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Re: Married And Single (18+) by purity23(f): 5:03pm On Feb 16
Silver where is our sunday stew

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Re: Married And Single (18+) by Silver1996(m): 1:39am On Feb 17
M & S
EPISODE TITLE- Sometimes.., love is not enough.....

Matthew's body jerked to the dashboard, his forehead colliding with the window...., he taste the coppery blood pooling in his mouth, he felt it grazing his teeth and soaking his tongue, he felt the aching and cracks in his bones. Each crack felt like rocks were burrowing into his skin. He sucked in cramped air, feeling his lungs caving in on themselves....then came the black spots in the corners of his vision, making his head feel like the only thing inside of it was static, he heard a buzzing noise, filling his ears. He felt like he was there for hours, fading and waking and fading and waking.....

Steam rose from the back, the smell too intense for words, Matthew tried to take off his seat belt to help Daisy who wasn't moving,....., his heart raced with tremendous speed when he saw the blood dropping from her head......, his system coarse with adrenaline, he struggled and crawl out of the vehicle through the broken front window......, sharp pain lanced through his head and with his face closed in a grimace he cough as the smoke from the bonnet find way to his nose..., just then it strike him, Daisy was still in the car...., slowly he tried to get up but quickly realized how futile it was when he had to bite his lip to keep from crying out......, colorful spots flashed in front of his eyes and it felt like his whole body had been beaten and every movement caused some muscle or bone to ache. Regardless, he knew he needed to get Daisy.....

Wincing in pains, he struggled to get up, what followed was a strong fist slamming hard against his face...., the hard punch sent him staggering and eventually making him fall back to the ground....

More blood pooled from his mouth as he try to raise his head to see who threw a fist at him.....

"Daisy..."Simon blare out ignoring Matthew and running to Daisy's side....

Blood slowly oozing out of numerous wounds in Matthew face and arm..., he tried to stand up only for him to realise he's been surrounded by the police...

"Daisy..."Simon whimpered carrying her into his arms......"Daisy please stay with me.., Daisy...."

Matthew growled in pains as the policemen placed handcuff on his hand...., he watch in anger as Simon carried Daisy into the backseat of the police car....

"Move it..."One of the policemen yelled at him pushing him forward.....

Matthew's glare flickered from Simon, Daisy to the policemen.., when the policeman pushed him again, it reached his breaking point
"Move it.."The policeman yelled again pushing him forward...

Exasperation triggered Matthew's gut and he quickly turn around, didnt think when he let out his boiling antipathy and slammed his head, too quick and potent into the policeman face, the strong nod to the face breaking the policeman nose and sending him staggering backward....

The other two policemen quickly rushed at him, one of them brushed him from his legs making Matthew land violently on the ground...

They forcefully grabbed him up, two policemen holding his two hands but despite their hold, Matthew still struggled refraining himself from getting into the police van..

Infuriated, the broken nose one punch him hard in his stomach and Matthew groaned in pain at point of contact.....

The other two dragged him forward before forcefully pushing him into the truck of the car.....

When Matthew tried to fight back, the broken nose one pointed his gun at him....

Matthew spat blood before he sneer...."Shoot you slowpoke....."

Nose flaring, the policeman put away his gun before the other one started the car and they zoomed off.....


The alcohol turns down the volume on Laura's thoughts. It brings memories of good times past, and she let herself dwell in them rather than think. And in that moment she was there and not, existing in two perfect moments. Somehow it steadies her, gave her the resolve to go on....., a sour and vile taste slipped into her mouth as she took another taste of the alcohol, it nullified her, stealing away reality in favour of fantasy. She came to lust after it like no other, the strong tonic becoming her only cure from her grief.....

When she grabbed the bottle again to take another shot, Daisy hold it and took it from her....
"No more Laura...".."Daisy mutter shaking her head......

A great tremor overtook her, she could hold the heartbreak no longer so she fell back to the chair in a disheveled heap as her grief poured out in a flood of uncontrollable tears....

"Laura..."The girls whimpered hurriedly running to her side...

"It's ok dear..."Lily consoled wrapping her hands around her...."It's okay..."

Tears spilt over and flowed down Laura's face like a river escaping a dam......

"Shhh....."Daisy hushed leaning into the embrace...."It's okay Laura, it's okay...."

"Why does he have to die..."Laura whimpered in tears, hot torrents of grief coursing down her face....."Why...."

"It's okay girl, God knows why.."Daisy mutter sniffling quietly, tears threatening to spill from her eyes...

"Ric...hard.."Laura screamed, tears bursting out with her scream...."Why..., why do you have to die..."

Daisy's bottom lip quivered, and her shoulders dropped in resignation..., an involuntary whimper escaping her lips.....

"I...I..."Laura stuttered..."I need to go to the bathroom...."

"Are you sure...?"Janet asked curiously

Laura nodded with tears..

They stood her up and began walking her towards the bathroom....,Laura lost colour from her face. It was as if her heart had suddenly stopped beating and all the blood had run down into her legs, she swayed for just a moment before the girls caught her and lowered her to the chair....

"Laura..."Daisy shouted when they realise she was struggling to breathe.....

"Pregnant..."The three girls shouted in unison.......

"Yes..."The doctor replied...."She's three weeks pregnant...."

Daisy glance at Lily then to Janet, shock etched on their faces.....

"Is that the reason she fainted....?"Lily asked curiously...

"Yes...."The doctor replied...


"Hi...."Lily mutter leaning her head on the wall....

"How are you...?"Tony ask, a smile playing on his lips...

"Are those for me...?"Lily asked gazing at the flower in Tony's hands..

"Yes..."He replied shabily before handling her the flowers....

"Thank you..."Lily said....

"I miss you..."Tony said

Lily grunt and drop the flower by her side...."Okay.."

"I'm serious Lily.."

"Are you...?"

"Yes, I am...., have you thought about what i said.."

"What did you say...?"

"C'mon Lily, you know what i said...."

"Remind me..."

He huff, look at her a bit before spurting out the words...."About you and the baby moving in with me..."

"I haven't given birth to the baby..."

"You will soon...., and I want the baby to be with me, with us as his parent..."

"You think it's a boy...?"

"I know it's a boy..."He returned, his smile slipping with his words.....

Lily chuckle....."You do know I don't want him to know his step-dad is gay..."

Tony suck on his teeth...."I'm on refinement Lily...., so the baby won't have to worry about his dad, not step-dad been gay...."

"Okay..."She said awkwardly....

"So, are you moving in again....?"

"You want to come in....?"She asked instead pointing inside..

"Nah..."He jut his chin..."Actually have a meeting to catch with the rest of the workers..., tell your friends I said hello..."

"Okay...."She mutter, waited until he disappeared out of sight.., she smiled before walking back into the house...

"Was that Tony...?"Daisy asked with hands folded across her chest....

"Hmmm, you have a smile all over your face..."Laura said before snucking in a forkfull of spaghetti....

"So are you moving back in with him....?"Janet asked curiously

Lily chuckle and trot towards a chair...."I..I don't know..."

Daisy's shoulder dropped in disappointment....

"But I'm thinking of moving back in with him..."Lily said

"That's great news Lily.., I'm happy for you..."..

"What about his gay side...?"Janet asked..

"He said he's in refinement...."

"Yeah.., I believe he will change..."Daisy chimes in...."That man loves you Lily..."

"Honestly girl, that doesn't change the fact he cheated on me with a man......"Lily whined turning her gaze to the news station on the TV..., her eyes narrowed when she read the headline of the news and saw someone she recognised..., terror washed over her maming her stand up immediately....

"Lily..."Daisy called out wondering the reason for the sudden tension in her expression...

"Oh my God...."Lily muttered holding her mouth to stifle any scream....

"What is it...?"Daisy asked curiously with a cringe at the news....

"You know the dead person...?"Laura asked curiously

"That's him..."Lily said...."That's the stranger I slept with...."

"The one who got into an accident and died. ."Janet cut in..

Lily nodded at the bitter truth....."I cant believe this, he's dead....."

"Oh God..."Daisy said crisply..."I'm sorry Lily but don't you think it's a good thing he's dead, I mean am not happy he died, but it's good in a good way, that way no one will come to claim his child in the future...., which means Tony will remain the baby's father forever..."

"Daisy stop...."Lily cut in...."Even in death, he's still the father of my child, nothing will change that.."

Daisy shrugged..."I know..."

"I'm sorry..."Laura chimes before a loud knock rumbled on the door.....

Daisy sigh before marching towards the door.., she heave in a deep breathe when she saw the person knocking....

"Hi..."Simon mutter...

"Come in..."Daisy said paving the way for him to enter...

"Hi Simon..."Laura blare out before packing the plates to the kitchen..

"Am sorry I couldn't come to court...."Daisy said...."I was occupied..."

"It's okay..."Simon coos....

"So what happened..., was Matthew let go..?"Daisy asked curiously

"On the contrary, the judge found him guilty of kidnap and attempted murder...., he was sent to jail for 10years with hard labour....."

"Only ten years for that psychopath......"Lily interjected with spite...

"Good for him...."Daisy sass...

"I..., I have something to tell you Daisy...."Simon mutter...

"You want to talk privately...?"

"No..., I want to say it in front of your friends....."

Daisy nibbed her lips, glance at her friends before motioning him to go ahead....

With a smile, he went down with one knee, deep his hands into his back pocket and took out a diamond ring......

"I've always wanted to do this Daisy..."He said, a smile playing on his lips...

Daisy's eyes enlarged with shock and horrors before he blare the golden words out

"Daisy, will you please marry me....?"

Daisy heart raced with tremendous speed, she turn, too slowly to be normal to her friends....., Laura nodded her head, trudging her to say yes...., Lily did same and Janet just smiled....

She shift her gaze back to him, her head buzzling with conflicting thoughts and questions...., then she spoke, her voice trailing slowly like her words are unwilling to take flight.....
"What about your mother..."She stuttered

"My mother will just have to accept you..."Simon replied still smouldering in his smiling face...

"Say yes already Daisy..."Lily cut in tired of the suspense...

"I..."Daisy stuttered...."This is too soon Simon..."

"I love you...."Simon replied...."That's all that matters.."

"Marriage is not all about love..."Daisy blare out.. "It's more than that..., it's requires commitment, maturity..., self-responsive and respect and our relationship lacks many things a marriage should entail...."

"Daisy..."He mutter..."I.."

"I don't want to be with a boy who says yes to his mother at all time.., a boy who is still tied to his mother's apron..."


"You're a good man Simon...."Daisy jumped in again, a tear sliding down from her eye...."And I know every woman will want to have you.., but you're not the guy for me...., I'm sorry, I cannot marry you..."

She nearly choke on the words as they fell out...., tears flooding her eyes, she spun around and ran into her room, Janet and Lily running after her......

"I..I..."Simon stammered

"Just leave Simon..."Laura cut in...."For now, please..."

"Is she going to be okay..?"

"She will......, she must have her reasons for doing what she did..."

He sniffled trying hard to hold back his own tears as the power of rejection choke him from the inside..."Yes..., she made it clear...."

"We'll talk to her okay.."

He nodded, place the ring on the table and dashed out of the house before his own tears come raining down......


MARRIED AND SINGLE...... Get ready for the finale....


Re: Married And Single (18+) by Ayanfe29(f): 5:16am On Feb 17
First to read! Thanks for the update

I'm glad Matthew got served!

Daisy, please reconsider o
Re: Married And Single (18+) by Ann2012(f): 7:42am On Feb 17
Thanks for the update
Simon better man up from being a mama's boy, Matthew enjoy your stay in prison.
Re: Married And Single (18+) by OPC90(m): 9:22am On Feb 17
Nice update....
Story ending perfectly for another great one to begin.
Re: Married And Single (18+) by shakibell(f): 10:14am On Feb 17
Daisy leave shakara joor ND say yes already
Re: Married And Single (18+) by purity23(f): 11:45am On Feb 17
Silver weather you get them married or not, if am asked how this story ended, I'll say they got married tongue

Thanks for the update
Re: Married And Single (18+) by BentleyJnr: 12:08pm On Feb 17
wink Thanks, for the update, man, Silver1999,
Daisy, abeg, no break heart for here o, and Bro. Matthew, how far na, shey kirikiri sweet abi, make you hep me greet my mona lisa for there, in fact 10 years dey small for u, make dem give you death by boiling..... shocked

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Re: Married And Single (18+) by luba9876: 12:30pm On Feb 17
If Daisy should marry Simon (mama's boy), then she is really a gold digger. the same reason she fell out with mathew (sister's boy).
Re: Married And Single (18+) by kelvyncruz: 1:30pm On Feb 17
Daisy na mumu o, if she knows she isn't going to end up with him, why was she leading him on.
Re: Married And Single (18+) by PrudySara(f): 2:55pm On Feb 17
Wow... I just have to drop a comment now. Been lazy to drop any since I started reading through.

Silver, you're just too good.

But, you had to let Richard die. Sad though!
I won't really blame Diasy for turning down Simon's request, from dating a Sister's boy to a mummy's boy. #lol
I also tot Matthew's sentence would be much than what was given to him.
I'm truly happy for them all, but I just wished Richard didn't die.

I hope the finale won't break our hearts.

Thumbs up again Silver1996

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Re: Married And Single (18+) by Mavikolo2020: 6:38pm On Feb 17
Daisy try well well, op tnks for d update
Re: Married And Single (18+) by Odoogu(m): 12:08am On Feb 18
mad � oooh. thanks op.
Re: Married And Single (18+) by sly12345: 12:54am On Feb 18
Silver thank you for not killing Matthew, I like the guy

Simon please move on with your life, Daisy is not ready
Re: Married And Single (18+) by permit(m): 10:30am On Feb 18
Silver thank you for not killing Matthew, I like the guy

Simon please move on with your life, Daisy is not ready
which kin Simon move on undecided
As a matter of fact Simon is the best person for Daisy, Daisy is being too Emotional but I think she's making a Man
Re: Married And Single (18+) by Silver1996(m): 12:17am On Feb 19
M & S
EPISODE TITLE- There are no goodbyes in love

As far as Janet was concerned, whoever invented crutches should be shot on sight, the stick clunked along the ground and with each step she takes, it jolted her armpit..., The cushioning under the arm was supposed to be soft and comfortable, but no matter how she adjusted it or folded it.., it was still like being repeatedly poked with a hard stick....., after only walking a few miles to the supermarket she decided to take a break and rest.....

Sometimes doctors can be be liars, she was told she'll be able to walk with the crutches after using them for weeks..., it's been two months and two weeks since her accident yet she's still stalked with the crutches....

She heaved in a deep breathe and decided to move on before her thoughts travel to a destination she wish never to remember...
When she raise her head to look at the road, she saw him, one of the last people she sought never to see......, many times she had tried to call him, to apologise for not listening to him but these thoughts didn't really mattered to her until now..., until now that he's in front of her with another girl......., a more prettier girl and it felt like the world was crumbling in her face.......

For a moment they just stood gazing at each other, each waiting for the other to speak first..., Janet eyes rolled from Barry to the girl before it flick to Barry again....

"Hey..."She mutter crisply..., his presence striking a reminder he was right about Kenny.., she wished she listened...

"Hey..."Barry said back...

Janet couldn't tell if he was happy to see her or not since his expression wasn't showing none.....

"How are you...?"He asked..

Janet force a smile..."I..I'm great..."

"How's your leg...?"He asked

Janet wonder if that was sarcasm, he could be happy she broke her legs, another reminder he was right about Kenny all the way....

"How are you...?"She asked instead, her smile quickly disappearing....

He sigh..."Am okay...., this is Ruth..."He said pointing at the girl beside him..."Ruth, Janet..."

"Mm-hmm...."Ruth sass..."The heart breaker in the flesh...."

Janet lour her head, she should be angry at Ruth's witty statement but she wasn't, she has gone through alot to be bothered by some words from a girl who infact doesn't know her and she doesn't give a damn.., sometimes the best reply lies in a total snub and that was what she did...snubbed Ruth words....

"How's work...?"She asked Barry instead...

"Ruth can you...?"Barry said motioning Ruth to excuse them...

Ruth hesitated before she grudgingly walk a few pace from them...

"You didn't have to tell her to leave us.."Janet said crisply....

"She don't need to indulge in a discussion that doesn't concern her...."Barry replied...

She threw him a half smile..."Your girlfriend...?"

He laugh..."No.., she's a friend.."


"So where are you heading to...?"Barry asked

She sigh.."A supermarket down the street..."

"You shouldn't be walking that far in your condition...."

"I know but it's the only way I can be strong to stop using this crutches...."

"I'm really sorry about your leg..."

Janet jut her chin then she tossed a strap of her hair backward....."I wanted to apologise...."

"For what..?"

She swallowed wondering how she'll say the words...."For what I did.., I should have listened to you when you said those things about Kenny, and...

"Janet stop okay..."He chimes in..."It's past.."

She heaved in a deep breathe...."And I'm sorry for saying you're my cousin and the insults I threw at you.., I'm really sorry Barry.. "

"Seriously it's okay..., I did you wrong too, shouldn't have sent that lady to insult you.., so whatever you said to me was really okay, I deserved it.."

"No you don't..."She cut in..."I mean you were just trying to make me see Kenny for the monster that he is...., none of what happened is your fault..."

He nibbed..."Okay..."

She swallowed, relieve the words were finally out...."So...."She chuckle when no other words came to her mind..."So that's it.."

"Barry...."Ruth blare out from where she was standing...

"I should go..."Barry said...

"Mm-hmm.."She nodded

"See you around...."

"Of course...."She mutter and watch him leave...., then she sigh and continue with her walk to the supermarket....

Daisy opened the novel, it smelled warm, she sigh before turning to the page she stopped..., she buried her eyes into the book hoping it occupies her head and drive out the thoughts of him...

When it didn't work, she dropped the book again and sat up letting her head swirled into a place she didn't wish to go....

Laura came out from the kitchen and walk into the room, her footsteps jolting Daisy from her thoughts....

"What are you reading again...?"Laura asked before rolling a forkfull of indomie, and poof, she slipped the whole thing inside her mouth not minding the hotness....

"Laura don't you think you're eating too much..."Daisy said..."You swallowed a bowl of Eba and stepped it down with a bottle of wine twenty minutes ago and now indomie.."

"Hellooo...."Laura poke her eyes at her..."I'm pregnant young lady so please let me eat all the food jhor...."

"Ahh madam foodie....., chop your belle full...."Daisy returned in surrender....

Laura laughed....."I can't just wait for Simon to send me the money he promised when he gets to Germany...."

Shock engulfed Daisy..."Simon is travelling...?"

"He didn't tell you..?"

She shook her head before saying the words...."No...., why is he travelling, I thought he works here..."

"Oh you haven't heard..."Laura said eating another forkfull of the indomie...

"Heard what..?"

"His mother was arrested..."

"His mother..."

"Turns out she's the one who killed Rita because she didn't want her getting close to her son...."

"Oh my God..., and all this time I've been thinking Matthew or Simon killed Rita....."

"We blamed Matthew for nothing....."

"When is he travelling...,"She asked curiously

"Oh, he said he's taking the afternoon flight, that's precisely two hours from now..."

"He didn't tell me he was travelling..."

"Helloooo girl, you broke up with him remember..."

"So he told you...?"

"Am his friend, because you two are no longer together doesn't mean we can't be friends girl...."

Daisy heart sanked..., she didn't say another word, instead she pick up her book to pretend reading...

"So what are you going to do...?"Laura asked curiously

"Nothing.."Daisy replied shapily

"Nothing...., aren't you going to say goodbye to him...?"

"What for...., he didn't tell me he's travelling and we broke up, remember...."

"Oh..."Laura mutter and focus her gaze in her indomie.....

Daisy stood frozen as she watch him from the gate move his things into the car..., she didn't know if she should go to him or not.., her legs were already shaken and unable to move...., drying her eyes from crying...., she step forward, then took another step and continue walking towards his car before she finally reached where he was...., her heart raced when their eyes met, she sucked on her teeth unable to talk, unable to move..., she just stood staring widely at him, tears threatening to wreck havoc on her face..., she watched in awe at his face, she saw nothing of disgust, hatred she can tell....

Her mouth refused to open, too shocked and embarrassed for the way she treated him the last time.., she rejected his proposal and now she's here standing right in front of him when she heard he's travelling...., what exactly is wrong with her.....

"Look who we have here....."Mr Akinshola chimes in, standing beside his son..."The Runaway bride in the flesh......"

"Dad please not now...."Simon said....

"Well son is not every day you see your almost daughter in law returning to see the almost groom....."


"Oh..,okay I'll be inside...."He said before walking inside the house...

"I'm sorry about that...."Simon said...

Daisy swallowed, she deserved it, she was stupid for coming...."I'm sorry..."She mutter..

He fold his hands across his chest..."For what...?"

She swallowed forcefully....."You're travelling..."She said instead...

"Yeah...., need to cool my mind from things....., moving forward is the thing isn't it...?"

She bit her lip...."Yeah...."


She blink, almost at the verge of crying..."Just came to say goodbye..."She mutter and quickly turn around to walk away refusing to give him the satisfaction of seeing her tears....

She sob into her hands when she got outside, she have no idea why she was crying, she didn't have to but she saw herself doing it, her tears flowing freely from her eyes..., she rejected him but why does it hurt so much..., why does her heart keeps reminding her of him....

"My mother killed Rita..."He chimes in from behind her..

She quickly spun around to face him..., not minding if he saw the tears....

"I loved her..."He said sniffling...."But my mother took her away..., you were right...., if I had been my own man then instead of a mummy's boy, maybe things could have been different, who knows, maybe i could have been married to her.., I didn't stand for her when she needed me, when my mother threw those harsh words at her, she told me my mum was threatening her but I didn't believe, because I loved my mother and I do whatever she says, she asked me to leave Rita and I was considering it but she kept coming and coming until her demise and it's my fault...."

Daisy heart sanked, she sniffled before wiping the tears from her eyes....

"Daisy..."He step closer, their bodies a few inch from each other..."Will you not marry me...?"

Daisy eyes enlarged with shock as the words ring over and over in her head...

"Will you not marry me until you're sure I'm my own man and not a boy who is controlled by his mother or father.....?"

Daisy flinch, eyes narrowed with shock but she didn't say a word...

"Will you not marry me..."He continues.."Until you're sure I love you, flaws and all and that will never change..."

Daisy swallowed forcefully as she try to say a word but words eluded her...

"Will you promise not to make a commitment to me until you trust that I will protect, love, and honor you until I die?"


Simon huff before he continue..."Will you promise not to make a commitment until you know in your heart that I am the one and the only one for you.....?"


"And most importantly, will you promise not to marry me until I have proven to you that I will love you through any hard times and any problem that we face in our future...?"

Her mouth shook as she try to form words but what came out was engulfed in tremors..."I..I..

"Daisy..."He said crisply...."Will you not marry me until then......?"

She lour her head, her tears rolling down once more, she felt comfort in his hands when he touched her cheeks and wipe the tears off.....

"I..."She mutter heartbroken...."I'll not marry you until then..."


Daisy doubled herself up and burst into a loud cackle of laughter....

"And he was like...."Janet said bringing her own laughter to a stop....."God revealed to me you're my wife, and when I saw you, I quickly realised you're the sugar in my tea...."....

Daisy laugh holding Janet to support herself from falling......"Oh my God..!"She exclaimed amidst laughter..."Who still uses that shit to woo a girl..."

"Girl..., I was shocked...."

"So what did you say to him...?"Daisy asked ceasing her laughter...

"Nothing.., I just ignored him and moved on, you need to see his ugly old face...."

"You should have given him a chance..."Daisy teased

"Jesus Daisy, do you hate me that much...?"

Daisy laugh..."Does he look rich...?:

"Absolutely not.., you know there is a difference between a suit and a coat and what he was wearing was the low grade Aba coat...."

Daisy's laughter rumbled again......."I can't even begin to imagine what he looked like...."

"Girl, trust me you would laugh when he was saying all that to me....., and even the worse, he was staring at my breast while he was talking to me..., imagine that.."

"I can imagine it...."Daisy laughed before they entered the eatery.......

Shock raced through Janet when she saw the least person she never expected to see again...., resentment swept across her face as she brood over what he did to her, the heartbreak, the accident...

"Janet...."Daisy chime into her thought when she noticed her focus was somewhere else...

"That's him..."Janet sneer..."That's Kenny, the bastard who broke my heart and caused me that accident that almost claimed my life....."

"What the heck....!"

"Am going to him..."Janet snarled, resentment licking through her...

"Janet you can't do that, he's not worth your attention..., just let the idiot go, moreover he's sitting there with another girl..."

"I know, that's more reason I'm going, the girl could be another of his victims..."

"Janet we need to get the food for Laura and Lily's babies naming ceremony...."

"I know, believe me, I won't take much of our time..., and I'll be cool.., he's not worth my anger...."

"Okay..., don't make a scene please..."

"I won't...."

"Meet me at the food store..."

"I will..."Janet replied trotting towards where Kenny and the girl were sitting..., she took a deep breathe allowing her anger to cool off before she delve into the wordy payback....

"Hi Kenny...."She sass stepping in his front...

Shock laced Kenny's face...., he stare at the girl he's with before glancing over to Janet..."Hi..."

Janet eyed him and turn to face the girl..."Do you know who Kenny is...?"

"Janet what do you want..?"Kenny chimes in..

"Kenny..."The girl mutter..."That isn't his name, he told me his name is Samuel.."

"Ohhh...."Janet crowled rolling her eyes to Kenny... "Samuel huh..."She sass before reverting her gaze to the girl...."And I guess he got you the diamond pendant you have on your neck...?"

"Yes, he gave it to me.."The girl replied with a cringe at Kenny...

"He gave me one too dear..."Janet said.."It's fake, very soon the glints will begin to fade off....."

"What do you want Janet...?:Kenny growled infuriated

Janet smile at him and turn to face the girl again....."Wow sweetheart, I like you and that's why I'm going to tell you who Kenny/Samuel is so you won't end up like me..., Kenny/Samuel is a condensing colossal twàt who thinks he can have his way with any woman and leave her heartbroken..., he's an idiot who thinks women are gullible useless creatures that needs to be used, put aside and step on like rags...., my advice to you dear, run away from him before you fall victim like I did....."

"Baby..."Kenny chimes in..."She's clearly lying.."

The girl quickly stood up, pull off the diamond pendant and threw it at his face, when Kenny tried to say another word, she poured the glass of wine on his face......

"She isn't the first person who has told me this..."The girl snarled......."Thank you.."She said to Janet before picking up her handbag and quickly walked out of the eatery....

"Well play Janet, well play..."Kenny said wiping the drink from his face with an handkerchief....

Janet smile slipped...."You're welcome..."She riposte and walked out on him...

"One two three go....."They all shouted excitedly....

"Richard..."Laura blare out as the little baby coos....

Daisy and Janet exchange glances wondering why Laura named her son Richard....

"Wow little Richard, welcome to the circle...."Daisy said holding his little fingers....

"Okay Lily is your turn, what are you going to name your beautiful daughter....?"Janet said turning to Lily and Tony....

"Lolonyo...."Lily said

"Lolonyo.....!"Daisy reiterated

"What does it mean..?"Janet asked curiously..

Lily and Tony exchange glances before turning to face the girls again...
"It means love is beautiful......"Lily said.....



"Simon Akinshola..."The pastor begin..."Do you take this woman, to be your lawfully wedded wife in riches and poverty, in sickness and health, through thick and rough patches till death do you part....?"

He smile as he stare at her eyes, her beautiful eyes, she's a damsel, a bride God has blessed him with.....
"I do...."He mutter....

"Daisy Jersey....., do you take this man to be your lawfully wedded husband, in sickness and health,in riches and poverty, through thick and rough patches till death do you part...?"

Daisy heart exploded with joy, she was overwhelmed so she let the tears flow from her eyes into her makeup......., heaving in a deep breathe, she said "Yes.., I do..."

"If that's your decision..."The pastor continue..."By the power vested on me by God, I pronounce you two husband and wife, ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the newest couple in town..Mr and Mrs Simon Akinshola....., son, you may now kiss your bride....."

Tears running from her eyes, she smiled as he raise the veil..., he smile back, a single tear falling from his eyes..., their gaze lock and their heads lean closer, then their lips connected and it sealed....

Laura sniffle and quickly wipe off the tear that was falling from her eyes..., the newly wedded couple reminding her of Richard....

"Aren't they perfect....?"Lily whispered into her ears....

Laura's smile slipped...."They are...., their union was made in heaven...."

"I had sex with Tony last night..."Lily whispered to her...

Laura huff..."Lily not now, we're in the church..."

"Oh okay.."Lily replied...

"Wait, did you say Tony...?"Laura asked...

"Yes....., we had an amazing sex, you can't believe he's the same man who had problems getting his dick erected for a woman..."

"Wow good for you girl..., I'm happy for you.."

"The sex was great..."

"Okay Lily hushed, the pastor is looking at you..."

"Girl..., I need to be fùcked again..."

"Lily church..."

"Okay, I won't say it again..."


"I wonder where he learnt those positions from..?"


"Oh sorry..., we're in the church.."

"Thank God you remember..."

"He really fùcked me well girl..."


"Oh sorry, we're in the church, but aren't we supposed to discuss these things in the church...?"


"Okay sorry...."





Thanks ya'll for reading.......

Signing out......MARRIED AND SINGLE

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Re: Married And Single (18+) by xeenoblack15: 1:00am On Feb 19
wow, such an amazing piece Greater heights man

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Re: Married And Single (18+) by Ayanfe29(f): 2:17am On Feb 19
Thanks for the smooth ride Dear! It was so amazing. I'm glad it ended well for Daisy, she really deserved it.

Please, remember to mention me in your next novel.

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Re: Married And Single (18+) by kelvyncruz: 8:32am On Feb 19
My man thank you for this wonderful write up, greater heights sir.

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Re: Married And Single (18+) by Christipsy(m): 8:38am On Feb 19
Wonderful ending...thanks alot silver1996
Don't forget to mention me in ur next story plzz

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Re: Married And Single (18+) by aprilwise(m): 9:23am On Feb 19
After all the troubles It ends well . Thanks for sharing with us. Hope to read from you again.

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Re: Married And Single (18+) by purity23(f): 10:06am On Feb 19

You're too good silver, thanks a million times for this wonderful story jare, God bless you

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Re: Married And Single (18+) by importantperson(f): 10:35am On Feb 19
That simon scene."will you not marry me untill..." remind me of these movie "ALWAYS THE BRIDEMAID"

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Re: Married And Single (18+) by silver94(m): 10:45am On Feb 19
Wow! I really love d way u ended d story like a fading out conversation just like a movie. Lovely story

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Re: Married And Single (18+) by leosmaria(m): 10:57am On Feb 19
I really love the story.

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Re: Married And Single (18+) by Simple122(f): 11:11am On Feb 19
Wow,wow beautiful ending,nice one dear,I enjoyed the story. please don't forget to mention me in ur nxt story.

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Re: Married And Single (18+) by Calenikan: 11:28am On Feb 19
Nice story
God bless you real good

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Re: Married And Single (18+) by enohorglo(f): 11:31am On Feb 19
Thanks for this beautiful story.

Well done sir.

If I may ask, what about Janet?

I guess am trying to be Oliver Twist.

wink wink

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Re: Married And Single (18+) by starjay001: 11:50am On Feb 19
wonderful piece man from kings to single n married u always bring nairaland to my mind first thing when i step into d office.

may God give u more wisdom and also to make money from ur write ups.

When is d next story loading sir?
Re: Married And Single (18+) by petersononome: 12:04pm On Feb 19
Nice ending for a beautiful story.
I pray your talent take you places silver
But if I may ask, did Janet end up with Barry?

Thanks alot for this beautiful story
Re: Married And Single (18+) by EntrepreNuel: 12:31pm On Feb 19
Well done @Op More grace and wisdom to you.
Re: Married And Single (18+) by kikiwendy(f): 12:35pm On Feb 19
Silver you're just too good. The story is perfect. Hope you'll be starting a new story soon

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