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My Wizard Landlord (A True Life Story) By Attire Literature / “OGA MADAM” – Late Night Short Story! / ONOME My Landlord's Daughter (humor, Erotic And Romance Thriller) (2) (3) (4)

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Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by Elvictor: 12:10pm On Oct 09, 2020
Honourable has joined the real politics. waiting

my belle oh
Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by Elvictor: 12:10pm On Oct 09, 2020
Lolzzzz...... Honorable wan dey game... getting interesting bro

you be real man
Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by Elvictor: 12:11pm On Oct 09, 2020
Ghost mode deactivated cool Elvictor wehdone sir

thank u, very much
Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by Elvictor: 12:12pm On Oct 09, 2020

Subtitle: Fu*ck Fakers.

Episode 151

Mr. Sam: then you are welcome *he hug me*

I be wan remind am say I no be homo and in case the brotherhood consist of homo make them avoid me, the hug was on the proper side so I didn't go on with it.
He told me to come to his house the next day for me to be introduced to the brotherhood.

I drove home and saw Vera discussing with my gardener, I don dey suspect this two tay tay, they were talking in the porch when I stepped in.

Vera: welcome, sir.

Jackson: welcome, your excellency.

Me: Vera, why you dey always dey around this young man?

Vera: we are colleague.

Me: is it only both of you are in the colleague, what of your female colleague? Jackson hope you are ready to be a father?

Jackson: *scratching his head* I still dey young.

I left there two needed to visit my aunt with her children, Josh and Harry-p then visit Ugochukwu the next day see Deputy Governor position is just to be errand boy to the governor and the governor wan show him face, nothing concern me.

I went inside and ate then took my bath before driving to my aunt new residence, I parked my car and entered inside the room to see Josh smooching away somebody's daughter destiny.

Me: eehhhnn! *I scream*

Both of them behaved immediately while Joshua became terrified but the babe na fine girl.

Joshua: uncle Vic, good afternoon.

Me: I can see what is good about the afternoon.

Girl: good afternoon, sir.

Me: Joshua, I want to talk to you in private.

I went upstairs and he followed me, immediately we got to where the girl won't see us anymore.
I grabbed him and gave his flat head a strong knock.

Joshua: aahhh! brother, my head oohh!

Me: shut up! your head no gree enter book but to tear pant and give gal belle fit enter abi?

Joshua: we were just studying, wetin you see no be the meaning?

Me: minister of meaning I hail you, why you no explain to waec board the meaning when you fail waec?

Joshua: no be my fault, the expo them give us no legit. Our teachers for village no sabi anything.

Me: them no sabi anything? na person wey sabi something dey know who sabi something, tell that girl to go their house you need to pass WAEC before you get girlfriend.

Joshua: I go tell am abeg no tell my mother and elder brother.

Me: where them dey sef?

Joshua: them don commot go village.

Me: no wonder! I for talk how you take do am.

I went to my room and slept off woke up when my aunt and Harry-P returned, when I told them that I will be vying for the government position everybody was very happy.
Harry-P was even including himself in my cabinet as commissioner of music and culture, I wonder who wan give am that kind position for state government, election wey dey tie wrapper.

I left there at night and the next morning I visited Ugogoro my man, I met him kissing his wife Shantel who now have big belle.

Me: Ugogoro my man! *I hail*

Ugochukwu: profit Governor, my man.

Me: na me, our wife how you dey na?

Ugochukwu: who be our wife? behave oh! I nodey do our wife.

Shantel: good afternoon, sir. Don't mind him jare!

Me: I won't mind him, why I go mind someone that is jealous of our love *I wink at Ugo*

Ugochukwu: Shantel come and be going before this one will make me kill somebody.

He escorted his wife out while I sat and relaxed to wait for him to discuss what brought me to his abode, he returned some minutes later and sat down.

Ugochukwu: this one you come my house, how far?

Me: oh boy, I just dey. I wan run for governor?

Ugochukwu: why? You don tell Madam Stella?

Me: the one wey tell me say make I no think about am?

Ugochukwu: I think her husband want make you take over from him?

Me: yes, but the woman nodey in support of the idea.

He still insisted on me mending fences with Madam Stella, I didn't even understand his allegiance anymore.
I had to leave when I felt uncomfortable with the way he is putting that Dolce in the topic.

In the night I went to Mr. Sam's house and we both went out together without his security aid, we drove for hours in the dark till we got to a thick forest that I didn't believe it exist around the city.

He came down and joined him, he tied my eyes and every was dark couldn't hear any sound not until another voice ordered me to untie the clothe.
I opened my eyes and saw a man who is sitting on a lion throne and everywhere looked like where I haven't been before.

The place was seemed to be decorated all round with red, Mr Sam stood by my side.
Suddenly lions started coming in and suddenly transforming themselves to men and women, men of calibre.
I hide for Mr. sam back but the Supreme master ordered me to behave.

I come dey look their face one after the other and saw all the powerful politicians in the ruling and opposing party, no wonder the country nodey move forward all of them are their for their own interests to share the country treasury.

Their master: metem! Metem!!

Voices: metempsychosis!


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Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by Lakesc: 12:21pm On Oct 09, 2020
Person no fit change our situation for this country o, see as witches and wizards dey rule us. Thanks for the update....

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Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by Slimdreywhizz1(m): 3:12pm On Oct 09, 2020
this is strong
nice work Elvic
Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by unitysheart(m): 3:20pm On Oct 09, 2020
These things written may sound strange but they are true.

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Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by arfezces: 3:20pm On Oct 09, 2020
umm...is getting more interesting...thanks OP
Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by aprilwise(m): 9:56am On Oct 10, 2020
The expo they give us no legit. The village teachers no Sabi book. Nice mahn

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Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by Slimdreywhizz1(m): 11:06am On Oct 10, 2020
The expo they give us no legit. The village teachers no Sabi book. Nice mahn
Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by Rainer8(m): 6:35pm On Oct 10, 2020
el Victor Abeg..no use laff kill me���

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Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by Slimdreywhizz1(m): 6:06am On Oct 11, 2020
Person no fit change our situation for this country o, see as witches and wizards dey rule us. Thanks for the update....
Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by Elvictor: 6:35am On Oct 11, 2020

Subtitle: Fu*ck Fakers

Episode 152

Their master: you are all welcome to the lions cult, lions. *he face me and point a finger at me* you! step forward. *I did* for you to be a lion you have to know the beginning.

Their master: Metem! Metem!! *stretch his both hands towards me*

Voices: *everyone stretching their hands towards me* metempsychosis!

I began shrinking till I was so small that I only saw the foot of the man, I stared at the floor and my toes have changed to cat claws.

Their master: find Lolo! find Lolo!!

Suddenly something elevated me and I saw myself in a dark footpath, I was able to see as I traced the road down to a hut at the end with a large cleared compound.
A man stood with his red cap and walking stick with his native out-fit in the entrance of the compound.

Man: who are you cat?

Me: Lolo!

Man: follow me.

I followed behind him seeing the ground in such closure wasn't funny at all, he stepped aside and asked me to enter inside the hut.
I entered and saw a very huge man with big bre-asts, he sat on a mat inside the hut like a tired man.

Man2: a child who seek a root is a child who knows the worth of ancestors *with tired voice*

Me: where am I?

Man2: he who is lost is someone who want to find himself, the cat journey is a metempsychosis of a lion soul *tired voice*

Me: *fear catch me* will I remain like this?

Man2: you either die or live for ever, the cat journey is a three days journey into the human world. Make sure you are not killed, goo! goo!!

I turned and swirled my tail as I stepped out of the door with one feet, I find myself before a giant light pole in a broad bush road.
I looked north and saw a batcher house and turned back to see a house, I decided to go south only to hear voices coming towards me from that way.

Voices1: mumu boy, you no fit even fit kill small bush meat.

Voices2: commot there, no be me still kill am?

Voices3: kill wetin? relax, I don already matchet am.

I stood there waiting for them, when they appeared I could only see the feet.
I sat back and saw their faces and the matchet and big rat they were holding.

Voice2: see cat.

Voice: pepper soup.

I leapt inside the bush and ran as fast as my legs could take me into the bush, my heart was pounding so fast when I did that.
Some people no normal who dey eat cat for this Earth again na? I no wan end up like pepper soup oh!

I was just bouncing around the bush when I saw a snake slithering towards a tree, I sighed.
When it saw me it turned sharply ready to attack me, I turned too tear better race commot for there.

I just dey hear noise of bike upadan when I came out of one farm in that area, I stepped into a tarred road with one yeye okada making noise towards me.
If for say I no sense am that idiot for don jam me oh, I quickly ran into the bush and waited till the sun leave the sky.

In the night I came out and started patrolling every going from house to house until I caught scent of roasted fish, I realised say I was so hungry. I sneaked into the local kitchen and climbed on the firewoods kept in the kitchen and leapt to were the fish were kept and started devouring them.

Voice1: you keep the fish outside, mumu! come and open this gate!

Voice2: aah! ahh!! mommy, na mistake na.

Voice1: you still dey talk instead of you to open this gate, if that dog finish that fish, you no go eat fish for this house for one Month.

Naso me find my way commot from the kitchen dey flex bush, I enter one incomplete building go chill there till daybreak.
I stretched myself then bounced out of the incomplete house in a bushy area, I started moving around in the bush come dey see farms for that area well well.

This people dey farm oh! I come enter inside the farm to check if I go see any food wey them forget I go come eat.
Only to see two legs on the ground, I come dey study the two legs because them no big only to see say na two pikin get am, I came closer to see one black yansh on top the two soft legs that looked like smal girl own.

This children don dey fu-ck for this tender age, when them grow no come see their virginity them go claim say them rape am.

Me: will you stop that!

Both of them quickly got up from each other and stood up immediately.

Me: small pikin like ona don spoil.

They looked around to see who was talking but couldn't find me, the cassava stems and leaves don hide me.
I wish say I fit pick up cane flog their small small yansh like twenty strokes, they ran home immediately.


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Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by Elvictor: 6:36am On Oct 11, 2020

Subtitle: Fu*ck Fakers.

Episode 153

I paced around the farm and suddenly I heard sound of something flying and landed before me before I could cross over to the other farm across the bush footpath.
I looked at the waterproof and paced slowly towards it smelling what was oozing from the waterproof.

I came close to the waterproof and tossed at it suddenly stench smell oozed from it, I stepped back from it.
Anybody wey throw this shit for waterproof em no go better for am oh, I paced out of the farm and came out of the farm to the bush footpath.

I started hearing voice from the farm divided by the footpath, I left the road to avoid someone from seeing me.

Woman: thunder go fire ona! na ona shit person go chop!! em no go better for ona, ona wey dey throw shit for my farm.

I come dey wonder who the woman dey talk to, her voice loud oh! she was working and swearing for people.
She bent low with her huge ukwu jutted backward giving me a fantastic view, I bent low dey observe as she dey weed her farm. She got up again and started cursing on top of her voice.

Woman: sas I dey use my hand dey carry shit, that person wey do this thing go shit sotay em go shit out everything inside him belle or her belle.

Me: madam, na who you dey talk?

She quickly look around wondering who was talking to her.

Me: madam see me here.

Woman: ewoooh! Jesus!!

She threw her hoe my way if no be say I sharp I for don get injury, the woman ran out of the farm.
I made up my mind to leave that place before she will bring vigilante and they will murder me here, I came out of the farm and looked both sides of the footpath and saw tarred road at my left and a house close to the bush at my right.

My mind come tell me say make I go the house maybe I go see something to chop, hungry dey wire me here sef.
I was pacing towards the house slowly when I heard bike sound, I looked up and saw tyre moving my way.
I leapt out of the road immediately, damn niggar! This bike man isn't a real niggar at all.

I used bush go the house when I got to the backyard, I looked at the wall before me and turned to right left side of the house that led to a bush, I paced towards that side slowly when I got to the end of the block I saw another small built block house and started hearing water splashes sound.

I got closer in between the house and the small house at the side, I started hearing sweet melody of song coming from the bathroom. I paused and looked at side then saw legs with slippers underneath, the girl stopped singing and squat giving the view of bare bumbum, the wrapper she used as coverage to the entrance of the bathroom wasn't able to cover everywhere especially beneath.

I come dey get the coding say she dey wash her toto no wonder she stopped to sing.

Voice: Bridget oh! where you dey?

The girl in the bathroom answered.

Bridget: wait small, I go soon baf finish.

I started hearing foot-falls, mehn.. I had to delve inside the bush and chill there till it is late then I will go about the hunting for what to eat.
I went from house to house looking for what to eat, my stomach was doing me somehow when it was getting dark.

I went back to the house that I ate fish earlier and find out they didn't leave any fish again, see wahala oh! I hang around looking for what to eat till day broke, I had no choice but to sleep in an incomplete building because I was so weak and feeling sleepy.
I slept up only to be woken by voices, I opened my eyes slowly and saw four angry and hungry looking guys with big big rods and sticks.

Boy1: can position that side make em no run.

Boy2: Joe, pass window side in case em wan run.

Boy: Brain, stay for my back, if I miss am no miss am.

Chaii! wetin be this? human being dey eat cat too?

Boy4: see pepper soup.


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Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by Slimdreywhizz1(m): 7:35am On Oct 11, 2020
chimo!!!....make them no kill honourable...chai!! Nothing wey people no go eat
Nice one Elvic..
Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by Harjarz(m): 9:01am On Oct 11, 2020
Honorable peppersoup lobatan grin
Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by unitysheart(m): 9:52am On Oct 11, 2020
This one serious ooo
Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by sodeeqsulaimon88(m): 12:34pm On Oct 11, 2020
Laslas honourable turn peppersoup���
Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by Lakesc: 8:16pm On Oct 11, 2020
Thanks for ur commitment, love the new twist in the story. Never would have imagine that our personal honourable would change to a cat o. Goodluck with those guys sha....
Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by Jamesbiodun(m): 2:14am On Oct 12, 2020
this story na season film ooo, I love the story
Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by Elvictor: 8:19am On Oct 12, 2020
chimo!!!....make them no kill honourable...chai!!
Nothing wey people no go eat

Nice one Elvic..

thanks, sir
Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by Elvictor: 8:19am On Oct 12, 2020
Honorable peppersoup lobatan grin
Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by Elvictor: 8:20am On Oct 12, 2020
This one serious ooo
very serious, lol.
Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by Elvictor: 8:20am On Oct 12, 2020
Laslas honourable turn peppersoup���

Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by Elvictor: 8:20am On Oct 12, 2020
Thanks for ur commitment, love the new twist in the story. Never would have imagine that our personal honourable would change to a cat o. Goodluck with those guys sha....

thank you, bro.
Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by Elvictor: 8:21am On Oct 12, 2020

Subtitle: Fu*ck Fakers.

Episode 154

They were ready to launch an attack on me when heavy smoke arose from the ground and everywhere became smoky, I couldn't look at it and I closed my eyes only to open it to find myself in the compound I went earlier to meet the big man in the hut.

I paced to the hut before I could get in a big old lion emerged from the hut and roared very loud, I first adjust back.

Lion: welcome back from the journey, now follow me.

I followed him and he led me into a cave behind the hut, I looked at the walls of the cave and saw many memories imprinted on the walls like pictures.

Lion: the lions men cult began before the great war that took many lives in the country, it was a pact to unit the country and make it work but betrayers broke the war that endangered many lives.

As he led me through the cave I find myself turning into a lion as we moved towards the beaming white light coming from the end of the tunnel.

Lion: you are charge to keep the country as one or all powers will be taken from you, gooo!

I find myself roaring before I paced towards the light and appeared in the chambers of the brotherhood, when I stepped in as a lion the grand master echoed.

Master: metem! metem!!

Voices: metempsychosis!

Master: you are welcome, the path to greatness isn't for the weak but for the strong and those who are ready to make sacrifices in life for their self.

I roared and then he lifted a staff towards me and I turned into a human being bent low with my palms and kneels on the floor.

The grand master dismissed all of us and we turned to lions and dispatched while Mr. Sam took me with him, I hardly remembered a lot of what happened that day, I find myself in a jet with bodyguards I couldn't even recognize only to land in international airport of my state to be welcomed by lots of people with their different cultural out-fits drumming supports for me.

The following days different groups were drumming support for me to be the next governor
I bought the governorship ticket from the party secretariat and I was baffled how group of people present with the media to celebrate my decision, I was taken home by lots of security aides.
Ugochukwu came to visit me later.

Ugochukwu: you no try oh! you travel you no even bother to tell your best friend.

Me: *I was like oh!* no vex bro, na emergency shey you know say you be my main man.

Ugochukwu: guy I no understand oh, this one people dey support you left and right I no know say you don get supporters reach like this oohh!

Me: na God oh! well, so how things dey go around?

Ugochukwu: no tell me say you no know, Madam Stella don marry that useless senator and the man dey contest for governorship, while Aisha dey support that big headed senator. Those guys are against you.

Me: if na only these people I no get shakings.

Ugochukwu: hope your brain dey intact, those two people be heavy weights for politics.

Me: wetin I don do for my LGA go speak for me, I no need to lie to win the election but those two people no get anything to show for their twenty years involvement in politics, so no shakings.

We talked on different things and he told me his wife has given birth to twins, I congratulated him and we also went to his house together not without my security aides that I didn't even know who is paying them.

I saw his wife and children then stayed around there till evening before I was called for a meeting with statesmen and party chairman.
We started making a plan to win over delegates to our cartel, I didn't wait for them to swing into action I went about having meetings with delegates giving them lots of goodies and granting their scholarship, I also promised to continue doing it if they make me win the primary.

I was relaxing in my sitting-room one day when Madam Stella called me, I decided to pick her call anyways because am really coming for her immediately I become governor of the state.

Madam stella's voice: you have taken the path of destruction, you think you are powerful to win the election against me what Aisha couldn't achieve, I will show you who I am.

Me: madam be calming down, you too dey chest beat. No call my line again when your madness dey on high level call me when you are sane to talk, bye bye.

I ended the call and the next day the person responsible to sponsor my campaign rushed to were I am in my sitting-room sweating.

Me: oga, why you dey sweat like this?

Man: sir, look at this trending video.

I looked at the video and saw myself dancing naked and shaking my amu, I thank God my face wasn't showed to the camera but the comments weren't on the good side at all and the post was allegedly linked to me.

Me: oga, go and rest.

Man: sir?

Me: go and chill.

He left my phone rang and it was Madam Stella calling, I picked the call.

Madam Stella: that is just the starting, you better step down.

Me: old woman go and rub make up your ugliness don dey worry your brain.

I cut off the call and called Jack to start operation retire them from politics, I gave him the video of Madam Stella that I recorded and I asked him to use four persons chains to send to Aisha, so that they will not know where the trailer will be jamming them from.
Their two will be busy fighting each other while I gather supporters, make their two retire themselves.

I asked Jack to settle the first and second persons including the third to leave the country immediately before they will be traced.
I waited for days and eventually the video appeared online and Aisha took it to herself that she was the one that leaked the video maybe to revenge.

Their two just rubbish their public image ruining their candidates chance, senator Ben who got married to Madam Stella was at the receiving end when the party chairman was granted press to express himself about the video trending online.

Party chairman: our party isn't going to give ticket to a man married to a po-rnstar.


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Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by mokoh(m): 8:30am On Oct 12, 2020
Nice update
Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by yungbanks(m): 8:55am On Oct 12, 2020
Chai! Omo no be small thing ooo una don start from small small enter WWIII
Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by unitysheart(m): 9:20am On Oct 12, 2020
Honorable don finish me o grin grin

this one na correct revenge
Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by Harjarz(m): 10:14am On Oct 12, 2020
tongue wicked
Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by Harjarz(m): 10:16am On Oct 12, 2020
E shock me embarassed
Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by Slimdreywhizz1(m): 10:57am On Oct 12, 2020
this guy na real polotician....

Elvic... I dey feel you

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