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Re: PASTORZONED: A Story By Toyin Taiwo by rachealfst(f): 7:19pm On Mar 10, 2019
rachealfst, not even a mention.Thank God i'm not late.
I'm on my knees....I'm sorry.
Re: PASTORZONED: A Story By Toyin Taiwo by Kaycee9242(m): 7:23pm On Mar 10, 2019
Nice update well done op

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Re: PASTORZONED: A Story By Toyin Taiwo by Nogodye(m): 7:44pm On Mar 10, 2019
I'm on my knees....I'm sorry.
Lol...Apology accepted ma'am
Re: PASTORZONED: A Story By Toyin Taiwo by AJECKING(m): 7:55pm On Mar 10, 2019
i dey wait you so tey!!!.

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Re: PASTORZONED: A Story By Toyin Taiwo by AJECKING(m): 7:55pm On Mar 10, 2019
i don wait you so tey!!!.
Re: PASTORZONED: A Story By Toyin Taiwo by Born2Breed(f): 8:19pm On Mar 10, 2019
i don wait you so tey!!!.

...you don dey loose weight oh!!!
Re: PASTORZONED: A Story By Toyin Taiwo by rachealfst(f): 6:20am On Mar 11, 2019
Thank God there is still some1 who is telling her the truth
grin grin grin @ogechi
Welcome on board. It's been a while.
Re: PASTORZONED: A Story By Toyin Taiwo by rachealfst(f): 6:21am On Mar 11, 2019

Even me, no one remember me.
Despite the fact that we were all together in the broken hedge
No whala, I will still supply sweet popcorn for those who desire it
I'm sorry......how have you been?

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Re: PASTORZONED: A Story By Toyin Taiwo by rachealfst(f): 6:35am On Mar 11, 2019
kevwecute1, temig, Kaycee9242, MYGIST, Blackween, damselposh, Faspen, Jentle244, adefunke62,
skubido, nogodye, Adesina12, anneboy02' Ray1251 AJECKING, queenitee, princessadeola, Halyma
Divineroyalty, dupsai, ann2012, LightQueen
crislyn, Born2Breed

Adetula's Residence
All the family members are readily prepared to receive Pastor David even Adedayo came to his parents place instead of going to his own place after work. The baby of the house who was in school also came home for the weekend. Pastor had called Deacon Adetula on Thursday and informed him he’ll be visiting on Friday evening by 7:00pm.
Adeola and Ademide were through cleaning up the kitchen and the whole house after which they went to their room to clean up. Ademide dressed up before her sister and informed her that she wants to get something in the neighborhood.
“What do you want to get that you didn’t get earlier or rather get it later. Must you leave the house when we have just 15minutes left to receive the Pastor!” Adeola tackled her.
“Thank God you said Pastor. It’s not God that is visiting. So let me be!”
“You are not leaving this house” Adeola said. She quickly put on a gown and ran to their parent's room. Infact she almost barge in before she called herself to order and tap the door hurriedly.
“Come in” Mrs Adetula said.
“Mummy! Daddy! Ademide wants to leave the house she said she wants to get something but I know she’s lying”
“Why do we always have issues with this girl whenever Pastor David is involved. Call her for me” Deacon Adetula ordered Adeola.
“The Last time I told Ademide to help me drop something at the Pastor’s office. She didn’t go, it was Demola I later send” Mrs Adetula said to her husband while waiting for their daughters.
“Seriously I don’t understand her and she knew how important this dinner is to the Pastor. Even I was surprised to see Ademola this evening, he even came all the way from school to be a part of the dinner”
The door opened and the ladies came in. Their brothers also followed wondering what was going on.
“Ademide, I was told you want to leave the house to get something when we have just few minute left” His father inquired.
“Daddy I’m not even buying anything. I want to go see a friend across the street”
“You must be out of your mind” Deacon Adetula said strictly.
“Daddy! I’m an adult!”
“Adult you say. Dare me and step out of this house!”
“If I’m not spirit filled, I would have thought you are possessed but I know you are not. I don’t have any possessed children, this home will be too hot for such a child and more so God would have reveal it” Mrs Adetula said.
“Dad! It’s 6:59pm let her go, we can’t force her” Adedayo the eldest child said.
“D1!” Adeola called out giving him a 'what did you just say' look.
“You can go” Deacon Adetula said and Ademide left the room to everyone’s surprise.
Ademide opened the door and standing right in front of her was Pastor David who was about to knock.
“Good evening” he said with a smile.
“Good evening Pastor” she replied not smiling back.
He opened the door wider for him to come in.
“Thank you”
“Let me call the rest of the family”
“Ok” He said and turned to leave. Wait! Have we met before?”
“Yes, you are my Pastor and I see you in Church!”
“I mean one on one”
“No!” She said with a blank face.
“ Good evening Pastor” Mrs Adetula said as she came out with the rest of the family. They all greeted him warmly.
“Welcome to our humble home Pastor” Deacon Adetula said.
“Thanks for having me sir”
“It’s our pleasure” Deacon Adetula said while his children came forward to give their Pastor a hand shake one after the other.
“Bro Adedayo” he shook his hand. He is one of his right hand youth in church.
“Sis Adeola, hope I’m right. We met once when you came with your mum” he said.
“You are a genius, Pastor. You still remember my name” Adeola said.
“Yes I do” And lastly he shook hands with Demola.
“The Drummer boy himself. I always enjoy you when you are drumming, you are so skilled”
“Thank you sir”
“How is school? I can’t wait for you to be on break” He said and they all laughed except for Ademide who is standing by the door. Pastor David turned so she could know her as well.
Ademide opened the door to step out of the house.
“Hey! Young woman! Are you not part of this family?”
“Yes, I’m part of the family”
“Then you should be here”
“I just want to…..
“You can go back to any business you have out there later. Don’t you think so?”
She sighed. She reluctantly came forward while the Pastor extended his hand for a handshake.
“You are the only one I’m meeting for the first time in this family. You already know who am I. So what’s the name?” Pastor David asked.
“Ademide” she said and took his hand which she hurriedly release.
“Mum are you sure Ademide is not possessed. Look at that” Demola whispered into his mum’s ears.
“My friend, keep quiet” She whispered back and smiled at the Pastor who was now facing them.
They all went to the dinning showing Pastor David the way. They had one or two chit chat while eating. Demola was the comedian of the house. But from all indications he got it from his father. The dinner was lively all through. The family members were smiling heartily and before Pastor David knew it, he had engaged himself as well.
“Wow! I don’t mind doing this another time” he said as a matter of fact.
“Really!” Deacon Adetula said while everyone was happy at what the Pastor just said.
“Please don’t let the other families know about it. Because you are the only family I’m telling this” Pastor David said jokingly.
“Aww….. Adeola said blushing and giggling.
“This is not a family acting, this is real. You guys are one big happy family. And the love here is just so pure and divine. I can feel it” He commended.
“Thank you Pastor” They all chorused.
“I came from a family where true love is the foundation. So I’m glad this home is one too. Deacon Adetula, you are not just a good leader in the church, you are also one in your home. Well done sir” He commended him
“Thank you Pastor. You are welcome here anytime”
“So be prepare to see more of me” he said jokingly and they all laughed except for Ademide who is just there sitting quietly. Not saying a word.
After dinner, they went back to the sitting room. While Demola and the ladies cleared the dishes. They later joined the rest.
“I have spent more than my one hour visit. Thanks to you all” he said and they all laughed.
“Pastor we have extra room, if you want to sleep” Demola said playfully.
“You are right, I don’t feel like going but remember I have people who love me and her waiting for me at home too” he said smiling.
“We really appreciate you coming sir and we are glad that you love our family”
“Let me share the word of God and pray before I leave” he said.
Twenty minutes later, the Pastor was done. They all thanked him again. Adeola went into the kitchen. They’ve packed the PA's food. They also packed some things for the Pastor which he really appreciate.
“Bye” he said
“We will all see you out” Adedayo said.
Ademide made to turn back inside but Adedayo dragged her back.
“Where do you think you are going?” He said whispering and she whispered back.
“Must we all accompany him?” Ademide freed herself from his brother’s grip.
“Yes, now move” He commanded.
The whole family followed him to the car. Seeing all the family outside smiling and laughing. The PA had no choice than to step out of the car. They all greeted him while Adeola handed him what he had packed for him.
“This is for the Pastor” she said to Christian. Separating the packs.
“Thank you” He said.
He went back to the driver's seat while the pastor was still busy shaking all the members of the family.
“Good night Pastor” They said.
“Good night to you all. You can all go back into the house”
“We want to watch you leave sir” The Adetulas said.
Ok then” he said and boarded the car.
“Ademide!” he called out.
In her mind she was like. ‘Why did he call me now'
“Yes Pastor” She replied.
“Please see me in my office on Sunday after the service”
“Ok sir” she said in between her teeth.
Christian ignited the engine and drove out of Adetula’s compound.
“Wow !!! I love this family” he commended.
“Oh! You noticed too?”
“Yes. See the way they are all smiling. What a friendly environment, I’m sure you had a great time”
“Yes, I did”
“Ehm…. that other lady, she was a bit reserved”
“Is that her name?”
“Yes, I love that name”
“Me too”
“There’s something about her I can’t place I have this feeling that she has something against me” he pointed out.
Christian laughed until he was satisfied.
“What’s funny?” Pastor David asked.
“Is it not funny. You just said the lady has something against you. What made you think that?”
“Okay, I met her at the door. She was about to leave the house even after my arrival. I had to talk her into staying back”
“Huh! That’s strange. When some ladies will kill to have such opportunity”
“Christian don’t start, I’m not Mr Universe, I’m just a Pastor. Maybe where she was going is important”
“Or…. Is she possessed. You know she may not be able to stand the anointing” Christian assumed.
“I asked the Holy Spirit that same question when I realized she was actually avoiding me and the answer was no”
“I’m confused then, because it’s not just normal for a church member and a lady for that matter not to like Pastor David”
“I’m dead serious here!”
“Well, I told her to see me after the service on Sunday. So she could know I’m approachable”
“Let’s wait till Sunday then”
They talked about the Adetulas and delved into other topics before they finally got home.

Adetula’s Residence
The Adetulas were all happy with the Pastor’s visit. They were glad about the Pastor’s comment about their family. Daddy Adetula left for his bedroom leaving the others in the sitting room. Mummy Adetula reminded Ademide not to forget to meet up with the Pastor after the service on Sunday. She didn’t even reply her mum.
“Don’t tell me you won’t go, you this girl” She said to her.
“I’m not sure. If my spirit want me to go, then I’ll go”
“Mum, you heard that and you still insisted that Anty Ademide is not possessed”
“Demola, watch your tongue who is possessed!” Ademide confronted Demola.
“It’s okay guys. Let the sleeping dogs lie” Adedayo said.
“Let sleeping dog lie! You think Pastor won’t noticed this cold attitude Ademide gave him earlier!” Adeola said.
“Don’t worry she’ll go see the Pastor on Sunday. I’ll see to that”
“Better” Adeola said and left the sitting room.
I think everyone should retire to bed. I’ll be on my way too” Adedayo said preparing to leave the house.
“”Good night son, drive safely” Mummy Adetula said and left the sitting room too.
“Adeola!” he called out and she replied from inside.
“Please, help me pack some food. I’ll be in the car” he said and hugged her sister Ademide, encouraging her to cheer up.


Re: PASTORZONED: A Story By Toyin Taiwo by moseph(f): 7:05am On Mar 11, 2019
Ademide sef. nice one rach


Re: PASTORZONED: A Story By Toyin Taiwo by Blackween(f): 8:07am On Mar 11, 2019
thanks for the dedication ma'am

I have a feeling Ademide will be the one pastorzoning the pastor

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Re: PASTORZONED: A Story By Toyin Taiwo by Kaycee9242(m): 10:36am On Mar 11, 2019
wow this pastor David is enjoying ooooo!! op well done

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Re: PASTORZONED: A Story By Toyin Taiwo by Tbrak(f): 11:03am On Mar 11, 2019
Ademide Might Be The Pastor Wife Just Thinking


Re: PASTORZONED: A Story By Toyin Taiwo by AJECKING(m): 3:46pm On Mar 11, 2019

...you don dey loose weight oh!!!
chai!!!....i dey die slowly ooo..
Re: PASTORZONED: A Story By Toyin Taiwo by queenitee(f): 4:02pm On Mar 11, 2019
Thanks for the dedication Sis. Ademide, be guided

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Re: PASTORZONED: A Story By Toyin Taiwo by Adesina12: 5:20pm On Mar 11, 2019
I'm sorry......how have you been?

I am fine and thank you for the dedication
Sweet popcorn for you.

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Re: PASTORZONED: A Story By Toyin Taiwo by skubido(m): 6:04pm On Mar 11, 2019
Ademide I dey watch you with 3D ooo.

Maami tanks a lot for the dedication and update, every update na bumper to bumper. Jah bless

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Re: PASTORZONED: A Story By Toyin Taiwo by anneboy02(m): 7:15pm On Mar 11, 2019
Thanks for the mention

Really love ur work
More grace

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Re: PASTORZONED: A Story By Toyin Taiwo by Ann2012(f): 7:33pm On Mar 11, 2019
Seems Ademide has a connection with Pastor David

Thanks for the update ma'am

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Re: PASTORZONED: A Story By Toyin Taiwo by Divineroyalty(f): 8:51pm On Mar 11, 2019
Thanks for the dedication ma'am.
Still following full time grin

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Re: PASTORZONED: A Story By Toyin Taiwo by LightQueen(f): 9:26pm On Mar 11, 2019
Thanks for the dedication and update

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Re: PASTORZONED: A Story By Toyin Taiwo by LightQueen(f): 9:27pm On Mar 11, 2019
Seems Ademide has a connection with Pastor David

Thanks for the update ma'am
Spiritual, physical or love cheesy which one? grin

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Re: PASTORZONED: A Story By Toyin Taiwo by Ann2012(f): 10:07pm On Mar 11, 2019
Spiritual, physical or love cheesy which one? grin

I no know jare, but her reaction towards him says it all

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Re: PASTORZONED: A Story By Toyin Taiwo by rachealfst(f): 11:23am On Mar 12, 2019
The whole church was filled to the brim as usual on Sunday morning. The praise and worship session led by one of the song leaders was great. The choir also gave their rendition. Then Pastor David took the microphone and mounted the pulpit and said “Praise the Lord”
The whole church stood up immediately he mounted the pulpit and shouted Halleluyah.
“If you are happy to be in God’s presence let me here you shout Halleluyah” He said and the whole church shouted halleluyah as he went in his knees to worship God. The choir are already set to back him up. He is also a good singer himself and he love to worship God first before going into sermon.
“Demons trembled at your presence” He sang and the whole church sang along.
“What a mighty God we serve”
“Glory glory Halleluyah…….
“Everything written about you is great” They sang it twice and He said a word of prayer.
“Father we worship you accept our thanks in Jesus mighty name and let the church say….
“Amen………..” they chorused.
Turn to your neighbour and say…..
“Your Excellency ma, your excellency sir” Church members did as he said turning left and right to greet one another.
“This morning, I shall be taking a message titled ‘Handling weaknesses'
Let’s turn our Bible to the book of 1Corithians 10:12
It says and I read 'Let him that thinks he stands take heed lest he fall.
How do you handle your weakness?
Some of us try to prove we are strong and that we can overcome them on our own but you need to do your part by fleeing from such act.
For example, you know you love money and you choose to join the ushering department. Wow! You just open the door for the devil to tempt. Trust me he will use your weakness against you in that department.
Or you love young girls and decided to go teach in the church's teenagers class!
“Know your weakness (es) and work on it, don't work around it.
There are some little little sins we commit and we overlook them. This sin will eventually go overboard and might even end up destroying us, if we are not sensitive enough to tame it.
Note: Sin is sin. But big sins start small. Then you start going from one level to the next and to the next
Another evil thing about sin is that you'll always use a sin to cover up for another sin.
Let's see some case study.
1. David: He started with adultery. Inorder to cover for his adulterous act he had to commit murder(another sin)
2. Judas Iscariot: He was one of the disciples of Jesus. But he was a thief. He was the treasurer and started stealing from the purse.
Note: he should have told Jesus about his weakness but he kept quiet. Also he should have come out straight and tell them to give the post of treasurer to someone else but he didn't. He continued enjoying the money.
Then from there he graduated. The moment he was offered money to betray Jesus the love of money never allowed him think twice.
And there is one thing you need to know about the devil. He won't tempt you with your strength, he'll use your weakness against you and that is why we have to work on those weakness(es) before he uses it to destroy us.
This brings us to:
3. Samson: Yes he loves women. Despite the anointing, that was his weakness. He was enjoying his adulterous life till he met Delilah who eventually destroyed him.
Know your weakness (es) and talk to God about it.
Sin graduates!
Stop it before it stops you!”
The congregation carried this sober look which meant only one thing, they were touched.
“Lets bow our heads to pray” He said.
Twenty minutes later, the service was brought to a close. Some who knew each other greeted one another.
Jane quickly headed to the Pastor’s office before the place got filled up with members queuing up to see him. Luckily for him, the Pastor attended to her even though he has no tangible reason to see him.
The Adetulas all met at the park where their car was parked. Adedayo was at the park too to greet his parents before they leave the church. He still has a unit meeting to attend before leaving the church. He bowed to greet his parents.
“Good evening dear, happy Sunday” Mummy Adetula reciprocated his greetings..
“Happy Sunday” Deacon Adetula.
“You! What are you doing here” Mrs Adetula. said as she just occurred to her that Ademide shouldn’t be there with them.
“Ooooo…… Mum!” Ademide murmured.
“Ademide, don’t give yourself a bad name. I didn’t raise you to disrespect and disregard people. A man of God for that matter. I won’t tell you to go or not to go” Deacon Adetula said and entered the car.
“Don’t worry mum, you go home with the rest. I’ll lead her to the Pastor’s office now before going for the meeting I have. Then I’ll bring her home when we are through” Adedayo said.
“Better” Mrs Adetula said as she boarded the car. She and her husband sat at the back. Ademola was behind the wheels and Adeola sat beside him.
Adedayo took her sister to the Pastor’s office. He met with Bunmi, the pastor’s secretary. They both exchanged greetings they are very good friends. Bunmi got married some months ago to a brother in the church. This made her job with the Pastor easier because her husband
understand her job. Which includes Sunday. Although she closes by 2pm on Sunday.
She introduced her sister. And both ladies exchanged greetings. He told Bunmi his sister wants to see the Pastor. Though there are other members waiting including Jane.
“Did he gave her an appointment or she just wants to see him on her own?” Bunmi asked.
“Actually he did”
“Good, that will make it faster. I’ll inform Pastor now, whatever he says I’ll act on it. If he wants to see her urgently, then I’ll send her in once the person inside comes out”
“Ok, Thanks, see you later, I have a meeting” Adedayo said and left.
“Alright, sis Ademide you can take a sit” Bunmi said.
“Thanks” She said and took her sit.

After the meeting, Adedayo went back to the Pastor’s office and to her surprise her sister wasn’t there, everyone has left as well.
“Bunmi, where’s my sister” he asked the secretary.
“I don’t know, she left almost immediately you left. She said she wants to step out a bit. And I didn’t see her again. Infact Pastor called first before me to ask if she’s at the reception and I told him, you came with her and she left” She explained.
“Jesus!” he sighed.
Adedayo took a look at the door of the Pastor’s office it was locked. “Has he left?” He said pointing at the door.
“No, but he’ll leave anytime soon” she replied.
“Please can I see him briefly?”
“Aww….., it’s almost 2pm”
“Ok, let me inform him”
She placed the call and after dropping the call she told him to go inside. He went in and shook hands with the Pastor.
“Bro Dayo where is your sister? I was told she was here with you earlier”
“I was shocked too when your secretary said she left without seeing you. I personally brought her here”
“Don’t be too hard on yourself, you can’t babysit her, she’s an adult and entitled to her own opinion”
“Infact Pastor let me call her” He said and dialed her number but it wasn’t reachable.
“I’m really sorry Pastor. I’m not trying to hype her but she’s a good girl. I think she’s shy being around a you or something”
“I understand people like her”
“Thanks for your understanding sir”
“It’s okay. My regards to everyone and please thank them once again for that wonderful dinner date. I won’t forget in a very.... long….time”
“It’s our pleasure sir. My Parents said you’ve called to thank them. That’s ok but I’ll still give them your message”
“Please do, thanks”
Adedayo left the Pastor’s office and thanked Bunmi for her help. He got to the car park and to his wildest surprise, he met her sister sitting in the car. He had to take a good look at the car and her sister in order to be sure he’s seeing right. “Where did she car keys from? He asked himself
“Ademide!” He stood beside the car.
“What took you so long nau….Thank God there’s a cafeteria in the church, somebody will have just died of hunger” she said sounding like an over pampered girl
“Where did you get the car key from?”
“Your laptop bag nau….Let’s go jo”
“Ok, you gave me your laptop bag earlier. I took the keys when you are busy talking with the secretary”
“What is it again. Can’t I take your car key”
He turned to the driver side and entered the car. “My key” he said and she handed it over. He fired the engine and drove out of the church premises.
“How was the meeting with the Pastor?” He asked after 15ninutes of silence between them.
No reply “Ademide! I just asked you a question!”
“You know what don’t bother, you’ll answer your parents when you get home”
D1! Must they know about this. Seriously, I can choose to see him or not. Should you people push me around” She said raising her voice and sounding frustrated at the same time.
Adedayo noticed the frustration in her voice and pitied her. “Ok sis, mouth sealed. Happy now?”
She nodded. “You knew already right?”
“Know what?”
“That I didn’t meet up with him”
“Yes. But you are not possessed right?”
“I’m not” she shaked her head like a little girl.
“Good!” He said as he drove into his parents street. Few minutes later, he stopped in front of the house.
“See you when I see you” he said with a smile.
“Are you not coming in?” Ademide asked.
“I’m tired. Send my greetings” He said and made a reverse, turned and left.


Re: PASTORZONED: A Story By Toyin Taiwo by Kaycee9242(m): 1:04pm On Mar 12, 2019
lol pastor go hear am for dis girl hand. op thanks for the update

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Re: PASTORZONED: A Story By Toyin Taiwo by emmytemmy: 4:32pm On Mar 12, 2019
our own sis toyin is back. Nice story.

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Re: PASTORZONED: A Story By Toyin Taiwo by queenitee(f): 4:43pm On Mar 12, 2019
What's wrong with this Ademide girl self? undecided


Re: PASTORZONED: A Story By Toyin Taiwo by genius43(m): 4:53pm On Mar 12, 2019
What's wrong with this Ademide girl self? undecided

We are still researching her problems, a diagnosis will suffice soon

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Re: PASTORZONED: A Story By Toyin Taiwo by Ann2012(f): 5:08pm On Mar 12, 2019
Thanks for the update ma'am

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Re: PASTORZONED: A Story By Toyin Taiwo by rachealfst(f): 8:09pm On Mar 12, 2019
Deaconess Oriabor asked her daughter how her visit to see the Pastor went. And she was so glad at what her daughter told her. Pastor David has finally forgiven her.
“Mum, he even told me not to see him as my Pastor alone but also a friend I can talk to anytime. Imagine!” She said gleefully.
“I told you, he only scolded you that day because he likes you. The Bible even says, a child the father loves, he chastised”
“Mum you are right, Pastor David and I are now good”
Jane was so happy but suddenly her face went pale again when she remembered something.
“What is it my daughter. You are laughing just now while this long face again?”
She hissed. “Hmmm… just remembered the conversation I had with Ogechi, my friend at work”
“What about it?”
“Imagine she said I don’t have the qualities or the criteria to be a Pastor’s wife”
“Ah….she only envies you, nothing more. Stay away from people like that. They are enemies of progress”
“Mum, she’s a good friend I don’t want to loose”
“If you don’t want to loose her fine. But stop discussing your personal life with her”
“That I will do. Thank you Mummy”
Her phone rang, it was her ex boyfriend. She picked the call and the guy told her he’s in town and would like to see her. She knew what he wanted whenever he calls but she wants that to stop since she’s trying to be a Pastor’s wife anytime soon.
“Don’t let me see you around that good for nothing guy. He only has money but he’s so useless. No dignity nothing” Jane’s mum said firmly.
“Far from it mum, there’s nothing between us”
She assured her mum. They later went to their separate rooms. She was in her room when the call came in again.
“Kite what is it. I thought I made myself clear” she said when she picked the call.
“I still care about you and you know it. You just break up with me for no reason saying your mum doesn’t like me”
“Yes and I can’t go against her wish. I told you to stop those bad lifestyle of yours but you wouldn’t listen”
“Don’t write me off. I’m was even willing to change because of you. Remember I stopped smoking because of you”
“Jane, you met me this way. If you want me to change, you should give me time”
“I don’t have that kind of time”
“Jane, I miss you. I miss us”
“You miss me or you miss having sex with me”
“I miss that too and you know sex with you is non comparable to other ladies have met”
“So what do you say, let’s hook up. Please…..
“Ok. I’ll call you during the week”
“Jane! I know you are home, just come down to my house. Then you’ll leave in the evening”
“Kite! Ok”
She disconnected. Opened her wardrobe and dressed up. “God I miss the great sex we use to have. And it’s been long I had sex. Oh Jane, you are a Pastor’s wife to be. Don’t go” she said to herself.
She paced up and down the room and made up her mind to go. “Wait, what will I tell my mum” she asked herself.
She sat down to fabricate a very reasonable and concrete lie. She made one up and rehearsed it over and over before going to her mum’s room.
Finally, It worked, her mum fell for it and she quickly went back to her room to pick her car key and off, she was gone.. Guess what? She even has plan to sleep over. She had already packed for the next day.

Adetula’s Residence
In the evening, Adeola and Ademide were in the kitchen preparing dinner. Adeola had been asking her sister since about her meeting with the Pastor but she told her to mind her business.
Adeola brought up the topic again in the kitchen.
“Promise you won’t tell anyone” Ademide said.
“I promise” she said and Ademide explained everything.
“Jesus! What has gotten into you and D1 too let you off the hook?”
“You too need to cut me some slack. I just don’t like been around that Pastor!”
“Huh!” She exclaimed. Adeola’s eye balls almost popped out of it socket.
“What’s going on here?”
“Nothing Ma” They chorused. They never knew their mum had walked in on them.
“Hmm! I wonder what you two are covering up this time. And you!” she said pointing to Ademide.
“What did Pastor David say when you met with him?”
“It’s personal ma” she said with a mischievous smile. At least in her mind she isn’t lying. Whatever happens at the Pastor’s office is personal.
“Jesus!” Adeola exclaimed.
“Nothing Mummy” She feigned a smile.
“Ok o. Call me when you are through”
“Yes ma” they chorused and she left.
“Ademide! Mo fó o(hailing) ”
“Isn’t it personal?”
Adeola nodded slowly and repeatedly. Ooto ni (you are right) It’s indeed person my sister. She nodded her head slowly and continued with what she was doing.

Weeks later, announcement was made in church that there with be youth Seminar. And it’s going to be holding on a Saturday.
The day came and all the youths were present. Ademide and Adeola spent the weekend at their brother’s place, so he was the one who took them to the program. The youth leader gave the first talk which was titled.
When And How To get out of an Unhealthy Relationship.
“Unhealthy Relationship is a relationship you don't enjoy. You are just there enduring and making unnecessary sacrifices at the detriment of your own happiness. Also when you feel empty in a relationship. There are so many types/Signs of Unhealthy Relationships. Also an abusive relationship is also unhealthy. Either physical abuse, emotional abuse etc....
When you see the above signs then you need to get out of the Relationship.
Firstly, If you have a low self-esteem, it will be difficult for you to quit an unhealthy relationship because you'll be telling yourself
"If I quit where will I start from"
"Will I get someone else? Forgetting that It's only God that has no replica
Therefore you have to work on your low self-esteem.
If you know/sense that you are in a wrong relationship just get out jejeli. Don't endure relationship. Sometimes we feel for the person, we don't want to hurt them but don't worry the person we get over it by God's grace because God himself knows you are taking the right decision.
But you have to do it prayerful. Pray for the person, tell God to give him/her the grace to handle it and handle it well.
How do you break up?
Don't just break up anyhow. Wisdom is profitable to direct so you have to apply wisdom.
Here are few points on how to break up” He said and highlighted the points.
# Don't break up with someone who as exams in few days/weeks.
# Don't break up with someone you know it's going for an interview in few days.
# Don't break with someone who just lost a dear one, you now adding more salt to the injury.
# Don't break up with someone who has a project/proposal to defend etc...
Just do it at the right timing when the blow will be lesser.
The truth is that there's no right timing when it comes to break up because it's still going to hurt but at least help the person minimize the....... you understand.
The truth is that we will always experienced this things because most of us dabble into relationship without consulting God.
Another Lesson: Seek God's face before going into a relationship that's the only way to curb heartbreak.
Thanks for your time. God bless.
All the youth cheered him as he stepped down from the podium.
Then the Brother anchoring came out and introduced the next speaker.
“With all due respect, I welcome our very own. He is also a vibrant youth and a man of God. Join me as I welcome on stage, Pastor David Obafemi…..
The youth stood up clapping and appreciating God in his life.
“Halleluyah” Pastor David said
Amen! The youths replied.
“I’m not here to preach. I’m only here to discuss the topic given to me. It says ‘How To Handle Rejection In Relationship' Let me start by saying a child of God shouldn’t expect rejection if you actually pray well before going into a relationship. Although some people prayed and the other party still decides to call it quits.
If that happens, God will provide someone else much more better than that person for you” he said and the youth gave another round of applause screaming wow!!!!!!
He continued when they calmed down.
“Rejection can be painful, those who have experienced such can testify to that.
But the good news is that rejection happens for your good. It propels you forward. That's the truth and I hope I have witnesses in the house”
“Yeah!!!!” They shouted.
“For any rejection, the first thing that must come to our mind is that the relationship was never meant to be in the first place. Someone who is yours will never leave you no matter the circumstance(s).
Another thing is Self esteem. If you have a low self-esteem, I'm sorry you won't handle it well but if you are the type that think high of yourself then you will know that the situation is not worth your tears. You need not to be depressed, it's not worth it. I do tell myself if a guy or a lady leaves you that’s the person’s loss not yours”
“Preach it Pastor” some of youth shouted. there was an uproar again.
“So don't throw a pity party because a guy/lady broke up with you. Sure you are still going to meet someone who deserves you. Someone better as long as you don't settle for less.
And lastly when you have God, it makes the process very easy, because the joy of the Lord is your strength. You'll just see yourself move on easily it will even shock the person in question.
Remember! Love never hurts, loving the wrong person did. So never give up on love. It's a beautiful thing. Thank you very much.” He said and dropped the mic. All the youth we’re on there feet clapping and cheering him.
There were room for questions. The youth asked questions that have been eating them up. The Pastor took his time and answered all their questions. Why that is going on, the moderator announced that the refreshments will be served as the program is going on.
The sisters who are in charge of serving the refreshments have started serving. Ademide and Adeola who are now part of the youth executives we’re also part of the people in charge of serving.
“Sis Ademide! Please, help me serve Pastor David” Youth President said.

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