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Continuation Of My Madam And I(from Family Group And Sexuality). / My Village Prince And I / "Wole Soyinka And I On Our Way Back To Nigeria" - Prince Adeyinka Success Says (2) (3) (4)

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Re: My Madam And I (part Two) by royalguy123(m): 1:44pm On Feb 13
this guy is a genius can you imagine Mike/Ruth in part one
Mike jr and Mary in part two let the story continue while i take my sit waiting for the next update on Friday by God's grace!!!!

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Re: My Madam And I (part Two) by greatme2good(f): 5:17pm On Feb 13
Shebi it was same petty thief that Snr Mike caught in the supermarket where he was working with Ruth that started all his life troubles and now history has repeated itself. I pray Mike Jr doesn't end up like his father.

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Re: My Madam And I (part Two) by Tukson007(m): 11:07pm On Feb 13
Shebi it was same petty thief that Snr Mike caught in the supermarket where he was working with Ruth that started all his life troubles and now history has repeated itself. I pray Mike Jr doesn't end up like his father.
Re: My Madam And I (part Two) by jeenius: 2:05am On Feb 14
i suspect senior mike didn't die,maybe he just faked his death and stay at somewhere in that country,or topher what do u think?

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Re: My Madam And I (part Two) by Danboyi88(m): 6:18pm On Feb 14
abeg drop val special for us biko

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Re: My Madam And I (part Two) by Bobosneh: 6:39pm On Feb 14
Re: My Madam And I (part Two) by Camwud(m): 6:47pm On Feb 14
Abeg drop am nah
Man don dey reload d page since mrng......
Make person wey no get Val see beta thing read.....

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Re: My Madam And I (part Two) by hidhrhis(m): 7:21pm On Feb 14
where is the part 1

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Re: My Madam And I (part Two) by gly(m): 8:48pm On Feb 14
Although ayam preparing for exams but can't stop reading this beautiful masterpiece
Nice update topher052 cool

Baba you don pass already! Reading this piece from topher alone refreshes the mind and poises one for higher task...exams being one of them.
Success to you in advance!!!

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Re: My Madam And I (part Two) by gly(m): 8:52pm On Feb 14
Shebi it was same petty thief that Snr Mike caught in the supermarket where he was working with Ruth that started all his life troubles and now history has repeated itself. I pray Mike Jr doesn't end up like his father.
The connect between parts one and two strong o!!!

Topher I hail you. more grease to your elbow and more oil to your pen!!!

BankyGee where you dey, today na Feb 14 o! Join me beg Topher make e drop d bomb give us fast.

Greetings all!

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Re: My Madam And I (part Two) by samfrancis1(m): 10:43pm On Feb 14
looks like I no longer get update in Nairaland.. Abi na my connection no gree me see the next episode? make I reload again

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Re: My Madam And I (part Two) by Zotty: 11:14pm On Feb 14
Topher u said next update is today nd u didn't keep ur words Nawa ooooo

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Re: My Madam And I (part Two) by Nicklaus619(m): 11:16pm On Feb 14

Baba you don pass already! Reading this piece from topher alone refreshes the mind and poises one for higher task...exams being one of them.
Success to you in advance!!!

Thanks amigo, this really means a whole lot to me cool

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Re: My Madam And I (part Two) by Greenarrow01(m): 6:24am On Feb 15
Pls Tophet.. can you upload this story to okada books.. some of us will like to read and get done with it.. thanks
Re: My Madam And I (part Two) by topher052: 12:06pm On Feb 15

We finished with dinner, it was already late, so grandma insisted I drove Mary home even though I had it in mind to do so.

I stopped in front of her house; a non painted new bungalow with no fence and sandy floor. A yellow bulb shone in one of the rooms facing the road with a green curtain covering it half way. Two ladies and a man sat outside discussing in the dark but turned their attentions to us on seeing us.

Mary wasn't so proud of the house as she turned looking at it.

" are you sure it's okay I brought you home?". I asked looking at the people outside that were curiously staring our direction.

She turned to me smiling. " you're really scared of Jude"

" not that I'm scared, I don't just want trouble".

" don't worry, he comes home very late, that's if when he doesn't sleep in one of his girlfriends house".

" alright, I will call you when I get home". I said, waiting for her to leave.

She smiled, then opened the door and stepped down.

Just then, a car light rays flashed into mine from behind. Mary saw it, waved at me and rushed inside.

My stomach knotted when I saw the car moving towards me. I engaged the engine and reversed. Low and behold, the car that passed me was Jude's, he was looking to see who was in my car, thank god for the tinted glass.

Back at home, I retired to my room and called Daniella's number, the phone rang twice and diverted to answering machine, Daniella's voice came on: If you're hearing this, kindly drop a message, I'll get to you ASAP.

The sound of her voice on the answering machine reminded me of her. What I felt for Daniella was so strong I could barely imagine that I would feel that way for someone almost twice my age.

I dailed her number again, same answering machine, I tried three more times before I left a message.

" hi, this Mike. Yeah I'm home... Em... i wanted to let you know I'm home...em.... Are in the office?" I cursed myself for asking such question, how would she be in the office by that time?!. " em... Just em... Wanted to...em..."

Then the phone connected and my heart almost jumped out through my mouth.

"Hello, Mike?"

The sound of her voice made me speechless.

" Mike, is that you?" She asked.

" yes! Yes!" I said finally.

" oh my god! I have been expecting your call!".

Really? That was more than my all day fantasy for fvcking the shit out of her. My heart sang with joy.

" oh..em.. I just got a phone". I managed to say.

" you should have called me on a pay phone, but that's by the way. How are you? I saw you on the news! You looked so battered, me too...". I sense her smiling.

My mind went straight to the ghost cult. Now they know what I looked like. But I shoved it aside and attended to what's more important.

" oh...that's nice.I wish I saw it "

" check it online. CNN". Daniella said excitedly.

CNN? Wow! I'm in soup! I thought.

" how's the office?" I asked to change the topic.

" they all saw you on TV though non recognized you until Gabriel called their attention to it". She said, bringing it up.

" wow " was all I could think of saying.

" Tasha asked me to bring the documents to seal the deal tomorrow. I'm so happy! She asked after you though, I told her what you told me. The police are on it right now". Daniella said

" what? You told the police?" I bellowed. This got me off balance.

" yes, I ought to. Yes, som cops maybe corrupt, but some will do their job effectively well". Daniella insisted.

" what! I didn't expect you to make such mistake!" I yelled

" Mike, Tasha was going to take up the case accusing you of knowing what killed her driver. They all saw you on TV. I had to defend you, that was the only option I had. It was better you have only the assassins on your trail than have both the cops!"

There was sense in what she said. But that wasn't a palatable news. I had to swallow.

" I understand you. It's okay. I'm happy for you. The two difficult jobs". I managed to sound cheerful.

She chuckled and added." Thanks to you. I'll send your ten percent as soon as we begin the job. And I owe you that date too".

Two great news. Ten percent for one client is about 20 million of local currency and I landed two, plus the other jobs I got for the company.

It works this way, any job you bring to the company, you will get 10 percent of every service charge and profit. As long as the client partners with my company, I'll always get paid even after I retire.

" wow! I can't wait to have that dinner with you!". I said almost shouting.

She laughed and said. " I'll be in Africa for another deal after I finish with Tasha's. I believe you will come with me for the job".

" with all pleasure!". I said.

She laughed and added. " Gloria is asking after you, have you called her?"

" no "

" you better call her. She misses the meat between your legs".

I was shocked at her statement. Daniella was too loosen this evening. I wanted to ask her what she meant but she hung up.

I was very happy. She made my evening completely. Then one fantasy crossed my mind. 'Marry her!' I laughed at the sound of the ridiculous idea, but suddenly, I realized it wasn't as funny as I thought. She was everything I wanted my wife to be; smart, intelligent, confident, beautiful, strong, achiever, charming, sexy, bossy...damn! She had it all. I began nursing the idea to propose to her, thinking of how beautiful the wedding will look like.

"Mike weds Daniella". I said out loud, picturing the scenario in my head and laughted happily.

I went to the refrigerator for a drink but saw only juice and yoghurt. I turned back to the bed and remembered to call Mary. I ignored it and turned on the television, but I wasn't comfortable and didn't know why.

So I picked up the phone and the sheet of paper she jotted down her number, dailed her line and it rang for long time before it connected. The sound of her voice got me activated.

" hello. Mary what's it?"

" Mike is that you?". She asked whispering and sniffing in.

" are you crying?" I asked.

" I ran out of the house. He wanted to shoot me!" She said and began crying.

" hold it! Hold it! Where are you, who wanted to shoot you?" I asked getting to my feet.
"Jude! I'm in a bush waiting for a friend... A client though. He's an officer. But he's an hour away". she said in a crying tone.

" can you come where I can see you?" I said grabbing the car key from the bed.

" no! No! " he will kill me!" She said and began crying.

" I'm coming, just give me the location". I said rushing out.

" please don't come. He will shoot you. Jude is crazy when he's angry. Please don't come !"

I was already downstairs and was entering the car.

" I'm coming over to your house if you don't tell me where you are". I said and engaged the engine.

"I...I'm behind my house. I'll meet you at the junction. Please wait at the junction, don't come here. If you don't see me in thirty minutes time, please call the police". She said and hung up.

I drove as fast as I could to her junction and parked. I was very worried and fighting back the urge not to go to her house.

"But Jude knows she was a hooker then why attack her? It doesn't add up, but when I see her I will find out" I thought aloud.

I kept looking behind and forward at any shadow I saw hoping it was her. It was fifteen minutes gone. I tried to engage the engine but refrained. I feared something must have happened to her. Beads of sweat ran down from my forehead and moisture gathered in my armpit.

Someone hit the passenger side window beside me hastily and my spirit almost left my body. I turned and saw Mary struggling with the door. I quickly opened it for her and she said hurriedly hitting the dashboard." go! go! go!".

I quickly engaged the engine and zoomed off.

We got my house and stopped at the car park. I turned to her face, her left eye was swollen, with a cut on her lower lip. I was furious and wanted to inflict pain on Jude.

" what happened? I thought he's cool with you doing your job, why attack you?". I asked angrily.

" he believes any man that brings me home is no longer a client. He very jealous and very dangerous when angry". She said avoiding my face.

Dangerous, that I can relate with. I have seen him exhibit it twice.

" what about your friend? The officer, he should arrest Jude's girl beating ass". I barked.

" he will call me when he's around. But I bet they will meet Jude at home. He has this signal in him he feels each time trouble comes for him. They can never get him. This is not the fifth time he's doing worse". She said .

" this is not even the first? And shooting you is not the first?". I asked surprisingly.

She shook her head. " he shot at me once before now but missed "

" wow! wow!" I couldnt say further.

After hearing what she said, I was scared for my life and that of my family. Every part of me wanted to send her away, but when I turned to her, she was looking more like a beautiful, innocent teenager that needs someone to protect her.
I strenched my hand and held her hand. She turned to me and looked away abruptly trying to hide her broken face.

" it's okay. You can stay in my room until you recover". I said.

Mary: this guy is too kind! How do I pay him back?

She began crying. I robbed her shoulder and wanted to open the door when her phone rang. She looked at me frighteningly.

Mary: it's him!

" Jude?" I asked.

She nodded still looking at me.

" take the call!" I said.

She shook her head and turned to the phone as though Jude was coming out of it.

" don't worry it, so you will know what he wants" I said.

She slowly picked the call and was looking at me while she listened to the caller. Then she barked all of a sudden.

" give me my car! It's over between us! Return my car Jude!"

Then she kept quiet, her eyes dangling like a pendulum. She barked again." you are evil! Don't expect to see me again..... You can't do anything Jude, you can't....Go ahead and report me! Tell them I killed somebody! It's better I rut in jail than live in the same roof with you!... Go to hell! I'm coming for my car!". She hung up and threw her phone angrily at the backseat.

Mary: I don't care anymore! It's over! This time I'm not going back! Thank god for Mike, what would I have done? I'm not going back, never!

I sat silently on my chair looking at her. She now looked bolder now after speaking to Jude. I heaved and said to her.

" lets go inside".

Her phone rang again. I turned to get it.

" leave it! It's that fool!" She said opening the car door.

I looked at the caller ' officer Johnbull '. " it's not him" I said , showing the phone screen to her.

She returned back to her seat looking hopefully at me. I handed her the phone, she took the call hurriedly. " hello! Yes! I'm out of the house, at a friend's in the neighborhood. Where are you? Okay, did you see him?" She turned to me and made a face. " he is not at home? I just finished talking to him... Yes he threatened to shoot me,....yes he had a gun... Yes sir...Please arrest him! Okay sir.... Thank you sir...No, I'm here for the night...Okay sir...I'm grateful....bye".

She dropped the call and said to me. " they didn't meet him at home ". then smiled regretfully.

I led her to my room and she went straight to the mirror and wasn't happy at the shape her face took. I got some ice for the swollen eye and made her a hot tea. We talked about everything else and later slept.

The next morning at about five A.M, Mary was still fast asleep, I went on morning jogging out of the estate. It was still dark as I jogged with my headphone on listening to music.

An approaching car headlamp shone on my face. I wondered why the idiot won't dim his light. As I made to jog pass the car, I recognized it immediately as Jude's and increased my speed. I hadn't gone few distance when someone shouted.

" sir! Sir wait! "

I ignored it and continued. Then I heard footsteps behind me and someone touched my shoulder. I turned and saw Jude jogging after me smiling. I was surprised how he was able to catch up that fast.

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Re: My Madam And I (part Two) by tompat86(m): 12:50pm On Feb 15
Sorry guys. I couldn't update yesterday due to some circumstances beyond me. Just so you know, it has nothing to do with Val, who Val epp?
All correct boss...u always make my day

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Re: My Madam And I (part Two) by royalguy123(m): 2:36pm On Feb 15
Luke reminds me of Thomas in part one always at the neck of Mike Topher don't post updates in part one that's a bonus to us in this part two

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Re: My Madam And I (part Two) by BankyGee(m): 2:45pm On Feb 15
Jude don turn Flash o grin
Weldone topher052, I dey your back boss grin
Nicklaus619, How far na?

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Re: My Madam And I (part Two) by Nicklaus619(m): 3:29pm On Feb 15
Jude don turn Flash o grin

Weldone topher052, I dey your back boss grin

Nicklaus619, How far na?

I dey here brother.

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Re: My Madam And I (part Two) by b4bola(m): 4:10pm On Feb 15
Thanks topher052,

One more update to makeup for yesterday grin grin
Re: My Madam And I (part Two) by moorevic(m): 7:17pm On Feb 15
The write up is interesting. More grace
Re: My Madam And I (part Two) by kingdavidyakson: 1:08pm On Feb 16
Welcome to the party


Thank you, already on board
Re: My Madam And I (part Two) by Danboyi88(m): 11:29pm On Feb 16
mike nd trouble
Re: My Madam And I (part Two) by topher052: 4:34pm On Feb 17

" good morning!" He said catching his breath with his hands on his knees.

I stopped and removed the earphones from my ear. Then pretended as though trying to recognize him.

" it's your driver! " He said standing up smiling.

Jude: what's the meaning of this act? He doesn't recognize me again?

Then I suddenly smiled and said. " oh, it's you"

Jude nodded '' I went back to that hotel and was told you checked out".

" oh, that's true. You see... I had a call ". I couldn't think of any conveniencing lie so I changed the topic immediately. " wow! What are you doing here?

" actually, I'm waiting for a friend. You live around here?"

The question took me off guard, I should have seen it coming. I knew he may to follow me home if I told him my folks lives in the estate, so I thought of a temporal escape lie.

" well, a friend lives around here, that's why I left the hotel. But I'll be leaving today or tomorrow".

Jude: I think he's trying to run from me. I will that my money.

Jude smiled and asked casually. " where does your friend live? "

" just down the road". I said very uneasily.

It was getting bright already. So I ceased it as an excuse.

" I have to continue my morning workout. It's getting bright, lets talk some other time". I said slowly moving backwards.

He came closer and said. " Otodu's boys are hunting to kill me. I now sleep in my car. I'm out of cash to rent an hotel, and i can't afford a new apartment now because I have not been working".

I was expecting him to say that sooner and I had a reply for him. I know how lawless African can be and how they dread people in uniforms, especially in military, so I took the advantage.

" yes, concerning Otodu, I told a top military friend of mine about it. I will call you later in the day, you, I and him will go and settle the issue. Maybe we will go on your behalf so as not to trigger annoyance. If he asks for money as compensation, I'll pay, but if he refuses, my top military officer friend will bundle him and his men to the barracks, and torture him until he fears you. I can actually make him disappear. I have a government assassin friend, he is a government killing tool. We met abroad. If you like that as an option, both Otodu and his boss will disappear in one night. Just get ready, I'll call you by four, so we can go together, what do you think? ". I made sure i sounded lightly.

Judes countenance changed. He was now smiling wearily. " no problem. You have my number right?"

Jude: what kind of nonsense is this? see how he spoilt my plans! Who asked for your help?

" oh yes I do. I'll call you " I said, happy that my bluff worked and as I made to leave.
He said immediately.

" please wait ".

I stopped and turned to him wondering what he wanted to say.

" I'm owing some people. You know after I helped fight for you, I lost my wallet containing all my pay for that day, including the one you gave me. I don't know if you can raise me at least 250 grand. I'll pay back! I promise! It's a loan". He said assuredly.

I smiled, this was what he wanted as a reward. I will have to delay the pay so he doesn't come up with another prank. So I pretended as though I was trying to think it through.

" that's a huge money. That's a lot of cash. I don't really have that amount of money now. I'm currently broke". I said pretending to be scanning through my head.

Jude: it's a lie, you're not broke. You have it but you dont want to give me. I don't know why rich people are always stingy.

I turned to him " you know what? I'll give you 100 grand. that's because I appreciated how you defended me. I will ask my friend to loan me the money. After I finish the job I came for and get paid, I'll pay him back".

" please make it 150, I'm really indebted" Jude said pitifully. " You know, my wallet that got missing in the fight contained 300 grand. That money belongs to a friend. He's actually on my neck now. Please help a brother".

This guy was really a crook. Now I see what Mary has been suffering. I agreed to give him 150 grand. He just ripped me of 150 grand just like that. Though the money wasn't my problem, but what if I was an average guy, was that how he would have made me feel guilty for nothing but extortion?

" well, leave the military out of it" Jude said scratching his head as I was about leaving. " I will go and beg him with some elders"

" are you sure? That guy is dangerous!" I said.

" don't worry sir. We will settle it the street way. The government are too corrupt. I don't like bringing them into my business. I will be expecting your call sir" Jude said and left.

I smiled and continued my jogging, listening to my rock music, thinking how Jude will feel discovering Mary slept in my place.

Then I noticed a fine lady on the floor some distance in front of me, she was apparently jogging too judging by her outfit. I rushed to where she was, taking off a pair of her sneakers.

" hello. What happened?" I asked squatting beside her.

" I think I fractured my ankle". She said in pains looking at her foot.

I tried to touch her foot, she flinched and pulled my hand away.

" stop! Stop!". She said wincing in pain.

Lady: oh my god! How do I get to my car? What kind of thing is this?

" I have to fix your foot or it will get irreparably ugly. I mean swollen and the pain will be unbearable". I said.

She looked up at me blankly for the first time and down at her foot. Then nodded. I squatted in front of her and held the foot while placed a hand on my shoulder. I looked in her face and said " at the count of three".

She nodded.

I began. " one! ".

She held my shoulder tight dragging in air in preparation for what was coming. Before I got to two, i twisted the foot to the left and right swiftly, she screamed out loud, hit and pushed me away from her. But the bone made a cracking sound, showing it had fixed.

She literally was in tears afterwards, lying on one side on the floor. I didn't disturb her, I knew how painful it can be.

After awhile, she sat up looking at her foot.

Lady: what kind of bad luck is this this morning. How am I to go to work? And how am I supposed to attend Bob's wedding this Sunday? Ha!

" it's okay, I'll take you home. That's if it's okay by you?". I said ignoring her thoughts.

She looked at me briefly and said. " I can manage".

Lady: let me not stress this young man. I can manage. I hate adding my problems on someone, I can manage.

She slowly stood to her feet with my help, and when she made to move, she fell on my body.

" easy! Easy! i said, " I told you. Now can I insist. Show me your car".

She didn't hesitate anymore. I helped her walk a while, she could barely move a step in 5 seconds. Then she stopped and asked if she could call her friend with my phone. I obliged her.

After waiting for a while, her friend seem not to be picking. I had no option than to pick her up. She screamed, shouting that I should put her down, I turned deaf ears and struggling with her weight. Eventually, she got tired of shouting and enjoyed the ride.

Lady: this boy is strong! Thank god it's still early, no one will see him carrying me. What will I tell them, that a total stranger found me on the road and carried me? My husband won't like such story. I pray nobody sees us. Please god, let him just carry me to the car invisibily.

Her weight was killing my arms, my muscles were hurting and back ached terribly, but tried not to show weakness.

" where?". I asked when I got to the junction, trying to control my breathing.

" that car in front of the green house over there" she said pointing to a green storey building by my right. "Sorry, you can bring me down now, I can manage".

" it's okay, I'm almost there". I said struggling to keep steady tone.

I finally got to her black SUV and dropped her beside the car. She searched for her key in her little crossbag and opened the car.

" you were so helpful" she said, bent into her car and came out with a business card. " my name is Fiona. Please give me a call, I will love to buy you lunch in appreciation".

I took the card and looked at it, she was a CEO of an oil and gas firm. I nodded. She entered her car, waved gratefully at me and drove off.

Back to the house. I heard voices of my two cousins and grandma's, they sounded like they were fighting. I quickly rushed inside and found grandma shielding Henry and pushing enraged Tony with a wood box in his hand backwards, both Tony and grandma were yelling on top of their voices, while Henry kept shouting. " I did not take your money oh!".

Tony got so angry he swung the box at Henry and I had to intervene; I held his hand and pushed him away from grandma.

" what is wrong with you!" I yelled, " you want to beat up grandma?"

" no uncle. Tell Henry to give me my money oh". He said grudgingly.

" which money are you talking about?" I asked him.

" I am very sure that I have saved 20,000 in this savings box". Tony said almost in tears showing the opened box to me. " but when I broke it this morning, I only saw 3,450 bucks".

I moved to Henry " why did you take his money?".

Grandma moved away from Henry, but still holding his hand and she said angrily " that is how they fight oh. Everytime I keep separating them. Let this one not kill his brother one day oh".

" I did not touch his money". Henry murmured.

" liar! Liar!" Tony shouted and made to attack, I blocked him and grandma shielded Henry.

" what is wrong with you, stop that!" I yelled at Tony, he stopped but was now in tears as he fought with his temper, looking at his brother ominously.

Henry: I did not take his money oh, I did not touch his money oh. I only took 500 oh, I did not take that money he said I took oh. I only took 500 to buy Linda a Val gift.

I turned to grandma who was yelling at Tony in our native dialet and asked. " is there someone else living here with you?"

Grandma shook her head and said. '" no, just a lady that comes to clean the house twice a week"

I turned to Henry. " did anyone see you the day you took the 500?".

Henry was completely dumbfounded, he couldn't believe I knew about it. I asked him again before he said the house cleaner caught him.

" liar! Don't accuse the poor lady of anything, just give me my money!". Tony barked.

I gave Tony a warning look and he kept quiet, then took the box from him and examined it.Turned to Henry afterwards and asked " how did you get the money out of this squared box through this tiny opening?".

He hesitated a little before he murmured looking at the floor in guilt " I used a long slim curved hook ".

" how?" I asked.

I noticed grandma too was surprised how I knew and also was disappointed at Henry.

" I dug the hook into the savings box hole and when I brought it out, it pulled out money". Henry murmured with his face on the ground stealing glances at each one of us as he spoke.

" what did the lady do after she saw you?". I asked Henry.

" she asked if it was mine, I told her it belongs to Tony and begged her not to tell".

" did she ask you how you pulled the money out?"

" no, she saw me pulled out five hundred".

I turned to Tony. " we have to wait until she comes to work". and added before he could say another word. " I'll give you the money, leave Henry alone".

The surprised boy nodded and walked away. I turned to grandma who was looking behind me with a surprise look on her face.

Grandma: she slept here? What happened to her face?

Immediatly I knew who she was talking about. I turned and saw Mary walking down the stairs in the same clothe she wore the previous day, her eye now had a thick black patch around it and a vivid cut on her lips.

When she came closer grandma gasp and screamed " what happened to you!"

She smiled innocently and greeted her kneeling on a leg. Grandma didn't notice her greeting, she was overwhelmed by the state of her face.

" what happened to your face? Who did this to you?" Grandma asked examining the damage.

Mary smiled and was looking at me to defend her, Grandma misunderstood it and turned to me angrily. " Mike! Mike!''

" no!.it's not me! Her housemate did that to her. I only brought her here". I defended myself immediately.

Grandma turned to her " house mate? What did you do to the person to have received such a treatment?".

" actually, he's not my housemate". Mary said eyeing me and smiling " he's my boyfriend ".

Grandma's anger increased " what sought of boyfriend beatsup a lady?'

" a jealous one". Mary added.

I was just looking at the ladies without saying a word. Grandma took her in to apply some ointment and honey on her eye and lip.

After a while, Mary was out and came to meet me in the seating room.

" Mike, I'm leaving" she said.

I turned from my phone to her. " what? Why? Stay until the cops apprehend him".

" I want to pickup my things now I'm sure he is not around"

" how are you sure?"

" I called my neighbor. She said he came around early hours of today and left afterwards"

I concur with what she said and insisted on dropping her off. Before I could stand to my feet, grandma came with a mug of hot tea and few slices of bread.

" Mary, eat something before you leave" she dropped the tea and bread on the dinning and said to me " Mike, ensure you be a gentle man and drop her off".

" what about mine? I'm famished!". I said.

" don't worry my son. I'm bringing it soon".

After eating, I drove her to her house. She stepped down and ran inside while I waited in the car.

It was almost 15 minutes since she went in. I noticed a chubby light skin lady came to take a look at my car and went inside. She was in a short pink mini handless gown. The gown hugged her so well that every shape and contour of her body was visible with her fresh fat thighs shooting from under it and her full braless breasts pointing its sharp bold nipples.

I was beginning to get uncomfortable. What's keeping her?

After another 25 minutes, the light skinned lady followed Mary from behind with a big bag while Mary carried two. I wanted to step down and help them but my spirit told me not to.

I opened the trunk for them and they put the things inside. Mary opened the door and sat, the lady came to Mary's window.

" good morning sir. Thanks for helping her yesterday. That guy is a monster. He almost killed her. He is so wicked".

I nodded impatiently and smiled awkwardly hoping she would get the hint and shut the damn door so we could get the hell out of there, but she kept talking, her boobs bouncing as she demonstrated. I was too distracted to get moved by her luring body.

Mary stopped her and was thanking her for her kindness and help, she was just smiling and nodding, but her mind was busy.

Lady: even though he's so delicious in bed, I'm not in support of him hitting her. I'm happy she's leaving though, atleast I won't be afraid of getting caught. Free access to the house!

" Mary, lets go!". I said hurriedly after hearing such a betrayal she called a friend.

She waved her friend goodbye and wanted to shut the door when she began searching herself and opened her bag looking for something.

" what's it?". I asked.

" my phone!" She screamed and stepped down before I would say another word and ran inside.

" hi" her friend said to me extending a handshake. " my name is Calista".

I didn't want to receive her handshake, but I eventually did. When our hands met, she brushed her thumb at the back of mine and smiled flirtatiously looking in my eyes.

Lady: handsome, young..hmmmm. Everything Mary said he is is true. It won't be a bad idea to fvck this guy too.

Then she said in a whisper. " such a handsome man ". And turned, pretending to be looking for Mary, but wanted to to see her behind. She widened her legs stylishly so that her dress would roll up and possibly, for me see her bare ass through the reflection of light on her dress. Then she turned to me and bend so that I could see a reasonable parts of her breasts.

" don't worry sir. She's coming". Her tone was flirty and her eyes was fixed in mine.

I looked at her face for the first time, she wasn't bad looking; bold lips, pointed nose, oval face with dimples, her natural hair was braided backwards and her eyes got seduction all over it.

" can I have your number so I can check on Mary?" Calista asked.

I felt irritated at her level of betrayal, so I just said " no!"

Lady: Look at this fool, because I asked for your number? He's not even fine!

" it's okay, you think I'm trying to woo or something? Please, you're too small for my class". She said moving away from my car.

I smiled and noticed Mary coming out and then the engine of an approaching car. I looked at the rear mirrow and my heart almost stopped beating. Jude was very close, Calista's distraction didn't let me notice him in time.

Before Mary could get to the car, he had stopped beside my mine, in front of Calista and our eyed met.

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Re: My Madam And I (part Two) by jenifer007: 4:41pm On Feb 17
Nice one
Re: My Madam And I (part Two) by tompat86(m): 5:21pm On Feb 17
Ewoooooooooo...kasala don burst ooooooo
Re: My Madam And I (part Two) by pu7pl3(m): 6:25pm On Feb 17
Below my class bawo undecided

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Re: My Madam And I (part Two) by KelvinCoaster(m): 7:15pm On Feb 17
What a twist.Nice update!

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Re: My Madam And I (part Two) by Yaba4sure: 8:53pm On Feb 17
Nice one topher
Re: My Madam And I (part Two) by Zotty: 11:50pm On Feb 17
Nice one boss

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