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All The Devils Are Coming Out Of Caves! / The Devils Lair - Episode 1 : A Story By Nkemjika Okeke / All The Devils Are Here (A Side Guy's Story) (2) (3) (4)

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Re: The Devils Touch by dawno2008(m): 3:13pm On Aug 01
topher052 the bad ass character killer cool
Me have learnt not to get attached to any character so as not to be disappointed
But I kinda like one person whom i won't say the name or names so as not to get them killed by topher052 killer instinct

Lovely update,though small but interesting,pls don't play with ma fix oo.

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Re: The Devils Touch by topher052: 7:26pm On Aug 01
Igbudu and the presidents best tracker set out for the search of Sam. The tracker happens to be the smartest tracker of all demons; a black kite with red eyes.

Prior to the time Igbudu was captured, the president had sent three of his best fast men to fetch the bird, the president’s fastest men had to cross 7 oceans, 12 hills, 5mountains and passed through 3 desserts to find it at the top of an Hyperion tree. Due to their swiftness it took them 2 months to return.

The next morning, Igbudu was set to begin his journey and was introduced to his new companion hanging on the shoulders of one of the men in black suit. Igbudu wasted no time for introduction as he matched ahead while the bird flew above him.

He walked for hours without waiting; all he cared about was to save his friends and family not minding the energy he was burning.

On their way, he saw some group of police men firing at something running towards a truck and then jumped into the truck and was lost. The police men then carried a bleeding man into a car, Igbudu was fast to recognize him, he wondered which demon must have done this to Ishaw, then he continued his journey looking away from the sight to avoid being chased after.

The bird encountered another bird in the sky and they started fighting, Igbudu wanted to help but they were too high and fast for him to aim at. The demonic kite with Igbudu and the strange bird fell from the sky seriously entangled in a fierce battle.

This gave Igbudu the leverage to assist, he ran towards them with his staff stretched out to strike but something stopped him. Afar off, in front of him, the earth was opening in an earthquake. He slowly moved backwards as the opening forcefully came towards him. Immediately he took off not remembering to check on the bird

In front of him, the earth exploded raising sand and dust everywhere. He shielded his face and ran the adjacent direction, another explosion happened just few steps away from him, and the force from the impact threw him backwards.

When he got himself and looked up, everywhere was covered in red dust. He shields his nose with his hand and remained on the floor cautiously looking. Then he caught a glimpse of some monstrous creatures coming out from the holes. They were dark as charcoal, legs like goat, very powerful arms and horns; each was carrying a long fork. He bent down and pretended to be dead as he watched them raced on different directions.

Where he was lying down, one of the creatures ran passed him, he felt his heart leaped in fear. Then, while he made to turn the other direction, he saw one standing in front of me looking down at him. He quickly raised his staff towards it and screamed.


A white ball came out from the tip of his staff, hit the monster on its chest and threw it backwards before it would raise its fork on him.

Immediately, he stood up, picked up his bag and began running. The whole place was covered in dust making it hard to see clearly, few times he stumbled on something and fell, again he stood up without hesitation.

While he ran without seeing where he was going to, he hit chest to chest with one of the monsters and fell on his butt. The monster jumped on him with its fork but missed as Igbudu rolled over on time. It quickly grabbed Igbudu by his waist and threw him 7 feet high, as he descended, it hit him in the air with its feet and he rolled over several times. The monster came again to attack but igbudu was quick to raise his staff to it.


The ball hit it on its face but it only moved some few steps backwards and attacked again, Igbudu repeated the same thing and this time the forced threw it faraway. Then he quickly stood up and ran limping ensuring his bag was intact, he went under the range rover Crusial parked and hid himself.

Everyone ran helter-skelter while the monster chased and killed anyone on its path. Igbudu remained where he was watching the feet of both humans and demons run pass him.

Suddenly, a lady fell right where he was, she looked and saw him, then stretched her hands, grabbed Igbudu by his wrist crying and begging Igbudu to save her. Igbudu wanted to drag her in, but stopped when the saw the foot of one of the monsters approaching behind her. He immediately started removing her hand and pushing her backwards as she struggled to join him. The monster grabbed her up by her feet while she screamed and struggled, the next thing Igbudu saw was her hand, and then her head rolled to where he was looking at him with her face covered in horror, then her body dropped before the monster rushed away attacking someone else. Igbudu didn’t move the head away from him so as not to alert the beast of his hiding place.

He remained in his hiding position until the noise died down. Then slowly rolled out from under the vehicle where he was and looked around, the place was littered with dead bodies, mutilated people dragging themselves on the ground screaming in pain, people crying beside their dead ward, It was a gory sight. This incident motivated him to search for Sam, so he arranged his bag and looked around for the bird in the sky, he walked around looking in the sky and trees for it and eventually the bird perched on his shoulder spooking him, he shook it off his shoulder and the bird flew high into the sky, while he followed its leading.
Sam and his crew sat under a tree looking aimlessly around. They were very hungry and tired save for the ghost girl who kept appearing and disappearing.

“what do we do now?”. Sam finally asked.

Mamood looked puzzled at him and then stood up and looked around for something only him knew what it was, then came back and said to Sam.

“I need to leave you here for some time, will be right back”.

“where are you going to?”. Sam asked wondering where he would possibly go.

“be right back, wait here”. Mamood said and started walking away.

Just then the ghost girl appeared and was looking Mamood’s back as he walked.

“where is he going?”. She asked Sam sitting beside him.

Sam looked at her scornfully and asked.

“where are you coming from!?”

“went to check on your dad, isn’t that what you wanted?”. She replied.

Sam looked towards Mamood but he was gone. He turned to the ghost girl and asked,

“how is he?”.

“he’s sad looking, like he’s about committing suicide “.

Sam was alarmed by her statement and asked.


“not literally, figuratively”. She replied shrugging.

“how do you mean?”

“he is so sad looking”. She said.

Sam turned away and started drawing something on the floor. She looked at it and laughed. Sam turned to her wondering what would possibly be amusing in the current situation.

“you’re such a bad artist! What’s that? A dog or a car?”. She said laughing.

Sam hissed and continued what he was doing.

“look!”. The ghost girl said pointing towards the road.

Sam followed her direction and saw some group of huge men in red overall with hood over their heads walking towards the hotel, he turned to the ghost girl and asked.

“what is going on?”.

“they are not humans” she frightened.

Sam slowly stood up looking towards them as they walked majestically towards the hotel.

“how do you know?”. Sam asked walking towards the hotel.

“I can see their scales from the flesh”. She said hiding behind Sam.

Sam looked at the direction Mamood took, hesitated, then suddenly ran towards the hotel. Before he got there, there were no where to be found.

‘stop there boy!”. The first security man said.

“please sir, I have to go in”. Sam said anxiously.

“I thought I told you he wasn’t here, go home! Call your mother or something!”.

Sam suddenly ran in while the security man chased after him. As he meant to enter inside the reception, the door burst opened and two people flew out, slightly missing Sam’s head but one fell on the security man behind Sam.

There was a loud cry that deafened everyone and then, from no where a car flew up onto the building and fell down with its bonnet.

Everyone started rushing out of the building and those outside started running out of the compound. Then another cry followed, everyone closed their ears as the cry was so deafening. Then something swept five people and nailed them to the wall through their chest in a speed of light. Another group was nailed to the ceiling, another group nailed to a car, and so people got off and nailed to something without seeing what was doing it,

Sam looked around for Zarac who was still sleeping in his room with his ears covered with an headphone.

A man fell down from the fourth storey and his head exploded as he landed right before Sam, some of the blood splashed on his feet, everyone ran for their lives, no one took notice of a little boy in their midst.

“he’s upstairs sleeping”. The ghost girl screamed.

Sam immediately ran up the stairs and while he was going up, some persons were swept and nailed on the roof, he stopped and looked at them as they screamed, then continued. There was screaming everywhere and a demonic shout.

Sam got to the Zaracs door but it was locked. He knocked hard but he didn’t respond. The ghost girl appeared and said.

“I think he’s drunk, he’s ears are closed, he cant hear you. maybe you should pull your stunt and get this door down already”.

Sam tried to change but couldn’t. he closed his eyes tight, hold his breath and squeezed his hands but nothing happened. Then he continued knocking.

One of the huge men from earlier surfaced from the stairs five doors from them. He screamed and suddenly Sam saw him flying towards him in slow motion with a sharp spear in his hand, he waited for him to get close, and when he did, he moved aside and pushed him on the wall. The man stood up and looked at Sam surprised, then smiled and said to him.

“you’re the boy with the white ghost, good I found you”.

Sam was already glowing and his clothes were swinging with the wind, his eyes were white so was his clothes but he didn’;t know.

The huge man attacked again and this time doubled the forced he attacked with earlier. Sam couldn’t catch him this time and he pushed Sam to the wall by his neck and made to stab him, but Sam caught his hand. They struggled with the spear in his hand for some time, then he pushed Sam to the floor and attacked again. Sam attacked back swiftly with a blow on his face that threw him to the ceiling and Sam followed him, pulled him down and smashed his head with his feet. Then turned to the door, pushed it slightly and it fell with a loud noise.

Zarac slowly rose from his bed and when he saw a Glowing boy, he almost took off, but Sam grabbed him and jumped out of the window shattering the glass.

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Re: The Devils Touch by Snipespeter: 8:08pm On Aug 01
Thanks bro for the update......
We love you bro

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Re: The Devils Touch by Vizzy4u(m): 9:33pm On Aug 01
A prophet is always likely to be rejected by his own people. So also was Jesus rejected by his own people. If only we know the value of what we gotangry who else is feeling like d world is coming to an end?

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Re: The Devils Touch by Hardes(m): 10:08pm On Aug 01
It's like Sam has switch to spider man mode.. anyways what do I know

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Re: The Devils Touch by pu7pl3(m): 11:16pm On Aug 01
It's like Sam has switch to spider man mode.. anyways what do I know

More like avatar mode

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Re: The Devils Touch by dawno2008(m): 1:18am On Aug 02
@topher052,you decided to take me on a trip through the last book of the bible i.e. the revelation,cos some of the demons you describe are kinda similar to the demons that was talked about in that book. shocked
I enjoyed every single word of this update,may you continue to glow in intellectual ability grin

Thanks so much,from the depth of ma heart,I say thank you again,I'm seriously enjoying this story.

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Re: The Devils Touch by MoxxxxO123(m): 10:04am On Aug 02
Guy you are good

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Re: The Devils Touch by Pheobmax: 9:20pm On Aug 02
More like avatar mode

I think he was refering to the jumping outta the window part..

Topher052 you've succeded in making me comment on NL again abi... twale for making the events unpredictable..... thanks and keep up the flame burning.

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Re: The Devils Touch by MoxxxxO123(m): 8:23pm On Aug 03
Guy u r good. I had to read this episode twice

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Re: The Devils Touch by topher052: 10:59pm On Aug 03
"we have to leave!". Sandra said to the lady who was looking so petrified.

She had walked to the door when she realised she was walking alone. Then she turned to the lady and repeated.

" we have to leave now!".

The lady seemed startled by her words and rushed to her.

Both of them took the stairs and ran downstairs. A man laid dead at the gate, the lady seem to know him and made to go close to him.

" we have to leave!" Sandra repeated pulling her by the hand.

" lets go to the police". The lady said in a shaky tone.

" they can't do nothing". Sandra replied pulling her as she ran down the street joining the frenzy.

"Janet!". A male voice called.

The ladies turned simultaneously to a huge dark man in tight black jeans, a yellow short sleeve top revealing his massive arms, full dark beards on a clean punk haircut that gave him a handsome face.

"Adam!". Janet called running to him.

They hugged each other passionately and broke it off almost immediately and he asked examining her.

"are you okay?".

She nodded and started crying, he hugged her and caught sight of Sandra walking away.

"hey! Wait!". He called to Sandra.

Sandra turned to them feeling bad about what she brought her and also worried about Zarac and Sam.

" you can't just leave". He said to Sandra.

" yes, I can just leave. I have done enough!". Sandra said and continued walking.

He wanted to call her again but Janet held his hand and winked him. He looked at her and asked.

"I thought you guys are together?".

Sandra continued her journey alone, always looking behind her expecting something to attack her any moment. A black bird flew passed her and she jumped In fright. Then the bird stopped on a tree branch In front of her.

She looked at the scary kite that was staring ominously at her and then she began moving backwards slowly with her eyes on the bird. Her back hit someone and she turned abruptly to behold a man in brown jalamia, a brown sack bag hanging on his shoulder, full thick dreadlocks tied upwards with a red cloth and a full unkempt beards.

She almost fainted as she was seeing someone who came to kill her. Immediately, she turned and took off.

" hey! Stop!". Igbudu called, running after her.

The bird flew from the tree branch and to Sandra's front. She screamed trying to hit it off her face., just then Igbudu held her from behind and she shouted struggling to break free.

"I'm here to help you! Stop! I want to help you!". Igbudu yelled as he slowly let her go.

She moved away from him and turned facing him.

" who are you?". She asked, still not trusting Igbudu.

"I'm here to help you, I believe you know Idu?". Igbudu said.

She looked at him strangely and said moving backwards.

"I don't know anyone".

Igbudu looked at the bird and wondered why it stopped her. Then he turned to her and said.

"the boy with strange powers! About 7 years!"

" please let me go! I don't know anyone with that description. Please let me go". She said moving away slowly looking at the bird and at Igbudu.

". Okay". Igbudu said looking disappointingly at the bird.

Sandra took off with looking back.


Crusial jumped down from the truck and two teenagers stopped looking at her, amazed at the way she leaped off a moving truck and landed with ease even in her dress, but when they saw the blood on her body and mouth they pretentiously turned around and hurriedly walked away.

Crusial ignored them and looked around the quiet neighborhood for where she can get a change of cloth, then she saw some clothes hanging on a rope in front of a bungalow. immediately, she crossed the road to the house, took a t-shirt and trouser, then went behind the house to change.

She had finished and came out to find the two teenagers with some group of guys, each carrying sticks and cutlasses.

One of the guys whispered to the big among them.

"she's the one on TV".

Crusial heaved, then walked closer to them and said.

" please go home! I have had too much for a day. For your own good people go home".

"leave this neighborhood!". The big guy yelled.

Crusial looked at him and said.

"alright, I'm leaving".

They moved away as she came closer. Then she smiled and started walking down the road, while they followed her from behind each afraid to strike first.

Crusial was crossing to high way when a loud sound of gunshot threw her to the center of the road, she fell on her tummy and didn't move again.

A fat man with a bulky stomach stood with a pump action.

"nonsense!! We don't accept demons here!" He proudly said..

They came closer to her and was checking her out, the fat man stood in front of her with his gun taking pictures. Everyone took turns.

Suddenly, a hand came out of the fat mans tummy and he slowly dropped his gun looking at the it. Everyone turned towards him and saw crusial standing behind him biting his neck. Immediately they all took to their heels.

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Re: The Devils Touch by BankyGee(m): 11:02pm On Aug 03
First to Like, Share and Comment!

Yes! Take to your heels. My Crusial shall not die but live to declare the works of... erm... erm... Forget it gringrin


Re: The Devils Touch by pu7pl3(m): 11:07pm On Aug 03
That last crusial scene is quite confusing Topher....readers should read twice to understand

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Re: The Devils Touch by egorov(m): 7:31am On Aug 04
That last crusial scene is quite confusing Topher....readers should read twice to understand
How is it confusing

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Re: The Devils Touch by greatme2good(f): 1:14pm On Aug 04
That last crusial scene is quite confusing Topher....readers should read twice to understand

It's not confusing abeg read again.

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Re: The Devils Touch by pu7pl3(m): 1:25pm On Aug 04
For those asking how it's confusing,this is the scene I'm talking about

"They came closer to her and was checking her out, the fat man stood in front of her with his gun taking pictures. Everyone took turns.

Suddenly, a hand came out of the fat mans tummy and he slowly dropped his gun looking at the it. Everyone turned towards him and saw crusial standing behind him biting his neck"

They all came closer not just the fat man and they also took turns taking pictures but a hand came out from the Fat man's tummy and they all turned towards him also implying that they were not even close and as a fat man he was alone with crusial hence blocking their view before the dramatic disembowelment and neck biting...

I like imagining what I read and that scene was confusing for me that's why I pointed it out and I'm sure Topher has taken note

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Re: The Devils Touch by greatme2good(f): 9:42pm On Aug 04
For those asking how it's confusing,this is the scene I'm talking about

"They came closer to her and was checking her out, the fat man stood in front of her with his gun taking pictures. Everyone took turns.

Suddenly, a hand came out of the fat mans tummy and he slowly dropped his gun looking at the it. Everyone turned towards him and saw crusial standing behind him biting his neck"

They all came closer not just the fat man and they also took turns taking pictures but a hand came out from the Fat man's tummy and they all turned towards him also implying that they were not even close and as a fat man he was alone with crusial hence blocking their view before the dramatic disembowelment and neck biting...

I like imagining what I read and that scene was confusing for me that's why I pointed it out and I'm sure Topher has taken note
"they took turns solves this little confusion of yours.Crusial is not human and must have been waiting for the attacker to come closer so she can retaliate. And when you kill someone, you go closer to check especially when you really want the person dead so that was what the fat man did. Others may watch from a distance coz they were scared knowing she's demonic.
Re: The Devils Touch by pu7pl3(m): 9:46pm On Aug 04

"they took turns solves this little confusion of yours.Crusial is not human and must have been waiting for the attacker to come closer so she can retaliate. And when you kill someone, you go closer to check especially when you really want the person dead so that was what the fat man did. Others may watch from a distance coz they were scared knowing she's demonic.

first of all I am not confused I was at first(cos of how I imagine stuff)and then I had to read it again and spotted the irregularities,same irregularities that you are still typing...you haven't even understood the point I made so no need

Die the matter,I'm sure Topher has taken note


Re: The Devils Touch by mhizv(f): 2:13am On Aug 05
For those asking how it's confusing,this is the scene I'm talking about

"They came closer to her and was checking her out, the fat man stood in front of her with his gun taking pictures. Everyone took turns.

Suddenly, a hand came out of the fat mans tummy and he slowly dropped his gun looking at the it. Everyone turned towards him and saw crusial standing behind him biting his neck"

They all came closer not just the fat man and they also took turns taking pictures but a hand came out from the Fat man's tummy and they all turned towards him also implying that they were not even close and as a fat man he was alone with crusial hence blocking their view before the dramatic disembowelment and neck biting...

I like imagining what I read and that scene was confusing for me that's why I pointed it out and I'm sure Topher has taken note
noticed it too. Read it more than 3 times. Since you've pointed it out,I'm sure he has taken note
Re: The Devils Touch by skyblueking(m): 11:01am On Aug 05

Please kindly follow so u can be getting notifications.

No probs bro..
You're good.
Re: The Devils Touch by topher052: 11:47am On Aug 05
Mamood came to a grocery store and peeped through the glass. The place was scantly occupied by people. So he examined himself and then dusted some few patches off his trouser before entering the place.

The security man at the entrance first gave him a suspicious look but he nodded and it and walked in confidently.

First, he went to candy section, packed as much candy as he could without the checking the price, then he took some can food, bread, biscuit, bottled water and some soft drinks until his two basket couldn’t contain all the things he bought.

The security man never took his eyes off him, the young slim dark man whose uniform seem to be oversized, especially the trouser that the waist had to be folded to fit. He kept suspecting Mamood was going to slip something into his pocket.

After Mamood finished he took the basket to the counter and waited for his turn. The fat lady in front of him kept talking about her husband. From what Mamood could deduce from their conversation, the husband is twice younger than she is and does nothing except sleeping with her which he does very well. This gave mamood an option B compared to the first which was him crying that he had lost his the money his wicket guardian gave him to shop with and attract the sympathy of a kind person.

He suddenly streamed and jumped. The fat lady, the gray man behind him and the sales girl all turned to him.

“Snake!”. He screamed pointing under a shelf adjacent him.

Everyone focused on the direction looking under the shelf, the sales girl stood up looking at the shelf in fear giving Mamood the two seconds to swiftly move to the counter where the sales girl was but her attention was all driven by the commotion, took two hand full of money into his pocket and came back to where he stood. The fat lady saw him come back but couldn’t understand what happened.

“Where did you see the snake?”. The security man asked.

“Under there!”. He said pointing at the shelf.

“How possible? Are you sure u saw right boy?”. The gray man said to Mamood.

“I’m not sure, I thought I saw a snake”. Mamood said scratching his head.

’”what nonsense! “. The gray man said and took the fat ladies position in the counter.

The fat lady turned to him and was going to say something, but the gray man quickly added.

“I can see you have a long gist to attend to, I’m in a hurry”.

The sales girl noticed how scattered the money in the counter was and was going to say something about it but the gray man called her attention,

“Please attend to me!”.

She finished with him and then the fat lady before Mamood’s turn, he arranged the money secretly before handing it to her, she counted it and said.

“the money is not enough”.

Mamood looked confused and dropped the candy and then she wrapped up the rest items in four nylon bags and he left with the security man still looking at him.

Sandra stopped at an empty kiosk and sat on stool inside looking out for anything abnormal. She had no money and was starving, most importantly; she could do anything for a glass of water.

While she remained there, she spotted Mamood from a distance carrying some filled nylon bags. Immediately she stood up and called, waving her hands and running towards him.

“hey! Hey!”.

Mamood turned but couldn’t recognize her, he stood looking at the untidy lady waving and running towards him. It was until she came closer that he recognized her as Sam’s mother. Immediately he ran to her. She was so excited to see him as she didn’t know when she picked him up from the ground in a worm embrace.

“where are you coming from? What’s in the bag?”. Sandra asked looking at the nylon bags he was carrying.

“groceries for Sam and I”. Mamood replied knowing she will be glad to hear it. “we have been looking for you”. he added.

“you mean you are with Sam?”. She asked.

“yes! And Zarac too”. Mamood said smiling.

She hugged him again and said excitedly.

“please take me to them!”.

Mamood looked at how dirty, tired and unkempt she looked and felt she may need what he was carrying more than they do.

“do you care for anything in this bag?”.

She turned to him and asked.


“sure!”. He said giving her a bottle of water from the bag.

She took it hurriedly from him and drank it up, then heaved a sigh of relief. Mamood stood looking at her with pity then smiled and said.

“Let’s go, sam will be waiting for us”.

Sam jumped down from the building carrying Zarac on his shoulder. He looked at both sides before he jumped over the fence to the other side and then took off without looking back.

One of the big men saw the dead body of one of their own and screamed aloud the glasses in the building exploded. Others joined him and saw their colleague dead, they all held hands and raised their heads up to let out a loud scream that shook and then exploded the house and every other thing around the vicinity.

Sam who was distance away was affected by the explosion; the force from the impact threw him off the ground.

When he woke up he was in his natural state and the whole place was covered in dust. Immediately, he went in search for Zarac groping in the white dust.

Soon he found him lying faced down, he turned him over and shook him twice before he coughed and staggered up.

“what happened?”. Zarac asked Sam coughing.

“there was an explosion”. Sam said and sat beside him looking down at the dust that replaced the usedn to be tall building.

Mamood who was far away from the area had his own share of the loud noise and explosion. He and Sandra stood motionless looking at the large dust rising from a distance.

“is that where we are going to?”. Sandra asked praying in her mind she was wrong.

“Sam has a supernatural power, he wont allow anything happen to Zarac”. Mamood said and just realized he shouldn’t have.

But she didn’t understand him and wasn’t ready to as he started running towards the area. Mamood ran after her dragging the items with him.

Zarac stood up looking at the damage on the building as the dust slowly gave way for him to see better and said to Sam.

“did you do that?”

Sam shook his head while looking at the region.

Soon a lady ran pass them and Mamood was behind her. Sam saw him and immediately called his name, he turned abruptly to him, and immediately called Sandra back but she wasn’t listening. He threw away the bag and ran after her, before he could get to her, one of the hood men was already standing some distance away from her, she immediately recognized him as the guy who attacked her earlier and stopped. Mamood quickly turned to his burnt form and intercepted them while Sandra retreated.

Zarac didn’t recognize her at first when she came running towards them, but when she was few distance away he called her.


And she stopped, turned towards him, without any further delay she ran to him and hugged him, but the hugging was cut short when the burnt boy rolled towards them and the big guy came running in a fierce attack.

Sam changed into his form and flew with a punch towards the huge man. Sandra was stiffened with shock, Zarac smiled and said to her.

“that’s who we have been living with”.

Sam’s punch threw him backwards and he somersaulted threw times and stood up abruptly again. By this time the burnt boy was standing beside Sam.

Both attacked the huge man, Sam came with a flying blow and the burnt boy a kick which hit the man on his chick and Sam’s uppercut threw him up; while he was going in the direction, Sam pulled him down and the burnt boy kicked the back of his head so hard he smashed his forehead on the ground.

The waited for him to struggle up, before he could raise his head Sam kicked his head and the Burnt boy his neck and so his head pulled off from his neck and rolled on the floor.

The other three came and saw what happened. Two rushed towards Sam and Mamood. Mamood threw the first punch but missed and was visited with a back hand blow that turned him three times in the air before he fell. The other picked Sam off the ground and carried him in his shoulder flying in a high speed towards a wall, Sam’s back shattered it and passed a building, burst open the walls and collapsing the building, passed him through a tree falling it and then hitting his back on car which pressed together, then he gave Sam several blows before throwing him on the floor.

Everyone around there took cover, cars ran into buildings and mothers calling for their children. The cloud automatically turned red and soon started raining.

Sam stood up and his glow doubled, his eyes turned from white to blue. He came after the man who was waiting for him to attack. The man gave the first punch but Sam seized it in his palm grabbed him by the neck. He threw another punch on Sam’s face but Sam acted as though it nothing touched him. The rain falling on him and the darkness which his glow was the light made him look like the white ghost. He removed his hand from the man’s neck and jumped on the his shoulder, held his head with great effort as the man struggled to pull Sam off, soon he pulled the man’s head off his neck and green blood splashed out pouring on Sam’s face. The body sagged on the floor and soon his waist down turned to fish.

Sam ran back to the other side and found the other two beating up Mamood. Without thinking, he took rod from the ground and threw it towards them, one of them caught it and grabbed Mamood by the neck as he struggled to stand on his feet, looking at Sam, he stabbed him on his chest and threw him a distance away. Then the two joined hands facing Sam.

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Re: The Devils Touch by dawno2008(m): 12:03pm On Aug 05
Oh no shocked Mamood's watch is about to end
@topher052 Weldon oooo
Keep killing the good guys you hear angry

Thanks for the update,it so going to give me morals this day cool


Re: The Devils Touch by BankyGee(m): 12:10pm On Aug 05
Oh no shocked Mamood's watch is about to end
@topher052 Weldon oooo
Keep killing the good guys you hear angry

Thanks for the update,it so going to give me morals this day cool
Yeee! My first to comment space! angry

Re: The Devils Touch by topher052: 12:18pm On Aug 05
The bird directed igbudu to where Sam was in a fierce battle with the two huge men. He opened his bag and said to the bird.

“Go and tell the president that I’ll help”.

Immediately, the bird flew away and Igbudu opened his bag and took out his staff.

Sam was in the middle of the two huge men; one held him from behind and the other held his neck as he was struggling to get the hands of one off his neck. Igbudu shot a fire ball from his staff to the back of one of the men. He turned ominously towards Igbudu and left Sam. Igbudu knew he has triggered some trouble so he fired again and the opened his bag to get the water from it.

The man rushed towards him but Igbudu fire ball threw it backwards. Again he moved again, but this time in a zigzag form towards Igbudu, before Igbudu could fire he held up Igbudu’s hand gave him a blow on his shoulder dislocating the joint, the staff fell from his hand, and as he cried in pain , the man looked at him and was about releasing another mayhem on his face when a loud scream called his attention towards his colleague; Sam was tearing his mouth open seizing his hands with his legs. He immediately threw Igbudu on one side, but before he got to Sam, Sam had thorn his jaws open and ripped it off his head then pushed him aside. He stood looking at his colleague as he jerked on the floor turning to fish.

When he turned to Sam, Sam was already hanging in the air glowing under the rain with his eyes blue as the mood. Zarac and Sandra who hid themselves at an uncompleted building watching the battle were proud and same time scared of Sam.

The man screamed and tore his cloth. Then took out something like a torch light and shone it into the sky. A large group of demons gathered at the beach saw it; some were on the back of huge birds, others were on dead decaying horses, some were on feet while the rest had wings all were in the rain.

The mermaid kind without a shirt or shoes, just in a tight brown shorts, walked out from their midst and looked in to the sky.

“That’s where the boy is, let’s get him! Let’s get ruin this world!!!”. The mermaid king yelled!

The demons cheered and scattered in different direction, they were as much and uncountable running into the town.

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Re: The Devils Touch by topher052: 12:44pm On Aug 05
The man finished shinning the light and then turned to Sam and said.

“your world and everything you ever loved will die today!”.

Sam looked at him and then he turned and walked away smiling at Sam. Slowly he landed on the ground and the glow left him, he fell on the floor tired. Zarac and Sandra came out of their hiding place and ran to him.

“are you okay?”. Sandra asked raising him up to her laps.

“where is Mamood?”. Sam asked in a weak tone.

That was when Zarac looked around and spotted him lying on his side. He rushed to him and discovered he was in his human and still alive. He turned him around and saw the sharp object handing on his chest. Slowly Mamood opened his eyes and looked at Zarac, he smiled and tightened his face in pain before saying.

“please forgive sam…”.

“don’t talk, don’t talk, we will get you help”. Zarac said to him.

Just then Sandra and Sam came and knelt beside him, he turned to Sam and said in great difficulty.

“I’m happy that you are reunited with your family”. Then he turned to Zarac and Sandra. “Sam is your guardian angel, he is ready to die for you guys, just as I did for you. I HAVE LIVED some many years on earth, this is my last cycle. Please take care…”. Then he stopped looking at Sam.

“Mamood! Mamood!”. Sam called shaking him, then he remained still.

Sam cried and Sandra hugged him with Zarac regretting why he abandoned them in the first. Then they felt someone behind them and turned abruptly towards Igbudu who was holding his dislocated hand.

Sandra recognized him immediately and said.

“I know you! you are the man who attacked me earlier!”.

Zarac looked up at Igbudu and asked Sandra.

“attacked you?”.

Before she could reply Igbudu quickly said.

“I didn’t attack her, I’m the closest thing he has as family” pointing at Sam.

Sam looked at him completely lost. Sandra and Zarac turned to Sam and asked.

“do you know him?”

“I don’t!”. sam said looking at the strange man.

“there’s no time for much explanation, he is the key to stopping this mass slaughter, that’s why the white ghost chose him as hose”.

“are you serious of what you’re saying?”. Zarac asked.

“as we are talking, the entire demons are unleashed on earth, they will wipe out everything living, you saw the light he shone in the sky didn’t you? that was the signal, and they are coming this direction. We have to leave!”. Igbudu said.

Sam stood up and said to his parents.

“mamood told me something like this, I guess the old man is telling the truth”.

So they first buried Mamood there, and followed Igbudu.

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Re: The Devils Touch by elijahy1(m): 12:58pm On Aug 05
Topher iyaff kill me ooo.
This update burst my brain oooo. More grace bro. More grace...

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Re: The Devils Touch by topher052: 4:31pm On Aug 05
Cruisal was on her way home when she heard the loud sound and she immediately knew that the apocalypse was here. She could think of nothing but John lying in the hospital, so she ran a very long distance to where John’s hospital. By the time she arrived, the snake like demons and water demon had started killing people.

She ran into the hospital hall that was in a complete brouhaha, she looked quickly around and saw a staircase where John’s smell was coming from. And then she ran upstairs pushing helter-skelter people off her way.

She came to a ward by her left and found the gorilla hitting people to death, she immediately shut the door and rushed to another ward, there John’s smell was so pronounced, she sniffed around and found him in the wade rope putting on a blue hospital gown with a small knife in his hand. He made to attack but she held his hand and he was relieved to see her. Just then the door opened, the gorilla walked in and saw Crusial standing in front of John. It jumped on a bed and hit its hand on his chest roaring.

“Go back in!”. crusial said to John with her eyes on the gorilla.

The gorilla jumped down from the bed and attacked, she immediately turned into her monstrous form and roared. The gorilla stopped and looked at her, she roared again, then it swung a punch towards her, she dodged it and jumped on its back, planted her teeth on its neck, biting open and biting again. The gorilla roared, tried to pull her off its back but she held on to him so tight, it moved about hitting her on anything he could fall on but she didn’t let go. It jumped and hit its back hard on a sharp edge of the bed and it stabbed her on her shoulder she screamed and dug her mouth hard on its neck and held it so tight until it sagged on its knee and dropped on the floor face down.

She remained on its back until she changed back to her human form. Then looked at the wade rope where john stayed peeping from a small opening. She stood up and walked to the wade rope, then slowly opened it John stood looking at her.

“Let’s go!” she said feeling embarrassed and avoiding his eyes.

He slowly stepped out and she started towards the door while he followed from behind. They carefully walked out and followed the passage to the stairs, she stopped when the water man swallowed up some persons and carried them in its tummy while he walked around picking and throwing them into his tummy. She waited until it passed before she continued down the stairs. They were about passing through the window when the snake like demon swept John to the wall with its tail. Crusial immediately turned and attacked the snake.

The snake caught her while she came in the air and wrapped her up, then started throwing punches at Crusial’s monstrous face.

John slowly stood up and saw that snake was about killing Crusial, he picked up a chair and logged it on the snakes head, it dropped crusial and fell, then stood up again, coiled itself raced towards John, leaped and was about mounting on John when cruisial dug her sharp nail into the shakes back , it fell on its tummy coiling, crusial repeatedly dug her nail into its back and then bite the snakes neck held it tight until it stopped moving.

The waterman spotted Crusial and emptied the content in its tummy and flowed on the floor upstairs, first it swallowed up John Crusial turned to it, rushed and jumped inside it, the water man comfortably accommodated her too alongside others in its tummy. The more people it carried, the more it grew bigger.

Crusial started moving rapidly inside hitting every side of the body, shaking the water man to stagger and then fell with a big slash, everyone inside fell out. She took up John and rushed downstairs before the water assembled again.

When they got downstairs dark angels were everywhere in the sky throwing down spears at anything moving. She hid beside the door with John behind her watching out an escape route.

One of the angels threw a spear towards them and it dug into the wall few inches from Johns head, she looked abruptly at it and took the spear from the wall sent it back to the angel, it struck it in the chest and it fell from the sky.

Other demons saw this and geared towards john and Crusial. Cruisial stood in front of John and changed into her form waiting for the first to attack.

Two came down with their feet stretched towards Crusial, she held one’s leg and swung it towards the other, then dragged John as she ran towards a car. One jumped on John and pulled him up, but her grip on his hand stopped it. Crusial leaped and grabbed the dark angel by the neck digging it’s finger into its neck and both of them fell she stoop up immediately, pulled Johns hand into a car, opened the door, but couldn’t find a key to start it. John was already bleeding from his bullet wound and this gave her concern.

She looked around and spotted a man lying on his steering presumably dead. She came out, carried john on her shoulder and ran towards the car. Just as she was about opening the door, a spear dug through her chest and came out from the other side. She fell on the car, gently dropped down John and pulled it out.

“go in, she said!”. Turning to face the angels.

More than 5 focused on her, each threw their spears, she caught two and sent it back to them, one hit her on her tummy and she dodged the other two.

John pushed the dead man away and started the engine, she took out the spear from her tummy and threw it with a weak force, it didn’t go far. One angel jumped on the car hitting it, she grabbed the angels leg and shouted.

“get out of here!”.

John waited for her to come in ignoring her command. Another angel landed at the back of the car, hitting it with fierce rage. Crusial left the one she was fighting with and grabbed the angle by the neck. One angel dug a spear through her neck, she pulled it out and stabbed the angel who stabbed her with it. She one she was fighting with pushed her to the ground, with a coaxed voice , she screamed.

“get out of here!”.

John watched as she held on to the leg of an angel trying to attack him and four other angels descended on her stabbing her with spears, she didn’t let go of the one she held until John drove off, she made sure he was out of sight before she closed her eyes.

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Re: The Devils Touch by dawno2008(m): 5:06pm On Aug 05
shocked shocked shocked shocked shocked LOVE��
That four letter word is so strong
Can even change a demon's heart cool

I just felt for Crucial and all her sins forgiven,at least she died for one true cause.

I'm so sad now lipsrsealed embarassed lipsrsealed cry cry John will never get to know how a demon is down there shocked

Thanks so much for this update,you made my day @topher052 more blessings

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Re: The Devils Touch by pu7pl3(m): 5:37pm On Aug 05
noticed it too. Read it more than 3 times. Since you've pointed it out,I'm sure he has taken note

Thank you
Re: The Devils Touch by topher052: 6:01pm On Aug 05
Sam and his crew entered a car packed by the road side, the driver must have ran off abandoning his car, and so Zarac drove to the Presidents house. On their way, a massive crocodile stopped on their way and then turned to an old woman in rags standing at the middle of the road. Zarac stopped abruptly looking at the strange transformation.

"let me take care of her, she's demon crier". Igbudu said and opened the car door.

he walked slowly to her and said.

"could you peacefully leave the way for us?".

while he was still talking, four more came out of the bush from different sides. Igbudu looked at them and slowly brought out his staff, his other hand was badly injured and was eating him up in pain. But he managed with it.

"i guess you want trouble?". Igbudu asked.

"how can a wounded lion threaten the hyenas?". one of the old lady said and they all laughed.

zarac turned to Sam and said.

"can you help him?".

"i really don't know when these happen, i just know i get confidence and see myself doing things". Sam said.

"leave him alone". Sandra said hugging Sam.

one of the old ladies moved in a speed towards Igbudu but Igbudu was fast enough to wield his staff at it and two lightening balls shot out from it and killed the lady on the spot.

The remaining four exchanged glances and nodded to each other with a smirk on their faces. Then one of them jumped into the sky, two moved simultaneously on different directions and as Igbudu made to attack the one in the sky, one hit him hard on his chest he flew and hit his back hard on the windscreen of the car.He didn't move and remained still.

"i think he's dead". Sandra said looking from the back seat.

The old ladies suddenly appeared by the front passengers seat and pulled the door off. Sam impulsive changed and shot a ball from his balm that shattered the head of the old lady.

Zarac and Sandra exchanged glances and Zarac said.

"i never knew he could do that".

Sam came out of the car glowing and the remaining three old ladies whispered something between themselves then laughed and ran into the bush. then Sam changed back to himself.

Zarac and Sandra went to check on Igbudu,he was still unconscious, they shook him and he opened his eyes. He looked around and gnash in pain, so Sandra and Zarac helped him up.

"we have to be going!". Igbudu said as he limped into the car.

They arrived the presidents house and more than 300 demons like standing leopards stood from the road to the presidents house. They gave way for them to drive in as fear held Zarac and his family.

"don't worry! this is the safest place you can be". Igbudu reassured them as they were driving in.

The president was already standing in the rain in blue jean jacket and pants waiting for them to come in.

"is that not the president?" Zarac asked in surprise.

"yes he is not". Igbudu replied.

They packed and the president said to Igbudu,

"is this the boy?!".

"yes!" igbudu replied.

"take him in and do the needful". the president said.

"what needful?".

The president then noticed Sandra and Zarac.

"who are these ones?". He asked.

"his parents". Igbudu said massaging his shoulder.

"oh, you are welcome sir and madam, i assure you, your son is in safe hands, we are just trying to stop this crises". Khalid said to Zarac and Sandra smiling. "please, take them to the vip section". he called to one of his security men.

"no, i want to be there with my son". sandra said.

"i'm sorry madam, even i cant be there. Please go with him, take a shower, eat good food and before you know it he'll be out to join you as the worlds hero". Khalid said to Sandra in a soft gentle tone that persuaded her.

So she agreed be escorted to the vip section of the house.

Igbudu prepared the circle with candles round it and the star inside the circle. then he asked Sam to lie in the middle while he sat in with his legs folded and the book inbetween his leg.

The president walked in and said.

"make me a god!".

Just then demonic noise filled the air, gun shots and screams.

'hurry up! they are here! make me a god!". The president said hastily.

Igbudu began with the incantations and a dark shadow started flying around them and huge wind blowing, but the candles remained.

The glass broke and the president looked to see a dark angel hitting it with fierce anger. But Igbudu remained where he was reciting his incantations.

"hurry up!". Khalid screamed.

Then he rushed to the window and shot the angel twice, then return. the shadows covered the room turned it dark, almost dimming the light from the candles.

"That is it! that is it!". The president said and jumped into the circle, pulled Sam up, pushed him out and took his position. "do it!". he shouted.

Igbudu raised one of his hands up and all the dark shadows assembled in the air, then he opened his eyes and saw the President lying in the circle, he then used his dislocated hand, biting back pain, took his staff by his side and pointed it towards the president saying.

"Rada rada, mado rada, lipo trafiq rada".

outide a million demon had flooded the presidents house, killing everything on their path, even the demons on guard, they all were racing to where igbudu was and as igbudu was reciting those things. They pulled the roof and some came through the window. Immediately, Sam changed and started shooting them with white fire balls from his hand. They became too many and gained access into the room. Igbudu then tossed his staff aside and the bird that entered the president came out of him. Sam immediately shot it as it made to attack Igbudu.

Four demons like monstrous human jumped on Sam and pushed him to the wall. He closed his eyes and bright light threw them away. Then he continued firing.

Three made to jump on Igbudu but then Igbudu brought down his hand and the black shadows entered the stars in the circle and the candle lights wet off. Immediately, most the demons started turning to dust, the ones that were about to jump on Igbudu disappeared, the ground opened and swallowed up many. The mermaid king was shot by a lightening bolt back to the river. The white angel in Sams body, a beautiful spotless lady with a very long hair, came out of him and smiled at sam.

"you did well boy, Good boy".

He watched as she disappeared. Just then the president opened his eyes and saw sam and Igbudu. He wondered what happened as he looked around.

And so there was peace again, but the Mermaid King was not satisfied yet, HE CRAVED FOR VENGEANCE .


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Re: The Devils Touch by dawno2008(m): 6:43pm On Aug 05
It's a lie shocked shocked shocked
I noticed the rapid updates and the characters been killed,but I didn't plan to see the end of this thrilling,intriguing,captivating,interestingly addictive story

Thanks so much @topher052 for the roller coaster of a story,I really enjoyed every words and bits of the story,and like everything that has a beginning,it must surely have an end embarassed

I appreciate your commitment and time invested in this story,may your intellectual well never run dry
Thank you so much.


Re: The Devils Touch by Devilpen(m): 6:49pm On Aug 05
Two hands in the air, for TOPHER.... More knowledge brother and more skill and more funds.


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