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Ferocious (Rated 18 For Sex, Nudity, Violence And Gore)) / Jane's dilemma(A short story about love and double-dating)by Onojeta Grace / Tochi's Dilemma (2) (3) (4)

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Sugar Mummy Dilemma(rated 18). by MichaelDaniel10(m): 12:19pm On May 17
Sugar mummy Dilemma(RATED 18).

This story belongs to Azimih Michael Daniel and of course this story is purely fictional and any similarities with existing persons or situations are purely conincidental

No part of this story should be posted anywhere without my permission

For more information please contact me on



Or send me a mail on Azimihmichaeldaniel@gmail.com.

To get my previous story please visit:

https://www.nairaland.com/5404958/sides-love (sides of love).

https://www.nairaland.com/4221909/power-money (power of money).

Re: Sugar Mummy Dilemma(rated 18). by MichaelDaniel10(m): 12:20pm On May 17
Episode (1)
(Vibrations of Glk 350 2015 model could be heard from the next town)

Only thing i could think of is to just smash something strong and die instantly.

I want to commit suicide but I can't drink poison or stab my self with a knife,that shit is painful

My life is a total mess and I am trapped in this mess with little or no way to get out.

Just then i saw the most beautiful girl i have ever seen in my life waving at me to stop.

The only think that came to my mind was STOP STOP STOP

Can you imagine.. This is the same mind that convinced me that suicide is the only way out of the mess that I'm in right now...


I reversed to where her car was parked

Got down to check what's wrong

Unknown girl:why were you driving so fast do you want to kill your self?

Don't you have any love ones?

You are mature but I can see you don't act like it

Me:excuse me
I'm just trying to help you ma'am and I can see you don't need my help so I'll just go

As I was about to walk away she grabbed my key that was hooked on my trouser.

Me(surprised) what was that for ?

Her:my back tyre is making some strange noise.

Here is the deal,help me check it out then I will give you back your key

Me: do I have a choice?


Me:wow..let me have my key first

Her: I see you like games too much
First you were playing with your life now you want to play with fire

Me: laughing) please where is the fire?

Her:please help me
I have an appointment.
Okay okay I know you all must be wondering what's going on and I will tell you

Well It all started on December 15 of june 1990 that was the day I was born and my dad just got fired and he got a call from the hospital that his wife my mum gave birth to twins a boy and a girl, in any other family that would have been a great news but the reverse was the case for my family.

There was already 4 boys and two girls before my twin sister and I and from that moment on wards they started seeing us as the devils sent to cause misfortune in the house.

19 years later our eldest brother got married and so did our sister's basically everyone was living from hand to mouth and that was when I decided to make a change, not just for me but for my entire family.

Our Dad was still trying his best at least he was able to pay for our first year in school

We were students of Ambrose Alli university Ekpoma.

That was were the whole thing started.
Re: Sugar Mummy Dilemma(rated 18). by MichaelDaniel10(m): 12:21pm On May 17
Episode (2)

My name is David and my twin sister's name is divine she is my best friend and we stayed in a one bed room apartment in school

I was studying mechanical engineering while my sister is studying medicine and surgery

I did all the odd jobs I could find while I made sure my sister never missed any class.

Fast forward to 300level first semester I went to serve food at a party with a local caterer that was in my area and that was when I met Madam.

She never told me her real name till date and I really don't want to know.

On my way back home home madam stopped me

She was in a black car and I remember it was a benz

The only thing that came to my mind is that she must be working in a very big company or a rich man's daughter or maybe she married a rich man

She looked 35.

Madam:hey young man

Me:good evening ma

Madam:where are you heading to?

Me:don't worry ma,it's walkable

Madam:come on boy don't give me that type of altitude

Me:okay I will stop at the next junction close to the market.

madam: why is a fine gentleman doing that type of job,is the caterer your mum?

Me:laughing) I'm not a fine boy oh,talk less of gentle and I don't think I'm even a man

Her:so if you are not gentle,you are not a man what are you?

Me:I'm a boy,young boy.

Her:what is your name?

Me:my name is David

Her:well you see David I want to introduce you to my business

Me: ah thank you very much ma,God will bless you so much ma
You will never lack

Her:Amen and Amen,let me have your number

Me:ermm ma I don't have a phone for now,the one I was using got stolen in class

Her:okay,here is my card call me around 8pm today and we will fix a date to meet from there.

Me:okay ma,but please ma,what is your name?

Her:just call me madam that is all you need to know for now dear.

Me:okay ma I will call you,please can I stop here?

Her:sure here take this(she gave me two thousand naira) use it for transport when coming tomorrow.

Me:thank you very much ma.

I went home very happy and shared the good news with my sister who was sitting

Out side waiting for me.

Fast forwad to the next day,she asked me to meet her at supreme hotel.

...Hotel room......

It was my first time going to a hotel and also the first time sitting down in a room with air condition.

Her:Dave are you done looking around like some one who just woke up from the land of the dead?

Me:ma this place is amazing



Her:I want you to make love to me




Her:I said I want you to make love to me

Me:I'm sorry ma but I can't, I have to go now

(With that I stood up to go but she went to the door locked it and put the key inside her towel)

Me:ma please I will pay you the two thousand naira back, I can't do this ma I haven't done it before and honestly I'm keeping myself until my marriage day.

Hersadlaughing so hard)so Dave you don't have a girlfriend?

Me:no madam please let me go

Her:calm down boy
Go in there have your bath and come to this bed.

(I thought about what she said and honestly there was nothing to lose, she is beautiful very young and i'm finally going to have sex and it is going to be with someone full of experience)

Her:Dave are you in or out?...

Me:ma I don't.......

Re: Sugar Mummy Dilemma(rated 18). by MichaelDaniel10(m): 12:51pm On May 17
Episode 3&4 by 6pm this evening.
Re: Sugar Mummy Dilemma(rated 18). by MichaelDaniel10(m): 6:25pm On May 17
Episode (3)

Me:ma I don't have a condom

Her: go and have your bath and come back.

..I did as I was told and when I got back she was fully dressed..

MesadI was some how disappointed but I didn't let it show)
Are we going out?

Her:come here silly,i'm going to teach you all about the woman's body.

Mesadoh my God,this is it)
Okay ma

(She taught me how to UnCloth a woman, removed the bra hook and her pant)

Her:now kiss me down there


(She spread her legs very wide but I was still confused)

Where ma?

That was when she directed my head to her Pussy and she taught me how to suck her well and I was a fast learner

I went from the pussy to her boobs then she turned over for me to eat her ass and I did.

She gave me a condom and taught me how to put it on and when I did she directed my dick to her pussy,it was not too tight but it was okay

I went in and out four times and as soon as I started sucking her boobs I just released loads of sperm into the condom and I jumped up and ran straight to the bath room,she was just laughing at me.

I took my bath and as I was about going back to the room she came inside the bathroom and told me to suck her while she was standing and I did that very well that she lost her balance and I had to help her back to the bed and we started fucking again and this time I was longer than the first time,I think I went in and out for 10 minutes and she started shaking and saying she was Cumming and I didn't know what she was saying but it
Triggered me and I came in her pussy it was very much to the point that some of it was rolling out of her pussy and I was afraid she was going to get pregnant and she said relax i'm a big girl,big girls only get pregnant when they want.. What ever that means.

We both slept like that on the bed till it was 7:30 pm
...I woke up and rushed to the bath room to freshen up so I can go home early

Her:where are you rushing to?

Me:I stay with my twin sister and I don't want her to worry about me

Her:okay I would love to drop you at your place but i'm very tired so take this money use it well i'm traveling and I will be back next week Friday so when I call you come over to this hotel it's going to be the same room.

You didn't even ask me how I was going to call you

Me:I was going to buy a used phone when I get home..

Her:you don't have to buy a used phone dear,do you know how to use black berry?

Me:mama no but trust me I will figure it out.

Her:that's my boy.
Come and give me a kiss

...I did what she asked and I went back home and of course my sister asked me where I got the phone from I told her someone I worked for gave it to me as a gift.. I didn't let her see the fifty thousand Naira madam gave me.

As the day goes we started feeding from the money madam gave me but when ever my sister asked where I got money from to buy stuff i'll just say I went for a car washing job after class.

On a faithful Wednesday there was no class for me but my sister
Went to school few hours after she left her friend from church came over to check if she was at home

Ada:Dave please when is divine coming back from school?

Me: I have no idea for now
Hope there is no problem?

Her:no it's just that she missed choir practice last week and I just came to check on her

Oh my God is that black berry?

MesadI started feeling my self)yes it's
do you want a picture?

Her:yes I want,place take me four different ones

Me:that's not a problem dear

I took more than four different pictures of her and started showing her how to operate the phone from there we were sitting close to each other and I kissed her

Her:David what are you doing?
I'm your sister's friend

Me:but she is not here so we are safe and besides it's just a kiss northing more

Her:I don't think we should even kiss at all,please I want to start going

Tell divine I came

MesadI ignored her)

Her:Dave i'm sorry na,oya let me just kiss you just once so we can be friends again
I jumped up and we kissed for close to 3 minutes and I undressed her and started doing magic on her body like madam taught me,I sucked her boobs but didn't suck her pussy.

We made out and I brought my dick and started playing with it close to her pussy but she held it and pushed it in her pussy and I thought she was a virgin.

We bleeped till I was about to cum and I withdrew and pour it all on her stomach(after madam gave me the phone I made research on how to make love to a girl
Without condom.

Just then I heard a voice out side saying David David why did you lock the door?

Me:i'm dead.
Re: Sugar Mummy Dilemma(rated 18). by MichaelDaniel10(m): 6:26pm On May 17
Episode (4)

Divine: David why did you lock everywhere?

Me:I was sleeping and I don't want the light to disturb me

Can you please go and get paracetamol for me in that chemist across the road?

Her:what's wrong with you?

And why is this room smelling somehow?

Me:I don't know and I don't have strength for your questions abeg just go.

..she left and I brought ada out of the basket where we keep our clothes..

Her:are you sure she is gone?

Me:yes,take this 3k for transport
Oya come and be going before she comes

Her:Dave i'm coming back because we need to talk

Me:tomorrow after school meet me at twin hall around 4pm

Her:okay bye..

......she left for her house then I went to have my bath and slept off and didn't go to school the next day because I was tired
Friday ..

I didn't go to school that day because I was happy and ready for my new job

Divine: Dave are you not going to school today?

Me:I can't I have a job to do today,it's house cleaning

Her:you have to be careful Dave,I know we have little or no support from our family and you have been the one trying for us but please try to be more focus in school so that all of your hard work won't be in vain.

Me:I know my little sister

Her:excuse me Mr i'm your age

Me:but I came out before you na

Her:abeg I don't have time for this I'll be late if I continue..

Me: woman this is not over..(i waslaughing at her as she walked away)

Few minutes later ada walked into the room

Me:Ada i'm sorry for not showing up yesterday

Ada: I didn't ask for an explanation David.. Just Bleep me

Me:I can't and you have to understand

Ada:then I guess I will just tell Divine everything

Me:she won't believe you

Her:watch and see

...as she was about going out I block her and started kissing her,I removed her clothes so I could feel every part of her body

She was scenting really good and I couldn't get enough of her so I put her on the bed and suck her pussy and boobs like my life depended on it

As I was about fucking her,she stopped me

Me:what's wrong?

Her: Dave you just took my heart and my body but you are not taking me seriously

Me:and i'm sorry Ada, I don't really know what came over me

Her: let us come out to your sister

Me:as what na?

Her: boyfriend and


Me: Ada but we are not boyfriend and girlfriend na
And honestly I don't want a relationship now and trust me you are the only one i'm having sex with

Her: are you sure?

Me:yes and I have feelings for you but I want to be able to take care of you and my sister so for now no relationship
Let us just be best friends

Her:promise i'm going to be the only one

Me:I promise.

We went back to business and it was not like the first time this one was somehow special.
Re: Sugar Mummy Dilemma(rated 18). by MichaelDaniel10(m): 6:27pm On May 17
Please everyone, I would love to know what you guys think abt the story.
Re: Sugar Mummy Dilemma(rated 18). by Aboks(m): 7:28pm On May 17
You be Kojo tie the rope for your hand jare

Re: Sugar Mummy Dilemma(rated 18). by MichaelDaniel10(m): 7:10pm On May 18
Episode (5)

Supreme hotel...


Madam was taking her bath as usual when she came out she was looking so beautiful and her skin was shining,her fair skin is everything I ever wanted.

Her:looks like someone can't wait to take me

Me:mama I miss you so much

Her:I miss you more my baby boy

But today is not all about sex dear,we have to talk business.

Me:what type of business ma?

Her:well first of all,i'm married


Her:what's the meaning of that?

Me: I never wanted to sleep with a married woman

Hersadlaughing) well baby boy,you have to get used to it now

You see in this life we have to break the rules to survive.

My husband is always out of the country and even when he is around he is always busy with his side chicks and I'm a woman I have needs

Me:but he takes care of you at least if you are no longer happy with him leave the marriage

Her:I will but not now

Me:do you have kids?

Her:yes I have 2 daughters they school in Canada

Me:oh can I see their pictures?

Her:no you can't, your business is with me only and not my family.

Me: you're the boss ma

Her:so I want to upgrade your standard of living,and I want you to introduce me to your sister.

Me:what will I tell her?

Her:you will tell her that I saw you at the car wash and I want to help you and her

Me:but I know my sister she won't believe just like that.

Her:just tell her what I said and leave the rest to me boy

Me:okay if you say so ma

Her:come and massage me

Madam changed Our lives and moved us to a 3 bedroom apartment in school,she bought clothes for divine and I and placed us on monthly allowance of 100k each every month but I always pay the price every Friday and divine never knew about it.

But as they say everyday for the thief one day for the owner.

Ah Dave put it in gently, I don't know why you are so rough today

Don't press my boobs like that

Yes like that,yesss


Yes i'm cumming

Ha David I will marry you and I don't care what anyone will say

Yess yesss





I don't even know who you are anymore...... She left ......
Re: Sugar Mummy Dilemma(rated 18). by MichaelDaniel10(m): 7:11pm On May 18
Episode 6)

Divine:how long has this been going on?

Me:long enough I'm sorry please don't tell mummy
Just forget about it because it won't happen again

Dave so I'm a mistake abi?

Divine: oh shut up you cheap girl,so all this while you have been trowing your self on my brother

.....Ada stoop up naked and was about to slap divine but I blocked it and told her to get dressed.

Me:please leave my house and never come back

Ada:I should leave your house Dave?

Me:please go

Divine: so you don't know the meaning of leave abi?

(Shouting) leave this place ashawooo

After sleeping with half of the brothers in church,it's my own brother you want to date

Please leave here before I call the neighbours

Ada:I will leave but this is not the end

Me:okay get out of this place now.

Ada left the house and we never talked about her again or even talked about anything else for the rest of the day.


Madam:Dave I think it is time I introduce you to my line of work

Me:okay that's good news.

Madam:you will start sleeping with other women for money


Madam:you heard me.

Me:I can't do it ma please

Madam:how is the house,hope the Ac is working fine?

Hope divine is able to read with out disturbance?

Me:yes ma
Everything is fine

Her:and you guys are still sending money home to mama?

Me:yes ma

Her:this opportunity is to increase the flow of milk and honey
And if you refuse the channel will be blocked.

And you know I didn't expect you to accept once
Mesadha God what have I gotten my self into)

Her:and after sex each and everyone of you must collect 500k no more no less


Who is going to pay that much for sex?

Madam: will you shut up your mouth
Who asked you to talk?

Me:but I was(she ordered her bodyguard to slap me)

I just kept quiet and was thinking of running away back to Ekpoma

Her:like I was saying my cut is 300k then you keep the rest

Any questions?

Everyone: no ma.

Her:Good, informations about your clients would be sent to your rooms.

Frank and David follow me to my room.
Re: Sugar Mummy Dilemma(rated 18). by MichaelDaniel10(m): 7:12pm On May 18
Sorry about the errors guys...pls leave a comment below let me know what you think
Re: Sugar Mummy Dilemma(rated 18). by ashatoda: 9:12am On May 19
it's going well just keep up the comments will come. no wahala you are doing well

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Re: Sugar Mummy Dilemma(rated 18). by MichaelDaniel10(m): 3:20pm On May 19
it's going well just keep up the comments will come. no wahala you are doing well

Thank you
Re: Sugar Mummy Dilemma(rated 18). by pclinton: 7:55pm On May 19
you doing great bro,keep it up

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Re: Sugar Mummy Dilemma(rated 18). by MichaelDaniel10(m): 4:42pm On May 21
you doing great bro,keep it up

Thank you
Re: Sugar Mummy Dilemma(rated 18). by Dbeautyy(m): 7:02pm On May 21
Good job. Send down the rain bro. We're waiting

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Re: Sugar Mummy Dilemma(rated 18). by oloyedprince1(m): 5:09pm On May 23

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Re: Sugar Mummy Dilemma(rated 18). by MichaelDaniel10(m): 12:49pm On May 24
Good job. Send down the rain bro. We're waiting

Thank you

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Re: Sugar Mummy Dilemma(rated 18). by MichaelDaniel10(m): 12:50pm On May 24

Thank you
Re: Sugar Mummy Dilemma(rated 18). by MichaelDaniel10(m): 12:50pm On May 24
Episode 7)

Madam went inside her bathroom to bath with frank
I was just on my sit wondering what's going on then they came out 5 minutes later.

Her:Dave go and have your bath
.....I just went to bath without anymore questions

When I came back I met frank seriously fucking madam without condom

Me:ha what is going on here?

....they pretended like I was not there.

Me:madam can you explain to me what is going on?

Hersadshouting) my friend will you sit your ass down and stop asking me foolish questions.

Mesadstammering) but, but this was not part of the plan
(Murmuring to my self)I thought she loved me
What's all this

Her:did you say something Dave?

Me:no ma

Her:I thought as much.

Frank released in her sooner than expected, madam chased him naked out of her room then she asked me to trow his clothes out of the room through the window.

Her:come and suck my pussy Dave

Me:I can't do that,come on
Frank just released his stuff in you

Her:Dave come and suck my pussy now

Me:I didn't sign up for this ma with all due respect

She reached out for her hand bag and motion me toward her pussy.

I went down on her while she was moaning like some one that is possessed.

I went on for close to an hour she came twice after the last one she slept off holding her gun..

I just sat down on the floor crying and wishing I wasn't born into this world.

I cried my eyes out and I almost took the gun to kill madam and then shoot my self but the thought of my twin sister came to my mind
And that of my parents.

I was so lost that I didn't know when I slept off.


Madam:baby wake up


Baby please wake up

Me:don't call me your baby
If I was your baby you wouldn't have treated me the way you did

Her:I was training you Dave
I don't want you to get personal feelings attached to the job

Me:but you are not a job to me
I love you

Her:what did you say?

Me:I said I love you

.......she was silent for a while.....

Her:please get your stuff and leave,the guards will take you to your personal room.

With that she left the room.

They took me to my own room and days turned into weeks and weeks into months I was still in Abuja my sister has been calling but I don't get to talk to her unless madam sends my phone
She told her different lies and was still sending her money for upkeep and the rest.

They taught me a lot about the job and all and with time I was ready for my first job and it was a senator's wife.
Re: Sugar Mummy Dilemma(rated 18). by MichaelDaniel10(m): 12:53pm On May 24
Episode cool

It was 9:30pm I heard a soft knock on my room door and I went to open the door it was madam

I haven't seen her since she sent me out of her room months ago after I said I love her.

She only pass the necessary information to me through her guards and if it was really important she talk to me on phone.

That night she came wearing a sexy red night gown and her skin was just skinning, immediately I forgot all the pain she has caused me.

I rushed to her and hugged her for close to 15 minutes and we started kiss and just like that our clothes were no where to be found

We made love for as long as I could remember
Yes it was real.

She woke me up around 4 am and then she told me about the plan.

Frank and I drove to the hotel where the senator and his wife will be staying for the night.

The drive to the hotel was horrible

Frank:so how do you rate my fucking skills?

Me(I kept quiet)

Frank:come on man you don't have to be like that,we are brothers
Where did she pick your up from anyway?

I bet my cum tasted good on your mouth?

....with that I sent a punch to his cheek he lost control of the car and our car hit another car

Frank was badly injured and he passed out

I only came out with minor injuries

Madam and her guards quickly came to the scene of the accident as soon. as I called her,she took me to the hospital in her own car while the guards took frank.

Her:what happened?

Me:he lost control

...she looked at me with disbelief but I didn't
Care about anything at the moment.

I was cleaned up again
I found out that frank was in coma but it was none of my business.

7:35........THE HOTEL...

Just as the room service was was leaving room 208
I entered with my white towel and a very hard dick

Senator's wife:oh my God
What are you doing here?

Me:I should be asking you the same thing
This is my room, here is my key(I showed her my key)

Her:how could this be
I think I should call the hotel manager

MesadI walked up to her
Holding her hands)

While don't we make good use of this opportunity before your husband finish his meeting

Her:how do you know my husband?

Me:let's just say I have been your secret admirer.

...with that I kissed her,and passed the drug to put her in the mood from my mouth to hers.

Her:we have to stop I can't do this
I'm married.

.....I lift her gown up and started fingering her already wet pussy
Then I work my magic on her boobs before fucking her without condom

After 40 minutes of fucking her I received the signal that the senator was making his move to the room.

I released loads of cum in her.

Me:get dressed your husband is coming.

Her:wait what is your name?
Where can I find you?

Me:I will find you

With that I left.
Re: Sugar Mummy Dilemma(rated 18). by xaviercasmir(m): 2:56pm On May 24
wow nice one. Following

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Re: Sugar Mummy Dilemma(rated 18). by MichaelDaniel10(m): 11:11pm On May 24
wow nice one. Following

Thank you
Re: Sugar Mummy Dilemma(rated 18). by pclinton: 2:24pm On May 25
great work bro

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Re: Sugar Mummy Dilemma(rated 18). by MichaelDaniel10(m): 12:28pm On May 27
great work bro
Thank you
Re: Sugar Mummy Dilemma(rated 18). by yungbanks(m): 12:49pm On May 27
Good job men keep the flow

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Re: Sugar Mummy Dilemma(rated 18). by MichaelDaniel10(m): 4:28pm On May 27
Good job men keep the flow
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Re: Sugar Mummy Dilemma(rated 18). by Vitalvector2017(m): 6:03pm On May 27
Good work you are doing here man�

Waiting for the next UPDATE!!!

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Re: Sugar Mummy Dilemma(rated 18). by MichaelDaniel10(m): 6:13pm On May 27
Good work you are doing here man�

Waiting for the next UPDATE!!!
Thank you very much.

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