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Married And Slaying: Diary Of Mrs. Nwakaego Etadafe (2) (3) (4)

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Re: Married And Single (18+) by gennysq(f): 4:38pm On Feb 08
Chai... see tragedy sad
Re: Married And Single (18+) by shakibell(f): 5:05pm On Feb 08
silver you no go kill person
Re: Married And Single (18+) by petersononome: 6:06pm On Feb 08
Wow, what a sad twist, so sad for Janet
Re: Married And Single (18+) by cyndy1000(f): 7:26pm On Feb 08
So Sad for Janet.
I swear i had that feeling of Kenny been a player
Re: Married And Single (18+) by Aforke27: 7:30pm On Feb 08
Silver please keep Daisy and the other Girls safe for us tnx for the piece
Re: Married And Single (18+) by Christipsy(m): 8:04pm On Feb 08
Wat a pity 4 janet
Hw she wish bt to late
Re: Married And Single (18+) by Dulcinea(f): 8:13pm On Feb 08
I knew Kenny just want to eat Janet and clean mouth angry, Jane is so naive how can a man you just met within a short while propose to you and you immediately agree... Desperation no good o

Nothing should happen to my girls o
Re: Married And Single (18+) by Christie171(f): 8:28pm On Feb 08
Thank you Silver for this blockbuster, but if you dare me ehn....if anything happens to these ladies ehn, I'll unfollow you. angry sad shocked
Re: Married And Single (18+) by permit(m): 11:07pm On Feb 08
Even Daisy can be annoying sometimes, don't you see the way she talks to Matthew and her amebo is too much.
common man have you forgotten? Matthew lie's, cheats, kills etc.

There's nothing like amebo when it comes to saving the life of a friend

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Re: Married And Single (18+) by Ayanfe29(f): 5:55am On Feb 09
Silver1996 is ready to start his killing sprees again! Please ehn, spare the girls. Feel free to kill the guys, thanks ehn.

Thanks for the update! It was mind blowing cos it was like watching a movie.
Re: Married And Single (18+) by kelvyncruz: 7:16am On Feb 09
Silver killing nor dey tire you, these girls have suffered too much na

Honestly, this is sad, I think Matthew has something to do with Simon's disappearance and Richard for Laua for leaking the nudes online

Oh Janet, we warned you, Barry warned you, you chose not to listen, I pray silver doesn't kill you grin
Re: Married And Single (18+) by kelvyncruz: 7:19am On Feb 09
Silver1996 is ready to start his killing sprees again! Please ehn, spare the girls. Feel free to kill the guys, thanks ehn.

Thanks for the update! It was mind blowing cos it was like watching a movie.
Why should it be the guys huh wink
Re: Married And Single (18+) by purity23(f): 9:44am On Feb 09
Silver please don't scare us.
I expected the heartbreak but that accident part was way too much.
Silver please don't kill any of them o
And Laura why did you do that, leaking Richard's nude pics online, that was low
Re: Married And Single (18+) by efeteb: 1:02pm On Feb 09
You just dey let bad bad things dey happen to good good girls abi?
Re: Married And Single (18+) by Mavikolo2020: 2:04pm On Feb 09
What a sad end for Janet.

Laura made a big mistake leaking the nudes pictures online.

Where could Simon be?
Re: Married And Single (18+) by Shedrack36: 6:04pm On Feb 09
Nice work, but wait oh killing nor they tire you? friends like these are hard to find.
Re: Married And Single (18+) by Ghenisean(m): 7:25pm On Feb 09
Hol up hol up hol up.

Niggar,you're saying you're the one writing and composing this story,it is dope,it's as dope as dope bro.

Damn,I think that I'ma have to hook you up with Chinua Achebe's Publishers.

Re: Married And Single (18+) by Silver1996(m): 8:15pm On Feb 09


Re: Married And Single (18+) by genius43(m): 8:18pm On Feb 09
Divepen1 unban our OP please. Let us enjoy the Sunday rice he prepared for us.

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Re: Married And Single (18+) by Ibroslank(m): 9:07pm On Feb 09
Why Do I Feel Like mathew and richard have Something in common as IN conspiring to deal with the girls
Re: Married And Single (18+) by purity23(f): 9:20pm On Feb 09
Divepen1 please un-ban our Op , I don't like this o embarassed

Please silver has been banned till sunday, lets call on these moderators to unban him please.
Re: Married And Single (18+) by Ibroslank(m): 9:29pm On Feb 09
MATHEW LEFT HOUSE 4 4DAYS IT'S suspicious RICHARD DID NOT CARE TO SIGN THE DEVORCE PAPER IT'S questionable #maybe richard use the marriage thing to lower laura out her hiding place so he could strike and mathew knew something about adamboygay victim the boyfriend his girl after striking him he discover her new found guy then he go after him thento cover his track him frame daisy 4 it how una c am
Re: Married And Single (18+) by Christie171(f): 9:31pm On Feb 09
Divepen1 please un-ban our Op , I don't like this o embarassed

Please silver has been banned till sunday, lets call on these moderators to unban him please.
Why are they banning him bikonu

Pls, moderators kindly unban the OP now....thank you.
Re: Married And Single (18+) by permit(m): 9:34pm On Feb 09
What kinda rubbish is this kwanu. Please coman ban me instead of silver please mod.....

mod mod mod mod mod mod mod mod mod mod mod mod mod mod mod mod mod mod mod mod mod mod abeg oooo cry cry cry cry
Re: Married And Single (18+) by purity23(f): 10:16pm On Feb 09
Divepen1 you haven't given us the other part o cheesy
Re: Married And Single (18+) by kelvyncruz: 10:24pm On Feb 09
I actually thought I saw an update, did it disappear, what's going on shocked
Re: Married And Single (18+) by kelvyncruz: 10:27pm On Feb 09
Who else saw an update but can't find it anymore?
Re: Married And Single (18+) by kelvyncruz: 10:29pm On Feb 09
Why are they banning him bikonu

Pls, moderators kindly unban the OP now....thank you.
Why did they ban him na ,for what na, these moderators can misbehave o
Re: Married And Single (18+) by kelvyncruz: 10:29pm On Feb 09
Divepen1 please un-ban our Op , I don't like this o embarassed

Please silver has been banned till sunday, lets call on these moderators to unban him please.
Till sunday, that's too far na
Re: Married And Single (18+) by Thoseen30(m): 9:33am On Feb 10
the bitter truth is that Janet is a"gold digger lol and she got what she deserved LMAO

sorry for the girls, Lilly just have to go meet Tony for help or what do you guys think?
Re: Married And Single (18+) by Silver1996(m): 10:25pm On Feb 10
M & S
EPISODE TITLE- Alotta Lotta Consequences..

The police officer stood on the corner in the hazy heat of the sun. He was the very epitome of authority with his gun hanging idly at his hip, the street reflected in his over-large sunglasses but Lily couldn't help imagine that he must be sweating in that crisp black uniform.....

Heaving in a deep sigh, she made her way into the station and stopped at the counter but her eyes glazed at the person handcuff and sited on the floor just a few steps from the counter...

"Hi.."Lily said darting her gaze from the handcuffed man....

She swallowed when an officer at the counter turn to respond to her greeting..,her eyes glance at the lilth muscles built under his uniform....

"Hi..."She motioned again, this time with a smile that quickly disappeared...."A friend of mine was brought in here, I want to see her..."

"Her name....?"The policeman asked, voice hoarse without any form of softness...


The policeman threw her a look before opening their record...."The girl that was arrested for kidnapping...?"

Lily nibbed on her bottom lip before replying him..."Yes.."

"You can't see her now.."He returned closing the record book...


"She's under interrogation..."

"Under interrogation..."Her lips pursed...."She didn't do it..."

"That's for us to find out.."

"I'm telling you, she didn't do it..."

"How would you know that..?"

"She's my friend, I know what she's capable of and this, is something she'll never do, she can't even hurt a fly let alone staging a kidnapping..."

"Okay..."He riposte..

The corners of Lily's mouth quirked up at his flimsy reply...."Okay..!, can I see her now...?"


Lily sigh, more of been irritated by the policeman...."Fine, when can I talk to her...?"

"When we're done interrogating her..."

"And when will that be..?"

"When she talks.."

"Talk what..?"

"Where the boy is..."

She smirked...."She didn't kidnap Simon..."

"We'll find that out..."The policeman said back...

"You guys are holding an innocent person..., she'll never do that..."

"I think you should go..."

Lily frown..."She's innocent of this accusation...."

"Go now.."

"Okay fine...,has anyone come asking for her beside me...?"She ask curiously


"Are you sure..?"

"I've been sitting here for hours now, even before she was brought here, no one except you has come asking for that girl..."

Lily's heart hammered against her chest...
"Okay thank you..."She said stepping outside...., in a splint moment of panic, she took her phone out and dial Laura's number again....

She sigh more of been worried when Laura's line returned switch off...

"Seriously Laura.."She mutter with harsh breathe....

She looked back at the counter before rushing to answer her call when she realise Janet was calling...

"Where the hell are you Janet, I've been calling for ages..."She hollered when the call connected...

"She's in the hospital..."A voice rumbled from the other end..

Lily stood still as her brain process the words..."What.."

"You're the last person that called her.."The voice came again..."So I called you back to inform you she got into an accident and she's been admitted into the hospital..."

Adrenaline coursed through her system as a fright instincts...."Is.., is she alright..?"

"She's in a bad shape...."The voice replied

Her heart pounded with the news..."Alright.."She mutter with pulsating heart..."What hospital...?"

"Central hospital..."

"Alright I'm on my way..."She said, waited a bit before the call ended...

Laura woke up suddenly, every thought in high definition, her eyes taking in every ray of light and without a doubt she knew she had slept too long...., just then it hit her, she was grabbed by those men who gagged her and pushed her into the car....., she try to stand up as that was the logical thing to do at that moment, just then she realised her hands were tied and her mouth gagged with a cloth....

Her heartbeat echo in her ears as she heard footsteps, then giggling and laughter, she lean her ear on the wall making her realise they were in the other room, probably her kidnappers..., her thoughts whirled into the person who could have orchestrated her kidnapping and only one person came ringing in her head....., her demon of a husband....

She froze as footsteps came closer.., closer to the door and the hairs on her arms stand to attention, as a militia of chills march down her spine...

Anger flare every part of her as the door open and the person she expected walked in......, she burrowed her eyes into him and whizzed into the gag trying to stand up to fight him....

"What do you think you did..?"Richard snarled...

When she muffled words into the gag, Richard grunt before removing the gag from her mouth....

"You demon..."Laura growled the moment the cloth dropped from her mouth...."How dare you bring me here...?"

"How dare you release those pictures into the internet, are you crazy...?"

Eyes sparkling with anger, she managed to stand to her feet and face him squarely......"Did I hurt your feeling...?"

"Do you know what those pictures could do to me...?"Richard latched out...

"You think I fùcking care.."She retorted..."As long as it hurts you to the bone, I'm happy...."

Her words stir up his anger and he quickly grabbed her by her neck...

Laura gasp at the sudden grasp......
"Le..ave me alone..."She groaned with harsh breathe...

"You think you can destroy me..."He growled directly at her...."You think you can ruin everything I've worked for...?"

Small ragged breathe escape her throat as she burrowed her eyes into his...

He let go of her throat and groan heavily...
"How could you do that...?"Richard yelled

Laura cough, regaining her strength she glared back at him..."You had an option, divorce me or face the consequences...."

"So you decided to disgrace me publicly because I couldn't meet your demands..."

"OH hubby, I'm just getting started so you better kill me to stop me.."She retorted, anger licking through her...

He sniffled and turn to the wall to pour his anger.....

"Now you know what it look like to be face down every time....."Laura sneer..."For two years I've been going through your shit, you beat me like a fùcking animal...., you see that anger you're feeling, that's what I've been feeling since we got married, that's what I felt when you killed my baby and left me bleeding for days you crazy animal..."

Eyes twitching with anger, he spun around to face her...."And you did this to get back at me...., that was low, even for you..."

"I will stoop low more than that if it means seeing you suffer and disgraced..."She retorted..

"When did you become this way...?"He ask, his voice rumbling low..

"You made me this way.."She glowered at him..

"You should have hurt me in other ways than leaking those pictures online.....,how could you do that..?"

"Trust me.."She said..."I'll do more than that if you still insist on not signing the divorce papers.."

"What if you die before then..?"

A cruel smile circle her lips.."Then get on with it.., what did you think, that I'll shiver when you threaten me with death..., I've stare at death in the face..., nothing happened.."

"Keep talking like that and I might just strangle your little live out of you..."

"Then do it..."She yelled...."do it while you have the chance because if you don't and I get out of here, it won't be your car I'll burn, I'll burn you alive, I'll sit, watch and laugh while the fire dry your skin, while you scream and wail....., then I'll cut off your burnt head..."

"You're an animal, a wild one that needs to be tame..."

"This wild will be your doom, your end..., you colossal twàt...."

Infuriated, he grabbed her neck again and push her body against the wall....
"You think you're tough huh.."He sneer staring at her lips..., his jaw dropped before he forced his lips into hers....

She struggled against him, when she realise she was getting nowhere, she kneed him in his groin....

Pain erupted from the point of contact and he quickly retreated....
"What was that for...?He queried grabbing his balls to shield the pain...

"Get away from me..."She scowled, voice labelled with spite...

"I'm your goddamn husband.."He fling back standing to face her ..

"You're a goddamn moròn...."She riposte..

He look away and chuckle......

"Let me out of here if you don't have the balls to kill me...."Laura chided..

"You just came back to mess everything up, now I have to deal with Caroline ,cause of the pictures you post online..."

"That bitch should have mind her damn beeswax...."Laura snarled

"So you did it because you're jealous..."

Resentment beat her chest..."The only thing I wish for you is death..."

"Well I'm going to live long to be with you..., why did you think I pulled that marriage stunt..., I wanted you back here..."

"Well I'm back and I aren't going nowhere..., so you better pick one option, sign the divorce paper or kill me because I won't stop till I ruin you...."

"Such hatred...., don't know what I did to deserve that..., you were always loving, how did a loving wife become a wild uncontrolled beast....?"

"She made the mistake of her life by getting married to a beast..."

He scoff...."I hate to admit it, I missed you..., perhaps it was your craziness I missed..., you're the only person who have the guts to stand up to me, you even hit me with a baseball bat, you didn't care if I die or not..., you're delivish..."

"I really wish you had died.."She sneer...

"And miss this moment with you...?".....

"Let me go Richard, your face is giving me crumbs..."

"Sweet crumbs..."He said, a mirthless smile accompanying his words...

"What do you want..?"She hollered..

"Must everything be anger....?"

"Am not fooling around with you Richard.., either let me go or kill me.."

"You really think I'll kill you.."

"Sounds like you don't even have the balls..."

The corner of his mouth twitch...."Do you know why I haven't sign the divorce papers...?"

She glare at him but didn't say a word..

"Because I don't want to let you go.."

"You're crazy Richard..."She snapped

"I mean it.., when you left, I was angry and i felt lonely.., as much as i try to keep the thoughts of you away from me, I couldn't... , I wanted you back...."

"So you can continue torturing me..."She chided..

"Well that was the plan..., I did enjoyed torturing you...., I don't know what's wrong with me, why do I miss you so much, why do I yearn to hold you....?"

"I don't have time for this Richard..."Laura snapped..."I have places to go, so decide what you want with me...., kill me or let me go.."

"I'm sorry I hurt you..."He mutter stepping closer to her...., with a deep breathe, he caressed her hair....."Why do I keep thinking about you...?"

Infuriated, she body pushed him...."Something is wrong with you..., when last did you check your level of stupidity...?"

"That's it..., I'm crazy about you..., I don't know what keep drawing me to you, it could be the fact that we're both crazy..."

"Am not the crazy one, you're the crazy one..."

"You destroyed my TV, set my car on fire and hit me with a baseball bat, then you leak my nude and an innocent girl online..., if that isn't a symptom of craziness, then what is that...?"

"Are you letting me go...?"She retorted trying to pay no heed to his words...

He stepped closer again, fixing his gaze on her face, he untie her hands...

Laura sigh as she wriggle her hands from the rope before the rope fell down....


Re: Married And Single (18+) by purity23(f): 10:30pm On Feb 10
Hello everyone, silver just called me, he said he was ban and it was lifted today, when he tried to update, he got ban again, please someone should tell the mods, this needs to stop.

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