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Re: Married And Single (18+) by Ann2012(f): 8:52pm On Feb 12
Silver....this one that people are just dying like fowl ehn, e tire me ooooo
Richard shouldn't die pls, Matthew should replace him.

Thanks for the update

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Re: Married And Single (18+) by sly12345: 10:02pm On Feb 12
Silver....this one that people are just dying like fowl ehn, e tire me ooooo
Richard shouldn't die pls, Matthew should replace him.

Thanks for the update
But only one person has died na

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Re: Married And Single (18+) by petersononome: 11:08pm On Feb 12
Silver you have started again abi, when I thought Laura will have a happy ending with Richard, you just killed the guy, you have no conscience at all cheesy

Matthew you've created too much enemies for yourself, let Simon go or you'll die o, silver doesn't pity anyone o grin
Re: Married And Single (18+) by Ayanfe29(f): 5:34am On Feb 13
Silver1996, shey you've started again ba. Killy Killy!!! Instead of you to kill Kenny or Matthew, the bad guys, you went ahead to kill Richard, the repentant psychopath. I hope you'll not end up killing Simon!
Diaris God in everything you're doing o.
Thanks for the update though, it was top-notch.
Re: Married And Single (18+) by egwolopretty: 9:07am On Feb 13
What is Matthew problem self undecided

Silver so you think it's good to kill Richard, God is watching you o
Re: Married And Single (18+) by kelvyncruz: 11:22am On Feb 13
Silver you'll never change o, you can kill people, what did Richard do to you.

I know Simon will die next
Re: Married And Single (18+) by nectarina(f): 2:07pm On Feb 13
Silver1996,please don't kill anybody again,they deserve to be happy. Nice story tho
Re: Married And Single (18+) by genius43(m): 4:59pm On Feb 13

No need to quote the whole update
Re: Married And Single (18+) by collinometricx: 6:45pm On Feb 13

That's a Bleep man...

Why quote a full episode?
Re: Married And Single (18+) by Silver1996(m): 2:19pm On Feb 14
M & S
EPISODE TITLE- To Hell O Ye.....Love

Daisy glare st him, fires of fury and hatred smouldering in her eyes as she weighed the pros and cons of escaping with Simon without harm coming to any of them .......

"Why are you doing this...?"Daisy asked crisply...

Her temper sparked when he chuckle...

"Are you really asking me that..?Matthew retorted..."You treated me like shit Daisy...., you took my love for granted "

"You took my love for granted.."Daisy returned, her insides seething with anger...."I gave you chances upon chances to change, you didn't and now you blame me...."

"I apologise..."He said..."I begged you Daisy..., I admitted I made a mistake but what did you do, open your legs for Adam and this twàt..."

Simon flinched by the mention of the name..."Adam..."

"You shut up..."Matthew raved at Simon...

Daisy suck on her teeth, irritation pricking at her, she stare at Simon before returning her gaze to Matthew....."Simon has nothing to with this Matthew, let him go, this is between me and you..."

"Oh sweetheart, this nigga have everything to do with this.., he took you away from me....."

"You pushed me away.."Daisy growled...."You never loved me Matthew..., you just love having sex with me.."

"If I didn't love you I won't bring you here.."He barked back..."Can't you see, I love you Daisy..., I can't live without you and I'll never allow anyone to take you away from me.., I'll die before that happens..."

"Or you'll kill me..."She interjects crisply..."Like you killed Rita..."

Shock swept across his face making him lean closer to her, the gun still in his hand..."Who told you that...?"

Daisy flinched at his angry tone..

"Who..?"He yelled

"Your sister..."Daisy blare out....."You killed her, didn't you...?"

"It was you.."Simon chimes in.., his mind brooding over the night Rita died...."It was you that night...."

Matthew groaned and reverts his gaze to Simon......

"It was you, you bastard..."Simon yelled infuriated...."You killed Rita...."

Anger curled hot and unstoppable in Matthew's gut, like a blazing inferno that wanted to burn him from the inside out....., his mouth went hard and he quickly pointed the gun at Simon.....

Daisy's heart froze when she saw the anger in Matthew's eyes, she quickly realise if she doesn't stop him, he'll pull the trigger..., heart hammering she stepped in front of him, the muzzle of the gun threatening to rip her heart from her chest...

"We were going to get married...."Simon growled..."And you killed her..."

"My instinct were right..."Matthew sneer..."You're the son of a bitch who came to collect a debt he wasn't owed..."

Daisy turn around to look at Simon before turning to face Matthew......"So you killed her..?"

"I didn't kill her..."Matthew replied shapily

"I remember that night..."Simon said..."I saw you coming out from her house.., you wore a hood but I know it was you..., she told me her ex was threatening to kill her.....

"I didn't kill her..."Matthew yelled...."When I got there, she was already dead..."

"So you befriend me to get back at Matthew...?"Daisy queried turning back to face Simon...

"No..., I didn't even know who he is until now..."

Daisy grunt, a look of bitterness sweeping across her face..."Was this all a ploy to get back at him for killing Rita.."

"I didn't kill her.."Matthew cut in

"No Daisy..."Simon replied..."How could you even think that.., I'll never do that to you..."

"Men will do a lot of shitty things to get what they want..."

"I won't do that to you Daisy, I love you..."

Matthew chuckle dropping the gun at his side...."What have I done to you man.., you took Rita, killed her and now you want to take Daisy...."

"You're the psychopath...."Simon groaned..."You killed Rita because she left you for me...., admit it, you were jealous so you killed her..."

"You think this is a joke..."Matthew yelled directly at his face......"You took the only thing I ever loved from me and now you want to take the second thing I Care about....., you've got balls man"

"They'll stick to you if you weren't such an annoying lunatic..."Simon retorted..

Rage overtook Matthew and he quickly slammed his fist into Simon's face...

"Matthew..."Daisy shouted running to help Simon but then Matthew grabbed her neck and slammed her back against the wall....

"You think I'm playing...?"He yelled directly at her face.. "You think this is a joke...?"

"Take your hands away from her..."Simon shouted struggling against the ropes...

Daisy gasp and fight for breathe.....

"Don't you see what's going on.."Matthew continue, his hands wriggling against her neck..."He doesn't love you, he's just using you to get at me for what happened to Rita...., but I love you, the thoughts of you gives me sleepless nights, so if you think you can leave me after doing that to me, you better rethink because I won't let it happen, not even in your dreams will I let you be with another man, do you understand that....."

She nearly collaspe from lack of breathe when he finally release his grip from her neck...

"Daisy.., are you alright..."Simon asked crippling towards her..

Matthew eyes narrowed with anger and he quickly pull Simon backward, glare at him before throwing a hard punch at his face..

Blood pooped out from Simon's mouth but Matthew didn't stop, he kept punching and punching until Daisy screamed....

"Stop...."Daisy shouted, tears bursting from her eyes...."You can't force me or anyone to love you..."

He grind his teeth, his pulse racing with heavy breathe he turn back to face her.....

Daisy heart raced with tremendous speed when he took a step towards her....

"Please..."She mutter with tears as her eyes caught the blood on Simon's face...."You need to stop Matthew...., if you really love me as you say you'll want my happiness..."

"I want your happiness.."He said trying to hold her hands but she refused..

"This isn't wanting my happiness...., if you truly love me Matthew, you have to let me go..."

"That's the problem.."Matthew riposte, his voice coming out harsh like before...."I cannot let you go....., I won't live with myself if I do that..."

"Please Matthew..., let me go...."

He sniffled, his own tears threatening to escape from his eyes, but he wipe them off before they could fall..."I cant..."

"You cannot live like this...."Daisy mutter..."I cannot live like this.., we have to go our separate ways.."

"Hanging out with this clown is not going our separate ways.., that's you throwing salts at my wound...., he stole Rita from me, I won't let him steal you too..."

"Please Matthew stop this.., you can't go on beating every male I hang out with..., don't choose this life.."

"I didn't choose it.., you chose it for me because you made me fall in love with you.."

"This isn't love Matthew, it's obsession..."

"Then I'm obsessed with you..."He yelled...."Are you obsessed with me..?"


"Do you love me..?"

Daisy swallowed before letting the words out..."Not anymore..."

Rage quickening his blood..."Do you love him...?"

Daisy sniffled as she find words to say..."I don't know..."

"Do you love him..?"Matthew asked again..

"I don't know..."

"So you don't love him...?"

Daisy suck on her teeth as she look at Simon...."Matthew please stop this..

"Answer the question..?"He yelled

"Yes..."She blare out impetuously......

He curled his lips as his insides went cold with fury...., he returned his gaze to Simon and once again pointed the gun at him...

"Matthew...."Daisy mutter with fear..."Please don't do what you're thinking...."

"All am thinking about is you..."Matthew replied over his shoulder, his eyes fixed on Simon..."And how you're leaving me for this mòron..., I told you Daisy, if I can't have you, no man will, I'll rather die than see another man touch you again....."

When he wrapped his fingers around the trigger, Daisy rushed at him and push his hand making the fierce bullet hit the ground, a few inch from where Simon was laying...

Daisy heart beat irregularly as the gun sound vibrates in her ears....., scared to death she glance at Simon before a command came from the entrance of the building...

"Drop the gun....."A policeman ordered

Matthew spun around to see three policemen standing at the entrance, his eyes flickered from them to Daisy before he furiously grabbed Daisy neck, stepped behind her and aim the gun at her head....

Daisy shivered as the gun muzzle touched her head...

"Drop your guns or I swear I'll blow her brains out...."Matthew growled

"This isn't a negotiation boy. "The policeman said back..."Drop your gun or we will be forced to shoot..."

"Then shoot you moròn...."Matthew retorted stepping away from where Simon is laying and still aiming the gun at Daisy head...

"Please don't shoot...."Simon chimes in struggling to stand up.....

"Son..."Mrs Akinshola shouted from outside and quickly ran in to untie him....
"Shoot them..."Mrs Akinshola shouted

"Don't shoot...."Simon pleaded....

"Well rich boy, you better tell them to step out of the way else I'll kill her, do you understand me..."


"You thinking I'm bluffing..."Matthew yelled pressing the gun into her head so she can feel it against her skull....

"Please step out of the way..."Simon said...

"Have you gone crazy son.....?"Mrs Akinshola queried.....

"Please.."Simon begged..

The policemen stood their ground until Mrs Akinshola motioned them to step out...

A cruel smile surround Matthew's lips as he pushed Daisy, still aiming the gun on her head, he stepped outside with her...

Lily's eyes enlarged with shock when she saw them....

"Daisy....., you'll be alright.."Simon crowled following them...

"Whose car is this....?"Matthew queried with a cringe at a car in front of him...

"It's mine you stupid idiot..."Mrs Akinshola retorted...

"Throw me the keys..."Matthew ordered


"Just do it mum.."Simon Blare out..

She frown, hesitated before throwing the keys on the ground...

"Pick it up.."He told Simon and Simon did...

"Let her go now..."Simon said

"Open the damn car.."Matthew barked

Simon glared at him before doing as he said.....

"If any of you raise your gun at me, I swear to God, I will scatter her brains on the windshields of this car.., you feel me..."

"Daisy..."Lily called out before Matthew claimed into the car pushing Daisy inside....

Matthew quickly close the door, turn on the car and drove off speedily....

"After him...."Simon shouted climbing into the police car as they gave him a chase......

"I knew this girl will kill my son..."Mrs Akinshola shouted after them....

As the car engine sung to the lone Express roads...., Daisy took a deep breathe to calm her panic before she look back to see the police car chasing them...

"You called the police huh..., after I expressly told you to come alone.., you called the damn police..."

"You have to stop and surrender Matthew..."Daisy said with pants breathe..

"Never..."He crowled..."I'll rather die than let those animals get me..."

"Please Matthew, stop okay, the way you're driving you'll get us killed..."

"Am not stopping..."He yelled at her...

"Do not do this....., you have to understand Matthew, love can't be forced...."

"Shut up..."He yelled...

Her heart froze at his outburst......

"You did this to me...."He chided before pointing the gun at her...."You made me like this because you treated me like shit all so you could go to that mòron..., that bastard took my first love from me and now he wants to take you...., you broke my heart the moment you accepted him...., you and him deserve to die.., you hear me, you two deserve to die..."

"You're crazy..."Daisy sneer..

"You think am crazy, this is crazy......"He growled and shot the side windshield breaking the glasses, pieces of it falling on the roads..

Daisy's heart skipped......, she quickly glance at him..., she caught him laughing, the police siren ringing in her ears, she did the unthinkable...., she grabbed the gun with both hands and they both fight for dominance...

"Let go you bitch..."Matthew groaned taking his other hand from the steering allowing the vehicle move without control....

Their body slammed the steering and the car diverted from the lone road into a path before it hit a bump, then it somersaults from the top land to the lower ground wrecking the car all the way before it finally stopped......., what followed was their blood dropping like drops of water.....

MARRIED AND SINGLE....Two Episodes to the finale.......


Happy valentine my people...love you all....., who's showing me love today..... grin grin


Re: Married And Single (18+) by Christipsy(m): 2:58pm On Feb 14
Wat a pity to my dear Daisy
It is well
Re: Married And Single (18+) by Ann2012(f): 4:13pm On Feb 14
Na wa oooo, Daisy involved in an accident....

Thanks for the update OP
Happy Valentine's day everyone

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Re: Married And Single (18+) by sly12345: 4:14pm On Feb 14
Silver just kill everybody abeg
Re: Married And Single (18+) by shakibell(f): 5:26pm On Feb 14
chai u b bad person

kukuma kill everybody make we no say story don end nha B4 actor no dey die for film. silver don change d entire tin now everybody dey die for film. hmm sorry novel abi mk I call am story

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Re: Married And Single (18+) by purity23(f): 7:44pm On Feb 14
Silver this thing you're doing is not good o.

Anyway thanks for the update
Re: Married And Single (18+) by kelvyncruz: 10:29pm On Feb 14
Silver how do you surpass everyone's expectations.?

Please don't let Daisy die o, I beg you.

But na wa o, so non of the policemen could shoot Matthew without hurting Daisy, they just watch him leave, just imagine

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Re: Married And Single (18+) by Thoseen30(m): 4:20am On Feb 15
all I want to read next is 1: Richard survived 2: Mathew is dead 3: Daisy is still alive 4: Janet go back to beg Barry 5: Lilly get bleeped by Tony and not gay anymore
Op thanks so much for the updates

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Re: Married And Single (18+) by Thoseen30(m): 4:23am On Feb 15
Silver how do you surpass everyone's expectations.?

Please don't let Daisy die o, I beg you.

But na wa o, so non of the policemen could shoot Matthew without hurting Daisy, they just watch him leave, just imagine

be like you too dey watch Hollywood movies too much, especially those SWAT lol
my brother this is Nigeria o lol
Re: Married And Single (18+) by Thoseen30(m): 4:24am On Feb 15
chai u b bad person

kukuma kill everybody make we no say story don end nha B4 actor no dey die for film. silver don change d entire tin now everybody dey die for film. hmm sorry novel abi mk I call am story

calm down now lots can still happen in the next two episodes
Re: Married And Single (18+) by Ibroslank(m): 2:12pm On Feb 15
My prediction make fill like we plan the novel 2gether with the author
Re: Married And Single (18+) by Ibroslank(m): 2:12pm On Feb 15
My predictions make fill like we plan the novel 2gether with the author
Re: Married And Single (18+) by mitakemi2427(f): 7:45pm On Feb 15
Silver you have finished me Why kill daisy and richard? Oh u try but u got me emotional
Re: Married And Single (18+) by permit(m): 10:31pm On Feb 15
Silver you didnt watch horror movies enough while you were a kid so you decide to share fun with horror

Thank you oga silver
Re: Married And Single (18+) by Legitdimple(f): 4:08am On Feb 16
M & S
EPISODE TITLE- Caught in the act wow,just wow! Captivating story,suspense filled. Daisy seems to be the "aproko" in this story,always in the right place at the wrong time. But the "aproko" paid off this time sha. Why do I feel like Barry sent that lady!!!

Royal star hotel was the sign that greeted Daisy the moment she stepped down from Simon's car.., she wowed at the gargantuan edifice in front of her.., her mind cogitate over the doltish excuse she gave Simon when he dropped her at the hotel gate..., she told him she was there to see her aunt who came with her husband for a friend's wedding..., thank God the next day was a saturday making the lie more believable...

She exhale, adjust and arrange her gown before stepping into the hotel premises...., she felt like she had an odd look that was slightly lurching as she walk, perhaps she was walking too fast, it was hard to tell since the security men's eyes were gaping at her like they haven't seen a beautiful girl on a short gown before.....

She heard them muttering words to their selves but she ignored and trudged along the marble floor at a sedate pace, her mind focused on the gentle footsteps that seemed to echo throughout the floor....

She heaved a deep sigh of relief from her onlookers and side gossipers before taking her phone out to call prince Tarris as he had told her to do when she arrive...

"Am at the hotel sir..."she said when the call connected..

She heard him cough before his hoarse voice came up...
"Tell the receptionist to send you over to the VIP bar..."

It was a minute later when she got upstairs before gliding down to the bar, she quickly recognised him the moment she saw him..., with a smile, she composed herself before trotting towards him...

"Hi...."She said, lips parted in a coquettish manner....

"Hi...."Prince Tarris replied slightly licking his lips at her alluring lift breast...

Daisy suck in when she realise they were the only one in the VIP section.....
"You booked the whole place...?"She asked curiously

He chuckle..."I did.."

"Really, how do you do that, book the whole bar...?"

"Am a friend of the owner, i asked him for a 30mins alone time with the most prettiest girl in the whole planet..."

Daisy force herself to blush...."Am flattered..."She bend her neck seductively...

"How are you..?"

Am very fine sir..."

"I never thought you'll call..."

She swallowed realizing she wouldn't have called if Matthew hadn't been a thorn in her flesh...."Aren't you happy i called.."

He smile...."What can i say, am the most happiest man to be privileged to behold a goddess in my front..."

Daisy raise her brow...."Mm-hmm..."


"You see, i wanted to hear what you said you had to say to me when you gave me your card..."

He flexed his fingers and lean his head closer....."Why don't we drink before we dive into that...."

"You buying champagne...?"

"Anything for the queen..."

Janet was eating the plate of rice like she thought it was poisoned. Each spoonfull was tinier that you'd feed a baby and even then she nibbled it, pausing before taking any more...., her head was buzzling with confused thoughts and her stomach too terrify to take more even though hunger was pricking a part of flatten belly...., once again Kenny words of not having a wife ring in her head...., whether true or not she was too hurt to believe it....

She exhale and took another spoonful of the food, she chew on it before a knock came on her door......, too terrified to get up, she ignored the knock and continue with her food...

When the knock came again she had no choice but to get up, preparing herself to give whoever was knocking a piece of her mind....

Anger surged up inside her the moment she unlock the door and saw the least person she never thought she'll see again....

"Hey.."Barry said crisply..

"What do you want...?"She returned immediately

Barry sigh...."I missed you.."

Janet hissed at the words, she wasn't just in the mood for any stupid words from any guy....
"So..."She sneer..

"Did you block my number, cos all my calls to you hasn't been reachable..."

She grit her teeth before answering..."Yes i did..."

"I missed you..."He reiterated

"You said that before..."She snarled hoping he gets the memo she isn't in a good mood...

"Can i come in..?"

"No.."She riposte..

"I want to talk to you.."Barry said

Irritation surged up inside her...."What do you want Barry...?"

"I just want to talk to you.."

"About what..?"She fling back infuriated

"About us.."

"Who is us..?"


"I heard you, what am asking is who is us..?"

Barry exhale..."I mean the two of us..."

"Two of who..?"

"Janet please, you know damn well what am talking about..."

"I don't want to do this with you Barry, am really in a bad mood right now...."

"I swear i won't take much of your time.."

"Didn't you hear me..."She snarled at him...."I don't want to talk to anyone and that includes you and every other guy with a penis out there, you all can go to hell..."

"You're angry..."

"You're damn correct am angry..."She retorted furiously..."So please Barry of the Caribbean, leave me the hell alone..."

"It's pirate of the carribean..."Barry corrected

Janet hissed, ignoring him, she made attempt to step back into her room but he hold her back....
She turn to his side like an enraged panther, avoiding trouble he removed his hand from hers...


"What..?"She scowled

He took a deep breathe before speaking... "I still love you..."

"So how's that supposed to be my business...?"

"Am serious..."

"Go away Barry..., we broke up, i moved on, you should too..."

"Well am sorry if i find it difficult to move on without you..."

"Sounds like a 'you' problem.."She stated


"Do not call me..., i told you Barry, we're done, am not doing this rubbish with you.."

"Can you just hear me out..."

"No..."She blare out, her voice attracting the neighbour's attention......"I won't hear you out, i won't hear you or any other guy there out.... "

"Did Kenny hurt you..?"

Refusing to give him the dignity of a reply, she eyed him and walk back into her room shutting the door in his face before he could follow or hold her again....

"Janet..."He called out from outside, what followed was the echo of his voice in the walls of the quiet compound...

The ice fell against the glass, Daisy's fingers slid on the condensation before her fingers regain their grip. She felt the chill run down her throat and her head made an involuntary shake at the chill taste of the champagne....

"Am drinking stars.."she said dropping the glass on the table...

"Why haven't i seen a beauty like you... ?"Prince Tarris said

A smile circled Daisy's lips...."Cos i always hide in my little hole..."

He chuckle..."Now why would a damsel like you been hiding in a little hole when you're supposed to be souring high"

"Unexpected turn around...., same shit that chokes the struggling haves not ..."

He lean closer and hold her hand across the table..., Daisy smile at the odd sense of his touch....

"I can make you fly..."

A raw excitement surged up inside her...."Of course chief...

"Call me Prince Tarris..."

"Prince Tarris..."She pout...."You're more than capable..."

"But..."He stated retreating his hand...."Only if you play your cards well..."

Daisy smile, her head pondering over the only card men likes playing.....SEX....
"Trust me, I'll win.."She teased...

"I like you Daisy, you seem to know what you want..., i like women that pursue their dream..."

Daisy almost laugh.., who dreams of having sex for money..., what she's doing is only temporary.....
"And i love men that comes straight to the point..., prince Tarris.."

"Why do my instinct tells me you already know the point..."

Daisy gulp down another glass of the cold drink before saying...."How much are you staking...?"

"On a scale of a thousand and million.., how much do you want....?"

"I don't want to sound greedy chief..."

He laugh...."I love your passion, it makes me jingle with proclivity..."


"I love everything about you..."

"Am a bad bad girl chief.."

"Bad girls turn me on..."


"Why don't we visit my room and the discuss the rest...."

Daisy took a deep breathe, her mind pricking her if she's really ready to go through with her intentions.....

"Okay.."She said damning her thoughts "But a cheque first...."

"Of course.., i wouldn't keep the lady waiting...."

That delicious moment Daisy stepped into his presidential suite, her face washed blank with confusion, like her brain cogs couldn't turn fast enough to take in her contradictory thoughts from her wide eyes. Every muscle of her body just froze before a grin crept onto her face when again prince Tarris turn to face her....

"Like what you're seeing...?"Prince Tarris asked reaching for his chequebook on the glass table...

"It's a nice suite...."She stated..., she have high expectations from him even though her head keeps beeping with the possibility that high expectations from a total stranger is just a one way ticket to resentment..., she sat on the expensive couch and cross her legs watching his hands move as he muffle things on the chequebook with a pen....

"There you go...."He said pulling out the paper and handling it to her.

Shock swept across her face when she saw the figures....."Two hundred thousand...."She said mouth slack-jawed...

"Anything for a goddess..."

"Oh my God...."She mutter filtering her excitement a bit before he starts thinking she's all about the money.....

"You want to see the bedroom..."He said pointing

Daisy exhale, she's really doing this..."Sure..."

He smile and she force herself to smile back, when he led the way, she dropped the cheque on her bag and hurried after him...

She stopped when she saw BDSM equipment..., her excitement suddenly flushed down the drain....

"Are you okay...?"He asked when he spun around to face her...

"You use these things...?"She asked curiously

"Yes.., i love to dominate..."

Daisy's eyes flickered from the cuffs and straps, to the ball gags and bit gags before turning to the blindfolds and hoods then the chokers and body harnesses......

"This is hardcore..."She mutter

"No it isn't, this is what good sex is all about..., and it's my way of dominating..."

"You dominate by inflicting pains on the other person...."

"I won't inflict pains on you, there are rules, if you feel terrorize or uncomfortable, just say fùck me and I'll stop..."

Daisy sigh..."Can't we just have sex without these things..."

"Where will be the fun if we do that....., this is how i have sex..."

"Really, you use these things on your wife....?"

"Do not bring my wife into this...."He snarled

"Am sorry...."

He picked a spanking cane and look back at her...."Strip..."He said

Daisy flinch at his command...."I can't do this.."

"Do what..?"

"Have sex like this...."

"It'll be fun.."

"You think whipping and inflicting injuries on me will be fun..."She groan..

"I promise, I'll be gentle..."

She reasoned the two hundred thousand naira cheque on her bag, then the belts and pain tools on the bed abd floor...., she bit her lips for her inability of taking a decision...., there's no money without pain....

"I can't do it..."She stated

"Why do you think i gave you so much money..."He blare out, anger clapping with his voice....."You thought i gave you two hundred thousand so you could sit on my dick and ride me....?"

She didn't answer instead she look away...

"Are you going to do this or not...?"

Daisy glances upward, her mouth pursed but slightly open and loose. Her eyes were fixed as if she's looking at something a yard behind Prince Tarris head...., her head spinning with thoughts, she ignored Prince Tarris weird gaze and zip her bag open.....

"I can't do this...."She said returning his cheque to him..

Infuriated, he snatched it from her and torn it into pieces...

"Am sorry..."She mutter

"Get out of my suite..."He growled

"Am sorry.."

"Get out..."He yelled

She almost fell at his loud outburst....
"Okay..."She fling back slightly irritated before trotting towards the door...

"What about my transport fare.. ?"She dared asked

Fear pricked her when he began walking towards her, she quickly open the door and stepped outside herself to avoid been pushed...

"Prince Tarris..."

He eyed her before shutting the door on her face....

"Imbècile..."Daisy cursed

She arranged her shoes, take a deep breathe before deciding to use the elevator but quickly change her mind about the elevator when her head brood over her past experience, she was trapped in an elevator for almost an hour, since then she decided to use the staircase whenever she come across one..., tossing her hair aside, she glided down the staircase to the first floor, she was about climbing down to the ground floor when her eyes caught someone, she stopped, then she hid behind the wall and slowly poke her head out...., she watch the person knock on another room door, when the room door opened, her brain quickly register who he was....

"Tony...."She mutter before he went into the room
She came out from hiding and tiptoe towards the room door all the way asking herself who Tony came to see in a hotel..., she stare at the room number before moving back to the other end of the hallway.....

Her heart still beating rapidly from the shock, she dialled Lily's number....

"Hey girl..."Lily's voice sounded when the call connected

"Lily, i just saw Tony entering a hotel room..."Daisy replied shapily


"You need to come here girl..., Tony is cheating on you..."

"What hotel...?"

"The royal star..."

"What room is he...?"

She peep to be sure he's not out...."Room 202.."

"Don't lose sight of him, am on my way..."

"Be fast okay...."She mutter before the call drop dead....

"Where is he...?"Lily blare out the moment she set eyes on Daisy at the hotel gate...

"He's still in here.."Daisy replied with beating heart..

"Where you hearing voices...?"Lily asked

"What voices..?"

"Female voices, moans, anything that will link him to cheating..."

"I didn't lean my ear on the door...."

"He better not be cheating on me..."She snarled furiously walking in...

"What are you going to do, wait for him to come out..?

"No, am kicking that door open..."

"Lily you can't do that, this is a hotel, you might get arrested...."

"You don't know how am feeling now, i can't wait for him to come out, i need to get into that room and see the whòre he's been cheating on me with "

"If that's what you want, we need a spare key...."

"You think you'll get a spare key...."

"We should ask...."

"We're wasting time Daisy, i need to see that bitch, i swear if Tony is cheating on me, I'll kill him, I'll kill that lying son of a bitch..."

"Jesus Lily, you won't kill anyone, don't make me regret why i told you..."

She took a sharp breathe trying hard to calm her panic...

"Just relax let me do this okay..."Daisy said


Daisy nib her lips before walking into the hotel reception, Lily tagging along still smouldering in her angry look....

"Hey....."Daisy said to the receptionist

"Good evening again ma...."The lady at the front desk replied

"My friend and i are looking for someone, in room 202...."

"Is he expecting you...?"The receptionist asked

"Yes..., i mean no...."Daisy bit her lip at the error....."Okay listen, he's our friend and we wanted to surprise him for his birthday, so we kinda need a spare key to the room..."

"There is no spare key ma..."

Daisy frown..."There's always a spare key..."

"I don't know of any.."

"Am going there Daisy..."Lily chimes in from behind.....

"Please..."Daisy said to the receptionist....

"I can't do it ma..."

"If you hear your husband is in a room screwing another woman, won't you want to find out..."Lily interjects, voice clipped with spite..

"Your husband is here....?"

"Yes, he's here with another woman..."Lily scowled walking close to her..

"Lily, you can't tell her that..."Daisy jump in but it didn't stop Lily..

"Do you know my husband hasn't been sleeping with me since our wedding night, you're a lady, put yourself in my shoes and tell me you won't get furious when he bangs another woman...."

"I can't get involved in this ma, i might lose my job.."

"You won't lose your job..., we aren't going to make a scene..."

"Oh I'll make a scene..., that bastard haven't been having sex with me but he had the guts to have sex with another woman, he told me he had a disease, and that's why he can't have sex with me but it all turned out to be a lie, that man is here right now having sex with another woman..., so spare key or not, am going in there..."

"Jesus, men are evil..."The lady chimes in...."Do you know am going through the same thing..."

"Oh God.."Daisy murmur

"If you do, you must know how am feeling right now..."

"You know what, am giving you the key, am resigning from this shit job anyway.., the manager sleeps with the female staffs, i can't continue with it.. "The lady said before handling her a spare key......

"Drag that bitch hair....."She added...

Not bothering to thank her, she scurried off to the floor with Daisy running after her...

Daisy took the key from her when they got to the door and mouthed at her to shut up....
She insert the key on the door, took a deep breathe before unlocking it....

Lily pushed the door open..., her heart raced with tremendous speed, her feet trembled, she lost her balance and rest her shaking body on the wall for support..

Daisy eyes enlarged with terror when Tony quickly covered himself with the blanket.....

"You...you're gay...."Lily stuttered

Daisy's eyes flickered from Tony to the guy he was banging, berserk hit her stomach at the sight of him....
"Adam...."She called out...

"Hi...."Adam waved shabbily

Sorry for the late update ooo
Re: Married And Single (18+) by genius43(m): 6:29am On Feb 16
[quote author=Legitdimple post=86686887][/quote]

This is downright outrageous, scandalous and ridiculous. How do you quote a full update without saying anything?

If you want to comment please do, if you want to grab the writers attention just type in his moniker and write whatever you want.


Re: Married And Single (18+) by collinometricx: 9:36am On Feb 16

What's wrong with you? How can u quote a full story without saying anything?
Re: Married And Single (18+) by heemah(f): 9:44am On Feb 16
@Legitdimple, why nah?? You should have just waka pass..
Re: Married And Single (18+) by Legitdimple(f): 10:04am On Feb 16
@Legitdimple, why nah?? You should have just waka pass..
I'm really sorry everyone especially @op,it wasn't intentional I actually commented I'm surprised the words didn't come out that way,typo error. Once again sorry!!!

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Re: Married And Single (18+) by Legitdimple(f): 10:10am On Feb 16

This is downright outrageous, scandalous and ridiculous. How do you quote a full update without saying anything?

If you want to comment please do, if you want to grab the writers attention just type in his moniker and write whatever you want.

. Sorry,kinda new here still learning lots of stuffs on nairaland,.Correction taken ,thanks.


Re: Married And Single (18+) by genius43(m): 10:35am On Feb 16
. Sorry,kinda new here still learning lots of stuffs on nairaland,.Correction taken ,thanks.

It's alright
Re: Married And Single (18+) by Odoogu(m): 4:28pm On Feb 16
Lets call a spade a spade.

Laura went too far, she didn't only break the Tv, she went to the extent of burning his car, am not supporting Richard but Laura should have been more sensible in her acts and control her anger, there would be more better ways to handle the situation, if Richard dies, she'll suffer a great deal.

I blame Daisy for this, she should have kept quiet or tell Laura some other time, she was just too quick, see what her tatafo has caused, someone life is on the line.

this is what happens when we only focus on people's reactions without checking our own actions

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