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The Earth Is Flat ....not Spherical. / We Have Been Lied To The Earth Is Flat And Not A Globe / If Earth Is Hot Like This, How Will Hell Be? (2) (3) (4)

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The Earth Is Flat And Not A Globe Part 2 by EMILO2STAY(m): 11:35am On Nov 03, 2019
Under the heliocentric theory, the earth is spinning at approximately 1,000m/h at the equator. The heliocentric scientist had a problem with their theory.
How could they explain how people, animals and other things do not fly off into space due to the centrifugal force of the spinning earth?. Isaac newton saved the day with his theory of gravity, which supposedly keeps everything attatched to the ball earth.

Newtons theory of gravity was founded upon the premise that all objects are attracted to all other objects based on their mass. But this law of science had never been proven and cannot be observed.
Gravity is not based upon science, gravity is like a heathen religious superstition, people believe it to be true simply because the modern day witch doctors whom we call scientists say so.

If gravity truly exist, why would it cause both planets to orbit the sun and people to float in suspended circular orbits around the earth, or it should cause the earth to be pulled and crashed into the Sun! What sort of magic is gravity that it can glue peoples feet to the ball earth, while causing earth itself to revolve round sun.
The effect are different yet the same cause is attributed to both.

According to heliocentric model, The force of gravity at the equator is perfectly balanced against the centrifugal force of the spinning earth. All persons and objects are supposedly perfectly balanced through gravity by their mass against the centrifugal force of the spinning earth to remain attached to the earth.
The problem with gravity is that according to that
Theory, the gravitational attraction to the earth by all persons and objects remains the same at all places on the earth.

That poses a real problem if the earth is spinning as alleged. That is because the centrifugal force decreases every mile towards the north pole, where the centrifugal force is ultimately reduced to zero, because the north pole is the axis of the supposedly spinning earth.

On the globe as you travel north or south of the equator The circumference parallel to the equator becomes less. Consequently the speed of the earths rotation at the more northern and southern latitudes from the equator would be slower than its speed of spin at the equator.

For example, at the 45° degree north latitude, the earth's spin should be approximately 700m/h. 100ft from the north pole, the earth spin should be reduced to one quarter mile per hour ( 1, 308 feet per hour).

As the speed of the spin is reduced, so also is the correlative centrifugal force. there would be a 4000 fold reduction( 1000mph vs 1/4mph) in centrifugal force from the equator to a point 100ft of the north pole.

That means assuming as is required by the theory of gravity that the force of gravity remains constant over the entire surface of the earth, a 175 pound man would weigh 7000 pounds if he traveled to within 100ft of the north pole.

Assuming the earth is spinning, the decrease in centrifugal force as one approaches the north pole means that a person would be crushed by the force of gravity before he ever reached the north pole.

The spinning earth and the mystical force of gravity are this proven to be pure fictions.

There is no such thing as gravity, gravity. Is not necessary on the flat earth. It is density that keeps objects from floating off the surface of the earth. People and objects are heavier than the air and therefore do not float off the ground.

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Re: The Earth Is Flat And Not A Globe Part 2 by EMILO2STAY(m): 11:35am On Nov 03, 2019
Why do people not understand that apples fall from trees to the ground, not because of gravity, but because apples are denser than air? They believe in the mystical force of gravity, not because it has been proven true, but because they have been brainwashed into believing In it. Gravity does not exist. David wardlow Scot explains

"" any object which is heavier than air and which is unsupported, has a natural tendency to fall y its own weight. Newtons famous apple at woolsthorpe, or any other apple when ripe, loses hold of its stalk, and, being heavier than air drops as a matter of necessity, to the ground, totally irrespective of any attraction of the earth.
For if such attraction existed, why dies not the earth attract the rising smoke which is not nearly so heavy as the apple? : the answer is simple because the smoke is lighter than the air, and therefore, does not fall but ascends.
gravitation is only a subterfuge, employed by Newton in his attempt to prove that the earth revolves round the sun, the quicker it is relegated to the tomb of all the capulets, the better will it be for all classes of society. He draped his idol with tawdry tinsel of false science, knowing well how to beguile the thoughtless multitude, for with a little alteration of byrons famous lines, it is still true that mortals like moths are often caught by glare. And folly wins success where seraph might despair.""

Gravity is a clever illustration of hocus pocus heads I win, tail I lose; newton won his fame, the people lost their senses.

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Re: The Earth Is Flat And Not A Globe Part 2 by EMILO2STAY(m): 11:36am On Nov 03, 2019
Airplane Level Flight Proves the Earth is

If the earth were a globe, airliners would not be able to Fly on a flat and level path. Any pilot will tell you that once a plane gets to its cruising altitude, the pilot “levels off” and flies in a straight and level path. Indeed, the pilot uses the horizon to ensure that the plane is flying level.

When visibility is poor, the pilot will use the instruments and fly a level heading, using an artificial horizon.

Either way, at all times the plane flies level, once the pilot reaches cruising altitude.

If the earth were a globe, the pilot would have to constantly adjust the heading of the plane and dip its nose down to keep a constant altitude.

However, the earth is in fact flat, so if a pilot dipped the nose of the plane down, to adjust for the supposed curvature of the earth, he would he would find that he is losing altitude.

If the pilot kept on that downward trajectory, the plane would crash into the earth.

The fact that no such downward adjustment is made by pilots for the supposed curvature of the earth is proof that the earth is flat.

Eric dubay explains

"" if the earth is asphere, airplane pilots would have to constantly correct their altitudes downwards so as not to fly straight off into outer space, if the earth were truly a sphere 25,000 miles circumference curveting 8inches/m ^2, a pilot wishing to simply maintain their altitude at a typical cruising speed of 500 mph, would have to constantly dip there nose downwards and descend 2,777ft ( over half a mile) every minute otherwise without compensation, in one hour time the pilot would find themslves166,666 ft (31.5miles) higher than expected. A plane flying at a typical 35,000 ft wishing to maintain that altitude at the upper rim of the so called troposphere in one hour would find themselves over 200,000 ft high into the mesosphere with a steadily raising trajectory the longer they go. I have talked to several pilots and no such compensation for the earth supposed curvature is ever made.
When pilots sets an altitude, their artificial horizon gauge remains level and so does their course; nothing like the necessary 2,777ft per minute declination is ever taken into consideration.""

The federal Aviation Administration assumes a flat earth when training pilots and air traffic controllers using their target generation facility (TGF) the TGF consist of several software programs that control scenarios using simulated.
The FAA publications explains that in order for the software to accurately replicate the behavior of air craft during over the earth, the software running the TGF simulator assumes that the earth is flat.

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Re: The Earth Is Flat And Not A Globe Part 2 by EMILO2STAY(m): 11:36am On Nov 03, 2019

On October 7, 2015, a Chinese Airline (cal) flight made an emergency landing at ted Stevens Anchorage airport in Alaska. The emergency landing was necessary, because a woman had gone into labor and subsequently gave birth during the flight. The flight originated from Taiwan taoyuan international airport and was scheduled to land in california. The pilot decided to divert the flight to anchorage airport, six hours after taking off, after he was informed that the womans water broke.
Below is map using the standard mercator projection map which assumes a globular earth. The emergency landing on a globe makes no sense because the flight diversion means that the airline decided to divert a flight from its scheduled destination of Los Angeles which is a city that offers some of the best medical care in the world to a far off city in the wilderness state.
On the actual flat earth, anchorage is a destination that os almost directly along a straight flight path from Taiwan to Los angeles.
As you can see on the azimuthal equidistant map below, the diversion of the flight to anchorage, Alaska , makes perfect sense on the flat earth.

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Re: The Earth Is Flat And Not A Globe Part 2 by EMILO2STAY(m): 11:37am On Nov 03, 2019

many attempts were made to prove that heliocentricity was true and geocentricity was false. Every such attempts has been a failure. The most famous because of its precision and irrefutability was the experiment done by A.A. michelson(1852-1931) and chemist E. W Morley(1838-1923). The michelson/Morley experiments, using an interferometer which measured light rays, established that the earth is stationary( which is not the intended result).

The michelson and Morley experiment does not stand alone. It was joined in its confirmation of a stationary earth by the James Bradley experiments (1729), the sagnac experiment(1913).
Indeed there is no single experiment that proves the earth moves. The moving earth is based entirely on theory and is contradicted by all of the experimental evidence.

The sagnac experiment, proving the existence of the ether destroys the theory of relativity Which assures there is no ether. Another experiment which was the opposite of its intended out come was known as the Airy's failure, which determined with certainty that in fact it was the ether carrying the stars that was moving over the earth and that the earth was stationary.

There has been a virtual black out within science education of these experiments.

Re: The Earth Is Flat And Not A Globe Part 2 by EMILO2STAY(m): 11:37am On Nov 03, 2019

The michelson/Morley experiment shook the scientific world. The implications were devastating for the corpernican model of a globular spinning earth orbiting around the sun.
If the heliocentric model fell, then evolution would follow. The priests of science know that something had to be done if they were going to maintain their godless religion.

ENTER Albert Einstein and his theory of relativity in 1905.

According to Einstein the speed of light is constant and consequently an object moving through space would not show movement. But Einstein could not have a constant speed of light as he theorized Einstein solved that issue by simply saying that there was no ether and by doing so saved the heliocentric orbiting earth.

But Einstein's construct of "no ether" is an impossibility just as wave in water without water is an impossibility.
Einstein was proven wrong and the ether was proven to exist in the 1913 sagnac experiment. That experiment proved beyond any reasonable doubt that there is in fact an ether through which light travels.

Airlines today use cockpit ring laser gyroscope compass that are based upon the discovery by George sagnac of fringe charges in light traveling through the ether.

Einstein did not present any proof that there was no ether, he just made it up. The theory of relativity is a complete lie, it is based entirely on deceptive mathematical models.

The theory of relativity provides that motion is relative to the observer thus from the earth it would appear that the sun is moving, but from the perspective of the sun the earth is moving.
According to the theory of relativity there is no way to establish the case.

Gerrard hickson accurately describes Einsteins theory of relativity as more than false but a complete nonsense and a negation of reason.

What most people do not know is that Einstein was a fraud. He plagiarized the work of other scientist.
For example Einstein was not the first to assert that matter is crinkle in curved space it was first said by " W. K Clifford in 1870 before Einstein was born, Einstein was not the first to assert that velocity can exceed that of light, it was first asserted by "poincare".
Even the famous E=mc^2 which is now synonymous with his name. In 1881 J.J Thompson had produced a formula, E=3/4mc^2. In 1900 poincare suggested the electromagnetic energy might posses mass density in relation to energy such that E=mc^2.

The truth about Einstein is that he was no more than a puppet with very powerful backers.
Einstein was a front man for very powerful interest behind the theory of relativity.

There are very powerful interest behind behind promoting Einstein. These interest have an occultic agenda to enslave the world.
After the general acceptance of Einsteins theory of relativity , science entered into a strange new world were experiments were not done using instruments in physical world, but instead used mathematics.

Most people do not know that Einstein was a con artist chooses to play a role. In order for his theory to maintain its status, the powerful elite must also maintain Einsteins esteem as a paragon of intellect, indeed Einstein has been elevated to the status of a scientific demigod and the world propaganda machine intends to keep it that way. Which is one of the reason why he was on the cover of the December 31,1999. Time magazine. The founders of time magazine were Briton harder and Henry Luce, who were both members of the brother hood of death AKA skull and bones.

Re: The Earth Is Flat And Not A Globe Part 2 by EMILO2STAY(m): 11:47am On Nov 03, 2019

The ruling elite control the educational system and have created a false science that has removed God from the minds of men through so called science that alleges that there is a universe without a creator.

The atheistic education undermines Christian moral and order. It is in indispensable to the ruling elites plan for world domination to undermine all religion. That is why they need to control the education of our children. That is where they instill the first ideas of atheism through theories of evolution and heliocentrism.

Heliocentrism, which theorizes that the earth orbits the sun as it also spins on its axis is the seminal scientific theory from which all scientific deception flows.
The heliocentric theory removed the earth as the center of creation and challenged the entire ancient authority of the bible regarding the universe and its origins. Heliocentrism is the progenitor of the theory of evolution.

Tycho brahe (1546-1601) was born 3yrs after Copernicus died, his observations and model established that the earth is stationary. Scientist have through objective experiments confirmed brahe's findings regarding a stationary earth.

All of the spinning, orbiting and hurtling through space has never been detected or measured by the scientist who promotes that notion. Infact all true scientific efforts to measure that movement has only proven that the earth does not move.

Elite rulers are the agents of Satan in a massive conspiracy working towards world domination.
In order to control people they must remove from their conscience any knowledge of God. Satan and his minions have a problem and that is found in Gods creation, which every one can see around them. Gods creation reveals God to every one day and night.

The heavens declare the glory of God and the
Firmament sheweth his handywork. Day unto
Day uttereth speech, and night unto night
Sheweth knowledge, there is no speech nor
Language where their voice is not heard. Their
Line is gone out through all the earth, and their
Words to the end of the world. In them bath he
Set a tabernacle for the sun which is as a bride
Groom coming out of his chambers and rejoiceth
As a strong man to run a race.
HEAT THEREOF. (psalms19:1-6).

The bible testifies that the sun travels in a circuit. Any one looking up can see this happening each day. Satan had to figure a way to deceive people into rejecting what Gods creation was revealing. Satan did this through convincing people that what they are seeing is a very distant sun 93million miles away and the earth is spinning around the sun.

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Re: The Earth Is Flat And Not A Globe Part 2 by EMILO2STAY(m): 11:47am On Nov 03, 2019
How can Satan get people to ignore what they could see with their own eyes, how could they believe that the sun is 93million miles away in dark space when they could clearly see its is just within the atmosphere with the clouds clearly seen in the back ground, around and behind the sun.

George Orwell revealed the methods and aims of the world ruling elite in the form of a novel titled 1984

In his book a conversation takes place between O'Brien , a powerful member of the inner party which is the elite ruling minority and the protagonist, Winston Smith.

The conversation takes place while O'Brien is in the midst of torturing Winston.

O'Brien tells Winston :

""The party seeks power, we are not interested in the good of others we are interested in power solely. Power is not a means it is an end. One does not establish a dictatorship in order to safeguard a revolution, one makes a revolution to establish dictatorship. The objective of power os power. Now do you understand me?!!!!.... The second thing I want you to realize is that power is power over human being. Over the body but above all over the mind, power over matter external reality, as you would call it is not important. Already our control over matter is absolute. ""

At that point Winston challenged O'Brien Winston stated that the party could not control matter because they cannot control climate or prevent disease. O'Brien states " we control matter because we control the mind.

The conversation continued; Winston stated to O'Brien ; but the whole universe is outside us look at the stars!! Some of them are a million light yes away, they are out of reach for ever

O'Brien rebutted Winston's declaration, by explaining

What are stars? Said O'Brien . "they are bits of fire a few kilometers away, we could reach them if we wanted to or we could blot them out. The earth is the center of the universe. The sun and star go round it.
When we predict an eclipse, we often find it convenient to assume that the earth goes round the sun and that that stars are millions upon millions of kilometers away.
Do you suppose it is beyond us to produce a dual system of astrology?.. The stars can be near or distant according as we need them. Do you suppose our mathematicians are unequal to that?
Have you forgotten double think?.

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Re: The Earth Is Flat And Not A Globe Part 2 by EMILO2STAY(m): 11:47am On Nov 03, 2019
Orwell in his book revealed that heliocentrism is central to double think.
In Orwell's 1984 he explains that double think is to deny the existence of objective reality, while at the same time accepting the reality that is denied.
Doublethink is to be conscious of complete truthfulness while telling carefully constructed lies.

Under the rubric of doubt me think, scientist at the highest level accept that the earth os flat, yet they deny that known reality because pressure has been put upon them.

It is mathematicians who have created a mythology using mathematical models. The reality is that no astrophysicist has ever been to the place to where they claim to be experts. The reason is simple there is no outer space.

Astrophysicist like Neil degrade tyson are akin to priest in an occult religion just ad the witch doctor is held in awe by the ignorant tribe for his superstitious knowledge.

The ruling elite have complete control over all elements of society because they control what people think. The elite have no power to make the earth spin at 1000m/h, all they needed to do is convince the population of the world that is what happens.

That is what O'Brien meant when he stated that "we control matter because we control the mind. ""

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Re: The Earth Is Flat And Not A Globe Part 2 by EMILO2STAY(m): 3:25pm On Nov 03, 2019
Why would the ruling elite want to deceive the world about the nature of our world? Eric Dubay author of the flat earth conspiracy offers the explanation.
" our eyes and ears tell us the earth is flat and Motionless everything in the sky revolves around
Us, but we cease to believe our own eyes and evey Day experience, we have to prostrate ourselves At the feet of the very pseudo scientist who are Blinding us, treat them as experts , astronomical Priest who have special knowledge only they can Access like the hubble telescope.
So by brain Washing us of something so gigantic it actually Makes every other kind of lesser indoctrination A piece of cake. Earth being the flat motionless center of the Universe, of which every thing else and the Heavens revolves, give special significance And importance not only to earth but to us Humans.
The most intelligent of the designers Design. By turning earth into a spinning ball thrown Around the sun, shot into infinite space from A Godless big bang, they turned humanity into a random meaningless purposeless accident of a blind dumb universe.
So its like trauma based mind control. So this Modern atheist big bang heliocentric globe earth, chance evolution paradigm spiritually controls humanity by removing God or any sort of intelligent design from the mind and replaces purposeful creation with haphazard random cosmic coincidence.
And so by removing earth from the motionless center of the universe these masons have moved us physically and metaphysically from a place of supreme importance to one of complete nihilistic indifference. If the earth is the center of the universe then the idea of Gods creation and a purpose for humans existence are represented, but if the earth is just one of billions of planets revolving around billions of stars and billions of galaxies then the ideas of God's creation and a specific purpose for earth and human existence becomes highly implausible.
By surreptitiously indoctrinating us into their scientific materialist sun worship not only do we loose faith beyond the material, we gain faith in the material, superficiality, social status, selfishness, hedonism, consumerism.
If there is no god and every one is just an accident then all that matters is me, me, me,.. Their rich powerful corporations with their slick sun cult logos sell us idols to worship slowly taking over the world. Which we tacitly believe their science, vote their politicians, buy their products, listen to their music, watch their movies all sacrificing our souls to the alter of materialism.""

The best way to brainwash the world is to lie to the world about what the world is. The new world order is based upon disinformation, and heliocentrism is its keystone deception.

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Re: The Earth Is Flat And Not A Globe Part 2 by EMILO2STAY(m): 3:25pm On Nov 03, 2019

after 50yrs and thousands of hours of space travel footage both by NASA and other countries, there is no exterior shot where the astronaut completes the simple act of turning the camera 180,° let alone a full 360° sweep. This has never happened on any moon mission or exterior space station footage ever.
Statistics would tell you that this would have already happened by accident years ago but it hasn't and will never happen. This is because of the rule they cannot break, the same rule that applies to television set shows that never shows the 4th wall. Why? Because, their is no 4th wall.

In a documentary film produced by NASA about the Apollo 16 moon mission, two videos, each allegedly taken from different locations were displayed.
When viewing the videos, supposedly one day apart and many miles distant from each other, one can clearly see that the astronaut are in the exact same spot in both videos.
The foreground is identical, right down to every rock and pebble. Not only is the location identical, but the shadows cast by the rocks are identical, which indicates that the location is being illuminated by an artificial, stationary light source. Because if the shadows were cast by the sun, the shadows would be of different lengths on different days.

A lunar day is 30days earth days long. Under the heliocentric model, the sun is thought to move in the lunar sky 12° in 24hrs. Further, the camera from which the two videos were taken was positioned at exactly the same location and was shooting from precisely the same angle.

This is clear evidence that the moon landing were videotaped from earth using artificial lighting.

NASA has never explained the videos instead it had tried to conceal the evidence.

Re: The Earth Is Flat And Not A Globe Part 2 by EMILO2STAY(m): 3:25pm On Nov 03, 2019
The NASA space missions have been a hoax from the begining. There is no such thing as the vacuum of space. Genesis states that God made the firmament , the firmament as the name suggests is something hard. It is not a vacuum of nothingness. God set the sun in the firmament of the heavens. The firmament divides the waters beneath the firmament on the earth from the waters above the firmament.
Another proof of the NASA space hoax is found in early photographs that were purported to be photographs of space missions.
Researcher Ralph Rene uncovered a photograph of a fake space walk in an autobiography written by Apollo astronaut Michael Collins, titled carrying the fire. Collins was the command module pilot aboard the Apollo 11 moon mission.

In Collins book presented, presented the two pictures (shown below), separated in his book by almost 200pages. The picture on the book bottom left is a picture that was snapped by a professional NASA photographer aboard the zero gravity plane used by NASA.
That plane nicknamed the vomit comet flies in a parabola, which temporarily creates weightless environment.

Ralph Rene describes what is seen in the photograph.

""The cabin is padded to protect the occupants from inevitable fall the instant the loop is terminated here, Collins as he practices space walking, is holding the propulsion rod in his right hand. Note the similarity between this picture and the one on the adjoining page(to right below). Note also that the suits wrinkles deny that it is inflated. ""

The other picture of Collins in the book which is intended to represent Collins purported space walk, is depicted on the top right and is described by Rene

"" this picture was also extracted from the carrying the fire and was allegedly taken during a space walk on the Gemini 10 mission exactly three years before his Apollo 11 mission to the moon. NASA claims to have landed the first men on the moon during this mission. He is shown holding a jet reaction propulsion rod with his left hands.""

Rene saw the two pictures in Collins book and could not over the similarities. He has a hunch.

""Following the an obvious hunch I had negatives made of both previous pictures. Then I had another negative made of the first photo reduced in size and flopped over. Collins is now practicing with his left hand, the same hand he used in his alleged space walk. I then had the Gemini 10 picture. Blown up until the figure of Collins was the same as this one. Then rotated the blown up photo clock wise until the propulsion rod made the same angle across the page on both pictures.
Even the expression of his face is the same. Collins would have us believe that this picture was taken by a different person many months later. However, the negative of either pictures placed over the print of the other produces a point to point coincidence until the binding line at the knee is reached. The missing area was removed when the photo was bound in his book.
If I do same to the original NASA picture ( which took over 18months to get from NASA), the point to point coincidence continues to the sloe of his boot.
Why did NASA feel it necessary to fake pictures and lie to is ad early as July 1966?

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Re: The Earth Is Flat And Not A Globe Part 2 by Seun(m): 3:28pm On Nov 03, 2019
What prevents communication satellites from falling from the sky?

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Re: The Earth Is Flat And Not A Globe Part 2 by Grupo(m): 3:54pm On Nov 03, 2019
Why is that humans and objects float inside the ISS (international space station)?

There is air inside the ISS yet humans who are denser than air float inside the ISS. How do you explain that?

Also, how do explain the fact that the ISS has been orbiting the earth for more than two decades and has not fallen back to earth?


Re: The Earth Is Flat And Not A Globe Part 2 by Nobody: 3:59pm On Nov 03, 2019
Explain crescent moon on flat earth model?

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Re: The Earth Is Flat And Not A Globe Part 2 by Soul47(m): 9:11pm On Nov 03, 2019
What prevents communication satellites from falling from the sky?

You just invalidated the young man's lengthy theory with a line


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Re: The Earth Is Flat And Not A Globe Part 2 by EMILO2STAY(m): 6:43am On Nov 04, 2019
What prevents communication satellites from falling from the sky?
what communication satellites are you talking about?.
Re: The Earth Is Flat And Not A Globe Part 2 by EMILO2STAY(m): 7:06am On Nov 04, 2019
Why is that humans and objects float inside the ISS (international space station)?

There is air inside the ISS yet humans who are denser than air float inside the ISS. How do you explain that?

Also, how do explain the fact that the ISS has been orbiting the earth for more than two decades and has not fallen back to earth?
first of all there is no ISS, secondly the zero gravity videos are faked sometimes using unseen ropes which suspends people.
Re: The Earth Is Flat And Not A Globe Part 2 by Grupo(m): 7:48am On Nov 04, 2019
first of all there is no ISS, secondly the zero gravity videos are faked sometimes using unseen ropes which suspends people.

Now I know you are a joker. Bye!

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Re: The Earth Is Flat And Not A Globe Part 2 by EMILO2STAY(m): 8:16am On Nov 04, 2019

Now I know you are a joker. Bye!
do you have any evidence of the ISS,? That you saw it on TV doesn't make it true. They have been faking space travels for many years what makes you think they will not fake the ISS. If we the ISS how come we don't have a true image of the earth why would NASA Photoshop the image of the earth and feed it to the public, why don't we have a 247 TV station broadcasting the rotation of the earth from space.

How are they able to have satellites and the so called ISS in the hottest layer of the atmosphere?

Do your research then come back and let's see who is the joker.

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Re: The Earth Is Flat And Not A Globe Part 2 by EMILO2STAY(m): 10:54pm On Nov 05, 2019
The picture position on the top left is the picture flipped by Rene. As you can see plainly, when comparing the Rene flipped picture with the NASA flipped picture, the two pictures of Collins are identical, except for the background. Collins put both the fake space walk picture and the training picture from. NASA and got a ghost writer for his book. But proudly states in the foreword to the book

"" above all I am glad I wrote it myself""

Collins has been caught red handed in a hoax. Those photographs are clean evidence that Collins was a knowing participant on the NASA space mission deception.
Why was it necessary to fake a space walk? Because Collins never went into space, Collins could not go to space that does not exist.

The reason that NASA found it necessary to fake pictures and videos is because there is no vacuum of space. The earth is encompassed by a firmament, exactly the way the bible states. The myth of the limitless vacuum of space, suggest that there is no heaven, of there is no heaven, which is the abode of God, that inturn suggest there is no God.
Re: The Earth Is Flat And Not A Globe Part 2 by EMILO2STAY(m): 10:54pm On Nov 05, 2019

During the Apollo 17 moon mission the sound of impact could be clearly heard when an astronaut was seen hitting something with a hammer. The fact that the sound of the hammer hitting the object could be heard meant that the astronauts were not in a vacuum. In the supposed vacuum of space sound cannot travel. Sound waves need medium, such the atmosphere found on earth, through which to travel. If the astronauts were truly in the vacuum of space on the moon, her sound of impact should not have been heard. The same phenomenon was heard during the Apollo 11 moon mission. Where an astronaut threw an object at the LEM and it hit with an audible thud.

The space travel to the moon was premised on using rockets in the vacuum of space.
Anyone with a basic knowledge of physics knows that rockets require a fulcrum to push against to move. On the earth the fulcrum is initially the ground, and after liftoff the fulcrum is the atmosphere.
Space os supposed to be an empty vacuum. In a vacuum there is nothing to act as a fulcrum for a rocket to push against. A rocket in the vacuum of space would be useless.
The space station is another hoax, all supposed photographs of the space station are taken in a large underwater tank in order to simulate the fiction of weightless space. Indeed NASA and space agencies from other countries have been caught faking space walks. There are numerous official videos from various countries space agencies where bubble can be seen rising from trapped air during purported space walks.
In 2013 it was revealed that an astronaut nearly drowned while he was supposedly in space. I kid you not. How is it possible to drown in the vacuum of space? NASA had since retrofitted space suits with snorkels.
Fox news reported
""After a space walking astronaut nearly drowned In his helmet in July, NASA has a plan to protect its crew when they venture into the vacuum of space this weekend. Snorkels and absorbent towels.""

"Some smart engineers on the ground said hey, this looks like a snorkel you'd use for scuba diving" explained Allison Bollinger, NASA lead U. S space walk officer.
In one official NASA video of the international space station, Steve blakes discovered a diver moving around wearing an underwater scuba tank in space, but there is a real need for scuba tank in water, which is where the international space station is really located.

Re: The Earth Is Flat And Not A Globe Part 2 by budaatum: 1:32am On Nov 06, 2019
Re: The Earth Is Flat And Not A Globe Part 2 by EMILO2STAY(m): 6:43am On Nov 06, 2019

what about the hundreds of pounds of moon rocks brought back from the moon? Surely that is hard evidence that NASA went to the moon; isn't it?
Not really. The rocks purported to be moon rocks are simply rocks from the earth that are used as moon rock props. One example is the fake moon rock presented to the former prime minister of the netherlands, J. William middendorff the 2nd.
On October 9,1969. The rock was presented on the occasion of the visit to the netherlands of the Apollo 11 astronauts, armstrong, Collins and aldrin.
When drees died in 1988, the moon rock he received from the us ambassador was donated to the dutch Rijk museum was so confident of its authenticity that it insured the rock for a half million dollars.

In 2009, researchers from the free university of Amsterdam tested the moon rock and determined that it was no from the moon. How could they tell that is was not from the moon?. Because they were able to determine that it was in fact petrified wood.
The Researchers were pretty sure that there are no trees on the moon.
From where did the U.S ambassador get the rock? Directly from NASA. The ambassador was the official representative of the U.S government accompanying the apollo 11 astronauts during their goodwill trip to the netherlands.
The astronauts, who claims that they obtained the rock from the moon, brought the moon rock with them. That means that the fake moon rock had a chain of custody directly from NASA to the U.S ambassador to netherlands, to a former prime minister of the netherlands.
NASA subsequently vouched for the rocks authenticity after the museum received it, but it turned out to be fake moon rock. The conclusion is that NASA was distributing fake moon rock.

Not surprising, U.S embassy officials were unable to explain the findings. But are investigating. It has been almost ten years since the us government has promised to investigate the moon rock frauds. There have been no findings announced since that time.
When the U.S government promised to find the cause for the fraudulent moon rock after ten years and nothing is heard from them again after that, that suggest the U. S government is the culprit.
The U. S government will never explain how they present a fake moon rock as a gift to a foreign government official. Because to do so would require to admit that all moon rocks are fake.

NASA never went to the moon and the fake moon rock which was vetted through and authenticated by NASA and came directly from the official U. S government representing in the netherlands is yet one more piece of evidence proving that the NASA moon landings were hoaxes.
Re: The Earth Is Flat And Not A Globe Part 2 by EMILO2STAY(m): 6:43am On Nov 06, 2019
The fake moon rock presented to former prime minister drees was not the only moon rock gifted to the netherlands when the astronauts visited on October 9, 1969. A news account of of the visit by the Apollo 11 crew to the netherlands, appearing in the october9,1969 edition of the Nieuwsblad van het Noorden, states that the astronauts paid a lightning visit to the netherlands, they arrived in the netherlands at 10:00am and departed at 3:00pm it almost seems that their only purpose In making the trip to the netherlands was to distribute moon rocks and then get out of town.
The news account bears a picture of the astronauts meeting with the queen Julian, prince Bernard, and prince Claus and presented the queen with gifts the most significant gift presented to the queen wade a moon rock.
That moon rock was one of a group of moon rocks which included the fake moon rocks presented to former prime minister drees. The queens moon rock was never tested fro authenticity because after the moon rock given to prime minister drees was found to be fake the queens rock was found to have disappeared.

U. S ambassador to the netherlands j. William middendorf 2nd presented yet a third moon rock to prince Bernard of the netherlands in late 1969, that moon rock reportedly weighing 34.1grams could not so easily be made to disappear, because it was put on display in the dutch museum in Leiden. Museums are known for their tight security and therefore it would be much more difficult for that moon rock to just disappear.

In a fox network documentary, former astronaut Brian O'leary stated

"" regarding the Apollo missions, I can't say for sure 100% whether these men walked on the moon. Its possible that NASA could have covered it up just in order cut corners and be the first to allegedly go to the moon.

Re: The Earth Is Flat And Not A Globe Part 2 by EMILO2STAY(m): 6:43am On Nov 06, 2019

Thomas africa reveals that Nicolaus Copernicus(1473-1543) was not a revolutionary discoverer of a new heliocentric astronomy. He was rather a restorer of the heliocentric type of system espoused by Pythagoras of samos. ( 570-495 B.C). Pythagoras was the first person to have presented the idea of the circular orbit of a spherical planet to around a central fire. He is purported to have added a counter - earth to arrive at 10 orbiting planets ( including the sun). Jose wudka alleges that the added counter-earth was to explain eclipses and because the number 10 was viewed as sacred by heathen philosophers.
Not coincidentally the 10 orbiting spheres matches the 10 spherical sefirots of the Jewish kabbalistic god, einsof.
Master mason Dr. James Anderson founder of the London masonic lodge, states in his book, "defence of masonry" that freemasonry descended from pythagoras. Master mason William Hutchinson states in his book. " spirit of masonry" that ancient masonic records indicates that the foundation of freemasonry is in pythagorian principle.
Another master mason, William Preston, in histoillustrations of masonry", states that pythagoras wade initiated into the deep mysterious masonic principles. Albert mackey, in the encyclopedia of freemasonry reveals the following about pythagoras and his masonic connections.
" in his return to europe he ( pythagoras) established his celebrated school at crotona, a doriam colony in the south of Italy, about 529 B.C, much resembling that subsequently adopted by the freemasons... Before admission to the privileges of this school, the previous life and character of the candidate were rigidly scrutinized and in the preparatory initiation, secrecy was enjoined by oath. "

S. Pancoast, who was a pythagorian to the infamous occult theologist H.P blavatsky states that pythagoras was a kabbalistic of the highest order. He further states that the symbols of masonry are kabbalistic and were known to pythagoras.
Pancoast reveals that pythagoras initiation into the secrets of the kabbalah led pythagoras to the heliocentric philosophy.
Johannes Reuchlin (1455-1522) was a German humanist and political counselor to the chancellor of Germany. He was a classic scholar and an expert in the ancient language and traditions (Latin, Greek, Hebrew). Reuchlin was affiliated with the heads of the platonic academia. Reuchlin confirms that pythagoras obtained his philosophy through the Jewish kabbalah. He states
""Pythagoras who is the father of philosophy did nevertheless not receive those teachings from the Greeks but rather he received them from the jews.
Therefore he must be called a kabbalistic and he himself was the first to convert the name kabbalah unknown to the Greeks in the next of philosophy. Pythagoras philosophy emanated from the infinite sea of the kabbalah.""
the kabbalah is undiluted witchcraft. Magic and occultic mysticism run through out the kabbalah. The kabbalah contains a great deal of magic and sorcery and invoking the powers of devils.

Heliocentrism is a fundamental tenet of the kabbalah consequently heliocentrism is central to freemasonry.
Many masonic lodges through out the world are named in honor of Copernicus.
The link between heliocentrism and FREEMASONRY explains the close affiliation between freemasonry and NASA. For example James Edwin Webb. Who was the NASA administrator from 1961-68,was a Freemason. In the November 1969 an article written by 33° Freemason Kenneth kleinknetch, who was the manager of the gemini program. In the new age article Kenneth stated
'" Note how many of the astronauts themselves are brother masons; Edwin e. Aldrin Jr, l. Gordon Cooper, Donna f. Eisle, Walter M. Schirra, Thomas p. Stafford, Edgar D. mitchell, and Paul j. Weitz. Astronaut Gordon Cooper during his epochal gemini space flight in august of 1965, carried with him an official 33° jewel plaque, the masonic ensignia and flag, masonry is in the space age. ""
Re: The Earth Is Flat And Not A Globe Part 2 by EMILO2STAY(m): 5:57pm On Nov 06, 2019
Buzz Aldrin was interviewed by Alex Jones in 2009.
During the interview, there was the following exchange between

Alex Jones and Buzz Aldrin:

Alex Jones: “Mr. Aldrin I always wanted to ask
you this. We saw the photos of the little Masonic
flag to the moon and some of the names of the
missions and the numerology, is there anything to
that? Or what is the Masonic influence? We
know there’s Masonic influence in the founding
of the country; what is the Masonic influence on

Aldrin: “As far as I can tell, zero. There weresome Masonic brothers of mine in Texas that
wanted me to take some kind of a Masonic
emblem to the moon, in some gesture of – I don’t
know what it would be a gesture of – but I told
them that it was not within my authority to do
such a thing.

Aldrin is on record with a September 19, 1969, letter he sent three days after meeting with the heads of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry in the House of the Temple in Washington D.C., acknowledging that he presented the very flag he denied carrying
to the moon during the 2009 Alex Jones interview.

Furthermore, There was an article in the December 1969 issue of the Masonic magazine, New Age (the official organ of the Scottish Rite Southern Jurisdiction), which included a picture of Aldrin presenting to the Scottish Rite headquarters in Washington, the “Masonic emblem” which he allegedly carried with him to the moon and back.
Why would Aldrin lie about the Masonic connection to NASA? Because, it would reveal the real power and influence behind NASA. Pulling on that thread would expose the hidden agenda.

Re: The Earth Is Flat And Not A Globe Part 2 by EMILO2STAY(m): 7:22am On Nov 07, 2019
Freemasons are very proud of their NASA connection. Aldrin’s denial of anyMasonic connection to NASA suggests that knowledge of the connection is to be kept within the Masonic brotherhood. Below is a Masonic medallion struck in commemoration of the 10th anniversary of the Apollo 11 alleged moon landings.
Most who have exposed the fraud of NASA seem to give little thought to motive behind faking the moon landings. Some ascribe the motive to distraction from the Vietnam War, others to cold war prestige, but the motive most often ascribed to NASA is money. Certainly, NASA swindled multi-billions of dollars from the U.S. taxpayer. The money swindled was certainly profitable for those behind the moon landing hoax conspiracy.
The real objective was not to gain a short term profit, but to grow the love of money in the hearts of men as a way to control and enslave the world. “The love of money is the root of all evil.” 1 Timothy 6:10 The love for money must be made to grow, and that is the motive
behind the moon landing hoax. In order for the root of evil to grow deep into the soil, that soil must be tilled by the lie that there is no God.

In order to grow the love for money in men’s hearts, men must be convinced that there are no eternal consequences for lying, cheating, and stealing to get money. That requires that men believe that there is no God who can mete out any punishment for sin. That in turn necessitates that man be kept ignorant that he is made by God, in God’s image, on the flat earth, which is at the center of his creation. The moon mission serves to beguile men into believing in a godless, endless universe, where man is on an
insignificant spherical planet careening through space.

The key to understanding the moon landing hoax is to realize that it is not scientific deception, it is spiritual deception. Symbolism
is important in witchcraft. TheNASA logo includes the forked tongue of a serpent to symbolize
that it is under the control of the great serpent, Satan. “And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him.” Revelation 12:9.
It is significant that the NASA moon missions were
named Apollo.
Apollo is the Greek sun god. Apollo is often depicted riding a horse drawn chariot with the sun shining behind him.

Notice in the Apollo XIII emblem, Apollo himself is not seen. The depiction seems to be of the horses coming from earth; however, there is no chariot. In view of the missing chariot, the horses could be interpreted as drawing the earth behind it, which suggests that the earth itself is the chariot of Apollo. Satan is described in the bible as “the god of this world” (2 Corinthians4:3-4), who blinds the minds of the lost to the light of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Apollo is the same Apollyon referenced in Revelations as the angel of the bottomless pit. “And they had a king over them, which isthe angel of the bottomless pit, whose name in the Hebrew tongue is Abaddon, but in the Greek tongue hath his name Apollyon.”(Revelation 9:11)

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Most have a difficult time understanding the flat earth, because since childhood, they have been conditioned by the ubiquitous depiction of the earth as a globe.. The first scientific object displayed to them in the classroom was typically a globe of the earth.

They have been instructed in their early lessons of world history about how Magellan circumnavigated the globe. Once one sees just how the flat earth truly exists, it will be easy to understand how Magellan could be believed to have circumnavigated the globe, when in fact he simply circumnavigated a plane. In the depiction below we see that the earth is flat with the north pole in the center of a circular plane. The south is at all points at the perimeter of the plane. Antarctica actually covers the entire circumference of the earth plane. The map is in fact called a polar azimuthal equidistant map.
According to the United States Geological Survey (USGS), Azimuthal maps are considered to be accurate in displaying continents and oceans. Because of their accuracythey are used for air and sea navigation. Indeed the USGS states that the azimuthal equidistant maps are “used byUSGS in the National Atlas of the United States of America™ and for large-scale mapping of Micronesia. Useful for showing airline distances from center point of projection.”

North is the center of the flat earth, and south is a
direction emanating out from the North Pole to the outer rim of Antarctica. Thus, longitude lines are north/south lines that splay out from the North Pole to the outer rime of Antarctica, much like
the spokes on a wheel, with the North Pole being the hub and Antarctica being the rim. East and west are directions circling the North Pole between equidistant points from the North Pole anywhere on the globe. Thus, latitude lines are east/west circles
with points equidistant from the North Pole. If you travel east or west at the same latitude you will eventually circumnavigate the earth and wind up at your starting point.Circumnavigation does
not necessitate that the earth be a globe. Magellan circumnavigated the flat earth.

Antarctica is the rim of the flat earth. Upon reaching Antarctica, explorers are first met with a massive ice wall that is between 1,000 and 2,000 feet thick, with 100 to 200 feet of that thickness rising above the water.
One of the first explorers to see the Antarctic ice wall was Sir James Clark Ross, a British Naval
Officer and polar explorer. Ross was confronted with a shear cliff of ice perfectly level on top that he estimated to be between 150 and 200 feet high extending east and west as far as the eye could
see. Ross famously described the Antarctic ice wall:

"" It was an obstruction of such character as to leaveno doubt in my mind as to our future
proceedings, for we might as well sail through
the cliffs of Dover as to penetrate such a mass.

""It would be impossible to conceive a more
solid-looking mass of ice; not the smallest
appearance of any rent or fissure could we
discover throughout its whole extent, and the
intensely bright sky beyond it but too plainly
indicated the great distance to which it reached

The USGS admits that the azimuthal equidistant map is accurate for all distances and directions from the center point on the map. The USGS, however, claims that the map is only accurate when the starting point is from the center of the map. In the above
map of the flat earth, therefore, the USGS admitsthat all distances and directions from the North Pole to anywhere on the map traveling south are accurate, but claims it is not necessarily
accurate when starting from any other point on the map other than the North Pole.
Notice the similaritybetween the UN Flag logo below and the flat earth map. The only thing that the UN left off the flag is Antarctica. The skeletal world government set up to enslave the world knows that the earth is flat and they have hidden their flat earth secret in plain view.

Re: The Earth Is Flat And Not A Globe Part 2 by EMILO2STAY(m): 9:29am On Nov 07, 2019
Re: The Earth Is Flat And Not A Globe Part 2 by EMILO2STAY(m): 12:18pm On Nov 07, 2019

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