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Re: The Badboy Diary / Fiction Story by professorval1(m): 6:25am On Aug 16
Awesome storyline. Can be greatly improved though!
Re: The Badboy Diary / Fiction Story by izaray(f): 11:26am On Aug 16
My belle just dey sweet me anyhow wink

Thanks plenty dear, more ink to ur pen kiss
Re: The Badboy Diary / Fiction Story by skubido(m): 12:00pm On Aug 16
Nice wan OP
Re: The Badboy Diary / Fiction Story by Markzy1991: 6:17am On Aug 17
its gonna b awesome. drake and clara together. when it was happening at d resort i was singing kizz daniel "i want 2 use my m to shoot ur womb permit me"

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Re: The Badboy Diary / Fiction Story by DivineSpecial(f): 7:03am On Aug 17
Waiting anxiously
Re: The Badboy Diary / Fiction Story by Damibiz(m): 5:35pm On Aug 17
Try nd give me a callup when it start ok...i want to see how Drake is going to write his own chapter of love with Clara
Re: The Badboy Diary / Fiction Story by Psmark: 9:06pm On Aug 17
Please call me too if you remember
Re: The Badboy Diary / Fiction Story by Temmuizza(f): 10:17am On Aug 18
Wow what a wonderful piece, i knew Tessy was gonna lose dat relationship can't wait for what will unfold in d next season,thanks so much at op,pls mention me when u start,nd when are u gonna start,

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Re: The Badboy Diary / Fiction Story by emperorblog21(m): 10:43am On Aug 18
Wow what a wonderful piece, i knew Tessy was gonna lose dat relationship can't wait for what will unfold in d next season,thanks so much at op,pls mention me when u start,nd when are u gonna start,

Re: The Badboy Diary / Fiction Story by emperorblog21(m): 10:44am On Aug 18
Try nd give me a callup when it start ok...i want to see how Drake is going to write his own chapter of love with Clara

Re: The Badboy Diary / Fiction Story by emperorblog21(m): 1:40pm On Aug 19
The BadBoy Diary
(A New Romance )
Written by, Rejoice Jeremiah. C
Chapter 1
[Around 3pm, same saturday| Hamilton High school] It was saturday again and every Hamilton student know what the day holds for us. Freedom from classes but lots of fun and leisure.
Just like we always do, Neil and I decided to play table tennis. Tessy was off for her cheerleader practice.
The week has been stressful, so much.’
I caught the tennis and hit it back to him.
‘Reading for hours at night and writing it all down at the examination hall. It’s been hell and we still got two weeks left.’
I got the tennis and hit it back to him and smiled at the very hard way that I did though he caught it.
‘The new guy who had to be admitted to the school by this time when the term is almost over and during the exam period. How possible and who is he really for Mr Hansburg to approve his admission.’
“Babe, have you heard about the newbie in school?” Neil suddenly asked like he was reading my thought.
“Yes I did. I wonder why Mr Handsburg had to give him such admission,” I said.
“Uhmm he’s said to be related to the proprietor and that he’s really a badass,” Neil said.
“Now I get it,” I said.
He dropped his racket as his phone rang in his shirts pocket.
He took it out and glanced at it.
“Bae I’ll be back. Some nigga wants my presence,” he said.
“Alright,” I said and he left the tennis court.
I let him go far enough then I followed carefully behind him, hiding at crook and corner so he doesn’t see me.
I gotta find our if it’s actually his friends he was going to see.’
He turned to the way leading to the old ballet practice hall.
‘Oh, this isn’t about his niggas, something’s fishy and ofcourse, im gon.a find out.’
My mind went to Tessy.
I kept following secretly behind him.
He got to the doorless entrance to the large hall and I quickly hid behind a big pillar. I felt his eyes roam around before he entered into the hall.
I waited a while before comig out and tiptoed to the side of the door where I peeped in to find the greatest shock of my life.
Neil and my bestfriend Tessy where kissing and handling with each other’s clothes. The large hall was dark but a little light came from the door.
The things that happened next made me feel nausea and got me dumb.
Tessy turned round, her back on him. She placed her hands on the ballet teacher’s old desk.
Neil pulled down her cheerleader skirt followed by her pant. Then he loosened his belt and he brought out his….
A masculine hand covered my mouth tightly and his other hand wrapped round my stomache and he pulled me back. Fear gribbed me.
I landed on his body with my back widening my eyes in fright.
“Shh don’t make a noise,” he whispered into my ears.
His cologne smelt awesome.
“Come, come” he whispered and pulled me more back with him.
I stared at his had round my stomache. He has three stars tatoo on the wrist.
He stopped pulling.
“I’ll remove my hands now and when I do, no noise, im not a murderer,” he said.
“Show a sign that you are in,” he said.
I nodded my head and so he released his hands.
I turned to see it’s the newbie.
His blonde hair were rather too bright and his blue eyes stupidly made my stomache tighten.
He’s rather too handsome to be a guy. But is this what I should be thinking about or the-
I turned my eyes to the hall entrance with a shattering heart.
“How does that make you feel?” he asked.
“It feel like a dream that I must wake up from,” I said.
He chuckled. “Well I will say it’s fun. ohh…” he dragged me and we found ourselves in a hidden corner.
I stared confusely at him. How fast did he do that?
He only returned my look with a smile.
“They are out. It was just a quickie. Ah bad I hate that shit,” he said.
I managed how I got the kinda energy cos I forcefully pulled myself away from his hold and stormed out and stood in front of my now two worst nightmare who paused on their track, shocked to the bone to see me standing in front of them.
The newbie still hid there, obviously listening.
“Bae, what are you doing here?” Neil spoke.
I walked to him and gave him the hardest slap accross his stupid face. He staggered back by the force of the slap.
Tessy moved backwards in fright.
Neil placed his hand on his now red cheek, nursing the pain.
I controlled the hot tears about to pour down my eyes.
“I felt it but I was doubting all this weeks! I had no idea it has gotten to even the point of sex! sex at the old ballet hall. Neil how could you!”
I turned to Tessy who stared at me with scared eyes.
“Theresa Hogan,” I called her by her full names. “I took you like a best friend and a sister to me. How could you stab me behind my back! How could you betray me?”
I couldn’t control the tears anymore as they rolled freely down my eyes.
“Nelle, I- I” Tessy stammered but Neil took her hand, shocking me the most.
“Danelle you see,” he cleared his throat. “I knew you were gonna find out someday. I had wanted to tell you a long time ago but Tessy was being scared and now you have found out, and now im gonna say it out and clear to you that it’s over between you and I, Im really sorry. Tessy is the girl im inlovw with now so please move on, im sorry Danelle,” he said leaving me paralysed.
Tessy said nothing more but I saw her hidden scornful smile as they walked away hand in hand.
I wiped the hot tears that was tickling down my cheeks
“Oh wow… I loved that slap you gave him,” the new guy suddenly said behind me.
I turned.
“Just get lost!” I yelled at him and ran away in tears.
Back to
[Around 8pm, same day| Seasore Resort] I came back with a tray of different dishes, fruits and dessert juices.
Clara was in towel and sat uncomfortably at the edge of the bed.
I smiled.
“Im sorry I took a little long,” I said and walked to the suite where I dropped the tray on the table.
I came back and squatted in front of her as I touched her cheek.
Her hair weren’t packed. I touched it They were kinda wet.
“Im sorry, I could have ordered a showercap for you,” I said.
She touched her hair.
“That’s okay,” she said.
I smiled. The happiness she gives me is beyond description.
I can’t believe how lucky I am.
She crossed her arms tryna hold the towel from falling off her chest.
My eyes landed on her chest then back to her face.
“I can’t wear the gown,” she said.
I nodded.
“I know. Im gonna get you a pj,” I said and got up.
I walked to the wardrobe and opened it, searched through and found one of my pj, white with blue, yellow and red stripes. I picked the trouser and shirt out and walked to her.
“Wear this,” I said.
“Would be big on me Drake,” she said.
I smiled. “Not really, try it,” I said.
She it and gave me some look. I shifted back and she got up and turned towards the ensuite.
I smiled when she went in and closed the door.
I sat on the edge of the bed and rubbed my face in smiles.
I fell on the bed and spread my arms.
“Finally,” I breathed out.
It’s a dream come true.
No one would understand the joy I feel right now.
I had no idea it was gonna happen so fast. Even the sex. Ah, it was amazing.
And when she slept off after it. I wanted to make it all romantic. I wanted to bring a smile to her face and I wanted to do something that would make her say yes to me.
So I got the idea and quickly ordered those things and it was brought in time.
And everything worked as I had wished. She gave me the chance that I never thought I was gonna get.
And nothing’s ever gonna make me loose her, nothing. She still love Noah but im gonna try my best to make her fall outta love with him because im gonna do everything possible to make her fall inlove with me.
I smiled and touched the side where my my heart beats.
“Thank you,” I breathed out.
The ensuite door opened. I removed my hand from my chest as Clara came back dressed in the pj. It look big on her but she look just beautiful.
I sat up. “You look awesome,” I said.
That made her chuckle.
“That’s a lie.” she said.
“C’mon it’s not. Come here,” I said as I stood up and took her hand.
“Where are we going to?” she asked.
“To have your dinner,” I said.
“And you holding my hand?” she asked.
I smiled. “Yes I have to. Come on before the meal gets too cold,” I said and led her to the suite and she sat on the couch.
I sat beside her and put on the tv.
I opened the dishes and poured a juice into the glass cup then I picked the fork.
I tried feeding her.
“Here open your mouth Clara,” I said.
“Feed me?” she chuckled.
“Yeahh” I said.
“Yeah I want to.”
She shifted abit away, “I not sick this time,” she said.
“I am the sick one here, im sick inlove with you Clara and I wouldn’t want you stressing yourself when im here. Come on get your mouth open.” I said.
She finally did and I fed her. This act reminded me of the time she fell sic at maymack and I fed her right there on her bedroom.
I smiled at the memory.
Minutes later, the plates were empty.
I ate as well.
A resort attendant came and took the dishes away.
“Do you want to take a walk around the resort. We could go to the beach,” I told her.
“No,” she said with her eyes on the tv displaying a music playing.
I nodded and crossed my left arm over her shoulder.
I noticed her pale face.
“Is there something you’re thinking about?” I asked and stroked my fingers gently through her now packed hair.
“Nothing,” she said.
I kissed her hair.
“Tell me the truth please,” I said.
She breathed out.
“It’s so hard to believe that we we had sex Drake and not just that, I said yes to your proposal but do I even feel remorse about it? I don’t know,” she said, still facing the tv.
I gently brought my hand to her chin and turned her face to look at me.
I looked into her pretty brown eyes as they stared into mine.
More stories @ www.chorusman.com
“I swear Clara..It was meant to happen. If it wasn’t meant to then trust me, it wouldn’t have. It was meant to be this way and that was why it happened and I swear, it only made my undying love for you to become stronger and nothing in this world would make me hurt you and let you drop a tear. I promise to love you always and never stop.”
She just stared at me. Her eyes not blinking.
“Believe me Clara. We are meant to be inlove. It was meant for us to make love. Not just once but again and again. I can swear that I can see my future with you and our unborn kids.”
She looked away.
“And Noah, what about him?” she asked.
I inhaled.
“Look at me Clara,” I said and brought her face to look at me. She look sad.
About Noah! The same Noah!
“You see Clara. Noah might love you and you love him too but your future isn’t with him. It’s high time you starr believing this Clara. The debth you owened him was forgiveness which you had paid. Your future is with me me and mine is with you,” I said.
“Why do you say that?” she asked.
“C’mon Clara have you forgotten about the dream. We had the same dream. It seem like something which only occurs in stories and movies but it happened btween us. Can’t you see that even the spiritual and God wants us together not only your mom and your sister. It’s obvious. When you told me that you had the same dream, I had no idea what took control of me and I kissed you. I kissed you and never wanted to stop. The spirit, the body and humans, everything supports us in this so let’s do it. Let’s be together Clara and everything will be fine. If you think im gonna break your heart or hurt you in anyway, then I can swear with my life.” I said.
She looked away and touched the necklace I wore on her.
“Drake I don’t know. I wanna be with Noah but again, I wanna be with you. Im confused. Everyone wants us to be together. My sister, my mom, my friend Louisa, even Mrs Roger and the nurse you saw at Gra Avantees. No one wants me for Noah. When you kissed me I felt like a spell waa casted on me, I lost control of myself. Did you use charm on me?”
She looked at me.
I shook my head and cup her cheeks in my palms.
“No Clara. It’s the sign, it’s the pull, the force of truel love. It’s called the power of true love. It does magic. The heart knows truely that I love you and wanna spend the rest of my life with you,” I said.
She blinked her eyes and sighed.
“Like I said, I wanna be with Noah and again, I wanna be with you.” she said.
I smiled.
At least she said she wanna be with me too
“Im giving you this chance because of my sister and not anybody else but her, because I love her so much and don’t want her hurt. But im going to see Noah tomorrow. He would be expecting mw and I wouldn’t want him to feel neglected,” she said.
I caressed her cheek with a smile.
“That’s okay,” I said but there is no way im gonna let her go to that Noah.
I have a perfect plan about it. She’ll have to accept to move on and not just because I want her to be mine but also for her future.
She can’t risk that all for him.
I know what to do.
She touched the necklace again.
“It’s beautiful,” she said.
“You are more beautiful,” I said and kissed her forehead. Then my eyes fell on her lips.
“Can can I kiss your lips?” I asked.
She gave no answer.
I cup her cheeks on my palms again and kissed her
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From Author RiRi Library
All right reserved©

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Re: The Badboy Diary / Fiction Story by emperorblog21(m): 1:41pm On Aug 19
The BadBoy Diary
(A New Romance )
Written by, Rejoice Jeremiah. C
Chapter 2
My pillow had been soaked with tears. How can I ever get over this. How?
I never thought Neil could hurt me this way, not with anyone but Tessy! Tessy!
Men are all the same. Why?
I really loved him. How could I!
I sniffled.
The dormitory was noisy due to the dormitory mates moving in and out. It was still 7pm and light goes off by eleven.
The bastard that I called a friend isn’t even back yet.
I wiped my tears but the tears never ceased. How do I even tell my sister about this.
I could remember when she told me not to trust Neil or any guy but I thought Neil was different.
God! This is so unbearable.
I felt someone in front of me. I looked up to see it was Tessy.
I got up with rage.
“How could you Tessy, not with anyone but Neil. How could you be such a betrayer!”
“Nelle your voice is going loud,” she said. That caused me to give her a befitting slap accross her face.
“OHHHHWW!” Exclamations came from all round as everyone began sorrounding us.
Tessy held her cheek in her palm.
“How dare you do this to me, if you liked Neil why didn’t you tell me. You were in this school before me and you knew Neil before I did. Why did you had to stab me at my back Theresa!” I yelled and raised my hand to give her another slap but a hand held me.
Delia’s hand. The dormitory captain.
“Easy Danelle, easy,” Delia said.
“Get your hand off mine Delia. I want to show this betrayer what it means to betray a friend,” I said.
“No no come first, come with me,” Delia said and dragged me out of the crowd to her bed.
Half of the crowd followed us while half stayed with Tessy, some casting her and some defending her.
“Delia I don’t like what you are doing. Leave me to deal with that little bastard,” I said.
“Come on sit here,” she said and I did. She turned to the half crowd with us.
“Go to your various activities please,” she said and they did.
“I’ll be back,” she said and went to the others with Tessy.
“Please to your beds,” she said to them and they left.
She said few words to Tessy who claimed up her bed.
Delia came back to me. She sat beside me.
“Im sorry about it. Just try and get over it okay? It hurts really bad, I know. You can’t trust anyone not even yourself. Every man cheats. It’s in their blood. It’s what they are. Get over it ok,” She said.
I wiped my tears.
“Get over it, it’s not even easy. How can I when it’s my boyfriend and my bestfriend here. I caught them at the old ballet hall making out and you tell me to get over it? it’s hard Delia,” I said.
“So what do you want to do, kill her or your boyfriend?” she asked.
“Never again. He’s no more my boyfriend,” I said.
“Okay Neil. What do you wanna do?” she asked.
“I don’t know. I wish the exams are over I would have gone to my sister,” I said with teary eyes.
Delia hugged me. “It’s okay. You’ll be fine ok?”
Clara’s POV
I woke up the next day to Drake laying beside me, wrapped tightly in duvet and shivering. Oh my God!
I sat up and touched his head and neck.
His body temperature is okay but why’s he shivering?
“Drake,” I called but there was no response.
“Drake wake up, what’s wrong?” I shook him slightly and he opened his eyes and mumbled.
“Im sick.”
I touched his neck again. “But your body temperature is okay.”
“When im sick my body temperature hardly gets high, im really sick Clara,” he mumbled.
I sighed. “Im sorry Drake, you’ll be fine. I’ll go get you drugs.”
“No no, where do you know here. Please just stay with me.” he said.
“I know what to do,” I said and rushed to the ensuite.
I came back with a towel soaked in warm water.
I placed it on his forehead.
His yes appear dull.
“Sorry okay?” I said and covered him well with the duvet.
“You’ll be fine,” I said.
He nodded his head.
“But you still need to take drugs,” I said. He shook his head.
I frowned playfully. “So you are scared of drugs huh!”
He nodded.
“And back there at maymack. You were acting like you cab can take a whole pack of medicine in one second,” I said.
He let out a weak smile.
“Cos I wanted you to get well, I couldn’t bear seeing you sick,” he said.
“So don’t you want to get well too. Getting you drugs here won’t be a day job. I’ll find pharmacy in no time. Remember im a nurse,” I said.
“Please just stay with me,” he begged.
“Will staying with you take the sickness away?” I asked.
“Yes it will, please,” he said. I walked back to the bed and layed beside him.
I touched his forehead again. It was getting a little hot.
I sighed.
“You need drugs Drake,” I said.
“Yeah I know but im fine with you laying beside me Clara,” he said and kissed my forehead.
“Please don’t leave me here,” he said.
I smiled. “I won’t,” I said. He pulled closer to me.
I watched him sleep off again.
I sighed.
‘Because you stayed with me Drake all day when I was sick, im gonna stay with you too. In not going anywhere untill you are fine.
‘And Noah?’ a little voice asked within me.
I sighed.
I don’t know. I don’t but I can’t leave Drake sick here.
I touched his forehead again, it’s getting hot.
I smiled within.
Ah.. pretending to be sick is sickness itself.
My plan is to pretend sick till night when she won’t be able to go see the Noah then we’ll head back to Maymack.
She might go tomorrow.
No she’ll be at work.
I smiled within
She touched my forehead again.
‘God, i hope she doesn’t find out that im pretendiny. She’s a nurse.
And my plan is working perfectly. She is back on the bed with meee.
I smiled within.
I pretended to be asleep but I did sleep off in no time.
I woke up maybe an hour later or so by the continous calling of my name.
I opened my eyes and Clara was facing me with foods and drugs.
Drugs when im not sick. How did she even get the drugs.
“Get up Drake so you can eat,” she said.
I sighed.
“Now,” she added in a quite commanding voice.
More stories @ www.chorusman.com
I smiled within and sat up.
She touched my forehead then opened the food.
“Eat so you can take the drugs,” she said. She had another clothe. I guess she ordered from the resort.
“I don’t want to take the drugs,” I said but I know im going to. If I had to keep to the pretence then I will take the drugs..
She frowned.
“You are going to Drake,” she said and took a spoon of the food.
What? she wanna feed me?
I smiled within.
“Let me feed you this time,” she said. I smiled and quickly opened my mouth. She fed me.
Haha.. This is amazing. I smiled.
“Thanks,” I said.
“Shhh, not yet,we are not done,” she said and fed me another spoon. She fed me all the food and then I took the drugs.
“You’ll be fine in a while. Lay back your head on the pillow so the drugs could do it work,” she said.
“Yes my nurse,” I said. That made her chuckle. She really love her profession.
I layed my head on the pillow and she covered me well with the duvet.
Ah sweet Claraaa.
“How did you get the drugs,” I asked.
She smiled.
“There’s a pharmacy a few walks away from the resort,” she said.
“And how did you find out?”
“I asked questions,” she said.
I smiled. “Thanks Clara,” I said.
“Don’t forget soon. We are all still on our ‘no thanks’ rule,” she said. I smiled more.
“I forgot,” I said. She smiled.
The necklace is still on her neck.
Clara stayed with me all day and when night came. I told her I was fine and that we can leave.
She nodded and helped me pack up my things.
When we walked downstairs, I hoped to see Evan and Chelsea to tell them Goodbye and yes I did.
They were heading out from the restaurant.
“Some friends I need to tell bye to,” I told Clara. I took her hand and we walked to the lovers.
Chelsea smiled suspiciously at me. Evan shook hands with me and gave me a look too.
“Man you are leaving?” Evan asked.
“Yes I am,” I said.
“Wow who’s this damsel with you?” Chelsea asked.
I smiled. “She’s Clara, my girlfriend,” I said.
Chelsea raised her brow. “Your girlfriend? What about-” she laughed. “Well good. She’s beautiful,” Chelsea said and turned to Clara.
“Im Chelsea and he’s my boyfriend, Evan,” Chelsea said and shook hands with Clara who gave her a smile.
“So dude why leaving us so soon?” Evan asked.
“Well the reason why im here is over. I have to go back home,” I said.
“Is she the reason,” Chelsea.
I smiled. “I’ve been on leave and it got over today,” I said.
She smiled. “Alright. Bye Drake. We gonna miss you,” she said.
“Yeah we will,” Evan said.
I smiled. “Me too.”
We finally left in my car and headed to maymack.
“Danelle haven’t called me,” Clara said.
“I know who Danelle is, she should have called since yesterday,” she said.
“Im wondering too. Call her please,” I said. She took out her phone and called her Danelle.
“Hello Clara,” Clara spoke.
“Hello sis, how are you?” Danelle asked.
The call speaker was out.
“Im fine and you?”
“Im very fine sis. What about Drake?”
“He’s driving. We are heading back ro maymack,” Clara said.
“Really did you spend the night with him yesterday?” she asked. Clara lowered the volume.
I smiled.
“Okay fine, yes,” Clara said. I could feel the heat of shyness she was feeling.
“Alright take care, bye Danelle,” the call ended.
“She’s fine,” Clara said.
“That’s good,” I said.
Soon we pulled into maymack.
I unfastened my seatbelt and she did too.
I turned to her.
“Im back home,” I said. She looked down.
I brought up her face to look at me.
“What’s going through your mind?” I asked her.
“Nothing,” she said. I smiled.
“Tomorrow morning, im gonna take you to work and when we are back from work, we’ll go on a dinner,” I said.
“Dinner?” she asked.
“Yeah,” I said. It reminded me of that doctoe but I didn’t want to ask her about him.
“Alright,” she said. We walked down and I walked her to her door. She opened it and turned to me.
“Goodnight Drake,” she said.
“Can I kiss you Clara?” I asked.
She didn’t answer.
I bent my face to hers, brought my lips to hers and kissed her. She kissed back
I withdrew.
“Goodnight Clara,” I said.
She nodded and closed the door.
I smiled.
My apartment is just like I left it. I had my bathe and layed down to sleep but Clara wouldn’t get off my mind.
I Iove her and now I have her.
Love is amazing with the one you love but sweeter when that one you love loves yo back.
I hope Clara loves me back soon.
From Author RiRi Library
All right reserved©

read more here: https://www.emperorblog.com.ng/page/2/
Re: The Badboy Diary / Fiction Story by izaray(f): 3:39pm On Aug 19
Congratulations Drake cheesy

Thanks for the update dear
Re: The Badboy Diary / Fiction Story by emperorblog21(m): 1:00pm On Aug 21
The BadBoy Diary
(A New Romance )
Written by, Rejoice Jeremiah. C
Chapter 3
[Next day] I packed up my books into my bag and pulled into my sneakers.
I wore a black pullover over a white shirt cos today was pretty cold.
I wore my backbag and walked out of the dormitory.
Heading out of the dormitory hallway, I heard my name being called from behind. I turned to see it’s Delia.
Delia is a finalist like me but in science.
We haven’t spoken before only last night.
I stopped and waited for her.
She got to me and smiled. She has black wavy hair just like me.
“Hi Delia,” I smiled back trying not to remember the reason we are now talking.
“It’s cold this morning,” she said.
“Yeah it really is,” I said.
“Let’s go,” she said and we walked out of the dormitory towards the school.
“What are you having today? I have Chemistry,” she said.
“Practical Literature,” I said. She nodded.
“Danelle I hope you don’t mind us being friends,” Delia said.
Friends! That word.
“I don’t mind,” I said with a smile which she returned.
We entered the hallway and she suddenly held my hand. I glanced at our hands, wondering.
“Let it not get to you,” she said and I didn’t understand until I saw them; Tessy and Neil coming towards with their hands intertwined.
“Just be strong ok?” Delia said.
I smiled bitterly.
“I know. I promised myself that last night,” I told her.
They walked pass us. I couldn’t help it. I turned back to see them enter the way leading to the Library.
“Hey Danelle,” Delia’s voice made me face front.
“Yeap?” I said with the bitterness that was heavy within me.
“You’ll be fine okay?” Delia said.
I smiled and stopped in front of my class.
“Thanks Delia,” I said.
She smiled. “Nop don’t thank me, don’t do that. Come on we are friends now and-” she touched my hair. “-I love your hair and your blue eyes,” she said.
I chuckled.
“Thanks, you have that as well,” I said.
She smiled.
“I’ll come call you for lunch,” she said.
“Alright,” I said.
“Goodluck with your exams today,” she said.
“Thanks and I wish you same Delia,” I said.
She smiled and walked away, towards her class. I went into mine but bumped into someone at the door. He was coming out of the classroom. His book fell.
I had no idea it was the newbie until I looked up at his handsome face.
I don’t know if I should say this but this guy is really cute.
He slide his hands into his trouser pockets, chewing his gum with a lopsided smile that appeared too sweet not to admire.
“Sorry about that,” I found myself saying. Then I tried going into the class but he pulled me back.
Huh? I looked at him.
He was still smiling and chewing his gum. He raised his brow.
“My book,” he said not unveiling that smile he wore.
I looked down to see the book still there. I bent, picked it up and stretched it to him.
“Turn to the back cover,” he said and I did to see the three words beautifully written on the thick white cover.
‘You Are Beautiful’ with a rose drawn beside the words and the words beside the rose.
You are beautiful.
I am beautiful?
I looked at him with a narrowed eyes. He smiled more.
I can’t deny that his smile is just too charming.
His blonde hair is wow.
“That’s what you are,” he said then took the book.
I inhaled and went into the class room.
I had no idea he was following behind me until I sat on my seat. He was standing infront of my desk.
He smiled and looked from the empty seat at my left to mine.
“Woww I guess that would be my seat henceforth,” he said.
“That’s someone’s seat, you can get one at the empty back seats,” I said.
“Did they write the someone’s name on the seat?” he asked.
I ignored him and opened my bags and got out my books.
I would have gone to the library to read but those two..
I inhaled.
He grabbed one of the two novels that we will be having questions from.
“Wow, you are a literature student.. Great great, and this novel,” he showed it to me and shook his head.
“I am totally sick and tired of reading this boring novel. Tell me, what did they say Baima did to her grandfather?” he asked and pulled the chair of the empty deak to my front and sat down.
I inhaled.
“Where is your novel?” I asked.
“I burnt it cos I wasn’t grabbing anything,” he said.
“Well Baima took her granfather to the church and hide him at Rev.Theodre’s house,” I said.
“Why did she do that?” he asked and I widened my eyes.
“You don’t know why?” I asked.
“I don’t,” he said.
“Which means you didn’t even read the novel,” I said.
“Yes I only know it was written by Jackson Lo- uhmmm what’s his surname, I forgot,” he said and scratched his hair, chewing his gum.
I shook my head.
“You better know even if it’s just a little, fifty questions are coming from this particular novel,” I said and he smiled.
“Tell me then, see I don’t wanna fail this practical Literature,” he said.
I sighed.
“Please,” he begged.
“Alright,” I said.
He smiled.
“Open to first page of chapter one,” I said and he did.
“As you know the novel is an america Prose and written by Jackson Lorryson. Baima Lavigan is the main character in the novel. Baima was born out of wedlock in the small city called Danti…” I began but soon I stopped because the owner of the seat the newbie that I don’t even know his name yet sat comfortably.
The most annoying thing is that he’s still chewing the gum when im here talking out my saliva.
The guy by the name ‘Harry’ tapped the newbie on the shoulder.
The newbie took a whole lot of time, before he turned to see who tapped him. He raised his brow at Harry who pointed his finger to the seat the newbie sat down.
“My seat,” Harry said.
The newbie rolled his eyes at Harry.
“Get some other seat,” blonde hair newbie said.
“Let me have my seat,” Harry said.
The newbie relaxed more comfortably on the seat.
“From today, I have that desk and this seat so use your number six, calculate and find out that if you really love your face, then you’ll obey me and get out of my face,” the blondie said to Harry who rolled his eyes at him.
“What do you think you can do to me huh! Who are you for me to obey you? You have no right to my seat. I need my seat this minute,” Harry said.
The newbie chuckled and shifted my books away and placed his legs on my desk and crossed them.
He turned to me. “Danelle, go on. What were you saying about Alberto and Baima?” he said.
Wait, how did he know my name?
I stared at his legs and he raised his brow at me, chewing his gum.
Harry was still standing there, fuming.
“Your legs are on my desk,” I said, vexed up.
No matter how handsome this blondie here is, he is a pure replica of arrogance.
“Forget about my legs and continue the story,” he said.
“I said get up from my seat! Are you even deaf?” Harry yelled.
I think that got the blondie furious and he brought down his legs from my desk, stood up and before I blinked twice, Harry was on the ground with bleeding lips.
Everyone gathered. My mouth went ajar.
“This is to tell you that I can tolerate any other thing in the world but not noise, I hate noise,.. You don’t yell at me,” The blondie said to the bleeping lips Harry who layed painfully on the ground.
Justin the school badboy who is from Art class 2 came in and stood a bit away from the blondie.
The blondie turned to him.
Justin keeps very low cut and sincerely speaker his more taller and more muscular than the blondie.
He’s a bully. Rumor says he’s a gay and maybe he got a thing with Harry.
“Hey where the damn ass did you bring yourself from into this school,” Justin questioned in his deep baritone voice. He look deadly. Everyone fears him in Hamilton even the school heads and teachers. But looking at the newbie, he doesn’t even appear like there’s any form of fear in him.
Maybe cos he’s new and haven’t heard of Justin.
He wanted to sit back on the seat but it was instantly kicked off in a swift by Justin.
The blondie chuckled.
“I asked you a question,” Justin said with a jeering smile.
Blondie rubbed his neck, then rubbed his hands together before smiling at Justin. A plain smile.
“You see, I don’t make troubles. I hate troubles. If I tell you a simple sentence, follow it. I hate war but if you bring me into a war with you, then you gonna die by my sword,” blondie said to Justin’s face.
Justin laughed scornfully and turned to the crowd.
“Haven’t you told this bitch here about me huh! About who Justin is huh!”
The class was silence like a graveyard.
Justin turned to the newbie.
“Bitch, go and get me that seat,” Justin ordered him with deadly eyes and sneering voice.
The newbie chuckled, glanced at the seat thrown far away. He turned back to Justin.
“You go get it asshole,” he said to Justin.
I hurried to him and took his hand. He looked at me.
“He’s very dangerous. Just do what he says and he’ll leave,” I whispered to him. He smiled and touched my hair.
“I love your hair and your blue eyes and you see that asshole over there, he can’t kill a fly,” he said out loudly and pushed me away.
“Go get that chair asshole!” he barked at Justin who began advancing towards him. The newbie got ready for him. Before Justin got to him, the newbie had punched him on his temple and when Justin tried using his own fist on him, he slide down and grabbed Justin’s wrist and began twisting his arm. Justin yelled out in pain.
Everyone gasped in total shock.
“I told you I hate war but if you bring me into a war with you, you gonna die by my sword,” Blondie said, twisting Justin’s arm more and Justin yelled out in pains.
Everyone’s mouth was ajar. No one believed that Justin could be defeated!
I felt happy.
Justin thought he is some lord!
“WHAT IS GOING ON HERE!!” Mr Hansburg and his clicking shoes barged into the classroom.
The noise died down immediately. The blondie still held Justin’s arm.
“Let go of his arm this minute Jayson!!” Mr Hansburg said.
Oh he’s name is Jayson.
Jayson let go of his hand and in a blink, Justin pounced on Jayson, punching him severally on the cheek without minding the principal standing and yelling.
Jayson didn’t see it coming.
Justin rushed out before Jayson could retaliate
Jayson’s lips was bleeding.
I felt sad.
“Jayson, see me at my office now!” Mr Hansburg said.
“What about the asshole?” Jayson threw at him.
“I will get him” Mr Hansburg said.
“Follow me now,” he added then turned to everyone, “Go back to your books! Your exams starts in the next hour,” he said and walked out.
Jayson looked at me with some eyes I couldn’t guess. He looked at Harry who’s lips had stopped bleeding.
He then walked out.
I felt sorry for him. I mean, he got wounded. I felt bad like he shouldn’t have let go of Justin’s arm. Now Justin had ran out and he’s the only one to be punished for fighting!
I walked back to my seat as everyone did too. I picked up my books on the ground and dropped them on tmy desk
Harry picked up the chair and sat down on the desk that Jayson had said he now owns.
He touched his lips with a sigh.
I don’t even know who is to blame but the truth is that, Jayson would be blamed.
He started this all by taking Harry’s seat and then hitting him.
Everyone is gonna blame him but I felt like defending him.
Just then I saw Neil and Tessy walk into the class.
They weren’t holding hands again.
Tessy followed Neil to his seat and they began chatting and laughing.
Two of Neil’s friends (guys) went to them and began telling them about the fight.
I opened the novel and focused my eyes there, even though I wasn’t reading.
I was bitter but I felt more sad for Jayson.
[G.A hospita] Clara
“…his surgery is scheduled by 10:30am tomorrow and Mr Tomson Hayler by 3pm,”
I wrote down on the record as Dr Rosh talked.
“Mr Ramond Walker health record had been gone through and his surgery is re-scheduled from 9am on wednesday to 12pm today. He needs to be operated today,” he said and I wrote down.
“That’s all, prepare for the first surgery in fourty minutes,” he said. I closed up the surgery record file.
“Alright doctor,” I said and walked out of his office.
I used the elevator and came down to my office.
Getting in, my phone rang. I picked it out from my trouser pocket.
I smiled.
Seeing his call gladdened my heart. I wonder why.
I picked up the call.
“Claraa,how are you doing?” his voice came on, soft and just lovely.
“Im fine, what about you?” I said.
“Im happy to know you are fine. I got some good news. Im gonna tell you when im back,” he said.
Good news.
I smiled, “Alright.”
“Take care of yourself ok,” he said.
“I am, you too.” I said.
“I will… I love you so much,” he said.
I inhaled. “Thanks Drake,” I said and the call ended.
Drakee.. Im I aready loving him?
What about Noah? im so selfish. I’ve not gone to see him.
I love Noah but im also starting to love Drake or im I already in love with him?
Im so confused.
I don’t know what to do.
How did Jayson get to know Danelle’s name?
Let’s know the genius here
From Author RiRi Library
All right reserved©

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Re: The Badboy Diary / Fiction Story by emperorblog21(m): 1:01pm On Aug 21
The BadBoy Diary
(A New Romance )
Written by, Rejoice Jeremiah. C
Chapter 4
Jayson came back when the first exam which is Practical Literature was about to begin.
Infact, the question papers had already been shared.
I’ve been so worried, wondering if he isn’t going to take the exams.
And when he walked in, I felt relieved.
He got to me, smiled which I returned before he looked at Harry who buried his face in his papers.
“I’ll still get the seat.” he said to Harry then winked at me before going to the empty backseat.
The class was silent.
Mr Cale and other two invigilators; Mr Kenneth and Mrs Pat moved around with the question papers and once it had gotten to everyone, Mr Cale ordered for the start.
I stared at the questions.
I know almost all of them but im sure Jayson doesn’t know any of it.
I glanced behind to see him staring at the paper.
I faced back to my paper.
I wish I could get the chance to help him.
I sighed and began writting down on my answer sheet.
When I glanced behind again, he was chewing his gum and tapping his fingers on the desk.
I sighed and faced the papers in my front.
‘I can’t help you. I wish I can, but exam malpractice isn’t done in Halmiton.’
An hour and fourty minutes later, time got up and the exam invigilators took the papers.
When I glanced back, Jayson’s head was on his desk.
“Your next paper is in an hour time, prepare!” Mr Cale said and they left.
I glanced behind again. His head is still on the desk.
Wait is he sleeping?
And truthfully he was sleeping cos twenty minutes later, his head was still on the desk.
I got up and walked to him.
I tapped him on the shoulder and he raised his face.
He wasn’t sleeping cos he didn’t seem like.
He had a slight cut on his upper lip and on his left cheek.
He smiled at me.
“Danelle, how was the exam?” he asked.
“Fine but I know it wasn’t for you,” I said.
He shrugged. “Normal stuff for me.”
“The main paper is coming soon,” I said.
He rolled his eyes, “Bleep it.”
I shook my head.
“Uhmm I thought you were sleeping, so I came to wake you up, you should be reading now,” I said.
He rolled his eyes, “Read my ass. Reading is the most boring thing in the world,” he said.
“Really?” I said.
“Yeap and don’t worry I wasn’t sleeping,I was thinking,” he said.
“Thinking? okay,” I said.
I would be stupid asking him what he was thinking, besides eyes are now staring at us.
“But I don’t mind reading with you,” he said.
“Yeap,” he said and stood up. He got out a textbook from his bag.
“Let’s read together.” he said and walked over to my desk with his chair.
He dropped it in front of my desk and sat down.
I inhaled, walked over and sat down, facing him.
Im sure all eyes will be at me and the newbie that twisted Justin’s arm today.
‘Including Neil and Tessy,’ the little voice within me said.
I avoided taking my eyes to their direction but I can’t deny that I did catch a glimpse.
They are reading together.
I felt so bitter. I’ll never fall inlove again. Men don’t deserve through love at all.
“It hurts right?” Jayson asked.
“What?” I asked, not getting him.
More stories @ www.chorusman.com
He glanced at Neil and Tessy and faced me back, “They.”
“It do but im strong,” I said.
He chuckled. “Really? How strong are you?” he asked.
“Im strong enough to face it,” I said and opened my note book.
He opened his textbook.
“Are you strong enough like Justin?” he asked.
I smiled. “Im strong enough like you,” I said.
He laughed.
“Good to find someone who is strong like me,” he said.
I smiled.
Even though i am developing some hatred for guys, I can’t deny that I like this handsome, fearless, funny and arrogant boy sitting in front of me. He is sweet.
Being his friend won’t be a bad thing. At least for someone who twisted Justin’s arm.
He brought his face closer like he wanna whisper something to me. He have stopped chewing his gum.
“So tell me, how cute am I?” he asked.
“Huh!” I blurted.
He pulled back his face.
“Cos you’ve staring at me,” he said.
I rolled my eyes in pretence but the truth is that I was actually admiring his handsomeness, his blue beach eyes and his blonde hair.
His lips is just too attractive.
“Stop denying it,” he said.
“What! I was only looking at the injuries on your lip and cheek. Sorry about it. It hurt much?”I asked.
“It doesn’t hurt one bit,” he said.
I remembered the books on my desk.
“But stop lying Danelle, you were admiring my cuteness,” he said.
“I wasn’t!” I snapped. I bet my voice was loud because eyes turned to me, including Tessy and Neil and somehow, I felt happy that Jayson is more handsome than Neil.
When I turned back to Jayson, he was smiling.
“Let’s read. It’s almost time.” I said.
He brought out two bubble gum, opened one, threw it into his mouth and stretched the other one to me.
“Thanks, I don’t want.” I said. He smiled and dropped it on the desk.
“I love chewing gum while reading, what about you?” he asked.
“I love silence,” I said.
“Ah yeah yeah I love that,” he said and glanced at Harry who’s eyes were buried on his books.
“I’ll still get that seat, trust me,” he said.
“…what do you think dad?” I asked my dad who’s eyes were on the shakespearean novel.
He looked up.
“I told you son. She can never wait for you. She might be very inlove with you but she can’t wait for you,” he said.
“She promised to. She said she is gonna stand by me, stay with me and love me no matter the circumstances,” I said.
“What if she’s with someone else?” he said.
“Clara can’t do that!” I said.
He smiled. “I tell you son, you are a prisoner and we are not getting out of here soon,” he said.
“Just shut up dad! you caused this all for me! I regret ever knowing who you are!” I said.
He smiled.
“You enjoyed the money and the fame or didn’t you dear son?” he asked.
“You made me do every single mistake that I did!” I barked.
“Because I wanted you to be comfortable and rich, just like me, your father,” he said.
“And where are all these fames now huh!” I asked.
“You had enjoyed it all and now it’s time to pay,” he said.
I wanted to hit him with the anger boiling in me but I couldn’t. He’s still my dad.
I walked to the door with a bitter heart.
Why haven’t Clara come again to see me? it’s a week now.
What’s wrong? she promised to come.
It is true that she’s suddenly with someone else?
No I cant let that happen. No one can have her. She’s mine alone.
It’s either I have her or no one else will.’
I smiled as a plan suddenly formed in my head.
I recalled someone, someone that can do the job perfectly but it’s how im gonna get intouch with her.
I hit my fist on the door. ‘Oh Bleep this cell!’
If I don’t have Clara then no one can have her.
She’s mine. Clara is all mine.
[Hamilton high school] Danelle’s pov
The Exams were over for today and I packed up my books into my backpack.
Jayson was standing infront with earphones deep in his ears.
I wore my bag and looked at him cos he was blocking the way.
“Where are you going?” he asked as he dropped one of the earphone off his ear.
“To the girls dormitory,” I said.
“Really, so early? Come let’s take a walk around the school,” he said.
“I don’t want to,” I said and tried walking pass but he took my hand.
“Shh let’s go,” he said and pulled me along.
I met Delia at the hallway.
She gasped at seeing Jayson. I wonder why.
“Oh my…” she muttered and then smiled at him then at me.
“Im going to the dormitory babe, see you there,” she said to me.
“Nooo, im going with you.” I said and tried taking my hand from Jayson’s hold but it was just strong.
“Don’t worry, your friend is safe with me,” he said to Delia who gave him some kinda smile and walked away.
“How many friends do you have in this school?” he asked.
“Why asking and how did you know my name back there at the class?” I asked.
“Answer mine first,” he said.
“I have no friend now. I don’t wanna have,” I said.
He turned me over to face him.
“What? what about me?” he asked.
“You ain’t. She isn’t too. We just talk,” I said.
“We just talk too?” he asked.
“Yes,” I said.
“Alright,” he said and pulled out the necklace he wore and wore it on my neck.
“What are you doing?” I asked.
He took my bangle which a wore and wore it on his wrist.
“Symbol of our friendship. We are now friends. Keep it safe,” he said with as smile.
Seriously who is this guy!
It was then that I saw Neil and Tessy walk pass. They saw everything, im sure.
Somehow I felt that Jayson did what he just did because of them. I felt kinda happy.
He took my hand again.
“Why are holding my hand?” I asked.
“Don’t act like you are some kid. Don’t you want to revenge?” he asked.
“Revenge on what? who?” I asked.
He rolled his eyes. “The asshole that just passed with the LovePeddler you called a bestfriend,” he said.
“And im gonna revenge by us holding hands?” I asked, amuzed.
“Silly nop! I mean by being with me. He’s gonna regret ever toying with your heart,” he said.
“Being with you in what way?” I asked.
“Being my friend. What are you thinking?” he chuckled.
I chuckled. “Being your friend isn’t gona make him regret toying with my heart,” I said.
“Just accept to be and you’ll see how it works,” he said.
“Alright but just friends,” I said.
I really wanna hurt Neil for hurting me. I want to make him regret ever hurting me but I don’t wanna use force but make it an emotional hurtness and maybe that is what Jayson is talking about.
Emotional hurtness and regret.
Im in.
“Yeap just friends but it won’t be a bad thing if you later fall inlove with me cos im hot!” he said with a smile.
I rolled my eyes. “Stop thinking such,” I said.
He smiled.
“Let’s go to the music class. I want to sing,” he said.
“You can sing?” I asked.
“Yeap,” he said.
We headed towards the music class.
“How did you know my name back there in class?” I asked again.
“Stop asking that, I saw it on your textbook,” he said.
Oh smart.
But he still held my hand. The hand where he wore my bangle.
I can’t believe im wearing this guy’s necklace, all in just one day.
We got to the music classroom and he settled on the keyboard and switched it on. I sat beside him and he played the keys perfectly.
“Sing Danelle,” he said.
“I can’t sing,” I said.
He smiled.
“ Looking at these pretty eyes of yourss ” he sang ans played.
Wow what a voice. His voice is really different when he sings, more sweeter.
“ And this beautiful hair that you’ve got ” he sang the second line.
Wow.. but wait, is he talking about me?
Your smile is amazing, just like the one on your beautiful face now he said.
Ah.. this guy! he’s singing about mee.
Tell me, Isn’t it best to fall inlove with you
Fall inlove with who??
“How was the song??” he asked, smiling.
I smiled.
“Wow, sincerely speaking, you have a sweet voice when you sing, but annoying voice when you speak,” I said.
He laughed.
“I got the voice from my mom, that’s just the way her voice was,” she said.
“Wow.. she must be an angel in singing,” I said.
“Yeah but she’s gone,” he said.
“Gone to where?” I asked.
“Heaven to sing with God Angels,” he said with a hurtful smile. I saw it.
My face went pale. “Im sorry about that,” I said.
He smiled. “I’ve gotten over it. I have my dad but he’s pretty annoying,” he said.
“Just like you are,” I said.
He smiled and played the keyboard again.
“There’s this song I just remembered. Let’s sing it together. All you’ll do is play this key every two seconds while I play the rest,” he said showing me the key.
I smiled. “Alright.” I played the key. Wow. I can’t wait to hear the song.
“So at the count of one, two, three, you play,” he said.
I smiled.
“Alright,” I said and got ready.
“One two three go,” he said and I played the key, he also played the rest and then he began a song.
If the whisper said come,
Are you gonna come to meee
His voice when singing is outta this world.
From Author RiRi Library
All right reserved©


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Re: The Badboy Diary / Fiction Story by izaray(f): 2:20pm On Aug 21
Loving this story

Thanks for the update

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Re: The Badboy Diary / Fiction Story by MhiztaRange(m): 9:39am On Aug 22
Firstly I’m happy you made Clara give Drake a chance not because Noah was sentenced or he never got out of jail. Secondly, I think Danielle is paying Neil and her best friend back too sudden, you should av let them separate then give them the perfect revenge. It’s better when served cold
Re: The Badboy Diary / Fiction Story by emperorblog21(m): 3:35pm On Aug 23
The BadBoy Diary
(A New Romance )
Written by, Rejoice Jeremiah. C
Chapter 5
I walked downstairs with my bag to see Johanna who waved waved at me, smiling.
She walked up to me.
“Nurse Clara,” she called.
I smiled. “Johanna, I was very busy today,” I said.
“Yeah I know. So how are you?” she aaked.
“Im fine dear and you?” I asked.
“Im fine just that i’ve been wondering about you. About what you told me. Did you see him?” she asked.
I smiled. “Yeah I did.”
“And?” she asked.
“You won’t believe it if I tell you,” I said.
“What, tell me please,” she said, eager.
“I gave him a chance,” I said.
She gasped. “Wow lovely. You did the right thing, believe me and about Noah, try to forget about him though I don’t mean totally but let that love between you both end cos your future isn’t with him. ” she said.
I sighed. “I feel remorse about what I did,” I said.
“Is it so strong?” she asked.
“Not so strong but it’s there, pricking at me,” I said.
“Is there anything else that had happened between you and Drake aparr from you giving him a chance?” she asked.
I inhaled. Should I tell her about the sex? That I let Drake have sex with me?
She suddenly smiled. “Ah, I get it, it’s written all over you. You both kissed right?” she said.
I sighed. “Not just that, we had sex,” I said with a spark of shyness and embarrasement but her smile grew wider.
“Woww. It’s okay. The remorse is gonna end soonest, trust me on that and you’ll realise that Drake is really the one for you,” she said.
I inhaled. “Alright Johanna, I’ll leave now,” I said.
“Alright, see you tomorrow, goodnight.” she said.
“Goodnight dear,” I said and walked out of the hallway. Getting out of the hospital building, I saw Drake’s car at the parking lot.
I knew he was gonna come. I just knew!
It made me smile.
He was leaning on his car bonnet with his eyes on his phone.
I walked towards him and before I got to him, he had seen me. He smiled and dropped his phone into his trouser pocket.
I got to him and he smiled.
For the first time, I admired how handsome he is on suit.
“Hi nurse Clara Adams, the most beautiful nurse in the world,” he said causing me to roll my eyes with smiles.
“Stop flattering me, im old enough,” I said.
He smiled. “I’ve not seen any nurse more beautiful than you Clara. Well if I do, I’ll let you know,” he said and I smiled.
He took my hands with us facing each other.
“So how was your day?” he asked.
“It was fine but a little hectic,” I said. “And how was yours?” I asked.
“It was great. Today is one of my happiest day,” he said and kissed my hand. That sent chills down me.
“Really? tell me, you mentioned about a goodnews,” I said.
He smiled and kissed my forehead. “Not yet, come lemme take you somewhere,” he said.
“Where?” I asked.
“Dinner,” he said and led me to the car door and opened the door for me to go in.
He did same thing in the morning when he drove me to work.
I smiled. “You can’t keep doing this,” I said.
He smiled. “I don’t mind. You are my queen abd my queen deserves so much respect and care,” he said.
That made me smile. I went into the passenger’s seat and he closed the door. He came in to the driver’s seat and closed the door.
I fastened my seatbelt.
I had no idea there is any bag beside, at the centre inbetween his seat and mine until he raised it to my face.
A pink cute looking shopping bag.
“Have this,” he said and I took it. I opened it to see a packs of chocolates and a small heart-shaped small book with a small white teddy fixed on top. I brought it out and removed the cute teddy.
The cover design is so beautiful with a rose painted and beside the rose is beautifully written this two words, HOW MUCH YOU MEAN TO ME, MY LOVE
Wow.. I looked at Drake and his eyes were on the windscreen. He was driving now.
I faced the small heart-shaped book and opened it to the first page;
I read.
The First time I met you, I fell inlove with you..
It was the only words beautifully written on the first page with heart shape drawings.
I opened the second page and read;
But I was afraid to tell you how much i’ve fallen deeply inlove with you..
I felt my stomache tighten.
I opened to the third page;
Your beauty is without definition, it.caught my very eyes… And your eyes were pure like the heaven, they sparkled when you look at me..
I looked at Drake and I could see him smiling from the corner of his lips but his eyes were focused on the steering.
I turned my eyes back to the small book and turned to the fourth page;
Your voice was like an Angel talking to me.. And your smile made my whole day..
God.. this is really Amazing. I couldn’t the help the smile that was filling up my mouth. I let it out.
I felt butterflies in my stomache.
I turned to the fifth page;
I wanted to be so close to you, beautiful one and I tried my best to be..
I turned to the sixth page;
And when you accepted my closeness, I felt ontop of the world..
I smiled.
How on earth did Drake get this book.
I turned to the seventh page;
It felt so wonderful to be beside you and you beside me. I fell deeply iove, more inlove with you..
Wow.. wow
This is amazing. This book so amazing.
I looked at Drake who’s eyes were on the steering.
‘Drake you can’t cease to suprise me. Where on earth did you get this book?’
I turned to thr eighth page;
And when I couldn’t help it, I poured it all out to you..
I smiled and turned to the ninth page;
And that best and happiest moment of my life was when you said ‘yes’ to me and gave your whole heart to me..
Wowwwww.. this is breathtaking.
I turned to the next page;
I love you, my love..
Oh Drakeeee. I pictured the ‘my love’ wiped off and replied with my name, I love you, Clara..
I smiled. Beautiful.
I turned to the last page.
And im happy that you love me too.
I will never leave you cos you mean the whole world to me, my love..
At the back cover was written THE END
Oh woww.
I looked at Drake and he smiled and looked at me.
“Than you for reading it all,” he said.
“Im speechless” I said.
He smiled and pulled into a place, a restaurant.
“I saw it at a bookstore, it caught my eyes and when I went through it, I couldn’t help but buy it for you to read. It was just like me talking to you,” he said.
I glanced at the book then dropped it into the bag, I dropped the bag and unfastened my seatbelt.
He did too and then took my hand and came very close to me, smiling.
“You are my most beautiful thing, everything to me, my love, my life, my family, you are my all Clara and I want you to know that nothing is ever gonna stop me from loving you, cos you are the best thing to me. I see it in your eyes that you gonna accept me fully soon and love me. I love you Clara,” he said and brought his face closer.
He want to kiss me. I looked down and he brought up my face with his hand on my jaw, he kissed me.
I closed my eyes as chills ran down my spine.
It made me remember things we did together at seashore resort.
When he pulled away, he smiled and squeezed my hand slightly.
I smiled. I did smile.
“Thanks for smiling, it means a whole lot to me,” he said then breathed out as he stared out at the restaurant beautifully built anddecorated in the most perfect way. It was a bit dark due to the dim lights.
He turned to me.
“Let’s go,” he said.
“Okay,” I said.
He pulled out his car keys and we walked down from the car and closed the door. He came over and took my hand in his and we walked into the restaurant.
Few people were in, and suprisingly, only lovers and couples.
“Here,” Drake said as we got to an empty table. He pulled out a chair for me and I sat down. He sat on the other seat, opposite me. We faced each other.
A waiter came with their menu.
Drake made an order and the waiter went away.
“Drake you know so much about beautiful things,” I said. I couodn’t hide my suprise.
He smiled. “Cos you deserve beautiful things, my love,” he said.
I smiled.
The waiter came back with all we ordered and placed them carefully on the table. My meal, Drake’s meal and a red wine and two wine glass at the centre. He walked away.
Drake opened the wine and poured into the two glasses.
He shifted one to me then looked into my eyes with some charming smile.
“Clara, you are a goodluck to me,” he said.
I stared at him.
He took his glass of wine.
“All I thought of you was actually true, you are a unique lady Clara,” he said.
I stared at him.
“I never thought I could get the promotion at work but just falling inlove with you had brought so much happiness to me,” he said.
I gasped. “You got promoted?”
He smiled. “Yeap, to the position of an assistant manager of the general manager of the company,” he said.
“Wow! this is goodness Drake, im so happy for you. Congratulations,” I said feeling so happy for him.
He smiled. “You are the reason Clara. Your love brought it all. Being with you forever will be my greatest achievement. Thank you Clara,” he said and raised the glass of wine. “Let’s toast to the goodnews,” he said. I smiled and raised my glass and we did.
I sipped from my glass and he did same.
“Wow, congratulations Drake. Like it’s so suprising,” I said, smiling.
“I was suprised like crazy. When I was given the letter of promotion and I read it, I went speechless for minutes. I couldn’t believe it,” he said, smiling too.
“Wow,” I breathed.
“Let’s eat. You must be very hungry,” he said.
I smiled and picked up my fork and knife.
He took a spoon and stretched it to my mouth.
I smiled and opened my mouth. He fed it to me then ate his.
I smiled.
Im falling inlove wity you Drake.
Im falling inlove with you and I don’t think I can stop myself.
Im inlove with you, I can’t keep the pretence but how can I say it to you.
I can’t believe that I went to seashore resort but was told that Drake had left.
I went to maymack only to find his door locked.
I didn’t even bother to go to the stupid girl. I drove straight back home.
He refused picking my call for the twentieth time and I flung the phone away angrily.
Nikky rolled her eyes at me.
“Flinging your phone all the won’t solve the ish here,” she said.
“I want Drake, Nikky. Where the hell have he gone to again?”
“Why didn’t you check the girl. Who knows if he’s back to the apartment and they went out,” Nikky said.
“Drake said that she have a boyfriend whom she is committed to and he’s avoiding him, trying to stop his love for her,” I said.
She chuckled. “And you believed?”
“I don’t know. What do you think Nikky?” I said.
“Well I think that guy is back to maymack and right this minute, he’s with no one else but her. Come on B, do you think it’s easy for him to stop his love for her? look at it, he rejected your seduction, a hottie like you because of the clown. Think about it. If you don’t want this guy, then leave him for whoever she is but if you want him, then act, act B, act before it get too late,” she said.
“Act what? I’ve already threatened her. My threats shoud scare hee outta that apartment and very far away from maymack.” I said.
She laughed. “Okay, you’ve given her your threats, but she’s still there, then you do something. Show her that you do whatever you say, that you ain’t some coward.”
“By killing her?” I asked, knowing I can’t do such.
“No not that yet, by suffering her a little. You have the money, Go to the hospital she works and bride the heads to fire her to show her the least of the things you can do to her,” She said.
I tilted my head back in thought.
I smiled. “Good idea Nikky.”
“That will make her understand that you are a lady of your words,” she said.
“Yeah but the prob here is that I don’t know the hospital she is working at,” I said.
“We definitely gonna find out and when we do, don’t hesitate to strike,” she said.
“So far it doesn’t involve killing, im in,” I said.
She smiled with a roll of her eyes.
“So tell me how much do you want for this cool idea you brought?” I asked, smiling.
She laughed. “Fifty thousand dollars will be managable,” she said.
I laughed. “Thief!!”
She laughed hard.
My phone began ringing. I couldn’t reach it but Nikky did.
“Who’s that?” I asked
“Mr Carlos, your sugar manager,” she laughed.
I rolled my eyes.
She brought the phone to me. I picked up the call.
“Hello Mr Carlos,” I said with a fake smile.
“Hello my superstar. Your first shoots is gaining so much attraction already. We are lucky to you in the industry,” he said.
“Thanks Mr Carlos,” I said but I know that’s not the only reason for his call.
“So Brenda, why don’t we meet tomorrow at the usual place,” he said.
I rolled my eyes.
“Okay,” I said.
“Alright, see you tomorrow,” he said.
“See you too,” I said and dropped the phone after the call was cut. I hissed.
“Wow babe, it seems that man can’t get enough of you. Wait, did you use charm on him or something?” Niky said.
I rolled my eyes at her. “I wish I do, I won’t hesitate to use it on Drake,” I said.
She laughed.
“So did you say you are meeting with which model star on wednesday?” she asked.
I smiled. “James Britt,” I smiled.
She gasped. “Wow. I’ve heard news about that guy. They say he’s hot!” she said.
“Yeah he is,” I smiled.
Drake I pulled into Maymack apartment 3 and came to a stop.
Tonight with Clara had been so amazing.
I unfastened my seatbelt and turned to her.
“Thanks for tonight Clara,” I said.
She smiled. “It was awesome,” she said.
I smiled. “Goodnight okay, see you in the morning.”
“Goodnight dear,” she said.
Wow.. did she just called me ‘dear’
I leaned towards and kissed her. This time she reciprocated.
I pulled back with a smile.
She smiled then opened the door and went down.
I watched her till she entered her apartment.
I smiled.
I love you Clara and I can’t wait to have a sweet moment of love making with you again.
I can’t wait for you to fall inlove with you so I could ask you to marry me.
I see my future with you.
The bank gave me just a week to pack into the new house given to me by the company with a new car too.
And im thinking of suprising Clara by getting her a new car.
I wish she’d go with me.
Im scared of seeing you away from me.’
I got out of the car, shut the door and headed to my apartment.
Getting in, I took out my phone from my pocket to see Brenda’s missed calls.
I actually placed her calls on silence so whenever she calls, it wouldn’t ring and I won’t be disturned by it.

I showered and wore my nightwear then I layed down to sleep and soon, I slept off dreaming about Clara and I living together.
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The BadBoy Diary
(A New Romance )
Written by, Rejoice Jeremiah. C
Chapter 6
I got to school the next day to hear the fuss going on about Jayson beating up the school badboy.
I rushed to where the students gathered and pushed in through the crowd to see a bleeding Justin who layed on the ground, wailing in pain and a Jayson who went to him and sent another blow to his face. As if that wasn’t enough, Jayson picked up a big stick laying beside and swung it on Justin’s.
A loud wail followed from both Justin and the crowd.
He hit it again on him and I yelled out.
“Jayson!!” and rushed to him. He had bruises all over his left cheek and forehead.
“What’s wrong with you! Haven’t you done enough!” I yelled.
“I’ve not,” he said, “I’ll kill him.”
He raised the stick again to hit Justin.
“No Jayson!!!” I yelled so louder than my voice. He paused and looked at me.
“What Danelle? I need to deal with the asshole so he would know where he belong,” he said.
“You’ve dealt with him enough please,” I said.
I was even pitying Justin.
“He doesn’t wanna say sorry. I’ll keep hitting him this until he learns how to say sorry,” he said.
“Don’t hit him that again Jayson, he’s bleeding so much,” I said.
“I will,” he said and raised the stick up but then we heard the sharp clicking sounds of Mr Hansburg shoes coming in.
“Stop that this minute!” he ordered.
“And why should I?” Jayson asked without turning.
“Because I order you to as the principal of this school!” Mr Hansburg said.
“When you did that yesterday, tell me, what happened?” Jayson asked.
“I don’t care what happened, drop the stick now!” Mr Hansburg ordered.
Jayson smiled. He looked at Justin who was wailing silently in pains. He stretched forth his hand to Justin.
“Say sorry to me and give me your hand,” Jayson said.
Justin spat out in a way that shows he’ll never do that.
Jayson laughed and placed his feet on Justin’s chest.
“If you don’t want your arm twisted, do it ” Jayson said.
Justin said nothing so Jayson made to grab his hand but before he could, Justin let out a “Sorry.”
Jayson laughed and removed his feet from Jayson’s chest.
He took Justin’s hand and helped him up.
“Follow me to my office, both of you,” Mr Hansburg said and walked away.
Jayson smiled at Justin who had no smile on his bruise filled face but kept touching his bleeding lips.
Before they followed Mr Hansburg, Jason gave me a smile that made my stomache tighten. Even in his bruise filled face, he still look so cute.
The students went away but two girls walked to me.
“Who are you to him? Is he your boyfriend?” one asked.
“My friend,” I said.
The second one smiled. “Can I be your friend so I can get to be his friend as well.”
“We!” the first one corrected.
The second rolled her eyes at her, “Yeah I know.”
I inhaled. “Im sorry but you can go to him if you wanna be his friend,” I said and walked towards my class.
Once I was in class, my eyes went to Neil’s seat and Tessy was with him.
I suddenly wished Jayson was here.
I sat down and brought out my books. I focused my eyes on it but I wasn’t concentrating, my eyes kept going to them.
I felt bitter and broken.
I packed back my books, stood up and was heading out when Jayson came in.
I stopped. He smiled at me. His bruises had been treated.
“Hello beautiful,” Jayson said and touched my cheek. In front of this whole class.
“You look so beautiful,” he said and touched my hair.
“What happened there?” I asked, ignoring what he just said.
“Normal stuff.. For fighting, im to take the rest of my exams alone,” he said.
I gasped. “And you call that normal stuff? What about Justin?” I asked.
“I don’t give a damn,” he said.
“Where are you going?” he asked.
“Library,” I said.
He smiled. “Let’s go together then,” he said. and took my hand.
I smiled and we walked out. Somehow, I glanced back to see Neil eyes on us.
I felt happy.
“So what happened, why did you fight Justin?” I asked.
He rolled his eyes, “Don’t ask me like you don’t know.”
“I do but what really happened?” I asked.
“He challenged me to a fight and I went for it,” he said.
“How were you able to beat him that way. Tell me, no one in this school had ever defeated Justin that way,” I said.
“Do you want me to teach you how to fight?” he asked, smiling.
“Yeah, if possible,” I said, smiling as well.
He laughed and squeezed my hand.
I recalled we were still holding hands.
“Tell me,” I said.
“I will later,” he said.
We got to the library and settled on a bench and began reading.
Occasionally, when I glance at him, his eyes will be on me.
This went on till I got fed up.
“Why are you staring at me?” I asked.
He smiled without saying anything.
“Why?” I asked.
“You are beautiful,” he said.
I sighed. “You are not reading. Have you forgotten you are taking the exams alone,” I said.
He smiled and faced his textbook that have been on page.1 for thirty minutes.
Coming out of the Library and heading back to class, Jayson didn’t leave my hand.
I wonder what’s really special in holding my hand.
We turned into class and everyone’s eyes were on us.
‘What will they think about me holding hands with someone who just got admitted into this school and beat up Justin-the school bad boy.
Whatever they wanna say but Neil’s eyes seem not to be going off our direction.
It made me feel like doing more or rather wish Jayson would do more.
“See, I don’t want to sit at the backseat anymore,” Jayson said.
“So what do you want to do?” I asked.
“Beat him up and take the damn seat,” he said referring to Harry who sat, typing on his phone.
“Do you keep beating people up?” I asked.
He smiled. “Im just kidding, c’mon im not troublesome. I don’t look for trouble,” he said.
“So are you going to the backseat now?” I asked.
He chuckled. “Have you forgotten that im taking the rest of my exams alone?” he said.
Oh that’s right. I felt bad.
“Alright,” I said.
“I’ll see you at lunch,” he said.
“Alright,” I said.
Knowing he’s not gonna be in class hurts. I just want this guy around me. He gives me some courage that I can’t be able to give myself.
He drew nearer to my face. I raised my brows at him.
“Are you sad that im not gonna be in class, you’ll miss me right?” he asked.
I inhaled. He caught me.
“Im just sad that you gonna take the rest of your exams alone.” I said.
He smiled.
“Awwwwn,” he said, making me look at his lips. I looked away instantly.
“Don’t worry, I’ll be fine and i’ll be back, Don’t miss me too much,” he said and took my hand.
He kissed my hand.
I glanced around and all eyes were on us.
‘Jayson what’s wrong with you?’
“Jayson,” I muttered and he smiled and walked out of the class.
I glanced at Neil to see his eyes on Jayson. It made me smile.
I got out my writing materials to prepare for Geometry.
Hours later:
The morning exams were over and the bell for lunch break rang.
I packed up my bag and excitedly waited for Jayson.
Neil and Tessy walked out of the class hand in hand.
Just then Delia walked in. I smiled at her.
“Danelle,” she called and came to my desk.
“How was your exams this morning?” she asked.
“It was okay, and yours?”
“Uhmm lemme say okay too.”
I smiled.
“Let’s go to the cafeteria, im hungry,” she said.
“Alright,” I said and locked my desk locker.
I stood up and we were about walking out of the class wen I remembered Jayson. I stopped.
“Delia we should wait for someone,” I said.
“Who?” she asked.
“Jayson,” I said.
“Alright,” she said and we walked back to class.
“Danelle, did you know Jayson from somewhere?” she asked.
“Nop,” I said and sat down on my seat while she sat on my desk.
“So how come you two are suddenly talking so fine to each other? I mean why are you both friends already. He just started school last week friday,” Delia said.
“Well we met the day I caught Neil and Tessy at the old ballet hall. He’s actually stubborn, he made us become friends and gave me this,” I said and showed her the necklace.
She gasped. “Really?”
“Yeah and took my bangle. We have a cute plan tho,” I said.
“What plan?” she asked.
“To hurt Neil and Tessy,” I said.
I told her.
“Wow, that’s a nice idea but be careful with that guy. He’s deadly. He beat up Justin without washing a minute. I think that guy is into something. Maybe a vampire or werewolf. He’s too fast and jeeez! he’s so handsome at the same time,” Delia said.
I chuckled. “Vampire or werewolf? funny. Those are only in movies, I don’t believe em,” I said.
She shrugged. “Me either. Im just baffled at the way he fights and the words he always say; I hate war but if you bring me into a war, you’ll die by my sword. I just think there’s something about him,” she said.
“Well I did ask him but he said he is gonna tell me later.” I said.
“Alright,” she said. “..but what’s keeping him. Im hungry and wait, where did he go to anyways?”
“He’s on a punishment of taking the rest of his exams alone,” I said.
“Oh that’s bad for him,” she said. “..but is he intelligent?” she asked.
I chuckled. She laughed.
Just then, Jayson walked in.
I smiled. Seeing him excites me unknowingly.
He’s just cool and sweet to me.
Delia raised her brows at me. I smiled at her.
“I just like him,” I told her.
She raised her brows more.
Jayson got to me and without minding Delia or anybody else presence, he kissed my forehead.
I felt butterflies in my stomache.
Delia stared from him to me.
Jayson smiled at me.
“I took so long, you missed me right?” he asked.
I rolled my eyes. “Who?”
He smiled. “Stop the pretence, come.” he said and pulled me up from the seat and began walking out.
“My friend is here, have you forgotten?” I asked him. He stopped.
“Oh sorry. I thought you said she’s not your friend,” he said.
“She is,” I said and turned to Delia who I couldn’t picture the expression on her face.
“Let’s go Delia.” I said and she got down from my desk and smiled.
We walked out.
We got to the cafeteria and settled on an empty table, after making our orders.
I sat beside Jayson while Delia sat opposite me.
My eyes searched around for Neil and Tessy but I didn’t see them in the large place.
“Uhm sorry to ask you this Jayson but how did you beat up Justin? he’s the strongest guy in this school,” Delia asked Jayson who was picking his rice.
He smiled at her. “The way you saw it is the way it happened,” he said.
Delia raised his brow,“Really? how were you able to?”
“Stop the curiosity. I don’t talk while eating.” he said to her.
She smiled at me. “But you were going to tell Danelle if I wasn’t here right?”
Jayson looked at me with some eyes that said ‘You talk too much Danelle’
I swallowed.
He turned back to Delia. “Yes and do you have a problem with that?”
She shook her head, “Nop.”
“Alright let’s eat then,” he said.
I looked at Delia who smiled. I don’t understand her smile.
Lunch hour got over and we headed back to class. Delia went to hers and Jayson his and me to mine.
We had two more exams before school finally got over.
I packed my books into my bag and sat down, expecting Jayson.
And yes, he walked in few minutes later.
He got to me. “Where do we go today?” he asked, smiling.
I smiled. “Yesterday, you took me to the music class. Maybe today, we can go to the dance class,” I said and he laughed.
“Im all round. If you want us to go to the bedroom class, that will be really breathtaking,” he said and I hit him.
“Im just kidding,” he said.
“I promised to tell you something right?” he asked.
“Yes,” I said.
“But if you can’t keep it only to yourself then I can’t tell you,” he said.
“If it’s about Delia, I promise im not gonna tell her anything,” I promised.
But could what Delia said about Jayson be true?
Why should I keep it a secret?
I suddenly felt scared.
“Let’s go to somewhere private then, I found out a place yesterday,” he said and took my hand and we walked out.
Neil and Tessy were still in class and now im sure his eyes are on us.
I smiled but I was kinda scared of Jayson.
I silently prayed that what Delia said wouldn’t e true.
Jayson took me to a part of the school that i’ve never seen for the three years i’ve been schooling in Hamilton.
It was almost like outside the school.
A small narrow stream flowed across and the whole little place is filled with red hibiscus and white lilies.
He helped me sit on the only rock there while he stood beside me with his hands in his pullover pockets.
“Wowww.. here’s beautiful. How did you find here?” I asked.
“I just did, yesterday after you left,” he said.
“No one has ever mentioned here,” I said.
He smiled.
“So do you wanna hear about me now?” he asked.
“Yeah,” I said.
“But tell me, who or what do you think I am?” he asked.
I remembered what Delia said but I wouldn’t want to tell him Delia said something like that. It might anger him cos from the look of things, I see he don’t really like Delia.
“I don’t think of anything. You are Jayson,” I said.
“That’s a lie,” he said.
I inhaled. “Delia think you are a werewolf or vampire but I don’t wanna believe that,” I said.
He erupted into laughter. He kept laughing and I wondered what’s funny about what I just said but I can’t deny that his laughter is really handsome like he is..
First time im seeing him laugh so loud.
Sorry for the late posts.
I had very busy days. I missed you all.
From Author RiRi Library
All right reserved©
Re: The Badboy Diary / Fiction Story by emperorblog21(m): 11:12am On Aug 25
The BadBoy Diary
(A New Romance )
Written by, Rejoice Jeremiah. C
Chapter 7
Danelle’s pov
“What’s so funny Jayson?” I asked when he was still laughing.
He stopped and pushed his blonde hair back, then squatted beside me, picked a stone and threw into the stream.
“Im not any of that you just mentioned,” he said.
I felt relieved. But what is he then?
“What are you then, why are you so fast in fighting and all? and that statement you always make before and after fighting?” I asked, damn curious.
He threw another stone into the stream.
“Im a trained Ninja,” he said.
I raised my brow.
“Ninja?” I asked.
“Yeap, my mom is a Japanese and when she died five years ago, I couldn’t stay with my dad cos I wasn’t close to him at all. I went to my maternal home, to my grandfather. There, I was always fighting violently and angry at all times because of my mom’s death. My grandfather found out and took me to a Ninja master for me to be trained in the best way of fighting and the best way to control my anger,” he said.
“So why did you come back to America?” I asked.
“Cos my grandfather died, that was a year ago. I was schooling at Castlo but then there was this crazy guy. He was always asking for a fight and when I couldn’t control my anger anymore, I fought him till he lost consciousness. My dad paid all his hospital bill. I left the damn school and my dad sent me down here,” he said.
“Are you related to this school proprietor like people said?” I asked.
“No but he’s a close friend to my dad,” he said.
“Can I ask you this, what really caused your mom’s death?” I asked.
He stood up and slide his hands into his pullover pockets.
“She fell very ill and died months later,” he said with voice filled with sadness.
I stood up, standing beside him.
“Im very sorry about that,” I said.
He smiled. “I’ve gotten over it but each time I remember it, it still hurt so bad,” he said.
“It’s just the way It hurts so bad each time I remember my dad,” I said.
He looked at me. “He’s dead?”
“No, he left us and got married to someone else. My mom loved him so much that she refused to get married to another man. She’s been a single mother to I and my elder sister,” I said.
He pulled out his right hand from the pocket of his pullover and held my left hand.
“Im sorry about that,” he said.
“Sometimes I wonder if it is inherited. My mom got heartbroken by the man she loved so much. My sister got heartbroken by the man she loved so much and now I too,” I said.
He squeezed my hand lightly.
“Im sorry but im here for you,” he said, then came to my front and took my two hands.
“Danelle I can’t tell you that I love you cos I don’t understand what that word means. I’ve never loved any girl but my mom. Im more like a badboy and a playboy but looking at you now, I feel like i’ve known you. Im having some feelings that I can’t even explain. Im so relaxed with you and I just wanna be seeing you and be with you all the time. The day I caught you staring at the asshole cheating on you, I felt hurt, I had no idea why. I felt that you don’t deserve that at all so I wanted to get close to you and if possible, help you revenge on the asshole. Being close to you suprisingly makes me so happy, such type of happiness that I lost after I lost my mom. I’ll never try to hurt you no matter who or what I am and what you see me as. I really like you Danelle.”
I smiled.
“I like you Jayson. I liked you the very day you beat Justin who taught no one can dare him. I like how courageous, fearless and strong you are, your fighting skill and all. Im happy you told me who you are, a Ninja, but I wonder why you don’t want anyone to know,” I asked.
“ Naai Ninja where I got trained, a Naai Ninja is hardly recognised as a naai ninja so no enemy can get to find the reason behind his or her fighting skill,” he said.
“Woww. I wish you can teach me how to fight like you,” I said.
“Do you really wanna learn how to fight like me?” he asked.
I smiled. “Yeah, I want to. If you’ll be my master,” I said.
He smiled. “I will teach you the Hand fighting skill and when you might have become perfect and well skilled on that, we will move over to sword fighting and ninja moves and walking skill but before I can teach you all these, I’ll take you to my master,” he said.
“Why?” I asked.
“To bless our marriage,” he said.
I raised my brow. “Huh?”
He laughed. “Im just joking. Being a Naai ninja isn’t an easy one, you don’t need to be a ninja, im here to be your ninja,” he said.
I smiled.
He cut out a hibiscus flower and fixed it on my hair.
“You look beautiful,” he said.
I smiled then I recalled the book.
“What’s that book about? the one with the same words, you are beautiful?” I asked.
“It’s a Novel,” he said.
“Yeah, you wanna read?” he asked.
“Yeah,” I said. He removed his bag and brought out the book.
I wanted to open it but he halted me.
“No, don’t. Read it later,” he said.
I shrugged and placed it into my bag.
He smiled and took my hand. “Let’s go, it’s getting dark,” he said.
I nodded and we walked out of the pretty place.
I removed the hibiscus flower and held it.
“I can’t believe you are a ninja, you don’t look like one,” I said.
He smiled but then suddenly stopped and his smile vanished.
“Shh, I feel someone around,” he said lowly.
“Who? what?” I asked, frightened.
“An enemy, not one but more than one,” he said.
Now, he is talking like a ninja. Like the ones i’do watch in movies. They are smarter than smart itself.
“Enemies?” I asked in the same low tone he used.
“Yea, stay closely and don’t move,” he said.
“Okay okay,” I stuttered in fright.
Could it be Justin or who?
“He’s behind us,” Jayson said and I held my beating heart. Before I had even turned, Jayson was already facing the -enemies- Justin and two guys, Jack and Gilbert. I know their names.
“Well Jayson or whatevr bitchy name you call your fucking self, you were able to beat one but you can’t dare beat three.” Jack said.
“We are finally prepared for you bitch, come and show us what really you are made of,” Gilbert said.
Justin’s eyes fell on me. “And well wow, I see a really fine piece of meat with you. Once we aredone with you bitch, we’ll move over to her,” Justin sneered and licked his lips disgustingly.
I held Jayson’s arms tightly in fright.
“You can’t get done with me talk more of moving over to her rather i’d get done with you assholes. I’ve always told you asshol..” Jayson pointed at Justin “..that I hate war but if you bring me into a war with you, you are gonna die by my sword.”
The trio laughed mockingly at Jayson.
“So if you love yourself and your life, I’ll advice you in the most slimpliest sentence, get out of here now,” Jayson said.
They stopped laughing and their face became furious as they focused their deadly look Jayson who focused his on them.
“Leave my arm and go far away, I’ll deal with them,” he said to my hearing alone.
I removed my hand from his arm and shifted away.
“You can’t run away cos we’ll feast on you after feasting on your boyfriend,” Justin sneered at me.
I stood transfixed in fear.
“I’ll warn you for the last time, get away from here,” Jayson said.
They didn’t reply but got out daggers from their pockets.
I gasped in utter shock. My heart was beating. I felt tears gather in my eyes. Jayson had no weapon to fight them with.
He removed his bag and threw it to me which I caught and hugged tightly in fear.
They advanced towards him and he to them.
The first to land in a flump far away was Gilbert. He stood up immediately and advanced back with his dagger.
The next thing I saw was Jayson up in the air, he kicked Jack and Gilbert at the same time and they were sent far away. They landed heavily on the ground with their daggers flying high up in the air and then fell down too, away from them.
Jayson landed back on the ground in the next second.
“Jayson!!” I yelled as Justin was behind him and about stabbing the dagger to his back, but in a swift, Jayson slide down, the same method he used the first time with Justin in class.
The next thing, he had grabbed Justin’s arm and twisted it, Justin yelled out in pain and the dagger fell of his hand. Jayson kicked it up with his leg and it landed in his hand. He stabbed it on Justin’s arm. Justin yelled out.
Jayson stabbed it again on his arm then kicked him away and he landed with the others.
Gilbert and Jack sprang up from the ground and took to their heels, leaving their weapon.
Justin layed on the ground groaning in pains as he held his bleeding arm.
More stories @ www.chorusman.com
I ran back to Jayson and together, we walked to Justin. Jayson smiled at him.
“I always tell you this but you refuse to listen to me, I hate war but if you bring me into a war with you, you gonna die by my sword,” Jayson said.
I smiled.
“Who the Bleep are you?” Justin asked him. He look so scared of Jayson.
Jayson smiled. “I am Jayson Lonergan.”
“Can we become friends?” Justin asked.
I gasped. Did Justin just say that?
“I don’t make friends,” Jayson answered him then took his bag from my hand and wore it. Then he took my hand.
“Let’s go,” he said.
I nodded and we turned and walked away, leaving the bleeding arm Justin behind.
“Im serious! I want us to be friends!” Justin shouted.
I looked at Jayson and he smiled.
“An enemy would always be an enemy. That is one of the things my master told me,” he said.
“And a friend?” I asked.
“A friend might become an enemy and an enemy might become a friend but still an enemy,” he said.
“Explain better,” I asked, confused.
He smiled. “My master never explained to me, I found out myself,” he said.
Just then I remembered Tessy.
She was my best friend but now, an enemy to me.
We got to the way, joing the way to the girl’s dormitory which is at the right and the boys which is at the left,
We stopped.
“So you’ll go now, it’s getting really dark,” he said.
“Yeah goodnight Jayson,” I said.
“Goodnight Danelle. I’ll see you tomorrow,” he said.
“You too,” I said but I wasn’t making a move.
He smiled. “Go now,” he said.
“Yeah,” I said and then headed to the girls dormitory.
I occasionally glanced back to see him still standing there and staring at me.
When I entered the gate and turned. I saw him walking out. He wasn’t going to the boys dormitory.
Where is he going to? to Justin?
I sighed.
“Please stay safe Jayson” I muttered and entered the dormitory, 13.
I saw Delia and waved at her. It took her awhile to wave back.
I walked to my locker and dropped my bag, then picked out my towel and nightwears and headed to the bathroom to bathe.

Later that night, I brought out the novel to read only to find out it’s filled up with sex and erotic stories.
Ahh what!
I dropped the book back into my bag.
No wonder he refused letting me open the book in front of him.
Why did he even asked me if I wanna read the book in the first place.
Arghh im gonna deal with Jayson tomorrow.
The next day, I hurried to school and met him at the hallway.
“Jayson,” I called and he turned and smiled at me.
I raised the book to his face.
“What is this book about?” I asked.
He shrugged. “Novel.”
I shook my head. “Just be straight.”
“No need to tell you, you found out yourself,” he said.
“but im sure you read it,” he added and winked.
I rolled my eyes. “No way!”
“Well then do, you’ll learn alot,” he said.
I dropped it on his hands.
“I don’t read such,” I said.
He smiled.
“Alright then. I take my book.”
“Better,” I breathed out.
Then Jayson suddenly kissed my forehead and hugged me.
“Let’s get some asshole a bit jealous,” he whispered into my ear.

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The BadBoy Diary
(A New Romance )
Written by, Rejoice Jeremiah. C
Chapter 8
Danelle’s pov
[Hamilton high school] I knew immediately who he is talking about; Neil.
I smiled and hugged him too.
I didn’t care if eyes were looking. All I wanted at that moment was to leave a spark of jealousy in any form on Neil.
“I love the scent of your hair,” he whispered and caressed my hair.
Neil and Tessy passed, hand in hand and Jayson withdrew the hug and smiled sweetly at me.
“How was that?” he asked.
“What?” I asked.
“The hug,” he said.
I raised my brow at him. “huh”
He rolled his eyes with a smile.
“I have English today and you?” he asked.
I rolled my eyes, “Ain’t we taking same thing?”
He smiled and came beside me then took my hand.
“Let’s go to the library and read together,” he said.
We headed to the library but on our way, we met Justin with a bandaged arm.
I held Jayson tighter.
Justin stood in our front and let out a faint smile at Jayson who wore a stoic face.
Justin stretched out his left hand for a handshake with Jayson since his right arm is bandaged.
I never thought Jayson would let out his hand to shake Justin but he suprised me by doing so.
They shook hands.
“Just to say Thank you for yesterday,” Justin said to him and I raised my brow in confusion.
How can one say thank you to a person who stabbed him twice on the arm?
Jayson smiled. “That’s nothing. How is the pains?”
“Relieving,” Justin answered.
Jayson nodded and with that, he took my hand and we continued our walk towards the library leaving Justin who stood staring at our back.
“Why did he thank you?” I asked.
“I treated him,” he answered.
“You did,how?” I asked.
“You won’t cease to amaze me Danelle. I treated him just like others are being treated,” he said.
“After wounding him, you still treated him?” I asked.
“Yeap, he needed help. I couldn’t leave him there cos I know his friends left him,” he said.
“Do you have such a soft heart?” I asked.
“Sometimes,” he said and squeezed my arm.
“Argh what?” I yelled.
He smiled. “Nothing, remember your training starts today.”
I smiled. “Yes master.”
He laughed as we walked into the library.
I brought out my books while he first got out a bubblegum, threw it into his mouth then brought out his books.
We began reading but his eyes were always on me.
Argh, reading with handsome boy looking at me is distraction.
“Face your book Jayson,” I said.
“I am,” he said, still looking at me.
“You ain’t,” I said.
“I am,” he said with a smile and then faced his book.
I smiled.
An Hour Later:
We headed back to class and getting to the front of my class, we stopped and he left my hand which he had been holding.
He always hold my hand.
I wonder what’s so special about that.
“I’ll see you at lunch Danelle,” he said.
“Alright,” I said and he walked away, I walked into my class but I suddenly felt like urinating so I left the class and headed to the corridor leading to the way separating the girls restroom and boys restrooms, going further and about turning to the way to the girls restroom, I heard hush voices.
I stopped on my track and hide behind the wall and peeped to see the greatest shock and also excitement of my life.
Neil and Tessy were talking back at each other in hush voices.
“…If you don’t still love her then why are you getting Jealous of her and the newbie huh!” Tessy said.
Are they talking about me and Jayson?
I smiled at that.
“Come on Tessy, this isn’t the right place to talk about this, Did I tell you that im Jealous? im not,” Neil said.
“Oh just spare me that trash Neil. I saw it in your eyes. I saw it boldly written that you were overly jealous when you saw him hug her!” Tessy said.
“Right fine, I am, I am jealous,” Neil finally admitted.
“Huh!” Tessy gasped.
“Yes I am jealous because Danelle is with someone who seem more handsome and strong than me..I have every right to be fucking jealous and damn upset about it,” Neil said.
“What? are you kidding me Neil?”
“Im not, you know what? I still love Danelle cos-cos she’s just the best girl and not you Tessy, not you!” he said.
“You are definitely joking here,” Tessy said.
He drew closer to her and took her two hands. “Yes I am, I love you Tessy but seeing that damn guy with her gets me mad!” he said.
Tessy said nothing as she stared at him.
He kissed her lips and withdrew.
“Let’s get outta here,” he said and I hurried away and stopped at the middle of the way then pretended like I was just coming towards.
They came out and Neil on seeing me slide his arm around Tessy’s waist.
I chuckled within as they laughed and walked past me.
I headed to the female’s restrooms and entered one. And inside there, I decided that im gonna make him more jealous till he gets so frustrated and drained. He’ll regret ever toying with my heart.
I was glad to have Jayson.
I walked back to the class to find Jayson in the class and sitting next to me, on Harry’s seat and Harry at the back seat.
I walked to him, suprised.
He smiled. “Suprised?”
“Yeah,” I said.
“I told you im gonna get this seat. Well Justin did it this time, not me. He personally came and sent Harry to the backseat,” he said, smiling.
“Oh really” I looked at Harry and his face is buried on his book.
I turned back to Jayson.
“But ain’t you taking the rest of your exams alone again?” I asked.
He smiled. “Not again, im back here,” he said.
I nodded.
Air blew through his blonde hair and he pushed his hair back.
I felt like hugging him cos he looked so sweet at that moment.
If not for anything, to get Neil more than jealous but Instead, I found myself going back to my seat.
I took a glimpse glance at Neil and his eyes were on Jayson.
I smiled to myself.
The bell for Exam rang and I brought out my writing materials.
During the exam, I found the slightest chances to send Jayson answers.
It was a bit easier since he is next to me.
The lunch bell rang and students began trooping out of the class.
Jayson turned his seat to face me.
“Sitting beside you is simply the best thing ever,” he said, smiling.
I rolled my eyes playfully at him. “Are you gonna fight for me if I get caught?” I asked.
“Ofcourse,” he said then stood up, came to me and drew his face closer.
“I will fight for you,” he said softly and kissed my cheek.
“Jayson,” I said with a sigh but deep within me, it felt wonderful.
“Yes dear,” he answered in the same tone used then took my hand and pulled me up from the seat.
“Let’s go have something, im famished,” he said.
We headed out of the class.
Im sure Neil is dead with jealousy and maybe hatred for Jayson but he shouldn’t try a thing if he love his cute face.
At the Cafeteria with Jayson, I remembered Delia, it’s unfair of me, I should have waited or called on her.
Just then, I saw her walk in and over to the counter to get her meal which after, she carried her tray of meal towards. She had seen us already. She smiled and walked over to our table.
I saw Jayson face go cold at the presence of Delia on our table.
“Delia im so sorry for not coming to call on you or even wait for you,” I apologised as she sat down beside me.
She smiled.
“No that’s okay. I went to your class to call on you but you were gone and I knew you’d be here with Jayson,” she said and turned to Jayson who held his pack of juice in his hand.
“Hello Jay” she smiled at him.
“Im Jayson and not Jay,” he said in a kinda harsh manner.
I felt a bit upset with him on that. Why would he talk that way to Delia. She mean no harm.
Delia felt his dislike for her and adjusted on her seat.
“Oh im sorry about that Jayson,” she said.
He didn’t reply but began eating his food.
I inhaled and looked at Delia who gave me a smile and faced her food. I looked at Jayson again before facing my own food.

No word was spoken until we finished our meals.
“Let’s go Danelle,” Jayson said and stood up.
I turned to Delia, “Let’s go.”
We both stood up and Jayson took my hand as we walked out of the cafeteria towards the school building. Delia walked beside me.
“I forgot to tell you Danelle, Ava Combs has been sharing her birthday party cards to all final year students..Her birthday is friday, I have her card in my bag. The party will be held at the school hall,” Delia said.
“Wow I have no idea,” I said.
Ava Combs is from Delia’s class. She’s one of the richest classic girls in the school.
I recall the early weeks she got admitted into the school, I was kinda envious of her. I wanted to be her friend but when I heard a rumour that she’s a lesbian, I dropped every envy I had towards her and the closeness I wanted between us.
“Im gonna get yours and Jayson’s too,” Delia said but just then, I saw Ava Combs with three girls who I’d rather say are her maids than her friends.
One carried her bag, while the two others held the birthday cards.
The skirt Ava wore is just too short.
She keep long black hair.
They got to us and stopped. Ava’s eyes fell on Jayson who was chewing another bubblegum and looking at anyone.
She gave Jayson a long look before turning to me.
“Hi Ava,” I smiled.
“In addy Ava,” Delia said, smiling too.


Ava smiled at both of us.
“Thanks Delia. Danelle my birthday party is on friday, you are invited,” Ava said as Bella, one of the two girls with the card stretched one card to me. I took it.
“I will, in addy Ava,” I said.
She smiled. “Thanks Danelle,” then she turned to Jayson and gave him that same long look and at our hands intertwined then back at him.
“I’ve been hearing so much about a newbie with a blonde hair who beat up the school badboy, if im not mistaken, you are the one right?” she asked Jayson.
“So?” Jayson threw at her.
She smiled. “Nice to meet you, im Ava Combs,” she said, stretching out her hand for a handshake.
“Jayson Lonergan,” he said “but sorry, I can’t shake you, as you can see, im holding someone,” he added and I inhaled.
Ava raised her brow as well as the three girls and Delia too.
Ava withdrew her hand and turned to Bella. “Give him a card,” she said and Bella did. He took it with his left hand.
She turned back to Jayson. “You are invited Jayson, come with your girlfriend,” she said and walked away with the three girls.
We continued our walk towards the class with Delia.
We got to the front of the Art class and Delia said ‘bye’ and headed to her class.
“I don’t like this girl around you,”Jayson said.
“You mean Delia?” I asked.
“Yeah,” he said and dragged me into the class.
“What do we even have next” he asked.
I rolled my eyes at him. “You don’t know?”
“Yes I think,” he said.
“Computer,” I said.
“Oh that’s true,” he smiled and drew his seat to my desk. He sat down.
“Let’s read,” he said.
I brought out my books.
“But why don’t you like Delia around me?” I asked.
He touched my cheek and smiled closely at me.
“Cos you are really special.” he said.
I raised my brow, “Is that the reason why?” I asked.
He withdrew his hand. “No, I feel something isn’t right about her,” he said.
“Something isn’t right?” I asked.
“Yeah, don’t trust her,” he said.
“I don’t,” I said.
He smiled. “Come on let’s read,” he said.
Oh really?
I smiled.
I like you Jayson and I know Neil is looking at you now, at us.
Im gonna tell you what I eavesdropped on later.
[G.A hospital] Clara pov
“Finally,” I breathed out as I walked out of the surgery room.
Every surgery with Dr. Rosh today had been completed and successful so im heading back to my office to rest.
I disposed the used tools and cleaned myself then headed to my office.
On the way, I met Dr Eril with the two detectives and ofcourse the retired police officer.
I still feel his familiar face but I can’t recall at all. And the very way he’s looking at me too, does he see me as someone familiar too?
I passed them and headed to my office.
Getting to my office, I sat on my table and placed my head on the desk, exausted.
Being a nurse practitioner isn’t easy.
I sat up and repacked my hair.
Just then my phone rang in my bag. I opened my bag and brought it out.
Sincerely speaking, I knew it would be Drake and yes, it’s him calling.
He always call. He always do.
I smiled and picked it up.
“Hello beautiful,” his voice sang into the speaker.
I smiled.
Hearing his voice enlightens my heart. Im inlove with Drake.
I was inlove with Noah but Drake has taken over now.
I can’t pretend. Im going to let him know tonight and im going to let him make love to me again.
Im a fool right, but I can’t help it.
“Hello Drake,” I answered, smiling.
“How are you doing? i’ve been less busy and thinking about you,” he said.
I smiled as I felt butterlies in my tummy.
“Im finee and what were you thinking about me? you should be more focused on your new seat and your new office,” I said, smiling.
He laughed sweetly, “Having you in my thoughts bless my day Clara so why would you tell me not to? I was thinking about how sweet and beautiful you are to me. Im impatiently waiting for the remaining hours to pass so I could come home and be with you for awhile,” he said.
I smiled, not knowing what to say.
“Hope you weren’t so busy to miss lunch?” he asked.
“No, and you?”
“I had lunch but I did pretty late cos I had a meeting with the CEO and the directors,” he said.
I smiled. “Alright,”
“Take care Clara, see you in few hours,” he said.
“Take care too, bye,” I said.
“I love you Clara,” he said.
I wanna say back but I couldn’t.
“Bye Drake,” I said.
The call ended.
I sighed.
I can’t wait to see him and look at those pretty eyes of his.
Im inlove with Drake and im going to let Noah know about it.
That im moving on cos we can’t be together.
I still love him but I can’t be with him.
My heart beats for Drake now.


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Thank for the update
Re: The Badboy Diary / Fiction Story by emperorblog21(m): 2:11pm On Aug 26
Re: The Badboy Diary / Fiction Story by emperorblog21(m): 12:59pm On Aug 27
he BadBoy Diary
(A New Romance )
Written by, Rejoice Jeremiah. C
Chapter 9
[unedited] Danelle’s pov
I rolled my eyes at him as he said that I can’t become a ninja if I keep laughing at everything he tells me to do.
“Ahh my hand is hurting me already,” I said and brought down my hand without letting him to tell me to do so.
He smiled and drew near.
“That’s okay for today, let’s go. It’s getting dark,” he said and carried his packbag. I did too and he took my hand.
“So did I try master?” I asked.
“You did,” he said, smiling.
I smiled. “Which means that i’ll soon know how to fight like you,” I said.
He squeezed my hand.
“Arghh what Jayson?” I yelled.
“I love the way you scream when I do that,” he said.
I rolled my eyes.
“Let go off me now?” I said.
He smiled, turned and took my two hands.
“And what if I don’t?” he asked, not unveiling his smile.
“Huh?” I raised my brows.
“Tell me, what will this beautuful angel do to me if I don’t let go off her hand?” he asked.
I rolled my eyes.
“I’ll beat you really good,” I said forming a hard face.
“Sounds sweet. I think im gonna do more so you can kill me instead.” he said.
“And what is that?” I asked.
He brought his face closer. “And what do you think that I wanna do?”
I rolled my eyes. “How im I supposed to know?”
But I felt my heart raise as his eyes fell on my lips.
Is he about to kiss me?
Somehow, I wished he will.
He released one of his hand and whaaaaat! he placed it on my chest, just inbetween my covered boobs.
I gasped.
“Your heart is beating really fast, what do you think I wanna do?” he asked with a smile, his hands still there.
I narrowed my eyes with anger and he instantly removed his hand.
“Oh, im sorry, i only checked your hesrt beat,”he said.
I inhaled. He smiled.
“Come on, what are you thinking?” he asked, laughing.
“It’s getting dark Jayson,” I said.
He smiled more.
“Well I know but I really wish I could stay here with you-” he stood beside me, holding my left hand in his right hand. He looked up at the sky which was welcoming darkness bit by bit.
“-all through the night, us here alone, sitting on this green field and stare up at the stars and the moon which would soon be out in the sky,” he said.
I rolled my eyes.
“Alrigh then, i’ll leave you to stay here all through the night, staring at the moon and stars while I go back to the dormitory and welcome my sweet sleep,” I said and tried taking my hand but he didn’t let me.
“I just told you that I wish to do it with you, why would you think i’ll stay out in this cold without you with me here, but don’t be scared, im not gonna touch you,” he said, smiling.
Ah. I felt like smacking him.
What did he just say?
“Stop looking at me that way, you know what I mean,” he said causing me to roll my eyes again and again and again till i felt my eyeballs are about to fall of its socket.
He laughed then came closer to my ear.
“Oh do you want me to touch you, trust me, you’ll lovee it,” he said it like a whisper and before I could hit him with my left hand, he ran away, laughing.
Arghh this guy is a really handsome jerk.
But I found myself smiling at his crazy way. It’s so annoying but at the same time, funny and just cool.
From which planet did this blondie really fell from? Certainly from planet Jupiter.
“Come over Danelle, let’s go!” he said from where he stood, his hands up in the air.
I headed towards him.
“Okay, but don’t fight me! im sorry, really sorry,” he said, as was getting close to him.
I smiled. Fight him, a naai ninja.
“I will fight you!” I said, forming the strong girl that just began learning how to fight.
I got close to him and stood with my legs slightly apart. I clenched my fist with my eyes on his.
He smiled. “You can’t fight your master,” he said.
I smiled, ran to him and punched him on his arm and slide back but on the process, I fell.
“Argghhhh Danelle, that was painful, but I told you, you can’t fight your master, now see how you fell,” he said, rubbing the place I hit him as if it was paining him but Im sure it wasn’t.
Then he drew near with a smile. “But I love it, you are learning really fast already,” he said and stretched out his hand to help me up, I took my hand but instead, he carried me up, like a groom carrying his bride.
“Arghh put me down Jayson,” I said.
“Nop, i’ll carry you to the dormitory,” he said.
I kept telling him to put me down but he is just so stubborn.
I got fed up and let him carry me.
I wrapped my arm around his neck.
His blue eyes seem so dreamy.
No I think he’s from heaven, not jupiter.
He’s too cute.
Air blew through his blonde hair.
“About those assholes, we’ll place them exactly where they belong, in a trashbin.” he said.
I love the way his lips curve when he talks.
He’s talking about Neil and Tessy. When I told him about what I eavesdropped, he only smiled. Now he just said something about it.
“That girl, what is she in this girl?” he asked..
“Who?” I asked.
“The one throwing her birthday party on friday?” he said.
“She’s one of the classic girls in school. She’s in Delia’s class,” I said exclufing the lesbian rumour.
“Alright,” he said.
He dropped me and I wished he never did.
“Dormitory,” he said, smiling.
I rolled my eyes in pretence.
“Goodnight,” I said and tried walking away but he grabbed my arm and pulled me to turn to him.
He rolled his own eyes in a way of mimicking me.
“Danelle,” he said and kissed my cheek.
“Goodnight dearest friend,” he said.
I walked away and once I got into the dormitory, I touched the cheek he kissed.
It felt awesome.
I saw Delia talking with a girl.
I waved at her and she waved back and the girl talking with her, kept staring at me.
I walked to my locker, picked out my bathing stuffs and nightwears and headed to the bathroom.
Drake’s POV
I pulled into the apartment and Clara unfastened her seatbelt and turned to me.
Riding home with her had been fun. I felt her sudden change towards me.
Like she was now so free and relaxed with me.
She smiled and I smiled back.
Only God understands how deeply im inlove with Clara.
“Uhmm, Drake goodnight,” she said.
I felt like she wanted to tell me something.
“What’s that Clara?” I asked.
“Nothing,” she said.
“C’mon, I know you want to tell me something,”I said.
“Nothing, Im just, uhmm can I come.. I mean can you come-” she stopped.
I smiled with a raised brow and took her hand.
“What’s that? Clara, tell me.”
She smiled rather shyly.
“Don’t bother, i’ll go now,” she said and tried taking her hand for the door but I didn’t let her. She turned to me, staring at me.
I smiled and touched her cheek.
“It’s okay. If you don’t wanna say it, Im not gonna force you too but I think you want us to stay a little while tonight right?” I said.
She smiled. “Yeah,”
I smiled.
“Right, you wanna come with me? i’ll make dinner for us,” I said.
She smiled.
“You know what, gimme just few minutes, and i’ll come stay with you for as long as you want,” I said and she smiled wider.
“Alright, i’ll be waiting,” she said then went down.
I watched as she walked up to her door porch, opened it, walked in and shut it.
I smiled and walked down from my car to my apartment.
Getting in, and getting out my phone, I saw missed calls from Brenda.
I dropped the phone on a couch and headed to the bedroom.
I took a shower and changed into a nightwear.
Then came out to the sitting room, picked out my phone and walked out to Clara’s apartment.
Getting to her door, I rang the doorbell and she opened the door with a smile. I went in and she closed the door.
She’s on pj, she love it so well.
I just remembered. It’s the pj I picked for her at the mall weeks ago.
I smiled at that.
“I was making dinner already,” she said not unwearing that smile on her beautiful face.
I smiled.
“Let’s make it together then,” I said and she smiled.
We walked together into her kitchen and she was making breadtoast and tea.
She took the kettle to pour hot water into the two cups. I picked out plates for the breadtoast.
I felt like asking her this, about that doctor that got shot. The one she went to dinner with.
“Clara, what about the doctor that got shot?” I asked.
She dropped the kettle and stired the first cup, mixing the milk and chocoates with the hot water.
“He’s still in coma and haven’t moved at all,” she said.
“It’s weeks now,” I said.
“Yeah sir edwardo is getting really scared. He’s scared of loosing Dr. Tony,” she said.
“What about the police investigating on his culprit?” I asked.
“They’ve not been able to get whoever it is. They are now hoping on Dr Tony. There is a retired police officer who had been coming with the. He seem so familiar to me Drake. Like I knew him from somewhere but I can’t recall. I’ve tried but I can’t at all. ” she said.
“Really?” I said.
“Yeah, even the way he looked at me today, I had the thought that maybe my own face look familar to him too,” she said.
“Maybe you should tell him about him looking familar to you,” I said.
“I think so, I was thinking of that too, Whenever I see him, im gonna talk with him on that,” she said.
I placed the plates of toasted breads on a tray and she added the cups and tea spoons.
I carried the tray.
We walked out to the dinning. The Tv was on, displaying a movie.
We settled down to eat.
“So how was today at the office?” she asked.
I smiled. “It was awesome, im sure yours was too,” I said.
“Yeah. Every operation I did with Dr. Rosh went successfully,” she said.
I remembered something.
How can I forget?
“Clara there’s a party on friday night held by the branch and every worker is expected to come with his or her fiancee.” he said.
I raised my brow, “Why? I mean why come with one’s fiancee? What if he or she doean’t have a lover?” she asked.
“That’s the order.. especially to the heads in the branch.. And you know I just got promoted as the assistant manager,” I said.
“Yeah I know that,” she said.
I smiled. “So you are going with me, right?”
She smiled. “Yeap I am.”
“Wow, you just amazed me Clara. I never thought you’d say yes so fast. Thanks so much,” I said.
She smiled. “Ain’t I your girlfriend anyways? didn’t I give you a chance that day at Seashore resort?”
I smiled and placed my hand on hers.
“Ofcourse you did, and it was my happiest moment Clara. Thank you so much.” I said.
Even though you find it so hard to love me and give me your heart fully, Im lucky that I have you and I won’t stop loving you and trying till you love me back.
That night, after we had dinner, we sat together on a couch and watched a movie.
She layed her head on my shoulder and I stroked her ponytail hair.
It wasn’t those times she’d sleep off and lay her head on my shoulder, but she was awake.
I kissed her hair and she raised her face to look at me.
“I thought you’ve fallen asleep,” I said with a smile.
“Nop,I’ve not,” she said.
Her lips.
I felt like kissing them and doing more but I couldn’t.
I just smiled.
She turned her face back to the tv but I couldn’t.
My eyes were on her face.
I felt like having that special moment with her again.
But I felt it wasn’t right to.
To make love to her when she might not want it.
I know the sex we had was cos I lost control. I couldn’t control the excitement I felt when she opened that door and walked into the room.
It was amazing.
But now, trying that again might annoy her.
Im nervous to touch her again.
[Brenda residence] Brenda pov
I flipped to the next picture and stared at it with bewilderment.
“I can’t believe it, she bears my surname and the same name my dad said is her daughter’s name,” I said.
“Seriously. I can’t believe it either, see B, you can’t be sure that the girl is the the same daughter that your dad had been searching for years now. I mean you should go to google or facebook and search for Clara Adams, you gonna see that so many people bear that same names,” Nikky said.
“Yes, you are right Nikky. If only my dad had any picture of his family then we could have gotten an answer to this but he didn’t. He had no picture of his family with him when he left them.” I said.
“Which means if he can still recall his daughter’s face then he’d know if she’s the one or not,” Nikky said.
“Yeah, but I can’t tell him this,” I said.
“Why?” she asked.
“Cos I wanna deal with this girl,” I said.
“Yeah exactly. She needs to be dealt with.” Nikky said.
“I don’t wanna believe this bitch here is the step sister i’ve been wishing to see.” I said now staring at the picture with contempt and spite.
“Trust me B, that girl isn’t your step siser.” Nikky said and faced her laptop.
I wonder how Nikky did it, but she used her laptop to find out that the bitch name is Clara Adams, a nurse practitioner working in Gra-Avantees hospital.
“Such a small world B, you can’t believe it,” Nikky said as she typed fastly on the keys.
“What’s that?” I asked.
“You still recall the doctor I shot? from Gra-Avantees and took his money, 30million?” she said.
“Yeap, what about him? I thought you said he’s in coma and you are on a deal with one of the doctors to keep him in the coma till he dies?” I said.
When Nikky got information that the doctor survived but is in coma, she made a call to another doctor in the hospital to inject him with drugs that would kill him slowly till he dies in coma.
Nikky knows so many people and im thinking he’s the one who gave her the information about Clara Adams.
“He’s the one giving me the informations about Clara Adams. He just said she’s an assistant to the doctor in coma.” she said.
“Really?” I asked.
“Yeap but well, she’s going to be fired.” She said.
“Yeah certainly, im going there tomorrow,” I said.
She smiled.
“You don’t worry, Drake is yours B,” she said.
I smiled. “Ofcourse he is.”

From Author RiRi Library
All right reserved©
Re: The Badboy Diary / Fiction Story by emperorblog21(m): 1:00pm On Aug 27
The BadBoy Diary
(A New Romance )
Written by, Rejoice Jeremiah. C
Chapter 10
[unedited] Clara’s pov
Immediately Drake left, I slapped my nervousness.
I had planned on confessing my feelings to him but I found it so hard to cos nervousness kept taking over me.
I rubbed my forehead with a sigh.
When im I gonna gather the courage to tell him? I can’t keep it any longer.
I need to tell him that im inlove with him now and that I want to be with him then after that, I go to Noah and end it with him by letting him know that im moving on but that i’ll still love him as a friend.
I picked up the remote and switched off the tv, followed by the lights.
I headed to the bedroom.
Sitting on the bed, I repacked my hair and layed on the bed, covering myself with the duvet.
I breathed out as the thought of Drake filled me up.
I can’t pretend and I can’t stop my sudden love for him.
He’s the one for me just like Danelle had said and talking about Danelle, im such an unfair elder sister. I’ve not called Danelle for this past days.
I can’t call her now. It’s late. I’ll remember to call her tomorrow evening.
I really want him to know that im inlove with him now and I miss his touch.
Yes I do. I wanna feel his touch again.
I hugged a pillow as the memories of our love making filled up my thoughts.
It was beautiful and I want it again, I can’t deny.
I slept off dreaming about Drake.
[Next Day] I woke up, made breakfast and prepared for work.
I pulled on a yellow gown that stopped before my knees.
I slide into cream coloured heels and packed my hair in ponytail.
Recently, I’ve picked the habit of applying makeups to appear more beautiful, like I wonder why.
No, im actually lying. I know why cos I only think about him while I do that just like im doing now.
I applied more lipgloss on my lips and rubbed my lips together.
My eyelashes need more mascara.
I applied it.
If Drake look at my eyebrow, he might not really admire how scattered it looks.
I dressed my eyebrows.
When I felt that I was looking more prettier, I smiled and wore my necklace, the one he gave me at seashore after that beautiful love making.
I will never wear it off again from today.
I grabbed my bag and picking up my phone and keys, I walked out of the sitting room and outside.
I locked the door.
I know Drake will be out in no time, so I stood at my door porch, waiting.
Two minutes later, I saw Drake walking towards in his work suit.
He look amazing in it.
His smile which he displayed when he saw me melted my heart, I instantly felt like rushing him in a hug but I held myself from doing so.
I walked down the few steps to meet him and his smile widened.
I smiled as my stomache tightened with desire to hug him and kiss him as he reciprocates.
“Goodmorning Clara and how are you?” he asked.
The way he calls my name is outta this world.


“Im fine Drake, and you?” I asked.
“Im fine because you are. How was your night?” he said.
“It was awesome,” I said recalling all the dream I had about him and I. “And yours?”
“It was awesome cos I spent hours of it with you,” he said.
The way he picks every word he say to me marvels me.
I couldn’t help the wide smile that came accross my face.
“Let’s go to work,” he said. I smiled and we head over to his car.
We entered, with me at the passenger’s seat.
He drove off to Gra-Avantees hospital.
“I miss this guy, Nuel” he said as he drove pass the place we do meet Nuel those days we did work out together.
That crazy bicycle guy.
It made me remember the lovers party and how I drank and fell ill.
How Drake treated me till I got better.
It made me fall more deeply inlove with him.
“I do too,” I said with my eyes on him as he drove towards Gra-Avantees.
His eyes on the windscreen but he did glance at me with a smile and I smiled at him too.
“You look so beautiful Clara,” he said.
I smiled, appreciating my touch up makeup.
“Anytime, anyday Clara, you are always beautiful even when you cry,” he said.
I felt my head boast with excitement.
“You always flatter me Drake,” I said.
He smiled. “Trust me babe, I can never flatter you. Everything I tell you is the truth.”
I smiled at that and held my bag well.
“Thanks” I said.
He smiled.
“So what are you saying about the party tomorrow?” Drake asked minutes later.
“I told you that im going with you,” I said.
He smiled. “Thank you Clara.”
I smiled.
We soon pulled to the gate of Gra-avantees and he stopped. I unfastened my seatbelt and turned to him.

“Thanks Drake and bye, take care,” I said.
He smiled.
“Ofcourse I will but you should take care of yourself and be careful. Have a nice day ok,” he said and then his eyes fell on my lips.
My stomache tightened in anticipation of what he is about to ask. ‘can I kiss you Clara?’
He had been doing this for the past one week he’s been driving me to work.
I will reply him yes and he will kiss me but today, it seem like something more than special and I can’t wait to feel his lips.
He drew nearer. “Can I kiss you Clara?”
“Yes you can kiss me Drake,” the words ran out of my mouth.
I had planned on saying just ‘yes’ like I use to but those words ran out of my mouth without warning.
He smiled but I can feel beneath that smile, a slight shock at my response.
Im sure he wasn’t expecting it this way but what he do not know yet is that; I don’t care whatever he do to me now.
Im drunk inlove with him.
He leaned forward and immediately our lips met, I felt tingles, A pure desire for his touch.
I love Drake and I want him. I want to be his.
I don’t care anymore if im making a third mistake. All I want is to love Drake and to be loved by him.
I had no idea when my hand went behind his neck, not wanting the kiss to end.
I know he must be astonished by my act.
I wanted to withdraw my hand but I couldn’t as the kiss was lasting much longer than it should.
I kissed him like i’ve never did but i guess he got his right senses back and withdrew with a breath, his eyes filled with so much love and desire for me which I really wanted.
I smiled when I felt his palm caress my cheek.
“I love you Clara,” he said.
I couldn’t tell him that I love him as well cos I felt here isn’t the right place to let him know.
It’ll be better at home when after letting him know, i’ll kiss him so passionately till we loose control and end up on the bed and make the sweetest love ever. Not here in this car.
“Thank you Drake, i’ll go now, see you after work,” I said and with that, I walked out, deciding within me that im certainly telling my feelings to him tonight.
He drove away as I entered the gate of Gra-Avantees.
With smiles, I walked into the hospital hallway, towards the staircase.
I met Johanna and we exchanged greetings.
I followed the stairs and got to my office. Getting in, I dropped my bag, picked out my nurse wears and headed to the change room.
[Hamilton high] Danelle’s pov
“Friends are special, so important, they make the world go round,..” Jayson sang, swunging our intertwined hand back and forth as we headed to the library.
“Being friends with a beautiful girl named Danelle, in school and deep down in my heart…”
I rolled my eyes amusingly.
“That’s not the way it was sang,” I said.
He dropped my hand and placed it around my shoulder.
“A friend like me is here to help you whenever you are feeling sad, to have a friend like me is veeeeery important,” he sang, smiling.
I smiled and placed my arm around his own shoulder too not minding the few passing eyes on us.
“You are right, having an annoying friend is really important,” I sang.
He laughed then shook his head.
“It doesn’t ryhme at all” he said.
“It does,” I said.
I released my hand from his shoulder as we entered the library but Jayson wouldn’t till we sat down then he removed his hand as I wanted to take out my books from my bag.
He took out his too.
One of the things I love about this annoying blondie.
His notes are all complete.
He dropped his books on the desk and got out two bubble gum. He opened one and threw into his mouth.
“My most special friend don’t like bubblegums while reading unlike me.” he said.
“Yeah I don’t,” I said.
“Yeah I know,” he said and opened his book, then looked at mine.
“I hate that topic you just opened,” he said.
“So I shouldn’t read it cos you hate it?” I asked with a roll of my eyeballs.
“Ofcourse bae,” he said.
I hit him on his knee and he gasped with an amuzed look at me.
I raised my brow with a smirk.
“Danelle, I won’t teach you how to fight again,” he said.
I smiled. “Im so sorry master,” I said.
He smiled and faced his books and I faced mine but then just immediately, he crossed his arm over my shoulder, and drew more closer to me.
I sighed with my eyes on my book, “Jayson Im reading.”
He came to my ear. “I know but some assholes are here, let’s entertain them for awhile,” he whispered and bite my ear softly causing me to gasp. It was tickling.
“Jayson!” I said it out loud cos every student in the library turned their eyes on us, including Neil and Tessy who sat down behind us.
Jayson stroked my hair and bit my ear again.
It felt wonderful but arghh!
He kissed my cheek and shifted strings of my hair which came to my face.
I smiled but if he keep doing this to get some assholes more jealous then we won’t read at all.
“It’s okay Jayson I wanna read,” I wispered to him.
“Shh stop pretending like you don’t like it,” he said and bite my ear softly again.
It tickled me.
“Jayson” I laughed. It felt sweet.
I covered my ear with my hand to prevent him from doing such again.
Im sure everyone here is mad at me for yelling out but Jayson won’t just listen.
He left the ear and grabbed my hand and squeezed it.
“Argghhh Jayson!” I yelled out but he kissed my cheek and then hugged me.
It made me laugh.
If eyes could kill, then both of us will be dead by now cos the glaring eyes everyone in the library was giving us is more deadly than a weapon.
But I guess they are all scared of Jayson and wouldn’t dare talk and the library master isn’t here atleast to stop him.
I want to reaaaad! ah!!
“Jayson, that’s okay,” I whispered.
“I know but you should see his face.. ew.. so funny,” Jayson whispered back and bit my ear again.
I laughed as I felt the tickle again.
“He’s up.. he’s leavig with his little bitch with him,” Jayson whispered and I didn’t give him the chance to bite my ear again, I quickly covered it again.
And yes, he was right. The duo left with Neil looking really angry.
I smiled and Jayson stopped his play.
“How was it?” he asked.
“What do you want me to say?” I asked.
“That is was sweet and you want more,” he said and I almost punched him on the nose which I know that I can’t.
I chuckled.
“Im reading, now” I said and faced my book.
“Yea let’s read,” he said and faced his book too.
Neil pov
Getting down the last riser, I stopped. Tessy stood beside me with crossed arms.
“So why did you say we should leave?” she asked.
“That bitch annoys me!” I said.
She came to my front, standing right at my front.
“Neil that is their business, let’s face ours. I don’t know why you are so bothered about her and not me,” she said.
“Cos she’s with that bitch! that guy!” I barked at her and stormed away, leaving her standing there.
Why that bitch! He is so annoying!
I wish I can teach him a lesson for doing those shits with Danelle in my front! but I can’t cos he’s so strong which gets me so annoyed!
How did he and Danelle even got talking! How!
Danelle should be with someone I am more hadsome and stronger than not him!
She doesn’t even act like someone who got heartbroken all because of him! him!
im so fucking jealous and damn annoyed!
I angrily kicked away an empty bottle I saw on the ground.
Tessy pov
I watched as he left angrily.
I know he still love her and I, well im having a crush on the blondie and im damn jealous of Danelle.
How did they even became friends?
It’s so annoying.
I love Neil. I’ve always wanted him to be mine and I tried and got him only for this hot blondie to come into the school and his friends with Danelle already!
I really want this new guy.
He’s so hot and handsome, funny and playful.
Neil isn’t funny and sweet like him, all Neil love to do, is shove his stupid d**k into my p***y and kiss all over!
I had loved him to do all that to me but Im suddenly getting irritated by it ever since this blondie came in and became friends with Danelle.
Neil is now so annoying but Jayson, he look so sweet and so romantic.
Danelle doesn’t act like a girl recently heartbroken all because he is with her.
I wish he is mine and not any close to Danelle.’
I hissed with spite for Danelle.
I walked away, heading back to class..

Re: The Badboy Diary / Fiction Story by izaray(f): 1:50pm On Aug 27
Team Jayson and Danella, pepper them gang

Tessy you're such a confused being, you should better concerntrate on the purpose you came to that sch

Thanks for the update buddy, give me more update biko!

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