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Re: MINE by Gvnl(f): 5:15pm On Aug 23
It was not a prank o shocked

Happy birthday dear, more wins for you
Re: MINE by Humbleness: 6:54pm On Aug 23
Happy birthday . Age with grace.
Thanks for the update
Re: MINE by hadayshawlar(f): 5:37pm On Aug 24
Thank you for the birthday wishes. I appreciate .

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Re: MINE by hadayshawlar(f): 8:45am On Aug 27

“Hello Doyinsola, it’s been a while, Thank you so much for coming to see me,” Tonye said.

At first, Tonye doubted that she'd make an appearance considering that they drifted apart towards the latter part of their teenage years when their views stopped aligning.

“It’s no problem.” Doyinsola shrugged taking a seat opposite Tonye.

She still wondered why Tonye had called her out of the blue a week ago to ask if she could meet her at a café.
She wanted to refuse immediately because she had no idea of what she wanted to talk about, but she changed her mind because she needed to understand what Tonye was thinking when she cooked up the plot.

“What would you like to order?” Tonye asked signaling a waiter.

“I will just check their menu and pick something.”

“Alright, they are good at what they do and I know you will enjoy whatever you decide to eat.” She said trying to make conversation.

Doyinsola shrugged and picked up the menu to flip through.

“I am sure your brother told you what happened between us, " she said not bothering to beat around the bush.

She looked at the waiter and listed out what she wanted from the list. It was not her first time there, so it was easy to make a decision.

“He didn’t, I heard from someone else.”

“Oh! His girlfriend?” She sneered

“It’s not his girlfriend, I don’t think that should be your problem though.”

Doyinsola gave the waiter her order too.

“Doyinsola, I feel that you are already judging me without listening to my part of the story, it’s not fair.” Tonye continued when the lady attending to them left.

“Really?  Let’s  hear your part then because truth be told, I am just an objective bystander.”

“You know you are not a bystander, you have always known how I feel about your brother”


“I just thought I’d be at an advantage if the girl was no longer in the picture. I didn’t harm her. Other people do worse you know?” Tonye defended

At this point,  Doyinsola smirked. “It is not what you did that amazed me, it is the fact that you are trying to justify it. You tarnished someone’s reputation. If you truly love someone, you leave them to be happy even if you are not part of their happiness. You are not the first victim of unrequited love and you won’t be the last.”

Tonye sighed deeply. “Can you at least plead with him on my behalf, tell him to pick my calls, at least allow me to see him.”

“For what exactly?”

“To apologize. I came to the hospital, but they would not allow me in. I just want to see how he is doing.”

Doyinsola was exasperated. She was trying so hard not to vent.

“Don’t worry I’ll deliver the good wishes to him, now that I am aware”

“Think about it Doyinsola, that girl would have tainted us. She does not belong to our clique.”

“How, which clique for crying out loud? Doyin said

“You understand what I mean.
Do you know she ushers during events? Arrrgh” Tonye shuddered “people send her on errands. How can such a person stand beside Damola at classy events?”

“I need to be excused,” Doyinsola said as she picked up her sling bag and stood up.

She could see the lady with order on her way back to their table. She dropped some money on the table and waved her off politely.

“I thought you had something better to say, but looking at you right now, I am not the one you should be having a conversation with.”

She left their table. She was too angry to say anything.

How can you have honest labor against someone? A lady decides to earn a living without sleeping around and she is faulted for it. She thought to herself. 

She needed to tell her brother quick enough so that he can take precautions. She decided
Looking at the situation of things, Tonye looks desperate and may try something else.

They had grown up together and had moved in the same circle until their late teens. Although Tonye was a few years older, they still rolled together.

Looking back now, it was probably because of her brother.
Tonye had always thought of herself as someone with high class and some set of people did not deserve her company.

Although her parents were rich, not to brag or anything, they do not measure up to the Makinwas in terms of wealth and class.
The wealth they have has never stopped Doyinsola from interacting with whoever extends a hand of friendship, her mother had taught them that much. Seeing that she did not have much while growing up and that was her motivation to work hard and make it in life. She had constantly told her children that whatever they had now was an opportunity that they needed to make use of.

Doyinsola had never thought of herself as being better than anybody, her father has money and it was a privilege for her, simple.

Tonye on the other hand was quick to announce her superiority to whoever cared to listen.
Doyinsola picked up her phone to call her brother, he needed to do something fast.

Tonye looked on as Doyinsola walked out of the café. She couldn’t believe she would not listen to her. She needed to re-strategize. Her father must not hear of this. She needs to convince Damola to listen to her, and take her back. She’d promise never to come near him and his girlfriend.

It still hurts, to have fallen into the cheap trap that destroyed everything that took her months to build.

She thought she was at her final bus stop when Damola started taking her out. He had repeatedly called her a strong woman. He had said she was sharp and had taken her opponent out. She thought he was finally over the “chit” of a girl. He must have seen something in her for him to have made an attempt to show interest.

At least for him to have showered her with those accolades, she could be redeemed. She needed to talk to someone that would understand. She picked her phone to call one of her friends, then thought better of it.

She needed to come up with a plan, then look to her friends for support. Nothing good comes easy, She needed to get back to work. All her colleagues that she used to lord over, would think low of her. She just prayed that Damola would not let out what really happened.

The first step is getting Damola to reconsider her resignation.




Re: MINE by Odoogu(m): 9:43am On Aug 27
I just hope damola doesn't take doyinsola's assertions lightly, and that the communication problem between himself and temmi is repaired though as friends, so they wouldn't have to go back and forth again.
Tonye is definitely obsessed. damola shouldn't consider her job again. I take that back cheesy
Re: MINE by Ann2012(f): 10:52am On Aug 27
Thanks for the update

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Re: MINE by Humbleness: 4:38pm On Aug 30
Thanks for the update

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Re: MINE by hadayshawlar(f): 3:29pm On Sep 01
I just hope damola doesn't take doyinsola's assertions lightly, and that the communication problem between himself and temmi is repaired though as friends, so they wouldn't have to go back and forth again.
Tonye is definitely obsessed. damola shouldn't consider her job again. I take that back cheesy

Re: MINE by hadayshawlar(f): 3:33pm On Sep 01
Hey ya! Happy new month guys. May this month usher in new Blessings.


"Please come with me, " One of the attendants said to Temmy as she entered the luxury store.

Temmy looked around the store and tried so hard to concentrate on where she was going rather than get carried away by the beauty that surrounded her.

"If she is busy, I can wait," she suggested.

"No ma'am, she requested that you be brought into her office immediately you arrive."

"Alright then, lead the way"

They had gone to school to pick up their posting letters when she got a call from Doyinsola that her mom wanted to see her.

At first, she was worried and wondered why. She pressed Doyinsola for details but she said she had no clue.

In her mind, she concluded that Mrs. Makinwa probably wanted to thank her for coming around when Damola was in the hospital.

"Come in," she heard from the other side of the door when the attendant knocked.

"You can go in, " she told her and turned back.

Temmy took a deep breath and tried not to show her nervousness.

"How are you darling?" Mrs. Makinwa moved from her bookshelf to hug Temmy who was down on both knees.

The rug was soft and welcoming. Temmy wished she could just slip into its comfort.

"I am fine ma. How are you?"

"I am good dear. Please sit" she pointed at one of the sofas in her office.

Temmy settled into the comfort of the sofa and kept looking around in awe.

Delicate arts on the office wall, with a single picture frame of Mrs. Makinwa and her children. She was indeed blessed. Temmy couldn't help staring at Damola in the picture with that his signature smile.

"Your office is very lovely ma"

"Thanks, dear, just a minute please I am trying to send some documents."

"No problem ma."

"Is there anything you'd like to take?"

"I am okay ma."

"Don't tell me you are shy"

"I am not ma, I am fine really."

"Are you watching your weight?" She teased

"No ma," Temmy smiled.

From the interaction she has had with three out of the five Makinwas including their dad, they all had eyes for beautiful things.

The interior decoration of the office was state of the art. It had a feel of an office and the warmth of a home. She was so sure this is where Mrs. Makinwa sealed the deal with her high-end customers. There was that homey feel in the office that gives you a sense of warmth and security. Temmy continued to admire her surroundings.

"Thank you for responding to my call, " Mrs. Makinwa said as joined her where she was seated.

"It's nothing ma."

"I know you are wondering why I called you."

"Yes, ma. I hope I have not done anything wrong?

"Why will you think that?"

Temmy shrugged

"First, I'd like to say thank you for your support while Damola was in the hospital."

"You are welcome ma, it was not a big deal."

"So, have you been posted for your service?"

"Yes ma, Lagos state ma."

"Very good then, I trust Damola, as sharp as his father."

Temmy was wondering why she'd say that.

"You see dear, it is the joy of every mother to see her children happy and you seem to make my son happy." Mrs. Makinwa started.

"Me?" she asked surprised

"I am not a baby you know? I try not to pry into my children's lives but I could not help but wonder what happened between you and my son?"

"How ma?" Temmy starts to fidget, pulling her opening and closing the pouch of her phone.

"When I first met you at the hospital, despite the fact that the family was in a deep state of distress, I could sense your turmoil. You were genuinely sad when Damola was shot."

"Yes ma, " she nodded

"Then suddenly, when he started healing you became distant. I could see Damola trying so hard to keep up with you and you know..."

"Ma..." she cut in

"Hold on dear, I am a woman and I understand these things. I pressured him into telling me what happened and he told me he accused you wrongly and said some hurtful things to you."

Temmy sighed deeply

"Sweetheart, I don't want to dig deeper than that, but I see my son hurting and you are too.

Believe me when I say he is genuinely sorry. I trained him better than that, and that was what I told him. Why would he insult you? If I had my way I would tell you to make him grovel hard. He deserves it."

Temmy stared at Damola's mom in shock.

"That's the truth. However, in all my years as his mom, I have never seen him like this. I know my son loves you, he is as stubborn as his father, but when they love, they do so fiercely.

I know of his escapades and I have never been this close to any of the girls he dated. He told me a lot about you, and it was from a place of sincerity. I want you guys to have that deep conversation and look for a way forward or is there no hope for him?"

"We already talked ma."

"I am sure things have not gone back to normal though, " she pressed

"I am trying, It happened months ago and I was not even expecting that we'll be here right now."

"These things have a way of happening, and it makes you stronger if you allow it. I am not defending what he did, I am just pleading on his behalf that you listen to him."

"Okay, ma."

"He doesn't know I am doing this, and I want to keep it between us. That is why I excused Doyinsola too."

"Okay, ma."

"It's because of modernization, I would have gone straight to your parents to pay the bride price, I wouldn't be having this conversation with you."


"You people are lucky, our parents used to pick spouses for us back in those days. It wasn't like this."

Temmy just smiled. "I will think about it ma."

"Please do. But whatever happens, feel free to call me or visit me. Now that Doyinsola is going back, I need companionship. companionship"

"I'll look forward to spending time with you ma".

"Thanks, darling. We are going for lunch and you dare not refuse or else it will be your first offense against your mother-in-law."


Do not forget to share your thoughts. XOXO


Re: MINE by Gvnl(f): 4:53pm On Sep 01
I'm enjoying this story o.

She's about to get a great Mother in-law only if she's willing to accept Damola back.

Thank you for the update, OP.
Re: MINE by KelvinCoaster(m): 7:46pm On Sep 01
Nice story line,this is sooo! interesting.Keep on updating us.
Re: MINE by Humbleness: 8:45pm On Sep 01
Cool and keep it up. Thanks for the update
Re: MINE by Lakesc(m): 8:45pm On Sep 01
More inspiration and happy new month to you also... Thanks for d update
Re: MINE by Adeola25(f): 10:03pm On Sep 01
I hope she forgives him. Thanks for the update and happy new month
Re: MINE by hadayshawlar(f): 9:41pm On Sep 02
Thank you so much guys. I appreciate everyone. kiss. Na u people dey gimme ginger grin
Re: MINE by Ann2012(f): 9:54pm On Sep 02
Thanks for the update
Re: MINE by okafor200(m): 10:25pm On Sep 02
Thanks for the update

ann2012 my baby!
baba olowo is back!
Re: MINE by Zara20(f): 10:32pm On Sep 04
soooo intresting nd captivating....nice job op.more grace. Can't wait 4 next update
Re: MINE by hadayshawlar(f): 12:39pm On Sep 07
Cheers to a brand new week. WE MOVE


Damola sat in his car with Temmy, while they waited for Freda to finish up her packing in readiness for their three weeks' stay in the NYSC camp in Lagos.

Temmy had insisted on going on their own. It took a lot of persuasion on his part for her to allow him to come pick them up.

“You didn’t have to do this you know?” Temmy said.

“I know, but I wanted to. If I didn’t come now, Seeni would have taken you to the camp.
Moreover, you didn’t have to stay with me in the hospital but you did.”

“That was months ago Damola, I could have done that for anybody.”

“Meaning I should not think of myself as special right?”

Temmy shrugged and pulled her seat belt.

They had been on this back and forth for a while. She was finally letting her guard down.
Damola thought it would be a piece of cake after she came to the hospital to be with him but the reverse was the case.

Although his hospital stint helped a little. Now that his mother knew her, and he had told his mom that he was ready to get married to her as soon as Temi was ready, his mother was always asking after her and knowing his mother so well, she was probably calling her too.

Temi however seems to be treading with care. He had thought she'd stay with him after his stay in the hospital when he went home but she had insisted on just coming to visit. The fact that his parents got a nurse did not help matters.

Thankfully, Doyinsola helped a lot before she left for the States. She had continuously requested that she visit her, or they go out together. He usually made himself available when she was to visit his parents' house.

“If you don’t want me to come and live in your camp, tell all prospective boyfriends that you have one already especially Seeni. I don’t like that guy”

“What did he ever do to you?”

“Don’t even joke with me Temi.”

Temmy just smiled and shook her head.

As much as she enjoyed the attention, she was sacred. Who would have thought someone would go to the extent of manipulating pictures just to get her out of Damola's life.

“Sorry for keeping you waiting, ” Freda apologized as she entered the passenger seat at the back.

“No problem, ” Damola replied.

“How's work?”

“Work is okay, thanks. Toye sends his apologies. He had an emergency meeting.”

“No problem.”

“He wanted to follow you so that he can establish his territory.” Damola teased

“With who, your girlfriend? He should keep dreaming.”

“Thank you for that,” Damola applauded. “Please keep saying that to this madam.” He pointed at Temmy who was ignoring both of them.

“That Toye wants to establish his territory with her?” Freda deliberately misinterpreted.

“No, that she is my girlfriend.”

Temmy just shook her head at both of them.

“Your Tonye gave her a scare, what do you expect?”

“She is not my Tonye,” Damola emphasized.

“Wassup with her anyway?”

“She should be out of the country I think, I had to report the case to her father when she didn’t allow me to rest.
She wanted to come back to the office and she was so insistent.”


“Although I promised her that if she left us in peace, I wouldn’t report the case to her father. I didn’t want to risk it and the condition of my silence was that she should leave me alone. She didn’t keep her end of the bargain, so I let it out.”

“How did the father feel?”

“The father was very angry. He has sent her out of the country.”

“Damola is a hot boy, e i e i o, ” Freda sang to him.

“Just stop please, ” he admonished. “Talk to your friend for me.”

“This deployment has earned you a blank cheque. Tell me what you want,” Freda informed him, beating her chest.


“You know me, I press buttons.”

“I need you to help me arrange a kidnap. All I want is to cart Temi away and get her pregnant. That way, she has no choice.”

“Damola!” Temmy shouted

Freda burst into laughter.

“What?” He faced Temmy. “By the time I shoot two at once into your womb, you will know where you belong.”

“As if?” Temmy sneered eyeing him.

“Try me now, postpone this journey and let’s see what will happen.”

“You have spoiled the show, If you wanted a kidnap, you won’t say it while she is here,” Freda said still laughing.

“Sincerely, I am doing a lot of talking hopefully, she will listen.”

“I am here, right here,” Temmy said to them.

“And so?” Freda said.

Damola just smiled as he drove the car out of their compound.

“We'll talk business Freda, I mean it o.”

Damola drove into the car park of the N.Y.S.C camp and switched off the ignition.  They had talked about different things during the journey with Temmy chipping in once in a while. Damola was glad he had an ally in Freda and she has acknowledged the fact that he was back to stay.
Freda opened the door and alighted while Damola pulled Temmy's hand as she unclipped her seat belt.

“You are just going to leave me high and dry?”

“I don’t understand?”

“No kisses, long hugs or anything for me, something to keep me till I come back to check on you?”

“Damola! I told you…”

“That what?”

“I need to join Freda, s that we can do the necessary registrations” she replied calmly, changing the subject.

“Call the number I gave you, ” Damola said to her.

He knew that she didn’t want to give in to his request.

“He will hook you guys up, ” he continued. “I already made the necessary arrangements. Your lodgings, registration, your uniform an,d everything you need.”

“Aww, thank you.” She said and turned to leave the car. She was about to open the car when she changed her mind. She knew deep down that she was going to miss him.

Even though she had not admitted to anyone, she knew she could no longer lie to herself. He has found his way back into her heart, that is if he left at all. She leaned in hoping to give him a peck on his cheek but a timely turn of his head caused the meeting of lips.

Damola hesitated at first,  not sure if he should take the offer of the sumptuous lips as an invitation to quench his thirst or take the little she was offering.

When she didn’t make any attempt to withdraw her lips, he gave in to his desire and kissed her with every hunger he felt from deep within. He didn’t care that they were in a parking lot. This was something he denied himself for months. He was not one for public display of affection because of his position and the fact that paparazzi sometimes follow him around, but he knew he had to take this opportunity. Mark his territory.

The kiss this time around was slow, and sensual, unlike the ones he had stolen in the hospital when he had manipulated her.

Right now, she was offering and he was willing to take as much as he can. He couldn’t believe that this day was here. He continued to suck on her lips. The kiss was sweeter than any they had ever shared, He tried to be as gentle as possible and not duel with her tongue, despite the hunger he felt.

He dragged her closer to his chest and continued to explore the recess of her mouth. He just wanted to feel her essence. He wanted everything that was her to permeate him, he needed her to stay with him even when he sleeps at night without her warmth.
Right now, this moment he was where he always wanted to be, savoring the feel of her soft lips. He knew with no doubt that this day will stay with him for years to come.
Temmy responded with fervor. Damola knew he had won a battle with the response. This is all he wanted, a response devoid of fear or caution.

Temmy was the first to pull back, as much as he wanted to, he resisted the urge to pull her back despite the fact that they were both trying hard to catch their breath.

Temmy looked out the window immediately. She couldn’t believe she did that. Her body betrayed her but she didn’t regret the slip up a bit.

“Are you okay now?” She teased him.
Damola looked at her with a smile on his face.

“I don’t mind another one he replied already leaning in for another kiss.”


“What, can’t a man kiss his woman in peace?”

“I need to go, I can see Freda coming back.”

“Thank you,” Damola said to her.

“For what?” she was surprised

"Everything, " he pulled her into his arms to hug her again.


“It’s just a hug baby, I'll miss you.”

“It’s just three weeks,” Temmy replied still reeling from the aftermath of the kiss.

“It’s easy for you to say, I am leaving you here in the midst of these boys.”

He kissed her lips briefly after letting her go.

Temmy gave him the stink eye.

“Something for the road,” he defended.

Temmy shook her head and alighted from the car. She knew her friend was intentionally giving them time together.

Damola watched her as she went to the boot of the car to pick her box. He knew he should be helping her, but he doesn’t trust himself to allow her go.

To say he is happy is an understatement. He watched her pick her box and walked back towards his side of the car.

“Thank you,” she mouthed to him

“I love you,” he replied

Temmy blows him a kiss and walks away smiling.

Damola watched Freda winking at his woman. He can proudly call her that now. He knew Freda was going to tease her about the parting kiss for a long time.


Waiting for your thoughts and comments kiss


Re: MINE by Gvnl(f): 3:51pm On Sep 07
She forgave him o. That's good.

Thank you for the update.

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Re: MINE by Adeola25(f): 3:56pm On Sep 07
Wow, I'm so happy that they are finally back together. Thanks for the update ma'am

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Re: MINE by crislyn(f): 12:12am On Sep 08
This feeling is sweeeet!

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Re: MINE by Ann2012(f): 12:26am On Sep 08
Thanks for the update

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Re: MINE by Missmossy(f): 8:37am On Sep 08
Beautiful story I go love o cheesy

More please hadayshawlar, keep up the good work.

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Re: MINE by dimssy(m): 4:08pm On Sep 08
Ahhh, e don happen...

Make one boy no come go shark Temi for camp sah.

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Re: MINE by Humbleness: 11:09am On Sep 11
Thanks for the update

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Re: MINE by hadayshawlar(f): 1:54pm On Sep 12
Cheers to the weekend


Temmy twirled in the floor-length green dress she was wearing for the competition.
The dress was one she fell in love with, the moment she wore it. It was off-shoulder with a slit that went all the way to the waist. It looked like a wrap dress because the bottom part of the gown was full and you could peep a mini skirt under the slit, so it was not completely exposing her body.  She was representing her platoon tonight after so much persuasion from her platoon mates.

“I am telling you, if Damola sees you in this dress, he’ll come and camp here. His head will be sparking anyhow,” Freda teased.

“Don’t mind him,” Temmy smiled.

“Let me mind him, he has put me in charge of your security details. The guy does not want to have high blood pressure, with the attention you are getting in camp here.”

Temmy burst out laughing. “Which attention? Just a few guys we've met?”

“Yeah, the guy has to insure his property. Sincerely, baby girl, I am happy that you are happy.”

Temmy left the small standing mirror to hug her friend where she was sitting.

“You look exquisite too,” she complimented her friend in her pink colored dress. Short and off-shoulder. Freda complimented her look with high heeled silver sandals. Her hair was a ponytail and she added few accessories.

“I need to send Toye pictures of you too,” Temmy teased

“You better not start what you cannot finish, He is already giving me a tough time with my camp wears.”

“Toye ehn! He never ceases to amaze me.”

Temmy walked back to the mirror to admire herself again.
Their camp room was not big, but it was comfortable and it was just the two of them.

Unlike the other campers that occupied large halls, Damola had made sure that they were comfortable and she couldn’t even explain how he did it. He wanted every detail of what was happening in the camp. Putting up her picture on his status the day they were sworn in, sometimes he even wanted a shot of her when she was in bed and ready to sleep.

The camp was fun. She tried to at least make new friends. The shorts she brought from home to complement the one they were given was too short according to Damola when he saw her picture.
She was even forced to partake in a competition for their platoon which is why they were here, dressing up.

“I've got your back baby.”

“Adedamola's mom called me today, she said she wanted to check on me.”

“Hey God! When?”

“When what?” She swiped at her friend.

“When will I have a mother in law, that will be calling me?”

“Getaway, please finish up my make up and let’s go, am I married to him?”

“I am definitely sending a shot of you to Damola, let me pepper him.”

Temmy just shook her head at her friend.

Damola was more attentive than ever. They have been in camp for two weeks now, Damola and Toye have come to check on them twice.
Both times they had come with goodies they ended up giving out to most of the friends they made in camp.

Freda touched her make up and asked her to pose for some shots, which she did.

They were on the way to the venue of the event when a call came in.
She had given her phone to her friend so that she wouldn’t misplace it during the event.

“Mr lover lover” Freda sang to Temmy, handing the phone over.
She knew it was Damola.

"He is so predictable, I sent the picture to him, and he did not disappoint me."

“Hey, you, ” She said into the phone.

“Just be glad that you are having this event on a weekday, and I am not yet home.” He bursted.

“What would have happened?” Temmy smirked. “No hello, nothing,” She accused

“You won’t understand how I feel right now, is there no other thing you can wear?”

“What is wrong with what I am wearing?”

“Honey, everything is wrong, ” he groaned. “I can see everything.”


“I am serious. Oh!  my days, are you doing this to me deliberately?
Do you know the kind of distraction this is?”

Temmy started laughing.

“What am I doing? You are just being dramatic, It’s just a dress and this is not the first time I am wearing it. Moreover, I am not the one that sent the picture.”

“Freda sends me a picture of this hot dress on my woman, and expects me to sleep in peace tonight.”

“Adedamola, just stop.” Temmy was finding it hard to stop laughing.

“All I see are hot caramel legs going for days, I am blowing you kisses right now, every breeze that touches that skin holds a gift of a kiss from me.”

“Aww, thank you, baby. Can I call you back? I am in the hall now and I need to join other contestants.”

“I hope you feel the way I am feeling right now,”

“Gotta go, ” she blows him kisses.

“I love you, baby, every step you take, imagine me caressing your legs,
I am starting from the ankle, now to the smooth legs, my hands are not doing justice,
I am kissing your legs, right now I am moving to the thigh. Oh goodness, gracious, I am almost at the jun…”

“Bye, love you too,” She said and cut the phone.

Fred was forced to ask why she was laughing.

“You don’t want to know,” she said as they entered the hall.



Re: MINE by Ann2012(f): 12:04pm On Sep 13
Thanks for the update

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@odoogu. I hear u grin

Hey guys a new cover for MINE.�
Check it out.

What's your ID on Wattpad?
Re: MINE by Odoogu(m): 1:31pm On Sep 13

What's your ID on Wattpad?
am sure this message is for @hadayshawlar cos odoogu ain't on wattpad cheesy
Re: MINE by mhizv(f): 1:49pm On Sep 13

am sure this message is for @hadayshawlar
cos odoogu ain't on wattpad cheesy

Lol yes. Sorry
Re: MINE by Odoogu(m): 4:27pm On Sep 13

Lol yes. Sorry
I no vex... but em no dey mention call odoogu for nothingcheesy

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I Think I'm Losing My Husband (Poem) / A Hole Through Your Curtain / Where Can I Get Issn & Isbn?

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