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Freedom (A Flash Fiction Story By Kayode Odusanya) / The Genesis (A Flash Fiction Story By Kayode Odusanya) / A Lesbian Story (How It Became To Pass) – A Fiction Story (2) (3) (4)

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Re: The Badboy Diary / Fiction Story by emperorblog21(m): 3:20pm On Aug 10, 2019
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Re: The Badboy Diary / Fiction Story by Damibiz(m): 8:25pm On Aug 10, 2019
First emperor,u started this work without mentioning me,i alright bt i gat you nw..nice work drop more for the boi
Re: The Badboy Diary / Fiction Story by emperorblog21(m): 3:07pm On Aug 11, 2019
First emperor,u started this work without mentioning me,i alright bt i gat you nw..nice work drop more for the boi

baba no vex o.

no,be me write am sha
Re: The Badboy Diary / Fiction Story by Damibiz(m): 6:08pm On Aug 11, 2019
All the same..a no sabi vex

baba no vex o.

no,be me write am sha
Re: The Badboy Diary / Fiction Story by emperorblog21(m): 8:37am On Aug 12, 2019
The BadBoy Diary ( She Still Love Him ) . Written by, Rejoice Jeremiah. C . CHAPTER 55 . . Brenda’s POV [ Genestyle Modelling company] I walked slowly into the office of Genestyle manager, Mr Carlos Huffs He wore a tuxedo suit and sat on his office chair going through series of magazines pilled up on his desk. The white painted wall were decorated with pictures of various top models owned by the company both males and females like Tasha Gates, Jack Rain who I wish to meet one day and soon!, Rita Douglas and few more. My heels carried me to one of the guest seats and I sat down. He closed the magazine and looked up at me. Mr Carlos Huffs is quite a handsome young man with thick Austrailian accent. A young man in his late thirty, according to google. “Im listening,” he said. Is he tryna be mean or what? whatever! “I’m Brenda Adams. One of the three models interviewed on monday for the conract of the face of Genestyle,” I said. “I know that. Why are you here again? The interview didn’t favour you,” he said. I smiled. “Yeah but you can still make it to..Just mention whatever you need and I’ll do it immediately. How much do you want?” I said. He relaxed on the chair backrest with his arms on the armrest as he stared at me. I could see his eyes on my boastful cleavage. “Anything that you need, I’ll give it. I just need to get this contract,” I said and when I saw that his eyes weren’t leaving my cleavage, I bit my lips seductively and placed my hand on my cleavage rubbing it slowly for him to watch. “I promise to give anything to get this contract Mr Carlos,” I said. He smiled and swivelled his chair left and right, slowly. “How much did Mary Miller pay and i’ll double it. If she gave you this-” I trailed my fingers on my boobs and then stood up and turned round to view him my amazing figure in a tight red gown. “- I’ll give more of it.” I sat down. “I just need the contract Mr Carlos,” I said. He let out a smile, the kind that tells he’s interested now. “You’d pay four million for it,” he said. I smiled. “I will do that. Just get the contract off Mary Miller’s hands and hand it to me,” I said. He smiled. “Not just that,”he said. “What else?” I demanded. “We’ll meet at Grande Hotel by 8pm tonight for a hot session,” he said. I smiled. “That isn’t a problem Mr Carlos,” I said. He got out a pepper from his drawer and pushed it to me. “Get the money into that bank detail and give me a call after it. That should be done before coming to Grande Hotel. You may leave now,” he said. I picked the paper, glanced at the details written on it before dropping it into my bag. “I’ll do exactly that Mr Carlos. See you at Grande by eight,” I said, winked at him and stood up. I walked out and beamed with a smile. “That was so easy,” I breathed. ~~~~ I got into my car and drove out of the company. I dialled Drake’s line, it rang but he didn’t pick up. I dropped the phone and drove to the bank. ~~ At the bank, I transfered the millions into Mr Carlos account and drove home. . . Pulling into the garage, I turned off the car engine and came down with my bag.I walked to the door and rang the doorbell, Mrs Edmond, the cook opened the door. Finally she got back this morning. “Welcome Brenda,” she said and closed the door. “Thanks. Is Nikky upstairs?” I asked. “Yes I think so,” she answered. I headed upstairs. My dad isn’t back from work. ~ I got to Nikky’s room and pushed open the door and walked in to see her wearing a trouser. Her black pant appeared and vanished as the trouser was finally pulled to her waist. The black bra cupped her boobs good. “How did it go?” she asked. I sat on the bed. “Perfect. He accepted with the deal of a four million dollars and a hot sex session tonight at Grande Hotel,” I said. She pulled on a white singlet and went to the dressing table to dress her red hair. “Really? what if he scam you?” she asked. I thought for awhile. “No way, he can’t. I talked with him after I sent the money into his personal account,” I said. She turned to me. “Oh you’ve paid the money already. Well anyways, if he try shit, use this-” she picked a gun from the dressing table and showed me, “-to send him to hell,” she said. I chuckled. “You ain’t serious Nikky. Everything isn’t about using gun. Trust me, by the time im done showing him my bed skills, he’ll make an immediate cancel of the contract to Mary Miller and sign it to me,” I said, “Wow! I trust you babe!” Nikky said, clapping, then stopped and drew near. “So what about Drake?” she asked. “He’s not picking up. I’ll keep trying till he picks and when he do, I’ll track him down to where ever he is,” I said. “I’ll help you with that,” she said. “Lemme sort out the contract issue first, Being the face of Genestyle and earning millions each week. Becoming a model star celebrity which is gonna get me topper contracts isn’t a small stuff sweetie,” I said and laughed. “Ofcourse babyy!” she said, clapping again. __________________________________ Drake’s POV [Drake’s suite] Claire layed her head on my bare chest as we layed on the bed, our naked body covered in the thick duvet. “So how do you feel now?” she asked. “I feel good baby,” I said and kissed her forehead. But I lied. I don’t feel good. I just had sex but the guilty is damn much. I feel like I just broke the heart of that person so dear to me. I feel like I just committed the worse crime on earth. I have no idea what is happening to me. “You don’t seem so,” she said. I sighed. “I just feel guilty without no reason. I feel like I’ve hurt someone that I really cherish and who else but her, Clara. I hate this feeling,” I said. “I told you having sex won’t change the fact that you are inlove with her. I’ll advise you again to go back to her and get her to be yours, you can do that. Did you tell her about your feelings?” “No I didn’t cos I was scared she would decline or even hate me. She was facing heartbreak and her words towards loving again was really bad. I needed her to get over it before I could finally tell her about my feelings but then she shattered me” I said. “Maybe she made the decision cos she had no idea that you have feelings for her. Maybe she could have considered your feelings before making an decision,” she said. I sighed. “You don’t get it Claire, she would have hated me,” I said. “Oh maybe she wouldn’t have,” she said. “She was so mad. It was her second heartbreak. But after everything, she went back to him, funny.” I said. “You can’t blame her. It’s love. Sometimes it mislead you,” Claire said. “I wish I can stop the guilty feelings. I wish I can forget her,” I sighed. “It’s gonna be hard. It’s something connected to your heart and your heart is something you can’t touch but can only feel within. It’s really hard to forget who you are crazily inlove with,” she said. “So what do you advise me to do, I really wanna get over this,” I said. “Getting her outta your mind would take really long. Well if you want to give it a thorough try, then try giving another girl a chance, someone that loves you,” she said. “Really? a girl that love me?” I asked. “Yes, try to love another girl and think of another girl,” she said. I looked into her eyes. “What if I say let it be you Claire,” I asked. She smiled. “No Drake. It can’t work between us. Im not ready for a relationship yet,” she said and sat up, then got up from the bed and began dressing up. “I’ll be at my suite. I’ll be out at the restaurant by 7pm. We’ll meet there,” she said. I nodded and she finall left and shut the door. I breathed out. ‘Well if you want to give it a thorough try, then try giving another girl a chance, someone that loves you.’ The words rang continously in my head. I sighed. I have no idea of what to do. Having sex with Claire didn’t make me feel any good but worse. It didn’t change anything but escalated my feelings and guilt. I rolled the duvet off my naked body, stood up and walked into the ensuite, I walked into the shower cubicle. I turned on the shower as the cold water poured on my body. Arghhh!” I groaned as I pushed my hair back. ‘I can’t believe im regretting having sex with Claire. It’s so strong, The guilt is so much for me to bear. Bleep! Clara why are you doing this to mee’ ___________________________________ Warning: (Matured minds ) [Grande Hotel] Brenda’s POV Grabbing the doorknob, I opened the door and walked into the large hotel room. There was Mr Carlos laying on the bed, in white towel jacket, on his hands is a magazine and his tablet. He looked at me and smiled. I returned it with my own seductive smile and with that, I slowly catwalked to him and stood before him with my legs slightly apart. I wore a very short skimpy cream-coloured gown which hardly covered my laps, then red heels and yellow purse with long silver chain- hand. My cleavage were all visible. He watched them like a movie going on. “Im here, to give you the good feeling that you want,” I said as I brought one of my legs to the bed. Im sure he’d be seeing my white g-string right now. His smile confirmed it as his eyes got fixed inbetween my legs. “Umm lovely.” he said and I bit my lips seductively trailed my finger from my hips down to my lingerie. Thatade him lick his bottom lip. “Yeahhh,” I said and with my perfect seductive smile, I got my knees on the bed and crawled slowly ontop him. “Make me feel so good, suck my d**k and ride me good and the contract will be yours,” he said in between his hard breathe cos I was already caressing his growing d**k through the thick towel jacket. “I’ll do more than what you could have imagined,” I whispered into his ear and trailed my lips from his earlobe down to his neck as I untied the rope of his jacket. I untied it and then trailed my lips to his lips and we began a french kissing as I rubbed my hand on his now grown d**k, moisting it with his pre-cum. He groaned inbetween our kiss. I pulled away with a seductive smile. “Take off that dress. I wanna see your boobs,” he said. I unzipped my dress from the side and pulled it down then unhooked my white strapless bra which fell off. He smiled lustfully and grabbed my left boobs, then the right. “Oh you got an amazing boobs baby,” he said. I smiled. “Now, I wanna feel your amazing lips on my d**k” he said, he said and withdrew his hands from my boobs but didn’t take his eyes off them. I trailed my lips from his lips down to his nipple which I gave biteful sucks, then down to his erect d**k. I licked on the shaft, before grabbing his balls softly and covered my warm lips on his excited d**k. He groaned out. ‘If it’s worth gettin the contract, I’ll do do it and do it really good’ “Oh yeahh baby,” he sang continously as I sucked him. ~~~~~~~ [Two Hours Later] I got out of the shower with a white bath towel wrapped on my body and a white headtowel tied on my head. Mr Carlos sat on the bed with his bacj on the headboard as his sipped on his glass of wine. His naked body covered in the duvet from his waist down to his feet. His jacket at the other end of the bed. I stood up before him, waiting for his declaration of the contract to me. He smiled and picked his tablet with his right hand. He sipped the wine and then typed on the tablet. He made a call and at the second ring, the person picked up. “Mr Smith, decline Mary Miller’s contract. Miss Brenda Adams is the one to be given the contract. There was a mistake. Let that be done now,” he said to the reciever. I could hear the reciever’s voice. “But sir, Mary Miller was the best interviewed,” the stupid Mr Smith said. “You gonna get your share in this if you stop talking and do what I asked you to do. Be at the company by 8am tomorrow. We need to talk, understood?” Mr Carlos said. “Okay sir,” The dumb Smith said. “Email me the proves that you’ve done it and I want it done in the next twenty minutes,” Mr Carlos said. “Okay sir,” Mr Smith said and Mr Carlos ended the call and smiled at me. “It’s as easy as that,” he said. I smiled and began to dress up as I anticipated for the email to be sent. “You were so good baby,” he said. “That’s the pay for the pay,” I said. “Ahh yeah yeah and maybe we could make a deal,” he said. “What deal?” I asked. “Satisfy me with your hot ridings and you’ll be the face of Genestyle for three years, I’ll also make you more famous and help you get top contracts for that three years,” he said. I smiled. “I’ll think about that,” I said. His phone beeped and he checked it. “Done,” he said and forwarded the phone to me. I took it and the contracts have been changed and now mine! I smiled as I took out my phone and took a shoot of it. A message also came to my phone announcing the news of the contract now mine. I smiled happily. ‘As easy as the twenty six ealphabets’ I gave him back his phone and grabbed my purse. “Your first shoot begins on saturday. Be puntual,” he said. I smiled. “I will, so what about Mary Miller?” I asked. “I’ll solve that,” he said. I smiled and headed to the door. “C’mon no kiss huh?” he asked. I chuckled, blew him a kiss and left. ‘Ah, that was easy, now I concur with the saying ‘Use what you have to get what you want’’ I smiled excitedly as I walked out of the hotel and to my car. _________________________________ Clara’s POV “Here ma’am, thanks for buying from us,” the male receptionist said as she handed me the bag of the phone I just bought. “Thanks,” I said and walked out. ~~~~ I stopped a cab and went in. “Maymack apartment 3.” I said to him as he drove away. I glanced at the bag. With the worry that I was having, I don’t think I can stay mute anymore. Im gonna reach mom and Danelle specially, im quite certain she would know where he is. I can’t pretend that I don’t miss him. That I don’t care where he is. I do, I do so much and i’ve missed his company our friendship. His funny talks, his care and the way he tells movies perfectly. I miss Drake and im so worried sick about his sudden disappearance. Why did he just go away without letting you know. Did he travel? Was it so urgent that he couldn’t tell me? Oh this phone, it caused it all. If I had it, I’d have communicated with him. Drake! I hope you are fine. I wonder where you are. I can’t wait to reach mom and Danelle too. No Danelle first. She must know where Drake is. Im sure. This phone caused it all and now I have it. I hope I get intouch with Drake. Im so worried and it’s making me sick.
Re: The Badboy Diary / Fiction Story by emperorblog21(m): 8:40am On Aug 12, 2019
The BadBoy Diary ( She Still Love Him ) . Written by, Rejoice Jeremiah. C . CHAPTER 56 . . Clara’s POV continues He pulled to Maymack Apartment 3. I paid him, got down from cab and headed to my apartment. Drake isn’t back. This is the third day, third day that he disappeared. I sighed and went into my apartment. I turned on the lights and headed to my bedroom. Getting into room, I sat down on the bed and took out the phone. from the bed. Getting it outta the pack, I found my SIM on the bedside table. (Thank goodness I didn’t trash it that day) I inserted it into the phone and switched it on. The battery was low and needed full charging before use but I don’t care about that. I scrolled through the contacts and found Danelle’s phone number. I called it, anticipating for her pick up. I haven’t even pulled off my shoes. She picked up at the third ring. “Sister!!” she shouted. I couldn’t point out if it was excitement or anger. “Danelle,” I called calmly. “Sister Clara, oh my, you finally got a phone right?” she asked. “Yes I did,” I said. “Why tell me!?” she sounded angry, not excited. I sighed. “Cos I need to get intouch with Drake,” I said. “Oh what happened to him? tell me sis? Did he travel or what?” she snapped. “I have no idea Danelle. I came back from work on monday to find out he wasn’t home and since then, he haven’t come back. He’s on a two weeks leave and so can’t be at work. Danelle don’t lie to me, have you spoken with him this past two days?” I asked. I can hear her scoff a chuckle. “Sis, how do you expect me to be truthful to you when you decided to believe in lies? in lies that people tell you. In lies that someone made you believe in for three years and even now. How could you sister?” ‘Oh I get it. She had been told, by who else, but Drake ofcourse. Which means they had communicated but it depends on the day they did last,’ “Answer my sis, cos im coming right to maymack this weekend to talk senses into your head!” she said causing a little anger into me. “Danelle, im your elder sister,you don’t talk to me in such way!” I said. “Im sorry sis but if it means talking to you that way would make you understand then I will. Do you understand the problem you just got yourself into? How could you let him decieve you again sister?” “He didn’t decieve me but told me the truth and they were no lies. I forgive him because he only lied to protect and keep me save,” I defended. “Oh really? and you easily believed him sister. Why do you easily believe? did you research about it, did you try finding out if he really was truthful?” “I saw it in his eyes, in his voice, in his motions and in his tears. If you were to be in my shoes, you’ll do same,” I said. “No way! I can never get decieved by mare words. Sister whatever he told you shouldn’t have made accept him back. Fine, you forgave him but not accepting him back. That was unthoughtful. How could you?” “I will tell you all he said,” I said. “I don’t care about that sister. You should know that both I and mom never wanted Noah for you. We never liked him,” she said. “You both liked David but he broke my heart and got married to another girl,” “Come on sister, how could you say that? we had no idea you were dating David. Did mom knew about it? No. We liked him, yeah but we thought you guys were just friends and coursemates. Have you forgotten the many tines mom asked you about it, but you lied that you both ain’t dating, you kept your relationship a secret from mom. It all came out after he broke your heart,” she said. I sighed. “It’s all true but about Noah, no one can change my decision. I love him and I wanna stand by him,” I said. “And then Drake?” she asked. “Drake? I told you that he’s been out for two days now, today would make it the third day. Im worried,” I said with a sigh. “What did you expect him to do? He left because you choosed to be ignorant of all the warnings and advises!” she said, her voice loud again. “What do you mean by that Danelle?” I asked. “How could you hurt him sis Clara? Have you no idea that he’s deeply inlove with you?” she asked causing me to burst into laughter. ‘This is a joke’ “This isn’t funny sister. Drake is inlove with you. He’s the right man for you siater. He left because he couldn’t bear watching you love the same guy he helped you get over. He had loved you all this weeks but was scared to let you know. He was heartbroken when you told him you still love Noah and he had to leave just to get over you but you know what sis? He still can’t,” she said. I couldn’t believe all Danelle said. Drake inlove with who? Me, Clara? How can that even be possible? “So.. where is he now?” I asked. I was more concerned about his safety than what I just heard. The Drake I know, is a playboy. It’s not even possible and even if it is, then it’s just lust. That has been what he felt for me, those early weeks I packed in here. Lust. Drake falling inlove with me is just a big joke. “You wanna know? Do you care about that sister? why would you? He’s going through hard times, trying to get over you. I kept calling him, he kept ignoring my calls cos he was so hurt by you,” she said. “He told you and you believed him?” I asked. “Yeah I did, I believed him cos I already knew that he did. Even before Noah got arrested,” she said. “Okay, fine. Do you know who Drake really is? im sure you don’t now and im gonna tell you. Drake is a playboy, a sex pervet, a clubber, drinker and a loud music player,” I said but I can’t lie that he’s stopped all this for the past few weeks. “Oh really? But he is a legal worker, he do a clean work. He isn’t a drug dealer, He swore to me that he isn’t, and im sure he’ll do anything just to make you happy. He can change for love but a drug dealer, his bad names remains and never wash out. I could feel how much that Drake loves you. Think about it sister. I want you to be with the right man and the right man isn’t Noah but Drake,” she said. “Danelle you know nothing about love,” I said. “Jeez sister, how can you say this? sister I know a little and if you must know, Drake never told me where he is, im damn worried too. Goodnight sister and thanks for getting a phone. Think about it, Im gonna call tomorrow, I love you big sis,” she said and ended the call. I breathed out. ‘Drake inlove with me? How can that even be true? He was scared to tell me, why? The much care, the niceness, the changes, was it all because he fell inlove with me? Inlove with me,’ I chuckled. ‘That’s really funny and unbelievable. How can a playboy even fall inlove. He told me he’s never gonna fall inlove again. Ah Drake, I ca’t believe it. I can’t believe you are inlove with no one else but me! it’s weird, really weird. But even if truely you are, I can’t do anything about it. I love Noah and I can’t leave him. If you left because of it, then im sorry, I hope you get better but I can’t deny that I miss your company. How caring and nice that you were.’ I sighed and pulled off my shoes and layed on the bed. ‘I still can’t believe all these.’ ~~~ That night, I didn’t call my mom to avoid long calls about Noah. I just wrapped myself with the duvet and slept off. It was drizzling. I felt cold. Hearing that Drake is inlove with me and heartbroken because I accepted Noah back, and then he had to leave and all the other things, suprisingly made me feel hurt. Shocking to me, I was begininh to feel guilty of being the reason for his disappearance and I was getting really sad about his heartbreak. ‘If at all, I’d wanna see him and clear this guilt building up strongly within me but how do I? how do I find him and even if I do? what do I say?’ ~ I kept thinking that night till I eventually drifted to sleep. ___________________________________ Brenda’s POV I heard dad’s car drive in, and I went to the window and drew the curtains to see. He drove into the garage. I closed back the curtain and walked out with my phone. ‘Nikky had gone out, to her black work ofcourse. Today is definitely a black wednesday for who ever she has been paid to assasinate’ I walked down the staircase to see dad walk in with Iris, his driver behind him. The door was shut by Mrs Edmond who had opened it. “Welcome Mr Adams,” Mr Edmond said. Dad nodded at her with a bright smile. “Welcome Dad,” I called and pecked him. He reciprocated. “Thanks darling, how are you doing?” he asked. “Im fine,” I said and he settled on one of the cushions, I sat beside him while Iris headed upstairs with dad’s briefcase. Dad loosened his tears while Mr Edmond rushed to the kitchen to get his dinner served at the dinning. “So dad how was office today?” I asked. “Good, good. And the contract with the Genestyle, when are you starting your shoots?” he asked, looking at me. I smiled. I lied to him yesterday about getting the contract. Anyways, I did. It was simple. “Im starting on saturday dad,” I said. He nodded in smiles. “You deserve it dear, congratulations once again,” he said and kissed my cheek. I smiled. “Thanks dad.” ‘I love my dad’ Mr Edmond came out with trays of dishes and dropped it on the dinning table, then turned back to the kitchen again. “So dad go get a shower and come down to have your dinner,” I said. Just then his phone rang. He glanced at the screen and picked it up. “Hello,” he said. His face lighted in a wide smile immediately. “Reallyy Patrick, I can’t believe I could get intouch with you after how many years.” “Are you still in the police force or retired?” “Awesome. How where you able to get my contact?” “Jesus Christ! Patrick, we need to see, where you now?” “Oh Texas, awesome! Im also in Texas all this years,” Then his smile faded at whatever the reciever said. “Patrick, I’ll let you know about everything. Can we meet tomorrow at Orlan Hotel by 5pm,” he asked. “Alright, see you there old friend,” The call ended. He turned to me. “An old friend. He was a DPO then. He knows my first family and he asked about them. I’l

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Re: The Badboy Diary / Fiction Story by emperorblog21(m): 8:42am On Aug 12, 2019
and he asked about them. I’ll have to tell him about them tomorrow.” he said. “Alright. Maybe he can be of help,” I said. He nodded and stood up. “Lemme go freshen up. I’ll be back,” he said and headed upstairs. I breathed out and tapped on my phone screen. I scrolled to my contacts and called Drake for the twentieth time tonight, it rang and rang but he didn’t pick up. He’s one of the two problems that I need to solve now, the second is finding my step- family. I called him again. ___________________________________ Drake’s POV The night was cool and bright as always as Claire and I headed towards the second lodge building after spending four hours at the bar with Evan and Chelsea. who had left twenty minutes aga because Evan got a call. We were supposed to be at the restaurant but Evan and Chelsea came ovee and dragged us to the bar where I got to know that Claire smoke too. “So did you think about what I told you?” she asked. I took her hand, “What’s that?” “About you giving a girl a chance. Im sure there’s some girl,” she said. “There’s no girl,” I said. She chuckled. “What about the calls you’ve been ignoring. I mean isn’t it from a girl?” Brenda? “I don’t want her. I don’t even have a single likeness for her. She’s just being a pest to me.” “Why? how did you get connected to her then?” “Well we met at a club and it led to a ‘one night stand’ and you know, it was supposed to be a ‘goodbye’ but she came back, telling me she wanna get into a relationship with me, that she is inlove with me. Bulshit. I don’t like her. ” I said. “She might be right Drake. Probably she is inlove with you. C’mon why not give her a chance. You are trying to get over a girl who do not care about you and here is the girl who care-” she got stopped by the ringing of my phone. I glanced at it. Brenda. I chuckled. “She’s the the one right?” Claire asked. “Yes.” I answered. “Why don’t you just pick it up?” she asked. “I don’t want to,” I said. “Well think about it,” she said. We were at the door into her suite now. I took her hand and gave it a light squeeze. She smiled. ‘I like this girl but I know ut’s just lust and someone that I wanna use to see if I could get over Clara’ “Claire why don’t we date? I want it to be you,” I said. She smiled and withdrew her hand. “I’ll be going tomorrow morning, around 9am – 10am,” she said. “Answer me Claire,” I said. “Like I told you, it can’t work between us. Yeah we had sex and i’d have it with you again if possible but I can’t date you Drake,” she said. “Why?” I asked, not suprised. “Because im not ready for a relationship yet. No more question, goodnight Drake,” she said and walked into her suite. “Goodnight Claire,” I said and she shut the door. Brenda’s call came in again. ~~ I walked up to my suite and went in. Shut the door, dropped my phone on the bed, pulled off my clothes and headed into the ensuite. ‘Brenda, can I give her a chance? I can’t. I just can’t. Shit! I don’t even know!’ I turned on the shower. . More stories @ www.chorusman.com ~~~ [Minutes later] I got out of the shower and dressed into my night wear. I turned off the light and turned on the bedside table. I layed down on the bed and covered myself in thick duvet. I turned to the other side of the bed and checked my phone, Brenda called two more times. I sighed and dropped the call “I think im gonna give her a chance,” I muttered and hieved a sigh. The phone rang again. I picked it up with the thought of Brenda calling again but it wasn’t her this time but Danelle. I sighed and picked it up. “Hello Danelle, how are you doing?” “Im good, you?” “Im fine,” “Drake,.I spoke with my sister tonight,” she said, suprising me. I stayeld silent. “And guess what? she’s been damn worried about you. She had to buy a phone just to get intouch with you,” she said. “Let her know that im fine,” I said. “I wi but she asks of where you are,” she said. Ask of where I am? “Im at the place better to me. Tell her not to worry about me but her boyfriend who is in cell,” I said. “Drake you see, you can’t blame my sister. She had no idea that you have feelings for her. I’ve told her about it and trust me, she’s gonna come to you, trust me.” she said, causing me to gasp. “Why did you tell her Danelle!” “You can’t hide it. If only you didn’t hide it, then she would have considered that before doing such thing,” she said. Claire told me this too. “Please just tell me where you are?” she said. I sighed. “I can’t Danelle. You’ve told her about my feelings for her but it’s too late now. She’s back to Noah. She said that he makes her happy so let her be with the one who makes her happy,” I said. “Oh no Drake, I want you for my sister. My mom and I never liked Noah. I know you’ll make her more happier. I feel it strongly,” she said. “I would make her happier and i’d give anything but I guess I don’t deserve her. I will get over this Danelle,” I said. “No Drake please I promise to make her realize that you are meant for her and not that jerk,” she said. “That jerk is someone whom she love, someone who makes her happy. Let her be with him. I have no place in her heart. First she hated me cos of my lifestyle. That same lifestyle I had to quit cos I fell inlove with her. I had to give up my lifestylr just to make her happy and comfortable with me cos I needed hee and wanted to be close to her but it didn’t change anything. She only took me as a friend and I can’t blame her but myself for letting my heart open for love again. But im gettinh over it. Anyways, there is someone who could do just anything to have me. Someone who’s been calling and pleading to be mine. I think im gonna give her this chance. Clara doesn’t want it. So Danelle, let Clara understand that i’ve gotten over her and i’ve got someone else who love me. Goodnight Danelle,” I said. “Drake, wait, you-” I clicked the call on her and scrolled to Brenda’s phone number. I stared at it.

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The BadBoy Diary
( She Still Love Him )
Written by, Rejoice Jeremiah. C
[Thursday] Clara’s POV
“Bingggg!” the alarm clock sounded deep into my ears, waking me up from my dreamless sleep.
I opened my eyes to see rays of sunlight from the window curtains.
It’s morning.
I tossed on the bed and then sat up, rolling the duvet off my body.
I glanced at my phone on the bedside table, plugged into a charger. I unplugged it from the charger and scrolled through it. Nothing important.
I dropped it and got out of the bed, slide into my slippers and walked into the bathroom where I used the WS, brushed and repacked my hair.
I walked out and picked my phone.
I headed to the kitchen to make breakfast.
My phone began ringing. I glanced at it.
I sighed and picked it up.
“Clara dear,” she called. Her voice calm.
“Morning mom,” I said.
“Danelle told me everything and im happy I could communicate with you now. Clara, we need to talk. Im coming down to maymack tomorrow to talk with you face-to-face. You can’t keep makinh these several mistakes,” she said.
“Mom im fine, im perfectly fine and I made no mistake. I wobder what mistske you are talking about,” I said.
“Noah, Noah is the mistake. Do not repeat this mistake Clara. Get on with your life and pray for a better man who would never try to hurt you never again,” she said.
I sighed. “Mom, I love Noah and it wasn’t really his fault. He was misled by his father and Im the only girl he has ever dated and being inlove with. He lied to protect me mom, to save me or else his dad would have done something very bad to me because Noah broke the strict rule of ‘no dating’ just because he couldn’t stop his love for me. Inorder to protect me, he promised his dad never to reveal his real job to me. He said the truth mom and I forgave him. I love him and im not gonna leave him,” I said.
“Clara you have no idea what you are talking about. Im coming over to talk to you and you have to listen to me,” she said.
I breathed out.
“You are going to work today?” she asked.
“Yea,” I said and picked out a noodle pack from the kitchen cupboard.
“Alright, talk with you later. Take care of yourself and think about all I said to you, okay?”
“I’ve heard mom,” I said.
“Bye daughter,”
“Bye mom.”
She dropped the call. I dropped the phone on the counter. I turned on the cooker, placed a pot on it and added water.
‘Everyone is against me but didn’t I promise myself not to listen?’
Yeah I did but I can’t deny that somehow it’s getting to me
What if Noah lied?
No, I can’t think that, I can’t.
And Drake, I still the guilt.
Why did he fall inlove with me, if truely he’s inlove with me.’
I sighed.
‘Recalling all those moments we shared together. I can’t help but feel hurt that he left, because of me.
He was here for me all these while, even before the shit happened.
I love the way he cared, I miss him but I love Noah so much.
God, what do I do.’
I sighed and stired the noodles in the hot pot.
An Hour Later:
[G.A Hospital ] ~~
I walked into the hospital hallway, towards the staircase. Passing the hpspital lounge, I saw three police, William and Katy with a man in plain black trouser and blue long-sleeved shirt talking with Dr Rosh.
I greeted them a ‘goodmorning’ and headed to the staircase.
I climbed the stairs and got to my office. I got in and dropped my bag on the table and headed to the change room to change into my work wears.
After putting on the blue trouser and blue shirt, I walked out and sat on my seat to arrange the files sattered on my desk.
‘That man with them look quite familiar. Who is he?’
I shook my head, waving the thought off as I went on to arrange the files.
I’ve got three surgeries with Dr. Rosh today. Today is really gonna be hectic.
Danelle’s POV
[Hamilton High School] “C’mon Nelle hurry up, we’d get to the class quite late if you keep tieing the shoe lace forever,” Tessy said as she packed her books into her backpack.
I finally tied the shoe lace and adjusted my green top then carries my backpack as we headed out of the girl’s dormitory towards the school gate.
“7:40am,” she said, checking her wristwatch.
“I hate math,” I said.
She chuckled. “You can’t run from it,” she said.
“Crazy subject,” I sighed.
She chuckled again.
‘Unlike I hate Math, Tessy love Math but hate History but I love History.
She’d read History with me, while I solve Math with her.’
We walked into the school gate and turned towards the school building then to our classroom.

Getting into the classroom, Neil was already in class, seated on his desk, staring at the notes in front of him, cracking his brain.
I chuckled.
Just like I hate Math, Neil do but he’s kinda better than me. His best subject is biology.
“Look at him,” Tessy laughed and ran over to him.
I smiled.
‘Im still spying on the duo’
I got to them and he was laughinh at what Tessy was saying……

More stories @ www.chorusman.com
“…how much you gonna pay me to teach you the equation? it’s really simple!” Tessy said.
“Did I hear you say simple? im gonna pay you three dollars,” he said.
“C’mon that’s too poor. Okay, five no six dollars,” she said.
“Ahh just to teach me the method. Once im perfect on it, i’ll work the rest myself,” he said.
“No no no, six dollars last.” Tessy persisted.
I just stood there, watching them.
Neil didn’t even act like I was there.
I breathed out and made to leave when Tessy stopped me.
“Ha ha, Danelle come listen to your boyfriend. He said I have to teach him the equation for free. Not in this world,” she said, laughing.
I turned back to face them, then Neil finally noticed me, huh! he was smiling at me.
“Danelle don’t stand with her, stand with me your boyfriend,” he said.
I scoffed a chuckle.
“You both know what to do already. I don’t need to be invited,” I said and with that, I turned and walked to my seat.
I dropped my bag angrily on the desk and droppes my head too as anger boiled inside me while Jealousy was almost ripping me off.
I felt like crying but some hope that I’ve got let me to believe that it might not be what Im thinking.
She had started teaching him the equation now and their laughter didn’t stop the anger that wanted to burst open my wounded heart.
I wanted to rush to them, slap Neil really hard accross the face and cut off my friendship with Tessy forever but that small hope still made me calm on my seat with my head down on my desk.
‘It might not be what you think’ the hope kept whispering continously within me.
Drake’s POV
“Hey, you are finally leaving me right?” I said with a smile to Claire who dropped her luggage into the trunk of her car and closed it back.
She wore a white shirt over a blue jean bmshort. She must love bomshorts. She matched it with white sneakers. Her hair packed in ponytail. She wore a transparent eyeglasse.
She removed the eyeglass and smiled as she stood before me. We faced each other.
“C’mon we still gonna be getting intouch with each other,” she said.
I shrugged with a sigh. My hands in my short pockets.
“I will miss you Claire,” I said.
“I’ll miss you too Drake,” she said.
I drew near and kissed her forehead.
Her hair smell so nice.
I withdrew and she smiled.
“Thanks Drake, take care of yourself okay and don’t forget to do what I advised?” she said.
“I will and take care of yourself too,” I said.
She nodded with a smile then hugged me, I pulled out my hands from my pockets to return the hug. She kissed my cheek.
I smiled and kissed her cheek too.
She pulled away, still in smiles.
“Bye Drake,” she said and opened her car door.
“Bye Claire,” I said.
She hopped into her car and drove away.
I watched till her car was out of sight.
I breathed out.
‘She was nice and sweet. I’ll miss her.’
I headed to my suite.
‘About what she advised me, im gonna give it a try and it’s no one else but Brenda. If she calls again, im gonna pick up or maybe i’ll call her.’
I inhaled.
‘Clara is the reason for these all. If only I didn’t fall inlove with her.’
I saw Evan and Chelsea in the swimming pool. I waved at them.
“Come join us,” Chelsea shouted.
I smiled.
“I’ll be back!” I said and followed the staircase leading to my suite.
‘I need this swimming anyway.’
Clara’s POV
The last surgery was finally completed after three hours of operating on Mr Hoffsman.
Dr Rosh made records into the blue record file he held.
I pulled off the white gloves in my hands followed by the blue nose mask. Then I carried the tray of surgery tools.
“Anything else doctor?” I asked.
“No. Tell Dr Eril that his presence is needed here,” he said.
“Okay doctor,” I said and walked out with the silver tray.
I disposed the used tools and cleaned myself up, then headed to Dr Eril’s office.
Getting to Dr Eril’s office, I walked in to see the detectives, including the man, all sitted and talking with him. They stopped when they saw me. Sir Edwardo was absent.
‘I wonder what they are discussing with Dr Eril.’
“Doctor Eril, Dr. Rosh needs your presence at surgery room 5, where Mr John Hoffsman was operated,” I said.
“Alright,” Dr Eril said and stood up instantly. The cops stood up too.
We all headed out.
I couldn’t keep my eyes off the man untill they were out of sight, making use of the hallway while Dr Eril went into an elevator.
‘That man, his face seem all familiar. What were they discussing with Dr Eril. He is the doctor incharge of Dr Tony Campbell’s day to day checkings. Are they trying to know if there is any improvement on Dr. Tony.
I really hope Dr Tony wakes up soon, it’s taking time! But who is that man with them and why do he look so familiar to me?’
“Nurse Clara,” I turned to see Johanna walking towards.
“Johanna,” I smiled at her.
“How was the surgeries,” she asked.
“It was successful,” I said.
“The new cop, you saw him? but he’s retired,” she said.
“He’s a retired police officer?” I asked and she nodded.
“He look familiar to me, I wonder how. Anyways, im heading to my office. We’ll talk after,” I said.
“Alright nurse Clara,” she said and walked off while I headed back to my office.

I sat on my chair and placed my hands on the table, taping my fingers on it in thought.
‘That man look really familiar. Where did I meet him? I can’t recall.
And Drake, I’ll put a call to Danelle.’
I picked my phone from my bag and called her. It rang and she picked up at the fourth ring.
“Danelle,” I called.
“Sister,” she responded, in her normal tone.
“How are you doing and how was your exams today?” I asked.
“It was fine sis and how is your work?”
“Have you thought about what I told you?” she asked.
“Yeah. ” I answered.
“And you’ve realized that going back to Noah isn’t worth it right but giving Drake the chance?” she asked.
“Danelle can you just stop. I just wanna know if Drake finally had told you where he is,” I asked.
“No, he told me to let you know that he’s fine and good. But sister, do you really wanna see him? if you do, i’d try my best to tell me where he is,” she said.
“Kind of. I feel guilty for being the reason why he left. Maybe I could talk to him or something,” I said.
“Not just that sis, please give him a chance, please,” she said in a pleading voice.
I sighed. “It’s okay Danelle, I’ll call you later, bye,” I said and ended the call.
‘What’s wrong with this girl.
Everyone is against my decision.
How can I give Drake a chance?
I love Noah.
It’s not even possible.
Goodness, im so confused on this matter.
My back fell to the chair backrest and I rubbed my forehead with a sigh.
Brenda’s POV
“Wow, damn I love this dress in particular. You look damn good at it,” Nikky said as she stared admirably at me.
The clothes were delivered few hours ago by the Genestyle for my first shoots on saturday. The clothes, expensive as they are, both gowns, bikinis and lots of other marvelling clothes are just too beautiful, and perfect on me.
I can’t believe my luck!
“Hottest Model, Brenda Adams, face of Gebestyle, step out please,” she said and I did the perfect catwalking with the black high heels, with curled heel lace tied up to the shin and laced with gold around the foot side of the heels.
I got to the full length mirror and admired my elegant self.
“Soon my face would be all over the tv screen, in every home, in offices and every damn place,” I said
“Ofcourse baby!” Nikky said, smiling.
“Im beautuful. I’ve got the perfect body and the curves so I deserve it,” I said as I caressed my curly hair.
“Yeah you do,” she said.
I recalled Drake.
“Why do Drake reject a hot bae like me?” I asked, not expecting any answer tho.
I touched my Cleavage which appeared really seductive on the V curve dress neck.
“He doesn’t even pick my calls. What do he want that I can’t give?” I said and trailed my hands down to my hips.
“He’s foolish to ignore all this for some stinking looking crap of a girl! where the hell is he anyways!”
“Your phone is ringing B,” Nikky said and that was when I heard it.
I sighed and walked to my purse on the bed, took it out from the purse and was shocked to see the caller.
I looked at Nikky, “Drake.”
She gasped then smiled. “Get his location,” she said.
I picked up the call, placing the phone to my left ear.
“Drake, finally you called me after a thousand missed calls from me,” I said with an excited smile.
“Brenda, did you say that you love me and want us to date?” he asked, astonishing me the more.
I smiled. “Yeah I love you so much Drake and I want to be yours alone,” I said and brought the phone off my ear.
The location read ‘Seashore Resort, Georgio, Texas.’
I smiled and placed the phone back to my ear.
“I wanna tell you that i’ve decided to give you that chance,” he said causing a hot flow of excitement to rush through my spine.
I gasped.
“Really? Drake are you serious about it?”
“Yeah,” he said, sounding unsure but I don’t give a damn.
Im his already.
“I wanna see you tomorrow Drake, where are you please?” I asked.
It took him long seconds to answer.
“Seashore resort. I’ll be expecting you tomorrow,” he said.
I smiled. “I’ll be there tomorrow sweetie,” I said.
“Alright goodnight,” he said.
“Goodnight boyfriend,” I said and blew his a kiss.
He ended the call.
I jumped up.
“Oh my goodness! finally the bitch now knows he can’t resist me. Im gonna have him all to myself. Oh everything is just working perfectly!” I said.
Nikky smiled. “Are we gonna celebrate this?” she asked.
“Ofcourse!” I said, laughing excitedly.
“Where’s he anyways?” she asked.
“Seashore resort,”I said.
“Wow! I wonder what got into him,” she said.
I rolled my eyes excitedly.
“Whatever that did, im so his now. No bitch is gonna share him with me.” I said.
“Oh but what about you, won’t it be just him?” she asked.
I laughed.
“Mr Carlos promised a lot. I can’t miss them,” I said.
We laughed together.
‘Finally, Drake is mine.’
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he Still Love Him )
Written by, Rejoice Jeremiah. C
Clara’s POV
I spoke with three people after I was back home from work. First was Danelle who kept talking about Drake which only increased the guilt I was feeling.
Then mom, who said she’s gonna come to talk with me, trying to make me understand that the decision that I made is so wrong and I couldn’t deny that I felt her words this time.
Then, Louisa called, telling that she’s been trying my line for a week now.
I had wanted to lie when she told me that my mom had told her everything and that she can’t deny that my mom is right.
“I understand it’s love that has made you take such decision but you have to know that it’s only misleading you and nothing’s gonna right’s gonna come out of it. It won’t end well. You have forgiven which was the right thing to do but going back to him to wait forever,c’mon friend that can’t happen. You truely love but you can’t put your future at risk cos of it.
Tell him goodbye and move on dear. Im sure your third relationship will be forever strong. Trust me girl. Listen to your mom, you might decide not to listen to me but please listen to your mom,” Louisa had said on the phone call.
I sighed and wrapped myself in the duvet.
‘Mom is against my decision, my sister is, sir edwardo is, even Louisa! and im sure Johanna would be if I tell her too.
What do I do? im begining to fall really sick.

I fell asleep hours later, that I woke up the next day with a banging headache.
I rolled out of the bed and walked into the bathroom where I splashed cold water from the sink on my dull face, my eyes looking bulgy.
I came out and checked my phone. The time was 7:30am, Okay I forgot to set the alarm last night. Im going late to work today.
I rushed back to the bathroom to brush and take a bathe.
Breakfast could wait.
I took my bathe and soon, I was dressed for work.
I picked my bag, my phone and left for work.
Getting outta my house, I recalled my car packed at the spot where it’s been.
I sighed.
‘I’ll be off duty tomorrow so i’ll call a mechanic. It’s getting to three weeks or so that i haven’t touched the car’
I stooped a cab and went in.
“Gra-Avantees hospital,” I said to the driver in brown clothecap. He drove off.
“Ma’am I remember you,” the cab driver said, making me stare at his face through the rear view mirror confusely.
“I mean I recall your face. You were the lady that some guy spyed on six days ago,” he said.
“Some guy spyed on me, who?” I asked with a bit of fright.
Who would spy on me?
He adjusted the rearview mirror so I could see his face clearly.
“Well, I drove him to the gate of Degred police department and he stayed upto an hour hoping you wouldn’t come out from the police station and I tell you ma’am, he got really heartbroken to the extent of a tear drop when he saw you wall out of the station.
Im sure you know who im speaking of now,” he said.
Ofcourse Drake!
I couldn’t believe it again.
‘Drake saw me. He knew I went to see Noah on sunday even before I told him. This is so unbelievable!’
“Ih you still don’t? I can still recall his handsome face, tall, brown hair and amazing built body stature,” he said.
“I do, i do,” I muttered.
He smiled.
“Who is he really to you? He was acting like your boyfriend, or fiancee, I asked him though but he refused telling me exactly though he said you both ain’t dating. He was really heartbroken to see you walk out of that police station,” he said.
I sighed as I couldn’t hold back the pains that rushed within me. I felt like a thousand more guilt had been added to my head. It was too heavy for me that I couldn’t believe it when I felt tears gathered in my eyes.
“He’s my friend and my neighbour, we are fine now,” I said, mxing the truth with the lie.
“Then if he’s just a friend then I think there’s something more and it’s connected to feelings, deep feelings for you. I think he wants something more than just a friend and whoever you went to see must have broken his heart really much,” he said and pulled to the gate of Gra-Avantees.
“Thanks for the information,” I said and paid him. He nodded and took the pay.
I walked out of the cab, shut the door back and he drove away.
Forgettinh my lateness for a moment as I stood starinh at the yellow and black painted car till it was out of sight.
All I could mutter after was, “I need to see Drake.”
I rushed towards the hospital building.
‘I need to see Drake,’ I said within continously, rushing up to the stairs but then I bumped into someone – the retired police officer.
He seem so familiar to me. I really wonder how!
“Im sorry sir,” I said and climbed the remaining riser. When I glanced back, I caught him staring at me.

I walked into my office and dropped my bag on the desk, the sat down on the swivel chair and layed my head on the table.
‘Drakeeee I so much need to see you. I really want to, I can’t believe how hurt you felt that day. My guilty feelings has increased more and I can’t help it.
Where exactly are you Drake, how could you just leave because I went back to Noah. It’s all because I love him. If I didn’t, I wouldn’t accept him nor will I even forgive him.
How could you fall inlove with me! what do you want me to do Drake?’
I sighed.
The door opened and Johanna walked in.
I sat up, bringing up my face.
Her smile faded immediately as she saw my weary face.
“Nurse Clara, are you really okay?” she demanded with a worried look on her pretty round face.
“Yes Johanna, im fine,” I lied.
She shook her head.
“No, you don’t seem like. What’a really wrong please?” she said as she drew near then took my hand.
I sighed. Should I tell her about it?
“Tell me Clara and i’d help out if I can,” she added.
I sighed again and shook my head.
“Im not fine Johanna. Im so confused. I don’t know what to do,” I said.
“Oh tell me tell me and we’ll solve ir together,” she said.
“Let’s meet at the hospital cafeteria after work, i’ll tell you.” I said and she nodded with a smile.
“Alright but can you please lighten up your face even if it’s only a little bit please,” she said, caressing my hair.
I gave her a faint smile.
“So why are you here?” I asked.
“Matron Gracia wanna see you,” she said.
“Do you have a clue why?”
“Uhmm maybe cos she saw you came late,” she said and chuckled.
I smiled.
Drake’s POV
I stood at the balcony and stared out at the activities going on at the resort ground as I waited for Brenda’s arrival.
She was coming and I want her to.
I glanced at my wristwatch, the time was saying ’11:30am’
I turned back to the ground when I saw her car drive in.
She pulled into the parking lot and then stepped out and shut her door. She was dressed in red just the colour of her car. Red gown with just one sleeve at the left hand which flowed down to the elbow.
The right hand was sleeveless. The gown hugged out her hips and hardly covered her thighs. Her cleavage was visible even from afar.
Brenda is hot but Clara is just beautiful and warm.
Why am I mentioning Clara!’
I made my way down the staircase to meet her, on my way, her call came in.
I picked it up.
“Hello baby, im here now standing at the parking lot, come over please,” she said in a soft tone.
“Im coming there now,” I answered and ended the call.
Soon I was walking towards the parking lot where she stood, glancing around.
She saw me and began coming towards with a smile.
‘This Brenda is a girl that I hate but to get that girl I love outta my mind. I need her and here she is.
I got to her and before I could say ‘jack’ she pushed her lips on mine.
I threw my wide eyes at her. She wrapped her hands round my neck, not letting go of the kiss.
Geez! what.
I felt kinda embarrased.
I managed to pull her outta me. She was smiling.
“I missed you Drake,” she said.
I breathed out.
“You shouldn’t have been in a hurry, people were watching,” I said.
She raised her brow, “Why would that bother you? I don’t mind making love with you here. The way I want you, is like a burning flame that is unquenchable,” she said as she ran her hands on my chest through my thick red shirt.
“I love you so much. I knew you were gonna be mine Drake,” she said and trailed her hand up to my cheek.
I grabbed the hand softly.
“Let’s go to my suite,” I said and with that, we headed to my suite.
“So are you gonna tell me why you are here?” she asked.
“Im on leave, so I decided to spend it here,” I replied and unlocked the door. We walked in and closed the door.
She scanned around then settled on the bed, crossing her leg.
I dropped the keys and my phone on the bed, the pillow side.
“I’ll make an order,” I said and was typing on the landline on the bedside table when she stood up.
“No baby, Your girlfriend don’t wanna eat such things,” she said and back hugged me. “but you,” she completed and giggled softly.
She planted a kiss on my back. It should have sent chills down me but suprisingly, it didn’t.
I left the landline and turned to face her.
She was smiling, then bite her bottom lips seductively, “Make sweet love to me Drake and it will be the begginning of our sweet love and Romance. Let’s spend the rest of today and all through the night in intimate unending pleasure,” she touched my hair then trailed her finger down to my nose.
“I’ve really missed your touch. Your sweet bites on my skin. They way you make me moan in pure estacy,” she said and trailed down to my lips.
I could see the want in her eyes.
With all this seductive words from her, I should have been getting aroused but seriously I wasn’t.
She licked her lips seductively and when her hands had trailed up behind my ear. She pushed her lips to mine.
I reciprocated but the feelings wasn’t there.
There and then, I understood that both I and my body doesn’t want Brenda.
Claire was even better.
But just like I ignored those guilt feelings the second time with Claire, Im gonna ignore this time too.
She unbottoned my shirt and I removed it. She caressed my chest and my back while I found her gown zipper and pulled down the zip to her butt where it stopped.
Her red bra with black fancied net came in view.
I reached for the hook and unhooked it. The bra fell to the ground. Her boobs stared at me.
She bite her bottom lip and cupped her big boobs in her hands.
“You’ve missed them, haven’t you?” she said in a soft seducing tone which would have sent me to the edge even her boobs that would have made my d**k rise in two seconds but none of that was happening.
I ain’t even aroused. My mind weren’t here but on somewhere I have no idea.
My mind seemed blank and unfocused. Confused and weak.
I was starting to feel nausea as she kissed me again and her head rested on my zip.
My d**k was feeling her hand but it wasn’t making any reaction to that. She should notice that and so she did.
She pulled away with her hand still there. She narrowed her eyes.
“You ain’t getting hard,” she said.
I sighed, removed her hand from there and dropped it on her body.
“No I can’t because im not concentrating and I feel nausea and I don’t know what’s wrong,” I said.
“It’s because of her right?” she asked with an angered tone.
“I think. Or rather yes,” I said.
“Who exactly, your neighbour huh?” she asked.
“Yes and again, i’ve never wanted this so please just leave,” I said.
She walked back to the bed in her naked state with just her red lingerie on and her heels. She sat back on the bed and crossed her legs.
“So, why didn’t you let her know when you were leaving and where you are?” she asked.
“You went to see her?” I asked.
“Ofcourse but she lied to me that you both ain’t dating but just friends. Now I need the truth,” she said.
“I love her. She have no idea yet. Im trying to get her outta my mind because she love someone else. So what you are gonna do now is follow my way, Try also to forget about me from now on cos the Drake that you love is not interested in you one bit. I tried to but as you can see, It can’t work. My body doesn’t even want you, so please leave now Brenda and please do that before im out of the ensuite,” I said and walked into the suite.
I closed the door and placed my back on it with my head up and my eyes closed in thought.
‘God! what is wrong with me? I had sex with Claire. Why couldn’t I have sex with Brenda.. it’s not as if this is the first time with her. We’ve had sex numerous times then why did my body became so unmoved by her touches and the things presented to it.
It all have to do with my love for Clara. It’s strongly controlling me.
After I had sex with Claire, I regretted and felt so guilty like i’ve cheated on Clara.
Now, Brenda, I couldn’t get aroused instead I felt tired and nausea like some rotten meat were presented to me.
Does it mean that nothing can change my love for Clara?
Nothing can be of help in making me get get outta my mind?’
Well, this is my decision.
Since I can’t stop my love for her, then im gonna have her. I don’t care how I do it but im gonna make her fall inlove with me.
I don’t care if she’s inlove with Noah, im gonna tell her to be mine.
Im gonna have her and she is definitely going to love me and forget about Noah.
Im going back to Maymack and i’ll do everything within me to be yours Clara.’
Brenda’s POV
I love her. She have no idea yet. Im trying to get her outta my mind because she love someone else. So what you are gonna do now is follow my way, Try also to forget about me from now on cos the Drake that you love is not interested in you one bit. I tried to but as you can see, It can’t work. My body doesn’t even want you, so please leave now Brenda and please do that before im out of the ensuite,’
This words played severally in my head.
I shook my head in scorn.
‘Never! I’ll not forget about you Drake!
If I can’t have you then no one will!
And that girl you’re inlove with, im gonna get rid of her if I can. But he said she doesn’t know yet that he love her and he is tryna stop his love for her cos she is inlove with someone else. Really?
She might accept if he asks her out. I can’t let that happen. I have to do something. He can’t get over her and that might take him back to her
I have to do something. Only Nikky can help me in this.
Knowing she was the reason why he was unmoved by my touches gets me so furious!’
I glanced at the bedside table to find his phone.
I took it and luckily enough it wasn’t locked with a password. I went through his contacts. Nothing important could I grab.
I went to his gallery. So many female pictures. I kept scrolling this one got my eyes wide open.
It was the neighbour. The brat he’s inlove with and the reason why he was unmoved by my touches!
Her pictures where on his phone. It was two pictures taken in a mall.
I quickly sent it to my phone with so much anger boiling deep within me.
I dropped back the phone on the counter.
and stared at the pictures, now on my own phone.
‘I own Drake and nothing can stop me from getting him to be fully mine!’
Drake walked out of the ensuite and grabbed his shirt on the bed.
I locked my phone.
“Drake what do you take my love for? Why would you resist me and be unmoved by my touches, a hot cake like me just because of that ill looking girl! You are my boyfriend and nothing’s gonna change it,” I said and stood up. I caressed his chest down to his amazing six packs.
“We are dating now Drake and the fast you start getting the silly girl outta your life, the better. I can’t share you with anyone else. I’ll give you a call. Im going for a meeting at Genestyle. If you must know my luck, my love, I got the contract to work for one of the top modelling industry in this country. It’s really awesome right? soon, your girlfriend is gonna be known worldwide. I’ll be be back for you but we can still have fun, there’s time. You gonna get aroused this time, trust me my love,” I said, taking his hand down to my vulva but he grabbed my hand pushed me away from him.
“Take your bra, dress up and just get out please. Im sorry for inviting you here, it was a mistake and if you must know, we are not in a relationship and will never be. Im not your boyfriend and will never be,” he said strictly.
I smiled.
“You can’t say that sweetie. You are my boyfriend and we started dating last night,” I said with a smirk smile then picked my bra and wore it.
“and you’ll forever be my boyfriend,” I added and zipped up my gown then picked up my purse.
I walked to him and caressed his cheek.
“Nothing can stop you,” I whispered with a smile.
“Goodbye my love. I’ll be back and enjoy this beautiful resort with you,” I said and with that, I left with no where else on my mind but maymack apartment 3.
Im going to meet the brat who made my happy mood turn into a bad mood.

read more here: https://www.emperorblog.com.ng/?s=THE+BAD+BOY+DIARY
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Clara, what is she even thinking? I feel really sorry for Drake. I thought he has finally gotten Clara just for her to go back to Noah cryClara, what is she even thinking? I feel really sorry for Drake. I thought he has finally gotten Clara just for her to go back to Noah
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Op nice one. Shout out to all the followers and ghost readers. Chai... I'm in page 4 now, it took me days to reach here. Nevermind i'm gonna invite my G's to enjoy what am enjoying. Cheers...One bottle of Raddler for u!

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he BadBoy Diary
( She Still Love Him )
Written by, Rejoice Jeremiah. C
Brenda’s POV continues
I pulled into maymack and seeing her car, I believed she was home.
I got out of my car and walked upto her door to realize that it was locked.
“Uhmm really,” I muttered to myself.
Well I didn’t even think of her being at work. All my focus was on coming down here to lay my last warning and threat.
Just like you know, Brenda doesn’t have the heart to kill..
I will have to threaten her for the last time and if she prove stubborn then Nikky would do the needful.
I checked the time, ‘2:30pm’
I have a meeting with Genestyle managers by 3:30pm. I will reach home first, freshen up and change for the meeting.
I headed back to my car but midway, I saw an elder woman come out from one of the apartments.

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She gave me a sign to wait with her walking stick.
I stopped and waited for her.
I wonder what she wanna say to me.
She soon got to me after it seemed like forever.
Her wrinkled face displayed a warm smile at me.
I faked a faint smile at her.
“You came for Drake?” she asked, suprising me a bit.
Anyways I answered. “I know he isn’t home. I came for someone else,” I said.
“Who then?” she asked with a faint smile.
“Her,” I pointed at the girl’s apartment.
The old woman nodded her head.
“Why do you came for her? is she connected in anyway to you?” she asked, annoying me a bit with the unecessary questions.
“I wanna see her. She knows me,” I said.
“Do you know her very well?” she asked.
I almost rolled my eyes.
“Not really,” I said.
She nodded. “Which means that you have no idea that she is a nurse at.. oh I can’t recall the hospital. There are so many hospitals in this city and around but I think it’s either Gra-Avantees, Healthon or Washington,” she said.
‘Oh really, the brat is a nurse. Thanks for the information old woman but the information would have been more complete if you knew the exact hodpital that she works at.’
I smiled at the old woman roaming her eyes all over my body and even my car.
“Okay ma’am. We just got to know ourselves and we haven’t talked much. Thanks for letting me on that. I’ll come back later when she must be home,” I said and with that, I reached my car, went in and zoomed off.
My eyes glanced went to her packed car again.
‘But why didn’t she go to work with her car?
Ah if only I can get her names and the hospital she works. Asking the annoying granny her name would arouse unecessary suspicion’
‘Whatever, I’ll be back at night, exactly the same time that I came the last time. That was on tuesday.’
I turned into the next road.
‘Drake not getting moved by my touch and seduction wouldn’t really have been an infuriation to me if the bitch wasn’t the reason! but she is, a lady like me. Some stupid nurse with no style had to be the reason! I can’t bear the anger!’
I searched for my phone in my purse with my left hand while my right was controlling the steering wheel. I found it and took it out and made a call to Nikky.
She picked up at the second ring.
“Nikky are you at my house now?” I asked.
“Yeap,” she answered in a sleepy voice.
“Alright, im coming,” I said and ended the call.
I pulled into the garage and stepped out of the car with my purse. I slammed the door and headed to the door where I rang the doorbell and it was opened in a minute time by Mrs Edmond.
I walked in.
“Welcome Brenda,” she greeted.
“Thanks,” I answered and walked upstairs.
Walking into Nikky’s room, I saw her arranging her wardrobe.
She smiled widely and drew near. She wore a black short over a white singlet. She love white singlets
“So tell me B, hope it was fun filled. Gist me please,” she said with eager eyes as she sat beside me on the bed.
“You can’t believe the shit, Nikky,” I said and scoffed.
Her smile faded away as she narrowed her eyes, “What’s that?”
I pulled off my heels for ease.
“The Drake I know can’t resist my seduction. Yeah he hates me, right but when it comes to sex, he’d succumb instantly to me. He love the way I do everything and give the styles so perfectly. Seriously just my first touch and first word would get his d**k hard but shockingly today, none of that happene. He refused to get aroused. Well not hime at first but his body. Everything was fine when I arrived, we kissed and he kissed back, we fondled with each other’s clothes but then when my hand went there,” I paused and looked at Nikky who seem all keen.
“-he wasn’t even getting the slightest hard on and when I told him about it, he let me know that he wasn’t focusing because of some stupid girl that he’s inlove with but she doesn’t love him back. Though he’s trying to stop his love for her but it isn’t stopping.
God I was so infuriated and mad! I got to know that it’s his neighbour, the same girl you’ve been telling me to get rid of,” I said with my eyes on Nikky.
“So what are you going to do?” Nikky asked with her eyes on me.
“Im going to give her the last threat to get far away from Drake’s reach and cut off anything that would connect her and Drake. I drove straight to maymack to find out that she’s at work. I found out from one of the neighbours, an old woman that the girl is a nurse at one of the higher hospitals in this city,” I said.
She stood up and walked back to the wardrobe.
“Don’t you think eliminating her will be better than threat? if she’s killed, she’ll be gone forever but if she relocate their’s a chance for them to meet. B, you should know that this world is a small place and revolves,” she said.
I sighed.
“Im beginning to think so too but I find myself not making the decision. Im a very soft hearted person Nikky. Yeah im a bad girl, a sex addict, a clubber and drinker but I can’t hurt a fly talkmore of a human,” I said.
“Well let’s see how the threat works and then if it doesn’t, we gonna know what next to do,” she said.
I picked my phone.
“I took her pictures from his phone,” I said and she rushed to see.
“Wow, her smiles are really pretty,” Nikky said, getting me a bit angry and jealous.
She noticed it and chuckled. “C’mon B, you are more beautiful with the sweetest smile. Your body is a die for!” she sang and that made me smile tho.
Clara’s POV
Hours later:
[Hospital Cafeteria] We settled down on an empty table and with our tray of Pizza and soft drink.
I picked my own pizza, unwrapped it and took a bite.
Johanna did same and then cleaned her mouth with a white serviette.
“So, are you gonna tell me now nurse Clara?” she asked.
“Just call me Clara now. our shift is over,” I said.
She smiled.
I dropped the pizza and wiped my mouth with a serviette too.
“Well, it’s the story of my love life and what I am currently going through. Once im done, all I need from you is a true advise, an advise that you think is the right thing for me to do,” I said and she nodded with a beckoning smile.
I breathed out to begin the long story.
I told her my love story from David’s part and my first heartbreak then to Noah and how our love life began.
Then Drake came into the story. About his playboy lifestyle and his lustful attempts towards me the early weeks I parked into maymack apartment 3.
Then he began changing bit by bit, firstly by offering his help of driving me to work because my car broke down which I haven’t even repaired.
How I hated him untill he told me his sad stories of how he lost his family and then got heartbroken by someone he loved so much which changed him into a playboy.
After he told me the story, how I began liking him.
Then how I got my second heartbreak and how Drake was with me all through just like Noah had been at my first heartbreak.
I had no idea if Drake had some feelings for me because he was always talking about us just friends, about caring for me cos im his friend and all.
I had no idea if he was inlove with me. I only took him as a friend and loved his company.
Then how I went to see Noah at the police station and all Noah said.
How I went the next day and forgave him, not only that, I accepted him back and the reasons why I did.
Then Drake hears about it and he just disappeared the next day.
And how i found out why he left and how much guilt I began feeling.
How everyone is against my decision to be with Noah and my encounter with the taxi man in the morning.
“…and now I’ve decided that I wanna see him to just clear this guilt, maybe talking to him would stop it. I can’t help it Johanna, but Im inlove with Noah,” I concluded.
She glanced at one of the hospital staffs who just walked into the cafeteria, then back to me.
“Drake is really a handsome man,” she said.
“Just like Noah is,” I said, as Noah’s handsome face displayed in my head.
She smiled. “Believe Clara.. You can’t be with Noah, no matter what, you can’t be with him. He’s a prisoner and he would spend years in the prison or even face life imprisonment. Yes, you love him and he loves you and he did everything just for you, but now he’s in prison. You can’t wait for him unless you don’t wanna get married and have kids. But if you want to, then move on with your life but you shouldn’t forget about him. See, Drake loves you sincerely and believe me I saw it that day. I was suprised when you told me that you guys are just friends,”
“Noah sincerely love me too. He love me,” I said with a sigh.
“Yeah he do, but this love didn’t lead you both to be forever. And then there’s another love seeking for you, why don’t you just give that love a chance. Okay, even if you still love Noah, you can also give another guy a chance. Noah would spend years in prison and if he want you to be very happy, he will tell you to move on and be happy. You can’t wait for Noah please. Drake should be given a chance. Even if it’s just a little,” she said.
“Really I can’t think of doing such, Everyone says the same but I don’t see myself accepting Drake’s love but I miss him, i really miss him and I feel so guilty for his leaving, I wanna tell him to come back,” I said.
“And you think it’s gonna help? It will only worsen the guilt and will make his love for you to grow more and more if he stays close to you that was why he left,” she said.
I sighed.
“But I just wanna see him,” I muttered.
[An hour later] “Here,” I said stretching the money to the cab driver.
He collected it and I stepped down from the cab and headed to the apartment.
Getting into the compound, my eyes met a red car parked at the front of my apartment.
‘Wait, that is her car. The girl who came few days ago, threatening and warning me to stay clear off Drake. What’s she doing here again?’
Anyways, I breathed out and walked towards the car, The driver door opened and her two legs in a golden heels where first to step out before she got out of the car and rested her right arm on the door with her car keys dangling in her hand.
Re: The Badboy Diary / Fiction Story by emperorblog21(m): 4:04pm On Aug 15, 2019
She wore a black jump-suit which exposed her body too much.
Her cleavage displayed too much and I can swear that she wore no bra.
The crossed piece of long clothe which covered her boobs in the little way went all way up to her neck and tied behind her neck, leaving the remaining to fall over her uncovered back.
A golden purse with long golden chain hand hung on her left shoulder and reached down to her hips.
She wore a black eyeglass as well but now she removed it.
Her makeup was much but perfect on her.
She look really beautiful and would make it in the modelling world if she goes into it.
I drew nearer to her.
“What do you want again?” I demanded.
Her face wore no smile.
The red lipgloss which seem too much on her lips glittered in the bright night. Her long lashes rolled with her eyes as she scoffed.
“What I want, uhmm,” she said in a very soft tone.
“Yeah cos the last time you came to me, you came with warnings and threat, so now?” I said.
She brought down her arm from the car door and held the bunch of keys with both hands.
“Well you see. I don’t have much to say but im going to warn you for the last time, Get away from maymack and far away from Drake if you don’t wanna regret ever being here and ever knowing Drake,” she said and then took a few steps out as she glanced at the sky then back to me.
‘Oh again’
“I wonder what he saw in you. You ain’t even that beautiful like I thought. You ain’t a fashionmonger or even sexy. Ah! I can’t believe he resisted me all because of you brat!,” she said.
I inhaled. “You see, I can’t stand here and watch you insult me. I would go to my apartment and you might leave when you are tired of staying here,” I said and made to walk out but she grabbed my hand and pulled me back to face her.
We stood facing each other. Her face were fierce, mine was calm but I was annoyed.
“Don’t touch me again. I have told you that I have nothing with him.. We are just friends and by the way, he told me that you guys ain’t dating and that he hates you so much. The Drake you are even talking about isn’t home yet, so do not dare pull me back again,” I said and began my walk to my apartment.
She didn’t pull me back but her words halted me this time.
“Oh that was then, but we are dating now, he called me yesterday begging me to be girlfriend. He is my boyfriend now but you know the annoying thing?”
I turned to face her.
She came to me.
“He was unmoved by my touches, because of you! He couldn’t make love to me because of you brat! After telling me to be his girlfriend just to get over you, he broke up with me in just few hours, because he can’t get you off his head. You are being an obstacle to my relationship with Drake, if you don’t wanna meet your doom, get far away from him. Get outta here forever never to return. It’s a warning, if you like yourself enough, heed to my warning. I give three days to leave,” she said and with that, entered her car, shut the door and drove away.
My mouth had been agape since she said Drake wasn’t moved by her touch because of me. That he broke up with her in just few hours because he couldn’t get me off his head.
“What, why? I mean why couldn’t he? what kinda love does he have for me?” I muttered to myself, just then I heard my name, I turned and it was Mrs Roger, coming towards me from her apartment. She wore a brown sweater with a black trouser and her slippers. Her walking stick with her and her transparent glasses on her ageing eyes.
“Clara,” she repeated my name and soon got to me.
“Goodevening Mrs Roger,” I greeted and she nodded.
“Goodevening too Clara. I have been watching you with that young lady who just left in her car. She came here in the noon, to see you but she didn’t cos you were at work. I spoke with her and got to know that you both just met and she don’t even know about you. I recall seeing her few times with Drake those times Drake always come home to play loud music and im sure you understand what I mean. I wonder why she came to see you and not Drake and about Drake. do you know where he went to? did he travel or something? I saw him the day he was leaving. That was uhmmm on monday, do you?”
I sighed. “About her granny,” I realized that I don’t even know her name.
“..there’s nothing to worry about. And about Drake, I have no idea where he went to, i’ve been worried and all,” I said, not giving the main details.
She nodded.
“Drake, he told me things about he and you,” she said.
“What ma’am?” I asked with curiosity.
She stared into my eyes like she was finding something, “He told me you were facing a heartbreak which he’s been helping you to get over, but he’s afraid to tell you that he is inlove with you cos of the heartbreak. He wanted you to get over it first before he can take the step. I know that there is something wrong going on between the both of you. He couldn’t have left without telling you.
Just be careful. Drake was a playboy but all changed after you came in. That means he could do anything just to be with you. Don’t let your heartbreaks stop you from opening your heart again for another man. And that girl that left, tread carefully with her. She look dangerous to me.” she said.
I nodded.
“He left because of me ma’am, cos I went back to the man who broke my heart. You know what Mrs Roger, I think you should hear my story too ma’am,” I said.
“Oh if it’s too long, let go over to your apartment. My legs are hurting me already,” she said.
“Alright ma’am.” I said as we headed to my apartment.
More stories @ www.chorusman.com
I stared at her after telling her the whole story just the way I had told Johanna.
She smiled and sipped from the fruit juice that I poured into her glass. She dropped the glass back on the saucer which is on the table.
“Clara, sometimes the heart tricks one, the heart isn’t always truthful, sometimes it decieves. So I won’t advise you to follow your heart but follow the truth. Im not siding Drake neither im I siding Noah. Both men are inlove with you and once helped you outta your heartbreak. Forgiving Noah was a great thing to do, accepting him back was out of love which your heart led you to. Now if you look into this very deep, do you think your heart is being truthful to you about being with Drake and everything will be alright? You should know that Love and Truth are two different things,” she said.
I tilted my head in thought.
Love and truth are two different things.
I love Noah.
But the truth is that nothing will be alright if he spend long years in the prison.
“Before making a decision, try seeing how it’s gonna affect the people around you. Your mom, your sister even your friends,” she said.
“But I truely Love Noah ma’am and it wasn’t his fault,” I said.
“Yeah, but you should consider your future. You love him but he might not be your future. Maybe you both are not destined by God to be together in the future.” she said.
“Then who?” I asked.
She let out a faint smile.
“I can’t tell but there is Drake, who love you, who changed because of you. Who couldn’t get you off his mind even though he left to be far away from you, im not telling you to give him a chance but go to him, and talk things out with him. Let him confess his love to you and see what your minds tells you. This time, don’t follow your heart but the truth,” she said and stood up.
“I’ll be leaving to my apartment now, my husband will be waiting for me. Goodnight Clara,” she said with a warm smile.
I stood up, then suprising me, she gave me a warm hug.
When last did I recieve such a warm hug.
I miss my mom presence.
She told me she is coming tomorrow, I wonder if she will come.
She’s always occupied with works.
Mrs Rogers pulled away and I smiled.
“Thanks ma’am for your advises. I’ll follow the truth like you have said.”
She smiled and finally left.
I breathed out and locked the door.
‘Follow the truth this time, not your heart.
Consider the people around you, how they are gonna be affected by the decision you make,’ the words rang in many forms in my head.
Just then my phone rang.
I picked it up from the couch where I sat with Mrs Roger.
I picked it up.
“Sis, there is goodnews, are you there?” she said, her voice sounding really excited.
“What’s that?” I asked.
“Drake, he finally told me where he is, Seashore Resort Georgio, you woulf find it really quick.” she said.
I raised my brows as my heart beated.
“How did you?” I asked.
“I told him that you are dying to see him. That you regret ever hurting him.”
“That you are feeling so guilty for being the reason why he left and that you wanna make things right,”
“That you are falling sick out of too much worry and guilt. That you miss his presence and can’t wait to see him.”
Jesus christ!
“Danelle! why did you tell him all that!” I shouted.
“Because it was the only way to get the location he is, and I swear sister, his happiness was beyond explanation. I bet he even jumped into seashore beach due to the much happiness he felt. Sis, Drake is head over heels inlove with you,” she said, excitement ringing in her voice.
“I’ll go see him tomorrow,” I said.
“What! sister are you serious or joking, please say the first,” she said.
I sighed.
“Im serious Danelle, I’m trying to see if I’d follow the truth this time,” I said.
“Woah! the truth which means that Drake is the right man for you,” she said.
“Not that Danelle. Goodnight,” I said and ended the call.
“Seashore Resort, I’ll research about it,” I said and headed to my bedroom as I scrolled to google.
‘Im not going there to tell him that i’ve accepted his love, but to make things right..’
Re: The Badboy Diary / Fiction Story by emperorblog21(m): 4:04pm On Aug 15, 2019
The BadBoy Diary
( She Still Love Him )
Written by, Rejoice Jeremiah. C
Drake’s POV
My heart leap with excess happiness and excitement.
I can’t stop smiling.
What Danelle just told me tonight have sent me over the moon.
She said that Clara misses me. That she feel so hurt that I left and so dearly wanna see me.
Ah.. I didn’t hesitate to give her my location when she finally asked of it.
And now, I just finished speaking with her and she broke the sweetest news i’ve ever heard! That Clara is coming tomorrow to see meeeee.
She sent me Clara’s phone number as well.
I glanced at it displayed on my phone contact.
I felt like just giving her a call to hear her voice. That sweet, calm voice of hers,I miss it but I couldn’t do that. I still felt nervous.
What about texting? I can’t too.
I’ll wait for her arrival tomorrow.
And ahh! I really want a lot to happen.
Crazy-sweet things.
Crazy-sweet things like?’
I giggled and covered my face with a pillow.
‘Anything. I just can’t wait!
Something that i’ve longed for. I miss her, Clara and no one else’
My phone rang.
I checked the caller.
I picked it up.
“Hello Drakee,” she spoke with a bedroom voice.
“Claire how are you doing?” I asked with a smile.
“Well im fine, what about you?” she asked.
“Im good,” I answered.
“Uhmm so what’s up now, did you give it a try?” she asked.
I understood.
“That didn’t help at all but made it worse Claire. But you know the sweet news? Clara is coming. I can’t wait to see you,” I said excitedly.
“Oh, that sounds like a great news, how did it happen?” she asked.
“Well, magic I guess. She misses me and all. I had found out that im inlove with her and I think she’s coming to talk about it,” I said.
“Wow, goodluck then,” she said.
“Yeah, thanks Claire. How’s your family?” I asked.
“Great, thanks. Well goodnight Drake,” she said.
“Yeah goodnight Claire,” I said.
The call ended and I dropped the phone on the bedside table then put my hands behind my back in smiles.
When I finally slept off, I had the same dream.
{Saturday }
Clara’s POV
I woke up with a beating heart with fireworks in my stomache..
I sat up as the dream I had came rushing back in my head.
It was at a really beautiful garden of so many beautiful flowers.
Drake and I stood in that garden,hand in hand as we stared deeply into each other’s eyes.
He told me how much he is inlove with me and seriously, confusely. I told him same.
And then we kissed!
What a dream. What kind of dream was that!
Not possible.
What is it tryna tell me?
‘That you should understand that Drake and you are meant to be,’ a voice like my sister’s said. Within me.
How possible! I love Noah
‘You have to follow the truth Clara’ A voice like Mrs Rogers followed.
I rolled the duvet off me and rushed into the bathroom. Turned on the sink faucet and splashed water on my face to get myself.
“I love Noah, I love him,” I muttered.
Did I say I love Noah? I should have visited him today but Instead, im going to see Drake.
I splashed water on my face again.
‘What’s going on? Why Im so bothered about seeing Drake than seeing Noah’
When no answer came, I wiped my face and walked out to the bedroom. I picked up my phone and clicked on the screen,the time said ‘8: 30am’
I dropped the phone and went back into the bathroom to brush.

Getting out of the bathroom, my phone began ringing. I picked it up from the bed.
Mom. I picked up the call.
“Hello mom,” I spoke first.
“Clara how are you doing?” her voice came.
“Im fine mom, and you?” I asked.
“Im fine too dear especially now that you decided to listen to I and your younger sister,” she said.
I sighed. “Danelle told you already?”
“Yes my dear,”
“What did she tell you mom?”
“Uhmm that you are considering the Drake because you’ve realized that he loves you truely and wouldn’t hurt you in any way,” she said.
I sighed. “Mom don’t listen to that girl. Im only going to talk with him and clear the guilt that im feeling, nothing more. How can Danelle talk so much,” I said with a little bit of anger.
“Well Clara, you see, everyone had advised you, including Louisa but you still think you are taking the right path. I think we are gonna let you be now. You may follow your heart, which ever way it leads you, you go,” she said.
‘Follow your heart. Follow the truth’
“I talked about coming down to see you Clara but im really very busy. I hope im given a leave soon so I could see you my daughter. It’s been six months now!” she said.
I sighed.
“Mom, what do you think about this two statements, ‘Follow your heart and follow the truth?” I asked.
There was a minute of silencebefore she cleared her throat.
“Well in my own understanding dear, I would say following your heart is like doing what your heart wants without minding about every other thing but that cos your heart wants you to And following the truth well, doing what is right no matter what it may cost you. If you must know, the heart can be wrong at times and deceitful too. It might lead you to the wrong path But you see the truth, is never wrong nor deceithful. It will always lead you to the right path….
Hours later:
………………………… ………………..
I was on my way to Seashore Resort.
‘Sometimes life is just not fair. That person you choose to be with isn’t who life want you to spend your life with.
Maybe it could be who you despisw and hate so much.
Life is suprising with too much twists.
How can the one who was a good man now seen and regarded as the bad man while the bad man is now seen and regarded as the good man.’
I shook my head and stared out the window.
‘Mrs Rogee told me to folllow the truth but does it really mean that it’s Drake?
Ofcourss not.
But my heartbeat is starting to increase bit by bit as we apprpach the resort.
It’s not as if this is gonna be the first time im setting my eyes on Drake. Wjy is my hearbeat increasing?
I gently placed my hand there, on my chest. It was like the action suddenly reminded me of the dream I had.
The kiss.
I licked my lips and that kinda shocked me when I realized what I just did.
I shook my head and unpacked my hair and repacked it right in the cab.
“Are we getting there soon?” I asked the cab driver.
“In twenty minutes ma’am,” he answered just like an alarm, my heart beat raised high. It was uncontrollable. I couldn’t control it.
What’s wrong. Why’s my heart beating and why are the fireworks back.
I inhaled.
‘I should be at Degred now with Noah but here I am, heading to Seashore resort to see Drake cos everyone wanta me to, my mom, Danelle, Johanna, Louisa, My conscience and guilt. All of them. No one wants Noah only my heart but why is that same heart beating now?
I placed back my hand there.
Getting out of the cab, I hung the hand of my purse on my shoulder and after breathing in and out, I walked into the gates of Seashore Hotel to behold its beauty.
My heart beat hadn’t stopped beating loudly and for the first time, I dialled Drake’s line and called.
It began ringing.
I inhaled and placed it on my ear.
He picked up at the second ring like he’s been expecting my call.
I can’t believe my heart skipped when I heard his voice, calm and just the way it only was.
“Clara, I can see you, look up at the second storey, you gonna see me,” he said. I did and truthfully, I saw him which made my heart skip again.
“Room 104,” he added and ended the call.
The way he sounded seem rather harsh and it only made feel worse.
I wondered what he’s been passing through all this while.
I inhaled and followed the walkway leading to the building.
I walked up the staircase and found the room. The door was slightly opened.
I swallowed and grabbed the doorknob, opening the door open wide, I saw Drake standing in my front.
I suddenly felt hot. My stomache clinged like it’s never done before.
For the first time I realized how smoking hot Drake is.
I still held the doorknob while he stood in white short and black polo which hugged out his abs and packs.
I felt mute. All I had summarizes in my head which I would say to him suddenly vanished off my head.
The way he stared at me. His eyes on mine, gave me goosebumps.
He pushed his hair back and with a lick on his bottom lip, he got closer to me. I couldn’t take my eyes off him. I just could’t.
He dropped his hands and took my left hand. I swallowed.
“Claraaa,” he called in the softest tone i’ve ever heard from him or anyone else not even Noah.
He brought his other hand to cup my cheek.
That same sensation I could remember vividly came rushing through me that instant.
His eyes became tender and calm as they stared at me in a way I could only describe as love and desire.
“Clara, I miss you,”he said.
I inhaled.
He got his face so close to me.
I tried moving back but he halted me
“No no don’t try it. Just stay still please,” he said in the most softest tone i’ve ever heard.
He stared deeply into my eyes. His own were too charming.
“I thought that I coulf stpp this love but I couldn’t. Each time I try to, it only make it increase. The love I have for you Clara is pure and true,” he said and raised his brows in a very handsome way.
Without taking his eyes off mine, he shifted and slammed the door shut with a kick of his foot
He smiledand touched my hair.
“You are realy very beautiful. Last night, I dreamt of you and I. We were standing at the middle a garden sorrounded by beautiful flowrers. We held hands as we professed our love to each other, then-” his eyes fell on my lips. “-we kissed. It was wonderful,” he said shocking me to the bone.
It was the exact dream I had.
“Did did you say in a garden? we kissed?” I asked.
“Yes,” he said with a smile.
I gasped with utter confusion.
“It was the same dream I had last night too,” I said.
He raised his brow and before I could resist it, he pushed his lips to mine and his hand went to my hair as he pulled out the band holding my ponytail hair. My hair fell to my shoulders.
I couldn’t protest. I let him kiss me.
His hands trailed down to my waist and held me there.
He withdrew the kiss and looked into my eyes.
“Clara, kiss me back please,” he said with pleading eyes and before I could talk, he resumed the kiss, now more passionate.
Maybe I lost it in a minute time.
Maybe it was his pleading.
Maybeit was the sensations running through my spine now but you can’t believe, I gave in and began kissing back.
It grew into a hot passionate kiss of desire
I dropped my purse which fell to the ground and he pushed me to the wall in a very careful way and began to UnCloth me, not quiting the kiss.
I know i’ve lost it but nothing mattered at that moment.
My emotions seem not to care.
My feelings, my body! Even my love for-
He unhooked my bra and it fell with my gown leaving just my pant.
He shifted back a bit and pushed his hair back as his eyes spoke of pure want for me.
“Clara, I can’t believe this,” he muttered and with that, he drew back and resumed the kiss.
He pulled off my pant and dropped it far away.
I couldn’t do anything.
I felt helpless to the touches he began giving me. I even moaned.
He carried me to the bed and dropped me on it then moved back and rubbed his eyes like this is actually a dream.
He shook his head unbelievably and pushed his hair back.
“Clara, you can’t believe how beautiful you are. God!” he said in a voice filled with lust and with that he took off his shirt and walked to me with our eyes at each other’s.
He pulled off his short and the rest and I closed my eyes.
Soon I felt him ontop me.
“Clara open your eyes and look at me,” he whispered softly.
I slowly opened my eyes to swee his handsome face close to mine.
He was inbetween my parted legs, naked.
He smiled in the most seductive way. It suddenly made me wet.
He touched my nose with his index finger and trailed it down to my lips.
“If I ever wanna be with a woman for the rest of my life, it’s you Clara,” he said.
I swallowed.
“And if I tell you, I wanna be with a woman for the rest of my life and that woman is you Clara,” he said.
I couldn’t talk. I kept staring at him. He smiled and glanced at my lips.
“Today is my luckiest and most happiest day,” he said and kissed my lips.
He pulled away.
“I know you don’t want this but im sorry, I can’t help it. I wanna make love to you. It’s been one of my wishes and today, it’s gonna be a reality,” he said and kissed me again, longer this time and withdrew.
“I love you Clara and im gonna make you feel good,” he whispered and with that, he kissed my neck. Only that kiss caused a moan to escape from my lips.
He kissed me down to my p***y
He did so many things to me.
He touched me in a way i’ve never been touched before.
Finally he made love to me.
We made love, or we had sex.
No we made love.
Whichever one but it was beautiful. So beautiful.
When it all has ended, he kissed my forehead and cleaned me off himself.
“Thanks for making my wish a reality. This marks the beginningof our love, nothing’s ever gonna make me loose you Clara,” he said and I eventually slept off after he gave me a water to drink.
I woke up maybe hours later, to see red flower petals lined up in a love curve on the side of the bed with a little red box at the middle and a rose flower laying beside it. A red champagne and two wine glass too. It was too beautiful.
The room smelt so different and more nice, like summer roses.
I glanced at myself and saw that I was still naked but covered in the white bedspread.
I turned my eyes to the door to see sim standing there in smiles.
He wore a red shirt now and a black trouser.
I covered my boobs well with the bedspread.
He walked towards and knelt in front, of me, facing the beauiful thing he did.
“Clara, you are my idol woman. You made me break the promise which I made to myself. I wonder how you found the keys to my heart cos you unlocked it and rented that part of my heart where love and irresistable owns but the you decided not to live there again and I felt shattered. I felt broken like a human who’s heart has been crushed into tiny particles.
More stories @ www.chorusman.com
I left to mend my broken heart but I forgot to leave you behind cos you never got outta my heart and my mind. I tried getting you out but i couldn’t. And then luckily for me,” he paused and smiled as he took the flower.
“..my wish came true.”
He stretched the flower to me, “I can’t loose you. I don’t mind if you still love him. Just let me love you please. Allow me to love you Clara.”
I swallowed.
“Please don’t say no to me. I love you so much Clara,” he said.
I tried to pack my hair but found it was loosed.
He removed the black bangle on his wrist and gave it to me.
I packed my hair with it and it relieved my nervousness a bit.
“Will you give me a chance Clara?” he asked.
“Chance for what Drake?” I finally talked.
“To be in your life as your love and you as mine, to prove my love for you to you,” he said.
I thought for a while. Then took the flower and smelt if. It smelt wonderful.
I looked at him with an unsure smile.
“Yes I will” I said.
He smiled and got up then picked up the small box, opened it and brought outa golden necklace.
He came to the bed, from behind, he kissed me on my neck, then wore the necklace on my neck and back hugged me.
“It look beautiful on you,” he whispered and kissed my neck again.
I touched the necklace.
Re: The Badboy Diary / Fiction Story by emperorblog21(m): 4:05pm On Aug 15, 2019
“It’s a symbol of my love for you, please keep it safe,” he said then withdrew his backhug and took the champagne.
He opened it and poured into both wine glass. He sat at my front.
“Here” he said and stretched one to me. I took it.
He smiled. “Thanks Clara for giving me a chance to prove my love to you, thank you so much, let’s toast ” he said.
And we did and drank the wine.
He dropped his empty wine glass.
“Come take a shower,” he said.
“Im unclad,” I said, a bit shy.
He smiled and got down from the bed.
“I’ll go get you dinner, what would you like to take for dinner?” he said.
“Anything,” I said.
He smiled.
“Alright, I’ll be right back.” he said then kissed my lips and walked out.
I breathed out and glanced at the glass cup half filled with red wine then back at the closed door and without thinking twice, I knew Drake truely is inlove with me.
But what about Noah?
I don’t know. I reeally don’t know.
I touched the beautiful necklace again.
Well end of season 1 of TBBD.
Hope you enjoyed it?
A beginning of a sweet love and hot romance between Drake and Clara.
But what follows when both Brenda and Noah got to know about it?
At the other hand, Danelle faces heartbreak which which makes her promise never to fall inlove again but is that really going to last when the new guy in school has crossed her part?
Well these is all you gotta find out in the exciting season 2 of TBBD.
A new story will begin.

From Author RiRi Library
All right reserved©


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Will you start another thread or will it continue on here please let me know

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