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The Badboy Diary / Fiction Story by emperorblog21(m): 1:28pm On Jun 07
The BadBoy diary
Written by, Rejoice
# Introduction
Main Characters:
Drake Alvin
Clara Adams.
Noah Jones
Kira Albert
Gina Albert
Danelle Adams.
Setting: America
Drake Alvin is that bad guy that love to have a
thing with every lady he come accross.
He smokes, he clubs, he love sex. He love a
wild lifestyle but he works! He’s rich.
Drake always think he could get any lady with
just some role of money and a wink of his sexy
Clara Adams is a beautiful nurse who just got
promoted to a higher private hospital in the
state and for easier transportation and
punctuality, she gets a new apartment which is
close to the hospital.
What follows when Drake finds out there’s a
new beautiful and hot neighbour?
Don’t miss this story from your favourite Author.
Author Rejoice Jeremiah.
All rights reserved©

read more here: https://www.emperorblog.com.ng/?s=the+bad+boy+diary

Re: The Badboy Diary / Fiction Story by Jentle244(m): 11:24am On Jun 08
Seat claimed divepen devilpen Ann2012 and co

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Seat claimed
Ann2012 and co

Thanks for the call

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Re: The Badboy Diary / Fiction Story by Devilpen(m): 7:40am On Jun 09
thanks for the mention Sir
Re: The Badboy Diary / Fiction Story by emperorblog21(m): 6:00pm On Jun 10
The BadBoy Diary
Written by, Rejoice
# Chapter 1
**Drake’s POV**
Dim lights blinking, music hitting, strippers
dancing, men’s smoking, hornies bleeping.
The club is the best relaxion for me after work
Drinks on my table and two hot ladies beside
A waitress in tight black skirt and cow boots
walked over to my table with more drinks.
“You are hot.” I whispered to her as she
dropped the drinks gently.
She looked at me with a seductive smile.
“More than you can ever think.” she said,
winked and walked away.
“A moment sexy.” I said to the girls with me
with a kiss on each other’s cheek.
I got up and went after the waitress.
I found her walking into a room and I followed
her in, shutting the door.
She turned to me with a seductive bite of her
“What do you want Drake?” she said, coming
“You.” I said and grabbed her waist and pulled
her hard into me.
“I want money.” she said.
I shifted her red hair off her neck.
“Not a problem.” I whispered into her ears,
then gave few soft bites to her neck and
fuddles on her boobs before pulling off the
damn strapless top.
“All of me then.” she whispered.
“Ofcourss.” and I immediately spun her to face
the wall.
**Clara’s POV**
“Yeah, it’s pretty. I wish you were here to help
me out.” I said into the phone.
“My apologies baby. I promise to be back by
next week.. My dad really wanted me to be the
one to do that job and you know. Im so sorry
ok.” He pleaded.
I smiled, “It’s fine. Im not upset about it. I just
miss you and can’t wait to see you.” I said.
“And I miss you more than you do. You don’t
know how much I think about you here. Im
gonna take you to Baranella Dreams when I
come back.” he said and I laughed.
“Finally you’ve said you gonna take me there. I
love you.” I said and blew him a kiss.
“Sure baby, I love you so much. Get yourself a
bed.” He said.
“Ofcourse I did.” I laughed.
“Oh I mean, Go sleep a while. You must be so
stressed up.” he said.
I smiled, “Im done already. I’ll go do that .” I
“Great. Now bye, take care baby. I love you.”
he said.
“I love you too.” I said.
“Do you care or a kiss from me?” he said.
“Come on. I’ve missed that.” I said.
He laughed, “I miss more than that baby.” he
“uhmm… I know sweets.” I smiled.
“Muahhhh.” he blew a kiss.
I smiled, “Awwwnnn thanks.”
“Take care baby, wanna talk with my dad.” he
“Alright, take of yourself as well. Bye.” I said
and then the call dropped.
Uhhhmmm sweet boyfriend.
Noah is the sweetest and the most loving guy
i’ve ever known.
I love him so deeply.. now, woah! I can finally
After working tiredlessly for my new home to
look this good.
Even more prettier than my previous apartment.
For a GraAvantee’s promoted nurse, my home
should be exceptionally beautiful. All thanks to
the savings from Macgenius Hospital..
I bought new couches and expensive fur rugs,
beautiful paint arts and watermark tables and
dinning chairs.
A tall sunflower vase at the left side of the big
tv screen and a floor lamp at the right.
The windows are covered with creamy floor to
ceiling thick curtains and the Aircondition is
generating a really cool temperature.
I slide a disc into the cd player to listen to
Celine Dion’s.
The first track song ‘A New Day Has Come’
began playing and I grabbed the remote and
lowered the volume.
I have about five Neigbours I wouldn’t want to
disturb. Not on my first arrival.
Though i’ve seen the four but the fifth which is
even the next door door neigbour I haven’t
seen though the Roger’s family said it’s a
bachelor but very wayward.
“He goes to club every night from work. He
calls girls and disturb us with loud songs.” Mrs
Roger had said.
“He’s a friend to the police. Call police on him
and they end up shaking hands.” Mr Roger
“He’s the only crazy neigbour we have here.”
Mrs Roger said.
“You will see him by morning.” Mr Roger said.
“Alright, thank you.” I said and moved to the
last apartment which is the fifth.
I recalled once ringing the doorbell and the
door was opened to reveal two beautiful
teenage girls.
“Who are you please?” the one with a blonde
hair had asked.
“I am Clara Adams, a new neigbour.” I had
said and I saw their face change into a slight
The blonde hair glanced at the one at the back
with a black straight hair. She’s more prettier
than the blonde haired though they look quite
The black haired one came closer. She had the
harder frown and I wondered why.
Do they know me from somewhere?
“Do you know Drake? the occupant of
apartment 2?” the black haired asked me.
Drake? still the same guy the Rogers talked
What do he have to do with what I just said.
“No I don’t yet.” I said.
They glanced at each other and twisted their
I inhaled, “What do he have to do with what I
just said?” I asked, getting a bit vexed up.
“Everything.” The black haired said. She seem
to be the hot one now.
“How?” I asked.
She rolled her eyes and then they appeared
deadly at me, “You see, He is my boyfriend
and im sure you gonna go showing off yourself
once you meet him cos uhmm he’s such a
charmer. Don’t say im threatening you miss
Clara, but do not try any poo or else…” she
didn’t finish up her statement but looked at the
blonde haired with a lopsided smile. The other
gave her the same smile.
I was scampering for what to say but didn’t find
any words, I just stared at them.
The black haired one turned to me again,
“Anyways, im Kira and this is my twin sister
Gina.” she said.
“Alright.” I managed to say.
“You are welcomed to the apartment. Enjoy
your stay but stay clear off my boyfriend.” she
said and I raised my brow.
Christ! Is this girl okay at all?
What business do I have with her so called
“Excuse me, I have no busines with your
boyfriend.” I said.
“You might want to have. She’s only telling you
not to or you gonna regret it.” the blonde hair
one, Gina said.
Just then, A car drove into the building.
“Holy poo! Dad is back Kira, have you washed
the dishes!!” Gina shouted frightfully.
“No!!” Kira shouted.
“I’ve not made the mayonnaise!! dad is so
gonna be mad at us.” Gina said and shut the
door hard on my face.
Woah! I breathed out.
Crazy girls.
I turned and walked down the few doorsteps to
see a man come down from the black sedan.
He had his suit jacket and briefcase in his
hands, his bald head fitted his nice beard.
“Goodevening sir.” I greeted as he got to me.
“Ohh just call me Mark.” he said with a smile.
“Alright, im Clara Adams, the new neigbour.”
“Ohh welcome Clara. Good to have you.” he
“Thank you.” I said.
After brushing and taking a shower, I pulled
into a red pajamas.
I don’t have nighties just pajamas cos I really
A message beeped into my phone and I went
for it, picked it up from my bedside table and
clicked open the message box.
A message from GraAvantee Hospital.
Standard GraAvantee’s Hospital,
Box 2202R,
St.Austin Freeway,
Nurse Clara Adams,
We gladly welcome you to the standard
GraAvantee Hospital as a promoted nurse
practitioner to Dr.Tony Campbell.
You are to begin a surgery operation with Dr.
Tony Campbell tomorrow, 24th Febuary, 2018
at the fourth floor.
A meeting with Mr Avante by 8:30am will be
held before the surgery.
Dr. Lorraine Turner.
“Really? no breathing space for me huh!” I
hissed and threw the phone angrily to the bed
and walked out to make vanilla custard to take
with pizza.
Celine Dion’s tracks was still on play and this
time, it was on track 12, ‘Goodbye’
The song instantly reminded me of my family..
She’s a nurse too but curently working in
Florida. She comes home once in a while. My
dad was gone years ago and my sister,
Danelle, she’s in boarding High school and
whenever she comes home for holidays,

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Re: The Badboy Diary / Fiction Story by emperorblog21(m): 6:00pm On Jun 10
The BadBoy Diary
Written by, Rejoice
# Chapter 2
Drake’s POV
“Wake up girls, it’s morning.”
I hit on the girls and pulled my half Unclad self
from them out of the bed and headed to the
“Be out of my bed before im done bathing. Your
money is on the table.” I said and shut the
bathroom door.
Uhhhmm.. such a freaked night.
Clara’s POV
I woke up with a banging headache and
checking the time, it said ‘7:30
Jesus Christ!
I snapped out of the bed and hurried into the
bathroom, brushed my teeth and in ten minutes
I was out of the bathroom.
Gosh! I overslept on my first day at
I pulled into my nurse dress, followed by my
black heels.
I hurriedly packed my hair in a ponytail,
grabbes my bag, my phone, my car keys and
hurried out, locking the door.
The time said ‘8:00am’
I have just twenty-nine left to work. Thank
goodness I’ll be there in ten minutes.
I didn’t even eat.. uh.
Being a nurse practitioner wob’t be so wasy.
And I wanted so much to talk some senses into
that lousy neighbour’s head.
I gotta go.
I pulled into my red hatchback and drove off to
GraAvantes hospital.
Drake’s POV
Once the hoe girls left, I head to the kitchen to
make some breakfast.
Im so bleeping hungry. poo! those hoes almost
drained me.
I made hot coffee and bread..
After eating, I turned on some music.
My phone rang.
Always wanna come for more.
Crazy LovePeddler.
“Drake baby.” her voice came on when I picked
the call.
I sat down on a couch.
“Im coming over..”
“Sexy Branda.”
“Alright, come sexy. Come give me some
head.” I smirked.
She giggled, “And get a proposal huh?”
“Don’t act like you don’t understand.”she said.
I rolled my eyes, “Im waiting for you.” I said
and ended the girl.
I smirked.
Crazy Bitch.
No work today so Im just gonna stay home,
then go to the club by night.
My doorbell rang and well im sure it can’t be
Who then?
I went for it and opening the door it was Gina.
she wore nice pink singlet, showing off some
sweet cleavage and jean bomshort showing off
her pretty laps.
She wore a smile too.
“Quit those stares and let me in.” she said.
“Where’s your sister?” I asked and left the
door for her to come in.
She did, shutting the door.
“Yeah I know, you like her more. but why?” she
“What do you want Gina?”
She headed to my bar counter.
“A drink.” she said.
I watched her open the cabinet, pick a drink
and a wine glass.
Then she opened it, pour into her cup and
came to me.
“Drake all I want is to be your girlfriend.” she
said and gulped down the drink in the cup.
I smiled, “And so if you ain’t my girlfriend what
are you then?” I asked.
She peered into my eyes, “im I really your
girlfriend?” she asked.
“Yeah.” I said.
She smiled..
“And Kira?”
I slide my hands on her tiny waist.
“You are my girlfriend Gina, you are so
beautiful. Come here.” I said and pushed my
lips on hers while she reached for my shirt
Can I really get enough of sex?
Branda is gonna be here soon too.
Soon, I was plunging my d**k into her c**t from
behind and she moaning loudly for me to go
faster boyfriend.
Gosh.. I need so smoking after this.
Clara’s POV
The surgery with Dr. Tony Campbell was
successful and he wrote down that, the woman
would be awake in the next five hours.
“You are so smart Miss Adams. I was awed at
how fast you were presenting every surgery
tools even before I mention it. So good to have
you in GraAvantes. A handshake please.” he
said and with a proud smile, I shook his hands.
“Thank you Dr. Campbell. Im honoured.” I said.
Suprisingly I was shown my office, and it was
really awesome.
“A nurse practitioner could actually have an
office here in GraAvante. Especially if you are
working with a senior doctor like Dr. Campbell.”
Johanna, a nurse who was appointed to show
me to my office and take me around said.
“Wow and it’s really a nice office.” I said and
she smiled.
“I could help you with your desk arrange, then
we would go up the second floor to show you
around.” she said and I gave her an
appreciative smile.
“Thank you.” I said.
“I heard you were with Dr. Tony on the surgery
on Mrs Geoffery.” Johanna said.
“Yes and it was a success.” I smiled.
“Oh, he seem to like you already.” she said
with a slight smile.
“Not bad.” I said.
My other hours at work wasn’t so stressful and
as I drove home, in the cool wind of the dark
night, listening to ‘Celine Dion – My Heart Will
Go On’ I recalled with a smile, about how
Dr.Campbell was very awed at my smartness.
Nothing makes you more happier than knowing
you are really good at what you do. And also,
Johanna, She was a great companion and
Can’t wait to get home and talk with Noah.
I really miss him. For three weeks now.
I pulled into the compound and into my garage.
Walking out, I could see lights from the lousy
neighbour’s apartment.
He’s home.
I know I couldn’t go to complain about last
night loud music anymore.
I just walked into my apartment, switching on
the lights, I went straight to my room to take a
Drakes POV
“Branda, get your ass off my bed, you not
gonna sleep here you get that.” I said,as I
pulled my feet into my boots.
She layed on the bed in her lacy bikini.
“C’mon. I don’t feel like going Drake. Why
don’t we go to the club together uh.” she said.
I turned to her. “I made it clear to you Branda
that I’ve got no bleeping business with you..
Now, what’s your damn problem? im done with
your asshole.” I said.
She smiled.
“Fine, im gona go.”
“Get out! And don’t come back.”
“You never gonna stop being a bitch Drake.”
“Come on, i gotta get out of here.” I said.
She got up and pulled into her skimpy skirt and
shirt and pulled her feet into her wedge heels.
After grabbing her shoulderbag, she turned to
“Gonna come some other time.” she said, and
kissed me.
“Ohh i’do want that. Now, bye.” I said.
She smiled and left.
Getting outta my house, I noticed lights in the
first apartment.
New neighbour?
I guess it’s gonna be a female?
Oh it better do.
Im gonna check out tomorrow.
If it’s a female.. woah! then im gonna smack
her ass.
I got into my car and drove off.
I pulled in front of ‘HeroNight Club’
The music was so loud, beating into one’s soul.
I got down, slamming my car door shut.
Walking into the club, I immediately sighted a
redhair girl in black strapless gown and heels.
She’s so sexy, im gonna have her.
I sat down and watched her dancing..
She noticed me watching her and smiled.
Few minutes after, she walked up to where I
“Hi.” she said with a smile and sat gently
beside me. Her dress all going up, and
thighs visible for me to see.
She crossed her legs.
“Im Alia.” she said into my ears.
I smiled,“You’re damn sexy Alia. Im Drake.
Stay with me and let’s drink.” I said.” And she
smiled with a bit of her bottom lip.
I came close to her lips, “And ofcourse a ride
home with me after.” I added and was about to
place a kiss on that hot red lips but she shifted
her mouth to my ear.
“Sure mr handsome.” she said.
I smiled.
Clara’s POV
After the long call with Noah, I sat crossed legs
on a couch as I’ve decided to watch some
I haven’t watched for too long when I began
feeling very dizzy.
I switched off the tv and the lights, walked to
my bedroom,layed on the bed, and pulled the
duvet over my body to sleep.
I haven’t slept too long when I got woken up by
lousy music again.
Seriously now this is craziness! and it’s gonna
I can’t take this! who the hell is the bitch! No
Gosh!! This is unbearable..
No one behaves this way but an animal.
“Im gonna talk some sense into that stupid
skulls of his!”
What rubbish!!
Drake’s POV
I bit her lips softly as my hand trailed down to
the edge of her dress and rolling it up, my hand
traced up to her pantie and she moaned.
Music playing just the way I want it.
I rolled off her dress to reveal awesome boobs
in a lacy black bra.
“You’ve got sweet boobs Alia.” I whispered…
and unhooked the bra and it fell to the ground.
I grabbed those huge boobs and pushed my
lips on hers again.
Re: The Badboy Diary / Fiction Story by emperorblog21(m): 6:01pm On Jun 10
The BadBoy Diary
Written by, Rejoice
# Chapter 3
Clara’s POV
When I woke up and checked the time, it was
I think I fell asleep around 1am cos of the
stupid lousy music..
Thank Goodness I ain’t going to work this
I remembered my morning prayer and did.
After which I got out of the bed and walked to
the bathroom to wash my face and brush.
Im definitely going to talk some sense into the
neigbour’s head.
He’s something else and I can’t ignore the
In few minutes I was done brushing my teeth.
I walked back to the bedroom, slide into my
pink slippers and walked out to the sitting-room
and out to the neighbour’s door.
Walking up the few steps to his door porch, I
pressed on the doorbell switch button.
Soon the door was opened, to reveal a…..okay
he’s handsome with cute eyes and lips… sweet
hairstyle but that’s not really why im here.
His lips went a bit agape once his eyes came
on me and I wonder why?
My mind raced to my pajamas.. I hope my
nipples ain’t visible in the light fabric.
Then his lips quickly curved in a smile.
“Woah.. you’re so beautiful. Come on! oh my.”
he said, smiling broadly now.
Hmmn.. sweet anyways.
“Im Clara, the new neigbour.” I said, ignoring
his compliment.
He gasped again, this time more visible.
“Woah! Clara. I noticed there’s a new neigbour
yesterday, never thought it could be such a
sweet lady like you. Welcome to the
neighbourhood Clara. Im Drake and you can
count on me here.” he said and gave a wink
that appeared so cute but what? what’s he
feeling like?
“Come on in Clara… Please.” He said, getting
off the way for me to get in.
I inhaled.
“That isn’t neccesary. I have a complaint to
make.” I said.
“Alright?” he said.
“For the two nights that i’ve been here, there’s
something I just don’t want every night or
anytime.” I paused and watched his expression
change a bit.
“And that is?” he asked.
“Loud music from your room. You stop that, im
a nurse and I’ve got to read and rest each
night that I get back from the hospital. If you
wanna play songs, then let it be low so you
alone can hear it. ” I said in the meekest way I
could. Well I thought I was gonna yell.
He’s face has been in a frown all the while I
was talking but after, his face became stoic.
He watched me for a long while, then scoffed.
“Well Clara, I play my music just the way I like
it, so you better get used to it.” he said and I
raised my brow.
“And you think you gonna get away if I call the
police on you huh?”
He smiled, “You shouldn’t stress yourself
Clara. You are so beautiful for such. The police
is not gonna do anything. I was only playing
music which everyone plays. Damn. No crime in
having fun.” he said.
“If you wanna have stupid fun then you have it
alone and don’t disturb everyone.” I half yelled
now. Vexed up.
“Drake..Where are you?” I heard a female
voice say from inside.
“Right, bye for now Clara. He said and
slammed the door on my face.” I breathed out.
When I turned to head back to my apartment, I
saw the black haired twin, Kira staring at me
from the outside of their door porch.
I felt like saying ‘Hi’ but on another thought, I
didn’t. I just head back to my apartment and
walking in, went straight to the kitchen to
prepare breakfast.
That bitch, Drake. What do he think he is?
Drake’s POV
Woah! she’s damn pretty.
And.. hot! I noticed those nipples hard through
the pajamas. poo! and that ass.
God! Im gonna have this one.
What a hot neigbour..
Wait, did she say she’s a nurse?
Damn she’s so hot.
Alia came out from the bedroom in her skimpy
“Drake..” she said and came over, crossing her
hands around my neck.
“I was damn hot right?” she asked.
I faked a smile, “Yeah baby, so you get going
now. Come on.” I said.
“I’do come tomorrow huh?” she said.
“No Alia. Drake is done with you, come on
now.” I said, grabbed her hand and began
pulling her to the door.
“Come on Drake, don’t act like you don’t want
me to. Im gonna come tomorrow.” she said,
smiling as I pulled her out.
“You have your money bitch, now get lost.” I
said and slammed the door on her face.
‘phewww..’ I breathed out.
Now that girl, Clara.
She’s gonna be the next.
Gotta go now.
Clara’s POV
I ate, and set out to bathe…
Coming out from the bathroom and just after
pulling into a pink bra and singlet and flowery
trouser, my doorbell rang.
I really hope it’s not the twins or any of them.
Those girls will be nothing but trouble.
I walked out to see, passing the sitting room to
the door, I opened it to see not any of the twin
but a smiling Drake.
He doesn’t appear really bad.
But he is weird! he’s a weirdo for playing lousy
crazy music each night.
“Hey, quit looking at my handsomeness and let
me in Clara.” he said and I rolled my eyes.
“What are you here for?” I threw the question.
“To know you more Clara. I see no crime in
knowing you more, right?”
“Im wondering what else you wanna know,” I
said and got out of the way so he could come
in. He did and I closed back the door.
He pushed his hair as his eyes roamed his
eyes round the sitting-room.
“Nice furnishing.” he said and then went for a
seat on the two-seater couch.
“Thanks. What would you love to have?” I said
and he smiled and grabbed the tv remote,
switching on the TV.
“Anything sweet.” he said and I rolled my eyes.
“Like…” he looked at me, smiled and said,
“Like Clara.”
“Crazy.” I said, rolling my eyes.
“Yeahh. I don’t want anything sweetie, just
some moments with you.” he said.
Just then Celine Dion’s song began paying ‘A
new day’
“Boring songs.” he said.
I rolled my eyes. I’ve been rolling my eyes so
“For you, not for me.” I said.
“Come on Clara, ain’t you gonna sit and let’s
talk?” he said.
I rolled my eyes and did, sitting on the
opposite couch.
“Scared to sit beside me?” he asked.
“You were thinking junk then.” I said.
“Junk?” he raised his brow.
“Yeah.” I said.
He chuckled, then stood up and came in front
of me.
I gasped when I thought he was about falling
on me but his hands dropped on the couch
back as his face came close to mine.
I frowned and he let out a sweet smile..
His smile is really sweet, but what is this!!
“What’s this?” I asked, holding my breath.
What’s this guy tryna do.
“Just wanna look into your pretty brown eyes
and let you know you are so damn beautiful
Clara.” he said in a whisper.
I breathed out, “Thanks Drake, can you just get
away now.”
He pouted his lips, “I’d do anything to have a
beautiful nurse like you Clara.” he said.
I tried pushing him off but he was stronge.
He smiled, winked, then got away from me and
went for the seat opposite the Tv.
I breathed out and got up.
“You know your way out Drake, do that when
you’re done sitting there.” I said and was going
to my bedroom when I felt him behind me.
He smiled.
“Drake, really. What do you want?”
“Let’s hangout tonight.” he said.
“Nop.” I snapped.
he raised his brow, “Oh why? You’ve got a
boyfriend more hotter than me huh?”
“Yeah!” I said even though Noah is no way
hotter than the guy standing in front of me now.
He’s my boyfriend so I don’t care. He’s
handsome and modest. I love him.
“Ohh I don’t think. Well I don’t give a damn
about that. I just wanna hangout with a
beautiful lady.” he said.
“And that is not gonna work out Drake, get that.
Are you this weird?” I said.
“You can say that again, im stroke by your
beauty and trapped in your love.” he said.
I rolled my eyes.
“And if your boyfriend is not hanging out with
you tonight, then he’s hanging out with another
girl.” he said and winked and I almost slapped
“Not Noah! he can never do that. He’s in Africa
right now, helping his father with his
business..” I yelled at his face.
“Oh and so what? there are beautiful ladies in
Africa. You can’t trust him. but you are more
beautiful Clara, I just wanna hangout with you,
nothing more.” he said.
“I trust my boyfriend. Oh just leave Drake.”
“I will, but im gonna be back to get you. ”
“For the hangout.. It’ll mean a lot to me. Gosh
you are so damn hot!” he said as he eyes fell
on my chest.
I rolled my eyes and walked into my room.
Few minutes, I heard the entrance door open
and close back.
What a crazy being.
Drake’s POV
Oh really? too stubborn but im gonna show her.
I get whatever I want.
I got into my sitting-room, grabbed a drink from
the drinks cabinet, poured into a glass cup and
sat at the bar stool.
I sipped a little and smiled.
Seriously im gonna f**k this bitch.
I get whatever I want.
I got down from the seat and went over to the
table, taking the remote, I played on the music
and this time, playeid it louder than I use to.
Im sure she’s gonna come.
I smiled, and sipped from the glass.
read all episode here: https://www.emperorblog.com.ng/?s=the+badboy+diary

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ann2012 izaray lightqueen devilpen
Re: The Badboy Diary / Fiction Story by Ann2012(f): 4:11am On Jun 11
ann2012 izaray lightqueen devilpen

I dey here
Re: The Badboy Diary / Fiction Story by Devilpen(m): 5:54am On Jun 11
assuming this kind of setting works on the part of Nigeria where I live.. hmmmm

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Re: The Badboy Diary / Fiction Story by izaray(f): 3:28pm On Jun 11
ann2012 izaray lightqueen devilpen
See me here, this story go make sense die

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Re: The Badboy Diary / Fiction Story by Ann2012(f): 5:52pm On Jun 11
See me here, this go make sense die

E make sense my sister, come siddon make we pop champagne
Re: The Badboy Diary / Fiction Story by Ann2012(f): 5:53pm On Jun 11
Skubido come read oooo
Re: The Badboy Diary / Fiction Story by izaray(f): 7:42pm On Jun 11

E make sense my sister, come siddon make we pop champagne
Abeg add popcorn join am

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Sit 32 booked.... Am waiting for my popcorn and drinks...

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Re: The Badboy Diary / Fiction Story by emperorblog21(m): 11:20am On Jun 12
The BadBoy Diary
Written by, Rejoice
# Chapter 4
**Clara’s POV**
My ears are going blocks!
Jesus Christ.. what the hell is wrong with that
What sort of crazy being is that?
I’ve heard enough!
I stormed out of my room with my phone and
out of my apartment to his. Looking over, I saw
Mrs Rogers staring at me from her door porch.
I sighed, turned to Drake’s door porch and
pressed the doorbell and waited with my hands
In a minute, the door was opened to reveal
the.. this crazy weirdo! giving me a lopsided
smile which seem a mocking smile to me.
“If you do not want me to call the cops on you,
go back in and turn down that crazy music!” I
His smile turned into a wide laugh, I watched
him with so much anger.
I felt like piercing a knife into his neck.
“Oh c’mon Clara sweets, don’t waste your time
on that, you should come in and let’s rock the
music.” he said with a wink and now with the
heat of anger boiling in me, I felt like cutting his
He stopped laughing and raised his brow with a
lick of his bottom lips.
“And damn, she still look so beautiful even
when her face is this way.” he said and did his
face in a funny way.
Wait… did that just made me chuckle?
Okay that was funny but this is not a joke. The
music is still on.
“Gosh.. she just smiled.” he said.
I rolled my eyes, “Who smiled?. You are so
crazy. Im giving you the last warning, if you
don’t turn off those music im calling the cops..”
I said.
He gave me a brief stare, then shrugged and
slammed the door shut.. to my face.
Okay, did that just happened?
Very good. Im calling the cops.
I took out my phone to make the call and just
as I was about dialling ‘9 – 1..’ the loud music
I breathed out..
Thought he’s not scared of the cops.
His door opened and he stood at the door,
smiling with his right holding on the doorknob.
I rolled my eyes.
“This is the way an apartmental house should
be.. Quiet. If you need to be crazy at all times,
get your house.” I seethe.
He chuckled and then licked his bottom lip
I turned to leave.
“one reason why I don’t like nurses.” he said
causing me to stop.
I so dearly wanted to know that reason but I
couldn’t bring myself to ask such stupid
question, I continued my walk to my apartment,
without looking back.
Good thing he stopped the music, I could now
take some nap.
I walked to my bedroom and fell on my bed,
clicking on my phone screen.
My picture with Noah appeared on my
I dialled Noah’s line to talk with him.. It rang but
he didn’t pick up.
I dialled his line once more and it still wasn’t
I dropped my phone, rubbed my palm on my
“Maybe he’s busy.” I muttered before closing
my eyes for a sleep.
*Drake’s POV*
Okay, I can’t think straight.
I just met this Clara today… why im I so
freaking thinking about her?
And the fact that she’s my next doo neighbour
makes me go nuts.
She’s so damn hot! with such a beautiful face
and skin.
I rested my back on the couch backrest as I
pushed my hair back.
This feeling is so crazy. The feeling to have her
on me.
The feeling to have s*x with her and dump her
What do she feel like anyways?
She should be tripping for me.
“Argh.. Im gonna get her.” I muttered.
I get whatever that I want.
But she’s so beautiful. poo! what a neighbour.
She’s pretty stubborn. Yeah,.
But im gonna get her.
Bleep her.
My phone rang.
I took it. Franco.
poo!! Im supposed to meet with Franco this
Damn! I forgot.
I picked up the call, placing the phone to my
“Drake man, im at Creth already, you coming
“Yeah man, be there in thirty minutes.” I said.
“Woah! what ya been doing? bleeping some
hoes right? I know that.” he said, followed by a
quick laughter.
“Come on, I’ll be there soon.” I said and
dropped the call, then rushed to my bedroom.
Pulling into a black jeans and white shirt, a red
sneakers and red face-cap.
Fixing my wrist-watch after, spreading some
cologne then picking my phone and my car
I rushed off, shutting the door and out to my
car, getting in and driving off, hoping that punk
Clara did see me leaving.
Maybe she’s peeping from her window.
She’s so beautiful.. She’s hot.
Soon she’s gonna be on my bed, screaming
my name as I spank her ass..
Im sure she’s tripping for me but just
Bleep her to think im not gonna see that body of
I took an elevator to the third floor and over to
room 302.
Gently knocking twice, the door opened and
Franco smiled, leaving the door for me to come
“Hey man.” I said.
Franco is a close colleague at work and we are
close. Just close not much.
He said he wanna tell me about something I
got no idea what that is but im gonna know
I sat down on the single sofa facing the bed
while he sat on the bed, and popping open a
I took one glass of wine and sipped. crossing
my leg over the other.
“You keep looking hot Drake.. I love that cap.”
he said and I gave him a wink.
He laughed, “Yeah, that one kills them girls..”
I breathed. “So why are we here?” I asked.
He smiled, “A business is around that we
gonna make millions…”
“Licit or illicit?” I asked.
He paused for awhile before breathing
I shook my head, “Ohhh I told you Franco that
I don’t do illicit businesses. Im okay with what
the company pays me.” I said.
“Come on Drake. You fit this job. It’s so easy.
Get the stuff, take it to the man and get your
dollars, it’s done.” he said.
“Im not in for this Franco. Im a bad boy, yea
but not on that aspect. Im gonna get going
now.” I said, dropped the call and stood up.
“A two hundred million dollars.” he said.
“I don’t need that Franco.”
“You do Drake. Come on.. You are the best
man for this business.” he said.
“See you at work Franco.” I said and I left,
closing the door.
This asshole won’t stop telling me shits! but
damn! Two hundred million dollars. That’s
I got into my car and drove off..
*Clara’s POV*
I decided to listen to ‘Adele, ‘Hello’ as I
watched my clothes rolling in the washing
For two hours that I woke up, I’ve not heard
loud music and that is so good.
I feel like a heroine for stopping that crazy
Wait. do he even work?
Probably bad business.
Why can’t the police arrest him?
I don’t see any thing scary about him!
He’s nothing but a punk little flirt.
The rolling stopped and I got the washing
machine open, getting the clothes out.
My phone which layed on the ironing table.
I went for it and it was Noah.
I smiled, picking it up.
“Hello baby, I’ve been calling you. What
happened?” I asked.
“Im so sorry baby, I was very busy on a on a
meeting with my dad.” he said and I breathed a
relief sigh.
“It’s okay baby. I was worried.” I said.
“Im so sorry baby, how are you doing?”
“Im fine now.. What about you?”
“Im fine baby, just missing you so much here.”
he said.
“Me too.” I said.
“Will talk with you later babe.” he said
I breathed out, “You good Noah?”
“Yeah I am. Love you babe.” he said.
“I love you too.” I said and the call dropped.
I breathed out, dropping the phone. back.
Just then, my doorbell rang.
I hope it’s not Drake.
I just don’t wanna see that guy again.
I went out for the door and opening it, it was
With his lopsided smile.
He look good tho in this wears.
Okay, what? I arched my brow at him.
“Wanna remind you about our dinner tonight.
Hope you are getting ready?”
I hissed and slammed the door to his face.
Re: The Badboy Diary / Fiction Story by emperorblog21(m): 11:20am On Jun 12
The BadBoy Diary
Written by, Rejoice
# Chapter 5
**Drake’s POV**
She shut the damn door
Great..still proving stubborn.
*I turned and headed to my apartment.
Okay, there standing at my door was Kira,
hands crossed with a smile.
I walked up to the door porch and she stood at
my front.
“Can’t you just stop frolicking with every lady
you come accross. Drake!” she said.
Oh woah! really?
I arched my brow, “So?”
“I am your girlfriend Drake and I deserve some
act of respect from you, you should know that.”
she said.
I chuckled.
“C’mon Kira, you know you are nothing to me
at all.. Just a neighbour. Next door neighbour.”
I said with a lopsided smile.
She gasped, then chuckled.
“You are one kind of unserious guy Drake and
you know that.” she said.
“Okay, out of the way.” I said.
“Oh not yet, you gonna tell me why you had
sex with my sister.” she said.
I stared briefly at her lips then shrugged with a
“We can’t talk about that here, come in okay?”
I said.
She chuckled, “And you thought I wasn’t
gonna find out huh? you thought so.”
“Oh whatever.” I rolled my eyes.
“Arghh..Im going in to sleep Kira.” I said and
shifted her outta the way.
“Drake, You’re not sleeping till you explain to
me why you had sex with Gina. You’re such a
flirt Drake, gosh..” she talked on, following
behind me.
“…Drake im talking to you and you’re walking
away. I want some explanation.” she said.
I rolled my eyes, breathed out and stopped and
turned to her.
She was fuming.
“Drake, why can’t I be the only girl you have.
You so annoying! It was my sister, now it’s the
new neighbour. You such a pervert.” she said.
I smiled, coming closer to her.
She crossed her arms.
I bit my lips, and looked into her eyes, “Babe,
it’s you I love so much. C’mon.” I said.
“..but you are–” I cut her short with a kiss.
Okay, actually, Kira is my girlfriend. nop, not
I wanted to get her and she was proving kinda
She said only if she would be my girlfriend and
well, I asked her to be my girlfriend and yeap.
She let me kiss her and I moved my hands for
her top and she moved hers to mine.
Now, I think this is what she want and im gonna
give it to her.
A moan from her as my hands traced to her
boobs… then the doorbell ring.
Who the Bleep is that?
I moved back from Kira and went for the door
as she headed to my bedroom.
I opened the door and it’s Gina.
She had a smile.. or maybe an angry one.
“Hey Drake.” she said.
“Gina,” I said, checking out her cleavage in
that singlet she wore.
What are you looking at?” she asked, bitting
her bottom lip.
I smiled, “C’mon. You know what im looking at”
She smiled.
“Alright, I know my sister is in there. Just let her
know that dad is home. This is 6:30pm.” she
“uhmm, right.” I said.
She smiled, came closer and kissed me before
going off.
Oh..what if Kira saw that.
“Drake.” Kira called from inside.
I shut the door and went in.
She had wore back her top.
“I know that was my sister.” she said.
“Yeah,.” I said.
“Oh she came to.”
“She said your dad is home.” I said and she
“Ohh that’s true. See you later boyfrienddd”
she said and kissed me, then ran off, slamming
the door.
“Ouhhhh!” I sat down and got my phone.
A text message.
From Franco.
I rolled my eyes.
Tis dude won’t get it. what the Bleep!!
+++ Drake,
This business is worth so much millons, think
about it., You can’t miss it.
Give me feedback in two days.+++
Oh.. damn. What the hell is wrong with this
Im so gonna pull his head off if he talk about
this business again to me.
I checked the time..
Yeah. I have to be at the club.
Oh that’s right.
The dinner..
Soon, I was dressed and headed to Clara’a
Ringing the doorbell twice, the door was
opened to reveal Clara in her pajamas.
“Oh great, I know the stubborn Nurse won’t
accept to go on a dinner with such a handsome
guy like me. Too stubborn.” I said with a
lopsided smile.
She rolled her eyes, “Thank God that you know
that, cos your handsomeness doesn’t move me
in just this few days i’ve been here.. So please
if you could excuse me, I was watching an
interesting movie.” she said.
I smiled, “No movie is more interesting than I..
you should know that.”
She rolled her eyes and shut the door to my
For the second time.
Alright, I’ll just go to the club then.
I turned and headed to my car, playing ‘Drake,-
I drove off.
*Clara’s POV*
Arghh! this guy’s such a punk!
Where did he came from anyways?
No movie is more interesting than him.
Arghhh… such an asshole.
My phone began ringing.
I smiled as I saw the caller’s name.
“Hello bae.” he said immediately I picked the
I smiled, “Hey sweetie,”
“How’re you doing baby?”
“Im doing great. And you?”
“Im fine, but you know how much Im missing
you honey.”
“I miss you too Noah. I can’t wait to see you.” I
“Me too sweetie. I miss you so damn much.” he
“When you are coming back Noah?”
“In a week time. I promise.”
I sighed, “I hope so Noah. I miss you.”
“I miss you more baby.”
read full story here: https://www.emperorblog.com.ng/?s=the+badboy+diary
Re: The Badboy Diary / Fiction Story by Opeyemi1797: 11:34am On Jun 12
Nice,more pls.and much more chapters this time
Re: The Badboy Diary / Fiction Story by izaray(f): 2:07pm On Jun 13
Thanks for the update

We need more pls


Re: The Badboy Diary / Fiction Story by AndreIsKing: 3:23pm On Jun 13
Nice story, I'm hooked and following �

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oya read
Re: The Badboy Diary / Fiction Story by skubido(m): 9:49pm On Jun 13
Skubido come read oooo

Don land oooo

Tanks for the calling

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Re: The Badboy Diary / Fiction Story by skubido(m): 6:19am

Good morning
Re: The Badboy Diary / Fiction Story by emperorblog21(m): 6:22am

Good morning

boss happy sunday

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