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THE BACHELORS.(Sex was only the beginning)-18+ / In The Billionaire's Bed By Wunmiade16 Is A Plagiarized Work / Agent Peter - Season 1: RACHEL(The Beginning) (2) (3) (4)

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Re: PLAGIARIZED (The Story Was Just The Beginning) by Adekunlated: 9:20pm On Jul 27
Isn't there anyway the MODS of nairaland can make a statement supporting Anita's claim, I really want Samuel to be dealt with. I hate him so much

Thanks for the update our super writer, pls try to update early, na beg I dey o
Re: PLAGIARIZED (The Story Was Just The Beginning) by Ann2012(f): 9:23pm On Jul 27
Taka abi wink

Yes na
Re: PLAGIARIZED (The Story Was Just The Beginning) by enirock(m): 9:45pm On Jul 27
oh my God
this is really bad
yes u are right
i wont just grow but work towards becoming great
this country sucks
we need help

We as individuals need to build ourselves in other to build the country. (imagine a mother telling her daughter 'nor be ur mate dey ride venza '? and that 'mate' she refers to is a known night crawler)

Most families have lost the concept of proper upbringing and children are forced to accept wrongs even when we are right and we the youths, have failed to properly equip/ build ourselves.

We've failed ourselves, hence the systems we chosen has failed us too. We suck hence our country shows the stench.
Re: PLAGIARIZED (The Story Was Just The Beginning) by Khriztarl(f): 10:35pm On Jul 27
Police again. This sector of the military's just something.
my cousin's would always say, 'An eye for an eye no matter how it hurts. In Nigeria don't turn your other cheek, just have sense and reciprocate what ever they do'. If not you'd end up as a nothing.
Anita started well but right now she's letting her emotions rule her. She's not using sense.

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Re: PLAGIARIZED (The Story Was Just The Beginning) by damis28crown(f): 1:57pm On Jul 28

We as individuals need to build ourselves in other to build the country. (imagine a mother telling her daughter 'nor be ur mate dey ride venza '? and that 'mate' she refers to is a known night crawler)

Most families have lost the concept of proper upbringing and children are forced to accept wrongs even when we are right and we the youths, have failed to properly equip/ build ourselves.

We've failed ourselves, hence the systems we chosen has failed us too. We suck hence our country shows the stench.
your'e right
parents no longer take it serious when it comes to training a child in the right way
we need to know our right in this country
and work towards changing our attitude and have a positive mind set


Re: PLAGIARIZED (The Story Was Just The Beginning) by JerryOJerry6429: 8:29pm On Jul 28
Samuel will surely get what is coming for him.

Thanks for the update op

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Re: PLAGIARIZED (The Story Was Just The Beginning) by Silver1996(m): 1:41am On Jul 29
EPISODE TITLE- The bells of madness

The CEO of mako company, Mr Carter stare from a cluster of four high tech buildings, smoked glass and steel that were joined to the next by a covered walkway..., he swirled the whiskey in his glass, listening to the chinking of the ice cubes, breathing in a fragrance that only years in an oak barrel can achieve...., the whiskey burned on the way down and he spluttered like a child. Then to make up for his workers apparent foolishness he downed the rest in one shot.....

"Mr Carter.."Mr Smith chime in from behind him before closing the door..

The ice cranked in the glass before he spun around to face Mr Smith.....

Mr Smith grunts as he wait for the CEO to talk..

"What in God's name is going on...?"Mr Carter queried walking to his table to pour another drink in his glass..."What's the meaning of the video that has been trending...?"

Mr Smith crocked his throat before he opened his mouth to talk..."I didn't know you already saw the video.. "

"If I haven't seen it, I won't be here, would I..?"

Mr Smith gritted..."There's no proof to her claims yet but we're looking for her to ask her some questions..."

"Do you know this video could ruin my many years of hardwork.., this company reputation is at stake.., how could you declare him the winner when you haven't gone through all the necessary procedures.."

"We did go through the necessary procedures and the winner totally clears out.."

"If he totally clears out, we won't be here discussing this..., I want that girl found and if what she says is true.., then you do well to take every thing we gave to that boy and give it to that girl.., understand..?"

"Yes.., I understand..."

Success ate the dinner like she thought it was poisoned. Each forkful was tinier that you'd feed a baby and even then she nibbled it, pausing before taking any more....

"If you aren't going to eat the food, why don't you just keep it."Samuel said brusquely

Success raised her gaze to him but her eyes quickly fell back to the food before she grab a glass of water and gulp a bit of it down...

"You style of eating is irritating me..."Samuel sneer

Success sniffle and drop the cup then she raised her head to face him again...."I just don't feel like eating.."

"You said you were hungry earlier.. "Festus chime in digging into the rich food with ravenous hunger...

"I'm no more hungry.."She said dropping the spoon..

"Why...?"Samuel ask shoving beefs into his gaping mouth..."Because we arrested your friend..?"

"You didn't tell me you'll get her arrested.."Success fling back glancing back at him..

"I told you before and I'm going to tell you again, if you try to betray us with what you know, I swear to God no matter where you hide, I'll find you and kill you.."

"I'm not going to betray you so quit threatening me.."Success retorted

"Well you better not..."Samuel said before taking another spoonful of the food

Anita took a deep drag before picking up her spoon again..."You should get a cook..."She said

Samuel forehead creased at the sentence but he didn't say anything instead he took another spoonful of the food before Festus phone ringtone went off like a buzzle alarm..

"It's her..."Festus said shifting his gaze to Samuel

"Is she here..?'Samuel ask

Festus didn't bother replying, instead he touch the phone screen to answer the call...

"Are you here..?"He ask raising an eyebrow at Success who quickly turn her gaze from him and pretends to be eating..

"Yes.."A female voice sounded from the other end..."Infact, I'm outside your door..."

A quick smirk that disappeared immediately made way to Festus lips before he ended the call without further words...

"She's here.."He said to Samuel before he trot towards the door.., his face slowly encroaching into a wide smile, he opened the door and caught her looking around gormlessly.., he allowed her wowed at the building for a minute before he decide to call her attention...

"Nurse Titi..."Festus said deeping his hands in his joggers side pockets..

Nurse Titi quickly turn with the alertness of the voice to face him, à smile play on her lips and her handbag dropped a little from her shoulder before she stepped forward to meet him...

"This place is beautiful.."She said catching up with him..

"It's a real beauty, isn't it..?"Said Festus stopping her abit

"Yes..., who could have known that someday you'll be living here..."

Festus smile.."Who could have known.."He replied flexing his shoulders with a shrug....

"Please come in.."He added jolting her from her thought..

She followed him inside, wowed at the insides a little bit before she set her eyes on Samuel and Success.. ..
"Young millionaire..."She hailed with all smiles..

Samuel almost laughed but the thoughts in his head couldn't allow it....., instead he stood up, wipe the corners of his mouth clean with solvent before standing up to sit on the couch opposite hers...

"Young millionaire...."Nurse Titi hailed again....."Chai.., money is good..."

"You can say that again.."Festus reply walking up to Samuel to sit closer to him

Success heaved in a deep breathe, anyone could tell she wasn't okay, not because Anita was arrested but because of what is installed for her and she thinks she caused it, if she hadn't showed up at Samuel's house....non of whatever is going to happen would happen..

"Festus told me so much about you.."Samuel said crossing his legs and putting a finger underneath his jaw while he reclined his side to the couch throw pillow....."He said you can help us with what we need"

"If it's within my capacity as a nurse.., I told him I'll help out when he reach out to me..., Festus and I have worked on a couple things in the past..."

"Whatever you worked on is nothing compared to the task you'll be assigned to.."Samuel said

"Like i told Festus when he called.. if the task is within my capacity, I'll do it ...."

"The task is within your capacity.."Samuel said..."But you need to be strict with your conscience else the whole plan will be ruined...."

"I'm always strict with my conscience.."Nurse Titi said, a smile following her words...."So what's the task..?"

Samuel glance at Festus who quickly adjusted himself and pick up the discussion....

"The task needs total discreetness..."Festus said..."Can we trust you to keep it a secret even though it means giving up your life..."

"Festus.."Nurse Titi call with a smile.. "I can't believe you're the one saying this, you know me every well.., whatever good money is involved in...., my lips are sealed even if it means my death...."

"If that is so then I'll tell you the task right away.."Samuel said...."We need you to make someone mad..."

Success quickly look at them with the alertness of the word.., she shudder a bit but quickly reverts to her food the moment Samuel's gaze shift to her side...

"Mad...!"Nurse Titi reiterated with a scoff...."Who is the person..?"

"You know the person.."Samuel said taking off his eyes from Success....

"Is it the girl from the video.."Nurse Titi said.."The one who accuse you of stealing her story..?"

"Yes.."Samuel said getting a little paranoid by the mention of the video..."That's the miscreant you'll be making mad..."

"How am I supposed to make her mad, I've never met her..."

"Your meeting with her will be arranged.."Samuel said dropping his leg from the other...."She's currently in a police station.., what she'll encounter there will bring her to you.., to you I mean to the hospital you work and I heard you're on night duty so everything have to happen tonight..."

"Tonight..!"She reiterated..."What about tomorrow..?"

"Tomorrow may be too late.."Samuel said.. "I can't risk it..."

Nurse Titi sigh..."It'll cost you.."

"How much..?"

She hesitated a bit as if her brain is trying to calculate the money..."Three million naira.."

"Three million what..?"Festus quizzed...

"Are you kidding me..."Samuel said.."What will I be giving you three million naira for..?"

"You said I should make her mad"Nurse Titi said tilting her head forward..."And making a sane person insane isn't easy, I need to buy things that will trigger her brain from functioning well.."

"We'll be giving you what you need.."Samuel said...."You'll be injecting her with our own drugs..., you'll give her a double overdose..., her brain will jostled up and the next hour she'll be naķed on the street totally mad..."

"But even with that, this operation is risky and at such, it demands a big pay.., three million is a considerable price..."

"Fifty thousand..."Samuel said

Nurse Titi scoff.."Fifty thousand for what..?"

"For making her mad.., I can't pay more than that..."

"All my years of working, I've never taken fifty thousand from any client, not even for works that are more easy to handle..., the least I can take from you is two million naira..."

"Fifty thousand.. "Samuel said again..."Is a good price.."

"Not for this kind of job.., I'm sorry I can't take anything less than two million naira..."

"Take the fifty thousand I'm offering you.."Samuel said

Nurse Titi scoff, then she glance at her time before facing Samuel again..."Are you really serious.. ?"


"This is a total waste of time.."She said standing up from the chair...

"What about this..?"Festus chime in walking up to her, then he click play on a video in his phone..

Shock swept across Nurse Titi face, the sudden wave of shock sending her back on the chair..., her breathe raced with tremendous speed and her eyes peered wide at the video before she manage to open her mouth to ask....."Where did you get that..?"

"What..?"Samuel replied, a wicked smirked surrounding his lips..."A video of you naķed and twerking...."

Nurse Titi mouth shook and her fingers ran in spasm as she try to beat down what exactly is going on.., she sent the video to a man she meant online, how the hell did Festus have it...

"Are you thinking how i got the video and pictures of your nudes..?"Festus ask

Shame almost crumpled Nurse Titi but she manage to nod her head..

"Do you remember Jamena....?"Festus ask.."The man you've been chatting with online..., he's me.."

Nurse Titi heart raced as the words hit her...

"Thoss years we worked together.."Festus continue.."I always get erection looking at your ass and your breast but you always thought I'm a little boy, so beneath your level so you never looked my way.., I found out you were into online dating since you desperately needs a husband, so I joined the dating site, hooked you up and boom you sent me pictures and video of your naķed body because I sent you a faceless picture of a big dick...."

"How could you do this to me..?"Nurse Titi snarled

"Wrong question.."Samuel chime in..."What you should be asking is what you need for this task.."

"Are you trying to blackmail me with my nudes pics and videos...?"She queried angrily

"We aren't trying.."Samuel said.."We're blackmailing you.., so you have two options here nurse, either you do what we told you, collect the fifty thousand and shut your mouth about we discussed here forever or you don't do it and we upload this videos and pictures online and trust social media.., news like this trend for months, even years..."

"And you're not married yet.."Festus jump in..."I wonder who'll want to marry you after your nudes pictures and videos of you twerking naķed suffice online...., it'll be terrible..., I heard people kill themselves when they can't handle the pressure...."

"You ungrateful bastard..."Nurse Titi snarled..."I took you in, fed you and cloth you when you had nowhere to go and this is how you repay me after everything I did for you Festus.."

"We moved on nurse Titi.."Festus said with a shrug.."Now let the past rest, this is the present..."

"So what is it going to be nurse.."Samuel said.."Are you taking the deal or not..?"

She took a minute to glare at him before she opened her mouth to talk.."You don't leave me a choice, do you..?"

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Re: PLAGIARIZED (The Story Was Just The Beginning) by Silver1996(m): 1:43am On Jul 29

Heart renting, Susan rushed into the room and quickly took her phone out from under the pillow, her hand shake as she scroll through her contacts.., the discussions she heard bounced back into her head, it made her restless and for once she felt guilty for what she did.., for outing Anita location and maybe if she do this she'll try and have peace..., she quickly dial Susan's number when she found it....

Heart racing, breathes ragged and harsh, she waited impatiently as it begins to ring..., she needs to tell her to warn Anita.., they're about making her mad...

"Pick up pick up pick up ."She mutter in a hurry...

When no answer came, she dialled the number again....
"Pick up Susan, please.."She mutter to herself as she pace around......

She took a slight breathe to calm her raging heartbeat, when it didn't work, she look around for a bottle of water but it wasn't there, she was almost at the verge of ending the call and send a text message instead when the call connected...

"Susan.."She said immediately

"I can't talk now, I'll call you later.."Susan crocked voice came up

"No no listen to me.."Success said but before she could say any more word, the call ended..

"Stupid girl.."She cursed and dial the number again and that was when the door open...

Her heart pound in her chest and the phone mistakenly fell from her hand the moment she saw Samuel and Festus standing at the door...

"Who were you talking to...?"Samuel queried walking close to her...

Adrenaline flood her system as if she's been running for long..,she became disconnected from everything but the ever present sound of her drumming heart....."I..I.. "She stammered with great tremors

Festus quickly picked up her phone before the screen off, then he checked her last dial number...
"Suzy...."Festus call the name aloud...

"Who's Suzy...?"Samuel quickly queried

Success manage to take a breathe in a moment of primal torture, it's a good thing Samuel doesn't remember she mentioned her name to him in the car on their way from the station...

"Who's Suzy...?"Samuel hollered

"My friend.."Success manage to say with pants breathe....

"The call duration is just 7seconds..."Festus said.. "I don't think they spoke for long...."

"What did you tell her..?"Samuel ask drawing close to her..

Success said nothing, instead she began to step forward but before she could support her balance, Samuel grabbed her neck and pushed her to the wall...

"I told you I'll kill you if you betray me.."Samuel sneer with furrowed brows and he tightened his grip on her neck..

Success try to talk, try to breathe but his firm grip around her neck wasn't allowing it..., she began hitting his hands the moment she realise she was having difficulty breathing....., she was fading.., she know that too well..

"Samuel stop..."Festus interjects pulling Samuel aback..

Success dropped down to the ground and began to cough vigorously the moment Samuel let go of her..

"I'll kill you if you betray me.."Samuel yelled

"I'm not betraying you..."Success snapped in rage...."I'm not and will never betray you.."She added angrily..

The cold moves in only to meet the warmth of Anita's blood, her defence against such ice, she felt it wash over her skin, again and again until her arms were crippling over her body...., she tried to sleep but she couldn't.., not with the many thoughts in her head and the sight of the person the police brought in to join her in the cell..., it's been almost an hour since the second chubby woman was brought but they haven't said two words to each other..., Anita felt she could be having her own issues same way she was having hers, never in her life would she have thought she will sleep in a prison cell...

She remember Samuel, their conversation, it infuriated her and she felt sad she can't do anything about it..

She hit herself in attempt of killing the mosquito that was flying above her ears...
The tears she's been trying hard to suppressed poured down from her eyes on another realization she'll be sleeping in a cell and there's absolutely no one to help her..

"Shut up.."The other woman said in a baritone voice..

Anita sniffle trying to hide the tears from the dim yellow cell corridor light that was shoning down...

"I said shut up..."The woman said angrily kicking Anita in the process..

Anita needed no problem so she adjusted herself and wipe her tears off but the more she kept doing, it, the more she's been reminded of her predicament.....

Her heart pounded against her chest the moment her cell mate stood up...
"I'm sorry.."Anita quickly said and trying to stop herself from sobbing and whining but when the woman kick her legs again, she quickly realise she was in for it..

"I don't want any trouble.."Anita said standing up to match her height but the woman was still a bit taller and huge than she is..., she have watch many movies where weak cell mates are been bullied, never in her life would she have thought it will happen to her...

The other woman chuckles..."You already find the trouble.."She said and quickly without Anita expecting it, she plunged a blow on Anita's stomach..

Pain erupted from the point of contact making Anita quickly crunched fo the ground but the woman wasn't done, she stood Anita up again and with a full force, even against Anita's struggles, she hit her head on the bars, pulled her back and plunged another blow on her stomach..

Blood pooped out from Anita's mouth and she quickly collaspe to the ground totally powerless and helpless

The woman took a pause to take a breathe but she started kicking Anita and finally stopped when she got tired.., she spat and squat...

"Next time, don't get in trouble with powerful people..."She whispered in Anita's ears before she stood up and knocked on the bars...

"We need help.."She shouted..."Somebody is dying..."


Nurse Titi glanced at the time, it was 4:55AM in the morning.., she pick up her phone to read the messages that was sent but quickly dropped it when she realise it was Festus..., they were monitoring her, see if she'll do what she's asked to like they left her a choice..., no matter what she does she can't let her nudes be online..

Her forehead furrowed when her phone began to vibrate, she hissed realising it's Festus calling...

"Hello.."She said angrily when she answered the call

"Is it done..?"Samuel voice came from the other end..

Nurse Titi hesitated a bit before answering..."No.."

"What the hell are you waiting for..?"Samuel harsh voice sounded.."She was brought in three hours ago, why haven't you done your job..?"

"How do I know you won't still release the video online even after doing the job..?"She asked anxiously

"Well you just have to trust me.."Samuel said..."Now do your damn job.."He added before the call drop dead

Filled with suppressed rage, Nurse Titi quickly drop the phone on her bag, grope her hand a little bit on the bag and took out a syringe..., she drew out a little fluid, satisfy the syringe was laced with an overdose of anabolic steriods fluid, she stood up from the chair, stepped out from her office and began to trot towards Anita hospital room bed..., she hasten her feet realising it was even more easy Anita is giving a separate room from others...
She looked behind her to make sure no one was following or in sight when she got to the room, slowly, she opened the room door, the light was on but the curtains were, just the perfect picture..., for a moment, she stood looking at the handcuffs that bind her to the bed spring, even if she wanted to run, she can't because she's been handcuffed..., she felt pity for her and for a minute the ideas of a second thought started invading her head but she knew better, Samuel isn't someone to mess with.., Anita messed with him and look the condition she is.., she quickly shook off any idea of a second thought and step closer to Anita, she took out the syringe knowing fully well she will start behaving abnormally if injected with everything but that's the plan, to make her mad...

Clearing out every conscience she have left in her, she grabbed Anita arm and slowly she pricked her with the needle and just when she was about injecting the anabolic steroids in her body, the room down opened...

Her heart took a flight as she quickly spun around to face the intruder...., for a moment she and the intruder just stood staring widely at each other until she breaks the silence when she couldn't take it anymore...

"Who are you...?"Nurse Titi quickly ask with pounding heart...

PLAGIARIZED......To be continued...

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Re: PLAGIARIZED (The Story Was Just The Beginning) by enirock(m): 2:26am On Jul 29
Thanks for the double updates.

I feel the police woman told Susan what transpired and she just almost caught nurse Titi in the act.

This Samuel of a boy na terrorist ooo

Shey na now Success wan grow conscience
We dey wait for more oga Silver


Re: PLAGIARIZED (The Story Was Just The Beginning) by kelvyncruz: 7:17am On Jul 29
Samuel is a real devil, I pray his plans backfire on him, how can someone be so wicked to the extent of making another person mad after stealing from her.

People are wicked I swear.

Thanks for the update silver, you robbed me of my sleep because I was trying to meet up to date, pls next episode

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Re: PLAGIARIZED (The Story Was Just The Beginning) by Ann2012(f): 7:38am On Jul 29
People are really desperate and wicked, this Samuel and Festus fit each other.

Thanks for the update

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Re: PLAGIARIZED (The Story Was Just The Beginning) by youngdave09(m): 5:12pm On Jul 29
It should be one of them because i dont think the story is ending anytime soon

Ghost mode deactivated
Thanks Silver
Na man u be

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Re: PLAGIARIZED (The Story Was Just The Beginning) by Lakesc(m): 7:11pm On Jul 29
Busted! Thank goodness someone came to Anita's rescue.. Thanks Silver

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Re: PLAGIARIZED (The Story Was Just The Beginning) by hotswagg12: 7:39pm On Jul 29
Busted! Thank goodness someone came to Anita's rescue.. Thanks Silver
Now you have succeeded in killing Anita by suggesting someone came to rescue her. Silver doesn't like one predicting his stories.

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Re: PLAGIARIZED (The Story Was Just The Beginning) by Thebigdream: 7:43pm On Jul 29
The intruder could be Susan o, I pray is her or one of the nurses.

Thanks for the update

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Re: PLAGIARIZED (The Story Was Just The Beginning) by Thebigdream: 7:44pm On Jul 29
Now you have succeeded in killing Anita by suggesting someone came to rescue her. Silver doesn't like one predicting his stories.
Anita cant die na, if she dies, the story ends

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Re: PLAGIARIZED (The Story Was Just The Beginning) by hotswagg12: 7:50pm On Jul 29
Anita cant die na, if she dies, the story ends
But she running mad is not what we all want also. So we have to beg silver not to make her mad or get killed because so far silver hasnt draw blood like he usually does.


Re: PLAGIARIZED (The Story Was Just The Beginning) by Lakesc(m): 7:55pm On Jul 29
Now you have succeeded in killing Anita by suggesting someone came to rescue her. Silver doesn't like one predicting his stories.
Didn't know that. Have mercy ooh Silver


Re: PLAGIARIZED (The Story Was Just The Beginning) by JerryOJerry6429: 8:11pm On Jul 29
Thanks for the update

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Re: PLAGIARIZED (The Story Was Just The Beginning) by egwolopretty: 11:20pm On Jul 29
To all it may concern, silver have promised us he won't be killing anyone in this story, nobody should come here and say things that will make him change his mind, na beg I dey beg ona.

Let's enjoy this ride in peace kiss


Re: PLAGIARIZED (The Story Was Just The Beginning) by sly12345: 10:32pm On Jul 30
Why do I have this feeling that Anita and Samuel will later die tongue

It's been a good read silver, thanks for the update

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Re: PLAGIARIZED (The Story Was Just The Beginning) by Andrew13: 12:31am On Jul 31
I use God beg u , nor kill any innocent person

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Re: PLAGIARIZED (The Story Was Just The Beginning) by OPC90(m): 1:21am On Jul 31
Glorious God thank you

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Re: PLAGIARIZED (The Story Was Just The Beginning) by Ibroslank(m): 10:21am On Jul 31
Suzy the life saver friend

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Re: PLAGIARIZED (The Story Was Just The Beginning) by shakibell(f): 8:39pm On Jul 31
silver abeg no waste the girl life �����

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Re: PLAGIARIZED (The Story Was Just The Beginning) by Adekunlated: 9:35pm On Jul 31
Why do I have this feeling that Anita and Samuel will later die tongue

Stop saying such things

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Re: PLAGIARIZED (The Story Was Just The Beginning) by skubido(m): 11:07am On Aug 02
Thanks for the update

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Re: PLAGIARIZED (The Story Was Just The Beginning) by do4luv14(m): 11:16am On Aug 02
Which update?

Is it Susan that bargs into the ward?

Ah no understand oo, cos ah never still see any update , apart from that ward scene

Thanks for the update
Re: PLAGIARIZED (The Story Was Just The Beginning) by Silver1996(m): 5:53pm On Aug 02
EPISODE TITLE- Restless night

"Anita" Susan mutter running towards her only to see her laying on the bed with a bandage on her head, she touch Anita's hand, she sigh relived it was warm...

"Excuse me who are you..?"Nurse Titi ask hiding the syringe behind her......

Susan turns, but too slowly to be normal. When she speaks her voice trails slowly, like her words are unwilling to take flight. There is a sadness in her eyes, the sadness that comes with seeing her friend laying helplessly on the bed.., she had an instinct that something will happen when the policeman refused her and Henry seeing her....

"Is she okay..?"Susan ask with a calm voice

Nurse Titi lips curled as torrents of resentment burn inside her eyes.., she was at the verge of doing what she ought to do to prevent herself from public disgrace and now someone just want to ruin everything....

"I asked a question..."Nurse Titi said, her anger almost interferring in her voice....."Who are you..?"

Susan curled up in her sitting position as she remembered how she got the news of Anita been admitted in the hospital, the police woman they saw as the police station had called them a few minutes ago, she didn't really give them much detail about what transpired and brought Anita to the hospital but the little she told them was enough to know Anita was in a bad shape..., she took her hand from Anita's face, sniffles before raising her gaze to face Nurse Titi......

"I'm her friend..."Susan's voice trail gently...

"Well you shouldn't be here.."Nurse Tito replied shapily, her facial expression venting her disgust...."It's midnight and it's past visiting time.."

Susan exhale, glance at Anita who was laying on the bed before reverting her gaze to her..."I'm sorry, I rushed here the moment I heard what happened to her..."

"Is she okay..?"Henry's voice chime in from behind and Nurse Titi quickly spun around to see the person..

Nurse Titi brows furrowed as she glance from Henry who was standing at the door to Susan who was sitting on the bed.., when Henry step into the room, right there she knew all her plans were going to hell...

"She's not..."Susan replied standing up to hold Henry for support when he drew close to her...."I knew something like this will happen.."She added without a single regards to the third person in the room...

A flash of annoyance swept across nurse Titi face as Henry drew closer to Anita..., she was loosing patience, this is only chance giving to her by those devils to save her dignity....

"You cannot be here..."Nurse Titi stated again this time stepping beside them...

"She's our friend.."Henry said barely looking her way..

"Yes she said that.."Nurse Titi retorted..."Visiting hours is over, it's midnight already, you cannot disturb her and men aren't even allowed in the female ward.."

Henry sigh..."I'm not planning on staying.. "

"Then leave.."Nurse Titi said back with a fume of annoyance...

"What are you even doing here..?"Susan Chime in turning her face to look at her.., right there her eyes caught the syringe nurse Titi is holding......"And what's that in your hand.."She added suspiciously as her head read deep meaning to it..

"I'm her nurse.."Nurse Titi replied immediately....

"And you want to give her that by this time..?"Susan ask pointing at the syringe in Nurse Titi hand

Nurse Titi face flushed red, the question angered her and the fact that she was slowly hitting the point angered her more...."I'm only going to give her this to ease her pains..."

Susan didn't believe, an instinct tells her the nurse was up to something more than she's letting on..

"Now if you may excuse me, I need to give her this and go back to my desk.."Nurse Titi said walking closer to Anita again...

"Is that pain relief..?"Susan ask quickly the moment Nurse Titi took up Anita's arm...

Nurse Titi grunt, her facial expression showing her contempt to the question...."I just said so.."She replied looking back at her...

Susan glance at Henry, tossed a strap of her hair aside before opening her mouth to talk.."Weren't she given a pain relief before now..?"

"Do you have something to say..?"Nurse Titi retorted.

"Do you have something to say..?"Susan ask back

A muscle twitches in Nurse Titi forehead and quickly she dropped Anita's arm and pocket the syringe...."Look.., your friend was brought here in a bad shape.., she had a concussion, so if you don't want me to do my job by giving her what will ease her of the pains she'll be feeling when she wakes up.., then be ready to answer for anything that comes because I'll not be queried because some friend thinks I want to kill her friend...., excuse me.."She said walking through their middle..

"Wait.."Henry said stopping nurse Titi in her tracks..

Nurse Titi took a deep breathe, though angry but she was a bit happy she was stopped.., the feeling was welcoming..., she drag in another breathe before she spun around to face them..."What.., you want to accuse me of killing her..?"

"She wasn't accusing you of killing her.."Henry said in defense.

"Really...!, so what exactly does she mean by the silly questions she's been asking me..?"

"A lot has happened over the past few hours.."Said Henry poking his nose before glancing over to Susan's side whose gaze was on Anita...

"So what has that got to do with my job.."Nurse Titi ask..

"Please.., just do what you wanted to do...."Henry said

Nurse Titi almost smile but she knew any silly mistake from her side will ruin the plans, with that thought she maintain her stony look.., took the syringe from her pocket again and trot towards Anita the third time.., she caught Susan's eyes staring..., glaring at her and right there she knew she had to be fast.., Susan was like the devil ready to destroy everything she cherishes..., the way she was looking at her anyone could tell she doesn't believe it's just pain relieve she wants to give to her friend.., her eyes were deep, too deep that it scared her and for once she felt her hands a bit shaky....

She took Anita's hand and slowly she took the syringe closer.., she shut every form of remorse from her and was about plunging it in when Anita muttered Susan's name...

Shocked, Susan dragged Nurse Titi away before she could inject her...."Ani I'm here..."

Anita opened her eyes, then she blinked before she got the full sight of where she was and that was when the painful thought of what happened began to flash in her sight.., she was beaten, she bled and was brought to the hospital...

"Ani..."Susan mutter helping her to sit up reclining her back on the pillow..

Sharp pain lanced through Anita's head, she wince and touched the bandage on her forehead.....

"Excuse me.."Nurse Titi said stepping forward to retry...."Are you okay...?"She asked Anita..

Anita couldn't help but compare the night with her own state of mind. Just like the clouds, her insides were in a chaos, a mess...."I think I'm having a headache..."

"Please try to relax...."Nurse Titi said taking out the injection..."This will ease you of the pain..."

"No.."Anita mutter.."I can't take any more injections.."

"Oh dear.."Nurse Titi scoffs.."This is for your own good..."

"No I don't want..."Anita said showing her lack of interest with her hand..

"It's important I give you this, it'll ease you of the pain.."

"She said she don't want it.."Susan chime in..."Why are you forcing it on her...?"

Frown lines encroached on Nurse Titi face but she quickly fake smile when she realised any unruly attitude from her could deem her a suspect and deep down she knows Susan already suspect her and saying anymore thing will just confirmed her suspicion...

"Alright.."She said pocketing the syringe...."If you say so.., I'll leave you to rest then.."

"Yes thank you..."Susan said brusquely

Nurse Titi peered her eyes at her before she turned and walked away...

"You shouldn't have talked to her like that.."Henry said closing the room door..

"I don't trust that nurse.."Susan said

"You don't trust anyone..."Henry said walking close to Anita..

"Didn't you see the way she was acting..., she was suspicious.."

"She just wanted to give her pain relief., not kill her.."

"Think Henry.."Susan said.."The reason Anita is here is because of what happened at the station.., if something can happen to her at the station.., something can happen here..."

Anita swallowed, a tear rolled down from her eyes as she tried to free her hand from the handcuff..."God I want to go home.."

Henry jut his chin.., he pitied her and it makes him wonder why bad things happen to good people...."What really happened there..?"

"I was beaten..."Anita said bitterly...."And it's that bastard..."

"Samuel..?"Susan ask

Anita sniffle and more tears rolled down her cheeks, then she nodded..

Susan walked up to her side and hugged her tightly letting her sob in her shoulder...

"We have good news for you.."Henry said...

"The mako company reached out to us.."Susan said seperating from the hug...."They want to hear your own side of the story.."

"What..., are you serious..?"Anita ask

"Yes.."Susan said, a smile playing on her lips..."We were even surprised.., they were looking for you and they saw me.."

"Why didn't you tell them I'm arrested by that bastard.."

"I did.."Susan said..."They told me they'll let the police know you'll be going to meet them.."

"Is that true.., when am I going there..?"

"Today..., by 10am.."

"What's the time now..?"Anita ask, a smile playing on her lips, a little joy in a prime of torture..

"It's past 4 already.."

"I hope they take everything away from that bastard.."Anita sneer as her head revisit the painful memories.., from getting arrested to meeting Samuel and then beaten and brought to the hospital .....

"This is the opportunity we've been waiting for.."Susan said..."You're going to tell everyone who Samuel really is.., a thief and a monster who preys on innocent people..."

Furiously, Nurse Titi slammed the door behind her and threw the syringe on her desk...

"Stupid stupid stupid girl..."She sneer pacing about in the small office..

She bit her lips almost hard that she felt the pain that came with it when her phone began to ring.., she grabbed her bag, ransacked it before she finally got her hands on the phone...., she hissed realising it was Festus calling..., she hesitated a bit before she answered the call..

"Why haven't you been answering your call..?"Samuel's angry voice sounded.....

A ball of resentment stamped on her face as her head brood over his threat...

"Is it done..?"Samuel ask from the other end..

Nurse Titi exhale, turn around to face the door before answering him..."I was interrupted...."

"What do you mean you were interrupted...?"Samuel yelled..."Are you saying it's not done yet.."

"Yeah that's what I mean.."Nurse Titi blare out, her voice carrying a thread of anger that collides with her need to save her dignity...."Her friend came and stopped me.."

"Are you a fool...?"Samuel said brusquely..."I thought you were a nurse.."

"You're not here okay.."Nurse Titi fling back frowning her face at the insult..."Her friend already suspects me, I insisted on giving her the injection and then she woke up and told me she don't need any injections..."

"And you just left her like that.., what kind of a nurse are you...?"Samuel yelled.

"I tried my best.."

"You think that's your best..?"Samuel said.."Well see how I try my best in ruining your life.., happy seeing your nudes online.."

Cold sweat sheen down her chin and before she could open her mouth to say another word.., the call dropped dead.., furious, she dialled the number again..

"What is it..?"Festus voice came this time..

"Festus.."Nurse Titi said recognising the voice....."Give the phone to him.."

"You already messed up Titi.."Festus said

Nurse Titi grit almost biting the bottom of her lip again..."Just tell him to give me one more chance okay...., it's almost five.., I might do something before the sun sets.."

"Well Titi, whatever you need do to make that girl mad, do it quick.., time is not in our hands.."

"I heard you..."She retorted and ended the call before she sat down to catch her breathe but her anger took over and with that she fell everything on the table...

"I'll ruin you bastard.."She sneer with great hatred...

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Re: PLAGIARIZED (The Story Was Just The Beginning) by Silver1996(m): 5:54pm On Aug 02


Samuel's ringing tone went off like a buzzer snake waking him up from his thoughts..., he wipe his eyes, pick his phone up and look at the caller..., his eyes went wide realising it was Mr Smith from the company that was calling..., he hesitated a bit knowing fully Well the call must be about bad news....

"Mr Smith, good morning sir.."Samuel said the moment he answered the call...

"Mr Samuel..."Mr Smith voice trail slowly......"We'll be meeting you in a board meeting by 10AM.., Anita has been found and the board has scheduled a meeting by 10AM with her so we can trash this trending issue of plagiarism once and for all..."

Samuel's heart pounded and quickly he stood up from the couch when he couldn't bear the feeling anymore.., the fear of loosing everything he has to Anita sits on him like a pillow over his mouth and nose.., enough air gets by allowing his body to be partially functioning...but it seems crippling....

"Well sir.."He said, his mouth shaking with the weight that comes with the fear lingering inside him..."I have an appointment at that time sir.."

"You'll have to cancel any appointment you have Mr Samuel.."Mr Smith voice came again..."Failure to comply to this simple request.., the board will take an automatic legal action against you and trust me, you wouldn't want that..., see you at 10"

Samuel collapse on the chair the moment the call dropped dead, the crippling fear making his legs weak and his heart ache....

"I heard you talking to someone.."Festus said entering the room with a slice of bread in his hand..."Who called..?"

"They're going to meet her by 10 and they want me to be there..."Samuel said, his voice rumbling low than he could have imagined..

"Meet who.., Anita..?"

"Yes.."He replied looking downcast...."I can't let them meet her, if she goes there and tell them everything..., I'll be damned.."

In the wash of the new light, Anita's face takes on the appearance of an old photograph handcuffed to the hospital bed iron, The curtains add an orange glow to the morning light, every morning was once a perfect sunrise to her but this day was different, this is a day she has vowed never to forget, a day that will always be on her diary and a day she wished she makes things right and let the bastard pay...

"Didn't you sleep...?"She ask Susan who was shutting the blind to cover the sun from entering her eyes..

"How could I.."Susan said rubbing the dizziness from her eyes with the back of her arms....

"Henry isn't back yet..?"Anita ask wanting to straightened her hand but the handcuff pulled her back and she grunt...

"Is it hurting your hand..?"Susan ask..."I mean the handcuffs..."

Anita inhale deeply, look around and turn to face Susan again...."I've been waiting for this sunlight..., I hope it bring forth good news at the end..."

Susan sigh and with folded arms, she trot towards Anita and sat on the bed with her..."We'll win this.., I believe in you..."

"Who knows what he must have told them.."

"Who knows whose story they'll believe...."Susan said but quickly spun around to face the door when it opened..

"The police is here.."Henry said from the door...."And they're coming this way..."

"The police...!"Anita ask, the fear of what they might do making her shudder..."The police are taking me there..?"

"I thought the company were going to send someone to pick you up.."Susan said

"I can't go with the police..."Anita said gently.."They could be planning something..."

Susan fused her focus on the door the moment she heard approaching footsteps.., it didn't take more than a minute before three policemen including the annoying one they had meant at the station appeared at the door...

Sergeant Owen locked eyes with Susan upon recognition, his hand brush his small pistol strap to the gun jacket on his waist before he wore a hellishly mean glare on his face.....

Susan reciprocated the look in attempt of sending back the message that comes with the look...she's not scared of him..

"Take her..."Sergeant Owen said to the two other policemen...

The two corporal wasted no time in walking towards Anita who tried to run forgetting she was handcuffed to the bed..

"Where are you taking her to..?"Susan dared to ask as Anita was uncuffed and rough handling dragged from the bed not minding the bandage on her forehead....

Sergeant Owen stare daggers at her in the name of pissing her off even more, then he turn around to leave as the two other policemen dragged Anita out...

"Let me go..."Anita struggled with them but it was useless

"You're not taking her away..."Susan said running to stop in front of them....."She's not a criminal..."

A flash of annoyance sparked in Sergeant Owen eyes but he didn't react to it the moment he noticed people were beginning to gather around....

"What is the meaning of this...?"A voice chime in few steps away from them....

"Doctor Bright.."Henry mutter the moment he recognised the man.., he quickly walk pass the policemen to meet the doctor...

"What is going on here..?"Doctor Bright asked again stopping in their front.., he took a minute to look at Anita whose tears were dropping from her eyes.., annoyed he averted his eyes to sergeant Owen..

"Sergeant Owen.."Sergeant Owen said showing him his ID...."This girl is in our custody and she was brought in here last night because she got into a fight with her cell mate, a fight she didn't win and now I've come to take her back..."

"With the bandage on her head..?"Doctor Bright ask...."I can't let you take her away like that...., not in this condition.."

Sergeant Owen scoffs..."We aren't going back to the station Doctor..., I was given an instruction to take her to mako company for questioning.."

"Wherever you're taking her, she's not going in this condition.."Doctor Bright retorted..

"I'm not taking permission from you Doctor...."Sergeant Owen said..."The bills has been settled already by the company.., so do yourself a favour by stepping out of the way.."

"You talk as if she's some common criminal..."

"But that's what she is.., a common criminal..."Sergeant Owen sneer..., a no gooder who tells lies to defame people..., so Doctor, step out of the way.."

Doctor Bright glance at Anita's face then Susan who was shaking her head before he reverts them back to Sergeant Owen....

"No.."The doctor said after much silence..."She's my patient and I decide when she's been discharged and when she's not.., but if you still insist on dragging her out of here.., then I'll have to take legal action..., trust me, we don't want to take that route.."

Anita breathes stuttered as she saw the glares that were been exchanged between the doctor and the policeman, deep down she knew the policemen aren't going to take her to the company, they work for Samuel and the doctor can't keep her safe in the hospital either...., she glanced at Susan then at Henry and quickly let her brain revisit the discussion she had with Susan earlier and now she's finally decided to act on it.., she didn't wait for any more words from the policeman and the doctor before she shut her eyes.., loosen herself and slumped freely to the ground....

Doctor Owen and other nurses around quickly rushed at her...

"Oh God.."Doctor Owen mutter lifting Anita up..."I think she fainted..., take her back to the room.."

The constables looked at Sergeant Owen, when he gave the order, they carried her up and rushed her back to the room..

"Everybody out of the room...."Doctor Bright said taking taking an injection from a first aid box one of the nurses was carrying..., he took Anita's hand and quickly injected it in her body..., after he empty it, he dropped it back in the box...

"You all should leave.."He reiterated when he noticed people were still standing..

"I should stay with her.."Susan said before she motioned Henry to leave with the policemen and the other nurses..., then she shut the door after she was sure they were a bit far from earshot....

The doctor quickly look back at Anita, he touch her arm, then her chin before he opened his mouth to talk..."You can open your eyes now.."

Anita didn't waste time before she opened her eyes...

"Why did you pretend to have fainted..?"Doctor Bright ask curiously...

"Help me..."Anita said with pants breathe..

"Those policemen are up to no good.."Susan chime in as she step forward..."They work for the person who put her here.."

"Aren't you the girl that made that video of your story been plagiarised...?"Doctor Bright ask..

"Yes..."Anita said...

"The company that rewarded the guy who stole her story wants to talk to her.."Susan chime in.."This is her only chance to say the truth and take back what's hers..."

"But you can't go in this condition, you're burning up.., that's why I gave you that injection.."

"This is my only chance Doctor..."Anita said.."Please help me get out of here..."

Sergeant Owen pace around the police vehicle.., he glance at his time again, it was 8:23AM just an hour and some minutes to the meeting time...., he sigh when his phone vibrated in his pocket, he took it out, glance at his sides to make sure no one was looking at him before he answered the call...

"I'm at the hospital.."Sergeant Owen said when the call connected

"She's still there..?"Samuel ask with anxious voice..

"Yes..., she fainted when we were taking her out.. "

"And you left her..."Samuel shouted from the other end.."Mr Owen there's no time.., she must be stopped.., it could be she faked her fainting..."

"Yeah you're right.."Sergeant Owen said.."I've been waiting outside for more than thirty minutes now.., I'm going in.."

"Please keep the phone connected.., I want to hear her voice to be sure she's still there.."

Without a reply, Sergeant dropped the still connected phone in his pocket, called the two other policemen and together they walked into the corridor again...

"Hurry up.."Sergeant Owen shouted hastening up his feet.., he finally got there and with frown lines in his face, he turn down the door knob...., the shock of seeing an empty bed pushed him aback....

"Where is she..?"He furiously ask a nurse passing by..

"I don't know.."The nurse replied shifting back to fray from Sergeant Owen's fury...

Furious, he took his phone out from his pocket and took it to his ears..."She's not here but I'm going to find her..."He said and ended the call before Samuel could reply.., Anita took him for a fool and it angered him.., he quickly scroll to the contact on his phone and dialled a number...

"Sergeant.."A voice said from the other end when the call connected..

"Look out for two girls especially the one that made that video of her story been plagiarised..., she escaped from our custody, she's now a criminal, treat her as one..., pass the information to the rest.."

He ended the call and turn to face the other two constables....."One of you find me the damn doctor......"

Nurse Titi stopped walking only to look back.., she took a deep breathe noticing how far she had walked from the hospital premises..., she dropped her bag from her shoulder and ransacked inside, when she saw the syringe she's looking for, she took it out, look at it a bit before she dropped it on the floor and smashed it with her shoe...

"Good riddance to bad rubbish..."She sneered..

PLAGIARIZED....Next Episode dropping soon

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Re: PLAGIARIZED (The Story Was Just The Beginning) by Silver1996(m): 5:58pm On Aug 02
Thanks for the double updates.

I feel the police woman told Susan what transpired and she just almost caught nurse Titi in the act.

This Samuel of a boy na terrorist ooo

Shey na now Success wan grow conscience
We dey wait for more oga Silver
Thanks bro
Re: PLAGIARIZED (The Story Was Just The Beginning) by Silver1996(m): 5:58pm On Aug 02
Samuel is a real devil, I pray his plans backfire on him, how can someone be so wicked to the extent of making another person mad after stealing from her.

People are wicked I swear.

Thanks for the update silver, you robbed me of my sleep because I was trying to meet up to date, pls next episode
Thanks bro

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