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What Is "Dirty" And "Stain" In YORUBA Language? / Romantic Story : My Dirty Friend (18+) Episode 1 / My Dirty Friend:episode 10 (2) (3) (4)

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Re: Dirty Hustlers by Renderhelp(f): 4:28pm On Mar 28

Welcome back

You made us almost forgot about this story...but I can never forget about broda

Lol thank you. I saw where you called me a psycho and accused me of stealing the story. Nawa for you o

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Re: Dirty Hustlers by Renderhelp(f): 4:29pm On Mar 28
Who's with me in crowdfunding to get this babe a phone? I believe she deserves it from us her fans.

Lol I’m still alive o. Thank you so much , I would be so grateful embarassed

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Re: Dirty Hustlers by Born2winnx: 11:41pm On Mar 28

Lol thank you. I saw where you called me a psycho and accused me of stealing the story. Nawa for you o

When the story de hot na him de sweet pass.

Then I was hungry for more... like the suspense was just too much to handle... and you went ghost mode on us like that..... common it's annoying...

You not a psycho...your great writer.....I just needed more at that particular time..


Re: Dirty Hustlers by iamoyindamola(m): 8:29am On Mar 29

Lol I’m still alive o. Thank you so much , I would be so grateful embarassed
Welcome back we missed you


Re: Dirty Hustlers by Renderhelp(f): 3:13pm On Mar 30

When the story de hot na him de sweet pass.

Then I was hungry for more... like the suspense was just too much to handle... and you went ghost mode on us like that..... common it's annoying...

You not a psycho...your great writer.....I just needed more at that particular time..

Lol ok o

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Re: Dirty Hustlers by Renderhelp(f): 3:13pm On Mar 30

Welcome back we missed you

Thanks ma smiley

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Re: Dirty Hustlers by Renderhelp(f): 3:13pm On Mar 30
Zayan squirmed out of discomfort on my laps. I smacked him to keep still.

“Ah ah...Aunty small small...make I help you carry am.” The chubby passenger sitting next to me offered. I quickly shoved Zayan into her arms before she changed her mind.

The heat in the bus was stifling. Worse still we had been stuck in a traffic jam for the past three hours. Some passengers had even alighted from the bus and were sitting by the roadside under the shade of trees.

The chubby woman began cooing Zayan who was startled by her strange face. Even though I had stripped him to only his diapers, he was still sweating. I wished I could afford an air-conditioned bus.

Just a day ago, Musa Mother’s will had been read out. It turned out She had only dished out empty threats concerning Musa losing the company if he didn’t have a male child. Musa has wasted no time kicking Zayan and I out of his house.

“This your son is so handsome! ọ mara mma.” The Chubby woman tickled Zayan.

“Yes o. I just Dey admire the boy since. Make God bless me with this kind pikin.” A light skinned lady sitting behind us quipped and some passengers said an ‘Amen’ or ‘Me too’.

I ignored them and turned to face the window. I kept on thinking of how I would face Mama. Would she accept me back after what I did to her the last time? Even if she accepted me how would I take care of Zayan and the new baby?

My stomach knotted and tears welled up in my eyes. I felt like a failure. 4 years since I left my village with nothing to show for it. I was returning home literally penniless. I had no bank account, no savings whatsoever. Musa had not given me a dime as he kicked me out. It was the security guard who had handed me some money out of pity.

I wished I had kept in contact with Dina and Lizzy. I had sidelined them just to please Musa’s mother, they got the message and stopped trying to contact me also. I couldn’t gather the courage to go back to them. After all, they didn’t owe me anything.

My heart almost stopped when I saw the ‘WELCOME TO IMO STATE’ sign board. In a few minutes, I would be in my village. I was still to scared to call Mama to let her know of my arrival. I shut my eyes tightly to pray to God to soften her heart.


It was a bit dark when I arrived at the compound gate. The building had barely changed since I left. As I walked in with Zayan on my back and struggling with my heavy luggages I noticed there were mostly new faces in the compound. They stared at me curiously.

“Hey stop there!” A voice behind me yelled.

I turned to see an elderly man clad in a threadbare vest and worn out wrapper loosely tied around his waist. He limped as he walked up to me.

“Papa Chuma?” I squinted my eyes to see if I had recognized him correctly. I was right. It was the Landlord.

“Yes? Onye ka ị bụ? Who are you and what are you looking for?” He chewed vigorously on his chewing stick.

“Papa Chuma...don’t you remember me? Na me, Cherry.”

Papa Chuma scrutinized me with his eyes.

“Oh oh!” He removed the chewing stick from his mouth before he threw his head back and cackled loudly. “Ewo! Cherry na you be this?!”

The idle ‘face me I face you’ occupants trooped around us in no time.

“Ehen! See how you don turn big madam overnight. Welcome! A na m asị gị nnọọ!”
He beamed a smile at me. “Na my old tenant be this.” He explained to the people watching and they also welcomed me.

I wondered what he meant by old tenant. Didn’t Mama and Nkiru live here anymore?

“Follow me. My wife Dey inside, come greet am. Leave your bags for here...nobody go take am.”

I followed closely behind him as we walked into the dark passage. I saw the door to the room which had housed Mama, Nkiru and I. Everything felt nostalgic, I realized how much I had missed home.

“Mama Chuma, where you? Remember that girl Cherry?” Papa Chuma held open the torn net door for me to go in.

“That useless girl?” Mama Chuma replied with a shrill voice.

She sat up immediately she saw me. “Ah...Cherry! Welcome,nnọọ.” She stood up to give me a reluctant side hug. “Ahn! See your fine baby...na oyinbo?”

“Woman enough!” Papa Chuma cut her shut. “Go bring food make she chop.”

“No sir...thank you. Where my Mama and Nkiru my sister?”

“Sit down, chop first nah. You look tired.”

I shook my head.

“Your Mama and sister don move since last year -“

“Yes o... them don move go their private house for owerri. Very fine house-“

“Mechie ọnụ!” Papa Chuma hissed at her.

My jaw dropped open. Mama and Nkiru now live in a private house? How did that happen?

“Make I give you their number.” Papa Chuma offered.

I shook my head. “No thank you. I have their number...I wanted to surprise them.” I smiled at both of them reassuringly.

Papa Chuma insisted I passed the night in their room even though I had lied to them I rather lodge in a hotel.

Zayan and I could barely sleep that night. Even though Papa and Mama Chuma had given us their creaky spring bed and slept on the floor alongside their 5 children, we weren’t comfortable. We were used to sleeping in an air conditioned room not a tiny overcrowded room infested with blood thirsty mosquitoes.

I calculated how much the transport fare would cost to Owerri . I only had 70 Naira in my purse.

The rickety taxi stopped outside a big black gate.

“Madam this na the place.” The teenage driver informed me. I was sure he wasn’t older than 15 years. I couldn’t complain as he was the only driver who had agreed to my ridiculous price.

The fence was so tall that I couldn’t see the building inside.

“Madam,nye m ego. Give me money.” The boy stretched out his chapped palms to me after dropping my bags in front of the gate.

“I Dey come make my people answer first.” I smiled at him.

The boy frowned and mumbled as walked back to lean on his jalopy.

I took a deep breath before I knocked on the gate. I prayed under my breath that Nkiru would be the one to open the gate.

“Onye bu?!”

It was my mother. I felt like running back into the taxi and telling the driver to speed off.

Our eyes jammed as she open the gate. Her face looked fuller and fresher. I even got a hint of her perfume! She seemed like a different person.

Her eyes darted from me to Zayan and back to me. Her eyebrows furrowed deeply and she pouted her lips.


“I am not your mother.”

She banged the gate loudly. The sound frightened Zayan and he began to cry.


Re: Dirty Hustlers by Born2winnx: 3:27pm On Mar 30
I need more.....


Re: Dirty Hustlers by doctorexcel(m): 6:43pm On Mar 30
Now i can welcome the op back(partially) to the wonderful story


Re: Dirty Hustlers by Ayemileto(m): 11:28pm On Mar 30
But this story get as e be sha.

The girl is just too dumb embarassed


Re: Dirty Hustlers by Adeola25(f): 10:46am On Mar 31
Welcome back and thanks for the update.


Re: Dirty Hustlers by Ann2012(f): 1:00pm On Mar 31
Thanks for the update


Re: Dirty Hustlers by Renderhelp(f): 4:30pm On Apr 01
Now i can welcome the op back(partially) to the wonderful story

Lol thanks... I’m sorry about last time. I promise to use any phone I come across to make sure I complete this story.

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Re: Dirty Hustlers by Renderhelp(f): 4:31pm On Apr 01
I repeatedly knocked on the gate.

“Mama Biko...please open.” I pleaded while I tried to soothe Zayan by rocking him with one hand.

“Madam pay me my money...which kind wahala be this?!” The cab driver stood impatiently behind me with his hands akimbo.

“Abeg I Dey come...just wait, I go pay you.” I said sniffling, doing my best to hold back my tears. We’ve been standing at the gate for over 30 minutes. I didn’t know what else to tell the boy to keep him from losing his temper.


I turned to see Nkiru alighting from a keke napep. She was beaming with smiles as she hurriedly paid her fare and ran towards me.

“Sister, it’s you!” She grabbed me and squeezed me tightly as she laughed, jumping up and down.

“Sister, I missed you.” There were tears in her eyes. She had also changed a lot since I last saw her. Her skin glowed and her clothes clung well to her shapely figure. I admired the way her beautiful braids pulled at her scalp, giving her a facelift. I had never seen her look so attractive.

She snapped her fingers at my face. “Sister?!”

I blinked my eyes rapidly.

“Sister is this your baby?” She pointed at Zayan and I nodded.

“Eh! Fine boy!” She took him from my arms and cuddled him.

“Uhm...Nkiru do you have money on you? I want to pay him.” I pointed to the driver.

Nkiru nodded and handed me her purse. She threw Zayan up in the air and caught him. He giggled loudly. I was surprised Zayan had taken to her so easily, he didn’t like new faces.

“You’ll see my keys at the other side of the purse. Open the gate.”

I shook my head and handed her the purse. “Mama refused to let me in.” I sobbed. “Help me beg her.”

Nkiru looked at me with pity. “Don’t worry, let’s go inside. Even if she Dey vex, she still miss you. She always Dey pray for you since you comot.”

I felt a bit relieved as we both went into the house.

The compound was quite spacious with a small whitewashed bungalow in it.

Wow, Mama had really done well for herself, I thought as I admired the building and the compound. It was nothing luxurious but the house looked homely.

“Who open door for this Ewu? She-goat?” Mama was seated on the balcony with her arms folded over her breasts. Her face was red.

“Mama...make she enter first na....” Nkiru spoke coaxingly.

Mama shook her head vehemently. “No be this house she go enter. This place be like where dem Dey rear goats?”

I went on my knees when we got close to the steps of the balcony. The hot concrete felt painful and made me shift my weight on both knees.

“Mama please, forgive me. I made a mistake...I have changed.” I cried.

Mama raised her nose at me. “I made a mistake.” She mimicked with an exaggerated voice.

“A mistake kwanu. Person go think say na pencil or eraser she lost with the way she dey talk.” Mama chuckled and shook her head.

“Mama...it’s enough—“

“Mechie onu! Shut up that stinking mouth!” She swiftly pulled off her slipper and aimed it at Nkiru. She dropped it after a few seconds and hissed. “Ngwanu, before I open my eyes give her back her baby...fast!” She screamed.

Nkiru hesitated before she handed Zayan to me.

“Or you are ready to buy baby items so that she can run again abi?” Mama rapidly tapped a foot on the floor as she usually did when she got angry. “Maybe this time she go leave her pikin. I swear you go drop out from school to take care of am!”

“Mama I’m not running anywhere. I’m sorry for—“

“Hian! How will she run now?” She turned to ask Nkiru like I wasn’t there. “The she-goat is pregnant and has come again for my help. No be Wetin she do us the last time?”

Mama cackled loudly. “After I don borrow money to take buy baby things, pay hospital bills for this she-goat....Sotey people come Dey disgrace me on top!” She sniffed and stopped speaking for a moment. I could tell she was about to cry.

“Mama e don do....” Nkiru climbed up to the balcony and stood next to her to rub her back.

“Me, Veronica!” She beat her chest loudly. “I no go let this ingrate fool me again.” She turned to eye me.

I lowered my eyes to the floor and watched how the tears from my eyes dropped to the concrete floor. I felt like a terrible person. I regretted allowing myself to be swayed by Broda to the detriment of my own family.

We all stayed in silence for a while. Even little Zayan was quiet too as if he understood what was going on.

“Come this girl, where your first pikin? The one wey you come house come born.”

My mouth dried up immediately. How would I explain to Mama that Broda had sold the baby?

“I—uhm... She don die.” I began sobbing loudly.

“Ewo...hmm” Nkiru mumbled. Mama shook her head sadly.

“Who come get this pikin?” Mama pointed at Zayan.

I told Mama and Nkiru the truth on how I had met Musa and how he threw me out.

Mama placed her hands over her head when I was done narrating my ordeal.

“Ewo! God you sure say na me born this girl so?” She stood up from the plastic chair snapped her fingers over her head.

As she walked towards me, I crawled backwards and held Zayan tightly to my body. The rough concrete floor scraped my knees.

“Cherry you be big disgrace to me, yourself and womanhood!” Tears rolled down her cheeks as she spoke. “I swear if no be say you get belle I for don give you beating wey go make you land for mortuary.”

“See your sister Nkiru, she don Dey study medicine for Nsukka. No be me born and train the both of una? You no gree listen to me na man you Dey pursue...when I Dey talk to you that time you talk say I be village woman, I nor know anything because of small change wey that useless boy been Dey give you!” She slapped her knees and mumbled curses in her native dialect.

“As for me I don wash my hand comot from your matter. I go only Dey pray make God show you mercy make you fit take care of your children.” She shook her head and hissed. “Well, I no Dey drive you comot. I go give you room make you and your children take stay...I no be bad person but that na the highest wey I fit do. I no go let you use me again.”

She turned and walked into the house.

Almost a month of staying in the house and Mama held steadfast to her promise. She didn’t allow me eat from her pot. It was Nkiru who gave me some money to buy food for myself and Zayan before she left for school.

Zayan grew lean as I could not afford to buy the foreign baby foods he was used to.

I tried calling Musa severally. Even though he had since blocked my number, I kept on hoping and trying.

Mama only spoke to me when necessary. Anytime she looked at me, I saw disappointment in her eyes.

Mama had gone into wholesale business of dry foods. She had 2 big stores and was making good profits. Nkiru told me it was an old friend who she bumped into years ago that had introduced her to the business.

One Sunday afternoon, I was washing clothes behind the house. Zayan was practicing how to stand without holding on to anything, he was doing a bad job at it which made me laugh.

I heard the gates open and the sound of a car drive in. I wiped the washing foam off my hands with a dry cloth and picked up Zayan to see who it was.

A new model Mercedes Benz was parked in the driveway. The black car sparkled brilliantly in the sun. I couldn’t see the driver as the windshield and window glasses were tinted.

Nkiru ran towards us after she bolted the gates securely. She had been away in school for the past 2 weeks. I was glad she was back. The house wouldn’t be as boring.

“Nkiru welcome. Nno.” I greeted as I hugged her. “Are you on holiday?” My eyes kept on darting towards the car. I was curious about who owned it and what it was doing in our compound.

“No o... I came to visit you and Mama. Before I forget!” She leaned in to whisper “Sister, my boyfriend is here.” She giggled like a little girl.

A dark, tall and handsome young man alighted from the driver’s seat. As he smiled and walked towards us, I admired how perfect his facial and body features were.

“This is my junior mummy.” Nkiru introduced me. “Her name is Sister Cherry.”

I felt like giving Nkiru a hot slap. I was only a year older than she was but she made it seem like I was 5 times her age.

“Nice to meet you Sister Cherry.” He smiled to reveal a perfect set of teeth.

“Don’t mind her, you can call me Cherry.” I smiled at him.

Everything about him was breathtaking, I thought. He wore basic white T-shirt which emphasized his biceps. His jeans fitted him perfectly.

“Wow cute baby. A boy or girl?” He asked as he shook Zayan’s tiny hand.

“Boy.” I held his gaze as he looked at me.

“Yes...we are all cute in my family...that’s my nephew, Zayan. He’s 9 months old.”

I wished Nkiru would shut up and leave.

Nkiru cleared her throat dramatically. “Sister this is Ifeanyi, my friend.” She dragged the word ‘friend’ and they both laughed.

“Oh, I see it’s that way. I should leave then.” Ifeanyi teased.

“Leave to where?! Ngwanu, you go nowhere or I’ll seize your car keys.”
Nkiru took him by his hand and dragged him towards the building.

Mama came out of the house. She walked down the stairs of the balcony and gave Ifeanyi a side hug.

“Nwa m nwoke. My son, welcome. Why didn’t you tell me you were coming? I would have prepared your special onugbu soup.”

“Mama, won’t you welcome me?” Nkiru pouted and they all laughed.

I stood and watched them. I felt jealous.


Re: Dirty Hustlers by Born2winnx: 5:03pm On Apr 01
Please feed me more renderhelp


Re: Dirty Hustlers by Renderhelp(f): 5:21pm On Apr 01
Please feed me more renderhelp

No wahala. Keep following ❤️


Re: Dirty Hustlers by DarkGamer: 6:22pm On Apr 01
Thumbs up.


Re: Dirty Hustlers by Blackween(f): 10:21am On Apr 02
This one she is feeling jealous again, hope yawa no go burst
Well done op


Re: Dirty Hustlers by Adeola25(f): 5:23pm On Apr 02
Thanks for the update


Re: Dirty Hustlers by Kingdemu: 6:08pm On Apr 02
Make she no carry her ashawo self fk the sister guy oo cheesy


Re: Dirty Hustlers by Renderhelp(f): 6:14pm On Apr 02
Make she carry her ashawo self fk the sister guy oo cheesy

Lol cheesy


Re: Dirty Hustlers by Renderhelp(f): 6:15pm On Apr 02
“Hmm...Ifeanyi.” I kept on moaning his name as he kissed my neck and trailed his tongue down towards my taut nipples.

The way he teased my nipple with his tongue was mind blowing...I couldn’t take it any longer. I badly wanted him inside me.

I pushed him to lay on the bed and straddled his body. I was ready to ride him nonstop.

I felt the gush warm liquid on my fingers. My body shook sporadically and my eyes rolled in their sockets.

I panted as I tried to regain my lost energy. I could still feel the walls of my vagina throbbing.

My orgasm died quickly and I suddenly felt guilty and ashamed of myself. Why did I keep fantasizing about Nkiru’s boyfriend?

I turned to look at Zayan who laid next to me. It was dark in the room but I could still make out his face. He was fast asleep and snoring lightly.

I stood up from the bed and took off my damp panties.

What was wrong with me?

That Sunday Nkiru had visited with her boyfriend, I found it difficult to take my eyes off him. Everything he did seemed appealing, little things like the way he licked soup off of his fingers or how his tongue touched the rim of his glass before he took a sip turned me on.

He handed me a wad of 1000 Naira notes which he asked me to buy something nice for Zayan on his behalf. I shuddered as his fingers lightly grazed my palm.

After he left that evening, I made Nkiru narrate everything about him from how they met to his favorite color.

They had been dating for about a year and a half. He was an Engineer and he was from a prominent family in Nsukka. His Father was a top politician and also a philanthropist. He had come to supervise a project of his father’s in Nkiru’s school and that was when he laid eyes on her.

“Hmm...and they lived happily ever after.” I mockingly joked. Nkiru’s face turned pink as she erupted in laughter.

“So have you guys done it yet?” I clasped my thighs together and tightened the walls of my vagina as I imagined what Ifeanyi sex life was like.

Nkiru’s face changed from pink to red and she rapidly shook her head. “He wanted to...but I told him I can’t until marriage.”

The tingling sensation I felt gave way for jealousy. He still stayed with her even without sex. I had given up my body easily and even birthed children in my past relationships but both men only used and dumped me. I didn’t deserve it. What was so special about Nkiru? I was more beautiful than her....

“Are you sure he isn’t seeing other girls? All those kind men Dey always get comma.” I hissed.

“No, he isn’t like that. I trust him. I even know the password to his phone and use it anytime I like.”

I wanted to say more but I didn’t want her to notice my jealousy. I told her I was happy for her.

I tried to shake the thoughts of him from my head as I laid down on the bed.

I had heard some women developed an overly high sex drive when pregnant but it hadn’t been so in my previous pregnancies. I wondered why this one was different and I hoped that was the reason. I didn’t want to hurt Nkiru.

The atmosphere in the room felt hot and sticky. I was tempted to take a shower but I didn’t dare to. Mama would step out of her room and nag me on how I keep on wasting her water.

I sighed heavily as I thought about how everything I did in the house irritated Mama. Whenever I used her gas stove to boil water for Zayan’s pap she would walk into the kitchen and complain on how expensive gas was and how I keep on wasting it because I don’t pay for it.

I couldn’t afford to buy disposable diapers for Zayan and had to stick to cloth diapers . Zayan developed a terrible rash because of this. Nkiru was away in school and she could not send money to me for his treatment as I didn’t own a bank account. When I finally summoned up courage to ask Mama for some money to take him to the hospital, she brought out a big basin of egusi for me to peel before she handed me the money.

I hadn’t even registered for ante-natal. Nkiru had promised to take me to a hospital for registration after her exams. She handed me a batch of folic acid and blood tonic.

I got depressed daily as I thought about my future. How would I take care of my self and two children with no skill or qualifications for a good job?

I turned to look at sleeping Zayan again.

His cheeks weren’t as chubby as they were while we were in his father’s house. The rolls of fat on his arms and laps were disappearing. Even his curly hair wasn’t as bouncy and shiny.

I felt sorry for him. Although, he had began eating his pap mixed with little powdered milk and crayfish, I knew he only did so out of hunger. He used to munch happily on his oats and banana pudding back then.

I wished he was dark skinned and had thick Afro hair instead of his dominant Arab features. It would be difficult for him to blend in with the lower class. His peers would surely tease him and call him names when he starts school.

I shut my eyes tightly and tried to get some sleep before Zayan wakes up for his nightly feeding but I couldn’t.

I kept fumbling with depressing thoughts. I closed my eyes again and tried to remember life before I met Broda. When I was still carefree and happy.

The memories seemed hazy. Once again, I pictured myself standing stark naked before Ifeanyi. I had no baby bump, my stomach was smooth and flat. Ifeanyi licked his lips as his eyes scanned the full length of my body.

A few minutes later, I had another orgasm and drifted off to sleep right after.

About 7:30AM the next morning, after Mama had left for her store, I was mopping the floor in the living room when I heard a knock on the gate.

I frowned as I wondered who it could be at the gate so early.

“Who is there?!” I asked. I didn’t wait for a reply before I opened the gate.

A hand forcefully pushed me which made me crash to the floor with a heavy thud

I was horrified as three masked men walked in through the gate.

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Re: Dirty Hustlers by Born2winnx: 6:48pm On Apr 02
Thanks renderhelp..am hungry for more.


Re: Dirty Hustlers by Kingdemu: 9:45am On Apr 03
I know the ashawo must fk Ifeanyi tongue

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Re: Dirty Hustlers by Ann2012(f): 4:44pm On Apr 03
Who are the masked men now

Thanks for the update


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This Cherry girl got a nag for getting into trouble.
Amazing read Op, Unashamedly following this story�


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Nice master piece... gratefully waiting for the next update..

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Re: Dirty Hustlers by Renderhelp(f): 2:37pm On Apr 13
One of the masked men rushed in and began kicking me on my face.

His kicks were surprisingly light. I woke up when I felt something moist on my nose. Zayan was hovering all over my face.

I heaved a huge sigh of relief. I had only been dreaming. The rays of sunlight seeping through the thin curtains made me realize it was day.

I tickled Zayan. “Baby, sorry I woke up late. I know you are very hungry...look, you are already eating my nose!”

I stood up from the bed and picked him up before we headed for the kitchen. I heard voices coming from the living room and I picked out Nkiru’s voice.

Nkiru was back! I excitedly rushed into the living room with Zayan. I saw Mama dancing, wiggling her large waist. Nkiru threw her head back in laughter while Ifeanyi who was seated on the sofa had a small amused smile on his lips as he watched Mama’s display.

Ifeanyi was the first person who noticed me as I walked into the living room. I suddenly felt self conscious, I wanted to run back into my room to comb my hair and change my worn out nightdress into something more fitting but it was too late.

When he smiled at me, I blushed and quickly took my eyes off him. Just the thought of him had given me multiple orgasms the past nights, I felt a bit embarrassed seeing him in person.

“Sister!” Nkiru ran to hug me. I sniffed the scent of Ifeanyi’s perfume on her. I couldn’t help but feel jealous.

I stepped back to admire her. “Why are you looking so beautiful? Are you sure it’s school you went to?” I chaffed.

Her beautiful braids were packed in a high ponytail which accentuated her heart shaped face face. She had on a stylish jumpsuit that looked too expensive to be bought in an open air market, I suspected Ifeanyi had bought it for her from a high-end boutique.

She rolled her eyes and laughed. “Beautiful like this? Sister don’t tease me abeg.” She grabbed Zayan from me and kissed him on both cheeks. He wiggled his tiny legs and giggled loudly. “How is my Prince Charming doing?”

“Are you on holiday?”

“Holiday kwa? No o! We’re on strike. They chased us out from hostel 2 days ago. Do you feel well Sister? Are you taking your prenatal vitamins?”

I couldn’t blame her for thinking I was sick. I looked a mess. My hair was almost 2 months old and the most of the strands had slipped out from where they should be. My forehead had a few blackheads. I had given up on my looks since I left Musa’s home.

“I’m fine. I always take the pills.”

Mama cleared her throat loudly to draw our attention. “Ifeanyi ezi nwa m, my good son. Thank your mother for me. These wrappers are lovely, o mara mma.” She dramatically stooped to wiggle her waist again holding the bundle of fabrics tightly to her chest.

“Mama!” Nkiru laughed.

Ifeanyi stood up from the sofa and straightened his dark brown senator shirt. I admired his tallness and broad shoulders.

“Mama, I have to take my leave.”

Mama stopped dancing and her shoulders slumped. “So soon? Make I quickly cook something make you chop...and I be wan even call one of my boys make he bring small foodstuff from shop to send give your Mama.”

“Maybe some other time Mama. I’m in a hurry.”

Ifeanyi bade us goodbye and Nkiru escorted him out.

After they left, I was about to go into the kitchen to make Zayan’s breakfast when Mama called me back.

“Madam, where you dey go? Come carry these things go arrange them for my wardrobe.”

I placed Zayan on my back and strapped him securely with my wrapper before I began refolding the wrappers.

“You see say your small sister get sense pass you?” Mama sneered. “See how dem take Dey do something? I for tell you say make you follow her footsteps but which sensible man go wan marry you with 2 children?” Mama laughed scornfully.

Her words stung and tears welled up in my eyes.

“You wan cry? Ehen...I nor know say you sabi cry o! That time before I talk one you don talk hundred, see where e don land you.”

I hurriedly folded the wrappers so I could leave her presence as quickly as possible.

“Biko, nor go tear those expensive wrappers wey my in-law send give me. Common cup of garri, the stupid men wey you Dey born-born follow never send give me.... Fold am carefully!”

“Mama! O zuru, it is enough.” Nkiru said as she walked into the living room.

“Are you stupid? Onye nzuzu. I don tell you say make you nor Dey cut me short ever again! You think say you don big pass who dem Dey flog?” Mama chided Nkiru.

Nkiru ignored Mama and began assisting me with the folding. I wiped away tears from under my eyes and Nkiru looked at me empathetically.

“Sister, ebezi na. Don’t cry.”

“Leave her let her cry! With the way I Dey see this one she never learn her lesson. Since she come this house she never look for work, na who to beg she dey find, tufia!”

“Mama after she delivers—“

“Mechie onu there! Shut up! I don tell you say when she comot na you go drop out from school to train her children because you dey always dey support her nonsense.” Mama hissed.

When we were done arranging the wrappers, I ran into my room to cry my eyes out. I didn’t bother to bathe or feed Zayan. When his hunger pangs became unbearable and he began to cry, I stuffed a nipple into his mouth to shut him up so I could wallow in my own misery.

“Sister...open.” Nkiru knocked on my door a few hours later.

I hesitated before I asked her to come in.

She quietly sat on the bed next to me and we were both silent for a while. Zayan still hungrily latched on my nipple and was sucking like his life depended on it.

“Sister...I’m sorry about all what Mama said. You know how she—“

“Don’t apologize for her.”

Nkiru’s pity somewhat irritated me. It made me feel small. I was the elder sister, I was supposed to be a good example to her not the other way round.

She kept quiet and nervously shuffled her fingers.

“He looks hungry has he eaten?”

I shook my head and she took Zayan from my arms and headed out of the room.


A few days later, I was seated on the balcony while Nkiru plaited my hair. Zayan was sound asleep on a small mat right next to us. We enjoyed the evening breeze as Nkiru and I chatted away. Mama wasn’t around so we could speak freely.

I was showing Nkiru Musa’s pictures on her phone through an app.

“What a handsome man and he seems so wealthy!” Nkiru exclaimed as she glanced through his pictures. “Zayan is his carbon copy, lee anya!”

“Handsome man with an evil heart....He showed me pepper.” I hissed.

“But seriously, how can a man not care about his biological children? Even if he hates you so much, what stops him from sending monthly stipends to his kids?” Nkiru spat. “I’m sure one day he would realize his mistakes and come begging.”

I nodded. I silently prayed that day would come soon. I still tried dialing Musa’s number daily, hoping he had unblocked me. Sometimes, when my phone rang I half-expected he was the one calling.

“That day should come soon oh. Only me cannot take care of these children.”

“Sister you can. Mama and I are here to help you...you can even go back to school.”

I snorted. “Mama help me? I doubt.”

“I know Mama, she will.”

As we were talking my phone buzzed. It was a text message from an unnamed number.

“Please answer my call in private.” It read.

Who could this be? I thought.

I excused myself from Nkiru’s presence and went into my room. I waited a while before the call came in.

“Hello?” It was a deep baritone voice.

“Who is this?” I asked impatiently.

“It is I, Ifeanyi... I am sorry for calling you like this. I got your number from Nkiru.”

His husky voice made the butterflies in my stomach flutter without caution.

“Uhm...I saw your message... Erm, is there any problem?” I blurted.

“Is Nkiru there?”

My heart began to beat rapidly and my panty line gradually got soaked. The way he made the call seem forbidden turned me on intensely.

“No.” I replied breathily.

“Okay. Can we meet up tomorrow? Is that okay?”

Jesus. I pinched my thigh. Am I dreaming?

“Why? What for?” I feigned reluctance.

“I’ll tell you about it tomorrow. Please don’t turn me down.” He pleaded.

I bit my lower lip. “Uhm...Okay.”

I’ll call to give you details. Please keep this between us... Oh, say hi to your little boy for me. I can’t wait to see him tomorrow.” He ended the call.

I frowned at the last part. What did he want me to bring Zayan for?

I stood up and looked at my reflection in the mirror. I hoped Ifeanyi wouldn’t mind my bulging stomach. I knew some men fantasied being with pregnant women, maybe he was one of those men.

“Sister, why are you smiling like that?” Nkiru asked as I stepped into the balcony. Zayan had woken up and he was sucking out of the sachet water in Nkiru’s hand.

“I just remembered one movie I watched.” I lied through my teeth. “Baby you’re awake so soon? All these your 10 minutes sleep sef.”

Zayan smiled and stretched his arms towards me so I would lift him.

As Nkiru weaved my hair, I contemplated if I would take Zayan along. I cringed at the thought of him watching Ifeanyi and I make love. I knew putting him to sleep would be difficult as Zayan rarely took naps and when he did the slightest noise woke him up.

On the other hand, if I left him at home and went out all dressed up, it would arouse Mama and Nkiru’s suspicion, that was the last thing I wanted.

“Nkiru this hair is too big na... make it tiny and longer.” I said feeling the strands she had braided.

“Ahn Ahn, Sister no be you talk say you nor fit sit down long for tiny hair?”

“I’ve changed my mind. Make it tiny and long. I want make the end touch my waist.”

Nkiru groaned and painstakingly loosed the few strands she had plaited.

I felt a bit guilty for what I was about to do to Nkiru but the past months had been terrible for me. I needed something good and Ifeanyi was the only person who could give me that. I had no plans to snatch him from Nkiru, I only needed to fulfill my desires and probably get some cash off him.

“Sister, check this one. Is it okay?”

I felt the width and length of the braid.

“Ọ dị mma. It is fine.” I smiled and nodded. I hoped Ifeanyi would like it.



Re: Dirty Hustlers by Abosede512(f): 4:54pm On Apr 13
Very stupid woman, so with her problem, she have not learn any lesson. Thanks for the update


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