless.

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