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THE BACHELORS.(Sex was only the beginning)-18+ / In The Billionaire's Bed By Wunmiade16 Is A Plagiarized Work / Agent Peter - Season 1: RACHEL(The Beginning) (2) (3) (4)

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Re: PLAGIARIZED (The Story Was Just The Beginning) by shakibell(f): 5:31pm On Jul 14
festus the devil wetin u no work fr u wan chop
Re: PLAGIARIZED (The Story Was Just The Beginning) by Lakesc(m): 6:06pm On Jul 14
Thanks op.. Festus is something else, killing anita is the only idea his small head can come up with...
Re: PLAGIARIZED (The Story Was Just The Beginning) by Khriztarl(f): 8:59pm On Jul 14
Festus festus. Olodo rapata.. Don't you think that killing anita would raise more questions?
Tamara is still on NL..
anita had followers..
anita has a crazy best friend..
the matter wouldn't just die like that..
people would say u killed her to save your name..
you'd be jailed for murder, with nothing.. No money, no house, just poverty and shame..
you trully don't have sense.
Re: PLAGIARIZED (The Story Was Just The Beginning) by Thebigdream: 12:06am On Jul 15
Festus is one stupid guy, killing her will only make issues worst ode
Re: PLAGIARIZED (The Story Was Just The Beginning) by enirock(m): 12:47am On Jul 15
please is Tamara a book, and if yes, can someone please help me with the link

Shit is about to hit the fan (abi e Don hit an already?)
Festus ur own don stew.

Thanks Silver

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Re: PLAGIARIZED (The Story Was Just The Beginning) by Ann2012(f): 8:11am On Jul 15
Sha sha sha.....shame on you Samuel and Festus
This is just the beginning, Susan and Anita won't let you go easily tongue

Thanks for the update boss
Re: PLAGIARIZED (The Story Was Just The Beginning) by skubido(m): 8:35am On Jul 15
Oya, make the war start ooooo.

Anita and Susan am behind you guys, we gonna fight it to the End ooooo

SAY NO TO PLAGIARISM................

Silver baba, u too much, Jah bless ya hand work.
Re: PLAGIARIZED (The Story Was Just The Beginning) by Khriztarl(f): 8:48am On Jul 15
Millieademi. Comman seat with us.
Re: PLAGIARIZED (The Story Was Just The Beginning) by purity23(f): 8:58am On Jul 15
Festus God will punish you for this stupid idea, I pray Samuel lose everything

Thanks for the update sir
Re: PLAGIARIZED (The Story Was Just The Beginning) by Andrew13: 10:32am On Jul 15
Festus na mad man cheesy nice story silver, keep it up
Re: PLAGIARIZED (The Story Was Just The Beginning) by JerryOJerry6429: 12:25pm On Jul 15
Samuel will be making a very big mistake if he listens to Festus, killing her will make things complicated for them, if he has sense he should try and meet Anita and give her part of the money

Thanks for the update
Re: PLAGIARIZED (The Story Was Just The Beginning) by egwolopretty: 6:09pm On Jul 15
Festus God will punish you for this stupid idea, I pray Samuel lose everything

Thanks for the update sir
Don't stress over the idioy dear , Anita will definitely take everything
Re: PLAGIARIZED (The Story Was Just The Beginning) by Ibroslank(m): 7:55pm On Jul 15
I suggest he give her to shut her up period
Re: PLAGIARIZED (The Story Was Just The Beginning) by Ibroslank(m): 7:57pm On Jul 15
I suggest he give 20,000,000 her to shut her up period
Re: PLAGIARIZED (The Story Was Just The Beginning) by Mantee(m): 7:02am On Jul 16
Festus festus. Olodo rapata.. Don't you think that killing anita would raise more questions?
Tamara is still on NL..
anita had followers..
anita has a crazy best friend..
the matter wouldn't just die like that..
people would say u killed her to save your name..
you'd be jailed for murder, with nothing.. No money, no house, just poverty and shame..
you trully don't have sense.

My friend softly softly talk am oo. You know what Silver1999 can do. Killing is legendary in his stories cool. Just pray Anita does not die here oooo grin.
Anyway his stories are one of the best on Nairaland especially the KINGS series.
Re: PLAGIARIZED (The Story Was Just The Beginning) by mhizv(f): 7:58am On Jul 16

My friend softly softly talk am oo. You know what Silver1999 can do. Killing is legendary in his stories cool. Just pray Anita does not die here oooo grin.
Anyway his stories are one of the best on Nairaland especially the KINGS series.

Exactly what I've been thinking.
I'd just wake up one morning and see he has killed Anita.

Whenever bi read his stories I don't get too attached to characters cos at the end he'd kill your fav
Re: PLAGIARIZED (The Story Was Just The Beginning) by OPC90(m): 10:43am On Jul 16
He who fetches an ant infested firewood should be ready for the visit of the lizard...

One thing in life is to have a plan A and B even C when needed...

I guess Samuel was surprised because he thought he was ready.

Samuel you can forget the fame and leave the country as soon as possible.

Or you end up in the streets or far worse like my Niggar Husppupi
Re: PLAGIARIZED (The Story Was Just The Beginning) by Silver1996(m): 11:44pm On Jul 17
EPISODE TITLE- The informant

Anita grab her softest sweater, her favourite, and ball it up before she shift to the edge of the wall and sat down, She was limping, expression that was smooth only 52 hours ago was now faltering and uneven. Her ponytail hair was now ragged, loose hair falling over her features that contorted with effort. On her feet were only socks and her eyes were as they had been years ago when she knew her beloved grandfather was no longer in this world......, she feel down, trying to remember how to breathe, unable to speak, totally stunned as what happened bounces around inside her skull...., someone submitted her story and he's already making millions from it..., that was her sweat.., her labour, she remenber the sleepless nights she spent writing an episode to post on nairaland, and then someone from nowhere is now reaping the fruits of her labour...

She stood up from the bed as her head burn with conflicting questions and answers, she sat down on a chair, pick up the half sachet of water and gulp everything down..., if only the cold chill of water down her throat can take her out from her state of quandary..., she was totally confused, bombast with the ideas of whether to give up fighting or continue fighting for what rightfully belongs to her as Susan had suggested....

She folded her hands wondering the outcome of their action.., where the video will go is what she doesn't know, the video is already trending, sometimes she feels guilty, feels she did the wrong thing, she didn't submit the story even when Henry ask her to, she was adamant, never thought she'll win..., she belittle herself too much and this was a way fate was punishing her for been so stupid....

Samuel eyed the liquid and the golden glow of the bottle. he poked it with his fingertips to hear the ding ding sound in the tiresome silence, Wrapping his fingers around the glass, he felt his heat leach into the drink. Alcohol. The now elixir of his life, he raised the bottle to sip, feeling the keen burn on his tongue and throat..., A sour and vile taste slipped into his mouth, nullifying him, stealing away reality in favour of fantasy, he came to lust after it like no other, the strong tonic becoming his only cure but deep down, he knows it isn't helping....

"Are you going to continue drinking..?"Festus ask getting up from the chair with the intentions of meeting him to collect the bottle but instead he took another bottle of beer from the fridge...

Samuel swirled the beer in the bottle before he raised his face to look at Festus....

"You should know drinking won't solve anything...."Festus said sitting down again..

"If you had suggest something I won't be drinking, would I...?"Samuel ask before he took another gulp down of the bottle of beer..

"I did suggest something...."

"You said we should kill her, are you crazy, if we kill her, it'll look as if she's telling the truth and I killed her to shut her up.."

"But...."Festus dragged between his teeth..."She's telling the truth.."

Samuel hissed..."The truth is what I say.."

"And how are you going to do that, by drinking...?..., drinking won't give you ideas..."

"Have you done what I told you..?"Samuel ask

"What did you tell me..?"

"You're giving me headache man, didn't I tell you to find where she stays.."

"And what will you do, if you find out where she stay.., are you going to kill her..?"

"No..."Samuel said with a thread of anger that went beyond his need for alcohol..."I'm going to make her suffer that she'll wish death takes her..."

"Mmm..."Festus murmur..."I'm loving the sound of that already.., so what's the plan...?"

Samuel didn't reply, instead he shift his gaze to the bottle, eyed it a bit and just when he was about taking it to his mouth, a knock came on the door...
Festus exchange glance with Samuel before he stood up and trot towards the curtains.., he looked out from the window only to see the gate man ...

"It's Joseph..."Festus mutter turning back to face Samuel

Samuel didn't say a word, instead he raise the alcohol to his mouth and allow the liquid settled down in his stomach.., The beer turns down the volume in his thoughts, It brought to him memories of good times past, and he let himself dwell in them rather than think and in that moment he was here and not, existing in two perfect moments. Somehow it steadies him, gives him the resolve to go on....

"Oga Joseph what do you want...?"Festus ask from the window

"Person dey gate dey find ona...?"Joseph said in pidgin

"Who..?"Festus ask

"Na one girl o, she say make I tell oga say she get information wen go sweet han, she say she know the girl wen dem dey call Anita so, the girl wen do video for er..ternet.."

Shocked, Samuel look at Festus way before he stood up and rushed towards the door.., he didn't hesitate before he opened the door...

"Where is she..?"Samuel asked immediately........

"She dey for gate..."

"Send her in.."Samuel said

The gateman didn't hesitate before he rushed towards the gate..

"Are you allowing her in...?"Festus ask

"Didn't you hear what he said.., she knows that useless girl..."

"What if it's the girl..?"

Samuel ignore her and fused his gaze on the girl that walked past his gateman, from afar, she was pretty, as she drew closer he lock his gaze with her.., disregarding his current situation, he continued to stare at her wild-eyed, as a damned soul in purgatory might look at Satan passing in regal splendour through the seventy times sevenfold circles of hell...

Festus mouth dropped as he stood beside to look at her as she waltzed on with an effortless saunter. The clicking of her heels adding rhythm to the soft classical confusion that was playing without pause in his head.....

"From the way you two are looking at me.., I might trip..."She said almost wilting under their gaze but instead she manage a smile..., her smile extending to every corner of her mouth...

Samuel tried to ignore her beauty, she is with the makeup and glowing skin but he couldn't so he let his eyes devour a bit of her before he knocked himself from his euphoric lust.....

"I heard you've some information for me....?"Samuel said not bothering to give her the courtesy of inviting her inside...

"Yes.."She replied maintaining her smile..."As a matter of fact the subject of the info is my friend.."

"You mean the girl who claims I stole her story...?"Samuel ask

"Yes.."She said

"What's your name....?"Festus chime in

She smile before the word leap out from her

"What's the information you have for me..?"Samuel ask immediately

"Aren't you going to invite me in..?"Success ask with a wide smile playing on her lips..

Samuel hesitated a bit before he opened his mouth to talk.."No..., you ought to know people like us don't entertain strangers..., for security purpose.."

Success pout and glance around before she focus her gaze on Samuel again..."Now that won't be gentlemanly, would it..., I've heard and seen so much about you, as a matter of fact, I'm a top fan, this isn't the kind of report you want me to take home, is it...?"

Samuel shrugged considering whether to let her in or not, she could have bad intentions and he was already in so much problem and totally unsettled to manage another nonsense..

"Let's just let her in.."Festus whispered in his ears...

"Your info better be worth my time.."Samuel retorted, look at her a bit before he walked into the house..

"Shall we..?"Festus ask Success who smiled and walked in with him...

Success wowed at the structures of the house, , the house was welcoming from every angle, though the floor was an old-fashioned parquet with a blend of deep homely browns and the walls were the greens of summer gardens meeting a bold white baseboard. The banister was a twirl of a branch, tamed by the carpenter's hand, it's grain flowing as water might, in waves of comforting woodland hues..., she let her eyes wander around taking note if every detail, ths house was indeed made with love..that's first sure..

"Hello..."Samuel snap jolting Success from her thoughts

Success manage a smile as she brood over the numbers of times she has come to see him but was refused entrance.., when she saw the video Anita made she took it as an opportunity and here she is standing in the house of the millionaire she had always fatasize about and now that she's manage to get in.., there's no getting out not until she leaves a mark.., a dangerous wealthy mark....

"Hi..."She riposte, tossing a strap of her long weavon hair aside...

Samuel gritted, her sight was getting him furious, his name is already in the mud and if his so called informant has nothing to report but waste his time.

"Your house is beautiful...."Success chime into his thoughts..

"Please sit.."Festus said motioning her to a chair..

"Thank you.."She replied before she sat across them...

"Now do you want to talk what the hell you're doing in my house...?"Samuel queried

Success almost frown at the statement but she kept her smiling face...."I know her.."

"Know who..?"Samuel ask immediately


"You've said that before.."Samuel said..."Did she send you here..?"

"No.."She replied..."I came of my own accord.."

"Why did you come..?"Samuel ask curiously wondering what her game plan is...."I bet you didn't just come here to tell me you know her.."

"I didn't just come here to tell you that.."

"Then why are you here....?"Samuel queried, sneak in a deep breathe before he continued.."Do you know I can get you arrested for conniving with that liar that's so keen in ruining my reputation....."

"Did you write the story..?"Success ask

Samuel grunts and reclined his back on the chair..
"Is that why you're here...?"Festus chime in.."To know if he wrote the story.."

"I'm just asking.."

"Your question is stupid.."Samuel retorted..."If you have nothing else to say then I'll have no choice but to call security to throw you out.., everyone knows I wrote that story...."

"I'm not arguing that with you..., I was just curious because Anita has a similar story on nairaland.."

"Then she's the thief who stole my story and she dare turn it around....all for what.., to sour my name just because I'm rich...."

"If you're her friend.."Festus chime in.."Where is she staying..?"

Success sigh but didn't reply..

"If you have no answer to that then I guess our discussion is over, get the hell out of my house just the way you came in.."Samuel said brusquely....

"Now.."Samuel hollered when she gave no reply..

"Fine.."Success said.. "I'll tell you where she lives.."

Sorry for the late update


Re: PLAGIARIZED (The Story Was Just The Beginning) by enirock(m): 12:06am On Jul 18
leaving a dangerous wealthy mark??
Na this kind friends my mama warn me to avoid. Them go throw you under bus just to make wealth and fame.

Thanks Silver

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Re: PLAGIARIZED (The Story Was Just The Beginning) by skubido(m): 7:26am On Jul 18
Success no go ever change

Thanks for the update man
Re: PLAGIARIZED (The Story Was Just The Beginning) by Ann2012(f): 8:48am On Jul 18
Once Success says anything about Anita, make she just get accident on her way home....shikena
Can Samuel and Festus start suffering already?

Thanks for the update Boss
Re: PLAGIARIZED (The Story Was Just The Beginning) by damis28crown(f): 9:30am On Jul 18
kaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii humanbeings
Re: PLAGIARIZED (The Story Was Just The Beginning) by Lakesc(m): 10:03am On Jul 18
Success aint loyal at all.. Thanks op
Re: PLAGIARIZED (The Story Was Just The Beginning) by Andrew13: 12:22pm On Jul 18
Some people are just human beans angry
Re: PLAGIARIZED (The Story Was Just The Beginning) by Zara20(f): 12:25pm On Jul 18
na wao, human being sef...silver u r doing a gr8 job. Kudos
Re: PLAGIARIZED (The Story Was Just The Beginning) by Khriztarl(f): 1:07pm On Jul 18
When my mummy said keep them at arms length, i didn't understand. Then, i met success.


Re: PLAGIARIZED (The Story Was Just The Beginning) by purity23(f): 8:33pm On Jul 18
Can Succedd just die on her way home, God forbid these kind of friends


Re: PLAGIARIZED (The Story Was Just The Beginning) by Adekunlated: 9:47pm On Jul 18
This is getting interesting, let's see how it plays out

Thanks for the update
Re: PLAGIARIZED (The Story Was Just The Beginning) by Thebigdream: 11:07pm On Jul 19
Thanks for the update
Re: PLAGIARIZED (The Story Was Just The Beginning) by Silver1996(m): 1:02am On Jul 21
EPISODE TITLE- Have a rough bitter day

Anita's heart twisted and sunk with nerves as she rewatched the video she had made herself for the number of time she can't remember, her breathe came in sharp pants as she tried to gain control over her thoughts but everytime she look up at her phone to watch her own video, that guilt, that guilt she shouldn't be feeling came pouring it's dirty venom in her head.., he stole her story and took it as his, she only exposed him, why is she feeling this way, why is she feeling like she doesn't deserve what he got....

She let out a slow breathe knowing fully well she could drown in the air, probably suffocate in the chlorinated speed of her thoughts...., the guilt was placating, frustrating.....

She quickly dropped the phone on the table, grab her towel and stepped into the shower to turn down the volume in her head, her mind is in shreds, she will never get the fact that someone stole her hardwork and is making millions from it out of her head, she did what she ought to do but why the guilt, the water pours down, it drips by her side, as her mind fades into dullness and everything became a foggy illusion..., the water calmed her atleast for the moment until it was over and she dressed up and slumped into the bed, she lay there as her mind swirl reliving that moment she got the information that her story has been plagiarised...

She sprung up with conflicting thoughts from the bed the moment she heard voices outside, then the door creak and Susan came into sight followed by Henry who was holding a nilon slightly behind him....
"Welcome.."Anita said barely opening her mouth..

"You won't believe it.."Susan blare out rushing to her side to show her phone...."People are already supporting us.."

Anita ignored her thoughts and prop her eyes at the comments the video was carrying, this is one moment when she felt like the world was slowly disappearing in front of her, or maybe it's just her who was fading away......

"I honestly don't think this can resolve anything..."Henry chime in dropping the nilon he's carrying on the table...."The guy is still living his life despite all the shades people have been throwing at him.."

"Well he may not be worried now but I assure you he will when we're done with him.."Said Susan leaving her phone with Anita....

"He's a celebrity now.."Henry riposte.."That is something you're failing to realise..., he already made the money, as far as he's concern, this video means nothing..."

"Have you noticed the traffic the video is carrying...?"Susan ask pointing at her phone..."People will troll him and the company that offered him the prize will have no option but to investigate because they wouldn't want to ruin the reputation they've built for themselves..."

"Is that possible..?"Anita ask finally taking off her eyes from the video in Susan's phone...

"The trolling..?"

"No the investigation.."Anita corrected, her voice coming out loud than she thought.."You said the company will have no choice but to investigate.."

"Yes.."Susan replied with a shrugged..."I looked into the company and I found out they're solely against plagiarism..., so yes I think it's possible they'll investigate.."

"Samuel lied about the story be his.."Henry cut in.."Why do you think he can't lie again by telling them Anita is just trying to defame him.."

"Oh yes he'll say that.."Susan said tilting her h
ead forward..."Who ever said this is going to be easy.., we're going to continue exposing his ass until this whole thing becomes too hot for him.."

"What are you planning on doing next..?"Henry ask curiously

"I'm going to print fliers to expose him of plagiarism..."Said Susan

"Susan that will be extreme.."

"Extreme..!"Susan reiterated ..."Didn't you see what he did.., he stole Anita's story and now he's making millions of naira from it and you call my simple act of taking back what rightfully belong to my friend extreme..."

Henry gritted, he knows fully well no matter what he says or do, it won't make any difference when it comes to Susan, he meant her 7 months ago in a cafe shop, she was there to find out if her name was out for an empowerment programme, she had solicited for his help that day, he's the type that doesn't believe on love at first sight, to him it's silly but that moment he saw Susan, right there he knew hell8be going against the protocols guilding him, he started with the friend zone, for five months he was there all the while studying her, knowing more and learning things about her and he finally arrived at a conclusion she's for him, she's selfless, respectful but can be wild when pushed beyond her breaking point and that one feature he loves about her, a woman can stand and defend herself anytime, anyway, anywhere, the kind if woman you know will always stand by you through thick, tough and rough....

"You know I don't mean it that way.."Henry finally said after giving her enough time to calm her nerves..

"Well however you mean it, it's not helping Henry.."Susan riposte..."This guy stole Anita's story, he made millions and couldn't even deem it fit to give a little reward to the author of the story..., he's an animal and he needs to be tamed.."

"And who's going to take him.., you..?"Henry ask

"Yes me..."Susan blare out

"Please stop.."Anita chime with a voice that carry more strength than the guilt she was feeling.. "Both of you stop it okay..., Henry is right, there's nothing we can do, maybe we should just leave him...

"Leave what..?"Susan queried immediately..."What are you saying Ani.., you seem to be forgetting what he did.., he stole your story..

"I know.."Anita cut in.., she took a pause to watch a breathe before she continued..."Look, I've thought about this over and over.., I made the mistake, if I had known I'll be winning the grand prize, I would have definitely submit a story but I didn't, and I don't think I've any right to take back what I never contested for.."

"Anita he stole your story.."Susan blare out.."That's what you should be thinking.., he stole your story and now he's enjoying millions of naira, you laboured and now enjoying the sumptuous harvest...., even if you didn't submit a story, that doesn't give him the right, the audacity to steal your story.., he needs to return every dine he has made with that story because the story isn't his but yours...."

Anita sigh.."But..

"No but Ani., we've started this, we must finish it.., that guy either returns everything or he loses everything.., one of these options must suffice at the end of this race.."

"Which options...?"Henry ask with a shrug.. "What you just said are one of the same..."

"Whichever way you want to put it..."Susan riposte before turning her gaze back to Anita and just when she was about opening her mouth again, a loud knock sounded from the door...

"Who's there..?"Susan yelled wondering why someone will be knocking like that but great shock envelope them when the door was forcefully kick open revealing the faces of four policemen..

Anita's brain stutters for a moment and her eyes take in more light than she expected, every part of her goes on pause while her thoughts catch up..., just then the reality of what is happening occured to her...

"Who's Anita...?"One of the policemen ask in a baritone voice...

"Is there any problem officer.."Henry ask almost with shaky mouth...

"Are you Anita..?"Another policeman ask Henry immediately

"Why are you looking for her..?"Susan queried stepping in front of Anita..

"She's the one.."One of the policemen said pointing at Anita...

"What did she do..?"Henry ask regaining his composure..

"Anita you're under arrest..."The first policeman said as he forcefully pushed Susan aside, another one took out a handcuff and drag Anita's hand to himself ..

"What did I do sir, what did I do..?"Anita cried out as the first policeman wore handcuff in her hand..

"What did she do, why are you arresting her..?"Susan queried trying to fight the policeman's hand from Anita...

"Hey stay tthere..."The policeman yelled pushing Susan backward..

"Why are you arresting her, what did she do...?"Henry queried furiously coming to Susan's defense..

"Hey.."A policeman blare out raising his gun at Henry who shudder at the muzzle of the gun..."Do you want to join him...?"

"What did I do, what did I do...?"Anita cried out as they drag her outside.

Susan and Henry quickly ran after her, Susan tried to stop them as they drag Anita who was resisting out of the compound but all to no avail, she quickly scream for help from the onlooking neighbours but nons came to help instead they bash in gossip and whispers leaving Susan and Henry alone who gave up the moment the police car drove out of the compound in full speed after tossing Anita in the truck of the police car...

Anita fell and clattered on the cemented ground before the policeman close the bars and locked it with a key..

"Officer..."Anita called out quickly getting up to hold the bars..."Officer please, I didn't do anything, I think there has been some mistake, I didn't do anything sir.."

The policeman didn't bother replying before he walked out on her..

"Officer..."Anita shouted after him...."I'm innocent sir.., I didn't do anything sir, I think there's been a misunderstanding, I didn't do anything....."

Her breathe came in gasp the moment she realises her scream and explanation won't do her any good, she sniffle at the bad stench of the place, then she looked around, there she noticed the prison cell was a hollow cube of concrete, one way in, no windows..., The walls were metal rods laid in a criss cross pattern. The stench of sewage was ever-present.., In distance, she could hear the faint sound of water probably dripping from an old dingy drain pipe splashed into a puddle on the floor. In the terrorizing torment, all she could make out were the four iron barred walls that locked her in. In the water dripping silence she sat, back against the cold iron bars, waiting.

Her stomach grumbled, echoing round and round the walls until it faded into nothing and right there a tear dropped from her eyes as her head was still trying to process what really was going on..

She quickly stood up the moment she heard footsteps.., she sneak in pants breathe as she realise it was the same policeman that had locked her up was approaching her..

"Officer I'm innocent, I haven't done anything, officer please..."She pleaded

He ignored her pleads, took out a key and unlock the gate, Anita was feeling jinx for a minute until his baritone voice shattered from bit of happiness from her..

"Follow me.."He ordered dragging her..

"I didn't do anything sir, I didn't do anything.."She pleaded before the policeman opened a door and pushed her in....

She stopped herself from falling and quickly stood erect and rushed to him.....

"I'm innocent sir, please sir, I haven't done anything..."

"Behind you.. "The policeman told her

She didn't understand at first but then she turned and quickly froze in an expression of shock.., for a moment she remained in her shock state as her head try to catch with her thoughts, there it hit her, it's him looking exactly as he look in pictures ...it's the bastard who stole her story...
"Thank you officer, please I need some with her now.."Samuel said flexing his fingers

"It's you..."Anita mutter after several reels of unblinking stare..."You told them to arrest me.."She hollered

Samuel grunts...."Look, I don't have time to waste so I'm going to make this very quick..., I want you to take down that stupid video you made..."

Anita's lips curl as she glared at him with an intensity that could burn through mentals, Susan was right, he's a thief and now that she has seen him, she hates him even more.....

"And how do you propose I do that..?"She queried, her voice carrying a thread of anger and coolness she never thought she had in her..

"By making another video where the you'll say the direct opposite of what you said in the first, you're going to say you lied, that the story isn't yours but mine....

"Why would I do that.."Anita cut in brusquely..."You stole my story and started making millions from it.."
"Fin÷, how much do you want to make another video, 10k, 30k.., how much.?"

"To tell with your money..."Anita latched out as another tear dropped from her eye....."I'll never bring that video down.."

"You don't get it.."Samuel Said.."If you don't do it you'll rot here in prison and I'll make sure you suffer.."

"You're not my God..."Anita said

"Well in this case, I'm your God.., you have two choices laying on the table for you.., take the money I'm offering you and take down that video or be ready to rot here.."

"Are you threatening me..?"Anita queried

"Are you threatening me..?"Samuel fling back..."All my life I've worked so hard, so hard to achieve what I have today and I'm not going to let you take it from me.."

"You stole my work.."Anita hollered

"Bring down that video.."Samuel reiterated..

"Else what...?"Anita quizzed angrily..."You'll make me suffer..., I'm not afraid of you and I'm not bringing that video down.."

Samuel grit bitterly.."Are you really ready to go down this road..., I can assure you it'll be very bad.."

"Like I told you, you're not my God...."

"Well I pray your God saves you from what will befall you if you don't bring down that video in the next 4hours..."

"Is that a threat..?"Anita asked

"Well I guess time will tell.."He said standing up..."Have a rough bitter day..."



Re: PLAGIARIZED (The Story Was Just The Beginning) by lahrra(f): 2:17am On Jul 21
Oga silver thank you. I feel for Anita though.

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Re: PLAGIARIZED (The Story Was Just The Beginning) by skubido(m): 6:43am On Jul 21
Oboi see has Samuel they behave uptop something way be say no b im get ham, the guy get mind ooo, money tinz sha

Pity Anita ooo, know say victory at last sha

Silver baba, u too much, Jah bless ya hand..

Thanks man.more of God

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